Artists present at the 1997 Buskers Festival

Invited Artists

Group Country Style
Absolutely No Dogs England, Wales Pop, Folk, Blues
Alexian Group Italy Gipsy Music
Alonso Seixa Da Cunha Brasil English Folk, Rock, Pop
Colours Norway Pop, Funk
Dr. Harmonica USA Blues
Gianfranco Grisi Italy Classic, evergreen
Hazel Bell Germany Folk, Country, Pop
Jukebox Canada, Argentina Pop, Blues, Rock and Roll
Kora Colours GB, New Zeland World Music
Les Voyageurs France French Chansons, Latino
Mala Sangre Spain Flamenco
Mark Gillespie Band GB, Germany Jazz, Pop, Soul
Meghan France, Belgium Celtic Music
Milanoans Italy Dixieland
Railroad Bill Wales Skiffle
The Big Bamboos GB Jamaican Music of the 60s
The Brothers Germany Pop, Acoustic Rock
The Ghostbuskers The Netherlands Pop, Rock
Trio Gotico The Netherlands Classic
Vaguement la Jungle France Jazz Manouche

Artists present during the Festival

  1. Accordeon Etnic (Italy)
  2. Africa Sound Afro-cubana (Italy)
  3. Alessio Giavardi Esoteric (Italy)
  4. Andrea Scabbia Song-writer (Italy)
  5. Anna e Barbera Pop, Jazz (Italy)
  6. Anoneman Folk (Italy)
  7. Ari Nunes Mime (Italy)
  8. Baffo Natale Beat (Italy)
  9. Barbapedana Balcanic Folk (Italy)
  10. Baronia di Pomposa Folk (Italy)
  11. Bernard Snyder One Man Band (Germany)
  12. Caragipau Musical Theatre (Italy)
  13. Carlo Spongano Melodic (Italy)
  14. Carlos Vamos Ambient (Spain)
  15. Chandana Esoteric (Italy)
  16. Chris Channing Living Sculpture (GB)
  17. Christiane Maillard Folk, Rock, Blues (Francia)
  18. Claudio Salvietti Esoteric (Italy)
  19. Clowntastorie Street Theatre (Italy)
  20. Danny Rivera Rock (USA)
  21. Dario Zisa Mime (Italy)
  22. Dodecaduo Classic, Sud-american (Italy)
  23. Dos Equis West Coast, Blues (Italy)
  24. Duo Barbieri-Tuzet Jazz (Italy)
  25. Duo Rossi-Collini Pop (Italy)
  26. Fabrizio Frabetti Blues, Italian (Italy)
  27. Famiglia di Canto Popolare Pop (Italy)
  28. Federico Berti Story Singer (Italy)
  29. Folk Travelers Folk (Italy)
  30. Franklin Adams Steel drum (Suriname)
  31. Frastuono Urbano Pop, Folk, Rock (Italy)
  32. Free Jam Funky, Soul (Italy)
  33. Gaudeamus Polifonic (Italy)
  34. Getsemani Spiritual Gospel (Italy)
  35. Giorgio Frigerio One Man Band (Italy)
  36. Giovanni Bollini Poetry on music (Italy)
  37. Goganga Jazz Ramblers Dixie (Italy)
  38. Granchi Aviatori Demential Rock (Italy)
  39. Graziella Poluzzi Humorist (Italy)
  40. Gualtiero Via Story singer (Italy)
  41. High Society Blues, Jazz, Dixieland (Italy)
  42. Hodmadoddery Celtica and English (GB)
  43. I Bidelli Cartoon Music (Italy)
  44. I Cantafavole Wales Music, Mime (Italy)
  45. I Diritti di Chicago Cabaret and Italian Swing (Italy)
  46. I Volponi Bros Cabaret (Italy)
  47. Jean Claude Prodjes Free Jazz (Italy)
  48. Jochen Wenz Monocycle (Germany)
  49. Jose Raul Bravo Pantomime, Dance (Mexico)
  50. Ju De Andrade Dance, Theatre (Brasil)
  51. L'Ensemble du Carre St-Louis Classica (USA, Canada)
  52. LTD Rock (Italy)
  53. La Scatola Magica Miscellanea (Italy)
  54. Lindsay Buckland World Music (Australia)
  55. Linetti Comic Theatre (Italy)
  56. Liuba Picini Multimedial Shows (Italy)
  57. Los Ricardos Gigolo Country, Tex-Mex (Italy)
  58. Lucia Schierano Story Singer (Italy)
  59. Magic Flavio Magic Cabaret (Italy)
  60. Marco Conzi Classic (Italy)
  61. Maria Moreale Classic (Italy)
  62. Maria Palombo Esoteric (Italy)
  63. Massimo Davi Singer (Italy)
  64. Maurizio Cecchini Clown (Italy)
  65. Maurizio Papa New Age (Italy)
  66. Mente Hungarian Traditional (Hungary)
  67. Metropolis Big Band Miscellanea (Italy)
  68. Mideando String Quartet Country, Rock (Italy)
  69. Mirko Michele e Pallino giocolieri (Italy)
  70. Notenere Gospel (Italy)
  71. Original Slammer Band Blob (Italy)
  72. Pablo Rock, Melodic Folk (Italy)
  73. Pietra Tartamella Poetry (Italy)
  74. Poltronieri Sax Machine Cabaret (Italy)
  75. Punti Neri per Caso One Man Band (Italy)
  76. REDS giocolieri (Italy, Argentina)
  77. Raggio di Luna Etnic (Italy)
  78. Reno Singer (Italy)
  79. S.O.S. Rock, Pop (Italy)
  80. Saeed Fekri Mime (Iran)
  81. Sailor Family West Coast (Italy)
  82. Saverio Fontanesi Esoteric (Italy)
  83. Segnali di Fumo Rock, Blues, Jazz (Italy)
  84. Silver Tongues Rithm 'n Blues (Italy)
  85. Silvestro Sentiero Poetry (Italy)
  86. Sipario Club Street Theatre (Italy)
  87. Stevie's Blues Band Blues (Italy, Switzerland)
  88. Street Spirit Rock (Italy)
  89. Sur Folk (Italy)
  90. Tania Solomonoff Mime, Dance (Argentina)
  91. Tatamata Teatro One Man Band (Italy, Serbia)
  92. Taxi Teatro Comic (Italy)
  93. The Friendly Generals Blues, Jazz (Italy, Danmark, USA)
  94. The Mouflex band Easy Listening (Italy)
  95. The Rollin and Tumblin Band Blues (Italy)
  96. The Travellin' Band Rock, Blues (Italy)
  97. Too Rude Rock (GB)
  98. Totem Vibes Crew Hip Hop (Italy)
  99. Trieb Etnic, Dance (Italy)
  100. Trio di Chitarre Scanzonate Singers (Italy)
  101. Tuatha de Danann Antique Celtic (Italy)
  102. Two of Us Beatles' Songs (Italy)
  103. Vladah Klezmer, Jiddish (Italy, Germany)

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