Artists present at the 2001 Buskers Festival

Invited Artists

Group Country Style
AbanganeSouth Africa, Italy, Mozambique ethnic music
Andrusy Poland popular music
Easy Street Poland country blues
Fabio Massimo Lazzari Italy guitar (classical)
Ginkobiloba France world music
Krajka Poland popular music
Lawrence Glaister one man band Norway one man band
Les Marvellous Pig Noise France blues, country, gospel
Los Del Paraguay Paraguay popular music
Papirossa Bielorussia rock
Piotr Bot Poland one man band
Road 6 Sax Quartet Hungary funk, jazz, rock & pop
Roxy's Tool Box Great Britain ska, pop, rock, salsa & jazz
Sugar Foot Band Italy ragtime, dixieland
The Groove Connection The Netherlands blues, boogie, soul e ragtime
The Twangmen Ireland, The Netherlands ballades, country, rock, cajun, bluegrass
Trio Malandrinos Argentina popular music
Twins U.S.A., Great Britain blues
VoiceNet Germany classical music revisited
Zou-Mai France jazz

More information on the groups are available following the links to the Official Buskers Festival Home Page

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