Artists present at the 2002 Buskers Festival

Invited Artists

Group Country Style
Attrazioni Napoletane Italy Musical comic show
Benta Group Hungary traditional hungarian
Compagnia d'Arte Drummatica Italy Eterodox and accidental music
Elisa Sedioli Dixie Singer Italy dixieland, swing
The Fujii Japan, United Kingdom folk, blues
Gee Gee & Soluna Danmark pop, rock, folk
Grallers de La Seca Spain traditional catalan
Hot Club de Frank The Netherlands gipsy jazz, klezmer, bop
Koumba Tosh and The Rainbow Band Benin, Cile, Switzerland reggae
Lars Vegas & The Love Gloves Germany deltabilly
Lilly Horn is born Switzerland jazz
!Mahw Germany Musical comic show
Les Marvellous Pig Noise France blues gospel
Muzička Slovak traditional slovak
Philippe Bas France piano stride
Ricatti Ensemble Italy jazz
Scherzo Quartet Russia classics
Nina Schliemann Norway pop, rock, original folk
Trio Cygańskie Poland gipsy
Tolga Emilio Trio The Netherlands, Turkey gipsy jazz

More information on the groups are available following the links to the Official Buskers Festival Home Page

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