Temporal Data Analysis:
Theory and Procedures

Mauro Orlandini

Lecture Notes
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Course Outline

  • Part I: Theory
    1. Classification of Physical Data
      • Deterministic Data
      • Random Data
    2. Harmonic Analysis
      • Fourier Series
      • Continuous Fourier Transformation
      • Window Functions
    3. Temporal Analysis on Digital Data
      • Discrete Fourier Transform
      • Theorems and Rules
      • Convolution, Parseval Theorem
      • The Sampling Theorem
      • Fast Fourier Transform
  • Part II: Procedures
    1. Procedures for Analyzing Random Data
      • Procedures for Analyzing Individual Records
      • Procedures for Analyzing a Collection of Records
    2. Temporal Analysis in X-ray Astronomy
      • Power Spectra in X-ray Astronomy
      • Power Spectral Statistics
      • The Signal Power
      • Detection of Features
      • Power Spectral Searches Made Easy
      • Types of Variability
      • Analysis of Unevenly Sampled Data
      • Analysis of a Coherent Signal

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For the data analysis we will use the X-ray timing analysis package XRONOS, part of the Xanadu sotware, freely available from the HEAsoft download page.

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