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Very informative and well designed website. 
Signed on: Thu Mar 16 09:32:47 CET 2006

Signed on: Sun Feb 19 02:41:17 CET 2006

Miami,Florida USA
Personal page
Ciao Mauro! I just wish say hello. Very nice and useful website. 
By the way please visit my new website!!! :)
Signed on: Mon Feb 13 04:06:28 CET 2006

phonix usa
very good site keep it up please
Signed on: Sat Feb 4 13:01:06 CET 2006

My relatives are from Bologna
Jeff Orlandini
Signed on: Fri Dec 2 23:06:05 CET 2005

Luis Carlos Orlandini
Salvador - Bahia Brazil
Signed on: Sun Sep 4 15:08:26 CEST 2005

Wilson Vieira
Sao Paolo Brazil
È il sito tutto brasiliano sui fumetti e affini...con distacco per biografie,
interviste, opinioni, notizie, curiosità e recensioni.
Signed on: Sun Jul 31 16:39:43 CEST 2005

ENGLAND. United Kingdom
Signed on: Sat Jul 2 21:18:17 CEST 2005

yes, it is great.
Signed on: Mon Jun 27 08:54:36 CEST 2005

ASaba Owerri
lagos BENIN
I love this page. It looks really nice. Keep up the wonderful good work
Signed on: Wed Jun 8 10:43:46 CEST 2005

Wilson Vieira
São Paulo Brazil
(CANGACEIROS - LEATHER MEN) - brazilian comic book - fumetto - quadrinhos
Signed on: Sun Jun 5 19:59:44 CEST 2005

Mangey Olde Qat
Atlanta, GA USA
Love especially the comical illos.
Signed on: Fri Apr 1 17:43:50 CEST 2005

gulf coast usa
Thank you for the art and comic links.  Regards, Mary
Signed on: Sun Jan 23 16:12:18 CET 2005

Italia Italia
Signed on: Sat Dec 18 09:05:40 CET 2004

Great site!  Keep up the good work!
Signed on: Tue Nov 16 16:29:18 CET 2004

Osvaldo Bruzolatto
São Paulo - Brasil
Procuro parentes de sobrenome Brozulato ou Bruzolatto que talvez moram na
cidade de Venezia na Italia.
Signed on: Thu Nov 4 16:01:49 CET 2004

rowie young
near hollywood,california u.s.a.
Signed on: Mon Nov 1 05:40:30 CET 2004

Erik Vecchione
Chicago Il
molto interessante
Signed on: Tue Oct 19 15:56:18 CEST 2004

Hugo Orlandini
Taylorville, IL USA
Signed on: Fri Jul 9 14:10:26 CEST 2004

Signed on: Tue Jul 6 16:17:16 CEST 2004

Gabriela Orlandini
Signed on: Sun Apr 18 02:01:33 CEST 2004

london england
Signed on: Sat Feb 21 11:26:16 CET 2004

Scott Avery
Indianapolis, Indiana USA
I loved the backwards converted page! 
Also, Calvin & Hobbes was my favorite comic strip of all time. 
Signed on: Wed Feb 18 23:35:48 CET 2004

Romulo Orlandini
Porto Alegre Brazil
Hello!!! I am your relative who live in Brazil...
I found your name at internet..
best Regards
Signed on: Thu Jan 8 15:37:15 CET 2004

Signed on: Wed Dec 24 16:17:48 CET 2003

personal page
Hi Mauro, your site is soo unusual and funny. I enjoyed it very much
Best regards
Signed on: Mon Aug 18 15:10:47 CEST 2003

Munich Germany
Thanx for your work on this beautiful site !
Keep on... 
Signed on: Sun Aug 3 03:53:14 CEST 2003

Dortmund Germany
I like the style of your site,
enjoying to surf within your site.
til then
Signed on: Sun Aug 3 03:52:13 CEST 2003

weight loss
Congratulations to this wonderful effort.
I really appreciate you work here, I think it will serve to many
for inspiration and as a good information source.
Go on.Take care.Bye Keith Jones.
Signed on: Mon Jul 14 17:35:26 CEST 2003

Adelaide,South Australia Australia
Australia Online
Ciao Mauro, G'day from Down Under! Very nice website.
Please visit my website and South Australia!!! :)
Signed on: Thu Jun 19 06:17:39 CEST 2003

Louis orlandini
Chippenham UK
Excelent high quality work on the Ferrara Buskers Festival.
Please keep it going
Signed on: Wed May 28 15:15:59 CEST 2003

I really enjoyed your site. Great work!
Signed on: Sun May 4 21:51:28 CEST 2003

ukiah ca USA
bird manna
Signed on: Mon Apr 28 21:25:39 CEST 2003

top page, go on
Signed on: Wed Apr 23 10:55:28 CEST 2003

Reggio Emilia Italy
Signed on: Wed Mar 12 20:44:16 CET 2003

It's urgent for me to know all about Lucrecia de Borgia
Signed on: Sat Mar 1 08:02:48 CET 2003

Modena Italy
Signed on: Fri Feb 28 00:34:23 CET 2003

Me gustaria se contacte con migo ya que estoy buscando parientes
en todo el mundo
Signed on: Sun Feb 16 19:22:09 CET 2003

Priscilla Bain-Smith
Brooklyn, New York USA
Signed on: Sun Jan 26 05:41:26 CET 2003

Hello, I found you at Altavista. You have wealth of information on 
your site and a nice design. Greetings from Germany - Paul
Signed on: Tue Dec 10 16:57:45 CET 2002

Antonio Luis Orlandini
Jacarezinho/Paraná Brazil
Signed on: Thu Nov 28 08:35:43 CET 2002

Antonio Luis Orlandini
Jacarezinho/Paraná Brazil
Sou de Jacarezinho/Paraná/Brasil, meus avos eram italianos
(Aurelio Orlandini e Virginia Bazzanani Orlandini).
Gostaria de receber e-mails para conhecer parentes
Signed on: Tue Nov 12 00:57:06 CET 2002

daniela siri
ferrara Italy
How on earth do you find the time to keep up with such a huge and 
wonderful web-page??
I got lost in it, but "I'll be back"!
Signed on: Tue Oct 15 15:00:38 CEST 2002

Aachen Germany
Habe keine eMail-Adresse
Die Schwatze Katz, Theater-Verein Aachen
High together, greetings from the members of "Die Schwatze Katz",
a small theatre-club in Aachen / Germany, who makes only one perfomance
the year: Die Schwatze Katz. Kind regards, Christoph
Signed on: Sat Oct 12 11:40:17 CEST 2002

Photos and Images of Berlin
Great site, very informative!
Signed on: Thu Sep 5 19:48:47 CEST 2002

Tamas Bajko
LinuxBazis :: Linux links base
According to my opinion
is very important and useful for everyone ;)
Signed on: Wed Sep 4 12:37:21 CEST 2002

Brian Won
Signed on: Sun May 12 20:29:53 CEST 2002

Marie McCullough
Mount Clemens United States
is there a book/catalogue available about this Guaguin exhibit?
would love to have one, beautiful site!
Signed on: Sun Apr 28 20:04:38 CEST 2002

Carla Guffanti
Boston USA
Signed on: Sat Apr 27 18:53:20 CEST 2002

Rothenburg Switzerland
Signed on: Wed Mar 27 11:10:58 CET 2002

Signed on: Sun Mar 10 08:24:37 CET 2002

Max Klinger
Signed on: Thu Feb 14 20:53:12 CET 2002

Neþever Baltacý
Ýstanbul Turkey
Scientific Voice In Þanlýurfa- Turkey
Signed on: Wed Jan 9 09:15:58 CET 2002

Vagn Asbjørn Hansen
Malaga Spain
Signed on: Sat Aug 25 22:26:01 CEST 2001

Nesever Baltacý
Ýstanbul Turkey
Signed on: Wed Aug 22 21:49:54 CEST 2001

Charles Norwood
Alexandria, La. USA
The Gauguin work was great!  One of my dreams is to go to Russia and
see the originals.  Thanks.
Signed on: Thu Jul 26 16:50:44 CEST 2001

adriano scrivo
calabria Italy
il portale della Calabria
Signed on: Wed Jul 4 11:45:34 CEST 2001

Marino de Medici
Winchester, Virginia USA
Signed on: Mon Jun 4 22:30:36 CEST 2001

Mary Rosenbaum
Boston, KY USA
Dovetail Institute for Interfaith Family Resources
Signed on: Mon May 28 23:05:40 CEST 2001

beijing china
Signed on: Tue May 1 09:02:04 CEST 2001

Jon J. Danzak
Pittsburgh, PA USA
Signed on: Sat Apr 28 15:51:56 CEST 2001

Greg Orlandini
Surrey UK
Looking for family from Sao Paulo, Split. I was born in South Africa.
Grandfather Zvonamier Orlandini. Can't speak a word of Italian and yet
there are a lot of Afrikaans Orlandini's and Dutch. Would love to know
if Orlandini is a very popular name and if I have any family in
Brazil or Split.
Signed on: Fri Apr 27 00:35:31 CEST 2001

Signed on: Fri Apr 13 06:24:26 CEST 2001

José Mauro Dedemo Orlandini
Bertioga/Sao Paulo Brazil
Signed on: Tue Apr 10 15:28:03 CEST 2001

jaru Brazil
Signed on: Mon Mar 12 06:21:38 MET 2001

Richard Pearce
isles of scilly uk
scilly webcam
Signed on: Sat Mar 3 22:13:20 MET 2001

The Cyber Hymnal
The Cyber Hymnal
Enjoyed browsing your site!
Signed on: Fri Feb 16 21:35:05 MET 2001

simon donikian
New York USA
Simon donikian art studio
Signed on: Thu Dec 28 20:51:03 MET 2000

Denise Shafner
Groton, Connecticut USA
Please email dates for Antiques exhibit/sale Aprile 2001
Signed on: Tue Dec 26 18:48:48 MET 2000

Yucca Valley Ca. USA
Great job
Signed on: Fri Dec 1 17:30:04 MET 2000

richard novick
Marlboro, NJ USA
Signed on: Fri Nov 17 20:49:05 MET 2000

mario guffanti
legnano italy
Signed on: Sat Nov 11 12:21:53 MET 2000

James Foard
Medford Oregon United States
The Darwin Papers
Read about the young Charles Darwin and how he wrote
The Origin of Species at
Signed on: Tue Oct 31 09:59:37 MET 2000

Jay Polkest
London University United Kingdom
Cornish landscape paintings and studies of animals, curious objects
Another good site,hope to use it again
keep on digging
Signed on: Mon Oct 23 17:21:52 MET 2000

Riccardo Decarli
Signed on: Thu Oct 19 18:44:19 MET 2000

Liz Hoheusle
Bethel N.Y. USA
Signed on: Tue Oct 10 23:47:33 MET 2000

andrea volpini
perugia italia
Signed on: Tue Sep 26 23:56:30 MET 2000

Rebekah Orlandini
London United Kingdom
Signed on: Wed Aug 30 02:10:03 MET DST 2000

Oi sou brasileiro, gostaria de ter informações sobre você.
Signed on: Wed Aug 9 01:06:38 MET DST 2000

zaninetti lorenzo
torino Italy
Signed on: Wed Jul 19 13:38:48 MET DST 2000

rdam holland
my paqe
buongiorno mister tele. questo ''page'' sono molto bellezza. io voglio
andare in vacanze in italia, hai una ''adress'' ?
Signed on: Thu Jun 15 10:07:27 MET DST 2000

jill miller
st louis, mo USA
Signed on: Wed Jun 7 01:45:40 MET DST 2000

Albert Pinto
Upper Darby USA
Albert Pinto
Signed on: Wed May 17 00:09:13 MET DST 2000

Rebecca Curran
Windsor Ontario Canada
Signed on: Fri May 12 20:08:50 MET DST 2000

miguel angel orlandini
Avellaneda Argentina
Signed on: Fri Apr 28 03:41:27 MET DST 2000

Peter Thomas Orlandini
Genesee, Wisconsin USA
The Orlandini Company
Mauro: Love your site, I was just surfing to find other 
Orlandini's in the world!
We are in the marble and ceramic tile business in Midwest USA,
check out our site!
Signed on: Mon Apr 24 15:40:58 MET DST 2000

jennifer swanson
santa cruz/ca USA
Signed on: Fri Apr 21 00:57:22 MET DST 2000

jennifer swanson
santa cruz, CA USA
Signed on: Fri Apr 21 00:55:52 MET DST 2000

Jeanne Curran
California USA
Glad to find your exhibits. My students will enjoy.
Signed on: Tue Apr 11 01:38:25 MET DST 2000

Albert Pinto
Upper Darby USA
Signed on: Fri Apr 7 01:22:38 MET DST 2000

Dimitry Schidlovsky
Sea Cliff, NY USA
Artist Dimitry Schidlovsky - Image Source
Signed on: Mon Apr 3 22:08:35 MET DST 2000

Valeria Flacco
Signed on: Wed Mar 29 19:27:31 MET DST 2000

Dr Michael Martin-Smith
HULL United Kingdom
Space Age Associates
Lei e i sui studenti puono vedere ora un libro nuovo sulla Spazio,
in lingua Italiana; che e' un opera philosophico e umanistico sul il
futuro cosmico dello l'umanita per il nuovo millennium
" Salto nello Spazio", per il pubblico. 
Puoi acquisiti On Line alla
Il Editori e' Giulio Gelibter dell' ANSA e Tre Editori, via Principe
Umberto 35, 00185 Roma a 28,000 liras, cominciante il Novembre
Commerciale Direttore - Ursula Mainardi
Io sono Dottore della Medicina, Inglese, e un dilletante astronomo,
e autore.  Italia fa di piu' interessante lavoro nello Spazio, e il
pubblico deve piu' capire la vera importazione del Umanita nello Spazio
per la futura evolutione.
Scusi per mia lingua Italiana!! 

Dr Michael Martin-Smith, autore di "Salto nella Spazio", 
Educational Direttore dei Technologie di Frontiera
fax 00-44 1482 218267
Signed on: Sat Mar 25 00:05:42 MET 2000

Jen Henry
Willington, CT USA
Signed on: Thu Mar 16 03:39:15 MET 2000

Young Joo Lee
Seoul Korea
Hi! My name is YoungJoo Lee. I'm a kindergarden teacher.
Nowdays, my student are interested in sunflower picture.
So, I found some sunflower pictures. If possible I want some information
about the picture of Paul Gauguin's Nature morte aux tournesols.
It's a sunflower picture. It belongs to Buhrle, Zurich. and it painted 
on 1901. I open your site. It also have sunflower picture. But It's not
a picture that I want to find. If possible, Please some information to me.
Thanks  so much.
Young Joo Lee
Signed on: Sun Feb 13 07:22:33 MET 2000

Gregg Simpson
North Vancouver, BC Canada
Gregg Simpson Cyber Gallery
Signed on: Sat Nov 20 07:30:27 MET 1999

David Breveglieri
Toronto Canada
I am very impressed with the quality and content of your site.
This is the only site I have found of Ferrara's history that is written
in English and contains useful information. My roots are in Ferrara so
this information was of particular interest to me.
Keep up the good work.
Signed on: Sun Nov 14 04:56:47 MET 1999

Dan Pruett
Longmont, CO USA
Signed on: Tue Nov 2 19:39:56 MET 1999

Pedro H. Masselani
Matão- São Paulo Brasil
Hi Mauro
How you can see I'm from Brasil. My grandfathers came from Italy in
the final of last century to Brasil and they was from Ferrara. Now, 
I've got to find their documents from there and all this documents
are in the churchs, but I don't have the church's home page.
                 THANK YOU
Signed on: Thu Oct 28 19:39:43 MET 1999

Sito zozzerello di Frengo
Italian free site bookmarked on Mauro Orlandini Site list.
I'm proud of it.
Signed on: Fri Oct 8 14:43:51 MET 1999

William F. Chamberlain (Vacca)
Oakland, CA 94602 USA
Signed on: Sat Oct 2 06:32:28 MET 1999

Rita de Cássia Fugagnolli Pegoraro
Limeira - SP Brazil
I'm a Brazilian and I would like to get informations about my "fraternos"
in Rovigo : "Fugagnolli".
Help me, please...
Signed on: Sun Sep 26 00:04:20 MET DST 1999

anthony ferrara
croydon uk
looking for family, ferrara/senatore,from naples area,
drop me a line.
Signed on: Tue Sep 21 11:13:19 MET DST 1999

Kevin C
Signed on: Tue Sep 14 22:40:54 MET DST 1999

Eduardo Orlandini
Cascavel - Paraná Brasil
Signed on: Tue Aug 31 06:46:02 MET DST 1999

Signed on: Sun Aug 29 07:15:38 MET DST 1999

William Boomer
Montreal,Qc, Canada
I am very impressed with the size and quality particularly if
your are in the scientific domain
I feel it has many attributes that some can enjoy.
Thank you
Signed on: Wed Jul 21 05:57:36 MET DST 1999

Newt Cole
San Antonio USA
Wow!  Great page with so many links.  Lots of work there!
Signed on: Sat Jun 19 03:47:05 MET DST 1999

Los Angeles, CA USA
Signed on: Mon Jun 14 22:35:50 MET DST 1999

Jean Claude
Signed on: Thu Jun 10 03:46:11 MET DST 1999

Ravi Manchanda
Mumbai, India
Signed on: Mon May 31 09:07:34 MET DST 1999

Twila Estis-Geroux
Westcliffe CO USA
I am looking for information on the family "D'Estes" originating
on the Isle of Ferrara.  I am very interested in anyone connected with
this name or any information pretaining to it.
Thanks in advance for responding.
Signed on: Sun May 30 23:30:00 MET DST 1999

Marina Baldi
Roma Italy
Ti volevo ringraziare per la tua pagina!
Grandiosa, specie ora che, causa problemi infiniti con win95, ho dovuto
riformattare il mio HD e quindi ho perso tutti i miei bookmarks!
Ma per fortuna sulla tua hot list ne ho ritrovati molti!
Signed on: Fri May 14 15:21:08 MET DST 1999

Claudia e Marilaine
Sorocaba - SP Brazil
Duas gerações depois, estamos tentando resgatar a história de nossa
família. Não sabemos por onde começar e este foi o primeiro trabalho
italiano que conseguimos acessar.Buscar parentes do outro lado do mundo
não é o seu objetivo, mas se puder dar-nos alguma diga seria de grande
valor. Aliás, achamos sua página muito interssante.

                             Claudia e Marilaine
                                06.05.99 - 18:47
Signed on: Thu May 6 23:55:27 MET DST 1999

Bob Weber Jr.
Westport,CT USA
"Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids"
Signed on: Mon May 3 03:37:00 MET DST 1999

Floyd Estes
Was doing some "Estes" surfing, and accessed through a site in 
Northern U.S.  Thank you, sir, for the information and pictures of the
Estense Castle.  I am pleased with your site, and also with the fact that
much of your data is in English.  
I regret to say I do not understand nor read Italian.  Thank you for the
Incredible variety of information on your home page.  Best wishes for the
Signed on: Wed Apr 21 17:34:04 MET DST 1999

Marco Antonio Perez
Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
Signed on: Mon Apr 12 21:42:29 MET DST 1999

john graham
panama city, florida USA
i am trying to locate a bio and catalog of works of the
sculpter tizano galli can anyone help with where to look
thank you
Signed on: Sun Mar 28 21:21:08 MET DST 1999

Lala Faries
El Paso TX USA
Signed on: Sat Mar 27 00:16:16 MET 1999

Signed on: Sun Mar 14 10:43:19 MET 1999

George C. Austin
Tombstone, Arizona USA
Very bookmarkable, Mauro.  I am still looking for information
about the Minoan Lines schedules and fares.  Minoan Lines homepage
will only come up in Greek.
Thank anyone who can help. Ciao!
Signed on: Tue Mar 2 02:43:43 MET 1999

ola Mauro!
E um grande prazer saber que tem alguem com o mesmo sobrenome que 
o meu na Italia.  Tenho 25 anos sou empresario, moro no sul do Brasil,
infelizmente nao falo Italiano.
Foi um enorme prazer conhecer sua pagina.
Um grande abraco !
fabio orlandini
santa catarina - Brasil
Signed on: Thu Feb 18 20:46:44 MET 1999

Anna e Ilaria
Lucca Italy
Liceo Galilei
Grazie per la vostra cortesae attenzione, saluti a tutti.  
Signed on: Wed Jan 20 12:43:54 MET 1999

squamish bc canada
Thought I would drop by and now that I know of your cool page
I'm here, cool read you later .
Signed on: Sat Jan 16 09:45:39 MET 1999

San Juan USA
Signed on: Sun Jan 10 21:35:04 MET 1999

PAris france
i don't have htlm page but maybe soon!!!
Just tell me how to see the picture of you gaugin site because 
i can't see, i just wait!!!
Signed on: Fri Dec 18 23:08:56 MET 1998

Giampaolo Salvadori
Campinas -SP Brazil
Signed on: Thu Nov 26 23:45:01 MET 1998

San Francisco USA
The world wide web draws us all together.
Greetings from the West Coast. Rayondo
Signed on: Sat Nov 7 18:30:52 MET 1998

Ramon Otero
Carabobo, Venezuela
Signed on: Fri Nov 6 14:39:17 MET 1998

Signed on: Thu Nov 5 17:51:43 MET 1998

ashish sahi
delhi India
Signed on: Wed Nov 4 09:05:56 MET 1998

Paul Joseph Mauro
Bolton Massachusetts USA
Signed on: Sat Oct 31 14:07:08 MET 1998

Signed on: Sun Oct 4 16:12:21 MET 1998

johannes foufolpoulos
madison USA
Signed on: Sun Sep 27 00:43:01 MET DST 1998

Amsterdam Netherlands
Signed on: Wed Sep 23 11:04:38 MET DST 1998

Gordon Garmire
State College PA USA
Signed on: Tue Sep 22 00:33:57 MET DST 1998

Rob Walker
Edmond/OK USA
I am looking for an online converter that will take a date and return
what day of the week the date was on.  If you know of one email me
it's http:
Signed on: Sun Sep 20 00:26:31 MET DST 1998

Ivan Orlandini
Split, Croatia
Signed on: Tue Sep 1 05:03:05 MET DST 1998

Giovanni Braga
Ferrara, Italy
Complimenti per il bel lavoro
Signed on: Mon Jul 20 14:22:32 MET DST 1998

Lilian Zirpolo
Somerset, NJ, USA
Signed on: Thu Jul 9 20:44:06 MET DST 1998

Dan Laskowski
Windsor,Ontario, Canada
Plastic World
Signed on: Fri Jul 3 02:17:10 MET DST 1998

MariaSuzanna Pancetta
San Francisco, CA (USA)
Signed on: Wed Jul 1 01:38:12 MET DST 1998
Mary Di Felice
Toronto, Canada
Signed on: Wed Jun 17 01:57:18 MET DST 1998
Hugh Carroll
San Francisco usa
Signed on: Thu Jun 11 00:15:58 MET DST 1998

Nordahl family
Greetings from the Nordahl family.
Signed on: Wed Jun 10 01:40:27 MET DST 1998

Orazio Centaro
Belo Horizonte Brazil
OCAIW: Orazio Centaro's Art Images on the Web
Signed on: Sat Apr 25 21:45:18 MET DST 1998

Zsolt Biró
Szombathely Hungary
Genetics Homepage at BDTF
Signed on: Mon Apr 20 13:11:14 MET DST 1998

jose ellero
Signed on: Sun Apr 19 21:37:48 MET DST 1998

Signed on: Mon Apr 13 14:59:50 MET DST 1998

Ken Mason
Toronto, Ontario Canada
The Gaughin site is lovely, EXCEPT for one slight glitch: You used gif's,
which are only 8-bit colour, rather than jpg's in truecolour. As a result,
these images are not really worth downloading....
Could you please put up 24-bit jpgs instead?
Signed on: Sun Apr 5 07:57:55 MET DST 1998

Richard Hescox
Seattle, Wa. USA
The fantastic art of Richard Hescox
Signed on: Thu Mar 12 21:46:05 MET 1998

Alessio Krevatin
Trieste Italy
Ciao Mauro come va?
Saluta tutti quanti ciao Alessio
Signed on: Sat Feb 28 13:05:15 MET 1998

versailles France
programming & games
Signed on: Thu Feb 19 09:36:44 MET 1998

brian scott
Dallas, TX USA
I was happy to find a bit of information about Max Klinger,
is there a catqalog for the exhibit?  Please let me know.
Signed on: Fri Feb 13 08:04:11 MET 1998

Dan and Pam Pruett
Longmont Colorado USA
Signed on: Wed Feb 11 18:14:53 MET 1998

Alaska USA
Cindy's Alaska homepage
Liked your page very much. Come visit mine. More 
family orientated, but some great Alaska pic's
Signed on: Wed Feb 11 04:28:27 MET 1998

Laurel Barker
Providence/RI USA
Signed on: Thu Jan 29 22:46:09 MET 1998

Martin Lampner
Baltimore, MD USA
The Chimes, Inc.
Its great to see things about Ferrara on the web, visited it
two years ago and hope to return again soon. 
Regards to all who make it a wonderful place to visit.
Signed on: Sun Jan 25 17:24:51 MET 1998

Jaco Lee
Seoul Korea
Signed on: Wed Dec 31 14:39:54 MET 1997

Jaco Lee
Seoul Korea
Signed on: Wed Dec 31 14:39:40 MET 1997

Charles Mauro
Spokane, Washington USA
You have put together an "OUTSTANDING" site on the World Wide Web
where everyone, can find anything of interest and come away a better
person for it.
                             Thank You
Signed on: Fri Dec 26 22:45:04 MET 1997

Maja Swiatkiewicz
Katowice Poland
Signed on: Mon Dec 8 17:12:59 MET 1997

Signed on: Fri Nov 21 17:30:59 MET 1997

Alan Questell
Southern Pines, NC 28387
Signed on: Tue Nov 18 01:05:06 MET 1997

Looking for living D'Estes in Italy,
I am reletive in usa. Grandma was Marina Lisa D'Este contessa
This is a serious inquiry. Hope to hear from someone...
Gracia Benem
Signed on: Sun Nov 16 20:42:39 MET 1997

Alysha Ferrarini
Portland, OR USA
Signed on: Wed Nov 5 04:58:34 MET 1997

Romano Moglia
St. Petersburg FL USA
Hello Mauro:
E' un po di tempo che non ti scrivo.
Cerchero' di fare meglio nel futuro.
Ho un nuovo e-mail indirizzo.
Signed on: Sat Oct 11 18:48:47 MET 1997

Signed on: Sun Sep 28 18:35:47 MET 1997

Francisco Carlos Orlandini
Campinas/SP Brazil
Signed on: Wed Sep 3 06:36:50 MET DST 1997

Kelly Holmes
Austin, TX USA
Kelly's Scrumdiddlyumptious Scrabble Site
Hi there,
Great page. :) You might want to check out and/or add this SETI link
to your page
Signed on: Wed Aug 20 03:26:14 MET DST 1997

Boris Tobotras
Moscow Russian Federation
Boris Tobotras' home page
Signed on: Mon Aug 4 22:25:21 MET DST 1997

Signed on: Sun Jun 15 14:56:37 MET DST 1997

Nino Barbella
Ferrara Italy
Signed on: Thu Jun 12 16:58:43 MET DST 1997

Roma Italy
Signed on: Tue Jun 10 14:40:40 MET DST 1997

Anna Di Salvo
Montréal Canada
Great page, I especially appreciated the humour.
Signed on: Thu Jun 5 20:19:32 MET DST 1997

Gerd Marstedt
Bremen Germany
Signed on: Fri May 23 16:26:59 MET DST 1997

marranghello carlo
ferrara italy
Signed on: Tue May 20 17:48:42 MET DST 1997

joseph albert onorato
4 slate ave northfield vt 05663 USA
Signed on: Sat May 17 06:21:17 MET DST 1997

A Flight Through Hackerz Paradise
Signed on: Fri May 9 19:47:47 MET DST 1997

Omar Velarde-Wong
Washington, DC USA
Signed on: Thu May 1 16:39:50 MET DST 1997

greg orlandini
Hammonton, NJ USA
Signed on: Tue Apr 29 21:42:08 MET DST 1997

Peter Kavanagh
San Francisco, CA USA
Signed on: Sat Apr 26 07:46:55 MET DST 1997

Andrea Orlandini
Ostia (Roma) Italy
Signed on: Wed Apr 9 16:40:24 MET DST 1997

Leandro Orlandini
Londrina Brazil
grande home-page, parabéns.
Signed on: Tue Apr 8 22:50:13 MET DST 1997

Maura Orlandini
Venezia Italy
Bei siti.
Signed on: Thu Apr 3 11:42:49 MET DST 1997

Karen Capito
Davis California USA
Hello!! from Ca. Loved the show B-)
Signed on: Sun Mar 23 00:59:03 MET 1997

Has anyone some good images and info about
 The Rose of Versailles / Lady Oscar (by Riyoko Ikeda) ?
Anything will help me!
Oh, I did hear that there are comic books about it.
Where can I get them?
CU, Erkan!
Signed on: Thu Mar 6 20:40:14 MET 1997

pietro gervasini
varese Italy
Signed on: Mon Mar 3 17:21:41 MET 1997

Kyle Kinstler
Papillion, NE 68046 USA
Signed on: Tue Feb 18 20:55:34 MET 1997

Joe Anastasio
Italian American Web Site of New York
Great site!
Signed on: Sun Feb 16 06:54:25 MET 1997

Suzi McDonough
Mpls, MN USA
Signed on: Sun Feb 9 20:18:35 MET 1997

Very useful and interesting pages.
Signed on: Sun Feb 9 19:02:39 MET 1997

Joan P. Broge
West Chester, PA USA
Hi, I am seeking information on the Tuscany region, especially its
history during the 18th century.  Siena is the mail locale I wish to
research (no offense to Ferrara, a town I visited and stayed in 10/96.
The d'Estes are a particulary favorite of mine in history)

However, I need information regarding the Contrade and the Palio
in Siena, specifically the suppression of the six contrade in 1725
or 1729 (an historically special, specific date..but that's all they

If anyone has any idea where I might find more about Italy's
History during the 18th century, Siena & the Contrade & the Palio,.
I would appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot.  Joan Broge
P.S. The d'Este castle in Ferrara was beautiful.  Unfortunate
it was closed for repairs/renovation when we were there.

Ferrara restuarants were wonderful, especially La Romantica,
across from the Hotel RipaGrand where we stayed.
Hope to get back to this area some day soon!
Signed on: Sat Feb 8 22:06:03 MET 1997

Anthony Orlandini
Pittsburg/Pa USA
Signed on: Sat Feb 1 20:17:04 MET 1997

Bill Wallner
San Diego, CA USA
Great page Mauro.  Nice to see multi-national signatures
Lot's of neat HTML/JAVA tricks.  A great place to see
many things in action.

Best wishes and keep it up.
Signed on: Wed Jan 29 04:40:47 MET 1997

Chicago, USA
Signed on: Thu 2 Jan 17:36:52 MET 1997
Vigh Izabella
Venezia, Italy
Signed on: Sun 15 Dec 17:20:45 MET 1996
Emilio De Luigi
St. Catharines, Canada
I migliori auguri di Buone Feste a voi tutti

Signed on: Sat 14 Dec 03:12:58 MET 1996
Carla Mazzella
Signed on: Sat 7 Dec 23:12:50 MET 1996

Stefano Dietrich
Roma, Italy
Signed on: Fri 29 Nov 16:41:36 MET 1996

Paolo Schiavina
Ferrara, Italy
Signed on: Fri Nov 29 12:06:39 MET 1996

Hugh Hoskins
Downey, CA USA
Signed on: Sun Nov 24 02:40:17 MET 1996

Oleg A. Mazin
Asbest/Ural region Russian Federation
I'm to  inform to you, that homepage about
Russian  artist  of style avantgarde Sergey Parfenuk is created.
On it the information on exhibitions on Ural region is submitted,
work are exhibited. Here in after the page will be filled up with
new artwork, information about artists Ural region and products 
from a stone and tree. Pictures sale service.
Look at

P.S. English part our server now started at 1December 1996 
Signed on: Tue Nov 19 21:00:44 MET 1996

Associazione Culturale "LA FARFALLA"
Termoli Italia
Se ti occupi o ti interessi di Volontariato, Ambiente,  Solidarieta',
Pace Diritti Civili ed Umani collegati al nostro sito

POSSIBILI UTOPIE Manifestazione Nazionale delle Associazioni e del Volontariato
e aiutaci a far crescere una coscienza impegnata anche in Internet per sperare di rendere questo mondo migliore...grazie. Associazione Culturale "LA FARFALLA" [] Termoli, Campobasso, Italia
Signed on: Fri Nov 15 17:14:29 MET 1996

Jose L. Venegas
Brooklyn, NY 11237 USA
Signed on: Sun Nov 10 19:17:01 MET 1996

Dave Berry
College Station USA
Signed on: Thu Nov 7 18:48:12 MET 1996

Scott Doggett
Portland ,Oregon USA
Just looking for a colleague I work with on the Ozette archaelogical
Digs In 1981. His Name is aurelio orlandini the first
name spelling might not be right. How ever I thought he 
might drop in due to the name.He's from the new jersey
erea . Thanks for the use of your site......
Signed on: Thu Oct 31 08:08:07 MET 1996

aaron guzman
ensenada baja california mexico
hello i'm looking for a picture of felix the cat as if he was at
the car races or as he was driven a race car or just with helement on
Signed on: Tue Oct 29 02:09:04 MET 1996

Barbara Inaba
San Francisco, CA USA
Enjoying the collection...
Signed on: Fri Oct 25 03:50:57 MET 1996

Imogene Kelleher
North Palm Bch., Florida USA
Collectible Christmas Tree
This little LIGHTED tree is loaded with over l00 miniature ornaments
which are made one at a time by hand.  You can do it too.  Instructions
and Kits available....A truly unique Christmas Gift
Signed on: Wed Oct 16 21:15:14 MET 1996

Ilario Vernelli
Rovigo (RO) Italy
Signed on: Tue Oct 15 02:24:01 MET 1996

Michael Naumann
Signed on: Fri Oct 11 15:32:42 MET 1996

Filippo Corticelli
Tokyo Japan
Signed on: Wed Oct 9 08:55:47 MET 1996

victoria Australia
Signed on: Fri Oct 4 02:50:57 MET 1996

Terry McBride
Shawnee,Ks USA
Woodstock 1969
Very professional site....It's like the "ultimate bookmark".
We'll be back for more...Thanks
Signed on: Sun Sep 29 22:18:59 MET 1996

Christoph Boening
Camp Lejeune NC USA
Hi, great page. Will recommend it. Can anybody place 
a local telephone call for me in Milano? My Italian is
not good enough. Also, I will be in Naples during
christmas. Does anybody have any ideas where to go and
what to do there?
Signed on: Thu Sep 26 04:42:41 MET DST 1996

April Halliday
Tucson, Az USA
Signed on: Wed Sep 11 21:48:55 MET DST 1996

Ana Paula Orlandini Pilleggi de Sousa
Campinas S.P. Brazil
Signed on: Tue Sep 10 17:14:14 MET DST 1996

Emilio De Luigi
St. Catharines, Ontario Canada
Signed on: Sun Sep 8 03:17:30 MET DST 1996

Gianluca Miano
Milano/Italy Europe
Gianluca Miano Photojournalist
Signed on: Fri Aug 16 02:54:50 MET DST 1996

Paul Johnson
Sydney Australia
Signed on: Fri Jul 19 11:36:59 MET DST 1996

Howlin' Wolf
The Lair United Kingdom
Tamgled love on a blues guitar - wild thing
Signed on: Fri Jul 12 22:59:54 MET DST 1996

top guns realty/real etate in toronto canada
Signed on: Sat Jun 15 16:23:31 MET DST 1996

Paulo Roberto Orlandini
Uberlândia - Brasil Brasil
Parabéns por sua home page.
lamento não poder comunicar em inglês.
Signed on: Sun Jun 9 02:09:46 MET DST 1996

Sally Clark
Chicago Il USA
Signed on: Thu Jun 6 20:23:56 MET DST 1996

Jeff Jones
Bellevue , Washington USA
Signed on: Thu Jun 6 07:45:07 MET DST 1996

Ferrara Italy
Signed on: Thu May 30 09:55:13 MET DST 1996

Dennis Dunham
Honolulu, Hawaii USA
Can anyone help me locate a manufacturer of inflatable 
sailboats in Italy?  I have one and need parts. It was
made in Italy, but I do not know who the maker is. Mahalo
from Hawaii. Send any info to
Signed on: Wed May 29 09:33:41 MET DST 1996

Joseph Palermo
Marquette, MI USA
Northern Michigan University Homepage
Signed on: Fri May 24 15:30:33 MET DST 1996

Felice Marra
Cuneo Italy
Felice Marra
Signed on: Thu May 23 16:34:11 MET DST 1996

Hanimoro Taomita
Tokyo Japan
Signed on: Wed May 15 16:40:12 MET DST 1996

Boris Ristich
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Signed on: Mon May 13 06:36:53 MET DST 1996

Gisela Isten
Trieste Italy
Impressive job, huh? :-)
Signed on: Thu May 9 16:34:24 MET DST 1996

Dewy Rose, GA USA
Signed on: Thu May 9 09:59:16 MET DST 1996

luiz william storino preto - sp Brazil
prezado mauro, parabéns pelo trabalho. aqui no brasil
temos várias associações italianas, uma delas, em rio 
preto, cidade colonizada por imigrantes italianos. queremos um 
intercâmbio com outras associações. obrigado.
Signed on: Thu May 9 04:22:05 MET DST 1996

Romano Moglia
St.Petersburg, Florida USA
Caro mauro:
Come stai?

Romano Moglia
Signed on: Sat May 4 22:06:14 MET DST 1996

Moruzzi Mauro
Cremona Italia
Complimenti per il tuo lavoro
Signed on: Fri May 3 23:37:03 MET DST 1996

ferrara Italy
Signed on: Tue Apr 30 16:45:59 MET DST 1996

Rita Bonucchi
Milano/Ortisei/Vignola Italy
Signed on: Sun Apr 28 11:30:32 MET DST 1996

Milano Italy
Venite a visitare il cyber-rifugio di DK!
Signed on: Tue Apr 16 21:45:55 MET DST 1996

Paul Bronson
Seattle, Washington USA
Signed on: Sat Apr 13 05:24:39 MET DST 1996

Corey Brown
Manassas, Virginia USA
SMASH! Magazine
SMASH! is the online magazine of comics, sci-fi, anime, games and more.
X-Files, Star Trek, Star Wars, US movies and television news!  Comics news!
Anime news and reviews!  And much more!

Check it out at

Signed on: Tue Apr 9 11:20:18 MET DST 1996

Alessio Krevatin
Signed on: Tue Apr 9 09:08:35 MET DST 1996

Mike Pounds
Fairhaven, MA USA
Patrick Pounds
oggi era un bella giornetta in Fairhaven lo tempatura 
era 50
Signed on: Tue Apr 2 01:14:35 MET DST 1996

Francesca Tedeschi
Milano Italy
M3 Home Page
Mi piacerebbe potere segnalare non tanto le pagine M3, ma il sito che
curiamo, quello dell'Associazione Interessi metropolitani che mi sembra
interessante per tutti, soprattutto i milanesi. grazie.
Signed on: Wed Mar 27 08:16:15 MET 1996

Carla Purificato
roma italia
Signed on: Fri Mar 22 12:27:15 MET 1996

paris France
Signed on: Tue Mar 19 18:19:32 MET 1996

Lea Ferretti
Milano Italy
Systems Comunicazioni
Signed on: Mon Mar 18 11:22:17 MET 1996

John W. White
Durango, CO USA
Signed on: Sat Mar 16 19:22:23 MET 1996

Norberto Vignali
Parma Italy
norbi home page
un lavoro ben fatto e completo, complimenti!!!
Signed on: Thu Mar 7 14:36:26 MET 1996

a NICE page.  w/ some links to intersting places.
Signed on: Mon Feb 19 04:12:17 MET 1996

bart lawrence
barrigada guam earth
amazing and finger tapping wild
Signed on: Thu Feb 15 13:11:13 MET 1996

John J. McCabe
New York, New York USA
Who's Who Online(SM)
Bravo!  A beautiful home page and an impressive curriculum vitae!
Welcome to Who's Who Online!
Signed on: Mon Feb 12 15:36:19 MET 1996

Michael Incorvia
Lansdale USA
Signed on: Sun Feb 4 01:15:41 MET 1996

Francesca Sarnataro
Napoli- Italy Sweden se
Hej Mauro, I hadn't much time to read all your home page,
but I should say the litte that I've seen is simply great.
You have my compliments. I'm going now cause I want to finish. bye.
Signed on: Fri Feb 2 12:33:04 MET 1996

Sally J. Clark
Chicago IL USA
Signed on: Tue Jan 30 19:07:24 MET 1996

Claudio Fabbro
Citazioni e Aforismi
Sei brutto come la fame, ma la tua pagina e' un vero
capolavoro. I miei complimenti! Claudio
Signed on: Sun Jan 28 16:13:35 MET 1996

Your homepage is very impressive and contribute to mend the
apathy of our times.
Signed on: Sun Dec 31 14:08:29 MET 1995

Ervin Orlandini
Delft / The Netherlands Croatia
Great pages!
Signed on: Fri Dec 29 16:01:05 MET 1995

Gary Mauro
Washington, DC USA
I'm using my friends computer and e-mail address...
I'm lookig for other Mauro's from our home country of Italy.
Signed on: Sat Dec 23 05:54:30 MET 1995

John Storino/Societa Italiana Di Cultura
Chicago, IL USA
Ciao, everyone
my name is John Storino and I am with Societa Italiana Di Cultura,
a non-profit Corp. based in Chicago, with a goal of creating Little
Italy on the Internet.
We also publish a quarterly newsletter, and sponsor cultural events
here in Chicago.
If you have questions or would like to become a member, contact me at
Signed on: Mon Dec 11 03:31:25 MET 1995

Federico Minichilli
Torino Italy
Signed on: Tue Nov 21 16:48:12 MET 1995

Paulette Fox
Syracuse, NY USA
I appreciate fine art   
Signed on: Sat Nov 18 22:30:20 MET 1995

Arcueil France
Signed on: Wed Nov 15 21:41:59 MET 1995

carlo ricchiardi
torino Italy
"l'omu, l'asu e l'pitu sun tre frei" (f. fizzotti)
Signed on: Tue Nov 14 18:58:11 MET 1995

juli van zyverden
venice Italy
Juli's Home Page

Signed on: Wed Nov  8 15:15:11 MET 1995

Stephanie Blackburn
Knoxville, TN USA
This is really neat.  I am very impressed.
I wish I had more time to look through it.
Great job!
Signed on: Thu Oct 19 15:34:59 MET 1995

Davide Musella
Milan Italy
Signed on: Thu Sep 14 11:13:21 MET DST 1995

Alessandro Canova
Torino Italy
Signed on: Wed Sep 13 19:28:14 MET DST 1995

Jeff Wright
W. Laf., IN USA
Signed on: Tue Aug 22 19:12:51 MET DST 1995

boston usa
Signed on: Sat Jul 29 23:56:09 MET DST 1995

Karin Blum
Utrecht Netherlands
Signed on: Wed Jul 19 09:23:44 MET DST 1995

Romano Moglia
St.Petersburg, Florida USA
Saluti dalla Florida.
Ciao, Romano
Signed on: Sat Jul 8 21:10:00 MET DST 1995

Jeffrey Hobbs
Eugene, OR, USA
Jeff's Home Page
On the quest to sign the all the guest books in cyberspace...
Signed on: Sat Jun 3 07:06:12 MET DST 1995

Signed on: Thu May 11 19:45:09 MET DST 1995

Sandra Frugone
Signed on: Thu Mar 23 23:35:07 MET 1995

Derek Jones
Bologna Italy
Caro Mauro,

Complimenti per un bellissimo lavoro!
L'ho appena scoperto ma vedo che almeno 1400 persone
prima di me l'hanno fatto.
Posso correggere una piccola inesatezza?
l'indirizzo per arrivare al CIB dell'universita'
non funziona, credo che quello giusto (almeno funziona)

Grazie ancora per un'opera d'arte.
Derek Jones (ICoCEA) tel 8339 Email: jones@astbo1
Signed on: Fri Feb 10 11:19:27 MET 1995

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