Julian Day Converter

For the definition of the Julian date please give a loot at http://webexhibits.org/calendars/calendar-christian.html or http://www.maa.mhn.de/Scholar/times.html

I made a few changes to this page. Now there is a converter using a JavaScript code, and another one using a FORTRAN code. If the two programs give a different result, please trust the FORTRAN result (because of rounding problems in JavaScript math).
I make available the FORTRAN code for both the Date->JD and the JD->Date programs.

JavaScript Code

Date to JD conversion (JavaScript)
Date (DD/MM/YYYY): / /
Julian Day :

JD to Date Conversion (JavaScript)
Julian Day :
Date (DD/MM/YYYY): / /


Date to JD conversion (FORTRAN)
Date (DD/MM/YYYY): / /

JD to Date conversion (FORTRAN)
Julian Day :

For example, 9/10/1995 gives Julian Date 2450000 (remember that when adding fractions of day a JD starts at 12:00). Use the "view source" option on your browser to view the script used to perform these calculations.

Thank you user from (none) for using my Julian Date Converter. You are the non-local user accessing this document since January 27, 1997! If you are interested you can give a look at the Access Statistics Page for this converter.
If you find any problem with the converter (but first read about a common error), please contact me indicating the exact date that gave you problems, so I can do my best to fix it...
...and if you copy the script, please let me know!

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