Common problem with JD Converter

Before sending me e-mail reporting problems with my Julian Date Converter (I thank you very much for using it and finding time to report bugs), first read my answer to a very common problem people are reporting, due to the input date format.
    -> I gave the date 8-29-1999
    -> and got 2452040.
    -> Converted back I got may 10, 2001!
    -> Thought you'd like to know.

    Common error. If you read CAREFULLY the instructions you will
    see that the input format is DD-MM-YYYY, which means FIRST day
    and THEN MONTH (Americans are the only people in the world to
    use this notation, all other people use dd/mm/yyyy... 8-) ).
    Therefore if you want to input August 29, 1999 the input date
    is 29-8-1999!
      The date you input is day 8 of month 29 of 1999. Month 29 is
    2 years and five months after 1/1/1999, that is may 2001.
    The answer the program gave you is therefore correct.

You can find the definition of the Julian date at or

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