Max Klinger: The Exhibition

Palazzo dei Diamanti
Corso Ercole I d'Este 21 - Ferrara (Italy)
March 17 - June 16, 1996

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This is the announcement of an exhibition that will be held in Ferrara, Palazzo dei Diamanti (Diamond Palace) from March 17 to June 16, 1996.

Ferrara Arte in collaboration with the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts organizes the most important exhibition ever in Italy about Max Klinger, a founder of the Simbolism.

The interest of Ferrara for the work of the famous German artist, born on 1857 and dead in 1920, is not by chance. Indeed Klinger was, together with Arnold Böcklin, one of the maestros who led Giorgio de Chirico toward the Metaphysics, which had an important center in Ferrara in the second half of the 1910s.

Paintings and sculptures, drawings and engravings: more than 400 works for reconstructing the whole path of this father of the symbolic art, considered the "the most important engraver of the XX century".

From the Museum of Fine Art of Leipzig arrives the entire engraving opus, a wide selection of drawings, paintings and sculptures that, for the first time, leave the Germany. Other masterworks come from other German museums while from Florence (the Villa Romana that Klinger bought and in which he lived during his often stays in Italy) comes the beautiful Mermaid, chosen as logo for the exhibition.

Max Klinger loved very much music and musicians: he played piano and was friend of Max Reger and Brahms, for whom he made the Brahmsphantasie etchings. This is why Ferrara Musica has organized a series of concerts dedicated to the relationship between Klinger and music, two of which will be led by Claudio Abbado with the Berlinen Philarmoniker and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe.

Please note that 1996 will be a very important year for Ferrara Arte. Other four major exhibitions are scheduled! Come and visit!!!

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