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Here you will find all the comments people left about my WWW pages on the Max Klinger Exhibition.

VovaKar USA
Signed on: Fri Feb 24 22:29:00 CET 2006

marmaris turkey
it is good idea!svaka  cast
Signed on: Mon Feb 6 09:35:16 CET 2006

patrick ryan
houston, tx USA
another beautiful online exhibition.  thank you!
Signed on: Mon Nov 21 01:41:28 CET 2005

Signed on: Mon Oct 31 15:03:52 CET 2005

Signed on: Mon Oct 31 15:00:41 CET 2005

krista kraus
Derby, KS, USA
I recently found what I would call a book/folder/binder, it is obviously 
very old and all in German. The only thing on the front cover I can make 
out is "Klinger", then below it is what I assume to be a picture of one of 
his works, then below it some more German writing, (I am very bad a what 
the real letters are, but looks like..) "E.U. Geemanns Runftlermappen" 
then below that "18".  The inside page I did manage to translate, I think, 
to "Max Klinger Six Colored Conventional Gifts of Fine Throw (?)." Under 
that is some more writing and a picture of the artist. I am guessing this 
is some sort of a biography of the artist then in the back are 6 
beautifully colored and in immaculate condition, small prints of what I 
assume to be some of his works.  I translated some of them one is "The 
Source", one is "Evening", one is "Legation" one is "The Blue Grant" and 
one is "Beethoven". The last one, Beethoven I have figured out is a 
picture of his sculpture. This picture isn't a normal picture however, it 
is almost three dimensional, I think it's a painting, there is alot of 
gold on it which seems to have sunk thru the paper on the back side in 
some spots.  Each print is on a separate page and attached at the top of 
each one to a larger blank heavy brown paper.
The prints range in sizes from 10 1/2 by 5 3/4, 10 1/2 by 6, 8 /12 by 7 3/4.
The pages inside the folder are rope tied together and are in pretty good
shape, the folder is pretty worn out, the edges are pretty bad.  The 
prints however, like I said, are in great condition and have never been 
pulled off of the paper they are attached to. I am German, as you can tell 
by my last name, my Grandmother and Grandfather came to the US from 
Germany and I guess that German heritage makes me a little concerned that 
maybe this is worth something and should be in a museum or in a rare books 
collection of some sort... I don't have a clue really. I know nothing 
about art or what these prints I have even are. Unfortunately both 
grandparents have passed away and I can't have them translate this item 
for me or ask them if they know anything of the artist. That's why I'm 
writing you. If you would like for me to email you some pictures I will do 
so, my camera however is pretty crappy so they may not turn out very good! 
If I don't hear back from you I will assume that this item I picked up is 
of no value except for a piece of German history for myself! Thank you for 
your time!

Krista Kraus
Derby, Ks
Signed on: Mon May 30 17:25:45 CEST 2005

Berlin Deutschland
Modedesigner aus Moskau
Signed on: Wed Oct 6 12:54:55 CEST 2004

Emili Carb˛
Barcelona Spain
Muchas gracias
Signed on: Sun Aug 15 02:41:35 CEST 2004

Helton Goncalves
NRHills, Texas USA
Signed on: Thu Sep 25 08:51:00 CEST 2003

Max Klinger
Same name too.  No relation.
Signed on: Mon Jun 16 14:27:42 CEST 2003

Jaime C. Vargas, MD
Tucson, Arizona USA
All my life I've been interested in Paul. His art was very different,
quite daring, free of conventions. Amazing.
Signed on: Thu Jun 5 04:53:36 CEST 2003

Alexandra Klinger
Chatsworth/CA USA
Just i would say is always nice to meet someone with the
same name. if you by any chance know the origins of the name klinger
please email me.
Signed on: Mon Dec 16 04:02:30 CET 2002

Alison McKeachnie
Sault Sainte Marie Canada
Signed on: Fri Sep 27 07:06:31 CEST 2002

Very Nice work I like your style..
Signed on: Thu Sep 12 03:57:37 CEST 2002

Altenstadt Germany
Geli's Virtual Gallery
Nice Artwork
Signed on: Sat Feb 26 20:38:06 MET 2000

Lois Sparks
Bloomington, IN USA
I am descended from Max Klinger and Freidrich Maximilian Klinger
and am interested in obtaining copys of some prints of either or both
Signed on: Sat Jan 8 19:45:41 MET 2000

Richard Parker
Indiana USA
Signed on: Tue Nov 30 21:53:06 MET 1999

Joseph Klinger
Otterbein/Indiana USA
Signed on: Tue Nov 16 03:15:59 MET 1999

Lois Sparks
Bloomington, IN USA
Looking for examples of art work done by Max Klinger.
I am descended from him-documentation in my possession
Signed on: Fri Nov 5 01:52:41 MET 1999

James Petersen, Ph.D.
Tucson, AZ usa
Where can I see more of Klinger in the US? Also, how can I establish
a paint I own of Kingers? Finally, can someone tell me about books that 
have been written on Klinger? Thanks.
Signed on: Thu Aug 26 23:45:47 MET DST 1999

katuuk lidya fiece
metro-manila philippines
please inform me everything new about art & i would like to know
your exibit soon.
Signed on: Tue Jul 27 07:43:12 MET DST 1999

Jeffrey J. Eller
Dillsboro/IN USA
Wonderful start, how do I see the rest of the show on the Internet?
Signed on: Mon Mar 15 22:18:38 MET 1999

Carlos Poblete
Santiago chile
Muy bueno e impresionante
Signed on: Sun Mar 14 04:42:25 MET 1999

jeff walterman
sioux falls s.d. USA
Signed on: Fri Sep 25 04:21:23 MET DST 1998

James Petersen
Tucson, AZ USA
As an owner of a Max Klinger oil painting, I call Girl on a CountryRoad,
I was surprised to find that he was such a famous artist. I would appreciate
any information about Klinger or referrences to good books, articles, etc. 
Signed on: Wed Jul 22 08:41:51 MET DST 1998

William L. Pence
brandenburg,ky 40108 USA
It's a great page, very interisting, haven't finished all of it yet,
maby someone who reads this can help me with a painting that i have
(THE WIDOWS MITE) by Hugo Meith, I have had it since year 1950, and would
appricate any info anyone has to offer. 
Thanks William L. Pence
Signed on: Wed Jun 10 05:56:37 MET DST 1998

Helmi Mays
El Paso, Texas USA
Two years after (1998) I come across your Klinger-site.
The exhibition is--unfortunately--no longer accessible . . . or is it?
Greetings, Helmi--
Signed on: Tue Jun 2 21:47:36 MET DST 1998

Carlos Ruiz de Teresa
Mexico Mexico
Congratulations you are a true artist
Signed on: Mon May 18 01:57:10 MET DST 1998

luigi rossi
Signed on: Mon May 4 14:11:38 MET DST 1998

katherine parks
evanston,illinois60202 USA
Signed on: Mon Feb 2 02:37:50 MET 1998

sherri klinger
montesano,washington U.S.A.
Signed on: Thu Jan 15 06:40:18 MET 1998

Scott Klinger
Signed on: Mon Dec 15 22:56:25 MET 1997

bob dali brayson
Milltown, maine USA
i need info on printed material about klinger
any books you can recommend?
Signed on: Thu Oct 30 14:52:38 MET 1997

Laguna Park , Tx USA
Donkey Spotters' Home Page
I think that Max Klinger is a great artist.
His contribution to the simboism style of art is just outstanding.
Signed on: Wed Oct 1 15:33:37 MET 1997

Richard Hescox
Eugene, Or USA
Signed on: Thu Sep 18 01:50:48 MET DST 1997

Sylvia Nardino
Padova Italy
Fantastic! I didn't expect to find soooooo many Klinger's
fans in internet. I visited the exhibition in Ferrara last year
and I fell in love with Klinger's world -his thoughts and
fears about death, his passion for music, his perfect
tecnique... I'm not an expert about art, it just gives me
emotion and beauty... But isn't it made for it?
Signed on: Thu Jul 3 11:48:25 MET DST 1997

Berkeley USA
love Klingers work - it'd be nice to see a real preview on the net.
Signed on: Wed Jun 25 01:46:27 MET DST 1997

Ellie Kondy
Floral Park,NY USA
Art Gallery: GMa's,Inc.exhibits Fine Art, Books
As an Artist myself I always like to visit other Artist's
pages. It is too bad I will not be able to attend the
exhibit, I am sure you will attract a big crowd.
Signed on: Thu Jun 12 20:27:37 MET DST 1997

Bawb Purcell
Portsmouth,Ohio USA
Signed on: Wed May 14 04:23:17 MET DST 1997

Antonio Reggiani
Ferrara ITALY
No, dico, non un visitatore dalla citta' dell'esposizione: FERRARA!
Se mi sporgo dalla finestra riesco a vedere il nostro meraviglioso 
Palazzo dei Diamanti...
Ciao a tutti.
Signed on: Sun Apr 27 10:43:36 MET DST 1997

lois chapman
leavenworth, ks USA
enjoyed the show
Signed on: Sun Jan 19 01:45:21 MET 1997

Amanda French
DeLand, Fl USA
Art is a way to preserve the essence of life and should be 
presented to all mankind.
Signed on: Tue Jan 14 16:15:56 MET 1997

Steven Christopher Angelos
Fairborn, OH 45324 USA
Signed on: Tue Dec 24 16:55:22 MET 1996

Simon Cozens
Oxford University United Kingdom
I was introduced to Max Klinger's work at an exhibition in a
gallery in Japan.
Immediately I fell in love with 'Die Untergang.'
If anyone has more information about Klinger or 'Die Untergang,' 
particularly about resources on the WWW - could they please mail me?

Signed on: Sun Dec 8 23:35:35 MET 1996

Alexander Timmer
Leipzig Germany
Thanks for helping us.Please help us .!Can you tell us
something about the iconography of Kassandra by Max Klinger?
Signed on: Tue Nov 19 13:49:14 MET 1996

Jacqueline Chan
Montreal Canada
Signed on: Wed Oct 9 16:18:19 MET 1996

ricardo garcia
mexico, df mexico
you are doing a great job in the net pals...!!!
Signed on: Wed Sep 18 20:38:00 MET DST 1996

Professor Alessandra Comini
Dallas, Texas USA
Hello, Klinger fans!
		I much enjoyed reading your comments, and envied your chance
to see this extraordinary show.  I have been fascinated by Klinger for many
years, have agitated on his behalf, and was gratified to be able to speak in
front of his Beethoven Monument when it was finally taken out of the Leipzig
Museum basement (where I first photographed it by flashlight in the early
1970s) when it was installed in the small foyer of the New Gewandhaus.
  I used magnificent color images of it--from both sides--for the jacket of
my book, The Changing Image of Beethoven:  A Study in Mythmaking, Rizzoli,
New York, 1987, and if anyone is interested in reading what I wrote about
Klinger inside (his connection with Brahms as well), well, take a look!
  And to the Arnold Boecklin fan--yes, I agree with you; he too is terrific!
Signed on: Sat Sep 7 08:41:42 MET DST 1996

Giulia Caretti
Sassuolo-MO Italy
Signed on: Sun Aug 18 01:29:58 MET DST 1996

robert klinger
exeland wisconsin USA
Signed on: Sun Jul 14 06:38:47 MET DST 1996

Seattle, WA USA
Signed on: Mon Jul 8 19:27:46.28 MET DST 1996

Kurt Klinger
freshwater/ca USA
reassuring,genetically speaking......was he left handed?
Signed on: Sun Jul 7 09:44:16 MET DST 1996

Wakashi Usuda
Tokyo Japan
Signed on: Sun Jul 7 05:57:05 MET DST 1996

as one of DE CHIRICO'S early influences, i'm happy to find a site devoted to
MAX KLINGER. is there a web site for ARNOLD BOCKLIN? Where do i find it?
such a great painter and almost impossible to find his work anywhere--even
in illustrations!
Signed on: Sun Jun 9 05:30:48.09 MET DST 1996

Claudio Carletti
Bologna Italy
Signed on: Sat Jun 1 22:28:21 MET DST 1996

Ohta Okada
Nishinomiya, Hyogo Japan
Signed on: Thu May 23 05:43:56 MET DST 1996

Riccardo Siena
Roma Italy
Vorrei piu' immagini delle opere.
Signed on: Sun May 19 13:02:38 MET DST 1996

Alessandra Schiavon -La Peste-
Padova Italy
Signed on: Sun May 5 20:39:06 MET DST 1996

Marco Medici
Sassuolo (MO) Italy
Complimenti per la mostra molto interessante e completa. Da non
intenditori dobbiamo per˛ dire che le opere su tela non sono all'altezza 
delle sculture o delle acqueforti.
Personalmente l'opera pi¨ apprezzata Ŕ stata "Il dormiente".
Marco Medici - Lara Corradini
Signed on: Sun May 5 18:20:55 MET DST 1996

edvige e marco
bologna Italy
Signed on: Sun May 5 17:40:50 MET DST 1996

Roma Italy
Signed on: Sun May 5 00:17:39 MET DST 1996

Julia Cervantes
New York, NY USA
Signed on: Wed May 1 05:33:39 MET DST 1996

Ryan Eschauzier
New London, CT U.S.A.!!
Signed on: Mon Apr 29 02:38:50 MET DST 1996

Nicoletta Majani
Rep. San Marino RSM
"l'artista moderno per eccellenza". 
                        G. de Chirico
Signed on: Fri Apr 19 23:16:16 MET DST 1996

Emanuel Schwarz
San Jose, California USA
Mayra Trading company
Look for our beautiful sculptures created by Russian 
Artist living in California.  Semi-precious gems -
Unique - extraordinary  creations
Signed on: Fri Apr 19 06:55:18 MET DST 1996

Casioni Andrea
Mantova, Italy
Signed on: Sun Mar 24 12:59:44 MET 1996

Radeghieri Paolo
Bologna, Italia
Signed on: Fri Mar 22 18:24:08 MET 1996

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