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October 20, 1994

The White House is pleased to announce the introduction of Welcome to the White House: An Interactive Citizens' Handbook. This new service has four principal functions:
  1. It allows users to link to all online resources made available by US government agencies, as well as a subject index to government information and other ways of finding it. All Cabinet-level agencies are providing public information this way, as well as most of the independent agencies and commissions.
  2. It lets people view electronic photo albums, some of which include audio segments. Examples include highlights of the President's first year and a half in office, the inaugural celebration, and virtual tours of the White House and the Old Executive Office Building.
  3. It provides an enhanced interface for sending electronic mail to the President and Vice President, which improves the handling and analysis of e-mail.
  4. It indexes all White House publications so that finding and retrieving documents is made easier.

Stewart Dickson announces Mathart.com: documentation of visualization of computer-rendered abstraction (see: LEONARDO, Volume 25, numbers 3 & 4, 1992, Visual Mathematics; "Plastic Math", Science News, Volume 140, No. 5, pp. 72-73, August 3, 1991) and Mathart's higher-availability mirror site, courtesy of Wolfram Research, Inc.

The Learning Resource Server at the College of Education of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign provides electronic learning resources for K-12 teachers and students, pre-service teachers, education faculty members and educational researchers.

The Automatrix Web server is now available. It offers presence on the Internet for companies who want to promote their products and services. The server also hosts the Internet Conference Calendar, a concise listing of conferences, workshops, exhibitions and seminars related to the Internet, and an information server about Volkswagen vans.

The Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Home Page is finally available for browsing.

The School of Aeronautics at Florida Institute of Technology is now airborne.

A new WWW server is up at the Department for Theoretical Physics at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria. The main purpose is to present recent scientific results (mainly condensed matter theory and computational physics), common teaching activities and also some fun things.

The Software Engineering Research Centre (SERC), located in the Netherlands, is pleased to announce the opening of their WWW server. SERC is a platform for applied scientific research in the area of software-engineering. The existence of SERC is one the one hand motivated by the immediate existing and potential demand for independent and bjective research on software-engineering in the market and on the other hand by the available means for fundamental research in the academic world.

RealTech Systems Corporation, based in the Empire State Building, is pleased to announce the Networking Resources Directory, a list of LAN and WAN resources on the Internet. RealTech provides corporate Internet consulting and marketing services, specializing in firewall and information server design and integration. For more information, call 212.695.7100, or send mail to info@realtech.com.

Jupiter Communications is a leading new-media research, publishing and consulting firm located in New York City's Soho district. Its publications include Interactive Content, covering the commercial online services; Consumer Information Appliance, an exhaustive look at the convergence of technologies in smart devices; and Learning on Demand, covering educational applications in the home. Jupiter's annual conferences include The Consumer Online Services Conference, The Online Developers Conference, Defining the Electronic Consumer, and Consumer Information Appliance.

AT&T invites you to enter the youwill.com Sweepstakes! Have you ever had the chance to win a trip for you and a friend to experience an interactive simulator adventure ride at an exclusive location? ...have you ever had the chance to view some of the innovations that AT&T will bring you in the near future? ... YOU WILL, once you enter youwill.com. See how AT&T technologies may be used in the future to make your lives easier or to take a look at AT&T's products available today.

Let On Ramp, Inc. put you in the fast lane of commercial traffic on the Infobahn. With over 35,000 accesses a day, On Ramp's Metaverse is a hotspot for net surfers and cybernauts looking to catch the vibe. They will custom design your own domain and strategically place links throughout cyberspace to ensure a high profile for your company. On Ramp holds the key to successful marketing, advertising, and promotions on the Internet.

Cornish & Carey Residential Real Estate bring their weekly open home listings to the world-wide web. Cornish & Carey cover California's San Mateo and Santa Clara County -- the Silicon Valley. Also available and updated weekly: properties presented by appointment.

Selections from the DAVENPORT SAMPLER coffee table book series are now available. They include many popular narratives and views. There are also links to an experimental locator for missing friends and others "Lost in America." If you know where they are, tell them to call.

An illuminated home page from the Concordia University dept of Journalism. Fnord.

The ACCOUNTANCY Department, University of Aberdeen is now on the Web.

IPC Technologies, a leading-edge client/server consulting firm based in Richmond, Virginia, announces its Web server. It includes an online Jobs Offered database, the JobWeb, a listing of excellent job opportunities for computer professionals. The JobWeb is maintained by IPC's recruiting department and updated daily.

Strain Invariants and Dislocation Core Structure of Simulated B2 NiAl, the WWW component of Kevin Ternes' (jkternes@vt.edu) master's thesis in Materials Science and Scientific Visualization at Virginia Tech is now available with GIFs and MPEGs.

The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Information Server is now available. The SEI is a federally funded research and development center operated since 1984 by Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, and is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense through the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). The SEI objective is to provide leadership in software engineering and in the transition of new software engineering technology into practice. The SEI Information Server provides:

  1. Information about the SEI and its activities to improve the state of practice of software engineering
  2. Information about the ongoing research efforts of the ARPA Software and Intelligent Systems Technology Office (SISTO)
  3. An index of information relating to numerous software and computing topics
  4. Pointers to many other Internet resources

Mount Allison University is pleased to announce the official opening of its WWW Server. The highlights include, A Tour of Campus for interested students, two Exhibitions of Mt. Allison Fine Arts students' work of 1993-94, the 1994-95 Performing Arts Series, and a selection of Academic Department Information. Comments can be sent via Forms to the WWW Manager.

The University of Nevada Las Vegas would like announce information releated to SCUBA Diving: SCUBA Information (at UNLV); the Internet Dive Computer Review lists features and provides reviews for many diving related computers. The link Lake Mead National Recreational Area includes camping and fishing regulations, dive spots and conditions.

Visit OKbridge to learn about playing bridge on the Internet. Play duplicate bridge in real time, with real people.

A WWW page on Batch Queueing Systems is now available. The page describes the different systems available at archive sites on the internet. Descriptions are taken from README's and other documents; the main page has links to the systems' locations. Questions and Comments to Scott Presnell (srp@zgi.com).

The Space Very Long Baseline Interferometry (Space VLBI) Project at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is pleased to announce the release of its home page. This project supports the VSOP (VLBI Space Observatory Programme) mission led by the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science in Japan, and the RadioAstron mission led by the Astro Space Center of the Lebedev Physical Institute in Russia. VSOP is scheduled for launch in September 1996, while RadioAstron is scheduled for launch in 1997. Each mission involves an orbiting 8-10 meter radio telescope dedicated to astronomical radio interferometry experiments using baselines formed between the spacecraft and a number of ground radio telescopes. A variety of information is now on line, describing the JPL Project, each of the space missions, and the science goals of the missions.

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the Democritus University of Thrace in Xanthi, Greece, would like to announce its home page, where, among others, there is information about the current cultural events taking place in the area of Thrace.

Global-X-Change Communications Inc. in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is pleased to announce the launch of its commercial Internet service. It features the Silicon Valley North Hi-Tech Directory of over 500 firms and Global MONITOR, a computer-related electronic magazine.

Announcing the unveiling of BusinessWeb, a comprehensive guide to business-related information on the World Wide Web. It includes information on commerce, law, government, and economics; with interactive polling booths and forthcoming interviews with industry specialists.

ruprecht, the independent student monthly at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and UNiMUT, the school's SGA biweekly, are now on the web.

AAA Advertising: Creators of The Internet Polling Center. Check it out in an upcoming Internet World magazine article and participate in the September poll on Commerce and the Internet. AAA provides your business with Affordable, Appropriate, and Absolutely Dynamic...Advertising.

Announcing the HTML verison of the LEARN C/C++ TODAY list. This is a list of C and C++ language tutorials available to a user. This list includes interactive tutorials, public-domain code collections, books, interactive tutorials on the web and lots more. If you get timed out, try the mirror. You can also receive the latest version via electronic mail by sending an e-mail to carpenterv@vms.csd.mu.edu with "SEND LEARN C/C++ TODAY LIST" in the subject line.

Global Information and Improvement Network offers Electronic Classified Advertising pages for you to browse. Visit GIIN's ads to learn about the opportunities that they offer, or find out how you can have your ad posted within their pages.

The Research School of Chemistry at the Australian National University now has its own home page. See the guide to the research opportunities in Chemistry available to students of The Australian National University Graduate School.

California State University, Fresno, Department of Physics is now on the World-Wide Web. It provides information about the campus and the department.

Skidperfect Software, Inc. is proud to announce the birth of its WWW home page. Skidperfect Software is a small, private company that develops software by contract to both businesses and individuals. It also releases Freeware and Shareware in the Mac community to show the public the company's high standards in programming.

The REDUCE Home Page is proudly presented to the Web by Cologne University. REDUCE is a well-known general-purpose computer algebra system available for a wide range of computer architectures and operating systems. Among other things, the Home Page includes pointers to ordering information, demonstration versions, a set of manuals, and the REDUCE online help system.

A Virtual Summer School is being run this month by The Human Cognition Research Laboratory at the UK's Open University. The summer school enables students of Cognitive Pscyhology to participate in group discussions and tutorials via Internet Videoconferencing, and to run experiments, conduct literature searches, undertake statistical analyses, and, of course, socialize and chit-chat, all without leaving their homes. The Human Cognition Research Laboratory undertakes a combination of basic and applied research in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Knowedge Engineering, Cognitive Science, and Human Computer Interaction (particularly program visualization). The long-term goal of this research is to understand the fundamental processes of cognition, and to exploit this understanding where appropriate in the design of complex software systems. Also have a look at the experimental Open University Home Page.

The University of Salford and Universtity College Salford are pleased to announce a set of WWW pages. The pages contain an audio welcome from the Vice Chancellor, with pages for almost every Department and Research Institute in the University together with pages for commercial organisations associated with the University. The pages also include the full-length text-book "Understanding OSI" by Prof John Larmouth. It is recommended that you start from the index page.

Albert Nanomius has recently installed a page with the complete writings of Nostradamus, including revelatory new interpretations of his quatrains by new age researcher Dolores Cannon, along with other new age material and pointers.

Christian Cosas's homepage at The University of Missouri - Columbia aims to give an extensive listing of comics and sequential art. Also featured is Cosas's comic strip, CultuRe Trap, which is published twice a week in the Mizzou student newspaper, the Maneater.

A series of "Letters from an Iowa Soldier in the Civil War" is now available. These letters are part of a collection written by Newton Scott, Private, Company A, of the 36th Infantry, Iowa Volunteers, from 1862 thru 1865. Scott's letters are filled with rich details of the war and the living conditions in the Union camps in Mississippi, Missouri, Iowa, and Arkansas. Not only do they offer a Company Clerk's detailed account of the war, they also provide a glimpse of the personal emotions of a 21-year old farm boy uprooted from family, friends and sweetheart.

The NetMarket Company is now offering customized premium wines, fringe science books and big band music from Sovereign Records. NetMarket continues to offer flowers, balloons, and gifts through 800-THE-ROSE, the #1 ranked flower delivery service in the US. NetMarket also continues to offer CDs by Noteworthy Music and also supports simpler, HTML-based advertising. (E-mail or finger info@netmarket.com for more info.)

The Electronic Engineering Group in the Department of Engineering at the University of Reading, UK announces its WWW server.

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions Information Network, or InfoNet, is a campus-wide information service providing access to information from and about the medical institutions. The InfoNet is an ongoing project sponsored by the Division of Biomedical Information Sciences.

The computing center (ZDV) of the University of Tübingen is proud to announce its alternative entry to their anonymous FTP server via WWW. Furthermore, the ZDV has released Mosaic-TueV 2.4.2, an update of NCSA's original Mosaic 2.4 for X11. The Tübingen Version of Mosaic provides a lot of improvements and bugfixes. It is available via FTP at ftp://ftp.uni-tuebingen.de/pub/WWW/Mosaic-TueV or any Mirror-site. Please have a look at the README for more information.

The new Arthur Ransome Page celebrates the English author/journalist/adventurer Arthur Ransome and his sailing novels for children, the "Swallows and Amazons" stories published in the thirties and forties. The Arthur Ransome Society page gives details on the society set-up by a group of Ransome's friends and followers in 1990, now with nearly 1500 members worldwide.

The Physics homepage at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand contains course and research information, as well as some pretty pictures.

Mirical Nutrition Corporation is pleased to announce the availabily of the Nutritional Web Server. Mirical Nutrition Corporation's primary focus is health and nutrition software. The Personal Food Analyst is a Palmtop and Desktop family of software products for diet planning, diet monitoring, nutritional analysis and weight loss for atheletes and health conscious individuals.

The U.S. Chapter of DECUS, the Digital Equipment Computer Users Society is pleased to announce their WWW server. DECUS is an association of Information Technology professionals interested in the products, services, and technologies of Digital Equipment Corporation and related vendors. The server provides information on how the Chapter helps its members to be more successful through forums and activities which: enhance their professional development; provide technical training and up-to-date information; advocate members' needs; and provide opportunities for informal disclosure and interaction with their peers.

TSANet is a vendor-neutral technical support alliance. By joining TSANet, hardware and software manufacturers commit to working with other members to solve mutal customer problems. Although end-users cannot join TSANet, they are the main benefactors of the organization. Currently, 32 companies are members of TSANet and more are joining each month. To learn more about how this organization works, how TSANet can help you solve multivendor problems quicker in your computing environment, or to get information on how your company can join, visit the TSANet home page.

The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR), which is published both electronically and in print, is pleased to announce that it has commenced publishing articles formatted in HTML. (PostScript versions will continue to be published as well.) The first such publication is a re-release of a 1993 JAIR article, Software Agents: Completing Patterns and Constructing User Interfaces. The article is accompanied by an online appendix containing a QuickTime demo. It is an excellent example of what is possible with electronic publications.

Dianne's Casual Creations are original clothes designed for original people. They feature coordinated casual clothes, appliques, wearable art, and accessories for adults and children. Featured items change regularly.

Go! Discs, a UK record label, have pictures, sound clips, biogs, tour dates and more for all of their artists here. Artists featured include Paul Weller, The Beautiful South, The Trash Can Sinatras, Drugstore, etc.

Argus Associates, Inc. specializes in the provision of Internet training workshops, Internet marketing and publishing services and Internet research services. If you would like to know more about how the Argus team can help you with your Internet related needs, please contact them for a free consulation.

The Frontenac County Board Of Education (located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada) would like to announce the availability of its WWW server. This server will be geared towards K12 offerings and Board wide information. This server is being provided as part of the Ontario Education Highway initiative.

The Institute of Public Policy Studies at the University of Michigan announces the Telecom Resources Page. This document contains references to information sources relating to the technical, economic, public policy, and social aspects of telecommunications. All forms of telecommunication, including, voice, data, video, wired, wireless, cable TV, and satellite, are included. Included are nearly 200 links to documents, government agencies, research labs, university research centers, etc. This page is part of the Information Networks Policy Library project.

The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center announces the availability of its WWW server. It provides information about cancer treatment, research, education, and prevention, as well as other information from and about UTMDACC.

Information Innovation has launched a new server for professional use of the Web. The server contains many megabytes of information about Business on the Web, Management and Technology. In the coming weeks information bases on the International Financial Industry will also be added. It is also the home of The Web Word, a monthly e-zine about the Web industry.

October 19, 1994

UNCAT is the catalog of UNCATaloged titles not generally available in a bookstore or library. In this hypertext database from Sapphire Press, there are titles from businesses, nonprofit groups, trade associations, museums and self-published authors with research reports, pamphlets, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, booklets, books, videocassettes, audio cassettes and CD-ROMs. By searching or browsing detailed descriptions, you'll find titles in subjects as diverse as the arts, finance, health, human relationships, self development, products, services and travel. A title listing in turn can link to a Web server displaying the text of that title. Explore UNCAT at DigiMark.

HTML versions of the FAQs for Linear Programming and Nonlinear Programming are now available. See Usenet newsgroup sci.op-research for more information.

This is the "virtual" home of Scotty, the Tyrannosaurus Rex recently unearthed at Eastend, Saskatchewan, in the Valley of Hidden Secrets. This resource will feature pictures of the excavation, including the unfolding of Scotty, the paleontologists, a map of Eastend and environs, and information on local accomodation and restaurants, plus links to other dinosaur-related information.

Art Crimes, a graffiti art gallery, features wall art from the U.S. and the Czech Republic. These full-color pieces are fresh off the street and shockingly good.

Mother Jones Magazine has published its September/October issue, featuring stories on activism and apathy on college campuses, the expanding U.S. weapons trade under the Clinton administration, how members of Congress lobby the lobbyists for funds, and a personal essay about race, sex, and O.J. Simpson by Barbara Grizzuti Harrison. Also in the current issue, an interview with Congress' most powerful Democrat, Dick Gephart, a critique of men's and women's magazines, and, of course, Paula Poundstone who reports from the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of California at Santa Barbara announces its World Wide Web server. It includes information on the graduate programs, 1994-95 General Catalog course information, undergraduate and graduate requirements, short biographical information on the faculty, admission policies, and many links to industry and universities related to the department's research.

Information Access Technologies, Inc. (IAT) providers of HoloNet Internet access service, announce their new WWW server. HoloNet service is accessible from access numbers nationwide and accounts can be setup in as little as 15 minutes. Included on their WWW server is information about their HoloSLIP, HoloUUCP and HoloDNS services. HoloSLIP service provides quality and reliable access for Internet programs such as Mosaic and Fetch using SLIP, CSLIP, and PPP protocols. HoloUUCP service allows BBSes and office e-mail systems to automatically receive Internet e-mail and USENET news conferences. HoloDNS service allows users to have a custom domain name similar to "company.com" attached to their Internet e-mail address.

The Michigan Digital Historical Initiative in the Health Sciences, coordinated by the University of Michigan Historical Center for the Health Sciences, announces the availability, through its homepage, of a detailed guide to over 1400 archival and manuscript collections held by repositories acros the United States. Related images of photographs and historical scientific and medical instruments are also included.

For those people searching for interactive cleverness, CyberSight is now decked out with the latest in high-tech fun. Let people know which your fave TV show is... and what about the greatest musician? Remember to share your feelings about the commercialization of the Internet, because all of this splendor is brought to you by Internet Marketing Inc.

The Defense Information Systems Agency's Center For Engineering would like to announce the implementation of an interactive demo of their network modeling tool MIIDAS.

The editors of Domestic Animal Endocrinology would like to announce their server for current and prospective authors to the journal.

An overview of constraint-based tools is available from AIAI.

ANDATACO, a leading designer and manufacturer of enterprise wide storage solutions and a major networking and UNIX workstation system integrator, announces On-The-Net, a world-wide web service featuring the entire ANDATACO product catalog, technical support notes, disk and tape data sheets and on-line manuals.

Rob Brezsny's cult weekly REAL ASTROLOGY is on The Butterfly's Web.

A new collaborative project linking high-profile artists with the Internet has been initiated through Kaleidospace. Science fiction writer David Brin (author of the Uplift series and Glory Season) has provided the first chapter of a futuristic novel, for which Internet users are encouraged to write additional chapters. Graphic novelist P. Craig Russell (Ray Bradbury Chronicles and Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde) has provided the initial panels for a collaborative comic. The completed collaborative work will be available on the Kaleidospace world-wide web site. Information for joining the project and submiting art may be found at the Kaleidospace web, gopher (Gopher.kspace.com) and ftp (ftp.kspace.com) sites.

The NYU/ACF Scientific Visualization Center is pleased to present a WWW site housing MathMol an instructional project in molecular modeling and 3-D visualization for K-12 students and teachers. The site contains some introductory tutorials for students, here and a Information About Arthritis as well as information about the Arthritis Foundation's programs and services. Topics include an extensive set of frequently asked questions about arthritis, ordering information for free literature about various arthritis-related topics, as well as pointers to other internet resources.

The 19th Hole (a.k.a. "The Clubhouse") has added The Rules of Golf Online. Answer all of your questions about the rules, come settle your score and tell a few tall tales in the Clubhouse after a hard 18. The 19th Hole is a place for golfers to relax, share some stories and maybe even settle a bet or two (not that golfers bet!) Included is Headlines! with info on the latest scores, tournaments, and local happenings. The 1994 Golf Digest Record Book is the place to find out how your favorite golfer did in 1993 or who won the British Open in 1863. And the Scorecard Archive is the place to check out some courses before you play them. Also included are other good golf links.

Now available to the web community, the Northern Nevada Web contains information about Universities and Colleges in Northen Nevada. Some of the highlights include:

Lila Star (Lisa Shobhana Mason) , predictive astrologist, is pleased to announce that she is now offering astrology services on the internet. She offers both free and for-pay services.

This week's issue of InfoWorld Magazine is now available at the Internet Shopping Network.

The Texas Agricultural Extension Service (TAEX) humbly announces its first WWW server, leviathan. Leviathan features thousands of agriculturally-oriented clipart images, an interactive agricultural software catalog and Texas Extension publication abstracts. The "Master Gardener" series is very popular with users. The clipart image files are accessible via a graphical "point-and-click" user interface, and are available in multiple file types. A link is also available to SWAMI, the South West Agricultural Meteorological Information system.

The Geometry Sender at Keio University is now opening W3 server. Many 3D object data, including WebOOGL, off, rwx format, tutorial on data formats, and information about external viewers for 3D object on Web are available.

The European Commission Host Organisation (ECHO) on behalf of Directorate-General XIII of the EC would like to announce I'M-EUROPE (Information Market-Europe). An initiative to provide the World Wide Web with information about the European electronic information market.

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK is pleased to announce global access to its WWW server. The information available includes academic courses, research projects and general information about Aber and the department.

SIMS, Inc. is a value-added electronic services provider in Charleston, SC. It offers local dialup or dedicated Internet connections for individuals as well as commerical, educational, or non-profit institutions in the Charleston, SC area. Be sure to visit the SIMS Internet Mall.

The Open Software Foundation Research Institute is interested in the innovative information presentation methods that new Web technology has enabled. They are gathering results from their Information Presentation Query Form and will send a summary to those who fill out the form.

The Canadian Permanent Committee on Geographical Names (CPCGN) and Geographical Names Section of Natural Resources Canada announce the release of an English/French Web site. The bilingual 'Geo-Names' Home Page offers a wide range of information including a dynamic database search of Canada's official geographical names (interrogation en français).

The Educational Technology Branch at the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communication of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) announces a newly revised and restructured home page. New information has been added: a relevant subset of the NLM's AVLINE database and a Generic Videodisc/CD-ROM Database for the Health Professions providing descriptions of materials that can be repurposed by health professions educators wishing to develop interactive teaching materials. All this and more is found in a new home page providing ready access to Resources, Monographs and descriptions of ongoing Research Projects.

The Apple Network Managers Association (ANMA) Home Page is a resource for all Macintosh network managers looking for a user group geared towards their special problems and interests. The home page contains information about joining local chapters, how to start one in your area and topics of interest related to Macintosh networking.

The Center for Mars Exploration at the NASA Ames Research Center would like to announce the creation of a home page featuring TV Net-Broadcast/Cable Television Server announces its TV server providing addresses and information on U.S. and the World Television Stations.

A new collection of acoustic music information, including musician tour schedules, venue schedules, biographical information and much, much more can be found at FolkBook.

Infolink Information Services is sponsoring a writing contest. Winners will receive a 5 day vacation for two to Mardi Gras '95. See this for details.

An entirely new and completely graphic specialty shopping center named Shopping IN has opened on the Internet. Shopping IN is the most graphic, user-friendly shopping source on the Net. Over three hundred specialty items from athletic wear, men's & women's apparel, tabletop accessories and gifts are presented with large, digitally enhanced color images.

The State of South Dakota is proud to announce the availability of its World Wide Web site. This site is a starting point to all of the Internet-related resources in the State of South Dakota. It contains South Dakota Government Information, Tourism Information, including Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills, links to many of the universities and higher education facilities across the state, and etc. Stop by and visit some people in South Dakota!

Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology, located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, is pleased to announce its Mosaic containing general information about CIIT's goals, research and educational programs, as well as its most recent publications.

Chris Haggerty of Internet Express would like to announce a page for Books-M. E. Sharpe Publishing.

Surf the Web with the Planet Earth Home Page. This server has a multitude of categories to explore, ranging from Astronomy to the World-Wide Web. Visit the city of San Diego, California or the District of Columbia, USA. Obtain information on Colleges and Universities, Books and Libraries, Sports, or the science of Physics with Images, Icons, and Flags. Learn more about the Navy or visit National Aeronautics and Space Administration to take a journey through the Solar System.

The National Earth Orientation Service (NEOS) is a joint venture of the U. S. Naval Observatory (USNO) and the Geosciences Laboratory (GL), of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NEOS was organized to coordinate, collect, analyze and distribute data from the various operational U. S. programs that monitor variations in the orientation of the Earth.

The Notre Dame Band is proud to announce its WWW site complete with Text, Movies, Pictures, and Sounds. Adding to the site is the Notre Dame Football Schedule with icons taken off the internet of the schools that Notre Dame will play. The site is located at the University of Notre Dame and was created by John F. Keating.

DiploNet has been established by Negotiation Systems International to provide access to information about the theory and practice of international diplomacy for an audience of academic researchers, practicing diplomats, and interested observers. Current highlights include the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, the report of the American Academy of Diplomacy on the processes of multilateral negotiation, and information about the United States Institute of Peace. DiploNet is also the gateway to the Council on Ocean Law.

British mail order supplier Trinity Systems is now offering its price list and ordering facility on-line. Trinity Systems specialises in games, CD-ROMs and utilities for the Apple Macintosh, and CD-ROMs for PC compatibles. Trinity Systems also offers an Advance Notice Registration Scheme to inform customers by e-mail of the release of the latest Macintosh games.

Consumers for World Trade provides information about world trade issues as they affect consumers. The page is official information of Consumers for World Trade, an advocacy group.

Can't make it to Cannes? Then try I'M B1FF! (the International MPEG Bizarre 1st Film Festival), hosted by John Perry. Take a look (and listen) at the Liberal Materialists Web page.

Flag Inns International, in collaboration with WWW.AUS.NET, is pleased to announce its on-line Guide to Flag Properties in Victoria, Australia. Keyword searching and Forms-based reservations are supported.

The Science and Engineering Television Network, SETN, is a consortium of scientific organizations formed for the purpose of creating an international television network for professional scientists and engineers. Current participants include the American Physical Society, the Association for Computing Machinery and the American Institute of Biological Sciences. SETN is pleased to announce a Call for Participation and urges all scientists, engineers and students to respond to the SETN Viewer Interest Questionnaire. SETN welcomes foreign and corporate participation. If there is a favorable response, SETN will begin broadcasting early in 1995.

The Institute for Biology of the University of Freiburg,Germany announces its WWW Server. Included is a request for contribution to the Data Acquisition Initiative. There is also information about the wide range of private activities of the scientists and some serious fun mostly in english/german mixed language.

Medical Matrix is a new Web resource that offers a database of Internet clinical medicine resources. Medical Matrix categorizes resources by disease, specialty, and other interest areas. It is designed as a "home page" for a physician's or healthworker's computer. Medical Matrix is a project of the Internet Working Group of the Amercian Medical Informatics Association.

The server of the Partnership in Advanced Computing Technologies, in Bristol, UK, is up and running. PACT is a new research centre for collaborative academic/industrial projects currently involving groups from Inmos and the University of Bristol. The PACT server hosts pages for Inmos (unofficial), the Data Diffusion Machine (a scalable VSM architecture), the ESPRIT II OMI/HORN project, and various peoples' home pages. In these you can find, amongst others things, a list of Calls for Papers in (Parallel) Computer Architecture and related topics.

The Institute of Exact Sciences and Humanities of Algarve University, Faro, Portugal, is now on-line. It offers local information from Institute's Departments, announcements, a few services, tourist information and links to other Portuguese-speaking servers.

You've put your data on the Web, but how can you make it easy for people to find it? This short Guide to Publishing on the World Wide Web explains.

The Engineering Design Research Center at Carnegie Mellon University is a National Science Foundation ERC established in 1986. This server provides information on the EDRC's laboratories and their associated projects, affiliates, faculty and students, as well as abstracts on EDRC technical reports.

DigiBoard, a leading provider of connectivity solutions for multiuser systems, as well as LANs and WANs, announces its World Wide Web server. DigiBoard's web server provides detailed information on Products, Digi Programs and Services including Technical Support and Customer Service. Additionally, the home page features a What's New section that lists recent product announcements and a Company Overview section.

The German Institute for Applied Geodesy (IfAG) announces its new WWW server. The pages contain links to IfAG's own Internet services as well as to a variety of other servers in geosciences and related fields. Special emphasis is made on geodesy. The standard homepage is in German, but an English homepage is also available.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is pleased to announce its World Wide Web sever. This server offers HTTP, Gopher and anonymous FTP capability. In addition to offering basic information on how to start or run a small business, the Home Page provides access to most Federal WWW's, and its very popular SBA Online BBS, now with a user base of 110,000 and recently receiving its 1,000,000th call four days shy of two years of operation. Access to the WWW, or SBA Online provides the public with internet e-mail, shareware files for running a business, gateways to other Federal BBS's, international trade data and venturing opportunities, local SBA information, and SBA mail forum networking.

The Department of Speech Communication & Music Acoustics at the The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden now has a Web page containing information about the department. There is information about persons, courses, projects, seminars and specialevents like the phonetics congress, ICPhS 95. There are also links to other resources on the internet relating speech.

J. P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated is pleased to announce its Home Page. J.P. Morgan is an investment banking firm that provides financial services to corporations, governments, financial institutions, institutional investors, private firms, nonprofit groups, and wealthy individuals around the world. In addition to general information about the firm, J.P. Morgan is making available selected research abstracts and finance oriented datasets, including the firm's newly announced RiskMetrics(tm).

Amerinex Artificial Intelligence, Inc. is pleased to announce its WWW pages. Amerinex A.I. is a world leader in the creation of Image Understanding solutions and environments. The home page provides access to information about the company, its products, current contracts, technical reports and personnel.

The Ocean Drilling Program home page is now accessible. The Ocean Drilling Program is an international organization which performs basic research into the history of ocean basins and the Earth's crust beneath the oceans. The program is funded principally by the National Science Foundation with substantial contributions from international partners.

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto announces its WWW server which contains information about the Department's Faculty, graduate and undergraduate programs. Of particular visual interest are the images presented by the Department's Dynamic Graphics Project.

Krema Nut Company is offering its products on the WWW. What makes the products and gifts uniquely special is the freshness and delicious, natural taste. The peanut butter is completely natural and healthy with no salt, sugar or preservatives added. Feel free to drop in and browse through Krema's products or request more information.

The Capitol Steps, the Washington-based troupe of Congressional staffers turned songwriters, are pleased to announce their WWW home page featuring music and political satire. Hear selections from recent albums (Lord of the Fries, The Joy of Sax, etc.) plus pre-releases of the latest songs.

This server has been up for some time now, and contains some home pages:

Internet Connections, Inc. announces Antiques Web. Visitors will find pictures of items from a Minnesota antique shop, ways to help spot reproductions and some tips for new collectors on how to negotiate at a flea market or antique shop.

In south central Minnesota, where the Minnesota River bends and flows north, sit the beautiful and growing cities of Mankato and North Mankato. Visit their Web site to see photos and information. Questions about the cities can be directed to info@city.mankato.mn.us and questions about the web site can be directed to info@ic.mankato.mn.us.

Bluebird Systems, a provider of document management software, announces its home page.

Bluebird Systems announces a home page on its hometown, Carlsbad, California, USA, a community on the coast of Southern California.

The State of Montana's MIDS, Montana Information Delivery System, is now on the Web. MIDS aims at making information paticular about Montana accessible to both Internet and State users -- of particular interest is the Natural Resource Information System.

Digital Equipment Corporation and the California Secretary of State's office are pleased to announce the availability of online election information for the November 8, 1994 California General Election with LIVE vote counts from the Secretary of State on the night of the election. This server now contains the full text of Secretary of State's voter information pamphlet, including all propositions and statewide races. Additional data will be added over the next few weeks.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), representing over 5,600 child and adolescent psychiatrists, would like to announce the opening of its homepage. AACAP members actively research, diagnose and treat psychiatric disorders affecting children and adolescents and their families. The Academy is dedicated to supporting this work through a variety of programs including government liaison, national public information and continuing medical education. The web site contains information on the Annual AACAP Meetings, a listing of "Facts for Families."

20/20 Software, Inc. is a developer of software utility products for the DOS and Windows environments, such as PC-Install, a widely-used program that simplifies file and document distribution. The company also has developed database applications such as the Nimbus Report Writer, WestLake Imager and DocIt programs. The company is pleased to announce their WWW Server, which contains data sheets, press releases, FAQs, customer support services, order forms, etc.

Bob Willey would like to announce the opening of El Camino de Silicio (The Silicon Highway), a network to promote computer music in the Americas. He is also managing an archive of MIDI piano compositions entitled New Music for Disklavier and Synthesizer. Both collections are housed at UC San Diego's Center for Research in Computing and the Arts.

Alameda County Medical Center and the University of California at San Francisco are pleased to announce the availability of the THIRD issue of the Global Emergency Medicine Archives. This issue contains the complete 1994 abstracts of the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine, an extensive demonstration of a forms-based conferencing system, and links to many medically-related sites worldwide.

ARTS & FARCES has made its collection of Internet services available to the Internet community at large. The ARTS & FARCES Internet services are a complete Internet software and information solution for Macintosh, MS Windows and MS-DOS personal computer users. The services were previously available only to readers of Michael Fraase's best-selling Internet Tour Guide series. The ARTS & FARCES home page also serves as a gateway to the ARTS & FARCES Gopher server and the ARTS & FARCES FTP archive.

The Multiprocessor Testbed Project at the University of Southern California has a home page with general information on the project, links to papers and pictures of the hardware. Its goal is to explore the hardware emulation approach for the rapid prototyping and performance evaluation of scalable multiprocessors.

The Visible Embryo Project is a multi-institutional long-term collaboration to create an Internet resource for HPCC applications in the area of developmental biology. The project's WWW server will act as the central means for information access and dissemination concerning the activities of the Project's 20+ collaborating institutions. Through use of the Project's new WWW-OLE technology, researchers, students and clinicians will be able to use Mosaic and the Web to seamlessly access vast computational and information resources from remote geographic locations, in order to learn more about the mechanisms of human development.

The Associates Financial Services has found itself a home at American Products Online. The Associates offer financial consultation and lending for the refinancing/purchasing of homes, auto loans and secured personal loans.

The Tanel Corporation now has a page on the WWW. Tanel, a manufacturer of athletic cleats, has patented a 360 degree cleat that is designed to increase pivotabilty and reduce the risk of torque related injuries. You can preview Tanel's technical manual to read more about this incredible design.

October 18, 1994

The Imaging Systems Lab in the Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Illinois now has its server operational. Contents include descriptions of on-going and recent research in Alaska, New Mexico, Utah and Canada, the complete text of papers, and access to image sets used in a variety of experiments. Examples of displays from an ecosystem simulator called SmartForest are included.

Keep up-to-date with the Minnesota Vikings. The current roster, depth chart, draft pick review, game summaries and much more are maintained. The Vikings page is a link from a larger NFL Page containing links to other NFL teams and news.

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), an agency of the Public Health Service in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is now on the World-Wide Web. The server provides access to information about the Agency and people within the Agency. In addition, easy access to ATSDR's Hazardous Substance Release/Health Effects Database (HazDat) is provided through a sophisticated, forms-based user interface. The full text, with figures and tables, of the popular Public Health Statements from ATSDR's Toxicological Profiles, with clear explanations of health effects from toxic substances in the environment, are also available with full text search and retrieval.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Environmental Sciences Division is proud to announce another in a series of articles in its electronic journal Environmental Research News. The article, titled Through the Cooking Glass, describes the Lab's work on the In Situ Vitrification or ISV process, a novel technology for dealing with some difficult environmental restoration problems.

Phi Tau Coeducational Fraternity at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH would like to announce the availability of its new WWW site. This site includes information on how to find the house, a complete social calendar, information on charitable activities, and some really bad poetry. The maintainers of the site believe it is possibly the first Greek Letter Organization on the web, and are looking for more ideas and feedback on its development.

The OSI-Protocol Testing Laboratory (OSI-LAB) is pleased to announce its WWW server located in Switzerland. The server currently provides information about the Lab, an X.400 Address server and ftp access to OSTC Documents.

The Consortium on Green Design and Manufacturing is pleased to announce its WWW Server. CGDM is an interdisciplinary research effort in the College of engineering at U.C.Berkeley and an industry/university partnership focused on issues related to environmentally-conscious product design and manufacturing. The page contains information on current research, industry partners and general background on green manufacturing.

EUnet Slovakia announces Slovakia Document Store, a comprehensive source of information about Slovak Republic, including High Tatra Mountains Guide and many links to other Slovakia-related resources. Now also with Elections 1994 Special containing latest information about coming elections in Slovak Republic.

An inter-disciplinary team at the University of Southern California would like to announce the Mercury Project, a WWW server that allows users to tele-operate a robot arm moving over a terrain filled with buried artifacts. A CCD camera and pneumatic nozzle mounted on the robot allow users to select viewpoints and to direct short bursts of compressed air into the terrain. Thus users can "excavate" regions within the sand by positioning the arm, delivering a burst of air, and viewing the newly cleared region. We seek a coherent theory that explains these buried artifacts.

The NetCenter is pleased to announce the 1st OnLine Trade Show, where you can:

NEC, a global leader in computer, communications and semiconductor technologies, is now on-line. The server initially provides information on NEC dial routers and NEC RISCworkstation models marketed in the U.S.

Internet Services Corporation assists corporations and organizations in marketing their products and services on the Internet.

Research Access Incorporated is the clearing house for Computer Science Technical Reports--the fast way to get the reports you need.

The Stork Delivers--the perfect gift for the newborn!

Minority Enterprise Corporation of Pittsburgh is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to the creation and growth of minority owned businesses within Southwestern Pennsylvania.

PREPnet is Internet Connectivity Provider for Western Pennsylvania.

The Thomas Jefferson University Neuro-Implant Program is pleased to announce the availability of new information about developments in neuro-implant surgery for treatment of pain and paralysis. The server's home page also provides links to a variety of other topics.

The Department of Biological Sciences at Carnegie Mellon Univeristy in Pittsburgh, PA, USA would like to announce the coming on-line of the CMU Department of Biological Sciences WWW Server! The Server dishes up information about the department's undergraduate and graduate degree programs, course offerings, outreach activities and the faculty's research and teaching interests.

PHP--Parents Helping Parents, Inc. is a multifaceted, comprehensive Parent Directed Family Resource Center for children with any kind of special need.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are now available on-line! The University of Washington School of Medicine has designated the digital teaching file on the UW Radiology Webserver for credit hours in Category I of the Physicians Recognition Award of the American Medical Association. Other learning modules are currently available on this server and will also be available for CME credit soon. This server includes the following items:

JPL is proud to announce the International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) 94 Home Page and conference proceedings, also known as the IGARSS 94 Electronic Digest. The proceedings were put online as HTML and distributed on a CDROM at the conference, along with the required software for Mac, Windows and most Unix platforms. Paper topics cover surface and atmospheric remote sensing - technologies, data analysis, and interpretation. The site offers WAIS searches, abstracts, included images, and the full text for all 1000+ papers. (Viewing the full text requires a .PDF reader, included on the CDROM.)

The NHL Page is an informative page for hockey fans who would like to view gifs and jpegs. The page also offers information on teams as well as links to other sites. Stats and scores are readily available during the season.

$20,000 in prizes and giveaways to be had at the 1994 Crime Control Expo! Twenty-five seminars in five subject tracks will be held on gang & organized crime activities, government, corporate and contract security concerns, white collar crime, specialized operations, and crime prevention.

The 'Fachgruppe Informatik' at the 'Technische Universität Braunschweig', Germany, is proud to present their part of the WWW. The WWW-service covers the activities and services of the Fachgruppe, and a number of links to other points on the WWW, mainly for (German) students' purposes (like list of all 'Informatik-Fachschaften' in Germany), but also for fun and joy.

During this years US Open, The World-Wide Web Tennis Server will be running a variety of polls and surveys and the responses will be posted. The WWW Tennis Server also offers monthly player and equipment tips, daily tennis news, hyperlinked versions of the Tennis Rules and Tennis Code, links to tennis info throughout the web, the Windemere Racquet & Swim Club, and the entrance to The Racquet Workshop, the Web's first specialty tennis shoppe. Sponsored by The Racquet Workshop and The Tenagra Corporation of Houston, Texas.

"The Real Estate Network" is designed to be the premier source for world-wide real estate related information. Visitors can select a Real Estate Sales Representative, Appraiser, Property Inspector, Financial Institution, Builder, Surveyor and Mover or any other related professions, simply by accessing profiles featured under the appropriate geographic selection. Visitors can also view properties on the system by accessing either the Property Listing file or the Open House Demonstration file. General information on local and state/provincial government services can also be accessed.

Personal Bibliographic Software, Inc. announces a WWW site and a Gopher which provide information about PBS and its products, ProCite and BiblioLink II.

The Living Design/Living Art Center would like to announce a new web page promoting The Mouse-Board (tm) for NetSurfing and other extensive "click-work". Whether you are out surfing the net or working long hours with your mouse, The Mouse Board (tm) provides excellent support.

CSUBIOWEB, the Biological Sciences WWW server for the California State University system, is now at its permanent site. Its purpose is to consolidate existing WWW Biological Sciences teaching and research resources and to create and distribute original multimedia resources for the teaching of biology. All biologists are encouraged to submit materials.

ASAP is pleased to announce major improvements to its WWW site, ASAPWeb, on the history of science and technology. The History of Australian Science and Technology page provides links to all ASAP resources, such as the History of Australian Science Newsletter, Guides to the archival collections of scientists including Macfarlane Burnet and 115 finding aids to manuscript collections relating to Australian science held by the Basser Library of the Australian Academy of Science. The History of Science, Technology and Medicine page provides links to a wide range of resources relating to this general field. Categories include: General collections and archive sites; Specialist collections; Museums and exhibitions; Electronic journals; and Mailing lists and newsgroups.

The Post-Polio Information page is now available with a variety of Internet resources and additional information dealing with polio and Post-Polio Syndrome.

The European Network of Excellence in Computer Vision is announcing the ECVNet WWW Relay Server. This sever contains informations about ECVNet nodes, activities and pointers to useful URLs.

The Power Express Battery Catalog is now on-line! Power Express of San Jose, CA, U.S.A. is pleased to display its price list of over 3,000 batteries for notebook computers, cellular phones and camcorders on the WWW. Individuals and corporations can find the best prices here and pay with standard credit cards. Power Express will express mail your replacement battery to you within a couple of days. Ph. 800-Power-Ex. Power Express is on-line thanks to BayNet Co., a company that specializes in internet publishing services.

An experimental E-mail address book interface to the Web is available at Alisa Systems Inc. Alisa's Web server has been connected to AlisaMail, an e-mail integration product, using Visual Basic and ODBC to demonstrate that e-mail address book information can be easily accessed using the Internet. AlisaMail product brochures and white papers dealing with e-mail integration issues are also available.

APS 7800 Mainframe Storage System information is now available on the WWW. This information includes product updates, descriptions, documentation and other information useful to to those interested in or using this Mainframe Storage product.

slack Magazine, Madison, WI's most dangerous monthly new magazine, has gone global with slack OnLine. Local Madison stories, as well as national, international and cybernews with new departments added all the time.

Technology Applications, Inc. announces high-performance, cross-platform client-server development tools that support Sybase and Oracle SQL servers. TAITools is a suite of cross-platform client-server development tools that provides complete portability of both the development environment, the application, including the GUI, the network and the database.

Internet Marketing Inc. and their online information arcade, CyberSight, have created an O.J. Polling Booth for all of those of you out there who just can't get enough.

Cambridge Scientific Computing, Inc., makers of CS ChemOffice, including CS ChemDraw, CS Chem3D, and CS ChemFinder would like to announce its new WWW server dedicated to the needs of the desktop chemist. Product specifications, press releases, tech notes, demos and updaters are available from this site, as is information about complementary products and vendors.

Don't miss the weekly meeting of Weboholic's Anonymous.

At the university of Tuebingen in Germany there is an which provides a collection of software tools and a lot of papers and documentation about the announced topics. Currently, this server is only in German, but will soon be translated into English as well.

The Seed collective greets fellow comrades on the web and would like to point out that a UK based information service covering European anarchist news and publications is now available throught The Seed home page at City University, London.

Norfolk International Airport is pleased to invite you to fly the Data Runway. Norfolk International is providing an Online Flight Guide as well as information about their facilities with maps and directories.

The Mathematica World electronic Mathematica Notebook publication is pleased to announce the opening of its WWW interactive service. Guests to this service can retrieve sample articles, tutorials, Notebooks and packages; preview the monthly publication, special issues and the Mathematica World Interactive Guide to Mathematica . The service includes a hands on introduction to Mathematica - A System for Doing Mathematics by Computer. View exciting animations or test your skills at our monthly programming competitions - everyone is welcome.

The Mississippi Center for Supercomputing Research WWW server is now available. This server provides information about the high-performance computing services for faculty, staff and students at the eight state-supported senior institutions of higher learning in Mississippi and the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Information about the Mississippi Higher Education Research Network (MISNET) is also provided.

Mizell Wilson at Towson State University would like to announce his ADD home page with links and information on Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and other links that might be of interest to someone with ADD. The page has a wide variety of links for those of short attentions.

NASA's Global Change Master Directory is now accessible through World Wide Web. The GCMD is a comprehensive source of information about Earth science, environmental, climate and global change data holdings available to the scientific community throughout the world. The GCMD is the American Coordinating Node of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites' International Directory Network (CEOS IDN) and serves as NASA's contribution to the Global Change Data and Information System (GCDIS). The GCMD can be queried from either forms-based WWW clients or via telnet.

WilTel Network Services is proud to announce its official WWW server. Since the Internet connection you are now using may very well be running over WilTel's fiber optic network you may be interested in reading about WinTel's corporate history and telecommunications products. With all of the rumors surrounding the impending purchase of WilTel by LDDS, rely on timely and accurate information from WilTel in the News. Take home a souvenir from WilTel's Art Gallery featuring the (in)famous Wall Street Journal Cartoons.

For all those people who don't come to the Netherlands because they are afraid to drive in the unknown traffic, there is a solution now in the Dutch Traffic Sign Server telling you all about the traffic signs you will find on the Dutch roads. This service is brought to you by Heini Withagen from Eindhoven University of Technology.

Soldiers, The Official U.S. Army Magazine, is now on-line through a partnership of the U. S. Army Office of Public Affairs, the Staff of Soldiers, and the Corporate Information Center's Technology Development Laboratory at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

The Consumer Information Center (CIC), famous for its Pueblo, CO address, is now accessible through the WWW! Many of the over 200 publications in the Consumer Information Catalog are available to be viewed online or downloaded. These publications cover topics such as Federal benefits, health, cars, children, housing and money matters. The Multimedia Page contains MPEG movies, GIFs, and sound files relating to the CIC's well-known television and print ad campaigns.

Webster's Weekly, the first weekly features magazine on the World-Wide Web, is pleased to announce the completion of its first quarterly volume, 13 weekly issues from Summer 1994. Webster's Weekly features:

This year, you could have your holiday shopping done on time--without ever leaving your home or office. JewelQuest™ showcases its exclusive jewelry collection on its web server. Select from their wide range of distinctly European treasures. Made from the finest precision cuts of Austrian Swarovski crystal and cubic zirconia, JewelQuest jewelry makes an elegant gift.

THE NEW YORK WEB, the first commercial Web Site in New York City, would like to announce the official opening of its Web Server. Features include:

THE NEW YORK WEB presents: Drive By Shootings, an exhibit by David Bradford, a New York City cab driver and photographer.

THE NEW YORK WEB and The Online Ad Agency present: New York Apple Tours which provides open and closed-top double decker bus sightseeing of Manhattan. People who visit New York City can now get a taste of the big apple by visiting New York Apple Tours on the World Wide Web.

Federal Information Exchange, Inc. is proud to announce their FEDIX/MOLIS WWW Server. FEDIX contains keyworded Federal Agency funding opportunities and extensive Federal Agency program descriptions targeted at research and educational institutions. MOLIS contains minority college and university capability information, faculty profiles, scholarship/fellowship information and current events/announcements. Ten federal agencies currently participate in the FEDIX/MOLIS system and their announcements from the Commerce Business Daily, Federal Register, and other sources are updated daily.

The Small Computers in the Arts Network in Philadelphia, PA. is now on the Web. SCAN is a non-profit educational organization which produces an annual Symposium on Art and Technology.

Convergence Systems Incorporated (CSI) is pleased to announce its new Web Site. CSI specializes in helping metropolitan broadband network providers (the cable/telecommunications industry) deploy high-bandwidth, standards-based network access services. CSI is a global remarketer of Digital Equipment Corporation's ChannelWorks products. In addition, CSI provides strategic management and technical consulting services to industry and end users. Through its network of affiliates, CSI can provide turnkey solutions in the areas of videoconferencing, telecommunications (telco), content structuring and production, multimedia interfaces and front-ends, graphical design and web services, shares workgroup software (OO), media transformation (digitization) and archival, pre- and post- video production, and so on.

E-NET - Entrepreneur NET is now open. ENET provides information on using CyberSpaces for advertising and a place to advertise products and services.

The University of Rhode Island announces a Web page containing information about the University and available programs of study. In addition, links are provided to other University Web servers.

Intermetrics, Inc. is a first class software development and systems integration company, dedicated to providing world class software solutions . . . solutions that result in reliable software products and services. Intermetrics offers a full range of engineering services to support the development, re-engineering, integration, and verification of real-time embedded systems and client/server systems. In addition, it offers tools to automate the production of software systems.

Monsanto Company, a science-based, publicly held company involved in businesses that improve the quality of life, is pleased to announce the Monsanto World-Wide Web server. Monsanto's 30,000 employees worldwide devote their time and effort to discovering, manufacturing, and marketing agricultural products, performance chemicals, prescription pharmaceuticals, and food ingredients. Their mission is to ensure the highest quality products in an environmentally responsive manner.

Visit DisneyWorld in Style. Stay in a Beautiful and Luxurious 3 or 4 bedroom house. Come and visit the Syles Vacation Homes.

Visionware, the international leader in PC-to-UNIX Windows connectivity solutions, is pleased to announce its WWW Server to Internet users. The server includes listings and descriptions of Visionware products, as well as press releases, downloadable evaluation copies and company information. Visionware products featured include XVision 5R6, the first X11R6 compliant, 'Chicago ready' PC X Server; SQL-Retriever, a high-performance Windows ODBC solution; and PC-Connect, a terminal emulator for Microsoft Windows.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announces its WWW server. Through the server you can access information about faculty, students and staff as well as courses and research projects and topics.

The Centre of Medical Imaging Research (CoMIR), University of Leeds, now has WWW pages containing information on its activities, personnel, recent research projects, etc. Included is a comprehensive list of links to medical imaging resources on the Web.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is pleased to announce the opening of its WWW server. With information on its mission, organization and more, it joins the growing list of U.S. federal agencies on the Web.

Visual Models of Morphogenesis is a hypertext document which presents a survey of biological models of development, focusing on research being performed in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary. A number of images and animations are included to illustrate the different models.