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What's New: December 1994

Friday, 30 December 1994

CheckPoint Software Technologies Ltd.
Lexington, MA, US
CheckPoint Software Technologies Ltd. is focused on the development of leading edge Internet security and connectivity products, including CheckPoint FireWall-1, a unique, flexible security system. FireWall-1 is the first software product to offer full Internet connectivity without compromising your internal network security. It is used by major Fortune 500 corporations, and won Networld+Interop Best of Show award.

Internet Speed Dialer
The Sphere Information Services, San Jose, CA, US
Now you can use the Web to speed dial your phone. The Internet Speed Dialer accepts phone numbers, including those with letters, and plays the appropriate touch tone sounds through your computer's speaker. A service brought to you courtesy of The Sphere Information Services.

Critique - The Reviewer's Choice
Clockwork Wizards, Norfolk, VA, US
Critique is an online project geared towards showcasing the talents of undiscovered artists, musicians, and writers via the Web. Currently this project is accepting submissions in electronic format; query to Max Nomad for details. Currently on exhibit: Jerome Johnson.

North Carolina State U. Basketball Page
Jeff Page, Raleigh, NC, US
Unofficial guide to NCSU college basketball, with schedules, stats, reports, and links to other NCAA basketball servers.

American Training Standards Institute (ATSI)
Waxahachie, TX, US
A not-for-profit skills research corporation formed to support and enhance the emerging national skills infrastructure. ATSI's mission is to enhance economic competitiveness and provide a collaborative atmosphere that will produce scaleable skill measurement & assessment tools, skill-based training courses & certification, skill acquisition plans, and technology-based solutions to assure equal access to training offerings.

Toyohashi University of Technology
Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan
Official Web site of Toyhashi Unversity of Technology.

Cool Edit Home Page
ElektroPost, Stockholm, Sweden
The home page for the Windows-based sound editor that has everything. Downloadable shareware version available.

1994 Internet Marketing Successes
The Tenagra Corporation, Houston, TX, US
Five individuals and companies have been recognized for their special marketing efforts on the Internet by The Tenagra Corporation. These selections highlight significant and innovative Internet marketing strategies used during 1994.

The Tech Classics Archive
The Tech, MIT, Cambridge, MA, US
Browse 93 works by 15 classical authors, attractively formatted and logically segmented by section, book, etc. Each individual work (and the entire archive) is also searchable. Check out Homer's Iliad, Herodotus' History, Aristophanes' The Frogs, and 90 other poems, plays, and books.

Centre for Applied Ethics - Univ. of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
This site contains full documentation on the Centre's purpose, history, and activities. There are also home pages for most of the Centre's research associates, visiting fellows, and grad students. Increasingly, we will be including various papers in the field of applied ethics.

David D. Lattanze Center
Joseph A. Sellinger School of Business, Baltimore, MD, US
Based out of Loyola College, this server contains information about the Lattanze Center and its member companies, program information and registration, resumes from the Lattanze Student Association, and research papers in the field of information technology. And there's more on the way!

Bilingual Software
Infoboard Internet Services, MA, US
Translate instant Spanish or French. Bilingual Software's Translate Instant Spanish takes English text from your favorite word processor and translates it into Spanish as a complete document. The resulting translation is then brought back into your word processor for formatting, editing, and printing as usual. Demo translations are available. From Infoboard Internet Services.

Binary Watch
Pacific Micro Electronics,Inc., Mountain View, CA, US
Great Christmas/Holiday gift. The Cyberspace Binary Watch, offered in the US only through NetUSA. Can you or your friends read the Binary Watch?

The Original Tulsa Home Page
Galaxy Star Systems, Tulsa, OK, US
Ever visited Tulsa? Well, don't be surprised if you want to move there after your visit! If you are a current or former Tulsan or have never heard of it, you owe it to yourself to visit via the WWW. The Original Tulsa Home Page contains information life in Tulsa as well as links to local businesses and places of interest.

Bay Park Medical, P.C.
Brooklyn, NY, US
The medical staff of Bay Park Medical, P.C. is committed to being your physician and healthcare advocate. Through our medical and occupational health divisions, all of your personal and business health needs can be provided.

University of Antwerp: UFSIA
UFSIA, Antwerp, Belgium
Information on UFSIA and on the MBA courses we offer. Next year there will be a conference on the status of asylum seekers and refugees. Tourist information about the city of Antwerp and its zoo is also offered.

Internet Presence & Publishing, Inc., Norfolk, VA, US
MESCH (the Multi-wais Engine Search for Commercial Hosts) is the latest Web-based search engine. Commercial servers using MESCH and running freeWAIS will enable their users to perform key-word searches simultaenously over multiple sites.

The Klipsch Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
Pointers to the academic and research home pages for the various faculty and staff, specalities, and projects in the department.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ's Eternal Abundant Life, Inc., Monroe, GA, US
This site contains the inspired writings of Rev. George L. Pike, in which he unveils the scripture. It currently contains tracts, sermons, pictures and visions.

Blithedale Books
San Diego, CA, US
Blithedale Books are electronic publishers of the best new American fiction, poetry, photography, and art. Because we publish electronically, we offer substantially wider commercial opportunities for advanced artists.

The St John's Anime Film Society
St John's, Newfoundland, Canada
A comprehensive guide to Japanese Animation, or anime. The guide is divided into four sections: The Anime Resource Center introduces you to anime, helps you to learn Japanese, and gives a recipe for Ramen noodles; The Gallery has descriptions, pictures, and soundfiles from many anime series; The Society Room decribes what we have been doing lately; and from The Departure Lounge you can access all the major anime Web resources.

Moe's Books: Virtual Moe's
Berkeley, CA, US
Web site for Moe's Books, Berkeley's premiere used, new and antiquarian bookstore. Virtual Moe's contains over 200 catalogs of books on all subjects, special Internet-only deals, and a few twists and turns and surprises. We are also showcasing the work of local artist and writers, with graphics galleries and our "Author-in-a-Box" feature.

New England Aikikai
Cambridge, MA, US
New England Aikikai, a traditional Aikido dojo in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is pleased to announce its presence on the World Wide Web. Basic information about Aikido, a Japanese martial art, is available, as well as a dojo directory, a seminar calendar and an NEA class schedule. This service will eventually expand to include information about other dojos in the East Coast region.

The Enchanted Doll House
Cybermalls Corporation, Colchester, VT, US
Collectables, play dolls, baby toys, educational software, books, plush animals, games, trains, hobbies, crafts, doll house kits, miniatures and more. Please visit us in our 1850's farmhouse nestled in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont, or visit our world of enchantment online.

Population Approach Group Europe (PAGE)
Berlin, Germany
PAGE brings together both experienced and young scientists with strong interest for the "population approach" and the application of mixed-effects modeling (MEM) techniques for analysis of sparse data in drug development. Most of them are NONMEM users. The WWW service provides you with information on meetings, members and the upcoming mail server.

Stanford Integrated Manufacturing Association
Stanford, CA, US
Information on SIMA, as well as links to academic programs in manufacturing at Stanford: the Future Professors of Manufacturing program; Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MSE); the MBA/MSE Dual Degree program; and information on several affiliated student and alumni organizations.

James Armstrong's Photo Gallery
James C. Armstrong, Jr., Foster City, CA, US
A collection of photographs from travels in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, highlighting scenes of natural beauty. This is an ftp site, so keep trying.

MicroServe Information Systems
Plymouth, PA, U.S.A
MicroServe is an Internet provider in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We have a few T1 connections running throughout the state, which give our clients fast, reliable service. MicroServe offers connections for those new to the Net, and for those who are full-fledged Internet Navigators. MicroServe also provides an outlet for area organizations who opt to put their information on the Net.

First Night New York '95
Esoteric Resources Incorporated, New York, NY, US
First Night New York '95 is the premiere cultural celebration of New Year's Eve in New York. Our Web pages contain all the information from the official brochure.

The Shelburne Museum
Cybermalls Corporation, Colchester, VT, US
The Shelburne Museum's mission is to preserve, interpret, and develop for public understanding collections of early American arts, architecture, and artifacts. These nationally significant collections document the artistic, agricultural, and community traditions of America's regional cultures, with an emphasis on New England and Vermont.

Erik Josowitz Creative Consulting
Austin, TX, US
A full service marketing and advertising agency specializing in creating net-sensitive spaces and successful marketing campaigns in print, video, and now on the Web. Our clients range from large high-tech hardware and software companies to smaller community focused organizations and academic institutions. Designing the Web, one page at a time.

Society For Creative Anachronism - East Kingdom
Zachary Kessin, Waltham, MA, US
The Society for Creative Anachronism is a non-profit educational orgazation dedicated to researching and recreating the Middle Ages and Renaissance. This is the unofficial page of the East Kingdom subgroup that covers the Northeast US and part of Canada.

Physics & Astronomy Server - Univ. of Pittsburgh
Department of Physics & Astronomy, U. Pitt., Pittsburgh, PA, US
The Department of Physics & Astronomy Web server displays a variety of information about our department, both educational (undergraduate and graduate degree programs) and research projects. We welcome students, scientists, and anybody interested in physics or astronomy to link to our server and enjoy the view.

Department of Medical Informatics
Columbia University, New York, NY, US
The first academic institution in New York state, and one of about 20 schools nationwide to offer a graduate program in medical informatics. A field of increasing growth as the medical community searches for practical ways to cut costs and reduce paperwork. Cool images and staff.

World Wide Glide
Single Malt Enthusiasts Group, Seattle Chapter, Seattle, WA, US
Announcing the first and only Harley-Davidson related WWW resource. World Wide Glide is dedicated to the greatest motorcycles of all time.

INRS-Énergie et Matériaux
Varennes, Québec, Canada
Information about the institute, its research projects and its post-graduate degree programs. Available in English and in French.

The Environmental Resource Center
Houston, TX, US
Our On-Line Query System offers the ability to search, browse and download images from a database of NASA earth observation images. Users can query the database by name/feature keywords. Also available: the Environmental Resource Guide, which helps locate environmental information.

Hamilton Amateur Astronomers
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Information about our activities as well as numerous links to astronomical information resources. Starting in September 1994, our newsletter "Event Horizon" is available online.

Master's Glo Widgets Inc.
APK.net, Cleveland, OH, US
Master's Glo-Widgets produced the worlds first bio-degradable fishing bait. This page was created to introduce the public to our new bait, through the use of our sample give-away.

PAWWS Portfolio Accounting World-Wide
Jersey City, NJ, US
PAWWS (Portfolio Accounting World-Wide), a division of Security APL, announces the release of the PAWWS investment analysis and trading system, the first comprehensive on-line investment management tool available through the Internet.

HPCC K-12 Project
NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH, US
This service is for K-12 educators and students. The topics that are available are science and math oriented. There is also a practice Ohio 9th grade Proficiency Test available. Links to other NASA sites, and many other items that are of interest to educators and students.

JES & Associates, Inc. - The Internet Training Source
Anaheim, CA, US
JES & Associates provides hands-on training workshops and seminars for all levels of Internet users. Classes range from "Introduction to the Internet" to "HTML Document Construction Workshop", and are presented by experts with dozens of years of experience. JES is also the leading provider of training and textbooks on the Pick, Advanced Pick, uniVerse, and Unidata RDBMS platforms, and conducts a wide variety of courses on all flavors of Unix.

Tourism in New Zealand's Bay of Plenty Region
Environment BOP, Whakatane, New Zealand
Information about the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand. Also, other local information about the area and who we are, including a clickable image map of the region. Bay of Plenty is in the central North Island of New Zealand.

Intersé Corporation
Great Falls, VA, US
A pioneer in commercial Web server development, Intersé creates the most compelling servers on the net. Incorporating vibrant graphics, clever audio, and concise copy into its server, Intersé practices what it preaches to its customers--integrated communications. So if you want a Web server, be sure to check out Intersé.

Wall Street Direct
Carlsbad, CA, US
Information and direction to the thousands of resources for individual traders and investors both on and off the Internet. We investors locate and use software products and services, data services, demos and trials, newsletters, expert market commentary, hotlines and advisory services, financial books, brokers, magazines and catalogs.

Welcome to NetUSA
Pacific Micro, Mountain View, California, USA
NetUSA Super Shopping Mall is pleased to announce its holiday superbundle software and hardware items. Specials include business software, multimedia, education, personal productivity tools, etc. One great gift is the binary watch that even Dr. Einstein would like to have.

Division of Surface Science of the CIC/CAP
INRS-Énergie et Matériaux, Varennes, Québec, Canada
The Division of Surface Science of the Canadian Institute for Chemistry and the Canadian Association for Physics is now on the Web.

Dorothy Day House
Berkeley, CA, US
Dorothy Day House is an organization that feeds homeless people in Berkeley, California.

The Oriental Institute
The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
Archaeology, philology, art, and history of the ancient Near East. Current information on the Institute's research projects, it's Musuem collections, and the individual scholarship being conducted by Institute faculty, staff, and students in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago.

MTV Oddities
Viacom Online, New York, NY, US
A site devoted to info regarding MTV's newest animation series, "MTV's Oddities." Sound bites, slick graphics scanned straight from painted cels, downloadable cartoons and promos created-for-the-site are some of the goodies you can find there. You can also expect Beavis & Butt-head, Aeon Flux and others to drop by.

Graphiti, US
A new Internet service that makes it possible for you to create your own designs and have them put on T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, caps, jackets, mugs, or aprons. Right now, items must be ordered in quantity (usually at least a dozen), but soon Graphiti will offer single items as well. Perfect for creating personalized gifts or team shirts, or just to make a statement!

Durham, NC, US
Your source for information about net.collectible items such as the Green Card Lawyers t-shirt, the Welcome to the Internet coffee mug, and the USENET Cabal baseball cap.

Internet Access Group, Inc., Bethesda, MD, US
IAGIweb was developed to provide WWW service to companies interested in an Internet presence, provide a constantly updated view of business and trade-related Internet resources, and disseminate our info about ISDN Internet connections and Web services.

University of Iowa Campus-wide Information System
Weeg Computing Center, U. of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, US
Campus information page for the University of Iowa, a major public research university with a long-standing commitment to teaching, research, and service. The U. of Iowa is a member of the Association of American Universities and of the Big Ten Athletic Conference.

Editions Didier Millet
One of Asia's leading publishers of illustrated books, Editions Didier Millet specializes in high-quality books on Asian travel, photography, arts, and architectural subjects. For the book buyer we offer text & photo excerpts and the chance to order two recent publications not readily available in the US or Europe: The Crafts of Malaysia and Over Singapore: Aerial Views of the Island Republic.

Metro Link WWW Server
Metro Link Incorporated, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Information regarding the Metro-X family of X Window, OSF/Motif and Multimedia/Image Processing solutions. All products can be ordered directly through the Internet. In the future the Web sales, technical support, and employment opportunities can be accessed through this site.

Destiny Starworks
San Francisco, CA, US
Computer astrology for the 21st century, personalized to the moment of your birth, with detailed, easy to read instructions. Also relationship reviews, natal interpretations, forecasts, and more!

Music Education Resources
Tina Scott, UIUC, Champaign, IL, US
A resource for music educators, made up of bibliographic information related to all areas within music education. It lists books, journals, and other information concerning music teaching.

Marshall University School of Medicine
Huntington, WV, US
Marshall University's emphasis on rural health care, together with awards for high numbers of students choosing primary care residencies after medical school, has put it in the spot light. Marshall has multiple outreach programs and special education programs in rural medicine, as well as a mobile clinic that takes doctors and students to rural sites in West Virginia. We also offer a online Medline CD Rom search through our server.

Belmont University
Belmont Univ. Computer Services, Nashville, TN, US
Belmont University is a Baptist co-educational university located in Nashville, Tennessee. Our Web server is a project sponsored by the office of Computer Services/Information Systems, and is currently under construction. We will be offering information about the university and its activities, including links to our Gopher server and to our library catalog.

The RealTime WebSite
CBC Stereo FM (Vancouver), Vancouver, BC, Canada
A live, coast-to-coast, radio program broadcast through the CBC Stereo Network to Canada and the northern United States. The show offers leading edge music on Saturday nights from 7 pm to midnight. Interactivity between the show and its listeners is the key to what makes RealTime unique.

VIBE Magazine, New York, NY, US
The December VIBE LINE is a way for you to preview excerpts from the latest releases in the music world. Decembers VIBE Line features excerpts from artist such as: Shaquille O'Neil, Sade, Madonna, and Carleen Anderson. We maintain the files in this area in the Sun ulaw (.au) format and from the November issue on, we also offer Windows WAV (.wav) format.

The Picture Palace
Gravity Entertainment, Montclair, NJ, US
Now playing at The Picture Palace: The Bomb Shelter, starring Gene Tierney and other noir favorites plus a matinee of all your favorite Universal monsters. Browse and have fun, but whatever you do, don't touch that exquisite corpse!

VNP Software Home Page
Cambridge, MA, US
VNP Software offers development tools and consulting expertise to the NEXTSTEP/OpenStep community. VNP was formed in 1990 and has offices in Boston, Atlanta, Detroit and Chicago. We currently offer 3 NextStep products: DevMan , the AccessKit , and UIBinder .

Explore OnNet for Windows
software.net, Menlo Park, CA, US
FTP Software's Explore OnNet for Windows is the easy-to-use, personal Internet access tool that makes it simple to connect to and navigate the Internet. software.net offers Explore OnNet for instant electronic delivery via the Internet for the special introductory price of $99 until March 31, 1995.

Cathay Creations' Electronic Catalog
Madison, WI, US
A selection of our most popular oriental artwork. Included are greeting cards written in beautiful Chinese calligraphy and delicately cut paper decorations, both ideal for the holiday season.

Lost Creek Mushroom Farm
Perkins, OK, US
Specializing in shiitake mushrooms and mushroom logs. Shiitake mushrooms are a delicious and fun way to improve your diet. Visit Lost Creek's new Web Server for general information, growing information, ordering information, and recipes.

Danclink International, San Diego, CA, US
Meet, have fun, enjoy parties, and more through social/ballroom dancing. We offer online instruction in our Virtual Ballroom. Meet other members in Dance Connection. We are linked to dance studios all across the country, where we can arrange for your first visit free. Our goal is to introduce dancing to the world.

Illustrated Poetry On-line
InterAccess Technology Corp., Nepean, Ontario, Canada
"I Live on a Raft," by Jerzy Harasymowicz, is a collection of short, haiku-like verse for children. Harasymowicz, one of the leading poets of Poland, is noted for his unique personal mythology and the spontaneous fantasy of his works. The collection is illustrated by Sharon Katz and has been translated into English by the well-known Canadian poet Seymour Mayne with Jaroslaw Sokol.

Sedona Online
Sedona, AZ, US
Primenet proudly presents Sedona Online. The community of Sedona is world-renowned for its red rock beauty. Visit Sedona Online's mall to explore the diverse products and services of this resort community.

Macom Networking
Jerusalem, Israel
The MACOM server is Israel's first (and so far only) commercial Internet presence provider. "MACOM" is Hebrew for "place," but it also means "space." We are both virtual and real. Already online are displays of Israeli stamps, tours and hikes offered by the Society for Preservation of Nature in Israel, a special contest involving Peace Pictures, and the Israeli SIG of Linux users. Please pay us a visit!

Linköping, Sweden
Linköping, Sweden
Information about the city of Linköping, Sweden, sponsored by the local government.

Claremont, CA, US
A new page devoted to the L.A. inland empire-area rock band June, featuring pictures of the band, complete songs available for downloading, lyrics, and information on how to get in touch with June and order their EP, Preserves.

SmokyNet W3
Smoky Hill High School, Aurora, CO, US
Welcome to SmokyNet! You are invited to tour the Smoky Hill High School WWW information doorway to our school.. Our student constructed WWW server and pages will link you to the and people of our school. Visit our International Baccalaureate program, meet the staff, and watch the development of our WWW curriculum project.

Wednesday, 28 December 1994

UC San Diego Maps
Research Services Dept., Univ. Library, La Jolla, CA, US
Links to major WWW sites featuring land, ocean, atmospheric and planetary data. In addition, we mount local GIS projects which depict geographic and demographic aspects of the San Diego/Tijuana region. Currently featured are a series of graphics produced by San Diego Association of Governments, and digital cartography produced at El Colegio de la Frontera Norte in Tijuana.

MBI Information Services
Mississippi Business Information, Inc., Madison, MS, US
A revolutionary online computer information service giving private sector businesses instant access to public records. Instead of calling clerks or traveling to various agencies, MBI empowers you to get the same information via your office computer.

Speeder and Earl's Coffee
Cybermalls Corporation, Colchester, VT, US
Speeder & Earl's Coffee was created out of the need to live by a higher philosophy. It is our heartfelt philosophy that coffee roasting is an artistic endeavor that is the result of interaction between a person, their subject, tools and environment. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Universities Space Research Association
Washington, DC, US
USRA is a private, nonprofit corporation established in 1969 by the National Academy of Sciences at the request of NASA. We provide a mechanism through which universities may cooperate with one another, with the US government, and with other research organizations.

1995 Golf Association Tournament Schedules
GolfData On-Line, Arlington, VA, US
GolfData On-Line now has the 1995 tour schedules for various golf associations including: Sr. PGA, PGA, LPGA, USGA, Australian PGA, and European PGA. For the latest information on golf and golfing, there is no place like GolfData On-Line.

Nikken Independent Distributors
Total Health Marketing, Sandy, UT, US
An online source for Nikken, the number one provider of health care products in Japan, where one in ten homes use some kind of Nikken product. Nikken has spent millions of dollars in the research and development of a product line that helps you get a truly restful sleep. Never underestimate the power of restful sleep!

Art Cellar Exchange
San Diego, CA, US
A full service fine art consultancy designed for buying and selling art on the secondary market. We have a classified ad service listing artists, titles, and prices of works available.

Conference Announcements for the Ada Community
Ada-Belgium, Leuven, Belgium
In its goal to provide information to people and organizations interested in the Ada programming language and related software engineering methods and tools, the Ada-Belgium WWW server now also provides conference announcements for the Ada community. It lists announcements, calls for papers, calls for participation, programmes, etc., of events that may be of interest for the Ada community at large.

The Sacramento Bee Editorial and Opinion Page Info
The Sacramento Bee, McClatchy Newspapers, Sacramento, CA, US
Information for people who want to write letters or longer articles for the Opinion page of The Sacramento Bee.

Canadian Economic History
Canadian Economic History Society, Univ. of B. C., Vancouver, B.C., Canada
A service to teachers and researchers in economic history, dealing mainly with Canadian materials. The server maintains lists of researchers, their addresses and specialties, announcements, bibliographies and reading lists, links to archives and libraries, and links to other economic history on-line resources.

The Netmedia List - Journalists on the Internet
Netmedia is a fairly complete index of journalists who have allowed their email addresses to be made public. It also contains general use addresses for magazines, radio stations, and television stations worldwide. It you wish to add something to the list, please send email to gforte@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu.

KFH Publications, Inc.
Seattle, WA
Cybernautics Digest is a new monthly newsletter summarizing important articles published mainly in the business and technical press. Full text may be retrieved by mail or electronically. Puget Sound Computer User is a regional magazine for business computer users in the Seattle area. Distribution and advertising information is provided.

Institute of Agriculture
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln provides a comprehensive educational opportunity in agriculture, food science and other related areas. Several technical centers at the university provide support to local, state and national businesses.

iCare Direct
Indianapolis, IN, US
With iCare Direct, you can save up to 50% on contact lenses and eyeglasses. On-line ordering available. Quick service, nationwide delivery and a referral plan that lets you save money!

Division of Engineering Research
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, US
A unit within Michigan State University's College of Engineering which supports the performance and development of college-research activities such as research-related accounting and technical services, the oversight of research facilities, the identification of research opportunities, and the support of the creation of cooperative and/or cross discipline research.

GeoForschungZentrum Potsdam
Potsdam, Germany
One of the three newly established, nonuniversitarian, large-scale research centres in East Germany. The GFZ combines all solid earth science disciplines, including geodesy, geology, geophysics, mineralogy and geochemistry.

The College Pro Server
College Pro Painters, U.S. Ltd., Philadelphia, PA, US
Details on how College Pro affords college students the opportunity to run their own businesses during their summer break, and even apply for the position on-line. Managers learn "real world" experience in marketing, accounting, management and all of the challenges faced by businesses today.

Dallas, TX, US
A guide to dentistry in the 21st Century. The guide is distributed monthly with articles pertaining to fields of dental specialists, i.e. periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery, implantology, laser dentistry and oral pathology. Articles of a dental nature are welcomed and should be submitted to the editor.

La Plata Observatory
La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The observatory was established in November 1883. Its principal tasks are research and teaching in astronomy and geophysics.

Dino Russ's Lair: The Earthnet Info Server
Russ Jacobson, Illinois State Geological Survey, Champaign, IL, US
Dino Russ's Lair is back. Our network upgrade is now complete. Dino Russ's Lair is a server which provides information and links to many earth science sources. This server will specialize in information/links to dinosaur information, geology and general earth science. In addition it provides information on educational extension resources of the Illinois State Geological Survey.

Rafflesian Outlook
Raffles Junior College Outlook Publications, Singapore
Outlook is the official quarterly newsletter of Raffles Junior College, written and published entirely by students, and contains articles about various events in the school. Selected articles and pictures are available in this on-line version.

Michigan State University College of Education
East Lansing, MI, US
The MSU College of Education server has information related to the entire community. Information ranges from research centers reports to examples of school-based collaborations.

Papers on Mexican Politics
Alex Lopez-Ortiz, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Mexico is in the midst of an economic and political revolution. Mexican society is rapidly democratizing and the economy is opening for investment and trade at a daunting pace. In this site, we collect a set of public domain papers written by scholars and politicians about the Mexican political situation.

Blue Chip Designs - Recycled Hi-Tech Jewelry
Cybermalls Corporation, Colchester, VT, US
Blue Chip Designs is a small jewelry designer/manufacturer located in Burlington, Vermont. We rescue imperfect computer chips from cluttering our landfills and turn them into earrings, tie tacks and pins. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

International Service Agencies (ISA)
NetMarket, US
International Service Agencies is a federation of 55 premier American volunteer organizations which in 1993 assisted more than 159 million impoverished people in virtually every developing country worldwide.

Art-ROM Museum Web
Art-ROM, Ltd., Scottsdale, AZ, US
Dedicted to serving the marketing and communications needs of museums, art galleries, artists, antiques, valuables, collectibles, historic sites, botanical gardens, planetariums, zoos and other destinations. We create and maintain WWW sites, pages, and servers for the above. In addition we publish CD-ROM's for the art, museum, and antique fields.

Chicago LabCam
University of Chicago Animate Agent Project, Chicago, IL, US
A tele-operated color camera that can be used concurrently by many viewers.

Rice University Department of Geology and Geophysics
Houston, TX, US
Information about faculty members, ongoing research projects, departmental facilities, and graduate and undergraduate educational opportunities.

Independent Travel Agents, San Diego, CA, US
Independent travel agent organization offering a completely new concept in travel and income.

Stateless Interactive Demo
Sun Microsystems Inc., Mountain View, CA, US
Come match your wits against a state-of-the-art Sun workstation! This demo allows you to play a fun board game in Mosaic. It also demonstrates how to maintain state information across multiple connections via Mosaic. Find out more about Sun Microsystems at Sun's homepage.

Smileyface Rages Against The Machine
Coolware Inc., Palo Alto, CA, US
Smileyface's success is no fluke. The musical talent in this band is abundant. Paquin on guitar, Metz on bass, Horne on drums, Ricci on vocals. Lyrics by Paquin or Ricci deal with such topics as anger, insecurity, and, of course, spoiled Palo Altans who shop at the Gap. Brought to you by Coolware Inc.

TurnPike(tm) Metropolis
Volant Corporation, San Diego, CA, US
Volant Corporation is providing FREE web space for non-commercial users on the TurnPike Metropolis section of the TurnPike server. Use the space to provide information, publish fiction or non-fiction, put up your own personal page, etc. While you're there, fill out our on-line survey to enter the Cash Giveaway drawing for a chance to win up to $1,250.

Javelin's Guide for PennMUSH Gods
Berkeley, CA, US
A hypertext guide for people who are building and running a PennMUSH 1.50 multi-user game. It covers compilation, initial startup, everyday maintenance, hacking at the source code, tips from other Gods on how to run a successful game, a list of resources, and links to a variety of useful scripts and programs.

Kudzu Creations Multimedia Productions
Atlanta, GA, US
Kudzu Creations provides full-service multimedia production, but is focusing its Internet services on Web page creation. Kudzu's pages are not simply text and graphics with links, but add a creative, and sometimes twisted flair to add appeal to a page to encourage repeated "hitting." Sound, video, and graphic production services are provided, as well as "concept consulting."

WR Magazine
CyberCat Technologies, Bothell, WA
Windows Rag is an on-line magazine for the user who can't afford the biggest and the best. Come check out our reviews on some of the best deals in shareware and freeware, read up on tuning your system for Windows, and find out our opinion on the "upgrade" question.

The Applied Research Laboratory at Penn State
State College, PA, US
The Applied Research Laboratory site at Penn State is open for browsing. We are a Navy-oriented research facility established in 1945 to advance the Navy's technology base through basic and applied research. At our site you will find faculty and staff information, a description of our areas of technical expertise, details about recent and ongoing projects, and a tour of our facilities.

Radio Television Hong Kong
Radio Television HK & The Chinese University of HK, Hong Kong
Award-winning television and daily radio news programs, in Cantonese and some in Putonghua. One aim is to enable overseas Chinese to access the news and current affairs. We are seeking reliable mirror sites overseas to reduce the load of our international link. Interested parties please send mail to anton-lam@cuhk.hk.

Success Magazine's Conference on Entrepreneurial Management
I.R.C., Inc., Deerfield Beach, FL, US
Success Magazine is pleased to announce its first annual conference on Entrepreneurial Management to be held Jan. 12, 13, 1995, at the Orlando Convention Center. The conference features nationally acclaimed business strategist Tom Peters and more than 40 of America's leading business thinkers, authors, consultants and entrepreneurs.

TransAmerica Sports Clothing
CEA Inc., Canton, MA, US
An on-line sports clothing catalog containing insignia wear from all your favourite pro and college teams.

EHMI-the Environmental Hazards Management Institute
Durham, NH
A nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to resolving environmental problems through education and relationship building. EHMI provides comprehensive, cutting-edge information about environmental management to private citizens, industry, non-profit agencies, government and academia.

Metaphysics Research Lab
CSLI, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, US
Information about the research conducted in the Metaphysics Research Lab at the Center for the Study of Language and Information on the Stanford University campus. The principal focus of research is an axiomatic theory of abstract objects and a tutorial on the theory is currently under development.

TeleCentral CD-ROM Software Catalog
Indianapolis, IN, US
Stop paying too much for your CD-ROM software. Everything from business to games, reference to adult.

Societies at Aston University
Birmingham, West Midlands, UK
Students at Aston University have their own unofficial pages within the Aston Web server. This includes the Societies page, which contains links to pages run by Aston's various societies and Athletic Union clubs.

Southwestern New Mexico Regional Science and Engineering Fair
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, US
Information on the upcoming/ previous regional science fair, including pointers to fair-related materials such as a judge's handbook and a student/sponsor handbook that may be viewed and copied. The intent of this resource is to share material with participants and other fairs affiliated with the International Science and Engineering Fair.

Amazing Science at the Roxy
Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN, US
Fun physical science activities for K-12 students. Contains movies, sounds, and text of chemistry, physics, and astronomy experiments. Also a resource for teacher information concerning constructivism and discovery learning.

Digital Dreamshop
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Providing various computer services, such as client/server programming in Access and MS-SQL Server, computer graphics, 3-D modeling, multimedia programming, Visual Basic, C programming. Includes links all around the world focussing on Microsoft development products, satellite TV, science fiction, and 3-D graphics.

Trade Test Transmission
Pete Shelley, London, England, UK
Trade Test Transmission is the Pete Shelley/ Buzzcocks home page. The site features: Lyrics, Images, Music. All you'll ever need to know.

Max Blaster
TPS, Inc., Lynchburg, VA, US
A wild new water drencher designed to take the hassle out of any good water battle. Every squeeze of the trigger creates a continuous blast of water. A totally new concept. There's no pumping to slow you down.

Howard Rheingold's Words on the Web
Sausalito, CA, US
Howard Rheingold, author of Virtual Reality and The Virtual Community and editor of The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog, offers samples of his writings about technology and society, and regular html-ized versions of his nationally syndicated column about the future, Tomorrow.

Medical Education Page
Phoenix, AZ, US
This page is for anyone interested in medical education--from pre-medical and medical students to medical educators and physicians. Links to all the known medical schools on the web can be found here, along with many more medically-oriented resources.

IPEM Multimedia Database
Inst. for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music, U. of Ghent, Ghent, Belgium
A large archive about our activities (composition and research, 1963- ), pages about the composers who worked at the IPEM, texts about our institute, historical documents. Lots of sound-examples and pictures!

AlliedSignal / DOE Kansas City Plant
Kansas City, MO, US
The Kansas City Plant has produced high quality electrical and mechanical components and engineered materials since 1949. A U.S. Department of Energy facility, the Kansas City plant offers world class technologies to industry, academia, and other government agencies through a DOE directed technology transfer program. Technology is listed in our Manufacturing Technologies Catalog.

Laserium - Music For Your Eyes
Laser Images, Inc., Van Nuys, CA, US
Over 16,000,000 people have experienced Laserium over the past 20 years. You can now get information about our company, show schedules, and products. You can peruse a gallery of images from our current and past laser shows, hear audience reactions, and much more. Other fun tidbits will appear here in the near future.

Wireless e-mail
PICnet/PageMart, Dallas, TX, US
PageMart now offers "wireless e-mail" anytime, anyplace. Take the power of the Internet with you when you leave the office. Local, regional or nationwide coverage to your PageMart pager, PDA or PCMCIA receiver.

Instituut voor Moleculaire Biologie en Biotechnologie
Brussels, Belgium
A research institute of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel concentrating on molecular biology and biotechnology. This page gives you an overview of the research done in the different departments.

LSU Department of Petroleum Engineering
Baton Rouge, LA, US
Well data from around the world and general information about the Petroleum Engineering department at Louisiana State University.

U. Maine Dept. of Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology
University of Maine, Orono, ME, US
The University of Maine's Dept. of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Molecular Biology invites you to browse through there homepage. There are many interesting links and more being added daily!

The MathWare HomePage
MathWare, Urbana, IL, US
Information and resources for Derive users and MathWare customers, and a catalog of products available from MathWare, including software and books for the educational community. There is also an E-mail connection available from the home page so you can drop us a note if you have any questions.

ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation (ERIC/AE)
Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., US
Information about educational testing, and resources to encourage responsible test use. This site features searches of the ERIC abstracts and full text databases; the Test Locator (descriptions of educational and psychological assessment instruments); publications about educational testing; and general information about the ERIC System.

Astronomy & Astyrophysics at QMW, London
Queen Mary College, London University, London, England
Work in the Physics Department includes observational studies, interstellar chemistry, planetary astrophysics and extragalactic astronomy. Work in the Mathematics Department includes solar system studies and solar and stellar physics. Information about individual research groups, a list of faculty and staff, some recent interesting results and pictures from our research.

The FreeBSD Project
Concord, CA, US
FreeBSD is a freely available, full-source 4.4 BSD Lite-based release for Intel i386/i486/Pentium (or compatible) PCs. It is based primarily on software from UC Berkeley's CSRG group, with some enhancements from NetBSD, 386BSD, and the Free Software Foundation. In addition to the work of CSRG, FreeBSD 2.0 represents the culmination of almost 2 years of work by an international development team.

The Association of Christians in Higher Education, UK
A fellowship of Christians who work as academics and administrative staff in UK colleges and universities. We aim to encourage members to witness for Christ and to work for the development of higher education and scholarship more in accord with our understanding of the world. We support students serving the Lord in the Christian Unions.

Geotechnology at HARC
Geotechnology Research Institute, The Woodlands, TX, US
The HARC Geotechnology Web site is the WWW home of the Geotechnology Research Institute (GTRI). GTRI's Web documents provide information about its ongoing and proposed geophysical research. This research deals with issues of particular interest to the petroleum industry.

SHARE Technology Conference
SHARE Inc., Chicago, IL, US
The venue and agenda for SHARE's upcoming two major technical conferences. Registration forms and hotel lists are also provided. SHARE is the IBM user's group for mainframe, mini, micro and client-server environments consisting of IBM and OEM compatible hardware & software.

Cary High School
Cary, NC
Cary High School is one of the best secondary schools in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. The Triangle was recently named the Money Magazine #1 place to live in the country. If you are one of the many people planning to relocate here, and you have teenagers in your family, give Cary High a look!

Interactive Opel Platz
Tokyo, Japan
An online showroom of Opel cars, Opel Japan's company profile, event & sports information supported by Opel, etc. This is Opel Japan's official WWW server.

Windsurfing Video: Just For Fun
Webvertising, Houston, TX, US
Several sneak preview mpeg movie clips from Windsurfing Legend Robby Naish's new video, "Just For Fun," are now available at the Mistral Web site. The clips feature some spectacular wavesailing action from Hawaii.

Willow Glen Graphics
San Jose, CA, US
Utilities for NCSA HTTPD for Windows. Home of PolyForm, an interactive Web form management utility, and WS Beeper, a command line driven Winsock mail client.

Aquatic Technology
Active Window Productions, Cambridge, MA, US
A pet store specializing in reef aquarium products and supplies. Highlights from our catalog are now online.

Good Medicine Magazine
Coolware Inc., Palo Alto, CA, US
Coolware, Inc. and Good Medicine Magazine would like to introduce the Web to an innovation in on-line publishing: Create your own customized, on-line edition of the magazine. Follow the reader's interactive guide to Good Medicine and create an edition tailored to your interests.

TVNow Cable TV Schedule Software
VisionSoft Corporation, Greensboro, NC, US
Use the speed of your computer to search for TV shows, events, movies, sporting events, and much more, on over 70 national cable channels! Be sure to download the shareware Windows or DOS version of TVNow as well as the current cable television schedules!

The Developer's Source for Windows
Miller Freeman, Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
The Developer's Source for Windows is maintained by the Miller Freeman staff of Microsoft Systems Journal. The first resource we've made available is a searchable version of our programming tools product directory. It contains product descriptions for over 1,200 development tools. We will be regularly adding new information resources for software programmers.

CONROY'S Florist of San Diego
Poway, CA, US
CONROY'S will meet your flower delivery needs anywhere in the world! The Holiday Glow and Red Poinsettias top the list of excellent Christmas and Holiday choices to fill the air with festive flare. A Multimedia Ink Design.

Monday, 26 December 1994

Electronic Photogallery Hot Pictures
New Media Lab, Moscow, Russia
New Media Lab, Moscow Libertarium and Window-to-Russia announce first Russian original electronic photogallery Hot Pictures, featuring 50 works by modern Russian artists. See how photography and computers could be united to present the new vision of the world.

Qualix Group Inc.
San Mateo, CA, US
Network/system administration products, Database tools and utilities, Programming tools and libraries, Productivity applications, and SGI products.

World Real Estate Listing Service
Westcoast Interchange Enterprises Inc., Victoria, BC, Canada
The World Real Estate Listing Service has been extended to cover Western European and North American towns and cities. This automated service is still being offered at no charge to the buyer or seller. At some point in the near future we will be switching to a fee for advertising service paid for by the seller. If you have a property to sell, get your free listing in soon!

Enterprise Integration and Modeling
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, US
This homepage describes an ongoing international research effort through government and industrial sponsorship on developing new information technologies for distributed and global enterprises. Available to users here are a free CASE tool suite for integrated data and knowledge systems development, brief bio-sketches of the researchers, and their publications.

The Sheraton Fallsview Hotel and Conference Centre
Internet Connact Niagara, St .Catherines, Ontario, Canada
Full-colour pictures of Niagara Falls. This hotel is the first in the world to offer Internet connection with no long-distance phone charges in every guest and meeting room. Book through this home page.

Equifax National Decision Systems
San Diego, CA, US
A provider of marketing information, targeting tools, and desktop support systems. Learn about the state-of-the-art GIS systems, CD data and software products and market research reports and maps that help organizations analyze supply and demand information to do site selection, product distribution, program planning, production volume planning, advertising, and direct mail.

Internet Vision, London, UK
A series of well focused information resources. Currently (December 1994) including: Graduate Horizons - providing graduate careers information for UK graduates (present and future).

Multi-Currency Software from IDEX
San Jose, CA, US
IDEX Systems announces its Web pages and GenLed version 5.0, a multi-currency, multi-company, multi-ledger financial application. GenLed is developed for corporations that need a solution for the time-consuming ledger conversions from foreign subsidiaries to the home office currency. Brought to you by Coolware Inc.

CSIRO Australia
Canberra, Australia
The Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is Australia's largest strategic and applied research organization. Most of its research directly benefits new and existing industries, particularly manufacturing, mining, energy, agriculture and information and communications. Significant research is also directed towards sustainable development and knowledge of the environment.

Student Financial Aid
Chinook College Funding Service, Tucson, AZ, US
Information about Chinook College Funding Service, a quality scholarship search service for US students. Includes information on federal programs, addresses for FA offices in all states, a list of frequently-asked-questions about Chinook, and more.

Surplus US Government Property
Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service, Battle Creek, MI
Surplus Department of Defense (DoD) property for sale to the general public. Current DoD drawdowns and inventory reductions mean more surplus items are available for sale. Info includes on-line catalogs, how-to information along with clickable maps of locations near you....

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
Albequerque, NM, US
The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, NM has a set of WWW pages online offering information about the 19 pueblos in New Mexico, the facilities offered by the center, Pueblo etiquette and rules, and directions to the pueblos.

MediaShare Corporation
Carlsbad, CA, US
A leading source of tools and services for building interactive CD-ROM and on-line catalogs. Using ProductBase(r), you build a single multimedia product database, which can then be published to multiple CD-ROM and online formats (including HTML) using template-based formatting.

Seattle District Army Corps of Engineers
Seattle, WA
A new home page on selected regional river flows, dams, recreation areas and upcoming contract bid openings is now available from the Seattle District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. River data, which is of interest to kayakers and river rafters, is availible for several rivers in the Pacific Northwest.

Design Research Group
Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto, Japan
The Design Research Group server houses design-related academic publications, a gallery of student projects, an online design forum, and various images of Japan.

The Franchise Information Network
The Hayes Group, Philadelphia, PA, US
The Franchise Information Network is an Internet Presence (tm) designed to put potential business investors in touch with major franchise opportunities around the world.

DOE Digital superLab
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM, US
An effort to combine the capabilities of three DOE labs, Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, and Sandia National, while retaining each lab's autonomy. superLab will provide a way for scientists at each lab to use each other's tools, storage, and computing resources in a true "collaboratorium."

Winter Park, FL, US
InfoSource provides a stable base and full integration for all PC teaching, training, learning, testing, and technical support needs. We create software, courseware, documentation, and teach courses on just about every PC application, including the Internet.

soc.couples.wedding WWW page
Sonja Kueppers, College Park, MD, US
Contains the soc.couples.wedding FAQ file, FAQ files about diamonds, wedding photography and video, and other wedding-related information. Links to commercial wedding-related WWW pages and to reader wedding pages.

Compatible Systems: Easy-to-Use Routers
Boulder, CO, US
Compatible Systems manufactures and markets a full line of multiprotocol Ethernet routers for growing networks. Whether you're looking for local Ethernet-to-Ethernet, remote LAN-to-LAN, or LAN-to-Internet connectivity, Compatible Systems has a solution to your internetworking requirements.

Pixel Express Catalog
Menlo Park, CA, US
What do you get when a manufacturer sells direct to the graphics community? Pixel Express offers tools for the professional: color scanners and printers, digital cameras, CD-ROM drives, modems and other hardware. Or choose top-notch graphics software to build your own bundle. Log-on to Pixel Express. Open yourself to awesome low prices.

PMI Mortgage Insurance Co.
San Francisco, CA, US
PMI has joined the Web as part of the Homebuyer's Fair. We explain how you can lower your down payment to buy the home you want. If you have questions about mortgage insurance, be sure to send it to us so that we can add it to our FAQ.

NetSurfer Mugs
Mighty Dog Designs, Clemson, SC, US
New from the creators of the original WWW Shirt: NetSurfer mugs! If you can't sport that T-Shirt at work, or it is just too cold where you are, then show your surfing style with a Netsurfer mug from Mighty Dog Designs.

Aberdeen University Department Of Agriculture
Aberdeen, Grampian, Scotland
The Web pages of Aberdeen University Department of Agriculture, located on the northeast coast of Scotland, provide information for prospective students, information about the department, and links to many more network resources related to agriculture.

Scottish Climbing Archive
Edinburgh, Lothian Region, Scotland
This archive is about all aspects of climbing in Scotland, from scaling walls to ice climbing. It's well connected to other climbing home pages.

Art on Line
Van Valen Produkties, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Art on Line is a small virtual gallery that shows some work by Dutch artist Herman van Valen (born in 1916). There is also a short biography. Only in Dutch for the moment; an English version will follow ASAP.

JewelQuest, Inc.
Great Falls, VA, US
This year you could have your holiday shopping done on time--without leaving your home. JewelQuest showcases its exclusive jewelry collection on its web server. Made from the finest precision cuts of Austrian Swarovski crystal and cubic zirconia, JewelQuest jewelry makes an elegant gift.

Destinations On-Line
Information for people intending travel to popular resort areas. Also online catalogs for stuff of general interest. For example, you can currently order cheesecakes direct from the Cheesecake Lady.

Marshall University
Huntington, WV, US
The Marshall University Web server includes links to MUINFO (the University's Campus-Wide Information System) and the West Virginia Virtual Tourist.

3k Associates
Springfield, VA, US
Information of interest to the HP3000 computer users community in general, and to Internet and email users in particular. Includes HP3000 vendors' email addresses, public domain programs, information and downloadable demos of HP3000 email products, links to other sites, and more.

The Seamless Web Site (Law and Legal Info)
TSW Limited, San Francisco and New York City, US
The first and so far the only commercial legal Web site. This site was started in November 1994 by a graduate of Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. Although it is only a few weeks old, it has already been the focus of articles appearing in both the San Francisco Daily Journal and The Recorder (legal newspapers).

Plasma Physics Home Page at Auburn University
Auburn University-Department of Physics, Auburn, AL, US
This is a new service that provides information on plasma physics research at Auburn University, with an emphasis on the Compact Auburn Torsatron. This site also links to other DOE-funded fusion research facilities.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department
University of California, San Francisco, CA, US
The graduate program in pharmaceutical chemistry is one of the largest academic research centers concerned with drug discovery, development, and application. Information is available on the programs AMBER (molecular dynamics), DOCK (ligand docking), MidasPlus (molecular graphics), as well as other protein modeling software.

Lyrics Server
Michael Herf, Pittsburgh, PA, US
A mirror of cs.uwp.edu, implemented with some cool CGI scripts. Allows quick searching for documents.

Data & Analysis Center for Software
Utica, NY, US
The DACS is a Department of Defense Information Analysis Center managed by the Defense Technical Information Center under the DoD IAC Program. The DACS serves as a centralized source for current, readily available data and information concerning software engineering and software technology.

SF/20 Science Fiction Film Marathon
AukWare SoftWorks, Nashua, NH, US
AukWare SoftWorks is providing access to information regarding SF/20, Boston's 20th annual 24-hour science fiction film marathon to be held Feb. 19-20, 1995 at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Boston. This information includes location, directions and the latest version of the movie list. People are encouraged to join the mailing list and vote for which movies they wish to see.

Ashley Marcelline's Black Film & Video Guide
Black Cinema Network, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Comprehensive listing of black films from the early 1920s to the present.

GlOSS--Glossary-Of-Servers Server
CS Dept., Stanford Univ., Stanford, CA, US
GlOSS is a scalable system that finds the most relevant text databases for your queries. You can learn how to make your data available to GlOSS, and read papers about GlOSS.

Mercury Project: Robotic Tele-Excavation
Mercury Team, USC, Los Angeles, CA, US
An inter-disciplinary team at the University of Southern California would like to announce the Mercury Project, a WWW server that allows users to tele-operate a robot arm moving over a terrain filled with buried artifacts. A CCD camera and pneumatic nozzle mounted on the robot allow users to select viewpoints and to "excavate" regions by directing short bursts of compressed air into the terrain.

Seattle Sounders Homepage
Single Malt Enthusiasts Group, Seattle, WA, US
As North America's premier soccer club, it is only fitting that the Seattle Sounders be the first with a home page. In our first year, the Sounders earned: the best league record, rookie of the year, coach of the year, had 9 of 11 starters selected as APSL all-stars and two players named to the U.S. national team.

The Weird Workshop
Artist Johnny DeKam, Detroit, MI, US
Interactive site for contemporary art, writings, music & performance.

Cyprus Home Page
Turgut Durduran, PA, US
The Cyprus home page, under construction, currently includes text and some photos. It will eventually contain soccer results, information about Cyprus-related sites on the Internet, discussion lists, archives of Geyik-l articles, and some surprises.

HelpDesk Software from Bullseye Systems
Bullseye Systems, San Jose, CA, US
"HelpDesk I" by Bullseye Systems is a PC network database system to support callers who are having trouble with PCs, LANs, or specially manufactured products. There are two editions of HelpDesk: one for technical support or customer service staff of a manufacturing firm, and another for MIS helpdesk staff. Brought to you by Coolware Inc.

Paris, FR
World-Net is well known for its avant garde spirit, its wonderful cyberspace page, and the netsurfer area in its WEB. The WEB is famous for its Rave and Computer Underground pages.

The Stolen Car Report
Knowledge Based Technologies, Inc., Canton, MA, US
The first service of its kind on the Net, and its free. If you are the unfortunate victim of a car thief, you can now give your car's picture and description world wide exposure. Police organizations that have Internet access are being informed about this service.

Godiva Online
Fry Multimedia, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A Chocolate Lover's Playground, Godiva Online is a joint production of Godiva Chocolatier and Chocolatier magazine. It contains an extensive amount of articles and recipes about chocolate, its history, and its preparation. Godiva chocolates can be ordered online.

The Arizona Chapter of the Nature Conservancy
Tucson, AZ, US
Information on the nine preserves operated by the Arizona chapter of The Nature Conservancy is available on line. A descriptive page is available for five of these preserves.

Mac Net Journal
Philadelphia, PA, US
The Internet's downloadable, interactive zine to help Macintosh users get the most of their Net connections and downloads is available in hypertext. This homepage contains plenty of links to Macintosh servers, a link to Mac Net Journal Online, and links to download the latest issue of the journal. Mac Net Journal and Mac Net Journal Online are published biweekly. [PICK OF THE WEEK]

The Hype-It 1000 WWW Server
Cykic Software, Inc., San Diego, CA, US
The Hype-It 1000 WWW server is a unique PC-based Internet sales tool. Build your own homepage and deliver your message to the millions of people on the Internet. Display your products worldwide, distribute information, connect via email to your prospects and clients, and more. All on a simple PC. From Cykic Software, a pioneer in connectivity innovations.

Pages Software Inc
San Diego, CA, US
Pages offers the premier solution for creating HTML documents. With Pages, you can not only create linked HTML documents easily and effectively, with little or no knowledge of HTML, you can also create styled headlines and tables readable by standard Web browsers. Pages Design Models[tm] let you create a look that stands out from the sea of homogenous HTML documents.

The Heard Museum
Phoenix, AZ, US
Welcome to the Heard Museum, a private, non-profit museum whose mission is to promote appreciation and respect for native people and their cultural heritage. The museum emphasizes the traditional cultures of the greater Southwest and the evolving Native American Fine Art Movement.

The American Indian College Fund Annual Report
New York, NY, US
The 1993 annual report of the American Indian College Fund is available on-line, reviewing the past year's activities and the mission of the fund. A list of the member colleges, board of trustees, supporters and staff is provided.

Millville School
Millville, Utah, US
Millville School (grades K-5) is developing student interest and knowledge in technology. Our students use the Internet as a source of information. They also post their findings and projects to this WWW page.

Information Boutique
The TS Net, Minneapolis, MN, US
Welcome to Carol Anne's Information Boutique. Each page has a very different main subject, such as finance, art, coffee, publishing, etc. Each page also has a set of unique options, like telnets, ftps, on-line books, and other fun, informative things to see, hear, and do. The boutique is being revised daily. Come visit today!

Egyptian Home Page
The totally unofficial Egyptian home page.

EdWeb -- Online K-12 Resource Guide
Corporation for Public Broadcasting & CNIDR, US
Attention education technology fans! Andy Carvin's EdWeb, sponsored by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and CNIDR, has moved. Visit EdWeb's new home at http://edweb.cnidr.org and learn about how K-12 education will be affected by the information highway, and check out EdWeb's enormous on-line resource guide.

GIS'95 Symposium Information
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Conference schedule and information for GIS'95, ninth annual Symposium on Geographic Information Systems for natural resources, environment and land information management - March 27 - 30, 1995 - Vancouver, Canada.

House Rabbit Society
Cambridge, MA, US
The House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization with two primary goals: to rescue abandoned rabbits and find permanent homes for them, and to educate the public and assist humane societies. This site contains information about caring for rabbits from many different sources.

SRI International Cambridge Computer Science Research Centre
Cambridge, UK
Information on research in natural language processing, spoken language translation and formal methods in computer science at SRI's Cambridge laboratory. Technical reports are available on-line.

Visioneering Research Laboratory, Inc.
Las Cruces, NM, US
We have moved to http://www.vrl.com/. Please update your links/lists. We are an open systems software house specializing in custom computer imaging software. We have developed a silicon wafer inspection station for probe calibration and damage report. See the web page for more information.

Halloween Haunt on the Web
Mike Strong, Irvine, CA, US
This Webscape is dedicated to the largest Halloween party in the world: the Halloween Haunt at Knott's Berry Farm.

Snowy River Outfitters
Albuquerque, NM, US
Snowy River Outfitters' catalog of rock and ice climbing equipment features the hottest gear from Black Diamond, Petzl, Arcteryx, and more. On-line ordering with credit card is available. Climbers on staff will answer all questions about gear submitted on our on-line guides form. Gear repair and boot resoling are also available.

Lunar Discovery Orbiter Mission
University of Arizona, Lunar and Planetary Lab, Tucson, AZ, US
The Lunar Discovery Orbiter (LDO) team is proud to announce the availability of a WWW site to inform the Net community of its proposal to NASA's Discovery program. LDO is an investigation that will place a spacecraft in polar orbit around the Moon in December 1998.

ATSDR ToxFAQs (tm)
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), Atlanta, GA, US
This is a series of summaries about hazardous substances, developed by the ATSDR Division of Toxicology. Information is excerpted from ATSDR toxicological profiles and public health statements. ToxFAQs (tm) answer the most frequently asked questions about exposure to hazardous substances around hazardous waste sites and adverse human health effects.

The World Square
InfoMed On-Line Services, US
A commercial web server representing companies doing business in areas such as music, art, publishing, food, finance, automobiles, health and medicine. Electronic shopping is a major part of this "virtual mall." We specialize in niche products difficult to obtain elsewhere. Please check us out.

World-Wide Profile Registry (WWPR)
Las Vegas, NV, US
A central, searchable database for personal profiles of Internet users from all over the globe. Find lost friends, family, associates, or more information about other users. Add value to the registry by adding your own profile. WWPR is your complete profile registry.

VMA Information Technology
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
VMA Information Technology is a young company that produces advanced information technology solutions. We provide hardware, software, training and consultancy to mainly small- and medium-sized enterprises, on a fixed price, fixed date basis. We have a proven track record in financial, technical, scientific and networking applications.

Combinet, Inc.
A leading manufacturer and distributor of ISDN on-demand LAN bridges. Easily browse their product family, from single end-user bridges to an access server. Find out more about Combinet, Integrated Services Digital Networks, and how Combinet is helping to assist other businesses.

CWRU Autonomous Agents Research Group
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, US
Our group conducts interdisciplinary research in artificial life, computational biology, and mobile robotics. Our aim is to study the mechanisms that can produce adaptive behavior in animals and robots. Currently available on our home page are copies of selected papers and images of the robots used in our research.

HyperMedia Communications Inc., Brooklin, ME, US
WoodenBoat publishes two magazines, WoodenBoat and Professional Boatbuilding. We also publish a large number of books and videos on nautical topics. The WoodenBoat School offers courses on boatbuilding, woodworking and seamanship. We sell boat plans, boat kits, tools, and a variety of useful articles through the WoodenBoat Store.

Friday, 23 December 1994

Small Satellite Lab
University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, US
Current activities at the SLL, whose main goal is to provide projects to which the undergraduate and graduate engineering, physics and business students can apply current methodologies and/or technologies. The resulting effort of this collaboration are small satellites and/or instrumentation designed for focused scientific research missions.

Seismic Event Server at MIT ERL (SESAME)
MIT Earth Resources Laboratory, Cambridge, MA, US
SESAME is operated by MIT's Earth Resources Lab, which, together with Boston College, runs the New England Seismic Network (NESN). SESAME allows clients to browse the database of New England seismic events, display event listings and more detailed information, download seismograms in a variety of formats, and obtain seismogram plots in PostScript format.

Russian Satellite Imagery
C.E.N., Somerset, NJ, US
Two to five meter panchromatic satellite imagery from Russian sources. Digital processing is available. Sample image in tif format is available for examination.

Amsili Dental, Austin, TX, US
Recently introduced by Dr. Marc Amsili, a leading Austin dentist, DentalNet allows users to explore new advances in dentistry and find out about dental health options. Each month new dental health tips are provided.

Mathematica As A Tool
Institute of Mechanics, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
This page provides information about the books "Mathematica as a Tool" and "Mathematica als Werkzeug" (in German). The notebooks and packages developed in these books can be downloaded from the corresponding WWW pages.

Lawyer Joke of the Week
Paramount Enterprises, Baltimore, MD, US
The Lawyer Joke of the Week Page lets you laugh at a new joke about lawyers every week. This page is brought to you by Paramount Enterprises' 1995 365 Uproarious Lawyer Jokes, Riddles & Quotes Calendar. You can cut right to the (paper) chase and download an interactive multimedia demo for your Macintosh (577kb) or Windows 3.1 (688kb) computer right now!

Philip K. Dick FAQ and General Information
New York, NY, US
Information on everything from PKD's invented words to references found in music (Elvis Costello and Sonic Youth, for example). Updated weekly. Touted after his death as a genius, PKD wrote frenetic, fast-paced psychological sci-fi in starving near-obscurity. Come meet a real-life Kilgore Trout.

Westerville (OH) Public Library
Westerville, OH, US
Dedicated to providing public access to the educational resources located in cyberspace. Local information on the server includes access to the library's on-line catalog; 11 CD-rom databases (you must be a registered Westerville library patron), such as Powerpages from University Microfilm, Inc. The server also provides information on the history of the temperance movement in Ohio and the Anti-Saloon League Museum.

BMC Image & CAD
Uppsala, Sweden
A department at Uppsala University. We help researchers with their photoworks, both in the old way and with powerful computers. CAD is a big part of our work, like 3D graphics, multimedia and so on. We´re also the home of the new Macintosh(TM) accelerator.

CD-ROMs by Rocky Mtn Digital Peeks
Boulder, CO, US
Rocky Mountain Digital Peeks is a publisher of original nature and educational CD-ROMs. Our home page gives you in-depth looks at our CD-ROMS including unedited reviews from popular magazines, screen dumps, CD-ROM descriptions, and program updates, a GIF of the week of the Rocky Mountains, and more. We offer discounts for Internet Surfers!

The Bipartisan Commission on Entitlement and Tax Reform
Washington, DC, US
Established in November of 1993 to recommend long-term changes to America's entitlement programs and tax structure. The Commission, comprised of 32 members, has approved an interim report to the President outlining America's long-term fiscal dilemma, a document describing potential reforms to America's entitlement programs, and an interactive computer program using the reform options.

New Ways to Noise
NW2noise, Cricklewood, London, UK
A Fanzine dedicated to the discerning lover of noise, containing music, images and information from Englands leading aural Terrorists. Thrill to the sound of Huggy Bear, Headbutt and Bumgravy, groove to Cornershop, Fabric and Jacobs Mouse.

Eduplus Management Group Home Page
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Eduplus Management Group, a full service training and human resource development company, specializing in computer based training and multi-media, announces its presence on-line. Please visit our Home Page to find out more about our company.

USiS Internet Services
Don Miller, Houston, TX, US
USiS Internet Services is an Internet provider with all the bells and whistles.

University of Minnesota MBE Group
Minneapolis, MN, US
Information about our research as well as members of our research team. Links to resources related to our research are planned.

TRAN Software Library
Tran, Inc., Tierra Verde, FL, US
Contains software that operates as data network devices, such as IP routing, Frame Relay switching, and support for Legacy protocols. We also have SNMP Network Management software, and a Packet Driver for Frame Relay boards. This library was started 12/8/94 and will develop over the next couple of months, so keep checking.

University of Iowa Automated Telescope Facility
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, U. Iowa, Iowa City, IA, US
UI's automated telescope facility allows students to obtain and analyse their own CCD images. This document describes the equipment, laboratory curriculum, and analysis procedures. Sampled images, several examples of lab reports, and research papers written by undergraduates are available.

Stanford Symphony Orchestra
Palo Alto, CA, US
The Stanford Symphony is a group of 80 undergraduates, graduate students, and community members from Stanford University who are committed to bringing high quality classical music to our community. Look here for Concert Information and to read about events related to our planned Summer 1995 Tour to China and Hong Kong.

American Youth Hostels, Northern California
San Francisco, CA, US
Information on a network of beautiful hostels throughout Northern California that offer low-cost accommodations to travelers of all ages. Special Internet discount is available. By registering, you will receive a North American Hostels Handbook.

Plasma Science and Technology
University of Maryland, College Park, MD, US
Covering all areas of plasma science & technology with linkages worldwide, including the associated newsgroup sci.physics.plasma. Created as a first point of contact for this broad, interdisciplinary field. Close to 200 topical areas of plasma science are listed.

Lyndhurst, NJ, US
PaperDirect, a leading supplier of presentation and paper-based communication solutions, provides everything you need to produce high-impact, professional print communications quickly, easily, and inexpensively: hundreds of pre-printed letterhead, brochure, card, and label designs. Easy-to-use software, and more.

IEEE COMSOC Communications Software Committee
IEEE Communications Society
This home page contains a description of the charter of the IEEE COMSOC Communications Software Committee and activities that it sponsors (e.g. sessions and workshops at Globecom and ICC).

Oracle Server Humor Center
Philadelphia, PA, US
New to the Web - The Oracle Humor Server. This page contains some of the best humor available on the net, and more is being added on a regular basis.

Internet Marketing Inc., Portland, OR, US
Have you checked your CyberSight recently? The boys at CyberSight (a.k.a. Internet Marketing Inc.) have been hard at work developing cool interactions for the Web. New good things include Graffiti Wall, Hangman, Enigma, user voting, user additions of URLs, "Webgroup" upgrades, and a lot more (really!).

CyberTV Online
Kapor Enterprises, Inc., Cambridge, MA, US
CyberTV Online is the Web site for the PBS television show "Cyber TV," produced at WGBH-TV 2 (Boston), that debuted in Boston November.

Industrial Wastewater Engineering
Dr. Joseph D. Edwards, PE, Seattle, WA, US
An experimental site intended to provide a focal point for industrial wastewater engineering information. Please email additions to help build a comprehensive tool!

Eric Anderson Computer Consulting
Seattle, WA, US
Eric Anderson Computer Consulting, a service provided for the Seattle community to set up new computers (PC and Mac) in homes or at businesses. We provide information about Seattle Mariners' Home Plate, the first internet site maintained by a major league baseball team.

St. Louis, Missouri
Center for the Application of Information Technology, St. Louis, MO, US
Take a trip up to the top of St. Louis Gateway Arch! This page is a community project that provides information on the St. Louis area as well as links to other St. Louis internet resources.

Atlas Model Railroad Company
Point of Presence Company, Seattle, WA, US
A premier designer, manufacturer, and distributor of model railroad trains. Atlas online features a complete catalog and the contents of several of their books and manuals.

Call for Papers - 22nd Annual Review of Progress in QNDE
Center for Nondestructive Evaluation, ISU, Ames, Iowa, US
Papers are sought for the 22nd Annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation to be held July 30 - August 4, 1995, at the University of Washington in Seattle. The Review will be hosted by the Center for NDE, member of the Institute for Physical Research and Technology at Iowa State University.

Corduroy's Coffeehouse
Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, US
Intended to assist a Net writer in finding publishing as well as inspirational tools, and to provide the ability to find anything else necessary to assist the writing process. Corduroy's is also a very interesting site to users other than writers to keep up with the ever-changing tide of culture.

Der Spiegel
Hamburg, Germany
Germany's leading weekly offers news magazine hypertext on the World Wide Web. Have a look at the English announcements, title story and illustrations of the current issue of the famous European magazine!

Lead Tester
Philadelphia, PA, US
Lead poisoning is a very serious health problem, especially for children. Even small amounts can cause permanent damage such as behavior/learning problems, slowed growth, hearing problems, and kidney damage. Problems also exist for adults, including high blood pressure, headaches, and digestive problems. To protect yourself from lead poisoning, see The Lead Tester for more information about lead and its affects, and to order your own Lead Tester Kit.

Christensen and Associates
Steven M. Christensen and Associates, Chapel Hill, NC, US
Advanced mathematics software and scientific computing consulting services. We also offer the free MathGroup, a Mathematica email user group, now supporting thousand of sites around the world.

Norway in the European Union
Oslonett, Inc., Oslo, Norway
Based on the same technology used during the 1994 Winter Olympics, Oslonett recently held another "live" Web event; Norway's public votation for membership in the European Union. The service contains results as well as background material and wire news messages. Everything in Norwegian!

British Library of Political & Economic Science
London, UK
The British Library of Political & Economic Science (BLPES) is the library of the London School of Economics (LSE). This server provides a home page for Web users at LSE, and carries local information, such as a telephone and email directory.

WEB Personals Online
Internet Media Services, Palo Alto, CA, US
This service lets WWW cruisers post and respond to ads anonymously by registering their email address. Ads are listed by 6 categories, men seeking women (the most active category), women seeking men, men seeking men, and women seeking women, activity partners, and a catch all category, "miscellaneous romance." The WEB Personals now accepts mailed in photos for inclusion in the ads. Growing by over 30% each week!

Garou Genetics
Ian McDonald, London, UK, European Union
Players of the White Wolf game Werewolf: the Apocalypse can now read speculation by a group of biochemists, molecular biologists and geneticists on how real life genetics and what we know about the Garou might fit together.

The Connecticut Library Homepage
The Connecticut Library Association, Hartford, CT, US
This home page is an attempt at a comprehensive guide to Internet resources located in or pertaining to Connecticut.

Job Search and Employment Opportunities: Best Bets from the Net
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Highlights the best sites on the Net for job postings and career information and gives unbiased descriptions and evaluations. The guide has been called "an excellent contribution to the job search literature," and it has been nationally recognized by college and university placement leadership and noted by Wall Street Journal publications. If you're job hunting, start here.

Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum
U. of Mich. School of Information and Library Studies, Ann Arbor, MI, US
The Gerald R. Ford Library, with the cooperation of the University of Michigan School of Information and Library Studies is pleased to announce an experimental Internet project, including a presentation of "A Day in the Life of a President."

Mail Today: The One-Stop Catalog Shop
Visual Horizons, Inc., Rochester, NY, US
Would you like to receive catalogs and other free information via U.S. mail? It's easy--just check off your interests on Visual Horizons' list. Visual Horizons offers a wide range of catalogs from computer accessories to automotive products. All catalogs are free and are sent with no obligation on your part.

ZYCAD Corporation, Fremont, CA, US
Zycad provides the broadest array of high performance tools and services for verification of electronic system and component designs. Visit our web for up to the minute information about our complete product line. Or, just come to hear our company theme song.

The Westgate Hotel
infoPost, San Diego, CA, US
The Westgate Hotel, San Diego. The artistry of elegance, incomparable service, and a convenient downtown location combine to make the Westgate Hotel unique. Business travelers, foreign visitors and weekend guests find the hotel provides an unforgettable experience in luxury.

Saku - Finnish Amiga Users' Association Newsletter
Finnish Amiga Users' Association, Helsinki, FI
An electronic magazine for all Amiga users. Published bi-monthly by Finnish Amiga Users' Association. Language is Finnish, but we do have some English information on our pages. Alternative URL to use is http://proffa.cc.tut.fi/~v150105/saku.html

University of Michigan Library, Ann Arbor, MI, US
MLink is an innovative project that brings the resources of the University of Michigan to the citizens of Michigan through their local public libraries. MLink is the home of GoMLink, the first electronic library on the Internet.

TWAS, Third World Academy of Sciences
Trieste, Italy
The Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization. TWAS, through grants and fellowships, supports the research work of a large number of promising scientists and technologists in developing countries.

NOP Research Group
NOP Research Group, London, UK
The NOP Research Group is one of the most successful market research agencies in the UK . In this overview of the NOP Research Group, we explain why we believe clients choose NOP for research that will help them make the right decision, and why the very choice of NOP is itself the right decision.

Great Hawaiian Milkcap Hunt
Island Telecom, Inc., Honolulu, HI, US
Hidden in over 50 sites Web wide are links to the Great Hawaiian Milkcap Hunt. 12/16/94-12/31/94 is the length of the game. Users go out of their way to look for these links to the milkcaps. The person who gets 50 first or has the most at the end of 12/31/94 will win 1000 milkcaps! For more information, check out the site. Describes what in heck a milkcap is. Aloha.

Western Computer User Group
Bellingham, WA, US
Dedicated to furthering the knowledge of Computers, UN*X, and the Internet to students of Western Washington University as well as the rest of the world.

Computer Education and Cognitive Systems (CECS)
University of North Texas, Denton, TX, US
The Master of Science in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems is a comprehensive degree program offered at the University of North Texas that is designed to prepare professionals to hold a variety of positions in both industry and education. Flexible options within the degree allow it to be tailored to meet specific career goals of a number of individuals.

Milne Jewelry Company
Milne Companies, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT, US
Jewelry of the American Southwest. Classic earrings and delicate neckwear in traditional Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi designs. Each piece is individually created by an unparalleled team of artists and craftspeople from genuine stones and sterling silver. An informative Guide to Southwest Indian Jewelry and Care of Turquoise and Silver Jewelry is on-line for your reading enjoyment.

The Network Observer
Dept. of Communication, UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA, US
A free on-line newsletter about networks and democracy. It includes short commentaries on the social and political aspects of computing and networking, together with monthly departments that offer pointers to a wide variety of useful resources, both on and off the net.

Southern Conn. State Univ. Computer Science Dept.
New Haven, CT, US
Information about the computer science department at Southern Conn. State University - lists courses and information about professors and facilities.

Panayiotis Zaphiris, College Park, MD, US
Analyses of the cultural, historical and social issues of the island of Cyprus.

Small Business Advisor
Open Market Inc., Cambridge, MA, US
Think of Small Business Advisor as a customized LEXIS/NEXIS service for persons who operate a small business or home office. A powerful information tool, it is a single source of the most important, relevant, practical, reliable, and up-to-date information. Articles are organized, easy to access, and on-point for small businesses.

American Memory - Motion Pictures
Library of Congress, Washington, DC, US
The American Memory Project of the Library of Congress announces a motion video collection entitled Early Motion Pictures from the Library of Congress, 1897-1916. These films represent the first chapter in the history of the medium. Included are scenes of President McKinley, the Pan-American Exposition, New York City, and San Francisco at the time of the 1906 earthquake.

Henry Blackman, Durham, UK
An Internet resource server providing information describing how to use the Internet in a user friendly way. It follows the guidelines set down to control the look and feel of Intuition applications, with an emphasis on accessing the Internet from your Web browser.

Mark Vinsel Gallery
Berkeley, CA, US
See Mark Vinsel's watercolor paintings of the inspiring landscapes and rivers he visits as he flyfishes throughout western North America.

Michael Stearns
Studio X, Santa Fe, NM, US
Michael Stearns is a composer and soundtrack designer/producer, who is one of the originators of the new genre of ambient or space music that emerged in the 1970s. His works include 15 IMAX soundtracks and 12 solo albums. He records on the Hearts of Space/Fathom record label. This site was created by Raven Zachary and resides on the Studio X server.

Makin' Waves Studio
Adelaide, South Australia
G'day, the Aussies have arrived with novelty .wav files for your enjoyment and entertainment. Use them for Windows intros and exits, telephone answering machine messages, or copy them onto cassette and give a really unusual gift. Free samples online for you to download and share with your friends! Go on...ava gander! Oops! That means have a look.

ERA All Pro Realty Specialists, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL, US
ERA is the original and largest electronic realty network in the world with 3,300 offices. Come to our home page and look at what we have to offer.

M.E.N. Magazine
Seattle, WA, US
M.E.N. Magazine, a national-circulation magazine devoted to men's "inner work," and other men's issues, has a "magark" with articles, book reviews, poetry, a national calendar, and a humor section.

The Internet Directory of Published Writers
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, US
Free database of published writers, for the benefit of publishers, editors, agents, and other writers. Listings provide contact information including email address, pseudonym, agent, published works, area(s) of interest, and short bio. Writers can add an entry with a fill-in form. The database can be browsed or searched.

MathSolutions, Inc.
Chapel Hill, NC, US
Developers and distributors of MathTensor, a Mathematica-based system with nearly 300 functions and objects for doing tensor analysis by computer. A new 381 page book on MathTensor has just been published by Addison-Wesley.

The Moldovan Home Page
Republic of Moldova has its first Web page. It contains several maps as well as links to useful information about this country. The page is linked to the Romanian WWW Home Page.

The Electronic Pen, Inc.
InterNex, CA, US
Online creation for the Internet and the WWW by a leading provider of interactive marketing, advertising and design. Our Webcats Media Services Division mission is to develop, design and produce virtual storefronts, interactive ads, brochures, directories, catalogs and other communications for placement on the Internet and on-line networks.

MkzdK, US
A techno-shamanistic review of digigraphical arts, provocative ideas, extensive hotlists in science and the arts, and a great interface!

SimTV Global Christmas
NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.), Japan
A 4 hour cyberland program live at 11 p.m. JST (GMT +9), Dec. 25, 1994, using interactive-television methods. Intro to many aspects of the Internet, links via CU-SEE-ME, E-mail Christmas cards, live guests via video phone, and more. Our page has information about the show, sneak previews media kit, and even cyber christmas presents.

X-tensions Web Page
The X-tensions web page is a forum for Generation-X. Eventually, the site will include an archive of the X-tensions monthly newsletter. It already offers a basic description of X-tensions and some interesting hyperlinks. Check it out!

Carroll College
Waukesha, WI, US
We have completely redesigned our site in an attempt to create the best web server in the world! Carroll College is a small school in Wisconsin full of ambitious computer science students with too much time on their hands, plugging away at all kinds of neat stuff. Come check us out!

Grubbworm - Todd Grubbs Info Server
A3 Grafix, Valrico, FL, US
Grubbworm is a Web site offering information about guitarist/songwriter Todd Grubbs. Even if you're not a fan of guitar-driven instrumental music, you'll find something to enjoy at this colorful and entertaining site!

3D Medical Visualizations
GE Corporate R&D, Schenectady, NY, US
The GE Corporate R&D Center Image & Visualization Lab has created a collection of movie clips showing fly-throughs of various parts of the body. The models were created from real CT and MR images.

Monore Middle School
Green River, WY, US
A K-12 WWW server which provides information about our school and district. It also provides links to other educational resources and Wyoming links.

Hyde Park Suites Hotel
HBR Hotels, San Francisco, CA, US
Hyde Park Suites at Fisherman's Wharf is where luxury and location meet. Most of San Francisco's famous sightseeing highlights are within easy reach. Many restaurants are within easy walking distance, and the Hyde Street cable car is nearby. Ask for your Internet discount. Win a free hotel night in S.F. through a drawing.

San Jose Symphony Orchestra
San Jose, CA, US
Symphonic surfing on the Internet -- at the online visitor's center for the San Jose Symphony. This site includes programs, musical excerpts from upcoming concerts, pictures of the Symphony, seating charts for the concert halls, parking maps, and pictures of the conductor. You can also send comments to the Symphony, and eventually will be able order tickets online, all with the simple click of your mouse.

Freihofer AG, Scientific Bookstores in Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland
The first World Wide Web book- news- and order-pages in Switzerland are available January 1, 1995. Information about the newest releases of books on topics including medicine, computers, biology, physics, and psychology is available. On-line ordering is possible.

Chemistry at Rensselaer
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, US
The Department of Chemistry at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is pleased to announce its Web service, containing descriptions of graduate and undergraduate programs, research opportunities and faculty biographies. An HTML-markup version of chemical information resources on the Internet is also featured.

Graduate Student Association Council (GSAC)
GSAC, U. of Penna., Philadelphia, PA, US
One of the graduate student governmental bodies at the Univ. of Pennsylvania. Information about the organization, its activities, and links to other resources that support graduate students' issues.

Human Interface Technology Laboratory
University of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
HITL is a research and development lab in virtual reality and advanced interface technologies. This server provides information on HITL projects, people, Virtual Worlds Consortium members and the Virtual Worlds Society.

Wednesday, 21 December 1994

The X Journal On-line
UN*X Technologies, Inc., Martinsville, NJ, US
The on-line version of The X Journal, the only magazine dedicated solely to the X Window system. There will soon be two threads, one public (free) and the other private (subscription required); this URL points to the free side.

Department of Information Science
University of Constance, Constance, BW, Germany
This server contains information about our department, plus collected links to related Web resources. We especially offer information about the GI-conference HIM'95 (Hypertext-Information Retrieval-Multimedia), which will be held in Constance.

The Civic Center
Lighthouse Productions, Santa Cruz, CA, US
The new interactive democracy now forming on the Internet. This technology will someday allow each of us to vote directly on issues facing this country. We need your input and your help in making it happen! Visit The Civic Center often and give us your ideas about real democracy in America.

Xanadu Home Page
Xanadu Systems, Watford, Hertfordshire, UK
A read of the Khubla Khan coupled with an explanation of the Xanadu Network Architecture (XNA) and the products that surround it. Go to Xanadu on the WWW and find computing Nirvana.

Defense Technical Information Center, Cameron Station, Alexandria, VA, US
An entry point to DoD laboratory activities, presenting reports on ongoing laboratory management projects. In addition, LABLINK connects to a wide spectrum of government, academic, non-profit and private industry information sources on science and technology, research and policy. This service is a cooperative effort of DDDR&E(LM) and the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC).

Horses! On The Internet - Equinet(tm)
Product.com, Inc., Portland, OR, US
A central repository for horse-related bulletins and information. Listings are free to individuals to buy and sell horses and equipment. There is a special section for stallion services. Listings are available by Web, gopher, anonymous ftp and email - info@horses.product.com & list@horses.product.com

FTD Internet
FTD Direct Access, Downers Grove, IL, US
The complete FTD (Floral Transworld Delivery) color catalog. We can receive orders from anywhere in the world via the Web and Email, and deliver throughout the world via our network of FTD and affiliated florists. FTD INTERNET is brought to you by FTD Direct Access and Fox-Novator Systems.

Magnetic Technology, Inc.
Torrance, CA, US
High technology tape recording heads for data storage. Both original equipment manufacturers and the industry aftermarket are served.

Dead Can Dance
Studio X, Santa Fe, NM, US
Dead Can Dance (DCD) is a collaborative effort between 4AD artists Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry. Their music blends gothic, Irish, medieval, ambient and Middle-Eastern influences. Sound samples from every release, news and information, and a personal welcome from Brendan make this official DCD database a must for dedicated fans (and the uninitiated). From Raven Zachary and Studio X.

The WebStore - Jewelry, Crafts, Gifts, Furnishings
Webster Network Strategies, Inc., Naples, FL, US
The WebStore features products made or marketed by small businesses, with online orders processed by WNS in partnership with those businesses.

CDROM Superstore
Northstar Technology, St. Louis, MO, US
Popular multimedia titles at unbeatable prices. Many of our hot-selling titles are priced under $25, and we offer a "no questions asked" returns policy to make your shopping experience more pleasant. Check out our holiday specials!

Florida Explores!
Florida State University Dept. of Meteorology, Tallahassee, FL, US
A K-12 initiative designed to introduce meteorology as a means of improving science and math literacy. This site includes access to volumes of real-time meteorological data (including satellite imagery), as well as resource materials for the K-12 teacher.

Multimedia/Entertainment Industry Law & Business Information Center
Philip R. Zender, San Francisco, CA, US
This service provides legal, business and general information regarding the multimedia, entertainment and high-tech industries. Included is information for industry professionals, as well as general information for anyone interested in multimedia, entertainment and arts.

OVC Information System
Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada
While our new server is designed to distribute information within the College, it's also a great way for people to visit us on the Internet. Drop by soon!

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, US
This site includes general information about our faculty and programs, crop budgets for Arizona field and vegetable crops in Acrobat format, the Arizona Ranchers' Management Guide in Acrobat format, and livestock market outlook information from the Livestock Marketing Information Center.

UniPress Software, W3 Services Division
Edison, NJ, US
UniPress provides WWW consulting, support and maintenance. They offer training seminars, server/network installation, HTML and graphics production, on/off-site W3 server support, analysis, server hacking and more.

The Christmas Book
MMasters Corp., Pittsburgh, PA, US
The Christmas Book is a Christmas card tracker and manager - also useful for birthdays, anniversaries and special events throught the year. Easily keeps track of a ten year exchange history, as well as phone numbers and addresses. The Christmas Book will even print the labels for your envelopes! Designed for Windows 3.1, it is easy enough to be used by anyone who can point and click a mouse, and costs only $29.95 to register.

Network Computer Technology Security Index
Tezcat Communications, Chicago, IL, US
Tezcat Communications announces the public accessibility of Jim Truitt's Network Computer Technology Security Index. Formerly available only within Harris's domain, the index covers security Web sites, security gopher sites, security FTP sites, security mailing lists, security-related newsgroups, "Use at your own risk" references, and more. We hope you'll drop by.

Multicom ISDN Router/Bridge
Lightning Instrumentation, Lausanne, Switzerland
Multicom ISDN routers and bridges link remote Ethernet networks efficiently and economically. New and Hot: Try out our products now on the fly by accessing our WWW server, since we are linked to the Internet with our own products.

Owen Graduate School of Management
Owen Computer Advisory Board, Nashville, TN, US
A source of information for prospective students, business recruiters, current students, and alumni. It is a dynamic hypermedia environment with a wealth of information about the school of management at Vanderbilt University and the people affiliated with it.

Smithfield Farms of Virginia
Smithfield, VA, US
Smithfield Farms of Virginia invites you to browse through their selection of genuine Smithfield hams and other fine food gifts for the holiday season.

Southwestern Exposure of New Mexico
Santa Fe, NM, US
Interesting gift ideas unique to the state of New Mexico.

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Nashville, TN, US
The purpose of this Web site, from the Division of Biomedical Engineering and Computing (BMES), is to serve the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine community. The site contains research, departmental, and staff information found at the School of Medicine, as well as the sales, maintenance, and network services offered by the Division of Biomedical Engineering and Computing.

Towne Jewelers
Reading, PA, US
Towne Jewelers offers fine quality jewelry at affordable prices on the Net. Featuring diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, as well as blue turquoise and other fine gems, all set in 14k gold. Everything sold with a must-be-satisfied-or-money-back guarantee.

The Software Group Limited
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Providers of WAN connectivity software and hardware for X.25 or frame relay.

The Internet and Your Business
Internet Consulting Corporation, New York, NY, US
Due to overwhelming demand, Internet Consulting Corporation announces three new dates for The Internet and Your Business, a one-day seminar designed to enable your organization to develop an effective Internet business strategy and action plan. Sessions will be held in New York City, Philadelphia, and New Jersey.

School of Chemistry - University of Bristol
Bristol, Avon, UK
Information concerning research interests within the School of Chemistry, graduate research program and contact numbers and addresses, links to many other chemistry WWW sites, Diamond CVD photo library, chemistry movies and links, and example WWW chemistry conference seminar.

Cabot Science Library
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, US
This resource provides information about the library's collections, services, and policies, as well as pointers to Internet-accessible science resources at Harvard and beyond. Also included are HTML versions of the library's popular topical research guides, links to several Harvard science publications being produced via WWW, and information about other science libraries at Harvard.

IBM Networking Home Page
IBM Networking, Raleigh, NC, US
The IBM Networking Home Page offers news and information about IBM's extensive offerings in the areas of networking hardware, software, services and strategy. Information includes specification sheets, press releases, technical Q's and A's, technical reports, and announce materials.

HedgeHog Online Financial Market Advisory
Quintain Electronic Publishing, Columbus, IN, US
HedgeHog Online is a regular online periodical devoted to financial market advice. It has an extensive series of tutorials on technical analysis of market prices and is updated at every significant market turn. It is published by Quintain Electronic Publishing, the online developer of Investing Online Magazine, which also provides HTML solutions and training for small businesses and individuals.

Medical Research Council Applied Psychology Unit
MRC APU, Cambridge, UK
With around 60 scientific staff, the APU is one of the largest contributors to the development of psychological theory and practice in the UK. This page provides links to work being carried out at the unit.

National Media Lab Storage Technology Network
St. Paul, MN, US
A single access point for information and resources about recording systems and information storage technology. Reports describing the research programs of NML and its partners and vendor media and system information may be accessed online.

ATSDR Science Corner
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Atlanta, GA, US
The primary focus of ATSDR Science Corner is to find and share global information resources on the linkage between exposure to hazardous chemicals and adverse human health effects. New environmental health information resources are cited, searched, and documented as they come on-line.

Pantera Publishing, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN, US
Career information for college graduates, employees being theatened by corporate downsizing or anyone desiring to compete for the best jobs in America. Their latest book, Tall Weeds/Big Dogs, by John Kingman, helps you prepare for the work world by providing ammunition to help you fight your way through the "job jungle."

AusWeb95-The First Australian WWW Conference
Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW, Australia
AusWeb95, the first WWW conference in Australia, is organized by Southern Cross University and will be held on the north coast of NSW from April 29 to May 2, 1995. The conference has streams on the content, social and technical aspects of the Web. It includes a two day WWW workshop. Abstracts for papers for the conference close on Jan. 23 and may be submitted by email to AusWeb95@scu.edu.au

Street Fighter - Interactive Web Site
Digital Planet, Universal V/IP, Los Angeles, CA, US
General Bison Wants You! Starting December 16th: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Raul Julia, and Wes Studi engage in a no-holds-barred battle of strength and skill in the explosive action-adventure Street Fighter -- and they're taking you along for the ride. It's your chance for fun, risk and adventure. But it's only a movie -- or is it?

Jammin Reggae Archives
Nice Up Enterprises, San Diego, CA, US
All kinds of information relating to reggae music, the rec.music.reggae FAQ, lyrics, catalogs, pictures, sound sample files, catalogs, books, discographies and more.

Asia in Cyberspace
SilkRoute Ventures Pte Ltd, Singapore
Asia in Cyberspace is a current listing of mostly WWW sites in and about Asia. Sites are accessible either by country or by subject. This service maintained by Asia Online.

Le Centre de Recherche Informatique de Montréal
CRIM, Montréal, Québec, Canada
CRIM is a research centre with many areas of research in which it has expertise. It also offers many services to the community.

CompUSA Schaumburg, IL
Schaumburg, IL, US
CompUSA, Schaumburg, offers info on the latest hardware and software for PC and Mac. There are also opportunities to win free products for visiting the page. For instance, on December 22, 1994, we are giving away a USR Robotics Sportster 28.8 modem at random to someone who accesses our page.

OutNOW! Newspaper
OutNOW! Publishing & Design, San Jose, CA, US
Northern California's quality gay newspaper goes on-line with local news, opinion and commentary, arts and entertainment features, regional classifieds, an events calendar, and some stories and features not found in the print version. OutNOW! neither solicits nor accepts sexually explicit content or advertising.

Welcome To Boise
Boise State University Library, Boise, ID, US
Complete information about Boise, Idaho. Includes resources for business decisions and a business barometer.

Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW, Australia
ANet is part of the International Accounting Network, and serves accounting and auditing academics around the world. The ANet WWW server provides hyperlinked archives to ANet's nearly 30 specialist mailing lists, coming events, and details of research and education. ANet maintains a list of all accounting organizations worldwide and has a WWW bibliographic database. ANet cooperates with the Summa Project and the Rutgers Accounting Web (RAW)

WLYN Radio
Lynn, MA, US
Specializing in regional events, featuring news, stocks, contests, and links to various WWW sites around the world. Also features reviews on computer hardware/software products.

The Barrow House Inn
St. Francisville, LA, US
One of Louisiana's best bed and breakfast inns, located in the heart of plantation country. Barrow House is a great place to escape from the pressures of today's world and still be able to plug into the Internet. Our page has images of steamboats, plantations and the interior of the Barrow House.

U.S. Geological Survey, Branch of Geophysics Home Page
Denver, CO, US
Information on geophysical studies conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey, Branch of Geophysics. Includes environmental studies using a variety of geophysical techniques. Information on potential field (gravity and magnetics), electromagnetic, remote sensing, shallow seismic, spectroscopic, borehole, and ground penetrating radar studies.

Scholarly Societies Project
University of Waterloo Library, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Designed to facilitate access to various kinds of electronic resources maintained by or for scholarly societies across the world. Includes links to over 70 Web pages, over 100 gophers, and over 40 serial publications by scholarly societies. A collection of 29 subject guides groups together gophers and Web pages by broad discipline.

Christmas Calendar
Summer Students from CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
The FIRST Christmas calendar on the net! ThOpen the windows! See the surprises Have fun! (also with our others pages!)

Mind Extension University (ME/U)
Jones Education Networks, Englewood, CO, USA
Dedicated exclusively to education via cable tv, video tapes and other forms of electronic media. Students can participate in certificate, non-credit and degree (associate, undergraduate, and graduate) programs entirely through ME/U from over 30 regionally accrediated colleges and universities. Presented by Jones Education Networks.

University of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
A magnetic resonance simulation and visualization package for NMR and MRI. It is intended for both education and research and displays a multi-dimensional animation of magnetic resonance experiments. You may also wish to visit the Magnetic Resonance home page which has links to other useful resources for MR.

North Pole CityLink
USA CityLink/Blake Associates, Abita Springs, LA, US
The North Pole CityLink site offers a peek inside Santa's virtual workshop. Also featured are Mrs. Claus' favorite yummy Christmas recipes. Visitors will receive an Internet online Christmas card from USA CityLink, the site's sponsor. Santa has prepared a customizable letter just waiting for you to insert your child's name. Polar weather conditions are also available. Merry Christmas!

International Management Counselors Corporation
IMCC, Gulfport, FL, US
An arm's length consulting firm and a creator of business plans based on a sound foundation of a restructured client, with positive curves for all profit centers. The wealth of IMCC's experience has been distilled into several texts which can be ordered while you're online.

Collie Rescue League of Massachusetts
Lincoln, RI, US
The Collie Rescue League of Massachusetts is a non-profit organization serving all of New England and is comprised of volunteers dedicated to the preservation and well being of the breed of dog known as the Collie. The League provides rescue, placement and problem intervention service for all purebred rough and smooth Collies of both sexes and any age. We do not turn our backs on any purebred Collie!

Department of Pharmacy, Univ. of Manchester, Manchester, UK
PharmWeb is intended to be a pharmacy information resource and link to other pharmacy servers on the Internet. It includes information on academic institutions, companies, societies, mailing lists, and newsgroups, plus lots more. There are over 40 pages written, with more planned.

The Snowball Cam
Rome Laboratory, Griffiss AFB, NY, US
Just in time for the holidays! The RL Snowball Cam is the perfect way to enjoy a stress-free holiday season. Happy holidays from Rome Laboratory.

University of Calgary, Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
This server contains general information about the department, including our faculty, research and programs. Specific information about our graduate program is available, and information relating to the undergraduate program is under development.

The South Jersey Apple/Mac Users Group (SJAUG)
Cherry Hill, NJ, US
The South Jersey Apple/Mac Users Group home page has information on joining the group, using our FirstClass BBS, getting to our meetings, and--best of all--samples of our newsletter articles, including the hot-linked CyberSpots column (a great place to start your Netsurf for Mac-oriented fare).

History Of Mathematics
University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, UK
Biographies of more than 550 mathematicians, about 200 of which are fairly detailed. Most are accompanied by pictures of the mathematicians themselves. There is also a series of articles on the development of mathematical ideas cross-referenced to the biographies.

Ginseng Select Products Inc.
Clearwater, FL, US
Enter the mystical and mysterious world of the ginseng plant. Learn more about the restorative powers of ginseng and take advantage of this special opportunity to order ginseng in capsule form or in an herbal tea while you're online.

Mediabridge's New York City Christmas
Mediabridge Infosystems, Inc., New York, NY, US
As part of the special holiday section in the Mediabridge Infosystems, Inc. bring a taste of the New York City Christmas experience to the World Wide Web. Pages are updated daily to present a different facet of the city that provided the magical backdrop for movies ranging from Miracle on 34th Street to When Harry Met Sally.

Fishing For Gold Jewelry
Fairbanks, Alaska, US
We manufacture and wholesale jewelry throughout Alaska and the world. We offer a large, high quality line of sterling silver jewelry overlaid with natural gold nuggets. We also do an elegant line of 14 kt. gold with natural gold nuggets.

Shase, The Virtual Shareware Library
Univ. of Ljubljana, Civil Engineering Deprtment, Ljubljana, SI
A catalogue of about 58000 programs available free on the Internet, with simplified searching and downloading. Unlike Archie, Shase enables you to search by file descriptions, dates and sizes, in addition to file names. The library catalogues software for DOS, Windows, OS/2, Macintosh, Unix, Linux, and Amiga.

University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica
The Mona Information System's UWIMonaWeb is part of the new campus-wide information system of the University of the West Indies, Mona. Our aim is to provide a rich information source about many aspects of the University - academic departments and their programs, campus events and activities, student and staff information and various on-campus services.

Cybersell, Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ, US
Cybersell, the Internet marketing specialists, invite you to view our Phoenician Mall and Better, Faster, Cheaper idea center for an array of products and services you'’ll wat to know about--many at special prices in December. Check out Colorado Skiing, an opportunity for low-cost radial keratotomy from a specialist in the field, and more.

TCP OnLine
The Computer Paper, British Columbia, Canada
Canada's Computer Paper Inc., publisher of Toronto Computes!, Vancouver Computes!, and Canada's largest computer monthly, The Computer Paper has two new services to complement its print-based publications. This week, the company announced TCP Online, an electronic version of The Computer Paper published on the Web, and The Computer Program, a weekly radio talk show.

The Electronic MBone Journal
EIT, Menlo Park, CA, US
MBone - The Multicast Backbone on Internet. This electronic book is a compilation of MBone resources that includes killer Internet applications, kernel patches, FAQ's, MBone service providers, references, and anything you ever want to know about MBone.

The TB/HIV Research Laboratory at Brown University
Brown University, Providence, RI, US
Brown University invites researchers and casual surfers alike to sample our current research into the epidemiology, immunology, and molecular biology of TB and HIV. We are dedicated to research into the prevention and treatment of these two infectious diseases of global importance. (There's a small image archive, too!)

Foreign Languages for Travellers
Michael C. Martin, Stony Brook, NY, US
The Foreign Languages for Travellers (Fremdsprachen fur Reisende, Langes Etrangeres pour Voyageurs) page helps travellers learn a few essentials of a foreign language. A list of common words and phrases is translated into the language you choose; sound files allow you to hear the word or phrase. English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Portuguese and Russian are included.

American Educational Research Association (AERA)
Washington, DC, US
Information about AERA, several searchable databases, and an extensive list of resources of interest to socal science professionals. AERA's primary goal is the advancement of educational research and its practical application.

Taste Unlimited - Gifts of Taste
Norfolk, VA, US
Taste Unlimited is proud to announce their latest catalog, Gifts of Taste. Peter Coe, the founder, wishes to thank the citizens of the Internet for their responses to his Internet Presence(tm) and invites new users to browse the selection of fine gourmet foods and gift packs.

The Picture Palace
Gravity Entertainment, Kearny, NJ, US
The Picture Palace sells video tapes and related media. Steven Kramer, proprietor, has 6 years of experience with unusual films, offbeat genres and maverick filmmakers. The Picture Palace will present subject oriented product arrays with new hypertext exhibits on a weekly basis.

Send yourself a Christmas card!
Astronomical Observatory of Padova, Padova, Italy
Get an exclusive Christmas card individually created for each visitor of the Children Page! The page is part of the Give Children a Chance action, kindly supported by the Padova Astronomical Observatory

Linux Product Information Center
Morse Telecommunication, Inc., Long Beach,, NY, US
Complete product information on the newest releases of Slackware Professional Linux 2.1 and The Linux Quarterly, Fall '94. Technical support to our customers is also provided through this forum, as are links to other popular Linux WWW servers.

Monday, 19 December 1994

IVI Publishing
Seattle, WA, US
IVI Publishing publishes interactive health, reference, educational, children's and entertainment CD-ROMS. Within these pages you will find movie clips, sound files, graphics and information about our products. This month we are featuring Blown Away, a sequel to the hit MGM/UA motion picture.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Costa Travel Online, La Jolla, CA, US
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines teams up with a successful online travel agency for spectacular Internet travel savings. In a bold move to establish a WWW presence, RCCL has given specific permission to Costa Travel Online to advertise Internet-only cruise specials. Don't miss out!

PC/Computing Magazine: Web Edition
Foster City, CA, USA
PC/Computing's Web Edition has arrived! Here's your free invitation to catch up on the latest features, hardware and software reviews, news, and commentary. Check out columns from Paul Somerson and Ed Bott, scan our exclusive Radar scope, send us mail, take advantage of exclusive subscription offers--even participate in a monthly scavenger hunt.

Inside Macintosh / develop CD-ROM FAQ
Gary J LaPointe, East Lansing, Michigan, US
A new FAQ on Apple's develop magazine/CD-ROM and Inside Macintosh on CD-ROM. Focusing mainly on the avaibility of Macintosh electronic programming reference materials on CD-ROM. This FAQ will try to point to different sources of electronic programming information on CD-ROM and on the Internet.

Digital Highway Report
Torrance, CA, US
A new online newsletter for the Japanese information elite. It is dedicated to reports on US computer, telecommunications and digital culture in Japanese.

Net-Mart World Wide Web Shopping Mall
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The Net-Mart World Wide Web Shopping Mall is a one-stop shopping source on the Internet. Mall space is available to vendors at low and competitive rates. We supply all the Web structuring support that you need, including creation of your storefront, on-the-fly order taking, credit card confirmation and database services.

Steven M. Christensen and Associates, Chapel Hill, NC, US
MathGroup is the moderated electronic mail discussion group for users of the computer software system, Mathematica , from Wolfram Research, Inc. It is a free service of Steven M. Christensen and Associates . The page describes how to join MathGroup, gives the member rules, and points to the archives of past postings.

Resolution Business Press, Inc.
Bellevue, WA, US
Features best places for kids and parents on the WWW in addition to research material on the computer industry of the Pacific Northwest. We publish computer reference books and are working on three Internet books: Internet: A Parent's Guide; The Internet Teachers Guide and Internet: An Open Systems Dictionary. We have just released UNIX: An Open Systems Dictionary.

United Societies In Space
Englewood, CO, US
The U.S.I.S. is a nonprofit corporation located in Colorado, U.S.A., promoting outer space as a societal place to live and work in the third millenium.

Medical Informatics Laboratory, University of Pavia
Pavia, Italy
This server provides information about the Medical Informatics Laboratory of the University of Pavia, Italy. The laboratory is involved in several high-level research projects and international collaborations, covering the fields of artificial intelligence in medicine and medical informatics. The laboratory will also host the 1995 edition of the AIME (Artificial Intelligence in Medicine - Europe) conference.

Sugarloaf/USA Ski Resort
Net Impact, Harvard, MA, US
Everything you've always wanted to know abour our resort. We've mixed it all in with some great ski photography, ski and snowboard tips, and some special package deals only available on the Internet. Enjoy!

Homes & Land Electronic Magazine
Homes & Land Publishing Corporation, Tallahassee, FL, US
The latest and most exciting way to search for your dream home. Access properties for sale both locally and nationally; sort the database to meet your needs for location, price, and home features; gain information by real estate company and listing agent. As an added service, agent biographies are available for your review.

The Electric Gallery
The Electric Gallery, in addition to its collection of naive and primitive art, now has a new southwestern art wing with an exhibit of original paintings by famous southwestern artists, and original works by Peruvian artists of the Usko-Ayar Amazonian School of Painting. The gallery also is now at its new address - http://www.egallery.com/egallery/ - please note that it has moved to its own domain.

Captain Jim Comics Online
Silver Spring, MD, US
The Man. The Saga. The Hair. Captain Jim, the popular sci-fi cartoon saga, has just gotten a homepage facelift. Read the issues of Captain Jim online. Sign the Guest Book. Be bold. Be part of the cult phenomenon. Shave the whales. Visualise whirled peas. Your mileage may vary. No step. -- Captain Jim. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll fix your hair.

Philippines Page
American Embassy Manila, Manila
This page now has over 30 links to WWW pages created by soc.culture.filipino participants in the Philippines, the United States, Australia, and Canada. Each of these pages in turn has links to dozens more.

Ottawa Tourist
InterAccess Technology Corp., Nepean, Ontario, Canada
Take a digital walking tour of Canada's national capital region and discover why Ottawa was originally called "Bytowne".

California Rescue Dog Association
Menlo Park, California, US
The California Rescue Dog Association, (CARDA), is the largest and most geographically dispersed of the four search dog groups in California that are direct resources for the State of California Office of Emergency Services (OES). CARDA provides search dog services to all public service agencies at no charge.

Perspective Magazine, Cambridge, MA, US
A progressive political magazine written, published and supported by Harvard-Radcliffe undergraduates. Articles and some information about campus politics and activism is available.

University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez Campus
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, US
Information on the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez campus. Also information on Puerto Rico, its people and its culture.

In Perspective
WilTel Network Services, Tulsa, US
In Perspective is a high quality journal produced by WilTel to provide information on the latest trends in telecommunications technology. This server contains over 60 articles from the past two years. These articles are rich in both content and graphics.

EXTRA! -- The magazine of FAIR
Fairness & Accuracy In Media, New York, NY, US
EXTRA! and EXTRA!Update are the magazine and newsletter of FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting), the national media watch group offering well-documented, objective criticism in an effort to correct media bias and imbalance.

Men Across America
The Interactive Connection, New York, NY, USA
A new interactive television program featuring interviews with outstanding single men looking for "the woman of their dreams." These men are from all walks of life, from all parts of the country and are of all ages, but they have one thing in common: They are all looking for serious, committed relationships, and even marriage.

Practice Hall
Darryl Caldwell - Oikiasuchou School, AR, US
Are you ready for something different? The Practice Hall provides a new look and perspective to those interested in martial arts training. It is written by Darryl Caldwell, former Black Belt magazine contributing editor and author of the "Shadow Warrior" column. The Practice Hall is Caldwell's online version of his hardcopy newsletter Tooth & Claw.

Network Appliance Corporation
Mountain View, CA, US
We make filers: dedicated file server 'appliances' that are blazingly fast, extremely reliable, and easier to use than general-purpose UNIX solutions. The FAServer is ideal for providing NFS file service on large corporate networks. Find out why by browsing our new WWW server.

BizWeb Product Index
BizWeb, Atlanta, GA, US
BizWeb is a Yellow Pages-like directory specializing in listing companies with product information available over the Internet. You won't find any images of Jupiter, but if you are looking for product information direct from the manufacturer, the BizWeb server is a good place to start.

Arizona Health Sciences Center, Office of Public Affairs
Tucson, AZ, US
The public affairs home page provides hypertext links to a clinical research newsletter and to releases written about clinical and research activities at the Arizona Health Sciences Center.

Ergonomic Technologies
Deerfield, IL, US
Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) is now common among computer and keyboard users. Ergonomic Technologies can protect you, or ease your pain if you already have symptoms. Many products, styles, and solutions available.

The ArtVark Gallery
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The ArtVark Gallery has opened its electronic doors! On display currently are pin-hole camera photographs and paintings made by Hylke Sprangers (a.k.a. "The ArtVark"). The gallery is not exclusively for Hylke; anyone interested in displaying can contact us.

Post Office
Software.com, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA
Software.com, Inc. is pleased to announce the beta release of a newly developed Mail Transport Agent (MTA) for the Internet community. The MTA is called post.office, and is designed as a secure, easy-to-use alternative to currently available tools such as sendmail or smail. If you administer a mail system, please visit the Software.com, Inc. WWW Site.

United Lithographers, Inc. Online
Spokane, WA, US
United Lithographers, Inc., is a customer-oriented printing organization that specializes in receiving digital information via the Internet for output on our Docutech 135 high-speed digital printer. We also have the ability to repurpose your information for printing on our offset presses.

Floreal, A San Francisco Florist
Electronic Commerce Associates, Melrose, MA, US
Floréal® is known for its innovative floral designs, including specialties in arrangement of dried fruits and flowers. From award-winning gift arrangements to custom interior floral design for corporate clients, Floréal products have a distinctive, artistic flair. Floréal has been a force San Francisco since its founding in 1981.

The EPages
EPage, Redondo Beach, CA, US
The EPages are now online with free classifieds for Internet users as well as the EPage listings--the Internet's Yellow Pages. Submit your own classified: Sell your car, find a roommate, announce a garage sale. Answer another's classified: Find the bargain you've been looking for, or even a new job. Use it as much as you want--it's fast, it's fun, and it's free.

Richmond Law & Technology Association
Richmond Law & Technology Association, Richmond, VA, US
A student organization at the University of Richmond School of Law. The site features information about our upcoming symposium on Community and Cyberspace, as well as a wealth of links to information on the web about law and technology.

Scholarship Foundation of America Inc.
C.E.N., Somerset, NJ, US
A not-for-profit corporation "recognizing outstanding performance" awards merit-based scholarships to academically and creatively gifted college students. Solicits financial and professional support from individuals, corporations, and other organizations. Through Project C.O.R.P. seeks to match gifted students with corporate sponsors.

Russian Satellite Imagery
C.E.N., Somerset, NJ, US
C.E.N., Inc. will soon be offering less than 1-meter panchromatic satellite imagery from Russian sources. Digital processing options include georeferencing, radiometric correction, histogram transformation, texture processing, digital filtering, local contrast processing, pseudo-color coding, photomap creation, vector topographic map creation, and 2D and 3D modeling.

The Borderline Humor Netazine
me, San Diego, CA, US
Free, monthly, online magazine with original, animated cartoons, humorous articles, and political cartoons. Also includes the first daily, single-panel cartoon on the Internet (at least as far as we know).

Referee & Official's Home Page
Bill Currie, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
New page for for referees and officials of all sports, maintained by Vancouver, B.C. baseball umpire Bill Currie. It is a non-commercial, public contribution to the Internet community, and all sports officials are welcome to submit any essays or materials they feel would benefit others in the craft.

Best Video
Hamden, CT, US
The Best Video Store. Anywhere. At over 24,000 titles, Best Video undeniably offers what is one of the largest selections in the USA. Includes a limited edition Best Video Calendar, little-known Hollywood facts, and a full video catalog online. Very easy to order - a must see for any videophile!

The X-Page
University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL, US
An unofficial home page for rec.arts.comics.xbooks. This page provides links to X-Men-related pages and addresses throughout the Web.

MPEG digital video products
North Valley Research Inc., Beaverton, OR, US
The NVR product family includes MPEG compression and playback software as well as tools for audio and video capture, formatting, image enhancement and the conversion from multiple digital image and video file formats. NVR currently supports Sun, Silicon Graphics and HP workstations with Macintosh support expected in early 1995.

Neuroanatomy Study Slides
Tulane Univ. School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA, US
Study slides created by Ken Bookstein for the neuroscience course at Tulane allow the medical student to learn the cross-sectional anatomy of the brainstem utilizing the computer as an educational vehicle.

MTC Telemanagement Corporation
Kensington, CA, US
MTC Telemanagement Corp. is one of the leading sales and marketing organizations developing international markets for deep-discount international telecommunications services. Learn how you can become a part of this fast-growing and lucrative business.

Gamelink CD's
Lighthouse Productions, US
A large selection of CD-ROMS at very low prices. Part of the Netcenter.

Mathematics Department, St. Patrick's College
Maynooth, County Kildare, Ireland
Information on courses, staff and students.

The Climbing Dictionary
Carl Ockier, Braunschweig, Germany
The climbing dictionary helps you find definitions for climbing and mountaineering terms, and gives translations of those terms in German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish.

International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
Copenhagen, Denmark
ICES advises member countries and international commissions on matters related to marine science, in particular those impacting of the North Atlantic and Adjacent seas. It operates 15 scientific committees and nearly 100 working groups. One of the functions of the Secretariat in Copenhagen is to maintain databases of fisheries, marine pollution, oceanographic, and research cruise information.

CRAK Software
Phoenix, AZ, US
CRAK Software has programs to recover lost passwords from password protected files for WordPerfect 5.1 and 5.2, MS Word 6.0, MS Excel 5.0, Novell Quatto Pro 6.0, and Lotus 123 release 4.

Prettyboy Records
APK, Cleveland, OH, US
A private label record company based in Philadelphia, Pa. This page contains information on Prettyboy Records and a feature on the band "Northbound." Audio samples are available.

Educational Space Simulations
Rice University, Houston, TX, US
Educational space simulations provide an exciting interdisciplinary approach to learning. This service provides a detailed explanation of the concept, along with launch and landing scripts, activity guides, GIFs, and related software.

Realtime Oceanographic Data From The Tropical Pacific Ocean
NOAA/Pacific Marine Environmental Lab, Seattle, WA, US
Browse and retrieve realtime data, delivered daily via satellite, from the TAO array of moored buoys in the tropical Pacific Ocean. Details are available in realtime data from the TOGA-TAO array of moored buoys.

The Howard Stern Home Page
Philadelphia, PA, US
From the maker of the Star Wars Home Page comes the home page of controversial radio and t.v. personality, Howard Stern. Drop by for the lastest text files, images and sounds related to the self-proclaimed "King of all Media".

Defrauding America
Computer Originated Publications Inc. (COPI), Torrance, CA, US
Confused by articles that don't match their headlines? Want to know what your American "democratic" government is really up to? A good place to start is Defrauding America, by Rodney Stitch. This book is a 600-page summary of criminal activities at various levels of government, written by an insider who knows firsthand.

Speedware Corporation Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Speedware Corporation Inc. develops and markets client/server solutions for rapid application development, integrated accounting and EIS/Enterprise reporting. Speedware also resells computer hardware from Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Bull HN Information Systems Limited. Speedware is a global organization with 25 offices in 8 countries.

where.com, New York City, NY, US
Elendor Mush is the oldest existing Mush based on J.R.R. Tolkien's epic Lord of the Rings trilogy. The mush now has a Web page with original contributions by members of this virtual community. Enter into one of the greatest works of fantasy.

Department of Canadian Heritage
Home Page for the Federal Department of Canadian Heritage. This (Canadian) department promotes Canada's distinctive identity and natural heritage through its responsibilities of heritage conservation, cultural development, the promotion of Canada's official languages and amatuer sport programs.

The University of Tennessee Press Online Catalog
University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville, TN, US
In a joint venture with the University of Tennessee library, the University of Tennessee Press has constructed a home page with links to its complete list of books in print as well as its most recent seasonal catalogs and a sampler of books on Southern history.

World Wide Arts Resources
Newark, OH, US
The Ohio State University Art Gallery has updated its World Wide Arts Resources to over 400 active links. World Wide Arts Resources offers links to museums, art galleries, exhibitions, commercial art sites, publications, governments and universities worldwide.

The Society for Electronic Access (SEA)
New York, NY, US
The purpose of the Society for Electronic Access (SEA) is to help make our corner of the digital world a civilized place to live, work and visit. We believe cyberspace should be open to everyone and that the same civil rights that protect our freedom in the physical world must prevail in cyberspace. We will do our best to bring into cyberspace those who might not otherwise have the opportunity.

The Forum News Gateway
The Geometry Forum, Swarthmore, PA, US
The Forum News Gateway puts netnews on the World Wide Web. It's a server that talks to one or more news servers and sends back news articles as HTML pages to connecting Web clients. Using the Forum News Gateway, you can exchange public messages with graphics, mathematical writing, and links to other documents and Internet sources.

Odyssey of the Mind
California Odyssey of the Mind, Region XI, San Jose, CA, US
A world-wide, nonprofit organization that promotes creative team-based problem solving in school programs for students from kindergarten through college. The page provides general information about OM and about this year's activities. Information about particular OM Associations, e.g. California OM, will be included as it becomes available.

Uve Cellars--Napa Valley Winery
Uve Enterprises, Inc., St. Helena, CA, US
Giovanotto, 1991 Napa Valley red table wine, is California's answer to Italian "vino novello." Bursting with raspberry and cherry flavors, its finish is long, silky, and redolent of warm spice and fruit.

TV Tonight
Nist & Prior, New York, NY, US
A daily Internet guide to prime-time television. Includes recommendations, comprehensive national listings, and late-night talk show schedules/guests.
Also: New videos. Coming soon: Movie reviews.

Istituto TeSRE/CNR
Bologna, Italy
The TeSRE Institute (Tecnologie e Studio della Radiazione Extraterrestre - Technology and Study of Extraterrestrial Radiation) is a non-profit, state-funded research Institute of the Italian National Research Council. Its activities are mainly devoted to astronomy/astrophysics. The main research projects include observations in the IR, optical, X-ray and gamma ray energy bands.

Bangladesh Information Home Page
Zunaid Kazi, ASEL, Newark, DE, US
A fast-growing and very comprehensive collection of pages providing information about the country of Bangladesh. This home page was created and is maintained by Zunaid Kazi, and contains a vast array of information as well as pointers to other sources on the Net.

Manx Gaelic and Manx Studies
Oxford University, Oxford, England
Manx Gaelic passed into oblivion as a native spoken language on the 24 December 1974 with the death of Edward (`Ned') Maddrell, the last reputed native speaker of the language. With him an Indo-European language disappeared, the first this century -- one branch less on the tree. This Web page offers information on Manx Gaelic and Manx studies.

NETworth: The Internet Resource for Individual Investors
GALT Technologies, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, US
NETworth announces an expanded search capability on its Mutual FUNDprofiles database. This Morningstar database of information on over 5000 mutual funds can now be searched and screened using over 15 different criteria.

GFX News
Eric Hsiao, Raleigh, NC, US
A cyberrific online magazine for people interested in all aspects of computers. Colorful pages and great graphics.

Southeast Texas Area Computer Consultants (SETACC)
The Woodlands, TX, US
SETACC is more than just a consulting store. We build the very thing that you view on the Web: Web pages. Why pay a lot of money for a Web page when you can get better for cheaper? Take a look at our home page to see how.

Capitol Information Services, Raleigh, NC, US
The Interweb/Interpath multi-server features servers including: Cato Research, an independent, full-service contract research and development organization; Skybox International, a leading sports and entertainment marketing and distribution company, and Info Expo '95, an information technology exposition in January 1995.

Assault Prevention Information Network
Personal Power Assault Prevention Training, Austin, TX, US
Explore the Assault Prevention Information Network to discover new ways to strategize about personal safety, develop a wider range of skills for successfully handling different threatening situations, and find information about self defense, conflict resolution skills, domestic violence, and related topics. [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Grand Canyon National Park
Knowledge-Based Technologies, Canton, MA, US
The Grand Canyon National Park WWW pages are a way to enjoy one of the USA's most majestic sites over the Net. If you've ever been to the canyon, these images and information will bring you back to what must have been a memorable trip. If you've never been, here's a chance to see what you've been missing!

Refugee Studies Programme - Oxford University
Oxford, UK
The Refugee Studies Programme is part of Oxford University's International Development Centre. It aims to increase understanding of the causes, consequences and experiences of forced migration through multidisciplinary research, teaching, publications and conferences. Contains abstracts of articles from "Refugee Participation Network," the programme's newsletter.

Kennys Bookshop
Ireland On-Line, Furbo, Co. Galway, Ireland
Kennys Bookshop specializes in Irish books and publications. Over 30,000 titles are searchable on-line, with complete ordering facilities.

Spectrum '95
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
The largest student-organized engineering exhibition in North America. It will feature over 50 industrial exhibitors, 50 student displays, 8 special interest exhibits, and an array of technical symposiums. Check this page if you want to learn more!

The American Physical Society
The American Physical Society has updated and expanded its WWW Server. Since its formation in 1899, APS has been dedicated to the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics. APS organizes scientific meetings and publishes some of the world's leading physics research journals. Information on membership and FREE student membership is available.

XSoft, a division of Xerox Corporation
Palo Alto, CA, US
XSoft, the software division of Xerox, develops and markets document management solutions that improve the way people create and use documents to capture, manage and communicate ideas and information. Check out the award-winning products Visual Recall and InConcert.

Palookaville Hats
Hollywood, CA, US
Home-crafted hats for the global village idiot. Because life is too short to be serious.

Bath, Avon, UK
Future Publishing is pleased to announce its on-line service, FutureNet. Highlights include a large number of articles from .net magazine, along with the Classic CD, a beginner's guide to classical music.

Internet Consulting Corporation
New York, NY, US
Internet Consulting Corporation (ICC) is a full-service information and technology consulting company dedicated to supporting commercial, educational, and public organizations in developing and implementing effective Internet business strategies. Our services are categorized along three lines of business: full-service consulting, server management, and Internet education.

Macintosh Timesheet Software
The PandaWare Company, Kirkland, WA, US
Tracking billable time on projects is simplified for Macintosh users with PandaWare(TM) Timekeeper(TM). Independent consultants and small companies can benefit from Timekeeper 3.2. Larger firms can automate timesheets with Timekeeper XP.

Department of Sociology, University of Missouri-St. Louis
St. Louis, MO, USA
This page is undergoing continual construction, but currently offers information on the organization of the sociology department, degree programs, faculty, and course offerings. There are links to other university servers as well as to resources of interest to sociologists.

Espial's Environmentally Friendly Products
Tyler Nally, Gibson City, IL, US
Espial manufactures environmentally friendly home cleaners, personal care, skin care, and personal health & nutrition care products. All products are non-synthetic, non-toxic, and without animal-based origins. All products are available via mail order to be delivered directly to you door via UPS.

Friday, 16 December 1994

Photographic Tour of COMDEX
ARTA Media Group, Bellevue, WA, US
"A Day At Comdex" offers visitors a virtual tour of the Fall 1994 COMDEX held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Images for the tour were made using an Apple QuickTake 100.

Our Cancer Year
Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner, Cleveland, OH, US
View eight actual-size pages from the new 224-page comic paperback <EM> Our Cancer Year</EM> by Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner. Pekar, whose "American Splendor" reality comics have earned him a devoted following over 20 years, now lays bare the story of his treatment for lymphoma and the struggles shared by him and his wife -- struggles common to thousands of cancer patients and their families each year.

POW/MIA Database
Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., US
This database assists researchers investigating the U.S. government documents pertaining to U.S. military personnel killed, missing, or imprisoned in Southeast Asia during or after the American involvement in the Vietnam Conflict. The database is searchable by last name, country name, sevice branch, or keywords, and copies of desired documents may be obtained from the Library of Congress.

Magellan Systems Corporation
San Dimas, CA, US
Magellan manufactures and distributes Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers for navigation and tracking. Visit the Magellan home page for a sampling of their GPS products.

Energy Exchange on the Internet
Energy Exchange, Inc., The Woodlands, TX
The Energy Exchange, a professional association of petroleum engineers and geologists, provides this service to connect petroleum projects with financial sources. If you have a project in need of a financial source, if you are looking to fund a petroleum project, or are just interested in the petroleum industry, it would be worth your time to visit Energy Exchange.

Tourism Canada's Tourism and Internet Resources Guide
Internet Services and Information Systems, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Information about Canada and links to other interesting Canadian services/features. The guide also contains many links to tourism related subjects in other countries around the world.

Harmony Central Music Pages
Scott Lehman, Cambridge, MA, US
An attempt to bring together all of the music resources available on the Internet in a user friendly format. Music lessons, FAQs, catalogs of music mailing lists, music related software, plus tons of other information and links.

Access America's Merry Christmas Page
Access America, Atlanta, GA, US
Access America is pleased to announce their WWW Christmas Page. It has A Christmas Carol, Gift of the Magi and The Night Before Christmas in easy-to-read HTML format. It also has links to other great Christmas resources that are available on the Internet.

Magnacom Data Products, Inc.
Suffern, NY, US
Simple, well-proven computer products at unbeatable prices. Check us out for low, competitive prices on the SoundBlaster(r) Multimedia Bundles, Cyrix(r) CPU upgrades, and the new Microsoft(r) Natural Keyboard.

Center for Information Technology & Management
University of California, Berkeley, CA, US
At the Haas School of Business, U.C. Berkeley. Devoted to interdisciplinary research, outreach, and education on the strategic use of information technology in organizations. Its upcoming annual conference is scheduled for January 12-13, 1995.

City Net Express, Portland, OR, US
The most comprehensive international guide to communities around the world. City.Net provides easy and timely access to information on travel, entertainment, and local business, plus government and community services for all regions of the world.

Art-ROM Museum Web
Primenet, Phoenix, AZ, US
Images from eight museums across the United States, presented by Primenet.

Print Publications on Business Use of the Internet
The Tenagra Corporation, Houston, TX, US
Catalog of print publications that focus on business use of the Internet, containing basic info on each publication, links to the publication's home page (if it has one), along with links extracted from Net Happenings and the Internet Marketing Archives that announce or review the publication. Developed by The Tenagra Corporation, a member of the NASA Johnson Technology Commercialization Center.

Michael Moncur's Quotations Page
michael moncur, Salt Lake City, UT, US
A collection of information and links regarding quotations, including a search function for quotes matching a keyword.

UltraNet Communications, Inc.
Marlboro, MA, US
UltraNet provides reliable Internet connectivity throughout New England for businesses, individuals, schools and community organizations.

JSB Web Server
JSB, Scotts Valley, CA, US
Leaders in connectivity software. Info on the company, sales and support, products, job opportunities, windows sockets, links to our FTP site and other electronic services. We also have an ftp server at ftp.jsb.com.

Mighty Dog Designs
Clemson, SC, US
The holidays are just around the corner, and you are wondering just what to get all of your Net friends. How about WebWear from Mighty Dog Designs? WWW shirts and Netsurfer shirts make great gifts! Be sure and check out our new Frequently Asked Questions list, and be on the lookout for our designs on coffee mugs soon!

Centre for Actuarial Studies, University of Melbourne
Dept of Economics, Univ. of Melbourne, Australia
This server contains information on the activities of the Centre for Actuarial Studies at the University of Melbourne. Amongst other things the browser will find material on the research undertaken by members of the Centre, as well as details of both our graduate and undergraduate teaching programs. Links are provided to other related sites.

Used Car Parts
Carparts, US
Complete with junkyard .gif comes this WWW service offering used car parts for vintage, newer, and common cars, trucks, and vans.

Inst. of Media and Communication, Oslo, NO
The Institute of Media and Communication at the University Of Oslo, Norway, offers a list made to assist online media research.

UARKinfo, the Univ. of Arkansas online information system
Computing Services, Univ. of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR, US
Provides information about the campus, news, library access, class information for students, and an e-mail directory, as well as links to other statewide and worldwide resources. A research module is in the works.

The Friends of the Santa Clara River (FSCR)
Newbury Park, CA, US
Dedicated to the protection, enhancement and management of the resources of the the last major river system in Southern California still in a "natural" state. Space for FSCR and the current issue of their newsletter Watershed is provided by EnviroWeb.

National Corporate Services, Inc. & Global Network Travel
Denver, CO, US
A financial public relations firm maintaining a database of publicly-traded, fast-growing companies. Recently we founded an online travel agency to organize special-interest group tours and cruises, and we became distributors of the KONEXX line of modem-telephone connectors.

The Millan and Kenzie Homepage (new address)
Chris McMahon, Atlanta, GA, US
More than you ever wanted to know about Millan and Kenzie, the most unexpected acoustic band on the planet.

Carl 'n Gary's Visual Basic Home Page
Carl Franklin and Gary Wisniewski, Pittsburgh, PA, US
This page is dedicated to the free exchange of information of interest to users of Microsoft's Visual Basic. Departments for programmers, consultants, and many links to other Visual Basic pages are available. The page is managed by Carl Franklin and Gary Wisniewski, both of whom have been influential speakers, writers, and add-on developers in the Visual Basic market since the original release of Visual Basic 1.0.

Georgia Institute of Technology Computer Store
Mike Luttrell, Joe Kellman, Atlanta, GA, US
Providing the Georgia Tech Community with state contract pricing and product descriptions of items available for purchase. Links to hardware and software vendors are included.

Cedarville College
Cedarville, OH
A Baptist college of arts, sciences, and professional programs. This site is maintained by members of the Data Processing Management Association on campus (mainly students), and contains some student home pages as well as favorite links. It includes information about the school as well as the menu of the week for Chuck's (our eating establishment).

Roadside Attraction
Who's the hippest, coolest new cartoon character to hit the Internet comic strip scene? No, not Andy Capp! Not Rex Morgan, MD! Marmaduke? Nonononono! It's Marnie! Loveable, cynical, nutty & intellectual Marnie. She puts Family Circus to shame. Cathy & the Lockhorns run whimpering out the door with their tails between their legs. Marnie boldly goes where no other cartoon character has gone before. New updates every Sunday & Wednesday evening.

Market Link
K. Aufhauser & Company Inc., New York, NY, US
Access current stock, mutual fund, and index quotes; read, scan, and search breaking financial news stories; monitor your portfolio; make and monitor trades. Trading is limited to established clients. For further information email info@aufhauser.com.

National Civic League
Denver, CO, US
The National Civic League initiated this Web site because we believe it is immensely important for people to be aware of the hopeful work that is being accomplished in communities today. Community stories highlight grassroots efforts from around the United States.

Neural Networks in High Energy Physics
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
From the Dept. of Physics-Frescati comes this comprehensive list of references, recent developments in the field, upcoming conferences, etc. Of most general interest is the extensive list of commercial neural network hardware, including VLSI chips, PC accelerator cards, and neurocomputers.

Asia Travel Market 1995
Reed Exhibition Pte Ltd, Singapore
Asia Travel Market 95 is an event focused on the Travel Industry in the Asia Pacific. It will be held in the SUNTEC Centre, Singapore, on 19-22 Oct 95.

Harris Computer Systems Corporation
Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Harris Computer Systems Corporation, a worldwide company headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, is a leading supplier of real-time and secure computer solutions. The company manufactures the Night Hawk family of real-time computers for simulation, data acquisition and secure computing applications, including the CyberGuard series of computers for network security.

Spectrum Reports Inc./Ltd, Winchester, Hants., UK
Abstracts of analyses about Middleware and related issues, including database access, DOLTP and transaction management, queuing, messaging, RPCs, workflow, the mobile environment, and more.

United Nations Links World-Wide
United Nations Int. Drug Control Programme, Vienna, Austria
This page contains all of the latest links to United Nations gopher and web servers, as well as some related material. It is maintained as a service by The Webmaster at UNDCP.

The Libertarian Web
College Libertarians of UIUC, Urbana, IL, US
The Libertarian Web is the place for freedom-loving people to find libertarian links that span the globe. Whether you are a liberal, a conservative, or a socialist, you owe it to yourself to come try out the World's Smallest Political Quiz, break free of the one-dimensional left-right poltical spectrum, and consider the libertarian alternative.

Data Exchange Corporation
Camarillo, CA, US
Data Exchange Corporation, a leader in the computer depot repair industry, announces their latest entry to the World Wide Web. Our Web site will contain information about the computer repair industry, tutorials on computer peripherals, and promotions offered by Data Exchange. We present this through our online magazine, the Diabetes Knowledgebase
Univ. of Wisconsin's Childrens Diabetes Center, Madison, WI, US
The Diabetes Knowledgebase is an effort of the U. of Wisconsin Children's Diabetes Center to provide diabetes-related information to the world community in an effort to enhance the lives of individuals with diabetes.

First Night Boston
First Night, Inc., Boston, MA, US
First Night Boston provides on-line information about the largest New Year's Eve celebration in North America. With 55 locations around the city and 228 performances by 1000 artists, you may easily see only the events in which you are interested, create your own custom itinerary, and print it at any time. This interactive service was developed by Terry Swack Design Associates, in collaboration with Utopia Inc., a Web Site engineering firm.

The Million Dollar Bill
BisMark Internet Services, Inc., Rochester, MN, US
An authentic collectible created by The American Bank Note Company. Commissioned as a one-time-only issue by the International Association of Millionaires, this unique certificate of wealth is not U.S. currency, but a finely-detailed limited edition collectible, each with an individual serial number.

Department of Computer Science, Queen's University
Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
Server for the Computing and Information Science department, including faculty and student listings, assorted labs and reports, and the Queen's electronic phone book.

Animal Genome Database in JAPAN
National Institute of Animal Industry, Kukisaki-mura, Japan
New test version of Animal Genome Database in Japan.

Research Institute for the Humanities
Facuty of Arts, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
This is a home page for scholars and students in the humanities. It covers literature, language, history, fine arts, performing arts, philosophy and religion. It has some local information and resources, and more will be added in the future.

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Israel
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, presents the "Photography in Israel" exhibit, first in a planned series of exhibits to come online in the near future. This exhibit includes works by Bareket Ben Yaakov, Yossi Breger, Yosaif Cohain, Morel Derfler, Avi Ganor, Pesi Girsch, Judith Guetta, Judy Orgal Lester, and Simcha Schirman. Future exhibits will include "A Homage to Kertesz", and "My Way: The photographs of Tom Gidal."

Virtual Dream Lab
Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul, Korea
This site is the top virtual reality and CAD/CAM research group in Korea.

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden
One of the world's few sites on radioecology, the studies of radiation sources in agricultural and forest ecosystems. Also featuring information about postgraduate studies worldwide.

Sarasota Sports Collectibles
Sarasota, FL, US
We're offering, just in time for Christmas, Star Trek: The Next Generation Customizable Card Game card sets. Telecards will be coming soon.

Network Exhibitions: Calif. Museum of Photography
University of California, Riverside, CA, US
Opening the historical collections to visitors from afar and offering new projects designed specifically for the Internet by contemporary artists. The project is supported in part by a grant from Apple Computer through the Apple Library of Tomorrow program.

The Electric Bookstore Inc.
Don Mills, Ontario, Canada
A database of over 14,000 computer-related titles, searchable by title, author, ISBN, subject, and difficulty level. Books may be ordered online and the store offers free shipping to North American destinations. Global delivery is also available for a nominal fee. The staff are also online to respond to any enquiries you may have.

World Art Treasures
J.E. Berger Foundation, Lausanne, Switzerland
The principal purpose of this collaboration between the Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is to promulgate the discovery and love of art. The first program contains 100 images from different civilizations (Egypt, Asia). All the materials are original, and the project is available in French and English.

The Erasmus WWW Server
Faculty of Arts KUL, Leuven, Brabant, Belgium
Arts -- the final frontier. The Erasmus server's mission is to explore old worlds and new civilizations, to boldly go where no scientist has gone before.

Steve Rapport Photography
San Francisco, CA, US
A virtual portfolio featuring dozens of portraits (and associated stories) of rock stars & other celebrities. Also featured are his pages for comedy, his kitties, West Ham United, a Counting Crows discography, his Stateside Stories and net.head columns, and much more.

Employment Edge
Kansas City, Kansas, US
Employment Edge specializes in professional career placement throughout the United States. Confidentiality is assured, and there is never a fee of any kind to candidates. We feature job listings in many areas, as well as on-line resume posting.

Cardiff Star Formation Group
Univ. of Wales College of Cardiff, Cardiff, UK
We run computer simulations using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) to model the star formation process. Our web site contains information about our work, abstracts and preprints of our papers, and the results of our simulations in the form of mpeg animations.

Lingsoft, Inc.
Helsinki, Finland
Lingsoft, Inc. is a linguistic software company based in Helsinki, Finland. It specializes in providing high-quality linguistic software for text retrieval and information management systems with an emphasis on the processing of English, German, Swedish and Finnish.

Edinburgh University Jewish Society
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Information about the society and its activities and links to other Jewish Societies around the United Kingdom.

Boson Books
C and M Online Media Inc., Raleigh, NC, US
Boson Books offers both new and out-of-print full-length books online. We publish fiction, nonfiction, and drama. Writers are encouraged to submit their works to us.

Health & Longevity Newsletter
NaturopPath, Charleston, SC, US
A monthly newsletter covering the field of alternative medicine with emphasis on naturopathy, homeopathy, vitamin therapy, nutrition, and hypnosis. Now online in the SIMS Internet Mall.

2D Home Page
2D Productions, Norfolk, VA, US
Purveyors of sarcasm and what passes for wit on the Web. Come see our new Stupid HTTP Proxy Tricks!

CycleNet Online
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
CycleNet Online is an internet based mail order catalog for bicycle parts and accessories. We accept orders via electronic mail and fax.

1996 Olympic Information
Internet Advantage, Atlanta, GA, US
Information resources for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games and the host city of Atlanta. Info on housing, tickets, places to see, restaurants, and transportation resources. Atlanta hotels are all booked but available private residences are listed.

The Internet Disc Shoppe
Digital Marketing, Inc., Bowie, MD, US
Dedicated to disc games such as Ultimate, Disc Golf, and Guts. This page has discs for sale by various organizations as well as pointers to other disc-related information. The Disc Shoppe is provided courtesy of Digital Marketing, Inc..

The Cygnus Group
Ann Arbor, MI, US
The December issue of The ULS Report is now available!

Fairfax Electronic Commerce Resource Center
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, US
We provide information and assistance to government and industry regarding electronic commerce, electronic data interchange, business process re-engineering and CALS. This server is operated by the Institute of Public Policy (TIPP) at GMU, Dimensions International and Iris, L.L.C, and managed by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the US Government.

The World Wide Web Unleashed
Sams Publishing
Written by John December, Neil Randall, and a team of Web experts, this 1,100-page book teaches readers of all levels about the Web's uses, tools, and resources, covering everything from Web navigation basics to sophisticated Web exploration and development techniques.

Project Mind Foundation
Jerusalem, Israel
MOCHIN Mind, Matter & Mashiach: a forum for discussing ultimate reality and the nature and role of intelligence. You are cordially invited to exchange thoughts on the role of intelligence in world transformation. MOCHIN is a Kabbalistic word for a high level of integration between spirit and matter. The closest English equivalent is "mind" or "intelligence" taken in the esoteric sense.

Impex Connect - Global Network Trading
Impex Connect, Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA
Information on marketable products and crafts of South Africa.

The Association for History and Computing
Groningen, The Netherlands
International organisation which aims to promote and develop interest in the use of computers in all types of historical study at every level, in both teaching and research. This site offers information on resources for historians, including the Journal of History and Computing, the various workshops of the AHC, the annual International Conferences, and the regional/national branches.

My So-Called Life
Minneapolis, MN, US
ABC's really amazing new drama. A variety of articles, reviews and analyses of episodes, quotes, images, audio clips, the FAQ, biographical information, and more.

Acura of Mountain View
Mountain View, CA, US
Acura of Mountain View is proud to bring you the 1995 Acura model lineup, and is committed to helping you make an informed decision when purchasing your new car. Visit our pages to learn more about Acura and our dealership.

Nicole Miller Interactive Showroom
New York, NY, US
From the Interactive Connection's Web Server comes one of the world's hottest fashion designers. Visit the Nicole Miller Interactive Showroom, offering some of the hottest apparel, such as ties, boxers, scarves, umbrellas and vests from Harley Davidson, the Grateful Dead, Seagram's, the USTA, the World Series and more.

International Affairs Network Web (IANWeb)
University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA
A hypertext resource in support of the mission of the International Affairs Network (IAN), a project designed to enhance the institutional capacity of schools of international affairs in East and Central Europe and the Newly Independent States. The IANWeb is also the home of the International Affairs Research Resources page, collecting and maintaining Internet resources in international affairs.

Version 2.0 of the Load-Sharing Facility
pixelMotion images inc., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
LSF is a distributed load-sharing and batch-queuing software system that integrates a network of heterogeneous UNIX systems to reduce interactive response time, increase batch throughput, and improve computing resource accessibility.

Gramercy Press
Gramercy Press, the quirky virtual publishing house seen in the TV ads for networkMCI Business, now resides on a Web server at MCI. The site is structured to simulate a real company managing its business with the help of integrated communications and information solution software. Visitors can view literary and graphic submissions for publication, submit work for possible future publication in the site, and more.

Interactive Nest Egg
IDD Information Services, Waltham, MA, US
IDD Information Services is offering an on-line version of its personal finance publication, daily updated total return charts for top performing mutual funds , and the catalog for the NYIF (New York Institute of Finance) bookstore .

Future Quest
Producers Entertainment Group, Los Angeles, Ca., US
A PBS television series hosted by Jeff Goldblum. In 22 half hours, Future Quest takes a look at the future of computers, robotics, space travel, nanotechnology, war, the ocean, and more, using pop culture, movie and tv clips, music videos, etc.

Tools For Survival
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, US
Tools for Survival is a guide for the newcomer to the Internet. Topics covered are: UNIX, E-mail, uploading and downloading information, installing shareware, communications software, and text editors. Topics are covered for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. There are many graphics included.

VNP Software
Cambridge, MA, US
VNP Software offers development tools and consulting expertise to the NEXTSTEP/OpenStep community. VNP was formed in 1990 and has offices in Boston, Atlanta, Detroit and Chicago. We specialize in software configuration management (SCM) with our DevMan product.

The Temperance House Folk Concert Schedule
The Temperance House, Newtown, PA, US
We have recently begun bringing in talented folk musicians, like Richie Havens, Mike Cross, Jonathan Edwards, Tom Paxton and John Gorka. We'd be happy to add concert schedules for other Philadelphia area folk venues.

Virtual Book Shop
Rocklin, CA
We offer the finest selection of rare, 1st edition, antiquarian and collectible books on every subject available. We specialize in providing high quality books for the serious collector. Virtual Book Shop is the Internet source for fine literary books.

The Old Man
Antioch University, Yellow Springs, OH, US
Host of the Old Man Radio Hour on WERG FM-90 in Erie, PA, which focuses on all genres of punk.

Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Art & design homepage. WWW Gallery from Japan.

Our Home, The Atlas of Canadian Communities
National Atlas Information Service, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A subset (10) of over 100 communities from the MapInfo-based CD-ROM version of this digital atlas. The atlas reflects the views of Canadian elementary and high school students within their respective communities using text, maps, photographs and drawings.

Wednesday, 14 December 1994

EE-Link, the Environmental Education Server
Ann Arbor, MI, US
EE-Link is a project of the US EPA funded National Consortium for Environmental Education and Training at the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Environment. The EE-Link gopher and WWW site seek to support, enhance, and extend effective environmental education to a K-12 audience.

Norfolk, VA, US
As a public service to netizens everywhere, Southeastern Virginia's top TV station, WVEC TV-13, an ABC affiliate, has established itself on the Web to provide television transcripts of news, weather, sports, and more.

Advent Calendar
Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, Cambridge, England
Celebrate the Christmas season with a WWW advent calendar. Each day, a new window can be opened on the calendar.

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria
An interdisciplinary, non-profit and non-govermental research institution sponsored by a consortium of 17 member nations. Sustainability and the human dimensions of global change are key concerns in IIASA's studies of environmental, economic, social and technological developments. Information is available on a variety of topics including research projects, publications and current events.

ChibaMOO - The Sprawl
SenseMedia Netcasting, Santa Cruz, CA, US
ChibaMOO - The Sprawl, the world's first public access Web server and multimedia MOO, is one of the first significant pieces of collaborative fiction designed specifically for the Web. Publish your own Web home page or meet some of the over 1600 people from all over the world that have helped build this unique collaborative hypermedia server. Login with your WWW client and your TELNET client.

Seaside Holidays Christmas Lights, Sounds and Sights
Daytona Beach, FL, US
Daytona Beach, Florida is pleased to announce their Seaside Holidays Christmas Lights, Sounds and Sights, a calendar of events for the Christmas season. Visit Florida this Christmas and join us in some of our many seasonal events.

ABZU: Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
A project of the Research Archives of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, and is officially designated as Number 3 in the series Oriental Institute Research Archives Bibliographical and Informational Documents. It is the first completely electronic publication in the series.

Times Around the World
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
HiLink Communications announces its Times Around the World site. All countries of the world and many territories and islands are included. Sites that are not connected to the Internet are also included, with their time offsets from GMT specified.

The Beginners Pages
Joe Dorward, Stirling University, Stirling, Scotland
This resource contains some basic postscript guides to UNIX, LaTeX and the UNIX editor vi. There are also some programs in awk, as well as a few programs in Pascal and a few pointers on abstract data types such as binary trees. More to come.

Cygnus Support Christmas Tree
Cygnus Support, Mountain View, CA, US
In what is becoming a yearly tradition, Cygnus Support has placed its Christmas tree on the Net. Last year, you could finger xmastree@cygnus.com to find out its current status. This year, you can also now access it via the Web, and not only see a picture of the tree or play an MPEG movie of it, but you can send or receive Christmas cards, and vote to change the tree's features.

Cygnus Support Christmas Tree
Cygnus Support, Mountain View, CA, US
In what is becoming a yearly tradition, Cygnus Support has placed its Christmas tree on the Net. Last year, you could finger xmastree@cygnus.com to find out its current status. This year, you can also now access it via the Web, and not only see a picture of the tree or play an MPEG movie of it, but you can send or receive Christmas cards, and vote to change the tree's features.

Plant Fossil Record Database Version 2.1
International Organisation of Palaeobotany, London, UK
This global database of extinct plant species contains brief descriptions of more than 12,000 genera and occurrence details of more than 700,000 fossils. Search by genus, species, location and/or geological age. The results are either listed or plotted on a world map. The service also demonstrates various palaeontological commodities.

Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College
Cloquet, MN, US
FDLTCC online services include email and phone directories, course and workshop offerings, campus newspapers, and interactive Anishinabe (Ojibwe, Chippewa)-English word translators. Most services are still on a gopher server, but appropriate services are being moved to WWW form.

Georgia Genealogical Information
Beverly Roden, US
Provides information on libraries and organizations that are useful for genealogical research in Georgia. The document has links to genealogy resources on the Internet. Some of the Internet information pertains to Georgia, some is general. There are links to search forms for the Roots surname and location list finders.

Nashville Business Journal Online
InfiNet, L.C., Norfolk, VA, US
Weekly updates of business news, market statistics, and commentary from Middle Tennessee's leading source of business reporting. Features include a summary of top local and regional business stories, a weekly review of Tennessee stocks, a calendar of key business events, and columns from editor Roger Shirley and managing editor Valeri Oliver.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, US
The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review is a quarterly magazine highlighting the latest and greatest research and development activities at the Laboratory.

Ernst & Young
Ernst & Young, London, UK
Digest of United Kingdom 1994 Budget Proposals and commentary thereon. In the future, this site will include publications written or sponsored by, Ernst and Young's consulting practice.

The Dorsai Embassy Home Pages
Long Island City, NY
The Dorsai Embassy Home Pages describe the different programs this 501c3 not-for-profit organization is offering.

Edinburgh Mathematical Society
Edinburgh Mathematical Society, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
The principal mathematical society for the university community in Scotland. Details of the meetings programme, its journals, library, and other facilities.

United States Naval Observatory
IT Department, USNO, Washington, D.C., US
General information about the Observatory, star catalogs, earth orientation information, precise time and time interval information, and more.

Nowhere Band
George Coates Performance Works, US
A request for InterAction! Live multimedia performing ensemble auditions, rehearses and performs with online InterActors by way of Internet video. Five times each week InterActors are projected onstage alongside Nowhere Band members in a 254-seat theater in San Francisco Civic Center in real and near-real time.

Nonlinear Dynamics Archive
Complex Systems Group, Los Alamos, NM, US
A general resource for nonlinear dynamics with an emphasis on the study of low-dimensional nonlinear and chaotic systems. Includes pointers, programs, data, and other information relating to the study and analysis of nonlinear and chaotic systems.

Biodiversity and Biological Collections
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, US
A biology clearinghouse and data repository sponsored by The MUSE Project of Cornell University. Coverage includes information about specimens in biological collections, directories of biologists, an archive of the Taxacom and MUSE-L listservs, and more. Also available is realtime query access to several hundred thousand records of fishes in MUSE databases.

Information About Turkey
Evanston, IL, US
A list of resources mainly for people outside of Turkey provided by Yusuf Pisan, including pointers to ftp sites, articles from Turkish news mailing lists (TRKNWS-L and Haberler), pointers to sites in Turkey, pointers to traveling information, phone books and even some poetry.

Good-Buy Odors
TAG Systems, Inc., Newtown, PA, US
Want to get rid of pet odors? Cooking odors? Or any odors? Check out Good-Buy Odors, the new and inexpensive way to eliminate odors.

Integrated Systems Inc.
Santa Clara, CA, US
Integrated Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: INTS) is the leading provider of software products and services for control systems design and real-time embedded software development. The company's products are used in the aerospace, automotive, office and factory automation, multimedia, process control, and telecommunications industries.

K. Aufhauser & Company Inc., New York, NY, US
WealthWEB brings free, indispensable financial information to investors: breaking company or economic news, current quotes on US securities (including stocks, options, mutual funds), investment recommedations, research reports, and bids/offers on domestic and foreign bonds. Clients of K. Aufhauser & Company may also place trades and access information about their accounts.

The Net Brothers Help Pages
Net Brothers Internet Service, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Our pages are aimed at first-time computer users trying to navigate the Internet. They offer simple, plain English advice mixed with a dash of humor. There are software information sheets available for download as well as links to interesting sites.

American Black Belt Academy
Austin, TX, US
ABBA is one of South Austin's oldest martial art schools. We offer lunch and evening classes in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido for adults and children. Check the schedule and visit us for a gift certificate and a uniform for the Christmas tree or an introductory week of lessons for yourself.

Public Libraries
St. Joseph County Public Library, South Bend, IN, US
The St. Joseph County Public Library has developed an online listing of public libraries worldwide that provide Internet services through a gopher, World-Wide Web, or telnet server.

Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
Cambridge, MA, US
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) conducts basic research in computers and their uses. From our home page you can reach an overview, biographies of our technical staff, addresses, and a map and directions for finding us.

Network-1 Software & Technology, Inc.
Long Island City, NY, US
Visit the "N1" home page for timely information on network access, network security software and general information on making your network run better and safer. You can check out the latest heads up displays for NetView, NetView 6000, HP OpenView & SunNet Manager. Also get free evaluations of all Network-1 software. 1-800-NETWRK-1

ADFA Department of Mathematics
Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, Australia
This server provides information about the Department, its staff, their research interests, courses offered and material relating directly to courses such as lecture overheads. Research interests include mathematical optics, bushfire simulation, biomedical fluid dynamics and criminology.

MCI Government Systems
McLean, VA, US
MCI Government Systems is pleased to announce World Wide Web Services, which features the solutions MCI provides to government departments, agencies, and the Congress. The hub for access to on-line government resources, this site includes such highlights as all the biographies and photos of the congressmen from the House and Senate.

NetRep Explorist, Internet Services for Business
NetRep, Livermore, CA, US
The NetRep Explorist provides an information vehicle for travel between the Livermore Amador Valley region and the world-wide Internet. Businesses seeking global markets as well as those wanting to communicate with local customers are represented. The Explorist is also an online center for nonprofit organizations.

TV Tonite
On Ramp, Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
On Ramp, Inc., is happy to announce the most comprehensive TV listings available anywhere. This includes *all* cable channels as well.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Unique among the learned societies in Great Britain, the interests of the Royal Society of Edinburgh encompass all branches of learning. The Fellowship and the Society represent excellence in science, arts, letters, the professions, technology, industry and commerce. Its WWW pages include details of its meeting programme, journals, fellowships, etc.

News from RI
Raffles Institution, Singapore
Online version of the quarterly publication of Raffles Institution targeted at parents and school alumni to keep them informed of school events, and to reach out to overseas alumni, especially undergraduates and graduate students in overseas universities. A mirror site is also available.

Hiram's Valley on the Web
Dave Stites, El Cajon, CA, US
Dedicated to the subject of Freemasonry with links to the latest version of the UseNET Masonry FAQ.

The UK National Lottery
Richard K. Lloyd, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
An unofficial set of pages pertaining to the UK National Lottery. You can read the rules, display all the sets of winning numbers or even find out if you've won!

JR Marketing's Gift Gallery
JR Marketing, US
A large selection of specialty gift items for that special someone. How about a lobster dinner delivered to your door, or a rare bottle of wine or fine jewelry for that significant other? Part of the Netcenter, where you will also find lots of other great stores with low prices and unusual items.

Your Own Internet Netsurfer T-Shirt
Thomas International, Detroit, MI, US
By popular demand, we now are offering our original design Internet t-shirt in all sizes. Your own Internet Netsurfer T-Shirt is white with an aqua, green, red and black surfer design.

Interactive World Premiere of Universal Pictures' Junior
Digital Planet, Los Angeles, CA, US
Join Universal Pictures and the stars of Junior at the first-ever interactive movie premiere on the World Wide Web! All the Hollywood stars are out--Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, Emma Thompson--to toast the arrival of Junior, a new comedy from Ivan Reitman. You'll find exclusive information, pictures, video clips, and special messages from the actors just for Internet users!

Army Research Lab Broad Agency Announcement
Automation Technology Division, Adelphi, MD, US
The Army Research Lab is preparing to change its methods of operation by evolving into a federated laboratory that will conduct joint research work with consortia of industry and academe. A draft broad agency announcement describing the proposed methods of operation, areas of research interest, and proposed funding levels is available.

Joint Data Base Elements for Modeling and Simulation
US DMSO, Ft. Huachuca, AZ, US
The USAWSMR Electronic Proving Grounds and Defense Modeling and Simulation Office (DMSO) offer this page, from which you can access some of the latest information on DoD modeling and simulation data standardization efforts.

The Best Of Free Spirit Magazine
TAG Systems, Inc., New York, NY, US
Free Spirit Magazine is a magazine of personal transformation, It prints editions on the East Coast and the West Coast. The Best of Free Spirit offers exciting articles on food and health, a calendar of events, restaurant guide, and more.

Visa, US
Information about Visa services and products. Besides information on products and services, the Visa home page currently includes Financial Tips for Consumers, along with information on technological trends in payment systems. Features under development include News from Visa, comprised of up-to-date company news releases and a worldwide ATM locator guide.

Canada Net Pages
Online Visions Ltd., Richmond, BC, Canada
Profiles Canadian products, services and information. Come and browse through Canada Net Trade Show , search our Canada Net Business Directory or visit Canada Net Realty Pages. From unique gift ideas and business opportunities to import/export products, we have what you are looking for!

Shower 'n Shave
Visi-Tech, Inc., Boston, MA, US
The Fog Free Shower Mirror. 5 3/4" x 8 3/4" self-adhering to any surface. Scientifically engineered to be fog free. Guaranteed.

EmeraldNet, Tucson, AZ, US
EmeraldNet is an Internet services provider for groups who do not want to, or have not, set up a permanent Net presence. We offer; World Wide Web, ftp, gopher, mailbot services. Our first client, Machines of Loving Grace, is a very in-depth look at a very interesting industrial band.

The BRETTnews Home Page
Brett Leveridge, New York, NY, US
New York-based writer Brett Leveridge's humor zine, BRETTnews, is the first recipient of Time Inc.'s Vibe Artist-in- Residency. The BRETTnews home page is now based at the Time Inc. server.

National Defence White Paper 1994
Department of National Defence, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A new direction for smaller, more flexible Canadian armed forces was revealed on December 1, 1994, as the Minister of National Defence, the Honorable David Collenette, tabled the Government's new White Paper on Defence.

Cogent Technology Training
Seattle, WA, US
We are a rapidly growing computer training/consulting firm focusing on improving productivity of knowledge workers today, and helping build the knowledge-based business organizations of tomorrow. We provide articles on how training can facilitate organizational transformation, and an entry point to a discussion list on this and related topics.

The Internet Jungle
CompreZ - Computer Rezolutions, Ottawa, Canada
Hosting a wide variety of business related topics and URL's, The Internet Jungle is a regional resource for businesses located in Eastern Ontario.

Pacific Offshore Divers
San Jose, CA, US
Pacific Offshore Divers, Inc., a five-star PADI facility, is happy to provide access to their diving experts. The PODI pages will keep scuba enthusiasts, both new and old, abreast of class schedules, world-wide excursions and specials along with providing general information about scuba equipment and the advances in the growing sport of scuba.

WEOS (FM) Home Page
Hobart & William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY
WEOS (FM), public radio with a difference, now has its own home page of broadcast schedules, concert listings, and other information for the Finger Lakes area of New York state. We also provide links to media sources such as the BBC, CBC, and National Public Radio. WEOS is a service of Hobart & William Smith colleges.

TKO Personnel Inc.
TKO, San Jose, CA, US
Jobs in Japan! TKO Personnel Inc. specializes in recruitment and careers in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. Job applicants can view job descriptions on-line, complete with salary range. Employers have access to an active list of bicultural candidates in the semiconductor, software and telecommunications industries. Developed by Cyberia - The Coolest Place on the Internet
Infohighway International, Inc., Houston, TX, US
The newest in cybermalls is now here. Cyberia, the coolest place on the Internet, is a virtual mall unlike any out there. With new stores added constantly, and with the opportunity for Internet users to become a part of Cyberia, there's no reason why you shouldn't stop in.

Department of Economics, University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Provides information on the undergraduate, honours and post-graduate teaching programs of the department and on the research activities of the staff.

G7 Economic Summit
Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
The G7 is coming to Halifax, Nova Scotia in June, 1995. We have set up a server to host G7 related information and activities. Presently, it includes historical information from prior G7 meetings and a listing of local activities. Submissions are welcome.

University of New Hampshire Mathematics Dept.
Durham, NH, US
Information about the math department and UNH.

King's Keyboard House
Ann Arbor, MI, US
King's Keyboard has a wide selection of classical, jazz, and popular printed sheet music for piano and voice.

Official Machines of Loving Grace Home Page
EmeraldNet, Tucson, AZ, US
EmeraldNet and Mammoth/Atlantic records are pleased to present this up and coming band.

The Queer Infoservers List
Queer Resource Center, Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA, US
An authoritative list of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer information resources available over the Net. The list is available in both WWW and Gopher forms. The Queer Infoservers List is brought to you by the UC Berkeley Queer Resource Center, which also runs the Cyberspace TeleMedical Office
Digital Media San Diego Inc., San Diego, CA, US
A one stop shop for all of your health and wellness needs. This office provides the ability to review and purchase telemedical products, search health related databases, receive an appointment for a video conference with a physician, obtain prescriptions, have lab tests and imaging studies ordered at your local facility, and more.

St. Petersburg, FL, US
Micro-Vision is celebrating 10 wonderful years of business, so we decided to put this home page online for all to celebrate with us! We specialize in sales, service and support of IBM-compatible computer equipment. Our services include Windows support, networking, desktop publishing, DBMS, CAD, Internet connectivity and support, consulting, training, computer repairs and upgrades, and more.

Mr. Puddy
Nancy Scherer, Univ. of Michigan, MI, US
Mr. Puddy contains information and a photo gallery of Mukta Augustus of Ann Arbor, a lovable Persian kitty. Also included is "Feline Friends on the Net" where folks can submit URLs to have their kitty linked to Mr.Puddy.

Novell Product Buyer's Guide
Novell, Inc, Provo, UT, US
The new edition of the Novell Buyer's Guide is now available in searchable format. This edition includes products made available by WordPerfect, the Novell Applications Group.

Critiques of Libertarianism
Mike Huben, Cambridge, MA, US
This page contains the "Non-Libertarian FAQ" and various other resources for those who argue with libertarians. The viewpoints represented are an eclectic mix of pragmatist, humanist, socialist, anarchist, liberal, etc.

Microsp Home page
Micro Solution Peripherals, Daly City, CA, US
Hyperlinked pages to help navigate the Internet. Includes Bay Area home pages and news about what's new and special at Micro Solution Peripherals.

Youth With A Mission
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is an international movement of Christians from many denominations dedicated to presenting Jesus Christ personally to this generation, to mobilizing as many as possible to help in this task, and to the training and equipping of believers for their part in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19).

The Romanian WWW Home Page
The Romanian WWW Home Page has changed its address. The new address is: http://www.info.polymtl.ca:8001/zuse/tavi/www/Romania.html

Hampshire College
Academic & Administrative Computing, Amherst, MA, US
Hampshire College's WWW server information is for everyone in the Hampshire community, including students, faculty, staff, and alums. Come look at our current events, our campus map, what's new in the library art gallery, our 5-college searchable on-line course catalog, and contributions from students.

Elsevier Science Server
Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
From Elsevier Science, the scientific communications branch of Reed Elsevier, comes this server, which includes the Elsevier Science Internet Catalogue of journals and books, information about TULIP - The University Licensing Program, a research project Elsevier Science is performing with nine universities in the USA, and the proceedings of the May 1994 WWW'94 Conference.

Career Magazine
National Career Search, Boulder, CO, US
A comprehensive, online career resource, free to job seekers, human resource managers and career-minded professionals around the world. Features include a searchable database of current job openings from all over the Internet, employer profiles, an interactive discussion area, and articles relevant to job searching and the workplace environment. Career Magazine is being hosted by The Internet Plaza.

Semiconductor Subway
MIT, Cambridge, MA, US
A compendium of links to semiconductor and microsystems related information, including fabrication facilities, research activities, standards work, conferences, and organizations. Of special interest is technology computer aided design, VLSI, and microelectromechanical systems. This service is provided as part of research at the MIT EZLN Info
Swarthmore, PA, US
As the inaugurations of Zedillo and Robledo arrive, you may want to check out the EZLN Info Page, providing information on the goings-on in southern Mexico via Zapatista communiques, news articles, and other sources. Some neat photos, too.

The Auditor General of Canada's 1994 Annual Report
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Full text version of the 1994 Annual Report to the House of Commons. Assistance in preparing this service was provided by Phoenix Systems Synectics.

Monday, 12 December 1994

Homes & Land Electronic Magazine
Homes & Land Publishing Corp., Tallahhassee, FL, US
This is the latest and most exciting way to search for your dream home. You can access properties for sale both locally and nationally, and sort the database to meet your needs for location, price, home features, real estate company and listing agent. Agent biographies are available for your review.

University of Illinois College of Communications
Urbana, IL, US
Information about the academic programs, courses, and faculty at the College of Communications, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

HeadFirst--WebWare for Boarders
HeadFirst Snowgear, US
The first snowboarding shop on the Web. Be the first at your favorite halfpipe to wear the only snowboarding T-shirts, caps and woolies available on the Web. For more information, contact: info@headfirst.com.

Oracle FAQ
RMIT Business Faculty, Melbourne, Victoria, AU
A list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to the Oracle database software, as written by David Bath.

NYW Woodshops Franchises
NYW Workshops, Inc., Danville, CA, US
NYW Woodshops sell tools, kits, plans, equipment and supplies, provide training, offer seminars, and rent shop time to members. Stop by their home page to learn more about this unique franchise business offering.

Weeds World
Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre, Nottingham, UK
The first edition of the International Arabidopsis Newsletter, Weeds World, has just hit the electronic newsstand. It contains formatted articles with embedded color images, conference information and Stock Centre updates. It is available from the above site in Nottingham and two others: MGH, Boston, USA and NAL, MD, USA.

Iona Technologies
Dublin, IE
Not a lot of people know what an Orb is! Check out our home page to find out about Orbix, our CORBA compliant Object Request Broker (ORB).

Coraopolis, PA, US
A non-profit organization with corporate membership from the leading SGML companies. Our web server provides information on SGML and the companies that support this international standard.

Theoretical Isochrones
Astronomical Observatory, Padova, Italy
The large grid of theoretical isochrones of the Padova Stellar Evolution group is now available via the WWW server of the Astronomical Observatory of Padova. These isochrones are derived for various chemical compositions from stellar models computed with the recent radiative opacities by Iglesias et al. (1992).

Kansai-Net, Kyoto, Japan
The Kansai-WWW site is intended to provide information on what's happening in science, technology and leisure in the Kansai area of Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe). It is constructed and mantained by the subscribers of kansai-net, a mailing list of scientists and technologists operating or with interests in the Kansai area.

Learned NewsWire
Learned NewsWire, UK
The latest edition of the Learned NewsWire includes reports on the sale of Mead Data Central, new European services, happenings at the Financial Times, the takeover of IAC by Thompson, and the settlement between CAS and Dialog. The release of the Learned NewsWire 1.6 coincides with this year's Online Information 94, December 6-8 in London.

Library Information
Heriot-Watt University Library, Edinburgh, UK
Information about the Library, its collections, and services, with many links to resources of interest. Includes the Internet Resources Newsletter, a monthly electronic publication about the Internet.

Organization and Management Theory
St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
The OMT Division of the Academy of Management. The Academy is the largest association of Management professors in the world. The purpose of the OMT Home Page is to foster communication and to serve as an information resource to Organization scholars worldwide.

Phase3 Software
Ventura, CA, US
The Windows Tech Journal 1993 Startech Award winner for product excellence. Phase3 is a Windows Application Development Environment that allows you to develop top-quality applications in record time. So if you program Windows in either C or Pascal, be sure to take a look!

Telecommunications Department at BGSU
Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH, US
This server is provided as a public service by the faculty and students of the Department of Telecommunications at Bowling Green State University. It houses information on radio, television, cable television, and media-related networking. We especially seek to add references to broadcast-related WWW sites and electronic media job and internship opportunities.

Technical Research Centre of Finland
Technical Research Centre of Finland, Helsinki, Espoo, FI
Research and development work, services, publications, international activities, staff and news of a contract research centre VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Forward Progress: Progressive Rock Music Archive
The Reverend, College Station, TX, US
An independently run music archive for people interested in progressive rock (e.g., bands like Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd, IQ, King Crimson, Genesis, etc.), featuring playlists and downloadable music. Download entire songs; email the bands. (Songs also available via gopher: tam2000.tamu.edu)

Britannica Online Inc.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, Chicago, IL, US
Encyclopædia Britannica is conducting a beta program with its Internet product, Britannica Online. The program offers registered participants access to Britannica Online in exchange for a series of evaluations. Britannica Online contains the latest version of the Encyclopædia Britannica, including essential graphics and illustrations, the 1994 Britannica Book of the Year, the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, and links to related Internet resources.

Biological, Agricultural and Medical Resources
Univ. of Calif., Riverside, Riverside, CA, US
Over 500 resources in biology, agriculture and medicine have been described and included in the Infomine hypertext database. You are invited by the library at U.C. Riverside to suggest resources for inclusion.

The Jerome Johnson Collection
Internet Presence & Publishing, Inc., Norfolk, VA, US
Jerome Johnson, noted artist in Washington D.C., has established his online art gallery. Currently on display are his series of pen and ink prints.

East Lansing, MI, US
A forum for do-it-yourself culture in the realms of music and that wacky, ever-so-popular thing called "punk rawwwk," for lack of a better term. Links to other related sites are available through NRRRDNET, a collective of small independent label owners, zine editors, and columnists. Photos, audio clips from Lookout! Records and other indie labels ready for your perusal.

CHIANTI: a series of Limited Edition Prints
Peri Hankey, UK
An exhibition of limited edition prints reproduced from Peri Hankey's own original pastels of Tuscan countryside.

Microchip Technology Inc.
World's leading manufacturer of high speed RISC microcontrollers and serial EEPROM memory. Services include company info, sales office, representative, and distributor directories, software updates, application notes, and instructions for obtaining samples.

Asia Online
SilkRoute Ventures Pte Ltd, Singapore
Asia Online is an Internet publishing service committed to enabling companies in Asia to compete in the global electronic frontier. One of our first offerings is ConventionASIA, which plays host to a number of exhibitions in Asia on the WWW.

Virtual Blues Brews
Ron Lear, Johns Hopkins Univ., Columbia, MD, US
This is a test market for a new virtual brewery service on the Internet.

Phoenix Polymers Home Page
Fitchburg, MA, US
A compounder of proprietary engineering thermoplastics. Of interest to all is Phoenix's "Polymer Resource List" including polymer businesses, academia, safety and toxicity plastics engineering, and Polymer miscellania.

City of Saint Paul, Minnesota
City of Saint Paul Department of Public Works, Saint Paul, MN, US
Information about the city, including information about (or pointers to) library services, city council agendas and minutes, and public works information. Also local activities such as sports schedules, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, and all other major Saint Paul activities. Eventually, city ordinances, city job postings, and much other city information will be online.

The Electronic Visual Arts Journal (eva)
University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada
eva is a cyberspace forum dedicated to the exploration of the electronic visual arts. We seek developments, ideas, artists and investigators interested in and participating in the visual arts.

Star Trek Conference
On Ramp, Inc., New York, NY, US
William Shatner and Patrick Stewart invite you to join them on December 11th (Stardate 9412.11) in the world's first Star Conference, sponsored by Future Call. The Star Conference will allow you to listen via telephone to a live 45 - 60 minute conversation between Star Trek legends William Shatner and Patrick Stewart. Created by On Ramp, Inc. for cybernauts everywhere.

Student Organizations at Georgia Tech
LCC 3020 class project, Atlanta, GA, US
See what the Ramblin' Wrecks are up to. Check out the student organizations at Georgia Tech. Highlights include WREK Radio 91.1, Musicians Network home page, Yellow Jacket Flying Club, and Student Government.

Addicted To Noise
IUMA (The Internet Underground Music Archive) and Rolling Stone contributing editor/Wired contributing writer Michael Goldberg are proud to announce a new rock & roll magazine exclusively available on the Internet via WWW.

International Shakespeare Globe Centre
International Shakespeare Globe Centre, Cologne, Germany
If you are interested in the progress of London's Globe Theatre reconstruction or if you'd like to know more about the "International Shakespeare Globe Centre," come visit us. Since this site is quite new, most of the information is under construction. You can look at links to Shakespeare-related sites on the Internet and see photos and drawings of the new Globe.

Celebrity Stamps from the International Collectors Society
International Collectors Society, Owings Mill, MD, US
Rare and colorful stamps from around the world are now available on-line from the International Collectors Society. These are limited edition, legal tender postage stamps including nine stamp commemorative sheets depicting Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, as well as single commemoratives of John Lennon and James Dean. The stamps are shown actual size and in full color.

Department of Aerospace Engineering
University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Still the only Department of Aerospace Engineering in Scotland, educating undergraduate and graduate students in the professional study of Aerospace Engineering.

Government Information Resources
Univ. of Calif., Riverside, Riverside, CA, US
A unique showcase for more than 350 Federal, California and regional resources. These are described in-depth and are accessible through their hypertext search engine. Users are encouraged to suggest resources for inclusion.

Shicho Communications Consulting
San Francisco, CA, US
A consulting firm specializing in Internet connections. Shicho operates a WWW Electronic Storefront. Shicho is also using its WWW presence to explore the future of electronic publishing with its one-of-a-kind Collaborative Publishing project!

Chemical Engineering at Northwestern University
Evanston, IL, US
Information about the Chemical Engineering department at Northwestern University, geared towards prospective graduate students; and information about the research activities of the faculty, including selected recent publications.

Lamp Technology, Inc.
A full range of replacement light bulbs and specialty lamps at below discounted prices. We stock over 10,000 bulb types. Highlighted at our web site are halogens, energy saving bulbs, LED's, projection lamps and medical bulbs. You can order online or by calling our toll-free number for a quick 2-day response on most orders.

Software Technology Parks of India
Software Technology Parks of India, Hyderabad, India
A non-profit organization under India's Department of Electronics. For more information, visit this site.

Berkeley, CA, US
A hyperzine of writing, art, and new media featuring criticism, fiction, poetry, philosophy, hypertexts, computer graphics, interactive artforms, scanned photography, and drawings. We are actively seeking new metaphors for the dissemination and sharing of creative work. For more information, see our complete Statement of Purpose.

18th Congress of European Accounting Association
University Of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
Each year the EAA organizes a major congress of accountants, both professional and academic, from all over the world. The next congress is to be held in Birmingham, UK, on 10-12 May, 1995. These pages give delegate and participant information for the congress, contain the second call for papers, and provide details about the city of Birmingham and the ICC.

The Long Island Web Site
Stelcom, Inc., NY, US
An extensive online travelogue, information and photographs to help plan your visit, vacation and business on Long Island. Future growth will include more material about local businesses and shops, as well as some of the unique restaurants and hotspots. Discover the undiscovered island... Long Island!

National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation
NCEMSF, Georgetown, Washington, DC
NCEMSF promotes communication between campus emergency medical service groups throughout the country. Based at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., NCEMSF has recently added a WWW page and listserv, both maintained at Indiana University. As of November, 1994, the group boasted membership of over 60 campus EMS groups.

Univ. of Calif., Riverside, Riverside, CA, US
Web server and home pages for the library of the University of California, Riverside. This resource offers a hypertext database and search engine that has been created to provide ease of use and access to Internet/Web resources. This approach provides a gentle introduction to the use of WWW while effectively showcasing selected resources.

University of Essex Karate Club Homepage
Colchester, Essex, UK
The most comprehensive source of karate/martial arts related information on the net. We welcome martial-arts related submissions for inclusion in the page: email to hendm@essex.ac.uk . All documents are HTML format (no boring text files here ;))

The Isaacs/Inuit Gallery
Fox-Novator Systems Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sculptures, drawings, wall hangings and other original works by internationally celebrated Inuit (Eskimo) artists. This display represents the work of an extended community of artists located throughout the vast Canadian Arctic. It is now available for your review and purchase from anywhere in the world via the Web.

NetManage, Cupertino, CA, US
The NetManage home page has product information about the Chameleon line of TCP/IP software for Windows PCs. Also included is information on NetManage's newest application, WebSurfer, a WWW client. There is also a Jump Points section to interesting places on the Web.

Robert P. Davis Architects
Houston, TX, US
Engaged in the general practice of architecture in the Gulf-Coast region (TX, LA, MS) of the U.S. We are seeking to develop or discover interactive design tools to extend the range of CAD simulation beyond simple visualization.

The United States Naval Academy Computer Science Dept.
Annapolis, MD, US
We are a CSAB accredited department offering a B.S. degree in Computer Science.

East Bay Municipal Utility District
Oakland, CA, US
East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) serves water to 1.2 million customers and provides wastewater treatment for 600,000 customers residing in Alameda and Contra Costa counties in California. EBMUD's Home Page describes our mission, organization, and major activities with more than a dozen off-line images. A "jump station" to other water-related servers is also provided.

IBM Personal Computers
Dedicated to IBM's complete line of Personal Computer offerings, including desktop PC, server, ThinkPad and aftermarket products, and the new Personal Computer 700 and 300 series. At this site, you can find product descriptions, announcements, press releases, support functions, and a comprehensive file library.

NEMETON - The Shamen's WWW Server
The Shamen/DRC Internet, London, UK
Information about the UK band, The Shamen, with sound and video samples, etc. There is also a resource guide for shamanism and a link to The Nemeton Bar, a real-time discussion space.

SPS Beer Stuff, Homebrew Supplies by Mail
Cedar Rapids, IA, USA
Offering a wide variety of equipment and supplies for making your own great tasting beer at home! Check out our WWW catalog.

University of Bologna Computer Science
University of Bologna, Bologna, IT
Links to the laboratory staff and their research activity including technical reports.

Fair Play magazine
Independently produced, Los Angeles, CA, US
Fair Play is a Mosaic magazine devoted to information and research relating to President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

Sun On Demand
Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, MD, US
Sun on Demand, the Baltimore Sun's research library, provides research services for a fee, and sells reprints, photo reprints, front pages and two consumer computer disks. The Web site has a form users can fill out to order, or if they're wary of transactions over the Net they can just mail or call.

UW-Madison Med. School, Madison, WI, US
The Medical School Administration MIS Departmental WWW Server.

The European Cartoon Arts Network, Brighton, UK
The official server of the European Cartoon Arts Network, providing news and information about cartoon events and examples of work by organisation members. Server space provided by Pavilion Internet. [PICK OF THE WEEK]

The Naval Academy Cross Country Team
The USNA Cross Country Team, Annapolis, MD, US
At Navy we don't just train to run...we train to lead!

Spanish Film Studies Program
University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
For information about this film studies program, visit this site. To learn more about an international seminar titled "The New Spanish Cinema" on July 17-28, 1995, check the page for the film history journal, FILM-HISTORIA published by the Centre for Cinematic Research.

Lynnwood, WA, US
Dealernet is the place to shop for a car on the Internet. It is a complete information site of all automobile manufacturers and their dealers, new cars, new trucks, and service repair manuals and parts catalogs, all organized in an easy-to-find fashion.

The Univ. of Mich. Electron Microbeam Analysis Lab
Ann Arbor, MI, US
A description of the equipment available in the EMAL, a user-facility that is dedicated to the microstructural and microchemical analysis of materials, both organic and inorganic. The laboratory is managed by John F. Mansfield, an Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the U of M.

Parallel Computing Archive at HENSA Unix
University of Kent at Canterbury, England
A large, fully indexed archive of software and documents about parallel and high-performance computing. The WWW interface to the archive has recently been enhanced and recent changes include a hierarchical tree of sites by continent, region, country and organisation type and an updated HPC Vendors link page.

ICS DeweyWeb
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
An experiment in "global" education sponsored by Interactive Communications & Simulations (ICS) and U.Michigan. The mission of DeweyWeb is to not only serve information to students, but also attempt to provide them a chance to contribute their own observations and findings. active learning.

Gulf of Mexico Program Information Network
Martin Marietta Technical Services, Research Triangle Park, NC, US
Partnership of various state and federal agencies in the Gulf of Mexico region working to protect, restore, and enhance the Gulf ecosystem. Home page is available on the EPA Public Access Server.

Take The Cake, Inc. - Mail Order Gift Desserts
Baltimore, MD, US
Just in time for the holidays...a catalog of delicious mail-order items, information about the company and products, and a facility to order cakes on-line.

Oceania: The New Country
Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, US
Files related to Oceania, a new country. You may get the constitution and laws and information on related books such as The Atlantis Papers and The Millennial Project. View true color pictures of Oceania or back issues of the Oceania Oracle. Animations of Oceania and information on how to receive an Oceania passport.

Virtual Audio
Innovative Systems Design, Salt Lake City, UT, US
This new Internet music preview service is dedicated to jazz, New Age, contemporary instrumental, electronic, and other types of classically inspired and alternative music. Virtual Audio allows you to sample music from many popular CDs.

The StoneYard - Natural Stone Products
Croteau & Sons, Groton, MA, US
The StoneYard is the Internet's first provider of hand-cut, crafted, polished, and engraved natural stone products such as granite, marble, bluestone, slate, limestone, fieldstone, and others. Our fine products include granite wall clocks, marble desk ornaments, and slate wall hangings, each personalized with your name or other text. We ship daily to destinations around the world.

Philip Greenspun, Cambridge, MA, US
Footsteps is the long-awaited sequel to Travels with Samantha, which won a Best of the Web '94 for Philip Greenspun. Highlights of this "Boston to Los Alamos and back" travelogue, illustrated with 400 JPEGs, include the New Orleans Zoo, a visit to the U.S.'s only concentration camp for Jews, photographs of New England fall foliage, images of Graceland that have yet to attract Elvis's lawyers, New Orleans nightlife, and more.

Oneida Indian Nation Home Page
Oneida Indian Nation of NY., NY, US
Oneida's home page includes the following additions: The Treaties Project to make US-Native treaties available on the Internet (comments encouraged), monthly museum exhibits and little known historical facts. Also includes the Oneida Indian Language Project, (audio samples of a dynamic language), press releases, links to other sites and a tour of the Nation.

Franklin Institute Virtual Science Museum
Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA, US
The "Virtual Science Museum" offers visitors a host of resources for science education as well as general information about the museum and its programs. Be sure to visit our "virtual exhibits" about Ben Franklin and The Heart. These multimedia presentations support learning through inquiry-based exploration.

Saturday, 10 December 1994

Safety Products International
Safety Products International, Berkeley, CA, US
A full online catalogue of safety products, including home alarm systems, motion detectors, car alarms, car emergency kits, child tracking systems and more.

Enternet Skateboarding
Enternet Communications, US
Enternet Communications' new server supplies skateboarding photos and movies to interested parties. Skaters featured include Tony Hawk, Willie Santos, Jeremy Klein, Steve Berra, Omar Hassan, and others.

Montana Natural Heritage Program
Helena, MT, US
The Montana Natural Heritage Program (MTNHP) systematically collects information on Montana's biological features, emphasizing threatened, endangered, or sensitive plants, animals, and plant communities. Information is maintained in a system of over 30 computer databases which are linked to topographic maps and manual files.

Demographic Research Laboratory
Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, US
Western Washington U. maintains a long-held commitment to demography as a field of teaching and research. In particular, Western stands out in its demographic training and research opportunities for undergraduates. The Demographic Research Laboratory, in operation since 1974, represents Western's support for the oldest and most basic of all the social sciences.

Air Waves Travel
Air Waves Travel, Chicago, IL, US
H-O-T Fax (sm) Vacation Specials. Every day, last minute vacation specials are faxed to our offices and every day, we bring these specials to you -- Hot Off The FAX! All you have to do is choose your special dream vacation deal and then let us know, we'll do the rest.

ContentWare, Inc., New York, NY, US
ContentWare announces the creation of the largest audio and graphically enriched electronic mall on the Internet. Multimedia content from JCPENNY, Spiegel, Sara Lee Direct, FTD Direct, Artistic Greetings, Marshall Field's, San Francisco Music Box, and more are now available.

Werbal: Advertising Agency
Berne, CH
Information about the agency, the services provided, and a 7-point interactive article for marketing specialists to get involved in company communications in global networks. Werbal: is the first full-service advertising agency in Switzerland offering these services as well as overnight translations from English to German for U.S. clients.

The Human-Languages Page
Tyler Jones, Salem, OR, US
The Web's foremost collection of language-related links, with 120 links to over 45 different languages (so far). Resources include language lessons/tutorials, online dictionaries, news reports available in several different languages, links to literature/document collections on the Internet, and much more. New links are always welcome.

Fleet House: Canada
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Fleet House Electronic Publications presents Fleet House: Canada, the Canadian travel magazine. This publication contains comprehensive information on Canadian destinations, facilities and services. A must-read for prospective leisure or business travelers to Canada.

Dr. Tomorrow Home Page
21st Century Media Corporation, Bellingham, WA, US
The home page of the world-famous futurist Frank Ogden. Here you will find some of his predictions for the future, details about him, and information on his CD-ROM and post-Gutenberg books. There is also a new art gallery featuring Tricia Kittridge! Come check us out.

Cayman Systems, Inc.
Woburn, MA, US
Our Web server provides customers with access to sales, marketing and support resources for product information, pricing, and problem resolution.

Motion Knowledge Systems Ltd., San Jose, CA, US
The Internet companion for the quality management professional, providing access to useful information about daily quality management issues. The subjects deal with ISO 9000, total quality management, Baldrige, online documentation systems, and hypertext development.

Guide to Stars and Galaxies
University of Bradford, Bradford, UK
A guide to the stars and galaxies. The guide has been converted from a popular multimedia CDROM (with permission) and is rich in graphics and audio.

Go Media Inc.
Austin, TX, US
We provide graphic design services for both print-based and online venues. Most recently, we've put our friends at Whole Foods Market online. We feature dazzling graphics (that load quickly) created by design professionals and pithy discussions of online design issues. Come see the evolution of our logo and leave a message in our bottle.

The Roslin Institute
Roslin, Midlothian, SCOTLAND, UK
A major centre for research on the molecular and quantitative genetics of farm animals, containing genome databases for pig and chicken, and featuring dynamically generated linkage and cytogenetic maps. The genome workstation provides a convenient gateway to other genome resources.

Boston Professional Alliance
Boston Professional Alliance, Boston, MA, US
The BPA is an organization of gay & lesbian professionals in the Greater Boston area. The web pages offer our latest newsletter, information on how to join our mailing list, and a growing set of hyper-links to resources of value to the gay and lesbian professional community.

Mortal Kombat
London, UK
Dedicated to everything that is Mortal Kombat. There are FAQs for the arcade and all home versions of the game as well as info, news, a picture archive, film information and even a gossip section.

The Washington DC City Pages
1 zer0 Systems, Rockville, MD, US
The largest Internet source of information on Washington, D.C., area-based business and entertainment services. This guide contains information on literally hundreds of services, events, and announcements that are going on in and around the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.

Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Over 3,000 images of classical architecture and sculpture have now joined the existing 5,800 works (dealing with prints as well as architecture and sculpture) on ArtServe. The new images are currently accessible with or without inline thumbnails, 50 records per page, and a database interface to them should be available by Christmas.

Village League Sports
Looking for the perfect gift for your sports-lover? Village League Sports has the cap for you. They sell licensed fitted caps for pro and college teams. Their collection features New Era and Pro-Line Traditions, in authentic and original designs. Brought to you by the Branch Online Mall.

IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology
Raleigh, NC, US
The IEEE SSIT's scope includes such issues as environmental, health and safety impacts of technology, engineering ethics, and social issues related to energy, information technology and telecommunications. The SSIT publishes a quarterly journal, IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, and periodically sponsors The International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS).

Digital Ark
Irenyx Data Group Inc., Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
Digital Ark is a comprehensive, full-featured Internet service provider located in beautiful Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island's east coast. It is the official sponsor of the 1995 B.C. Winter Games.

Tazz BBS Mexico
Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
An independent sytem running at the Universidad Vercruzana, Mexico, showing information about the local artistic, scientific and cultural activities.

Neuilly sur Seine, France
Internet-Way is a full-service Internet access provider in France. Our Web server is comprehensive, primarily oriented toward business and navigating on the Internet, and is offered both in English and in French.

Net Guru Technologies, Inc.
Aurora, IL, US
A leading provider of hands on training in the network and client-server systems areas. We offer courses in high speed networks, ATM, Frame Relay, TCP/IP, Unix internetworking, Novell internetworking, Windows/NT internetworking, client server computing, etc. Get complete details on all classes, including who should attend, course contents and schedules. Register on the Web and get $50 off.

The Internet Congress on Biomedical Science '94
Mie University School of Medicine, Tsu, Mie 514, JP
The world congress will be held on the WWW from December 7 to 17, 1994. One hundred and thirty posters of biomedical researches are exhibited at the congress. We are looking forward to receiving your comments on the posters.

University Hospital
University Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada
We provide general information about University Hospital -- information about its people and programs. Look for more to come in the future!

Sonoma County Wine Country
Sonoma County Wineries Association, Monrovia, CA, US
Global Exposure Network, Inc. (GENinc) announces this online home of the Sonoma County Wineries Association. You will find information about the Sonoma County Wine Country as well as a calendar of events for the Sonoma County Wine and Visitors Center, and many area wineries.

How-To Videos
Lighthouse Productions, US
A large selection of how-to videos for every need at very low prices. Part of the Netcenter.

Andrew II Projects
Computing Services, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Information about the Andrew II series of projects which are replacing much of the distributed computing infrastructure on the Andrew System at Carnegie Mellon University.

Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, US
New publications and software, in addition to an ongoing series of research reports.

Single-User, ISDN Router
Ascend Communications, San Mateo, CA, US
On November 7, 1994, Ascend Communications released the industry's highest function ISDN router for under $1,000 -- a new, much lower price for this class of commercial applications. Complete details have been placed on Ascend's Internet Home Pages.

Swiss Scientific Computing Center
Nicole Vecchi, Manno, Ticino, Switzerland
The Swiss Scientific Computing Center, also known as the Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico (CSCS), is Switzerland's national scientific computing center. CSCS is affiliated with the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETHZ), and its primary mission is to provide Switzerland with high-performance computing resources and the expertise to exploit these resources.

Cinvestav-IPN at Mexico City
Mexico City, D.F., Mexico
Cinvestav-IPN is an important Mexican institution devoted to research and postgraduate education in all areas of knowledge. The center is formed by 13 academic departments at its main campus, plus 4 provincial units, hosting a population of more than 400 professors plus students and support personnel. Information on its goals and research lines, as well as links to other departmental home pages, newsletters, local bulletins and available online services are provided.

Microwave Telecommunication and Remote Sensing Technology
Delft University, Delft, NL
The laboratory was founded in 1966 as the Microwave Laboratory. The main body of research is in the scope of one of the following projects: microwave components, integrated optics, antennas and propagation, radar systems and radar networking and active microwave remote sensing technology.

CineMedia Site
School of Film and Media, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia
The CineMedia Site, at Griffith University, has finally arrived on the WWW!

Computer Science Dept., Laval University
Laval University, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Information about the department, students, research activities, technical papers and programs offered.

North Carolina Quality Furniture
N.C. Quality Furniture, Hickory, NC, US
Literature and information describing products of 100 manufacturers of name brand furniture from across North Carolina.

Sofcom Distributors, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Home shopping catalogues from many companies. Includes gadgets, wine, environmentally friendly products etc. Also includes information providers, non-profits, and information about Australia such as festivals and tourism. An excellent site for sending Christmas gifts to friends and relatives in Australia.

Todd & Holland - Tea Merchants
River Forest, IL, US
Todd & Holland Tea Merchants are merchants of choice, rare loose leaf teas to serious tea drinkers worldwide. Their approach to the tea business reflects its merchant heritage and its dedication to personalized customer relationships. A listing of their excellent loose leaf teas is online, plus an order form to order direct! Explore their incredible savory and exotic flavors. From the Branch Online Mall.

University Hospital
University Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada
General information about the hospital, its people, and its programs, along with a handy map showing how to get to us, and a searchable email address list.

The Survey Opinion Research Software
Cybernetic Solutions Company, Salt Lake City, UT, US
The Survey opinion or attitude research software for the PC helps create a questionnaire, facilitates data entry or online interviewing, and produces summary reports with proper statistics.

Physiology and Biophysics Department
Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
The Department of Physiology and Biophysics server contains information about faculty research and graduate student studies and provides a weekly calendar of health science-related research seminars and other events in the department and elsewhere at the University of Washington. Links to other Web servers at the university are also provided.

The Robert O. Anderson Schools of Management
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, US
Home page of the University of New Mexico's business schools. Find out the latest news on the schools, their programs and opportunities. Also included are various business/research resources.

5-D Stereograms
Blue Mountain Arts, US
Stereograms on the World Wide Web! Blue Mountain Arts includes three examples that can be viewed from your Web browser. You can also place orders for 5-D(tm) stereogram prints and books.

Pacific HiTech's WWW Server
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Peruse PHT's on-line art gallery of computer-generated, computer-enhanced, and photographic images; enter your own image in PHT's image contest (and have it displayed in the art gallery!); get information about PHT's CD-ROM titles; or download graphics, Linux, or Macintosh files from PHT's anonymous FTP site.

David Blair/Tom Meyer, Univ. Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, US
Waxweb presents the entire feature film "Wax or the discovery of television among the bees" in English, Japanese, French, and German. Visitors can instantly add true hypertext/media to the site. Thousands of stills, hundreds of audio and video clips.

IDC Government
Falls Church, VA, US
Provides information services on information technology to users and planners in federal, state, and local governments. The server contains information about IDCG, links to government information servers, and more.

Environment Canada - Atlantic Region
Environment Canada, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
A wide variety of regional and national environmental information, including weather, regional and national programs, publications, frequently asked questions, regional experts' phone numbers, publications available to order, and documents covering biodiversity, ecoaction, state of the environment, pollution prevention and regulation.

Griffin Chocolates
San Francisco, CA, US
Griffin Chocolates is now online, displaying their fine chocolates. They are promoting several of their chocolates and truffles, with colorful pictures, pricing, and online ordering capabilities! Griffin Chocolates use only the finest European chocolate and are beautifully wrapped. Perfect for gift-giving year 'round! Brought to you by the Branch Online Mall.

Melges 24: Hottest New One-Design Sailboat
Melges Boatworks, WI, US
Sailors interested in high-performance, one-design boats should check out this homepage, which includes features and specs, plus photos of Melges 24's in action.

Virtual Italy
Ducky Sherwood, US
Virtual Italy provides pointers to information about the country and its regions, cities, currency, language, literature, and culture.

Electronics and Systems Department (DES)
University of La Coruna, La Coruna, Galicia, Spain
General information about the department, including research lines and courses. There's also an interesting virtual visit to our region (Galicia) with pictures, sounds and videos.

Telematrix.Com - World Telecommunications Central
Nyack, NY, US
Telematrix announces the addition of D-Link Systems to our server. Information about D-Link's complete line of networking products as well as a special offer for free ethernet NICs, is also available.

The Faculty of Science - University of Technology, Sydney
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Information on the undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as research profiles and information from various departments and centers. The server is also home to the Sydney homepage, which contains images and information about the city of Sydney.

Mortgage Strategies
Save money and lower the term of your mortgage with the Mortgage Savings Program. We will analyze your mortgage for free and show you how much you can save by converting it to a bi-weekly payment schedule.

Goddard Space Flight Center Library
Information Management Division, Greenbelt, MD, US
The hierarchy of the pages is similar to the physical layout of Goddard's library. The pages are new to the web and we would welcome any comments. TIA. :-) The pages are suitable for any graphical WWW browser and should support Lynx quite well too.

Intelligent Market Analytics, Inc.
InfoPlace, San Jose, CA, US
Offering a full range of Expert Systems (AI) software to help investors develop and implement their strategic trading ideas effectively. You can download demos, manuals and software binaries.

OutNOW! Newspaper
San Jose, CA, US
Online version of the biweekly newspaper for Northern California's gay/lesbian/bisexual community and friends. Includes a regional resource guide, Jim Drew's editorial cartoons about current gay issues, and some stories not in the print version. The newspaper neither solicits nor accepts sexually explicit material or advertising.

Alladin's Sailing & Yachting Web Sites
Aladdin, Southampton, England
From Aladdin come two new sites for anyone interested in boats: the first online yacht brokerage up and running from Carl Phillips Yachting, and a general sailing section with items about the Royal Ocean Racing Club, the Royal Yachting Association, the Junior Offshore Group and others.

Bob "Dr. Macintosh" LeVitus Pages
Quadralay Corporation, Austin, Texas, US
Quadralay Corporation is proud to announce Bob "Dr. Macintosh" LeVitus' WWW Pages. Come explore information on your favorite MacWeek/MacUser Editor including demonstration versions of some of his books.

Ames Area Amateur Astronomers
Ames, IA, US
The Ames Area Amateur Astronomers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational and scientific organization. Our home page serves as a resource our members and to amateur astronomers everywhere. Our new 24-inch f/4 primary mirror will be part of our new remotely-accessible robotic observatory expected to be operational in early 1996.

Puzzle Systems - Softnet Utilities
Internet Direct of Utah, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT, US
If you don't want to waste extra money, but your users demand Netware, use your existing Unix server and emulate Netware 2.12 or 3.11.

The PLab Home Page
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel
Home page of the Programming Lab Course at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in Israel. The students of the course can find: course information, class material, exercise descriptions, links to important resources.

Rank Xerox Research Centre Web
Grenoble, France and Cambridge, UK
A new research centre with headquarters in Meylan, near Grenoble, France, and research laboratories in Meylan and in Cambridge, UK (formerly EuroPARC). Information currently available online includes projects and people at the Cambridge Lab, and a server providing access to EuroPARC technical reports.

Queen (musical group)
Hamilton, New Zealand
This site is dedicated to the proposition that "Queen" reigns. It includes discographies, guitar tablature, pictures, sounds, and articles about the members of Queen, and as with the rest of the Web, is constantly growing.

StarNine Technologies
Berkeley, CA, US
Information about StarNine's Macintosh e-mail connectivity market.

Hanover College Psychology Department
Hanover, IN, US
The department's home page has moved to this new server. We have our department handbook and Sensation and Perception Tutorials, among other items of interest.

University of Iowa Sailing Club
Iowa City, IA, US
The sailing club is one of the oldest student organizations at the University of Iowa. We are open to the public and we teach for free!

The Irish American Post Online
Ceolas, Stanford, CA, US
The Irish American Post now has an experimental online edition. The Post is the major monthly newspaper serving the Irish American community in the US midwest with local and international news. This online edition is a collaboration between the Post and the Ceolas celtic music archive.

Gourmet Coffee
Goodson Brothers', Knoxville, TN, US
Cafe Gourmet coffees bring coffee salon atmosphere into your home, and the Goodson family brings almost a century of experience in coffee roasting and cupping to our specialty coffees. Our relationships with coffee estates worldwide and leading importers enable us to procure the most exotic bean selections available. We've collected our finest specialty coffees into a gift package, and hope you will come visit us and take a look.

The Fragrance Source
View over 60 fragrances for men and women, and order direct from your screen. All fragrances are discounted, and include such popular fragrances as Anne Klein, Halston, Guess, Grey Flannel, Joop and more. Brought to you by the Branch Online Mall.

Who's On-line
International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy
A collective experiment towards a non-commercial, decentralized hyperbiographical database of people on the Internet.

Alchemy Mindworks Inc.
Beeton, Ontario, Canada
Offering some of the most popular PC DOS- and Windows-based graphics applications. Shareware demonstration versions can be downloaded directly. The page also includes a complete list of technical books by Steven William Rimmer, including Planet Internet, Bitmapped Graphics and Corel Draw It, as well as references to his fiction.

Mirical Corporation
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Enhanced Data Technology in conjunction with Mirical Corporation is pleased to introduce EnhancedView for Windows, the easy way to add photos and graphics to your system. EnhancedView is a new type of photographic management system that includes integrated image capture from video cameras or scanners, image compression, a custom report writer/publisher, and a powerful database.

Home Business Review
The Ad Box Network, Round Rock, TX, US
A monthly publication for people who own or are thinking of starting a home based business. Presented by The Ad Box Network.

Wednesday, 7 December 1994

Waterford Regional Technical College
Waterford, IE
Information about the various departments, the courses offered, and other details. Also contains information available Waterford city & events in the local area.

The Official Seattle Mariners Web
Semaphore Internet Services Corporation, Seattle, WA, US
The official Seattle Mariners Web is brought to you by Semaphore Internet Services Corporation. Stop by for up to date Mariners info, news, and spring training.

Jobs Online
C.E. Publications, Kirkland, WA, US
The best source of temporary technical job opportunities, with more contract jobs listed than any other publication of its kind in the world. If you're new to job shopping, check out Contract Employment Defined.

Speakers On-line
Star Bolt, Inc., Potomac, MD, US
The first Internet catalogue of speakers and entertainers for the meeting and conference industry. When you begin planning your next meeting or conference, look to Speakers On-line for the perfect person to fill your agenda.

Dickens Data Systems
Atlanta, GA, US
Dickens Data Systems provides quality products and services for the Unix marketplace. We play many roles in the Unix market: manufacturer, systems integrator, technology educator, software developer, and master distributer. Come visit our home page, and you'll see why Dickens Data Systems is the leading remarketer of AIX systems world-wide.

Siskind and Susser, U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law
Nashville, TN, US
Gregory Siskind and Lynn Susser practice exclusively in the area of U.S. immigration and nationality law, regularly assisting clients throughout the United States and across the world. Visit their home page to learn more about their practice, see their free newsletter on immigration law, and read their detailed question-and-answer document explaining how to enter the U.S. Green Card lottery.

GE Products and Services
GE Business Information Center, Albany, NY, US
When you need buying, technical or specifying information, we'll quickly link you with an appropriate specialist in one of GE's 12 major businesses or with a sales or distribution center. Just send e-mail to geinfo@www.ge.com.

New WWW T-shirts
TriNet Services, Cary, NC, US
WWW T-shirts available from artCentric. The perfect gift to buy through the web for your favorite web walker! Web page service provided by TriNet Services.

The Alpine Club of Canada
Canmore, Alberta, Canada
Founded in 1906, the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC), Canada's national mountaineering association, is looking forward to the 21'st century. Information regarding membership, climbing locations, etc. is available here, along with an alpine hut database and information on local chapters.

Elsevier Science
Reed Elsevier, Amsterdam, NE
The scientific communications branch of Reed Elsevier provides the Internet Catalogue of Journals and Books, information about TULIP, the University Licensing Program, the proceedings of the WWW'94 Conference (May '94, Geneva), and a number of current awareness services on diverse areas of science.

BTG Technology Systems (Formerly BDS) GSA Schedule
BTG Incorporated, Vienna, VA, US
The Federal Government and state and local governments may purchase computer-related equipment and services through BTG GSA contracts. This catalog allows users to search a database of more than 15,000 hardware and software products related to LAN, WAN, UNIX, storage and imaging solutions. BTG Technology Systems represents over 200 vendors, such as Novell, Intel, Digital Equipment Corp., Sun Microsystems, IBM.

CyberDyne CS Ltd
London, United Kingdom
A small, but hopefully expanding, collection of links to sources of job opportunities of all types from across the globe. Also contains links to three of the most well known WWW search engines, plus other useful pointers.

Society of Women Engineers
New York, NY, US
A non-profit organization that stimulates women to achieve full potential as engineers and leaders. SWE expands the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life and demonstrates the value of diversity.

Model Evaluation Consortium for Climate Assessment
Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA, US
Initial research results including graphical analyses and text discussions of model intercomparisons, as well as various impacts assessments. The Web site also contains graphical outputs from a series of regional climate simulations commissioned by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The MECCA home page is sponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute.

The Online Knitting Magazine
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Information for knitters and spinners. Extensive lists of stores and suppliers in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia; lists of knitting and spinning books; links to other online resources; reviews of knitting software; a FAQ about spinning wheels; a few patterns; and more. The page is administered by Emily Way.

Intel Scalable Systems Division
Beaverton, OR, US
Intel Scalable Systems Division (SSD) is best known for its Paragon(tm) Supercomputer products. In addition to the Paragon System, Intel SSD provides other scalable server building blocks to the computer industry, including those designed for Enterprise class servers and Interactive Multimedia servers.

Sam's Wine Warehouse
The Ravenna Consortium, Chicago, IL, US
Already catering to the worldwide market of wine connoisseurs, Sam's Wine Warehouse has extended their storefront to the World Wide Web. Using forms and your credit card, you can send your order to Sam's for immediate processing. Every two months, Sam's publishes a newsletter highlighting selected wines and other liquors, in addition to providing in-depth articles.

The OSU Department of Art Home Page
The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design, OH, US
The Ohio State University Department of Art home page has recently been updated with a cool new 3-D graphic hyperlink interface. It is currently under construction. Graduate program and application information, student and faculty artwork, gallery schedules, and links to other Web sites both within and external to OSU are planned.

BrainThrust Productions, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Dedicated to the promotion of Pittsburgh's longest running alternative band. The site contains song clips, graphics, reviews, and herbal medicine.

Analysys Ltd.
Cambridge, UK
Provides information about Analysys Ltd., Europe's Consultants in Telecommunications, our publications, services and software. We host the Comms & Telecoms section of the Virtual Library, and the EC RACE programme and TeleServ project home pages.

Digitized Image Archives System (DIAS)
Wageningen Agricultural University, Wageningen, NL
DIAS was developed by the Information and Datacommunications department to allow the university to submit (parts) of its slide collections to the internet. DIAS uses Interbase as its searchable database engine, and all images are stored in JPEG format. Currently the database contains a sample collection introducing various aspects of the University: history, student life, buildings, research, and more.

Operanetta (the first online opera)
YAV b.v YAV, Haarlem, Netherlands
On December 1, 1994, Christopher Yavelow, award-winning composer and author, launched his opera Countdown into cyberspace. Countdown was commissioned by the Boston Lyric Opera Company and went on to win first prize in the Virginia Opera Society's "New One-Act Operas" competition. Program notes, libretto, and a complete audio recording are available on this page.

Your MoM
New York, NY, US
Your MoM is pleased to announce the release of its December issue. For fun and laughs and excitement, check it out.

Apartment Relocation Service
ASK Real Estate Information Services, Silver Spring, MD, US
Need an apartment? Save time searching by using our free service. As of December 1, metropolitan areas available included Atlanta, Baltimore, Detroit, Fayetteville (NC), Greensboro (NC), Philadelphia, Raleigh, Richmond, Washington (DC), and Wilmington (NC). We'll be adding more cities soon.

DNA To Dinosaurs
Field Museum of Natural History, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago, IL
Come experience the exhibit that was millions of years in the making! DNA To Dinosaurs, an online exhibit featuring audio, video, animation and dinosaurs!

International Soccer Results Server
Bob Pack & Kenn Gaither, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Do you like soccer? Are you away from your home country and starving for information from home? We have attempted to bring you a soccer server that contains results from all over the world (50 countries to date). Connect and be quickly reminded that soccer is indeed a worldwide game.

Street Cents Online
Cochran Interactive Incorporated, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Street Cents Online is a new WWW site to help teenagers be tough consumers. Different products and services are evaluated every week and added to the site, drawing on the research of the award-winning Canadian TV series. Visitors can also join a discussion group about teenage consumer issues/experiences, participate in research projects through an online questionnaire, and have a chance to win a Street Cents T-Shirt.

Lighthouse Productions, US
Links to thousands of other very useful places such as the new Movie Center, the Dating Center, How-To Videos, Special Gift Items, the Official Roadmap to the Information Superhighway, the Electronic Bookstore, the Netcenter Mall, Comedy Center and much much more. Come and let us be the hub of your universe!

Tech Image
Palatine, IL, US
A marketing communications and public relation firm serving OEMs in the computer hardware, software, interactive and telecom markets. Capabilities include traditional and electronic public relations, marketing support, collateral development and multimedia presentations. Tech Image clients include Ameritech, Baxter Healthcare Corp., the Interactive Multimedia Association, Optibase and VCON.

Mercyhurst College
Erie, PA, US
Information about Mercyhurst College's campus and programs, and information of interest to the community and the city of Erie. Links are provided to information in the areas of physics, astronomy, and science in general.

Cinenet Communications
Santa Monica, CA, US
Cinenet Communications is a commercial WWW publisher and provider serving the entertainment community. Check out our latest page, featuring music and images from the band Green Jelly; GWEB , a non-profit zine on Computer Graphics; and an interview with Carl Rosendahl of Pacific Data Images.

1995 Farm Bill Extension Papers
IANR, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, US
Agricultural economists from many of the land grant universities in the US have prepared thirty-two leaflets related to the 1995 farm bill. These leaflets provide an extensive amount of background and analysis of current issues that will be debated as the legislation is formalized.

Networked Resources for Fire Protection
National Assoc. of Fire Equipment Distributors, Chicago, IL, US
NAFED, the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors, announces the publication of its WWW Home Page for the Fire Protection Industry, featuring links to other online fire protection resources and a library of downloadable publications.

Finite Systems Consulting Online Information Service
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Finite Systems Consulting provides its corporate clients with a broad range of Internet-related services, including connectivity, training, security, and publishing services. Their server contains information on all of FSC's services, including ACM SIGAda
ACM Special Interest Group on the Ada programming language
Information on the SIGAda organization, including the many different working groups within SIGAda. You'll find information on topics such as bindings, software standards, reuse, performance issues, artificial intelligance, and Ada, just to name a few.

Seattle, WA, US
We offer Web document authoring, graphics design, and illustration. Internet friendly.

Santa's North Pole WorkShop
North Pole Productions, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Santa's North Pole Workshop is now online. Children the world over may receive a message from Santa, his elves or his reindeer. The weather report for the North Pole is also available. Children may also send letter to Santa via santa@northpole.net. All letters will receive a response.

Diana Kane and Co.
TAG Systems, Inc., New York, NY, US
The TAG Online Mall presents the unique jewelry collection of Diana Kane & Co. See her new crystal collection , gold Balinese necklaces , sterling silver collection, and much more. Great for holidays and occasions!

Kwanzaa Information Center
New Perspective Technologies, Norfolk, VA, US
The Kwanzaa Information Center, from the MelaNet Information and Communications Network, provides information concerning Kwanzaa, the African-American holiday, including symbols, principals, and a schedule for Kwanzaa celebration.

Forrest Gump Page
Phoenix, AZ, US
The Web is like a box of chocolates -- you never know what you're going to get. If you are interested in getting some pictures, sounds, or movies on Forrest Gump, then stop by!

Annamalai University
Austin, TX, US
This homepage is dedicated to provide information on/about Annamalai University, one of the finest educational institutions in South India. The page has information on the university and its programs, an alumni mailing list, and alumni addresses.

ORCA Internet Information Service
Office of Ocean Resources Conservation, Silver Spring, MD, US
NOAA's Office of Ocean Resources Conservation and Assessments (ORCA) provides coastal and ocean decisionmakers with comprehensive scientific information on the resources of the nation's coasts, oceans, and estuaries. Clients can use selection criteria to browse our list of offerings and email requests for information, ordering, and downloading.

Legal Care for Your Software
Island Graphics Corporation, San Rafael, CA, US
Island Graphics brings you the online version of the book by Daniel Remer and Robert Dunaway. All thirteen chapters of the software industry's definitive book on software protection law are now available online and can be browsed using any of the popular Web browsers. The expanded table of contents and all footnotes have been fully hypertext linked.

Net Sweats & Tees
InterConnect West, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Sweatshirts and tees with themes for Internet enthusiasts, alpine skiers, and "dual-sport" athletes (net-surfers & skiers). This is the only place on the Internet that you'll find these designs. The site also contains weather links, resort background info, information phone numbers, and links to other interesting and useful Internet ski sites.

CDnow! The Internet Music Store
Philadelphia, PA, US
The Internet Music Store has added 6,000 import titles to its catalog of over 100,000 domestic music titles, making it the world's largest music store. CDnow! features innovative "Music of the World" point-and-click world maps courtesy of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, free electronic magazines, artist biographies, and album reviews and ratings.

Vitarbor Graphics-Family Trees
Beaverton, OR, US
Vitarbor Graphics creates beautiful color family trees from your genealogical information. You can customize your family tree by selecting from several different backgrounds, family nameplates, and individual boxes. If you're proud of (or amazed by) your family, check Vitarbor out. Show and share your family with pride!

Monday, 5 December 1994

Ontario Telepresence Project
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Ontario Telepresence Project is a multi-disciplinary university-industry research consortium conducting advanced research in Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW). Our home page features photos, research papers and biographies of our researchers and collaborating firms. Cool Feature: See an up-to-the-minute view of the University of Toronto campus and our staff at work in their offices by browsing the home pages of our researchers.

Citizen Poke
Amherst College, Amherst, MA, US
We invite you to come check out Citizen Poke: Comedy with Wallop, a bi-weekly publication in search of the new voice of American comedy. Please pass on this link to all your friends as well as to other colleges. Say yes to Citizen Poke, and say yes to a whole lot more!

Australian Department of Finance Gopher
Department of Finance & National Library, Australia
Abstracts of recently published IT policy guidelines. Titles include: Developing a Business Driven IT Strategy, Value for your IT Dollar, Management of Electronic Documents, and a Review of Financial Management Information Systems.

Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research
Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, US
The University of Iowa's Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research (CGRER) promotes interdisciplinary research efforts focusing on the multiple aspects of global environmental change. Center membership is composed of interested faculty members at any of Iowa's colleges and universities.

Dept. of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Systems Integration Laboratory, U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, US
Information relating to Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, the department's two closely related professions concerned with the efficient operation of complex systems.

National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
The Synchrotron Ultraviolet Radiation Facility home page describes extreme ultraviolet research and calibration activities in the Physics Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

TAG Systems, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
The Jurassic Period has come to the Internet. You have to see these cool dinosaurs. They are big and large like the real creatures.

Atlanta Business Information Network
PeachWeb, Atlanta, GA, US
The growing Web base for Atlanta business and other Internet surfers. The Web pages contain a mixture of Atlanta information combined with selected categories of pointers to particularly interesting WWW servers. An electronic business index provides a listing of Atlanta business home pages (available free to businesses in Atlanta).

Arztec Computer Resources, Inc.
Arztec Computer Resources, Inc., Overland Park, KS, US
We are a diversified high tech distribution company whose primary focus is the import of computer components and supplies. Through our international contacts, we provide you with incredible savings. Check out our catalog online and place your order now!

DIVA (Digital Images for the Visual Arts) Project
Monash University, Australia
Over 400 images of art, architecture, performance art and landscape design as well as information on the Monash University Art Collection, studying the visual arts at Monash University, art galleries and museums in Melbourne and links to Internet resources for the visual arts.

Instantaneous Transformation with Ariel and Shya Kane
TAG Systems, Inc., New York, NY, US
The TAG Online Mall presents Instantaneous Transformation with Ariel & Shya Kane . an exciting exploration which opens the door to living in the moment. The Kanes, whose column In The Moment has been published in magazines internationally and across the United States, lead popular workshops worldwide for thousands of people. Topics covered include dieting, self esteem, happiness, goals and creativity, and more. Send in your own questions!

The Purdue University Writing Lab
West Lafayette, IN, US
The one-stop center for all your writing and research needs on the Internet, whether it's English grammar and usage, MLA or APA citation formats, English as a Second Language, strategies for writing research papers, or even tips for creating a valuable resume. Not sure how to start your own research on the Net? Check out our hundreds of starting points on the Web, Gopherspace and elsewhere.

Refractions Magazine
Flagstaff, AZ, US
Links to old issues of the magazine, the Refractions Magreader (used to view the magazine), and other items of interest. To subscribe to Refractions, simply send email to subs@refractions.com with the subject "subscribe" and you will be added to the list. If you have any questions or comments about the site, please send email to bes@refractions.com.

Univ. of Minn. Dept. of Physiology and Neuroscience
University of Minnesota, MN, US
Information on faculty research interests, current projects, topics of interest & seminars, the graduate program in neuroscience, and more.

PeachWeb, Atlanta, GA, USA
An Atlanta-based information management company specializing in providing services for Atlanta and the Southeastern United States. The PeachWeb team has over 40 years of combined experience building and operating LAN based, interconnected business information systems.

Utah's X96 (KXRK - FM)
Internet Direct, UT, US
Utah's #1 Alternative Rock Station is online, with current standings, upcoming events, and miscellaneous information as only X96 can do it.

Kevin Savetz's Page o' Internet Stuff
Northcoast Internet, Eureka, CA, US
Internet journalist and FAQ publisher Kevin Savetz has set up a home page featuring all of his FAQs (including the Unofficial Internet Booklist and the Internet Press), a bunch of published articles, and information about his book, Your Internet Consultant - the FAQs of Life Online.

Dial-A-Book, Inc.
New York, NY, US
ChapterOne lets you browse excerpts from eleven versions of the Bible, including authorized texts of major Christian denominations and popular versions. It offers 42 different editions for Christmas giving via online purchasing and UPS delivery. Computer and chess books also available for browsing and purchase. On request, gift cards will be sent.

Global Innovations
InterConnect West, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Global Innovations is a novelty products distributor built by Internet users. We place unique and hard-to-find products online based on the input of our patrons. This is your store; please let us know what you would like to see on the shelf.

Les Vignerons, Inc (The WineMakers)
TAG Systems, Inc., New Hope, PA, US
Les Vignerons Inc. (The WineMakers) has premium, award-winning wines complete with personal inscription or business logo for any special occasion. Offered are a variety of wines , wonderful holiday gift baskets and bridal specials.

City Of Tribes
Sin-Wave, US
Underground dance music and world music. Current albums and song samples are available including Alien Dreamtime featuring Terence McKenna and Space Time Continuum.

POSC (Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation)
Houston, TX, US
The oil and gas industry worldwide is cooperating to develop technical computing standards to enable integration of business processes. POSC is the not-for-profit membership corporation in charge of the development and promotion of these standards.

HighTech Mart
Lighthouse Productions, US
Come and visit us for the lowest prices on IBM compatible computer equipment. We have the best for less. Satisfaction guaranteed. If you find lower prices and quality as high as ours, we'll stand on our heads and sing, Yankee, Doodle Dandy for 24 hours. Don't upgrade until you get our prices!

Sony Music Online
Sony Music Entertainment, New York, NY, US
Sony Music Online provides the Net community with the latest information on Columbia, Epic, and other associated labels. In addition to comprehensive artist information, we also provide current tour schedules, new releases schedules, our entire catalog, contests, sound clips, and our special feature section, WireTap.

OSD/PA, Alexandria, VA, US
DefenseLINK is a service of the Public Affairs Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD/PA), in cooperation with The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC). DefenseLINK makes DoD News Releases available on the Internet within 20 minutes of their release at the Pentagon. The press release announcing DefenseLINK is an example of the type of information available.

Boulder, CO, US
An electronic publishing network specializing in Generation-X/Avant-Pop fiction, Interzone columns from Alt-X correspondents all around the world, interviews with some of the world's foremost writers/thinkers, reviews, and more. Upcoming projects include BIBLIOTECA (original electronic publications of fiction and poetry), a book of essays on emerging art forms and a full-fledged electronic book review.

WorldWide Net Inc., Seattle, WA, US
TheWorld(TM) has everything for everybody. Over 5000 links are categorized under hundreds of subjects in a hierarchial structure, and more are added daily. TheWorld strives to provide the ultimate starting point for Internet exploration, and also hosts many commercial interests with interactive catalogues, reservation systems, and online sales forms. Coming soon is the world's first HTML Online Travel Reservation System.

The Technology Reinvestment Project
Publicly released Technology Reinvestment Project (TRP) documents, slides, statistics, and presentations. No source selection, restricted, proprietary, classified, or other sensitive information is hosted on the system.

Metaphysical Review
Department of Physics, UNH, Durham, NH, US
Metaphysical Review is an electronic journal of essays related to the various problems in physics, ranging from (but not limted to) underlying causes to science and modern society.

Brian's Page
Streams Online Media Development, Chicago, IL, US
Brian is back in Chicago, and now available on the Web. He has touched many people. Let him touch you.

Top 20 Comet Shoemaker-Levy Images
Jet Propulsion Lab, Pasadena, CA, US
The top 20 most popular images of the collision between Comet Shoemaker-Levy and Jupiter is now available at JPL. The list was determined by the number of accesses to the JPL Comet Shoemaker-Levy home page in July 1994. [PICK OF THE WEEK]

The Kelsey On-Line
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, U. Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Highlights from the Kelsey On-Line Web pages include selections from the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian galleries as well as material from the Egyptian site of Karanis.

Internet Restaurant Guide
Future Access, US
Our goal is to provide the Internet community with access to one of the most comprehensive restaurant databases available anywhere. Currently we have listings for over 240,000 restaurants. Users of the service may post their own personal reviews of restaurants as well as reading the reviews others have posted. A service of Future Access in association with super.hwy.com.

National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM)
Seattle, WA, US
Over 4000 health science libraries providing biomedical information to healthcare professionals through local health science libraries and a network of eight Regional Medical Libraries (RMLs). Current exhibits include an archive of JCAHO Survey Reports, messages from medical librarians who have been visited by JCAHO survey teams and From Bench to Bedside: Research and Testing of Internet Resources in Community Hospital Libraries.

Nashville Network Country Music Server
Mike Blanche at Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK
The Nashville Network (not to be confused with TNN) is the biggest and best server on the 'net to find resources related to country music. Whether it's lyrics, pictures or sounds, the Nashville Network has them all.

SUCCEED Engineering Visual Database
Educational Technologies, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, US
This collection of over 800 engineering images is part of an ongoing project sponsored by the National Science Foundation under a grant to the Southeastern University and College Coalition for Engineering Education, to provide a source of visual materials.

The Mansfield Cybrarian
Mansfield University Libraries, Mansfield, PA, US
This page is intended to organize and filter the best of the World Wide Web as determined by our faculty and student needs. As such, it is oriented toward the needs of the average small university. We also offer a Hot and Cool section that tries to identify some of the most exciting developments on the Web for that week. We intend to update this page every week with a team of cybersurfing students and librarians. Comments welcome.

Internet Direct, UT, US
A great product for those who need to use their Unix server as a Novell server.

Web World Conference and Exposition
DCI, Southborough, MA, US
To be held January 30-February 1, 1995 in Orlando, FL and again April 19-21, 1995 in Santa Clara, CA, this conference brings together corporate users, developers, and providers of Web technology, and provides the tools you need to give your business a competitive advantage.

Floathe Johnson High-Tech Advertising
Find out about effective marketing for technology companies. You can get details on the advertising, public relations, new media and TechnoBranding services that Floathe Johnson offers to help make its clients more successful.

Physics at ANU
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Physics at Australian National University. Research and teaching, including quicktime movies used in physics teaching, archive for Quantum Optics Newsletter.

The Shaw Festival
Ontario, Canada
The Shaw Festival is the second-largest theatre company in North America, and the only company that specializes in plays written during Bernard Shaw's lifetime (1856-1950). Located in scenic Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, one of the capitals of the old Empire, we entertain and we enlighten. Be careful - once you've seen a play at The Shaw it's difficult not to keep coming back year after year. Brought to you by CyberPlex Interactive Media

Persimmon IT, Inc.
Morrisville, NC, US
We have moved to new offices in North Carolina. During the move, our network address changed. Due to circumstances beyond our control, our WWW servers were unavailable for about two weeks, including the list and map of South Carolina WWW servers, and the list and map of North Carolina WWW servers. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during our move and transition to higher bandwidth connections.

British Columbia Tourism, Culture and Business Server
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
The British Columbia Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Culture sponsors this server of tourism, culture and business information pertinent to BC.

Online Computer Market Grand Opening
Online Computer Market, Inc., Southborough, MA, US
Offering four diverse, robust and integrated tools to enable corporate buyers and sellers of computer products and services to successfully interact and do business over the Internet. Two services, Online Pages and PC Advisor are ready for immediate delivery with two additional services, Power Buyer and Online Expo, to be rolled out in December and January, respectively. We invite you to visit our home page.

The Games Domain
Dave Stanworth, Birmingham, UK
The largest site for games related information on the Internet. With over 250 links to various FAQs, walkthroughs, home pages, FTP sites, information lists, magazines (including the WWW editions of GameBytes Magazine), and much more. There are full search facilities, and the site is updated regularly. With over 500,000 requests a month, there must be something good about it!

Carlos' Coloring Book
University of Illinois, Champaign, IL, US
Utilizes forms, imagemaps, and online graphics processing. Using a graphical browser, the user can select a picture and interactively color it. Pictures can be downloaded in GIF or PostScript format for safekeeping.

Volvo Cars
Sin-Wave, US
Information on the new 1995 models. Volvo stresses safety and performance. This site also contains a list of regional North American dealers online

Delft University Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Delft University of the Netherlands, NL
The Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands sponsors this page, where information about the research laboratories and working groups of the faculty can be found. Examples include the Laboratory for Telecommunication and Remote Sensing Technology and the International Research Centre for Telecommunication-Transmission and Radar.

Conari Books
Sin-Wave, US
A list of current books emphasizing kindness, self-help, and children's books.

Tulsa, Oklahoma
WilTel, Tulsa, OK
A city born of pioneer adventure, raised in a spirit of enterprise, and blessed with cultural diversity and natural beauty, Tulsa was built for the modern world. Indians, settlers, wildcatters and oil barons contributed to its history and culture. There is so much to do and see in Tulsa; we invite you to take it all in.

Polly Klaas Foundation
Northcoast Internet, Eureka, CA, US
Information from the Polly Klaas Foundation, provided by Northcoast Internet. The Polly Klaas Foundation is an organization dedicated to finding missing children. This web site offers information about and pictures of missing kids, and is updated regularly.

TelTECH Computer Consulting
Palm Bay, FL, US
Located near Kennedy Space Center in Florida, TelTECH serves as the Space Coast's Internet information & application specialist. "Anywhere. Anytime."

Redwood Country Unlimited
Northcoast Internet, Eureka, CA, US
Information about the North Coast of California, presented by Northcoast Internet. More than just another "cybermall", Redwood Country Unlimited features tourism information, a catalog of products and services from the North Coast, a variety of local periodicals, maps of the area, as well as art and culture information.

Department of Physics, McGill University
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
This server contains general information about the department and its research groups. We have also included application information for prospective students. Of more general interest may be our collection of physics servers.

Ascend Communications, Inc.
The Electronic Pen, Inc., San Mateo, CA, US
On November 7, 1994, Ascend Communications released an ISDN router designed specifically for the telecommuter and Internet user. The Pipeline 50 HX delivers high speed (up to 512 Kbps) access to remote corporate networks and to public networks, including the Internet. Complete details have been placed on new pages linked from Ascend's Web page. You will find a product description of the Pipeline 50 HX, including a photo and complete technical specs.

NETworth: The Internet Resource for Individual Investors
GALT Technologies, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, US
A comprensive searchable database of information on over 4500 mutual funds. FUNDprofiles are supplied by Morningstar, Inc. NETworth also allows you to check and track daily mutual fund net asset values direct from NASDAQ via a dedicated S&P ComStock data feed. NETworth is free to registered users.

The World Wide Web Aerospace Business Development Center
The Tenagra Corporation, Houston, TX, US
From this center, Internet users can access, procurement information at NASA field centers, solicitations from NASA and other government agencies and information from the General Services Administration and the Small Business Administration. Developed by The Tenagra Corporation, a member of the NASA Johnson Technology Commercialization Center.

Columbia Public Schools
Columbia Public Schools, Columbia, MO, US
The Columbia (Missouri) Public Schools, the "most wired" school district in Missouri with 17 schools currently on the Net, presents its Web pages, featuring student work, information about central Missouri goings on, and pointers to other pages of interest to K-12 schools.

Club Med
Sin-Wave, US
Information on various Club Med vacation resorts. Club Med has special offers on various vacation spots in Mexico and the Caribbean for singles, couples, and families.

Knowledge Plus Multimedia Publishing
Our new server highlights several examples of our work in the electronic publishing field. It contains a profile of Knowledge Plus and a sample of unique publications, spanning diverse topics in the fields of investment, economic development, tourism, and sport.

Farmer to Farmer
Sin-Wave, US
A journal focusing on various ways that modern agriculture can produce organic products and maintain a chemical-free farm.

Defense Technical Information Web
Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), Alexandria, VA, US
A starting point for accessing Dept. of Defense information, including the new DTIC Home Page, the Department of Defense Information Analysis Center Hub Page and a host of other DTIC developed information sources.

U. of Wash. Physiology and Biophysics Dept.
University of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
Information concerning the faculty and staff of this department and its graduate research program. A weekly calendar of seminars and other events at the School of Medicine of the University of Washington is also available.

U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Washington, D.C., US
An information service providing economic, business, social, and environmental data produced by more than 50 federal sources. Topics include basic export information, trade opportunities, overseas contacts, economic trends, and much more.

Abyssinia CyberSpace Gateway
A resource that provides Web connections and a variety of info on Abyssinian regional interest. The ACG also houses the homepage for the new Ethiopic Emacs -the only workstation-based editor for Fidel, the enchanting and beautiful script of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

C.A.R.E. -- Companion Animal Rescue Effort
Campbell, CA, US
Dedicated to making Santa Clara County a better place for animals, we place homeless animals into safe and loving homes. All our companion animals go into the community spayed or neutered (except for the smallest of puppies and kittens). We also offer phone support for adopters, obedience classes, and grooming clinics for cats and dogs.

MacUser Magazine, US
The latest issue of InterText magazine, an electronic fiction magazine in its fourth year of publication, is now available on the etext.org electronic text archive site.

Participants List for 2nd WWW Conference Fall '94
OSF Research Institute, Cambridge, MA, US
Participants list for the Second International WWW Conference Fall '94. We apologize for the delay which was due mainly to performance problems with our external server platform being unable to deliver the goods in a timely manner. We are now using a DEC OSF/1 v2.0 Alpha platform running an NCSA 1.3 server.

Schoolkids' Records
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Located in downtown Ann Arbor, Schoolkids' Records is comprised of three distinctive stores: SKR Classical, The Annex, and The Main Store, as well as an independent label. On our WWW, FTP and email servers, you'll find loads or reviews, staff recommendations, sample clips, photos and several electronic newsletters to which you can freely subscribe.

Atlantic Geoscience Centre
Atlantic Geoscience Centre, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
The Atlantic Geoscience Centre, a division of the Geological Survey of Canada, is the principal marine geoscience facility in Canada. We have a team of over 100 specialists in marine and petroleum geology, geophysics, geochemistry, and geotechnology, with specific concentration on Canada's coastal and offshore landmass.

WEB X - Alternative Rock Radio
Acme Broadcasting, Corp., Salt Lake City, UT, US
Utah's #1 Alternative Rock Radio (KXRK) is proud to announce WEB X, with everything the alternative rock enthusiast wants.

The North Pole
Elfmaster, The North Pole, State of Peace and Happiness, Arctic
The North Pole is once again open for business. You can send mail to Santa, talk to the elves, decorate your digital tree, and do lots of other activities full of Christmas Cheer!

Bill's Lighthouse Getaway
University of Tennessee Libraries, Knoxville, TN
Version 2 of Bill's Lighthouse Getaway has been completely revised and greatly expanded, with over 40 lights plus, other info for the lighthouse fanatic.

Systems Integration Laboratory
University of California, Berkeley, CA, US
Information on the research and educational laboratory in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) at the University of California at Berkeley, including an overview and links to other related sites at UCB and elsewhere.

Human Studies Facility and Environmental Chamber
Research Triangle Institute (RTI), Research Triangle Park, NC, US
RTI's Human Studies Facility can be used by your organization to evaluate human responses to stress. The HSF home page presents laboratory and environmental chamber specifications and performance, physiological and other instrumentation, research project summaries, and research staff and collaborator profiles. RTI, an independent contract research organization, can provide a full range of services that includes designing studies, recruiting and screening subjects, and more.

Kalendarized Keepsakes
ImageMaker, Flagstaff, AZ, US
Create your own calendar(s) with photos of your children, vacation, pets, business events and more. Send 1-12 pictures, any size, color or quality.

CyberWebCommunications, Munich, Germany
Real estate listings for Germany. We offer everything from a beautiful country house to a hi-tech office building. Search by location and purpose of property. We will soon be providing information about student-homes at all major campuses. Also included are links to other real estate services on the web. All information is provided bilingually.

BBN/Patterns Pattern Recognition Software
Bolt, Beranek, and Newman, Inc., Cambridge, MS, US
Release 1.0 of BBN/Patterns pattern recognition software. This product can be used to monitor sensor data for complex events and can function as an automated assistant to human signal analysts. The server provides a detailed description of the product, including screen shots. You may view all documentation, and download the latest version of the software.

Saturday, 3 December 1994

The Stephen F. Austin State U. College of Forestry Home Page
Nacogdoches, TX, US
The SFASU College of Forestry provides information about the college and natural resource management. In particular, the college is trying to maintain a database of Internet information relating to a variety of natural resources issues.

Mortal Kombat
Sunday Comics Store, Stamford, CT, US
A special section of this virtual store and entertainment center devoted exclusively to Mortal Kombat. Features Mortal Kombat news and tracks the ongoing production of the Mortal Kombat movie, due out in 1995. Check often for special offers.

In, Around, and Online
Robert Seidman, McLean, Virginia, US
Weekly updates of the goings-on in the rapidly evolving world of consumer online services. Find out the latest news on CompuServe, Prodigy, America Online, Delphi, and GEnie. Also covers other consumer online services found on Internet.Feedback. Send questions to robert@clark.net.

Innovative Design Inc., ID, US
The latest in high-tech items for your use and enjoyment.

Visions of Wyoming
Howard Publications Newspaper Group, Casper, WY, US
If you love Wyoming, or just the idea of Wyoming, take a look at this book from the Casper Star-Tribune.

Core Systems Inc.
Core Systems Inc., Seattle, WA, US
We are a Worldwide distributor of UNIX workstations/servers, peripherals and software. Our "homeworld" contains over 100 UNIX product specs and descriptions. It also includes a hardware marketplace, dedicated to the buying and selling of used UNIX equipment. Other areas include new product announcements, enduser reviews and pointers to UNIX freeware sites around the world. Enjoy!

Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association (SIPA)
SIPA, Santa Clara, CA, US
SIPA is a non-profit, voluntary association based in Santa Clara, California, providing a forum for expatriate Indians in the Silicon Valley to contribute toward cooperation between the USA and India in high-technology areas.

Good Stuff Cheap
OnRamp Productions, Dallas, TX, US
The Internet has seen a number of new retailers in the past few months, but it hasn't seen anything like Good Stuff Cheap. Our first batch of goods includes 40 sets of hand-carved persimmon wood golf clubs over a century old, imported from Scotland. The cost there, $1299. We sell them for $399! And that's to say nothing of the deals we've got on watches, luggage, and even virtual reality headsets.

PC Week
PC Week, Medford, MA, US
The national newspaper of corporate computing has upgraded its WWW services to include a selection of full-text news articles, product evaluations, downloadable product charts and other files, as well as Rumor Central (weekly industry rumblings hosted by Spencer F. Katt).

Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology Catalog
Portland, OR, US
The OGI catalog features a forms-based online application. OGI is a private, graduate-only academic institution conducting research and offering several advanced degrees in science disciplines.

Southeastern Virginia's WVEC TV-13
Southeastern Virginia's top TV station has established themselves on the Internet. Keep your browsers bookmarked to WVEC TV-13 for news, weather, sports, and community information.

The Yellowstone Outdoorsman
Innovative Design Inc., ID, US
A hypertext catalog of outdoor products and services, including custom knives, fishing equipment, guided fishing and hunting excursions, and the latest fishing reports for the greater Yellowstone area.

Center For Research in Computing and the Arts
San Diego, CA, USA
Information resource of CRCA activities, research, programs, and software, a link to other art resources, electronic and terrestrial, and the home of growing multimedia art galleries. CRCA is a research unit of the University of California, San Diego.

Cogent Technology Training
Seattle, WA, US
Cogent Technology Training is a rapidly growing computer training/consulting firm that focuses on improving the productivity of knowledge workers. Our Web site will, over time, be a source of articles on training and an entry point to a discussion list on this and related topics.

FedWorld Information Network
National Technical Info. Service, Dept of Commerce, Springfield, VA, US
Provides subject-sorted links to more than 150 Servers with US Government information. The NTIS Preview Database allows you to search the abstracts of about 7,000 US Government reports, studies and information products that have been sent to NTIS within the past 30 days.

Intelligence Market Analytics, Inc., Carefree, AZ, US
We offer a full range of expert systems that give our trading insights and expertise for capitalizing on opportunities anywhere in the world. Free demo and manual. All products are fully deliverable on the Net.

Condom Country
The Access Group, Cambridge, MA, US
Condoms and other sexual items, as well as relevant information including government statistics on AIDS and instructions on how to use a condom. This site is a service of The Access Group, a Cambridge, MA, company that specializes in publishing electronic catalogs over the Internet.

US Council for International Business
New York, NY, US
The US Council for International Business is the US office of the ATA Carnet Guarantee Chain. If you need an ATA Carnet, we are the guys that you need to talk to. If you are part of the export community and are not familiar with ATA Carnets, you should check us out.

Yale College IEEE Branch
New Haven, CT, US
Our new page describes the student activities of the Yale College IEEE Branch. Current activities include public info on electrical engineering WWW sources, local Yale lecture series, hints and tips on student projects, and the administrators' hobbies and interests. The page is served from the only student-owned Sun on campus.

UltraVend Online
Innovative Design, Inc., Idaho Falls, ID, US
The premier designer and manufacturer of quality multi selection candy/snack dispensers. With a decade of leadership in this industry, we give you the finest equipment for your vending business.

Network Hampton Roads
Network Hampton Roads, VA, US
A regional information infrastructure serving as an "electronic reference guide" to the cities, public interests, and commercial organizations of Southeastern Virginia. This is the first time a region of cities has come together as a single entity to promote economic development on the Internet.

ARInternet Corporation
Landover, MD, US
Offering nationwide Internet access and a unique suite of information services of specific interest to scientific, engineering, medical, and education professionals and students, and to anyone interested in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. As the first in a series of public policy forums on important science and technical issues, ARInternet and the National Space Society are co-sponsoring an online "debate" on the question: Should We Return To the Moon? The forum opened officially on December 1 and will remain online for three months.

Parachute Computer Services
Parachute Computer Services, Inc., Austin, TX, US
A leading provider of computer network services in central Texas. Services include Novell-certified NetWare installation and maintenance, Ethernet wiring, Macintosh networking with NetWare or AppleShare, and other services. Parachute is certified by the State of Texas General Services Commission and offers extremely competitive rates for state agencies, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. You may also e-mail kjones@parachute.com for more information.

Bailey Broadcasting Services
Los Angeles, CA, US
Bailey Broadcasting Services is now online with information about themselves and their program, RadioScope. They produce radio programming dealing with the entertainment industry, news, and lifestyle issues.

Orange Distribution
Streams Online Media Development, Chicago, IL, US
We feed the world dee-licious graphic design and illustration, from concept through copywriting and photography to final printed production. The webbified resume, client list and a mini-portfolio await your perusal.

Hypertext Catalogs
Innovative Design, Inc., ID, US
From the ordinary to the unique, find products that can bring you financial rewards, outdoor adventure or the latest in new and exciting products for your enjoyment.

I-Carve Lab
Mech. Eng. Dept., Univ. Wisconsin-Madison, WI, US
Information about research in the lab on concurrent and virtual computer-aided-design. Current projects in the lab are also described.

Defense Business Management University
Defense Business Management University, Monterey, CA, US
Information for DOD financial and comptroller employees. This page provides a course catalog on-line as well as links to important finance related information. Please send comments or suggestions to sfhurst@nps.navy.mil or tmmcgrat@nps.navy.mil. Enjoy!

Healthy Alternatives
Innovative Design Inc., ID, US
Interested in improving your health? Want to lose weight? Need more energy? Healthy Alternatives is your solution.

Corp. for Research and Educational Networking, Wash., D.C., US
Information about CREN and its ListProcessor (list management software), BITNET III (global Internet access), BITNET, and other projects.

Denial Lists Diskette Service
MK Technology Data Services, Arlington, VA, US
MK Technology Data Services has launched the Denial Lists Diskette Web. What up until recently was available only through the mail can now be accessed via the Web. If you export goods from the US, or deal with any US exporters, you might want to take a look at this.

Legal Resource Network
Valparaiso University/Jeffrey I. Gordon, Valparaiso, IN, US
The Legal Resource Network was designed for students and professionals. It contains only links to other sites and lists.

The Graphics Web, Los Angeles, CA, US
An informal trade journal for those in the computer animation industry as well as those pursuing a career in computer animation. Highlights include an up-to-date job listing section and cozy, behind-the-scenes interviews with the people leading this industry. For our first issue, we were lucky enough to interview Carl Rosendahl, founder and president of Pacific Data Images. Upcoming interviews include Scott Ross (Digital Domain) and Richard Edlund (Boss Film Studios).

A Day at Comdex: Digital Photo Tour
ARTA Media Group and David Geller, Bellevue, WA, US
A Day at Comdex gives you a glimpse of the largest computer show in the US (roughly 200,000 attendees) as seen through the lens of an Apple QuickTake 100 digital camera. Enjoy photos of exhibits, special events and the hustle and bustle of this annual techno-pilgrimage to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cape Fear Christmas House
Cape Fear Christmas House, Wilmington, NC, US
Browse the pages of our online catalog for unique gifts and Christmas decorations. Items in the catalog include nutcrackers, creches, music boxes, and tree ornaments.

White Rabbit Toys
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Just in time for the holidays! White Rabbit Toys of Ann Arbor, Michigan, is now on the Internet.

University of Massachusetts System
The President's Office, Amherst, MA, US
Information about the University of Massachusetts System (UMS), links to its five campuses, and connections to other worldwide information resources. Maintained by the University Information Systems (UIS) group within the Office of the President.

12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project
Brad Brace, US
The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project begins January 1, 1995, a round-the-clock posting of sequenced postmodern photographs by Brad Brace. This is an extension of the printed ISBN book series. Each 12-hour posting is like the turning of a page; providing ample time for reflection, interruption, and assimilation. A very low-volume mailing list for announcements and occasional commentary related to this project has been established. Send e-mail to: listserv@netcom.com /subscribe 12hr-isbn-jpeg.

The Boston University Center for Polymer Studies
Boston, MA, US
The home page of the Center for Polymer Studies at Boston University is a centralized distribution point of information relating to scientific and educational projects at the center. You may run project visualization software on your machine via ftp from CPS demos, search databases, access publications, and much more.

Erasmus University Faculty of Law
Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
This Dutch law faculty provides many links to legal information on the Internet. You can read the Dutch constitution and our study guide; there's info about the faculty and the people who work there, the Sanders' Institute of Legal Research, and studying in Rotterdam. Most of the pages are in Dutch, but we also have an English home page under construction.

CEO Traveler
New York, NY, US
The first installment of the premier travel e-zine for CEOs and other executives.

Family World
Family World, Inc., US
Created in cooperation with 30 participating members of Parenting Publications of America, Family World features articles, games and information pertaining to the general subject of parenting and education.

Fox Broadcasting Meta List
Aaron Greenhouse (via eden.com), Chicago, IL, US
A meta-list of resources and information on Fox Broadcasting's television programs, including a comprehensive list of programs that have aired on Fox and links to program guides.

Best of '94 Social Sciences Internet Info Systems
Coombs Computing Unit, Australian Ntnl. U., Canberra, Australia
Calling for nominations for the "Best of 1994 Social Sciences & Humanities Internet Info. Systems". Readers are warmly invited to email tmciolek@coombs.anu.edu.au their nominations for seven categories of networked facilities. Participation in the vote is open to all people and all Internet sites. The nominations close on 31 December 1994.

Weaving the Astronomy Web (WAW) Conference
Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory, Strasbourg, France
Organized by the Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory (France), this conference will take place 6-7 April 1995, just before the "Third International World-Wide Web Conference." The conference will be a forum for astronomical data providers, webmasters, astronomers and space scientists interested in the current and future developments of the Web, and on-line information handling in astronomy and space sciences contexts. The organizers can be contacted by e-mail at: waw@astro.u-strasbg.fr.

Power Technology
Power Technology Centre, Ratcliffe-on-Soar, Nottingham, UK
PowerGen is a UK investor-owned power generator with 17,000 MW of fossil-fueled plant. The home of its engineering and scientific expertise is the Power Technology Centre, whose Web server provides information on their capabilities and the services.

The Craft Boutique
Innovative Design Inc., US
A catalog of craft items and gifts to decorate your home.

Institute for Information Management
University of St. Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Information and publications on research projects in the fields of electronic markets, telebanking, knowledge management systems, process and system integration, and business process redesign. Our electronic markets newsletter is also available online.

Internet License Plate Frames
DHM Information Management, Inc., Redondo Beach, CA, US
The perfect gift for Christmas. Internet license plate frames have "Internet" printed on the top and an email address, URL or message of your choice across the bottom.

The Event Management System
C.A.N.S.Y.S. West Limited, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
The Event Management System is a comprehensive, easy-to-use application designed by event managers for event managers. As a result, EMS goes far beyond traditional reservation systems. This Web page is of particular interest to universities, convention centers, and corporations where scheduling of conference rooms, catering, personnel, and equipment is a challenge. A downloadable slide show is also available for those users without graphics capability or with slow SLIP connections.

Gulf Coast Sales
Gulf Coast Sales, Inc., Gulfport, MS, US
Offering a variety of books and other products for consumers, entrepreneurs, and small-businesspeople. Gulf Coast Sales is pleased to announce a preview version of its online catalog, and special discounts for Internet customers.

George Washington High School
Denver, CO, US
GeorgeWeb is an online educational resource that provides information on the school, its many computer-related programs, and other educational resources. GeorgeWeb is completely produced by students involved in the UNIX Administration class.

Greater Boston Track Club
Boston, MA, US
Read about the club and its activities, learn how to join the club, and learn how to contact a growing number of other Boston-area running clubs. If your club is inside I-495, feel free to send information about your club to tuttle@crl.dec.com.

Sting: The Soul Pages
William S. Kartalopoulos, Hanover, NH, US
Fans of rock megastar Sting will want to check out The Soul Pages, a page dedicated to Sting, focusing on his solo efforts. Maintained by William S. Kartalopoulos, the Soul Pages includes sounds, graphics, and an amazing lyrics archive, including the lyrics to Sting's latest single, "When We Dance."

My Favorite Muffin
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
An on-line catalog of our most popular gift baskets, tins, boxes, mugs and other gifts filled with delicious muffins. Perfect for holidays and other occasions! Available for shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. from anywhere in the world.

R & R Resort Rental Properties, Inc.
Outer Banks, NC, US
Vacation services online. Come see how easy it is to rent the cottage of your dreams!

Interesting new commercial pages on the Web.

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
Patrick Fitzgerald, Huntsville, AL, US
From the publishers of Skeptical Inquirer magazine, this site contains publications, mailing lists, and links to other paranormal sites.

The University of San Francisco
USF, San Francisco, CA, US
A general catalog, Spring 1995 class schedule and university budget are now available.

Harvard Advocate
The Harvard Advocate, Cambridge, MA, US
America's oldest college literary publication. Former contributors include T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Wallace Stevens, Robert Frost, e e cummings, John Ashbery, Sylvia Plath, Adrienne Rich, Leonard Bernstein, and Norman Mailer. We are a quarterly magazine featuring the works of outstanding student artists at Harvard University.

Small, Craig & Werkenthin, P.C., Austin, TX, US
Monthly newsletter providing a concise summary of current legal developments in cyberspace plus general-interest high-tech legal matters. It is published by the high-tech practice group of Small, Craig & Werkenthin, P.C.

Conservation Volunteers Northern Ireland
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Conservation Volunteers Northern Ireland is a part of the largest charity in the United Kingdom that carries out practical conservation work.

Mother of All Competitions
Harrier Softnet, US
Competition on the Web: Harrier Softnet gives you the mother of all competitions. To mark the launch of TGV's Phase/IP, Softnet is holding a fortnightly competition open to all Internet accessors. Win numerous (almost) valuable prizes. If you think that National Lottery is big, just watch this space!

Univ. of Tasmania Dept. of Computer Science
University of Tasmania, Australia
Information available includes staff details, material relating to research activities, and the departmental handbook of courses for 1995.

Advertising Specialties/Promotional Items
Advantage Solutions Inc., Brooklyn, NY, US
Promote your business or organization with products imprinted with your company information and logo. Build customer loyalty, advertise new products, build an image and increase sales. We carry everything for your business promotional needs.

Computational Logic, Inc.
Computational Logic, Inc., Austin, TX, US
CLI performs advanced research and development in mathematical modeling of digital hardware and software systems. In addition, CLI provides education and consulting services in applying mathematical modeling of hardware and software systems to industrial problems.

Cellar Door Productions
Cellar Door Productions, US
For all you music lovers out there. Although still in development, current music features on this site include Sheryl Crow and Lyle Lovett.

Irish Election Server
Projects Group, University College Dublin., Dublin, IRL
The Irish Coalition Government is in crisis. The Taoiseach has resigned and a general election seems sure to follow. You can watch the news as it breaks on the Projects Group Server and our Election Service.

THINK BIG! WorldStore
WorldMart, Inc., Short Hills, NJ, US
Our store is currently featuring oversize items such as 5-foot-tall pencils, enormous Crayola Crayons (TM), and giant baby bottles. WorldMart features unique and hard-to-find products from around the world. New products are added weekly and new WorldStores will be opening in the coming months.

Celestine Prophecy
Discussions and actualization of ideas related to the book The Celestine Prophecy. All are welcome, please join in!

The Prophet Software System
The NIH and BBN Systems and Technologies, Cambridge, MA, US
The National Institutes of Health and BBN Systems and Technologies announce the availability of Prophet on the Web and via anonymous ftp. Find out how Prophet makes life easier for the life scientist.

Theodore Tugboat's Online Activity Center
Theodore Tugboat is a Canadian children's television series about a cheerful tugboat and his many floating friends. At this site, kids can read an illustrated interactive story or download a coloring page. Parents and teachers will find descriptions of episodes and characters, and a discussion list. There also is production information for people in the television industry.

NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade
The New York Web, New York, NY, US
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, from The New York Web .

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