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What's New: January 1995

Monday, 2 January 1995

Abwenzi African Studies: Letters From Africa
Aspen, CO, US
What do children in the posh ski resort, Aspen, Colorado, have in common with African village children in Malawi? Through letters and pictures these children share their lives. This rarely seen small African country comes to life through this internet display documenting the relationship between the Aspen and Malawian children

Astronomy and Astrophysics
From the World-Wide Web Virtual Library comes this page of astronomical links maintained by Sergio Paoli. Included are astronomy libraries, conferences, meetings, images, mailing lists & newsgroups, and more.
http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/DataSources/bySubject/astro/astro.html [PICK OF THE WEEK]

The Canadian Museum of Civilization
Hull, Quebec, Canada
Welcome to one of Canada's greatest cultural attractions! Fascinating exhibitions, performances, demonstrations, theatrical vignettes.The Canadian Museum of Civilization is responsible for building collections of material heritage, conducting scholarly research, and educating the public in many subject areas, with special but not exclusive reference to Canada.

CARL Corporation, Denver, CO, US
CARL Corporation, a leading provider of library automation systems, announces CARLweb, a server providing access to the databases of over 450 libraries, as well as to UnCover, a table-of-contents index and document delivery service containing over 17,000 periodical titles and about six million articles.

Center for Biomedical Imaging Technology
Univ. of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, CT, US
Information about CBIT, which is comprised of several groups of researchers with interests in diagnostic and cell biological imaging. The center fosters collaborations between clinical, academic, and industrial researchers that will lead to the development of new technologies within these areas of interest.

Compu-Tek International, Richardson, TX, US
Dallas/Ft. Worth's premiere Internet Access provider. Specializing in power through technology.

Computerpeople, Inc.
Tampa Bay, FL, US
Tampa Bay's largest computer consulting firm, with over 250 expert consultants covering areas from mainframe platforms to UNIX to micros. A highly regarded training division which offers training in a number of areas.

da Penthouse Suite
Raleigh, NC, US
Links to news and information regarding sites for sports, news, and music highlighting the Triangle Area (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill). da Penthouse Suite is maintained by T.J. Hill and is located on the North Carolina State University secondary server. NCSU is not responsible for the content of da Penthouse Suite.

Data Processing Management Association (DPMA)
Columbia, SC, US
The Columbia, South Carolina, chapter of DPMA provides a forum for it's membership to network with each other. Our monthly meetings contain seminars and discussions of the current issues concerning the professional management and operation of computer systems. We invite all interested IT profesionals in the Carolinas to come visit us, either electronically or in person.

Department of Sociology
Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX, US
A new homepage that offers information on the faculty and current and future course offerings (both grad and undergrad), as well as links to other interesting places.

Editorial Services, Dialog Information Services, Palo Alto, CA, USA
Documentation for Dialog, one of the world's leading electronic information access and delivery systems. This site also provides a link to our fax document delivery service, answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Dialog, and allows Dialog customers to telnet to the search system.

Dielectric Polymers
Dielectric Polymers produces coated materials. Capabilities include coating pressure sensitive rubber, acrylic and silicone adhesives on release liners as free transfer films, double adhesive coated paper, and more. Dielectric Polymers is a wholly owned subsidiary of Park Electrochemical Corporation, a publicly owned corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Display Tech (Computers to Video)
Display Tech Multimedia, Inc., Concord, CA, US
We provide solutions for presentors and educators as alternative to LCD and other expensive forms of computer presentations. We take pride in the quality of our scan converters and video encoders. We also have several educational links and research and reference tools online, with more to come. Feel free to just pass through.

DSP Research Group, University College Dublin
Dublin, Ireland
University College Dublin's Digital Signal Processing Research Group presents it's WWW Home Page. Our main areas of interest are data communications, image processing, speech coding, and VLSI design. The page contains links to areas of research and to papers that our group has published.

Stockholm, Sweden
We provide Microsoft Mail solutions and add-ons such as gateways, monitoring utilities and conference programs. This site has a friendly new Windows 95 interface. If you read Swedish, click here, and if you wish to go to our "not so serious pages" in Swedish, click here.

The Ethical Spectacle
Brooklyn, NY, US
The Ethical Spectacle, an electronic newsletter, is a forum for stating the obvious. The charter of the Ethical Spectacle is to discuss, and promote discussion of, practical, applied ethics; to identify hypocrisy; and especially to spotlight double standards wherever found in our society.

Fisk University
Nashville, TN, US
Fisk University is a small, predominantly African American institution with a strong liberal arts and science emphasis. The Fisk Home Page provides access to information about faculty, students, academic and special programs, and the campus and history of Fisk. Of special note is the page on the Fisk Special Collections.

Fore Play Golf Shops, Inc.
South Pasadena, CA, US
Fore Play Golf Shops specialize in offering the biggest names in golf merchandise at lowest possible prices. We also offer a complete line of custom built clubs made to your order specifications. Some of our current suppliers are: Callaway, Ashworth, Nike, Footjoy, Titleist, Spalding, Taylor Made, and more. Also, a full line of grips and supplies.

The Forecast
Virginia Beach, VA, US
The Forecast is a monthly magazine of law and politics published by the founding dean of The Regent University Schools of Law and Public Policy, Herbert W. Titus, Esq.

Frequently Asked Questions In Mathematics
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
The sci.math FAQ contains a set of topics of interest to professional and amateur mathematicians. The FAQ is maintained by Alex Lopez-Ortiz.

Gills Place
William Gilligan Ministries, Tulsa, OK, US
Gills Place is the newest Christian Web Site in town, and is home to the Charismatic Christian Homepage, the Prophetic Movement Homepage and the William Gilligan Ministries Homepage. Gills Place offers links to information about contemporary Christian music, family-related issues and, of course, the latest on the Charismatic Christian scene. Sponsored by William Gilligan ministries.

Global Union Square, Inc.
Alhambra, CA, US
Global Union Square is an on-line shopping mall composed of advertisements of various commercial companies and individuals. Currently, there are six categories: Electronic Market Place, Health City, Global Travel, Internet Gallery, Business & Jobs, and Gourmet Cookbook.

Goodies from Goodman
Dallas, TX, US
Need the perfect gift to send to someone special --- we've got the solution! Since 1916, Goodies from Goodman have been shipping delectible fruit baskets, gourmet food gifts, Godiva chocolates and smoked meats nationwide! "Perfect Arrival Guarantee". We guarantee both you and your recipients will be satisfied with every purchase, or we'll make it right!

Harrington's of Vermont
Richmond, VT, US
"Hello. I'm Vern Richburg, the Smokemaster here at Harrington's of Vermont. And I'm proud to say, that you won't find better-tasting ham or turkey than the Corncob Smoked Meats I make up here in Vermont." Visit Harrington's new cybershop and take advantage of our introductory offer.

Health Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Health Canada is a Canadian government department concerned with the promotion and protection of health for Canadian citizens. Health Canada also sponsors Web services for the Medical Research Council of Canada, The National Forum on Health, The Canadian Society for International Health, and The Canadian Medical Association.

HealthNet Projects Home Page
Industry Canada, HII Consulting, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The HealthNet Projects Home Page provides a single access point for different HealthNet projects including HealthNet in a Box, preconfigured Internet software optimized to point to health care resources, and the HealthNet WWW Demonstration Project at the Communication Research Centre and Health Canada, a single window Web site for health resources.

High Level Synthesis
UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA, US
The HLS HomePage, from the University of California-Santa Barbara Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is designed to provide published papers, software resources, and links to other facilities offered by research groups in the field of high level synthesis.

Home College Tour
ReZun Interactive Concepts, Inc., Vienna, VA, U.S.
An interactive, multimedia database of junior colleges, four year colleges and universities, and graduate programs worldwide. Search on schools from a criteria list, then "take a tour" of the selected schools. Fill out and submit an application online, request further information from the school, or hyperlink to the school's web site. The service goes fully on line in January, 1995.

Hudson's Bay Blanket
Fox-Novator Systems Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The authentic Hudson's Bay Point Blanket has been on sale in Canada since the 1670's, when King Charles II of England gave the newly formed Hudson's Bay Co. a charter to trade in Northern Canada. Originally traded to Canada's native people for beaver pelts, it was prized for its warmth and durability by prospectors and miners during the gold rush.

ICC '95 Software for the NII Workshop
IEEE ComSoc Communications Software Committee
The IEEE ComSoc Communications Software Committee is sponsoring a workshop on software architectures, technologies and tools for constructing the national information infrastructure at ICC '95, to be held June 22-23, 1995 in Seattle. This is an ftp site, so keep trying.

Internet Interviews II: World Wide Web
The Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark
In "The Internet: culture, computer, World Wide Web" (an article about the Macintosh and the Internet), the following people have been interviewed: programmers of MacHTTP, Netscape, MacWeb, Internet Config, Network Time and JPEGView; web administrators at the Apple and Claris Web servers; individuals re: TCP/Connect II, TidBITS and the Yanoff List.

John Pantano: "From the Canyon"
Global Exposure Network, Inc., Monrovia, US
GENinc is pleased to present The Promenade for your online shopping pleasure. Take an excursion to our server today and enjoy samples of the music of John Pantano from his album "From the Canyon."

Karolinska Institute Student Campus WWW
Computer Support Group (DSG), Stockholm, Sweden
Contains campus & research information. Most of the local information is in Swedish, but we are working on an English version also. Research information is already available in English.

Kesher Israel Synagogue Home Page
Washington, D.C., US
Kesher Israel Synagogue in Washington, DC now has a Home Page on the Web describing synagogue activities, time of services and Shabbat Hospitality, hotels and restaurants in the neighborhood, and the Washington, DC eruv.

La Plata University
La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Esta es la home page de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata, la cual es mantenida por su centro de cómputos, CeSPI. En ella se puede encontrar tanto la información académica de la Universidad, como información turística sobre la ciudad de La Plata.

Magic Mushroom
Magic Mushroom Records, Murphy, NC, US
Music that will enter your ear and become one with your soul.

Manaaki Whenua Press
Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd, Lincoln, Canterbury, NZ
A browseable catalogue of New Zealand science publications. Manaaki Whenua Press are publishers of science from the New Zealand Crown Research Institute Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research. Books cover the unique biodiversity of New Zealand flora and fauna. Many are the standard taxonomic reference works on this part of the world.

Medical Informatics Group
Manchester University, Manchester, UK
An interdisciplinary group concerned with the design and implementation of healthcare information systems. MIG has particular interest in all aspects of the Electronic Patient Record, from the intelligent clinical workstation to the terminological problems of medical applications. It is currently involved in GALEN and other projects.

MJ White Enterprises
Charleston, SC, US
Telecommunications and network marketing are experiencing explosive growth in which you can participate and profit. If you want your financial situation to change, you have to make a change. This could be it!

The Motorcycle Mailing List Archives
MN Consulting Services, San Francisco, CA, US
Provides access to a number of motorcycle-related resources on the Web, including the archives of the Ducati, Motorcycle Safety, and Goof2 mailing lists. Features include online subscriptions to those mailing lists and links to other motorcycle related resources.

MPC's Art Archive
the scene, Seattle, WA, US
MPC's Art Archive includes Agent G, an online graphic novel by M Chandler and A Dailey, two members of a Seattle art group now coming on-line.

NERO - Network for Engineering and Research in Oregon
Oregon Joint Graduate Schools of Engineering (OJGSE), Corvallis, OR, US
A NASA sponsored project to explore desktop-to-desktop collaboration and instruction. The NERO network has a high speed networking component using ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) technology between the six schools involved. NERO is working closely with many industrial partners, and doing outreach to small business and K12 schools.

Net-Direct (Europe)
Hiway Internet, Newbury, Berkshire, UK
Net Direct (Europe) sells all CD-ROM software titles (with http://netdirect.hiway.co.uk

New Marketing Imperatives Roundtable
Regis McKenna, Inc. and Stanford Univ., Palo Alto, CA, US
Four times a year, a select group of top executives and market strategists from leading technology companies fly in from around the world for a private roundtable discussion on their most challenging marketing problems. Eavesdrop on candid insights and perspectives from top business thinkers from Mitsubishi, Motorola, Sony, Intel, EDS, and more.

Northern New Jersey OS/2 Users Group, Roseland, NJ, US
OS2Web is a collection of OS/2 (and other related) links, administered by The Northern New Jersey OS/2 Users Group. Besides providing one of the most extensive and up-to-date listings of OS/2 and IBM-related links available on the Internet, OS2Web also seeks to provide a mouthpiece/virtual gathering place for OS/2 Users in the NY/NJ/CT area.

The Peace in Pictures Project
Macom Networking, Ltd. Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel
A competition and tapestry of children's drawings of their perceptions of peace. What does peace mean? What does peace look like? Valuable prizes awarded.

Physics Careers Bulletin Board
American Intstitute of Physics, Woodbury, NY, US
A new resource for students contemplating a career in the physical sciences. Each month, six physicists will be featured, each from a different job sector, who will answer questions about attaining physics related career goals. Users may also access the service via telnet, at pinet.aip.org (log in using "careers" as both your username and password).

Precious in HIS Sight - Internet Adoption Photolisting
Precious in HIS Sight, Waco, TX, US
The Precious in HIS Sight Internet Adoption Photolisting contains photos and bios of children available for international adoption as well as the US adoption agency's name, address, and phone number. Also included is general information on adoption, a list of all international adoption agencies in the US, links to other adoption information on the Internet, and a special feature section.

Roger Nusic's Golden Web Pages
Eric Larsen, Portland, OR, US
These pages are dedicated to Roger Nusic, Portland's Peter Pan of punk rock.

Rudolf Steiner College
Fair Oaks, CA, US
Rudolf Steiner College is a non-profit private college offering courses based on the work of Rudolf Steiner. Among these are Waldorf teacher training programs, two B.A. completion options and an M.A. in Waldorf Education program. The college also offers art programs and courses on biodynamic gardening, as well as program of Goethean studies.

San Diego Boat & Sportfishing Show
GSN, Pasadena, CA, US
The San Diego Boat & Sportfishing Show begins Jan 5, 1995, sponsored by NMMA. To receive a one dollar discount for admission to the show, please send an e-mail message to Jim Tinsky at jtinsky@aol.com.

SchoolYear 2000
Center for Educational Technology, Tallahassee, FL, US
The Florida SchoolYear 2000 Initiative is a redesign of K-12 education, including all instructional, social, and business aspects of the schooling process.

SingNet WWW
SingNet, Singapore
The only commercial service provider in Singapore at the moment. Will offer a full range of services, WWW being one of them. While offering commercial Web sevices, we also host and maintain the WWW and html developers Jumpstation page (also hosted by one world).

Oasis Telecommunications, Inc., Allentown, PA, US
skew is an arts & entertainment magazine published exclusively on the Net on or around the 15th of every month. Brought to you by Sleep apNoea Online Resource for Education (SNORE)
Digital Atheists, Washington, DC, US
Information about sleep apnoea, a sleep disorder which causes the sleeper to stop breathing many times during the night. This potentially dangerous condition is typically characterized by extremely loud snoring, gasping for breath, and/or complete cessation of breathing during sleep.

Slovakia Document Store
EUnet Slovakia, Bratislava, SK
EUnet Slovakia presents Slovakia Document Store, a comprehensive source of information related to Slovak Republic. The searchable archive includes information for travellers, businessmen and all who want to know more about this small country in the centre of Europe. There are texts, pictures and even small talking dictionary.

SOFCOM - The Australian Internet Shopping Mall
Sofcom Distributors Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Home shopping catalogues from many companies. Includes gadgets, wine, and environmentally friendly products. Also includes information providers, non-profits, and Australian festivals and tourism.

Software Management Resource Center
Express Systems Inc, Seattle, WA, US
The Center provides Internet users a collection of free software management information and tools, as well as references to other online resources. It features information and software from the Software Publishers Association and Express Systems.

Stocks and Commodities WWW Resources
Onramp Access, Inc., Austin, TX, US
Resources on the WWW for stock market investors, financial analysts, commodity prices and real-time global news.

Subjective Evaluation of Handwriting Skew
University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
This experiment demonstrates an example of using the Web to distribute a complex perceptual survey. Data is collected and analyzed automatically to draw conclusions about human perception of handwriting skew. Results will be of great use for current research into handwriting analysis and recognition at the University of Waterloo.

Sunrise Park Resort Ski Page
Jim Winski, Tucson, Arizona, US
Dedicated to providing information about Sunrise Park Resort, Arizona's largest ski resort. This page is still under construction, but will provide snow conditions, maps, prices and phone numbers.

Surfing the Internet
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, US
Latest class projects from the fall '94 Surfing the Internet Class at FSU.

Sylva World Wide Web
Laval University, Faculty of Forestry, Quebec, Canada
We proudly introduce, on this day, a new server in forestry and environmental sciences. It is a bilingual site with numerous links to other sites interested in the same topics.

Ted Burton Jacobsen, Licensed Realtor
Iowa City, IA, US
Buck the interest rates! Before you call your local realtor, call me! I'll earn you 10% rebate off your portion of your local realtor's commission.

Telecentral CD-ROM Software
Indianapolis, IN, US
Telecentral CD-ROM Software, one of the first PC CD-ROM specialty retail stores, now has its catalog available on-line, updated weekly. Request info, download catalog, browse online or place orders. Largest selection=lowest prices=Telecentral.

Twin Cities Page
Fentonnet, Minneapolis, MN, US
Featuring Twin City businesses, organizations, universities, and more. Presented by Fentonnet, a Twin Cities based WWW service provider.

UK Computational Chemistry Working Party
London, England
The UK Computational Chemistry Working Party is an organization that draws its membership from academic staff of chemistry departments of UK universities. The main responsibility of the Working Party is to collectively maintain computational chemistry software for the UK academic community.

UltraDesign Ltd.
London, UK
Digital Design Studio based in London, supplying digital artwork services worldwide on the Net.

UMR Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory
University of Missouri-Rolla, MO, US
A repository for information on electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic interference, and numerical electromagnetic modeling.

University of New Orleans Campus Information System
UNO, New Orleans, LA, US
A server providing course catalogs, campus activities, and cultural events.

University of Puerto Rico
University Of Puerto Rico - Central Administration, Puerto Rico
The University of Puerto Rico is the most important higher education institution in Puerto Rico. This page includes information about its academic and research resources, as well as links to other home pages in Puerto Rico and Latin America.

VA Home Loan Information
VA Regional Office, Oakland, CA, US
Information on VA home loan benefits for eligible U.S. military veterans. Also, current listing of VA-owned homes for sale in Northern California and Northern Nevada.

Virtual Computer Library (VCL)
Computation Center, U. Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, US
Links to computer terms and jargon, conferences, FAQs, man pages, books about the Internet and WWW, and more.

The Virtual Toy Store
Uncomyn Gifts, Olympia, WA, US
The Virtual Toy Store is a place where you can play with toys by clicking on them to activate the associated sound and/or motion video. Although specializing in unusual toys targeted for the science fiction enthusiast, we carry many other products, mostly hard to find or unusual gift type items. Come play in our store!

Windsurfing in Ireland
DSP Research Group, UCD, Dublin, Ireland
This is the windsurfing home page of the PBA Ireland. The page describes all the windsurfing spots in Ireland, and keeps an up-to-date listing of all windsurfing events in Ireland, and the results. Also included is a PBA Page, where all the professional windsurfing results and a list of PBA World Tour events in 1995 are maintained.

Wordnet Foreign Language Translations
Wordnet, Inc., Acton, MA, US
The first and largest team of on-line language translation professionals in the U.S. Our database of over 1,500 professionals locates just the right translator and editor for your specific project. Wordnet also performs high-quality typesetting and printing in most major languages.

WWW-WAIS gateway
Sudha Vaidyanathan, Washington, D.C., US
If you want to access any WAIS database for which you know the "hostname", "port #", and "database name", this is the place to look. This comes handy for the people who have access to Mosaic but not to WAIS (PC and Mac, for example).

Young Inventors' Fair
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The Canadian Young Inventors' Fair Society is proud to announce the "It's Cool to be Creative" campaign, designed to provide young people with an opportunity to showcase their creative ideas in a market environment. Our next major event is IDEAS '95 Innovation Show and Young Inventors' Fair, in November '95 in Vancouver.

Wednesday, 4 January 1995

Abbott Northwestern Hospital Cancer Research Laboratory
Minnesota Supercomputer Institute, Minneapolis, MN, US
Our laboratory is working with the Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus, an endogenous oncogenic retrovirus, as a model for breast cancer and retroviral biochemical pathways. Using molecular dynamics simulations, we have been investigating site-specific DNA recognition by DNA regulatory proteins, the dynamics of a protein regulated genetic switch and the origin of the genetic code.

Accessing The Internet By E-Mail
Doctor Bob, Tillson, NY, US
This special report will show you how to retrieve files from FTP sites, explore the Internet via Gopher, search for information with Archie, Veronica, or WAIS, tap into the Web, and even access Usenet newsgroups using E-mail as your only tool.

Adobe Photoshop for Sun SPARCStations
Adobe Systems, Mountain View, CA, US
Adobe Photoshop 2.5.2 for Sun systems is now shipping with support for Sun's SX graphics and multi-processor architecture. This is the fastest, most powerful Adobe Photoshop ever with major performance gains over any other Adobe Photoshop platform. Get full details plus a FREE Acrobat Reader for your Sun SPARCstation.

Affordable Pagers and Paging Services
Alliance Management, Lexington, KY, US
For your personal and professional life, a pager is now a necessity. Alliance Management has a variety of pagers you may purchase, along with a wide variety of paging services for you. Any pager or type of service may be ordered on-line. Credit cards and checks by phone accepted.

Aviation Industry Representatives, Seattle, WA, US
The online repository for AIRFAX: the in-flight entertainment and communication Newsfax. AIRFAX Online contains back issues of AIRFAX, press releases of interest to the airline industry, indexes of companies and individuals in the industry and links to other aviation-related resources.

All Sports.com
Quest Technologies & Justlaw Consulting Services, New York, NY, US
The All-Sports web server maintains a comprehensive directory of ALL the sports resources available on the Net, indexed by sport. You may browse or purchase merchandise from the All-Sports "dot" com offical catalog, which is jam-packed with officially licensed NFL, NBA, and NHL merchandise.

AMI Associates
New York, NY, US
Physical security and protection and state-of-the-art security technology.

Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, US
Amyloid, The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Investigation, is a medical research journal that publishes articles concerning the various amyloid proteins and the diverse diseases termed amyloidosis. It contains peer reviewed articles, plus one major review, one major meeting summary, an editorial(s), book reviews and meeting announcements.

Arts & Sciences College at Cleveland State University
Instructional Computing Department, Cleveland, OH, US
This server contains information about various departments and programs within the college, as well as information about the award winng "Skeletal Explorer System" and the "TEAM" Project.

The Baltimore Interactive Group
Baltimore, MD, US
The Baltimore Interactive Group, a team of electronic publications designers, offers communications design services for businesses and organizations. BIG can analyze your organization's communications needs and design appropriate solutions. We specialize in designing for visual impact and interactivity.

Bentley MAINline
Bentley Systems, Incorporated, Exton, PA, US
Bentley develops and supports the MicroStation range of professional computer-aided design (CAD) software. MAINline - The MicroStation Automated Information Network - is a central repository of information about Bentley products, services and promotions.

Butterfly Image Gallery
Philip Greenspun, Cambridge, MA, US
Close-up photographs of butterflies feeding, resting, and, yes, mating. All taken by Best of the Web '94-winner Philip Greenspun and free to the Internet community for non-commercial use. Lepidopterists will want to add some spice to their Web pages with these.

The Canadian Igloo!
Winnipeg, Canada
REMCAN Consulting, Inc. is offering WWW space to Canadian clients wishing to provide information to clients around the globe. Remcan currently provides services to: SpacePort Canada (Akjuit Aerospace) which is providing a polar rocket launch site to the world. Also on the Igloo: Aboriginal Super Information Highway providing information to Aboriginal people around the globe.

Carolina Panthers
Raleigh, NC, US
For those who love the NFL's newest and brightest stars, the Carolina Panthers.

The Cascade Ski Report
The Internet Service Company, Seattle, WA, US
Daily update of ski resorts in the local Puget Sound region. Includes a New Snow History report and a custom mountain weather forecast.

Cleveland State University, College of Arts & Sciences
Cleveland, OH, US
Information about departments, programs and special projects, such as, the "Skeletal Explorer" interactive multimedia system and the "TEAM" project at the College of Arts & Sciences.

Cliff Ecology Research Group
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Part of the Department of Botany at the University of Guelph, our group is devoted to studying the ecology of cliff environments. We concentrate on examining flora and fauna of limestone cliffs in southern Ontario.

Designed at MIT
MIT, Cambridge, MA, US
A brochure about Design Education for Undergraduates at MIT.

Direct Alternatives
Carefully selected environmentally responsible products which can be ordered via the Internet.

DTP Internet Jumplist
West Lafayette, IN, US
The DTP Internet Jumplist provides a wealth of information, links and resources to the modern day desktop publisher. The site will also be of interest to graphic artists, layout designers, and other professional publishers. It has links to FAQs, mailing lists, Usenet Newsgroups, Gopher/WWW/FTP sites, among others.

Eicon Technology Corp.
Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Eicon designs, manufactures, markets and supports a full range of PC-based software and hardware products for connecting branch offices to corporate information systems. Our products are sold in more than 70 countries through a worldwide distribution channel.

The Endurance Training Journal
The RPG Company, Aspen, CO, US
A quartely publication that keeps athletes informed on the latest in training for endurance sports.

Envision Inc.
Kihei, HI, US
Envision Inc. offers the world's first grantwriting software available for Mac or IBM; also offering grant money research services via modem.

Fisher Scientific On-Line Catalog
Fisher Scientific, International, Pittsburgh, PA, US
This initial version of the Fisher Scientific On-Line Catalog provides the complete listing of all chemicals from the famous Fisher Catalog. It specifically provides information on over 2400 separate chemicals and nearly 27MB of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) about these chemicals, including full search capabilities. This catalog is a production of The Internet Group (info@tig.com).

Foodware, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Software developed by food lovers for food lovers. Foodware contains a library of best-selling cookbooks and recipes from top food magazines and provides an easy to use graphic interface for finding and viewing recipes and menus. (This catalog is brought to you by Fox-Novator Systems Ltd.)

Free Personal Tax Software for OS/2 Warp
BT & T Consumer Technology, Laguna Niguel, CA, US
BT & T Consumer Technology now brings you free personal tax software for OS/2 Warp. Two versions of Taxdollars 94 available - Planning Version and Final Version. Both versions are free, only shipping charges are billed to you. Each version is easy to use and contains comprehensive 'what if' scenarios, automatic calculations, tax tips, and direct deposit with IRS.

Gelman Sciences, Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI, US
A world leader in developing and manufacturing microporous membranes and devices for critical microfiltration requirements, with manufacturing operations across the United States and a worldwide distribution and service network.

IDEAL Shopping Mall
IDEAL Scanners, Rockville, MD
The IDEAL Shopping Mall is a one-stop resource center for all of your imaging and Computer Aided Design needs. With IDEAL's product descriptions and pricing at your fingertips, it's easy to get into the world of scanning. Demo software is available for downloading. Also featured in the Mall is information from Autodesk, Inc., the Kalthoff Group, and the Cordant Group.

Ideas Digest Online
Ideas Digest Newsmagazines, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Ideas Digest Online is a newsmagazine that deals with the business of innovation and the development of creative ideas for market. As such it covers topics from creativity to idea development, inventions, patents and intellectual property, trademarks, prototypes, test marketing, and small business development, to commercialization of products.

IEEE Computer Conference
HaL Computer Systems, US
HaL Computer Systems of Campbell California announces the IEEE Computer Conference online advance schedule.

Illinios Fishing Page
University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, US
Up-to-date fishing information, tips, and news from the Illinois Department of Conservation; maps of lakes with fishing points.

Robertson Info-Data Inc, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
INFO-MINE is an online mining information service containing details on over 3,000 mining & mineral exploration companies and over 10,000 mineral properties worldwide, as reported via the North American stock exchanges on the MIN-MET databases. Additional mining-related information is continuously being added.

Insurance Research Network
Bryn Mawr, PA, US
College grads: you may no longer be covered by your parents' medical insurance. Short Term medical will bridge the gap in coverage. Use our form for a free no-hassle quote.

Internet Center for Arts and Crafts
The Internet Center for Arts and Crafts is an on-line Craft Fair in which artists and craftspeople display their work. The center helps craftspeople create their storefront, and maintains it for them. The center offers a brief description of each artist and craftsperson, a brochure or catalog listing their work (including gif images of their products), and feedback forms through which visitors can request more information from the shop keepers.

The iPOINT Testbed for Optical/Electronic ATM Networking
iPOINT Research Group, Urbana, IL, US
Investigates the use of integrated optical and electronic components for high-performance ATM networking. The iPOINT testbed includes a fully functional prototype input-buffered switch implemented using field programmable gate arrays. It is connected to the Blanca/XUNET ATM Gigabit testbed.

Jonathan Cainer's Zodiac Forecasts
Itso-Kayco, Los Angeles, CA, US
The Net's first daily horoscope column.

JTEC/WTEC at Loyola College
International Technology Research Institute, Baltimore, MD, US.
The Japanese Technology Evalution Center (JTEC) and its companion World Technology Evaluation Center (WTEC) at Loyola College in Maryland provide assessments of research and development outside the United States under funding from the National Science Foundation and other agencies of the U.S. Government.

Luleå University
Luleå, Sweden
Information about organization, research and more has been added to the university's web server. As there are many exchange students in Luleå, this information will be useful to students abroad.

Robert E. Maas, Mountain View, CA, US
Toplevel index to all major InterNet indexes of general interest. Nicknamed "the Index of Indexes," MaasInfo.TopIndex also points at the other attempts at meta-indexes, namely the InterNet Resource Guide, the "Catalog of Catalogs" (TopNode), and the AARNET Resource guide. MaasInfo.TopIndex does not point directly at any hardcopy-only documents.

Madame D. Calendar Management Script
FAGG-UNI-LJ, Ljubljana, Slovenia
A robot which can be operated by email or the World Wide Web, and can manage date-related information about conferences, exam schedules etc.

Medical College of Ohio
Toledo, OH, US
Tour the Medical College of Ohio's beautiful 350-acre campus. Learn about the school of medicine, graduate school and the schools of nursing and allied health. Also visit the medical college teaching hospital, medical library, and the Center for Creative Instruction.

Molecular OptoElectronics Corporation
Automatrix, Inc., Ballston Spa, NY, US
MOEC develops high-performance optical and optoelectronic components based on advances in organic materials that will support the deployment of next-generation optical communications, data storage and information processing.

Motorcycle Online
Hermosa Beach, CA, US
Your one-stop motorcycle resource: from worldwide virtual motorcycle tours to as-it-happens race reports and our definitive how-to technical articles. Don't miss our video and photo archives! Motorcycle Online is continuously updated, and it has an e-mail version.

Myst Help
Univ. of Washington Astronomy Department, Seattle, WA, US
The Myst Help home page leads you to a hierarchy of spoilers about all aspects of the CD-ROM game, Myst. The hints are arranged in a series of pages so that you can gradually reveal information about the solutions to various problems.

Neurosciences on the Internet
Neil A. Busis, M.D., Pittsburgh, PA, US
This page lists ideal starting points for exploraing neuroscience resources by virtue of their composition and/or numerous links. A subsequent section lists Web sites invaluable for any type of information retrieval.

The Official Salary Cap
Fry Multimedia, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Are you sick of the baseball and hockey strikes? Do you want to show the world your true feelings about fat-cat owners and athletes? Then you should see the Official Salary Cap, What All The Pros Play Under! The Salary Cap, presented by Fry Multimedia, is available for sale now.

PHOTON Web Photo Magazine
Icon Publications Limited, Scottish Borders, Scotland, UK
PHOTON is a multi-faceted photographic magazine on Internet. Professional, enthusiast, trade and technical aspects are covered, plus a planned section on stock library photography with regularly updated 'stock wants' and photo sales opportunities. Currently in pilot edition form, it will commence monthly main updates from March 1st 1995.

Pink Moment Sweets
Ojai, CA, US
Handmade European-style gourmet chocolates and unusual gift items, sold worldwide. Ojai, California is home to a spectacular purple sunset nicknamed "The Pink Moment" and the place where our legendary confections are made.

Planet Reebok
On Ramp, Inc., New York, NY, US
Feel the pull! Planet Reebok has gravitated to cyberspace. Launched by On Ramp, Inc.

Pool S.O.S. Alarms
Allweather Inc., Boucherville, Quebec, Canada
S.O.S. and S.O.S. Plus offer added protection to your pool or spa. Each model floats on the water and emits a loud warning signal if anyone accidentally falls in the water. Protect yourself, your family, and your neighbors.

Questel/Orbit Patent and Trademark Server
Herndon, VA, US
This unique server sponsors and offers links to many valuable resources for the patent and trademark professional. Among the resources provided are free full text patent databases, a virtual reading room containing essays, laws and magazines, a patent resources page providing a wide range of additional relevant resources and the Questel/Orbit Intertopical Gateway which provides links to sci-tech and competitive intelligence resources on the Internet.

Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory
University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
A commercial dating service to archaeological and geological researchers - gives details of the lab and its method of dating and describes dating charges, current research plans and staff. For the first time, a sample submission form has been made available online so that submitters of radiocarbon material can mail sample data direct to the laboratory.

Radioscientist Online
Royal Society of New Zealand, New Zealand
Radioscientist Online is an on-line journal of research, review and tutorial in the general fields of radio physics and engineering, for articles appropriate to multimedia presentation, published by the New Zealand National Committee for the International Union of Radio Science (URSI), a Committee of the Royal Society of New Zealand (RSNZ).

Reed Organ Home Page
John K. Estell, The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH, US
Explore the musical synthesizer for the 19th century home! The Reed organ page gives a brief history of the instrument, how it operates, and includes both photos and recordings of the two Reed organs that reside in the author's home.

Sarasota Area - Seasonal/Yearly Apartment Rentals
Edgewater Apartments, Ellentown, FL, US
Tired of the ice and snow? Try our winter wonderland, it is warmer...And in the summer, you can enjoy the cool breezes off the water. Edgewater Apartments are located between Sarasota and Tampa, Florida, right off the Manatee River. Monthly, seasonal and yearly rentals available.

Shin Buddhist Resource Center
San Jose, CA, US
The Center provides a reliable source of information for the study of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. Resources to be included in the center are translations, articles and references. This is an ftp site, so keep trying.

Sophisticated Chocolates
Windsor, NJ, US
Sophisticated Chocolates is an established specialty chocolate company creating gift boxes and baskets, chocolate corporate logos, personalized wedding and event favors, and many other quality gourmet chocolates. View their fabulous chocolate covered strawberries on-line and order direct.

Space Precinct
Stephen R. Banks, Houston, TX, US
The first home page dedicated to Gerry Anderson's great new show "Space Precinct" comes replete with multimedia images and quicktime video. Sci fi fans won't want to miss this one! Anyone who's tired of Babylon 5 and Trek will love this show!

Spoleto Festival 1995
SIMS, Inc., Charleston, SC, US
Spoleto Festival U.S.A. is a comprehensive arts festival located in Charleston, South Carolina. During its 19-year history, Spoleto Festival U.S.A. has established itself as one of the world's prominent arts festivals by presenting a unique mix of opera, dance, theater, music, and visual arts throughout its 17-day season. Join us for the 1995 Spoleto Festival U.S.A., held from May 26-June 11, and indulge in the arts experience of a lifetime!

SunSITE Singapore
National University of Singapore
Sun Microsystems expands its SunSITE (Sun Software, Information and Technology Exchange) program to Southeast Asia with the addition of SunSITE Singapore at the National University of Singapore.

Tampa Bay Linux Users Group
Scott Burkett, Clearwater, FL, US
This site provides information on the Tampa Bay Linux Users Group, including updated project information on current undertakings. Additional resources include a nice collection of links to Linux-related resources on the Net.

Uncle Bob's Christmas Page
Chicago, IL, US
A Christmas page with many links and goodies. Here's what readers say: Dan Leach, KIRO Newsradio: "I just had to drop a note to let you know how much I loved your Christmas page. I report in Tech type stuff, and I had seen many of the Christmas pages individually, but you put it all together."

University of Macau
Faculty of Sci. & Tech., University of Macau
Information about Macau and the University of Macau, including academic activity, tourist information, history and culture. Highlighted are: important local events, economic development in Macau, and more.

Upbeat, Inc.
Saint Louis, MO, US
Upbeat, Inc., with 13 years of experience servicing purchasing, facility and plant managers at large institutions across the country, is offering a free 104 page full line catalog of quality commercial grade products, including traffic control systems, signage, site furniture, park benches, street banners, litter receptacles, and much more. Upbeat, Inc. is made available online by simon.com information service, Saint Louis, MO.

US Air Mobility Command Studies and Analysis Flight
Scott AFB, IL, US
Provides analysis on issues concerning air mobility. This introduction to AMCSAF describes what we do and some of the analytical tools we use.

Vermont AudioBooks
Cybermalls Corporation, Colchester, VT, US
"Bringing you the best in spoken-word audio." Vermont AudioBooks is dedicated to serving your needs for entertainment, education, inspiration and enrichment. Our on-line catalog describes current "audio bestsellers" compiled by Publishers Weekly magazine. We stock hundreds of additional titles. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Virtual Design Center
Zig Zag Corporation, Northbrook, IL, US
ZigZag's Virtual Design Center on the Internet contains product information, photos and resources for the contract furniture/office furniture industry.

Virtual Licensing Office
Ohio University Tech Transfer Office, Athens, OH, US
The Virtual Licensing Office lists services useful to the Technology Transfer and Licensing community.

Who's Got the Body?
School of Visual Arts, New York City, NY, US
"Who's Got the Body" is a collaborative WWW artwork created by students in the MFA Computer Art Department of the School of Visual Arts. It was curated and produced by Ken Feingold.

WINGate Technologies
Iselin, NJ, US
WINGate Technologies is a recognized industry leader in DOS-Windows interprocess communications technology. Our new WWW site allows users to browse information on our suite of products, including our newest product, called WinTunnel. This new product lets you merge data from DOS applications with MS-Windows apps with the touch of a hotkey.

WorldTrade Consortium
Weston, CT, US
We sell computer-related products at or below wholesale. We also offer the most competitive rates for long distance telephone service in the United States. Our graphics designer specializes in complete ideation and ultimate design of packaging, logos and art. We would like to hear which products you would like to see offered on the Net.

World-wide Internet Live Music Archive
WILMA, Los Angeles, CA, US
A comprehensive live music information directory, providing information on over 800 clubs and live music venues throughout the United States. Also included are links to over 120 artist tour schedules and an area to contribute concert reviews.

WWW.AU - The Full Index of Australian Web Sites
Sofcom Distributors Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
WWW.AU is organised by subject. A convenient form is supplied for adding new WWW servers as they come on-line in Australia. The form lets you enter the new URL and choose the main category under which it will be indexed. You can also add additional information such as the main topic, a subtopic, and up to 256 characters of descriptive information.

Young Scientists Summer Program 1995
IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria
The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) offers summer research opportunities for advanced students interested in various aspects of global change. Since 1977, over 700 scholars from 36 countries have participated in this annual program.

Zimcom - Computer Jewelry
Zimcom Inc., US
Zimcom now brings you computer jewelry made from computer cables, wires, and microchips. Unique and fascinating jewelry and desk accessories. See these recycled products and even place your order all from your computer.

Friday, 6 January 1995

19th Century Photographs of Jerusalem and the Holy Land
Suzanne and Henri Chayet and The Israel Museum
Mendel John Diness (1827-1900) was the first photographer of Jewish origin to reside in Jerusalem. In the 1850s he documented the city and the Holy Land. The photos were recently found at a garage sale by an American photographer who recognized their value and importance. The Israel Museum then purchased this rare collection and brought it home to Jerusalem after 150 years of wandering.

Access the West
Bonneville Entertainment, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Access the West is currently developing Internet access to their information service. News, weather, sports, gardening tips, etc. are just a few things that will be offered in the very near future.

The Age of Enlightenment in French painting
Ministere de la culture et de la francophonie., Paris, France
A panorama of 18th-century French painting is presented in this exhibition through the works of 100 selected artists. In addition to the pictorial world, history, music, literature and science are recalled in the background to these little-known works from 18 museums all over France.

Agile and Advanced Manufacturing
Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, US
This site provides a single point of access for Agile and Advanced Manufacturing information and resources on the World Wide Web. The site also provides a What's New column in which recent developments in manufacturing-related areas are published.

Alberta Index
Telnet Canada Enterprises, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Encompassing 661,188 square kilometres, Alberta, Canada stands at the forefront of technology and innovation. Alberta has its strength in its diversity; and so do Web servers in it. The Alberta WWW Index is an up-to-date listing of known servers in Canada's cutting edge province.

The All-Arts
UNCG Continuing Education/Summer Session, Greensboro, NC, US
The All-Arts & Sciences Camp is a residential summer camp for children ages 7-15 offering hands-on instruction in the arts and sciences, with a full recreation program, values and citizenship exploration. Dates of the camp are: July 9-14 at the College of William and Mary; July 16-21 at Winthrop University; and July 23-28 & July 30-Aug 4 at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

A&M Networking Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT, US
A&M Networking Inc. is the source for LAN/WAN consulting and installation. We are authorized resellers for Novell, FireFox, NetSoft, Spry, and Evergreen Internet - Salt Lake City. We specialize in Internet connectivity, remote communication, and mainframe interconnectivity. Our site has useful links to most of the companies listed above.

Arizona Geographic Information Council
Phoenix, AZ, US
The Arizona Geographic Information Council was established by Governor's Executive Order in 1989 to coordinate the cooperative development of geographic information within the state of Arizona. This server is the new directory for statewide geographic information, GIS news, and council activity updates.

The BBS Index
Interactive Marketing Systems, Chicago, IL, US
A great new way for Bulletin Board Sysops to advertise their services.

Binary Watch
Pacific Micro Electronics, Inc., Mountain View, CA, US
A great holiday gift, the CyberSpace Binary watch tells time in binary. It is offered in the US only through NetUSA. Can you or your friend read the Binary watch?

Business Opportunity
Kathleen Brehony, Norfolk, VA, US
Exceptional business opportunity in telecommunications for entrepreneurial people. Some of our reps are earning $2000-$10,000+ per month on a part-time basis. Not a "get rich quick" deal. Very modest start-up cost.

California State University Stanislaus, Biology Department
Turlock, CA, US
The CSU Stanislaus Biology Department server provides information about the department, its programs and faculty. The department also houses CSUBIOWEB, the California State University Biological Sciences WWW server.

Career Resource Homepage
Rensselaer's Career Development Center, Troy, NY, US
This page provides an extensive list and corresponding links to various career resources on Internet. These links have been classified both by the origin of the information and the discipline. An excellent tool to start your job hunting!

Carlson Travel Network
WorldWide Net Inc., Seattle, WA, US
A highly interactive travel resource complete with an index to The Planet (Earth) and an interactive itinerary planner to help you plan your next journey in the physical world.

Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, U. of Chicago
CCME, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
The MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago conducts research into the ethical dilemmas confronted by patients and health care providers, and educates providers in the skills necessary to resolve these dilemmas.

Chemistry Department, University of California at Santa Barbara
Chemistry Department, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA, US
A description of our offerings, faculty and facilities for study toward MS and PhD degrees in chemistry and biochemistry. Research programs and opportunities are outlined.

Cold Hollow Cider Mill
CyberMalls Corporation, Colchester, VT, US
The Cold Hollow Cider Mill specializes in the finest Vermont foods, made with the freshest ingredients. We invite you to visit our on-line shop and fill your pantry with an assortment of apple products, maple syrup, jams, jellies and much more. We also offer a wide selection of gift packs featuring these same fine products.

Consultation of the French news-groups
INRIA, Rocquencourt, France
This service allows foreign people to read French news services.

Conversa Language Center
Cincinnati, OH, US
Conversa Language Center teaches English to non-U.S. residents as well as foreign languages to Americans. Small class sizes of 3-8 students allow for a personal, friendly atmosphere to study. The teaching methodology is called situational reinforcement, which is used by the U.S. government to train Foreign Service and Peace Corps personnel. Conversa provides university placement services to its foreign students.

Crash Basket low-rent Home Page
Miami, FL, US
Information, gig listings, photos, etc. on Crash Basket, a south Florida alternative rock band.

Dalhousie Physics Web
Dalhousie Univ. Physics Department, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
We're developing a Web page that not only caters to local interests, but aims to bring together the mass of physics resources that are available on the Net into a more convenient starting point, especially geared towards university education, research, and development.

Dazhdbog's Grandchildren
Sergei Naoumov, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC, US
A Russian server at the University of North Carolina has been completely rebuilt and offers information relevant to Russia. Pointers to key places in Russian networks and detailed discussions of the Russification issues. Includes pictures and music.

Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Missouri-Rolla
Rolla, MO, US
This server supplies information on the research and educational programs available in the Electrical Engineering department at the University of Missouri-Rolla. The server also supplies links to a large number of electrical engineering programs, professional organizations and government labs of interest to electrical engineers, and a number of corporations.

EastNet at East Carolina University
East Carolina Univ. School of Education, Greenville, NC, US
This server provides information about/from the ECU School of Education and is a jumping off point for new, education-oriented, Web and Net users. This location is still under development so watch for changes in the near future.

Flower Stop
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Flower Stop, located in Colorado Springs, is the marketing arm of Pikes Peak Greenhouses, which has been growing and shipping quality flowers since 1904. We know the flower business and are here to serve your needs.

The Forecast
Virginia Beach, VA, US
A monthly journal of law and public policy edited and published by Herbert W. Titus, founding dean of Regent University's schools of law and public policy and former law professor. Provides insight on critical issues of the day including the impact of the new Congress.

Gas Oil Technology Exchange and Communication Highway
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, NM, US
GO-TECH provides technology transfer for the petroleum industry. It includes a calendar of events for the petroleum industry along with links to other useful petroleum resources including universities, state and federal programs and projects and access to software, statistical databases, and technical papers. GO-TECH is also the archive site for the sci.geo.petroleum newsgroup.

The Global Information Infrastructure Commission
Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC
The Global Information Infrastructure Commission (GIIC) is being established to provide new constructs for cooperation, coordination, and leadership in information infrastructure development. The homepage will chronicle the GIIC's activities and provide basic information regarding its structure, membership and upcoming events.

Harbourside Travel Services
Clearwater, FL, US
Harbourside Travel Services is a full-service travel agency offering unique opportunities for active vacations or getaways. Caribbean destinations, ski trips, bicycle tours, scuba diving, Walt Disney World Resort vacations, and more!

The Hartford Courant
Hartford, CT, US
The United States' oldest continually published newspaper, The Hartford Courant, is available on the Internet with news of Connecticut and beyond.

Hiram's Inner Chamber
Independant Members of the Masonic Fraternity, San Diego, CA, US
Freemasons, Masons, and Shriners in San Diego. Members of The oldest and largest Fraternal organization building a better world.

HTMARCOM (High Tech Marketing Communicators)
wolfBayne Communications, Colorado Springs, CO
A free resource directory of marketing communications services and tools of interest to high tech (computers and electronics) marketing communicators. HTMARCOM offers free Web page links, to appropriate businesses on the Web, in exchange for a link back to HTMARCOM.

Inference Corporation
El Segundo, CA, US
We improve our clients' competitive edge by providing specialized application development tools and services to build and deploy front office client-server applications, which integrate our clients' customer operations. Inference's Web pages offer product and service overviews, as well as a demonstration of Case-Based Reasoning (CBR).

Evergreen Internet, Salt Lake City, UT, US
InteliQuest is offering "The World's 100 Greatest Books--Audiocassette Collection"(TM)(C) for purchase online. This collection encompasses many of the great classical works of literature. The Instant Expert Learning System(TM)(C) is designed to help you retain the information contained in the works.

Internet Exchange, Ltd.
Natick, MA, US
An exciting new company in the heart of Boston's MetroWest, whose mission is to provide quality Internet access and connectivity to the thriving MetroWest community. SLIP/PPP dial-in accounts at economical, flat monthly rates are our specialty.

Internet Nebraska
Lincoln, NE, US
Internet Nebraska provides a full range of low-cost internet services in Lincoln and Southeast Nebraska. The Internet Nebraska WWW Home Page contains information about the region, including electronic business pages and the IN Color Home Pages. For more information, email to info@inetnebr.com or call (402) 434-8680.

IS Robotics Corporation
Somerville, MA, US
A micro-robotics product and engineering services company founded to develop and market the technology for small mobile robots. New software concepts developed by one of the founders have been used successfully to create autonomous operation and intelligent behavior in robots.

Jay Seever / no more money
comand records Munich, Chicago, IL, US
Comand records Munich presents its CD "no more money" by Jay Seever on the web. This includes several pictures, audio samples and text material.

Joan & Annie's Brownies
CyberMalls Corporation, Colchester, VT, US
In 1988, my sister and I started baking our luscious brownies in our kitchens and selling them at fairs and festivals around Vermont. Today, we still make them ourselves but in a modern bakery. Our brownies are famous here in Vermont for their rich and fudgy taste. Need a quick and delicious gift? Send a Joan & Annie's Brownie-Gram, a 1 1/2 pound box of Joan & Annie's gourmet brownies.

Law Notes Newsletter and Canadian Legal Info
Murphy Collette Murphy, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Bi-monthly newsletter published by the New Brunswick law firm of Murphy Collette Murphy. A major intersection of Canadian legal resources such as other legal newsletters, research facilities, and government information of interest to attorneys and those seeking information on the law.

Lightwave Communications Research Laboratory
University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Information on research activities conducted by the lab members, and their research and academic backgrounds. Provides links to other related sources of photonics and optical communications information.

Marketing on the Internet Conference
International Quality and Productivity Center, Little Falls, NJ, US
March 28-31, 1995, Chicago, IL, Hotel Nikko. Sponsored by the International Quality and Productivity Center.

Marshall University Department of Pediatrics
Huntington, WV, US
The Department of Pediatrics at Marshall University School of Medicine provides a unique blend of rural health care and academic medicine to southern West Virginia, Ohio and eastern Kentucky. This site contains information on the department, its faculty and residents, as well as activities.

MCIT Networking
The Univ. of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, MI, US
The Networking Team, working within the Medical Center Information Technology Division, provides networking services for much of The University of Michigan Medical Center campus. Services include engineering and support for UMMCnet, The Medical Campus network, network design and consultation, centralized NOC services and a large library of indexed online documentation.

Mobidata: An Interactive Journal of Mobile Computing
Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, US
The Mobidata journal is intended for fast dissemination of research results in mobile computing . There is no review process involved. With each paper, there is an attached comment-box for correspondence and critical comments about the paper from electronic readers.

Morley House - You surf the store from your door
Morley House, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Mail order catalogue containing many interesting gadgets and other items which can be ordered via the Internet.

National Offsite Storage
Los Alamos, NM, US
Provides affordable off-site backup tape storage and rotation for small organizations and individuals in the continental United States. Also available: a free Disaster Recovery Planning guide for small organizations in an Adobe Acrobat document. More info on NOSS can be found at the home page or via ftp.

Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer
Steward Observatory, Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, US
This server provides information about the near infrared camera and multi-object spectrometer (NICMOS), a second-generation instrument to be installed on the Hubble space telescope during the February 1997 on-orbit servicing mission. NICMOS will provide infrared imaging and spectroscopic observations of astronomical targets between 0.8-2.5 microns.

Nick's Fine Wines
Australia's finest wines, delivered directly to you.

The North Polk Web Server
North Polk High School, Alleman, IA, US
The server of the North Polk Junior/Senior High School in Alleman, Iowa, will feature scanned artwork by students, in addition to mundane information about the school and its fine programs. There are plans for an online school paper in the future, and other student creations may be showcased on the server.

An Ode to Coffee
Flightpath Communications, Washington, D.C., US
"Coffee is the beverage of the people of God, and the cordial of his servants who thirst for wisdom." So begins the immortal Ode to Coffee offered up as a tribute to the movers, shakers, hackers, and coffee-drinkers of the Internet. This delicious Ode and other coffee-related tidbits can all be found at this site.

The Oriental Institute Museum
The Oriental Institute, Chicago, IL, US
Current information on the museum's collections of ancient near eastern artifacts, gallery exhibitions, and events coordinated by its education office. A representative sample of artifacts illustrating the geographic and temporal breadth of its collections is available, and this section will be expanded as time permits.

Oriflame International - Health and Beauty Products
Evergreen Internet, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Oriflame International is one of Europe's finest health and skin-care companies. Come see what one of Europe's leading companies has to offer you. Fabulous products for both men and women. All products 100% guaranteed and stamped with the European 'e' of excellence. Oriflame products are available in over 40 countries.

The Park Place Mall
Los Angeles, CA, US
Telecomputing Resources International announces its new addition to the World Wide Web: The Park Place Mall. The mall is a collection of interesting places to shop to find information on a wide variety of subjects, or to download the latest versions of software.

Euronet.nl, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
P.A.S.T., a fully functional audio rack for the PC, is a product of a small company called Pennock Automation, owned by brothers Glenn and Cliff Pennock, sons of Leo Th.Pennock, who 25 years ago published the first computer trade paper in the world (The Automation Guide). P.A.S.T. is just an example of the multi-media products the brothers have developed.

Penn Sate University Department of Radiology
Hershey, PA, US
Our server has been updated as we continue to maintain links to all other radiology sites on the web as well as to the DICOM info, radiology image and text databases, and much more. Also available: information about our department and residency program.

Physics Department, University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL, US
Home page for the physics department at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

OneStop Desktop, Houston, TX, US
Print and graphics professionals can now find a wide range of information and services from PrintNet.com, an Internet server targeted to the publishing and graphics industry. Some of the features include links to top desktop vendors and an online portfolio for designers who wish to use PrintNet to display samples of their work to potential Internet clients worldwide.

Queer After-Hours
WWW After-Hours, Boston, MA, US
"Queer After-Hours" contains useful hotlinks for the gay community. It also has links to all major computer companies and very cool sites on the web. It is an excellent starting point for new web users as well as for anyone else who likes to net-surf with a slant toward alternatative lifestyles.

SCOR - Taking Your Company Public
Eaton Law Firm, North Little Rock, AR, US
If you have a new or growing company and need to raise up to $1 million in capital, then take a look at SCOR. The Small Corporate Offering Registration allows small companies to do a public offering in 42 states. Complete details and forms available for do-it-yourselfers. Save on attorneys and investment bankers fees.

Silicon Graphics' Web Wax Contest
Silicon Graphics Computer Systems, Mountain View, CA, US
Win the ultimate web site in Silicon Graphics' Web Wax Contest. On the contest home page, read about how Silicon Graphics' computers support your web serving needs. Then write a short description of why you should be given the ultimate web site. See full details under the "Wow" section of Silicon Graphics' Silicon Surf home page.

WorldWide Net Inc., Seattle, WA, US
A complete guide to nordic and alpine skiing around the world, featuring details of over 150 resorts and adding more all the time. A growing list resorts feature extensive presentations with maps, lodging, calendars, school info, etc. A major feature is our new interactive ski conditions entry form that our member resorts update daily via the web.

Something Special
Advantage Online, Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
Something Special is a new store focusing on unique and specialty products, such as the Stonehenge Mead Kit, Saskatoon Berry Chocolates, smoked salmon, music, crafts and collectible art. All products profile the people that inspired them so you’ll get know the quality and care that went into the them. You'll find lots of color photos - tailored for efficient browsing.

Storm Software Home Page
Mountain View, CA, US
Based on the simple notion that "a picture is worth a thousand words," Storm Software's vision is to enable personal computer users to express themselves with photos as easily as they do today with text and graphics. Storm is developing personal photo software ("PhotoWare") that enables people to use pictures with their computer to communicate, learn and play.

Systems & Computer Technology Corporation
Malvern, PA, US
A leading provider of administrative software systems and outsourcing services to higher education, government and utilities. This site contains information on SCT, our products, employment opportunities, and much more.

Reading, MA, US
TASC is pleased to welcome you to our neighborhood, a stylized hometown interface for accessing information about TASC. Leveraging over 28 years of systems integration and information services provided to hundreds of clients, TASC is now building next-generation multimedia information systems for the digital information superhighway.

Harold Gregg, Austin, TX, US
Provides indexed pointers to other Web sites. To have your server listed, email the following information to admin@theyellowpages.com. 1) server name 2) server URL 3) suggested category and 4) a brief description of the information offered.

Turks & Caicos Islands Online Tourist Guide
Internet Publishing Services, Ltd., Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands
The official tourist guide to the Turks & Caicos Islands, one of the last remaining unspoiled paradises in the Caribbean.

Uncle Len Direct Internet Catalog
Englewood, NJ, US
Fine electronics and specialty products at exceptionally low prices. Goods are purchased directly from manufacturers and importers to save you money. Uncle Len's online catalog is now available to Internet users; if you've been hunting for that hard-to-find gadget, Uncle Len is the place to look.

University of North Dakota School of Medicine
Grand Forks, ND, US
This server features a Web-based directory of staff and faculty, and a Web-based calendar of events.

The University of Texas MicroCenter
Texas Union MicroCenter, Austin, TX, US
This service contains an introduction to the MicroCenter, common questions and answers about the MicroCenter, MicroCenter price lists, MicroCenter departmental services information and requisition forms, Apple product information, and links to the homepages of various staff members.

UW Sea Grant
Univ. of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, Madison, WI, US
The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute is part of a national network of 29 university-based programs of research, outreach, and education dedicated to the protection and sustainable use of the United States' ocean and Great Lakes resources.

Virginia Tech New Media Center
Blacksburg, VA, US
Part of a national program designed to make multimedia more accessible to faculty, staff, students and the public for education. The center provides access to machines and people for working with multimedia programs and designing educational software and projects. It hopes to increase awareness of the possibilities of multimedia as an educational tool for the future.

The Virtual Skeleton Shop
Freihofer AG, Zurich, Switzerland
Creepy: The first virtual skeleton-shop is open at Switzerlands first on-line scientific bookstore, Freihofer AG. Have a look and a chill. Online ordering is possible for Swiss residents.

Evergreen Internet, Salt Lake City, UT, US
A commercial listing service provided by Evergreen Internet - Salt Lake City. The Voyager server is available for browsing and as a place to have your information listed on the Internet.

Web Browser Reviews
Finite Systems Consulting, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Canada
We have reviewed and created links to the best browsers in the world. A browser is a software tool that allows you to surf the WWW. If you have not tried them all, you might want to explore these features further. If you would like us to review your WWW browser, drop us a line at FSC@io.org.

Web World Conference
Orlando, FL, US
January 30-February 1, 1995, Orlando, FL. Web pages include information and schedule.

Webfoot's Seattle Car Lot
Ducky Sherwood, Seattle, WA, US
This free service allows users to post/browse car ads and also has pointers to other Seattle-area transportation information. (For other areas, see the Silicon Valley, Pittsburgh, PA, Chicago, and Otherwhere car lots.) The National Lot has pointers to information about car/boat/plane/bicycle parts/service/dealers, information on particular makes and models, and general information on cars.

W.L.R. Cassidy
Anaheim, CA, US
Electronic editions of works by William L. Cassidy (now under construction); utilities for research in Southeast Asian affairs; archive deals with cross-cultural law enforcement; intelligence studies.

wolfBayne Communications
Colorado Springs, CO
A marketing communications consultancy specializing in high technology business-to-business computers, electronics and biomedical/biotechnical products. WolfBayne emphasizes strategic and tactical public relations, marketing communications management and logistics, and Internet marketing development and implementation.

Monday, 9 January 1995

Access Plus Communications, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA, US
Access Plus Communications is a start-up telecommunications firm organized to bid on PCS (personal communications services) licenses with the FCC in the spring of 1995.

American University and English Language Information Service
Conversa Language Center, Cincinnati, OH, US
The American University and English Language Information Service, sponsored by Conversa Language Center, provides foreign students with free information about the educational system in the United States, including the process of enrolling in universities/colleges, tests required, costs of tuition and board, and financial aid.

ATI Technologies Inc.
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
In 1985, ATI Technologies Inc. opened its doors with a small team of engineers and one graphics product, the Graphics Solution. Today ATI employs over 600 people and has a product line that includes a full selection of graphics, communication, and multimedia video products.

Australian Consumers' Association
Choice Magazine, Consuming Interest, and consumer-interest books available by direct mail.

Australian Open '95 on World Wide Web Tennis Server
The Tenagra Corporation, Houston, TX, US
Coverage of the 1995 Australian Open (January 16-29) includes daily results as well as reports from courtside. Additional 1995 tournament coverage is planned for the Ameritech Cup, Lipton Championships, French Open, Toshiba Tennis Classic, US Open, VS of Philly, and WTA Championships. Sponsored by The Tenagra Corporation, The Racquet Workshop, and Jason Simmons of Melbourne.

Automatrix Music Events Calendar
Automatrix, Inc., Ballston Spa, New York, US
Automatrix is pleased to announce its new Music Events Calendar, available both via the World-Wide Web and email. Events can be listed geographically, by artist or by music category. Users can also submit new events to the calendar using a Web-based submission form or email.

Basket Mania
New York, NY, US
Basket Mania offers a wide variety of creative gift-giving solutions for occasions both business-related and personal. Our merchandise and price range are specially designed to meet all of your gift-giving needs.

Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
Axel Boldt, Paderborn, NRW, Germany
The Blacklist of Internet Advertisers is a compilation of instances of offensive and inappropriate advertising on the Internet together with some suggestions about how to deal with them.

Blown Away Pentium Computer Contest
Seattle, WA, US
IVI Publishing presents the Blown Away Pentium Computer Contest. Win a free multimedia Pentium computer with all the trimmings! The contest is a simple scavenger hunt, with the clues spread throughout the IVI Blown Away pages.

CapWeb - A Hypertext guide to the U.S. Congrss
Impatient Capitol Hill Internet Activists, Washington, DC, US
An unauthorized interactive hypertext guide to the members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. For each member, information includes contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses, room numbers, committee assignments, state delegations, congressional party leadership, support agencies, and more.

Carma Bums International Superhighway Tour of Words
Carma Bums/Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
The Carma Bums International Superhighway Tour of Words may be the largest original poetry project ever placed on the Internet. The program includes over 150 texts, 70 graphics, and 20 large sound files. The Bums are a nationally recognized performance poetry group from Los Angeles. Crazy underground fun.

Chaos Group at the University of Maryland
University of Maryland, College Park, MD, US
The study of chaotic dynamics, more commonly known as chaos, has undergone an explosive growth, and many applications have been made across a broad spectrum of discplines. The Chaos Group at the University of Maryland has been in the forefront in pioneering many of the research areas in the emerging science of chaos.

Compton's NewMedia
Carlsbad, CA, US
Product info, sales infomation, and company backgound for Compton's NewMedia.

Cupertino, CA, USA
CONNECT, Inc., a leading supplier of state-of-the-technology wide area email, bulletin boards, and electronic commerce, now provides Internet hosting and librarian services. Designed to help businesses gain a WWW presence and manage their use of Internet resources, CONNECT offers a complete on-line solution that takes advantage of the best features of both public and private networks.

Dance Directory
Seattle, WA, US
Links to internet dance resources including ballet, ballroom, contra, folk and square dances. Also available: directories such as the Web Dance Server.

"Design it Yourself Glycolysis" Teaching Aid
BioNet TLTP, The University of Leeds, Yorkshire, Britain
An interactive teaching aid for students taking introductory biochemistry courses. The user chooses reaction types in sequence in order to convert glucose into lactate. If "wrong" choices are selected, explanatory text is presented, so it is possible to investigate alternative pathways.

Dingo Software Systems Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Information about KE Texpress, an object-oriented post-relational information management system. Texpress uses revolutionary indexing algorithms that offer virtually instantaneous retrieval from massive databases containing any combination of structured data, free text and multi-media objects. An HTML search engine is available.

Direct Marketing World Job Center
Mainsail Marketing Information, Inc., Berkeley, US
Direct Marketing World, the Internet directory of the direct marketing industry has just opened a free Farmland, Cybergraphic Design
Research Triangle Park, NC, US
Armstrong Design Consultants, a full-service graphic design firm, has produced award-winning projects since 1978. We specialize in developing visual information systems: identification programs, interactive communications, and publications for corporate, education, and healthcare clients.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Find-a-Clone-a-Home-Project locates old/surplus computers (XT, AT, etc.), cleans them up, installs modems, and supplies them on a long-term (free) loan to handicapped/disabled persons.

Flower Stop Marketing Corp
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Flower Stop is a full-service on-line florist specalizing in long-distance roses, long-distance flowers, and FTD arrangements. Ask about their 200% guarantee.

The Free Software Shack
Underground Rivers, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
The Free Software Shack offers instantly downloadable cutting-edge software. Current titles include games and sophisticated database and multimedia applications. Save this one on your hotlist, because a lot more hot titles are on the way!

Frequently Asked Questions about Coffee and Caffeine
Alex Lopez-Ortiz, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
The coffee and caffeine FAQ contains all you want to know about the world's most popular drug, caffeine, and its most common vehicle: coffee.

Global Heritage Center
Sterling Ledet & Associates, Atlanta, GA, US
The Global Heritage Center provides geneological information on CD-ROM. We have US-Census, Social Security records, family collections, and the complete library of CD-ROM's from Automated Archives, Inc. Prices range from $20 to $69 plus shipping.

Guildhall Western Art Gallery
Guildhall Inc., Fort Worth, TX, US
Guildhall Western Art Gallery features art of the American West. There are both original paintings and signed and numbered prints available for sale. The subject matter of our paintings include, Native Americans, Cowboys, Horses and Other Livestock, and Wildlife.

The GV/Company
Brussels, Belgium
The Belgian advertising agency GV/Company is the first communication company in Belgium to start its own WWW service. The GV/Company Quintessentially Quinate Quinquennium server offers Internet users access to a full overview of the activities of the agency over the five years of its existence. GV/Company's portfolio includes campaigns for Ikea, Volvo, Dag van de Krant, Kom op tegen Kanker, Walibi, LU, Belgacom and many other accounts.

Harmony Music list
MKB Music Studio/UC San Diego Music Library, San Diego, CA, US
The Harmony Music List of the MKB Music Studio (first studio on the WWW) now contains over 1000 links to music-related Internet resources.

Hot Sites
Amdahl Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA, US
Some of the many interesting WWW sites previously featured on Amdahl's regularly changing Hot Topics page have now been moved to their own list of Hot Sites. Other sites have also been added and categorized to make it a great netsurfing spot worth adding to your local starting-points page. (And, yes, we accept new suggestions.)

The IEEE Home Page
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., New York, NY, US
The main page provides access to information about member services, products and subscriptions, new technologies, how to join, and much more. Includes links to the many society, regional, and student pages worldwide. The current issue of The Institute, a news supplement to IEEE's flagship publication, Spectrum, is available at http://www.ieee.org/ti.html/.

InterGolf Golf Travel Packages
GolfData On-Line, Arlington, VA, US
For over 20 years, InterGolf has sent thousands of golfers and non-golfers to more than 30 countries to enjoy the thrill of mixing golf and travel to new and exciting destinations. Tour highlights include a variety of British and Irish tours, tour through the Heart of Europe and even golf cruises to places like the Caribbean. From GolfData On-Line.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Geneva, Switzerland
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies server currently contains general information on the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, information on Federation relief operations, links to other Red Cross/Red Crescent information services, and links to other disaster-related information services.

Italian Ph.D. Program for Environmental Monitoring
Dept.of Information Engineering, Pisa, Italy
Courses for the Italian Ph.D. in Methods and Technologies for Environmental Monitoring are organized by a consortium of four Italian universities (Basilicata, Florence, Genoa, Pisa) in order to train specialists in the field of new technologies for environmental monitoring.

Jayfar's Web Survey
Philadelphia, PA, US
Jayfar's Web Survey is a brief survey form asking about browser use, platforms, typefaces, how long you've been using the WWW, etc. The latest results are updated almost daily, and there are also links to other sources of Web stats.

Kaidan CloseTake Lens System
Kaidan, Feasterville, PA, US
The Kaidan CloseTake Lens System enhances the functionality of the Apple QuickTake Digital camera by reducing the 4-foot minimum focal range to 2 inches.

Launching and Managing a Virtual Office Conference
International Quality and Productivity Center, Little Falls, NJ, US
February 15, New Oreans, LA. Sponsored by the International Quality and Productivity Center.

LinguaTec, Inc. - Language Training
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Providing outstanding language and intercultural training for multicultural organizations since 1980. Courses for foreign born professionals working in the US who want to be more proficient in English and American business culture. Reading, writing and math skills training for production workers. Get full details on all courses and register on-line.

Austin, TX, US
MRDEAF-L is a network of teachers, administrators, parents, and others who are seeking information and resources related to education and training of persons who are both deaf and mentally retarded. As any professional in this field will tell you, resources for working with this population are virtually non-existent, and hopefully this will be of some assistance.

NEPCON West '95
Online Ad Agency, US
NEPCON West '95, run by Reed Exhbitions, is the trade show for anyone involved in electronics packaging, testing, assembly, design,and CAD/CAM. Visit the NEPCON West '95 web server to explore the conference features and highlights, read the list of participating vendors, pick from over 114 seminars, and even register online. The show runs from February 28nd to March 2 in Anaheim, CA.

The Neurotrophin Homepage
University of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
An electronic journal for neurobiologists researching neurotrophic factors.

New Zealand Mountain Bike Web
Paul Kennett, Wellington, New Zealand
Information on mountain biking in New Zealand. Includes lists of events, clubs, contacts, plus the full text of "Classic New Zealand Mountain Bike Rides," a guidebook that details 300 rides nationwide.

The Object Oriented Design Web Reference
Howard Michalski, Columbus, OH, US
The Object Oriented Design Web Reference offers (current and future!) software engineers, architects, and designers a ready reference guide to OO design methodologies, implementation techinques, terms and definitions, and links to other OO resources on the net. In keeping with the spirit of the free exchange of information and ideas, we need your participation to become a useful stop on the infobahn.

Peterson's Education Center
Peterson's Guides, Inc., Princeton, NJ, US
Peterson's Education Center provides an organized gateway to searchable information about all levels of educational opportunities as well as communications and applications services directly linked to institutions. Additional services will be career planning, test prep help, financial aid searching, and other activities related to education and lifelong career planning.

Purdue's NSCORT on Controlled Ecological Life Support Systems
Purdue University, IN, US
The NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training at Purdue University is a multi-disciplinary reasearch group dedicated to the design and develpment of bioregenerative and controlled ecological Life support systems for long-duration manned space missions.

Ratio DesignLab
A. M. Thomas, Atlanta, GA, US
Ratio DesignLab is a small technology contract/consulting company in Atlanta.We do hardware, software, industrial design, graphic design, technical documentation, mechanical engineering, and product development. This site includes company information, links to our clients' pages, technology links, major Web links, and more.

Redhook Ale Brewery
Seattle, WA, US
An informational resource for the Redhook Ale Brewery. Includes company history, description of products, and other related infomation.

Kathleen Brehony, Ph.D., Norfolk, VA, US
Very effective audio program to teach relaxation skills. Two types of relaxation programs are included: Muscle Tension Release and Guided Imagery. Research has shown that people can offset the negative physical and psychological effects of chronic stress by regularly practicing meditation or relaxation. Low cost: $13.95 includes shipping and handling.

Reno Hilton Resort
Reno, NV, US
The Reno Hilton Casino Resort offers this weekly update of entertainment, special events, and more.

Responsive Software
Berkeley, CA, US
Describes Responsive Software's products, namely Responsive Time Logger (time tracking for consultants), ZipTip (the Tip of the Day processor), and the Humor Processor (helps users create new jokes!). Includes the exclusive Joke of the Week.

Columbus, OH, US
Sangam is an Asian-Indian light music band. With a total membership of about a dozen quasi-musicians (most of whom are graduate students), Sangam has entertained audiences in and around Ohio from late 1992 onward. Sangam mainly performs in-house versions of popular Hindi and Tamil film songs.

Science Hobbyist
William J. Beaty, Seattle, WA, US
The Science Hobbyist page features photos/plans/info on several hobby projects, links to other amateur science sites on the Web, and files of interest to hobbyists.

Scott's Internet Hot List
Michael Louis Scott, Greenwich, CT, US
Scott's Internet Hot List is a interactive Web page of over a thousand alphabetized sites in forty plus categories. Scott's List will be updated periodically as the Internet expands.

Seattle InterLink
Seattle, WA, US
Links to internet resources in the Seattle area, including listings on entertainment, dining, weather, government, libraries, universities and weather.

Shasta County Office of Education, Redding, CA, US
The Shasta County Office of Education maintains "ShastaLink," a full-feature Internet facility for the educational and nonprofit community in Northern California. We specialize in telecommunications installations, Internet trainings, and consultative services to promote leadership in connectivity.

The Sojourn Homepage
Middletown, DE, US
Sojourn is a hot new alternative/progressive/folk band that is currently selling out venues in the Northeast. If you're into bands like Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Renaissance, Marillion, or All About Eve, give Sojourn a listen. The homepage has bio info, digitized audio/video and tons of links to other pages. See and hear what you've been missing!

Structural Engineers Association of California
SEAOC, Los Angeles, CA, USA
The world-famous Structural Engineers Association of California is an elite group especially known for its research and development in earthquake-related building codes. To get on the list, send email to seaoc@power.net and briefly describe which area of structural engineering you are interested in.

Superbowl XXIX Host Committee Page
InterSPORT, Inc., Provo, UT, US
Everything you need to know if you're attending this year's Super Bowl in Miami. Information on lodging, dining, and transportation, as well as trivia, news and television info. Sponsored by: InterSPORT and iMALL.
http://superbowl.com/superbowl/superbowl.html [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Sweet Energy
Cybermalls Corporation, Colchester, VT, US
Attention apricot lovers! Taste the world's best apricots and other high-fiber fruit. We sell over 50 tons of them every year. Why? Our big, beautiful apricots are nothing like the ones you find in most grocery stores. Be sure to check out our Apricot Lover's Sampler--ten different apricot delights at a special introductory price. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Tea Tree Oil - An Essential Oil from Down Under
Tyler G. Nally, Gibson City, IL, US
Want to know more about Australian Tea Tree Oil and what it can do for you "naturally," in a non-synthetic, non-toxic manner? This is the place to visit. A short history of the "essential" oil of the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree is given, plus information on the tree itself and many everyday problems that can be addressed by the usage of Australian Tea Tree Oil. A must-see!

Salt Lake City, UT, US
teltrust.com is the nation's authority on Novell GroupWare and GroupWise: systems integration, training (admin and client), and Internet connectivity. Comprised almost entirely of former third-level support members of WordPerfect's legendary SWAT team, teltrust.com knows GroupWise and GroupWare better than anyone outside of Novell itself.

TV Net
Los Angeles, CA, US
TV Net is designed for retrieving information on broadcast/cable television stations throughout the US and the world. Jump to the Interactive TV Index and join in the TV fun. The Ultimate TV List contains over 340 links to 107 shows. Vote in this week's TV Poll. Also included is a complete US Local TV Station List.

Universal Interactive Systems
Los Angeles, CA, US
UIS offers software products and services in the domain of computer telephony: voice-mail, fax-back, callback, bank assistance, activity registration, etc. UIS offers for sale the Talking xBase--a complete toolkit for voice system development with Clipper or FoxPro under MS-DOS. Our newest product is Talking Access--a flexible MS-Windows-based toolkit for voice-application programming.

University of Illinois Maps
Urbana, IL, US
Visitors to the University of Illinois can help plan their trip with the all-campus, union quadrangle, and north campus maps. The all-campus map allows zooming to the other two maps; the quad and north campus maps have menu bars to help locate specific buildings.

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit
Effective January 1, 1995, bulletin board service for public access to opinions of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit will be discontinued. In lieu of this bulletin board, the Court makes its opinions routinely available through the World Wide Web on the Internet. Unlike other bulletin board services, there are no per minute user fees for this.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife
Lakewood, CO, US
The The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service WWW Homepage provides information on the mission and activities of the USFWS. Information on endangered species, migratory birds and waterfowl, fisheries, wildlife law, and federal aid to states is provided, along with links to the Department of the Interior, National Wildlife Refuge System, and National Wetlands Inventory WWW pages.

Vallath's Cobweb: Communication and Education Resources
Bloomington, IN, US
A collection of resources for mass communication and education scholars. Includes links to lots of electronic journals.

WebChess (The Chess Server)
Tyler Jones, Salem, OR, US
An experimental Web application that allows realtime, multiplayer chess games to be played across the Web. Currently allows five simultaneous games, and an unlimited number of "watchers." Players can pass messages back and forth during the game. Doesn't know every chess rule, but enough to allow decent games.

Wimsey Corporate Services
Wimsey Information Services, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Wimsey Information Services is very pleased to announce the exciting and innovative premiere of our Business Pages, featuring Wimsey's Corporate Services, a schedule of Business Events, Online Publications, and our Business Listings.

Winserve - Windows Internet Server
Winserve, Kirkland, WA, US
Now distributed workgroups can share files, store files, and use MS Mail and Schedule+ exactly as if they were on the office LAN, twenty-four hours a day, from anywhere on the Internet. Perfect for bridging remote offices and connecting mobile employees to the central office, Winserve uses Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.5 to provide virtual disk space and an MS Mail postoffice.

Winter Park Construction
Maitland, FL, US
One of Central Florida's largest general contractors, Winter Park Construction, can now be accessed via the Web.

World Guide
Knowledge Plus Multimedia Publishing, Kelowna, B.C., Canada
World Guide has been developed to provide the economic regions of the world a method to market their regional opportunities to the global business community. The guide contains information on economics, trade, education, tourism and business for each region/state/province/country represented.

Friday, 13 January 1995

Abbott Northwestern Hospital Cancer Research Laboratory
Minneapolis, MN, US
Our laboratory is currently using molecular dynamics simulations to investigate site-specific DNA recognition by DNA-regulatory proteins. Our home page has links to hypertext versions of our research papers from the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and the Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, reprinted with the publishers' permission, as well as MPEG movies.

Arlington, VA, US
A constantly evolving resource for birthmothers, adoptees, and adoptive parents (current and interested). Included: contact information for local government and private adoption agencies, attornies, and support groups throughout the U.S. Also: listings of national adoption organizations, related publications, background information, newgroups.

Irving, TX, US
The leader in the high-quality production of lubricants and applicators for the aluminum and light metals industry.

Answer Systems, Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
Answer Systems is the developer of Apriori, a client-server help desk application that handles information management issues facing support teams. Apriori solves problems, tracks calls, manages workflow, and provides metrics for the entire support cycle. Apriori can be linked with other applications (network management, field service, defect tracking, and telephony) to provide a complete service solution.

(Art)^n Laboratory
(Art)^n Laboratory, Evanston, IL, US
The inventors of Virtual Photography/PHSColograms, have moved to the Basic Industrial Research Laboratory (BIRL) at Northwestern University. Our newly redesigned site features our latest works and more exciting links.

ASCII Symbol and HTML Escape Sequence Table
Yong Chen, Geotechnology Research Institute, The Woodlands, TX, US
Don't how people do "© , ®, ¾ , ¢" in HTML documents? Here is a table listing ASCII character sets and their respective HTML escape sequence codes. You can easily use this table to cut and paste special symbols into your HTML documents.

Atlanta Reproductive Health Centre
Mark Perloe M.D., Atlanta, GA, US
Learn more about women's health issues such as infertility and endometriosis. An online book for couples describing infertility treatment is included. A photo gallery will help you understand various problems that result in pelvic pain and infertility. Various surgical treatments are shown. Text and graphics explore the latest in high-tech fertility options.

The AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am
Monterey Information Services, Carmel, CA, US
A 72-hole PGA Tour championship tournament played on the golf courses of Pebble Beach. General information, including daily schedules, tickets, and accommodations are listed.

Austin Real Estate Connection
Internet Works!, Austin, TX, US
Provides public access for listing, selling, buying, leasing and servicing all types of real estate located in Austin and worldwide. We offer cost effective marketing space to the the real estate community and public.

Australian Resorts
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Operates five island resorts in Queensland, Australia including: Lizard Island, Dunk Island, Bedarra Island, Brampton Island and Great Keppel Island. Stop by to see the sights.

Morristown, NJ, US
Bellcore's mission is to provide technical support, services and products to worldwide telecommunications companies. Bellcore also serves as a single point of contact for coordination of communications services associated with US national security and emergency preparedness.

Belmont Research
Cambridge, MA, US
A recent winner of a NIST ATP Award on healthcare information infrastructure, Belmont Research is a 4-year-old software development company focused on applications in biomedical computing. Areas of expertise include object-oriented software technology (the Belmont Toolkit), clinical data management, scientific data visualization, and bio-informatics.

Blue Point Books
Blue Point Books, US
Going a little crazy trying to juggle a job and a life in the high pressure nineties? Blue Point Books has posted excerpts from the first two books in Cathy Feldman's series on workplace issues: "Two Years Without Sleep: Working Moms Talk About Having a Baby and a Job", and "The Men At The Office: Working Women Talk About Working With Men." Cathy Feldman also edits the feature, Working Together: Question of the Week, based on your feedback to the current issues.

The BOG (Board for Online Graffiti)
Digital Media Center, Singapore
Looking for some relief while cruising the Info Highway? Tired cybernauts can find a welcome rest-stop at the BOG, Asia's first Web-based electronic graffiti wall. This interactive diversion is brought to you all the way from the Digital Media Center of Singapore. (If Michael Fay had known about this, he may not have gotten into so much trouble...)

Bologna Astronomical Almanac
Bologna Astronomical Observatory, Bologna, Italy
The Bologna Astronomical Observatory is pleased to announce the Bologna Astronomical Almanac, in Italian.

British Geological Survey
Keyworth, Nottingham, UK
BGS, the national geological survey of the United Kingdom, was founded in 1835. Its primary functions are to maintain and revise geological information for the land and offshore areas of the United Kingdom and the nearby continental shelf. Its work relates directly to mineral, energy and groundwater resources, land use, geological hazards, and the protection of the environment.

CADmazing Solutions
Santa Clara, CA, US
IC CAD and IC Design Services.

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Provides national and international clients with impartial, dependable and confidential responses to a wide variety of occupational health and safety inquiries. CCOHS provides a comprehensive computerized information service. The OSH Exchange is a forum for the exchange of health and safety ideas and information.

The Carleton Ski Lodge at Whistler
Carleton Lodge Rentals Corp., Vancouver, BC, Canada
The lodge offers a variety of ski condominiums in the Canadian village voted the best ski resort in North America. Located only a few steps from the ski gondolas serving both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, the Carleton Lodge is an exceptional site to enjoy the Whistler ski experience for couples, families, or groups of ski enthusiasts.

CEI: Compagnia Elettrotecnica Italiana
ITnet, Genoa, Italy
CEI (Compagnia Elettrotecnica Italiana) is a major plant engineering group that operates in many fields of strategic importance such as energy, transport, industry and large-scale infrastructures. The group operates on an international level and is made up of many companies organized into five operational divisions: plant, energy, services, manufacturing, and integrated technological systems.

Center For Carolina Living
Helios Consulting and Technology, Columbia, SC, US
The center promotes travel, relocation and retirement to the grand state of South Carolina. Read interesting articles, scan a variety of state statistics, discover other exciting leads for state information ... you can do this and more at the Center For Carolina Living!

CFD Resources Online
Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden
A large collection of links to information related to Computational Fluid Dynamics. Version 1 contains more than 100 hypertext references to sites with interesting information for people working with CFD.

Charleston, SC Information Center
Palmetto Systems, Inc., Charleston, SC, US
Comprehensive information about one of the most charming and historic cities in the US. Includes information on area lodging, dining, recreation, and entertainment.

Comments on CyberFOO
Howard Michalski, Columbus, OH, US
Did the first Virtual New Year's Party turn out to be as great as everyone had hoped? One person's thoughts on CyberFOO, including transcripts from the IRC conference.

Crosby Creations
Spokane, WA, US
A leading manufacturer of computer accessories. We carry a fine line of dust covers, mouse pads, wrist rests, and carrying cases. To find out more about our factory-direct prices and services, send an e-mail message to us at: Crosby.Creations@on-ramp.ior.com or access our page on the Web.

DataLink International
DLI DataLink International Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
A wireless Internet provider, DataLink International is a hardware/software developer and systems integrator, specializing in Mobitex wireless data communications and two-way wireless connectivity. International wireless two-way e-mail and file transfers via the Internet and Mobitex.

DDE Manager for Visual C++
Paul A. Scholz, Dayton, OH, US
A Microsoft Foundation Class C++ library for object and data-centric Windows Dynamic Data Exchange. Network DDE and DDE Execute Server capabilities are supported with the DDE Manager Network Professional version. Windows/NT and Windows95 version available first quarter 1995. Internet DDE available soon.

Spokane, WA, US
With the Internet providing you with so much more information, it's time to get those hundreds of diskettes organized. DiskIndex will give you tremendous help with this. A package of DiskIndex contains 10 plastic dividers and 64 labels, 48 of which are preprinted with headings such as Applications, Graphics, Internet, and so on. End those time-consuming searches for that special diskette.

The Dorsai Embassy
New York, NY, US
A not-for-profit, charitable organization, the Dorsai Embassy provides computer hardware, software, consulting, training and communications capabilities to other not-for-profits, community service groups, youth, the disabled, and the general public. Dorsai's Web server is modeled on the public commons - a community garden in cyberspace.

Ferrari, the Italian Dream
Pittsburgh, PA, US
A new Web site dedicated to Ferraristi and the cars they love. Everything from tips on how to keep your car running to upcoming events to where to find Ferrari publications, plus hundreds of pictures of Ferraris from the late '40s to the present. Ferrari... it's not just a car, it's an obsession.

First Union Corporation
Charlotte, NC, US
More than 150 pages of information including product and service offerings, consumer credit tips, career opportunity listings, corporate community involvement and First Union's vision of the future: Cyberbanking(sm). First Union Corp. is the nation's ninth-largest bank holding company. Consulting and web services provided by TriNet Services.

cookware, Indianapolis, IN, US
Want to use Forms in your WWW page but don't know how? Let Forms4U help! Start using forms to gather user input and take orders. Don't wait! Instant Registration will have you up and running today!

The Foundation Center
New York, NY, US
Offers online users a free information service that provides resources helpful in the grantseeking process. Information on our resources and services, a philanthropy news digest, and basic guidance on how to research funding opportunities. Please visit our home page over the coming months for updates on expanding coverage.
http://fdncenter.org/ http://fdncenter.org/

Franklyn D. Resort - Jamaica
FDR Holidays
The Franklyn D. Resort is Jamaica's all-suite, all-inclusive resort for families that offers a truly remarkable new level of luxury, comfort, security, service and old fashioned fun for the whole family. FDR is as life would be if you were to vacation in an elegant and private Jamaican home.

Frida Kahlo Home Page
Cascade Connections, Inc., Wenatchee, WA, US
Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who expressed her pain through her art. She lived many years in bed, due to a tragic bus accident which gave her severe injuries. She painted numerous self-portraits in her short lifetime (47 years). Her husband was Diego Rivera, the muralist. This home page touches briefly on her life and art. It is very image-intensive, so you may wish to delay image loading.

Gale Petersen Design and Desktop Publishing
Madison, WI, US
I design home pages for the Internet as well as brochures, newsletters, books, manuals, and promotional materials for print. Visit my home page to view a few samples of my work.

Global Electronic Music Marketplace
GEMM, La Jolla, CA, US
GEMM, the Global Electronic Music Marketplace, is a database containing all kinds of used and new music for sale by many different dealers and collectors. It also contains URLs to music-related resources on the Internet, indexed by artist name and genre. GEMM can be easily searched using names or words, and custom "subscriptions" can be set up to automatically send email when new, matching items arrive.

Golf Courses of British Columbia
Sunny Golf Co., Victoria, BC, Canada
Check out the worldwide Hole in One Club listed as part of Golf Courses of British Columbia. While you're at it, check out the 100 golf courses entered for British Columbia, where you can play golf year-round. Look for more course info soon for the areas around British Columbia.

Guitar Fiddle Tunes Web Page
Granger Publications, Shoreview, MN, US
Provides access to sample tunes, reviews, list of tunes and most of the non-music text from Adam Granger's classic compendium of over 500 fiddle tunes for guitar, including instructional materials on flatpicking, rhythm guitar, and fiddle tune ornamentation for flatpickers.

Hellenistic Greek Linguistics
University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia
A wide variety of resources for those interested in the linguistics of the Greek spoken between 300 B.C. and 600 A.D., including the New Testament. Resources include bibliographies and an electronic archive of papers as well as an archive of the Greek grammar mailing list.

HomePage Services of Minnesota
Rochester, MN, US
Providers of commercial services on the Internet. HomePage Services assists businesses in making their information available to people on the Internet.

HPC High Performance Computing Centre
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A non-profit organization dedicated to providing high performance computing services to industry, academia and government research organizations. HPCC operates a Fujitsu VPX240/10 supercomputer and offers a number of programs and products/services, including IRAP, scholarship, collaborative research program and industry technology transfer program.

Illumen 3D Rendering Software
Lincoln, NE, US
An integrated 3D rendering and modeling package, Illumen 3D employs object oriented editing with the power of raytracing for excellent production capacity. Visit our WWW site for sales, service and information on Illumen 3D.

Gareth Rees, Cambridge, UK
A free compiler for interactive fiction. It produces `story files' in Z-code, a format designed by Infocom for their adventure games.

Interactive Telephony Limited
St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands. U.K.
Provides a range of multi-media information services. The CInet system provides a model for the global info village. Business Interactive is an advanced news system using agent software to deliver information via email and gsm pagers. Expotel Interactive is the largest European online hotel reeservation system with 23,800 hotels.

Interior Design Nutritionals Cyberspace Catalog
Lee J. Lefkowitz, IDN, La Jolla, CA, US
An on-line catalog featuring IDN products such as GlycoBar, LifePak, SportaLyte and OverDrive, an officially licensed product of the United States Olympic Committee. The site contains ordering information, ingredient lists and a nutrient glossary.

Ivory Tower Trading Card Co.
Houston, TX, US
Ivory Tower Trading Card Co. is now online, carrying collectible trading card games such as Magic, Jyhad, Star Trek TNG Collectible card game, and Illuminati: New World Order. We also carry non-game, non-sport cards such as the Lion King and Star Wars Widevision.

Kluge Carden Jennings Publishing Co., Ltd.
Charlottesville, VA, US
A completely digital publisher of regional lifestyle magazines and high-end scientific journals. Services available range from editorial and layout, design, CD-ROM and Internet distribution to complete end-to-end management of a publication's production.

Lehman College Art Gallery
Bronx, NY, US
Wake up and add your itch, your niche, your passion, your theory, your critique to the World's First Collaborative Sentence growing now before your eyes. The sentence began in New York a few days ago, placed there by Douglas Davis, the artist who pioneered global satellite video, sponsored by the Lehman College Art Gallery in the Bronx, fed to date by Americans, Russians, South Africans, Haitians and next by you.

The Missing Link for LETSgo Manchester, UK
A community trading network that uses 'local money,' or virtual money for complementing the use of ordinary money. Unlike cash, cheques, credit cards, or their Internet equivalent, this virtual money does not have significant security problems. There are over 500 systems operating around the world.

Lynx Real-Time Systems
Los Gatos, CA, US
Lynx Real-Time Systems sells LynxOS, a UNIX-compatible POSIX-conformant hard real-time operating system.

Mad River Glen Ski Area
Waitsfield, VT, US
In the snow corner of Vermont stands a mountain bold enough to challenge the most experienced skier, inviting enough to inspire the beginner. We say proudly that our motto, "Ski it if you can" has been seen at ski areas around the world. Mad River Glen has become an unparalleled skiing area. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Mendocino Internet Curriculum
Mendocino Unified School District, Mendocino, CA, US
Our teachers use an Internet connection provided by NASA's K-12 Internet Schools project to develop curriculum based on the State of California's reform documents and subject area frameworks. Twenty units are now on-line.

MIT Geodesy and Geodynamics Laboratory
Cambridge, MA, US
Designed to distribute GPS data analysis software for geodesy and geophysical applications and to provide results of current and past research projects.

Montana Online Business Directory
Montana Online, Missoula, MT, US
Montana Online, a public access Internet provider based in Missoula, MT, is now building a business directory home page for local and regional corporations and other groups. In addition, we wish to use this home page to promote Montana services and products to other parts of the world.

Mother Jones Interactive
Mother Jones Magazine, San Francisco, CA, US
Get your Newt News here! Catch two in-depth pieces on Newt Gingrich,. We've just released our Jan/Feb issue on environmental hazards, the big dumb CIA, and teen sexuality. If you missed our Nov/Dec issue, you missed cultural separatism, female aggression, and the big dumb FDA!

The Mother of all Humor Archives
83rd Dream Productions, Ithaca, NY, US
An attempt to create the Web's largest repository of online humor. Check out the 200+ files already collected here, and feel free to submit your own to the archive.

University of Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay
This is the home page of the Montevideo Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, at the University of Uruguay. It contains links to other theoretical chemistry servers, a description of the resources available at the MTC-Lab, some information about Uruguay, and HTML courses in theoretical chemistry.

Northwest Elektro-Industrial Coalition
Schizographix, Seattle, WA, US
The NEC is a non-profit collective of Pacific Northwest bands and artists, based on the idea of strength through musical solidarity.

Online Marketspace
Online Marketspace Internet Exchange (OMIX), Redwood City, CA, US
A friendly environment for virtual storefronts, online catalogs, software distribution and transactional services for businesses and professionals. We also provide a full range of practical Internet consulting services, such as: conversion of promotional materials to electronic form, HTML authoring, connectivity and integration consulting, and on-site Web server installation and support.

The Online Shopping Network
Internet Services Inc., Dallas, TX, US
A collection of businesses that have joined to form a new virtual mall. The Online Shopping Network provides a large number of goods and services with consumer satisfaction still the top priority.

Peripheral Technology Group, Inc.
Eden Prairie, MN, US
A domestic/international distributor of PC/MAC to UNIX/INTERNET interconnectivity products. PTG's product offering is focused on "solution oriented" benefits in the computer marketplace. Distributors of Hummingbird, Frontier Technologies, InterCon, FireFox, SoftQuad, communications/print controllers and mass storage solutions.

Poppe Tyson Advertising
Mountain View, CA, US
A subsidiary of Bozell, Poppe Tyson Advertising and Public Relations is an international advertising agency with offices in the United States, Central America and Europe. On our home page, you'll find useful information on advertising on the Internet, and downloadable public domain images from the White House.

The Profile - Hendrix College Student Newspaper
Hendrix College, Conway, AR, US
Another collegiate student newspaper has gone on-line, this time from Arkansas. The Profile, from Hendrix College, is a bi-monthly newspaper and the first in Arkansas to be available on the World Wide Web. Give us a look!

Pyromid Outdoor Cooking Systems
Webvertising, Houston, TX, US
The most versatile and convenient quality outdoor cooking system is now available in the Wilderness Furnishings Outdoor Catalog. It's a grill, a stove, an oven, a roaster, and a smoker... all in one!

Radford University
Radford, VA, US
Nestled among the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of southwest Virginia, RU is a coeducational, comprehensive public university with highly diverse curricula for undergraduates and selected graduate programs. The Radford University home page provides easy access to information about the university, its programs and services, as well as stunning campus photography.

The Reser Miller Group, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN, US
The Reser Miller Group, Inc. homepage provides a variety of information about their various consulting and training services, specifically in the areas of team building and development, management and leadership development, organizational development consulting, and facilitation services. The Reser Miller Group, Inc., specializes in the use of "learning by doing" training and consulting processes.

Royal LePage Real Estate Service
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Royal LePage's Relocation Network links over 5000 agents across Canada. If you are planning on relocating or moving anywhere in Canada, contact Alain LeBlanc, your Internet connection to the top agents across the country. / Nos services de relocation et courtier d'immeubles sont aussi disponible en francais.

San Diego Rocks
San Diego, CA, US
This is the home page for the new cable access show in San Diego. The show, San Diego Rocks, features some of the greatest local bands and their videos.

Search Usenet News
Internet Business Services, Sunnyvale, CA, US
A fast way to surf Usenet news.

Somers & Associates - International Investigative Consultants
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, US
Providers of international investigative services, specializing in asset identification, litigation support, intellectual property/counterfeit products investigations, business competitor intelligence and missing persons.

Spring Break 95
PSS InterNet Services, Inc., Daytona Beach, FL, US
A complete list, updated weekly, of all the happenings for Spring Break '95.

TeleSCAN -- Telematics Services in Cancer
Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Provides an interface to primarily European resources and services related to cancer research and treatment. TeleSCAN provides different information for cancer medical professionals, researchers, patients and lay people.

The Tennessee Governor-elect Inaugural homepage
U.S. Internet, Nashville, TN, US
Tennessee Governor-elect Don Sundquist announces the Governor-elect Inaugural homepage. Information at this WWW site includes an inaugural schedule, along with general staff, state and family information. The site is sponsored jointly by U.S. Internet, Apple Computer Inc., South Central Bell, and the Tennessee Economic Development Center.

Tera Computer Company
Seattle, WA, US
Tera Computer Company is designing a radical new Super Computer. We now have a Web Page on line with a description of the architecture as well as a number of research papers.

Topical Guides to Internet Resources
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Students at UM's School of Information and Library Studies have produced 11 new topical guides to the Internet in both HTML and ASCII formats. These comprehensive guides identify and evaluate the quality of Internet resources on a number of topics ranging from cyberpreneurship to statistics to emotional support. Access these guides directly.

Universal Studios
On Ramp, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, US
Universal Studios has opened its gates to cyberspace! Don't miss previews of the HBO hit comedy Dream On -- moving to Fox on January 5. Come visit Univeral Cartoon Studios and enjoy previews of Exosquad, Monster Force, Beethoven, and Problem Child. Brought to you by On Ramp, Inc.

Vermont Coffee Time
Williston, VT, US
Founded in 1983 by Amy Berger in Burlington, Vermont. Soon, the firm offered the largest selection of premium and gourmet coffees to the entire state. Now, the growing company offers fresh roasted, delivered daily coffee service, featuring a vast selection of unique and freshly ground coffees from around the world. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Vicarage Jaguars
Vicarage Motorcars Ltd, Wolverhampton, Stafforshire, England
Exclusively dedicated to the restoration and enhancement of historical and classic jaguars. Customers include famous museums, race drivers, international personalities and collectors on every continent. Call, fax or e-mail with your requirements.

Scott AFB, IL, US
Warlord, the server at Scott AFB is on-line. Checkout our jump point.

Washington University Archives
Washington University Libraries, St. Louis, MO, US
An introduction to the history of Washington University and the collections of the University Archives, keeper of the University's permanent historical record. Includes a multi-media campus tour, picture galleries documenting the growth of the campus and major campus events, and finding aids to over 40 archival collections.

Windows on Italy
CNR - SIAM, Milan, Italy
Information about Italy: cities and regions, daily news by ANSA (National Agency of Associated Press), cultural tidbits, tourist information, and much more. Come and explore Italy!

Winter Park High School Online Survey
Florida Internet Commerce Center, Winter Park, FL, US
Part of a research study being conducted this year. Once the survey has been completed, the applicant is entered into the sweepstakes for a free trip to Orlando, Florida. It only takes a minute to fill out, so you might as well take a chance. When you're done with the survey, be sure to see Tour Florida, an informative site about Florida and its tourism information.

WORDNET Foreign Language Translations
Acton, MA, US
WORDNET Foreign Language Translations is the first and largest team of online language translation professionals in the U.S. Our database of over 1,500 entries will locate just the right translator and editor for your specific project. WORDNET also provides quality typesetting in most major languages.

Working Assets Long Distance
San Francisco, CA, US
A long distance telephone company whose mission is to be an active participant in building a world that is more just, humane and environmentally sustainable. In addition to offering basic interstate rates that are guaranteed to be lower than AT&T, Sprint or MCI, Working Assets donates a fixed portion of its revenues to non-profits actively chosen by its subscribers.

World Real Estate Listing Service
Westcoast interchange Enterprises Inc., Victoria, BC, Canada
Extended to include Australia. Nearly 400 property listings are currently available in North America and Europe. Sellers can enter their listings on this service free of charge.

Monday, 16 January 1995

Adam's Fox Box
Adam D. Moss, Colchester, Essex, England
The Fox Box is a resource dedicated to foxes. It features articles, pictures, lists, and links to related resources.

Advertising & Marketing BizInfo© Resource Center
Sharrow Davies Townsend, San Francisco, CA, USA
The Advertising & Marketing BizInfo© Resource Center is a collection of WWW documents which deal with topics relating to: advertising, business analysis, database marketing, direct marketing, mail order catalogs, marketing, sales systems & strategy, etc. It is provided by Sharrow Davies Townsend, a communications and direct and database marketing consulting firm.

Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology
Computer Studies Department, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The first WWW home page from Algonquin College. The Computer Studies Department offers three-year programs in computing science technology, computer engineering technology and technical writing. We also have a two-year computer system technician program.

The Apple Virtual Campus
Apple Computer, Inc., Campbell, CA, US
The Apple Virtual Campus, from Apple USA's Higher Education Sales Division, does not duplicate existing information, but offers new material and pointers of particular interest to higher education faculty, students and staff. If you're doing something cool on your campus with Macintosh computers, we'd like to hear about it -- and perhaps point to it from our page.

Applied Testing and Technology
San Jose, CA, US
ApTest is a leading supplier of testing products and services to the Open Systems community. Includes information about our SPEC1170 and CORBA test suites, and X/Open Branding services. Also, a list of other testing-related resources on the Web.

The Art Deadlines/Competitions/Contests List
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA, US
The Art Deadlines List is a list of competitions, contests, call for entries, etc, in the arts or related areas It is international in scope. Contests and competitions for students, K-12 and college age, are included. Some events/items take place on the Internet. You are invited to submit items.

Astronomy at the University of Pittsburgh
Astronomy group, Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA, US
Includes beautiful HST images, an HST movie, and lots of interesting astronomy related links.

Atlanta Medical Legal Consultants
Atlanta, GA, US
Nationwide legal nurse consultant firm. Lawyers: do you need medical experts? Medical case reviews? Why pay the high price of a physician? Experienced nurses with extensive medical backgrounds are here to help you. Compare our services and prices. Free initial phone consultation.

The Ballad of Winston Harlen
Carl Franklin, Loma Linda, CA
The Ballad of Winston Harlen is a new album by Carl Franklin, noted Visual Basic guru and all around nice guy. MPEG and WAV file samples are available for download. The music is mostly accoustic blues fingerpicking and vocals, with a couple rock tunes for good measure. Overall, very fresh.

Brahman Web Page
New York, NY, US
Brahman is a New York based investment firm with offices also in Palo Alto. The Brahman web page is trying to find people who are interested in helping to spot technology changes and trends which are changing the way companies do businness. We are offering to pay $100 a week to the person with the best idea.

C.A. Rauschenberg, Inc. Insurance Information Center
Atlanta, GA
Free insurance quotes for your personal insurance, (auto,home,life,health). Simply fill out our interactive form for the coverage you are interested in. We also offer sound advice from insurance professionals along with our FAQs and answers for your insurance concerns. If you like our service and price, you can purchase your insurance online.

Cadmazing Solutions
Santa Clara, CA, US
Services for clients using Cadence, Viewlogic, Synopsys, and other IC CAD tools. Specializing in ASIC EDA CAD, with a focus on strategies, design methodologies, and project management. We can also help with software development and technology implementation.

California Flood Information
The California Resources Agency, Sacramento, CA, US
California Flood Information, an Internet compendium on the recent California floods, can be accessed through CERES, the California Environmental Resources Evaluation System. Of particular interest in CA: Highway Status from OES and Preparing for a Flood from FEMA.

Carasso Design
Carasso Design offers its services of remote online graphic design, art direction, logo creation, and web page design.

Boulder, CO, US
CAUSE, the association for managing and using information resources in higher education, provides information and services to more than 1,200 member colleges and universities and nearly 3,300 individual member representatives who are engaged in some aspect of planning for and/or managing their institutions' information resources--information, technology, and services.

Centre for Logistics and Transportation
Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield, England
A university-based centre that undertakes research and teaching in logistics and transportation. CCLT has a distinguished international reputation and Europe's largest group of faculty specializing in logistics and transportation.

Circle-in-a-Square Pottery
Round Rock, TX, US
Now available on the Internet, a source of fine handemade functional & beautiful stoneware pottery. The extension of the artists hands to the world community through this cyber"net"ic display booth. Coming soon, submit your designs for custom products - we will make them for you!

Cisco Training Australia
PSC Asia Pacific, Sydney, Australia
Cisco Training provides open enrollment courses in Australia, and on-site and custom courses and consultancy throughout Asia Pacific. PSC are a Macdonald Dettwiler Enterprise.

Deep Politics Bookstore
COPI, Torrance, CA
Deep Politics is a bookstore and reading room filled with hard-to-find books that are tops in the field of covert and criminal activities inside the U.S. Government.

Digital Financial Services
GE Capital Services, Stamford, CT, US
Digital Financial Services (DFS) is now serving customers on the WWW with information on the benefits of leasing computer technology, the LeaseWorks suite of financing programs, leasing terminology, and used Digital systems. DFS is a captive outsourcing alliance between GE Capital and Digital Equipment Corporation.

Directory Publishing
Oak Tree Publications, Beaverton, OR, US
Oak Tree Publications is a full service publishing consulting house for product marketing materials such as directories and catalogs. Our business is to help our clients collect, organize, edit and publish information on paper, on CD-ROM and on the World Wide Web. Some of our clients include Intel, the Multimedia PC Marketing Council, Microsoft, and Egghead Discount Software.

Document Indexing and Retrieval Technology for NT
Tippecanoe Systems, Inc., CA
Provider of document indexing and trieval technology for Windows/WindowsNT client/server environments. Also provides Windows applications for barcode creation and label printing.

Dyslexia 2000 Network
Adult Dyslexia Organisation, Bath, Avon, UK
Dyslexia 2000 Network is a new service launched 1/11/95, at BETT'95, Olympia, London. It is run by the registered charity The Adult Dyslexia Organisation, and aims to provide a focal point for anything relevant to dyslexia. Watch our Home page for the latest news.

The Fourth World Documentation Project
The Center For World Indigenous Studies, Olympia, WA, US
The Center For World Indigenous Studies has recently completed updating the Fourth World Documentation Project's WWW site to facilitate researching United Nations involvement with indigenous peoples' issues. There is now a special index page of all UN documents and submissions contained in the FWDP archives.

Friedrich Miescher Laboratory
Max Planck Society, Tuebingen, Germany
This institute houses four independent biological research groups. One of them, called The Fly Lab works in the field of invertebrate neurosciences.

FutureBank OnLine
North St. Paul, MN, US
Your PC connection to banking information and ideas. FutureBank OnLine brings four types of products and services to your bank. These include Interbank Conferences and Exchange, Electronic Data Submission, Industry Forums and Databases, and Vendor/Supplier Resources. Within each of these four product/service categories are many efficiency raising resources for your bank.

Gastown Webspace
Clearbrook, BC, Canada
Gastown Webspace is an inexpensive alternative to a full Telnet account. For only US$7 per month, you can have many files available on the WWW. You create your own HTML files and upload them via anonymous FTP to your pre-assigned secret directory. Several times per day, an automated script moves the files into your public directory.

GENinc Real Estate Forum
Global Exposure Network, Inc., CA, US
We've improved and moved. Don't miss the first listing from Pat Saraca and Sally Anderson of Sunset Realtors in Santa Barbara, Calif.: "Santa Barbara's Best Kept Secret."

Georgia Genealogical Information
Beverly Roden, US
Provides information on libraries and organizations that are useful for genealogical research in Georgia. The document has links to genealogy resources on the Internet. Some of the Internet information pertains to Georgia, some is general. There are links to search forms for the Roots surname and location list finders.

Global Children's Studies Center
Huntsville, TX, US
Mission: To direct its resources toward the development of solutions to the many crises affecting the health/welfare,education, and social injustices of children by incorporating the most sophisticated telecommunications and multimedia database technology to assemble, authenticate, validate and disseminate from worldwide organizations. Founder and Center Director is Betty Williams, Nobel Peace Laureate, 1976.

Globetrotter Magazine
Mildenhall, Suffolk, England
Globetrotter is an electronic magazine that will feature articles on all topics to do with technology--from handy gadgets to social implications, we will show the human side of science. Articles and sponsorship/adverts are needed to keep the magazine going (on a profit-share scheme from which all contributors will benefit). Take a look at the magazine to find out more.

Gilles Bacon, New York, NY, US
Reviews of artists and some discographies, plus a short history of the Hammond B-3 organ. This is an ftp site, and easier to access during non-business hours.

Hacretees Computer Shirts, Ties and More.
Hacretees Inc., Coal Valley, IL, US
Hacretees on the Web. View and order cool new shirts like Hacker, Modem Junkie, Computer Addict, and LANpower. Specialty neckties too. Find links to additional clothing and product sources of interest on the Net. Star Trek (R) and Internet items coming soon. FTP our demo (The Hacretees Sampler) here.

Homebuyer's Fair Real Estate Classifieds
ASK Real Estate Information Services, Silver Spring, MD, US
An innovative advertising service that is interactive, searchable, and privacy enhanced. Free through the end of January. The Homebuyer's Fair is revolutionizing the way people buy and sell homes.

The IceEater
GSMA (Global Small-Medium Alliance), Halifax, Nova Scotia
The IceEater uses safe low pressure/warm water jet and compressed air blowback technologies to quickly remove ice from frozen pipe. This is the most effective ice removal tool on the market today.

Gareth Rees, UK
The Inform programming page describes Inform, a compiler for adventure games, and includes sample code, answers to questions and a history of changes to the Inform library.

Washington, DC, US
Intelsat is the leading provider of satellite telecommunications services. With a global fleet of over 20 satellites, Intelsat provides a full range of telephony, television, business, and other telecommunications services to customers worldwide.

Internet and Multimedia Technology
Multimedia Internet Consultants, Benicia, CA, US
Multimedia Internet Consultants specialize in assisting small businesses create a marketing or publishing presence on the Internet, particularly businesses that do not desire to install and operate their own Web server or other Internet servers.

Internet Credit Bureau
Internet Credit Bureau, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Internet Credit Bureau is now making available its new easy-to-read credit reports. The credit summary and evaluations will give you an edge on interpreting your applicant's overall ability to pay his creditors. This new report format will be a great asset to you when making your credit decisions.

J. HomeBoy
J. InfoManiacs, New York, NY, US
Updated twice weekly, the J. HomeBoy HomePage is filled with facts, photos and audio samples about J. If you are interested in learning about J., hearing his music or seeing photos of J., check it out regularly.

Joint C4I Systems (Military)
Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, US
The joint command, control, communications, computers and intelligence curriculum of the Naval Postgraduate School. Information and links specifically tailored for the C4I area of interest, including C3 and C4I resources from all military services as well as government and civilian agencies.

Kindred Spirits (The Lucy Maud Montgomery Home Page)
London, Ontario, Canada
This page celebrates the works and life of Lucy Maud Mongomery, the Canadian author of "Anne Of Green Gables" among others. Her books have been widely translated, and have been made into movies and TV shows.

Liberal Democrat Home Pages
Liberal Democrats, UK
Info about the Liberal Democrats - Britain's most wired political party. These pages contain a history of the Party, a hypertext guide to policy, online membership and an email directory.

The London Stage Gazette
David Fristrom, Watertown, MA, US
The on-line guide to London theatre, featuring complete listings of what's playing at the RSC, RNT, and in the West End. The Gazette also provides information on how to buy tickets and news about upcoming shows.

Long Distance - Lowest Rates
Kathleen Brehony, Norfolk, VA, US
TEC, the nation's oldest privately owned telecommunications company, offers guaranteed lower rates than AT&T, MCI and Sprint. TEC offers considerable savings on long distance service from residential or business phones, calling cards, or debit cards. There is no loss of service and no inconvenience of dialing extra numbers.

Maharishi International University
Fairfield, IA, US
Maharishi International University emphasizes the unique combination of: academic excellence, consciousness, creativity, and high quality of life. MIU provides programs through the Ph.D. level in a wide range of disciplinary areas. This on-line gopher information service provides descriptions of MIU programs, research, faculty, and students.

Mark Vinsel Gallery
Berkeley, CA, US
See Mark Vinsel's watercolor paintings of the inspiring landscapes and rivers he visits as he flyfishes throughout western North America.

Marketing in Computer-Mediated Environments
Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, TN, US
A research site devoted to understanding the role of marketing in hypermedia CMEs, especially the Web. Now available in html or PostScript formats is the research working paper by Donna Hoffman and Tom Novak, "Marketing in Hypermedia Computer-Mediated Environments: Conceptual Foundations," concerned with the marketing implications of commercializing the Web environment.

Mechanical Engineering Hypermedia Project
MIT Mechanical Engineering Dept., Cambridge, MA, US
The Mechnical Engineering Hypermedia Project is now running its own server. We will be supporting several core courses taught at MIT in the mechanical engineering department.

The MIT Course Evaluation Guide
The Tech, MIT, Cambridge, MA, US
The Course Evaluation Guide (CEG) Online is a well-organized and searchable online edition of MIT's popular Course Evaluation Guide for spring, 1995. The CEG contains evaluations of MIT classes and instructors, as well as student comments and quotes.

Ms. Bride's Wedding Solutions & Unique Suggestions
Tallahassee, FL, US
For anyone who is planning a wedding (or knows someone who is) on a budget. Presented in simple question-and-answer format and partly based on input from readers. We welcome suggestions for inclusion and for our upcoming Guide to Budget Weddings. Corporate sponsors welcome.

The Music Express Etc. Store
Woodland Hills, CA, USA
The Music Express Etc. Store is a store designed to supply the type of music Internet users want. Our store selection is based on customer requests. We will be adding music oriented products monthly. Come in and have the CD Man fill your order!

NIDDK Web Server
Bethesda, MD, US
Experimental Web server from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), containing patient information on some diseases such as diabetes and kidney disorders. The NIDDK is one of the Institutes of the National Institutes of Health.
http://www.niddk.nih.gov/ [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Inner Circle Technologies, Inc., Westborough, MA, US
"The Friendliest Place in CyberSpace," the NovaLink HomePage is a monthly magazine featuring unique articles, fun contests, and a few tasty links. Also featured are PHOTO>Electronic Imaging Magazine with select articles, and WBCN 104.5 FM Boston with its current lists of rock trivia.

NOVATOR Internet Reminder Service
Fox-Novator Systems Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Our Internet-wide service sends you an e-mail reminder for every calendar date that is important to you. Reminders include the finest selections of fresh flowers, gifts and gourmet baskets suitable for the occasion, personal or corporate. Many gifts can be delivered worldwide.

Open Doors: Ohio Univ.'s Gay, Lesbian, and Bi Student Union
Ohio University, Athens, OH, US
Contact information, group description, weekly activities, and other queer information is now available online at Ohio University.

The Operations Research Page
Michael Trick, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, US
This site contains pointers to a large number of sites containing information on operations research, management science, optimization, and other related topics.

The Option Institute
Sheffield, MA, US
The Option Institute, a non-profit teaching center, is excited to announce it's home page. For over 12 years we've helped individuals, couples and families lead happier, more comfortable and successful lives. If you've been searching for a more fulfilling, happier existence, but never knew how to experience that feeling, visit us!

PC World Magazine
software.net, Menlo Park, CA, US
The full text of PC World magazine is now available on software.net. All articles, features and even letters are online and searchable.

Psychology Department, UCal-San Diego
UCal-San Diego, La Jolla, CA, US
Provides general department information including phone numbers and e-mail addresses for all department faculty and staff. Also available: a brief overview of the research interests of our faculty, Web pages created by our graduate students and faculty, and many links to other psychology departments around the world.

The Quality Wave Webodex
Creacon Enterprises, Chicago, IL, US
Creacon Enterprises announces the opening of The Quality Wave Webodex(tm) directory, the world-wide business card directory of quality professionals. It is located on The Quality Wave, a web page dedicated to the art of quality engineering.

Reality Online Inc.
King of Prussia, PA, US
An introduction to the company that has authored two of the most useful home financial planning software tools, Reuters Money Network and WealthBuilder. This site includes product and company overviews, online product ordering, and industry news. Watch for new services to be added to the site in the upcoming weeks!

School of Architecture Home Page
University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL, US
The University of Miami School of Architecture's pages contain information about the school, faculty, and the Center for Urban and Community Design, as well as images of local architecture. Student and faculty artwork, including computer rendered buildings, are part of the virtual gallery.

Sedona-Oak Creek Chamber of Commerce
Sedona On-Line, Sedona, AZ, US
The Sedona-Oak Creek Chamber of Commerce coordially invites you to experience Sedona. Our energetic volunteers will happily send you information about our majestic red rock community.

Sloan-Kettering Institute
New York, NY, US
Sloan-Kettering Institute, a division of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, is pleased to announce its 1st public Web server. At the moment we are offering information about our various programs. In the future we hope to add links to our press releases and other information relating to cancer research.

St. Nectarios Press Catalog
Seattle, WA, US
An Eastern Orthodox publisher and book service. Our 38-page catalog includes lives of saints, spiritual writings, childrens' books, patristic writings, religious items for the home, neck crosses and more.

StoneYard - Natural Stone Gift Products
Croteau & Sons, Groton, MA, US
The StoneYard is the Internet's first provider of hand cut, crafted, polished, and engraved natural stone products. Our fine products include granite desk name plates and slate house plates. Each item is hand cut and engraved with your name or other text. We ship daily from our shop in New England to destinations around the world.

Transaction Information Systems, New York, NY, US
An initiative to bring TIS one step closer to our clients. The services we offer include: The Interactive Resume Search Form and The Hot Jobs page, a weekly listing of the top 10 positions we have available. (Submit your resume, if you qualify).

Triangle Online Magazine V2.0
TriNet Services, Cary, NC, US
For those wanting to learn more about North Carolina's Triangle Area. Information and pictures about living, working, and playing in one of the best places in America. Brought to you by TriNet Services

UM EE Home Page
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Memphis, TN, US
Take an opportunity to view our program through Web-tinted glasses! Includes World-wide EE or ECE Servers, an expanding list of Web pages and servers primarily concerned with electrical engineering, computer engineering, or computer science. Add your home department or organization to this list.

Univ. of Tennessee Computing & Telecommunications
Memphis, TN, US
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center announces its computing & telecommunications home page containing campus and comuputing information. Links to other UT Memphis sites as well as UT Knoxville sites included.

U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC, US
Provides open access to the activities of the U.S. House of Representatives, including the full text of House bills and the status of all bills and resolutions being considered by Congress.

Veterinary Informatics and Epidemiology
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
This unit is a research group based at Glasgow and Strathclyde universities in Scotland. The server contains details about the group, its people and current projects.

VidWiz Webmasters
Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
A full service Web production firm, specializing in Web pages with extensive use of graphics and/or multimedia. Resources include scanning, video and audio digitization, and graphics design. Graphics designers create pages that give you more than just a presence.

Watching the Detectives
Stuart Moulthrop, University of Baltimore, MD, US
"Watching the Detectives" is a hypertextual index and commentary for readers of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' graphic novel, "Watchmen" (DC Comics, 1987). Content of key panels is described, with links to related panels within the work.

Web Communications
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Web Communications provides self-serviceserver accounts which account holders use to publish and communicate via the World Wide Web, FTP, and electronic mailing lists. We emphasize low-prices, high-performance, ease-of-use, help, tutorials, technical support, and value-added tools and services.

Whole Foods Online
Austin, TX, US
Whole Foods Online is the online information arm of Whole Foods Market. Come find out who we really are and how to read those new product labels without a manual. Check out our recipe of the month and ask our team members your questions about healthy living. We hope you'll come visit and let us know what else you'd like to see at our site in the future.

The World
Lehman College Art Gallery, New York (The Bronx), NY, US
Wake up and add your itch, your niche, your passion, your theory, your critique to The World.

World-Wide Collectors Digest
Glyndon, MD, US
This server is loaded. Dealers with online catalogs in the trading card, comic book and memorabilia industries.Our famous stadiums & arenas seating charts (color) for all the sports teams -by state, articles, schedules, standings, new product releases, listings for manufacturers, halls of fames, pro teams, price guides and dealers. And our monthly contests with prizes up to $200.00 +. Added to that is an extensive sports links to other great sites.

WSMV - The Channel 4 News (Nashville, TN)
Television Internet Marketing Group, Nashville, TN, US
WSMV-TV, The Channel 4 News, is now on the Internet. We are Middle Tennessee's NBC affiliate. Our site contains a programming search index and news information as well as details on favorite NBC shows, such as "Mad About You," "Seinfeld," and "Wings."

Yerevan Physics Institute
Yerevan Physics Institute, Yerevan, Armenia
The server is designated to provide information about the research in the YerPhI. It will also bring up issues concerning development of WWW servers in Armenia. The server is still under construction, so it doesn't have a lot of info in it yet, but in near future it will be getting a lot better.

Wednesday, 18 January 1995

The Adventure of Fishing and Hunting in Iceland
Angling Club Lax-a, Reykjavik, Iceland
The Angling Club Lax-a has under management several of the finest salmon and trout rivers in Iceland. The Angling Club runs The Complete Fly-Fishing School of Iceland. As well, the club is the leaseholder of some of the better areas in Iceland for goose and ptarmigan shooting. On our Home page we have exclusive information on travel, fishing, and shooting in Iceland, available in four languages: English, French, Spanish, and German.

Santa Cruz, CA, US
Anomie is an independent band based in San Francisco.

ArtFBI Gopher & Boutique
Artists for a Better Image (ArtFBI), Silver Spring, MD, US
A non-profit organization studying stereotypes of artists in the media. Information about ArtFBI, copies of ArtFax, our monthly zine of arts advocacy information, and more. Our newest feature: the Stereotype of the Hour, artist stereotypes from print media. New items are being added to this gopher site all the time. It might get crowded so we've left your names at the door. Tell Bruno we sent you.

Asia Online's TravelASIA
SilkRoute Ventures Pte Ltd, Singapore
Asia Online's TravelASIA is your jumping board to travel-related sites in Asia. We are building a directory of hotel listings for the region too.

ASIAS Article Service
NASA's Astrophysics Data System, Cambridge, MA, US
The ASIAS (Astrophysics Science Information and Abstract Service) article service contains scanned images of Astrophysical Journal Letter articles. The Article Service can be accessed either directly by volume and page, or through the Abstract Service.

AStA der Universitaet -Gesamthochschule Paderborn
Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss, Paderborn, Germany
A service from the student government at the University of Paderborn. It contains information about groups, events, people and also the latest news. All in German!

Austrian Video Archive
Austrian Information Center & Services, Vienna, Austria
A collection of several thousand videos about Austria, searchable via database, and a lot of sample videos. The Spanish Court Riding School, Opera Ball, puppet shows and more is available from now on and will be expanded on demand. Don't panic: each demo video is presented with a lot of snapshots so you can see what you can get.

The Bay Area Volunteer Information Center
San Francisco Bay Area, CA, US
For volunteers of all interests and ages, here is your page to learn about volunteer opportunities with dozens of San Francisco Bay area nonprofit groups. From computer repair and creative arts to trail restoration and teaching teens, learn how you can develop new skills and meet new people while contributing to your community.

The Burton Group
Salt Lake City, UT, US
The Burton Group (TBG) is an information services company specializing in network computing. The company is dedicated to providing the most accurate, in-depth information services on network computing technology available.

The Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA)
Institute of Global Environment and Society, Calverton, MD, US
A research organization dedicated to understanding seasonal, inter-annual and decadal climate fluctuations with emphasis on the interactions between Earth's oceans, atmosphere and land surface. Information on current research, the GrADS graphical software package for PC/workstation, and weather/climate are available.

Champaign Central High School Home Page
Ed Thomson and Shaw Terwilliger, Champaign, IL, US
An educational resource by two C.H.S. students for other C.H.S. students, parents of students, people interested, and the rest of of the Internet community. More informative, and prettier, than the much-publicized Champaign Centennial High School home page (our rivals).

Chorus: Academic and Educational Computing in the Arts/Humanities
Todd Blayone & PEINet, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
A highly collaborative venture involving an international team of academics and professionals. It features essays, reviews and links aimed at those interested in the computer-assisted research/instruction of humanities content. For more information, please contact Todd Blayone (McGill University) at chorus@bud.peinet.pe.ca.

Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi
Christus Rex, Vallejo, CA, US
We present complete visual tours of Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel, the Raphael Stanzas and Loggias, the Vatican Museums (over 700 images). We are currently building a complete tour of Rome and Roman churches (over 500 images), to be followed by a worldwide tour of churches (over 5000 images).

Colorado Mountain Bike Racing
Denver, CO, US
Information about all mountain bike races in Colorado. Includes a calendar of races, course descriptions, contacts, team rosters, results and pictures. Extensive information about the Colorado Off-Road Point Series.

Communicopia Environmental Research and Communications
Communicopia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
The communications firm that draws together leading edge communications technologies with environmental issues and affairs. The latest developments to this home page include papers by Communicopia consultants, such as Electronic Environmental Reporting: The Internet and Corporate Environmental Accountability.

Cortex Group
Crin-Inria Lorraine, Nancy, France
Our research domain is connectionism. The main themes are biologically-oriented models, hybrid symbolic-connectionist models, and development of classical connectionist models.

CRTA - Contract Research and Testing Association
CRTA, formally known as the Contract Research and Testing Association, is a trade association comprised of laboratories and consultants operating as an international scientific organization whose primary objective is to build awareness of the role of contract research in industry and in society, represent the industry in matters of common interest and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and techniques in the fields of Testing and Applied Research.

Destinations Unlimited
Eau Clarie, WI, US
A full service travel agency, we can help with any of your travel needs for cruises, tours, airline tickets, rail tickets, hotel and car rental reservations. Also: special interest travel, passports/visas, theater tickets, dinner reservations, travel insurance and concierge services.

The Discovery Channel Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A complement to Canada's newly-launched Discovery Channel, we offer TV listings, feedback and contest forms, transcripts and much more.

EBS Holland BV
SupportNET Holland, Amsterdam, NL
Our store is now available on the Internet for the purchasing of computer parts like remote power devices.

EMS Professional Shareware
Olney, MD, US
Descriptions of world's largest, best indexed, and most frequently updated databases and CD-ROMs of technical freeware and shareware for PCs. Assembler, C, C++, AutoCAD, Clipper, FoxPro, NetWare, Pascal, Paradox, Visual Basic, Windows, DOS, OS/2, small business, science/engineering and other titles. From EMS.

Encore Systems
Seattle, WA, US
We provide remanufactured systems furniture to clients worldwide including design, delivery and installation. Two 1995 goals are: 1.to save 5000 tons of surplus office furniture from landills; 2. to provide 500 workstations to qualified non-profit 501(c3) organizations without charge. Both companies with surplus furniture and qualified non-profits are invited to contact us.

English Language Training Institute (ELTI)
ELTI, Univ. North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC, US
ELTI provides intensive English language instruction for international students planning to attend U.S. universities and colleges as well as for those individuals pursuing professional training in the United States. Model letters to help non-native English speakers correspond in English, an ELTI brochure and application for those interested in studying English in the United States are available.

NetRep, Livermore, CA, US
ERCorporation is an authorized Qume sales and electronic repair company. Please visit our Web site for a complete list of our products, services, pricing, and ordering information. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you! Brought to you by NetRep, Internet Services for Business.

Eugene, Oregon
The Spencer Butte Gazette, Eugene, OR, US
An on-line directory to one of the coolest cities in the U.S. or anywhere. Home of the Pac-10 Champion University of Oregon Ducks!

Eventide Graphical
Stony Brook, NY, US
Eventide Graphical is a creative team for computer generated art. Drop by and see our gallery. Lots of free stuff!

Federal Communications Law Journal
Federal Communications Bar Assoc. & Indiana U. School of Law, Bloomington, IN, US
Now available online: volume 47, issue 2, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Communications Act of 1934 and the creation of the Federal Communications Commission.

Flint River Ranch
Aspen, CO, US
Premium health food for pets. The Flint River Ranch business opportunity is simple: a solid service and marketing plan that shares information and Flint River Ranch products with pet owners.

Fred Lawrence Whipple Gamma-Ray telescopes
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Tucson, AZ, US
A description of observatory activities and who is involved in the project. Over the past 20 years, the Whipple Gamma-Ray telescope has been the most successful of its type in the world. With the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory in orbit, new oppurtunites are arising as new sources of very high gamma rays are being identified, including those from well outside our galaxy.

Fred: The SGML Grammar Builder
Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), Inc., Dublin, OH, US
Free Access to Fred, an ongoing research project at OCLC studying the manipulation of tagged text. Fred's ability to create reduced representations (DTD's) from tagged text will be of particular interest to the SGML/HTML community.

Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
Russell Lang (Australia) and Aladdin Enterprises (Palo Alto, CA), Madison, WI, US
Ghostscript is an interpreter for the PostScript language. Ghostview is a previewer based on Ghostscript for Unix and VMS. GSview is a previewer based on Ghostscript for OS/2 and MS-Windows. Ghostview and GSview can be used as external PostScript file viewers for NCSA Mosaic.

GSE&IS Home Page
UCLA Grad. School of Education and Information Studies, L.A., CA, US
The UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies consists of two departments: the Department of Education and the Department of Library & Information Science.

GUI (Graphical User Interface)
Alda Media Oy, Espoo, Finland
Advice for the designers and others interested in graphics design. Topics discussed include graphics design for computer and other displays, user interface design, WWW page layout, and more. New pages are added to every week. Edited by one of the frontrunners in Finnish New Media Design -- available both in English and Finnish.

Guides to Writing HTML Documents
NCSA Software Development Group, Champaign, IL, US
These guides are about writing style, which HTML constructs to use, when to divide documents into multiple parts, etc. There are now two dozen links to such guides, and you can add more as responses to the page.

Historical Breadth Data for NYSE
SASI Software Corp., Portland, OR, US
SASI Software provides three services: 1. A stock market timing newsletter. 2. Market timing software (retail & shareware). 3. FTP site with 24 yrs market breadth data (free).

The Hollyweb Online Film Guide
Scott Pease, New York, NY, US
The Web site for people interested in film. The Hollyweb aims to collect current film talk, reviews, articles, and video recommendations (from a variety of contributors) at a single, central, Web site. Stop by and see what's available and how you can contribute to this free and growing film resource.

HomeNet & CenterNet
DMH InterTel, New York, NY, US
Free information to the public regarding the commercial and residential real estate industries. CenterNet is a resource for commercial real estate industry professionls to view information about malls, strip centers, expanding retailers and many other aspects of the commercial real estate industry. HomeNet contains residential listing information.

The Honda Homepage
Paul Rossman, Chicago, IL, US
Welcome to the Honda Homepage! Here you'll find pictures, datasheets and plenty of other information. For more info you can reach me at paulr@mcs.com.

Hong Kong Student Association
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, US
For those interested in knowing more about Hong Kong. It might be extremely attractive to people from Asia, but still appealing to others.

Illinois State Geological Survey
Champaign, IL, US
Provides information about what the state geological survey offers to industry and the public.

Informix Software, Inc., Menlo Park, CA, US
The leader in parallel processing database technology, Informix has expanded its Web site to include a fully interactive Web server, called InformixLink, providing users with easy access to a variety of information on Informix products, services, partners, and customers.

Institution of Electrical Engineers
London, UK
The Institution of Electrical Engineers is pleased to announce its WWW service. This covers a range of information including Institution news, conferences, short courses and other events, staff contacts, membership information, library services, and full details of its operations.

Internet Business Conference - San Diego 1995
The Cruickshank Company, San Diego, CA, US
Join Internet writers, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 managers, and on-line business pioneers who unite to offer an in-depth, hands-on look at how to effectively do business on the Internet. To be held Jan. 25, 1995 at the La Jolla Marriott, San Diego.

The Internet Travel Club©
Costa Travel Online, San Diego, CA, US
Special member-only rates to bring you the best travel bargins available. If you do not save double your annual fee during your first year as a member, we will gladly refund your money. Join today to start enjoying your travel savings.

InterQuote Stock Quote Services
Paragon Software, Inc., Glenview, IL, US
We offer (currently free of charge) continuously updated stock quotes and news headlines. Follow your favorite stocks, options, mutual funds, and futures in your choice of real time, 15-minute delayed, and end-of-day mode. We also have end-of-day email updates for up to 200 symbols.

Risetime Software, Chicago, IL, US
JobWeb is an interactive job search and post page, allowing users to send their resume to a specific company, for a specific job. Companies can become posting members by contacting jackie@risetime.com.

KU Natural History Museum - Division of Mammals
University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, US
Visit the Division of Mammals at the KU Natural History Museum. A description of the collection, loan policies, and some history are available, together with a list of type specimens.

The Macmillan Information SuperLibrary
Macmillan Digital USA, Indianapolis, IN, US
Macmillan Publishing USA, a division of Simon & Schuster, announces the Macmillan Information SuperLibrary offering all books at a 20 percent discount. As a preview of the general reference section, audio clips from the number one best-seller, "Politically Correct Bedtime Stories," by James Finn Garner are now online.

Made in America!
OnLine Solutions, Inc., Morrisonville, NY, US
Made in America! is a catalog of handmade goods and related services focusing on the Adirondack Mountains of New York and the Green Mountains of Vermont. Current offerings include Adirondack Prints by Nathan Farb, Adirondack Stained Glass by Kip Trienens, Successful Adirondack Cookbooks by Sue Schildge and various other treasures.

Mailto-Form Reusable Source Code Module
Christian Computer Consulting, Linthicum, MD, US
Mailto-Form is a reusable C source code module to do mail in forms. It eliminates the need for a new cgi-bin script for every form. More than a substitute for the "mailto" method, it allows indirect addressing in the form as well as multiple addressees. See the example html files.

Marin County Schools
Marin County Office of Education, San Rafael, CA, US
Teachers and students work together to bring you their ideas and interests on this homepage for all Marin County schools.

Martha's Exchange Restaurant and Brewing Company
Nashua, NH, US
Martha's Exchange is a brewpub located in downtown Nashua, New Hampshire that offers fine food and handcrafted ales and lagers. The pub has a prohibition era atmosphere, seven barrel brew system, and five brews on tap, and has grown from a restaurant into a regional attraction.

Message Network Registry Listing
Simon Richards, Perth, WA, Australia
A regularly updated list of Fidonet technology-based message networks available around the globe. Gives detailed information on topic of network, message areas, file areas, coverage of the network and other information pertaining to the subject.

Ministere de la Culture et de la Francophonie
Paris, France
The French Ministry of Culture is the first central administration in France connected to the Internet (since June 1992). This Web service provides useful information, in French, on the cultural activities (museums, libraries, exhibitions, ...) all over France, and describes the mission of this administration.

National Opinion Registry
Kennesaw, GA, US
National Opinion Registry provides a public opinion publicity service in the World Wide Web coupled with Tele-Poll USA, a 900-number response system. This provides users with a continuous opportunity to express their opinions on any subject with the promise of continuous worldwide exposure. Survey results are published in the World Wide Web and other media.

NEBS, Small Business Resources
NEBS, Groton, MA, US
A worldwide supplier of business forms, software, checks, and supplies for all markets. While we are working on a Web site to show you the full breadth of our products and services for small business, we are displaying some teasingly useful, non-forms products.

New South Showcase
Aaron Scott Internet Consultants, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
The New South Showcase provides up-to-day coverage of Atlanta's cultural venue. Internet users anywhere in the world now have the opportunity to instantly identify what's happening in the way of shopping, movies, nightclubs, restaurants and the arts right from their own computers in their homes and offices.

Univ. of Penn. Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA, US
OncoLink, the first WWW Oncology information resource and winner of the "Best of the Web 94" award for Best Professional Service is pleased to announce the first WWW Cancer-related Call For Papers. For more information, see the Call for Papers under the What's New page of OncoLink.

Original Jazz Charts
Sam Hokin, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, US
Original Jazz Charts is a repository for original jazz compositions submitted by the composers, most of whom are regular readers of rec.music.bluenote. The charts are generally scanned images of hard copy, but General MIDI sequences and notation files are also welcome. This page is a great way to get other musicians to play your tunes, and to find the e-mail addresses of other jazz composers.

Oxford University Libraries Automation Service
Oxford, UK
Information about Oxford University Libraries including library guides and information about OLIS (Oxford University Libraries' online catalogue). The server also provides access to a JUGHEAD database of Oxford Gopher space and to a set of news:* URL pages with associated USENET FAQ archive.

The PenWEB
Sven-Erik Andersen, Oslo, NO
The PenWEB is a place for people to put up their penpal-, emailpal- and contact-ad, preferably with photos.

PenWorld Online
PenWorld, Inc., Rolling Hills, CA, US
PenWorld Online, personal electronics news, info, and products, is the cyberhome of Personal Electroncs News [PEN], comPENdium, and the PENcyclopedia. All manner of personal communications and computing products are covered such as PDA's, pen-based computers, PCMCIA cards, cellular, wireless, video games, and interactive multimedia.

Play It Again Sam
Hilversum, The Netherlands
Play It Again Sam Records proudly presents her WWW-server with information on their artists, e-mail and chat with the acts, catalogue, gig-guide and so on.

The Professional Wrestling WWW Page
Chicago, IL, US
Devoted to the worldwide discussion and coverage of professional wrestling. Included are links to weekly newsletters, information lists, picture galleries and more. Coverage includes all of the major and most of the minor wrestling organizations as well as groups in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan and India.

Safety and Environmental Resources
Ploss Associates, Inc., Northboro, MA, US
The most current EPA, OSHA and regulatory information and links to other related resources.

San Diego County Office of Education
San Diego, CA, US
Our office provides service and leadership to our clients, the 425,000 students in San Diego County and the 43 school districts that serve them. We work with educators, parents, and business and commmunity members.

Scientific Photography Lab
University of Basel, Switzerland
A major part of the research activities is the reconstruction of faded color photographs. These WWW pages describe the institution and the research in detail, with many examples (images and MPEG movies).

Sid Wainer and Son Specialty Foods
The Access Group, Cambridge, MA, US
A catalog of gourmet delicacy foods available on the Web. Shoppers can select from an enormous variety of exotic foods and produce.

Sistemas de Tecnología Avanzada S.A. - STA S.A.
Bogota, Colombia
Colombia's leader in client/server technology. We have been serving our business partners since 1982 and have become the best choice for implementing C/S solutions. STA es en Colombia el líder como proveedor de la tecnología cliente/servidor. Estamos al servicio de nuestros socios de negocios desde 1982, lo que nos ha convertido en la mejor alternativa para implementar las soluciones en este campo.

Skeptics Society Web
Los Angeles, CA, US
Tables of contents and selected articles from all published issues of Skeptic magazine may be found on the Web.

Smiley's Nirvana Home Page
Mr. Guy Smiley, Tucson, AZ, US
Although it has been 8 months since the tragic suicide of Kurt Cobain, the music of Nirvana remains as potent, vital and relevant as ever. Nirvana fans need look no further than Smiley's Nirvana Home Page for comprehensive band information and song lyrics.

Smuggler's Notch Resort
Smuggler's Notch, VT, US
Give your family the best winter vacation ever at the resort rated "Best for Children's Programs", "#1 for Teen Activities" and "#1 in Winter Family Fun" in North America. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Software Development Spring '95 Conference and Exhibition
San Francisco, CA, US
The course catalog of the Software Development Spring '95 Conference and Exhibition, to be held February 13-17 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, is now available online. At this site, you can browse the course catalog, look at a list of the more than 150 exhibitors, and register for courses or a free show pass.

The Software Museum
xs4all.nl, Amsterdam, NL
The first and only Software Museum [since Jan 8, 1994]. Wanted: a directory listing of MS DOS 0.99! Send a message to rvtol@xs4all.nl.

Solar Radiation Database
Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology, Wash., DC, US
From Solstice comes this solar radiation database for the United States. Intended primarily for those working with solar energy applications, this database provides average solar insulation plus various other climactic factors for over 200 locations in the US for many different solar collector types. The data is from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Star Trek
Judith Fabian, Burlington, VT, US
A homepage for Star Trek TOS enthusiasts, containing pictures, sounds and links to other resources.

Star Trek: Voyager
Viacom Online, Palo Alto, CA, US
Beam aboard the Star Trek: Voyager Web Site to boldly go where no site has gone before. As a member of the crew you have a job to do. Learn all about the Voyager, complete your mission successfully, and Captain Janeway herself will congratulate you. Featuring audio and video created by the show's stars, this site will grow and evolve as the show progresses.

State Univ. of New York at Binghamton Chemistry Department
Binghamton, NY, US
Information on the graduate program in chemistry as well as the research interests of all faculty members. Chemical mime types are supported.

The Stony Brook School
Stony Brook, NY, US
The Stony Brook School is a leading college preparatory school located on the north shore of Long Island. Drop by and take a virtual tour of the campus.

Strangelove Internet Enterprises, Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The world's first entirely Internet-based business publishing, virtual cultural consultants, and training organization. In 1993 SIE launched the first news journal for the commercial Internet community, The Internet Business Journal. In 1994, SIE again made international headlines with the publication of the first book about Internet advertising, How to Advertise on the Internet.

Surfin' Holland
Darkwood Publishing, Amsterdam, NE
For information about the Dutch surf-scene and a lot of other interesting links including Manga-posters, roleplaying and surfing-goodies!

Tarot Resources
Leominster, MA, US
Information for all levels of tarot enthusiasts. Includes ftp links to text and images -- even the entire Rider-Waite deck in bitmap. Coming soon: a directory of professional tarot readers.

Tatro Enterprises Web Server
Huntsville, AL, US
A consulting firm specializing in client/server development work. Also home to INSOFT-L Web Server for the discussion of internationalization of software issues. We have a large archive dealing with these issues, some demo software (ours and contributed) and many links to other sites and resources related to internationalization issues.

Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week
Laura Lemay, Palo Alto, CA, US
Visit these pages for information about the new book from Sams Publishing that teaches you how to design and publish pages on the World Wide Web. This book includes information on designing and organizing your pages, using the HTML language, creating links, using images, sounds, and video, setting up servers and creating forms and image maps.

UA Museum of Art Online Gallery
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, US
The University of Arizona has created two new online art galleries featuring full-color images of paintings, drawings, sculptures and other fine arts from the University. The WILDCAT Gallery exhibits works by professional, contemporary artists who are on the faculty of the UA art department. The UA Museum of Art online gallery features selections from its permanent collection, including works by renowned artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe, Maynard Dixon and Edward Hopper.

UC Irvine Department of Cognitive Sciences
UC Irvine, CA, US
Our department is committed to the investigation of human cognition: language, thought, memory, learning and perception. Our Web server presents department faculty and their research and describes the graduate program.

Univ. of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine
Farmington, CT, US
Provides information of interest to dental and medical students and faculty. Home of Project DENTAL, (Dental Education Network Technologies to Advance Learning), which welcomes volunteer authors interested in electronically publishing text and images related to dentistry. As of January, 1995, Project Dental includes almost 200 HTML pages and over 200 dental images, organized for problem based learning.

Univ. of Delaware College of Business and Economics
Univ. of Delaware College of Business and Economics, Newark, DE, US
The UDEL College of Business and Economics provides information and links to various Web sites offering information and resources for both the student and professional. Our primary focus is in the area of accounting but there is a wide array of business to topics to explore.

UTS Distributed Multimedia Laboratory
University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Information about research conducted at the laboratory.

UUNET Canada, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
UUNET Canada Inc. offers Internet Services across Canada. From simple dialup UUCP to dedicated ISDN or T1 connections, UUNET Canada's friendly staff can make the Internet work for you.

The Very Official Charlie Peacock Internet Site
NetCentral, Inc., Nashville, TN, US
Sparrow Records and NetCentral, Inc. announce The Very Official Charlie Peacock Internet Site. The definitive recording artist Web site! Get lyrics, photos, and audio from Charlie's new album, "Everything That's On My Mind," plus artist and producer discographies, an interactive interview, and the world premiere of the album's first single.

Visioneering Research Laboratory, Inc.
Las Cruces, NM, US
Has an imaging server on the web. Some of the features offered: make a transparent GIF, resize an image, and others. Give it a whirl, and be sure to sign our comments page.

Visualogic, Inc.
Bellevue, WA, US
In addition to software products, Visualogic offers a spectrum of WWW services, from hardware configuration to HTML authoring. We specialize in difficult problems such as DBMS access and limited-bandwidth connections. Our home pages have been written as examples conveying maximal information using minimal bandwidth.

Southern Scientific, South Africa
Wesgro is pleased to announce it's WWW pages to provide potential investors in the Western Cape, South Africa, with substantial assistance and information.

White Pine Software
www@wpine.com, Nashua, NH, US
With a complete line of X Window System display servers and DEC and Tektronix emulation software for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, DOS and X, White Pine has your platform covered. Our Web page has product information and services.

WisCon 19: Feminism and Science Fiction
WisCon 19 Convention Committee, Madison, WI, US
The science fiction gathering with a focus on feminist issues announces its 19th annual convention to take place in Madison over Memorial Day weekend. The server has complete, up-to-date information on events and programming. It also provides information on our guests: popular fantasy writer Barbara Hambly, mystery writer and satrist Sharyn McCrumb, and winner of the James Tiptree, Jr. Award science fiction writer Nicola Griffith.

WKIS 99.9 KISS FM Continuous Country
WKIS 99.9 FM & SatelNet Communications Inc., Hollywood, FL, US
WKIS 99.9FM, the largest country music radio station in South Florida, now provides an interactive home page with general and programming information, contests, engineering, sales, special events, advertising and more.

WSNetwork Internet Provider
WSNetwork Communications Services, Inc., Montgomery, AL, US
WSNetwork is the Internet Gateway of Alabama, providing full Internet access at low monthly flat rates. Offering a variety of connections from dial-in shell and PPP accounts to leased line services. No hourly surcharges, no time limitations, all high speed 28.8Kbps modems.

Xylogics Web Server
Burlington, MA, US
A complete line of network access products supporting remote LAN access, remote host access, and dial-up routing in a single platform. ISO 9001-certified, Xylogics is headquartered in Burlington, Mass., and has international offices in the U.K., France, Germany, and Japan. The Xylogics Web Server provides the latest corporate, product, training and technical support information.

Friday, 20 January 1995

1996 Summer Games Merchandise
Internet Advantage, Atlanta, GA, US
Shop our electronic store! Buy official Olympic merchandise for the upcoming 1996 Summer Games through mail order. T-shirts, shorts, nightshirts, Olympic pins, mugs and more.

3Space's Online Catalogue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A technology firm pioneering the development of virtual reality hardware and software. Information on 3Space and its products.

Alliance Product Solutions
A.P.S., Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Alliance Product Solutions is a technology transfer/product development company specializing in embryo stage projects. We are always looking to help out new products, and you can check out our technology transfer store.

Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (ALE)
Atlanta, GA, US
Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (ALE) is a Linux users' group formed in Atlanta, GA. This Web site contains information about meetings, other Linux Web sites, and general Linux info of interest to those in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

CCL Travel Center
CCL Internet Marketing Services, South San Francisco, CA, US
CCL Travel Center is proud to provide you a number of travel resources in California, the U.S. and around the globe. We specialize in hostels, family travel and small boutique hotels. Visit us today and submit an entry for a chance to win a free hotel night at Hyde Park Suite, S.F.

Romulus Productions, Indianapolis, IN, US
Come to the one Internet destination that will introduce you to hundreds of single men and women in two unique ways never before imaginable. CD-Romance provides both an interactive CD and on-line searchable database of attractive and exciting singles nationwide. Meet the person of your dreams today!

Child Abuse Handbook
Frontenac County Board Of Education, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
The 1995 edition of our Child Abuse Handbook is available. This handbook is designed to provide concise information to help education staff respond to suspected child abuse.

Cirque de la Mama
Boston, MA, US
Cirque announces the "Extra Faces" image exhibit in The Wall Space of Cirque de la Mama! The exhibit is a collection of images of life-size masks by artist Christine Linder.

CLAM Associates
Cambridge, MA, US
"Commercial AIX Solutions from Concept to Production." CLAM provides development, systems integration, support and education services to commercial users of UNIX, and specializes in high availability. As an IBM Business Partner, we assist IBM in the development and support of High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing/6000 (HACMP/6000).

Classic Car Auction Jan. 19-22, 1995
Barrett-Jackson Auction Co., Phoenix, AZ, US
Barrett-Jackson will be having its classic car auction Jan. 19-22, 1995. More than 550 cars are expected. The show address is: Westworld, 16601 N. Pima Rd., Scottsdale.

Classified Flea Market
OffSite WEB, Berkeley, CA, US
A weekly classified ad publication serving San Francisco and the East Bay. Containing over 3,500 ads each week, CFM is a great resource for housing, cars, antiques, and general services. Ads accepted via fax will be placed in the paper and on the Net. No 900 numbers; relationship ads accepted.

Committee on East Asian Libraries
Eugene, OR, US
The Committee on East Asian Libraries maintains a page directed to the needs of librarians who must deal with the growing volume of Asian electronic information. The page, however, should be useful for anyone interested in East Asia or in Asian studies.

Computer Vision and Systems Laboratory
Laval University, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Research activities include 2D and 3D vision, computational sensing and VLSI, object recognition for robotics, thermal imaging and inspection, image processing and compression, pattern analysis and biological vision. The laboratory is located in beautiful Quebec City. Information is provided in English and in French.

Conservative Generation X Newsletter
For, About, and By the Conservative Generation X
CGX is a free newsletter dedicated to the ambitious goal of examining, and hopefully making some sense out of, Generation X and it's role in Conservatism. Come by our new Web site and take a look. What the heck, subscribe.

Culture and Society of Mexico
Iowa State Univ. of Science and Technology, Ames, IA, US
Links to Web servers in Mexico and to various pages containing information on Mexican culture, history, society, travel and economics. Hypertext versions of answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of the Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.mexican are included.

A Day At The Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
ARTA Media Group, Bellevue, WA, US
Visit Las Vegas and experience the Winter Consumer Electronics Show (CES) through the lens of an Apple QuickTake 100 digital camera.

The Dixie Stampede
Myrtle Beach, SC, US
You've never had dinner like this before! It's a breathtaking combination of the Old South and a galloping good time! Join us for dinner and a show!

ENDEVOR/WSX - Software Configuration Management
Legent Corp., Sunnyvale, CA, US
Legent, a leading provider of systems management solutions, offers a page devoted to its ENDEVOR/WSX product. ENDEVOR/WSX is Legent's distributed Software Configuration Management tool. A full technical Product Overview is available.

Family Travel Guides Catalogue
Carousel Press, Albany, CA, US
To ensure an enjoyable family trip, we must do our homework to determine which resorts and attractions are most amenable to the family trade. This catalog has guidebooks for your family travel needs in the U.S. and Europe. Our guidebooks can help you to organize a sightseeing agenda based on your family's interests, and you won't miss seeing something because you didn't know it was there!

Free Range Media, Inc.
Seattle, WA, US
A publishing and production house for multimedia, Free Range Media offers a balanced approach to construction of World Wide Web projects. Our staff helps to define your presence with technological know-how, creative license, and Internet savvy, providing functional solutions to presentation of information.

Gardener's Supply
Burlington, VT, US
Gardener's Supply is a company of avid gardeners located in Burlington, Vermont. We've been offering innovative, earth-friendly gardening products by mail since 1983. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

gweb.org, Los Angeles, CA, US
Gweb, an electronic journal for computer animation, is pleased to announce an interview with Scott Ross, President of Digital Domain and former General Manager of Industrial Light & Magic.

Headquarters Entertainment Corporation
HQE, Vancouver, BC, Canada
HQE sells commercial entertainment and related services to the worldwide community. In addition to acquiring theatre real estate, rights to major international productions and artists, HQE develops, produces, licenses, markets and manages both theatrical presentations, electronic productions and corporate events. Our Web site includes detailed information on various shows and events as well as a comprehensive listing of theatre-related resources on the Net.

Hostels Europe
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
A guide to the best youth hostels in Europe. A travel resource for Eurailers and other backpackers in Europe. Provides essential gossip on the best places to go before you get there. A backpackers' grapevine on the Web. Contributions to these pages are welcome.

San Jose, CA, US
Intellimatch provides a state-of-the-art employment service. We are looking for motivated professionals in the areas of hardware engineering, software development, MIS sales, marketing, finance, and accounting.

International Association of Independent Web Consultants
I.A.I.W.C., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The I.A.I.W.C., or International Association of Independent Web Consultants, was formed in 1994 at the WorldWideWeb Conference held in Chicago. It has become a center for WorldWideWeb consultants and provides its members with referrals and other services. Brought to you by WorldTel.

The Israel Democracy Institute
Jerusalem, Israel
The Israel Democracy Institute reports on its research and leadership activities, including the political reform program, the reform of the constitutional process, the local government project, budgetary reform and accountability, the political-economic projects, communications and democracy, the Legislative Information Center, and the IDI roundtable sessions.

KAZM Radio
Sedona, AZ, US
Sedona On-Line proudly welcomes KAZM radio to our growing on-line mall and directory.

Kent-Meridian High School Homepage
Kent School District, Kent, WA, US
Kent-Meridian High School announces a joint student-staff Homepage. Now in it's earliest stages, it will eventually provide a comprehensive look at the work being produced by the K-M community.

En-Garde Technical Communication, Pepperell, MA, US
KidPub is a place for children to publish stories on the World Wide Web and to read stories published by other children. This is a free service sponsored by En-Garde Technical Comunication.

Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory
LLNL Web Working Group, Livermore, CA, US
Now available: the Biology & Biotechnology Research Program pages, the Department of Applied Science pages, The Facility for Advanced Scaleable computing Technology (FAST) page, the Current status of the LLNL Meiko Machines page, the National Storage Laboratory pages, and the Defense Sciences Engineering Division pages.

Lehigh University Library Web
Lehigh University Libraries, Bethlehem, PA, US
The LU Library Web is designed to serve as an easily navigated WWW interface to online resources for the libraries, Lehigh University, and outside electronic journals and subject-oriented Web servers.

Mail Order CatalogResource© Center
Sharrow Davies Townsend, San Francisco, CA, US
The Mail Order CatalogResource© Center provides access to one of the most comprehensive listings available anywhere of U.S. companies doing business via mail-order catalog. When completed it will list information about over 20,000+ companies in over 300 different categories ranging from aardvarks to zithers.

Mark Twain on the Philippines
Syracuse, NY, US
Mark Twain was the most prominent literary figure opposed to the Philippine-American War at the turn of the century. Several pages combine contemporary graphics with text to introduce Twain's involvement and provide access to his writings and essays about his involvement with the Anti-Imperialist League.

Mental Equations
Brian E. McKinley, Colorado Springs, CO, US
Poetry and prose from a heart of sorrow and pain. Laments and hopes, anger and the search for simple beauty. You can read The Tree, or To Be Empty, or Hope That We're Alright. There are many more from which to choose. So give it some thought and sit and read a spell.

Mobile District Corps of Engineers Historic Resources
US Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile, AL, US
The Mobile District Historic Resources staff has capabilities in historic archeology, prehistoric archeology, architectural history, underwater archeology, and computer archeology. The staff serves to help government agencies comply with their National Historic Preservation Act responsibilities.

Molex Incorporated
Lisle, IL, US
A global Fortune 500 company and a 56-year-old manufacturer of electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnection systems, ribbon cable, switches, and application tooling, serving original equipment manufacturers. Molex operates 41 plants in 19 countries and employs 8,200 people. Approximately 40,000 products are offered through a network of direct sales, distribution and manufacturer's representatives.

Good Technology, London, UK
The official Internet home for many of the UK's musical artists and record labels, including The Stone Roses, Eternal, Pop Will Eat Itself and The Human League. Plus Motown Records, Positiva, Creation, and Kickin Records. Also, check out MovieBase.

Asia Online, Singapore, Asia
Asia Online offers online registration for NetworkAsia, Asia's international networking exhibition and conference to be held in Singapore.

NIEHS Scientifc Database Server
Research Triangle Park, NC, US
The NIEHS Scientific Database Server is dedicated to providing the scientific community on the Internet access to the data generated and maintained at the National Institute on Environmental Health Sciences. High performance database retrieval tools allow for quick access to several of the databases maintained at NIEHS.

Nosh Productions, Inc.
San Francisco, CA, US
NPI is a technology consulting firm specializing in Windows and Unix software development.

Online Zone server
San Francisco, CA, US
Online Zone is a San Francisco storefront that provides walk-in Internet workstation rental, one-on-one training on using the Internet, sales of books and magazines on the Internet, sales of SLIP/PPP and e-mail accounts, and referrals to Bay Area Internet professionals.

Aachen, Germany
Parsytec is Europe's leading manufacturer of parallel computers for industrial and research applications since 1985.

Phase-Diverse Speckle Reconstruction of Solar Data
Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A novel imaging modality that uses speckle-imaging and phase-diversity concepts to combat the effects of atmospheric turbulence in astronomy. We demonstrate the use of a phase-diverse speckle data set collected at the Swedish Vacuum Solar Telescope to restore a fine-resolution image of solar granulation.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA, Pasadena, CA, US
Contains radiation effects test data for total ionizing dose (TID) and single event effects (SEE). This database is available for general use without written permission and accessible via WWW and modem interfaces.

The Real Beer PageTM
And Communications, Mountain View, CA, US
Focuses on the burgeoning craft-brewing industry. These pages host archived issues of The Celebrator beeriodical/beer newspaper, visit Northern California microbreweries (and eventually breweries from around the world), search deep beer-related resources, enjoy beer festival recaps such as the Great American Beer Festival, and much more.

Reflections -- Leon Malinofsky
Northampton, MA, US
A largely poetry page with some poems read aloud by the authors and some classical music clips.

Religious and Sacred Texts
David Wiley, Huntington, WV, US
One of the Web's largest collections of religious/sacred source material. Includes links to several religious groups' homepages, plus documents that were previously unavailable in electronic form. Thanks to those who donated their translations of texts to be made available online!

Rocky Mountain Internet - The Wild West Online
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Rocky Mountain Internet provides full WWW services and creative design and Web layout. We are in the Old West and we run a Web with a Western flair for adventure and excitement. Rocky Mountain Internet WWW is created by Brian McKinley who can be reached at: mckinley@rmii.com.

School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, US
Research in the areas of bioengineering, polymers science and engineering, environmental engineering, and energy are described, with specific information about graduate studies as well. Many links to chemical engineering-related resources are available, including industrial and government resources on the World Wide Web.

Scientific and Medical Antiques Collecting Guide.
North Carolina Society for Medical and Scientific History, Durham, NC, US
A database of resources relating to antiquities and artifacts in the history of science and medicine. Included are pointers to publications, books, societies, sources, as well as an extensive resource list of experts who can help identify, date, and provide more information on items. This service is useful for everyone from hobbyist collectors to museum curators.

Seattle International Sportsmen's Exposition - January 26-29, 1995
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Seattle International Sportsmen's Exposition - January 26-29, 1995. To receive $2.00 discount for admission to the Seattle International Sportsmen's Exposition, please send an e-mail message to baja@netcom.com. Include your name and address.

Sega of America
Redwood City, CA, US
Sega of America is responsible for the development, distribution and marketing of digital interactive entertainment products for North America.

Silicon Studio
Mountain View, CA, US
The Studio is a real place and a virtual one. A subsidiary of Silicon Graphics, Inc., Silicon Studio has its own specialized focus -- technology for entertainment. All of its resources are committed to the development of tools and applications to enhance the creation and delivery of content; in animation, 3D graphics, special effects and more -- for films, games, rides, interactive television and whatever's next.

Simon's Rock College
Great Barrington, MA, US
Simon's Rock College is the only institution of higher education in America devoted solely to the academic acceleration and enrichment of the younger scholar, that is, the student who, after the tenth or eleventh grade, is ready to leave secondary school for serious undergraduate study.

Soundprint Media Center
Washington, DC, US
Features information about the Soundprint Media Center, the critically acclaimed Soundprint radio documentary series, and other public radio resources. Includes audio files, educational materials and activities, background information about Soundprint programs, and other related useful, fun resources.

Southwest Inn at Sedona
Sedona On-Line, Sedona, AZ, US
The Southwest Inn at Sedona is offering a fantastic January special that you won't want to miss. This new hotel is a welcome addition to Sedona On-Line's expanding mall and directory.

Space Science and Engineering Center
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, US
SSEC specializes in atmospheric studies of Earth and the other planets; interactive computing, data access and image processing; and spaceflight hardware design and fabrication. Our web pages contain information on our research, software, and publications, plus many examples of satellite imagery and weather data.

St. Louis Area Local Music Page
Washington University, St. Louis, MO, US
Information on the St. Louis area music scene. Includes links to Web pages on bands, radio stations, nightclubs, recording studios, and more.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Maps
Ducky Sherwood, UIUC, IL, US
Almost all of the UIUC campus is now mapped and on-line. From the above link, you can zoom in to an area map and then into a building (some of which have floorplans).

Vermont Department of Travel and Tourism
Montpelier, VT, US
Looking for the perfect winter getaway? Visit our new site -- it's packed with information about activities throughout the state. Vermont ... it will change the way you look at things. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

WWW Karate Information - University of Essex Karate Club
University of Essex Karate Club, Colchester, Essex, UK
Recently updated, this site now contains over 2MB of textual information as well as lots of new pictures. Other information available includes FAQs, articles, book reviews, kata and grade information, links to other martial arts sites, and much, much more.

columbia communications, Columbia, MD, U.S.
Now on line! WWW.Columbia, a news and information service for and about Columbia, Md., and Howard County, features daily news, weather, calendars, movie guide, background information, directories and resource information about Columbia.

Youth Music/Youth Culture
Drake University, Des Moines, IA, US
Resources for understanding more about the relationship between popular music and culture. Developed at Drake University.

Monday, 23 January 1995

The aaabook
ozInternet, Perth, Australia
The "aaabook," short for "the annotated australian address book," is the first truly comprehensive collection of WWW sites in Australia.

Advantis Canada
Advantis Canada Limited, Markham, Ontario, Canada
Advantis Canada is the network service provider delivering the IBM Global Network in Canada. This resource is an outline of Advantis Canada services and an index of Canadian Internet resources.

Allez voter
Paris, France
In may 1995, France will vote to elect its new president. This server would like to do an estimation by a CyberVote... Si vous êtes français, venez déposer votre CyberBulletin dans la CyberUrne et regarder les dernières estimations pour l'élection présidentielle.

AMCOL Corporation
Aluminum Extrusion Consultant, Inc., Irving, TX, US
AMCOL Corporation has moved its home page to a new location. We produce high-quality products for the aluminum and light metals industry. Come see how we meet our goals of absolutely, positively, quality in products and services to our customers.

Anthony Mele International
Genius,Inc, Bronx, NY, US
AMI Associates provides professional security consulting services in the areas of executive and personal protection for diplomats, sports figures and celebrities as well as security training and intelligence management for presidential protection overseas.

Aran Sweaters
Technomedia Ltd, London, England
We have just made available our new Aran Sweaters Home Page. It includes information on the famous Aran Sweater as well as an ordering service for genuine Irish hand knitted Aran sweaters, and links to sites of Irish and knitting interest. If you want to support this traditional craft have a look.

Atlas of Side-Chain and Main-Chain Hydrogen Bonding
University College London, London, European Union
The Atlas of Side-Chain and Main-Chain Hydrogen Bonding shows the hydrogen bonding patterns of the principal amino-acid hydrogen bond donors and acceptors over a cross-section of accurately determined protein structures. The distributions are shown as both graphs and tables. The Atlas is aimed at biomolecular modellers who want to know whether the hydrogen bonding in their structure is normative.

Banner Graphics, Inc.
Middleton, WI, US
World class banners! Order by the letter. No minimum order. Three different banner materials for all occasions - paper, plastic and vinyl. Big colorful banners make your event stand out. Great for group photos and videos. 20 years of guaranteed quality and fast international service. Effective, affordable promotion for your meetings, reunions, and special events.

Bert's Coloring Programs
Wierenga Software, Muskegon, MI, US
Bert's Coloring Programs are enjoyable coloring programs for children of all ages, but are especially useful for introducing young children to the computer. The software is shareware - try before you buy. Fully functional copies of six different programs can be downloaded directly from this web page.

BookWire, Inc.
Newark, DE, US
BookWire, the book publishing industry's online information resource, is the one-stop source for online book information. An online service and web site, BookWire's own book resources and links to the resources of the Internet combine to provide a powerful tool for doing business in the quickly changing book world.
http://www.bookwire.com/ [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Boston Whaler's Online Brochure
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Boston Whaler's Online Brochure.

Cafe Mam Organic Coffee
Royal Blue Organics, Eugene, OREGON, US
Learn about the Ismam farmers of Mexico and their efforts to protect the environment. This Mexican coop produces Cafe Mam (say "mom") organic coffee--This pesticide free, environmentally conscious product from Chiapas, Mexico is available through direct order online at the Internet Ad Emporium. Many non-coffee items are also available.

The Career Development Network
Stelcom Inc., NY, NY, US
The Career Development Network provides a program of testing and support information to assist individuals with making their career choices. Whether you're at college age or midcareer, CDN offers a straightforward approach to effective CareerPath planning.

Castel Group
Hands-on Marketplace, San Jose, CA, US
Castel Group is involved in the business of finding the very best patented, copyrighted, "patent pending," or patent/copyright application-ready independent inventions, and marketing those inventions in the form of high-demand, mass-marketable consumer products. They are now seeking small to medium investors for a hot, new product, the Sells-It Removable Sign.

Children's Literature WWW Page
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A guide to children's literature resources on the Internet. Includes awards lists and other information for teachers, parents, researchers, and kids.

Classified Ads in Sweden
Lila Tidningen Skane, Sweden
Place classified ads for free in Southern Sweden. Lila Tidningen Skåne is a paper for classified ads, which publishes ads with no charge in all areas, from personal ads to houses for sale. 30% of the printed version is available on the net.

Comic of the Week
University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO, US
Christian Cosas, author of the college comic strip CultuRe Trap and the comprehensive Comics 'n stuff list, is proud to announce yet another comics WWW page. The Comic of the Week will feature a new comic on the Sunday of every week.

Conroy's Florist of San Diego
Conroy`s Flower Shop, Poway, CA, US
Worldwide delivery of flowers and plants. Be sure to order roses for your Valentine...do it early! Do it now!

Conviron Global Link
Controlled Environments Limited, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Leading world technology in controlled environment systems, providing customer support on the Web. We offer important features such as product information, service resources and our "conference room."

CRS4 Animation Gallery Page
Centre for Advanced Studies, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
CRS4 is pleased to announce a new "Animation Gallery" page, where all MPEG animations are grouped by category and shown as a matrix of icons. New animations are easily identified.

Essential publications, Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan, Wales
CyberNoise is an established Zine that is now on the Web. Each issue deals with the broad spectrum that is electronic and industrial music. The current issue is packed with reviews, interviews and discographies from artists as diverse as Jarre Ministry, Human League and Jesus Jones.

DataViews Corporation
Northampton, MA, US
Get the latest on software interface development technology on DataViews Corporation's new homepage. Check out our cool screen shots, in-depth product information, technical tips, user stories, and events. The site also features new products, a list of marketing partners, a market backgrounder, company history, and more.

Daytona Beach
Daytona/Halifax Area Chamber of Commerce, Daytona Beach, FL, US
Daytona Beach, Florida now has a home page with community information, 1995 calendar of events, local demographics, area accomodations, dining, a business center and more. There is also a schedule of events for the NASCAR Winston Cup Series with the latest information straight from the track.

The Right to Die Society of Canada and ERGO, Victoria, BC, Canada
DeathNET is a new international information service specializing in end-of-life issues: particularly the legal, medical and ethical issues involved in living wills, palliative care, assisted suicide and euthanasia. DeathNET is co-sponsored by The Right to Die Society of Canada and ERGO! (Euthanasia Research and Guidance Organization) in Eugene, Oregon.

Demon Knight-Tales from the Crypt
Digital Planet, Universal City, CA, US
A first hand look at the hair-raising new film Demon Knight. Wander the halls with the Crypt Keeper in his first interactive Crypt. Find your way through the maze to get the keys and other goodies, but be careful of the demons. Universal presents Tales from the Crypt/Demon Knight at MCA/Universal Cyberwalk. Created by Digital Planet.

Department of Wildlife Ecology, Univ. of Maine
Orono, ME, US
The Department of Wildlife Ecology Home Page includes information about the department and the University of Maine, including faculty and graduate student descriptions, news about Maine wildlife, species information, positions available, and connections to other biological sites on the Web.

Eastgate Systems, Inc.
Watertown, MA, US
Eastgate Systems, Inc. is the premier publisher of electronic fictions and the sole publisher and distributor of Storyspace, the only hypertext authoring system that represents your hypertextual structure graphically and effortlessly exports your hypertext to HTML. Eastgate's web site lets you sample two of its interactive fictions, provides a serious bibliography on hypertext, and much more.

Eden Etext Archives
Eden Archives, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
The Eden Etext archives are a collection of what the archiver considers to be the cream of Australian Internet Etext. It is primarily provided as a general Etext mirror for Australia.

Electrotex, Inc.
Houston, TX, US
Offers Internet connections to the Houston area, and distributes electronics supplies, components, equipment, tools, technical books, and related consumer items through its nine locations in Texas and Tennessee.

Ernst & Young Real Estate and Construction Services
San Francisco, CA, US
Ernst & Young is the world's leading professional services firm, providing accounting, tax and management consulting services to major corporations. Ernst & Young's Real Estate and Construction Services include financial reporting and tax planning services, claims resolution services, performance improvement services, information technology services, specialized industry publications, and PMO - project management oversight.

FinanceNet, NSF, Washington, D.C., US
FinanceNet is an independent public Internet network established by Vice President Gore's National Performance Review in Washington, D.C. and operated by the National Science Foundation. FinanceNet reaches across geopolitical boundaries to link financial management staff and taxpayers worldwide to catalyze continuous improvements in employee productivity and in the stewardship and accountability of taxpayer resources.

Fisherman's Landing Tackle Shop
GSN, Pasadena, CA, US
Everything in tackle and accessories for the offshore and inshore fisherman.

FortNet - Fort Collins Community Network
Fort Collins, CO, US
The Fort Collins Community Computer Network (FortNet), is a Colorado nonprofit corporation located in Fort Collins, Colorado. In its role as a public access computer information network connecting Fort Collins area residents and businesses to community resources and to the Internet, FortNet provides information about government, businesses, education, organizations and a wide variety of other resources.

Free Range Media, Inc
Seattle, WA, US
Free Range Media, Inc., a publishing and production house for multimedia, offers a balanced approach to construction of World Wide Web projects. Our staff helps to define your presence with technological know-how, creative license, and Internet savvy, providing functional solutions to the presentation of information. Since our inception in March of 1993, we have created numerous sites.

Friends of OSHO
San Francisco, CA, US
OSHO is a contemporary enlightened master whose work, in all its depth and color, continues to unfold. His teachings have touched millions of people around the world. Thousands of discourses have been published in more than 700 volumes, including translations into over 30 languages.

Getaways of British Columbia
WWW Getaways, Victoria, B.C., Canada
Come see what Beautiful British Columbia is all about. Our site has listings for over 1000 bed & breakfasts and country inns in the British Columbia area. We feature full page ads (with colour photographs) of prominent getaways in the area.

Getty Art History Information Program
Santa Monica, CA, US
The Getty Art History Information Program (AHIP) encourages development of the cultural information infrastructure. The Web site describes AHIP's initiatives, publications, and research databases, and offers free-text access to nearly 300,000 records from the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals and the International Repertory of the Literature of Art (RILA).

Global Shopping Network
Pasadena, CA, US
The Global Shopping Network, Inc. is a vertical market information and information systems integrator who consolidates and adds value to targeted industries by providing a direct channel between consumers and vendors.

Global Technology Associates, Inc
Orlando, FL, US
Global Technology Associates, Inc. is the developer of the GFX-94 Internet Firewall system. The GFX-94 is a unique stand-alone system (hardware and software ) that utilizes a double-walled (dual host) solution. The system provides network transparency for all TCP/IP-based client applications running behind the firewall, so PCs, Macs, and other systems can run applications unmodified.

gofast.net - ISDN Internet Access to St. Paul/Minneapolis
St. Paul, MN, US
The name says it all. If you live in the Twin Cities, and want to take advantage of the new ISDN tariff to gofast, check out our home page.

The GPS/MET Experiment
Univ. Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO, US
The GPS/MET experiment: active limb sounding of the earth's atmosphere using a space-based GPS receiver. We are trying to recover temperature and pressure vs. altitude profiles (useful in weather forcasting and in global climate models) by observing how GPS signals are bent and delayed when passing through the atmosphere.

GraphPad Software, Inc. Intuitive Software for Science.
San Diego, CA, US
GraphPad Software provides innovative tools that help scientists analyze and graph their data. GraphPad Prism (Windows) analyzes data, fits curves, and produces graphs for publication. Try Prism with your own data by downloading the free demo. GraphPad InStat(DOS and Mac) is a simple statistics program, designed for scientists, clinicians and students -- not statisticians.

Gruntal & Co., Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
View on-line research reports, weekly financial market information (coming earning announcements,index averages,money rates, and more), learn about individual account executives, request information, plus links to other related areas. Add this one to your hotlist. Keywords for catalog : Investments, stocks, bonds, brokerage

Hazardous Waste and Public Health
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Atlanta, GA, US
Select papers from the International Congress on Health Effects of Hazardous Waste '93. Topics include hazardous wastes and public health approaches, policy and ethics, education in environmental health, hazard assessment and risk estimation, toxicology, epidemiology, case studies, and other timely environmental health topics/issues. A commentary is provided by the editors for each topic.

Heavy Ordnance - a role-playing game
Reflex Systems, Seattle, WA, US
Heavy Ordnance is the first World Wide Web role-playing game, including its own role-playing system, called the Reflex System.

Hierarchy of Parallel & Supercomputing Sites and Vendors
UMIACS, Univ. of Maryland, College Park, MD, US
This page features a hierarchical index of world-wide parallel and supercomputing research sites (academic and national), vendors, and related supercomputing information. The page also has a quick-index to the sites, as well as a reverse-chronological listing of new updates.

Integrated Supply Chain Management Project
Enterprise Integration Laboratory, Univ. of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The goal of the Integrated Supply Chain Management Project in the Enterprise Integration Laboratory of the University of Toronto is to design and construct a next generation, distributed, intelligent agent system for dynamically managing the movement of material/products through an industrial organization's supply chain.

Integrated Water Management
Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands
The homepage of the Integrated Water Management group is now offering a short description of its ongoing research at the Delft University of Technology. Please note that the page is still under construction, and will be expanded in the near future. Some keywords are: integrated water management, research, allocation, sustainability, environmental quality, transboundary river basin.

International Film Festival Rotterdam
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
This server contains the complete programme of the '95 Film Festival Rotterdam. Almost 400 films in a special designed user interface, with daily updates of main events on the film festival and a selection of movieclips. This festival will be held from 25 January to 5 February 1995.

International Theological Seminary
Livermore, CA, US
International Theological Seminary was founded in 1984 to provide in-depth training in Biblical principles and subjects. It is a private, non-denominational, higher-learning institute. Academic options include 150 graduate and undergraduate degree, certificate, and study programs earned through correspondence study. Brought to you by NetRep, Internet Services for Business.

Internet de Mexico
Echegaray, Mexico City, Mexico
We are Mexico City's first commercial Internet access providers. We offer full internet connections at affordable prices to organizations and individuals in Mexico's biggest city. Be sure to check our catalog of Internet Interface Systems
IIS Group Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
The IIS Group has been established to promote the Internet within Australia. It has a leaning toward the Aborigional population of Australia.

ISO Online
International Organization for Standardization, Geneva, Switzerland
The catalogue of all ISO International Standards including drafts is now available online in English and French. Other features include complete lists of members and technical committees, general background of ISO and its structure, facts on the ISO 9000 Forum, and the latest news from ISO.

J.P. Resources
Stamford, CT, US
J.P. Resources, consultants on human resource management, offers you access to expertise with personnel-related issues without the cost of hiring full-time human resource staff.

Keystone Communications
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Keystone Communications is one of the largest satellite transmission providers in North America. Keystone provides satellite distribution for Paramount Domestic Television, most NBA teams, et.al.. Keystone also publishes the North American Satellite Guide and the Asia Pacific Satellite Guide.

Krishnamurti Information
Berlin, Germany
Information on Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986) a world teacher who rejected organizations, religions and beliefs. He had numerous talks and conversations for over 60 years all over the world and wrote several books concerned with deep investigation of the nature of humanity and the self covering love, religion, belief, relationship, death, thought, time, fear, meditation, beauty.

League for Programming Freedom
Menlo Park, CA, US
A membership-based organization that opposes software patents. Patents are in the news again, due to the Unisys/CompuServe GIF controversy. We urge everyone to consider the issue, and register your reaction with Unisys. The LPF position on the GIF controversy can be seen on the LPF Web server.

Living Design/Living Art Center
Living Design Development, Gothenburg, Sweden
The virtual institute for procedural art and design in the new industrial world. Products, projects and backstage glimpts. The home of The Mouse-Board (tm) for NetSurfers.

Mesquite Software
Austin, TX, US
Mesquite Software is a new company committed to software and service for the system simulation market. The first product is CSIM17, a toolkit for building process-oriented, discrete-event simulation models of complex systems. Check the WWW page for information on this and other products.

The Multimedia Newsstand
New York, NY, US
The newsstand of the future. The best prices on more than 500 magazines, and videotapes on the Internet. Read selected articles from Esquire and Popular Mechanics. Check out the featured magazines. Follow the "Secret Agent X" comic strip, play the Trivia Challenge, or swap baseball cards in our Swap Shop. Start a discussion thread and leave us a comment.

The Music Express Etc. Store
Woodland Hills, CA, US
The Music Express Etc. Store is a specialty music store featuring your favorite CDs. All selections in the store are suggested from on-line users like you. CD's available at a good price and delivered quickly. Come see how you can win a free CD or CD Express t-shirt! Brought to you by Branch Online Services.

The NetEc Project, Manchester, England, United Kingdom
NetEc unites three projects for networking interaction in academic economics. BibEc is a database of references to printed working papers. WoPEc combines bibliographic information from various servers of electronic working papers on a common database. CodEc extends the work done by WoPEc to computer programmes and routines used by economists and econometricians.

Of, By and For the People
Spokane, WA, US
Of, By and for the People is a conservative newsletter providing a forum for conservative opinions. Subscriptions are sent to the governing bodies, politely giving them your opinions! Brought to you by Branch Information Services.

Oregon State Senate
Office of Sen. Jeannette Hamby, Portland, OR, US
This Oregon State Senate Page, from the office of Oregon State Senator Jeannette Hamby, provides visitors with links to resources about Oregon's 68th Legislature. Includes links to the Oregon Legislative Gopher in addition to full Bill texts that are being debated in Oregon's Legislature.

Ottawa Online Ventures
MicroWorks and the Ottawa-Carleton Board of Trade, Ottawa, Canada
Ottawa Online Ventures brings a directory of business, tourism, shopping, attractions, government services, and special events for Canada's capital city. Our goal is to become the definitive listing by providing up-to-date information, entertainment, and ease of use. Also look for MicroWorks, an Ottawa network specialist.

PageMaker MegaPack Contest
National Computer Tectonics, Lenoir City, TN, US
National Computer Tectonics and Adobe are sponsoring a MegaContest to give away 10 free copies of Aldus PageMaker 5.0, the award winning page layout program, and PageMaker MegaPack, a 3 CD set with $3,000 worth of fonts, clip art, add-on applications and training. You must enter by January 31, 1995.

Paris Observatory Server
Observatoire de Paris, Paris, France
This is the great new W3 server of Paris Observatory, the bigger center of research in the field of astronomy and astrophysics in France. There are around 600 persons who work at this place with about 300 researchers. You will find here some information about the scientific activities at the observatory, the historical adventure from Louis XIV to today.

Pisces Design
London, UK
A server bring the best in graphical design solutions and the latest information on IT for pathologists. Links to PathIT - IT magazine for pathologists, pathology case of the month, and image management in pathology.

PPSA Online Magazine
Los Alamos, NM, US
A fun group of all sorts of people that like to take an irreverent look at the world. PPSA started out as a college club in 1982, and has grown over the years. We write up road trips and ramble on in PPSA Online Magazine. Now graphically enhanced.

Mike Sugarbaker, Poughkeepsie, NY, US
A personal webzine in which our correspondents (mostly college-aged, so far) write about their lives and experiences. We'll be opening a comics section shortly. Read, comment, submit, get down with your bad self.

Project Genesis
Spring Valley, NY, US
Project Genesis is glad to provide a home page to Jewish seekers in CyberSpace. What is Project Genesis? For college students, a great source for campus Jewish outreach. For CyberJews, a very popular network of "classes" in Judaism on the Net. For all those who hated Hebrew School - give us a try!

Project LOGOS - Slovakia Online
Computing Centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia
Project LOGOS - media, cultural and corporate institutions in Slovakia present their work. Daily newspapers, books,exhibitions of galleries, NGO's, and social care institutions.

Rice Genome Research Program
Tsukuba, Japan
The Japanese Rice Genome Research Program, from the Society for Techno-innovation in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, in Tsukuba, Japan, has opened its WWW server offering various information on the project and rice genome data, with links to the FTP server which contains the recently published RFLP map data (see Kurata et al. Nature Genetics, vol.8, 365-372, 1994).

Round Table Group
Rochester, NY, US
Imagine the ability to have your questions answered instantly and personally by professors and other experts. Round Table Group of Chicago, IL makes it reality. A true virtual corporation, Round Table Group retains hundreds of scholars in economics, history, political science, management, sociology and law who are available for paid consulting work.

SimBioSys - Medical Education Software
Critical Concepts, Incorporated, Chicago, IL, US
Dedicated to developing physiology simulation software for medical education. SimBioSys is a program which runs in Windows, simultaneously modeling the cardiovascular, renal and pulmonary systems in real time. Users may affect the "virtual patient" by infusing drugs, changing ventilator settings, or directly changing the physiological properties of the patient.

S&M's Virtual Playground
Vincent's Hollow Development, Iowa City, IA, US
Provides 3W HomePage distribution for account holders. We offer links to many of our personal favorite Web sites. Future additions include VirtualScape, a graphical representation of the LPMUD Vincent's Hollow that is operating from the same machine.

Social Sciences Data Collection (UCSD)
UCal-San Diego, San Diego, CA, US
Currently, SSDC has hundreds of study descriptions of social science studies, fully indexed and searchable, a page with links to other social science data on The Internet, and a page featuring links to to other social science data archives, social science data libraries, and social science gateways.

The Society of Women Engineers (Caltech Chapter)
Pasadena, CA, US
Information about the society, specifically its goals, upcoming events, scholarships and competitions, and services provided to its members and to anyone else who requests them.

Strategyweb has expanded its Web role to a central forum of the business strategy community. Offered by subscription to university business schools and executive decision makers, Strategyweb delivers up-to-the-minute intelligence and competitive analysis; information and perspectives not available from online newspapers or magazines; exclusive online access to innovative analysts and writers; and unlimited conferencing and forum access.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Grad. School of Biomedical Sciences - UTHSCSA, San Antonio, TX, US
Summer fellowships will be awarded to outstanding undergraduates from across the nation. Free housing, a stipend, and travel reimbursement will be offered. Selected undergraduates will work with faculty, fellows, and students on a major research project. Learn research techniques and scientific methods. Participate in seminars and workshops exploring current problems and methods in advanced research.

TEN-IO (Travel and Entertainment Network - Internet Operations)
TEN-IO, Aptos, CA, US
TEN-IO is a premier content provider of services and systems involving the Internet and its technologies specifically for the travel, tourism and entertainment industries. At TEN-IO we can provide marketing, advertising and informational material on the Internet using text, graphic and audio applications.

Transport Engineering
Newcastle Univ., Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyneside, UK
Description of transport engineering and the Transport Operations Research Group at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, including description of courses and research projects.

UFO Directory and Forum
Mark Hines, Las Vegas, NV, US
Guest editor Mark Hines and EINet present the UFO Directory and Forum. It is intended as an elementary directory and as a moderated exchange of guest articles and links.

The Underground On-Line
Scarborough College Student Press, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
The Underground On-line is the first ever Canadian university paper to be completely on line. We offer current news relating to Scarborough Campus and the University of Toronto. Also available are back issues of the paper.

Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa, Dept. of Communication
Honolulu, HI, USA
This service provides an up-to-date description of the academic program of the department of communication at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. It also includes links to descriptions of degrees and certificate offered, course listings, faculty pages and student pages.

The Universal Aviation Image Archive
Robert F. Webbink, Pasadena, CA, US
UAIA strives to provide the best in public aviation photography. Currently, there are over 275 images of different aircraft, from commercial to military, sailplanes, airships, and helicopters.

The University of Texas Health Center at Tyler
Tyler, TX, US
Find out about the campus, hospital, research activities, special programs and various resources such as the Gene Classification Artificial Neural System (GenCANS) and the Signal Recognition Particle Database (SRPDB). Also, find hundreds of useful links to other sites of biomedical interest. Lastly, don't miss the weekly "Hot Tip."

Used Car Parts
Carparts, US
Internet Car Parts is the latest link between your laptop and the perfect auto part lying in wait, under a douglas fir in Oregon and ready for delivery. We sell both used and new parts. Save between 20% and 70% of retail price. Specialty cars, classic cars, newer cars are all in stock (1937-1994).

Vermont Ski Areas Association
Montpelier, VT, US
The Vermont Ski Areas Association represents the state's 15 major ski areas and strives to make your Vermont ski holiday as easy as it is fun. Be sure to check our Daily Conditions Report. Another member of the growing Cybermont community.

Vertical Research - Usability Services
Brookline, MA, US
Vertical Research, Inc. is a software user interface design and usability services company. We provide these services: UI specifications, designs, and style-guides, product inspections, user surveys, user profiles, task analyses, prototype building, and usability testing. See examples of our work, view our client list, or browse our references on usability.

Wallac - an EG&G company
Wallac Oy, Lauste, Turku, Finland
Wallac serves customers in biotechnology, life science research and clinical diagnostics. The company specializes in biospecific assays involving labels, and supplies reagents, measuring instruments and computer software. The WWW presentation introduces Wallac's main products and services.

Webfoot's Virtual Germany
Ducky Sherwood, US
Tourism information about Germany, including links to current exchange rates, city guides, dictionaries, transportation schedules, and travelogues.

WebMasters International, Inc. (WMI)
Reston, VA, US
Showcase your company or organization on the Internet. You provide the information - WMI provides the computers, communications, software, and know-how to give you worldwide exposure - at very affordable rates. WMI provides clients with experienced HTML and CGI programming services for all your WWW needs. Check us out, you'll be glad you did!

Webs Are Us
World Wide Marketing, San Diego, CA, US
Webs Are Us is a one-stop solution for creating, marketing, and site selection on the World Wide Web.

Wedding Solutions & Unique Suggestions
Ms. Bride's Wedding Consulting, Tallahassee, FL, US
Your on-line wedding consultant is ready to serve you! You have the choice of a full-graphics or text-only experience. Don't get married without checking here first! Ms. Bride answers any and all reader questions pertaining to weddings and other social events. We look forward to having you visit us!

West Marine
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Welcome to the best selection in boating! We're the one-stop source for all your boating gear and apparel needs.

William Calvin's Books and Articles
Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
A chapter from each of William Calvin's seven nonfiction books on brains and evolution, plus the serialization of his Internet novel, Synchronized. Links to Web sites for the neurosciences.

Windows NT Internet FAQ
Steve Scoggins, Chicago, IL, US
This FAQ explains how to setup Windows NT 3.5 for Internet connectivity. Step-by-step instructions expain how to setup NT for a PPP or SLIP connection to your Internet provider's PPP/SLIP server. WWW links are provided to other Windows NT Web, Gopher, and FTP sites. Includes listings of compatible Winsock client and server software.

Wisconsin Hoofers Outdoor Recreation
Wisconsin Union Directorate, Madison, WI, US
Wisconsin Hoofers, the outdoor recreation program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin Union, has joined the Web. Access a variety of information about Hoofers including a calendar of events, membership information, instruction manuals, safety information, newsletters, youth sailing instruction dates, and current weather conditions.

Wednesday, 25 January 1995

All About Sequim
Century 21 Peter Black, Sequim, WA, US
Information about Sequim, Washington. Includes many great places to visit plus information about real estate in Sequim. Only 50 miles away from the Olympic Rain Forest, Sequim gets an average of 15 inches of rain a year - about the same as San Francisco, Calif. The biggest attraction of the Olympic Peninsula is Olympic National Park.

ALLIES Homepage
Student organization at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, US
A group for students, faculty and staff who support gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. It was started a few years ago by students and staff of Carnegie Mellon University. ALLIES is also a group for those who are interested in finding out more information about the issues and concerns that gays, lesbians and bisexuals face. Finally, it is an awareness and support group, with members who are straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual.

America's Cup On-Line
Science Applications International Corporation, San Diego, CA, US
America's Cup On-Line is the official WWW home page of these exciting races beginning January 12, 1995. Lots of photos, race results, news, and information. Best of Net--1995; Cool Site of the Day--Jan. 10, 1995.

Stanford, CA, US
Dedicated to increasing literacy in India. ASHA has chapters in California, New York, and North Carolina. The organization was formed in 1991 -- most members are students and professionals. We raise funds through cultural programs, monthly pledges and various other means and send the money to deserving educational projects in India.

Association of America's Public Television Stations Web pages
Washington, DC, US
The Association of America's Public Television Stations is a nonprofit membership organization serving U.S. public television stations in the areas of representation, planning and research, and communications. Fact sheets about public TV are available, as are links to other public broadcasting organizations.

The Auburn Wesley Foundation
Auburn, AL, US
A dynamic new extension of the Wesley Foundation's ministry. This Methodist campus ministry at Auburn University provides an "Auburn Home" for students of all denominations wanting to come together in the Lord.

AWA MicroElectronics - Fast, Responsive Foundry
Sydney, Australia
We operate a modern 6-inch wafer facility and specialize in fast, responsive foundry. AWA's technologies are particularly suited to designers who need well characterized mixed signal and analog processes. A specialty is supplying integrated circuits to the medical industry including Hi-Rel electronics and hearing aids.

Bill Currie's CiTR Sports Feature
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Bill Currie is the Monday night sportscaster for the CiTR Dinner Report in Vancouver. His weekly sports feature usually deals with a local sports story, but the odd story of national or international importance will also appear from time to time. The audio files are usually about five minutes long, and take up about 2.3 megabytes. The feature is updated weekly.

Brown College (Rice University)
Margarett Root Brown College, Houston, TX, US
One of eight residential colleges at Rice University. Alumni of Brown, or any college, are encouraged to visit. Find out what's going on at the first of Rice's residential colleges to get on the Web. Maintained by James H Koh and Tino Tran.

BusinessCards Online
Montgomery, AL, US
Place your business card on the Internet, available to 20 to 50 million users worldwide. Searchable database of cards!

Calypso Party Cruises
Lakewood, CO, US
One of the most unique vacation cruise packages ever offered. Enjoy free fabulous day and evening cruises when you vacation!

Career Magazine
National Career Search, Inc., Boulder, CO, US
A complete resource for job seekers and career-minded professionals. The magazine includes 6,000 to 12,000 current job openings with a simple search engine, articles, company profiles, discussion group, classifieds and an executive recruiter directory. The magazine is free to readers and accepts articles from qualified authors and professionals.

Center for Advanced Instructional Media
C/AIM, Yale Univ. School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, US
The Center for Advanced Instructional Media (C/AIM) was founded in 1987 to explore the educational potential of new interactive multimedia computing technology. The Center's recent focus has been on software design for educational applications in cardiology, human anatomy, nuclear medicine, avian anatomy, and other biomedical topics.

The Center for Compound Semiconductor Microelectronics
Urbana, IL, US
CCSM research addresses the engineering science and technology base required to fabricate optoelectronic integrated circuits (OEICs) and implement them in optical interconnect systems. Research topics include III-V semiconductor growth, characterization, device fabrication, simulation, and systems.

Centre National d'Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou
Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France
The Pompidou Center comprises the Museum for Modern Art, the public library, a Department of Cultural Development, and more. Our Web server currently offers an exhibits calendar, access information, and a call for comments on a project for a new multidisciplinary periodical.

Charleston Beer Works
Charleston, SC, US
Our complete, expanded catalog and newsletter are available online in the SIMS Internet Mall. Click here to visit our complete line of homebrewing supplies, information, and links to other homebrewing resources on the Net.

Charlie Alpha's UK Aviation Server
Hiway, Newbury, Berkshire, UK
A W3 server to promote the interests of UK aviators with contributions from Pilot magazine.

Chemistry Dept., U. of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL, US
Information for undergraduate and graduate students, a faculty directory, information about ongoing research, campus maps, the graduate catalog, a departmental brochure, a graduate student handbook, chemistry course descriptions, and a list of links to related Web sites.

Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Business Innovation Technology, Eugene, OR, US
The Cherry Poppin' Daddies are an eight-piece band that rule your world with a combination of big-band swing and punk rock. With half-naked muscle men and reptile-lozenge combinations, the band has become the horn-powered toast of the town at SXSW, CMJ, Music West, and SFO1. The band has two CDs: Ferociously Stoned and Rapid City Muscle Car.

Cool Jargon of the Day
Business Innovation Technology, Eugene, OR, US
The Cool Jargon of the Day Web page will display a new random selection from the New Hacker's Dictionary, every day. Includes links to The Cool Word of the Day and the jargon file.

Cooperative Communities
Fellowship for Intentional Community, Langley, WA, US
Information on ecovillages, intentional community, cohousing, communes, student coops, urban housing cooperatives, and other related projects and dreams.

Curious Pictures Corporation
New York, NY, US
A full service film production company specializing in graphics, animation, design, special effects and computer animation. We produce TV commercials, on-air graphics, computer animation and other cool stuff. Curious is located in downtown Manhattan and we are always on the lookout for new talent: directors, designers, computer animators, etc. Enjoy the Web page and play the contest.

The Internet Plaza, Boulder, CO, US
The Internet Plaza is pleased to announce the opening of a new electronic store in our online mall: CyberStickers. On the highway, in your home, or in the office, identify yourself as an Internet surfer with CyberStickers. Come look -- there are six designs to choose from, and you can order them online.

The Cyrano Server
NandO.net, Raleigh, NC, US
For the romantically impaired -- let the Cyrano Server help you say just the right thing to that special (or not so special) person. A Mad Libs approach to writing that romantic letter. Just in time for Valentine's Day.

DDO Galactic Cepheid Database
David Dunlap Observatory, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
We offer a database listing parameters for over 500 classical Cepheids in the Galaxy. Information includes positional data, color excess determinations, periods, radial velocities, distances, Z values, etc. Simple string searches of the database are possible using Web client software such as NCSA Mosaic. The tables can be viewed in PostScript format or retrieved in either ascii or dBase IV versions.

Doctor Bob's $5 Internet Guides
Doctor Bob Publications, Tillson, NY, US
Bob Rankin, author of the popular "Accessing The Internet By E-Mail" guide and columnist for Boardwatch Magazine, has created an array of 10- to 15-page Internet guides available from the First Virtual InfoHaus.

East Coast Brewing Supplies
VirtuMall New Media Marketing, Cambridge, MA, US
Brew your own beer! East Coast Brewing's complete catalog of equipment and supplies for the home-brewing hobbyist is now available on the Web. The catalog has plenty of advice and starter kits for the beginning home-brewer. Advanced equipment and rare supplies are also available. Only at VirtuMall, the world's most exciting way to shop online.

EduSelf Multimedia Publishers Ltd.
Rutherford, NJ, US
EduSelf Multimedia Publishers are specialists in interactive multimedia courseware for education and training. A high-tech team of multi-lingual graphic artists, animators, video professionals, and programmers has created and produced a wide variety of innovative training media. Included in the website are information and a demo on their Botany, Biology and Agricultural Science courseware.

Emory School of Law
Atlanta, GA, US
Among the resources included: the Law Library's extensive collection of legal links in the Electronic Reference Desk. Other resources can be found in the 1) Software Libraries, 2) Search the Law WWW Engine and 3) electronic submissions of Reference Questions.

Fiji and Tonga Homepage
Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Information about the South Pacific, especially Fiji and Tonga.

Fine Speculative Fiction Collectable Editions
Tall Tales, Renton, WA, US
Tall Tales is your source for fine collectable editions in science fiction, fantasy and horror. Browse our catalog at our homepage or contact us via email at msk@halcyon.com. Want lists are encouraged and we are interested in purchasing your collectable single items and collections.

FiX Magazine
IconMedia, London, England
FiX is a brand new lifestyle and culture magazine for anyone who's a few features short of an interface. Coming at you from the Cafe Cyberia in London, the world's widest magazine is packed with news, reviews and features. See Issue 1 and find out why the future is funky!

Department of Geotechnology at Lund University, Sweden
Information about the department, our research projects, courses and the staff -- mainly related to engineering geology/geophysics, groundwater modeling, foundation engineering and marine acoustics.

Germanic Languages at the University of Alberta
Department of Germanic Languages, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Overview of staff resources, programs, courses, work and exchange programs in the German-speaking countries, and extra-curricular activities.

Graphic Workshop for Windows 1.1o
Beeton, Ontario, Canada
Alchemy Mindworks is pleased to announce the release of Graphic Workshop for Windows 1.1o. New features include enhanced CDR support, MOV support, BGA support, improved color reduction, multiple image GIF support, and interlaced GIF creation. It makes a powerful graphic helper for Web browsers, among other things. Graphic Workshop is shareware. It can be downloaded directly from our Web page.

Gravitational Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Boulder, CO, US
The Gravitational Fluid Mechanics laboratory (GFL) in the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences at the University of Colorado at Boulder specializes in research related to fluid mechanics of materials-processing situations. A prime interest exists in low-gravity fluid mechanics and materials processing in space.

GW Hannaway & Associates Home Page
Boulder, CO, US
GW Hannaway & Associates, Inc. has an established reputation for pioneering computer graphics research and development. As a digital imaging service, we are recognized as one of the premier laboratories in the country. For information on our software products and services, check out our new graphical WWW look and feel.

Info-LabVIEW Mailing List
US Army ARDEC, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ, US
Info-LabVIEW is an Internet mailing list for the discussion of the use of National Instruments' LabVIEW package for Macintosh and Power Macintosh, Windows and Windows NT, HP-UX and Sun Sparcstation environments. LabVIEW is a graphical software system for developing high-performance scientific and engineering applications.

Institute for Astrophysics of Paris
Paris, France
The Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris is a center for science research. It is a CNRS (National Science Research Center) laboratory.

ITL Interactive Index
Interactive Telephony Ltd., St. Helier, Channel Islands
Announcing the launch of our Interactive Index. Please enter your own pages, and anyone else's you find worthwhile, so we can build a useful tool for finding information on the Internet. For more information mail: bodhi@business.co.uk.

ITT Hartford Life Insurance Companies
ITT Hartford Insurance Group, Hartford, CT, US
Building a more secure retirement. Protecting your family or business. Providing for your employees. These are just a few of the financial needs that ITT Hartford Life Insurance Companies can help you with. Our parent, ITT Hartford, has provided financial protection since 1810. And its clientele has included such prominent Americans as Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee.

Izorline International Inc.
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Fishing Tackle for the World!

J. HomeBoy HomePage
J. Fanz, New York City, NY, US
This site provides cool graphics, soaring audio, and lots of info about J.--the most interesting and hottest new musical artist today.

The Ad Box Network, Round Rock, TX, US
Large, flightless birds, emus are native to Australia and were originally imported to the US as exotic zoo stock in 1930. Australia has had a ban on the exportation of its national bird for over 30 years. Articles in JEPA EMU discuss what emus are, how to breed them, and what they're good for.

Journal of Electronic Defense
Boston, MA, US
The leading international military electronics magazine presents JED On Line. Access technical and programatic news, reference material, still/video imagery, and Web-related sites focusing on the fields of electronic warfare, command and control warfare, C4I, signal intelligence, reconnaissance, etc.

Journal of Statistics Education
Department of Statistics, N.C.S.U., Raleigh, NC, US
The Journal of Statistics Education is a refereed electronic journal that publishes high-quality articles on a variety of topics related to the post-secondary teaching of statistics. Examples include results of controlled experiments on pedagogical methods, case studies and anecdotal reports, review and opinion articles, and discussion of the impact of new technologies on statistics education.

KUGS 89.3 FM
Bellingham, WA, US
We run a college radio station that has recently become a presence on the Internet. We are pleased to announce that our signal is broadcast live on the Net using Cornell University's CU-SeeMe. Our site has information about the station, who we are, and what we play. We are also running a contest for our Internet listeners--be sure to check it out and enter to win!

Legalize Pots
Houston, TX, US
Have your own customized handmade ceramics for low, low prices. We have a beautiful collection of wine goblets and coffee mugs ranging in price from $15 to $25. You can send your own specifications for shapes, colors, sizes, and decorations or write for suggestions.

Likud USA
New York, NY, US
The American affiliate of the World Likud Organization which seeks to promote the Jewish National point of view to the public. Former Israeli prime ministers Begin and Shamir were members of Likud.

The Lotus Notes FAQ Web Page
Ken Yee (KEY Enterprise Solutions), Boston, MA, US
Visit our page for frequently asked questions on Lotus Notes configuration and programming. This page also has jump points (WWW sites, newsgroups, mailing lists, and ftp sites) related to Lotus Notes. Make this your first stop for info on Lotus Notes.

Manchester Business School
Manchester, UK
We hope to provide business and finance related links and topics relating to business and management schools worldwide. We would like our site to become a gateway to business related browsing. We also hope to post data and studies written by our own academics.

The Mansfield Cybrarian
Mansfield University Libraries, Mansfield, PA, US
The Mansfield Cybrarian will attempt to find and serve up the best of the Web in those particular academic disciplines that our university offers. At the moment, we have pages in education, art, music, computer science, job searching, librarianship and literature. We will soon be adding pages in computer science, mathematics, biology, and nursing.

Mechforce & Utilities Support
Simon Richards, Perth, Australia
Dedicated to support of the game Mechforce and its support tools on the Amiga. Has file archive links to the various programs available, news about the up-and-coming mailing list and other information pertaining to the game. Mechforce is based on the game Battletech by FASA.

Melvin Magazine
New Media Productions, Champaign, IL, US
Melvin is everything a wonderful WWW magazine should be: outrageously funny "News for Little Dumb People," witty, in-depth entertainment features and interviews, and a contest urging the consumption of paste. Melvin is written by the staff of The Onion at the University of Illinois, called "...the funniest, wittiest and most clever prose around" by MTV's Jon E. Ten Eyck. Start reading, pumpkin.

Mindshare Marketing Group
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
For Canadian high-tech marketing connections, check out Mindshare Marketing Group's home page. You can sign up for a free Internet marketing newsletter, discover the Global Presence (TM) Internet Marketing Program, download a series of Canadian technology application articles, and try "Canuck clicks" -- Mindshare's guide to interesting Canadian Internet resources.

MUSC Department of Radiation Oncology
The Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, US
Information about the department and links to servers with information about oncology and medicine in general.

The NASA/JPL Imaging Radar Home Page
NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, US
This page has undergone extensive revisions and has been updated with the latest information about the two Space Shuttle missions that carried the Spaceborne Radar Laboratory. We now have our own bulletin board, new images, new educational materials, and a new look.

National Computer Tectonics
Lenoir City, TN, US
Magazine, over 400 pages! With in-depth articles and reviews of software, hardware and books, NCT is a must read for small and home business computer users, as well as anyone interested in the latest information about new computer products.Win free copies of Aldus PageMaker 5.0 and PageMaker MegaPack!

Nationwide Nannies
Paradise Communications, Miami, FL, US
Solve your domestic worker recruitment crisis today! Nationwide Nannies Inc. is an innovative service providing you with resumes of candidates seeking positions as nannies, housekeepers and elderly care givers. Search our extensive database for the applicants best suited to your family's needs and contact them directly.

Net.tech Internet technical newsletter
Duke Communications International, Loveland, CO, US
Net.tech is a monthly Internet technical newsletter for network administrators and other computer professionals. The newsletter covers analog and digital connections, security and privacy, hardware and software selection, and locating technical resources. We filter the Internet infostream and then package and present the latest Internet connection technology to you in net.tech--in hardcopy and online.

New England Culinary Institute
Montpelier, VT, US
New England Culinary Institute is a small school staffed by extremely talented and committed chefs. Our philosophy is that the best education takes place when students receive personal instruction in small classes. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

NSSDC's OMNIWeb System
NSSDC, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, US
We announce the availability of a powerful scientific data retrieval and visualization system for accessing NSSDC's OMNI data. The National Space Science Data Center, located at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, has a large WWW site with astrophysics, space physics, solar physics, planetary, and other information.

OS/2 Singapore Homepage
This is an OS/2 Homepage with a Singaporean flavor primarily targeted at regional audiences but may be useful to others in the world.

OUTWEST Reservation Center
Sedona On-Line, Sedona, AZ, US
If you are looking for free information regarding reservations for lodging or tours in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico or Colorado, or if you need assistance planning a vacation to the southwest, Sedona On-Line proudly announces the OUTWEST Reservation Center.

ParCo95: Parallel Computing 1995
Universiteit Gent, Gent, Belgium
The aim of the ParCo95 conference is to give an overview of the state of the art of the development, application, and future trends in parallel computing. The emphasis is on applications of all types of parallel computers, including vector and array processors, distributed systems, data flow machines, multi-stage systems, cellular/systolic architectures, and neural nets.

PennState Young Americans for Freedom
University Park, PA, US
Pennsylvania's conservative central! We have megs of documents concerning liberty and the constitution of American society, not the least of which is the Constitution. Links to other conservative places on the Web.

The Physical Revolution Bicycle Server
Victoria, BC, Canada
A Web-based catalog for bicycle parts and accessories. Have a look and tell us what you think.

P-Law Legal Resource Locator
P-Law, Inc., New York, NY, US
Designed to support legal research in a wide variety of disciplines. It is the intent of the page to serve as a starting point, for attorneys or for non-legal professionals, into the myriad disciplines involved in today's increasingly "legalistic" society.

Quadrat Communications
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A small digital type foundry, specializing in the creation of new text and display typefaces. Our Web site includes views of the typefaces in our library, plus ordering and licensing information. You can view samples of some of the graphic design services we provide.

Region One Education Service Center
Edinburg, TX, US
A Web server aimed at the K-12 education community in South Texas. Includes pages created by teachers and students from South Texas schools. Also features a collection of Internet resources of specific interest to K-12 educators, including school librarians. General information about the South Texas area is also provided.

The Rhombus Interactive Gallery
Rhombus Communications, Burlington, VT, US
Our Interactive Gallery features a collection of limited edition fine art prints and original works, which you can browse using our amazing 3D interface! Another member of the growing CyberMalls community.

Rocky Mountain Chapter of URISA
Urban and Regional Information Systems Assoc., Denver, CO, US
A single, concise contact point for information regarding urban planning, GIS and public data files. While this site is temporary, RM/URISA will soon establish a permanent host and will provide a large assortment of public domain data sets and software as well as a location for the latest news and information on local spatial data issues.

Satore Township
Petaluma, CA, US
Provides information on diverse issues of interest to individual and business Internet users. Topics include workplace violence, management issues, Web page design, a variety of pages for creative Internauts, and a forum for e-publications distributed over the Net.

Shoals Marine Laboratory
Ithaca, NY, US
Information about our summer programs in the marine sciences. Operated jointly by Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire, SML offers a diverse array of for-credit college courses to undergraduate, graduate and high school students. We also have one-week "education vacation" options for those not interested in college credit.

SIAM Undergraduate Page
University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, US
Dedicated to topics of concern to undergraduate mathematicians. The site includes articles and essays by undergraduates as well as articles about mathematics and how it is used in industry. The site also includes a listing of professional opportunities such as summer research positions and information about graduate fellowships.

Soccer Listings on U.S. Television
Oliver Tse, Ithaca, NY, US
Provides soccer fans in the US with the latest listings of soccer on television, addresses and phone numbers to contact television networks, and editorial comments on how US television networks can improve the amount and quality of soccer-related programming.

Solutions Database
Cooperational Software, Aspen, CO, US
We list practical solutions to society's problems. Most are solution stories gleaned from national media sources. We encourage people to write and call the media supporting more solution-oriented stories.

Solvang, California
Solvang Visitors Bureau, Solvang, CA, US
Velkommen to Solvang, a taste of Scandanavia in California. The Solvang Visitors Bureau invites you to visit its Web home, hosted and maintained by GENinc. You will find information on Solvang's 300 shops, outlets, bakeries, European-style lodgings, and fine restaurants.

Spring Break
PSS Internet, Daytona Beach, FL, US
Daytona Beach Spring Break '95 has the most up-to-date information on spring break. For your convenience, we have included information (along with some great graphics) on accommodations, group travel, the beach, concerts, nightclubs, and special events such as the Sports Illustrated Beach Club. Information is updated frequently.

StarMap - V1.03
Mount Wilson Observatory, Mount Wilson, CA, US
A new service for amateur astronomers, backyard astronomy enthusiasts, and educators, StarMap, which creates customized PostScript star charts, has been designed for the WWW archive at Mount Wilson Observatory. The map shows stars in the sky for your location and a date/time selected, with optional constellation stick figures, and the location of the Moon and planets.

The Strangelove Affair
Strangelove Internet Enterprises, Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The Strangelove Affair is the world's first WWW serial autobiography. Written by Natalie and Michael Strangelove, this serial is about love, sex, and cyberspace at the dawn of the third millenium. The first installment is now freely accessible on our home page.

SunSITE Singapore
National University of Singapore
With an Asian perspective and focus, SunSITE Singapore joins the other SunSITEs in the world. Several information providers on board give added value.

Systeme Corporation
Casselberry, FL, US
Provides turn-key software and hardware solutions for branch banking automation. Our products and services include: teller automation, new deposits and product selling, consumer loan origination, and an executive information system, which includes an advanced desktop, data analysis and an online component. Visit our Systeme Customer Homepage.

Tales from the Electronic Frontier
Far West Laboratory, San Francisco, CA, US
Attention teachers! Far West Laboratory is developing "Tales from the Electronic Frontier," an Internet resource for K-12 teachers. We are looking for contributing authors, teachers who will be published in Tales and receive a $1,000 honorarium. The application deadline is midnight, February 1, 1995.

Teaching and Research: Partners in Learning
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, US
The hypermedia version of a booklet prepared by the Research Advancement Group at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Its 21 text-and-photo profiles of faculty and students describe how instruction not only co-exists with but benefits tremendously from faculty research -- and vice versa. Visitors may request a printed copy, while supplies last.

Tech Pubs Hal, Inc.
Rutherford, NJ, US
Tech Pubs Hal, Inc. prepares and publishes technical manuals and training programs for electronics, equipment, aerospace, hardware and software applications. Capabilities include research, study, original writing, translation, updating, drafting, illustrated parts breakdowns, production of camera-ready art, printing and binding.

Tools For Exploration
Willow Opportunity Center, Bronx, NY, US
The source for new technologies for relieving stress, expanding consciousness, improving your work environment, and enjoying yourself. We distribute over 1000 unique products throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Most of these products are unusual and hard to find, but some are widely known. We also manufacture BioCircuit products.

Training and Consulting in Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent Software Professionals, Houston, TX, US
I.S.P. offers users of artificial intelligence, quality training and consulting. Expert Systems, Neural Networks, and Genetic Algorithms are our areas of specialty. A common Expert System paradigm used for training is CLIPS (C Language Integrated Production System).

Traveller Golf Information Center
Traveller Information Services, Huntsville, AL, US
A collection of golfing data including the interactive Golf Course Database. More than 2000 courses online with information such as scanned scorecard images, course ratings, course architect and tee information.

traveLOGIX Online
Austin, TX, US
An online subscription service that provides, directly to travelers, information such as realtime airline schedules, availability and fares. TraveLOGIX Online delivers realtime travel information to PC- and modem-equipped travelers with an easy-to-use graphical interface via a toll-free telephone number on a subscription basis.

UCLA Electrical Engineering Department
UCLA EE Department, Westwood, CA, US
The main page provides access to information about the electrical engineering department at UCLA. Department description, research areas, as well as a faculty list are just some of the information provided.

Underwater Video Systems
Ocean Images, Inc., Ithaca, NY, US
The Ocean Images catalog is available at http://www.opal.com/aquanaut/market/oceanimages. See the new Dolphin Series housing with electro-magnetic controls.

Univ. of California Search for Extraterrestrial Civilizations
SERENDIP project at UC Berkeley, CA, US
The UC Berkeley SETI Program, SERENDIP (Search for Extraterrestrial Radio Emissions from Nearby Developed Intelligent Populations) is an ongoing scientific research effort aimed at detecting radio signals from extraterrestrial civilizations. This site describes the SERENDIP project and discusses the status of the search.

University of Akron Department of Chemistry
Akron, OH, US
Information about the many educational and research opportunities at the University of Akron. We are especially proud to introduce the Internet home of our very own Molecular Spectroscopy Laboratory -- one of the country's premier centers for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.

The University of Tennessee Management Science Program
Management Science Program, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, US
Management Science is a field of study characterized by the use of mathematical and computer models for decision making. Our home page contains information on the program and the graduate degrees it offers. It includes all the information you need to submit an application.

University of the Pacific
Stockton, CA, US
General information about the University of the Pacific, a private, liberal arts university with campuses located in Northern California. The main campus is in Stockton, about 40 miles south of Sacramento. The McGeorge School of Law is in Sacramento and the School of Dentistry is in San Francisco.

Virtual Market Survey
Internet Marketing Inc., Portland, OR, US
Help shape the commercial future of the Internet by logging your votes, thoughts, and concerns about on-line marketing with this survey. As a reward for participating, you'll have access to a number of high-quality, enjoyable graphics.

Volksmarch and Walking Event Index
Minnesota Volkssport Association, St. Paul, MN, US
Info on non-competitive walking events. Sponsored by the clubs of the American Volkssport Association. All events free and open to the public.

Whale Watching Web
Rauno Lauhakangas, Helsinki, Finland
Great whales greet mankind. Big whales have had their own worldwide communication network for 70 millions years.Whale watching is a non-consumptive use of whales with economic, recreational, educational and scientific benefits.

The Woodbridge Home Page
Woodbridge Communications, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Provides access to a huge resource of computer related information, including sites for Apple, WWW, Gopher and ftp, and other computing sites. Vendor info and useful Web sites. This page is still very much a work in progress. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

YARN: Youth Affairs Research Network
Youth Research Centre, Melbourne, Australia
An electronic network among those carrying out or interested in youth-related research in Australia. It includes abstracts of current and recent research, links to other relevant centers, information about forthcoming conferences and about research tenders.

Friday, 27 January 1995

aBCD Printing Company
Seattle, WA, US
aBCD is a Seattle high-speed turn PrintOnDemand commercial, corporate, legal and financial production printer. aBCD is faster than most printers because we capture and print your final PostScripted MAC or PC printfiles FTP'd to us in minutes over the Net from remote computers located anywhere in the world. Your files are caught by our front end, RIP'd into bitmaps, cabled into twin digital presses, proofed, printed, bound and delivered.

ACM Computers Seized By Illinois Institute of Technology
ACM-IIT, Chicago, IL, US
News on IIT's seizure of the computer systems of the Association for Computing Machinery student chapter. IIT said members of ACM are suspected of hacking into the computer of another IIT student group, and pulling several pranks. The ACM chapter said no evidence points to its involvement.

Adaptiv Software Corporation HomePort
Irvine, CA, US
Adaptiv Software, developer of PeopleScheduler., the critically acclaimed software solution for Workforce Scheduling, is proud to announce its arrival on the Web. Our HomePort provides direct access to information on our products that are setting a new standard in addressing the rapidly emerging area of workforce management.

Ann Hemyng Candy, Trumbauersville, PA, US
The Chocolate Factory has undergone some restructuring and added some new departments. In addition to other changes, find extraordinary chocolate Valentine Gifts featuring: "She Loves Chocolates," "Cupid's Choice," "King of Hearts," and "Guess Who?" among others. AHC is located at the popular Internet mall -- the Internet Ad Emporium.

Anne of Green Gables Mercantile
Charlottetown, PE, Canada
Anne of Green Gables is one of Canada's most celebrated fictional characters. Through the writings of Lucy Maud Montgomery, people from all over the world have enjoyed the charm and enthusiasm of Anne as she grew up on rural Prince Edward Island. Anne of Green Gables Mercantile offers a selection of Anne gifts, toys, fine collectibles, and porcelain figurines.

Arctia Hotel Partners
Helsinki, Finland
The biggest hotel chain in Finland, a country of great natural beauty, high living standards and thriving technology. The hotels of the Arctia chain are ideally located from Helsinki in the south to Lapland in the far north. Our Web page offers special Internet rates reserved only for Internauts and Web surfers.

ARTEC (Advanced Research and Technological Expansion in Computer Graphics)
Univ. of Valencia, Spain
ARTEC is a laboratory of University of Valencia in Spain dedicated to R&D in interactive 3D graphics and Virtual Reality. We have set up a WWW server containing information about the work carried out in the group, including the SIRCA urban driving simulator, real time visualization of large terrain data with level of detail morphing and 3D Human-Computer Interface widgets design.

After hours of sweat, toil and downright pain, the editors of BAcklaSH magazine triumphantly announce the publication of the January issue...seeking perspective and communication via commentary, fiction, art, animation and music.

Biology Dept. at the University of Oregon
Univ. of Oregon, Eugene, OR, US
Provides information about the faculty, staff, facilities, and department programs.

BIX Byte Information eXchange
Jean van Waterschoot, Chicago, IL, US
BIX, the world's finest electronic publication and conference service for professional people, provides worldwide access to the Internet via Tymnet, SprintNet, and direct dial.

The Borderline Humor Netazine
Gabe Martin, US
The Borderline Humor Netazine - daily cartoon, humor, cartoon animation and political satire.

BUDS (Bath University Distribution Services)
Bath University, UK
A specialist supplier of Hewlett-Packard PC and peripheral products to the education, health and public sectors in the UK. Based in, and part of, Bath University Computing Service. BUDS has been trading for four years offering excellent discounts. BUDS' Web server offers a wide range of information on HP products.

Canadian Sports Radio
Bill Currie, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
This link contains information on the Canadian Sports Radio Project, which debuts in April. Canadian Sports Radio is the latest organization to produce radio on the Internet.

Catalog Mart (Over 10,000 Free Catalogs)
Internet Marketing Group, Jericho, NY, US
The fastest and easiest way to order free catalogs in just about any subject available. A user can select from over 800 topics, fill-out a simple on-line orderform, and catalog requests are forwarded to the appropriate company.

Centre for Alternative Technology
The Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales provides information on practical and acceptable solutions to the world's environmental problems. CAT has a Visitors Centre, provides mail-order publications and products, has a consultancy service and runs educational courses. CAT's Web pages were produced by Interactive Information Ltd, Edinburgh.

CGM Funds
Global Financial Network, Quincy, IL, US
The real estate industry is alive and well. And today, promising real estate investment opportunities are coming to market in unprecedented numbers. You can share in the investment potential of the real estate industry's rebound. CGM Realty Fund offers you the advantages of real estate investing with all the convenience of a mutual fund.

Cognitive Science Programme
University of Birmingham, UK
The university provides an exciting inter-disciplinary masters program in cognitive science. This is a 12-month full-time program leading to the degree of MSc. The program is taught by the departments/schools of psychology, computer science, philosophy and English, and comprises taught courses followed by a substantial project.

The Collection, a Fine Art Gallery on the Internet
Electric Press, Inc., Reston, VA, US
Browse the most sophisticated art gallery on the Web. The Collection is a commercial art gallery that offers over 150 original paintings, lithographs, and sculptures, mostly of Southwestern artists--all of incomparable quality. You can take a "walking tour" of the gallery or select specific artists or categories of art. You can select and order pieces or just enjoy browsing.

College of Aeronautics Hangar
Flushing, NY, US
The College of Aeronautics' growing server for students, faculty, staff, and anyone interested in aviation, aeronautics, and aircraft maintenance.

Computer as Learning Partner (CLP)
CLP Research Group, University of California, Berkeley, CA, US
CLP is an educational research effort dedicated to improving middle school science instruction. The research has created and refined a semester-long thermodynamics, light, and sound curriculum that involves the innovative use of computers in the classroom.

The Concorde Group, Ltd.
Cambridge, MA, US
The Concorde Group is the largest independent reseller of Sun Microsystems products. Features on the site include a visual product catalog and ConSolve, Concorde's on-line technical support database.

The Consummate Winsock App List
Forrest H. Stroud, Austin, TX, US
A growing collection of the latest and greatest Winsock Apps. The list includes the Newest Winsock Apps Page, dedicated specifically to versions of Winsock Apps that have appeared only within the last two months.

The CRS4 Medical Imaging Home Page
Center for Advanced Studies, R&D in Sardinia, Cagliari, Italy
CRS4 is pleased to announce a medical imaging page with links to the SciViz group in that field. Several images and MPEG movies are accessible, as well as links to other medical imaging resources on the Web.

Data Exchange Corporation
Camarillo, CA, US
A world leader in high-technology repair services. Our completely redesigned site now includes: our corporate newsletter, new items for downloading, including our current repair price list, and The Marketplace, listing computer equipment and other items we wish to sell or buy.

David Akerberg's Skin Renewal System
David Akerberg Skincare Center, Knoxville, TN, US
A recent development in facial skin care products involves the use of fruit acids, also knowns as Alpha-Hydroxy or AHA's. David Akerberg's Skin Renewal System offers a complete, synergistic, 5-step system, which uses five natural fruit acids. Correct use of this system can improve and enhance your complexion.

Disability Resources
Evan Kemp Associates, Inc., Washington, DC, US
Devoted to people with disabilities. Get a free issue of the One Step Ahead newsletter. Check out the Disability Mall for the latest products and links to other cool disability sites. Sponsored by Evan Kemp Associates, (EKA), a company managed by people with disabilities.

The Electric Gallery
The Electric Gallery, in addition to its collections of naive and primitive art, southwestern art, and original works by Peruvian artists of the Usko-Ayar Amazonian School of Painting, now has a downloadable catalog, with many great features. The gallery is now at its new address - http://www.egallery.com/egallery/ - please note that it has moved to its own domain.

Electronic Filing of Federal Income Tax Returns
GFN, Inc., Quincy, IL, US
The electronic filing service begun by the IRS in 1986 and used by more than 14 million taxpayers last year is now available on the Internet. $10 for a 1040EZ; $15 for 1040s and 1040As. We demonstrate how to download and print official IRS forms, explain where to go for Internet tax preparation resources, what records you should organize to prepare your return, and what tax changes you should know.

Entertainment Magazine On-Line
RTD Systems, Inc., Tucson, AZ, US
One of the first online magazine from sunny Arizona. Hundreds of events and places to visit in Phoenix, Tucson and other Arizona cities for tourists and residents. Articles on local/national entertainment and music. Interesting links. Updated often.

The FElt Demo Document
University of California, San Diego, CA, US
FElt is a free system for introductory finite element analysis for UNIX with a complete X11-based GUI and command-line interface and an easy-to-use input syntax. This page provides an overview of the features along with example problems and results as well as access to source and binary distributions.

Festival World Wide Webcast
InterActive8, Inc., New York, NY, US
Using the fertile ground of the Sundance Film Festival, (held Jan. 19-29, 1995), to kick off its innovative reportage of culture throughout the media, Festival on the Internet debuts Jan. 19. With a multiplicity of multimedia reports, Festival is a friendly cooperative of filmmakers and new media creators whose goal is to experience, document and communicate some of the more idiosyncratic aspects of art and culture.

Georgia State University College of Law
Atlanta, GA, US
Interesting and easy access to the many law-related resources on the Web. Mainly for members of the College of Law community at GSU -- visitors, of course, are always welcome.

The Gourmet Gardener
Overland Park, KS, US
Searching the world for gourmet vegetable, herb and edible flower seed, The Gourmet Gardener selects only those that are most flavorful. Selected for best results in American gardens, many are the finest European varieties that travelers come home craving! Selected books and gifts round out this one-stop source for discerning gardeners.

Hale and Dorr Information Center
Boston, MA, US
One of the largest law firms in New England, Hale and Dorr offers a page with background information on the firm and its attorneys. It also contains pointers to other useful legal resources on the Internet.

The Innovation and Development Corporation
University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C., Canada
The Innovation and Development Corp. (IDC) is a wholly owned, separately managed corporation resident at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.

Institute of Government NCINFO
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, US
Information resources relevant to North Carolina local and state government. A joint project of the Institute of Government, the state Association of County Commissioners and League of Municipalities, NCINFO provides timely access to information by and about the three organizations, as well as state legislative updates, local government job listings, and other resources of interest to government officials.

The Intelligent Systems Application Center
Dayton, OH, US
A division of the Miami Valley Research Institute, ISAC was established in 1987 by a consortium of seven Ohio universities. ISAC is engaged in building a growing network of intelligent systems practitioners developing the future of advanced software technologies which can be applied to a broad spectrum of government and industry challenges.

Rome, Italy
Internazionale is an Italian weekly magazine. Internazionale publishes the best articles of the worldwide quality press. Articles are translated into Italian.

Internet Computing
Virginia Beach, VA, US
A dynamic young company offering a wide range of Internet services for businesses, organizations, and individuals. If you are ready to utilize the greatest resource since man captured fire, talk to us about transparent home page hosting, dedicated high-bandwidth Internet connections and fully-configured Internet servers and workstations.

Internet Connect Niagara
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
A full service Internet access provider, serving the needs of the Niagara region. ICN offers dial-up service at up to 28.8k bps. Our services include Internet consulting, planning, training and on-site seminars. We also provide connectivity and technical support for Unix, IBM, and Macintosh platforms. Serving the Niagara Peninsula of southern Ontario.

Internet Island
HI-Way Multimedia, Honolulu, HI, US
Internet Island is the newest island in the Hawaiian island chain. It's a place where you can kick back and relax, enjoy the sunshine and the warmth of Hawaii's "Aloha." Coming soon to Internet Island will be Coconut Plaza, to feature many of Hawaii's specialty stores.

The Internet Letter
NetWeek Inc., Washington, DC, US
The Internet Letter is now available via the First Virtual Infohaus server, making it the first newsletter to be sold using an electronic payment mechanism. Articles are individually priced, a test case in electronic commerce. The Internet Letter is aimed at business use of the Internet. Every month, The Internet Letter reveals in a clear, concise format scoops and industry analysis, Internet advertising, and more.

Rockville, MD, US
INTERSOLV offers customers a suite of client/server development tools that produce scalable, platform-independent applications. The INTERSOLV server offers useful product information and technical specifications; real-time dynamic HTML access to its knowledgebase and customer issues database; and information about upcoming conferences, product releases, training, and global alliance partners.

The ETEXT Archives, Ann Arbor, MI, US
The January-February 1995 issue of InterText, the online fiction magazine now in its fifth year of publication, is now online. The InterText Web site has also been redesigned. Now all 23 issues of InterText are available in fully formatted HTML. An online subscription form and writers' guidelines are also available.

Joseph Wu's Origami Page
Vancouver, BC, Canada
A place to find out about origami, the Asian art of paper folding. Includes a photographic art gallery, a history of origami, and links to many other origami related sites.

Kim Software, Inc.
Kim Software provides management information software for multi-unit food service companies, oil and gas producers, equipment maintenance, and human resources.

The Knitting Factory
New York, NY, US
The Knitting Factory is a NYC performance space where everything from avant-garde jazz, poetry, klezmer to hardcore industrial noise are equally welcome. Our web page contains the schedule and program guide and the Knitting Factory Works record label catalog with sound excerpts.

Learning Innovations
TEST Corporation, Shrewsbury, NJ, US
A repository for material related to the development and distribution of personalized, multimedia, interactive education and training courses that are delivered over networks.

Locus Computing Corporation
Inglewood, CA, US
A world leader in providing software products, technologies and system services, to the open systems marketplace. With over a decade of experience, Locus delivers quality efficiently, effectively, on time, and on budget.

David A. Wheeler, US
Lovelace is a free online tutorial for the Ada 95 computer programming language developed by David A. Wheeler. Lovelace explains the basics of Ada and assumes that the user has had some exposure to some other algorithmic programming language (such as Pascal, C, C++, or Fortran).

Macromolecular Chemistry Marburg
University of Marburg, Marburg, Germany
The University of Marburg's Dept. of Macromolecular Chemistry invites you to browse through their new homepage. It is still under development and growing. There are descriptions of the staff and their work, on-line publications and many interesting links. This page is available in both English and German.

Make Money on the 'Net... The Right Way - New E-book!
3AData.com, Clearwater, FL, US
This new 200-page E-book is the first WeBestseller, and sold *only* through the 'net. A comprehensive nuts & bolts approach on how to do develop a product for the net, how to market it and get paid...all electronically & using netiquette.. Written in HTML with many hyperlinks to hot bizz places on the 'net. Send an email to the mailrobot more@3adata.com for an immediate table of contents!

MathArt, Champaign, IL, US
Surf on mathematical topology in Virtual Reality! Documentation of "A Topological Slide" by Michael Scroggins and Stewart Dickson. Mirror web site of MathArt Courtesy of Wolfram Research, Inc.

Melodius-Sync Music
Palo Alto, CA, US
Melodius-Sync Music specializes in organic, contemplative music that derives from our collective connection with the planet. Come give us a listen and let us know what you think.

Millennium Internet Advertising, Translation, and Graphic Design
The Millennium Helps businesses become truly international by translating their English WWW documents, books, brochures, catalogs, or product literature into Spanish, or vice versa. Services provided include graphic design and Internet advertising, full publishing capabilities, e-mail translation, web page updating and maintenance.

La Jolla, CA, US
Welcome to MusicNet, where our service is music to your ears! MusicNet is dedicated to providing Compact Discs at inexpensive prices. Check out our free shipping and 20 day no-questions-asked return policy. MusicNet is the leader in uncompromised quality and value with customer care that is truly something to sing about.

The Mutual Fund Network
Global Financial Network, Quincy, IL, US
An on-line seat on the exchange floor with instant access to prospecti, fund profiles, performance reports and account applications. Just complete the free registration form and leverage mutual fund investment information that's a keystroke away.

New Country 94.1 FM KMPS
Seattle, WA, US
New Country 94.1 FM KMPS has a new look and location. KMPS is your online resource for country music. Browse interviews with your favorite country music stars, CD reviews, the latest happenings in Nashville, and much more. During your visit, check out the benefits of joining the KMPS Loyal Listeners Club.

Newcastle University Mountaineering Club
Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyneside, UK
Description of the club and its activities. Reports on recent trips and expeditions. Links to other UK climbing sites. Links to on-line UK climbing conditions.

Novell NetWare 4
Novell, Inc., Provo, UT, US
www.NetWare.com has all sorts of information about NetWare and NetWare 4.1, including white papers, upgrade info., competitive analysis, hardware and software compatibility guides, etc. Brought to you by Novell the Hurst Group, and Network Publishing, Inc.

Orwell's Revenge
Kellogg, Huber, Hansen & Todd, Washington, DC, US
Orwell's Revenge by Peter Huber is the latest book by one of the country's leading spokespersons on the telecommunications revolution. Orwell's Revenge is an ingenious reimaging of the classic 1984 by George Orwell. Available at this site are selected chapters of the book, information about the author as well as order information. Also available are links to numerous other books written and co-authored by Peter Huber.

Ottawa Online Ventures
MicroWorks, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
When it's -30 degrees outside with several feet of snow what do you do? Go outside and have fun, of course! Find out about the world's longest skating rink. Canada's capital launched into cyberspace Jan. 9 with a new information service, Ottawa Online Ventures.

Oy Gustav Paulig Ltd
Helsinki, Finland
A Finnish corporation producing high quality food products in six different countries. Paulig is internationally known as a marketer of coffee, tea and spices. We have a subsidiary in St. Petersburg, Russia. Contact: Gustav Paulig Ltd, Iiluodonkuja 2, POB 15, 00981 Helsinki.

Peregrine Associates
Redwood City, CA, US
A consulting firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area that provides contract engineering services in the following areas: Internet connectivity and system integration, Internet security, custom software development, multimedia application development, and system architectural review. We have completed successful projects for some of the most prestigious names in the Bay Area.

Postgraduate Philosophy Programme
University of Birmingham, UK
The university provides a broad range of postgraduate studies in philosophy. This includes research programs leading to the degrees of PhD, MPhil and MLitt, several MA programs and a postgraduate diploma in philosophy.

Progressive Young Republicans
Chicago, IL, US
The Progressive Young Republicans is dedicated to the advancement of progressive Republican and Libertarian philosophy. We focus on the big tent concept and reach out to all--especially those who don't consider themselves Republicans because of social issues such as: race, income, lifestyle, sexual preference, and abortion. Variety of links.

Property Line
Voss Net plc, Langley, Berkshire, UK
On-line listings of properties for sale and rent in Europe. Properties are sorted according to location, and have full information and contact details.

Psychiatry On Line
Priory Medical Education, Upton, England
The world's first electronic interactive psychiatry journal with articles, news, letters and more. Contributors, sponsors and advertisers welcome.

Rainy Day Records and Distribution
Hidden Water, Atlanta, GA, US
Rainy Day Records and Distribution is pleased to announce its online site for information and ordering of merchandise from some of Atlanta's finest acoustic musicians. Full audio and visual representation of artists such as Gerard McHugh, Millan and Kenzie, and Wendy Bucklew will show you some of the gems hiding in the acoustic music mecca.

r.a.m.Chrysler Home Page
rec.autos.makers.chrysler newsgroup, Tenafly, NJ, US
Home page of the rec.autos.makers.Chrysler newsgroup, serving owners of Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Jeep, and Eagle cars and trucks, with links to other sites of general automotive interest.

Robert P. Davis Architects
Attitudes on architectural design and practice in the form of notes, essays, examples, and links to related and/or supporting pages.

The Rock and Roll Digital Gallery
Julianne Multimedia, San Francisco, CA, US
The Rock and Roll Art Digital Gallery displays full-color images of the famous San Francisco rock music concert posters from the 1960s. These concerts were held at the Avalon Ballroom and Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, California, during the Haight Ashbury hippie scene.

Schepartz Lab
Yale University, New Haven, CT, US
Designed to provide information about our lab, research interests (in bio-organic chemistry), and people in the lab. In addition to personal home pages for people in the group, the main page provides links to a list of all our current publications and a set of links to scientific servers and databases which we have found useful in our research.

Sedona Back Country Photo Tours
Sedona On-Line, Sedona, AZ, US
Tour the backcountry of Sedona's resort community with experienced photographers and guides. We offer fun, no-rush, custom-tailored tours for beginners up to professionals. Learn about Sedona's colorful history, while you capture its magnificent red rock beauty on film.

SIAM Undergraduate Mathematics Server
Univ. of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, US
The site is designed for undergraduate mathematicians. It includes articles written by undergraduates, information on job opportunities, summer positions, as well as announcements of concern to undergraduate mathematicians.

Silly Little Troll Publications
Derek Davis, Philadelphia, PA, US
Our strictly-electronic publications include Sam Johnson's Electronic Revenge, a freelance-written, general interest (non-technical) magazine, New Badger Books (new titles by mostly new authors) and Retread Reprints (public domain works by mostly dead authors). Send us articles and queries -- no fiction or poetry, please--at articles@troll.com.

Solsource Computers
Carlsbad, CA, US
Solsource Computers is a Unix value-added reseller specializing in providing organizations with nomadic computing solutions. Our products and services intelligently tie Unix workstations together and link them to the world. We combine products from the best manufacturers with our own software and Unix systems expertise to deliver outstanding solutions, for use on the road or in the office.

PeachWeb Corp., Atlanta, GA, US
We are a full service travel agency, and we'll be updating our pages frequently with travel specials. Don't forget to complete our Travel Survey to enable us to offer specials that interest you. To show our appreciation for your time, we will send you a certificate worth $20 off your next travel purchase from Star Travel.

Stop Prisoner Rape
New York, NY, US
Stop Prisoner Rape is a small but growing national non-profit organization dedicated to combating the rape of prisoners and providing assistance to survivors of jailhouse rape. Resources include The Rape Crisis Behind Bars, which originally appeared in The New York Times, and a statistical survey estimating that 60,000 unwanted sexual acts take place behind bars in the United States every day.

Studentpress server
National Scholastic Press Assoc., Minneapolis, MN, US
The server for the National Scholastic Press Association and the Associated Collegiate Press, non-profit membership organizations for high school and college student publications. Links to journalism resources which may be of use to student and professional journalists.

Survey of Graphics Cards Benchmarks Under XFree86
Blacksburg, VA, US
The worldwide survey of graphics cards benchmarks under XFree86 is now accessible through the Web. Anyone who runs or is contemplating running the XFree86 software on their 80386/486/586 machine, or anyone who is lost in the multitude of 80x86 graphics cards, should find this survey enlightening.

Tinnitus Information
Patrick Koehne, Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Eine Informationsseite ueber Ohrgeraeusche. Diese Krankheit nennt sich Tinnitus und ist sehr ernst zu nehmen. Sie ist in Deutsch geschrieben und enthaelt wichtige Informationen fuer Neuerkrankte und vielleicht auch etwas fuer schon laenger Erkrankte.

Tool User Comics
Do you like comics? Do you want more than Dilbert and Funboy? Announcing the addition of Ted Rall, This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow, Nina's Adventures, and the K Chronicles to the selection of comics available from Tool User Comics, an On-Line comics publisher.

traveLOGIX Online
traveLOGIX Online has a WWW server which provides information about our services and will in the near future provide real-time airline availability and fares through the WWW.

Tri-Service Toxicology Consortium
NMRI/TD (U.S. Navy), Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, US
The functional integration of three previously separate military toxicology efforts. Provides the DoD with timely solutions to operational problems through an integrated approach to innovative human health effects research. This approach attempts to limit personnel's exposure to toxic chemicals and to control the cost of containing these toxins.

TVNow Cable TV Movies Schedules Jan 11-20, 21-31
Vnet Internet Access, Inc., Charlotte, NC, US
Schedules for cable movies for over 70 cable channels. Date of schedules Jan. 11-20 and Jan. 21-31. Download with TVNow.

Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County - Biological Sciences
Baltimore, MD, US
Information about faculty research, graduate and undergraduate programs, and resources for biologists and researchers in the biological sciences. Listed resources reflect the department's focus on research in cellular and molecular biology.

The University of Virginia Fifty Years Ago
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, US
A hypertext project showing aspects of life at the university in 1944-1945, compiled by students in an introductory composition class.

U.S. Army Financial Management WWW Server
Asst. Secretary for Financial Mgt. and Comptroller, Wash., DC, US
Available to both the general public and Army financial managers to disseminate timely information concerning Army resource management issues and data. It provides budgetary data, financial management regulations, career information, and links to other government servers.

Vehicle Information Systems
InfoWest, St. George, UT, US
VIS has created a video designed to teach everyone how to buy a car or truck and not get ripped off. "Did I get a good deal?" "Should I have made a counter offer?" "Did I really need to spend extra on that warranty plan?" "What do I ask for my trade-in?" Those questions and more are all expertly answered by a true "insider" to the industry who has 20 years experience in sales.

Vision Science
NASA, Moffett Field, CA, US
A page of links to varied resources in the area of research on human and animal vision. Included are laboratories, university departments, organizations, and code archives.

Voss Net plc
Langley, Slough, Berkshire, UK
A range of information-based services including Web pages, Web interfaces to databases, and full online trading systems.

Western Digital Corporation
Irvine, CA, US
Visit the company that manufactures the award-winning Caviar hard disk drives, Paradise graphics accelerator cards and an array of integrated circuits that perform and enhance graphics, storage, communications, battery management and logic functions.

Window on State Government
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Austin, TX, US
Easy, open access to Texas state government: economic information, state tax rules, government performance reviews, even the latest "Lotto Texas" results, all on the Texas Comptroller's Window on State Government Server. We are adding more information all the time.

Voss Net plc, Langley, Slough, Berkshire, UK
Listings of used yachts for sale, charter boats around the world, and other yachting-related resources. Country listings include France, Spain, Turkey, and the UK.

Yukon Visitors Guide
YukonNet, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
An introduction to the sparsely populated northwest corner of Canada known as the Yukon Territory. By accessing this site, you can find out about the land, services, and visitors attractions that bring people from around the world to the place made famous by the 1898 Gold Rush and the poems of Robert W. Service. Sponsored by the Yukon Government Department of Tourism.

Monday, 30 January 1995

Access Market Square
InterConnect West, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Access Market Square is a fun and exciting one-stop electronic mall. It features a large variety of storefronts for your shopping convenience, including exotic gifts from Maui, Net-wear for the entire family, computer accessories, CD-ROMs, and discounted new cars. Gift-giving has never been easier! We feature monthly contests, holiday promotions and free gifts.

Al Manrique's One-Man WWW Art Exhibit
jim's place, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines
Computer artist Al Manrique presents a one-man exhibit of recent work viewable through the Web. These consist of surrealistic photo manipulations based on his photographs taken in rural settings in the Philippines.

Alpha Phi Omega - Delta chapter
Greg Turnquist, Auburn, AL, US
Welcome to the national service fraternity. Our chapter takes care of Tiger, the War Eagle mascot, along with lots of other service projects.

Anderson Internet Development Group
Greenville, NC, US
Anderson Internet Development Group is a full-service Internet consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses develop an affordable Internet presence. Our new Web Site... To Go! package allows any organization to quickly and easily develop a Web presence. If you can see the Web, you can help weave it!

Argentina's New Web Server
Ministry of Economics and Public Works, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Information related to economics, commerce and financial affairs, statistical and census bureau, industry, communications, agriculture, energy, forestry, fishing, construction, tourism, and the arts and culture of Argentina.

Astarte Gallery - Antiquities Shop
Interweb Systems Ltd, Astarte Gallery, London, England, US
Interweb Systems Limited and Astarte Gallery are pleased to announce the first Antiquities shop on the Internet and World Wide Web! Astarte Gallery is a London shop specialising in Classical Antiquities such as Roman, Greek, Egyptian and Sumerian pieces, and these Web pages show colour images of a selection of items in stock.

Astro Space Center
Moscow, Russia
The technical preprints database about astronomy, image processing, HCI, general information about ASC and Russia.

Avatar Meher Baba
Joseph Steward, Erie Community College, Erie, NY, US
Avatar Meher Baba (1894-1969) worked intensively for more than 50 years with humanity at all levels, to release a flood of Divine Love to suffering mankind and give a spiritual push to all creatures. Since dropping his body, the result of his inner work has begun to manifest in a steadily increasing stream of people awakening to his love and recognizing him as the Ancient One, the Avatar of the Age.

Bas van Reek Art Building
Bas van Reek, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Art building with gallery, museum, multimedia and fun. If you visit this building between Januari 27 and Januari 29 you can win a real Bas van Reek artwatch or a silkscreen. The opening will be concluded on Januari 29 with a party in discotheque the Roxy on the Singel in Amsterdam starting at 11.00 PM.

Bay Area Real Estate Network
Albany, CA, US
Search this site if you are buying or selling your home in the San Franciso Bay Area. Find your dream home, the best lender, insurance, contractors, your title company and more. Our Web site has been up and running since September, 1994. We hope it will save you thousands of dollars.

Beckman Instruments, Inc.
Fullerton, CA, US
Beckman Instruments, Inc., has established this WWW service to provide information about its products, services, and technical reports. Beckman's business is focused on the chemistry of life. We are a leading manufacturer of instrument systems that make laboratories more efficient by simplifying and automating diagnostic tests and biological research.

The Billfish Foundation
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Conservation through research, education, and advocacy.

The BusinessLink (tm)
OF-Open Forms Ltd, Jyvaskyla, Keski-Suomi, Finland
The BusinessLink (tm) is a brand-new service for commercial companies in Finland. It offers a cheap and efficient way to tell people about you and your products. We are always adding new clients to our service.

Cabot Creamery
Cabot, VT, US
We manufacture a complete selection of award-winning cheddar cheeses. Cabot is 75 years old and located in north central Vermont. The farmers that own Cabot take pride in consistently providing the superior milk that gives Cabot its edge in product quality, flavor and texture. Also: articles on how to make cheddar cheese. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Carroll County Chamber of Commerce
Carrollton, GA, US
The Carroll County Chamber of Commerce site is intended as a community information resource as well as a welcome center for businesses and families interested in making their home in Carroll County. The Web site contains information on the Chamber of Commerce and Carroll County, including a clickable map.

Cathay Pacific Airways
Los Angeles, CA, US
Cathay Pacific Airways invites Internauts to register to become Cathay Pacific CyberTravelers and receive exclusive travel offers to Southeast Asia (not available to the general public). Plus entry into the Internet Faststart Contest where 12 trips for two to Hong Kong will be given away to registered CyberTravelers during 1995.

CLE Multimedia Central
Creative Labs Europe, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK
Multimedia Central is Creative Labs Europe's Internet presence. In addition to offering information on Creative Labs Multimedia products, it also offers links to other multimedia resources on the Net. A number of forms are provided for users and potential users to contact CLE for further information.

BisMark Internet Services, Inc., Rochester, MN, US
CoastLINE develops interactive multimedia presentations for business applications containing graphics, animation, audio and text. Subject matter ranges from a new product announcement to a "brochure" on recycling. The presentations are used for internal or external communications. CoastLINE also produces generic presentations available for license.

Community Business OnLine
Reston, VA, US
Come shop in the Community. Find your next new or used car through AutoNetwork®, which allows you to search through the actual inventory of car dealerships. Community Business OnLine also features such merchants as Dagmar's International Day Spas from Germany.

The Complete Works of Shakespeare
The Tech, Cambridge, MA, US
Due to overwhelming popular demand, the Shakespeare Server has supplemented its collection of plays with all the sonnets and three longer poems. The server also boasts a revamped full-text index that accommodates more precise searches than the previous index.

Department of Environmental Protection, State of Maine
Augusta, ME, US
Information from Maine's Department of Environmental Protection is available on the Volunteer Monitoring Program, including a list of lakes monitored; requirements for water quality planning grants; office location maps; and telephone and mailing information for departmental offices. Publications available include issue profiles, fact sheets, information sheets, and newsletters.

Department of Power Systems, University of Zagreb
Zagreb, Zupanija - grad Zagreb, Croatia
Here you will find information concerning the energy policy of Croatia, the power system of Croatia, the history of the University of Zagreb, the faculty of electrical engineering and computing, and research being done by the faculty and department. Also links to other energy-related W3 servers, and servers providing information about Croatia.

The Digital Notary (tm) System
Surety Technologies, Inc., Chatham, NJ, US
An Internet-accessible system that detects whether any electronic record has been altered or backdated. From your own computer, you can freeze in time the contents of any digital document -- text, audio and video -- by affixing a secure digital timestamp, all without revealing the document's contents to a third party.

DLO-NL - Netherlands Agricultural Research
PUDOC-DLO, Wageningen, The Netherlands
DLO-NL is an organization working towards a competitive and sustainable agriculture, horticulture, forestry and fisheries and an optimal development of rural areas. It comprises 12 research institutes with 3200 employees and an annual research budget of 350 million Dutch guilders. The WWW pages contain brief descriptions of all institutes, key personnel, and a summary of research programs.

Electric Power Systems Engineering
Electrotek Concepts, Inc., Knoxville, TN, US
An engineering services company which provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to help utilities and customers increase the efficiency of transport and use of electrical energy. Best known for its expertise in power quality.

EMBC95 Conference
EMBC95 Technical Program Committee, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A joint meeting of IEEE's Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) and the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society (CMBES) will be held at the Palais des Congres, in Montreal, September 20-23, 1995.

Essays in History
Univ. of Virginia History Dept., Charlottesville, VA, US
Essays in History is published annually by the graduate students of the Corcoran Department of History, University of Virginia. It is edited by Meg Jacobs.

NIL Ltd., Ljubljana, Slovenia
The first commercial service provider in Slovenia, managed by NIL Ltd. The very hot new server includes Europe's first brewery on the Internet called Lasko. Includes a special area for information in English.

Family World
Family World, Inc., US
Family World is a collaboration of 30 parenting publications from across the United States and Australia, featuring event calendars from many major US cities, with activities and entertainment for the entire family. This site includes articles, links to other family-oriented WWW sites, product information, software reviews, parent's forum and interactive brochures.

Boston, MA, US
A trading company on the Internet, FINDERS LTD. provides you with opportunities to participate in world trade and earn commissions.

Flightless Hummingbird: A Pseudo-Periodical
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Art, paranoia, eschatology, fashion tips. Just as all matter will eventually fall into a black hole, so all knowledge, all art, all thought will be sucked into an intellectual singularity. This way to the fringes of the accretion disk.

GEMM - The Global Electronic Music Marketplace
La Jolla, CA, US
GEMM is a database containing all kinds of used and new music for sale by many dealers and collectors. You can search, browse, or create custom, automatic "subscriptions." Searches in GEMM also point you directly to related resources (lyrics, discographies, fan clubs, etc.) within other Internet music services.

The Genius of Marc Chagall
Arta Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
Arta Gallery is proud to present "The Genius of Marc Chagall," a collection of Chagall's lithographs, candlesticks, Kidush cups, and mezuza series.

Global Network Provider Service
Infonet Services Corporation, El Segundo, CA, US
INFO.Net is a full service provider of Internet access offering public networking and applications directly associated with the Internet. INFO.Net services are targeted toward industry, commercial and government agencies as well as professional users.

Housing Department at Cal Poly - Virtual Tour
Housing Department, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA, US
Explore the possibilities of the quality of life at Cal Poly!

Howard Rheingold's Books, Columns, Articles
Sausalito, CA, US
Rheingold's book, "The Virtual Community," in its entirety, selected Rheingold articles and reviews from "The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog" and other sources, selected and html-ized editions of "Tomorrow," Rheingold's syndicated column about technology, society, and the future. Also, Links to resources regarding virtual reality and virtual communities.

Human-Machine Systems Lab
M.I.T., Cambridge, MA, US
The HMSL is engaged in research on telepresence, telesurgery, high speed rail systems, cockpit decision making, human factors in Boston's Central Artery/Tunnel project, and automobile driving simulation. The page presents the faculty, staff, and students, and describes their projects.

Mountain View, CA, US
A worldwide leader in the design, marketing, and support of C++ software components. ILOG portable C++ software components support the high-level development of GUIs, client/server and distributed applications, rule-based systems, and constraint-based systems.

Infocom'95 - Bringing Information to People
Infocom Conference Committee, Boston, MA, US
The 14th annual joint conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies takes place in Boston, April 2-6, 1995. One hundred and sixty papers on topics ranging from ATM to multimedia services will be presented, as well as panels on satellites and resource reservations. Tutorials cover high speed networks, ATM, protocol design, wireless communications, and the World Wide Web.

Institut Francais de Recherche Scientifique pour le Dev. en Cooperation
ORSTOM, Paris, Ile de France, France
ORSTOM is a French server about cooperation with other countries around the world. You'll find a short description of the ORSTOM Institut, some works being done by people from here (BANI, HAPEX). ORSTOM is also managing a RIO (intertropical computer) network.

The Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation
University of California, La Jolla, CA, US
System-wide information about or published by the University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, a multi-campus research unit of all nine UC campuses plus the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National laboratories. Includes international relations, environmental, security and economics issues in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific region, and Latin America.

The Interactive Medical Student Lounge
The purpose of the "Lounge" is to find and organize sites on the Net from general reference and ftp sites to the various med school department sites, and throw in some sports, hobby, and other things one might hope to find in a student lounge. We keep looking for more medical student homepages to link with, and appreciate new site suggestions from students, faculty, and staff.

International Transware
Mountain View, CA, US
International Transware offers the complete product family for expanding and extending AppleTalk networks in a multiprotocol environment. Transware specializes in plug-and-play multiprotocol routers, gateway, dial-up routers and communication servers. Available are product information, application notes, ISDN solutions, software updates and news.

Internet Presence Providers
IPP, San Jose, CA, US
Internet Presence Providers helps companies build a presence on the WWW. We focus on four areas: Real Estate, Art, Financial Services, and Virtual Storefronts.

The Internet Travel Club ©
Internet Ad Emporium, San Diego, CA, US
Special member-only rates bring you the best travel bargains available. If you don't save double your annual fee during your first year as a member, we will gladly refund your money. Check out the benefits -- you'll be glad you did. Join today to start enjoying your travel savings.

JobSoft Design and Development, Inc.
Murfreesboro, TN, US
We specialize in Open Systems consulting and development including (but not limited to) Unix (many flavors) and TCP/IP network environments. We also have experience in consulting and development in GUI environments such as X11 and WIN/WIN32.

John Lennon
Sam Choukri, Columbia, MO, US
Fans of John Lennon, the Beatles, or rock 'n' roll in general will definitely want to give this page a look. There are photos from all periods of John's life as well as sound and movie clips. A biography and discography are also in the works.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Los Angeles, CA, US
One of America's largest art museums is now online. Learn about masterpieces from our collection, prepare for your next visit to Los Angeles, and learn more about the fine arts.

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, US
MasonLink presents the hypertext version of the Meanderings - An African-American Journal of Politics, Art and Culture
Meanderings Publications, Palo Alto, CA, US
The January issue, Meanderings 2.01, features "Newt Gingrich Rides the Third Wave," about the battle over the meaning of conservatism now taking place in the mind of our new Speaker; "Black Colleges Should Be Black," a provocative discussion of historically black colleges and universities; and, "A Moment of Clarity," a true story about making impossible choices. Edited by Cuda Brown.

Mechanical Engineering, Univ. of Washington
Seattle, WA, US
Information of use to past, present, and future students (undergraduate and graduate) as well as researchers. Information on our department vision statement, people and organizations, research, academic programs, laboratory facilities, general deparment information, and a link to the UW College of Engineering.

Mercury Center
San Jose Mercury News, San Jose, CA, US
Silicon Valley's newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News offers the complete text of each day's paper. The home page is updated throughout the day with the latest headlines. Other features include searchable classified ads, Mercury Center's NewsHound clipping service, Computer Currents magazine, the Silicon Valley 150, David Plotnikoff's Modem Driver column, and links to other Web sites in the Bay Area.

The Monkees Home Page
FLEXquarters Software, Mesa, AZ, US
Hey hey! It's The Monkees home page! This page includes numerous photos, articles, stories, discographies and TV show episode guides from one of the most popular music groups of the 60's. This TV show band, an American tribute to the Beatles, was a modest success on TV, but took the music world by storm with multiple platinum albums and number 1 singles, outselling The Beatles and The Rolling Stones combined.

National Park Service
Denver, CO, US
Come visit the National Park Service online. Learn about our national treasures, park information, data, images, bird calls, etc. We are adding more park information and resources. Drop us a line and tell us what you think.

OF-Open Forms, Inc.
Jyvaskyla, Finland
OF-Open Forms Oy is quite a small but innovative company. The main business areas are message-based applications and EDI software (Electronic Data Interchange, EdiFact) in the MS-Windows environment. Recent topics of interest include multi-media, hypermedia and distributed applications. Particularly, the importance of WWW is increasing. You can rent your own Web-space from us!

Online Career Center
Indianapolis, IN, US
Our Job/Resume Search is a fully indexed database consisting of over 10,000 jobs and 8,000 resumes. Employers can search the resume portion of the database. People looking for work can search the job portion of the database. The databases are updated and re-created on a daily basis. The system was created by Cookware.

Pharmaceutical Information Associates, Ltd., Levittown, PA, US
PharmInfoNet is devoted to delivering useful, up-to-date, free, and accurate pharmaceutical information to pharmacists, physicians, and patients. Information includes articles from Medical Sciences Bulletin, DrugFAQs (tm) for patients, a rotating exhibit of pharmaceutical art, PharmMall (tm) for product information, and a selected archive of threads from the sci.med.pharmacy newsgroup.

Polarization Workshop 95
Institute of Nuclear Physics, University of Cologne, Germany
Information about the workshop on Polarized Ion Sources and Polarized Gas Targets which will be held at the University of Cologne, June 6-9, 1995.

Preferred Internet Services
Kingsport, TN, US
Preferred Internet Services is proud to be the first full-service Internet Provider in the Northeast Tennessee area. We offer Shell accounts, and SLIP emulation, so you can use your favorite WWW browser, mailreader, or telnet client. Pricing starts at just $9.95 per month.

The Rexx Programming Language
IBM UK Laboratories, Winchester, Hampshire, England
Here you will find documents relating to the Rexx programming language, including Rexx news, a FAQ, information on the Rexx Language Association, book lists, information about the proposed ANSI standard for Rexx, and more.

c@use & effect, Charlotte, NC, US
Mail order sticker allows you to join the bumper-to-bumper debate.

Scholarships and Financial Aid
Financial Aid Office, Blacksburg, VA, US
The Virginia Tech Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid is on the Web. While primarily aimed at current and potential Tech students, anyone interested in student financial aid can pick up valuable pointers from this list.

Shaded Relief Maps of U.S. States
Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD, US
A set of shaded relief maps of each of the 48 continental states is available. These maps show a wealth of topographic features and may be of interest to educators and researchers. The home page contains a link to a set of maps covering the U.S. at a uniform scale.

The Sound Photosynthesis (mind@large) Catalog
Sound Photosynthesis, Mill Valley, CA, US
We are pleased to make available our archive, obtainable nowhere else, of over 2000 audio and video tapes: interviews, classes, lectures, workshops and concerts by Richard Feynman, John Lilly, Terence McKenna, Ali Akbar Khan, William Irwin Thompson, Maria Gimbutas, Rudy Rucker, and hundreds of others. We cover science, religion, shamanism, psychedelics, and related matters.

Southwire Company
Carrollton, GA, US
Southwire Company, the largest manufacturer of electrical wire and cable in the United States, announces its Web site, which contains a variety of information on Southwire, its product line, and several community service resources.

Spektrum - Newspaper of the TU Chemnitz-Zwickau
Technical University Chemnitz-Zwickau, Germany
Spektrum is the quarterly newspaper of the Technical University Chemnitz-Zwickau. The articles are in German.

Teletimes Scavenger Hunt
International Teletimes Magazine, Canada
International Teletimes Magazine is hosting a fun, light-hearted scavenger hunt competition for all World Wide Web citizens. Readers are encouraged to explore backissues to find blinking words (note that you must be using Mcom's Netscape). Prizes will be awarded after the February 18th deadline to individuals who have found the most blinking words.

Tetherless Access Ltd.
Palo Alto, CA, US
A lead in high-speed wireless data networking products. Our software and hardware allows high-speed (64 Kbps+) TCP/IP networking using packet radio, with single-link distances of up to 30km. TAL will work with service providers to establish mesh-architecture networks for virtual private TCP/IP networks and Internet access. The technology is particularly attractive in those countries where leased lines are very costly, unreliable, or difficult to obtain.

Timex World Map
VIBE Magazine, New York, NY, US
VIBE has done the impossible, combining analog and digital with its Timex world map.

Tom Hill Ultralights
Shelburne, VT, US
Tom Hill, the chief proponent and leading practitioner of UltraLight Boatbuilding, has been designing and building small, lightweight craft using the glued plywood lapstrake construction method for over 20 years. Another member of the growing CyberWharf community.

Toward an Electronic Patient Record -- '95 Conference
Medical Records Institute, Newton, MA, US
A new site devoted to the Toward an Electronic Patient Record 1995 Conference (March 14-19 in Orlando, Florida). Visitors to the site will find information about the conference including the schedule, location, exhibitors, registration information (and online registration form), as well as information about the TEPR newsletter.

Turn-Key Internet Solutions
Internet Consulting Corporation, New York, NY, US
Several new turn-key Internet solutions for businesses. These highly-specialized bundles of products and services enable your organization to rapidly leverage the tools and applications of the Internet. ICC is a full-service information and technology consulting company.

TurnPike Cash Giveaway
Volant Corporation, San Diego, CA, US
There is less than a month left to enter the Volant Cash Giveaway Drawing. Simply fill out the on-line survey form and get a chance to win up to $1,250 in cash. While there visit the TurnPike Metropolis Section where you can put non-commercial Web pages for free.

UCLA Center for Clean Technology
UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Science, Los Angeles, CA, US
Information about a wide range of environmental research and related activities at the Center for Clean Technology, including information on research programs in: pollution prevention; combustion and air toxics; water and wastewater treatment; intermedia transport; remediation and restoration; and risk and systems analysis for the control of toxics.

Univ. of Amsterdam, Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Descriptions of the department's research groups and current research. Several links to other groups are provided as well as links in the Netherlands.

VideoServices (KUAT Communications Group) Server
Tucson, AZ, US
The VideoServices Server allows potential clients to access information about our video production services. We operate an 8-channel ITFS facility, a digital/analog satellite uplink, 4 microwave paths, and a variety of other television production services.

Virtual Places Add Human Presence to the Web
Ubique, Ltd., San Francisco, CA, US; Rehovot, Israel
With Ubique's Sesame client, you can meet and interact with other people right here on the Web. Once you download Sesame, you'll be able to see and communicate with others, using text chat and voice via the Internet. If you're running Unix, you can test drive our software today (other platforms are coming soon). Attention Webmasters: enhance your site with our Doors Server, which turns plain old Web pages into Virtual Places.

Huntington, VT, US
The Vermont Internet Services and Technology Access Network is the first Internet access provider to offer a full access regional matrix to all of Vermont. To learn more, visit our on-line site. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Voice Recognition Systems Of Kentucky
Lexington, KY, US
The world's first home page dedicated to voice recognition technology. Our page provides detailed information about Dragon Systems voice recognition software. Products include DragonDictate-30K, a 30,000-word speech speech-to-text system for personal computers, and DragonDictate for Windows, featuring complete mouse movement by voice.

West Georgia Telecommunications Alliance
Carrollton, GA, US
The West Georgia Telecommunications Alliance is a coalition of 22 schools, businesses, and local and state agencies dedicated to fostering the deployment and use of advanced digital telecommunications technology in West Georgia. Resources include information on WGTA, its projects, a membership directory, and a comprehensive directory of telecommunications resources on the Internet.

What's On Tonite!
TV Net, New Century Productions Inc., Los Angeles, CA, US
TV Net along with New Century Productions Inc. is proud to announce "What's On Tonite!", complete U.S. nighttime TV listings. Search by time zone, hour or category.
http://tvnet.com/WhatsOnTonite/index.html [PICK OF THE WEEK]

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