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What's New: March 1995

Wednesday, 1 March 1995

Greater Victoria School District, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Earthquake preparedness newsletter for schools, from the Greater Victoria School Board Emergency Preparedness Steering Committee.

ACM Alpha Chapter
Lafayette, LA, USA
The ACM Alpha Chapter, established 1961, is the first student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. Connections are made to International Computer Security Day and to the 34-year history of the Alpha Chapter. Also provided are links to the chapter's FTP server, and a list of 110 ACM Student Chapters w/ Web Pages.

Analog and Digital VLSI at UIUC
Circuits Group at ECE Dept., UIUC, Urbana, IL, US
This is a repository of current research and researchers' biodata at UIUC's Circuits Group.

Aquarius Search System for Translator/Interpreters
Juma Nederland vof, Amsterdam, Noord Holland, The Netherlands
Search the Web for translators/interpreters all over the world and contact them directly by email or fax.

Arizona Swimming, Inc.
Lakewood, CO, US
Arizona Swimming, Inc. is a LSC of United States Swimming. The purpose of this page is to provide the swimming world with information dealing with the swimming events in Arizona.

Austin City Connection
City of Austin, Austin, TX, US
The Austin City Connection is a new service of the city of Austin. It provides on-line access to over 300 files of information on a broad range of topics, including agendas for City Council and Planning Commission, the City Charter, profiles of the mayor and city council, purchasing notices and job openings, directories of city and youth services, electric utility services and the Austin Visitor's Guide.

Balance -- Health, Fitness and Lifestyle
The International Communique Ltd, London, England, UK
Balance is a monthly lifestyle magazine written by qualified specialists. The magazine places an emphasis on publishing informative articles about healthy living. It covers a broad spectrum of subjects: fitness, features, lifestyle, therapy and an open forum. Part of the emphasis is placed on health developments within Europe thereby differentiating itself from US publications.

Bibelicious Sauces, Inc.
Hartford, CT, US
Bibelicious Sauces manufactures and distributes Frank's Old Family Recipe Marinara Sauce. This all-natural product has been famous in the central Connecticut region for over 50 years, originally made in the kitchen of Frank's Restaurant in Hartford. A gourmet treat, you can order by the case from the Bibelicious home page.

The Cape Cod Home Page
Digital Media Corporation, Hyannis, MA, US
Information and pictures on Cape Cod towns. Real estate listings, sales and rentals, and, coming soon, an online visitors center for Cape Cod and the islands.

Chips Catalog
Marshall Industries, El Monte, CA, US
The Chips Catalog is a desktop semiconductor reference guide published by Marshall Industries on a monthly basis. The guide contains a graphical search tool for examining new product offerings, as well as a part matrix of semiconductor products.

The Christian White Pages
Christian Consortium Network, Norfolk, VA, US
This site allows you to add, edit, and search personal listings. The list is intended to serve the Christian community by providing a central listing for those with email addresses.

Cindy Crawford Concentration
UCLA Computer Aided Design, Los Angeles, CA, US
In Honor of my and Cindy Crawford's birthday, I have put up The Cindy Crawford Concentration Game. I wonder what web project she is working on for me. Enjoy! --Jona

CODATA -- Committee on Data for Science and Technology
NRCC, CISTI (CAN/SND), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
CODATA is an interdisciplinary scientific committee of the International Council of Scientific Union (ICSU) which seeks to improve the quality, reliability, management and accessibility of data of importance to all fields of science and technology.

Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway
Ithaca, NY, US
The Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway for secondary school students and educators provides an easy starting point for locating science and mathematics resources on the web. It contains links to resources in many subject areas, as well as an extensive section for educators.

The Council Of State Governments
Lexington, KY, US
The Council Of State Governments Web Server provides public access to state government information and electronic resources.

CyberPages International Inc.
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Cyberpages International offers numerous Web services to the public for commercial and non-commercial users. Among the services provided are our Platinum Pages Directory, a database of advertisements; and our CyberPages Classifieds, a free non-commercial classifieds section. We offer some AI services in the Commodities/Currencies/Futures Trading area. We have a CyberSightings page for random gossip, and a few other pages.

The Dating Connection
WIDDL Internet Systems, Tucson, AZ, US
Valentine's Day special -- a regional dating service to help Southwestern sweethearts find each other. We do more than just put up listings, we also provide relationship counseling and private matchmaking services. Based in sunny Tucson, AZ.

Digitool, Inc.
Digitool.com, Cambridge, MA, US
We're the company working on a PowerPC implementation of Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL), the award winning development environment it acquired from Apple Computer. MCL is not just a software product, it is a phenomenon! This is a place for anyone serious about writing great Macintosh software or for anyone interested in seeing how a community of problem solvers works.

Down to Earth Software, Inc.
Manotick, Ontario, Canada
HOMEwise: the complete home and family organizer. This new Windows program offers over 150 useful, everyday features and functions to make your life easier. Designed for the home market with the new or reluctant computer user in mind, DTE HOMEwise is the most comprehensive and easiest-to-use home and family organizer available anywhere. Cost: $49.95.

E for Ecstasy
Nicholas Saunders, London, Covent Garden, UK
Information about Ecstasy, the drug MDMA. The entire book E for Ecstasy is online with hypertextlinks giving fast access to over 100 references. Recent test results on street samples of Ecstasy, complete with colour photos.

El Planeta Platica
Ron Mader, Austin, TX, US
El Planeta Platica is a zine aimed at conscientious travelers who are interested in Latin America.

Emerald Pines Lodge
The Alaskan Center, Anchorage, AK, US
When you're ready to fish Alaska for big halibut and fighting salmon, fish Emerald Pines Lodge, with the man who's there for one big reason -- he loves to fish for big, barn-door halibut, salmon of all species, and Feeder Kings.

Energy Systems Research Group WWW Server
City University, London, England
At present, mainly experimental. But in time it should provide information regarding the research activities of this group. It will also point to sites of general interest, and, local disk space permitting, have some locally held resources.

Engine Research Center
Madison, WI, US
Located at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, the Engine Research Center(ERC) is a national and international leader in engine research. ERC research covers a broad range of basic engine research with emphasis on laser diagnostics applied to real engines and computational fluid modeling of engine processes.

Environmental Resource Center (ERC)
Houston, TX, US
The ERC announces the release of additional publications to complement the Environmental Resource Guide; Environmental Acronyms and Definitions contains over 2500 widely used environmental terms and definitions. How to Get a Handle on Environmental Law provides an overview of some important regulations, including case examples. The ERC also provides Environmental Database Search Tool which searches environmental centers' databases.

ESP Technologies Internet Advertising
Chicago, IL, USA
We offer creative advertising service to anyone wants to provide interactive and creative ads to a global market. We can produce videos, sound, pictures, and text for ads.

European Science Foundation
Strasbourg, Alsace, France
An association of 56 member research councils, academies and institutions devoted to basic scientific research in 20 countries. The ESF assists its member organizations in two main ways: by bringing scientists together in its scientific programs, networks and European research conferences to work on topics of common concern; and through the joint study of issues of strategic importance in European science policy.

Experience NASA's STS-67 Astro-2 Shuttle Mission
National Aeronautics & Space Administration, Huntsville, AL, US
The space shuttle Endeavor is scheduled to launch tonight. Participate in the mission! Pictures, descriptions, videos, and audio clips as well as realtime interactive mission and science activities. Submit questions for the Astro-2 team, and qualify to be an honorary team member. Pages on-line February 28th (two days before launch) until landing March 17, 1995.

Figment and the Rest
Raleigh, NC, US
Figment and the Rest is a band local to North Carolina State University. They have been together for over two years, and have recently released their debut album, Common Ground. This homepage is updated with new information almost daily. Moderated by the band members themselves, this page provides access to band bio & gig infomation, audio clips, and pictures.

Formula by Thunderbird
Decatur, IN, US
Formula by Thunderbird's image as the very best among powerboats is the direct result of aiming for perfection. While much of today's emphasis seems to be placed on cutting corners, Thunderbird continues to insist on first class quality and long term dependability. For Formula owners this translates into far more boating pleasure and personal satisfaction. Another member of the growing CyberWharf community.

Fun & Games Comics Page
St. Paul, MN, US
Fun & Games is an established, professional comic book and specialty games mail order source. Our professional staff concentrates on customer service, discount pricing, and personal attention to every order. We know comics, we know games, we know the net. We do not mass mail crap to individuals or newsgroups.

Gastrointestinal and Liver Pathology
Univ. of Michigan, Dept. of Pathology, Ann Arbor, MI, US
This page is devoted to gastrointestinal and liver pathology. Each month a different set of GIFs pertaining to various diseases of the GI tract and liver are made available. The majority of images are high-quality photomicrographs. In the future we hope to provide unknown cases and perhaps even CME credit.

The Greater Hartford Arts Council
Hartford, CT, US
The Greater Hartford Arts Council represents over 150 arts and historical groups in a 32 town area in central Connecticut. Check this home page for listings of upcoming events and activities.

gs1 -- Hybrid Communications Inc.
Hartford, CT, US
gs1 is the Internet service of Hybrid Communications Inc., whose family of related companies include: UDesign Studio, UDesign Service Bureau, UDesign Type Foundry, Hybrid Home Pages (www server and html development), GraphicStation One BBS and Hybrid CD-ROM Publishing. Hotlinks to many of our clients' home pages.

Gulf of Maine Education Vacation
Shoals Marine Laboratory, Ithaca, NY, US
Spend a week immersed in the beauty of a remote island in the Gulf of Maine. The Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML) invites you to spend a week on Appledore Island, Gulf of Maine. Located 6 miles from the coast of New Hampshire, SML offers a week-long vacation options (Marine Mammals and Art From Nature) or two individual weekend retreats which delve into the rich history of Appledore Island.

Hartford Graduate Center
Hartford, CT, US
The Hartford Graduate Center's World-Wide Web server contains information about its academic programs, courses, departments and services. In addition, it provides the HGC community with convenient access to local and global network resources and services.

HomeStyles Home Plans
Minneapolis, MN, US
HomeStyles -- America's Number 1 Seller of Home Plans. We publish the most popular home designs from 50 of this country's outstanding designers. HomeStyles makes it easy to browse thousands of home plans using CD-ROM, books, newsstand publications, and videos.

Honolulu, Hawaii Real Estate Forum
Global Exposure Network, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
Hap Fischer of Stark Properties, LTD (Honolulu, Hawaii) makes his online debut with GENinc. Come visit today and imagine life in one of Honolulu's most fashionable neighborhoods.

Houston's First Online Mall -- Almeda Mall
Phoenix Data Systems, Houston, TX, US
Almeda Mall of Houston, TX has now gone online to demonstrate the potential of the Internet to its Houston customers. Phoenix Data Systems, of Houston, TX, has also made available Internet Demo Booths that will operate at all mall hours. Look for all Houston Malls to be available soon to the Internet, as well as easier access to the Internet for mall customers.

How to Write and Market a Business Plan
Larry Koenig/roi, Pacific Palisades, CA, US
I do consulting on how raise capital for existing businesses or start up ventures. I focus on a combination of proven methods and creative concepts. 12 years in the catalog field has taught me how to examine a project from many different aspects.

Imagex Design
Tucson, AZ, US
ImageX is a cutting edge, multifaceted design group with a strong Internet presence and a variety of fields of expertise. From WWW graphics and layout to traditional print media to multimedia CD-ROM development, ImageX has innovative design solutions to fit every need.

InfoCenter, Inc.
Forestville, MD, US
InfoCenter, celestial navigation specialists, offers navigation equipment and services to meet all requirements of the offshore navigator. Another member of the growing CyberWharf community.

The INRIA Videoconferencing System (IVS)
INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, France
The INRIA High Speed Networking project announces the release 3.4 of the IVS videoconferencing tool for the Internet. IVS enables audio and video to be sent over the Internet. Included are information about the H.261 coding scheme, changes required to use this video coding over packet-switched networks, platforms currently supported, the MBONE and pointers to freely retrieve the package.

Institut d'Investigacio en Intel.ligencia Artificial
IIIA, Bellaterra, Catalonia, Spain
The IIIA (Artificial Intelligence Research Institute) is the center dedicated to AI funded by the Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC). Our current work is focused on machine learning, case-based reasoning, fuzzy and multivalued logic, expert systems, AI in medicine, and metalevel architectures and reflection. This server also maintains the information of the ACIA (Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence).

IntelliMatch On-Line Job Service
Marketing Masters, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Do you want to take advantage of state-of-the-art technology in job searching? The IntelliMatch On-Line Job Service will match your skills with the employers that need them.

International Reynard Society Homepage
Societe Internationale Renardienne, University of Hull, UK
Introduction to the International Reynard Society (a scholarly association specializing in the study of beast epic, fable, fabliau, comic, moralizing and allegorical texts and iconography). Details of the Society's refereed annual journal, Reinardus, and of the biennial Reynard Colloquia.

The Internet Comes to Washington
The Wash. DC Chapter of the Internet Society, US
The Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society (DC-ISOC) is sponsoring its inaugural event on March 9, 1995. The Internet Comes to Washington will feature speakers and panelists including Internet Society President and MCI Vice President Vint Cerf; Tom Kalil, Director to the National Economic Council at the White House; Brock Meeks, Washington Bureau Chief for Interactive Week; Government Technology Services, Inc. President Frank Slovenec, and Members of Congress.

The Internet Emporium
MarCom, Morgantown, WV, US
The Internet Emporium is the newest site for small businesses to promote their products for little or no cost. Ask us about creating your own homepage and receiving your own URL.

Introduction to Engineering Design
UVA Electrical Engineering, Charlottesville, VA, US
This is an unauthorized page at the University of Virginia's School of Engineering and Applied Science. It is a student/faculty venture to provide information about the nature of engineering design and modern invention. Topics such as the Challenger disaster and the epic construction of the Panama Canal are presented in graphical format alongside information about ongoing research at the University of Virginia.

IPS Radio & Space Services
Sydney, Australia
IPS provides the Australian national radio propagation and space environment services. This Web server is the gateway to our repository of ionospheric and solar images and data, and other related information.

The IRC Poker Channels Home Page
Pierre Fournier, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
This page will tell you everything you need to know to join the hundreds of people who play poker on Internet Relay Chat (IRC). PBot and PBot2, computer programs based in Montreal, deal cards and keep track of winnings. No real money is involved, but the competition is fierce!

Jobs, Jobs
CF INC, Gainesville, FL, USA
Many jobs available! The jobs listed here are updated weekly. There are home typist jobs - some large database management firms are hiring people with computers, wordprocessors, and typewriters to work for them at home. You can make up to $35,000/year.

Jonathan Cohen and Associates, the online architect
San Francisco, CA, US
We are an architectural firm specializing in housing, site planning, facilities management, office and residential interiors and child care facilities. Please visit our Web page and look at some of our projects.

Jones Satellite Programming
WebVertising, Marysville, WA, US
Jones Satellite Programming is a home satellite service provider offering their services through Whitney Computer Service. Another listing by WebVertising

Kensport Sports Adventures
Cary, NC, US
Visit these pages for a fun and easy way to see your favorite sports event or team play live and in person. Kensport offers fans complete travel packages to top sporting events. Web services provided by TriNet Services.

Libraries of the Claremont Colleges
Claremont, CA, US
The Libraries of the Claremont Colleges support five undergraduate colleges and one graduate institution. This resource is designed to provide information about the libraries' services and resources to The Colleges community as well as the rest of the world. Information about our unique Special Collections will be emphasized.

The Lighting Resource
Digital Power, St. Paul, MN, US
The Lighting Resource is an informational source for anyone involved in commercial lighting. We provide new product information, design, EPA Greenlights programs, an on-line lamp catalog, articles and links to other helpful lighting sources.

Lost Publishing
WebMakers, New York, NY, US
Lost Publishing's current project is the Lost in Guatemala CD-ROM. Please visit the Lost Publishing Web Page. Lost presents Guatemala through the legend of the Popol Vuh.

Maine State Library Information
Augusta, ME, US
Information directory to Maine State Library personnel and resources.

Mayo Clinic Family Health Book CD-ROM
IVI Publishing, Seattle, WA, US
WWW users can now see a demonstration of the Mayo Clinic Family Health Book from IVI Publishing.

McMaster University Home Page
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
The Home Page for McMaster University. Historically, McMaster University is the outgrowth of educational work initiated by Baptists in central Canada as early as the 1830's. Named after Senator William McMaster (1811-1887), who bequeathed substantial funds to endow "a Christian school of learning", the University was incorporated under the terms of an act of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in 1887.

The Miramar
Dean Lapin, Captain, Tacoma, WA, US
Come aboard the Miramar and experience first hand the joys of living aboard a 38-foot trawler cruising the Puget Sound. We will visit the major and smaller ports in the Puget Sound, the San Juans, and the Canadian Gulf Islands. We will review equipment and boating books, and we will test marine products. Welcome aboard.

Mountain Gear
Spokane, WA, US
Mountain Gear is a retailer for all kinds of outdoor sporting equipment. Our mail-order department consists of avid climbers, skiers, and backpackers that are here to help you with your decisions. When you need gear, come see us!

The Net After Dark
Lamont Wood, San Antonio, TX, US
The book "The Net After Dark" describes weird and wacky on-line resources, and "The Net After Dark" URL has hyperlinks to web pages involving the book's subject matter.

The Nordic Pages
Algonet, Stockholm, Sweden
Welcome to visit The Nordic Pages, where you will find links to central national servers in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Sensitive maps for every country, and country information is available. You can also visit some Nordic capitals and point to government servers for some official stuff. Both Nordic languages and English are spoken around, and there is an English and a Swedish version of the page.

North Sails Group, Inc.
Milford, CT, US
North Sails is the the most complete source for educational software, books, videos and tools for all types of sailors, plus a unique collection of quality gear and clothing. Another member of the growing CyberWharf community.

Office of Environmental Management
U.S DOE Office of Environmental Management, Washington, DC, US
The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Environmental Management is please to announce its WWW server, containing key documents, fact sheets, and regulatory information from the Office of Environmental Management.

Old Towne Canoe Company
Old Towne, ME, US
The largest and oldest continuously-operating canoe manufacturer in the world. From wood and canvas canoes to the patented Discovery Series, Old Towne's time-line of technical innovations demonstrates the strength of nearly a century's canoe-building experience. Another member of the growing CyberWharf community.

On-line Dream Analysis
Univ. of Maryland at College Park, MD, US
This site allows browsers to send in accounts of their own dreams for analysis from a completely unqualified, uncertified, and entirely unprofessional student with an uncanny insight into the world of the subconsious. (For entertainment purposes only, must be 18 years or older or be accompanied by an adult.)

JCC Consulting, Inc., Granville, OH, US
The ORACLE Rdb Home Page contains a number of resources related to Oracle Corporation's ORACLE Rdb product. It includes a search engine to easily locate information of interest in various database related news groups. ORACLE Rdb is a trademark of ORACLE Corporation. The ORACLE Rdb Home Page is sponsored by JCC Consulting, Inc.

Outfitters' Unlimited
Mills, WY, US
We offer a variety of hunting opportunities including elk, muledeer, pronghorn, summer pack trips and flyfishing wade trips in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.

The Pacific Northwest Shotokan Karate Home Page
Shotokan Karate at the Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
This page gives information about Shotokan Karate of America. Particular emphasis is on SKA dojos in the Pacific Northwest.

Paper Technologies, Inc
San Clemente, CA, US
Paper Technologies online catalog of fine art papers, picture framing products, and conservation products. Extensive use of tables. Requires Mosaic in order to browse.

Physics 150 Home Page
Peter Leppik, Champaign, IL, US
This is the home page for the Physics 150 (Physics for Poets) class at the University of Illinois. It contains handouts, lecture notes, lecture slides, pictures of the students, and links to other interesting places.

Physics: Summer School & Workshop Bulletin Board
Institute for Theoretical Physics, Vienna, Austria
At the Physics Servers Around the World service, the new announcement forum 'Summer School & Workshop Bulletin Board' is open. You can submit information about your summer school/workshop in the list. Your announcement appears immediately in the 'List of recent additions' and will be moved regular to the page with all collected announcements.

Poetry and Prose of Maria Gummesson
Luleå University Library, Luleå, Sweden
Poetry and prose of Swedish writer Maria Gummesson, translated in English.

Portland Oregon Visitors Association
Peek & Associates, Inc./POVA, Portland, OR, US
The POVA environment is a virtual city online representing visitor information including things to do, where to stay, eat, be entertained, etc. Participation by community and by Oregon K-12 students is a big part of this extensive environment.

Prime Time 24 Satellite Programming
WebVertising, Marysville, WA, US
Prime Time 24 provides home satellite programming services, through the authorized dealer Whitney Computer Service which is offering 30-day free trial for those who qualify. Another listing by WebVertising

The Private Source
Overland Park, KS, US
Finding the perfect gift is easy when a special occasion demands the best. The Private Source offers a superior collection of high-end gift items from acclaimed makers, such as Baccarat, Caran d'Ache, Le Cordon Bleu, Lalique, Trussardi, and Prima Classe. Try the one-stop solution for personal and corporate gift-giving!

The Professional Face Muscle Enhancement Exercise Beauty Manual
Clint Cabney (CCMI), Ohio State U., OH, US
This Manual illustrates and teaches you the specific "step by step" face exercise process, which allows anybody to achieve a near perfect, beautiful, youthful, and defined face. The exercise techniques are natural, and require just 60 mins every other day for beginners, and 90 minutes every other day for the advanced person. You can modify these exercise as you desire however.

Progressive Democratic Alliance (BC, Canada)
Progressive Democratic Alliance, Vancouver, BC, Canada
The Progressive Democratic Alliance is a political party in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Its founder and leader is former Liberal Party of B.C. leader Gordon Wilson.

Project Cape Town
UVA, Charlottesville, VA, US
Individuals who are interested in case-method teaching and learning will want to explore Project Cape Town, a multimedia teaching case on South Africa developed by the University of Virginia for the World Wide Web. Project Cape Town combines text with in-line photographs, QuickTime movies, and sound files for a multimedia presentation of education and integration issues in South Africa. The forms feature of current Web browsers allows interaction and shared perspectives.

Queen's University, Canada, Engineering Society
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Queen's University is home to 15,000 graduate and undergrad students. The Engineering Society is the representative body for 2000 Engineering students. Queen's is known for its spirit and dedication to excellence and is one of the oldest universities in Canada.

Questel/Orbit Patent and Trademark Server
McLean, VA, US
Questel/Orbit is happy to congratulate Ms. Sandra Unger of Exxon for being our latest Strange but True Patent Contest winner. In addition to sponsoring this contest, this server sponsors and offers links to many valuable resources for the patent and trademark professional. Among the resources provided are free full text patent databases, a virtual reading room containing essays, laws and magazines, and more.

Real-Time Computing Laboratory of the New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, NJ, US
The Real-Time Computing Laboratory at NJIT is involved in research in many fields of real-time systems.

Red Lion Hotels Home Page
Peek & Associates, Inc./Red Lion Hotels, Portland, OR, US
Among the latest entries in the commercial use of the Web is the home page for Red Lion Hotels. Among the first Red Lion properties to have extensive pages on the Web are the Red Lion Jantzen Beach, Red Lion Columbia River, and the Red Lion Lloyd Center hotels. These pages enable a brief photographic tour of each hotel, a look at an exploded view of the properties with room sizes, etc. and even a fax reservations form tailored to each hotel.

RITIM's New Working Papers
WilTel, Tulsa, OK, US
The Research Institute for Telecommunications and Information Marketing (RITIM) is pleased to announce its recently released working papers. The RITIM papers cover aspects of marketing research that shed light on some of the behaviors, organizations, and strategies of the telecommunications and other information-related industries. The RITIM working pages are the property of RITIM.

Roadracing World & Motorcycle Technology
Lake Elsinore, CA, US
An information page describing the monthly motorcycle magazine, Roadracing World & Motorcycle Technology. Includes subscription information, a list of staff and contacts, a directory of back issues, advertising information and a list of racing organizations that provide the magazine as a membership benefit.

Secure Servers Directory
software.net, Menlo Park, CA, US
The secure servers directory lists World Wide Web servers that support secure encrypted connections for safe electronic translations. Servers are listed for both the Netscape/Netsite (https) and SHTTP standards. Submit new entries to Snark Boats
New Castle, PA, US
Snark Boats' new online shop features detailed information on its complete line of sailboats, including SunChasers, the SeaSkimmer, and the SuperSnark. Another member of the growing CyberWharf community.

The Sociology of Cyberspace
Bradley Univ. Sociology Dept., Peoria, IL, US
The Sociology of Cyberspace HyperSyllabus (SOC391) is a product Dr. Leonardo Salamini's spring 1995 innovative course offering. The HyperSyllabus consists of student research papers and HyperIndicies on the metaphysics of cyberspace, women and cyberspace, physics of cyberspace, postmodernism and cyberspace, hypertext theory, virtual communities and telepresence, capitalism and cyberspace, and virtual reality and MUDs.

The Source
Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
The Source is a large wholesale distributor of computer CD-ROM software and hardware. Its Web site offers an up-to-date list of hundreds of software/hardware products. Making your visit an enjoyable one, The Source has categorized, alphabetized and included full descriptions of all available items. Visit us today!

Speed under Sail: Software, VPP Polars, Consulting
Velocity, University Park, MD, US
Services for sailboat racers and designers. VPP, design optimization, and surface design software for designers. VPP Polars for racers in paper and/or electronic form. Consulting on modifications for speed or speed-for-rating.

SQL Standards
JCC Consulting, Inc., Granville, OH, US
The SQL Standards Home Page is designed to be a central source of information about the SQL standards process and its current state. It contains a number of pointers to other sources of information about the SQL standard.

Tax Refunds for Home-Owners
Peter Morici, Arlington, VA, US
The IRS wants to give you money! If you purchased a home during 1991-1993, you may qualify for a refund from the IRS. This is due to a retroactive change in the federal tax law.

TEC -- Pennsylvania Small Business United
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Formerly the Smaller Manufacturers Council (SMC) founded in Pittsburgh in 1945, TEC/PSBU is a private, non-profit, non-partisan association of small businesses who have combined their experience, knowledge and energies to improve the business climate in which they operate. Today, TEC/PSBU is the joint voice of nearly 5,000 member businesses, who purchase over $900 million each year in goods and services. TEC/PSBU is the newest member of the fast-growing Internet Business Pages.

Temple University Gallery of the ARTS
Esther Boyer College of Music, Philadelphia, PA, US
The Temple University Gallery of the ARTS is a project to bring the local artists and musicians of the Philadelphia area to the world via the Internet. Featured sections include a digital art gallery and a section for local bands.

The Tribe of Love
Tribo do Amor, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
The Tribe of Love is a social movement situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We stand for a radical transformation in human relationships in order to create true social change. Our work is based upon Wilhelm Reich's theories as well as other holistic approaches. We created a process called Tropical Bionergetics that is able to bring people back to real "orgonotic" aliveness through "Rites of Transformation".

UC Berkeley General Catalog and Course Catalog
University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, US
This is the University of California at Berkeley online general catalog containing university information and course descriptions.

UK Theatre Information
R.M.J. Iles, Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK
A collection of information and pointers relating to theater in the UK -- professional and amateur. Information is patchy at present, but growing!

Universities Water Information Network (UWIN)
Carbondale, IL, US
UWIN provides information on water resources and the environment. This includes an expertise directory, research abstracts, and announcements of interest to the water resources community. UWIN also maintains the WaterTalk bbs . This bbs, believed to be the only bbs on the WWW, offers researchers and students a chance to interact.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL, US
The UAB Home Page provides an entry point for accessing UAB information via the Web.

University of Kentucky Dept. of Computer Science
Lexington, KY, US
The Department of Computer Science at the University of Kentucky has established a home page with information on departmental programs, computing services, faculty research interests, and graduate students.

Venue Magazine vol. 1 issue 1
Otis Publishing, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sex, music, politics, film, literature, art, comics, poetry, interactive games, lifestyle, fashion, and the artist's voice. This issue features Leonard Cohen, Bootsauce, Waterboys, and, as always, VeNu MeNU, Stupid Dummy Heds, Dead or Canadian?, and an interactive quiz.

VidCall Live Video over Internet
M R A Associates, Inc., Vienna, VA, US
VidCall provides a practical, low-cost way to transmit live video, either single or bi-directionally, over the Internet using SLIP and PPP connections. In addition to video, VidCall includes chat, shared workspace, file transfer, audio-video mail, shared applications. Since VidCall can operate with Web browsers, it can be used as a viewer for Web pages and live advertising. No special video hardware required for receiving.

Virtual Library at the Buzzard's Nest
W. S. Dawson Co., Virginia Beach, VA, US
The Virtual Library includes this and much more: history, biography, and genealogy health and nutrition; computerese, electronic publishing, education and others topics.

WANT Publishing Company
Washington, DC, US
WANT Publishing offers court references relied on by attorneys, librarians, and those interested in the US court system.

West Virginia Bicycling
West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, US
A collection of the bicycling events and resources available in Wild Wonderful West Virginia. You will find here a collection of races, organizations, events, and stores that are targeted towards those of us who enjoy the bicycle, and even more so, those of us who love West Virginia.

Wind Associates Inc. Asset Location and Debt Collection Services
New York, NY, US
Wind Associates, Inc. is a licensed collection agency and asset information provider which has for over 10 years been involved in high tech debt collection and location of assets. For prompt service give us a call at 1-800-444-6782. For additional interesting information about asset location and debt collection visit our web site or email windasso@panix.com

“The WinSock Center of Excellence”
Stardust Technologies, Inc., Scotts Valley, CA, US
Stardust Technologies is an independent center of quality information, services and facilities which promote the development of fast, robust and advanced communications software based on the WinSock standard. Stardust provides several services to accomplish this end: The WinSock Resource Center, The Windows Sockets Interoperability Lab, and many others.

WVEC-TV, Hampton-Norfolk, VA
Norfolk, VA, US
WVEC-TV is the ABC affiliate serving southeastern Virginia. This homepage contains local news and weather, program schedules, pictures and biographies of news personnel and station management. Available jobs are also listed and visitors can take a "tour" of the WVEC-TV newsroom.

Yuen Ren Society for the Promotion of Chinese Dialect Fieldwork
Seattle, WA, US
The Society is devoted to the practice of dialect fieldwork and the collection and distribution of fresh Chinese dialect data in quantity. As part of this work, the Society holds periodic conferences and publishes an occasional journal and monograph series, the Yuen Ren Society Treasury of Chinese Dialect Data.

Friday, 3 March 1995

Mountain View, CA, US
We offer a complete listing of tax professionals available to help with your tax and accounting problems. They are CPAs and enrolled agents capable of contacting any taxing authority on your behalf, and they can prepare your tax returns on a timely basis.

1901: A Journey Through Yosemite via Stereograms
Patch American High School, Stuttgart, Germany
Take a walk back in time! Experience the 19th Century version of "virtual reality" via a new exhibit at Patch American High School, among the first K-12 Web servers in the world. The Yosemite exhibit is a new addition to our Virtual Travel Center which features the "Mercedes Museum", "Stuttgart", "Vietnam", and others. See also the Patch Stereogram Project section which features the history of stereograms and some recent examples.

1995 Kaibab Mountain Bike Tour Guide
Kaibab Mountain/Desert Bike Tours, Moab, UT, US
If you've never mountain biked Moab, Utah you've never mountain biked.

Academic Library Resources at East Carolina University
Internet Committee -- East Carolina Univ., Greenville, NC, US
Academic Library Services Web site originates from Joyner Library on East Carolina University's east campus. We are excited to be the sole Web provider of the North Carolina Libraries Archive (1991-present). We also provide access to the North Carolina Periodicals Index (created by Joyner Library's staff) in the North Carolina Collection.

AceHawk's HTML
Universidad de los Andes, Santafe de Bogota, Colombia
A newly created aviation-related page that has as its main features an in-depth review of two American warplanes, the F-117A Stealth Fighter and the F-15 Eagle, along with some graphics and links to other aviation pages.

Advance Communication Technologies
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Advance Communication Technologies offers services in Internet/WWW training and consulting. No project is too small nor too large for us to handle.

AI programming courses (Lisp & Prolog) on the net!
The Open University (UK), Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK
The UK's Open University, now in its 25th year as the leading provider of multimedia distance education, is offering courses in Common Lisp and Prolog to anyone on the Internet. Course materials and software can be obtained either online or via conventional mailings. The next presentations begin in May 1995, but enrollment is limited, so early application is recommended.

American Homebrewers Association
Boulder, CO, US
The American Homebrewers Association brings the world of beer to you. Whatever your brewing level, we have the cutting-edge information. With the homebrewing techniques, supplies, recipes, inspiration and information you'll get from the American Homebrewers Association, you really can brew the best beer you've ever tasted.

American Swim Coaches Association
ASCA, Lakewood, CO, US
The American Swimming Coaches Association is the main body for the certification and training of Swim Coaches in the United States. This page will be used to publish job information as well as articles ftom the American Swimming Magazine plus information on how to become a certified coach.

Asia, Inc. Online
Manager Research Group, Hong Kong
Asia's first interactive business magazine. Here you'll find valuable information from the pages of Asia, Inc., the region's business magazine; daily financial data from around the region, and discussion forums on a variety of Asian topics. Created by the publishers of Asia, Inc., AIO features articles from current and past issues of Asia, Inc., exclusive articles prepared just for AIO, investment information from regional financial experts and much more.

Atec, Inc.
Webvertising, Houston, TX, US
Atec engineers and manufactures custom electronic and electromechanical instrumentation and data acquisition systems for energy services, aerospace, medical and industrial markets with expertise in precision to heavy machining and fabrication. FDA registered and MIL-Q-9858 qualified, prototyping, systems integration, build-to-print, build-to-spec, turnkey design, manufacturing, maintenance and field support services are provided.

The A-Z Guide to Australian Net Services
Christopher Janz, OH, US
The A-Z Guide maintains a listing of Australian Internet Services (WWW, Telnet and Gopher). Also check out Netpage Australis for further information on Australia and the Internet.

BBC Aberdeen
Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
The BBC has had a Broadcasting House in Aberdeen since 1923. Here are details of the programs we produce and the facilities we have at Beechgrove. Also included are details of transmitters. We hope to build this site to include advance program details, audio, stills and video.

Blue Mountain Graphic Design
Moscow, ID, US
A new graphic design firm serving the Washington, Oregon, and Idaho area. We have added Web graphics and HTML programming to our list of services for clients around the world.

British Association for the Advancement of Science
Aberdeen, Scotland, US
These pages contain information pertaining to a not-for-profit organisation promoting science in Britain. Included are conference announcements, upcoming programme of events for set95 (Science, Engineering and Technology) week in March. This service, housed on the Department of Psychology's web server at the University of Aberdeen, is still under development.

Builders Graphics Custom Home Designs
Tempe, AZ, US
Architectural design studio, distinctive custom home designs for the way you live, fast and accurate plans using latest CAD technology, landscape design "Xeriscaping," a low-water-usage technique, remodeling and room additions. No job too small, color marketing brochures for spec home builders.

Burt Associates Bamboo
Westford, MA, US
A mail order nursery specializing in living bamboo plants. Bamboo can be grown in gardens in all fifty states - and make excellent interior plants as well. We offer a free primer on bamboo with price list.

Canyon Villa Bed & Breakfast Inn
Sedona On-Line, Sedona, AZ, US
Canyon Villa was the first Arizona bed and breakfast inn to receive the coveted AAA Four Diamond Award for excellence in accommodations and service and has also received the Mobil Four Star designation. The American Bed and Breakfast Association named Canyon Villa one of the nation'’s Top 16 Inns.

CeBIT'95 WWW-Server
Deutsche Messe AG, Messegelaende, Hannover, Germany
The CeBIT'95 WWW-Team and the DEUTSCHE MESSE AG proudly present: The CeBIT'95 WWW-Server. You may find a product and exhibitor search via EBi, the Electronic Visitors Information System of the DEUTSCHE MESSE AG. Information about the Trade Fair Program, conferences and corporate lectures during the CeBIT'95.

Centurion Technology Incorporated
Houston, TX, US
Internet connectivity for individuals for $19.95 per month (28.8, no setup fee, unlimited access) and corporate home pages on the WWW from $25 per month. Centurion now provides Internet access and presence in Houston, Lebanon, Ohio, and Clear Skies (Newsletter)
Sky Bear Publishing, San Diego, CA, US
The newsletter for amateur astronomers. Clear Skies is your gateway to the cosmos. Explore distant galaxies, lunar clefts and rilles, double stars, and the sun. Star-hop your way to infant clusters and ancient red giants. This Newsletter is published quarterly by Sky Bear Publishing.

College Talk Calling Card
United Telesystems, Colonia Heights, VA, US
A new calling card designed specifically for the college student, with savings of 40-50% over most carriers. There are no setup or annual fees, and roommates receive separate bills.

Conference Copy's Audio Cassette Catalog
Hawley, PA, US
Come browse CCI's Audio Cassette Catalog and listen to the leaders on audio cassette. CCI specializes in the on-site recording of major educational events and the production of audio and video cassettes for immediate availability for attendees. CCI maintains and distributes audio libraries for universities, national associations, professional trade shows and business educators.

Co-writing, Look and Feel
Infolab, Tilburg University, Tilburg, Netherlands
Sjoerd Michels combines the research fields of computer supported cooperative work and human-computer interaction within the context of The COOPerator, a co-writing tool currently under development at the Infolab at Tilburg University.

Creative Services-Graphic Design
Washington, DC, US
Art and design for the information age. Experienced graphic designers, with expertise in information graphics and technologies as well as corporate communications, we offer a variety of services for both private industry and government: web design, multimedia, illustration, book design, annual reports, poster design, educational publications, and more.

Cryptography, PGP, and Your Privacy
Fran Litterio, Cambridge, MA, US
This page contains links to many of the Web's resources on cryptography, as well as lots of documentation on the popular PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption program for PCs, Macs, and UNIX machines. It also contains a page of links to many privacy-related Web resources.

Crystal Bay Trading Co.
Pomona, NY, US
Buyers of precious metals, diamonds, industrial metals, old Oriental rugs, art, antiques, collectibles. Traders of bullion and related items. An excellent resource for turning unusual items into immediate cash. Friendly courteous service.

Cybermedia's First Aid for Windows
San Jose, CA, US
First Aid is software for Windows that fixes configuration problems with Windows applications, multimedia, networking, performance and printing. First Aid can run in the background to detect and fix problems automatically, with no technical expertise required. For a system/network administrator, First Aid is excellent front-line technical support.

Database Resources
JCC Consulting, Inc., Granville, OH, US
The Database Resources Home Page contains a number of database related resources. It includes a search engine to easily locate and retrieve relevant news group entries.

Davis Instruments
Hayward, CA, US
Davis Instruments, providers of creative solutions to various boating problems, has joined the growing CyberWharf community.

Department of Physics Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Our server provides information on teaching, research and admission. The main research areas of the department are in atomic and nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, relativity and quantum fields, geophysics and planetary physics.

Digital Campus
Creative Media Generations, Inc., New York, NY, US
A 3D virtual campus environment rich with everything and anything you'd want to know about college. The graphics are intense, and by clicking on one of the 3D buildings like the Pub or the Stadium, you'll get brought inside for authoritative information and intuitive design. Definitely the place to begin for the wide world of college.

Educational Space Simulations Project
National Association of Space Simulating Educators, Brownsville, TX, US
The Educational Space Simulations Project (ESSP) is devoted to the development of educational space simulations. ESSP offers links to back issues of SPACESIM, a monthly newsletter packed with activities, experiments, tips on simulator construction, and much more. Software, images, launch and landing scripts, and sample communication messages are also available.

Stockholm, Sweden
Electrolux is the world's leading producer of household appliances. In white goods, the Group is the European market leader, and as owner of Frigidaire Company, is the third largest producer in the US. The Electrolux pages contain information on the company's efforts in the environmental sphere as well as some interesting company history and product details.

The Electronic Democracy Forum
EDF, Boston, MA, US
Cyberdemocracy? Come fill out our on-line survey about the hotly debated Contract With America and let us know what you think. Read the text of the Contract and related Congressional bills, critique and commentary at EDF. Then email your member of Congress or President Clinton (we've posted their addresses) and voice your opinion.

Entry Level Job Search Assistant
Joseph E. Schmalhofer III, Tullahoma, TN, US
Dedicated to helping people who have little or no non-academic experience in getting a job. It contains links to companies and search engines which list entry level jobs and has links to resumes formatted in HTML. Listed in the EINet Galaxy in the Workplace area, it is simply a one-stop shopping area for those who are looking for their first job. The jobs are not restricted to North America.

Environmental Biology Program of Boyce Thompson Inst. for Plant Research
Boyce Thompson Institute, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, US
Our research focuses on the interaction of plants and the environment and spans many levels of biological organization, from individual plant organs to ecosystems and beyond. This site provides details about our staff, facilities, and the many research projects in the program. Reprints of publications can also be ordered.

Epigram, Univ. of Bristol Independent Students Newspaper
Bristol, Avon, England
Epigram is printed roughly every two weeks during term time. The paper is written, produced and edited by students and then put on the Web in its entirety. Epigram reports about student activities and news important to students, with sections covering arts, music and sports.

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Munich
Dept. Medical Informatics, Ludwig-Maximilians-Univ., Munich, Germany
Information about the faculty of medicine of the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich. Medical topics (e.g. recommendations of the Cancer Center) are about to come. Same information is also available in English.

Fair Oaks Financial Services, An Online Mortgage Agency
Palo Alto, CA, US
As reported in the San Jose Mercury News, we are the nation's first interactive mortgage agency. Visitors to our site can obtain mortgage rate quotes, closing cost estimates, and submit a loan application online.

Fannish E-Mail Directory
John Lorentz and Laurie Mann, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Here is a Web version of John Lorentz's Fannish E-mail Directory. Send email to any one of over 2,000 science fiction fans by clicking on their email address in the directory. Science fiction clubs, conventions and fanzines are also listed.

Fantasies In Lace
Above & Beyond, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Fantasies In Lace features lingerie for every size, shape and taste - from frilly to fancy, basic to bold. Located in the Above & Beyond Mall, you'll find a complete list of their wide variety of catalogs and other services.

Fantasy League Baseball
Zebra Fantasy League, Palo Alto, CA, US
A baseball fantasy league which is easy to enter and fun to play, with the opportunity to win prizes.

Foreign Languages at Univ. of Toledo
Toledo, OH, US
This server accesses general information about the Department of Foreign Languages at the University of Toledo, including course listings, lab hours, etc. It also provides links to various sites of interest to foreign language students.

Frame Technology Corporation
San Jose, CA, US
Frame Technology provides award-winning document writing and processing software for individual or workgroup creation and distribution of critical documents. Frame's products are widely recognized for their PC, Macintosh and UNIX cross-platform compatibility, enabling individuals, companies, government agencies, and academic institutions to increase productivity by leveraging their valuable business and research data.

G&A Consultants
Raleigh, NC, US
G&A Consultants provides OS/2 consulting services for OS/2, the Internet and the Web to clients in the Carolinas. Our OS/2 services include programming, installation, and training. Our Web services include conceptualization and HTML content authoring.

SunSITE, Singapore
GameBytes, the PC gaming magazine, is available on the web in HTML form at SunSITE Singapore. Features interviews and lots of game reviews. Several back issues are also available.

Geographic Designs Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA, US
A company offering software and consulting services that help people effectively manage geographic information system (GIS) data and metadata.

DF Animation & VideoMedia, Philadelphia, PA, US
DF Animation & VideoMedia are pleased to announce the second episode of GeoSync -- "A Test of Strength." GeoSync is the first sci-fi animation series on the Internet. The second episode starts March 1.

The Graphics Alternative
El Cerrito, CA, US
The Graphics Alternative offers the computer graphics community specialized support for 3D and 2D graphics using a PC-compatible computer. The Graphics Alternative BBS features support for popular raytracing and rendering packages such as POV-Ray, as well as such commercial packages as Autodesk's 3D Studio.

Los Angeles, CA, US
GWEB, an electronic trade journal for the computer animation industry presents an interview with Richard Edlund, president of Boss Film Studios and four-time Academy Award winner for special effects on the three Star Wars films and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

HALLoGRAM Publishing -- Software Development Tools and Products
Aurora, CO, US
Provides a complete line of products for the Windows or DOS software developer. Specializing in FoxPro, Clipper, and Windows development languages, HALLoGRAM has a full assortment of development tools to add specific functionality to your application and enhance and speed your application development.

The Improbable Players: Drama for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention
Watertown, MA, US
The Improbable Players are innovators in using drama as a substance abuse prevention tool. Our actors are all in recovery. Since 1984,the dramatization of their experiences has impacted over 250,000 students and adults from Maine to Florida. Our home page details our work and includes a current performance calendar.

New England Complex Systems Research Institute, Boston, MA, US
Distributed self-organizing refereed electronic journals on selected topics in science and engineering. Articles are presently accepted in the following areas: complex systems, genetics, polymers and complex fluids.

Internet Beer Resources
Independent, Atlanta, GA, US
A collection of comprehensive Internet Beer Resources. Included on this page are links to the following Web documents: WWW Virtual Library's Beer & Brewing Index, the Atlanta Beer Guide, the rec.food.drink.beer FAQ, the Beer Periodicals List, and the Beer Classifieds.

Internet Design Group
Palo Alto, CA, US
A professional World Wide Web marketing and HTML publishing firm. We combine advertising, graphic design, and CGI scripting expertise to provide the highest quality interfacing available. Our customized marketing strategies and WWW interface techniques are tailored to meet specific needs. We also provide complete Internet setup, training, and maintenance on any scale, as well as general consulting for Internet marketing.

Internet Security
Internet Security Systems, Inc., Norcross, GA, US
Our Web server contains Security FAQs dealing with vendors, patches, anonymous ftp, sniffers, and compromise. ISS, Inc. offers the most comprehensive security auditing tool for allowing administrators to pinpoint vulnerabilities and take corrective measures. Internet Security Scanners probes the whole network checking for all known vulnerabilities.

Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY, US
Ithaca College's World Wide Web server provides general information about the college, its facilities, services, library, local events, and more.

Keith O'Brien's Telecom Info Home Page
Piscataway, NJ, US
Keith O'Brien's Telecom Info Home Page is now online, providing various links to telecommunication standards bodies, carriers, PTTs, vendors and trade publications.

Kronos Quartet
Gary Stephens, NWU, US
The Kronos Quartet is a twice Grammy-nominated string quartet which plays almost exclusively contemporary music. These Kronos pages contain a discography, concert schedule, discussion forum,and lots of other information, and also links to many related resources on the net.

Lakewood Systems
Canadian Business Advertising Network, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Lakewood Systems Ltd. is a high-tech private Canadian company which manufactures battery powered data recorders for use with a broad range of enviromental and industrial instruments. Lakewood is committed to the design and production of reliable, state-of-the-art dataloggers which attain highly reliable and accurate data while operating under extreme environmental conditions. Chinese and Russain versions are also available.

Lanikai School
Kailua, HI, US
Visit our student-centered K-6 public elementary school on the beautiful windward coast of Oahu. You'll know you're there when you see "da Mokes," the twin Moku Lua islands right offshore.

Lark In The Morning World Music
Mendocino, CA, US
An amazing and informative World Music catalog of thousands of items including instruments, recordings, books and videos, lots of interesting interviews with musicians, articles about traditional music, tips on maintaining and playing musical instruments, historical information, Summer Camp, new Lark items and much more.

London Calling Internet
London Calling Internet Ltd., London, UK
As an independent, cooperative group we aim to offer an entertaining, informative place with easy access to services, entertainment and arts-oriented editorials and some exciting new items made available through mail order on the Net. We are not a shopping mall but more of a magazine.

The London Mall
Micro Media Ltd, London, UK
Our mission is to provide a central focus for a broad range of users. Many of the domestic services listed here will be UK services. Others may be anywhere in the world. Micro Media offers services to the casual user in the form of a useful London guide and Mall, and to organizations wishing to advertise on the Net. A Lynx based text browser is also available. Login as "mall".

Mac Educational Software -- New Programs & Special Discounts
Science Education Software, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, US
Science Education Software has added new vocabulary games in classics and romance languages to its Mac game series. Web surfers can download and purchase the software electronically for 50% off standard electronic purchase prices.

Macintosh Application Environment (MAE) Home Page
MAE Engineering Group / Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA, US
The MAE Engineering Team, in Apple Computer, Inc's AppleSoft division, announces a new Web site for the Macintosh Application Environment. MAE runs 68K-based Macintosh applications on Solaris and HP-UX workstations.

Major Links
Micro Magic, Madison, AL, US
A list of Web links to pages related to The Major BBS from Galacticomm. Included are TPDs/ISVs, Internet capable MBBS boards, and other related items. Please leave a comment if you notice a missing site.

Maui Paradise Health & Rejuvenation Center
Shareen Summers, Kihei, HI, US
This magnificent 20-acre tropical jungle estate located in the heart of Maui is available for sale or lease option. Featuring cathedral waterfalls, crystal clear pools, pure spring water and many varieties of fruit trees. Truly a Garden of Eden, the finest or as we say in Maui,"No Ka Oi".

Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory, Strasbourg, France
The following shorter, more user-friendly and mnemonic URL alias has been introduced: http://cdsweb.u-strasbg.fr/mediatheque.html. This anchor will point to the same document as the old one that does not need to be modified if it is already hotlisted.

Medicinal Chemistry Project
MedChem, Claremont, CA, US
The Medicinal Chemistry Project, in conjunction with Biobyte Corp. and Pomona College, is pleased to announce a chemistry-oriented WWW server. Contents include computer-chemistry topics (SMILES and ClogP), searchable archives (hypermail version of compchem mailing list, 6,000-entry QSAR database, 38,000 compound names), and software vendor information.

Microelectromechanical Systems Research Page
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, US
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) is currently revolutionizing the field of sensors and actuators through the use of new techniques and processes. MEMS focuses on development of tiny electromechanical devices for a diverse range of applications such as miniature accelerometers for air-bag systems and disposable blood pressure sensors (many other applications are being hotly researched).

Mike Watt's Web World
Sony Music, New York, NY, US
The new album/wrestling bill by Mike Watt (x-fIREHOSE and Minutemen: career spanning 15 years and 18 albums), round-by-round, song-by-song. Watt's thrown down with some of his closest and most tail-kickin' friends and made his most free-wheeling and fully realized recording since the Minutemen.

The MIR Image Processing Laboratory
Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, St. Louis, MO, US
The MIR Image Processing Laboratory server provides information on 3D medical imaging research currently conducted at the Washington University Medical Center, in St. Louis. Topics include neuroimaging research, spiral CT imaging, prosthetic fitting systems, dental imaging, sample data sets and 3D programs, NLM FAQ, and IEEE TMI Journal.

MIS Collaboratory
Center for Information Systems Management, UT Austin, Austin, TX, US
CISM was established to provide a focal point for innovative research into the effective development, use and management of computer and communications technologies by organizations in today's global marketplace. We have created the the MIS Forum to facilitate interactions among MIS academics, professionals and students.

Mountain Travel*Sobek
El Cerrito, CA, US
Mountain Travel*Sobek, The Adventure Company, is the oldest, most experienced adventure travel firm in the world. We can take you to the seven continents and as many seas, from Zimbabwe to Antarctica, down the Zambezi and up Aconcagua. Adventure travel postcards, weekly updated adventure travel news and more await!

Mountain Trip
The Alaskan Center, Anchorage, Alaska, US
Mountain Trip provides climbing expeditions to Denali (Mt. McKinley), Mt. Hunter, Mt. Foraker, Mt. Sanford and climbing seminars in the Alaska Range. We offer several routes on Denali: the West Buttress and the more technical West Rib.

Music Scene International
Seattle, WA, US
Music Scene International brings you the latest in new music from scenes all over the globe. See it, hear it and buy it with ease at MSI. Online, phone, fax and mail orders accepted. There's no easier way for you to browse and buy the latest noise from the world of independent music.

MyCard Presentation Software
Rockwood, TN, US
MyCard is a platform independent presentation technology that is futuristic, yet compatible with universal computer disks. Words and images combine with color and motion to tell a client's unique story. You can download via FTP two different demos of the MyCard software and have a free look for yourself.

National Computer Tectonics Magazine
Markland Communities, Inc., Lenoir City, TN, US
National Computer Tectonics is a computer magazine aimed at small business and home office users. Our World Wide Web edition features over 400 pages of news and reviews. With articles on desktop publishing, CAD, multimedia, what's new in fax technology, how to set up a small network (our most popular articles), and others, NCT is the information source for people who buy computer equipment and supplies.

National Graffiti Information Network
InfoWest, St. George, UT, US
National Graffiti Information Network is an organization which specializes in crime and graffiti prevention.

New site for Oceania, the new country in development. You may get the Constitution and Laws, plus information on related books such as The Atlantis Papers and The Millennial Project. You may also view true color pictures of Oceania plus view back issues of the Oceania Oracle. Animations of Oceania are also online as well as information on how to receive an Oceania passport.

The Official South Carolina Travel Guide
Webvertising (tm), Houston, TX, US
A complete and extensive tour of our golden beaches, championship golf, historic plantations, scenic foothills, outlet shopping and events.

The Online Bazaar
Boulder Online Media Services, Boulder, CO, US
This is the meeting place for interesting people and the marketplace for the curious and unexpected. This location contains mountaineering and recreational sites, a site for "local" artists, and information on Boulder and Colorado.

The Online Educator
Hass Associates, West Bloomfield, MI, US
This site is the Web component of The Online Educator magazine, a monthly journal dedicated to making the Internet an accessible, easy-to-use classroom resource for K-12 teachers. Includes a hot list updated weekly of links to good educational sites.

Oregon OnLine
State of Oregon, Salem, OR, US
Links to information about the state of Oregon and Oregon state government. Oregon: things look different here.

Orthotronics, Inc.
Gloversville, NY, US
One of the largest and oldest orthodontic recycling labs in the US, Orthotronics pioneered "gentle" recycling methods for recovery of orthodontic bands and brackets. An average orthodontist can save $1,000 dollars per month by recycling molar bands and direct bond brackets. We guarantee corrosion-free performance for two years of oral use.

Pacific Rim Network Systems
Anchorage, AK, US
Custom multimedia kiosk systems, from design, hardware configuration, fixture fabrication to installation. We also design client/server database applications, specializing in the travel and transportation industries. Consulting services also include WAN design and implementation.

The Pipeline Network: Business Services
New York, NY, US
The Pipeline Network, New York's premier Internet Gateway, is pleased to announce an array of business services designed to help companies establish sites on the Internet. We can create an Internet presence that best suits the information you're looking to distribute and help you create Web sites, gophers, mailing lists, and more.

The Princeton Spigot
Princeton, NJ, US
The Princeton Spigot is one of the nation's first student-run college webzines. It intergrates conveniently organized Princeton resources with a journal about computing, the Internet, and original student writing. Though the webzine is focused around Princeton readers, netsurfers might be interested in the Future Section, which contains a number of articles about new media trends and concepts.

PRO-BOT Promotional Robots
PeachWeb Corp., Atlanta, GA, US
"OSCAR" is a sophisticated, robotic `people magnet' that generates and entertains crowds with his wit and outgoing personality everywhere he appears. Radio controlled with an advanced two-way audio system, OSCAR actually listens and responds to audiences, and his built-in video system, with camera, VCR and color TV, enables him to promote any product service or event. His sound effects and music add to the magic.

Region II California Telementors
Shasta County Office Of Education, Redding, CA, US
This site will be used as an information exchange for educators and a general business point for the regions 24 telementors. The Telementors were chosen last spring to represent the nine counties of Northern California in a unique Telecommunications Project. The Telemation Project intends to bring together a variety of agencies and organizations from across the state, in a unified, partnership effort to address specific goals.

Resource Page for Biblical Studies
Volda College/Inst. for Religious Studies, Volda, Norway
A resource page for those interested in Biblical and related studies. Contains pointers to Bible translations, linguistic resources, electronically published Biblical material, indexes, museums, libraries, archeology pages and some other search engine pages.

The Rohm and Haas Web
Information Technology, Philadelphia, PA, US
Rohm and Haas, a Fortune 500 multinational producer of specialty polymers and biologically active compounds, is pleased to announce the availability of our Web site. We plan to add new product lines and businesses over the next few months. Feel free to visit and send us feedback.

Ryhiner Map Collection
University Library of Berne, Berne, Switzerland
The Ryhiner map collection is one of the most valuable and considerable collections of the world, consisting of more than 15,000 maps, charts, plans and views from the 16th to the 18th century, covering the whole globe. Aspects such as conservation and microfilming of maps are discussed. Examples of maps in gif-format are shown.

Sigma Gamma Tau at OU
Norman, OK, US
Contact point for the University of Oklahoma's chapter of SGT, with links to other chapters, OU resources, and aerospace pages scattered around the globe. Also linked to OU's SGT Image Archive.

Southern Minnesota Schools
Indep. School District #77, Mankato/North Mankato, MN, US
Mankato and North Mankato Area Schools announce a Virtual Open House to share student art and writing work, a searchable staff directory, Parent Teacher Organizations, Educational Resources for teachers and students, and other information.

The Spectacular State: Fascism and the Modern Imagination
Weston Triemstra, Vancouver, US
The Spectacular State is a public forum happening in Vancouver which brings together artists, activists, and scholars to generate critical discussion about the various characteristics and consequences of fascism in its historical and contemporary contexts. The forum will include film and video screenings, art exhibitions, lectures, panels and roundtable discussions at a number of different venues.

Spencer Gifts Internet Store
Vienna, VA, US
Your headquarters for the amusing, the unexpected, the unique! This month look for new items in our Neon shop; The Book from Magic...the Gathering; and get a jump on St. Patrick's Day with an Anheuser-Busch collector's stein. If you are interested in an item not found in our catalog, visit one of our 500 retail stores or e-mail us at spencer@btg.com.

Stanley Foundation Bipolar Network
National Inst. of Mental Health / National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Wash., DC, US
The Stanley Foundation Bipolar Network is a non-profit venture of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) in combination with the National Institute of Mental Health. Our page, although not fully developed, is designed to help provide information about the Stanley Foundation Bipolar Network and bipolar (manic-depressive) illness research and treatment.

Steve Schutz - Artist Online
Lincoln, NE, US
Lincoln, Nebraska (USA) artist Steve Schutz works exclusively with colored pencil and describes his work as "surrealistic abstraction." He creates contrast as well as depth with the hope of evoking a positive, provocative thought or feeling, bringing personal satisfaction to the interpretation.

SuperBusiness NET
San Jose, CA, US
SuperBusiness NET provides a premier Web presence for businesses. We will be supporting secure commerce using the latest server technology as well as customized FTP support. We also specialize in setting up businesses with technical support for their customers via the Web and custom FTP. We also have PPP dial-up support for our business customers as well as individuals.

T'ai Chi Ch'uan with Ron Perfetti
Hawaii T'ai Chi Chuan Association, Makawao, HI, US
Information on the ancient Chinese movement/healing/martial art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan. Includes traditional philosophy and description of basic principles, as well as information on ordering of instructional video and audio tapes. Information reflects the teaching of Ron Perfetti, 20+ year practitioner and certified instructor.

Office of Technology Transition, Alexandria, VA, US
TechTRANSIT is developed by the Defense Technical Information Center. It is the single entry linkage to all technology transfer activities of the U.S. Defense Department. In addition, links are provided to the technology transfer activities of federal, state, and international organizations.

Quote Services, Inc., Dayton, OH, US
TermQuote is a computer database service which uses your personal criteria to locate the best, low-cost term life insurance protection for you. No one company offers everyone the lowest life insurance rates at any one time. TermQuote selects the lowest rates for your review, compares them side-by-side, lists them in the most favorable order.

The Terrorist Profile Weekly Home Page
Chris DiBona, Fairfax, VA, US
The Terrorist Profile Weekly now has a Web site! Begun as a mailing list, it has garnered recognition in Online Access, Internet World and many small local papers. If you're interested in terrorism, this is the place to look.

Theodora Handpainted Needlepoint Canvases
Haddonfield, NJ, US
Theodora is world renowned for her custom handpainted needlepoint canvases. These limited edition works of art are now available directly from the studio! Web services provided by WebMasters International, Inc. (WMI).

THOMAS -- Legislative Information on the Internet
Library of Congress, Washington, DC, US
The THOMAS system provides legislative information on the workings of Congress on a day-to-day basis. The full text of legislation for the 103rd and 104th Congresses has been available since January 6, 1995. As of February 23, 1995 the full text of the Congressional Record for both the House and Senate is available for the 104th Congress. An overview of each day's proceedings is available through the Daily Digest.

Toronto Dominion Bank (TD), a financial information resource for Canada.
Toronto, ON, Canada
TD offers a full spectrum of data and planning tools, beginning with recaps of its recent financial performance and press releases. To this base is added timely economic reports from the bank's leading economists, small business advice through its Bu$inessmatters articles, mortgage advice, including a home buying checklist, a recap of market indices, and extensive RRSP information.

Triple International Inc.
Triple International Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
Internet Presence Provider with offices in San Francisco, London, Paris, Hamburg and Oslo.

Undercurrent: An Online Journal for Analysis of the Present
Erick Heroux, Eugene, OR, US
A free online journal for interdisciplinary analysis of the currents beneath current events. For an educated, though not necessarily academic, audience. Many of our contributors work in a particular field, like sociology, literary studies, history, etc. Our articles attempt to reach an audience outside of those specializations.

University of Macau WWW Server
Univ. of Macau, Taipa, Macau
Our server provides information about Macau and University of Macau, including education, local events, tourism, history and culture.

University of Oregon Arts & Administration Program
Univ. of Oregon School of Architecture & Allied Arts, Eugene, OR, US
The purpose of this Web site is to provide information on the MA/MS degree in Arts Management, the undergraduate minor in Community Arts, faculty and student research, and other resources that will be of interest to the arts community.

University of Toledo Libraries
University of Toledo Carlson Library, Toledo, OH, US
Included are general library guides, detailed library maps, faculty/staff home pages, a new exhibit on 19th Century Medicine, and other resources for the University of Toledo libraries.

Web Street Mall
m.a.c.s., Wilkes-Barre, PA, US
Web Street Mall will help businesses and people to establish a presence on the Internet. We can help design your homepage and advertise your product or information. We are currently working on a virtual city tour and a tourism site for northeastern Pennsylvania.

William R. Storie & Co. Ltd.
William R. Storie & Co. Ltd. is an independent offshore financial consulting and management company based in Bermuda. The company specialises in captive insurance/reinsurance, investment management, and offshore company management. WRSL publishes 'BerBiz', a monthly electronic newsletter of events and changes within the international business sector of Bermuda.

Women Investors Day
Women Investors Committee, New York, NY, US
We believe that stockholder return will be maximized if female talent is recognized when corporations select their leaders. Join our letter writing campaign and attend one of our March 14 receptions.

Wood & Wire -- indie music on the WWW
Sydney, Australia
A resource run by musicians for musicians, specializing in indie and alternative pop music.

The Yale Daily News Online
New Haven, CT, US
The oldest college daily newspaper in the United States is now on the World Wide Web. The Yale Daily News Online features each day's stories, appearing every night as the paper goes to bed.

Your PC Solution
Mankato, MN, US
Design and have us send you a price for your own computer system on-line. We will ship. Visa/MC/PO.

Monday, 6 March 1995

1995 ZLAW Real Estate Lawyer Software
ZLAW Software, Inc., Providence, RI, US
Tired of paying outrageous legal fees? Now you can create binding real estate documents instantly without hiring an attorney! Real Estate Lawyer (TM) is the only do-it-yourself legal software package designed exclusively for real estate. And remember, software purchased for business purposes is tax-deductible.

3D Image Maps - The Cyberview 3D Document Generator
Paul Burchard/The Geometry Center, Minneapolis, MN, US
The Cyberview 3D Document Generator is a new WWW server add-on that makes it easy to create HTML documents with inline, rotatable, hyperlinked 3D images (3D imagemaps). These 3D pages are created using ordinary HTML (together with one special IMG3D tag to inline the 3D data), and can be viewed with any HTML 2.0-compatible Web browser. Binaries for selected server platforms are freely available from The Geometry Center.

A-1 Bargain Buyer's Channel
Northcoast Internet, Eureka, CA, US
A-1 Bargain Buyer's Channel on Redwood Country Unlimited. Check out our huge discounts on items ranging from office equipment to sporting goods. We buy wholesale or below wholesale to pass the savings on to you. We shop the world for your buying pleasure.

ACC Tournament: Wired
InfiNet, Greensboro, NC, US
This official WWW site of the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament will offer continuous score updates during the games, March 9 through 12. Beginning March 1 we'll provide a wealth of stats, background information and fun online interaction focusing on the nation's premiere college basketball conference.

Access Monterey Peninsula
Access Business Connections, Monterey, CA, US
The Monterey Peninsula has hit the Internet. The all new Access Monterey Peninsula features special event and tourism information for the cities of Carmel, Monterey, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove and other Monterey Communities. Win an Access Monterey Peninsula screen saver in our weekly trivia contest.

Acoustic Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin Resource Pages
Jim Prior, Portland, OR, US
A resource for those interested in the care and maintenance, history, and answers to frequently asked questions regarding these instruments. Presented from the experience of over 30 years building, restoring and repairing thousands of string instruments.

Aggies for Christ Web Site
College Station, TX, US
The AFC is a Christian Student Group at Texas A & M University. The purpose of this Web site is to inform the world of our activities, and as a means of communicating information to members.

Alaska Wilderness Sailing Safaris
The Alaskan Center, Anchorage, Alaska, US
Sail and kayak with local experts. Drs. Jim and Nancy Lethcoe have explored Prince William Sound and the Chugach National Forest's wilderness areas by sail and kayak for the past 26 years. They have an intimate knowledge of the area's unique geology, glaciology, climate, flora and fauna as well as the Sound's history and have published seven books on the region. To preserve the quality of the area, trip sizes are limited, so be sure to book early.

Alex: A Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet
The Alex Project, Washington, DC, US
Alex helps users to find and retrieve the full-text of documents on the Internet. It currently indexes over 1800 books and shorter texts by author and title, incorporating texts from Project Gutenberg, Wiretap, the On-line Book Initiative, the Eris system at Virginia Tech, the English Server at Carnegie Mellon University, Project Bartlesby, CCAT, the on-line portion of the Oxford Text Archive, and many others.

Cedro Group, San Jose, CA, US
We publish online catalogs for members of the Ski Industries America. We are also working on an outdoor and recreational sports forum. If you are interested in sports and outdoor activities, please visit our site.

The Aluminum Industry
Integrated Concepts Inc., Oud Beijerland, ZH, The Netherlands
This new server, launched and maintained by Integrated Concepts Inc., provides information on companies involved (directly or indirectly) in the production of aluminum and/or aluminum products.

American Studies Web
David Phillips, Yale University, New Haven, CT, US
A guide to American Studies Resources on the Internet with links to over 450 information servers in the fields of history, literature, art and material culture, performance arts, religion and philosophy, and social sciences.

Anoka High School Alumni Web Server
St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN, US
The Anoka High School Alumni WWW server provides information for graduates and news from Anoka, including sports highlights, fine arts events, and reunion information.

Atlanta Web Guide
Atlanta, GA, US
Coming to Atlanta? Atlanta Web Guide can help you plan your visit. Learn about our city's attractions and discover where to stay, dine, shop, and be entertained. Our Web pages also provide local maps as well as information about current happenings.

ATLSS Engineering Research Center
Bethlehem, PA, US
ATLSS, the Center for Advanced Technology for Large Structural Systems, is an NSF Engineering Research Center at Lehigh University. ATLSS's research focus is high-performance large structural systems of the civil and marine infrastructure. Research areas include innovative structural systems & materials, life-prediction & condition assessment, renewal engineering, and life-cycle engineering & information systems.

Barbra Jean's Famous Candies
Winthrop, MA, US
Serving the World Wide Web with fine chocolates, fudge, and hand-made candy. Come visit today.

Bollettino Valanghe per Sci Alpinisti
University of Trento, Rovereto, Trento, Italy
Avalanches report for Alps (North Italy) -- in Italian.

Business And The Law
Reinhart, Boerner, Van Deuren, Norris & Rieselbach, s.c., Milwaukee, WI, US
Business And The Law is a new WWW site featuring articles and information concerning legal topics of interest to business. Areas covered include health care, corporate law, environmental, litigation and more.

CD ROM Paradise
Milano, MI, Italy
Shop online directly from the CD ROM Publisher. CD ROM Paradise delivers internationally via air mail at no additional cost. CD ROM Paradise products range from shareware CD ROM collections to multimedia guides, and services include custom CD ROM data preparation, indexing, prototyping, HTML and contract consulting.

CDnow--The Internet Music Store
Ambler, PA, US
The world's largest music store just got bigger. CDnow, The Internet Music Store has added 6,000 music videos and concert videos, as well as hundreds of great T-shirts at ridiculously low prices. With inventory information on-line, you can see what's available before you place your order. CDnow still sells over 100,000 CDs, cassettes and vinyl LPs, imported and domestic.

CeBIT '95 WWW-Server.
Hannover, Germany
The information guide for the CeBIT '95 Trade Fair in Hannover, Germany, March 8-15, 1995. Companies exhibiting on the CeBIT '95 are welcome to send the URL's of their WWW servers to webmaster@www.messe.de.

Census IT Standards
US DOC Bureau of the Census, Washington, DC, US
This page contains a collection of links to Internet resources about information technology (IT) standards. The activities reflected by entries in this page include federal information processing standards and related NIST publications, standards activities of X3 technical committees, IEEE standards development activities, and the work supported by a number of IT industry consortia.

Centre for Teaching and Learning Support
University of Hull, Hull, North Humberside, England, UK
The CTLS promotes quality and innovation in teaching, with particular reference to learning technology. Our homepage provides information on the work of the CTLS and forthcoming workshops and conferences relating to learning technology as well as a host of links to sites relevant to education technology and subject resources.

Chase Tavern Farm Alpacas
Bowdoin, ME, US
Chase Tavern Farm, located in Bowdoin, Maine is an alpaca breeding farm. Alpacas, the cousin of the llama, are being raised for their luxurious fiber. There are a limited number of these animals in the United States and they are considered to be "the world's finest livestock investment." Come see our alpacas and learn more about this growing industry.

College Lacrosse
Centennial Conference, Lancaster, PA, US
College Lacrosse provides coaches and fans with the most up-to-date information on what's happening in the world of college lacrosse. The site will contain the latest news, scores, game summaries, standings, polls and other information about the "fastest game on two feet."

Computer Data Archival Services
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
CDAS provides the service of archiving hard drives, floppies, QIC-80 tapes, and bernoulli disks on CD-ROM.

The Conservative Link
Jeff Williams, Pullman, WA, US
The Conservative Link is an informational forum for conservatives to link to a multitude of sources, including ftp and gopher links, e-mail links, links to other conservative publications and sites, and coming soon, a message board and political commentary page. I invite individuals to submit additional information via e-mail.

Dallas Child Magazine
Underground Rivers, Dallas, TX, US
Dallas Child Magazine is a 9-year-old monthly magazine devoted to the education, welfare, and positive upbringing of our children. This family-oriented publication is designed to give parents all over the world insight and an advantage in raising children.

Dargate Auction Galleries
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Dargate Auction Galleries provides complete services tailored to the needs of executors or individuals. One piece or an entire estate. Free and friedly consultation by owners/auctioneers Carol and Larry Farley (RH 000149 L). Appraisal and purchasing services are also available. Come and see the details of our March 4-5 Auction. Dargate is part of the fast-growing Internet Business Pages.

The Right to Die Society of Canada, Victoria, BC, Canada
DeathNET is the first online resource specializing in "end of life" issues, such as living wills, palliative care, assisted suicide and euthanasia. It offers the world's largest library of right-to-die materials: news bulletins; original articles and the full texts of major right-to-die court cases in Canada and the United States.

Deep Space Mall
Frazier Park, CA, US
Deep in Cyber Space there's a place... where you can shop. The Deep Space Mall. Vitamins, self defense products, counterfeit perfumes, gifts, etc. We use PGP to protect your credit card number. Send questions or comments to webmaster@deepspace.com.

San Francisco, CA, US
Designlink is an online resource for the creative professions. Our Web site reproduces many of the resources available on our FirstClass site including Designlink Online Portfolios and the Creative Directory.

Digital Island
Prince Edward Island
Digital Island is a Kingston, Prince Edward Island, Canada-based company providing information management, systems design, aesthetic repair, and 1983 Nissan Sentra body repair services to clients across the Maritimes and around the world.

Doing It In C++
PAC Software, Inc., Golden, CO, US
If you're a C programmer whose been meaning to learn C++ and object-oriented programming, we've got the way to do it. "Doing It In C++" is our new videotape training course that will take you through all the fundamentals of object-oriented programming while teaching you the C++ language.

Elaine Coyne Galleries
Atlanta, GA, US
Elaine Coyne Galleries offers art wear jewelry and fashion accessories. Belts, earrings, necklaces, pins and cuffs; handcast or handforged in brass or sterling silver. Our pieces are signed and copyright by Elaine Coyne. We're known for exotic patina finishes and limited edition semi-precious stones.

Electric Press, Inc.
Reston, VA, US
Electric Press has a new look! Electric Press is the largest full-service business publisher on the Web with over 40 complete corporate Web servers released and more on the way. Along with complete information about Electric Press, there are links to some of our favorite customers, and a demonstration of secure ordering (Netscape required).

Berkeley, CA, US
Enterzone is a hyperzine of writing, art, and new media. It features criticism, fiction, philosophy, hypertexts, computer graphics, interactive artforms, drawings and sound. We are pleased to announce the release of Episode 2 of Enterzone.

Erik Simpson Design
San Antonio, TX, US
Erik Simpson Design is a design studio based in San Antonio, TX specializing in high concept marketing and advertising. Our site gives information about our company, original Internet art exhibits, pointers to other cool exhibits and a weekly column called "Blab" that focuses on net happenings.

Ethical Independent Financial Advice - GÆIA
Manchester, UK
Minding money and morals. GÆIA promotes socially responsible investments and savings. Move your money in an ethical direction with pensions, lump sums, regular savings and mortgages. GÆIA is a member of The M+E network ltd. Regulated by the Personal Investment Authority.

Frame Technology Corporation
San Jose, CA, US
Frame Technology provides award-winning document writing and processing software for individual or workgroup creation and distribution of critical documents. Frame's products are widely recognized for their PC, Macintosh and UNIX cross-platform compatibility, enabling individuals, companies, government agencies, and academic institutions to increase productivity by leveraging their valuable business and research data.

Fujitsu Systems Business of American
Santa Clara, CA, US
Programming and technical support for the UGMX CAD family of programs.

The Funny Times
Cleveland, OH, US
The homepage of the Funny Times, the monthly magazine of politics, humor, and fun! Features cartoons by professional cartoonists, updated weekly.

Gary Null Associates
Multi-Trendz Intermedia Inc, Queens, NY, US
Health and Fitness Advocate Gary Null presents his full catalog of books, audio cassettes, videos and nutritional supplements to the World Wide Web. Brought to you by Multi-Trendz Intermedia .

Getting Past Go, A Survival Guide for College Graduates
Monumental General Insurance Group, Baltimore, MD, US
Come visit Getting Past Go, A Survival Guide for College Graduates. This site offers people leaving college a wealth of information about writing resumes, finding a job by using online resources, staying connected to the Internet after graduation, getting interim health insurance, and seeking a place to locate. The site is updated monthly, so plan to visit often.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
Akron, OH, US
The home page of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., North America's leading tire manufacturer, provides valuable product information, plus a wealth of knowledge on tires and vehicle maintenance. Preview the comprehensive racing schedule and calendar of Goodyear blimp appearances.

Grand Canyon River Running
Experimental Server, Tucson, AZ, US
A resource for information about running the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. It includes a multi-media river trip, private trip bulletin board, a list of commercial outfitters, and National Park Service river management policies.

Green Bay Online
DCT Technologies, Green Bay, WI, US
Green Bay Online offers a full range of internet connections through our high-speed network. From 14.4k dialup service to direct connect SLIP to your desktop or UNIX host. Our systems are local to Green Bay - you dial local numbers directly into our high speed network. In addition to being a full access internet service, we offer many other services to your club, organization or business.

Guerrilla Marketing Online Strategies
Sedona, AZ, US
Guerrilla Marketing Online Strategies brings proven Guerrilla Marketing methods to the Internet. For the past 15 years, thousands of businesses have profited from Jay Levinson's Guerrilla Marketing methods, and now Charles Rubin brings them to the Net.

Guest House Cottages Bed & Breakfast
D. Beasley, Seattle, WA, US
Guest House Cottages Bed & Breakfast is a beautiful place for anyone looking for a relaxing environment away from the bustle of city life. Located at Greenbank, Whidbey Island, Washington, it is easily reached by ferry from Seattle or driving across Deception Pass from the north. Owned and operated by the Creger Family.

Guinness Flight Mutual Funds
Pasedena, CA, US
Guinness Flight, a London-based specialist in global equity, bond and currency management, serves corporate, institutional and private clients around the world. Until recently, Guinness Flight's 75 worldwide mutual funds were not available in the United States. As of 1994, however, Guinness Flight began offering two timely investment opportunities to U.S. investors: the China & Hong Kong Fund and the Global Government Bond Fund.

Harbottle & Lewis
London, England, UK
A U.K. entertainment and media law firm. Founded in 1955 and based in central London, Harbottle & Lewis is a leader in the field of entertainment and media law and combines this work with strong commercial, litigation, aviation and property practices.

High - End Audio Amplifiers
AZT, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Place to find information on building your own audio amplifiers, from kits or drawings.

Homes & Open Houses
Caravan Express Inc., Santa Monica, CA, US
Homes & Open Houses is your comprehensive source for real estate information in the Los Angeles area. Over 5,000 listings are organized by city and price. Special features including color photos, agent and company profiles, and a directory of real estate professionals.

HyperMedia Technologies
Avon, CT, US
HyperMedia Technologies is a "selected topic" web server. Current topics include: holography, prepaid phonecards, martial arts, and exotic picture gallery.

Information Headquarters for the Republican Presidential Primary
Andrew Sears, Rolla, MO, US
An information headquarters has been established for those interested in the Republican presidential primary. Information about most potential candidates is available, including full text of bills and speeches of members of the House and Senate. More information will be added shortly.

INFOTEC, Information, Consulting and Training Services
Mexico City, Mexico
INFOTEC is a Mexican public company that offers technological information, consulting and training services. Its mission is to contribute to the improvement of productivity, principally of small and medium companies.

INROADS (Information Resource And Online Academic Degree System)
City University, Bellevue, WA, US
INROADS, from City University in Bellvue, WA allows students to apply to City University and register and complete courses electronically. Course work combines Internet features such as email, access to a wealth of research resources, and live forums, with the solid content of classroom-based courses. The first program to be offered is the Master of Business Administration. Classes begin April 1, 1995.

Intelligent Health - America's Natural Health Source
New York, NY, US
Intelligent Health Resources Inc. was founded by Rick Nappi, N.D., DIHom. Doctor of Naturopathy/Homeopathy. The focus of this organization is to provide the most reliable and responsible natural health care information available today. Through education, research, and dialogue, our goal is to provide you with the tools that can empower you to become more informed about natural health practices, through no-nonsense, lay terminology.

Internet Seminars Incorporated
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Internet Seminars Incorporated, in conjunction with UUNET Canada, is pleased to announce the Internet Seminars Incorporated WWW Home Page. The "Educational Materials" section of our home page features a shareware presentation that we encourage trainers and educators to download and use.

The Jaguars WWW Site
James L. Burk, Gainesville, FL, US
An archive of information on the Jacksonville Jaguars, an NFL expansion team which begins play this fall. Done by Jim Burk, a student at the University of Florida.

Jon Lasser's Poetry
Baltimore, MD, US
Poetry by Jon Lasser.

KCMSD Planetarium
Kansas City, MO, US
The Kansas City Missouri School District Planetarium is at the Southwest Science/Math Magnet High School. The facility is a 10 meter dome (57 theater seats) with a Spitz 512 Instrument. This site also contains links to several other planetarium pages.

The Lightouse Electronic Magazine
TLeM/NetCentral, Nashville, TN, US
The Lighthouse Electronic Magazine (TLeM) is a monthly magazine focusing on contemporary Christian music. It offers artist interviews, album reviews, upcoming release lists, and more.

the LOTproject vienna
LOTproject, Vienna, Austria
An international art-project on mobility and urbanism by Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber.

Macau Home Page
Macau Internet Gateway Services, Macau
The objective of the Macau home page is to promote the image of Macau to the international Internet community.

MAES National Magazine Winter 1995 Edition
Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists, College Station, TX, US
MAES National Magazine spotlights prominent Hispanic role models. This issue features Colonel Cecil J. AmparÖn of the U.S. Marine Corps, the work of San Antonio artist Jesse Treviço, NASA intern Kloeber Robson Oliveira of EARTH College in Costa Rica, and more.

The Maples Fruit Farm
VirtuMall New Media, Cambridge, MA, US
A complete range of natural, home grown food items ranging from coffees to teas to maple syrup, fruit mixes, nuts, chocolate-covered cherries and wonderful gift baskets of all types. Also, a coffee-of-the-month club.

Marketing Masters Survey Software
Marketing Masters, Townsend, MA, US
Marketing Masters provides software tools for survey administration including Survey Said for Windows and Survey Said for the Web. Surveys can be administered electronically (LANS WANS, or Internet), paper forms, or mailed on diskettes. Survey Said is a comprehensive package from survey design to analysis.

Materials Science & Engineering at SUNY Stony Brook
State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY, US
Home page for the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at SUNY Stony Brook. Includes course listings, facilities, student and faculty information, and more.

the maze
Archlab, Vienna, Austria
"the maze" is an interactive maze; each part of it belongs to a user. Wandering through the maze means getting in contact with other users.

Media FX Corporation--Petroleum/Oil & Gas Links
Calgary, AB, Canada
This page attempts to provide a complete set of links to commercial oil & gas Web pages. There are no links to academic or government pages as these are readily available from many other sources.

San Jose, CA, US
Megamedia produces the Megapak for the PC and the Macintosh. Megapak consists of 11 best selling CD-ROM software titles on 11 CDs. The 11-pak lists for $39.95. Check out the best in Multimedia CD-ROM software bundles.

MetaCenter Computational Science Highlights
NSF MetaCenters, NY, CO,PA, IL, CA, CA, US
The NSF-funded supercomputer centers (CTC, NCSA, NCAR, PSC, and SDSC) have created a repository of multimedia computational science articles. Stories include: modeling blood flow in the human heart; simulating the behavior of cancer genes and enzyme/inhibitor complexes vital to the design of new drugs; the Shoemaker-Levy comet's impact on Jupiter; and more.

Minor Earth's Music Home Page
Brian Richardson, Clemson, SC, US
Come and see Minor Earth via WWW ... The music page for Minor Earth, an original funk-rock band from Clemson, SC. Page kept in shape by Brian Richardson.

The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, US
The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), the flagship publication of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is now available in Adobe(TM) Acrobat(TM) format. The MMWR provides the latest health-related information and documents the research activities of the CDC.

The Multimedia Newsstand
Hearst New Media, New York, NY, US
A great page that is an online newsstand, with a library of thousands of magazines that can be easily subscribed to online. There are also many other attractions like a Swap Shoppe where you can sell and trade baseball cards, comic books, and other collectibles. There is also a video library of thousands of popular videos. One can stay at this site all day and never be bored!

National Electronics Test Centre (NETC)
Dublin, Ireland
The National Electronics Test Centre (NETC), Dublin, Ireland provides electrical, electronics and communications testing services and consultancy. The lab acts as an approvals gateway to Europe for international equipment suppliers. Services offered include ISDN and PSTN safety and conformance testing, safety testing of IT equipment, environmental testing and EMC testing.

National Sun Yat-sen University
Computer Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ROC
The university is located at Kaohsiung harbor, which is one of the busiest harbors in the world and also the southern entrance to Taiwan. The WWW server, maintained by the computer center of the university, has information not only about the school, but also about the beautiful scenery of the national parks and precious art collections of the national history museum. This server is in Chinese big-5 codes. English version will be available soon.

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 1995
Yatcom Communications, New Orleans, LA, US
Complete information on the Jazz Fest, which is New Orleans' second largest festival, held on the weekends of April 28-30 and May 4-7. Schedules for both the night concert series and the Heritage Fair, along with tips on how to have a great time at the Fest. Brought to the Net by Yatcom Communications.

The New York Subway Finder
Barry Krusch, New York, NY, US
This Web server will give instant subway directions to any Manhattan address. Includes links to other subway information sources.

The NOAA Network Information Center
Suitland, MD, US
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Network Information Center provides Internet services to the NOAA community.

On Line Design
Santa Clara, CA, US
On Line Design has been actively providing contract employment services for 28 years in the following classifications: engineers, designers, draftspersons, electronic technicians and desk top publishing/technical writing professionals. Recognized as a leader in the technical training field, On Line Design provides computer training in AutoCAD software, and performs AutoCAD conversion of your existing drawings.

On The Go Communications, Inc.
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX, US
On The Go Communications, Inc. keeps you informed with what's new in the market place, and provides the highest-quality merchandise for near-wholesale prices. We provide equipment such as TVs, VCRs, accessories, and home theater products. Our specialty is in providing satellite systems for both the consumer and commercial markets.

The Organic Coffee Company
San Francisco, CA, US
The Organic Coffee Company is dedicated to the roasting of only certified organic coffees, the best coffee on the planet. We donate 5% of our pretax profits to grassroots environmental groups in coffee producing and consuming areas.

OSD Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence (C3I)
C3I and DTIC, Alexandria, VA, US
The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C3I) Home Page was officially activated on 15 February 1995. The purpose of this page is to provide information on significant C3I programs and to aid in the distribution of related memoranda, guidelines, instructions and tools.

Pacific Fishery Biologists
Portland, OR, US
The Pacific Fishery Biologists was chartered in 1936 to promote fisheries science through research, cooperation, and the free exchange of ideas. The organization has over 600 members from the states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California, and from British Columbia and the Yukon Territories in Canada.

Pacific Hotel, Inc.
NETView Communications, San Jose, CA, US
Pacific Hotels of Los Gatos, CA is pleased to announce their new home page on the NETView Server. Pacific Hotel, Inc. owns and operates several hotels in the Silicon Valley area of Northern California. The three hotels, The Valley Park Hotel, The Arena Hotel, and the Crestview Hotel, are especially suited for business travelers and tourists that visit the Silicon Valley area. There are still affordable accommodations available for the Spring Internet World 95 Conference and Exhibition at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA. April 10-13, 1995

Packard Inc. (Wooden Boats)
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Driving a Packard is instant nostalgia. More than that, it's a "Time Machine." Brought to you by the Global Shopping Network (GSN).

Personalized Cash Receipt Books
Star-Receipt Books, Inc., Houston, TX, US
Improve your image and organize your finances with a custom cash receipt book: your logo, name, address, etc. printed on top. Serial numbers on each receipt. 1, 2 or 3 copies of each receipt using carbonless paper. Less than $15 per book.

Podesta Associates
InterMarket Associates, Washington, DC, US
Podeta Associates, a full-service policy and public affairs firm, provides a broad range of strategic and advocacy services, including extensive, bipartisan lobbying, creation and management of issue-based coalitions and grassroot organizations, specialized legislative and regulatory analysis, and attention-grabbing public and media affairs campaigns.

Porzer Fachuebersetzungen (translation office)
Vienna, Austria
Our language service serves as a switchboard between our clients and a team of translators proficient in every world language. Each one of our translators has profound experience in his or her specialized field of knowledge. All of them are professionals with a good feeling for words and stylistic expression. As a rule, each translator translates into his or her mother tongue.

Quorum International
Woburn Woods Management, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Quorum Direct and Woburn Woods Management wishes to introduce you to many unique high-quality items for personal and business use. There are six product lines. Free catalogs may be ordered from our Web site.

Racal-Datacom Professional Network Services Division
Jay Smith, Racal-Datacom, Inc, Atlanta, GA, US
Racal-Datacom announces the establishment of the Professional Network Services Division of Racal Datacom, Inc. Racal-Datacom provides for the delivery and management of information between headquarters and remote locations. Racal offers a range of products and systems, all of which are managed by a single, open integrated network-management platform and backed by network services.

Red Noses in Cyberspace
Unipalm Group plc, Cambridge, UK
Red Nose Day is on March 17th. Find out how the best of BBC comedy combines with thousands of sponsored events organized by the public to fund projects in Africa and the UK: Visit Red Noses in Cyberspace, the WWW site of Comic Relief, coordinators of Red Nose Day.

Remembrance Collectables
Multi-Trendz Intermedia Inc, Queens, NY, US
Remembrance Collectables presents two antique slot machines from the early 1900's. Brought to you by Multi-Trendz Intermedia .

RodCo Design Services
Alexandria, VA, US
RodCo offers the WWW a complete home page development service, including custom graphics, HTML forms, counters, and image mapping. For those who choose to create their own home page, RodCo offers free icons, buttons, rules, and the like for use in your documents.

Seniors Computer Information Project (SCIP)
Creative Retirement Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
The Seniors Computer Information Project (SCIP) will allow older adults to explore the use of computers and communication technology in senior centers, and will support the creation of a Canadian seniors online information system. This site includes a comprehensive list of pointers to Web sites of interest to seniors, including advocacy, health, housing, income, finance, and more.
http://www.mbnet.mb.ca/crm/ [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Six Rivers National Bank
Redwood Country Unlimited, Eureka, CA, US
Six Rivers National Bank is a locally owned and operated full-service financial institution serving the north coast of California and southern Oregon.

Somali Breed Rescue
Erin Miller, Chicago, IL, US
Somali Rescue is an attempt to provide a haven for unwanted Somali cats and place them in responsible homes. This page also links back to other Feline Rescue groups and a very complete directory of Canine Rescue groups on the internet, as well as the dog and cat FAQs.

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Halifax, NS, Canada
St. Paul's is part of the Anglican Church of Canada and occupies the oldest Protestant house of worship in Canada. Come and tour our building and see what this Christian congregation is doing in its 245th year of meeting at this location.

Super Blue Green Health Pages
Vancouver, BC, CA
100% organic, wild, super-food. Nutritional support for the immune system. Super Blue Green products from Cell Tech provide essential organic nutrition that can greatly enhance the body's natural ability to heal and maintain itself. Find out about this truly remarkable food.

Thompson Art Gallery
crl, Larkspur, CA, US
This new art gallery presents a new way of viewing art. Come and view the art works in 3-D! Yes, the art pops out in 3-D. More art to come!

Tough 'n Tender Sales Training
Redwood Country Unlimited, Eureka, CA, US
Close more sales and keep more profit with Jeanne Winkle's highly acclaimed sales training programs. Order audio or video cassettes and watch your business soar!

TriState Trading Inc. Jewelry and SportsWear
Garner, NC, US
We have been selling quality costume jewelry for five years. Now we are selling our jewelry at wholesale prices over the Internet starting at $4.50. Also, check out our silk clothes at very reasonable prices. Great for gifts or yourself, you will love what you see.

UIUC Geek Page
UIUC, Urbana, IL, US
The UIUC Geek Page is an informational link that contains information about the Web in relation to UIUC. The page contains the the awesome 'Useless' links and other cool home pages that relate to students.

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
Vienna, Austria
Information about educational and research activities at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna.

The Unofficial Buffalo Bills Home Page
Rockville, MD, US
A new home for Buffalo Bills fans on the Web. It contains news, links to other Buffalo Bills resources and forms for subscribing to Bills mailing lists. Owned and operated by Jason P Schanuel. Go Bills in '96!

Videobred, Inc.
Louisville, KY, US
Videobred, Inc. is the largest full service media facility in Kentucky. We have three digital video edit suites. Macintosh, PC, Unix and Amiga workstations produce graphics for projects and interactive presentations as well as Web pages.

Volga Summer School 1995 Information Page
Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala Division (IRFU), Wave Group, Uppsala, Sweden
The purpose of this series of Summer Schools, organised biannually by the Radiophysical Research Institute (NIRFI), Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, and the Uppsala Division of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRFU), Uppsala, Sweden, onboard a cruise ship on the Volga river, is to give an introduction to the problems of linear and non-linear space plasma physics, and to bring together experienced researchers, young scientists and scholars.

Web French Lessons by Jaques Leon
Salem, OR, US
The Human-Languages Page is proud to announce Web French Lessons, written by Jaques Léon.

Welcome to the IRFU Wave Group
Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala, Uppland, Sweden
This is the World Wide Web server of the Wave Group of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala Division (IRFU).

Westerly Publications
Redwood Country Unlimited, Eureka, CA, US
Westerly Publications publishes academic and business books worldwide. Westerly Magazine offers poetry, fiction, essays and photography. Westerly Agency represents new and published authors.

What's New In Medicine
Univ. of Texas Med. School, Dept. of Pathology and Lab. Medicine, Houston, TX, US
MEDIC at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston announces the addition of its What's New In Medicine home page. This page is provided as a service for the announcement of new medicine or health-related WWW servers. New additions to existing WWW servers can also be listed.

Whitebear Trade International Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A consortium of professionals who can assist you in marketing your company's products and services in Ukraine and Russia.

Working Assets Capital Management: Socially Responsible Investment
Portmouth, NH, US
Working Assets Capital Management is an investment company which specializes in identifying socially responsible companies with the potential to produce strong financial results, while helping to create the kind of world we want to live in today and tomorrow.

Zion Canyon Cinemax Theatre
InfoWest Global Information Services, St. George, UT, US
The Zion Canyon Cinemax Theatre is the ultimate large screen experience, showcasing the film "Treasure of the Gods," directed by award winning director Keith Merrill. Zion Canyon Cinemax Theatre is located in Utah's beautiful Zion National Park. The film is shown on a screen six stories high and 80 feet wide.

Wednesday, 8 March 1995

1994-1995 Internet Access Providers Marketplace Analysis
The Maloff Company, Dexter, MI, US
A market analysis report on Internet Services Providers based on the 1994-1995 time period is now available. The report was prepared by The Maloff Company. This web site includes the executive summary, table of contents, and a method for purchasing the report over the Internet. Web services provided by Aerial Views of Switzerland
M.A.C. Multimedia Application Center, Zurich, Switzerland
The M.A.C. AG in Switzerland is a fine electronic publishing company and offers over the World Wide Web their spectacular new multimedia CD, Aerial Views of Switzerland. Choose between English and German pages and head off to a great journey over mountains and valleys. On-line ordering is possible for internauts all over the world.

AIRSPACE Non-smokers' Rights Society
Vancouver, BC, Canada
AIRSPACE is an organization lobbying for clean air in all public areas and workplaces, for stiff penalties for selling tobacco to minors, and for an end to all tobacco advertising in Canada.

Alaska River Journeys
The Alaskan Center, Anchorage, AK, US
For the truly adventurous spirit, Alaska River Journeys puts you in touch with picturesque landscapes in the land of midnight sun, where caribou roam, eagles soar, and rivers flow from glaciers.

The Alphabet Emporium
Double Helix Productions, New Haven, CT, US
The page for all your alphabet .GIF needs.

Alt.Music, Los Angeles, CA, US
A music server dedicated to getting songs heard and making it easy for you to hear them. Not tied to any specific genre -- just plain good tunes. Currently featuring works by Liquor Cabinet, Monodrome, The Mumbletypegs, Possum Dixon, Pudding, Spindle and The Sugarplastic. With pictures and audio, full songs and 30-second snips. Please drop by and let me know what you think.

American Arts Alliance Advocacy Home Page
Washington, DC, US
In response to the imminent threat to the survival of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the American Arts Alliance is pleased to announce the creation of an "advocacy home page" and gopher site accessible to Internet users. The home page provides advocacy information and tools for arts supporters to communicate to their senators and representatives the need for continued federal support of the arts.

National Internet Source, Inc., Washington, DC, US
Dinosaur teeth, bones and eggs, meteorite fragments, all items for sale.

Arts Wire: Online Communications for the Arts
New York Foundation for the Arts, New York, NY, US
A national computer-based communications network for the arts community. It provides access to news, information, and dialogue on conditions affecting the arts and artists today. Arts Wire's home page offers detailed information about Arts Wire; HOTWIRE, a timely summary of arts news; a pointer to the Arts Wire gopher, a special WWW Tour Guide feature, and a growing collection of Web pages.

The Ascent of Mind: Ice Age Climates and the Evolution of Intelligence
Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
William Calvin's fifth nonfiction book, on the evolution of the human brain during the ice ages, is now available on the Web. First published by Bantam-Doubleday-Dell in 1990, it considers the abrupt climate changes that punctuate the last 2.5 million years to be the primary cause of the enlargement and reorganization of the ape brain.

An Authorable Web StoryBase
Computer Science Department, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, US
HCI researchers at Virginia Tech are studying Web usage by collecting and analyzing users' experiences. Browse our storybase and share your favorite Web story with others!

Bossert Specialties - Low Vision Products
Phoenix, AZ, US
Ira Bossert announces this new location. His online catalog will be growing. He offers a complete line of products to aid sight impaired persons. Plans are in the works to include products for persons with many types of disabilities.

Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, US
A teaching and information resource of Brigham and Woman's Hospital/Harvard Medical School Department of Radiology. Contents include teaching files, decision algorithms, faculty, research, training programs, and calendars.

Business Opportunity -- Windshield Repair
Ultra B-O-N-D Inc., Riverside, CA, US
Ultra B-O-N-D Inc., the company that invented and brought long crack repair to the windshield repair market, announces their new home page. The site includes information on the history of windshield repair as well as information on how, with Ultra B-O-N-D's patented process, people are earning six-figure incomes, and saving our environment from the senseless replacement of windshields.

Cafe Sedona: Mystical Advice and Snack Bar
S. Pirits, Sedona, AZ, US
It's no coincidence...if you are reading this, you were meant to visit Cafe Sedona. Whether you are looking for inspiration, love, spiritual adventures, or a bite to eat, you'll want to visit us now. Never a cover charge, and no dress code.

Cape Cod Home Page
Digital Media Corporation, Hyannis, MA, US
Regional Information on Cape Cod, including a multitude of pictures. Real estate sales and rentals, indexed by Cape town. In the near future we will be expanding to include information on local bed and breakfasts, hotels and campgrounds. Plan your next trip to the Cape from cyberspace.

Carsten Vehlings Fishing Page
Univ. of Goettingen, Goettingen, Germany
This is the first fishing page in German with links to other places all over the world.

Energy Research Group, University College, Dublin, Ireland
Welcome to COMBINE 2 (COmputer Models for the Building INdustry in Europe), a major research project. It seeks to develop an operational computer-based Integrated Building Design System (IBDS). Available on this site is background information on COMBINE 2, project updates, outlines of design tools software and a contacts list.

Commonwealth Department of Tourism
Department of Tourism, Canberra, Australia
An Australian government Department of Tourism service. Includes info on Australian tourism, key tourism programs, and tips for travelers.

Composite Materials Group
Univ. of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, US
This page focuses on the composite materials research program at The University of Mississippi and gives an overview of research concerning the pultrusion process and characterization of composite materials. Information about graduate programs in materials engineering is also provided.

Acheson Computer Centre Ltd., Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Created as a service to our customers, the Compucentre Web Site contains product lists, links to all our major vendors, "Help Wanted," links to our staff, and much more.

Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach and Marina Hotel
Global Exposure Network, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
GENinc is pleased to announce the WWW presence of the Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach and Marina Hotel. The hotel is an ideal location from which to sample the best of coastal Southern California. Situated just seven miles south of Los Angeles International Airport and a short drive from city-center, scenic Redondo Beach seems far away from the hectic pace of Los Angeles.

Deep South
English Dept., Univ. of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
The graduate students of the English Department at the southernmost university in the world are proud to announce the first issue of Deep South, an interdisciplinary journal that publishes critical essays, reviews, fiction, and work by artists. It also contains a directory of links related to English literature, film studies, women's studies, linguistics, and creative writing.

DELTA Ministries International On-line Brochure
Portland, OR, US
DELTA Ministries International offers opportunities for short-term missions for ages 14 to 114.

The Discovery Learning Community
Discovery Educational Communications, Duggan Asso., Syracuse, NY, US
A pilot effort to explore opportunities to help students, teachers and their educational partners innovate new ways of using The Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel programming. The site provides resources, relationships and collaborative tools to help nurture a virtual community of people for whom Discovery programming becomes both a shared experience and a springboard for academic inquiry.

Eco-Motion Electric Automobiles
Eco-Motion Electric Cars, Seattle, WA, US
Your one-stop shopping mall for clean, affordable and environmentally friendly transportation. We have links to the greater world of electric cars, to other WWW sites news groups, graphic pictures, and much more. Come join us. Let us counteract the mis-information coming from Detroit City and Oil Central.

FASCAR Racing for Windows
Todd L. Stevens, Winston-Salem, NC, US
Do like auto racing? What is it like to break from the draft coming off the final turn at Daytona and make your move for the win? Check out a new free auto racing game for Windows called FASCAR and experience the thrill!

Grant & Associates: Safety Consultants
Redwood Country Unlimited, Eureka, CA, US
Grant & Associates was developed to provide effective safety programs to its clients by interacting with employers to meet their needs. Each program is customized to fit the specific needs of individual employers based on industry standards and regulations. All written programs meet the requirements of Cal/OSHA and California Senate Bill 198.

A Great Business Opportunity
Carl Fravel, Boulder Creek, CA, US
A great business opportunity - become a Cell Tech independent distributor. Easy and inexpensive startup, no inventory required, substantial income possible. Network marketing opportunity with a super-food product line based on Super Blue Green (TM) Algae.

Nesna College, Nesna, Norway
The official home page for Nesna College.

Hollywood in Cyberspace
Sensational Seminars, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, US
Staking Your Claim on the Online Frontier -- sponsored in part by Microsoft & The Hollywood Reporter. Monday evening, April 3, 1995. At this event, executives from every aspect of the entertainment business: music, film, television, et al, will converge on the Pacific Design Center in Hollywood for an evening of unparalleled exposure to what is happening online. This is not a training...it's an education!

House Industries, WWW Typeface Catalog
Wilmington, DE, US
House Industries is a typography company formed in 1993 by the three principals of Brand Design Company. The goal of House Industries is to continuously create new, unique, innovative and artistic typography. Our fonts are available for the Mac and PC, and can be viewed at our new Web Site.

Humboldt Mortgage
Redwood Country Unlimited, Eureka, CA, US
Humboldt Mortgage Company is a full-service real estate loan brokerage. We are the longest established mortgage broker on the north coast. We've been serving Humboldt County homebuyers since 1964 with outstanding service.

Huntsville Museum of Art
Traveller Information Services, Huntsville, AL, US
Here you will find a list of current art exhibits, calendar of events, special activities and more.

Ice and Snow Sculpture Exhibit
InterAccess Technology Corp., Nepean, Ontario, Canada
We are pleased to present an ice and snow sculpture exhibit from the recently concluded winter festival in Ottawa. We call it "Memories of Winterlude".

Icon Informations-Systeme
Vienna, Austria
A high-tech development and consulting company that specializes in innovative software and hardware products in the information technologies market. Our top-selling items include: FileFax (a FileMaker Pro Fax Integration Solution for the Macintosh [Software]), FTP-Kit (a Mac Programmer's Tool for TCP/IP file-transfers using the FTP protocol [Software]), and the Art Guide (a revolutionary portable digital museum guide [Hardware]).

Indiana University Press
Bloomington, IN, US
At our Web site browsers may search the entire tradelist, peruse descriptions and tables of contents for IU Press journals, and view all copy and selected images from the Spring 1995 catalog. Special entries have been created for the forthcoming In the Country of Gazelles and the Press's popular state bird books.

Industrial Extension Service, NC State Univ.
Raleigh, NC, US
The Industrial Extension Service (IES) provides engineering and industrial management assistance and education to help North Carolina industries gain a competitive advantage. This Web service will provide NC industry with information regarding the kinds of services IES has to offer and whom to contact.

The Institute for Information Storage Technology
Santa Clara, CA, US
The Institute for Information Storage Technology addresses the interdisciplinary area of mass data storage. The Institute sponsors student research projects, intensive tutorials on various aspects of data storage, and graduate engineering classes at Santa Clara University.

Insurance News Network
West Hartford, CT, US
INN is a Web-based information service about auto, home, and life insurance. Initial content includes explanations, consumer tips and pricing help, state-by-state insurance facts and phone numbers, and insurance ratings from Standard & Poor's. Editorial content is free; commercial support will be sought via advertising sponsorships. INN is independently owned and operated, and is not affiliated with any insurance company or organization.

Interactive Democracy
Interactive Democracy allows you to E-Mail those political types that you have wanted to for some time now - but never got around to looking up. At last, politics on the Web the way it should be. Interactive Democracy is brought to you as a service by CGX.

Intersphere Communications
Philadelphia, PA, US
Allow Intersphere Communications Ltd. secure a place for your company on the ever expanding Internet. We create interactive catalogs and brochures for business development on the World Wide Web for less than the cost of a traditional catalog or mailing.

The Kyros Project
Peter Luttrell, Sean Suhl, Redlands, CA, US
The Kyros Project is an educational and recreational trip to Greece that has been taking high school students to this exciting country for 11 years. Information about this unique adventure is located at the link above.

Laboratory of Macromolecular Structural Chemistry
Catholic University of Leuven, Leuven, Brabant, Belgium
The Laboratory of Macromolecular Structural Chemistry home page consists of two large sections: single crystal crystallography and polymer science. These sections contain links to other interesting sites, lists with members of the lab, references, collaborations with other labs, some pictures and PDB files of DNA structures determined at this lab.

Le WWW de l'Université du Québec
Sainte-Foy, Québec, Canada
Système d'accès public à l'information institutionnelle du Siège social de l'Université du Québec.

Legals at Ease
John Pucker, Baltimore, MD, US
A Web page designed to assist those not familiar with the Internet in finding legal resources.

Little Palm Island
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Escape to our small private island with a white sand beach and lush natural settings. Brought to you by the Global Shopping Network.

Macon Technical Institute
Macon, GA, US
Macon Technical Institute is part of a network of 32 public postsecondary technical institutes in Georgia under the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education. The Institute is fully accredited by the Commission on Occupational Education Institutions of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

MagNetiX Web
Salt Lake City, UT, US
MagNetiX intends, in part, to use the Web to promote LANs and WANs as information transport where it is unnecessary to accomplish this on the already overcrowded Internet, the Manual 3, Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
Manual 3, Inc. has provided information development services to the technology community for over 14 years. Based in San Jose, California, Manual 3's full-time staff uses in-house Macintosh, Windows, and Sun Workstations to develop User's Guide, Online Help, html pages, and Technical Reference Guides. Our client list includes Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer, SyQuest Technology, and Canon Computer Systems, Inc.

MEMI - Magazin fuer Elektronische Musik im Internet
Frank Korf and Martin Rothhaar, Koblenz, Germany
MEMI is a magazine for electronic music in German. It contains the latest information, reviews, a database with addresses, a part about home recording and much more.

Millipore Pharm/Bio Hyperfilter
Millipore Corporation, Bedford, MA, US
Millipore's Pharm/Bio Hyperfilter filters out Web sites specifically for pharmaceutical/biotechnology scientists, process engineers, validation experts, and management. Hyperfilter includes pharmaceutical and biotech companies with www sites, as well as regulatory agencies, virtual libraries and other jumping off points.

M&M Home Improvements
Livermore, CA, US
M&M Home Improvements serves the Tri-Valley: the 580/680 corridor in San Francisco's East Bay. If you have odd jobs that you have not been able to get to, call M&M Home Improvements for prompt, quality service. Use our on-line quote form to let us know how we can help you. Brought to you by NetRep, Internet Services for Business.

Moto-Mini Collectible Motorcycle Models
HomePage Marketing, Phoenix, AZ, US
Moto-Mini is pleased to bring its high quality cast motorcycle models to the Internet. High resolution images are provided to show the fine detail of each motorcycle model. Come by and visit Moto-Mini and Scooter.

Network Advantage Shopping Mall
St. Louis, MO, US
Commercial small business listings for sales on the Internet.

Northern Telecom
Toronto, Ontario, CA
Northern Telecom is one of the first companies to embrace the world-wide aspect of the Web by offering content in both English and French. Versions in German and Spanish will be added soon. Northern Telecom's home page includes in-depth corporate information coupled with media releases, financial data, and information on products, services and applications. Consulting and web services provided by TriNet Services.

Object Port
Object Port is the World Wide Web's titillating resource and directory for information on Object Oriented technology.

OCEAN Department at GMD-IPSI
Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany
The people working in this research department at the Integrated Publication and Information Systems Institute (IPSI) of the German National Research Center for Computer Science (GMD) provide detailed information about their work in the area of open hypermedia-based collaborative applications. In addition to publications about these and other projects, the site provides links to related WWW pages in the area of hypertext/hypermedia and groupware/computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW).

Ong Design Page
Portland, OR, US
Jeff Ong (Ong Design) does technical illustration and digital imaging, print and HTML design, custom typography and typeface design as well as prepress and DTP consulting. Currently at the site are illustration samples and a list of services available.

Photo Gems (tm)
Warrenville, IL, US
Traditional photo studio service in the transition to digital imaging services and commercial work. Mom and Pop, but good.

The Photography of Maui's Tim Orden
Tim Orden Photography, Kula, HI, US
A collection of photographs depicting the sensuality of Mauiites.

Politecnical School Hannover, Department Tecnical Writing
Hannover, Germany
CeBIT '95 booth of the Greater Hannover Association, University of Hannover and Politecnical School Hannover. Reports on exhibitions. Company profiles. Technical writing. Abstracts of conferences about user-oriented information-management. MBone net coordination for the whole fair: TV-programs, report on demand, conference abstracts.

Portland Art Museum
Portland, OR, US
Home page for the Portland (OR) Art Museum. Includes links to upcoming exhibitions, the Northwest Film Study Center, The Rex Arragon Library, The Rental Sales Gallery, The Gilkey Print Center and more.

Portland State University School of Fine & Performing Arts
Portland, OR, US
Highlights of this site include: a visual tour of Portland [Oregon] including the famous/infamous Portland Building; the First Prize Design in PRINT Magazine's 1994 International Student Cover Competition; The STAR WARS radio series; Portland's South Park Blocks Cultural District; and information about our degree programs.

Praegitzer Industries
Announcing the Web server for Praegitzer Industries, a leader in the design and fabrication of printed circuit boards. Information available at this site includes online services, recent news, equipment lists, technical resources and employment opportunities.

The Professionals Real Estate Group
Sydney, Australia
Australian residential real estate is listed for sale or rent by The Professionals Real Estate Group of 500 independent agents in Australia and New Zealand.

The Property Wave
Lane Associates, London, England, UK
The Property Wave is an area for prospective buyers of London real estate to browse through available properties and view details and pictures. Most of the properties will be listed by agents and interest can be emailed directly to them. The initial focus is on London properties but when practical it will expand to cover the UK.

The Question Connection
Portland, OR, US
Founded in January, 1995, to help provide "People to People" connections via the Internet. If you are interested in meeting people from around the world, or just getting some helpful hints about using the Internet, this is the place. Check out the Secret e-Admirer Service, the Newbie Adoption Service or the Friends Seeking Friends Service.

Rallying in the U.K.
Hart Motor Club, Hampshire, UK
Links to information on rallying and motor sport in the U.K. with emphasis on road rallying. Information on motor clubs, the RACMSA, how to start in motor sport, rally reports and photographs. The list is growing rapidly and includes an option to subscribe to a road rally mailing list.

Reed Interactive
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Reed Interactive presents an educational web site with an Australian flavour. This features the Virtual Bookshop with a selection of first chapters by contemporary Australian authors. Hot topics, such as woodchipping in Australia, are presented with background material, classroom activities and Internet resources. There are also online projects, a keypal section, and school space.

Russian Law From Garant-Service
Garant-Service, Leninsky Gory, Moscow, Russia
Full-text legislation from Garant-Service provides invaluable analysis of Russian law. Along with commentaries about the changes in Russian law, this source includes practical information to pursue new business opportunities and advise clients.

Saturn of Thousand Oaks
Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Saturn of Thousand Oaks is ready to get on the Web. Our online customer service is coming soon. Please stay tuned for more information-packed WWW pages from us. We are proud to serve the following Southern California areas: Conejo Valley, Carmarillo, Simi Valley and the Northern San Fernando Valley. See you in our show room!

Saunderstown, Rhode Island Real Estate Forum
Global Exposure Network, Inc., Saunderstown, RI, US
GENinc is pleased to announce its Saunderstown, Rhode Island Real Estate Forum, to which we welcome the Lila Delman Real Estate company.

Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
New York, NY, US
The Sci-Fi Channel is proud to present The Dominion, the online resource for science fiction, fantasy, horror and science fact. The Dominion is also the official source of information about The Sci-Fi Channel, the cable network exclusively dedicated to offering classic science fiction TV shows and movies, as well as bold original programming.

Silverado Mines Ltd. WWW Gold Page
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Silverado is a public company (NASDAQ: SLVRF) in the business of exploring, developing and mining precious metal deposits. The company has property interests in Alaska and British Columbia.

SisterLove, Inc., Helping Women with AIDS
Hidden Water, Atlanta, GA, US
SisterLove, Inc., a non-profit organization working with HIV and AIDS infected women, has for sale a 1995 calendar filled with photos of Atlanta's finest women in music, by prominent Atlanta photographer Cathy Carmichael. All proceeds go to benefit Women with AIDS. Visit the site to read more info about SisterLove, and the Women in Music calendar. The site also provides on-line ordering forms, and other ordering information.

Sonoma County Wine and Visitors Center
GENinc, Monrovia, CA, US
GENinc and the Sonoma County Wine and Visitors Center announce the arrival on the WWW of information on the Sonoma County Wineries Association 1995 Grand Tour and Tasting. For the sixteenth time, the exceptional wines of Sonoma County will be showcased for wine lovers across the United States. Beginning in February, winemakers and vintners will present their premium product.

Spinelli Coffee Company San Francisco
San Francisco, CA, US
Roasting coffee since 1983, our business philosophy can be conveyed in one word; Quality Spinelli Coffee Company selects only the finest Arabica coffee beans and carefully roasts them to bring out their fullest flavor.

Star Receipt Book
Bacliff, TX, US
We print personalized receipt books. Each receipt contains company name, address, city, state, zip, phone, fax, and logo if needed. Each receipt is numbered. Books come in original only, duplicate, or triplicate, receipts. Our books can be printed on recycled paper. Ironclad guarantee. Postage paid (payment accompanies order). No minimum order. Proofs available before you order.

Steve's Ant Farm
Washington, DC, US
See the live ants--dig tunnels, build bridges, move mountains! Fun for the whole family. The image of the ant farm is automatically updated on the hour. Its snapshot is taken with a Connectix QuickCam on a Mac, using Timed Video Grabber. Steve's Ant Farm is open daily from 11am to 5pm EST.

Steward Observatory
Tucson, AZ, US
The University of Arizona Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory is proud to present the Steward Observatory Home Page. This page provides information on the academic and research activities of the department as well as information on the facilities of the Observatory.

Sucking Chest Wound Home Page
SCW International, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
SCW started its assault on the music industry 10 years ago and record company executives still run and hide at the mere mention of its name. Playing live generally only once or twice a year, SCW has performed under many different guises. Whatever the musical medium, SCW maintains an adventurous approach, using taped sounds, sampled media and unconventional instrumentation.

Swedish National Institute of Occupational Health
Arbetsmiljöinstitutet, Solna, Sweden
The Swedish National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH) is the largest organization in Sweden for research on occupational health and safety. The Web server allows you to search the library data base Arbline. English and Swedish versions.

Synergetics on the Web
4D Solutions, Portland, OR, US
R. Buckminster Fuller used geometric concepts to order and connect experiences and information into a single discipline. The result is a metaphysics as well as a physics. Synergetics comprises Fuller's "explorations in the geometry of thinking" and is detailed in two thick volumes, Synergetics and Synergetics 2. The invention for which Fuller is most famous, the geodesic dome, derives from his geometric explorations.

Terra Nova Data Solutions
Portland, OR, US
We provide Internet training, HTML authoring, PC parts and supplies. New systems configured to your specs.

Energy Research Group, University College, Dublin, Ireland
The site aims to provide users with a wide range of energy information resulting from the associated measures of the European Commission's THERMIE program. As well as information on THERMIE, OPET, and Eastern European Energy Centres, there is a collection of documentation (in PDF format with readers) including newsletters and maxibrochures.

The Interactive Connection, New York, NY, US
TimesFax/Internet edition is an electronic version of TimesFax, the daily eight-page digest of The New York Times. TimesFax is updated each evening by midnight EST, soon after the paper is published and arriving at all-night newsstands in New York City. Included are stories from the front page and business section, the top foreign and national stories of the day, as well as sports, selections from the Times's editorial and Op-Ed pages, and a NYT crossword puzzle.

Trento Bike Pages
Andreas Caranti, Trento, Italy, Europe
The Trento Bike Pages are a collection of pieces of information about on-road and off-road (mountain) biking in Europe. The main topics are trail descriptions and tour reports, but other general information, such as cycling literature and announcements of events relevant to recreational cycling, are considered.

UCB East Asian Languages Homepage
UCal Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, US
The Department of East Asian Languages at the University of California, Berkeley provides information about its academic programs, courses, campus resources, faculty list, and summer sessions 1995.

The Univ. of Virginia Social Sciences Data Center and GIS Lab
Alderman Library, UVA, Charlottesville, VA, US
The University of Virginia Social Sciences Data Center and GIS Lab announces its home page, which includes interactive numeric and geo-spatial data resources. Featured are access to 1990 Virginia PUMS Census Data, national income and employment data from the Regional Econonmic Information System (REIS), and to interactive map building using 1990 TIGER data and a WWW to ArcInfo gateway.

University of Natal Campus Information System
Univ. of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
The official campus information system for the University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg) campus. It contains public information about UNP, including info on departments' curricula, student services information, campus maps, staff profiles, etc.

US Soccer Web Page
Mark Wheeler, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The US Soccer Page contains up-to-date information on the US National Team, Americans playing abroad, US pro leagues, including news about Major League Soccer, a link for soccer on TV, and much more online information of interest to US Soccer fans.

Voyaging Canoe Navigational Tracks
Satellite Oceanography Laboratory, Univ. of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, US
Current navigational tracks of the voyaging canoes of the Polynesian Voyaging Society. These large double-hulled canoes with sails are re-creations of traditional designs used centuries ago. Their voyages trace the paths of ancient Polynesian voyages. Currently, they are en route from Hawaii to Tahiti.

The Web Lab
London, England
The Web Lab is a complete web page design service. We provide professional copyright services, graphic design and creation, page layout and page programming, locating the page(s) on our Web server and publicizing them across the Internet; and putting our clients on the map. A complete and integrated one-stop service.

Whittier College Home Page
Whittier College Computing Services, Whittier, CA, US
Information about the college and its law school. Information about application and admission to the college. Programs of study and courses. College catalog is also accessible.

Wits' End Antiques
Santa Clara, CA, US
Wits' End Antiques specializes in American and European art glass, jewelry, and fine porcelain. We also provide pointers to other antique and collectibles resources on the Web.

WorldPort Classified Advertising
OnLine Advantage, Inc., Fremont, CA, US
Classified ads under the following headings: business, computer, personal, employment, real estate, transportation, general. Ads are also available by autoresponse email. The database is fully searchable by keywords, ad number, or categories. All ads have an "Easy-Email" reply capability so you can easily request information as you browse the ads. Single-day ads are free!

WWW Viewer Test Page
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA, US
The VTP is a test page to allow the user to set up the external web viewers correctly. Presently, 15 data types are supported for video, sound, images, molecules, etc. Links to the viewer programs are included for Macs, PCs, UNIX. Also included here is the Email MIME Test Page.

X-10(R) Powerhouse(tm) Home Control
Fullview Entertainment, Glendale, CA, US
The 1995 X-10 (R) Powerhouse(tm) Home Control System gives you complete control of your household. Never come home to a dark house again. Powerhouse(tm) deters intruders by making your home look and sound lived in. It will wake you up to stereo or TV news, light up your hallway, and turn-on your central heating, and much more.

Your MoM
Your MoM Entertainment, New York, NY, US
Your MoM is pleased to announce it's brand spankin' new March Issue. Let me be the first to tell you that it's a doozie. Come read the wacky electric magazine praised by Senators and aerobic instructors alike for bringing the goofy out in everything.

Friday, 10 March 1995

The 13th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival
National Asian American Telecommunications Assoc., SF, CA, US
The 13th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival is an inspiring collection of over 110 films and videos which look into our past, present, and future as we bring you a Century of the Asian Diaspora in Motion. From March 2 to 9, we will be bringing, through our three venues in the SF Bay area, feature films and marvelous short works from the U.S., India, Hong Kong, Japan, and more.

3 Mustaphas 3
Gary Stephens, US
3 Mustaphas 3 have been described as the Marx Brothers of World Music. These pages contain a discography, a discussion forum, and lots of other information, and links to related resources on the Net.

Actrade International Ltd.
Actrade International Ltd. is committed to helping small- to medium-sized American companies grow through its expertise in two key areas: export/international trade and domestic, commercial trade finance. Also, as the nation's first publicly traded export company, Actrade (NASDAQ:ACRT) has experienced five straight years of growth and is an excellent investment opportunity.

Advance Financial Corporation
Atlanta, GA, US
Atlanta's oldest and most respected receivable finance company serving rapidly growing companies throughout the southeastern US.

AlcoPrint -- OnLine Color Printing Resources
Fremont, CA, US
AlcoPrint provides Internet access to its Canon CLC 800 color copier digitally connected to an EFI Fiery interface. This allows full-color information to be FTPed to AlcoPrint with full color prints returned via Federal Express for proof copies of files, for presentations and other color needs. Both paper copies and 8 1/2" x 11" transparencies are available.

Alex Catalog in MARC Format
Hunter Monroe, US
The Alex Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet has been converted to the Machine Readable Catalog format (MARC), which means, for those you who are not librarians, that it can be loaded into on-line library catalogs (OPAC). You are welcome to load these public domain records into your own OPAC, to submit improved versions to bibliographic services, or to provide your own service using them on the Internet; please keep me informed of what you do.

Alexandra Health Center
Boulder, Co, US
Alexandra Health Center offers revered Chinese herbal formulas from the Ming Dynasty combined with modern technology, non-toxic health and beauty products, and homeopathic consultations.

American Supply International, Inc.
Waldorf, MD, US
American Supply International offers a complete supermarket and general store right on the Web. Perfect for people living in remote areas, overseas, or who are unable to easily shop, American Supply carries virtually everything you would find in a large urban supermarket and drug store. Orders can be shipped worldwide, and most major credit cards are accepted. Also available is an amazing video catalog.

Ashland Vineyards & Winery
Ashland, OR, US
Ashland Vineyards is Ashland, Oregon's premiere winery. Browse through a wide selection of award-winning wines, take a virtual tour of the winery and tasting room, and order all of Ashland Vineyards' wines direct from the source. Ashland Vineyards' Web site is sponsored by Austin Technology.

Australian Department of Finance
Department of Finance, Canberra, Australia
The Australian Department of Finance is responsible for Commonwealth Government financial administration and accounts, the evaluation and review of Commonwealth Government programs and associated expenditure, and the oversight of Commonwealth public sector financial management policy development.

Automotive Cylinder Head Repair Specialist
Houssennet, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Automotive dealer/sales representative opportunity. If you are either in the automotive business, need rebuilding of all kinds of engines, or require the services of a cylinder head repair specialist and you would like to take advantage of the 40% difference between the Canadian and US dollars, then this site is well worth checking out.

Balance - Fitness and Health
The International Communique, London, UK
Balance is a monthly lifestyle magazine which encompasses all aspects of fitness and health. It consists of five sections: fitness, features, lifestyle, therapy and the forum.

Beckmann Communications: Video and Television Program Marketing
Isle of Man, British Isles
Beckmann Communications produces, markets, and distributes special interest videos and television programs worldwide. Our catalog is available online. Productions are made and acquired for both international and national markets. We welcome enquiries from all over the world.

Chicago, IL, US
Bucktown's infamous savior strikes again with issue #2 of Brian magazine. You'll see the startling results of Brian's personality assessment by L. Ron Hubbard. View in utter astonishment the flyers obtained from various fences and bus stops on the all-new Flyer Wall. Explore the exciting world of suicide car bombing. Interact with other readers by complaining about your miserable life, or talking about tools.

Bromley Ski Resort
Bromley, VT, US
With great value, 36 uncrowded trails, 84% snowmaking coverage, and some of New England's most varied terrain, Bromley has been treating skiers to the best that Vermont has to offer for 58 years. And Bromley is the only mountain in Vermont with a southern exposure, and that means sunshine, all day long. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Budapest Spring Festival '95 on-line information
Technical Univ. of Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
On-line information (programme, schedule, booking, addresses, venues) about the 15th Budapest Spring Festival.

Business Plan Consulting, Inc.
Information One, Inc., Evanston, IL, US
Business Plan Consulting offers business plan creation and presentation skills training.

Buy in Canada
Paradon Computer Systems, Victoria, BC, Canada
Buy computer hardware in Canada and save 30% because of the weak Canadian dollar. You can check prices and order online from Vancouver Island's fastest growing VAR. For other bargains, see the Paradon home page.

Card Europe
London, England
Card Europe is a smart card industry association aimed primarily at the user and potential user community to give them a voice in the direction of the industry.

Casper, Wyoming Information
Trib.com, WY, US
Travel information for Casper, Wyoming, with information on hotels, sites and recreation in the area. These pages are on the Trib.com server.

Catalina Yachts
Woodland Hills, CA, US
Catalina Yachts has developed the most complete range of sailing yachts built today. For over 20 years, an unwavering dedication to building well-designed, durable, family oriented boats that are the best value available has resulted in long production runs during which each model is improved and refined. A division of the Catalina Corporation brought to you by CyberWharf.

Cecilia Bartoli
Gary Stephens, US
Cecilia Bartoli is one of the major young stars of international opera. These pages contain a discography, a very popular pictures page, and lots of other information and links to related resources on the Net.

Center for Educational Leadership and Technology (CELT)
Marlborough, MA, USA
CELT is a non-profit educational service and research agency whose primary mission is to integrate current education reforms and research with effective uses of technology. While carrying out the mission of educational institutions, CELT staff assists in developing strategies and action plans designed to employ technology and empower its users. CELT services and programs are employed nationwide.

Chicago: The Home Page
Dave Zimmerman, Toronto, ON, Canada
The Chicago home page is devoted to the music group Chicago, in all its shapes and forms. You can find anything you're looking for including music, graphics (album cover scans, etc.), a complete discography, including singles, solo efforts, chart positions, and more. Current events, a FAQ, exclusive interviews, and complete lyrics for all 21 albums are also available.

Cleveland State Univ. Police Dept. of Public Safety
Cleveland, OH, US
Information about Campus Watch program and other CNE (Certified Netware Engineer) Preparation Centers
Lanop Corp., New York City, NY, US
Lanop Corp. is a nationwide chain of CNE (Certified Netware Engineer) preparation centers. We prepare computer professionals (or equivalent) for the Novell CNE course with a guarantee that you will pass the Novell Tests on your first attempt. We provide current updated manuals and unlimited hands-on workshops for all the courses you attend.

Colonial Bank
Traveller Information Services, Huntsville, AL, US
Mortgage loan rates, consumer loan rates, CD rates and branch information for Colonial Bank which is located in Huntsville, Alabama.

The Comprehensive Human Rights Initiative
The Dred Scott Society, Indiana, PA, US
The home page for the Comprehensive Human Rights Initiative, a grassroots petition drive emphasizing the equality of human rights for every individual member of the human species.

Computer Science Department at CSU Bakersfield
Cal State Univ.-Bakersfield, CA, US
A page about California State University at Bakersfield and the Computer Science Department. The page is mainly for local students and those interested in attending a CSU.

Cornell Home Study Program
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY, US
Extension education to food industry associates for the last thirty years through the printed medium. In the near future we'll be offering many of our courses through CD-ROM and online-based interactive multimedia. You can contact Home Study if you are interested in commenting on this interface.

Coupon Connection
Underground Rivers, Dallas, TX, US
The Coupon Connection is a unique way in which consumers can order manufacturers' coupons directly, instead of by chance, for national name brand groceries and products in any grocery store in the United States, Canada, and many other cities around the world.

Covington's Homeless
John Decker, KY, US
Covington's Homeless is a photographic documentary on the homeless in the northern Kentucky city of Covington. This is one of the few photojournalistic documentaries available on the WWW.

CPAC Online (Cable Parliamentary Channel)
Cochran Interactive Inc., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
CPAC Online is the bilingual Internet companion to The Cable Parliamentary Channel of Canada (CPAC), which broadcasts the proceedings of the House of Commons and selected Standing Committees, as well as additional national public affairs programming. At CPAC ONLINE you can find out more about this unique channel, and browse program listings and accompanying materials. There is also a resource list of links to Canadian and selected international government information on the Internet.

Centre for Landscape Research, Univ. of Toronto, Canada
"Crossings" is an art/design project extending the physical landscape of high-speed rail into the network of virtual interactive 3D web-space. Participants are developing this virtual landscape filled with symbolic manifestations of all orders; exploring conceptual, historical, geological, ecological, metaphysical, and cyberphysical responses to this context and site.

c@use & effect
Charlotte, NC, US
Offering Net surfers quality T-shirts and stickers -- a growing selection from the radical to the relaxed. We made our W3 debut in January with the Limbaugh-neutralizing "Rush is wrong" sticker and we are now proud to offer the "Relax" T-shirt, imperative apparel, recommended by Netheads for stress reduction.

CyberWeb SoftWare
Lanham, MD, US
We specialize in advanced WWW applications, transatlantic projects, Web-searchable databases, and HTML and CGI training. We are presenting advanced tutorials at WWW95 in Darmstadt, and at DCI's WebWorld. We maintain The Web Developer's Virtual Library, where you can search a database of some 1000 annotated URLs.

Department of Land Management and Development
Reading, Berkshire, UK
The Department of Land Management and Development at the University of Reading is the largest Department in the UK offering teaching and research in real estate. Our Web pages give details of the department's research interests and teaching, and include links to other relevant home pages.

Destinations Unlimited Travel
Eau Claire, WI, USA
We are a full service travel agency, offering cruises, tours, airline tickets, rail tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, special interest travel, passports/visas, theater tickets, travel insurance, and concierge services. See our homepage for more information or send email to: travel@primenet.com.

Diabetes Knowledgebase
Univ. Wisconsin Medical School, Madison, WI, US
The Diabetes Knowledgebase is an effort of the University of Wisconsin Medical School to provide diabetes-related information to the world community in an effort to enhance the lives of individuals with diabetes.

DiamondSoft Technologies
DST, Philadelphia, PA, US
DiamondSoft Technologies is a non-profit programming group offering support for many computer platforms.

The Dissertation Den
Hal Bidlack, MI, US
Are you a doctoral student in political Science? Interested in government, the environment, and/or the military? Then you might find The Dissertation Den of use. This site contains information of interest to those noted above, as well as some fun links, gifs, and .wav files. Located at The University of Michigan .

DOG Computer Systems Inc.
Tuscaloosa, AL, US
We specialize in refurbished computers. We also have new and used computers. We buy from individuals and corporations.

Dynamic Language Center, Ltd.
Seattle, WA, US
If you've been searching for a professional, well-established agency to handle all of your language needs, you've come to the right place. Dynamic can provide you with translations of any text in over eighty-five languages. Dynamic also provides private and group language instruction in the Seattle area, and phone interpreting internationally.

Eagle Marketing
Woodbury, MN, US
Eagle Marketing sells art to galleries in the U.S. and Canada. Representing a number of award winning artists, our line includes limited edition prints, open edition prints, art gifts and awards, secondary market prints, and corporate art. The art we're involved with is predominantly wildlife art, although we also deal with some modern and abstract art.

ECM Records
Mediapolis inc., New York, NY, US
The complete catalog of ECM records. Features comprehensive biographies and discographies for every artist/composer recorded on ECM in the last 25 years. All titles include track info, musicians and many have sound clips.

Eddie's Attic
Hidden Water, Atlanta, GA, US
Eddie's Attic, located in Atlanta GA, provides fine acoustic music seven days a week, and many nationally-recognized performers as well as local musicians can be heard in Eddie's listening room. Hidden Water presents fully representational sites for a number of Eddie's artists.

Edgar B Fine Furniture
Lighthouse Productions, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Edgar B Fine Furniture for every taste. Top of the line furniture for less. Also come in to find out about our catalog of thousands of fine furnishings. Find it fast in the Interactive Yellow Pages and in our catalog.

Electronic Auction
Los Angeles, CA, US
The Electronic Auction specializes in moving surplus, closeout and overstock merchandise and equipment. It is primarily a wholesale marketplace, but consumers can find some excellent deals too. There are ads, listings, and even some real no reserve, no minimum bid, auctions. If you have excess inventory (or anything at all) that you want to sell fast, for cash, then this is the place.

Elron Home Page
Elron Electronic Industries, Haifa, Israel
A multi-national high technology holding company, conducting its business through a group of affiliates that generated aggregate annual sales nearly $800 million in 1993. Since its inception in 1962 Elron has been fully dedicated to building up various electronic industries. Elron intends to share in the fast growing markets of the networking value-added services and the related software industry.

EOSDIS IV&V Homepage
Intermetrics, Fairmont, WV, US
Currently we offer documents created as part of our Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) work with NASA's Earth Observing System Data Information System (EOSDIS).

Escuela de Administracion de Negocios para Graduados (ESAN)
ESAN, Lima, Peru
Our server provides information about our programs, research activities, faculty and services. ESAN is the first graduate school of business created in Latin America.

Failure Institute
Eureka, CA, US
Failure Institute was established in 1990 to provide understanding and communication in regard to the ongoing sense of "failure" many are experiencing. Failure Institute will exist until the final moments of 1999.

Fifth Israel Business Forum
Elron Electronic Industries, Haifa, Israel
Over 1000 business leaders from Israel and abroad are expected to attend this year's Fifth Business Forum Conference in Haifa, Israel from June 19-22, 1995. The agenda includes the business opportunities fair, direct business contact, seminars, subconferences, business tours, and social activities.

Flicks on Disc (LaserDiscs)
Portland, OR, US
These pages comprise much of the LaserDisc title information that Flicks uses in its mail-order business. Included are lists of recently announced LaserDiscs as well as many in-print titles. Topics of interest and opinions about current issues can be found in the WWW form of Flicks' monthly newsletter. And, of course, there's a fill-in form for online ordering.

G.J.Sagi Outdoor News
Tucson, AZ, US
Great stories and pictures for those who enjoy the outdoors. Information on hunting, fishing, and "why hunting is such an important conservation tool."

Orlando, FL, US
Globalnet has several major projects: 67 county profiles for Florida with location maps; extensive citywide information on Orlando and Altamonte Springs; the Trade Opportunity Database (under construction); and Travelnet. These last two will have over 5,000 pages of trade and travel information. Visit Globalnet often to watch us grow!

The Greater Halifax Visitor Guide 1995
Dalhousie Univ., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
This is an online version of the popular guide put out by Tourism Halifax and Metro Guide Publishing. It includes a complete calendar of events, where to eat, accommodations, virtual tours, places of interest and a host of other documents. Halifax is the site for the upcoming G7 summit.

The Hawaii InfoWeb
Check out the Outrigger Hotels Hawaii, a webspace providing information on great hotels, resorts, condominiums, restaurants, dining, and shopping. The Hawaii InfoWeb is rapidly being expanded to include traveler guides to make you a kamaaina (like a local) as soon as you hit the beach.

History of Game Theory
Drexel University Honors Program, Philadelphia, PA, US
Paul Walker's "Outline of the History of Game Theory" (from the Talmud through the award of the Nobel Memorial Prize last fall) is now available at the Drexel Honors Program server, along with some other material for an introductory course on game theory.

Hog's Head Beer Cellers
Greensboro, NC, US
At Hog's Head Beer Cellars we search far and wide to bring our Beer-of-the-Month Club members distinctive, great tasting beers, hand-crafted by American microbreweries from Main to Alaska.

Infowerks Home Page
San Francisco, CA, US
Infowerks is a student-run Web writing service that outputs quality, low-cost Webpages for businesses, personal ads, etc. We also have a cool gallery featuring works by San Francisco Art Institute students and other neat things.

Institute of Computing Science
Poznan University of Technology, Poland
Information about the Institute, including scientific research profile, academic and research staff, facilities, etc.

Iris Development Corporation
New York, NY, US
News and information about the products and services of Iris Development, a New York-based software development and consulting firm. Iris develops products for the Macintosh, Windows, and General Magic platforms. This is the best place to find information about our new hit program, E-Mail Power Tools. Please visit us soon.

Israel National Museum of Science
Haifa, Israel
The Israel National Museum of Science, Daniel and Matilde Recanati Center, is located in Haifa. It is an interactive center for science education and includes a well developed youth wing where both younger and older children can enjoy science.

Jazz Inspiration WWW Page
Hype! Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jazz Inspiration Records is an independent jazz label that is distributed by MCA Records. The Jazz Inspiration WWW site hosts biographies of all the artists on the label. Samples of each artist's work are available at the site.

Jet Smart
Flyana Rhyme Inc., Makawao, Maui, HI, US
Jet Smart, by former flight attendant Diana Fairechild, is a book that every airline passenger needs to read. Packed with more than 200 healthful and helpful tips, Jet Smart provides an insider's advice on how to avoid the pitfalls of jet lag, and much, much more.

Kenpo Karate at Stanford University
Stanford Kenpo Karate Club, Stanford, CA, US
This service contains information about kenpo karate as practiced at Stanford University. It includes information about the class, general information about Kenpo Karate and links to other martial arts resources on the Web.

LD50 Home Page
MIT, Cambridge, MA, US
LD50 is a band formed at MIT during the summer of 1994. From our page you can listen to some of our music, read the lyrics, find reviews of our music, and learn about the band.

Linda Cannon Gallery
Seattle, WA, USA
The Linda Cannon Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Seattle's historic Pioneer Square, the hub of the local art scene. The gallery focuses on emerging Northwest artists and features painting, sculpture, photography and glass. Our home page will introduce you to the artists represented with bios, reviews, and lots of images.

Maize Genetics Cooperation - Stock Center
Urbana, IL, US
The Maize Genetics Cooperation - Stock Center is the main repository for maize mutants utilized by maize scientists conducting basic and applied biological research. From our home page you can order genetic stocks using our request form, obtain information about our stocks, or obtain more information about us.

Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, Rochester, MN, US
In a unified, multi-campus system, Mayo conducts its interdependent programs of medical care, research and education in keeping with the highest standards of ethics and quality. This information server is being developed as a means of bringing Mayo's message of integrated health care to the Internet community.

Media.Maniacs, Atlanta, GA, US
"Millennium Fever" -- Strange, apocalyptic newsgroup postings originating from the future describe a world at war, with scattered groups of heroic cyberwarriors leading a brave antiwar movement. Apparently, around the turn of the millennium (mid-1999), a machine or program called the CyberspaceTime Transpositor is being used to post messages across time: SOS messages, audio files, graphics.

Metro Networks
Metro Networks, Houston, TX, US
A service of Metro Networks, parent of Metro Traffic Control, Road Watch America and other services to radio and television broadcasters. Information includes news releases, links to broadcasters and more. Changed often.

MicroSpace Network
International Small Satellite Organization (ISSO), Herndon, VA, US
The ISSO MicroSpace Network is an information clearinghouse for anyone interested in small and low cost space programs. Our server is available 24 hours a day for those seeking company and product information, as well as news and stories of general interest to the space enthusiast.

Mnemonic Publications
Denver, CO, US
We offer very affordable Web space ($20 per month with minimal one-time setup fees). Purchase one year pre-paid and save $40.

National Science Foundation
The National Science Foundation is pleased to announce its newly redesigned Home Page! Our original Home Page went live in August 1994. The new design incorporates users' suggestions as well as a list of new features, including a new graphic look, the World of Science and Engineering, special interest areas, a comments section, and more.

NETWorld MarketPlace
Phoenix, AZ, US
NETWorld MarketPlace offers products and services from around the world at unbelievable prices. We also offer a free career opportunities page and a free classified advertisement section. We are adding new and exciting consumer, automotive and personal products monthly.

NETworth Equities Center
GALT Technologies, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, US
NETworth: The Internet Resource for Individual Investors announces free 15-minute delayed stock quotes and fundamental data reports for the individual investor.

New York University College of Dentistry
New York University College of Dentistry, New York, NY, US
New York University College of Dentistry is pleased to announce the availability of its World Wide Web Home Page. This site contains a very comprehensive listing of available dental related internet reources, mailing lists and phone numbers. http://www.nyu.edu/Dental

North American CAD Company
Barrington, IL, US
Now, Web-savvy CAD professionals in search of great prices can buy the latest CAD hardware from the convenience of their desktops. You'll find hardware and software from the best manufacturers with great warranties. HP, Encad, Summagraphics and much more -- at the best prices you'll find anywhere. North American CAD Company's electronic storefront provides technical specifications.

North Florida Christian School
Tallahassee, FL, US
NFCS is a K-12 school with over 1400 students. NFC is committed to quality education for every student. We were one of the original SuperQuest finalist schools in 1988. We also have an aggressive academic program that has produced National Merit Scholars as well as State and International Science Fair winners. We are proud to be a part of the K-12 community.

NTG International Inc. -- The Network Technology Group
Toronto, Canada
NTG International Inc., "The Network Technology Group," is a recognized leader in providing a forum for the dissemination of information within the network technologies industry. The objective is to introduce our customers to new technologies and help them identify how to best apply them to make their business more competitive; we also provide them with complete solutions to their systems and networking issues. We are the customer's gateway to the Internet.

The Official Home Page of Promise
Portland, OR, US
Lyrics, sounds, images.

Olympic Computer Technologies
Addison, TX, US
Olympic Computer Technologies is a north Dallas-based leader in sales of computer parts and complete systems. We offer competitive prices, backed by over 8 years in providing superior technical support and services. Check us out before you buy your next system or upgrade.

Pacific Business Solutions
Keizer, OR, US
Pacific Business Solutions is a progressive young company that caters to home and business people nationwide. We guarantee satisfaction on every product that we sell.

Personal Screen Savers
Visual Technologies, Boca Raton, FL, US
By mailing in a snapshot of yourself or of a friend you can have this superimposed with complete realism. These are sent back to you in a slide show of screen savers. There are hundreds of fantasies that you can choose from. There never has been a more entertaining program, or a better gift.

Pressing Engagement
Imaginary Projects, London, UK
Pressing Engagement is a short film directed by Jon Weinbren, which has been broadcast on UK television and screened at various film festivals to much critical acclaim. Snippets of the film are now available on the World Wide Web via the Imaginary Projects Web site.

Pride Office Products
Digital Marketing, Inc., Bowie, MD, US
Your source for quality new and remanufactured toner cartridges and inkjet cartridges for most printers. We will pay you for your used toner and inkjet cartridges in good condition. Look here for a complete line of office supplies, gourmet foods and other products in the future. Located outside Washington, DC, we ship almost anywhere.

Primary Care Baseline Project
Office of Medical Informatics, Univ. of Florida, Gainesville, FL, US
The Baseline Project was started in the fall of 1994 to create a virtual handbook of primary care on the Internet. As a collaborative effort, primary care providers are invited to submit their own materials to this growing body of information.

P-RooT & COO
Software Engineering Team, CRIN, Nancy, Lorraine, France
COO is a research project which aims at building an active framework for software development processes support. It focuses on coordination and cooperation among the different tasks and activities involved. The implementation of COO is based on P-RooT, a software engineering database prototype. P-RooT is an object oriented extension of PCTE.

The Quiltery Awesome Handmade Quilts by custom order
Allentown, PA, US
The Quiltery, awesome handmade quilts by custom order, is a cottage industry representing three dozen women from all over the U.S. Many are Mennonites or Amish. These "Plain People" with their old-fashioned ways have always made exquisite quilts like the Amish Diamond and still do. Quiltery quilts have won countless prizes at quilt shows and grace many beds and walls across the U.S. and other countries.

Radiation and Health Physics
Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Resources and information for the public, the health physics and radiation safety community, and HP students. Areas include general information, regulators, professional, research and university. Links to national labs, databases, DOE released data, and many related fields. Question form with FAQ done monthly.

R&D Facility, Inc. - Facility Management Software
Oconomowoc, WI, US
R&D Facility provides software solutions for facility and plant managers. We are the authorized dealer in southeastern Wisconsin for ARCHIBUS/FM, the leading AutoCAD based facility management software.

Reliability Analysis Center Web Server
IIT Research Institute, Rome, NY, US
RAC is a DTIC-sponsored Information Analysis Center for the reliability, maintainability, testability, and quality disciplines. We're steadily adding to this resource and offer many other services free of charge. This server is maintained by IIT Research Institute.

Rent-A-Wreck Car Rental
Owings Mills, MD, US
Our Web page provides listings of Rent-A-Wreck locations and contains valuable links to travel and destination information. We also have giveaways too. Please pay us a visit.

The Rodent -- The Official Underground Publication for Associates
Rodent Publications, Los Angeles, CA, US
For associates trapped in the rat race at The Firm, The Rodent offers a small amount of online legal humor via the Internet. The Rodent offers winning law fibs to impress clients and colleagues, help on the path to meeting billable hour goals, and other tips for surviving The Firm. Don't get trapped in the Rat Race when you can run with The Rodent.

Russian and East European Network Information Center
The University of Texas at Austin, TX, US
UT-REENIC provides scholars of Russia and Eastern Europe with access to academic databases and information services throughout the Internet world and provides information on and from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union (FSU).

SALTEK Income Tax Service
Huntsville, AL, US
Saltek provides a new way for you to file your Federal and State Income Tax forms. This service was designed specifically for the WWW. It provides an easy to use and yet comprehensive way to ensure that your return will be filed out correctly and accurately. All of your tax data is transmitted securely because SALTEK resides on a server running Netscape's Commerce Server which uses RSA encryption technology.

SCC&CCI Video programs for I.S. Professionals (Japanese)
Tokyo, Japan
A joint venture company that was established in Japan to provide English and Japanese language videos covering topics of interest to information system professionals in Japan.

School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv, Israel
Directories of faculty and graduate students, lists of research interests, and schedules of seminars and colloquia at the School of Physics and Astronomy at Tel Aviv University.

The Science Council of British Columbia
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
The Science Council of British Columbia is a unique organization which exists to foster economic development & enhance the quality of life in BC through innovative applications of science and technology. We administer funding programs for applied research and development, market assessment, scholarships and fellowships, and facilitate a wealth of opportunities to encourage the growth of BC's science and technology community.

Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
New York, NY, US
The Sci-Fi Channel is proud to present The Dominion, the online resource for science fiction, fantasy, horror and science fact. The Dominion is the official source of information about The Sci-Fi Channel, the cable network exclusively dedicated to offering classic science fiction TV shows and movies, as well as bold original programming.

Shrimp Feeds for Aquaculture
KK Tech International, Hong Kong
We are involved in many aspects of aquaculture, specifically in shrimp feeds manufacturing and in professional shrimp farm designing. Intensive and Extensive aquatic feeds are available. We also carry excellent goldfish feeds. Our feed formulations have been successfully tested in aquaculture farms for quick and healthy growth. Please contact us for your aquaculture needs.

Singapore Online(TM)
Accel Infotech (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore
Singapore Online(TM) provides a one-stop link for all businesses interested in Singapore. Those who are travelling to Singapore would find this server an invaluable resource. Our aim is to place here all essential information that businesses may need. Listings include hotels, car rentals, locally produced software, general merchandise, and trade directories.

Software City
Lighthouse Productions, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Software City is proud to present their home pages. Find the best computer software for less in the Interactive Yellow Pages. Find everything else you might need by visiting our pages.

Sojourn Systems Ltd.
Lansing, MI, US
Sojourn is an Internet provider offering all standard and many advanced Internet services to people living in the state of Michigan. Sojourn maintains a fiber optic T1 link to Michnet and has statewide dialup access. With basic shell accounts starting at $14.95 for unlimited access, Sojourn is one of the most powerful, yet cost effective ways to access the Internet in Michigan.

Speakers On-line
Potomac, MD, US
Speakers On-line is the first catalogue of speakers and entertainers on the Internet. Our World Wide Web site displays speakers and entertainers in every area of specialty and price range. Meeting planners and corporate executives are now locating the speaker or entertainer they need to complete their next meeting agenda.

Specialized Bicycle Components Home Page
Morgan Hill, CA, US
Specialized Bicycle Components is known throughout the world for high quality bicycle components and its support of racing events. "Team Specialized" product information, racing results and statistics plus job opportunities will be part of the Specialized site agenda.

Spectragraphics Corporation
San Diego, CA, US
Spectragraphics manufactures and markets high quality computer graphics software and hardware products to empower collaborative engineering.

Spring Street Brewing Co.
Interport, New York, NY, US
Spring Street Brewing Co., the New York microbrewer of Belgian recipe Wit and Amber Wit, has established a site that includes text and graphics on the company's history and master brewers.

Stallion Technologies
Watsonville, CA, US
Stallion Technologies, founded in 1985, is one of the world's leading developers of serial I/O subsystems for PC Unix, OS/2, DOS, and NetWare software running on PCI, ISA, EISA, and MCA-based computers. Stallion specializes in providing tailored solutions to a variety of local and wide area networking challenges.

Stanford Japan Center
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Information about educational and research programs at the Stanford Japan Center, located in beautiful Kyoto. Look here for information about the Kyoto Center for Japanese Studies (KCJS), the Stanford Center for Technology and Innovation (SCTI), and Stanford Japan Center-Research.

Stratford upon Avon Astronomical Society
Stratford, Warwickshire, UK
Activities include trips to sites of astronomical interest. We are also pleased to provide basic astronomy talks to local schools and other groups. Members receive a free monthly magazine containing members' articles, space news, Society news, and monthly sky notes.

System Zero
San Francisco, CA, US
System Zero is an independent organization of writers, artists and other creative people whose primary purpose is the creation and public dissemination of highly unusual art, literature and informational documents. We encourage people to participate in the creation and evolution of our organization. Additionally, we publish a paper and web version of our magazine Cyanosis.

T-Bill Direct -- Your Gateway to Secure Investing
J.W. Korth & Company, Birmingham, MI, US
Purchase US Treasury securities (bills, bonds, notes) directly from the US Treasury. No need for a brokerage account. Safer than CDs with great yields. Backed by the full faith and credit of the US Government. Part of The MondeNet family of personal investment products. Links to Internet resources for US Treasury securities investments plus a glossary.

Texas A&M University -- MSC Cepheid Variable
TAMU - MSC Cepheid Variable, College Station, TX, US
MSC Cepheid Variable is the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Committee of Texas A&M. We provide exposure to the world of fiction through our various programs, including AggieCon, the largest student-run convention of its type.

The Toronto Dominion Bank of Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Through its WWW site, TD offers a full spectrum of data and planning tools, beginning with the more traditional recaps of its recent financial performance and press releases. To this base is added timely economic reports from the bank's leading economists, small business advice through its Bu$inessmatters articles, mortgage advice, including a home-buying checklist, a recap of market indices, and more.

Tradewell Marketing Group
Monterey, CA, US
The Tradewell Marketing Group specializes in providing rapid and reliable IBM midrange and mainframe solutions. We buy, sell, lease and maintain IBM OEM refurbished and qualified equipment. In order to provide unbeatable customer service, we carry a large inventory of complete systems, peripherals, and parts to meet your needs.

The Tragically Hip Home Page
CIMtegration Ltd., Toronto, ON, Canada
The Tragically Hip now has a home page! No dancing icons or flashing messages here but you will find some rare items, a generous assortment of pictures and album art and some sound clips. Back copies of newsletters and current tour dates are also available. So, visit at your own risk and let us know what you think.

Transition Support Services
The Phoenix Project, Aurora, CO, US
Transition Support Services is a comprehensive project providing information and products to help those dealing with the issue of gender congruity - whether part time or full time. You will find books, tapes, information and Evanesce.

Travel Discounters
San Jose, CA, US
You can order free travel certificates for: Continental, Delta, TWA, American and United airlines. Save up to $100 off airfares every time you fly! Discounts of 20% to 30% off airfares guaranteed.

Univ. of Texas at Austin Student Engineering Council
Austin, TX, US
The Student Engineering Council at The University of Texas at Austin is happy to announce its WWW server. In addition to information about our council, there are links to information about the National Association of Engineering Student Councils (NAESC) , and the Texas Leadership Exchange (the 1995 NAESC National Conference to be held here in October).

University of Arkansas Physics Department
Fayetteville, AR, US
Information about the Physics Department at the University of Arkansas. Includes departmental directory and class information.

University of Kansas School of Engineering
Engineering Computing Services, Lawrence, KS, US
The University of Kansas School of Engineering WWW site describes the quality engineering programs available at the university. The pages are full of information on particular programs, research opportunities, and people to contact. Also available are some cool links to CYBERWEB, a student-run Web site, some classical artwork, and links to some of the other Web servers at the university.

University of Winnipeg -- Theoretical Physics
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
As well as providing a brief description of the research interests of the members our theoretical physics department, the server provides access to some preprints and reprints in the form of TeX or LaTeX files.

US EPA's Green Lights Program
US EPA Atmospheric Pollution Protection Division, Washington, DC, US
The Green Lights program is a voluntary pollution prevention program that encourages corporations, cities, states, government organizations, and nonprofit organizations to upgrade lighting in their offices and factories with more energy-efficient technologies. EPA assists participants with software tools, training, manuals, financial information, and public recognition.

Vigra's CanyonCam
Vigra, a division of VisiCom Labs, San Diego, CA, US
A live view of the exciting landscape surrounding our offices in San Diego. Live video images are captured every minute and made available via the Web. Timelapse MPEG movies are also available for your viewing pleasure. CanyonCam shows off VigraPix, our new SBus video framegrabber card for Sparcstations.

Virtual Reality and Technologies for Combat Simulation
U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, Washington, DC, US
This document describes uses of synthetic-environment technologies for simulating combat. It traces technology development from the 1929 Link Trainer through the SAGE air defense system, the first head-mounted display, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's SIMNET simulator networking project.

Virtual Vineyards
Net Contents, Los Altos, CA, US
Virtual Vineyards is a full-service retail and information source on the Net for fine wine, offering wines that have limited market exposure and tend to be difficult to find. This includes wines produced by small, less well known wineries as well as limited production wines from larger, more widely recognized wineries.

The Way
World Access Yellow Pages, Inc., Aurora, CO, US
Unlike conventional search engines, The Way is a *surf* engine. Thousands of links to everywhere in the world, yet blindingly fast. Organized in several formats: Web Sites by name and by topic, Web Sites geographically, FTP Sites, Gopherspace and more. Plus, The Way gives businesses the ability to create home pages online, instantly, with the WebMaker Design Engine.

AApex Software Corp., Reno, NV, US
AApex Software Corporation publishes Internet products and electronic reference books for MS-Windows users. Internet products include WebFonts, a new product designed to enable Web Page creators to add stunning headline fonts to their page using highly-compressed GIF files. Also check out our CD with over 75,000 quotations, and our almanac series.

Network Analysis Group, Allentown, PA, US
Internet Access Provider featuring 56kb and T-1 access via SMDS, Frame Relay, and DDS facilities. Web server and gopher server customized advertisements. Development of DNS and Post Office UNIX services. Bell Atlantic authorized distributor for Hi Cap and Fast Packet services. ANS authorized reseller.

Wentworth Gallery
Boston, MA, US
Wentworth Gallery specializes in providing a wide selection of original oil paintings, limited edition serigraphs, lithographs and sculptures from artists around the world. Our Web site contains a sample of our art as well as links to other art sites on the Web.

The White House Fellowships
Washington, DC, US
Provides gifted and highly motivated young Americans some firsthand experience in the process of governing the nation and a sense of personal involvement in the leadership of society.

Winkler McManus
San Francisco, CA, US
Using the latest technology, Winkler McManus Advertising have taken the advertising profession to the next level. The whole advertising industry is changing and we are leading the way with our own Web server and one of the first home pages. We tip our hats in cyberspace to the folks who are constantly nurturing the advancement of this exciting new medium.

World M&A Network
International Executive Reports, Washington, DC, US
World M&A Network contains hundreds of listings of companies for sale, merger candidates, and corporate buyers. The Network focuses on mid-market companies, those with between $1MM and $100MM in annual revenues. Subscribers also have access to data on recently completed mid-market deals.

World Wide Web Information
SunSITE Singapore, Singapore
An annotated list of Web resources for both Web administrators and HTML authors. Includes links to HTML authoring information, CGI programs, technical specifications, etc. There is a short description for each entry so you can better locate the information you need. This page is hosted on SunSITE Singapore.

World Wide Web Product News -- Computer Technology Edition
Webtel Communications, Phoenix, AZ, US
In each issue we highlight new computer technology products and companies that have recently joined the Web. Published weekly on Mondays, it's the easiest way to keep up with current product and market events on the Web.

Monday, 13 March 1995

The Accounting Home Page
Tampa, FL, US
Bisk Publishing Co. and its Totaltape CPA Review Division are pioneers in the development of alternative teaching methods for tax, accounting, and business law education. Our primary product line consists of interactive teaching programs for CPA exam review and continuing professional education.

Actrade International Ltd.
New York, NY, US
Actrade International Ltd. is committed to helping small- to medium-sized American companies grow through its expertise in two key areas: export/international trade and domestic, commercial trade finance. Also, as the nation's first publicly traded export company, Actrade (NASDAQ:ACRT) has experienced five straight years of growth and is an excellent investment opportunity.

Afognak Wilderness Lodge
The Alaskan Center, Anchorage, AK, US
Afognak Wilderness Lodge is the destination for anyone seeking Alaska's finest saltwater and freshwater fishing, combined with a wilderness adventure. Just a 25 minute floatplane flight from Kodiak, this fantastic log wilderness lodge has been operated over the past 21 years by the Randall family, providing contemporary get-away comfort.

Afro-Caribbean Music Guide
INA, Bry-sur-Marne, France
Enter the world of the Afro-Caribbean beat and discover music you have not heard before: Soukouss, Makossa, Bikutsi, Mbalax, Moutouashi, Zoblazo, Zouk, Rara, Compas...

American Amateur Press Association
Tampa, FL, US
The American Amateur Press Association is a nation-wide non-profit organization of amateur journalists founded in 1936. There are about 375 members who enjoy writing, editing, printing, or publishing as a hobby. The AAPA was originally started by "boy printers" who enjoyed cranking out small papers on their tabletop letterpress printing presses. Today the membership includes people of all ages who use a wide variety of methods to get into print.

Andrei Biljo, Personal Electronic Exhibition: Pictures and Cartoons
Institute for Commercial Engineering, Moscow, Russia
The Institute for Commercial Engineering gladly presents a personal electronic exhibition by Andrei Biljo, a prominent Russian cartoonist and painter. Meet the famous "Petrovich" character and colorful images of Biljo's paintings.

Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935
Jim Zwick, Syracuse, NY, US
This U.S. history site combines essays and contemporary texts and graphics to introduce the organizations formed to oppose territorial and economic imperialism from the Spanish-American War of 1898 to the mid-1930s.

Apartment Network
Indianapolis, IN, US
Looking for a place to live? Check out the Apartment Network! Browse through listings of apartments in numerous cities and evaluate the best locations and prices.

Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture - Western Region
Honolulu, HI, US
The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture western region's World Wide Web server contains program descriptions and admission requirements to the 23 ACSA programs in the western region. The ACSA has as its principal membership the professional schools of architecture in both the United States and Canada.

AT&T TalkingPower Site
AT&T Global Public Networks, Columbus, OH, US
AT&T's new server TalkingPower has a clickable map that lets you explore the phone system at all levels through text and colorful graphics. You can try out an AT&T course that includes animations, videos, and audio. Training and documentation are combined in a performance support system.

ATTG's Neural Net Tutor
ATTG, Whitby, ON, Canada
NNTutor is a fully-modifiable, highly-graphical, neural net engine you can apply to your own prediction and pattern-matching problems. ATTG's NNTutor brings hands-on education of cutting-edge technologies right to your desktop. But it's more than that -- at its heart is a fully-configurable neural net engine you can use to solve real problems.

Automotive Wholesalers Inc.
Bloomington, MN, US
Information on transmissions, parts and other automotive links.

Avalanche Brewing Company
San Francisco, CA, US
Avalanche Brewing's mission is to support discourse on the art of brewing. We also hold live CU-SeeMe Net broadcasts of the initial keg-tapping of our new brews.

Wordsmith, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The music and magic of words -- that is what A.Word.A.Day is all about. This is the homepage for A.Word.A.Day mailing list which mails out an English vocabulary word and its definition (with occasional commentary) to the subscribers every day.

Back-2-Nature's Completely Natural Products
Tyler & Treva Nally, Durham, NC, US
Back-2-Nature is now open in the Tarheel Mall. Our products are 100% safe, effective, and eco-sensitive. Our product line has home cleaners, skin care, health & nutrition, and personal care with Australian Tea Tree Oil as the active ingredient. Australian Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic, powerful antifungal agent and natural pain reliever. We specialize in mail order shopping.

Baker & Co., Inc. Discount Stock Brokers
Sarasota, FL, US
Baker & Co., Inc. is a leading deep-discount stock broker and a member of the NYSE, and SIPC. Visit our site to figure commissions to the penny, and save dollars per order. From our offices in Sarasota, FL and Cleveland, OH, we provide the best service, and some of the best commission rates around.

The Best Fiction and Poetry from CSUN: 1962-1988
English Dept., California State Univ., Northridge, CA, US
An anthology of the best fiction and poetry selected from all literary magazines published at California State University, Northridge, from 1962 to 1988. The book also contains an interesting photo showing student reaction to the JFK assassination.

Blood + Aphorisms: a Journal of Literary Fiction
Toronto, ON, Canada
Blood + Aphorisms is Canada's bestselling fiction magazine, offering book reviews, interviews and the best fiction from around the world.

BMG Classical Music World
On Ramp, Inc., New York, NY, US
Classics World is an exciting, informative multimedia experience, full of pictures, information, sound bytes, video, a Beginner's Guide to Classical Music, and a huge CD catalog where you can browse -- and order -- thousands of popular titles. Classics World will educate and entertain every lover of great music. Created by On Ramp, Inc. for BMG Classics.
http://classicalmus.com/ [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Bottom Line Online
Austin, TX, US
Bottom Line Online is a virtual digital marketplace for Macintosh users looking for a way to learn about products online without being pressured by a salesperson to purchase immediately. We will be giving away a new Macintosh system to celebrate the opening of our site.

Branson NET
Ozark Network Communications, Springfield, MO, US
Branson NET is your best information source for the Branson Missouri area. Ozark Network Communications introduced the Branson NET to provide links to music shows, hotels, travel agencies, theme parks, restaurants, gift shops online, and upcoming events in this midwestern vacation hotspot.

The Burgundy Cellar
Evil Software Wizard Ltd., Shirley, MA, US
A fine wine shop with an emphasis on the Burgundy region.

Burke Mountain
Burke, VT, US
Burke Mountain is a magnificent ski resort located in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. Skiers can enjoy a 2000-foot vertical drop, an exciting 30-trail system with top-to-bottom snowmaking, outstanding vistas over the unspoiled landscape, and hospitality reminicent of another era. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Can Am Partners, Inc., Vienna, VA, US
This site is just begining to take shape. I hope that it will become a useful resource for International telecommunications.

Catalina Corporation
Woodland Hills, CA, US
Catalina Corporation has joined the growing CyberWharf community.

CeBIT '95 Online
Datamation Magazine, Newton, MA, US
Explore the largest computer show in the world, but without getting trampled by the crowds. Visit Germany's CeBIT '95 on the Web starting March 8. Datamation's CeBIT '95 Online whisks you to Germany in seconds. Virtually walk through the aisles from your PC, and get information about any of the 6,000 exhibitors.

Charlotte Online
NCNetWorks, Charlotte, NC, US
Visiting Charlotte? Charlotte Online can help you plan your visit. Learn about our city's attractions and discover where to stay, dine, shop, and be entertained. Our Web page also provides information on local arts and culture and a current calendar of events. A service of NCNetWorks.

Clear Skies, the Newsletter for Amateur Astronomers
Sky Bear Publishing, San Diego, CA, US
Published quarterly, clearly written articles on deep sky, solar, lunar, double star observing, and more! Regular columns include Solar Watch, City Skies and Double Challenge. Sample articles available online. New links being added to fun astro tips and trivia.

Columbia University, Applied Physics Department
New York City, NY, US
The department offers undergraduate majors in applied physics and applied mathematics and graduate programs in applied physics, applied mathematics, nuclear engineering and medical physics. Research is focused in the areas of plasma physics.

Conversations With God Ministries, Inc.
Missoula, MT, US
A nonprofit Christian organization based in Missoula, MT. Started by Rev. Wallace D. "Chris" Christensen, Jr., CWG Ministries publishes a monthly prophetic newsletter and provides team counseling services. Chris is a Pentecostal Church of God minister whose quiet times with the Lord provide guidance, correction, encouragement and revelation which he freely shares.

Country Fans
Dawn Banks, Tampa, FL, US
Country Fans is dedicated to giving country folks and fans information on country artists and other country related links, as well as its own Cowboy Page.

CyberWharf Boating Classifieds
CyberMalls Corporation, Colchester, VT, US
CyberWharf Classifieds is a new service begun March 2, 1995. This is a non-commercial forum for the public to post their own ads (for boats, personals, positions wanted, help wanted, etc.) and browse others. Please feel free to post an ad and come back to see what others have posted. Another member of the growing CyberWharf community.

Data Exchange's Computer Repair Services
Data Exchange Corporation, Camarillo, CA, US
Need a repair or replacement for a computer component or peripheral? Visit Data Exchange's WWW site. Data Exchange, a world leader in high-tech electronics repair services, has added an RFQ Form to its WWW site. Just fill it out, submit it, and we'll e-mail your quote within a few days. We repair and sell just about everything for the computer.

Defense Software Repository System (DSRS)
DISA Software Systems Engineering Dept., Falls Church, VA, US
The Defense Software Repository System (DSRS) is an automated repository for storing and retrieving reusable assets. DSRS serves as a central collection point for quality assets, and facilitates software reuse by offering DOD developers the opportunity to match their requirements with existing software products.

Dental Telecommunications Network
North American Society of Periodontist, Richardson, TX, US
Den-Tel-Net is a new informative guide designed to further the knowledge and understanding of dentistry for the 21st Century. This guide is sponsored by dental specialists throughout North America and is distributed monthly with articles pertaining to fields of dental specialists, i.e. periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery, pedodontics, implantology, and oral pathology.

Discovery Toys/Woburn Woods Inc.
Woburn Woods Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Broad range of product lines to serve the development needs of the whole child. Order a free catalog from our WWW site.

The Dolphin Page
Chris, Cambridge, MA, US
A small trampoline to the few dolphin-related links on the Web.

Dutch Labour Party (Partij van de Arbeid)
Partij van de Arbeid, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NL
We have general information concerning the party. We also provide the latest political news from The Hague, the latest about hot items in our party (congresses, speeches), online discussions, details about sub-organizations, and of course links to lots of other political sites.

The Emoticon Shop - Supporting Net Causes
Emoticon Ltd, London, England, UK
Help support the EFF by buying the orginal Emoticon (Smiley) Dictionary/Listing and our guide to PGP are also available.

The Empire Mall
South Hadley, MA, US
The Empire Mall is the newest online shopping experience on the Net. We feature quality products -- from import CDs to custom-imprinted mouse pads. We are new, but growing fast.

The End of the Road
PolarNet, Inc., Fairbanks, AK, US
The End of the Road is PolarNet's virtual Internet community. Information on Alaska travel, politics, events, businesses and non-profits are at The End of the Road. As you're mushing the Internet take a gee and a haw and head north to join the old sourdoughs on the front porch at The End of the Road.

Enterprise Magazines, Inc
Milwaukee, WI, US
See the collection of handbooks and magazines from Enterprise Magazines, Inc. covering business opportunities, catalogs and franchises. Invaluable information for entrepreneurs and business people.

Europe Online
Howald, Luxembourg
Information about Europe Online S.A. and the services the company provides. In mid-95, EO is going to start a multi-lingual European multimedia oriented online service. In addition, EO provides the Luxembourg online community with a comprehensive range of Internet access services.

Florida's Finest Fruit, Co, Inc.
Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Delicious Florida citrus from the groves in the Indian River region delivered in attractive gift packages. Guaranteed shipment. Incomparable, nutritious, and a real treat to send to friends, business associates or relatives who would like a little Florida sunshine wrapped by nature.

Franchise Management
Kim Software, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
Kim Franchise Management is for any company which runs franchises in: fast service - fastfood, pizza, family dining concepts; catering, vending, commissaries and delivery; product retail - flowers, gifts, autoparts, food items, etc.; services - hotels, repairs, travel, personal, etc.

Washington, DC, US
Frogmag, the electronic magazine of the French community abroad, is now on the Web. Written by its readers, Frogmag aims at publishing quality articles on any potentially interesting subject. Its scope ranges from art to science through literature, history, practical guides... Bonne lecture!

Gemini Scientific Communications - DIAGNOSIS magazine
Southampton, Hampshire, UK
A starting point for UK medical diagnostics research. Also publishing the magazine DIAGNOSIS on-line, distributed free to UK laboratories. Product catalogues are in course of preparation.

Golden Eagle Resort
Stowe Village, VT, US
The Golden Eagle is New England's affordable AAA resort. We're ideally located on 80 acres in Stowe Village, VT with breathtaking views and convenient access to nearby downhill and cross-country skiing. Family-owned and -operated for over 30 years. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Government of New Brunswick, Canada
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Contains various government information concerning everything from environment to tourism. Please stop by and pay us a visit!

The Grantseeker's Resource Center
Columbus, OH, US
Get the grant you need -- research, writing and technical assistance for businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. The Grantseeker's Resource Center can provide your organization direct technical assistance to help you obtain the funds you need.

Higher Octave Music
Malibu, CA, US
Higher Octave Music - Music from around the world, for around the clock. Higher Octave offers over 90 titles of contemporary instrumental, new age and world music by renowned artists from the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia. Honored by Billboard as the #1 independent adult alternative/new age label for the third consecutive year.

Hoods Woods Wilderness Education Center
Green Valley, CA, US
Hoods Woods is a wilderness education center that is primarily involved in survival training. Hoods Woods conducts wilderness programs in the High Sierra of California.

Horse Country
Kris Carroll and Ann Zinn - Media Path, Seattle, WA, US
A virtual introduction to Horse Country via original photos, fiction, art and illustrations including a 60 million year timeline, horse chromosomes, images of and text about barns, tack, schooling, clothing and of course horses - all related to English style riding. Resource information on associations, equestrian safety programs, books and journals.

Howard University's School of Continuing Education
Howard University, Silver Spring, MD, US
At the present time, our pages provide two major services to users outside of Howard University: a convenient gateway to Internet services provided by Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's), and a comprehensive archive of freeware/shareware programs which can be used to set up an Internet server using Microsoft's Windows NT (instead of UNIX).

ICI University
Dallas, TX, US
A global theological training platform with national offices operating in more than 120 countries. In addition to its graduate programs, ICI University offers a wide spectrum of Christian study opportunities.

Images newsletter
Ed Daniel & Associates, Cincinnati, OH, US
Images is a newsletter type of publication that is of interest primarily to in-plant printing/communication organizations. The publication's focus is primarily on printing and related publishing issues. The author is the principal of Ed Daniel & Associates, an in-plant printing consulting firm that specializes in evaluating and reengineering in-plant printing organizations and related services.

IndyCar Australia -- Motor Racing at Surfer's Paradise
Interactive Presentations Pty Ltd, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
The Indy Carnival provides comprehensive motor racing on the IndyCar Australia event with the information updated live during the race. Other areas include the history, the pictures and glamour of past events. All you ever wanted to know about IndyCar drivers is here.

Internet Christian Radio
ICI University, Dallas, TX, US
Live Christian Radio, the first packet switched global netcast offering Christian radio programming.

Internet Investment Research
3-D Investment Mgmt., Inc. & Internet Investment Research, Inc., Houston, TX, US
The Internet Investment Research Web site provides rapid centralized access to over 100 useful hyperlinks of interest to stock market investors. The carefully selected and organized hyperlinks provide access to stock quotes, charts, news, SEC data, industry data, key universities, public company information, and useful bookmarks.

Chantilly, VA, US
We have indexed many interesting sites and are continually updating the list. INTERNExT is a full-service Internet provider offering 28.8kb access for both PPP and SLIP connections. We support Macintosh and PCs and also offer ISDN connections, 56kb connections, Web Page creation, and Web Servers.

Kidsons Impey
Birmingham, West Midlands, UK
Kidsons Impey is a leading UK firm of chartered accountants with associates in over 70 countries worldwide. These pages include details of Kidsons Impey, its services and career opportunities within the firm. The pages also include the latest UK tax and business briefings issued by Kidsons Impey.

Kingston Online Services
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Kingston Online Services is pleased to announce that it is now offering to the public its modified 'Black Gamma CircleMUD'. You may telnet to it and join the fun... it's free! You can also telnet to our multiple line bulletin board system, a great Major BBS entertainment resource. Kingston Online provides full internet access to Southeastern Ontario.

KNMI -- Royal Netherlands Meteorologic Institute
Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut, De Bilt, Ut, The Netherlands
The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) is the national data- and knowledge-center for weather, climate and seismology of the Netherlands. It offers information, advice and services to government, the public and trade and industry.

Latin American Trade Council of Oregon
Portland, OR, US
The Latin American Trade Council of Oregon (LATCO) is a non-profit business association promoting trade with Latin America. LATCO also maintains an email list for the discussion of business and trade in Latin America. Please address a message to LSERV@psg.com with the three word message: subscribe latco your email address. Bienvenido.

Lone Star Art Gallery
Underground Rivers, Dallas, TX, US
See images of classic art, space photographs from the Hubble, and exclusive Dallas Cowboy football photos. Available for viewing and purchase online.

Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs
LBJ School of Public Affairs, Austin, TX, US
Information on graduate programs offered at the LBJ School, consistently ranked in the top five of all public affairs/public adminstration graduate schools. The LBJ school has been training professionals for careers in the non-profit, governmental and private sectors for over 20 years. Anyone considering public affairs or public administration should visit the LBJ School.

MacByte Computers
Malibu, CA, US
MacByte Computers - Where we buy, sell & trade Macintosh computers & peripherals. Serving Mac users since 1989, MacByte helped write the book on recycling Macs. MacByte now offers both new and preowned Macs along with a toll free number plus overnight delivery worldwide. We have some good MacLinks.

Management Development Programs at UT Austin
Executive Education, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, US
MDP's seminars comprise a variety of educational activities for executives and management personnel. Because of the large number of programs, an HTML site is perfectly suited to the department's changing information needs. By focusing on visual impact and graphic imagery, Executive Education is participating in a Net-wide movement to reach a larger audience.

MAPAM's Eleventh Congress On-Line
Macom Networking Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel
This site introcues MAPAM, an Israeli political party, and its members of the Eleventh Congress. Proceedings, speeches, and decisions will be online and available almost as they occur. A unique innovation is an online portion of the Congress, where (using Internet technology) people from around the world are invited to particpate in discussions and make their opinions heard.

MasterCook Home Page
Arion Software, Inc., Austin, TX, US
The MasterCook home page is a great source of information for those who are interested in food, cooking, or nutrition. Besides being the official site for support and information regarding MasterCook II and MasterCook Mac (Arion Software's popular recipe and nutrition software), there are numerous links to other food and cooking sites on the Web.

The MBA Page
College of Business, Ohio State Univ., Columbus, OH, US
This resource will help you survive and thrive as an MBA student. Topics covered include MBA Survival, MBA News, MBA Class and Case Materials, Cool Things to Get Involved With, Fun Things for MBAs on the Web, Good Business Books, Finding a Job, MBA Placement Statistics, MBA Program Rankings and Getting into a Good MBA School.

Michael's Pacific Islands WWW "Things"
University of Hawaii, Manoa, Honolulu, HI, US
Frustrated by the scattered and incomplete nature of WWW and other Internet links to resources on or about the Pacific Islands, I decided to create my own page of links. Though the University of Hawaii's College of Social Sciences provides the Web site, this is a personal endeavor and should not be assumed as an officially sanctioned page.

MIT Linguistics Home Page
MIT Department of Linguistics and Philosophy, Cambridge, MA, US
A home page for the Linguistics Program of MIT's Department of Linguistics and Philosophy. Includes information about graduate applications, faculty, and upcoming conferences, as well as a list of dissertations awarded by the department.

MJM Communications
New York City, NY, US
As a full-service public relations and media placement firm in Manhattan, MJM Communications has begun offering a WWW presence to its clients. From basic information pages to elaborate forms to even custom domain registration, MJM Communications can coordinate an effective and high-traffic page for your Information Highway audience.

The Multimedia Newsstand: March release
The Multimedia Newsstand, New York City, NY, US
The Newsstand of the future. Order from 325 magazines and do your Mother's day shopping here. Play the interactive trivia contest and win a Harper's Bazaar t-shirt. Follow today's Secret Agent X9 comic strip and check out Esquire's Esky hot links.

Neuromuscular Physiology
Neuromuscular Physiology Lab at UCSD, La Jolla, CA, US
The neuromuscular phsyiology lab at UCSD goes online with our new home page. Come see what principal investigators Richard L. Lieber and Sue Bodine-Fowler are up to.

New York City Beer Guide
Clay Irving, New York, NY, US
The New York City Beer Guide is an online reference for everything related to beer in New York City. The guide contains microbreweries and brewpubs in New York, the best bars/pubs/taverns to sample beer, the best stores to buy beer, beer clubs and beer-tasting events. The guide provides 'Tap Reports' -- find out what's on tap at the bars listed.

New York City Reference
Clay Irving, New York, NY, US
The New York City Reference page is a comprehensive list of online resources in New York City. New York City Reference contains links to other guides, business, art, Internet providers, sports, etc.

Nite Furniture
NCNetWorks, Morgantown, NC, US
Nite Furniture offers numerous brand-names and product lines of furniture and home furnishings manufacturers. Established in 1945, Nite is recognized for combining discount prices with southern hopsitality. A service of NCNetWorks.

The Oklahoma Commercial Real Estate Forum
Net Sales, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK, US
Commercial/industrial properties for sale or lease in the Sooner State.

Pages Software Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Pages Software announces shipment of WebPages by Pages(tm) the first truly WYSIWYG HTML editor, which runs on NEXTSTEP/OpenStep. While shipping initially on NEXTSTEP for Intel and Motorola, and soon for Sparc and Hewlett-Packard, WebPages will also be available for OpenStep to run with Solaris, Digital's OSF/1, WindowsNT, and Windows95.

Penn State Vocational & Industrial Education
David L. Passmore, University Park, PA, US
The Pennsylvania State University vocational and industrial education program Web site provides information and direct email contacts for all program faculty and staff as well as undergraduate and graduate programs. Links are provided to TRDEV-L, the Pennsylvania Economic Modeling and Forecasting Project, and a newsletter for graduate students.

Prism Performance Systems
Farmington Hills, MI, US
Prism Performance Systems is a full-service training and consulting organization providing services that assist clients in achieving performance systems that result in maximum productivity and competitiveness. Prism's mission is to partner with clients to achieve improved business performance by enhancing individual, team, process and system performance.

Producers Resource Page
Dub South Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
A place for video producers to list their companies so coporations looking for film or video production have a place on the Web to look. Dub South is a high volume videotape duplicator.

Progressive Products, Inc.
Houston, TX, US
Distributer of premium grade solvent-free epoxy products designed for demanding and tough applications. Solvent-free products offer many advantages and may become an environmental and legislative necessity. Typical uses are where long life, chemical protection, extreme wear resistance, indifference to moisture during application and no odor are important.

Public Policy Assessment Society
This Web service provides access to the principal documents of the Public Policy Assessment Society Inc. (PPAS). This is an independent, non-party, self-funding organization whose purpose is the improvement of public policy. We take particular interest in policy issues on which Australian government bodies engage in formal public consultation.

The public.com Personals
L & L Information Services, Chicago, IL, US
The public.com Personals serves as an umbrella organization for single's magazines, and dating services. It boasts over 7000 personals all searchable through a single interface from a half dozen publications and services based in Illinois, Ohio, New York, Washington DC, Connecticut, Rhode Island and North Carolina.

Quasimodo Bells
Sanctuary Sound, Inc., Manlius, NY, US
We are the world's largest manufacturer/distributor of digitally sampled bells. We have installations around the world in churches, universities, shopping malls, cemeteries and other places. At a fraction of the price of real bells, Quasimodo will provide the perfect landmark and outdoor tower voice for any private or public building.

Quorum Business Consultants' Home Page
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Quorum Business Consultants offers high-tech companies a practical, effective and affordable way to negotiate and draft their business contracts. We are not a law firm, but we can help you with your technology transfers, license agreements, joint ventures and much more.

Readme.Doc Discount Computer Books
Chambersburg, PA, US
Readme.Doc offers 20 to 25% off on all computer books from all publishers. We are a small-town family-owned business testing the waters of the Internet. Please visit our site and let us know if there is anything we might be able to help you with.

Real Estate Brokers Conference on the Internet
Burnaby, BC, Canada
An exclusive service for professional brokers only. Offering news from the industry, software reviews by brokers and a private broker chat, The Archive, an index of reports, articles and research items tailored to the needs of conference members. Also includes our Real Estate Store with products such as tapes, books, promotional material and other industry related items.

Scottish Borders
Calligrafix, St Boswells, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Information on the rural area south of Edinburgh called the Scottish Borders. The pages contain information on the Borders in addition to a virtual art gallery with local artists, a magazine on photography, fishing booking service for the River Tweed and information on textiles and sustainable technology centres

Shana Corporation
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Shana Corporation specializes in electronic forms software. This site has information on creating, managing and tracking forms electronically. Download Informed Designer, the award-winning forms design package and a $295 value, for free. Electronic versions of the documentation, sample forms, and much more can be obtained here.

Society, Cyberspace and the Future
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, US
How can new interactive communication technology enhance harmonious and functional communities at all scales worldwide? Report of an exploratory Aspen workshop prepared by Bruce Murray, California Institute of Technology. Comments are encouraged; a feedback form is available in the report.

Spontaneous Combustion Webzine
Downers Grove, IL, US
The electronic version of this long-running alternative/punk/independent music zine. Features interviews, sound clips, mail order catalog, reviews, and links to other related sites.

The Suzanne Vega Home Page
Eric Szczerbinski & AGF Entertainment, New York, NY, US
A wealth of information on singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega. Contents include: up-to-date info, a FAQ, lyrics library, biographies, profiles, interviews, a complete discography, graphics, a message board, essays, articles and poetry written by Ms. Vega, and more!

Tax World
Northeastern University, Boston, MA, US
Tax World provides information about tax classes offered at Northeastern University. It also provides users with links to other tax resources on the Net. Tax World also has a comment page that individuals are welcome to use.

Travel & Entertainment Network, Internet Operations (TEN-IO)
Campbell, CA, US
The place on the Web for travel and entertainment information and arrangements. TEN-IO offers cruises, travel packages, sporting events, and concert packages for diverse interests, including a drawing for a free trip for two to Maui, Hawaii.

Travel Store Inc.
Brentwood, CA, US
Established in 1975, Travel Store, Inc. is distinguished as the only travel company on INC. magazine's list of the top-500 fastest growing privately-owned companies for three consecutive years ('92-'94), and of 40,000 U.S. travel agencies is rated among the top 100 travel companies by Business Travel Weekly.

UDesign Incorporated
Hartford, CT, US
UDesign is the oldest desktop publishing service bureau and studio in the northeast (beginning July 1985) and offers a variety of services including general graphic design practice, corporate identity development and logo design, publication design, html coding, and more. We serve clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small mom-and-pop businesses.

ULIX: The University of Limerick Information Exchange
University of Limerick, Ireland
The University of Limerick announces the availability of ULIX: The University of Limerick Information Exchange as its home page and official Web server. ULIX provides information about the university and links to Irish servers and other WWW points of interest.

University of Texas Longhorn Band Gallery
MJM Communications, New York, NY, US
Glynn Fluitt is a commercial photographer in New York City. During the football seasons of 1987-88 and 1988-89 he lived in Austin, Texas and photographed the Longhorn Band during its marching seasons. This page displays a handful of those images including the script "University of Texas" formed by the combined bands of the University of Texas Longhorns and the Longhorn Alumni Band.

Unlimited Carpet Sales
Irving, TX, 75060-3051, US
We are a flooring distributor offering the world direct access to the manufacturers. We also have an online technical support area for those questions that require unbiased answers.

Unofficial Freeman School of Business (Tulane University) Home Page
Ed Strong, New Orleans, LA, US
Information on faculty, students, and courses of the Freeman School of Business, Tulane University. Also running information for the New Orleans area.

U.S. Institute of Peace -- Conflict Resolution
San Jose State Univ.rsity, San Jose, CA, US
The SJSU School of Library and Information Science has created a conflict resolution page for the U.S. Institute of Peace. This page is for diplomats, researchers, university students and others interested in exploring information about conflict resolution, negotiation theory, South Africa, and Northern Ireland.

Virtually Hawaii
Space Grant Program, Univ. of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, US
NASA images of the Hawaiian islands, from satellites, Space Shuttle, and aircraft. Plus virtual field trips to southeast Oahu and Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island.

Waterfall Resort
The Alaskan Center, Anchorage, AK, US
In 1979, Waterfall Resort was recreated as a world-class fishing resort with accommodations for up to 84 guests in quaint New England style cottages, lodge rooms, and two bedroom town homes. Waterfall's remote location offers guests the opportunity to view bear, deer, king salmon, whales, eagles, and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

Water Purge Systems, Ltd., Scottsdale, AZ, US
Water Web (tm), a www site designed to offer individuals, firms, and organizations an expedited path to information concerning virtually every facet of water and its related technologies, including: water treatment equipment, water treatment chemicals, test equipment, consultants, trade associations and publications, coming events, environmental regulatory agencies, research databases, and more.

The Web Factory -- WWW Design and Development
Colorado Springs, CO, US
The Web Factory is here to help you realize your vision of creating a presence on the Internet. We provide a wide range of services, and we would love to talk to you about setting up shop.

Welcome to Perfection Services, Inc.
Pittsburgh and Wexford, PA, US
A professional computer systems and field engineering firm. We are involved in state-of-the-art information systems development, World Wide Web presences, HTML and graphic development, consulting, systems administration, performance tuning, and implementation. Through its Systems Environmental Services division, PSI provides technical and physical services to the large data centers.

West Virginia University
Computing and Information Resources, Morgantown, WV, US
The WVU Computing and Information Resources server will act as a gateway to various campus information resources as well as college and departmental WWW servers.

Whole Wheel Velo Club
RodCo Design Services, Alex, VA, US
The Washington DC metro area's oldest continuously operating bicycle racing team, the WWVC is a USCF team which embraces the development of amateur racing. The WWVC thanks Rod Thonen for the production of the page.

The Windows Utility Report
Mindspring, Atlanta, GA, US
The Windows Utility Report is a frequently updated listing of freeware and shareware available from various archives on the Net. Reviews are brief, and only extremely useful software gets a review. Included are links to archives around the world. Deserves it's own bookmark.

The WineWeb
Santa Fe, NM, US
The WineWeb, the ultimate Internet resource for understanding, selecting and acquiring wines of the world, will allow anyone to view detailed information on wineries and their latest vintages. Subject to applicable laws, consumers can order wines direct.

The WWW Entertainment Package
Peter Wansch and Klaus J. Rusch, Vienna, Austria
A collection of well-known interactive board games playable over the Net.

Intersail, Tiburon, CA, US
Yachting, sailing, boating, marine, and all things nautical, with lots of links to other such pages. Racing events and news, clubs, things for sale, to read, to learn, to explore, to dream of, and have fun with. For people who love the sea.

York University - College System at York U.
Calumet College, York University, North York, Ontario, Canada
The Pan-College WWW Server at York University contains information about the seven undergraduate colleges at York University in North York (Toronto), Canada.

Wednesday, 15 March 1995

The Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Abator's role is managing the international resources of 3500+ consultants, software engineers and programmers, who facilitate Abator's ability to deliver unique, specialized expertise quickly and cost effectively. These resources may be deployed at the corporate level and/or delivered to all channels of distribution and related business interests. Abator is a member of the fast growing Internet Business Pages.

ACT Research Group
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The site contains information about our research on the ACT (Adaptive Control of Thought) Architecture for Cognition. There are links to the software for running cognitive models in ACT and you can read the manual on-line. There are home pages for members of the group and some of their papers. There is also information on the Advanced Computer Tutoring Project and the new Pittsburgh Area Cognitive Tutoring Center.

The Action Coalition
Takoma Park, MD, US
The Action Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating the work of individuals and organizations working towards justice, human rights, a sustainable environment, and eradication of the worst aspects of poverty.

Air Cruise America
Long Beach, CA, US
On your next visit to southern California, relive the romance of aviation in the '30s and '40s with a Champagne Flight aboard the legendary DC-3.

Alan K. Stazer, Attorney At Law
Los Angeles, CA, US
An environmental law practice concentrating on scientific and technology related issues including air pollution, hazardous waste, radiation and EMF. Articles on radiation and EMF are presented along with links to related sites.

Albert Ayler: His Life and Music
Jeff Schwartz, Bowling Green State Univ., Bowling Green, OH, US
The first full length biography of this jazz giant, who was a major influence on John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, and many of today's most interesting musicians, is now available on the Web.

All About Blimps
Mark Zimmerman, Orlando, FL, US
Links to the most complete reference available on the web for airships and lighter than air travel.

Robert Schneck, Durham, NC, US
This is an alt.buddha.short.fat.guy home page. We have art. We have Buddhism in all shapes and sizes. We have Zen ferrets. And we have El Dupree, his Bulbousness, the Odiferous One, the Unwashed Sage of the Western Plains. Come, visit us. Cast off your headsack.

American Civil War Archive
30Th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Co. B, Monmouth Junction, NJ, US
The American Civil War Archive has moved its home to a new and more spacious location at DIGEX. The publisher respectfully requests that anyone that has pointers to the old location please update their pages to reflect the change. The new location features all of the information contained in the previous location, plus expanded event listings, regimental contacts for other groups, and more.

American Committee for Interoperable Systems (ACIS)
Mountain View, CA, US
ACIS is a voluntary organization of more than 30 corporations in the computer industry. ACIS supports principles of intellectual property law that provide a balance between rewards for innovation and the belief that computer systems developed by different vendors be able to communicate fully with each other.

Announcing Ocean Life: The Great Barrier Reef
IVI Publishing, Seattle, WA, US
Ocean Life: The Great Barrier Reef is a multimedia CD-ROM featuring spectacular video and audio, and packed with information on over 200 species. We also have two contests: CD-a-Day and Blown Away.

Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA, US
Apple-Internet-Users is a mailing list that discusses the Macintosh as a client to Internet resources, the problems, solutions and services available on this platform. This home page has subscription information and a growing number of links to Macintosh-related resources throughout the Internet.

APStracts (ISSN 1080-4757)
American Physiological Society, Bethesda, MD, US
APStracts is an on-line periodic notice of current research scheduled to be published in the journals of the American Physiological Society. The abstracts published in APStracts are of articles that have been accepted for publication in APS journals.

Arizona Board of Regents
Phoenix, AZ, US
The Arizona Board of Regents governs the state's four-year public universities (Arizona State, Northern Arizona Univ., and The University of Arizona). The Regents homepage gives information on their responsibilities Links are provided to the universities' and the State of Arizona's web servers.

The Artwhere Cyberclothing Store
Artwhere, Clearwater, FL, US
The Artwhere Store has very cool and unusual cyberclothing, featuring the Theresa Ann line, and is home to zoo cybergear. We also sell coffee cups, and are sole distributor of snake byte fractal cards.

AS220 Home Page
Providence, RI, US
AS220 is a non profit 501(C)(3) corporation whose primary role is the maintenance of an uncensored and unjuried forum for the arts. We fulfill this mission by providing our facilities to all Rhode Island artists needing a place to exhibit or perform.

Aztech Cyberspace InfoHUB
Reno, NV, US
Aztech Cyberspace specializes in high quality HTML scripting and image processing. Our primary site, the Aztech InfoHUB, contains links to client pages as well as several common WWW pages.

Bio Folic H for Haircare, Hairloss, and Fingernails
IS Professionals, Carpinteria, CA, US
Bio Folic H, a 20-year established product, is the common sense approach to hair care. We have hundreds of letters from customers with varying hair loss and/or fingernail problems. Men and women use the product with great results. Only costs $15.90 per bottle that lasts 6 weeks. We also provide links to some of the letters and to a "baldness" newsgroup, alt.baldspot.

Blooms Across America
The Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Looking for an earth-friendly fundraising project? Blooms Across America is a new program designed to meet today's needs for children's fund-raising and community action projects. Children are encouraged to "Be a Bloomer," allowing the care in their hearts and the strength in their hands to help them bloom into proactive citizens who sell and plant seeds and interact with government to help the school, the community, and the country.

Bravo! Bravo!
Salmonpeople Internet Use, Spokane, WA, US
Introducing a new arts and entertainment magazine for Spokane and the Northwest. Bravo! Bravo! features film and book reviews for all, and a list of regional events for locals. Noise about art and alternative film!

Buck Information Systems Inc.
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Buck Information Systems Inc. is a provider of World Wide Web services. Our services can provide any company with an Internet presence and the ability to take immediate advantage of current information systems technology.

c2e2 news
Risoe National Laboratory, Roskilde, Denmark
Newsletter of the UNEP Collaborating Centre on Energy and Environment. The Centre supports the United Nations Environment Programme towards incorporating environmental aspects into energy planning and policy, with special emphasis on developing countries.

Stockholm, Sweden
CATS AB is a Stockholm, Sweden technical consulting company.

CBC RadioWorks
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CBC Radio, the RadioWorks Division of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, is developing an informative and entertaining new Web Site. The service features audio and transcript selections from some of their most popular radio programming, including live news, original comedies, thought provoking interviews, and more.

The CGX World Wide Web Site
Home to those who find themselves both conservative and members of "Generation X." Is such a thing possible? We think so. Come by and see what we have to say.

The Cleveland Sports Pages
Michael Ivy, Chicago, IL, US
The Cleveland Sports Pages provides news on Cleveland professional sports teams. The Sports pages are currently updated bi-weekly basis. (weekly soon.) The primary focus of the pages are the Cleveland Indians (MLB), the Cleveland Browns (NFL) and the Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA).

Coldwell Banker Real Estate (WWW Office)
Coldwell Banker Real Estate was founded in 1906, and is one of the largest real estate organizations in the world. This WWW office provides referrals to practically any destination you may have in mind. We make every attempt to find you an experienced agent who also has e-mail capability, and can also arrange to list your property for sale.

Dartmouth College Language Resource Center
Hanover, NH, US
The Dartmouth College Language Resource Center site has information about the Center and about language programs at Dartmouth College. It also has a large compilation of resources useful for foreign language and culture teaching and learning grouped by language and country.

Dataflight Software
Los Angeles, CA, US
Dataflight publishes Concordance, a full text database manager. Concordance is designed for the fast and accurate retrieval of large full-text databases on PCs, local area networks, CD-ROMs and Internet publishing. The program has a language for use in CGI scripting, communicating with HTTPD servers, performing requested tasks, and returning HTML data.

De Proverbio: An Electronic Journal of International Proverb Studies
University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia
A scholarly journal of paremiology (proverb study) which is published twice a year. The first issue contains articles ranging from perception of proverbiality to proverb use in Hitler's "Mein Kampf," which can be of interest for non-scholars also. De Proverbio is also a book publisher devoted entirely to paremiology.

Design Acceleration, Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
Design Acceleration, Inc. provides hardware design engineers with advanced simulation analysis tools for verilog and mixed verilog/analog design.

Digital Marketing, Inc. (DigiMark)
Bowie, MD, US
DigiMark is pleased to announce robust T1 connectivity and the growing presence of over 60 clients who have taken advantage of some of the best service and support available. DigiMark offers complete business internet presence services, domain and server hosting, graphics, custom programming.

Douglass-Truth Institute
Davis, CA, US
"Douglass-Truth must reside in the space between Fuller, McLuhan, and J. R. Bob." -Factsheet 5. Douglass-Truth "is strange... enigmatic... maddening!" -Mike Gunderloy. Pamphlets, postcards, T-shirts, the famous Virtual Machines are offered for quick sale.

An Educated Minute
Frontenac County Board Of Education, Kingston, ON, Canada
The Frontenac County Board of Education would like to announce that samples of An Educated Minute are now available on the web. Winner of the 1994 Golden Achievement Award from the National School Public Relations Association, it is a radio show designed to inform, entertain and educate.

The Electronic Commerce Series
The Global Communications Message Center, Chicago, IL, US
This page contains full information about a series of seminars based in Chicago called The Electronic Commerce Series. On dates of 3/16, 4/20, and 5/4/95, speakers will be linked by satellite to discuss doing business on the Internet the intelligent way.

Electronic Resources International
Cyber Resources, New Providence, IA, US
Electronic Resources is the nation's ISO leader in ATL® ultrasound equipment. We will provide a quality system that will meet your needs at an affordable price. We have been providing ultrasound systems, accessories, quality service and service training since 1988.

Engineering Management Program
Portland State University, Portland, OR, US
About our department programs, researches, and student's projects in Engineering Management and Management of Technology. Soon will be available a page for IEEE transaction on Engineering Management.

The Ethical Spectacle
Brooklyn, NY, US
The Ethical Spectacle is an electronic newsletter is a forum to discuss and promote discussion of, practical, applied ethics; to identify hypocrisy; and especially to spotlight double standards wherever found in our society.

Future Features Syndicate
Melbourne, FL, US
A portfolio of graphic artists works.

Future Space
Physics/Consciousness Research Group, San Francisco, CA, US
Future Space is the WWW forum for really new physics at the cutting edge of quantum reality. For example, The Quantum and Beyond integrates mind, matter and meaning. In another paper Henry Stapp argues for quantum mind.

Gift World
Encom, Livonia, MI, US
Gift World is a specialty gift shop. We currently stock more than 4000 items, including hand crafted sculptures and figurines of spun glass, crystal, porcelain, and wood. Miniatures, dolls, jewelry and home decor. Visit us and order our catalog online. Get 1/2 off your first purchase.

Global Emergency Medical Services
Alpharetta, GA, US
A service that provides medical help and information to international travelers. Services include 24 hour help desk staffed by RNs, a provider network in over 180 countries, and online medical records.

The Graffiti Wall
Bowman N. Hall, New York, NY, US
Ever feel like you've got something to say but don't know where to say it? The Graffiti Wall is for you. Call it the speaker's block of the World Wide Web, where everyone has their 15 minutes of fame (or infamy).

The Grand Aleutian Hotel
The Alaskan Center, Anchorage, AK, US
Alaska's Aleutians are a different world. Fishing on Unalaska Island, Alaska's newly discovered sportfishing area, is not your typical lodge fishing vacation. The fishing is as remote and in real wilderness as you'll find, yet the hotel provides creature comforts in a grand style.

Great Alaska Fish Camp
The Alaskan Center, Anchorage, AK, US
Great Alaska Fish Camp brings new meaning to the term fish camp, with deluxe lodging and wilderness fly out packages. The Kenai is Alaska's number one trophy river, offering 10 species in power boats, drift boats, rafts, ocean cruisers, wading and fly-out fishing.

The Greater Pittsburgh Business Association
The Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The purpose of our organization is to benefit its members and their businesses by providing a forum for the exchanging of information, ideas, tips and leads, both inside of and outside of the Association's meetings. Members of our group range from florists to law firms, and from software companies to corporate image consultants.

The Guide to South Florida
Miami, FL, US
Let the guide help you explore and discover restaurants, hotels and night clubs in South Florida. This guide contains the names, addresses and phone numbers, as well as menus and photographs of selected businesses.

Haiti or Quisqueya or Bohio
Les Productions Haitiennes, Los Angeles, CA, US
Curious about Haiti? Haiti, also known as Quisqueya or Bohio, now has its home page to all Haitian things on the Internet. Written by a native of Haiti.

Hapax: French Resources on the Web
Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, VA, US
Hapax is an experimental server featuring links to French-related resources on the Web of interest to teachers and students at the college or university level. This server is dedicated to the promotion of French world-wide.

Happily Ever After WWW site
Worthy Press, Midway City, CA, US
Happily Ever After is a new six-day comic strip set for national launch by Worthy Press in early April, 1995. The site features information about the artist, background about Worthy Press, samples of the strip, an email link to the artist and contests for readers.

Boston, MA, US
HarvardNet provides a public web server for companies and organizations in New England. We're pleased to welcome Staples Virtual Office Superstore,with next day delivery of all the office products you'll need. Check back frequently to see some of the advances in transaction security and automatic order generation that we're developing here at HarvardNet.

Herndon Web
Hess Consulting, Herndon, VA, US
Restaurant guide and reviews, movie and entertainment listings, regional and national weather maps and forecasts, retailers, clubs, health services, government and community phone numbers. Text-based quick index and jumping off points to Web indexes so that, if you live nearby, you may even want to set it as your default page.

The High Museum of Art
The Isotropic Media Group, Atlanta, GA, US
The High Museum of Art announces a World Wide Web tour of its exhibits. Located in Atlanta, the museum tour includes images of contemporary art; 19th and 20th century furniture; American and European painting; African art; folk art, and photography. Information about the High Museum's films, lectures, and special exhibitions is on the tour.

The Historic City of Burlington, New Jersey
The Marsh-Birchall Consultancy, Burlington, NJ, US
The City of Burlington was settled in 1677, chartered in 1693, and has enjoyed a rich and colorful history over the last three centuries. This resource provides information about historic sites, prominent former residents, special events and present-day commerce in the city.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities Web Sites
Carlton Riddick, Atlanta, GA, US
Links to all historically black college and university home pages.

Home Economics Industries
San Francisco, CA, US
Look great and feel great. Home Economics Industries specializes in herbal-based weight control and nutritional products. We have just introduced an exciting new French skin care program. We accept major credit cards and feature convenient, online ordering.

Info Louisiana
State of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA, US
Info Louisiana is the Web entry point into the collection of Louisiana state government information servers provided by participating state departments.

INFORIUM, The Information Atrium
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
INFORIUM, offers LivePAGE(tm) software which efficiently stores SGML documents, including HTML, in an SQL relational database. The resulting database can be viewed, searched, and updated as an online or CD-ROM electronic document. A LivePAGE document can include tables, graphics as well as multimedia objects.

Intelligent Investments -- Object-Oriented Software
David Goldstein, Greensboro, NC, US
We offer training and consulting in object-oriented analysis, design and implementation. We work primarily in C++, Ada, and various expert systems shells.

Internet Graffiti WWW Provider
Pavia, Lombardia, Italy
Internet Graffiti is a new World Wide Web provider located in Pavia, Italy.

Tinta Verde, Austin, TX, US
The jazzBytes site showcases the work of celebrated and up-and-coming contemporary jazz artists from throughout the world, as well as an eclectic group of artists from the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas.

Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration 95
US Marines, Washington, DC, US
Provides detailed information to participants and spectators for the Department of Defense Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration centered at Camp Pendleton, California in San Diego County.

La Collection
New York, NY, US
La Collection is a women's fashion accessories showroom in New York City that represents designers in jewelry, hats, belts, bags, scarves, gloves and home accessories.

Madeira University
Funchal - Madeira Island, Portugal
This is the first home page in Madeira Island (Portugal). Since we are in the beginning, there´s little information available, almost all of it in Portuguese, but in a few days there will be an English version of this home page.

Magellan Engineering Consultants
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Magellan Engineering Consultants is a company that offers expertise in health/safety and environmental engineering. Leading edge trouble shooting in demanding situations is what makes Magellan Engineering Consultants a leader for companies that need to meet existing legislation or desire to operate at the forefront in environment and safety.

Mandala Consciousness
NetShopper, LLC, Boulder, CO, US
An original watercolor Mandala intuitively painted especially for you can be an opening for insight, healing and self-expression. Anita Fetterly is an Arizona artist who started watercolor painting fifteen years ago as she started on her spiritual path. She invites you to visit her on-line gallery and see examples of her work.

Max Headroom's Home on the Internet
Network 23, Inc., New York, NY, US
Network 23, Inc., a New York City based Internet provider, has recently made drastic upgrades to their critically acclaimed World Wide Web server, Max Headroom's Home on the Internet. There you can find all sorts of clips, rantings, ravings, sound samples, pictures, and even full motion video dedicated to the late 1980's television show that developed an intense cult following.

MBNA Corp.
CyberSales, Atlanta, GA, US
MBNA, listed on the NYSE, is one of the largest custom credit card issurers in the United States.

McQ Productions/Software Systems
San Mateo, CA, US
McQ produces software tools for doing broadcast-quality video production on the Macintosh. Our products include the MacAnimator series of animation controllers. From our web site registered users can download updates. Demo versions of our software and technical notes are also available.

Mid Pines Inn and Golf Club
NCNetWorks, Pinehurst, NC, US
Mid Pines Resort is a 118-room hotel complex that features a Donald Ross original design golf course that first opened for play in the spring of 1921. This class course remains basically unchanged with all of the Ross trademarks still in place. Voted one of the top courses in the state by Golfweek.

Music Scene International
Seattle, WA, US
Music Scene International brings you the best in new music from scene's all over the globe. See it, hear it and buy it at MSI. Toll-free 800-service, on-line ordering, phone, fax and mail order. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express for ease of purchasing. Find the emerging artists you've been looking for at MSI.

Mystic Sea Charters
La Connor, WA, US
We provide romantic lunch and dinner cruises through the beautiful San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest.

Nautilus Yacht Charters
Ann Fleck, Milwaukee, WI, US
Enjoy the best sailing comfort - 65 feet of fun and relaxation. Our beautiful yacht is located in St. Maarten, at the Simpson Bay Yacht Club. Choose your own itinerary, or let our seasoned captain plan your days. Whether it's the beaches of Anguilla, hiking on Saba, snorkeling, St. Barts and its fabulous food or one of many other Islands and their charms, the clear blue Caribbean awaits you.

NCAA Basketball Tournament Home Page
Starving Artists, Elk Grove, CA, US
Keep up to date on the tournament, plus run your office pool from our home page. Compete with other people on the Net for the highest score.

NCAA Tournament Pick 'Em Contest
Craig Knudsen, Vienna, VA, US
Pick the teams you think will go to the Final Four and beyond in the 1995 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship. Enter the contest and see how you fare against others. (No money involved.)

Net Lawyer Services -- Hoskin, Graham & Brannelly
Las Vegas, NV, US
Hoskin, Graham & Brannelly is a firm dedicated to serving a wide array of business and personal needs. From the formation of business entities, drafting agreements and the establishment and protection of intellectual property, to full service litigation, the firm is committed to providing individualized attention.

NetShopper's Online Mall
Boulder, CO, US
The latest in online malls, NetShopper brings products from your computer screen straight to your door. We invite you to sit back, relax, and let your fingers do the shopping.

Net-URL LynX
Amsterdam, nh, Netherlands
We create, design and maintain WWW pages for companies, organizations and individuals. We also have our own server, where people can rent space to make their information available on the net. An example of our work can be found at: 5thworld records.

TS Designs, Inc, Burlington, NC, US
Browse and order great looking T-shirts on-line.

Nonlinear Systems Group
UIUC, Urbana, IL, US
The Nonlinear Systems Group (NSG) is a part of AAE department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The members of this group are involved in research related to nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation theory and chaos, stochastic dynamics, and control theory.

Nothing But 'Net Consulting
Austin, TX, US
So you've gotten yourself connected to this thing they call the "Information Superhighway." Now what? What's out there? How do you use it? The answers to these questions are what NBN is all about. Nothing But 'Net Consulting provides Internet navigation instruction, World Wide Web page authoring, and Macintosh advice to individuals and businesses.

Oak Island & Southport, NC Vacations
Margaret Rudd & Associates, Realtors, Oak Island, NC, US
This site features what to do and what to see while visiting the Oak Island area. Information on vacation rental homes and homes for sale is included.

The Official nth degree Homepage
Philadelphia, PA, US
I believe the people of America deserve good music. Music that isn't mediocre, bland, conforming. Page contains lyrics, upcoming shows, and more.

The Ohio State University Nuclear Engineering
Columbus, OH, US
Description of the nuclear engineering program at The Ohio State University. Includes an informational database related to nuclear engineering, waste management, and health physics.

The Preferred net.Shopper
Preferred Internet Services, Kingsport, TN, US
With the "Lowest Prices on the Net," the Preferred net.Shopper is up and running, with the complete database of computer systems, parts, and software available from Preferred Systems. Get the latest prices on parts and accessories for PCs and Clones. We're still expanding, so stop by, look us over, and give us suggestions.

Metro, Seattle, WA, US
Riderlink provides information about transportation options in the Central Puget Sound area including bus schedules and route maps, how to form a vanpool, on-line ridematch applications, on-line customer feedback forms and links to ferry schedules and current freeway congestion information.

Roc Research -- Math and English FIT (field intelligence tests)
Colorado Springs, CO, US
We write test questions for teachers and textbooks at all levels, and we are now putting our truly tough questions to the test through a high-end competition. Click here for the English FIT or Math FIT.

Saltek Income Tax Service
Traveller Information Services, Huntsville, AL, US
Saltek is online to prepare your federal and state income tax returns. You will work with them on the Web, using Traveller's secure server. Saltek can prepare returns for all states

Senator John D. Rockefeller IV
United States Senate, Washington, DC, US
This web page has been designed to provide information about my home state of West Virginia and my work in the United States Senate. The homepage also provides links to other internet resources in Washington and West Virginia.

Shamrock Rovers F.C. Homepage
St Patricks College, Dublin, Ireland
This is the homepage of Shamrock Rovers Football Club, Ireland's best known soccer team and the current Irish champions. This page contains lots of up-to-date information on "the hoops" and links to other soccer pages.

Shanti Bithi -- The Path of Peace
Stamford, CT, US
Shanti Bithi is a virtual nursery providing bonsai and landscaping resources including photos and price lists for our products. We also offer a daily peace blossom from meditation teacher, Sri Chinmoy. And finally, our big hook, don't forget to check out Virtual Scrabble with the Simpsons.

Shape Programming Language Design Group
School of Computing Sciences, Univ. of Technology, Sydney, Australia
The Shape Programming Language Design group is investigating new and exciting concepts in semantics and applying them to the design of programming languages. Other work being investigated includes extending compiler analyses, applying concepts to parallel programming and scientific computation in general.

Simulation Resources, Inc.
Berrien Springs, MI, US
Simulation Resources, Inc. is a company devoted to the development of tools and techniques for simulating complex systems, with special emphasis on biomedical simulation.

Software Vending Kiosk
Auburn, WA, US
The Software Vending hightech, multimedia, kiosk represents a fully stocked software store requiring only four square feet of retail floor space. Learn how to market your product on the kiosk, acquire a kiosk for your retail location, participate in our market test, or simply purchase the latest in software products at very affordable prices.

Stanford Computer Forum
Stanford, CA, US
This is the home page of the Computer Forum, an affiliates program within Stanford's Industrial Liaison Programs. We have links to several digital libraries for Technical Reports, links to member companies' home pages, and summaries of Faculty Research Projects.

Stellar Business: Western Pennsylvania Edition
Marketing Masters, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Western Pennsylvania now has its own version of Stellar Business, a new interactive business publication. Tackle your toughest business challenges with advice from experts, analysts, consultants and business leaders who guide your way to more revenue, better management of finances and personnel, and integration of new technology into your business. If you are outside PA, try the Global Edition.

Tanner Long Press, Inc.
NetShopper, LLC, Boulder, CO, US
Welcome to the World Wide Web Page of Tanner Long Press, Inc. We are pleased to announce the publishing of our latest book, "The Amendment 2 Murder," by Nigel Stevens. Please visit our storefront and read an excerpt of the book.

AMDG, Boulder, CO, US
A simple home page. A snapshot of what's what on the Web at this particular moment.

Visual FoxPro Guided Tour
Prosoft Systems International, Inc., Fairfax, VA, US
Visual FoxPro Training is coming to a city near you. Learn what's in store and get registration info.

vivid studios website
San Francisco, CA, US
vivid studios is a multimedia development studio in San Francisco and author of the book, "Multimedia Demystified." Our website describes our projects, services, and people, and offers an interactive map of Multimedia Gulch for Websurfers to explore local hangouts and learn more about the area's multimedia industry and culture.

Warp California Inc. - Virtual TV Technology
Sausalito, CA, US
Warp is a software company licensing a patent pending technology called VTV, that allows you to virtually pan, tilt, roll and zoom within real or synthetic imagery at video rates. You can use VTV to dynamically control view orientation in still, video, or 3D computer graphics rendering for computer gaming, multimedia, interactive TV, teleconferencing, and security applications.

The Webfoot's Travel Guides
The World-Wide Webfoot, US
Three new guides -- Austria, Spain, and The Vatican City -- inaugurate the move of the Webfoot Travel Guides to their new, permanent home.

WebNet Services -- A Provider of Presence on the Web
Woodland Hills, CA, US
Depending on your needs, we can provide a simple ad or a comprehensive storefront. Select from the following links: Electronic Ad, Electronic Brochure, Electronic Store. For clients who are interested in setting up and maintaining their own Web site, we offer: On Site Training and Support.

WebRunner, Opinion & Essays
Fairfax, VA, US
WebRunner is a monthly zine dedicated to the art of the opinion essay. We believe that somewhere between the gray columns of op-ed punditry and the disjointed free-for-all of the newgroups, there's a place for short, sharp essays of opinion about American politics and society. We encourage submissions.

Western Energy Group, Inc
Irving, TX, US
Western Energy Group, Inc. has an exciting new project and is looking for select investors. They have secured a major lease and invite you to look over their offer.

Wilkes University
Wilkes-Barre, PA, US
This page contains pointers to information about Wilkes University, a small, non-denominational university located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. A unique resource to Wilkes are the maps showing the development of Wilkes University with descriptions for each decade.

Wyoming Water Resources Center
Laramie, WY, US
This server provides climatological and hydrological data. Cooperative efforts are in place to make National Resources Conservation Service snowpack and basin reports available. Similar agreements provide National Weather Service precipitation data.

-x86- computers
Westminster, CO, US
-x86- provides PC compatible computer upgrades, service, sales and support where "We Don't Try to Sell You What You Don't Need." A friendly, informal, environment, -x86- has become known as the place to take your problem system for repair, to purchase that personalized computer, and to get technical help -- all at an affordable price.

Swiss Public Television SF DRS, Zurich, Switzerland
ZebraWorld is an interactive TV-project. People can send us all kinds of media, which we form into an interactive world. At the end of the year we will release ZebraWorld on CD-ROM. For those on the Net, we offer a direct link to download the digitalized features, change them on their home computers and send them back to ZebraWorld.

Friday, 17 March 1995

23rd Meeting of FEBS
Swiss Society of Biochemistry, Bern, CH, Switzerland
The 23rd meeting of FEBS (Federation of European Biochemical Societies) will take place in Basel/Switzerland August 13-18, 1995. The preliminary program, including the list of all scientific symposia and most of the speakers, is now available.

75th Anniversary Astronomical Debate Home Page
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, US
In April 1920, Harlow Shapley and Heber D. Curtis debated "The Scale of the Universe" in Washington, DC. This has become the most famous debate of modern astronomy. In April 1995, in commemoration of this `Great Debate', Donald Q. Lamb and Bohdan Paczynski will debate "The Distance Scale to Gamma-Ray Bursts" in the same auditorium -- see the site for info on free tickets.

Aboriginal Super Information Hwy.
Internet Solutions, Inc., Winnipeg, MB, CA
Welcome to the Aboriginal Super Information Data Hwy. This WWW site is the basis of a cross-Canada information system for Aboriginal people. We hope that you enjoy this service.

AccuFACTS9000 -- Factory Floor Control
Santa Barbara Analysis, Santa Barbara, CA, US
AccuFACTS9000 is a a real-time, computerized, shop floor control system, designed for networks. This software enhances MRP systems by giving its users a 'Virtual Window' down onto the factory floor, providing detailed reports of WIP, rejects, rework, cycle time, SPC and engineering data to name a few.

American Childcare Solutions
Bruce Scherzinger, Reston, VA, US
The place to go to find information on the Web having anything to do with locating childcare in the USA (except by local providers). Preliminary at this point, but expected to grow rather quickly.

American Racing Scene
Creative Communications Group, Bloomfield Hills, MI, US
American Racing Scene is an auto racing e-zine devoted to NASCAR and IndyCar racing. Its goal is to include timely information and lots of great racing photos. This site currently is over 20 pages and growing. It contains lots of quick-loading in-line images linked to downloadable JPEGs. Future features will include photo and reader interactive contests.

Anchor Buddy
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
The anchor rope that stretches from 14 to 50 feet! Brought to you by the Global Shopping Network (GSN).

Apple-Internet-Providers home page
Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA, US
Apple-Internet-Providers is a mailing list that discusses the Macintosh as a server of Internet resources, as well as the problems, solutions and services available on this platform. This home page has subscription information and a growing number of links to Macintosh-related resources throughout the Internet.

Applied Chaos Lab at Georgia Tech
Georgia Tech Physics Dept., Atlanta, GA, US
The Web site for the Applied Chaos Lab at Georgia Tech has been moved and revised. Research at the lab covers a broad range of analysis, simulation and application of chaotic behavior and related phenomena. The site includes descriptions of published papers, ongoing research, upcoming events, and many interesting links.

Axis Communications AB
Lund, Sweden
Network print servers and printer communication products.

Bebop to the Boolean Boogie - An Unconventional Guide to Electronics
The Virtual Consultancy, Huntsville, AL, US
Bebop boldly goes behind the beyond, behind which no electronics book has boldly gone beyond before. Bebop is the only electronics book where you can simultaneously learn about state machines, musical socks, Reed-M0xfcller logic, and the best time of the day to eat smoked fish.

Biosphere Reserves in Canada
InterAccess Technology Corp., Nepean, Ontario, Canada
We are pleased to bring you the first on-line edition of the Biosphere Reserves in Canada newsletter, published simultaneously with the regular print edition. This issue focuses on the upcoming UNESCO conference in Seville and brings you several case studies being presented at the conference.

The Bodhran Page
Josh Mittleman, New York City, NY, US
The bodhran is the framedrum of Irish traditional music. Check out this page for information on buying, making, maintaining, playing, and listening to the bodhran, and of course, the authoritative list of bodhran jokes!

Boston Online
Adam Gaffin, Boston, MA, US
All about Boston. Includes links to Boston-area Web resources, from restaurant and recreational guides to neighborhood descriptions and economic info. Home to The Wicked Good Guide to Boston English -- essential reading for visitors.

The BRETTnews Home Page
L & K Publishing, New York City, NY, US
Brett Leveridge, Time Inc's first Vibe Magazine Web Artist in Residence, is proud to announce the opening of the BRETTnews Archives, an ever-growing collection of back issues of BRETTnews, a quarterly zine of pithy fluff.

Maximized Online, Irvine, CA, US
Build-A-Card allows you to create a greeting card that can be viewed through the web by friends, family, loved ones and others. Build-A-Card debuted on Valentine's Day 1994, and new art work is added in time for upcoming holidays.

Building a Corporate Web
Wordmark Associates, Houston, TX, US
This on-line seminar explains the ins and outs of building Web sites for corporations and other large organizations. Particular attention is paid to the idea of building a corporate-Wide Web on a private LAN or WAN.

byron elbow's short literature page
blue dove productions, Santa Monica, CA, US
A few short literature selections. I'll be expanding this page shortly to include some more stuff. Hope you enjoy them.

The CAD Seat
National Computer Tectonics, Lenoir City, TN, US
The CAD Seat is an online magazine offering CAD News and Reviews - industry gossip, trends, and product reviews.

California Highway Conditions
Amdahl Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA, US
Find current conditions for any highway across California. The interface allows you to use your preference between a fill-in form or extensive lists by region. This Internet exploration page is a part of Amdahl's ongoing WWW Hot Topics.

Carl 'n Gary's Visual Basic Home Page
Gary Wisniewski and Carl Franklin, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The premier site for Visual Basic programming resources and information. Significant recent additions include a full Usenet news archive and search engine dedicated to Visual Basic newsgroups. We are also the host site for the "CLBV Digest", an excellent electronic magazine for Visual Basic Programmers.

Cavanaugh & Associates
Kansas City, MO, US
Cavanaugh provides executive relocation services for those coming to the KC metro area. The Booklet presented here is a small sample of the services provided to executives and their families.

Center for Anxiety and Stress Treatment
San Diego, CA, US
The center specializes in problem-focused therapy for individuals, organizations, and couples. Our page includes valuable resources for effectively treating anxiety and stress disorders, including an anxiety symptom checklist to see if you or someone you know might be one of the millions of people who have a problem.

Changing Technologies Inc. Homepage
Atlanta, GA, US
Changing Technologies Inc. is committed to providing products and services for reducing the overall cost of owning and supporting PCs. Our newest software product, Remote Desktop Manager, does just that. We also offer large project consulting services such as Windows 95, groupware, email, and electronic forms.

The Church of Scientology vs. the Net
Ron Newman, Cambridge, MA, US
This page describes the Church of Scientology's ongoing war against free expression on the Internet. It contains numerous pointers to relevant newspaper and magazine articles, first-person accounts, and legal documents which demonstrate the danger this organization currently poses to the Net.

Clima Maritimo
Puertos del Estado, Madrid, Spain
An oceanographic institute which supports and develops an oceanographic database, numerical ocean models, and control and management of various measurement networks situated along the Spanish coast.

Comics Tool Talk
John MacLeod, Guelph, ON, Canada
Casual nuts'n'bolts chat about reference materials, art supplies, tips on technique, etc., specifically intended for people interested in creating comic books or strips.

Convex Computer Corporation
Richardson, TX, US
Convex Computer Corporation is a leading worldwide supplier of affordable, high-performance computing technologies, including scalable parallel processing (SPP) systems that combine the scalability and performance of an MPP with the ease-of-use and application availability of desktop systems.

CPAC ONLINE (Cable Parliamentary Channel)
Cochran Interactive Inc., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
CPAC ONLINE is the bilingual Internet companion to The Cable Parliamentary Channel of Canada, which broadcasts the proceedings of the House of Commons, selected standing committees, and additional national public affairs programming. There are also links to Canadian and selected international government information on the Internet.

Cramer Gallimore Photography Studio
Fayetteville, NC, US
Cramer Gallimore Photography Studio (based near the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina) provides location corporate, advertising, industrial, and aerial photography to clients worldwide.

CrazyBoB's CD-ROMs for Less
Wakefield, MA, US
We sell CD-ROMs, accessories and top quality recycled EnViroMedia(TM) diskettes direct to the public through magazine ads, the Internet, our outlet store and computer shows on the east coast. As one of the first sellers of CD-ROMs and one of the oldest and most respected disk recyclers, we deliver low prices, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Creative Bird Accessories
Darien, CT, US
Whether you're bird owner, a bird lover, or just enjoy colorful gifts, clothes and accessories, Creative Bird Accessories has something for you! Check out our homepage to browse our online selection of products, or to request a free catalog.

Cyber Cyclery
Bellingham, WA, US
Cyber Cyclery serves as a resource for the bicycling enthusiast. The site currently provides information regarding resources available on the Internet; however, we are working on putting together a large database of information regarding bicycle products and services so you can make an informed decision when making a new purchase or deciding upon a cycling vacation.

The CyberGallery
Savage Studios, Johns Island, SC, US
The CyberGallery is a new addition to Savage Studios and offers representation to other artists and crafts people. Savage Studios is the home of "The Manx...The 21st Century Puzzle Challenge."

Stelcom Inc, NY, US
Tired of looking at that old mug? Cybermugs are quality 11-ounce mugs that proudly and humorously display your connection to the Internet. They're available in three styles and are perfect for everyone, from the occasional emailer to the seasoned surfer.

CyTech Research
Livermore, CA, US
Cytech Research, dba On-line Music Outlet, supplies you with a complete line of acoustic, electric, stringed, band, and percussion musical instruments and accessories. Visit our Web site to view some of our instruments, ask questions, orplace an order. Brought to you by NetRep, Internet Services for Business.

Dalbec Audio Labs
Troy, NY, US
Dalbec Audio is a provider of professional and consumer audio and video equipment. Dalbec has a showroom located in Troy, New York, and has been serving professional and consumer needs since 1979. We are dealers for Electro-Voice (ATUS), Kane, Studiomaster, QSC, Digitech, Klipsch Professional, and others.

Dallas County Community College District
Dallas, TX, US
The official WWW server at the Dallas County Community College District provides general district information, academic information, class schedules, registration information, and employment opportunities, as well as links to other district, campus and Internet resources.

Deaf World Web
Long Island, NY, US
A central point on the Internet about the deaf in all subjects from education to deaf culture to sports around the world. The mission of Deaf World Web is to provide A-to-Z deaf-related information for both deaf and hearing natives and foreigners. Proudly sponsored by Computel Network Services.

Deerfield Academy HomePage
Deerfield Alumni at Yale University, New Haven, CT, US
This is the homepage for Deerfield Academy, a private boarding school in Deerfield, Massachusetts, for grades 9-12. Information provided includes application information, alumni news and contact instructions, and current events.

Department of English, Univ. of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN, US
This site offers faculty profiles and descriptions of graduate and undergraduate programs. Learn more about programs in literature, creative writing, and composition. Or use our page to link to electronic texts, campus information, and welcoming sites in the Twin Cities.

Department of International Politics
Univ. of Wales, Aberystwyth, Wales
The Department of International Politics at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, is the oldest of its kind in the world, and one of the top three in the United Kingdom. Superb resources and a world-class teaching staff ensures that prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students receive a high-quality education.

Desert Falcon Health
Desert Falcon Holdings, Las Vegas, NV, US
Health products for those who believe that health is something not given, but maintained.

Desktop Aeronautics, Inc.
Desktop Aeronautics, Inc. provides easy-to-use aeronautical software for design and education, compatible with Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Quicktime movies of the programs in action and sample code are available on-line. University site licenses, custom aerodynamics software, and consulting services are also available.

The Desktop Publisher's Journal
National Computer Tectonics, Lenoir City, TN, US
The Desktop Publisher's Journal covers all the latest and best graphics and desktop publishing programs. Columns and reviews of hardware and software. We have in depth coverage of HTML and Web authoring tools and utilities.

David Futrelle, US
dimFlash, the e-zine with too much time on its hands, is now online. Each issue will feature an essay on something netty; critiques and commentary on Usenet newsgroups, Web sites and other net resources; time-wasting diversions, from particularly useless web links to the continuing adventures of Mr. Ailment.

Down Syndrome WWW Page
Bellingham, WA, US
The Down Syndrome page has been compiled from contributions from the members (parents, educators, students, and medical professionals) of the Down Syndrome Listserv.

East High School
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Check out Web server or our Gopher server and FTP server.

The Empire Mall
Empire Consumer Marketing Group, South Hadley, MA, US
The Empire Mall is the newest electronic shopping experience on the net, committed to presenting quality products in an interactive arena that is not only easy to use, but fun to shop.

The EpiCenter in Ottawa
EpiSet Corporation, Ottowa, ON, Canada
Centered on Ottawa, Canada and the National Capital Region, you may visit the EpiCenter for tourist and economic development information for the region, profiles, promotions and contact information for local businesses, regular news and announcements from government, tourist and hi-tech sectors, and online retail shopping.

Esquire's Home Page and Esky Hot Links
Hearst New Media and Technology, New York City, NY, US
Go to Esquire's home page and find out the hot links that Esky thinks are cool. Provide feedback about what else you'd like from Esky.

The Exchange Nickel Want Ads
Exchange Publishing, Spokane, WA, US
The Exchange Nickel Want Ads is a free classified advertising shopper distributed weekly in print and electronic formats.

FGInet, Inc.
Springfield, IL, US
FGInet, Inc. services the Springfield, IL geographic area for a flat fee of $30 per month and an initial $30 on-site installation and quicky tour. Services offered include shell SLIP, PPP, UUCP, WWW, FTP, Telnet, e-mail, and Usenet.

The First Internet McChurch Tabernacle
Hollywood, CA, US
Do you find most religions to be too complicated and difficult to follow? Then join The 1st Internet McChurch Tabernacle. McChurch replaces complicated dogma with a new and improved EZ McWorship interface. Located at the beating heart of the WWW, McChurch is currently the only organized religion with a drive-thru window.

Fishing Unlimited
The Alaskan Center, Anchorage, AK, US
Fishing Unlimited has kept anglers returning for 20 years. You and two other fishermen have a float-plane and a pilotguide to yourselves, all day, every day.

Florida Real Estate Listings
Steele Realty, Inc., Melbourne, FL, US
Classifieds Online, Inc. announces the availability of Brevard County, Florida properties by Steele Realty, Inc. A full service Real Estate company dealing with residential and commercial properties. Brevard is home to JFK Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Indian River Fruit, Ocean/Riverfront properties, and more.

Forest Ecosystem Dynamics (FED)
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, US
The FED project uses forest succession models, soil process models, and radiation scattering models combined with ground-based and remotely sensed observations, to improve understanding of the dynamics of northern/boreal forest ecosystems.

Gabelli Funds
GALT Technologies, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The Interactive Couch Potato Fund comes to the Internet. NETworth welcomes the Gabelli Funds, with their emphasis on small company investing, to the service. Featuring comprehensive information on its family of funds, Gabelli offers recent newsletters and performance results.

Garges Custom Trailers
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Trailer parts and accessories for the do-it-yourselfer. Brought to you by the Global Shopping Network (GSN).

GenNex Systems
Buena Park, CA, US
GenNex Systems started from a group of friends who wanted to find different methods to increase their buying power, lower their costs of living and simply improve their lives. We have created many areas of support to meet those goals, and offer them to you on the Web.

The Gourmet Gardener 1995 Seed Catalogue
Overland Park, KS, US
Starting a garden? Your first stop is The Gourmet Gardener; the seed source for the best tasting vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers. All varieties are taste-tested so only the very best are selected. Many European varieties offered.

The Graphics Gallery
Richmond, VA, US
The Graphics Gallery is probably the only 4-D service bureau on the Net -- a Quark-authorized imaging center and an Adobe (Aldus) imaging center. Other services include multimedia, slide imaging, design and scanning.

Health in Perspective
Perspective Periodicals, San Carlos, CA, US
Health in Perspective is a new monthly electronic newsletter and discussion group for people who want to gain a better understanding of news and research on the relationship between health, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Heckler Magazine
Berkeley, CA, US
Heckler Magazine is a snowboarding, skateboarding, and music magazine. Our WWW page contains our current issue as well as back issues with hypertext links between articles. We also have some video and audio clips on the page as well as pages we developed for Sims Snowboards and Palmer USA Snowboards.

Heller & Cohen, Inc.
New York, NY, US
The first true sales promotion marketing company on the Internet. Heller & Cohen can accomplish all your sales promotion and Internet marketing needs. Check out our site and learn what sales promotion really is!

The HOW TO Mart
Bellevue, WA, US
The HOW TO Mart is dedicated to bringing you the best HOW TO resources available on a wide (we're adding titles all the time) variety of topics, from micro-brewing to making your home a safe place for kids.

Hyperweb.com, Austin,, TX, US
Located in Austin, Tx, HyperWeb is the home of Director Richard Linklater's pages. Prescott Curlywolf, and Chris Duarte, fine Austin musicians can also be found at HyperWeb.Com.

IAI Mutual Funds
GALT Technologies, Pittsburgh, PA, US
NETworth is pleased to announce the addition of IAI mutual funds. IAI offers a diverse family of no-load mutual funds -- seven equity funds, including two international equity funds and a value fund, one balanced fund and five fixed income funds, including one tax-free fund.

InfoSeek Search
InfoSeek Corporation, Santa Clara, CA, US
This is the place to search the most comprehensive collections of WWW pages, Usenet News, computer periodicals, business profiles, movie reviews, and more. Our easy-to-use search software finds what you want in seconds. We offer new users a free trial for up to a month.

INRIA, Rocquencourt, Ile de France, France
inria-graphlib's primary objectives are to collect, sort, organize, store and make continually accessible all information useful to the international computer graphics constituency.

InterFace Magazine
Victoria, BC, CA
Not just another pretty ezine face. InterFace Magazine prides itself on non-technobabble subjects for the creative-minded human. Fantastic digital art gallery by some of the worlds best artists. Interviews with famous people and thought provoking articles all contribute to the high degree of real content.

The Internet Ad Pages
Paul M. Parks, NC, US
A classified-advertising service with categories such as for sale, wanted, real estate, help wanted, positions sought, resumes, business/service listings, business opportunities, software, and more!

The Internet Disc Shoppe
Digital Marketing, Inc., Bowie, MD, US
The Disc Shoppe is a place to buy top-quality Ultimate Frisbee discs from universities and non-profit organizations. Check out stunning new designs by Princeton, Stanford, Claremont Colleges, Rocky Mountain, and CREST. Courtesy of Digital Marketing, Inc.

Internet Presence Providers
San Jose, CA, US
Internet Presence Providers has offered Web page design for over a year now. Why don't you take a peek at our Art? If you like the financial industry as much as we do, then Finance is the place for you. If you are looking for a home, take a peek at our Real Estate partners.

Internet Solutions, Inc.
Winnipeg, MB, CA
Manitoba's leading Internet provider and LAN/WAN consulting company. In addition to full LAN/WAN design, maintenance and implementation, ISI is a leading-edge Internet consultancy that stays abreast of the newest developing trends.

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.
Upsilon Chapter, Carbondale, IL, US
Iota Phi Theta, founded in 1963, is the fifth-largest Black fraternity and constantly expanding. This homepage was set up by the "Untouchable" Upsilon chapter at SIUCto help educate and network our brothers and sisters inside and outside of the Iota Phi Theta community.

Innovative Telematics, Inc., Miami Beach, FL, US
On-line communication and information service in the Spanish language.

Jor-El's World; Interactive Theatre, Expressive Arts Therapies
Creative Change Consultants, Kihei, HI, US
Ed Elkin, Ph.D. is Dr. Ed, "The Creativity Doctor." He is a speaker, lecturer, group leader, psychotherapist, business consultant and founder of Transpersonal Gestalt. He offers "The Conscious Evolution Adventure: An Interactive Theatre Event" as entertainment and training in expressive arts.

Karmiel, Israel
Stelcom, Inc., Karmiel, Israel
Karmiel, Israel, "The Gateway to the Galilee", is now on the Web. A community of 36,000, founded in 1964, Karmiel is a planned modern city consisting of self-contained neighborhoods. It is the home of the International ORT Technological College and the Nerken Performing Arts Cultural Center.

King Sports
Cyteria Village, King of Prussia, PA, US
King Sports specializes in active wear. We have Birdwell Beach Britches, a surf and beach short and Camber sportswear. All products are made in the US. We are another fine shop from Cyteria Village.

Kinikia Kreations
Above & Beyond, Columbia, MD, US
Kinikia Kreations specializes in all styles of doll clothes with special emphasis on 18" dolls, such as The American Girl doll. Outfits can be ordered separately or with a matching girl's outfit.

Law of Electronic Commerce Seminars
National Computer Security Association, Carlisle, PA, US
The National Computer Security Association offers online seminars covering the law of electronic commerce. These 30-day events are taught entirely through cyberspace. Topics include electronic signatures, computer evidence, and tax rules for recording electronic business transactions.

Law Offices of Larry G. Johnson
Seattle, WA, US
The principal of the firm, Larry G. Johnson, has 20 years of litigation and international business law experience. He has authored a number of articles about software in legal publications, is fluent in German, French and Spanish, and proficient in Italian and Russian.

Linda Cannon Gallery
Seattle, WA, US
A brand new 2500-square-foot contemporary art gallery located in Seattle's Pioneer Square, the hub of the local arts scene. Linda Cannon focuses on emerging Northwest painters, sculptors and photographers. This site is a complete online gallery featuring images, resumes and reviews of the 20 artists she represents.

Linux for Hams
Bruce Perens AB6YM, El Cerrito, CA, US
Linux for Hams is a full-featured Unix-like operating system with special features for radio amateurs. Packet radio is integrated into the same programs used to access the Internet. Ham radio applications such as circuit simulators, satellite trackers, code practice, and an FCC exam simulator are included.

Logomancy BBS
New York, NY, US
The Logomancy BBS site includes the Virtual Vertical Tour of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City; online comics and art samples; exhibit information for the National Museum of the American Indian, and links to resources for Native Americans and cultural information.

The Maria Hastings School Server
Lexington Public Schools, Lexington, MA, US
This site represents activities relating to the Lexington Public Schools, especially the Maria Hastings School. Visit Cookie Castle, the fourth-grade cookie store that is awaiting its first order from the WWW. Read our town's Educational Technology Plan.

Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Play MathArt Lotto! , a lottery simulation with statistical analysis and systematic game choosing strategies. Also available is Zometool, Tinkertoys for Nobel laureates.

Mills Manufacturing, Inc.
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Thunder Jet River Boats -- the new standard in custom-welded aluminum boats. Brought to you by the Global Shopping Network (GSN).

Motherland Artworks
Orlando, FL, US
Motherland Artworks offers the Internet's largest selection of authentic hand-crafted African sculptures, jewelry, masks, musical instruments, clothing, and much more. Our products make marvelous gifts for all ages.

MuPAD Home-Page
Univ. of Paderborn, Paderborn, Germany
Multi Processing Algebra Data Tool (MuPAD) is a general purpose computer algebra system, that can be used for doing (parallel) symbolic and numeric computations. Non-profit organizations and private persons can get it for free.

National Criminal Justice Association
University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
Information about the National Criminal Justice Association, an organization comprised of senior policy advisors to the nation's governors. Includes archives of policy statements on criminal justice and an announcement of the 1995 annual meeting in Colorado.

National High School Baseball Coaches Association
Solace Projects, Claremont, CA, US
The National High School Baseball Coaches Association ranks high school teams in association with Baseball America. The BCA also holds an annual convention with coaching clinics and exhibits. BCA publishes newsletters and "Extra Innings," the newspaper of high school baseball.

National Technical Employment Services
NTES, Huntsville, AL, US
We provide a full range of services designed for the contract professional. Our online services include current contract openings and home pages for technical service firms from across the US. Our other services include resume distribution by US mail, our resume central database and the paper publications Hotflash and the US Register of Technical Service Firms.

Natural Environment Research Council
NERC Computer Services, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK
NERC is a UK body charged with undertaking and supporting scientific research into all aspects of the natural environment. Its components include the British Geological Survey, the Centre for Coastal and Marine Sciences, Southampton Oceanography Centre, the British Antarctic Survey, and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.

Neutral Zone
Univerity of Oregon, Eugene, OR, US
This page contains links to science fiction and anime pages on the net, and also features an image archive.

Northern Lite Enterprises Catalog
Kapowsin, WA, US
Northern Lite Enterprises manufactures the Infinity parachute harness/container system for sport parachuting. We offer a selection of skydiving supplies and services. Rigging and inspection services for emergency parachutes required by aerobatic pilots are also available.

Office of Senator Patrick Leahy - VT
Washington, DC, US
Senator Patrick Leahy, senior senator from the state of Vermont, has established a homepage. Visitors will find information on current issues and the senator's activities, links to resources in Vermont and other related information.

OpenNet Technologies
Clearwater, FL, US
OpenNet Technologies focuses on providing WWW services for businesses and organizations throughout the state of Florida. Checkout their new Medical Illustrators' Home Page and let them know what you think.

Oregon Hearing Research Center
Portland, OR, US
The Oregon Hearing Research Center is dedicated to studying the inner ear and related components of hearing. Our Tinnitus Clinic pages interest tinnitus sufferers.

Orlando Area Running
OAR, Orlando, FL, US
Information on road races in the Orlando Florida area. Also has race results from recent events.

OSF/DCE User and Developer Conference
Digital Consulting, Inc., Andover, MA, US
This conference takes place in April, in San Jose, CA, and London, UK. If you are already working with DCE, this show will deepen your knowledge base. If you are not yet involved, this show provides all the information needed to take your organization from a proprietary-bound environment to an open, distributed one with DCE.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Internet Presence Providers, San Jose, CA, US
PETA is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to defending the rights of animals. PETA was incorporated to educate policy-makers and the public about issues involving the intense, prolonged, and unjustifiable abuse of animals, and to promote an understanding of the inherent rights of sentient animals to be treated with respect and decency.

PIE - Policy Information Exchange
Policy Resource Center, Inc., Washington, DC, US
The PIE Web Server provides unbiased and objective health and mental health policy information to the general public.

PNL News and Information
Department of Energy, Richland, WA, US
Journalists: Pacific Northwest Laboratory invites you to stop by and pick up copies of our latest news releases on scientific developments or review Tech Notes, a tip sheet of R&D developments. The News and Information page also offers search capabilities and electronic mail -- all mail will be answered within 24 hours.

The Private Source
Overland Park, KS, US
For those very special occasions, The Private Source is your only source for the finest gifts. Come take a look at our wide selection of wonderful items, for both personal and corporate gift-giving.

The Pub
Russell McGuire, Lawrence, KS, US
A beer site for beer lovers. Plenty of links to other people's beer pages. Page includes the beer FAQ, beer history, and cooking recipes. Some graphics also available through my homepage.

Quattro and See You Soon
Brussels, Belgium
The joined Website of two advertising agencies, based in Brussels, that actively promote the use of the Internet as a new and necessary means of communication.

The Rec.Travel Library
Internet Solutions, Inc., Winnipeg, MB, CA
Welcome to the Rec.Travel Library, the most comprehensive travel and tourism information source on the Internet. We maintain specific information on destinations around the world, as well as general travel tips.

Reed Interactive Web Site
Reed Books Australia, Sydney, Australia
Current events for the classroom, with keypal contacts and a number of educational projects.

The Renju International Federation
Tommy Maltell, Jvnkvping, Sweden
This server contains information about the rules and the history of renju and other five-in-a-row games such as go-moku and pente. It also contains links to playing programs, a program showing many games played by the best players in the world, and photos from events in renju. Available in English or Swedish.

Risoe National Laboratory
Roskilde, DK, Denmark
Risoe National Laboratory is a state institution under the Ministry of Research. Risoe conducts scientific and technological research in the areas of energy technology and planning, environmental aspects of energy, industrial and plant production materials, and measuring techniques for industry.

Scandinavia Online
TelePost Communication and Scandinavia Online, Oslo, Norway
Scandinavia Online is an electronic mall for shopping and information. Currently all texts are in a Scandinavian tongue. Includes daily news, music, magazines, and a powerful navigational tool.

Shreveport/Bossier Page
Daniel Tobias, Shreveport, LA, US
The Shreveport/Bossier Page brings together in one place links to Web and Internet resources in and around Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana. Provided as a public service by Daniel Tobias, this page will list, free, any individual, company, or organization in this area with a Web site on request.

Snelling Personnel Services
Cupertino, CA, US
Snelling Personnel Services (a full service employment agency) located in the heart of Silicon Valley is the largest technical office of the 350 Int'l Snelling Offices. The Technical Division specializes in perm/contract opportunities in network/sys.admin. & tech. support areas. No fees are ever charged applicants.

Speeches on Human Rights
International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway
The Sportsmans Manager Fishing and Hunting Software
Vertical Marketing Technologies, Medford, OR, US
Sportsmans Manager is a computer program that runs on an IBM-PC Compatible. Fishing logs, hunting logs, trip lists, expense, restaurant, lodging, phone number list, are all tracked. You may also attach images (PCX or GIF) to each inventory item. Good for tracking home inventory as well.

Star Blankets and More!
Internet Solutions, Inc., Winnipeg, MB, CA
Star blankets are of great significance in the cultural practices of Native people. According to Native culture, it is of the highest honor to receive the gift of a star blanket. They are bright, beautiful and make great gifts.

State University of New York at Oswego
Oswego, NY, US
This is a campus information system with both hypertext links and links to the campus gopher server. The local name of the system is Oswego*INFO -- the asterisk is a reminder that we get a lot of snow here :-)

Steamboat Online
Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation, Steamboat Springs, CO, US
Steamboat Online is the official web presence of the Steamboat Ski Area. Special features include the "Straight Talk" ski report, an eyewitness perspective on trails and conditions updated daily and special discounted packages for the Internaut.

Theoretical Physics Group
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay, Maharashtra, India
This home page gives information about group members, announcement of seminars and colloquia, and links to other WWW servers of theoretical physics around the world.

Thermal Connection
K&K Associates, Westminster, CO, US
The "Thermal Connection" provides a resource for engineers involved in thermal design and analysis. Tips, techniques, data, discussion, links, and TAK III product data are provided. TAK III is K&K Associate's premier thermal analysis package.

Thompson Art Gallery
crl, Larkspur, CA, US
Come and see a new way of viewing art -- in 3D. They pop out to you right here on the Web. Drop by to see the artworks done by the artist.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
NBC (and CKS Interactive), Cupertino, CA, US
This is the official site of NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The site is updated each business day for your entertainment. Content includes a guest listing, backstage photos, video clips and much more, so enjoy!

Touch N' Go Systems, Inc.
Anchorage, AK, US
Touch N' Go Systems is a full service Windows (tm) and Windows NT (tm) consulting and software development company. Their site is making available recent Alaska Supreme Court Opinions and Alaska Court of Appeals Opinions , and Court of Appeals MOJ (Memorandum Opinion & Judgments).

Tourism Winnipeg
Internet Solutions, Inc., Winnipeg, MB, CA
Clean, safe and beautifully green, Winnipeg is Canada's international city in the center. It's a city of sunshine and miles of clear blue skies that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Trading Card Dealers Directory
InfoExchange, Inc., San Diego, CA, US
A complete, searchable directory of trading card dealers. Dealers involved in sports cards, non-sports cards, and telephone cards are included. Part of the growing Collector's Trading Card World.

Tropical Ecology
Dept. of Biology, U. Missouri-St. Louis, St. Louis, MO, US
The International Center for Tropical Ecology (ICTE) provides graduate education and training for students from around the world who are interested in the ecology and conservation of tropical organisms and ecosystems.

University of Michigan School of Music
Ann Arbor, MI, US
An introduction, overview and tour of the School of Music. Currently features a faculty directory with pictures and email addresses, pictures of the sites and performances, and a QuickTime movie. Soon to come: more QuickTime, MIDI files, synth patches, etc.

Unknown Composers Page
Jim Moskowitz, Philadelphia, PA, US
The Unknown Composers page describes the music of many classical composers who have unjustly become obscure. There are recommendations of particular pieces to seek out, and a number of audio clips. There's even a guess the composer puzzle.

U.S. Particle Accelerator School
USPAS at Fermilab, Batavia, IL, US
The US Particle Accelerator School conducts programs of undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in beam physics and associated accelerator technologies at major universities across the United States.

Used Equipment Network
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, US
Free access is now available to find used equipment dealers in 35 capital equipment markets -- everything from airplanes to X-ray machines. Users can perform searches, leave wanteds or sell surplus equipment.

ValueWare Software
National Computer Tectonics, Lenoir City, TN, US
ValueWare Software is now on the World Wide Web offering unbelievably low prices on retail games and guaranteed virus free shareware. Hundreds of IBM compatible programs are available for on-line purchase: business, database, games, and more. Free technical support is available for all programs purchased.

Luc Maranget, Paris, France, France
Volcans (volcanoes) is a French review on Central America and on the Caribbean. It mainly focuses on actuality, politics and solidarity, but also addresses cultural issues. Volcans is published every two months. In the February issue, you'll find a panorama of the current state of the left in Central America.

Internet Solutions, Inc., Winnipeg, MB, CA
New and hot Aboriginal music releases, including: fiddle, country, native country, pow wow, flute, new music and some videos.

The Web Developer's Journal
National Computer Tectonics, Lenoir City, TN, US
Web Developer's Journal covers subjects of interest to businesses and individuals using electronic formats to communicate--on the Internet and elsewhere, including information about HTML development, electronic publishing, on-line services, user stories, and more.

Network Analysis Group, Allentown, PA, US
Internet access provider featuring 56kb and T-1 access via Fast Packet and DDS facilities. Web and gopher server advertisements and shopping. Development of DNS and post office UNIX services. Bell Atlantic authorized distributor for Hi Cap and Fast Packet services. ANS authorized reseller.

Wild Fruit
Universal Flavour, Brighton, East Sussex, UK
Wild Fruit - Meet the absolutely fabulous Yvette and explore the most wicked and fruity club in the UK.

WWW Lost and Found
Peter Hartwell, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY, US
For as long as I can remember I have been finding things. And almost as often as I find something, I also lose something. For the most part, the things I find I am actually interested in returning. There has never really been a good way to find the previous owner though. Until now.

Yuma City Page
Networking Your Business, Yuma, AZ, US
The Yuma city page provides information about agriculture, tourism, military, dining, hotels, local weather, events, shopping and other local information.

Zero Tolerance
New York, NY, US
Display of media, video and fine art.

Monday, 20 March 1995

2000 in Times Square
Mediabridge Infosystems, Inc., New York, NY, US
The Times Square Business Improvement District in New York City has launched an international Search for the Big Idea about how to celebrate New Year's Eve 2000 in Times Square. People on the Internet are invited to submit concepts for the best way to mark the millennium, with a grand prize of an all expenses paid trip to New York City. T-shirts will be given away biweekly to randomly selected winners.
http://www.mediabridge.com/nyc/bids/tsbid/ [PICK OF THE WEEK]

29th Australian National Folk Festival
Canberra, ACT, Australia
Program and information on this year's National Folk Festival, held each Easter in Canberra. Four days and five nights of Australia's best music song and dance with over 1300 performers.

Adnet Information Management
Charleston, SC, US
Adnet Information Management provides a low cost method of displaying your information on the World Wide Web. We are an advertising agency reaching a global community with an entrance for businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals deciding to present a message to the Internet.

Alaskan Gold Nugget Jewelry
Fairbanks, AK, US
Alaskan Gold Nugget Jewelry is a family-owned jewelry business whose designs are inspired by the beautiful natural setting of Alaska. Each work is hand-crafted by a husband and wife team using natural gold nuggets.

All Star Sports
On Ramp Internet Commuter Services, Las Vegas, NV, US
A sports handicapping service. Register and get a free pick for the NCAA tournament.

Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature
Modern Humanities Research Association, Hull, UK
Includes details of the latest printed volumes and a link to ABELL On-Line at Cambridge University Library, with more than 20,000 records of articles, dissertations, books and reviews.

The Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust
Denis Howe, Imperial College, London, UK
The Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust is a charity which keeps a register of potential bone marrow donors and also funds research. For hundreds of people round the world, a bone marrow transplant is their only hope of life.

The Army Homepage
IMA Integration and Analysis Center, Fairfax, VA, US
This is the headquarters, Department of the Army homepage. It is updated daily and indexes all US Army homepages.

The Art Archive of Andrew H Denton
Engulf & Devour Graphics, Soquel, CA, US
Image archive, all 3D rendered and modeled with lightwave 3D, Jpeg and Mpeg form. Whales, dragons, aliens and other organic creatures are the subjects.

The Artwhere CyberClothing Store
Clearwater, FL, US
Artwhere...clothing and accessories from the edge.

As We Are Magazine
Virtumall New Media, Cambridge, MA, US
The magazine for working young adults, ages 18 to 35. The online edition includes features on Woodstock '95, starting your own record label, and other articles from this quarter's issue. On-line orderform and index.

Asia Business Directories
Bruno Internet Information, Singapore
Asia Business Directories contains a searchable directory of 4000 companies in Singapore. We also offer a free fax service to our listed companies

Associate Jewelers' E-Store
Associate Jewelers Inc., Portland, OR, US
A twenty year old jewelry manufacturing and service facility brings rock solid information on jewelry, a G.I.A. gemologist to answer questions, rich images of fine jewelry and even diamond grading information you can use. Very careful with images, this site is a rich and wonderful look inside a commercial jewelry corporation.

Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse
Providence, RI, US
AMERSA is an association of multidisciplinary specialists in the field of substance abuse dedicated to improving education about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

ATSDR Science Corner
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Atlanta, GA, US
ATSDR Science Corner is a useful tool for searching the WWW for environmental health resources. ATSDR ToxFAQs (tm) and the ATSDR/EPA Top 20 Hazardous Substances are highlighted, and select papers from the recent Hazardous Waste and Public Health Conference are available.

AT&T's World of Communication
Digital Planet, US
AT&T and Time Magazine invite you to explore AT&T's World of Communication. There you'll learn more about some of AT&T's advanced products and services and how they can help you communicate more easily. You can begin your journey by reading the STORYBOOK to follow these tales one after the other...or explore any part of the realm using the MAP interface.

The Australian Bodyboarding Web
Tony Keating, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
The Australian Bodyboarding web page is a page for bodyboarders everywhere. It contains information on recent and up and coming contests, as well as sections on what's in the Riptide and ABB Magazines. There is also a selection of cool photos taken from these pages, and links to Australian weather and local hot spots.

BarterNet Homepage
Media3000, Inc., Portland, OR, US
BarterNet provides the individual, merchant or company with the ability to register their products and services on the Internet.

Berkeley Access
A subgroup of Berkeley Systems, Inc., Berkeley, CA, US
Software for people with visual disabilities. For those with very poor vision, we offer inLARGE for Macintosh, software that magnifies the contents of the Macintosh screen. For people who cannot see at all, we offer outSPOKEN for Macintosh and outSPOKEN for Windows. These products use speech synthesis to read the contents of the screen.

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
Arlington, VA, US
Bicycle helmet information, including an annotated bibliography of helmet documents, pamphlets, standards comparisons, standards committee info and more.

Biomechanics, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
Biomechanics, Inc. is a research and development company specializing in capturing, analyzing and manipulating three-dimensional motion. Our motion-capture studio utilizes advanced techniques for capturing detailed motion from one or more subjects.

Mt. Laurel, NJ, US
Bluestone currently builds and resells software development tools, training, and professional services for UNIX and cross-platform developers. Our offerings include graphical user interface, database, client/server, and object oriented technologies. The site contains information about our product, training, support, and professional services offerings.

Border Terriers
Sam C. Carrier, Oberlin, OH, US
Border Terriers are a good-tempered, easily-trained, obedient, affectionate, and hearty breed. Learn more about these wonderful dogs -- their history, the breed standard, U.S. registrations, clubs, and the people who love and breed them.

Brewing Techniques Magazine
Virtumall New Media, Cambridge, MA, US
The leading magazine for home brewing enthusiasts is now on Virtumall's Virtual Newsstand, including several feature articles, this month's cover, yearly index, and lots of useful and interesting information on brewing your own beer.

Camcord Stock Reports
Camcord Data Service, San Francisco, CA, US
Camcord Data Service provides statistical stock reports and stock charts of over 1000 public companies in information and technology sector. Those reports and charts are designed to help user generate investment lead. Both are updated daily or weekly.

Car Show and Car Event Listing Page
Canton, MA, US
Knowledge-Based Technologies is proud to sponsor this free service, for anyone wishing to list an event. This is for any type of car show, rally, cruise night, or any other event related to automobiles, anywhere in the world.

The Carter Center
Atlanta, GA, US
A nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy institute founded in 1982 by former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn. The Center is dedicated to fighting disease, hunger, poverty, conflict, and oppression through collaborative initiatives in the areas of democratization and development, global health, and urban revitalization.

Austin, TX, US
100,000 photos of homes with data on CD-ROM. CDHOME has completed its first project in Sarasota, Fla. The CDs contain photos and data for over 100,000 properties in Sarasota, all for the price of a game.

Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD)
Ames, IA, US
CARD is a public policy research center founded in 1958 at Iowa State University. Using advanced economic modeling systems and extensive databases, CARD conducts and disseminates research in four areas: trade and agricultural policy, resource and environmental policy, food and nutrition policy, rural and economic development policy.

The Change Project
Sausalito, CA, US
The Change Project is dedicated to using the power of the turbulence around us to help build a world that works. We are an independent organization supported solely by our writing, speaking, and consulting. We work with individuals on personal growth as well as with organizations, since we believe that the principles involved in change are similar at different scales.

CI Travel
InfiNet, L.C. & CI Travel, Norfolk, VA, US
CI Travel is a premier travel agency in Hampton Roads, VA. Visit here to see many different ports of call from Cruise to Golf Tours.

Cleveland State University
CSU Information Services and Technology, Cleveland, OH, US
Cleveland State University would like to introduce recent additions to its WWW homepage. The page now includes the CSU WWW Navigator to make accessing our homepage easier, a student admissions guide (the CSU Viewbook), and access to the Physics Department Homepage.

Clive Barker Spotlight with Kaleidospace
Kaleidospace, Los Angeles, CA, US
Horror writer Clive Barker begins his tenure as Artist-in-Residence with Kaleidospace. Material from his recent work (including new paintings) will be available, as well as promotional material for the movie "Candyman 2."

College Fund Finders
Alexandria, VA, US
CFF produces higher education scholarship and financial aid reports that are specifically matched to an individual student.

Colorburst Studios Online Catalog
Portland, OR, US
An online catalog and ordering information for the eye-dazzling Niobium Jewelry handmade by artists Paul Crabtree and Tess Yevka.

Commerce Connect
PaperFree Systems, Bowie, MD, US
Commerce Connect focuses on helping users discover electronic commerce. Provides a forum for discussing strategy and tactics on how to implement trade, i.e. EDI; Electronic Data Interchange and other cost-effective tools, their implementation, and how they apply to meet today's business initiatives.

CORE- Industrial Design Resources
CORE, New York, NY, US
An online resource for industrial designers, students and others interested in industrial design. Features extensive lists of design firms, competitions, and suppliers. Also included are a design forum and student work from Pratt Institute. And for relaxation we have included a Diversions section.

The CPEG (Computer Engineering) Web
Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology, Kowloon, Hong Kong
A web to facilitate student-centered teaching and learning of an undergraduate computer engineering degree program. Features include automated on-line feedback for both qualitative and quantitative formative evaluation, study skills and instructional development and decentralised web management by faculty and students.

Cultural Dynamics
Universiteit Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Cultural Dynamics is an interdisciplinary journal which invites scholars to think about culture, cutting across the traditional boundaries of the social sciences. It is a forum for both empirical and theoretical contributions that provide insight into the way different cultures, including the West, experience the world.

Warwick, NY, US
Multimedia services, including interface design, sound and music, Web publishing, and animation (2D & 3D) for interactive applications and video. Our Web site provides details on these services, as well as samples of our work, profiles of the principals, and links to other sites of interest.

Czech Info Center
Jiri Muselik, Ivan Sever, San Diego, CA, US
General information on the Czech republic for everybody, and practical tidbits for travellers: travel, sights, accommodation, nightlife, visa, news, business and commerce, language, emergency contacts, important addresses, current exchange rates, sport, stories and much more.

Database of CD-ROM Research Databases
InfoAccess and Distribution Singapore, Singapore
The Database of CD-ROM Research Databases maintained by InfoAccess on the SunSITE Singapore web server has been updated. The catalogue of SilverPlatter with over 200 CD-ROM titles is now available. ACCESS, Asia's newspaper on electronic information products and services is also on-line.

Digital Consulting, Inc. (DCI) Conferences and Trade Shows
DCI, Andover, MA, US
DCI, Digital Consulting, Inc., is the largest high technology education and management consulting firm in North America. Specializing in software productivity tools, DCI is recognized as a world leader in education professionals in the fields of database management systems and application development.

Discovering Your Psychic World.
Annette Martin, Campbell, CA, US
Annette Martin (international radio/TV psychic) draws upon a life time of rich experience as an acclaimed psychic and teacher to offer for sale a very readable primer on psychic development, Discovering Your Psychic World.

Earth Day Groceries Project
Arbor Heights Elementary School, Seattle, WA, US
April 22nd is the 25th anniversary of Earth Day. Our school would like to invite schools from around the world to join in the Second Annual Earth Day Groceries Project. You can request a FAQ from Mark Ahlness (mahlness@cks.ssd.k12.wa.us) or visit our site for all the details.

East Coast Hockey League
Palmetto Systems, Inc., Charleston, SC, US
The ECHL home page provides information on league divisions, current standings, schedules and player statistics. An online archive of echl mail is also provided.

Electrical Hypersensitivity
FEB, The Swedish Asso. for the Electrically and VDT Injured, Linköping, Sweden
On this server you will find information in English and Swedish about the "Electrical Hypersensitivity" phenomenon, cancer from electromagnetic fields, and health issues of VDTs. Information about the FEB association in Sweden is available, as well as addresses to similar associations worldwide.

Email World Conference and Exhibition, April, Santa Clara, CA
Digital Consulting, Inc., Andover, MA, US
Discover why Email is becoming an instrumental part of every type of user environment and learn how you can position your company at the leading edge of this growing technology. Chaired by Einar Stefferud, Chief Visionary at First Virtual Holdings Incorporated, this event boasts seven dynamic conferences exploring all of the Email industry.

Enterprise Assurance
PRC, Inc., McLean, VA, US
PRC is a world leader in systems integration. PRC provides information security solutions to our commercial and government clients. Our efforts focus on finding appropriate, affordable, total systems-based solutions based on sound, practical technologies.

Entry Level Job Seeker Assistant
Joseph E. Schmalhofer III, Univ. of Tennessee Space Institute, TN, US
Links to WWW sites which contain job offers for entry level jobs. Also links to resumes of people looking for entry level jobs.

Experimental RFC to HTML Converter
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, US
An experimental RFC to HTML Converter is now available on the Andrew II Home Page. Most RFC's are available with indexes and tables of contents as links. This is still under development. Some RFCs (like 822) don't do well with this filter.

The Fashion Industry Network
San Francisco, CA, US
Triple International Inc. is proud to announce the creation of the Fashion Industry Network (also called Fashion Net). It is intended for the business to business communication of the fashion industry, but also contains an area for fashion/style interested individuals.

tarcl, New York, NY, US
"Fin" is a 62 page art comic along mysterious lines by leading Greek artist Lydia Venieri, to coincide with her opening at Galerie Samy Kinge, Paris, France.

First Entertainment Home Page
Virtual Solutions, Inc., Bowie, MD, US
First Entertainment is a multi-media consortium which includes First Films, Quality Communications, The Comedy Works in Denver, CO, and Image Marketing Group. The First Entertainment home page has links to the other companies in the First Entertainment group.

Fraternities and Sororities on the Web
Glenn Kurtzrock, New York, NY, US
A collection of fraternities and sororities that have national home pages on the Web.

Global Emergency Medical Services, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
Global Emergency Medical Services uses its broad and constantly refreshed knowledge of medical providers worldwide to assist the traveler with medical problems.

The Greater Kingston CommunityNet Demo Page
Greater Kingston CommunityNet, Kingston, ON, Canada
As this CommunityNet/Free-Net is just getting started, we are looking for ideas and opinions on the shaping and construction of our community network.

Groovy Jewelry
The Access Group, Cambridge, MA, US
Come get lost in the 70s at Groovy Jewelry, a full service shop and home of the Mood Display Ring. That means you can peruse the catalog, fill your shopping bag, order and pay for it online, all from the comfort of your beanbag chair. We're also proud to serve the needs of a lost generation with a page full of links to 70s resources.

Göteborg Tourist Information
VM-Akademin, Göteborg University, Göteborg, Sweden
The city of Göteborg, the host of the 1995 IAAF World Championships in Athletics, has a tourist information WWW server available on the net. You will find a total of 120 pages and over 150 images, plus interactive maps. Topics cover things like food and lodging, sights, a guided tour of the city, and much more.

Berkeley, CA, US
Unique crafts, foods and products from neighborhoods around the world. Skates and skating products. African-American jazz quilts. Suspenders. Urban fashions. Gourmet coffee. Arab World and Islamic Resources. Crafts from Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue.

The Heartland Council -- Campfire Boys and Girls
World Mall Division of MSTI, Overland Park, KS, US
Camp Fire Boys and Girls is celebrating its 85th anniversary. The Heartland Council of Camp Fire invites you to visit their home page to learn more about Camp Fire programs for boys and girls, the location of the Camp Fire club nearest you, the 1995 Quality Chocolate Sale or to add your name to the Camp Fire Alumnae list.

Holistic Education
Millville School, Millville, UT, US
Learn more about holistic education.

Hotel Net
Rainhill, Merseyside, UK
Search for a hotel for your next business trip or holiday. At any time you can look closer at the hotels to see pictures of them or take a tour. You can choose your stay according to size, price, or even your favorite food, and can request information or make a booking.

H.P. Lovecraft WWW Page
Warwick, RI, US
A new page with info relating to H.P. Lovecraft.

Humboldt Green Nation
Vital Connections Project, Arcata, CA, US
Bio-regional server featuring local alternatives: culture, lifestyles, and philosophy. Your alternative cyberstation behind the Redwood Curtain.

Hummingbird Software: A Better Solution to Legal Auditing
Pasadena, CA, US
We offer a better solution to manual review of legal bills. Our software and services can dramatically cut the time and cost of a legal audit.

University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, NE, US
Worn out from too much net surfing? Take a break in the Hypergarden, an installation of virtual garden spaces to relax in.

IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society
IEEE/LEOS Boston Chapter, Boston, MA, US
A professional society of the IEEE. This home page provides information about the activities of the Boston Chapter of IEEE/LEOS. Our fields of interest are lasers, optical devices, optical fibers, and associated lightwave technology and their applications in systems in which quantum electronic devices are key elements.

Integrated Business Solution, Inc.
Danville, CA, US
The Charter of Integrated Business Solutions, Inc. (IBS) is to identify our clients business problems and convert these problems into opportunities. A firm of skilled business executives, IBS combines quantifiable problem solving methodologies with seasoned professional business judgment.

The Internet Online Offshore Casino
The Internet Casino, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The world's first and only, the world's largest international casino, the Internet Online Offshore Casino. Now 40 million and growing Internet users can access the Internet Electronic Casino. Win cash, win big. We never close.

Internet University
Palm Bay, FL, US
A small coterie of brains & vision give this Internet Provider a unique place among World Wide Web Sites. They offer classes on the Internet, a "Business Listing" location with participants from Colorado Springs to Long Island, and a close relationship with another group with hardware expertise - Teltech,Inc.

Internext Internet Services
Chantilly, VA, US
Internext offers full Internet services to the DC metro area and complete Web solutions to companies worldwide. We provide full dial-in PPP Internet access to individuals in the DC area, as well as a full complement of business solutions.

InterQuote Stock Market Service
Paragon Software, Inc., Kenosha, WI, US
The Internet's only provider of continuously updating real time stock market quotes. The subscriber can choose up to 1200 symbols that will update constantly and simultaneously.

I/O 360 Digital Design Inc.
New York, NY, US
I/O 360 Digital Design Inc is a multimedia design company based in New York City. Our resources are varied and derive from the disciplines of art, design, computer science, and architecture. Our work has ranged from video graphics, CDROM development, WWW design and programming in both the entertainment and corporate fields. We like making things.

The Island Puzzler Bookstore
Mill Creek, WA, US
If you like puzzles, games and magic then the Island Puzzler Bookstore is the place to go. Besides listing the latest books on these subjects, there is a Puzzle Room where the viewer can try to solve dozens of problems that are posted monthly. We take orders on-line.

IU Optometry Visual Sciences Group
Bloomington, IN, US
This server provides access to two databases (AAO and SEMOR), and recent research projects.

JADE Research Corporation
Severna, MD, US
Software tools including Grant Request Software Tools -- Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program are available from JADE Research Corp. The tools support research grant request/proposal submission, legal and government contract accounting issues and provide program information in digital format.

Japanese Language Learning Web
Butler Consulting and TWICS, Tokyo, Japan
Founder of Japan's Inter-University Center, Harvard PhD., Ken Butler, in cooperation with TWICS, presents Japanese Learning on the World Wide Web. In addition to a series of enlightening cyber-tutorials, Dr. Butler has developed a series of learning modules that allow full-color motion and sound learning programs to be displayed on Macintosh computers.

Jay Allen's Objectivism Resource Guide
Objectivist Media Services, New York, NY, US
This is a compendium of organizations that support and promote Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism. It also contains an introduction to Objectivism, a biography of Ayn Rand, and several pictures of great early Americans. (Note: the plain text version of the guide is still available.)

The Job Rock
Rock Publishing Co., Denver, CO, US
The Job Rock is the Internet's newest but complete job source. Job listings, The Resume Review(R), Personal Offerings and more assist job seekers locate the position that best suits their skills. A printed version is also available.

Kites By Carl Crowell
Portland, OR, US
A web site featuring kites, kite builders, sky art, tethered sculpture and plans for building kites.

KUESTERLAW -- Jeff Kuester's Technology Law Resource
Louis T. Isaf, P.C., Atlanta, GA, US
KUESTERLAW is designed to be a source of information and links to resources regarding technology and the law. Texts of all tech bills currently in the Georgia General Assembly are available, as well as information from the Computer Law and Intellectual Property Law Sections of the State Bar of Georgia.

Law.Net(tm) -- Legal Information Resource
Volant Corporation, San Diego, CA, US
Law.Net is sponsored by attorney's and vendors of business and consumer focused legal products. It is designed to be a one stop resource on world wide legal information. Come join us for our launch on the net.

Little Black Books
Canadian Business Advertising Network, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Golfer's Little Black Books is a games-book for golfers. This fifth edition has over 25 games - from the familiar Skins to the Japanese favourite Amigo.

Love, Sex and Marriage
Profitable Technology, Inc., Sudbury, MA, US
Intertain.com, your Internet bookstore, has over 800 books on love, sex and marriage for sale at a discount.

MacToolkit Home Page
Virtual Solutions, Inc., Bowie, MD, US
MacToolkit presents Final Draft & Three by Five, software for scriptwriting and idea organization. Three by Five uses the corkboard paradigm to organize ideas, images, sound, and even video. Final Draft is a scriptwriting tool which combines a powerful work processor with formatting tools that allow you to write scripts for movies, television, and the stage.

Market Web
InfoVision, Inc., Orlando, FL, US
Craig Corcoran of The Futures Hot-Line and Mutual Fund Timer is featured on MarketWeb's new World Wide Web site. Craig Corcoran is providing a free newsletter, sample hotlines, Companion Guide, and a feature article "The Battle for Investor Dollars."

Massachusetts General Hospital Neurosurgical Service
Boston, MA, US
MGH Neurosurgical Information Sources including: MGH Brain AVM and Aneurysm Center , Neurovascular News MGH neurooncology, and functional and stereotactic neurosurgery.

Maui Vacation Accommodations
RFS Corporation, Maui, HI, US
Condominium units are being offered at several Maui resorts, including The Whaler on Kaanapali Beach, Kapalua Villas (Bay, Golf & Ridge), Sands of Kahana, Papakea Resort and more, by condominium owners and/or property managers who live near the properties and rent them directly to vacationers at significant discounts.

MetaCard Corporation
Boulder, CO, US
MetaCard is a multimedia authoring tool and GUI development environment for Unix/X11 workstations that is compatible with Apple Corporation's HyperCard. Use MetaCard's Home Page to read about the product and to download a free save-disabled copy of it.

Metuchen Psychological Services
Metuchen, NJ, US
This page offers information on a variety of mental health topics. It provides links to articles and archives useful to consumers of psychological services, or others with interests in psychology and mental health in general.

MOST Products Company
Philadelphia, PA, US
MOST features high-quality imprintable promotional products. We have been supplying companies, large and small, with unique promotions and quality service since 1990. Our Web site features a few of the 375,000 products we carry. All pictures are in 3D stereo, in both the relaxed and crossed formats.

Nacra Catamarans
Performance Catamarans Inc., Santa Ana, CA, US
Nacra catamarans offer the finest performance and value available. Every Nacra features a unique boomless sailplan, Harken equipment throughout, an adjustable kick-up rudder system, and a mesh trampoline. A division of the Catalina Corporation brought to you by CyberWharf.

NASA High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) Office
Washington, DC, US
This office provides a basic overview of the NASA portion of the Federal HPCC Program. Included in this description is an explanation of the organizational structure and focus of the NASA program, pointers to more in-depth resources, as well as highlighted NASA HPCC accomplishments.

pactek, Mountain View, CA, US
NetUSA, the largest commercial Internet center, has a super shopping mall with over 20,000 items to choose from, e-distribution (around 40 down-loadable commercial softwares including Lotus and Wordperfect), and e-publishing.

NewtWatch PAC, Washington, DC, US
Your one-stop-shop for the best dope on House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Includes the full text of all ethics complaints against Newt currently pending before the House Ethics Committee, Newt's key House votes back to 1981, PAC and individual contributors back to 1979, interactive features like "Write to Newt" and "Fact Check Newt", and much more.

The Office
Summerland Key, FL, US
The first Electro-entopic Satellite OffiCenter (e-soc). Designed to respond to the logical needs of the computer-using professional. Electro-entopic (from the Greek--entopos, meaning; in its correct place), is utilized to describe the ergonomically correct placement, within the unit, of electric, electronic, and mechanical components.

Pacifica Blue - The Ultimate Beachfront Shopping Experience
Calgary, AB, Canada
Join us at Pacifica Blue, a collection of tropical islands containing a wide variety of exotic products and services. Take a private tour and browse through the beachfront stores for the ultimate shopping experience. Two stores specializing in ThinkPads and Gund Stuffed Animals are already online.

Party Banners
InterMarket Manufacturing Service, Santee, CA, US
InterMarket Manufacturing Service features party banners ideal for home parties, office events, and special occasions. Banners can be customized with names, dates, messages and more, using broad tipped, felt markers. Each banner is individually packaged in a clear, reusable, gift/storage tube. Heavy duty vinyl. Solid brass grommets.

Paul Newcum and Associates Corp., Quality Software Consultant
North Attleboro, MA, US
PNA Corp. shows organizations how to obtain less defects and errors in software while achieving better software functionality. This should deliver software in less time with lower costs while improving software technician careers.

The Penn State Dept. of English
State College, PA, US
Full of info about our department and links to other interesting sites.

Political Science Resources
Richard Kimber, Keele, Staffordshire, UK
Contains a large number of links to sites that are useful for teaching or research.

Reedy Creek Emporium
Reedy Creek Direct Marketing Associates, Four Oaks, NC, US
A new online country store, featuring unique products from regionally famous producers, most of whom have never had exposure outside their own backyards. The store is also interactive in that the viewer can submit product ideas among other things. It's the one place where the small guy can be given worldwide exposure.

The Reference Website
NKO nv. The Reference, Dendermonde, Flanders, Belgium
The Reference is the first Belgian company to concentrate all efforts on new commercial communication strategies on the Internet -- strategies that recognize both the strength and the specificity of the Internet. The 4th Wave is the first Belgian Internet think tank.

Research Administration
State U. of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY, US
The Office of the Vice President for Research at State University of New York at Stony Brook (USB) announces its expanded WWW server in the area of Research Informatics. It includes links to federal and other sponsor information, policy, compliance and regulatory issues, technology transfer, and economic development.

Resort Sports Network
Portland, ME, US
Check out the live Weather Cam at Copper Mountain, with a second Weather Cam online from Lake Tahoe. Also, register to win free Killington tickets and V.I.P. passes to the U.S. Pro Tour Finals in March.

Reverse Engineering Home Page
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, US
Information about Georgia Tech's current research on software reverse engineering and program understanding.

Rutgers University/UMDNJ Graduate Program in Pharmacology
Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, US
We offer graduate training for the Ph.D. in Pharmacology. The training program is research-oriented in areas of cellular and molecular pharmacology. All students are supported by fellowships.

Sandra Morton Fine Arts Balinese Art Gallery
New York, NY, US
The works shown at this site are all original paintings by Indonesian artists created in Bali, Indonesia. These pieces portray Indonesian rituals such as traditional dances as well as aspects of daily life in Indonesia. This art has heart.

Savio Realty, Ltd. Better Homes and Gardens
Honolulu, HI, US
One of Hawaii's largest real estate companies with five offices on two islands. We provide professional real estate services, educational seminars, and innovative programs to assist clients with their real estate sales or purchases.

Scientific Visualization Course for K-12 Teachers
Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, US
A distance learning course for K-12 science and mathematics teachers focusing on scientific visualization and modeling tools and related resources on the Internet. Brought to you by the National Teachers Enhancement Network Project, Montana State University.

Seattle Community College District
Free Range Media, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
The Seattle Community College District is offering an A.A. degree via the World Wide Web. These interactive courses begin April 3, so pre-register now.

Shareware Pick of the Month
Neurosoft, Albany, OR, US
Shareware authors can enter the Shareware of the Month contest. Users can download the latest Shareware of the Month pick and read in depth reviews of the software. Also links to support for Neurosoft shareware products, and resources on the net useful to shareware authors.

Shasta County Office Of Education / TRC, Redding, CA, US
ShastaLink is a Northern California educational and civic Internet access portal, featuring year-round training in a networked lab designed for online instruction, consultative services for schools and others, and an alternative funding staff experienced in LAN/WAN/connectivity collaboratives.

Shin Buddhism Network
Ross Bloom, Honolulu, HI, US
The purpose and mission of this publication is to share information concerning Shin Buddhist Tradition and Pure Land Buddhism as it is presently practiced and interpreted by Shin communities in the West and Japan.

The Singapore Electronic Forum
The Singapore Electronic Forum Editorial, San Francisco, CA, US
Home sick or just want to learn about Singapore? This forum contains frank and eloquent discussions of major issues concerning Singapore and Singaporeans today. Topics covered include politics, economics, culture, food, entertainment and local jokes. As one reader said: "It is the best thing since Chaw Kuay Tiao!"

Skidperfect Software
Carlisle, MA, US
A small, private company that develops software by contract to both businesses and individuals. We also release Freeware and Shareware in the Mac community to show the public our high standards in programming.

Sleep Medicine Home Page
Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY, US
The Sleep Medicine Home Page lists sleep-related resources of interest to sleep specialists, sleep researchers, health-care workers and the general public. It provides pointers to information available on the internet regarding sleep, sleep disorders, sleep disorders centers, sleep organizations, and sleep-related publications.

Soft "Wear" by ColorTech
ColorTech, Kokomo, IN, US
Custom clothing by ColorTech. Tee-Shirts, sweat shirts, hats, coffee mugs Over 20 designs to choose from, or we can custom create a product with your design. Win free stuff.

Soliton Enterprises
Port Townsend, WA, US
Soliton Enterprises is a one-man information service. At this site you will find links to categorized pages accessible via a central index page. The pages will be constantly renewed and updated.

Space Art
Comedia Information AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Bengt Josefsson exhibits the pastel painting collection Space Art in three media starting March 13 and continuing until March 31.

Special Collections at the University of Houston Libraries
Houston, TX, US
This site includes information about Special Collections at the University of Houston Libraries, with links to the UH Libraries Gopher. In addition, there are collections of links to exhibits produced by libraries and archives, a collection of links to other special collections and archives, and resources for special collections librarians and archivists.

Sting Page "Fields of Gold"
University Cologne, Cologne, Germany
This page is for all Sting/The Police fans around the world. It includes pictures, lyrics, guitar tablatures and more. Walk with me through the Fields of Gold!

Stolichnaya Vodka
Carillon Importers, Teaneck, NJ, US
As we work on setting up our Web site with a twist, Stolichnaya Vodka invites you to come by each week for a unique taste of freedom. The world will be pouring into Stoli Central(tm) in just a few weeks.

Stop FTR (Fetal Tissue Research)
McHenry, IL, US
Stop FTR is a non-profit group that has launched a nationwide petition campaign to outlaw fetal tissue research and human embryo research. You can view our mission statement, the law we are tring to repeal and the petition we are circulating in 45 states.

Symposium "Bildungsnetzwerke"
Berlin, Germany
Ankuendigung: Bildungsnetzwerke 29. Symposium der Gesellschaft fuer Paedagogik und Information. 16.3.-18.3.1995 an der Humbold-Universitaet in Berlin.

Synergy Online Live in New Jersey
Synergy Online Communications, Parsippany, NJ, US
A commercial BBS with over 8,000 members. We have more than 40,000 fully indexed and searchable files online, adult areas (3+ Gigabytes), daily newspapers, movie reviews, and more. We also have over 30 multi-player games online.

Defense Technical Information Center, Cameron Station, Alexandria, VA, US
The single entry point for DoD technology transfer programs. Also included are relevant tech transfer activities at federal, state, and international levels.

Tennis Shop Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
The Tennis Shop offers lessons, rackets, shoes, tennis clothing, strings and accessories.

Thurgood Marshall Middle School Home Page
Olympia, WA, US
Thurgood Marshall Middle School is in the Olympia school district, known for its cutting-edge technology -- please visit us soon.

Tone Deaf Teens
Honolulu, HI, US
A four-piece college rock band from the burgeoning Honolulu indie music scene (hey it's not all just Don Ho here). These guys serve up eclectic, genre-bending ditties floating in a base of heavy guitars and pop melodies. Special thanks to Internet Island for letting us play on the net.

Travel in Finland
Jarvi Suomen Ohjelmapalvelu Ltd, Kuopio, Finland
Traveling information about Finland. Nature, events, etc.

U-Design Type Foundry
UTF, Hartford, CT, US
UTF is a well-known independent foundry whose picture and novelty fonts are sold worldwide. On the Web, UTF presents an online type specimen book where designers and desktop publishers can view and order Macintosh or PC fonts.

UNEP Collaborating Centre on Energy and Environment
Risoe National Laboratory, Roskilde, DK 4000, Denmark
The UNEP Collaborating Centre works catalytically to promote the incorporation of environmental awareness into energy policy and planning, particularly in developing countries. Present activities focus on climate change mitigation through country studies in Africa, S. America and Asia.

University of Victoria Computing User Services
Univ. of Victoria, BC, Canada
This page has a number of links explaining the organization of Computing User Services as well as links to other sites on campus.

The Virtual Press
Honolulu, HI, US
A small, independent firm established in 1994, The Virtual Press is a non-traditional press publishing primarily fiction under three imprints: virtual fantasy, virtual science fiction, and virtual mystery. Virtual Press Electronic Novels provides readers with "virtual" books that are easy to use and fun to read. We seek quality, not quantity.

Washington University Mass Spectrometry Resource
Dept. of Chemistry, Washington Univ., St. Louis, MO, US
A merger of the former NSF Midwest Center for Mass Spectrometry and the Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Resource. The new resource, formed in 1994 and supported by the NIH National Center for Research Resources, is committed not only to service but to basic and collaborative research in mass spectrometry and to education of graduate and postdoctoral students.

WestLake Solutions Inc.
Washington, DC, US
We provide a full range of Internet services focusing on Internet business solutions. We also have a pointers to items of interest for those in the DC area.

Women's Health Hot Line
Beckwith Communications, Fairport, NY, US
Created by a popular medical author, this newsletter contains information on current women's health issues, such as nutrition, fitness, menopause, how to be a savvy medical consumer and more. Includes articles on cutting-edge research, lively editorials and lots of health tips.

World Wide Multi-Media Magazine
SQL Pros Software Consultants, San Leandro, CA, US
The World Wide Multi-Media Magazine is intended to provide a look at some of the more obscure activities occurring in and around the S.F Bay Area. More coverage will be given to Jetski and Motorcycle activities.

WWW Kemper
Eric Calais, San Diego, CA, US
Welcome to Quimper, city of tales and history, settled since immemorial times on the Keltic Land of Armorique, in the heart of the French Cornwall (Brittany, France). WWW Kemper describes the city, its history, some anecdotes, etc. Don't miss the Quizz... a server for fun and culture.

Wednesday, 22 March 1995

1995 Tour DuPont
TriNet Services, Raleigh, NC, US
The 1995 Tour DuPont, America's Premier Cycling Event, will wind through Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina from April 26 through May 7. Visit the First Union Tour DuPont WWW Site to obtain complete coverage of the event. Maps, stage information and news releases are currently available - race coverage coming in April.

All Adventure Travel
Boulder, CO, US
We offer the very best in biking, hiking, walking, rafting, sea-kayaking and wildlife tours, as well as expedition cruises all over the world. Let us plan your next adventure.

All Magicians Are Not Created Equal
AB Productions, Aurora, IL, US
Prepare yourself to be propelled into a world of mystery, romance, rock-and-roll and comedy. It's a site about a magician (Austin Brooks) who is torn between his love for music and magic. In an attempt to resolve his turmoil, he hits the road performing in night clubs, theaters, and just about anyplace that will let him continue his quest.

Al's Snowmobile Parts Warehouse
Newport, VT, US
Used parts are us! Largest used parts inventory on the East Coast - parts from 1964-1994. We also have an impressive selection of clothing and New Parts. Another member of the CyberMont Community

Altera Corporation
San Jose, CA, US
The Altera WWW server provides comprehensive information about Altera's programmable logic devices (PLDs) and programmable logic development tools, as well as company information and updates.

Automation and Process Control
Berufsakademie Karlsruhe (Institute Of Technology), Karlsruhe, Germany
Collected links to Internet resources concerning automation and process control: microcontroller and microprocessors, embedded systems, industrial communication, and robotics.

Autozip and Post Buster Junior
Brian Bratcher, Indpls, IN, US
Autozip and Post Buster Junior are shareware products. Post Buster Junior is a complete U.S. bulk rate mailing list manager and compiler conforming to U.S. postal regulations for third class postage discounts. Made for the small business.

AVA Instrumentation, Inc.
Ben Lomond, CA, US
Tools, both hardware and software, for testing and aligning floppy disk drives, including a tutorial on floppy drive alignment.

Barbra Jean's Famous Candies
Winthrop, MA, US
Serving the Web with fine chocolates, fudge, and hand-made candies!

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 9th Ed.
Columbia University, New York, NY, US
This is the original classic scholarly collection of quotations by the great editor John Bartlett. Browse or search 9,000 quotations and 2,000 footnotes by over 400 authors. Published by Columbia University's Project Bartleby.

The Bee Publishing Company
Newtown, CT, US
The Bee Publishing Company is offering Web pages for its three publications: The Newtown Bee, a community newspaper serving western Connecticut; Antiques and The Arts Weekly, the nation's leading antiques trade paper; and Horses Monthly, a journal covering equestrian events and issues in the northeast.

Better, Faster Bestsellers
Cognitec/3rd Force Software, Inc, Del Mar, CA, US
Who has time to read anymore? Nobody -- that's who. So, each week, we run the current "Publishers Weekly" Bestsellers List through a proprietary semantic compression algorithm to generate a "Better, Faster" list which provides the cognitive equivalent of actually reading all 60 bestselling books from start to finish.

Betty Boop
New York, NY, US
The very first WWW archive for fans of cartoon heroine Betty Boop. Includes QuickTimes in Mac and Windows format, GIFs, AUs, and other miscellaneous resources.

BizPro Online Business Services
Austin, TX, US
We provide local online service -- Web site access is also available. We code, assist in creation, and maintain your Web homepage/billboard for as little as $25 to $240 per year. We provide free Internet access to our members as well as a free bizcard listing on our web site.

Board of European Students of Technology (BEST)
Stockholm, Sweden
These are the international pages of BEST, an organization gathering students from more then 30 top European universities. The pages provide complete information on activities, links to member universities, and other related Web pages.

The Buddy Project
The Buddy Group, Ann Arbor, MI, US
The Buddy Project is an electronic clearinghouse for musical collaborations and original works of music serving the net community at large.

Business Communications Co.
Vyne Communications, Inc., New York, NY, US
A leading publisher of technology/marketing studies and newsletters for industry and investors. Site includes complete catalog of more than 200 published reports and simple ordering instructions. BCC Business Opportunity reports and newsletters cover 15 industries ranging from chemicals to healthcare, and more.

CADD Support Home Page
Seattle District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle, WA, US
Information about the Seattle District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers CADD Support Section. Contains downloadable files and links to many other CADD-related sites.

Calendar of Events for the Monterey Peninsula
Monterey Information Services, Carmel, CA, US
California Chocolate Abalone Dive, Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Golf Tournament, Mardi Gras, and more -- in this calendar of events for the whole year.

Cato Institute
Scott Banister, Urbana, IL, US
The Cato Institute is fast becoming one of the most influential think tanks in Washington. Cato analyses are well-respected on Capitol Hill; Cato developed the Medisave health care plan which Phil Gramm introduced as an alternative to the Clinton proposal. This site houses a number of Cato-related texts, including an essay by humorist P.J. O'Rourke.

cerberus sound+vision
West End, London, UK
The first commercial company licensed by the music and copyright protection bodies to digitally distribute music over the Internet from their cerberus digital jukebox, or cdj, cerberus sound+vision also offers a digital recording studio and a graphic design and video production facility with 3D animation capability.

Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge
Cambridge, England
Information on Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge, England. Lists of academics and students including research interests and available resources. Links to the Zeolite Molecular Sieve Project and to other recreational areas on the Web.

CityTrans/Intertraffic Asia '95
City Trans Asia Management, Singapore, SG, Singapore
The 3rd International Exhibition and Conference on city planning, transportation and traffic engineering will be held on 21-24 September 1995, at the World Trade Centre in Singapore.

A Clean Well-Lighted Place For Books
San Francisco, CA, US
A Clean Well-Lighted Place For Books is a general interest, independent bookstore. Voted "Best San Francisco Bookstore, 1994" by the readers of the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Cedar Creek, TX, US
For a computer book store that satisfies the needs of computer professionals, try searching our book catalog for the latest in technical books and references. We specialize in advanced books for developers, programmers, and consultants. If you'd rather search offline, ftp our catalogs in 3 popular formats from The CompuBooks Catalog Archive and load them into your own database.

Costa Rica
Web Travel Review, Cambridge, MA, US
An all-new story by Philip Greenspun, author of Travels with Samantha. Includes 200 photographs, maps, and trip planning information. If you like sloths, whitewater rafting, parrots, or monkeys, you'll like this. It's just the beginning of what you can expect from Web Travel Review.

Creative Online
Toronto, Canada
Creative Online is a company dedicated to providing effective, innovative and exciting solutions to other companies wishing to establish a presence on the Net.

Critical Inquiry Journal
Chicago, IL, US
Critical Inquiry, an interdisciplinary journal published quarterly by the University of Chicago, is now accessible via the Web. The home page will allow you to read excerpts from recent issues and scan the tables of contents from all issues from Critical Inquiry's 20-year history.

CSTC - Computer Security Technology Center
Livermore, CA, US
The Computer Security Technology Center (CSTC) delivers solutions to today's information technology security challenges through integration of operational incident response, product development, and consulting services.

Cyberagentes -- First Spanish Professional Cybermall
Madrid, Spain
Seville€'s Royal Wedding in Cyberspace. Internet users will be able to browse the photographs of a royal wedding March 18, just a few hours after Elena de Borbon daughter of King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sophia of Spain, weds Jaime de Marichalar in Seville.

Transamerica Financial Resources, Irvine, CA, US
Cyber-Bank is the first bank in cyberspace that searches the country for the highest interest rates being paid on FDIC insured CDs. There are no fees for the service. You will be provided with the bank's name, financial status and rates of interest for CDs and savings accounts.

Dart Communications
Cazenovia, NY, US
Providors of TCP/IP winsock development tools which provide TELNET/FTP/UDP access. Also providers of PowerVT, which is a powerful VT220/320 emulator. World Wide Web services also provided for database integration with Oracle.

Davis Contact Lens Center
Staten Island, NY, US
Davis Contact Lens Center is the name you can trust for your contact lenses and optical needs at the lowest prices.

WEBSYS and The DC Web Company, Washington, DC, US
DCWEB, located on a high speed Internet connection, serves the Washington D.C. area as a premiere hosting site for all types of businesses and organizations. With the advent of DCWEB's Small Business Center, small businesses can now afford a Web site of their own.

The Department of Chemistry at Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA, US
This Web site describes the department for prospective students including facilities, research interests, and programs. It includes a description of web projects including ChemPRIME. Alumni are invited to drop in and leave a trace (a cyberspace reunion).

design+commercial partner GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
dcp offers hard- and software solutions for the creative mind in the broadcast and computer industry. We sell PC, Amiga and SGI-based solutions for high-end computer graphics and high-end digital non-linear editing.

The Desktop Aeronautics Web Catalog
Stanford, CA, US
Desktop Aeronautics, Inc. provides easy-to-use aeronautical software for design and education, compatible with Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Quicktime movies of the programs in action and sample code are available on-line.

Dickens Page
Bob Day, Green Bay, WI, US
This is a page for interested Dickens Village collectors. It contains links to a few pictures of my favorite pieces. I will try to add pictures of newly released pieces as I get them.

Direct Response Design Studio, Inc.
Brewster, NY, US
We have been in the design business for over 20 years. Within the last year we have entered the world of "Cyber-Zine." Please take a look at our home page and discover an established design agency that has made the leap into the future of electronic marketing.

Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
The official brochure of the Edinburgh Jewish Community, and a guide to the community for prospective visitors.

Education of the Gifted and Talented
Millville School, Millville, UT, US
Resources and links for gifted and talented.

eMarketing inc., Montreal, PQ, Canada
Vous pouvez maintenant accèder au site Web du film québécois Eldorado. Vous y trouverez des extraits du film, des échantillons de la trame sonore, des photos du tournage et des renseignements sur les acteurs.

E-Mail Web Resource Index
Computing Services, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, US
An index of email-related resources on the web.

Far North Multimedia
Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
Far North Multimedia provides various graphic design, 3D animation, and Web related services, including low-cost Web space for commercial use. Drop by our homepage to see what we offer, or to check out our ever-expanding links to customers' pages and Amiga resources.

FOSE '95
Image Communications, McLean, VA, US
FOSE '95 is Washington D.C.'s largest computer trade show. This year it will sport an "Internet theme park" March 21-23 and renewed emphasis on commercial markets, local area networks and making technology work within the organization.

Globewide Network Academy
Cambridge, MA, US
The Globewide Network Academy is an international consortium of education and research organizations. Our web server contains a course catalog with hundreds of courses which can be registered for and taken online, as well as containing forms needed to become involved with GNA.

Greater Hartford Convention & Visitors Bureau
Hartford, CT, US
The Greater Hartford Convention and Visitors Bureau assists meeting and convention planners in bringing their event to the southern New England region. Conveniently located between Boston and New York, Hartford offers much to benefit meeting and convention attendees.

Grooves Online
Time Life Inc., New York, NY, US
If you're having a hard time finding good music on radio and MTV, then get into Grooves, a new rock 'n' roll CD series with intelligent, original and provocative rock 'n' roll for adults. Check out the latest edition and sample some of the cuts. You can even subscribe online and play the latest disc free for 10 days.

Helsinki for the Virtual Traveller
Spellbound, Inc., Helsinki, Finland
A new type of travel experience. In it the user is given a chance to explore the capital of Finland through a virtual reality-like interface, but implemented with actual photographs and audio material. Have a walk on the streets of Helsinki, take a ride in a tram and visit cool places as you go.

Hillsborough Community College
Mobius Project Task Force, Tampa, FL, US
Bringing education into the 21st Century. The Mobius Project is an ongoing project at HCC to educate faculty, staff and students on the use of new information technologies. HCC welcomes you to visit our WWW sites now available on the Internet.

Holy Family Cathedral
Tulsa, OK, US
Holy Family is the cathedral church of the Catholic Diocese of Oklahoma.

Home Vision
Birubi Software, Sydney, NSW, Australia
A home buyers' guide for Sydney and Australia. Search for properties and view photographs, descriptions and agent information of current New South Wales real estate.

Homesick For The Bay Sufferers Anonymous
Marc Escobosa, Hanover, NH, US
If you miss the San Francisco Bay Area and you just want to hear about what is happening there, try this page of various Bay Area links.

Hybrid Home Pages - An On-Line Mall
Hybrid Communications, Inc., Hartford, CT, US
This mall provides rental space for small businesses and commercial/trade organizations seeking a presence on the WWW. Site rentals are as low as $50 per month and HTML coding and design services are available at low cost.

IBM Midrange Resources on the World Wide Web
Chicago, IL, US
This is the beginnings of a collection of World Wide Web resources that relate to IBM Midrange Systems (S/3x and AS/400).

IDS World Network
Intelecom Data Systems, East Greenwich, RI, US
IDS offers a new home to history of magic.

Ikenobo Ikebana Society of South Florida
Internautica, Inc., W. Palm Beach, FL, US
The Ikebana Society's web site contains a short history of Ikenobo Ikebana, some pictures and a calendar of events.

Il Segno di Parma
Universita' di Parma, Parma, Italy
Il Segno di Parma is a new online hypermedia magazine (in Italian) about cultural events and arts, published in Parma, Italy. Current issue is devoted to opera music. You will learn for example about Giuseppe Verdi, his music and Parma, his town.

Institut fuer Betriebswirtschaftliche Geldwirtschaft Goettingen
Goettingen, Niedersachsen, Germany
The IfBG provides centralized access to over 100 useful hyperlinks focused in the areas of banking and finance. Auf Deutsch.

Interlink Network Group, Inc.
Onalaska, WA, US
Interlink Network Group, Inc. provides Live Network Training on TCP/IP, SNMP, Novell, NetBIOS, NetBEUI and other protocol suites. We also provide custom courses for customers, and network consulting.

Internal Auditing World Wide Web (IAWWW)
DHMC Internal Auditing - John K. Peterson, Hanover-Lebanon, NH, US
The Internal Auditing World Wide Web (IAWWW) has moved to a new URL and now resides on a dedicated server. The IAWWW hopes that this third computer change will improve service.

International Conference: Co-operation In Manufacturing: CIM At Work
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
An international conference on concurrent engineering and CIM architectures to be held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands on August 28-30, 1995. Our WWW-server provides information on the call for papers, participation, contents, agenda and other topics related to the conference.

The International Institute
Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
The institute is responsible for the coordination of research, training, and study in international, comparative, and area studies across the university. The institute brings together the university's National Resource Centers in area studies, as well as other programs.

International Treasure Hunters Exchange
Mclean, VA, US
The International Treasure Hunters Exchange is a forum for treasure hunters to freely exchange information, research and treasure hunting information. The site has a messaging system allowing users to leave online messages. There is also an extensive news section and treasure hunters shopping mall.

Internet '95: Future Technology, Business, and the Web.
Internet Presence & Publishing, Norfolk, VA, US
The Internet '95 conference will be held Oct. 4-6, at the Norfolk Marriot Hotel in Norfolk, Virginia. Keynote speakers at this year's conference include Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly & Associates), Marc Andreessen (Netscape Communications), David Pool (Spry Inc.) and others. Submissions welcome.

Into The Wind Kite Store
Boulder, CO, US
Into The Wind is a kite store in Boulder, CO, US. It carries a full line of kites including sport kites and stunt kites for novice through experienced users. The web page shows a few of this season's popular offerings and has a reply form that can be used to order the kites on display or to request a catalog of the complete offering.

Inventor's Virtual Partnerships
OXO Inc., Denver, CO, US
A communication node for new inventors and investors to collaborate: new mechanical and social ideas; also Web forums expansion.

KAIROS Support for Caregivers Home Page
San Francisco, CA, US
KAIROS Support for Caregivers is a non-profit resource center devoted exclusively to the caregivers of HIV-affected persons. Time-tested valuable materials are now available online, including the international KAIROS Newsletter.

Kansas City Online
Safari Beach Internet Marketing, Overland Park, KS, US
Come visit Kansas City Online, the comprehensive guide to The heartland city of the US. This home page offers you a vivid, up-to-the-minute virtual tour of KC's sites and important information about the local communities.

Kids Universe Toys and Software
Beverly Hills, CA, US
Kids Universe, located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, carries the largest selection of quality kid software and CD-ROM, educational and electronic toys, computers, thinking games, space and science, arts and crafts, magic, videos and books.

Kitty Hawk Kites, Inc.
Nags Head, NC, US
The largest hang gliding school in the world. This new homepage contains a Kites and Hang Gliding BBS to encourage enthusiasts to share tips, hints, and helpful information. Additionally, the homepage contains an online reservations center and calendar of events as well as a merchandise catalog.

Lighting Research Center
Troy, NY, US
The Lighting Research Center is part of the School of Architecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. This web site includes lighting research project descriptions, a publications catalog, directories (with photos) of faculty, staff, and students, and links to other lighting resources on the Web.

Louisiana Home Page
Progressive Computer Services, Inc., New Orleans, LA, US
The Louisiana Home Page is provided as a service by Progressive Computer Services. Here you can find information about our state and specifically the city of New Orleans: history, images, businesses, comprehensive listings of restaurants, attractions, hotels and much more.

Louisiana Tech School of Science
Ruston, LA, US
Department of Math, Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics, Applied computational analysis, and more.

Manual High School
IDEAnet, Indianapolis, IN, US
Manual High School's home page in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Manufacturing Technology Centre of New Brunswick
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
The MTC-UNB is part of a provincial network of technology transfer centres in New Brunswick, Canada. Our mandate is to develop and transfer technology to industry. The MTC-UNB specializes in advanced technology in the fields of CAD/CAM/CAE /CIM.

Maui Gateway
Maui Gateway, Kihei, HI, US
Daily weather images of Hawaii as well as a Maui Marketplace for those interested in finding unique gifts or products from Maui. The full system, which includes online games and entertainment, shareware libraries, USENET newsgroups, teleconferencing, and special interest group support can be accessed via telnet and anonymous FTP at mauigateway.com

NCAA Basketball Tournament Central
Mercury Center Web, San Jose Mercury News, San Jose, CA, US
Follow the NCAA men's and women's Division I basketball tournaments on the Mercury Center Web. Pages are updated immediately upon the conclusion of each game with scores, statistics, pairings, photos, game and feature stories. View team capsules and rosters as well as special pages available for Netscape 1.1 users. Men's tournament coverage. | Women's tournament coverage.

the Net Gazzette
Williamson Imagineering, Portland, OR, US
The Net Gazzette contains The Imagineer, an electronic newspaper; the Web Mall, a convenient way to shop electronically; and the Web Pages, a categorized list of links to other cool or useful web sites.

Net2000 Group
McLean, VA, US
Free rate quotations for ISDN, 56KB, and T-1 circuits plus other voice/data/video services such as frame relay in the mid-Atlantic region. We simplify the process of pricing, ordering, and implementing Wide Area Networks (WAN) and access to Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Long Distance (LD) carriers.

Aldea Communications, Carlsbad, CA, US
NetPages is a directory of Internet addresses of individuals and businesses either on the Internet or reached through an Internet gateway.

NetWare for PowerPC
Apple Business Systems, Cupertino, CA, US
NetWare for PowerPC developer information and schedule of Apple activities at Novell's BrainShare.

New Brunswick Outfitters Online
DISCscribe Ltd., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Visit us in New Brunswick, Canada, where you'll find great fishing amid some wonderful scenery. The NBOA is an association of the best outfitters our province, which shares a border with the state of Maine.

Newsstand - Zeitungstand - Tenda de jornais
Heim II (Clausthals No. 1), Clausthal, Germany
It's a virtual newsstand containing lots of journals and magazines available through the InterNet. The newsstand is available in three languages: English, German and Portuguese.

Nigel Who? Fashions
San Jose, CA, US
Artist Nigel Who? prepares for the 21st century with a collection of bejeweled evening wear influenced by the distress of a modern technological future and the flamboyance of the 1920's. The artist's collection features his signature wire/ beadwork process which produces finished garments without seams.

Nobel Prize in Physics -- 1901-Present
Patrick Clancey (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center), Stanford, CA, US
Lists all winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics since 1901, by year. Includes the citation for the award from the Nobel Committee. Where available, links to biographical and bibliographical information are included.

Nutritional Solutions
Deerfield Beach, FL, US
Nutritional Solutions provides the best nutritional and weight loss products available.

On With Learning Video Training (OWL)
On With Learning Inc., Menomonee Falls, WI, US
OWL offers Video & CD ROM based training on technical topics. Our line includes AS/400 topics and PC topics, Microsoft VB, Excel, Word, Project and many others. The most cost effective training for businesses, schools, or individuals

Orange County, CA Real Estate Forum
GENinc, Monrovia, CA, US
GENinc is pleased to announce its Orange County, California Real Estate Forum, including the lovely city of San Juan Capistrano.

Oregon Residency Requirements
Steven Hackstadt, Eugene, OR, US
Recently, the Oregon Board of Higher Education drastically changed its administrative rules regarding residency for tuition purposes. The goal of these changes is to slow an increase in out-of-state students qualifying for in-state tuition. Unfortunately, these rules have made it nearly impossible for out-of-state students to ever achieve residency.

Origin Systems, Inc.
Austin, TX, US
Origin Systems, Inc. is a developer and publisher of state-of-the-art computer entertainment software.

Paris Book Salon 1995
The Paris Pages/Les Pages de Paris, Paris, France
Unofficial WWW coverage of the 1995 Paris Book Salon (17-23 March) is sponsored by The Paris Pages / Les Pages de Paris

Penn State Engineering and Applied Sciences Interest (EASI) House
University Park, PA, US
EASI House is a co-ed special living option located on the seventh floor of Beaver Hall on Penn State's University Park campus. This organization of students with common interests, yet diverse backgrounds, provides its members with an opportunity for social and academic interaction and leadership, and tools to assist them in their academic pursuits.

Pirate Metaverse Station
Open Society Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenija, Europe
Pirate Metaverse Station is an ongoing project maintained by two freelance science journalists from Slovenija. It is a product of two years' writing about topics like VR, artificial life and intelligence, media, women's studies, authorship in electronic media and more.

Plummer Elementary School
Libby, MT, US
A look at our elementary school.

Portland International Airport
The Port of Portland, Portland, OR, US
Portland International Airport WWW pages have moved to a new location. Pages include information about the airport itself; the airport operators; construction and improvements to the airfield and terminal buildings; the Federal Aviation Administration, and more.

Liverpool John Moores Univ., Liverpool, UK
Recent live art works by Katherine Moonan and Simon Poulter includes text, images and quick time movies. The Prime Site project explores power structures and new technologies. Users are invited to download and re-manipulate images and send in comments about the issues raised in the work.

Purdue Univerity SEDS Homepage
West Lafayette, IN, US
The Purdue University chapter of SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) is a student organization dedicated to promoting the exploration and development of space. Included on this page is the Virtual Moonbase project.

Quantum Corporation
Corporate Communications, Milpitas, CA, US
Quantum's Web site is designed to provide vital up-to-the-minute company information. Quantum products provide the storage solution for a digitized world. As part of Quantum's premiere on the Web, the company is giving away free hard disk drives. To register to win, visit our site.

Quebec's Medievals 1995
MediaSoft, Quebec City, Province of Quebec, Canada
Quebec's Medievals 1995 will be held in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. From August 9 to August 13, 1995, the picturesque decor of Old Quebec becomes the enchanting background for a five day festival celebrating the Renaissance and the Middle Ages.

Science Education Software Inc.
Palo Alto, CA, US
It's been a long time coming, but the final v2.1 release of the Hungry Frog Bullfrog game series in math, chemistry, Greek, Latin, and romance languages is finished and now available. All the games in the series are now at the v2.1 level.

Science Horizons, Inc.
Encinitas, CA, US
Science Horizons, Inc. (SHI) produces hardware and software products for seismic data acquisition and analysis. This server provides an online catalog, troubleshooting hints, latest news, and personnel information.

Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.
Beaverton, OR, US
Sequent delivers information technology solutions that empower companies to achieve their business goals through open client/server information systems. Sequent accomplishes this by understanding a customer's specific business challenges and developing a realistic, flexible architecture to meet those challenges.

The SETI League Inc.
Little Ferry, NJ, US
The SETI League is a membership-supported, non-profit [501(c)(3)] educational and scientific organization. We are dedicated to the electromagnetic search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and invite people with an interest in SETI to join us.

Shoppe Executive
Cincinnati, OH, US
Shoppe Executive is the only shoppe on the network offering Internet logo decorated gifts for individuals, and customized for corporations, as well as unique one of a kind items and exclusive executive convenience gifts.

SIGDA Home Page
ACM SIGDA, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The Special Interest Group on Design Automation (SIGDA) is the ACM technical society for those involved in applying computers to electrical and electronic design. This site carries information on SIGDA and the activities it sponsors.

SIGS Publications, Inc.
New York, NY, US
SIGS Publications produces seven technical journals, nine conferences, and numerous books on the subject of object-oriented programming and the X Window system. All technical information and training offered by SIGS is product-neutral and unbiased.

SlugWeb -- The Banana Slug Home Page
Slugwear by Oxford West, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Please watch your step on the information superhighway. Biology, history and trivia about the nation's top college mascot: the Banana Slug. Learn how a spineless yellow gastropod became the toast of the international social scene. As seen in "Pulp Fiction"...

Software Design Consultants
Bethlehem, CT, US
Software Design Consultants has been a supplier of objected-oriented consulting services since 1989. SDC has experience in o-o system design using all major dialects of Smalltalk and C++. Includes "What is Object-Oriented Software?", a short beginner's guide to a powerful and commercially mature technology.

Software Developer's Resource Guide to the Internet
John Fricker Software, Ashland, OR, US
This is an annotated index of important resources on the Internet for software developers. Primarily geared towards MS-Windows, DOS and OS/2, the resources include languages, graphic formats, companies, magazines, links to source code archives and more.

Soho Print and Poster Shop
Soho, New York City, NY, US
Soho Print and Poster Shop is an online poster framing site that displays works by famous and unfamous artists and photographers. The different categories of artwork displayed include modern art, America in the 1950s, nature, sports, fine art, impressionists, etc. Also featured is ArtWeb, a search facility used to find artists by name on the Web.

Space Studies Dept., Univ. of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND, US
This interdisciplinary, 32-credit graduate program is an in-depth study of the implications of humankind's entry into space: the scientific, technical, political, and legal impacts, on a national and international level, that are associated with the evolutionary development of a new frontier away from Earth

Sporting Event Travel Packages
Tickets and Travel, Indianapolis, IN, US
The nation's only full-service ticket and travel agency. We provide a full range of travel services specializing in sports travel.

Sprint United Telephone-Florida
Winter Park, FL, US
History of the company, crazy captions contest, stock update, press releases, fact sheet, hot links to other sites, gallery of photos and videos, and a products and services page.

Spry's Air Mosaic
Lighthouse Productions, Santa Cruz, CA, US
The latest version of Mosaic, Air Mosaic -- faster and including a built-in Internet Account via Compuserve. Graphics are pasted in after text so file transmission is much faster than any other Mosaic browser on the market. For a limited time we offer a free download in the Netcenter.

The Star*s Family
Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory, Strasbourg, France
The following shorter, more user-friendly and mnemonic URL aliases have been introduced: Star*s Family homepage, Database StarWorlds, Database StarBits Stock Market Charts by Jadco
Jadco Financial Services Corp., Boca Raton, FL, US
Spend your time analyzing data, not gathering it. Basic charts include a history of prices, a history of earnings flows and a projection of earnings flows. Advanced charts include the basic data, plus a history of revenue flows and a projection of revenue flows.

Streetsound Magazine & E-zine
Street Media Ventures Inc., New York, NY, US
Street-level DJ-written music magazine and e-zine: techno rap, house rock, reggae, acid, jazz, dancehall, freestyle, industrial, bhangra, soul, funk, alternative, r&b, latin, ambient, plus media hardware style.

Sylvias Ghost
Jared Boone, Portland, OR, US
Modern, moody, psychedelic rock music. Visit the Sylvias Ghost page to hear some great music and see them perform in their home town of Portland, Oregon.

The Tattoo Tootor
David Hopkins, Lompoc, CA, US
Whether by chance or design, you're about to surf your way to an exciting new career opportunity in the wonderful, lucrative world of tattooing. Becoming a professional tattooist doesn't have to take years. In fact, I can get you started in this exciting profession faster than you think.

Technology Service Corporation
Bloomington, IN, US
An employee-owned computer and engineering services company with regional offices in Santa Monica, CA; Bloomington, IN; Silver Spring, MD; and Trumbull, CT.

Total Mortgage Solution
Underground Rivers, Dallas, TX, US
Total Mortgage Solution offers free mortgage software available on-line, a service to assist in mortgage fee reduction, and do-it-yourself credit repair.

Translation Solutions
Vancouver, WA, US
Translation and interpretation services for more than 50 languages worldwide. A full foreign language production service.

Tulsa Computer Society
Tulsa, OK, US
The Tulsa Computer Society is a non-profit (501c3) educational organization dedicated to helping people in northeast Oklahoma learn more about using their personal computers. It has 25 special interest groups, and over 600 members.

UC Irvine School of Social Sciences
U. Cal Irvine, Irvine, CA, US
The School of Social Sciences includes the departments of anthropology, cognitive sciences, economics, linguistics, politics and society, sociology, as well as the Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences.

The Underground Review
Ordway Press Limited, Tulsa, OK, US
The Underground Review is an electronic smorgasbord of magazines/books/etc. from the "underground." Each month TUR will feature an obscure magazine or book that is not readily available to the average person. The first issue features the "AntiShyster," which makes a "critical examination of the American legal system."

Univ. of British Columbia -- Forestry Home Page
Vancouver, BC, Canada
One of North America's leading forestry education and research institutions. Our home page information, though under development, describes our progams, research activities, facilities, staff profiles and much more.

Urban Education Web (UEweb)
ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education, New York, NY, US
UEweb primarily serves urban educators and families. It offers to them full-text manuals, articles, conference announcements, bibliographies, and abstracts of the best educational and parenting publications that we have found for the ERIC databases.

Virtual Solutions, Inc.
Bowie, MD, US
A true virtual corporation operating principally from Denver, Boston and Palo Alto, Calif. Through our VSINet Division Virtual Solutions provides access to the Internet through our World Wide Web server, as well as FTP and email management. We design and implement cutting edge marketing strategies for companies in the U.S. market and internationally.

Virtual Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, US
Fly into a black hole or just above the surface of a neutron star. This page contains MPEG movies, GIFs and text highlighting the visual distortion effects an observer would see in the high gravity environment of a neutron star or black hole. Go where only your computer can take you!

VisionQuest International
Baltimore, MD, US
Includes VisionQuest Commercial Photography Services Online; Virtual Portfolio BirthQuest Online -- a searchable database dedicated to searching adoptees and birth parents; and ArtQuest (under construction) -- art for sale.

Vitalogy Health Update
Bedford, MA, US
Applewood Books publishes books from America's past. Our new site features a series of 10 weekly bogus interviews with the original (now dead) author of Vitalogy, Dr. E.H. Ruddock.

WaterFront/Sunshine Dreams Real Estate
Coral Technologies Inc, Miami, FL, US
A window to waterfront and luxury property, Florida, the Caribbean and beyond. See the houses and search for specifics.

Web Integration Systems, Inc., Reston, VA, US
Websys specializes in World Wide Web development and premiere web hosting services. DDRUM the most advanced electronic drum company is developed and maintained by our staff at Websys. In addition, with the advent of DCWEB, Washington D.C. area businesses are now on-line.

Western Boat Listing (Pre-Owned Boats)
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Western Boat Listing provides the largest used boat listing on the Internet. Brought to you by the Global Shopping Network (GSN).

Who's Arizona? Scholarship Contest
Dallas, TX, US
JCPenney announces Who's Arizona?, a scholarship contest with designs on America's brightest students. JCPenney is looking for four young men and four young women who are enthusiastically involved in their community and have achieved scholastic excellence. JCPenney will award eight $10,000 college scholarships to these outstanding students.

Wide Area Networked Environment (WANE) Project
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, US
The WANE project provides a turnkey Internet server software system packaged on a CD-ROM with accompanying boot floppy. The WANE CD distribution includes a complete Linux (PC UNIX) distribution, all of the WANE server software, and all client software necessary for client machines to gain dialup PPP internet access to a WANE server.

Win a Harper's Bazaar t-shirt: Interactive trivia contest
The Multimedia Newsstand, New York City, NY, US
Play the daily interactive trivia contest and win the Harper's Bazaar t-shirt and Spring '95 fashion video with tips from the runways of Paris, Milan, and New York.

World of Weasels Interactive Cartoon Strip
Southam Interactive, Steven Toth, Canada
World of Weasels is the home page of Canada's first interactive cartoon strip. Cybernauts can download the interactive strip from the site and explore the cartoon world the characters inhabit.

World Wide Rush!
Tom Georges, Denver, CO, US
...with talent on loan from God. For all those who call themselves dittoheads, the infamous World Wide Rush! is back on line. While not the only Rush site on the Web, it certainly thinks it is, and it could have been the original. Contains links to many other Rush and Conservative information.

Wright Laboratory Armament Directorate (WL/MN)
Technology Information Branch (WL/MNPM), Eglin AFB, FL, US
The Wright Laboratory Armament Directorate develops conventional armament technologies to provide the Air Force with a strong technology base upon which future air-delivered munitions can be developed. This page describes technology areas, inventions, research facilities, and contracting opportunities.

Zero Surge Power Filters
Target US, Inc., Naples, FL, US
Zero Surge series mode surge suppressors offer advanced power filtering and electronic noise filtering compared to less-effective ordinary surge protectors based on metal oxide varistor (MOV) technology. Zero Surge also offers unbeatable surge protection when combined with an uninterruptable power supply (UPS).

Friday, 24 March 1995

Advanced Golf Systems
Dittostick, Rancho Bernardo, CA, US
The new Ditto Stick from Advanced Golf Systems has proven to outperform the Big Bertha in both distance and accuracy. That means longer, straighter drives. And who doesn't want that? Combining a Jumbo head with a graphite face gives more control. It has the finest quality shaft made by Unifiber.

Aggregate T.V.
Seattle, WA, US
The Aggregate, a media art collective, presents Aggregate T.V: real-time ambient video on the Internet. Tune in to receive our live feed. Note that low-speed dial-up connections will not work very well with Aggregate T.V.

Alligator Online
The Independent Florida Alligator, Gainesville, FL, US
Alligator Online is an online version of The Independent Florida Alligator, an independent student-run newspaper that covers the University of Florida community.

American Institute of Engineers
AIE, El Sobrante, CA, US
A growing association of engineers and scientists dedicated to enhancing the reputation and interests of its members. How many famous engineers can most Americans recall? How many are even aware that such notables as Jimmy Carter, Chuck Yaeger, and Bill Gates are engineers? The AIE hopes to serve as a focal point, organizing Internet connectivity among scientists and engineers online.

Apollo Presentation Products
Apollo Audio Visual, Ronkomkoma, NY, US
A catalog of fine products for your presentation needs. Also offering a segue to other "Really Interesting Stuff."

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference
Internet Publishing, New York, NY, US
The official Web site for the 1995 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, May 8-12, San Jose, California. Site features 'smart' show floor plan, area maps, downloadable multimedia brochure, online registration, hotel and flight details plus the latest information on agenda and speakers.

Summerland, CA, US
A new magazine about art and culture in America from mezzo-sopranos to motorcycles. Monthly features link up with musicians, filmmakers, writers, designers, artists, architects, and others. Guides to museums, galleries, theater, architecture, and soon jazz, in new cities added each month. With Bibliotheque, a small press bookshop.

Artworking - Gargoyles and Sculptures with a Byte
Wellesley, MA, US
Frederic Levesque, one of the leaders of French contemporary sculpture brings his unique talents to your home. His realism and his love of nature magnifies the value of his pieces some of which show great respect and fascination for the animal world. Brought to you by the Branch Mall.

ASCAP: Live from South by Southwest
Visual Radio, Inc., New York, NY, US
The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), in collaboration with Visual Radio, Inc., is providing daily updates from the South by Southwest Music and Media Conference in Austin, TX from Thursday, March 16 to Sunday, March 19. Also available is information on ASCAP's services and membership.

Associated Western Universities (AWU)
Salt Lake City, UT, US
AWU, a nonprofit organization, is a consortium of 62 universities. Since 1964, AWU has worked with government, industry and academia to develop and administer a broad spetrum of science engineering education programs. In 1994, with sponsorship of $21M, these programs provided scholarship, fellowship or travel support for over 3000 students and faculty.

AT&T's World of Communication
Digital Planet, Los Angeles, CA, US
AT&T and Time Magazine invite you to explore AT&T's World of Communication. There you'll learn more about some of AT&T's advanced products and services and how they can help you communicate more easily.

Best of British Web Sites page
Personal Computer World, London, England, UK
A short collection of the most impressive Web sites produced in Britain, covering business, government, entertainment and reference resources. The site content is created and maintained by David Brake of Personal Computer World, Britain's largest computer magazine.

Bob Browning's list of Treasury Software
Robert Tresize Associates Ltd, London, England
This is a list of software and services focused primarily on bank treasuries. It covers FX, money markets, derivatives, etc. The list covers information services, front and back office software, and the service sector.

Bob Hope's Young Comedians Special
Hidden Water, San Jose, CA, US
Hosted by Bob Hope and Phyllis Diller with special guest Alan Thicke, the show will air March 25 on NBC. This year'’s featured comedians are Wayne Cotter, Karen Kilgariff, Sue Kolinsky, Kevin Meaney, Mark Pitta, and Margaret Smith. Comedians' sections contain their photos, bios, past performances, articles and audio clips.

American Booksellers Asso., Tarrytown, NY, US
A resource for book lovers. BookWeb information is changed weekly with news articles from our weekly newsletter and monthly magazine. Author tours, member bookstores, research information, other interesting book locations and a monthly book contest are listed. Shortly we will have specialty newsletters, live chats with noted authors and much more.

California Association of Employers (CAE)
Sacramento, CA, US
CAE is a nonprofit association celebrating 57 years of representing California employers. CAE's purpose is to safeguard management's interest, while maintaining stable, harmonious labor relations. Services range from designing proper employee handbooks to representing employers at unemployment hearings and union negotiations.

California Real Estate -- Residential, Commercial and Development
June Nye, Danville, CA, US
Pacific Union Brokerage real estate listings in Northern California. If you want to buy or sell, give June a call. All listings are put on the Web to give you maximum exposure.

Call for Papers - Fourth International WWW Conference, Boston
The Call for Papers for the 4th International WWW Conference, to be held in Boston Dec 11-14, 1995, is ready and publicly accessible.

Channel/Currents Community Newspaper & Literary Supplement
The West Richmond Channel, Pt. Richmond, CA, US
Channel is a bimonthly online community newspaper, with material drawn both locally and from the 'Net. Currents is its literary supplement, published alternately. Think Globally, Act Locally!

Chateau Internationale
Cincinnati, OH, US
Currently under construction, the Chateau will be a Web meeting place for people of all cultures and backgrounds.

Church of Euthanasia
Somerville, MA, US
The Church of Euthanasia was founded in 1992 to help restore balance between the human species and the other sentient beings currently manifested on this plane of existence. The church employs controversial propaganda techniques, and is widely known as the "Act-Up" of the right-to-die, pro-abortion, animal-rights, and sex-education movements.

CIAC -- Computer Incident Advisory Capability
Livermore, CA, US
CIAC is the U.S. Department of Energy's computer security incident response team. Founded in early 1989, CIAC provides on-call technical assistance and information to DOE sites faced with computer security incidents. The CIAC server provides access to CIAC Bulletins, Notes, Documents, and Tools.

Clear Plastic Fashions
Seattle, WA, US
An experiment that resulted from many people asking me where I got a home-made clear plastic raincoat. If there is enough interest, I will consider creating a business making and selling clear plastic clothes over the Internet.

The CMS Home Page
Computer Management Software, Inc., Cottage Grove, WI, US
The latest information on PC Manager which tracks software and hardware usage over time. You can manage Internet costs and check your PC performance using easy-to-read graphs and charts. If you're surfing the net, you need PC Manager.

The Connecticut Library Homepage
SCSU, New Haven, CT, US
An attempt to create a complete catalog of hypertext links to all Internet resources located in or pertaining to Connecticut.

Santa Cruz, CA, US
C-Tech offers boating software and accessories. We invite you to browse our collection including simulators, weather and tide, education, videos, art, and more.

Cyberleaf Academic Licensing Program
UMASS-Boston Software Engineering Research Lab, Boston, MA, US
Cyberleaf is a commercial tool from Interleaf, Inc. for the translation to HTML, linking and management of webs made from heterogeneous collections of documents in many popular formats.

Department of Anatomy at Univ. of Mississippi Medical Center
Jackson, MS, US
Description of graduate studies programs, faculty members, their research interests, and other resources in the Department of Anatomy. Includes links to home pages of faculty members, and more.

Department of Defense Groundwater Modeling System
Engineering Computer Graphics Laboratory, Provo, UT, US
A comprehensive graphical user environment for numerical modeling. GMS provides tools for site characterization, model conceptualization, mesh and grid generation, geostatistics, and graphical visualization. The current version of GMS provides a complete interface to MODFLOW, MT3D, and 3DFEMWATER.

Department of Earth Sciences, The Open University
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK
A general description of department, staff, research areas, courses available, etc. Links to the rest of the university, the UK Volcanology Group Home Page (also hosted by this department), and other UK earth science institutions.

Dept of Computer Science, Swansea University
Swansea, UK
Research activities, conferences etc at the Department of Computer Science, Swansea University.

DHEA: The Mother Hormone That Does It All
Drs. Rude, Stilson, and Associates, Boulder, CO, US
The facts about DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), "the mother of all hormones". Called the anti-aging hormone by many, DHEA affects numerous conditions such as heart disease, PMS, weight, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, cancer, diabetes, menopause, immune system disorders, Lupus, MS, Alzheimer's Disease, liver function, and cholesterol level.

Dino's Limousines
Underground Rivers, Dallas, TX, US
Dino's Limos provides limousine service for most major cities around the world. Photographs of our limos are included.

Disabilities Access
Knowledge Industries, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
Information service for people with disabilities and those who care for them in the UK.

Discovery Toys
Lake Orion, MI, US
Discovery Toys has brought their award-winning Hide Inside toy to the Internet. Six intriguing shapes keep toddlers entertained for hours. Newborn gift baskets are also available. Brought to you by the Branch Mall.

Easter Seal Society Online
Easter Seal Society of Ontario, Canada
The Easter Seal Society, Ontario, has been helping children with physical disabilities since 1922, and now serves the largest number of special needs children in the province. This site offers information about the Society, its programs, events, and ways for users to get involved including donation and volunteering information.

Electronic Packaging Center
The Virtual Press, Honolulu, HI, US
A full-service electronic publishing center. Complete turn-key solutions for electronic magazines, newsletters, newspapers and books are available. If you want to create professional-looking Web pages or even a multimedia electronic book stop into the Electronic Publishing Center. TVP also features the Writer's Gallery annual contests and more!

The Electronic Telegraph
The Telegraph, London, England, UK
The Electronic Telegraph has finally received its T1 line from British Telecom, so no more waiting for our lovely gifs. The ET has also added Alex, the cartoon about the Yuppie everyone loves to hate, and a section with classified appointments.

Elizabeth Brownie -- The SpyGlass Chef
SpyGlass Chef, Kelowna, BC, CA
Copycat recipe sleuth, Elizabeth Brownie, (known as the SpyGlass Chef), has created a sought after prized recipe collection. Would you like to know how she creates "that famous taste"? Better yet...you can get a free sample recipe that looks and tastes exceptionally like Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Above & Beyond, Aurora, CO, US
Evanesce is an estrogenic herbal compound available commercially in capsule form.

Family Nutrition and Weight Loss Center
SLB Associates, Brookline, MA, US
Discover what people worldwide are raving about -- an easier, safer, more complete way to lose weight, improve your health and skin, as well as achieve a greater sense of well-being.

Faulkner's cc:Browser
Faulkner Information Services, Pennsauken, NJ, US
A free Internet-only newsmagazine offered by Faulkner Information Services on the topics of computers and communications. Our frequently updated features include reviews, profiles of companies and technologies, a column for IS managers, weekly news highlights, and much more.

Fee $aver (TM) -- Legal Auditing Software and Service
Hummingbird Software, Pasadena, CA, US
A software application which streamlines the legal auditing process. Manual auditing procedures take weeks or months. Fee $aver can reduce this time to minutes and seconds. This dramatically reduces the time and cost of the audit. We also provide services to process your legal bills for you.

Films of Ron Mann
Sphinx Productions, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Ron Mann has produced award-winning films, ranging from theatrical features to CD-ROMs on popular culture subjects : poetry, jazz, rock and roll dance, art, photography, drugs, and comic books.

Free Thoroughbred Racing Catalog
Warsaw, VA, US
And they're off! Turn onto the fast track of thoroughbred racing with over 650 quality products with a thoroughbred racing motif: gifts, calendar, trading cards, jewelry, clothing, sculptures, videos, housewares, decorative and exterior accessories, art and much more.

Friendly Pines Camp, Inc.
Prescott, AZ, US
High in the cool, scenic Bradshaw Mountains, Friendly Pines Camp has been an Arizona tradition for three generations of kids. We offer over 30 activities, including water skiing, rock climbing, and horses. Register online for a free brochure.

Fuji International Productions
FIP (UK) Ltd., London, UK
Entertainment from Japan and the UK, including such tidbits as homepages for the TV programs The Beat and Japan's Beat UK, London entertainment info, and the Japanese pop stars Chage and Aska.

Genetics Computer Group
Madison, WI, US
GCG aids researchers in studying the language of life -- DNA and protein. GCG authors the Wisconsin Sequence Analysis Package, a comprehensive set of software programs used by molecular biologists to analyze and search DNA and protein sequences. The Package provides quick and easy access to the major sequence databases, including GenBank, EMBL, PIR, and SWISS-PROT.

Geology at Indiana State Univ.
Terre Haute, IN, US
Links to the geology faculty at Indiana State University, research opportunities, reprint requests, class schedules and recent earthquake activity (including jpegs of recent seismograms).

God Street Wine
Budke, New York, NY, US
Geffen recording artists, God Street Wine's Web-based introduction to the Internet. Come hear sound clips, look at pictures and find out more about the band.

Greensboro Virtual Mall
Frontier Technology Inc, Greensboro, NC, US
As Greensboro's first virtual marketplace, we would like to introduce our first tenant, Netwear, a division of TS Designs, Inc., and its line of great looking T-shirts. Carolina fans should check this one out.

The Gregorian Chant Home Page
Princeton University Music Department, Princeton, NJ, US
Assembles HTML links to all major chant research projects throughout the world, as well as links that permit researchers to search the Latin Vulgate Bible or seek information relating to the medieval Latin liturgy and other pertinent topics. Users are enabled to search extensively through the Gregorian chant texts and read catalogs of the surviving medieval manuscripts of the chant.

Happy Puppy Software Amiga Games Onramp
Accursed Toys / Happy Puppy Software, Issaquah, WA, US
Amiga games site. Links to popular Amiga game demos and shareware. Some unique titles not available on Aminet. Links to Amiga magazines and game-related pages.

Health Services Research Group
Newcastle, NSW, Australia
A multi-disciplinary team providing consulting, research and training to support data based decision-making in health care. Primary work is in statistical analysis of hospital inpatient data.

Heritage West Financial, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Tired of losing money? Let us show you the sophisticated strategies that the astute investor uses to beat the market.

History Laid Bare
Richard Zacks, New York City, NY, US
Uncovers what historians left out about sex. Extensive research has been conducted by Richard Zacks. This web site contains some information from the book History Laid Bare available from HarperCollins. This Web site is hosted by the author of the book.

Home Page Authoring
Galahad & Associates Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
A document management company providing home page authoring and management services to WWW clients. Galahad also provides document authoring, management, and electronic distribution software and hardware solutions.

Hoover's Online
The Reference Press, TX, US
This year we will introduce Hoover's Guide to Computer Companies and Hoover's Masterlist of America's Top 2,500 Employers as well as launching our information service on the Web: Hoover's Online. The service, which will provide a wide range of business information services, will be free during its initial beta period.

Imaginative Entertainment
Reading, PA, US
A new company that deals with all forms of entertainment technology. Our focus is on 3D computer graphic design and animation. We use our graphics to help design Web pages for various individuals and organizations. We are also involved in the development of virtual reality and offer an online publication called VResources -- A Complete Listing of Virtual Reality.

Immunization Action Coalition
St. Paul, MN, US
The Immunization Action Coalition, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, works to boost immunization rates in the United States. The Coalition promotes physician, community, and family awareness of responsibility for appropriate immunization of all people against all vaccine-preventable diseases.

IndiSeis Earthquake Information
Dept. Geography Geology -- Indiana State Univ., Terre Haute, IN, US
Up-to-date information on all earthquakes recorded by the IndiSeis Station ISU. Current jpeg images of the 10 most recent earthquakes recorded by ISU.

The Indus Entrepreneurs -- May '95 Conference
San Jose, CA, US
TiE announces its second annual Conference and Workshop, May 6, 7, at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, Calif. TiE is an organization formed by a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs of Indian origin. TiE's mission is to encourage entrepreneurship and foster cooperation among professionals of Indus origin. Get full details on the conference and register online.

Information Brokerage Systems
Above & Beyond, Cedar Rapids, IA, US
Now you can own your own 900-number. And not only that, but you can have your own 900-number absolutely free.

Initiativkreis Hochschulgolf e.V.
Stuttgart, Germany
The organizers of the German Collegiate Golf Championships. All German students have the opportunity to take part in activities relating to golf at the universities in Germany. (Der Initiativkreis ist fuer alle golfenden und golf-interessierten Studenten an deutschen Hochschulen. Die Hochschulmeisterschaften sind jedes Jahr der Hoehepunkt.)

Inset Systems Inc.
Brookfield, CT, US
The publisher of the award-winning HiJaak series of graphics programs for windows. From our site we will be providing useful information on graphics, Inset's products, technical support, and the corporation.

IntellaSPHERE Consumer Complex
Imaginative Entertainemnt, Reading, PA, US
The Complex is a high quality, professionally designed online shopping complex. Future enhancements will be the use of the VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) for those with VRML Browsers which will allow visitors to "walk" through the complex.

The International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT)
Corporate & Marketing Communications, Washington, DC, US
INTELSAT owns and operates the world's most extensive global communications satellite system. The INTELSAT system provides transoceanic, regional and domestic telephone and television services. It also offers, via a 22-satellite global system, business services such as international video, teleconferencing, facsimile, data and telex.

International Trading Services
Integrated Trade Systems, Inc., Houston, TX, US
Integral procurement services and systems to provide the best price and service package for our clients. We have a computerized procurement system, more than 30 years experience in international trade and an international network of suppliers and buyers that facilitates long-term commercial relationships. ITS can handle all of your purchasing needs.

The Internet Ad Pages
Paul M. Parks, Durham, NC, US
Classified advertising on World Wide Web, by email, and by FTP. For sale, wanted, services, business opportunities, jobs, software, and more.

The Internet Cafe
Seattle, WA, US
The Internet Cafe is a coffee house and artist collective located on Capital Hill in Seattle.

Jammin' Johns: Guitar Body Toilet Seats
Mom's Music, Louisville, KY, US
It's more than just bathroom humor. It's music to your rear. Jammin' Johns combine the comfort of a finely crafted bathroom accoutrement with the legendary looks of your favorite rock-n-roll guitars. Perfect as gift or for self-appreciation.

Jeffrey Dow Photography
Aztech Cyberspace, Reno, NV, US
A graduate (summa cum laude) of the Brooks Institute of Photography, Jeffrey Dow has worked for General Motors (photography director) and for several studios in Nevada. He has now opened his own studio. A native of Nevada, Jeffrey is an expert at utilizing the depth and quality of light presented by desert environments.

Jews for Jesus
Rich Robinson, San Francisco, CA, US
Jews for Jesus is an evangelical Christian mission agency creatively proclaiming the Gospel to Jewish people. We provide literature and personal contact for Jewish inquirers, resources for Jewish believers in Jesus, and a newsletter and other materials for all Christians.

Jobs in Japan, Asia-Pacific and the US
TKO Personnel, Inc., San Jose, CA, US
TKO specializes in recruitment and careers in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. Our site has a new listing of job openings in Japan, Singapore, Korea and the US in semiconductors, software and accounting. Employers will find a new list of candidates in the semiconductor, software, telecom, finance, senior executive and secretarial categories.

JW Florence Communications: Cool Links on the Net
JW Florence Communications, Santa Barbara, CA, US
We provide a launching pad onto the Internet.

KN Energy
Casper, WY, US
Services include gas reserves development, gathering, processing, marketing, storage, transportation and retail gas delivery. We serve the Rocky Mountain area. This page is on Trib.com, the Internet newspaper.

Lionel Trains
NVSI / VCR Repair Centre, Kanata, ON, Canada
A new source of Lionel trains and accessories. Speciality: Canadian road names.

Liquid Mirror Home Page
Universite Laval, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
A Liquid Mirror is formed by the rotation at constant velocity of a reflecting liquid. This liquid forms a parabolic surface that is ideal for use as a primary mirror of a telescope. Liquid mirrors are used in applications such as atmospheric sciences, metrology, optical testing and space debris surveys.

Live DMS Marine Biological Model
IRSA, Marine Environment Unit, Isrpa, Varese, Italy
A Live Marine Biological model for dimethylsulphide has been added to the web by the Marine Environment Unit, IRSA, JRC Italy. Enter your local data and find out about the DMS production in your coastal waters.

LMB Marketing, Ltd.
Homewood, IL, US
A firm specializing in association and business-to-business applications. LMB offers a full range of turn-key and customized services designed to provide creative, affordable solutions to the most demanding sales and marketing challenges. The firm also acts as independent advertising sales representatives for business-to-business publications.

Mabry Software Inc.
Seattle, WA, US
Mabry sells custom controls for Visual Basic. This page contains product information, ordering information, reviews, and other general information about Mabry's products. It has a lot of links to other Visual Basic oriented pages.

Make Systems, Inc.
Mountain View, CA, US
The leading provider of software tools that enable users to understand, analyze, plan and make informed decisions about their enterprise networks. The NetMaker XA integrated suite of network decision tools addresses the growing need for a professional methodology to manage complex networks.

Manufacturers Information Net
Houston, TX, US
Provides a complete source of information for industry and services related to manufacturing.

Marquette Electronics, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI, US
Marquette is a leading manufacturer of medical electronics equipment and systems for diagnosis, monitoring and patient information integration. The page includes information about Marquette, the products we design and build, the services we provide, and press releases. Also included is MABIS, a service designed to assist the biomedical community.

McAuslan Brewing
insanely interactive systems inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
McAuslan Brewing began operations in January, 1989. Located at 4850 St. Ambroise Street in Montreal's St. Henri district, it has established itself as Quebec's foremost micro-brewery.

Miniature Wine Grapevines of California
Windsor, CA, US
Now you can enjoy the timeless elegance of your own personal wine grapevine on your desk or coffee table, thanks to a secret miniaturization technique developed years ago in Bordeaux, France. These vines go through their regular life cycle of dormancy, budding, leafing out, and producing fruit when properly cared for. Brought to you by the Branch Mall.

Minimum Message Length (MML)
Dept. Computer Science, Monash Univ., Clayton, Victoria, Australia
The MML group carries out research into inductive inference and machine learning. MML is a realization of Occam's razor. The page has links to research results, papers, applications and a searchable bibliography.

Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec
MAPAQ, Québec, Canada
Le premier site www gouvernemental québécois. On y trouve de l'information reliée au monde agricole, ainsi qu'à ceux de l'alimentation et des pêches. D'intéressantes informations sur la sécurité alimentaire pour les consommateurs et les intervenants du monde agro-alimentaire y sont notamment présentées. Le site est en français.

Morr-View InterOptical Shoppe
Sarasota, FL, US
All Morr-Shadz sunglasses come with a handy protective carrying case plus stretchable security strap. Our sunglasses feature specially formulated materials in their construction so they are lightweight, comfortable and screen harmful ultraviolet radiation. Brought to you by the Branch Mall.

NetSoft, Colorado Springs, CO, US
A virtual commerce center dedicated to the automotive industry. MotorCity showcases dealers nationwide by providing services such as online inventory. MotorCity has sections that provide information on finance, classifieds, parts and accessories, and automotive special interests.

Natural World Non-Toxic Earth Friendly Products
Electronic Marketing Systems, Phoenix, AZ, US
Natural World is a company dedicated to making a difference in our world by providing non-toxic, consumable products. We use a marketing approach that allows families to create supplemental income or career level incomes by simply referring customers.

Navigating Around Eskimo North
Cheryle Pierce, Bellevue, WA, US
This guide gives tips for Navigating Eskimo North (an Internet provider in Seattle, WA) and the Internet. It is easy enough for the new user to understand and can be a valuable reference for Internet old timers.

New Homes Online
MCSnet, Chicago, IL, US
New Homes Online is an on-line magazine displaying new and luxury model homes. Currently we represent homes on the west coast of Florida and will be expanding shortly. Each home is featured with color photographs (GIFs and JPEG enlargements), descriptions and floorplans.

New Music in Vancouver
Sloth Industry, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A comprehensive guide to the new music scene in Vancouver. Contains listings of what's happening with presenters, ensembles, composers, academia, radio, special events and information resources. There is also a linked concert/venue calendar.

News of Ireland
Internet Publishing, Dublin, Ireland
A weekly subscription digest of news and sports results. Its intended purpose is to give a general overview of news, assuming no detailed knowledge of current events, and a timely major sports results service.

Northbay Paper
Northbay Paper & Packaging Co. Inc., Richmond, CA, US
We retail business software forms (bank checks, invoices, statements), both standard and custom, for myriad applications. Order Quicken forms online.

Norwegian Music Information Centre
Oslo, Norway
Provides info services on Norwegian music and music life. Member of IAMIC (International Association of Music Information Centres).

Official NCAA Merchandise Online Catalog
Vnet Internet Access, Inc., Charlotte, NC, US
Your source for official NCAA Final Four merchandise.

Ohio State Aviation Section
Ohio State Univ., Columbus, OH, US
A member of the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mechanics, and Aviation. Our primary mission is educating the professionals of tomorrow on national and international aerospace issues. We are in the midst of a five-year Federal Aviation Administration contract on human factors research.

Online South Inc.
Winston Salem, NC, US
Online South is an Internet provider for the Winston Salem, North Carolina area. We offer Slipp/PPP, Email, News, Web Page Services, and local information and links.

Open Systems Network Print Servers
Extended Systems, Inc., Boise, ID, US
Extended Systems is a leading provider of network print servers, printer-sharing products, fax servers, database servers and infrared products for portable computers. Two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies rely on our network products. Visit our home page to learn about the industry's first Open Systems network print servers.

Paisley Brain Cells
Aztech Cyberspace, Reno, NV, US
Paisley Brain Cells -- Reno's hardest jamming band. Check out sound clips from our CD, find out where we are playing and learn something about us!

The Peregrine Foundation
San Francisco, CA, US
The Peregrine Foundation publishes KIT, a monthly newsletter for refugees from the Hutterian Brethren East (aka 'The Bruderhof'). We host KIT gatherings and a support network. Our Carrier Pigeon Press currently publishes ex-Bruderhof women's life stories. Also we print MOST, an occasional newsletter for Western Sonoma County commune graduates.

Philosophy, Computers, and Cognitive Science Program at Binghamton
PACCS Program, SUNY Binghamton, NY, US
With the cooperation and assistance of the Computer Science, Psychology and Systems Science departments, the Philosophy Department of SUNY-Binghamton offers an innovative, interdisciplinary MA/PhD program in philosophy. This program is designed to integrate the disciplines of philosophy, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, computer science and systems science.

Premier Insurance Group
Houston, TX, US
All types of insurance and retirement plans for Texas residents or any one relocating to Texas. Please use our free online quote form to get rates or info. We can not predict your future, but we can prepare you for it!

Questel Publishing -- Inside the PTO
McLean, VA, US
Questel Publishing is proud to announce the publication of Inside the PTO, a biweekly newsletter designed to give intellectual property professionals and librarians the vital information they need to keep up with the ongoing changes in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Red Bluff Union High School
Red Bluff, CA, US
A rural school of about 1900 students in northern California.

The Reno Brewing Company
Aztech Cyberspace, Reno, NV, US
A small brewery based in (you guessed it!) Reno, Nevada. Our Ponderosa Pale Ale is becoming a hot item throughout Nevada and northern California. Enter the contest to name our new wheat ale coming out this summer.

RockWeb(SM) Interactive
Silicon Forest Media(TM), San Francisco, CA, US
RockWeb Interactive is where Musicians and Fans alike can linger...and experience a band and its vibe online. We work closely with artists and take an active role in creating and sustaining their online presence. We are building a creative virtual music community where musicians, clubs, booking agents, management, recording engineers, artists and the audience all play an active role.

Royal Bank Mortgage Representative
Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Residential mortgage service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check out residential interest rates online.

Royal Wedding in Spain
SERVICOM, Cerdanyola, Barcelona, Spain
Servicom will be the first in the world to offer coverage, via Internet, of the Royal Wedding. Princess Elena de Borbon y Grecia and Jaime de Marichalar y Saenz de Tejada will have the honor of being the stars at the royal wedding making news on the Internet. You can send your wedding wishes to the royal couple.

Saba Deep Scuba Dive Center
Internet Marketing Services, Ltd (UK), Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Situated on the beautiful Caribbean island of Saba, offering personalized service from our enthusiastic dive team, and access to a fantastic array of reefs, drop-offs, walls and pinnacles. Also includes general tourist information about Saba.

San Diego History
The San Diego Historical Society, San Diego, CA, US
Information about the San Diego Historical Society, its museums, research collection, events, and publications.

School House
Internet Marketing Group, Los Altos, CA, US
A resource committed to the K-12 educational community. We are pleased to announce our first endeavor, The Teachers Lounge, designed to support discourse on teacher-related topics among educators around the world.

The Seattle Museum of Flight Unofficial Home Page
Michael Brunk, Seattle, WA, US
This resource provides general information about the Seattle Museum of Flight, (admission, hours, etc.) as well as a calendar of upcoming events and information about Flightfest '95.

Second Nature Software
Vancouver, WA, US
Download a free Windows (and soon for Macintosh) screen saver and Wallpaper program. Includes 12 free sample images. Second Nature publishes over 60 collections of images from popular artists and photographers. Subjects include space, fantasy, fine art, popular art, planes, wheels, nature, and sports/sailing. All profits are donated to The Nature Conservancy and the Smithsonian Institution.

The Slipper of the Future
MIT, Cambridge, MA, US
This page is devoted to issues concerning slippers, their future, what advancements in miniaturization can do for them, and feet and foot gear issues in general. Sponsored in part by growing interest within the MIT Media Lab for information about the future of slippers.

SmartPatents, Inc.
Menlo Park, CA, US
SmartPatents provides PC-based electronic patent management systems. Both the SmartPatent-Pro and the SmartPatent-Lite systems provide individually-specified patents combining fully searchable text and images on a CD-ROM. The SmartPatent Workbench displays the actual image of an original patent side-by-side with fully searchable text formatted exactly like the original paper patent.

Software Publishers Association
Washington, DC, US
The leading trade association of software publishers in the US and Europe. SPA offers press releases, market research, publications, anti-piracy information, links to SPA member companies, educational materials, MPC information, and much more. The SPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving its membership and to educating the public about software industry issues.

Stanford Center for International Security and Arms Control
Center for International Security and Arms Control, Palo Alto, CA, US
A multidisciplinary research organization dedicated to the study of issues of international security. The Center is part of Stanford University's Institute for International Studies, and is located on the Stanford campus in Palo Alto, Calif.

Starting Point
Chicago, IL, US
Our goal is to provide your single best starting point for World Wide Web exploration.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Stockholm, Sweden
SIPRI is an independent international institute for research into problems of peace and conflict, especially those of arms control and disarmament. The Institute is financed mainly by the Swedish Parliament. The staff, the Governing Board and the Advisory Committee are international.

Stratton Mountain
Stratton Mountain Corp., Bondville, VT, US
A four-season resort that offers great skiing, a 27-hole golf course that hosts the McCall's LPGA Classic, a sports and tennis complex which is the site of the Acura Classic Women's Tennis Tournament, renowned golf and tennis schools, mountain biking, concerts, and other indoor and outdoor recreational activities.

Sun Realty of the Outer Banks of North Carolina
Kill Devil Hills, NC, US
The proven leader since 1980 for sales, vacation rentals and property management in the Outer Banks. With offices in Avon, Corolla, Duck, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk and Salvo, Sun Realty is able to serve you anywhere in the area.

Sunshine Farm & Gardens
Renick, WV, US
A unique combination of rare plant collection and commercial nursery. Proprietor Barry Glick is well known in horticultural circles and was instrumental in organizing the North American Plant Preservation Council.

The Swamis -- North Carolina Alternative Pop
Holden Richards, Chapel Hill, NC, US
A little pop band that's been around the block a few times. More like Dbs and not at all like Polvo.

TeamOS/2 Online
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dedicated to providing a one-stop access point to all OS/2 and TeamOS/2 resources available on the Internet. Join TeamOS/2 through your Web Browser!

Techno Online
Technomedia GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Technomedia is producing Germany's leading techno, house and rave magazine "frontpage" and the clubwear magazine "sense." You can find all the information you need about coming raves, articles from old and new issues, lots of rave and techno-related links. More to come in the near future.

Tellus Institute
Tellus Inst. for Resource and Environmental Strategies, Boston, MA, US
A non-profit research and consulting organization that works on resource management and environmental issues. Tellus Web pages include descriptions of our research activities, online editions of our newsletters, and information on the software tools developed at Tellus.

Tennis Worldwide
Chula Vista, CA, US
The tennis magazine for and by netters around the world. Read the latest tennis news and information, view photos of your favorite players, keep up to date on the most recent in equipment innovations, and much more.

Triangle Woodturners of North Carolina
Raleigh, NC, US
A local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners based in the Research Triangle region of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The purpose of the TWNC is to promote woodturning education of the membership and the general public and to generate a broader understanding of woodturning as an art form.

Tuscany Institute
Fenton, MI, US
A multidisciplinary educational institute aimed at cultivating, enriching, promoting, and maintaining the transformational leader, those individuals who, by their very nature, create excellence and growth in their chosen field.

UC Berkeley Video and Image Processing Lab
EECS Department, Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA, US
The VIP Lab is part of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences department at the University of California at Berkeley. The members of the lab are involved in research related to the representation, coding, and analysis of images. "We process images!"

UFO Trading
Melbourne, Victoria, AU
A new organization based in Melbourne, Australia. We primarily sell gift items, including the bizarre but beautiful Condom Vase (yes, it's a real vase.)

The U.K. Page
D. L. Gates, Ph.D., Gates-o-Wisdom Software, Houston, TX, US
Dedicated to non-Brits who have an interest in or love for the United Kingdom. It attempts to consolidate all available links to the following U.K. categories: cities, institutions of higher education, government agencies, travel information, general cultural sites, and regional sites. It invites feedback and contributions from visitors.

The Ultimate Baby Catalog
UBC, Dallas, TX, US
We offer wonderful baby bedding and products. Here, you can see our whole catalog online. One of our services is Ultimate Baby Designs, so if you need some time-saving ideas or are looking for that special something, then this is the place to visit.

Univ. of Oregon Arts & Administration Program
UO School of Architecture and Allied Arts, Eugene, OR, US
Information on the MA/MS degree in Arts Management, the undergraduate minor in community arts, faculty and student research, and other resources that will be of interest to the arts community.

The University of Tennessee Midrange WWW Server
Knoxville, TN, US
Information sharing on midrange computer platforms, especially the IBM S/3x, AS/400, and RS/6000. Information, newsletters and meeting announcements for various user groups.

University Video Communications
Stanford, CA, US
Abstracts of over 100 videolectures by the best brains in computer science. Topics include C++, OOPS, software engineering, networking and communications, the information superhighway, computer architecture, and more. Perfect for keeping up-to-date on the latest technology. Use the tapes at home or to center a meeting.

UNIX System Administration Handbook Homepage
XOR Network Engineering, Inc., Boulder, CO, US
Corrections to the UNIX System Administration Handbook, 2nd Edition (by Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Scott Seebass, and Trent R. Hein) are now available. If you haven't already heard about this sweeping revision of the world's most popular system administration guide, content and ordering information is also available at this location.

Vector Internet Services Home Page
Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN, US
Internet services for a variety of businesses and individuals, from digital pre-press and record album cover art companies to eclectic home pages covering. You can find pages for "The Fall" and "Beat the Clock" here, as well as an unofficial archive of Dogbert's New Ruling Class (Dilbert) newsletters.

The Victoria Institution Web Page
VI Old Boys, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
About Victoria Institution and Victorians who have passed through this school, remembering the traditions, honoring the past, keeping in touch, all dedicated to the old, present and future Victorians.

Video Montage
Jay Allen, Phoenix, AZ, US
Jay Allen will take your media in almost any format and create an artistic video montage.

The Virtual Irish Pub
Visual Grafix, Dublin, Ireland
The Internet's only authentic Irish Pub. Come in, sit down, and have a pint. So then... what do you fancy? Some light entertainment, scientific discussion, or maybe a drunken brawl over political issues. Whatever you're into, you can be sure that at the VIP the staff are friendly, and the craic is here.

Waite Group Press
Waite Group Press, a Northern California-based publisher of computer books and software on cutting-edge technology and computer programming, invite you to take a walk through our Web site for an introduction to our books, authors, editors and more.

Washington Redskins
Husky Labs, Baltimore, MD, US
Looking for information about the Washington Redskins? Kevin and Byron Copley, two long-time Redskins fans with the support of Husky Labs President David Levine, are developing a new home for Redskins information, photos and sound files. Photos provided by GVA Inc. of Gaithersburg, MD.

Welcome to the Void
TransLunar Technologies, Bel Air, CA, US
A GUI tour of the fabulous Castle Void. Click on objects in the image map and find The Betty Boop Archive -- first on the WWW Text Files from Hell -- never before seen on the Web Voidmstr Gallery o' GIFS -- original art California earthquake 1994.

Whip It! The Off-Road Motorcyclist's Page
Montreaux Media Corp., New York, NY, US
Whip It! is a member-supported, not-for-profit electronic publication devoted to both leisure-time and competitive off-road motorcycling. Whip It! contains news and information of interest to the serious off-road motorcyclist including race results, event calendar, etc. Come ride the trails of the information highway.

"The White Man's Burden" and Its Critics
Jim Zwick, Syracuse, NY, US
Rudyard Kipling's classic exhortation to empire appeared during a critical moment in the debate about imperialism within the United States. It gave imperialists a phrase that seemed to justify their policy, but anti-imperialists responded with parodies in verse, essays, and cartoons. Kipling's poem and eleven anti-imperialist responses are included.

Wisdom's Maw (An Excursion)
Todd Brendan Fahey, Lafayette, LA, US
Deemed by critics "the ultimate Orwellian nightmare," "the most diabolical experiment imaginable in a democratic society," Project MK-ULTRA stood in the 1960s as the CIA's brightest hope for controlling human behavior. The notorious LSD experiment is today the subject of the novel "Wisdom's Maw," by Todd Brendan Fahey.

Workers' Education Magazine
International Federation of Workers' Education Associations, Tel Aviv, Israel
The quarterly magazine of the International Federation of Workers' Education Associations. It, and other IFWEA publications (including the book "Fighting Unemployment") are available here.

The World of Lauda
Lauda Luftfahrts AG and Vianet Austria GmbH, Vienna, Austria
Lauda Air is an international airline founded by the famous Austrian ex Formula-1 racing driver and world champion Niki Lauda. Lauda Air's server includes schedule information, an on-board shop, routing, detailed traveler's destination information including the current temperature at the destination and much more.

Monday, 27 March 1995

Abel Axe All-Aluminum Electric Guitars
Evanston, WY, US
The Abel Axe is a revolutionary new all-aluminum electric guitar with the best sound and sustain in the industry. Endorsed by Jeff Cook of Alabama, among others, this guitar is destined to become a favorite in the industry.

Above All Travel
World Wide Internet Services, Henderson, NV, US
Above All Travel is a full service travel agency with emphasis on publishing travel bulletin specials from cruise lines, resorts, and tour operators on a daily basis. We are located in Henderson, Nevada, a suburb of Las Vegas, and specialize in Las Vegas travel.

Activists Online (tm)
Wright Publishing Company, Alexandria, VA, US
Activists Online (tm) is a new political magazine devoted to exploring tomorrow's issues today, without being predictably liberal or conservative. The March issue features an article from Third Millennium, the Generation X group concerned about Social Security. Sidney Kramer Books provides a list of political best-sellers.

Adaptive Solutions
Portland, OR, US
Our site describes CNAPS, our SIMD parallel processing technology, used for image processing, pattern recognition, OCR, neural networks, and electronic prepress. It also describes PowerShop, a high-speed accelerator for Adobe Photoshop on Macintosh and Power Macintosh computers.

Air Chronicles
Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, AL, US
Interactive discussions of Air Power: past, present, and future.

The All-New Ode to Coffee
Flightpath Communications, Washington, DC, US
The Mighty Ode to Coffee has been updated with new information about Internet Cafes, coffee essays, and a hiphype new look. We're taking full advantage of Netscape's...ahh...straying from the HTML specs. An Ode to Coffee is hosted by Flightpath Communications, a provider of affordable Internet publishing services.

American Institute of Engineers
El Sobrante, CA, US
The AIE is a growing association of engineers and scientists dedicated to enhancing the reputation and interests of its members. The AIE hopes to serve as a focal point, organizing Internet connectivity among scientists and engineers online.

America's Home Buyer's Page
Milwaukee, WI, US
Real estate listing service, with real estate for sale in and around Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Amstadt Consulting Group products and services guide
Amstadt Consulting Group, San Jose, CA, US
We are are design consultants, retailers of Cyclades products and PPP dial-in providers.

ANC Newswire
Omar C. Jadwat, New Haven, CT, US
The Newswire presents articles from the African National Congress' Daily News Briefings in a more user-friendly format, thanks to the magic of Perl and HTML. Each of the Daily News Briefings includes around 100 wire service articles and press releases pertaining to current events in South Africa.

The Arizona Golf Guide
GetNet International, Inc, Phoenix, AZ, US
Tee Time! Comprehensive and continuously growing, the Arizona Golf Guide is your caddy on the beautiful golf courses of Arizona.

ASA Automation Systems
Sidney, BC, Canada
Designers and fabricators of one-of-a-kind custom automation (mechatronics) and robotic work cells for science, industry and the US military. Come and check out these unique projects (lots of photos).

Astral Projection Home Page
Charles C. Goodin, Honolulu, HI, US
A collection of astral projection, out-of-body experiences (OOBE or OBE) and lucid dreaming resources.

The Austin Minority Business Journal
TAB Net Publishing, Round Rock, TX, US
A monthly publication designed to be the source for business information of interest to the minority community.

Aviators Network (UK)
London, England
Aviators Network is a UK dial-up Internet Service Provider, specialising in the needs of the UK aviation enthusiast. AVnet aims to provide a forum for enthusiasts to obtain and exchange ideas and information. In addition to the full range of Internet services, on-line ground school and weather will soon be available.

Avionics Communications -- Avionics Technical Publications
Leesburg, VA, US
Avionics-related technical publications, avionics and aviation software, seminars. Please feel free to browse through our on-line catalog.

AZ Sports
GetNet International, Inc/AZ Sports, Phoenix, AZ, US
Bringing you the best in outdoor and participatory sports through photo essays and polished pieces of journalism. Your resource for active sports in Arizona. Check out this month's SwimSuits of the SouthWest!

BizOp Mall
World Wide Trade Service, Bellingham, WA, US
The BizOp Mall contains classified ads for those interested in business opportunities, products and services, and is also a site for those who are interested in having their products or services listed.

BMUG Boston's Home Page
Boston, MA, US
BMUG, a membership-based non-profit organization, represents the interests of over 12,000 Macintosh users in more than 50 countries. BMUG Boston's FirstClass BBS connects you with the world's largest and friendliest Mac community -- people who love learning about their computers and love sharing that knowledge with each other.

BoatWorks, Marine Marketplace on the Internet
5MGroup, Jacksonville, FL, US
BoatWorks is the marine marketplace on the Internet. Buy or sell a boat here. Meet the nation's top brokers and see their finest yachts. Select a charter service. Find a marina. Link up with other Internet marine services. And meet your friends from the boating world.

Brew on Premise Pages
Cask Brewing Systems, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
An information page dealing with do-it-yourself breweries.

British Columbia Archives and Records Service
Ministry of Government Services, Province of B.C, BC, Canada
The British Columbia Archives and Records Service provides centralized archives and records management services for all government records, and provides research access to records in all media formats of enduring value to the province. This server features an on-line image database of over 5000 historical photographs.

The Button -- Electric Circuit Video Game Arcade Homepage
Electric Circuit Arcade, Bloomfield, NJ, US
This video arcade has links on Dream Torunament III as well as links to: your favorite video games (old and new), getting to our arcade from anywhere, and party services and kid activities.

Capt'n Mike's Tackle Towne & Fishing Adventures
Downtown AnyWhere, Carlsbad, MA, CA
Capt'n Mike's, a real fishing tackle store, right here in Cyberspace. Shop for it all: terminal tackle, fine line, internationally acclaimed lures, quality clothing, optics, custom rods, and more. Capt'n Mike's is dedicated to the avid angler.

Career Development Center
LBJ School of Public Affairs, U.Texas, Austin, TX, US
This site was developed to link professionals and job-seekers to career opportunities and resources. There are pointers to other organizations and Listservs like JobTalk, JobPlace, WorkNet, CareerWorld, and many others to come.

CD Land
CD Land, Palo Alto, CA, US
Now, wherever you are, CD Land is on your doorstep. The search tools in our exclusive Bullet Express shopping service will speed you to your favorite music in our catalog of over 137,000 recordings. And we can ship your selections anywhere in the world. During your visit, be sure to explore the Bay Area Scene with us and follow our Hot Links to other great music sites.

Chamber of Commerce -- Portland, Maine
Portland, ME, US
Access to facts, information, and projects in the Southern Maine region that visitors and businesses will find useful. The Chamber of Commerce has over 1,100 members and has established partnerships with many social service, government, and educational organizations to enhance further the attractiveness of Greater Portland.

CIESIN's Gateway
The Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network is proud to announce the availability of CIESIN's Gateway, state-of-the-art distributed information system providing users with an intuitive interface facilitating integrated data and information searching, viewing, browsing and ordering.

Civil Air Patrol
Headquarters, Civil Air Patrol, MSI, Maxwell AFB, AL, US
Founded in 1941, Civil Air Patrol is the official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force. The 52,000 senior and cadet members are aviation-minded individuals, dedicated to the service of the nation, in three main areas: emergency services, aerospace education, and the cadet program.

Clive Barker
Kaleidospace, Los Angeles, CA, US
Horror writer Clive Barker is Kaleidospace's new Artist-in-Residence (A-i-R), joining a group that includes science fiction writer David Brin and musician Thomas Dolby. Barker is publishing previously unreleased original paintings.

Cocaine Anonymous World Services
Los Angeles, CA, US
An international 12-step fellowship, provides a free-of-charge recovery program for cocaine and "crack" addicts. The WWW page contains an index of hot-line numbers and other introductory information.

Communication and Contemporary Society
Ann Arbor, MI, US
This is the home page of Communication and Contemporary Society, a course taught at The Young-Eum Lee. It deals with basic information on the Internet and the NII, as well as with conventional media such as television, radio, and newspapers. Links to readings, syllabi and lecture notes are available.

Com/Pair Monitor Service
Sioux Falls, SD, US
Com/Pair fixes your existing computer so you don't have to buy new equipment. We specialize in monitors, terminals, printers, power supplies, and we warranty our services.

Computational Engineering International, Inc.
Research Triangle Park, NC, US
Computational Engineering International (CEI) develops, supports, and markets advanced visualization (a.k.a. "postprocessing") tools for computational analysis. The chief product of CEI is EnSight - a general purpose, turn-key software package for the visualization of CFD and FEA results.

The Connected Traveler
TravelMedia, Mill Valley, CA, US
The Connected Traveler is an editorially independent, experimental travel magazine. It features focused, first person stories with links -- called "Sidetrips"-- along with the rich photo, video and audio resources of TravelMedia, one of the world's best known producers of editorial, educational and marketing media in the travel industry.

Cornell University - Mann Library
Ithaca, NY, US
An electronic library of life and social science information selected to serve the needs of Cornell's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Human Ecology, and Divisions of Biological and Nutritional Sciences. Part of this collection is limited to use by the Cornell community; the rest is open to everyone.

Digital Earth Gallery
Edge Creations, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
We are a new web gallery currently seeking submissions from all types of artists, sculptors, craftspeople, graphic designers, and photographers. The Digital Earth Gallery includes a slide registry, virtual walkthroughs of various galleries within our gallery and online ordering.

Docusys Corp. Internet Consultants
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Our services range from Web page design and development to flexible Internet training. We also provide consultation for ISO 9000 Quality systems, documentation and training.

Dreamscape Web
Modern Microsystems, Syracuse, NY, US
Central New York's largest BBS and Internet provider. We are now the best priced Internet provider in CNY, with over 20 high speed (v.34) dial-up lines. We now also offer affordable Web publishing with your own domain name.

DUNYA: The CyberMuslim Information Collective
Norman, OK, US
Visit DUNYA, your caravansary on the electronic frontier of the World Wide Web, brought to you by the CyberMuslim Information Collective. DUNYA is a virtual Islamic community in Webspace, featuring an array of links to other resources on the Internet in addition to hosting the HyperQur'aan Project and ongoing photo exhibitions.

Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Division
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, US
The Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Division (EEED) is highly qualified in research, development, and technology and has a staff with extensive experience in design, analysis, testing, and evaluation in the E3 discipline.

The Electronic Zoo
Ken Boschart, DVM, St. Louis, MO, US
From amphibians to ruminants, catfish farming to Ferret Central, the Electronic Zoo has easy-to-navigate, yet comprehensive collections of Internet animal resources, grouped both by subject (animals, veterinary) and resource type (mailing lists, gopher and web sites). Sponsored by NetVet, the Zoo is a well-maintained site with a search facility, what's new list, and continual updates.

The EstablishMINT -- Silver Medallion Collectibles
a Virtual Arts Company, Tempe, AZ, US
Your source for sports and entertainment silver and 24kt gold select medallion collectibles. We have all your favorite NFL, NBA, Pro Baseball, and Pro Hockey sports medallions.

European Mirror of the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
FIZ Karlsruhe, Dept. Math. & Comput. Sci., Berlin, Germany
The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics and the World Combinatorics Exchange is now mirrored at FIZ Karlsruhe, Dept. Math. & Comput. Sci. (Zentralblatt fuer Mathematik / Mathematics Abstracts), Berlin, Germany. This is an "official" mirror that will be updated regularly. We expect that access to the mirror will be much faster for our European friends than the access to original site.

European University for the Environment
Uminova Center, Umea, Nordland, Sweden
The EUE will be holding its June 1995 session in Umea, Northern Sweden. The main topic is the role of the media, particularly the large networks, in the formulation of environmental decisions and environmental policies.

Farpoint Station
farpoint.org, New York, NY, US
Farpoint Station is a non-profit organization in New York City studying human behavior and relationships. Non-interference is our motto, shared information is our forte.

Banker's Portfolio Exchange, Tuscon, AZ, US
A personal finance resource center, FinanCenter offers free interactive calculations and online access to financial professionals and their services. You will find all you need to decide when to lease or buy, when to refinance or consolidate debts, and which type of loan will cost the least. FinanCenter is hosted by the Internet Plaza.

Foreclosure Real Estate Investing
Keith Thompson, Clifton, VA, US
If you're interested in foreclosure real estate as an investment opportunity, check out this site. I've put together some information about the potential in this field that should be of help to "would-be" investors and information seekers.

Giovanni Bottesini: a Life
International Bottesini Society, Seattle, WA, US
A semi-fictional quasi-satirical biography of Giovanni Bottesini (1821-1889), an Italian opera composer and the greatest bassist of all time. If you love music, conspiracy theories, and hypertext, this is the place for you.

Global Caps
Schlirtz Distributors, Inc, Atlanta, GA, US
The internationally recognized Global Caps are now on the Internet. They are worn by tennis celebrities as Mats Wilander and Mikael Pernfors. It is the official cap of the US and Australian Tennis Open, NYC Marathon and numerous Davis Cup Teams. These baseball caps represent all the countries around the world.

Global Publishing Group
San Ramon, CA, US
Global Publishing Group provides homepage services for businesses and organizations. We are also host to the Middle East Resource Center, a growing collection of articles and reports encoded in their native character sets.

The Gourmet Coffee Club
Charlotte, NC, US
NetWorks Marketing is pleased to welcome The Gourmet Coffee Club to The Internet Business Opportunity Showcase. The site includes information on the different blends and flavors as well as information on how to obtain a free membership kit to the Gourmet Coffee Club. There is also information on their Consumer Direct Referral Program and Income Opportunity.

Gray Associates
Truckee, CA, US
Gray Associates is the leading supplier of facsimile engineering tools. Our site is designed to be your source of information not only of our company and products, but for all net-borne information on facsimile. Please take a look at our expanding tutorial on facsimile protocol standards and industry practice, and try some of our links to other FAX resources.

Hartley Metzner Huenink Communications
Milwaukee, WI, US
A multimedia development company with 30 full-time staff and a large number of international clients, such as GE Medical Systems, Bell South, 3M and many others. We also produce interactive training programs, kiosks, Internet home pages and Internet marketing programs.

The Hawaii InfoWeb
Outrigger Hotels Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, US
Make your dream of Hawaii a reality, and for limited time, enter to win free prizes (including Hawaiian Music). Check out the Outrigger Hotels Hawaii InfoWeb, a webspace providing information on great hotels, resorts, condominiums, restaurants, dining , and shopping.

Heller & Cohen, Promotions Marketing Agency
New York, NY, US
Heller & Cohen, a smart, responsive, results-oriented full-service Promotions Marketing agency, is proud to announce the grand opening of their new World Wide Web server. H&C is well known for delivering innovative strategic creative concepts that break through clutter, excite all levels of trade, enhance brand image, add value to the product and make sales happen.

Historic Irving (TX) Downtown
Irving Heritage Society, Irving, TX, US
Experience the easy lifestyle...

The Holography Homepage
The Dimensional Arts Inc., Houston, TX, US
This is the place to visit if you're interested in holograms. Includes galleries, information on suppliers, and how-to tips. Watch for pattern generation on-line and an animation program for you to ftp (coming soon). Service provided by The Dimesional Arts, the originator of the dot matrix holographic printer.

HomeCom Communications, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
HomeCom assists organizations with their Internet presence. We do turnkey server development and hosting on dedicated T-1. We do not resell access, and focus all our attention on making your Internet presence a resounding success.

HomeOwners Finance Center -- Mortgages in CA
San Francisco, CA, US
This is perhaps the most comprehensive mortgage site on the Web -- with latest interest rates, market trends, featured programs, histories of adjustable rate indices, mortgage dictionary, mortgage calculator, discussions about loan strategies and on-line forms for purchasing and refinancing. HomeOwners is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate.

International Male: Men's Clothing Catalog
Berkeley, CA, US
International Male catalog of men's clothing is now available on the world wide web. Explore the exciting fashion world and preview our distinctive collection of men's fashions.

International Myeloma Foundation
Philadelphia, PA, US
An information resource for multiple myeloma patients, their families and the medical community. Contains basic information about multiple myeloma, patient to patient directory, patient and clinical seminars, and more.

International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI)
Eindhoven Univ. of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
The International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) is an annual competition in the discipline of computer science for pupils at secondary schools all over the world. These WWW pages act as a permanent secretariat for the IOI, making available all IOI-related material: competition tasks, host countries, results, study material, etc.

International Systems Registrars Ltd. (ISO 9000 Consulting)
New Berlin, WI, US
International Systems Registrars Ltd. is an ISO 9000 consulting, auditing and training organization dedicated to taking the mystery out of ISO 9000 registration.

International Telecom Center
A unique server on the Internet devoted exclusively to telecommunications, data communications and networking. ITC's list of services includes: free telecom-related software and demo downloads, job and career listings in the field of telecom/datacom, new telecom/datacom products and services, and more.

Internet Direct Marketing
Boulder Creek, CA, US
Internet Direct Marketing brings products to the global market which are necessary to promote and protect healthy immune systems. Keeping the immune system strong involves thoroughly analyzing one's environment, long-term planning and regular maintenance. We offer products to help protect you against your immediate environmental threats and flourish amongst the chaos.

The Internet Mall
Intuitive Systems, West Lafayette, IN, US
Featuring a comprehensive directory of companies offering products and services through the Internet, the Internet Mall has over 1100 stores listed in a familiar organization: the floors and departments of a shopping mall. If you shop on the Internet and you haven't visited the Internet Mall, there's quite a lot you're missing.

Internet Solutions
San Diego, CA, US
Internet Solutions provides an inexpensive means of obtaining representation on the Internet in all of its various forms. We exist as an alternative for progressive companies that understand the importance of the Internet and its culture in modern day business.

InterQuote Stock Service
support@interquote.com, Kenosha, WI, US
InterQuote - the Internet's first continuously updating stock market information service. InterQuote offers 4 services: real time, 15 minute delayed, end of day, and email services.

JCL Clinical Research Laboratories
Knoxville, TN, US
JCL Clinical Research Corporation is a privately held corporation located in Knoxville, TN, founded in 1971 to develop, manufacture, market, and sell proprietary diagnostic immunoassay tests to the health care community.

Knight Ridder Financial Information
Knight Ridder Financial Publishing Services, London, UK
KRF provides financial and commodity information, news, historic data and statistics. Through dial-up, CD-ROM, and paper, historical and end-of-day quotes and news are available to investors/traders/analysts in financial and commodity markets covering cash, futures, agricultural, stock indices across 50 exchanges worldwide and over 500 markets.

KTRK-TV Houston Channel 13
Webvertising, Houston, TX, US
Channel 13, the ABC affiliate in Houston is now online with information about KTRK-TV, a programming schedule, an ABC Sports Calendar, and links to useful Houston area Web services and resources. We plan to be continually upgrading this service.

Lambda Chi Alpha - Epsilon Eta Chapter at Rensselaer
Troy, NY, US
Information about Lambda Chi Alpha at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Alumni newsletters, undergraduate activities, programs, and chapter history.

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity
Tampa, FL, US
This page is designed to provide a common ground for all the chapters in the US and Canada to share information and resources. It is also intended to educate the public and to shatter the bad image fraternities sometimes have.

Lewis Language Arts
Montreal, Canada
Lewis Language Arts provides translation/adaptation services in many language combinations. We also do technical writing, creative writing and desktop publishing.

LINX -- LUG Information News Exchange
KSME/Business Groups, Tiffin, OH, US
LINX - LUG Information News Exchange is an independent, privately owned source of information about DECUS (Digital Equipment Computer Users Society) Local User Groups (LUGs). LINX is also published monthly in paper-based, tabloid form.

lucinda folio
Graphic Design, Inc., Portland, Oregon, US
Reproduction quality (32-bit) photographic art now available on-line for immediate use. Download through your www-browser. Payment at current rates upon publication. Additional pixel-data can be provided for especially large scales or ultra-fine resolutions.

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
Springfield, MA, US
Established in 1851, MassMutual is the nation's seventh largest mutual life insurance company and among the 100 largest U.S. businesses in terms of assets. MassMutual's home page provides information about the company including: a company overview and 1994 financial results, information about two of our national programs, and office locations.

MathMagic Internet
MathMagic Foundation, El Paso, TX, US
MathMagic is a K-12 project aimed at involving students and teachers in addressing NCTM standards by using technology to jointly solve challenges posted regularly. For more information send an address only e-mail message to 'mail-server@forum.swarthmore.edu' with the message 'send mathmagic_info'

Maxwell Sroge Publishing: Direct Marketing Newsletters
Berkeley, CA, US
Mainsail Marketing in collaboration with Maxwell Sroge Publishing are pleased to make available excerpts from the current issues of two direct marketing newsletters that are industry standards: The Catalog Marketer, and Non-Store Marketing Report, the premiere source of analyses of key trends and key happenings in the mail order and interactive shopping industries.

Mayo Editorial Services
Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland.
Let us help to place your documents/archives on the Internet and speed up your web site preparation. Our services include HTML coding for WWW and FTP document preparation. We provide rapid conversion of large amounts of printed material using OCR. Technical and scientific material a speciality.

Medical Imaging Center
UC Irvine Pre-College Science Education Programs, Irvine, CA, US
A new addition to Martindale's Health Science Guide - 95. Along with the Virtual Medical Center, thousands of multimedia images and over 700 health science related MPEG movies are represented. Many resources have multiple language versions.

Michigan Fishing Information
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Up-to-date info on Michigan fishing conditions as well as access to charters, guides, and state park information.

Microscopy and Microanalysis Server
Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL, USA
This site provides detailed information about state-of-the-art microscopy and microanalysis programs at ANL, as well as, provides access to information for both national and international microscopy societies.

MicroVision, St. Petersburg, FL, US
We are celebrating 10 wonderful years of business. MicroVision sells services and supports IBM compatible computer systems. Stop by, if you are looking for competitive pricing on top quality parts or full systems. We can help with network products and WWW page consulting.

Monster Agogo Resources
Bath, Avon, UK
The Monster Agogo server contains a film poster archive and a number of music- and film-related links.

Austin, TX, US
A definitive Internet site for news and information about Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange (EC/EDI), international trade (IT), and NAFTA and the Americas.

Naked Pueblo Computing
Visit and explore how the folks in the Naked Pueblo can design your unique Internet presence.

National Registration Center for Study Abroad (NRCSA)
Study abroad for a week or several months, in any of 30 countries. Take a learning vacation or accredited course. Learn a foreign language or take drama or humanities courses. Experience family living in another country, or choose a hotel or pension.

Natural Medicine, Complementary Health Care and Alternative Therapies
Alchemical Medicine Research and Teaching Association, Portland, OR, US
A place to access health information as well as reference health organizations, medical institutions and other health resources available on Internet.

Nessie on the Net!
The Highland Internet Company, Drumnadrochit, Inverness-shire, UK
Information about the Scottish Highlands and Loch Ness. Tourism, business, environment, history and myths and legends (including the Loch Ness monster) are covered. We are building a service to help the remote local communities around here.

NetGuide Magazine -- 3 Free Issues
CMP Publications, Manhasset, NY, US
No matter what your interests, you'll find a wealth of people, ideas and information online with the help of NetGuide Magazine. It's your program guide to the best and brightest places to be and things to see in cyberspace.

Pactek, Mountain View, CA, US
One of the world's largest shopping malls has added an employment opportunity section for career sources. It will have over 60 pages of job-related information. Please come to browse around this new section together with super shopping mall, electronic publishing, electronic distribution and many more interesting items.

NETWave(sm) - Internet Surfing Wave
Network Exploration Technologies, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
NETWave is Chicagoland's Internet surfing wave of choice. We provide full internet surfing, PPP and shell accounts. Have a business anywhere in the US? We can create the Internet presence/marketing for it, and our prices are low.

Neurology Web -- Forum at Mass. General Hospital
Dept. of Neurology, MGH, Boston, MA, US
Come join in the online discussions at the Neurology Web-Forum. Hosted by the Department of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital, it features discussion topics on Alzheimer's disease, cognitive behavioral disorders, epilepsy, Huntington's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, neuromuscular disorders, Parkinson's disease, and stroke (with more in the near future).

NeuroSys World-Wide Web System
NeuroSys Multimedia/Internet 1995, Austin, TX, US
NeuroSys is a fresh new multimedia design and online publishing powerhouse. The WWW contents include original digital comics, audios clips, live action movies, and 3D animations. Based in Austin, TX, NeuroSys has a world of resources to delivers.

The NeWare On-Line Catalog
Easton, PA, US
NeWare is a complete, on-line, multimedia resource providing the marketplace with competitively priced upgrades, sound cards, speakers, CD-ROM drives, CD-ROM titles, computers, software, and related products. Because we specialize in multimedia products, we provide our customers with the best in selection, service, pricing, service and technical support.

Northern Allegheny County Chamber of Commerce
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
A voluntary partnership of business and professional people working together to enhance the quality of life for the people of northern Allegheny County through economic, civic and educational growth. From maps and event calendars to area demographics, we're your partner in business and friend in the community.

O'Connor & Company
Chicago, IL, US
Execution and clearing services in US equity, futures, and options markets for professional trading organizations. We view this site as a work in progress and hope that it will educate the general public as well as attract interest in our services. Please take a look and send your thoughts for improving the site.

Overland Data, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Overland Data's Web presentation brings all facets of company information to the net. Look here for half-inch tape drive product information, data interchange and backup demonstration software, and the latest company-related information.

Ph.D. Program in Medical Sciences, Univ. of South Florida
Tampa, FL, US
The home page for the University of South Florida College of Medicine Ph.D. Program in Medical Sciences contains details of admission requirements, financial aid information and links to the basic science departments for additional facts, including the faculty and their research.

Phoenix Police Community Relations Bureau
GetNet International, Inc/Phoenix Police Department, Phoenix, AZ, US
GetNet International, Inc, as a community service, with the Phoenix Police Community Relations Bureau provides information about great programs: Silent Witness, Graffiti Hotline, C.O.P.S., D.A.R.E, and more.

Picture Conversion and PhotoCD Services
Picture Conversion, Inc., Alexandria, VA, US
Information on new image scanning, conversion and processing options for Web developers. Using PhotoCD, cost effective scans can be obtained from prints and film. The PhotoCD image pack is ideal for inline as well as JPEG downloadable images.

Pie in the Sky Software
San Francisco, CA, US
3D entertainment software for the PC. Our main product is the Pie 3D GCS, or Game Creation System. It allows the user to make their own 3D action games similar to DOOM/WOLF and distribute or sell them. Download our free demo!

Pointers to Pointers
Homecom, Atlanta, GA, US
With millions of home pages on the Net, it is difficult to be found. This is a list of every resource that will point to your home page, from newsgroups to Web sites. It is provided to help people disseminate the information about new events, new servers, and new services. So, please, if it's worth it's weight in ether, let the people know...
http://www.homecom.com/global/pointers.html [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Public NetBase
Vienna, Austria
Public network terminals of the Institute for New Culture Technologies at the Depot allow global access to scientific, communal and private databases on the Internet.

netSphere Austria, Vienna, Austria/Europe
Quintessenz is an Austrian magazine for (Net) culture and technology.

The Reference Desk
UC Irvine Pre-College Science Education Programs Office, Irvine, CA, US
International finance resources; science-related reference tables and databases; international funding resources; dictionaries and glossaries; worldwide communication resources, and health science information. Many resources have multiple language versions.

The Register
Situation Publishing, London, UK
The fortnightly newsletter of the semiconductor and computing industry, edited by two UK journalists; Mike Magee and John Lettice.

Reliability Analysis Center Web Server
IIT Research Institute, Rome, NY, US
RAC is a DTIC-sponsored information analysis center, disseminating technical data and information relating to reliability, maintainability, testability, and quality engineering. Many of our services are free -- find out about them here.

RHIC Collider Ring Division
RHIC Project, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY, US
This website presents the progress of the construction of the Collider Ring of the Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider (RHIC) Project at Brookhaven National Laboratory. When completed, RHIC will become a new research facility that will meet the highest-priority needs of the U.S. nuclear physics program.

Rick's Fly Fishing Page
Rick Marsh, Livonia, MI, US
A page devoted solely to fly fishing and links about fly fishing. We have tying instructions with graphics on Rick's Favorite Fly, information about Michigan Fly Fishing, and conservation organizations.

Russell Gilbert's Around-the-World Journal
City Net Express, Portland, OR, US
City.Net is proud to present Russell Gilbert's nine-month trip through 26 countries. This extensive journal contains more than 120 color pictures, as well as world maps, links to detailed country and city info, and a breakdown of expenses per country. Note: the journal is available in HTML, PostScript and plain-text.

Salon du livre de l'Outaouais
IcoNode inc., Québec, Canada
The Salon du livre de l'Outaouais (Hull-Ottawa Region) is the second largest book fair in Canada. The complete program of activities (March 22 to 26) is available in French at this site.

Salsa Express
STW Inc., Mt. View, CA, US
Salsa Express on-line catalog will spice up your culinary life. You will find hot salsas, sauces and dips which can be ordered by calling an 800 number.

Sigma Nu International Fraternity
So. Illinois Univ. Chapter, Carbondale, IL, US
This is a home page for Sigma Nu Fraternity at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. A young organization, Sigma Nu is expecting to receive its national Charter spring, 1995. Take a look at our historical and newly renovated house.

Software Testing Laboratories
Seattle, WA, US
Software Testing Laboratories is building a resource and jump-point for software quality assurance engineers of commercial or shrink-wrap software. We welcome submittals of interesting resources for SQA, testing, test automation, configuration testing, or other tools needed by SQA engineers.

The Solar Cooking Archive
Solar Box Cookers Northwest, Seattle, WA, US
A repository of information about the growing international solar cooking movement. Contains illustrated plans for building solar ovens from simple materials such as cardboard boxes, baskets, etc. Also offers a photo gallery and recent issues of Solar Box Journal.

Boston NSS, Cambridge, MA, US
SpaceViews, a publication of the Boston chapter of the National Space Society, provides up-to-date information on developments in space policy, science, and technology, as well as recent and upcoming Boston chapter events. Information about subscribing to SpaceViews and submitting articles for publication is also available.

The Steamer William G Mather Museum
Levin College of Urban Affairs - Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH, US
The Steamer William G Mather, a restored 618-foot-long Great Lakes bulk freighter, is Northeast Ohio's only floating maritime museum. You can find out more about the Mather, Great Lakes shipping past and present, and the Great Lakes region in general as well as take a "virtual tour" of the vessel.

Step Up Software
Portland, OR, US
Download our shareware "Step Up Program Manger" and "Workspace" programs from our new WWW site. View numerous screen shots and detailed information on both programs from this Netscape-enhanced (HTML 3.0) page.

Strategyweb, the central WWW forum of the business strategy community, recently introduced new features to its subscribers: World Markets at a Glance, blending research and practitioner input to re-energize the strategy decision process; and The Strategy Poll, benchmarking current sentiment to help deal with challenging industry situations.

Sybase, Inc.
Emeryville, CA, US
Information about the company, sample code, and about WWW gateway products for making connections to the Sybase SQL Server.

tcsh manual
Yale University, New Haven, CT, US
The Yale instantiation of the hypertext manual for the tcsh shell has moved. Please update your URLs; sorry for the inconvenience.

The TelComLaw Home Page
Robert J. Keller, P.C., Washington, DC, US
The TelComLaw Home Page provides information and resources on federal telecommunications law and policy, including the FCC Daily Business Files Compilation for the five most recent days and detailed definitions and data for FCC prescribed cellular and PCS market areas.

Tennessee Beckons
pinker@magic.ca, Toronto, Canada
A trip to Tennessee with links to the blues, Elvis, Graceland and country & western music sites.

The Tick Page
New York, NY, US
Continuum Internet Publishing Services Inc. introduces an homage to the "The Tick" comic book and animated television series. The page contains information and news about the Tick, an episode guide, a page about Tick merchandise and a list of "Tickisms" (quotes).

Training and Education Automated Information Systems
US Marine Corps, QUANTICO, VA, US
Training Resources Branch (TRS) Automated Information Systems Section (AIS) provides local area network administrators and wide area network administrators with the latest in Banyan Vines, SCO Unix, and BBS connectivity tips.

Treasures of the Czars Virtual Exhibition
St. Petersburg Times, St. Petersburg, FL, US
A virtual visual tour de force of 300 years of Romanov history, including many of their priceless possessions, a play area, a museum shop and much more.

The Tuberculosis Advocacy Page
The Action Coalition, Takoma Park, MD, US
Tuberculosis takes the lives of more adults each year than all other infectious diseases combined. The Action Coalition is launching an advocacy campaign to ensure adequate funding levels to protect the lives of 12 million people this decade. Included in our server is the Web publication of the World Health Organization Report on the Tuberculosis Epidemic, 1995.

United States Cellular
Knoxville, TN, US
Nationwide provider of cellular telecommunications services.

University of Illinois Alumni Association
Urbana-Champaign, IL, US
The Alumni Association of the University of Illinois proudly announces the establishment of a WWW site to provide all UofI Alumni with access to up-to-date information about the University of Illinois, the Alumni Association, as well as details on how to access special online services which are administered exclusively for association members.

University of Washington Graduate School
Seattle, WA, US
Provides information about graduate study at the University of Washington including academic programs, admission requirements, tuition and fees, enrollment policies, degree requirements, and financial support

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Site for the Unstable Media. Here one can get information on theory, events, performances and information carriers on art & technology. Here we try to develop Internet as a platform for the arts.

Buluks Anonymous, Falls Church, VA, US
This is a first cut at an informal homepage for a small island country in the South Pacific. In view of the general lack of Internet connectivity in that region, it will probably be quite some time before we see an official Vanuatu page. It remains to be seen whether this page will bring Vanuatu to worldwide attention or drive it further into obscurity.

Veda Incorporated
Alexandria, VA, US
Veda Incorporated is a professional services firm offering its government and commercial clients diverse technical solutions in the aerospace and information fields. Be sure to visit one of its companies, Chameleon Technologies, and see the latest in interactive theme rides. Veda employment opportunities can also be found.

Videomaker's Camcorder & Desktop Video Site
Chico, CA, US
Videomaker, Inc. is a content provider specializing in information on video technology. Since 1985, Videomaker has been educating hundreds of thousands of U.S. camcorder users on topics of video production, distribution, and viewing. We have accomplished this by publishing a magazine, newsletters and books, producing television programs, videotapes and compact discs.

VYSOR Integration Inc
Quebec, Canada
VYSOR Integration Inc invites interested readers to view information on their new software products, V-image Remote Sensing Software for Windows, and Concept!Toolkit for Windows, an introductory Windows program development suite.

Windsurfing Gale Winds and Wheels
Webvertising, Houston, TX, US
One of Houston's most popular stores for bicycling, inline skating, and windsurfing equipment. Check out the closeout sales and upcoming "tent sales / swap meets."

Worksaver Software
Shrewsbury, MA, US
Worksaver Software produces Quoting and POS software. The product is extremely versatile, and can completely automate your business with a single package. The base product is a quoting package that accelerates the time it takes to do quoting, simple or complicated.

World Wide Web Home Pages Broker
SunSITE Singapore, Singapore
This is a Harvest search interface of over 20,000 World-Wide Web Home Pages. Content summaries of all home pages are indexed rather than just titles or URL or HTML strings. This search facility is a mirror (original found here).

Writing the Information Superhighway
Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A first year seminar at the University of Michigan that fulfills the introductory composition requirement for students in the college of Literature, Sciences, and Arts.

Wednesday, 29 March 1995

The 19th Hole
James E. "Jimbo" Odom IV, Edinburg, TX, US
Information about the game of golf including daily news, schedules and results, historical almanac, classified ads, and golf related art and photographs.

3Wiz - World Wide Web Consultancy
London, UK
The World Wide Web offers a new paradigm in information publishing, and we can help your company project itself on the Web. 3Wiz provide a comprehensive range of Web consultancy services, from document authoring to graphic design. Our Web consultants also have extensive Unix and networking experience.

The 700 Club
The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc., Virginia Beach, VA, US
Featuring some of the most popular fact sheets offered on CBN's "700 Club Newswatch" television program. To access CBN Direct's Fact Sheet reports on topics such as an exclusive interview with O.J. Simpson's chaplain, the deadly side effects of MSG and chronic fatigue's warning signs, simply complete the free registration form.

'95 Sun Fun Festival at Myrtle Beach
NCNetWorks, Myrtle Beach, SC, US
The 44th Annual Sun Fun Festival will be held June 2-5, 1995 in Myrtle Beach, SC. The Festival kicks off the summer season with a host of events featuring national celebrities and fun for all ages. Literature describing the Sun Fun Festival, lodging, and the Grand Strand is available.

Abacus Niagara
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Abacus Niagara is a full service computer hardware and software reseller. Services include : consulting, repairs, assemble clones and training. We are authorized to sell AMS notebook computers.

Alliance for Computers and Writing (ACW)
Lubbock, TX, US
The ACW supports the use of computers and networks in writing instruction at all educational levels. Members include teachers, researchers, and business people.

Astral Projection Home Page
Charels C. Goodin, Honolulu, HI, US
A collection of astral projection, out-of-body experiences (OOBE or OBE) and lucid dreaming resources and links. Also includes monthly features.

Astromart: Marketplace for Amatuer Astronomers
San Francisco, CA, US
Sponsoring many free services for amateur astronomers, Astromart has added a virtual marketplace. Free services include user groups for Meade, Celestron, SBIG, amateur telescope makers, astronomy software, astronomy classifieds plus huge archives to support each group.

The Australian Observer Magazine
Sydney, Australia
Australia's first news magazine on the World Wide Web, created by professional journalists for an international online audience. News, features, articles on Net happenings, serialized novel, Australian travel, finance and a hotlist of Australian sites.

Barwon Region Water Authority
Victoria, Australia
Barwon Water home page, user index, media releases, personal pages, branch pages and the Commonwealth Crimes Act as it relates to Australian Computer Crime.

Beer Masters Tasting Society
Irvine, CA, US
The Beer Masters Tasting Society is dedicated to the fun, fellowship, relaxation, tall tales, and tasting experiences shared by beer enthusiasts all around the world. Visit our web site for information on membership, merchandise, upcoming beer-related events, and selections from our newsletter, "The Tap Times News."

Better Life On-Line Catalog
DY-MEDIAS, Huntsville, AL, US
A single-point central library to locate the products and services available, for the physically challenged (all disabilities). This catalog allows the viewer to access the information by vendor, product, category or disability. Audio and video explanations and demonstrations will be available for many of these products.

Big Sky Ski and Summer Resort
TiWorks Inc., Big Sky, MT, US
Big Sky Ski and Summer Resort is still undiscovered, but the secret is getting out. Ski the beauty of Montana. Hold your next conference here, or just come and relax. Big Sky has captured the spirit of the west...an open, friendly, relaxed atmosphere of life worth living year round.

Blue Coral Scuba
The Woodlands, TX, US
Blue Coral Scuba is the first scuba and snorkeling store on the World Wide Web. We offer nearly everything for the diver in your family.

The Blue Line
Blue Line Publishing, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
The Blue Line is a one-of-a-kind humorous and intelligent hockey program sold outside of all Chicago Blackhawks games. Now in its fifth year of existence, The Blue Line is beloved by fans of the Chicago Blackhawks and is finally available for reading by a wider audience. Sports Illustrated has said, "The Blue Line brings ridicule to an art form."

The Book Of Mutual Funds
The Cambrex Group, Boston, MA, US
A comprehensive, readable catalog of information about mutual funds is about to become available. Called "The Book of Mutual Funds," it is the only such publication encompassing many and different funds across the investment industry. The catalog is produced by The Cambrex Group, an independent company which does not sell or recommend any financial instruments or products.

Born Information Services Group
Wayzata, MN, US
Born is a full service consulting firm offering services in the following areas: networking, desktop, AS/400, JD Edwards, client/server, and object technologies.

The Brethren of Christ Home Page
Dallas, TX, US
A summary of doctrines believed and taught by The Brethren of Christ.

The Brewery
Rollanet, Rolla, MO, US
Complete information about beer and brewing. Includes largest beer recipe collection on the Net, "how to" guides for new brewers, critical microbrewery reviews, and resources for mead, cider, and ale brewers.

The British Society for Plant Pathology (BSPP)
Scottish Crop Research Institute, Dundee, Scotland, UK
Information about the British Society for Plant Pathology (BSPP). The information includes the aims of BSPP, its meetings programme, its publications, contents lists of its journal 'Plant Pathology' and becoming a member. BSPP is to host the International Congress of Plant Pathology in Edinburgh from 9-16 August 1998.

Building your presence on the Internet.
3D Enterprises, Spokane, WA, US
3D Enterprises is an electronic publisher and Internet provider.

The Cascade Bicycle Club Home Page
Seattle, WA, US
The Cascade Bicycle Club is the largest cycling club in the United States with over 5000 members. Our home page includes information on major club-sponsored events, monthly ride calendars, regional ride descriptions and maps, much general bicycling information, trip reports, images, and more.

Census Map USA -- GIS/Demographics
Argus Technologies Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada
Argus Census Map USA is a Microsoft Windows (TM) compliant desktop mapping system which allows the user to display all the key demographic variables contained in a full CD-ROM of ready-to-use data from the most recent census. The Argus GIS comes bundled with street networks for most US metropolitan areas.

CenterLine Software, Inc.
Cambridge, MA, US
The CenterLine homepage contains information about the company and its products, as well as job openings, personal homepages, recent news, events information and partner information. As a leader in the C++/UNIX industry, CenterLine also makes available technical news and several white papers.

Chemistry Resources for Teachers
Lynx Academics, Dallas, TX, US
This site seeks to provide a variety of resources for chemistry teachers, especially secondary teachers (K-12). Offerings include labs, lecture notes, essays, chem links, and other information for class and lab use.

Chinatown YMCA Beacon Technology Center
Chinatown YMCA of Greater New York, New York, NY, US
A joint effort of the Chinatown YMCA and Sun Yat Sen Intermediate School, the Beacon Technology Center is developing and testing interactive, online lessons for middle school students.

The Church of SPAM
John N! Swegan, Phoenix, AZ, US
Based on the comedy stylings of John N! Swegan and his religious parody -- The Books of SPAM. This page is mostly for laughs, with links to show comedy versatility.

City Of Linz, Austria
GUP Linz, Linz, Austria, Europe
The city of Linz is one of the industrial towns of Austria which combines industry and culture in a best possible way. The information was collected and prepared by the City Tourist Board and GUP Linz. At present, most information is in German, but this will change as soon as possible.

Classic Wine Racks, Inc.
Portland, OR, US
Imagine the convenience of having your favorite wines right at your fingertips whenever you wish. Entertaining becomes so much more enjoyable -- you can choose just the right wines for the occasion, rack them, and have them ready when needed.

Clemson University Entomology Web Server
Clemson, SC, US
This is an entomology site with resources in that area as well as links to other sites not dealing with entomology. Information includes personnel directories, and departmental concerns such as curriculum and classes. An insect image gallery is a planned addition in the near future.

Cohen Acoustica, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA, US
A consulting firm specializing in acoustics, technology assessment and telecommunications for the entertainment industry. Our home page lists services and provides a library of resources in basic acoustical and multimedia research authored by the firm's principals. Links to selected firm architectural and technology projects are provided.

Cohesive Systems - Network Consulting Firm
San Mateo, CA, US
A leading network consulting firm that puts all the pieces together for corporate internetworks. We partner with our clients to help them find technology solutions for their operating and business goals. We do this by providing the expertise, products and services to build high performance information systems.

Color laser copiers and printers
Colorocs Corporation, Atlanta, GA, US
We manufacture, sell and service full-color, plain-paper, laser copiers and printers using a patented double-transfer to paper technology.

Convex Computer Corporation
Richardson, TX, US
Convex Computer Corporation provides innovative, high-performance systems to customers whose complex problems require enormous computational power and the ability to manage massive data sets. Our C Series supercomputers, exemplar scalable parallel processors, and software all combine to offer solutions to markets throughout the world.

Cook Inlet Book Company
alaskan.com, Anchorage, AK, US
We are happy to share with you this small glimpse at our huge selection of Alaska books. This catalog represents just a few highlights from our collection of over 7,000 Alaska titles.

Cornell University Medical College Education Center
New York, NY, US
The Education Center of Cornell University Medical College WWW server contains information about the Education Center, a series of pathophysiology cases on vascular and infectious diseases, mortality and morbidity cases, the ultra-fast pap stain protocol, pathology images, some departmental information and faculty listings, and links to other medical resources.

C&T Creations
Richmond, VA, US
C&T Creations can create professional html designs, custom cgi scripts and graphical creations for unbelievably low prices.

Current Middle Ages Web Server
rodmur@ecst.csuchico.edu, Chico, CA, US
For members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA, a 501c3 corporation). A world wide historical club that recreates the Middle Ages "as they should have been." This home pages points to other SCA related homepages.

DAKCO PC Products Division, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Need a PC system? Our exclusive Steelblue Economy Series(TM) and PowerHouse Series(TM) PCs are engineered for top-notch price/performance. DAKCO is also a source for some of the best prices in the USA on hard drives, SIMMs, motherboards, CD-ROMs, multimedia kits, and much more.

Del Mar Electronics Show
San Diego, CA, US
Pre-registration for local OEM Electronics Show. Held in May at the Del Mar Fair Grounds. This will be followed by an Internet-based show directory with the ability to help people find all types of electronics products and services.

Digital Data Express - WWW Yellow Pages
San Jose, CA, US
Digital Data Express, Inc. has just announced their new product, the World Wide Web Yellow Pages. This is a comprehensive listing of WWW sites organized by subject, category or interest. Digital Data Express, Inc. is now selling text listings and display ads for this directory.

ECB Travel
Sterling, VA, US
A full service travel agency. Extreme travel discounts.

Elly's Originals
Marlborough, CT, US
Framed, computer-generated original artworks in limited editions by Ellen Smith, who has exhibited as a painter and printmaker in major US cities. She creates delicate computer generated floral and kaleidoscope patterned multiples. Her current work is featured at leading gift shops and is available for sale via the Web.

The End of Asia: YMO
Kyong Il Lee, Chicago, IL, US
A page devoted to Yellow Magic Orchestra -- early pioneers of the techno movement. We have access to numerous articles covering all aspects of the group's and individual band member's careers as well as an archived mailing list, sound clips, discographies, classified ads, links to other resources, and much more.

University of Utah and ErgoWeb, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT, US
An extensive ergonomics information delivery system featuring simple biomechanical analytical tools, checklist tools, case studies, standards and guidelines, background information, and a wealth of other ergonomics knowledge.

Five Star Marketing
Hearne, TX, US
Five Star Marketing is a distributor of quality products ranging from shoe insoles to water filters to skin care products. Browse our catalog to see the many products we have to offer.

Harvard University Biolabs, Cambridge, MA, US
A database of genetic and molecular data for Drosophila including linked stock lists, gene and aberration information, and a comprehensive bibliography. The FlyBase consortium consists of three sites: Harvard University, University of Cambridge (UK), and Indiana University.

FranceNet, Paris, France
A French online resource list. The "Carnet de Route" section is conceived as a Magazine. There a special section concerning France, French speaking, or French-related sites. FranceWeb is all in French; an English version will be available soon.

Ohio State Univ., OH, US
Free_Journal (F_J) and its sister page Free_Journal2 (F_J2) are new eJournals that are trying to give people a means of sharing their research findings, suggestions, opinions, ideas, insights, and announcements in the form of short articles. Submissions are welcome from anyone who wishes to contribute.

Fret'n Fiddle
St. Albans, WV, US
A dealer in fine vintage stringed instruments. We sell acoustic and electric guitars, banjos, mandolins, steel and bass guitars. If you're looking for a 1942 Gibson ES-300 Archtop Electric, or a 1928 Vega Whyte-Lady 5 String Banjo, or anything in between, check out the Fret 'n Fiddle home page.

The Garden of Marin -- Exhibit (IPP)
Internet Presence Providers, San Jose, CA, US
A photographic exhibit of a young woman's time in the forest. The exhibit is brought to you by Kathleen Olson and Internet Presence Providers.

Gemini Technology
Irvine, CA, US
Services and products to the real-time 3D graphics community. Gemini's home page describes its OpenGVS API which greatly simplifies 3D application development.

Geography at Indiana State Univ.
Terre Haute, IN, US
Links to the geography faculty, their research emphasis, and class schedules. It will soon be linked to the ISU Climatology Lab for weather and climate information.

Global Hollywood -- original, signed, celebrity collectibles.
Los Angeles, CA, US
We specialize in collectible celebrity memorabilia, such as unique, one-of-a-kind photos of Elvis Presley, and we even have a lock of George Washington's notify us of their wants.

Global Information & Improvement Network
Cincinnati, OH, US
The hot new classified pages from GIIN are available on the Web. You can place your advertisements online today and register to win $1 million from GIIN this quarter.

Great Lakes Regional Environmental Information System (GLREIS)
CIESIN, University Center, MI, US
This WWW-based information system, developed by the Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) through a cooperative agreement with US EPA, provides access to a wealth of information, resources and analysis tools pertaining to the Great Lakes region.

Hepworth Refractories Ltd. UK
Linlithgow, Scotland
One of the world's leading refractory manufacturers is proud to announce an extension on its world class services through a new Web server. Please visit our site and provide us with information how we can further improve our server and services.

HomeBuyer Internet Service
Annapolis, MD, US
A unique and powerful new information medium for the real estate industry. HomeBuyer not only includes home listings across the country, but it also includes information on title, mortgage, home inspection, and home cleaning services. We provide up to five photographs of a property. So let your mouse show you a house!

House of Effigy
indigetek, Santa Barbara, CA, US
Artwork, cartoons, photography, spoken word recordings, band recordings from Santa Barbara artisans.

IBIS, the Interactive BodyMind Information system
Alchemical Medicine Research and Teaching Assoc., Portland, OR, US
The website provides introductory information on and many resources from the pioneering AMR'TA software program, IBIS, the Interactive BodyMind Information System. More than 100 medical professionals spent four years compiling and editing IBIS. The result is the most comprehensive software package available in the natural health field.

Imagic Communications
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
An Internet and World Wide Web consultancy offering a range of services including Web page construction and online publishing, Internet training, access consultancy and information retrieval.

Infotique's Power Shopper
Ingomar, PA, US
Would you like to save 25 to 75% on your grocery bills? At the Infotique, you'll learn how to maximize coupon savings, organize your coupons, and how to get coupons for every grocery item you purchase. Win $200 in coupons in our monthly contest.

Intellectual Property
The Recorder, San Francisco, CA, US
A quarterly magazine about legal and policy issues in high-tech industries. Articles are written by lawyers in private practice and academia, as well as staff reporters for American Lawyer Media, the publisher of IP. The current issue features articles on technology licensing, the importing of "gray- market" goods, and legal feuds over ownership to software innovations developed in college labs.

Interactive Networks
Paterson, NJ, US
Internet service providing an online mall and a jump site for web surfers.

Internet Resource Pages
Information Technology Partners, Milford, CT, US
A web site for companies desiring to add value to their internet marketing efforts, rather than just taking up mall space. Includes an online copy of ITP's report marketing on the Internet, as well as information and a live demo of CARI, the Internet voice robot for secure transaction processing.

Internet Television Ratings
Transient Images, Washington, DC, US
Do the Nielsen television ratings never reflect what you watch? Then take a look at the Internet television ratings. This non-scientific service allows Net users to list their viewing habits using just their email accounts. The data is compiled weekly and posted to numerous mailing lists, newsgroups, and Web sites.

Investing for the Perplexed
Kelly & O'Sullivan Financial Group, New York City, NY, US
Fee based financial advisors. Registered investment advisors. Offer impartial investment advice. Do not sell any investment products. Offer second opinions on investments individual is considering to buy. Provide financial plans, retirement planning, 3 to 5 year financial plans. Quarterly newsletter.

The Invoice Store v. 3.1
Software Store Products, Oakdale, NY, US
Software Store Products introduces v. 3.1 of The Invoice Store, a PC-based software product for the small business. It can be used by any mailorder, retail, or any business requiring invoicing.

IPL: the Internet Public Library
Ann Arbor, MI, US
The Internet Public Library provides essential library services to both new and experienced Internet users. Bringing the best features of the community library forward into a new technological environment, IPL seeks to challenge our thinking about new "communities" that will arise in the future and a broader range of services the library of tomorrow might provide.

ISDN Systems Corporation
Information Analytics, Inc., Lincoln, NE, US
ISC manufactures ISDN and Frame Relay products for small sites and telecommuters. ISC has solutions for PC to ISDN, PC to Frame Relay, LAN to ISDN with sophisticated security, and LAN to Frame Relay with internal LAN hub and onboard CSU/DSU. For Windows NT, ISC offers ISDN PRI and Frame Relay interfaces.

ITG Tours
Raleigh, NC, US
ITG Tours is a domestic and European tour operator with tour packages to major cities at substantial savings. ITG is a designated wholesale tour operator for USAIR, American Airlines, and Midway Airlines, with tours from over 100 cities. ITG is a 24-year-old North Carolina corporation.

The Jewelers of Las Vegas
Manifest Information Services, Las Vegas, NV, US
For more than 20 yrs, The Jewelers has been selling jewelry to some of the biggest names ever to visit Vegas or work in its famous resorts. We offer a large selection with prices to fit any budget.

The Johns Hopkins University Department of Biomedical Engineering
Baltimore, MD, US
Describes the Department of Biomedical Engineering program including information on faculty, students, courses, seminars, research labs and a hypertext version of the departmental brochure.

Johnson Consulting Network - JCN
Lansing, MI, US
We can provide your company with a wide range of consulting Internet services. From a straightforward analysis of how your business could benefit from having a presence on the Net to setting up your company's own Internet server and helping you find and train the staff to run it.

Jones Computer Network
Jones Interactive, Inc., Englewood, CO, US
A cable TV and satellite delivered programming service devoted to computer users. Television programs about home computing, digital gurus, 10 nano-seconds of fame, computer kids, and virtual trade shows are highlighted on this server. You can even leave email messages for a host of the home computing show.

Kosher Express - The Matzah Market
Atlanta, GA, US
Kosher Express offers delicious Kosher for Passover food products through The Matzah Market Web site, providing convenient shopping for over 70 Passover food products at reasonable prices. Visit the site to view a collection of Passover recipes contributed by Internet users worldwide.

Living Design/Living Art Center
Living Design Development Sweden, Gothenburg, Sweden
The virtual institute for procedural art and design in the real world. The home of The Mouse-Board(tm) for NetSurfers.

The Long Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamora
Michael Nesmith, Phoenix, AZ, US
An ongoing interactive tale, from Michael Nesmith (of Monkees fame).

Marxism Page
Rick Kuhn, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Information and pointers to resources on Marxism. Includes classic texts, HTMLed pamphlets, full text of 'Socialist Worker' newspaper (UK) and a sound clip of the 'Internationale' as well as graphics.

MedComm International Corporation
Seattle, WA, US
MedComm was formed in 1993 to provide a common single access point for health care professionals around the world. A key part of MedComm's mission is to promote the exchange of information and allow its subscribers to keep current on events and discoveries in the various health-care fields and medical communities.

The Media Page
Web'o'vision, San Diego, CA, US
Web links to San Diego, national, and international media subjects. Including TV and radio broadcasting, TV programs, publications and mailing lists, and most media-related subjects.

New York, NY, US
MediaFilter is a site for alternative media, art, journalism, and comix, featuring excellent publications such as Covert Action Quarterly, the incomparable NYC underground newspaper, The Shadow, and articles and information exchange with people living in the War Zone in former Yugoslavia.

MedSearch America, Inc.
Redmond, WA, US
MedSearch America is the only Internet-based employment and communications network specifically linking healthcare employers, recruiters, and job seekers around the world -- right from your desktop. Submit or search job descriptions and resumes from the Web or by Gopher; join our ongoing discussion groups, or enjoy the services available to MedSearch America members.

Michael Moncur - WWW Development Services
Salt Lake City, UT, US
I am an experienced WWW developer and am offering an economical Web page design service for businesses, individuals, and organizations. Pricing is among the lowest for such services. Services include design, custom graphics, and CGI programs. (Note: I do not offer server space)

Mike's SLIP Page
Mike Flanagan, Livonia, MI, US
A place to get and update on your Windows Winsock files. Things like Finger, Gopher, FTP and Web clients for windows.

The Monk Billiard Academy
TIWorks Inc., Nashua, NH, US
Improve your pool game at The Monk Billiard Academy. The Monk is a master teacher and author.

Mt. Lebanon Office Equipment
The Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
For all your office furnishing needs, anywhere in the western Pennsylvania area. We are the newest member of the fast-growing Internet Business Pages.

Multimedia Imaging and Compression Services
Information Analytics, Inc., Lincoln, NE, US
Imagine publishing your catalog on diskette with multiple pictures and supporting text. The catalog is structured by routing buttons and runs completely from the diskette. Imagine no longer--review Multimedia Imaging's Sho-Me product and download a sample book. Call us to have your own electronic diskette-based catalog or corporate brochure produced.

NASA Aerospace Education Services Project (AESP)
Stillwater, OK, US
A nationwide, free program for teachers, students, and the general public. Our home page provides information about the program and explains how schools and organizations can request a presentation from one of our aerospace education specialists. It includes links to the current schedule of NASA education videoconferences as well as a variety of space image libraries.

NASA Lewis Research Center Space Experiments Division Home Page
Space Experiments Division at LeRC, Cleveland, OH, US
This page serves as a pointer to the daily activities of the Space Experiments Division at NASA Lewis Research Center. It continues to grow and expand on a frequent basis.

National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM)
NARPM, Tucson, AZ, US
A national trade association comprised of licensed real estate agents and brokers who specialize in residential property management. Visit the site for information on the benefits of NARPM membership, membership qualifications and information on contacting NARPM.

the Net Gazzette
Williamson Imagineering, Portland, OR, US
The Net Gazzette is an exciting new all-electronic publication, half newspaper (news wires, weather satellite photos, stock quotes) and half magazine (Netizen-submitted columns, articles, interesting stories). Plus, the NG offers free classified and personals advertisements as well as commercial "WebVertising."

NETinterior ComputerLinks
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
An Internet access provider offering connectivity, consulting, and marketing services to the Interior of British Columbia.

NETWorld MarketPlace
Ocean Investments, Phoenix, AZ, US
Our site offers Net consumers the same or comparable products, services, information as found in other marketing media, but at lower prices and even at prices that are considered wholesale. When ordering from NETWorld MarketPlace, we guarantee your satisfaction with an unconditional money back guarantee.

Center for Machine Translation, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, US
A tool to see how good documents could look with maximum use of the Netscape HTML extensions.

Office for Central Europe and Eurasia
National Academy Press, Washington, DC, US
The National Academy Press would like to announce the release of the Office for Central Europe and Eurasia World Wide Web Home Page. The home page announces research and grant programs for Cooperation in Applied Science and Technology, Collaboration in Basic Science and Engineering, and Collaborative Research in Sectoral Policy.

Oracle Home Page
JCC Consulting, Inc., Granville, OH, US
A collection of Oracle7 related resources including an easy-to-use search engine containing Oracle7 newsgroup and listserver messages.

The Peoples Network
Orlando, FL, US
There's only one network that brings you all these and dozens of other great educators, motivators, and trainers -- the Peoples Network. We've got the program to go with the programming, including Dr. Tony Alessandra, Les Brown, Roger Dawson, Linda & Richard Eyre, and more.

Perspective Scientific Ltd
London, UK
Manufactures and distributes hand-held instruments for detecting and measuring both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Perspective is also a distributor for systems built by Holaday Industries Inc (non-ionizing radiation detectors) and Mini Instruments Ltd (ionizing radiation detectors). The home page contains a full product catalog and sales contact form.

Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering Dept.
NM Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, NM, US
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology would like to announce the new home page of the Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. You'll find information about the department, faculty, research projects and the campus of New Mexico Tech.

The Pinball Graveyard
Two Bit Score, Inc., Austin, TX, US
The home of Two Bit Score, the pinball graveyard. Where you can get technical tidbits you've been looking for to repair the dead pinball machine out in the garage.

Planet Music
Thiensville, WI, US
Specializing in hard-to-find import and domestic CDs via mail order. The list is updated twice a month and is constantly changing.

Political Science in Australia
Dept of Political Science, ANU, Canberra, Australia
A resource for political scientists working on and in Australia. Includes pointers to other useful material, regularly updated list of conferences and information about political science teaching and research in Australia.

Polymer Technology At Delft Univ. of Technology
Delft, NL-2628 BL, The Netherlands
An overview of polymer research and researchers at Delft University of Technology, and links to other interesting polymer sites.

Pragmatics Information Center
Pragmatisches Kolloquium, Freiburg, Baden-Würtemberg, Germany
Information about a group of researchers in the fields of pragmatics and conversation analysis and their services for colleagues (Maillist, Bibliography, Textarchive, etc).

Premier Insurance Group
Houston, TX, US
We offer all types of insurance and retirement plans for Texas residents or any one relocating to Texas. Please use our free on line quote form for rates or more info.

Prince Edward Island Visitors Guide
Government of PEI, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
Look here for help in planning a visit to Prince Edward Island, Canada. You'll find information about our beaches, golfing, outdoor adventure, festivals and events, and a powerful and intriguing set of tools to help you find accommodations.

Prindle Catamarans
Performance Catamarans, Inc., Santa Ana, CA, US
Prindle Catamarans are manufactured with state-of-the-art construction by Performance Catamarans, Inc., a proven leader among production-catamaran builders. Proven manufacturing technology, top-grade materials, and the finest equipment are used. Brought to you by CyberWharf.

The Productivity Press Online Catalog
Europa Communications, Inc, Portland, OR, US
Productivity Press publishes books that empower individuals and companies to achieve excellence in quality, productivity, and the creative involvement of all employees.

Promotional Interactive Gallery of Entertainment
The Dresbach Company, Los Angeles, CA, US
Pigweb features Showtime's "The Outer Limits" during March and April. You can get background on the show, enter a contest to win an "Outer Limits" jacket, and learn the horrible, sickening consequences of stealing cable (far too ghastly to mention here).

Quorum International
Woburn Woods Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Interesting unique product lines for business and personal use. Free catalogs available from our site.

Rainforest Workshop
Thurgood Marshall Middle School, Olympia, WA, US
The Rainforest Workshop provides information and lesson plans for teachers and students. Teachers are welcome to send us their lesson plans and we will put them on our web page.

Resource Guide for Windows 3.5 NT Server
Manufacturers Information Net, Houston, TX, US
This Windows 3.5 NT Resource Guide is a collection of sources for individuals or organizations that are constructing a NT Website. Our intent is to collect in one spot all the information required to put together a successful NT server on the Internet.

Roadmap For The Internet Training Workshop - HTML Version
MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA, US
Roadmap is an Internet training workshop designed to teach new Internet travelers how to travel around the rapidly expanding (and often confusing) Information Superhighway without getting lost. This is an HTML version of Patrick Crispen's email-based Internet workshop.

Roemer Weather, Inc.
Raleigh, NC, US
Provides commodity advisory service and weather service to energy, agriculture industries, investment firms, individuals, and government agencies.

Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
Royal Tyrrell Museum Cooperating Society, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A virtual tour of the museum, information on our educational services, Day Digs, Dino Prep, and Field Experience '95 programs. Also: what's new at the museum, tours and hikes, and much more.

Sage Solutions, Inc.
San Francisco, CA, US
A client-server solutions development group, Sage builds custom software for business. We specialize in Oracle and Sybase based systems, with a variety of Windows and Macintosh client development technologies. Sage also provides WWW services, specializing in Web-database integration.

Science Museum of Minnesota
St. Paul, MN, US
Online information and activities based on the Science Museum of Minnesota's collections and education divisions. Hands-on activities from our science halls and peeks behind the scenes and educational adventures are found at this online museum!

Scultura Arts Forum
Santa Barbara, CA, US
The Scultura Arts Forum is currently under construction, but new pages and interactive services are being added every day. We are building an arts forum where artists, patrons, galleries, publication, and others interested in the art world can come together to discuss ideas, share tips, network and buy and sell art.

Bayside Bikes, 5118 Cordova Bay Rd., Victoria, BC, Canada
Bicycle on water with the Seacycle, a completely new experience in recreational enjoyment. Cut through the water with the speed of a kayak or comfortably cruise long distances. The Seacycle will change your perception of pedal-powered boats. Pictures, specifications and .AVI videos are at this site.

Sealander & Company
Dallas, TX, US
Sealander & Company is a full service creative resource serving advertising agencies and corporate communicators. Services include concept development, copywriting, scriptwriting, video production, name generation and interactive authoring

Seattle Community Network
Seattle, WA, US
A public access, community-based computer network open to all, free of charge. SCN provides access to community information, online forums, access to information on other networks, access to government information, services, and processes, and electronic communication with other network users in Seattle and around the world.

Silicon Valley Directory of BillBoards
NetSurf, Inc., Milpitas, CA, US
This site contains a directory of billboards for businesses within the Silicon Valley. Included within these pages is an extensive directory of Silicon Valley Pizza Restaurants, many individual businesses, companies offering services, and organizations.

Social Investment Research Service
Prudential Securities, Walnut Creek, CA, US
Have your investments kept pace with your conscience? Socially conscious investing is a way to build an investment portfolio that reflects your beliefs.

Society for Human Sexuality
Seattle, WA, US
A new registered student group at University of Washington. Our purpose is to support the understanding and expression of human sexuality. We promote education about and acceptance of all sexual orientations, as well as all consensual and safe sexual practices.

Southeast Texas Area Computer Consultants
The Woodlands, TX, US
Southeast Texas Area Computer Consultants (known as SETACC) is the premier place for inexpensive Web pages. We have moved to a new location so that we can better serve you. Take a look at our Web site for Web pages starting as low as $50.

Sql Power Tools
The Development Group for Advanced Technology, Upper Saddle River, NJ, USA
Second generation tools for Sql developers and administrators. Recent additions to the product suite include the Sql Index Coverage Analyzer and the Sql Deadlock Predictor. The suite of Sql Power Tools include impact analyzers and automatic documenters.

The Statbot Archive
Moorglade Design Group, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Latest updates and support for Statbot, a Web page statistics utility that automatically generates an easy-to-read page containing the names, totals, and dates of the sites that have visited.

State of Vermont Home Page
Montpelier, VT, US
Vermont State Government WWW pages, gopher servers, and ftp servers. Links to other government agencies, Vermont Colleges and Universities and New England information. Make sure to see the jobs listing at the Department of Employment and Training.

SteveO's California Central Coast Wine Region Touring
SteveO Guides, Austin, TX, US
This is my California Central Coast Wine Touring Guide. I've been enjoying wine touring in the area for a number of years and figured I'd pass on some information for others to use. This page is entirely non-commercial -- I have no connection to any winery except as a happy consumer and occasional visitor.

Taos Mountain Software -- UNIX Contracting & Training
Palo Alto, CA, US
You'll find updated listings of open contract positions in Silicon Valley, as well as the reasons Taos Mountain Software is the leader in providing contract services to the Bay Area UNIX market.

Technology 2000
Governor's Office, State of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, US
The Technology 2000 document details the technology available, the status of development, and gives background and understanding to what Utah's electronic information highway is.

Telecommunication Legislation in WA State
University of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
This electronic democracy page offers a testbed based upon active legislation for exploring different models of citizen interaction with legislative processes. Currently featured is a controversial bill which focuses on an effort which some say US-WEST is using it's political influence to construct a road block on the information superhighway.

Texas Music Page
dis organization, Dallas, TX, US
This page has information, lyrics, and tour dates for many of my favorite Texas Artists, folks like Robert Earl Keen Jr., Nancy Griffith, and Jerry Jeff Walker.

Tropical Flowers by Charles
Kauai, HI, US
We ship gift boxes of colorful exotic flowers grown on the tropical island of Kauai. Flowers shipped world-wide via air express. These beautiful flowers are long lasting: two weeks and longer. Our flowers may be seen/ordered at our home page; you may order with credit cards.

TurnPike Emporium Special Offer
Volant Corporation, San Diego, CA, US
The commercial alternative to the very popular TurnPike Metropolis system for publishing Web Pages on the Internet. Volant Corporation is offering a special deal for the first 250 TurnPike Emporium users -- no monthly maintainance fee, discounted setup, and cheap disk space pricing.

UK Government/European Grants & Business Funding Sources
Growth Resourcing Associates Ltd (GRA), Wrexham, UK
GRA offers all companies a free confidential enquiry service to ascertain their eligibility to receive one or more of the myriad grants available from UK and European funding sources e.g. 'Regional Selective Assistance (RSA)' in order to assist their Expansion Projects and/or 'Inward Investment' to the UK. the fullest support.

The Underground Review
Ordway Press Limited, Tulsa, OK, US
The Underground Review (TUR) is an electronic smorgasbord of publications from the underground. Each month TUR will unearth provocative and obscure magazines not readily available to the average person. The first issue features the "AntiShyster" which makes a critical examination of the American legal system.

Tuscaloosa, AL, US
UR*OnRamp provides Internet access to individuals or businesses with fixed monthly charges and local phone numbers. Additionally, UR*OnRamp will be happy to provide information on how you can offer Internet access in your hometown via a local phone call.

VMEbus Modules, IndustryPacks™ and The OS-9 Operating System
BVM Limited, Southampton, UK
A listing of VMEbus modules, IndustryPack™ compatible modules and OS-9 Operating System ports, utilities and development tools available from BVM Limited. A number of articles and tutorials of interest to systems integrators involved in developing real-time applications are also included.

The vw3news List
Univ. of Rostock, Rostock, Germany
A Web application for writing and reading hypertext articles using HTML. A knowledge of HTML isn't necessary in order to use vw3news because writing in plain text is also permissible.

Washington State's Olympic Peninsula
OlympusNet, Olympic Peninsula, WA, US
This site provides information about the Olympic Peninsula, including lodging, events, attractions, travel and the Olympic National Park.

Windham Hill Records
Menlo Park, CA, US
Spring has sprung with the latest releases from Windham Hill Records. Like Timbuk3. Sly wit and a purposeful irony run like phantom couriers through all ten tracks of Pat MacDonald and Barbara K's full-length High Street debut, "A Hundred Lovers." And Øystein Sevåg is back with his second Windham Hill release, "Global House," which melds together a wide range of musical influences.

The Wine Bargain Page
Louisville, KY, US
Consumer-oriented tasting notes (no industry connections, no freebies) on quality table wines for $10 or less, updated frequently by Robin Garr, a long-time wine journalist and a sysop of the CompuServe Bacchus Wine Forum. Page also contains many links to other quality wine resources on the Web.

World Game Institute
Philadelphia, PA, US
A non-profit, non-partisan research and educational organization (originated by Buckminster Fuller) which produces software and commentaries on world issues, and conducts workshops on the world's largest, most accurate map of Earth.

Friday, 31 March 1995

1995 Masters Tournament Coverage by the Augusta Chronicle
Augusta Chronicle/Concentric Research Corp., Augusta, GA, US
Up-to-the-minute coverage of the 1995 Masters Tournament provided by the staff of the Augusta Chronicle and Concentric Research Corp. Hourly updates (including leaderboard) during tournament play.

Acomsoft, Software Division of Infinity Computer Systems
Aloha, OR, US
We provide information on personal computers, servers, workstations, Linux, Microsoft, software, auto, dealers, homes, houses, kids, school, and more.

Ads International
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Like an ice cold beer after helping a friend move or a weekend with your spouse after three months at sea, Ads International meets your every need.

The Advertisements Forum, Croatia
FER, Zagreb, Croatia
Use this ad page if you are looking for someone or something in Croatia, if you want to find a pen pal there, or if you have any problem or question that you'd like to address to Web readers in Croatia.

Artdirect, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA, US
A magazine about art and culture in American cities, from mezzo-sopranos to motorcycles. Film-makers, jazz musicians, painters, writers, even the Judy Garland of dish design help you connect the dots in their works. Includes Bibliotheque, a bookstore stacked with museum catalogs, small literary press titles, comics, and CD-ROMS, and more.

NetUser, New York, NY, US
Unique links!

ASHE (A Simple HTML Editor)
CS Dept. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, US
ASHE is an HTML editor for Unix platforms. This editor was presented in the Second WWW Conference at Chicago. ASHE was written using C language, Motif (X-Window) and NCSA HTML Widget.

The Autodidact's Journal
Straw Dogs Group, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The first issue of a freely-available research journal for people who are interested in everything. No second issue is currently in production, but have fun with what we have.

Biocenter Frankfurt
Institute of Biophysical Chemistry, Frankfurt Univ., Frankfurt, Germany
Information about the new Biocenter of the J.W. Goethe Univ. Frankfurt, its institutes, and a collection of sites in Biochemistry.

Boston University Alumni Today
Boston University Office of Alumni Relations, Boston, MA, US
For the 200,000+ Boston University alumni, we offer regularly updated Terrier sports news, a calendar of alumni events around the country and across the globe, campus and alumni news, career services information, and even a Puzzler Page. Many new features,

British Law Firm M. Howard Quinn & Associates
London, England, UK
M. Howard Quinn & Associates is pleased to announce its Internet Home Pages. In addition to information about our company and the services that we provide both home and overseas, we have constructed a listing of legal information web sites, which we will be continuously updating both in size and scope. Additions to this listing are welcomed.

Sir Sandford Fleming College, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
A research tool for entomology or forestry students.

Burlington High School Home Page
AIS Class, Burlington, IA, US
Burlington High School announces its first WWW page. We are still under construction, but we have many interesting links and descriptions of our future projects.

C4I Professionals Mailing List Page
NPS, Monterey, CA, US
This page explains the mailing list created for use by anyone interested or involved in the area of command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4I). Its purpose is to serve as an unofficial central point or clearinghouse for information and activities of interest to members of the C4I professional community.

Canary Wharf Online
Nobbis Ltd, London, UK
The first service for the inhabitants, workers, and tourists of London's Docklands. We provide a mixture of business services, local and community information, tourist information, sports and entertainment, and guides to the WWW. We actively support the local community, by provision of resources, and welcome articles from local people.

WhelliWeb, Int'l., Eugene, OR, US
CheeseNet aims to be the Internet's leading cheese information resource. Here, one can find texts concerning the history, variety and language of cheese, as well as pictures of cheeses and a visual "demonstration" of how cheese is made.

Collier & Associates Law Firm
Dallas, TX, US
The first woman-owned law firm in Texas (Dallas) to have a WWW home page. We use leading edge technology to provide our clients with expert legal counsel. The firm's practice areas include all types of business advice and commercial litigation.

The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension
Life in General, New York, NY, US
Features works of Alan Watts, Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson and Terence McKenna. Other topics include thought crime, psychological heresy, politics, philosophy, shamanism, the rapidly approaching omega point and lots of related links.

Dept. of Art and Art History Brochure
Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY, US
Describes courses offered in the department, a listing of art and art history faculty with slides of studio faculty's work, the 1994-95 visiting artist schedule and Schick Art Gallery schedule, and Alumni Notes.

Dept of Social Psychiatry
University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands
Research center for psychiatric epidemiology, schizophrenia, depression, etc. You can find information, links to other psychiatric sites, our guestbook entries, and more.

The Detective Information Network
Falls Church, VA, US
Investigative advice and research services at a very reasonable price. We'll tell you how to find what you're looking for or we'll do it for you.

DILAN, Hickory, NC, US
DILAN is Systems Integrator with a wide variety of products and services. We can assist in the implementation of custom software and hardware solutions in the LAN and WAN environment. We represent some of the finest lines in the industry: Bay Networks, NetFRAME, HP, NeXT, Novell, Microsoft and Lotus Notes among others.

Down East Books
HyperMedia Communications Inc., Brooklin, ME, US
Associated with Down East Magazine, Down East Books offers readers the best of Maine literature, travel books, regional cookbooks, and great children's books. We also sell quality handcrafted items in our gift store. All of our gift items can be ordered online.

Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI, US
Eastern Michigan's home page (still under construction) with links to several of the colleges, including College of Business, College of Education, continuing education, and other services.

Edward Averill & Associates
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Executive management consulting services to establish an effective two-way communication between the senior operational management, and the top executive team led by the CEO. Executive management consulting ensures that there are formal strategic business goals that the whole organization is working to achieve.

Information Ventures, Inc., Philadelphia, PA, US
EMF-Link is a comprehensive source of information on the biological and health effects of exposure to electric and magnetic fields (EMFs). It contains articles from EMF Health Report, full-text policy documents from state and government agencies, and current news items, literature, research summaries, and a gateway to EMF-related servers on the Net.

Englewood, CO, US
Denver's premier Internet access provider offering premium SLIP/PPP access and full World Wide Web consulting.

Explorations In Travel
Brattleboro, VT, US
Internships and work placements for students and adults. We also design active, educational student travel programs for groups throughout the year. A variety of placement possibilities are available.

Flame Ties
TECHLOCK Distributing, Centerville, OH, US
Want to flame someone? Send them a flame tie. If you're a hot rodder, these are just the thing to wear to that next cruise-in or car show. Made in the USA of polysatin doubleknit, these ties are the hit of the street rod community.

FlashPak - Imaginativelecronics
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
FlashPak has a well developed product range including home automation, self sufficiency, and aids for the disabled.

Ford Enthusiast's Page
Bruce McCulloch Jones, San Diego, CA, US
A page devoted to all the Ford related sites around the globe.

George Mason University Space Science Group
Fairfax, VA, US
Information about the PhD program in Computational Sciences and Informatics and the undergraduate major in physics. Lecture notes, review questions, lab information, and practice exams are also available for introductory classes Astronomy 105 and Astronomy 106. These classes use electronic classroom technology for lecture notes, and the Web for distribution of supplemental class material for each lecture.

Goethe House -- New York
New York, NY, US
Event calender for Goethe House -- New York. See: Readings Video.

Gold Moon Jewelry
Gold Moon Precious Metal & Gem Works, Lathrup Village, MI, US
We're creating a beautifully designed and carefully executed line of contemporary Deco, Nouveau and Victorian jewelry unlike anything you'll see elsewhere. We rely on 32 years experience and only the finest quality metals and gems when we hand-craft each original design.

Graphical Data Analysis Course
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, US
The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Montana State University is offering an online version of Statistics 438, Graphical Data Analyisis. The course explores topics ranging from human visual perception and computer vision to conditional expectation and empirical distributions. There is a special off campus page to help Internet visitors get started.

Guggenheim Fellowships
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, New York, NY, US
For advanced professionals in all fields (natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, creative arts) except the performing arts. Citizens and permanent residents of the U.S., Canada, and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean are eligible to apply.

Heriot-Watt University Information Service
Edinburgh, Scotland
A leading technological university offering an outstanding range and quality of technological, professional and vocational courses and with a thriving research park. Heriot-Watt won The Queen's Anniversary Prize for Further and Higher Education in 1994 and The Queen's Award for Export Achievement for its MBA Distance Learning Programme.

Horizon Technologies
Bellingham, WA, US
THE internet provider for Bellingham, WA

Hotel Durant, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA, US
Located just one block from the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, Hotel Durant returns you to a bygone era of elegance and luxury and has been a Berkeley landmark since 1928. To celebrate the grand opening of our Internet storefront, you will have a chance to win one FREE night at Hotel Durant. We also offer discounts to Internet users and educational institutions.

Hydrocomp Simulation Network
Hydrocomp, Inc., Redwood City, CA, US
Provides general information about the company as well as recent newsletters, articles, and published papers. Topics include hydrologic simulation, reservoir operations, hydropower optimization and flood frequency analysis.

InterMarket Manufacturing Service
Santee, CA, US
Party banners for home parties, office events and special occasions. Large, screen printed banners are "ready for hanging," inside or outside. Banners can be customized with names, dates, and more, using broad tipped, markers. And they can be autographed with regular ball point pens. Heavy duty vinyl. Solid brass grommets.

Islamic Society of Stanford University
Stanford, CA, US
The ISSU Web page has information about Islam and Muslims around the world. There are links to online Quran and Hadith databases, and news of Islamic events in the Bay Area.

A. Joseph Ross, J.D. Law Office
Boston, MA, US
Contains information on various legal topics, particularly Massachusetts law. Items include: Making an offer on a home; Recent changes in Massachusetts condo law; How to stay out of trouble as a small landlord; tenants' Rights under ballot question 9 (phaseout of rent control).

King Sports
Cyteria Village, West Chester, PA, US
King Sports is a unique store specializing in active sports wear and beach wear. We carry the famous Birdwell Beach Britches. A famous beach swim short which the california surfers made famous in the 1960's. We are another fine shop located in Knowledge Products
Nashville, TN, US
Knowledge Products produces and markets spoken-word audio cassettes, specializing in entertaining yet informative presentations of great ideas and events in history. Each presentation includes dramatic enactments and narration by famous personalities.

Letter from Evans Jazz Newsletter
Winter Park, FL, US
Home page site of Letter From Evans Jazz Newsletter electronic publishing site. Under construction.

Literatura Peruana
Felipe PoloWood, Raleigh, NC, US
Literatura Peruana. Actualmente contiene Estampas Pacasmayinas, una serie de escritos cortos del folklore de los pueblos.

Los Angeles County Real Estate Forum
Global Exposure Network, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
GENinc is pleased to announce the arrival on the WWW of its Los Angeles County Real Estate Forum, featuring listings in several L.A. County cities.

Mama's Cucina
Ragu Pasta Sauces, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Ragu presents Mama's Cucina, the Internet's family kitchen. Mama's Cucina has lots of fun and interesting information about food and the Old Country. You can browse through Mama's private collection of Italian recipes, read articles on Italian art and architecture, and learn to speak Italian with Professore Antonio.

Marketing Forum Hohenheim e.V.
Stuttgart, Germany
This is the largest student-organisation at a German university. We organize speeches, workshops and days-on-the-job. A Southeastasia-Symposium in June is the highlight of the summer-term.

Microstar Laboratories, Inc.
Bellevue, WA, US
Microstar Laboratories is the leader in its field, the application of distributed intelligence to hardware and software products for data acquisition and control. The company was the first to introduce such a product for the PC, and continues to maintain its technology lead.

The Milestone Superstore
Rosetta Milestone Limited, London, England
A truly comprehensive range of products and services to the world. FTD/Interflora Flowers, Weird & Wonderful CDs, car audio, Presentation Cutlery, travel and domestic insurance, bargain corner and PC TCP X and Unix software. All at good prices and available at the touch of a button.

Donnan Steele Net Productions, New Haven, CT, US
A study of the government, media, and other subversive organizations on the Web. Also included is a new-content, forward-reaching effort to get young and unique voices swinging in the melee of the communication age.

MMU Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department.
Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, England, UK
Contains departmental information along with staff, postgrad and support staff home pages. Still under construction.

london, london, uk
Moldflow's range of software and services are used to optimise the design and production of plastic parts.

MoneyCards, San Diego, CA, US
The USA is the last major country where phonecards will be introduced. By 1996 eight out of ten Americans will know what a phonecard is, and collectors will be everywhere. The boom in phonecard prices on the collectors market will be faster and bigger than in any other country on earth.

Monrovia, California
Global Exposure Network, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
GENinc announces the Monrovia, California WWW server. Information is available on many aspects of life in this special southern California community, including government and community services, geography, and economic development.

Mother Jones Interactive
San Francisco, CA, US
Activists, thinkers, revolutionaries, skeptics: Mother Jones Magazine's March/April issue is now online. Find out what's behind Newt Gingrich's popularity; why we're spending $193 million for military bands, more than the NEA's entire budget, and $1.8 billion for a bomb testing facility we don't need.

Austin, TX, US
NAFTANET is an electronic port of trade targeting Small Businesses wishing to Expand markets into International Trade (IT), and Reduce Transaction Costs and Turnaround Time using EC/EDI Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange.

New England Windsurfing Journal
Southbury, CT, US
Look for excerpts from past and current issues, including many action photos, trip reports, and tips. Look for us under the Windsurfing section of RS Communications' Adventure Sports

New Physics Review
Physics/Consciousness Research Group, San Francisco, CA, US
Tutorials in the New Physics linking Mind to Matter including the latest research by Nobel Prize physicist, Brian Josephson of Cambridge and Roger Penrose of Oxford.

The Online World of Brent Bourgeois
NetCentral, Inc., Nashville, TN, US
Check out the new Brent Bourgeois release "Come Join The Living World" and get a discount coupon worth $4.00. Listen to all 10 songs and discover his Discography, The Essential Interactive Brent Bourgeois, and Brent's own Photo Album.

Operation Desert Storm Debriefing Book
Andrew Leyden, South Bend, IN, US
A collection of various documents and links related to the Gulf War, along with original work on the politics, history, and military aspects of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

Ordway Press
Ordway Press Limited, Tulsa, OK, US
We publish several electronic magazines, each contained in a standalone program that runs independently of any word processor or text viewer. Zines include The Underground Review, Cheat on entrance exams... Legally!, The ComputerJournal Online, and more.

Oregon Real Estate
autobahn inc (shoostring.com), Portland, OR, US
This is a real estate guide for the Portland Oregon metro area. It is continuously being updated and will have more/different listings posted approximately once a week.

PolyGram Web Site
PolyGram Group Distribution, New York, NY, US
The official WWW resource for information about artists on the PolyGram family of record labels (including A&M, Atlas, Def Jam, Deutsche Grammophon, Island, Mercury, Mercury Nashville, Philips, Polydor Nashville, Verve, and more), as well as information about PolyGram Video and PolyGram Filmed Entertainment.

Portland Marathon and Int'l Race Directors Conference
Portland, OR, US
Information on the 24th Portland Marathon and International Race Directors Conference Sept. 29 -- Oct. 1, 1995.

The Queens Mountain Biker
MultiTrendz Intermedia, Richmond Hill, NY, US
This page is a link from the Queens Home Page. which is dedicated to the promotion of commerce and leisure in the NYC borough of Queens. The Queens Mountain Biker was created to promote safe cycling while also maintaining good links to other cycling resources.

Restaurant Chain Management Software
Kim Software, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
RMS/2000 is a totally integrated software for multi-unit restaurants -- fast food or family dining. One vendor solution for your software needs at affordable prices. Requires PC/LAN or IBM AS/400. Store sales reporting, inventory management, recipe and nutrition, cash register polling, email, purchase order management, accounts payable and more.

Sacro Wedgy
Assoc. for Continuing Education Providers, San Rafael, CA, US
The Sacro Wedgy is a new proven concept for back pain. Reduce health care costs with effective home therapy as needed. Learn how to "relax your back to health."

Sam Johnson's Electronic Revenge (American Hatred issue)
Silly Little Troll Publications, Philadelphia, PA, US
America seems to be seething, politically and socially. Not just street violence and name-calling; we're all looking for somebody to blame. What's causing all this? We'd like to gather articles on American Hatred and Anger to put into a special "issue" of Sam. Tell us why, in historical, social, cultural or humanistic terms, you think this is happening.

San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond
San Francisco Bay Area, CA, US
A useful guide to San Francisco Bay Area WWW information for locals and visitors. Includes pointers to: weather, earthquake updates, theater and concert listings, local attractions, cities, volunteer opportunities, conferences and seminars, job and housing listings, newspapers, restaurant guides, sports schedules and lots more. Pointers, also, to Northern California info.

School of Engineering, University of Durham, UK
Durham, England, UK
This link provides access to a wide range of information about the School of Engineering at the University of Durham in the UK. Our undergradutae courses are described and information on research activities and staff is available.

Scotlens Innovative Contact Lenses
Scotlens, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland
Scotlens supplies innovative contact lenses to BS5750 and ISO9000. Free consultancy is offered worldwide. New hi-DK materials combine the comfort of Hema with the stability of RGP. Technical and research data, and automatic calculation of Toric lenses on-line are available. Registration and ordering can be done online.

Serif, Inc.
Nashua, NH, US
Serif, makers of PagePlus Desktop Publishing Software (DTP with an attitude), offers free software from our pages and has a drawing to win a Publishing Suite. Our pages will be updated with the latest information on products. Links are provided to permit ease of upgrading to Netscape version 1.1. Tips for design and layout, FAQ's for technical support as well as customer service are included.

Paradise Software, Inc., Jamesburg, NJ, US
A new whiteboard teleconferencing product for the Sun (R), bringing technological advancement to collaborative computing, Simplicity (TM) has breakthrough features that make distance computing a virtual meeting.

'Spinning The Web' By Andrew Ford
International Thomson Publishing, London, London, UK
Spinning The Web is aimed at the Internet community, especially those who want to participate and create those sites that are part of the World Wide Web. This book covers the creation of hypertext documents. You can read this book now, live on the net, or order the printed version online.

Techfind International, Inc.
Boca Raton, FL, US
Information about the Techfind International Registry, a worldwide employment network exclusively for information technology professionals. Through the Registry, you can search quickly and easily on the database to find the professionals who have the skills you need. TechFind International is offering space on the Web for other businesses who need a presence on the Internet.

Tickitape from Adhesive Specialities Ltd
London, London, England
Adhesive Specialities Ltd manufactures quality self-adhesive tapes (Tickitape) in the UK. Rubber and acrylic adhesives on foils, films and polythene/cloth laminates are relevant for insulation, air conditioning, refrigeration, electrical, glazing, D.I.Y., civil and constructional engineers, and more. Seek stockists/distributors worldwide.

Trophy Chasers Outdoor Adventures, Inc.
Cheyenne, WY, US
Trophy Chasers represents Alaskan, Canadian, and western U.S. outfitters. The adventures offered include: hunting, fishing, cattle drives, and youth pack trips. Head to the hearty outdoors for excitement and adventure.

Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association
TAAA, Tucson, AZ, US
Founded in 1954, the TAAA provides the local community of amateurs and professionals a way to share their interest in astronomy with each other and with the general public through regular meetings, star-parties, and school educational programs.

The TumYeto Digital Universe
TumYeto Inc., San Diego, CA, US
Tum Yeto is the legal mumbojumbo of a group of young (average age: 23 yrs) entrepreneurs who fart around a lot. We do manufacturing, sales and distribution and marketing of skateboard and music junk in conjuction with some of the most intuitive individuals in the world.

UCSF Anesthesia
UCSF Department of Anesthesia, San Francisco, CA, US
A description of the departmental educational philosophy, seminar and conference schedules, and extensive hypertext-linked anesthesia keyword database is included.

Unique Travel Services
Orlando, FL, US
Unique Travel Services is on the WWW and offering cruises online.

UNISON - the UK's public sector trade union
London, UK
UNISON is the biggest trade union in the United Kingdom, representing nearly 1.5 million public sector workers. Our new site will tell you a lot about UNISON and what it does. Campaigning news will be a priority - our current pages give details of our current campaign for a decent pay rise for health service workers.

University of Wyoming Math Homepage
U.Wyoming, Laramie, WY, US
This page offers Wyoming WWW sites and information about our math department faculty and graduate school.

The Unofficial Missouri Page
Mike Newman, MO, US
Information on the Show-Me state. Included are Missouri History, Missouri Facts and Missouri on the Internet. Also has some biographies of well-known Missourians.

U.S. Space Camp
Traveller Information Services, Huntsville, AL, US
At Space Camp, you'll buckle up inside a space shuttle orbiter simulator and train for a one-hour mission where you and others from around the world are the commander, pilot and mission specialists.

A Visionary Creation of the Imagination
DooS, Enschede, The Netherlands
An online gallery, with an art section containing surrealistic paintings (paint-brushes, oil paintings, pencil drawings, etc.).

The X-Files
HLA, Bodoe, Norway
For X-Files fans in Norway.

YSM Small Business Solutions
Las Vegas, NV, US
YSM provides small business voice solutions that include a powerful multi-line voice board with superior voice quality and Windows software, which includes auto attendant and voicemail, that allows you to multi-task and not have to dedicate a computer to the system.

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