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What's New: April 1995

Monday, 3 April 1995

100% Annie
RCA/WebMedia, London, England, UK
Annie Lennox is one of Britain's most successful and innovative artists. Annie's latest innovation, Medusa, takes her out onto the Internet. There's every reason to believe that the Internet will welcome her unconventional presence. Sound, images, clips.

Abilene Christian University MBA at ACU
College of Business Administration, ACU, Abilene, TX, US
The Web site for the graduate MBA program at ACU's College of Business Administration. ACU's MBA program provides both working professionals and full-time students a unique opportunity to obtain a solid graduate-level education in business with an emphasis on ethics, incorporation of technology in the learning process, and an international business perspective.

Adrenaline Rushes
On Ramp Internet Computer Services, Las Vegas, NV, US
Our mission is to give users a Siskel and Ebert- like peek into the Las Vegas "adrenaline underground." Junkies will get the scoop on where to go in Vegas for their endorphin surge, from two action addicts. Skydiving, aerial dogfights, bungee jumping, whatever -- we seek out danger.

The Agora Language Marketplace
Network Technology Corporation, Boston, MA, US
Agora is a buyer's guide for language materials and a source of information for (L2) language professionals. Selections include publishers directory, Agora Publishing Group listing (low-volume materials), language schools and study abroad, calendar information, professional workshops, events, announcements, employment.

Secretary of the Air Force, Washington, DC, US
AirForceLINK, the Air Force's Home Page, includes fact sheets on weapon systems, biographies on senior leaders, photos of aircraft and current operations around the world, digital audio clips of music by Air Force bands, a virtual display of selected pieces from the Air Force art collection, and a master index of more than three dozen other home pages throughout the Air Force.

Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking
alaskan.com, Anchorage, AK, US
Alaska Mountaineering & Hiking has been selling mountaineering equipment for over twenty years to climbers from around the world. The staff at A.M.H. has the climbing experience and expertise to help you in the selection of equipment to meet your needs.

Aluminum Extrusion Consultant Inc.
The Internet Store (tm), Irving, TX, US
Aluminum industry information.

Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Uses HTML to "footnote" Grateful Dead lyrics.

Antiques and The Arts Weekly
Newtown, CT, US
Antiques and The Arts Weekly is the nation's leading weekly source of information on the antiques trade. Its WWW pages include feature on the people and trends in the art and antiques world. Also included is a comprehensive listing of upcoming auctions around the country.

AP Circuits Ltd.
Calgary, AB, Canada
Ap Circuits is a manufacturer of printed circuit boards, specializing in prototype quantities on plated through hole double sided pcb's. Minimum order is in lots of 2 and in increments of 2 thereafter. Short run production is also available. Service area - North and South America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.

Arlington Food Assistance Center
AFAC, Arlington, VA, US
We now have information available over the Internet. This charitable nonprofit organization provides food for needy families and individuals.

Art Comics -- Independent Comics For The Internet
Artcomics, Arlington, VA, US
An entertainment facility showcasing the comic and cartoon artworks of a variety of people. Many online comic strips, mini-comics, exhibitions, photo-comics, all in an ongoing changing setting with something new every week. Regular features include "Bobby Ruckers," Any World, and the Art Comics Project. The space is open to submissions.

Association For Research In Vision And Opthalmology
Neptune, Miami, FL, US
Presenting a week-long series of seminars and presentations of advances in research, diseases and surgical techniques relating to the optical field. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - May 12-20, 1995

Atlantic Computing Technology Corp., Wethersfield, CT, US
As either a stand-alone Internet solution, or as part of an entire firewalled Internet network, Atlantic-in-a-Can is your answer to providing WWW, gopher, automatic mail response, mailing lists, anonymous FTP to the Internet community.

ATR Sunnyvale, CA - Temp. and Contract Employment Service
Advanced Technical Resources, Sunnyvale, CA, US
Advanced Technical Resources in the heart of Silicon Valley places temporary and contract workers in companies throughout the Valley.

Australian Property Magazine
Burleigh Heads, Australia
A new service established to provide advertising for residential and commercial property for sale throughout Australia. Property is displayed in color photo format with description and may include plans/aerial views. The service is available to real estate agents, developers and property owners.

Barbies Galore
Jennifer Warf, Indiana University student., Bloomington, IN, US
Many many pictures of the Barbie doll. Any Barbie collector will find this site to be very informative, and entertaining. There are also links to other Barbie doll resources.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 9th Ed.
Columbia University, New York, NY, US
This is the original classic scholarly collection of quotations by the great editor John Bartlett. Browse or search 9,000 quotations and 2,000 footnotes by over 400 authors. Published by Columbia University's Project Bartleby.
http://www.columbia.edu/~svl2/bartlett/ [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Bellcore Home Page
Information Technology Group, Morristown, NJ, US
Bellcore now offers an interactive search capability on Document Products Catalog. Bellcore documents may also be ordered online. Check out this new service at Bellcore Products Catalog.

Benjamin Logan Local School District
Bellefontaine, OH, US
Benjamin Logan Local School District is a K-12 educational facility in West-Central Ohio.

Betacorp Multimedia (CD-ROM publishing)
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
A multimedia publishing company specializing in electronic product catalogs, interactive marketing and the production of commercial multimedia titles.

Big Mama's Web Strands
Cornerstone Consulting, Lakewood, CA, US
Big Mama's Web Strands is a starting place for venturing out onto the Web. Big Mama is a green lynx spider that presides over the Web pages. Besides pages of links, there are a few pages of pictures and sounds, mostly about animals.

Booked for Murder, A Mystery Reader's Paradise
Madison, WI, US
We feature Madison's largest selection of mystery audios, logic and crossword puzzles of all levels, mystery party games, and more. Our home page features a calendar of upcoming author visits, new releases, and timely reviews.

Bottom Line Online Virtual Digital Marketplace
Bottom Line Distribution, Austin, TX, US
In celebration of our site officially on the Web, we are hosting a contest with a Macintosh Quadra 630 as grand prize. Other prizes include a 230MB optical drive, and CD-ROMs. Bottom Line Online is intended to be a one-stop marketplace for Macintosh users on the Web.

British Columbia Provincial Emergency Program (PEP)
Government of British Columbia, Canada
A variety of emergency preparedness and emergency management documents, ranging from explanations of provincial legislation and regulations to individual earthquake preparedness information. New emergency management system proposal seeks input from interested readers.

CadWhiz Computer Consulting
Wilmington, DE, US
A full system integrator, providing computer consulting, training, service and technical support to small- and medium-size businesses. Our goal is to educate businesses to optimize the capabilities of their PCs.

Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A Christian Resource Centre, to help equip Christians for evangelism in their communities and around the world. We provide an overview of most of our materials as well as resources, information and instruction from experienced leaders.

Canadian Biker Magazine
Frank Hilliard Writing, Victoria, BC, Canada
The second-largest general interest motorcycle magazine in Canada. This new Web page contains a selection of articles from the current edition, together with pictures and an order form.

Central Index of Canadian WWW Servers
Cyberspace Research, North York, ONT, Canada
The most comprehensive list of its kind in Canada. Servers are listed by scope and by location. The index allows for on line server registration and features a What's New section. The index is maintained by Cyberspace Research.

CL Software and Services
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
We offer training, support and development with Lotus software for Windows and design, installation, tuning, training and support for NetWare, Unix and Internet networks.

ClickShop Library
ClickShop Com, Renton, WA, US
Publish your literature and software, making it available for immediate download. You set the price, you get 90% of the revenue because this library is an information utility. Be among the first authors to publish in this exciting new media.

The Company Store
D2000, Provo, UT, US
A fullfillment center for all sorts of promotional products. Currently the company store is featuring Novell items such as shirts, jackets, pens, golf items etc.

Computer-aided Biomolecular Modeling and Design Group
Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Lab., Univ. of Oxford, England
The Graham Richards group at the Univ. of Oxford uses computer-aided design and modeling to study biomolecules, drugs and their interactions. Our Web pages describe our research and resources, contain our pages submitted to the recent Electronic Computational Chemistry Conference, and access to our anonymous FTP site.

The ComputerJournal Online
Ordway Press Limited, Tulsa, OK, US
The ComputerJournal Online is a colorful e-zine on technology and computers, covering everything from how things work to why they don't. There may be a list of free software, sometimes you'll find reviews of the latest releases from major software publishers, the inner workings of hardware, or more.

Confocal Microscope Facility
University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
Information on the Confocal Microscope Facility, images, lectures, confocal related software and 3D analysis. Links to biology-related pages as well as graphics links.

Cook Inlet Book Company
alaskan.com, Anchorage, AK, US
We are happy to share with you this small glimpse at our huge selection of Alaska books. This catalog represents just a few highlights, from our collection of over 7,000 Alaska titles.

CoroNet Systems
Los Altos, CA, US
Do you know who is using your network and what they are using it for? The CoroNet Management System monitors your network from an application perspective, giving you the information you need to manage it effectively.

CPLEX Optimization, Inc.
Incline Village, NV, US
A leading provider of large-scale mathematical programming software and services. CPLEX's linear and mixed-integer programming solvers are known for superior performance and reliability, particularly on large or difficult problems. Software and supporting services from CPLEX Optimization, Inc. are available worldwide.

CRAYON - CReAte Your Own Newspaper
Jeff Boulter, Lewisburg, PA, US
Create your own newspaper with CRAYON, the Internet newspaper server. CRAYON brings together the best of periodical information from around the world. Choose from news, business, entertainment, sports, comics and others and pick only the information you read. Save that document and you have your own Internet newspaper, updated daily.

Cyber/Darts -- The Darts Zine
Houston, TX, US
The ultimate information resource for darters. Regular articles, tips and equipment reviews, listings of darts associations and darts pubs around the world, with free pages for their local news, biographies (with photos) of darts pros, rules of major darts organizations, darts events calendars and more.

A Daily Resource: the Today.Com home page
Today Communications Online Marketing, New York, NY, US
The Today.Com home page has daily sources for news and newspapers, weather forecasts, business and finance, technology and computers, fun and entertainment, sports and recreation, and other daily information on the World Wide Web.

Data-Doc Online
Data-Doc Electronics Inc., Austin, TX, US
Information and pricing on Data-Doc's broad line of ConnectWARE products: computer cables, printer sharing products and the DDE MobilePower (the 110 outlet for your car).

Mediapolis, inc., New York, NY, US
A collection of gay/lesbian not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.

DCCI Home Page
San Antonio, TX, US
The focus of Internet activity for San Antonio and central Texas, with content including tourist attractions, and facilities to local businesses.

DECUS '95/Washington, D.C.
Digital Equipment Computer Users Society, Shrewsbury, MA, US
Information on the premier seminars, symposium, and trade show event for the digital marketplace. Follow tracks on electronic commerce, the World Wide Web, Linux, security, and much more. Read about our live MBone transmissions of key sessions.

Democratic Party
Digitals, San Francisco, CA, US
Various Democratic Party resources, Democratic candidates, and Democratic elected officials across the Net. This site is a good place for activists to go to find out how they can participate in revitalizing the Democratic Party.

Dept. of Economics, Southern Illinois Univ.
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, US
Includes information about our faculty members and our graduate program. It also includes a number of useful links.

DigiMedia 95 Conference
U of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
DigiMedia 95 (19-21 April) is a unique combination of science, art, business, and education. You will find the people creating the present and future of multimedia, computer graphics, and on-line interactive services.

CyberMuslim Information Collective, Norman, OK, US
Virtual Islamic community in Webspace, featuring an array of links to other resources on the Internet, as well as the HyperQur'aan Project and ongoing photo exhibitions.

ECM Records
BMG Music, New York, NY, US
The complete catalog with comprehensive cross referencing of artists, composers and titles, featuring artist bios, audio clips and online ordering.

Economics of Networks
Prof. Nicholas Economides, New York, NY, US
At this site, you will find a collection of information on economic issues of networks, such as the Internet, telephone and fax communications networks, railroads etc.

Elan Computer Group
Mountain View, CA, US
The industry leader in software licensing tools has an exciting new product called WebKey. This innovative software tool allows software developers to automatically distribute fully-functional demonstration copies via the Web.

EMBBS Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine Bulletin Board System (EMBBS), Middlesex, NJ, US
A home page for physicians all over the world, featuring a clinical case competition for EM residents, a national EM jobs listings, and an interesting EKG of the month. Clinical photos and radiographs as well as a lecture database are planned for April.

The Empire Consumer Marketing Group
South Hadley, MA, US
A full service Internet presence company. We currently manage The Empire Mall. ECMG focuses on providing its clients with the single most cost effective tool available today for expanding markets, and increasing sales.

Energy Efficient Environments, Inc.
Evanston, IL, US
A mailorder company dedicated to the preservation of Earth's natural resources through the use of environmentally friendly products. Our Web page contains weekly specials and links to many environmental areas on the Net.

Fil's Electronics FAQ page
TLJ Computer Consulting, Austin, TX, US
Sci.electronics FAQ online in HTML, various other electronic/robotics-related online FAQs. RemoteControl (RC) models also supported. Lots of other stuff.

Florida Legislative Information Page
Askew School of Public Administration and Policy, Tallahassee, FL, US
Provides a citizen's guide to the Florida Legislature including help in finding your representative and tips on how to effectively express your concerns, tutorials on the legislative process, new law summaries, bill calendars, registered lobbyist list, major state documents, and more.

Forum Romano Prodi
Comitato per l'Italia che vogliamo, Via Caprarie 1, Bologna, IT
New Italian political movement.

Fox FM
Melbourne, Australia
The first commercial radio station in Australia with a Website. We're a rock AC radio station, and we surf the net live each night from 7:00pm local time.

Frostburg State University
Frostburg, MD, US
At our Web site, you'll find a wealth of information about our university, including majors offered, campus life, and information about the surrounding community.

The Fryburger -- Freiburg's English Language Magazine
Fachschaft Anglistik, University of Freiburg, Germany
A fiction magazine published four times a year, both in print and electronically. Past issues included stories by Martin Schecter, Lance Olsen, Donald N. S. Unger and many newcomers; interviews with, avant-pop writer Mark Amerika, feminist Naomi Wolf, and "Crawdaddy"-founder and Dylanologist Paul Williams.

Garber Travel Online
Garber Travel Service, Boston, MA, US
Provides consumers of all ages with specialty shop vacations at bargain discount prices. Garber Travel is one of the top 20 agencies in the US with over 187 offices worldwide.

GeZi's Record Outlet
integrate! research solutions, Los Angeles, CA, US
The place for music artists to get more exposure and to offer a sample of their work. The artist must have at least one CD out on the market from which a sound sample can be taken. CDs can be ordered in the traditional way or (when available) via e-cash.

Golden Buyer
Milpitas, CA, US
The services from Golden Buyer include multi-level network marketing, Web advertising, investment informations, and more.

Golf Courses in Florida
Arlington, VA, US
GolfData Web is proud to announce the availability of a golf course locator for Florida. This database is similar to our South Carolina Section.

Graphic Simulations Corporation
Dallas, TX, US
GSC develops and publishes entertainment and simulation products for the Apple Macintosh family of 68K and RISC computers. GSC's main focus is on flight simulation packages with its four products: Hellcats Over the Pacific, Hellcats: Missions at Leyte Gulf, F/A-18 Hornet and Korean Crisis - a Hornet mission set.

Sha MultiMedia Entertainments, Inc, Yonkers, NY, US
Oh Lord, say it isn't so... not another hip hop mag? Guillotine the first and only Netzine publication on the Web that reflects the lifestyles, music and politics, both commercial and underground, of Hip Hop.

Harold Goldstein Library Science Library
Tallahassee, FL, US
A working project for the staff of the library to gain experience working with HTML and other Internet services. It is constantly under construction, but contains subject-oriented hotlists, which soon will be replaced with WAIS searchable documents.

Port Washington, NY, US
At Henri-Lloyd, we've always had the world's top sailors on our team, helping to develop, test and perfect the world's top sailing clothing - Francis Chichester, Robin Knox-Johnston, Lawrie Smith and Mike Golding, amongst other famous names, have all done their very worst to make Henri-Lloyd clothing the world's very best.

HK Systems
Milwaukee, WI, US
On Feb. 14, 1994, HEI and Eaton-Kenway merged to create the most exciting new company in material handling. Checkout some of our automation products.

HomeBuyer Internet Service
Chesapeake Computer Consultants, Inc., Annapolis, MD, US
HomeBuyer is a unique way to view homes for sale or rent. It not only provides listings, but it also gives information regarding loan, mortgage, title, home inspection and insurance. All the information needed for a real estate transaction. Let your mouse show you a house.

Horses Monthly
Newtown, CT, US
Horses Monthly covers the people and events of interest to horse lovers everywhere. Its Web pages include feature stories, show results, and practical advice for horse owners.

Human Computer Interaction Laboratory
Univ. of Maryland, College Park, MD, US
HCIL was founded at the Univ. of Maryland in 1983. Members do interdisciplinary research on theory and design of interactive systems that enable users to perform tasks, learn skills, and communicate in a predictable atmosphere of competence, control, and satisfaction.

IEEE 1995 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility
IEEE EMC Society, Atlanta, GA, US
IEEE 1995 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility will be held August 14-18 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, Georgia.

Interactive Marine Observations
National Weather Service, Tallahassee, FL, US
A visual interface to the latest worldwide marine weather information being reported by automated weather stations, direct from the National Weather Service. Click on a station to get the last several hours of weather data, including winds and seas.

Internal Auditing World Wide Web
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Hanover, NH, US
IAWWW has moved. IAWWW was conceived as a production prototype demonstration project that may be able to act as a warehouse of information and knowledge pertaining to the internal auditing profession.

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Geneva, Switzerland
The ITU is a specialized agency of the United Nations, whose activities include the coordination, development, regulation and standardization of international telecommunications and organization of regional and world telecom exhibitions and forums.

Internet Direct, the Australian Cyber Mall
Internet Direct, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
A new Australian Cyber Mall. Initial offerings include a cross section of locally available modems with a range of speeds and prices to suit most users' needs and pockets.

The Internet Dog Shelter
Cambridge, MA, US
Information pages for several New England dog shelters. Dog shelter policy and mission statements, press releases, donation information and member information are indefinitely maintained. Each shelter lists its current "residents" (complete with pictures in many cases). This site is closed on Tuesdays.

The John Henry Faulk Conference on the First Amendment
Center for American History, UT Austin, Austin, TX, US
Text and images of the conference brochure for The John Henry Faulk Conference on the First Amendment, to be held on April 18, 1995, 1-5 p.m. on the Univ. of Texas at Austin campus. Conference summaries will be posted to this address after the conference.

KSL Plastics
Ian Klassen, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
A recently formed company, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the new transportation and distribution center of North America. We specialize in small plastic products, but can expand or customize to best meet the needs of the customer.

Kurzweil Music Systems - Electronic Musical Instruments
MusicPro - Neilson/Clyne Inc., Murfreesboro, TN, US
One of the leading manufacturers of music synthesizers and samplers for professional musicians and for home use. The Kurzweil Web includes details of both professional and home products, and provides a link to Kurzweil's technical support staff.

Language Engineering Corporation
Belmont, MA, US
Online English-to-Japanese translation services and machine translation systems. Our Web site has descriptions of our products and services in both English and Japanese and sample translations produced by our LogoVista translation software.

Let's Fly & Cruise, Inc.
Raleigh, NC, US
A full service agency providing travel options of all type, business, leisure, educational, sports tours, pilgrimage to Holy Land, vacations, cruises, and air. Check out our monthly newsletter, How to Get a Job with a Cruise Line, and Opportunities in Travel Industry as a Outside Sales Rep.

LEVEL5 Info Center
Level Five Research, Indialantic, FL, USA
A link for product information, technical support, news and other information concerning LEVEL5 OBJECT and SmartMode.

Light and Dark
UE, Evansville, IN, US
A new page that dedicates its time and resources to mainly alternative (music, links, pictures) information.

Maine Antique Digest Magazine
Maine Antique Digest, Inc., Waldoboro, ME, US
A Web page for Maine Antique Digest, the best monthly magazine about the art and antiques trade. Coverage includes auctions and antiques shows. The page includes uploadable shareware for dealers and collectors, a monthly calendar of events--auctions and antiques shows, a table of contents and liberal samples of the articles.

Metrostar Computer Center
HyperMedia Communications Inc., Brooklin, ME, US
We are a supplier of computer accessories and supplies which we offer at discounted prices. Internet users can view our products online and we can process their orders electronically. Our products include: computer workstations, Inkjet refills, mice, mouse pads, cables, adapters, gender changers, lables, surge protectors, and more.

The Michael Shrieve Home Page
Raven Zachary of Studio X, Santa Fe, NM, US
Ex-Santana drummer/composer Michael Shrieve has a home page that includes a biography, complete discography, solo albums, photo gallery, and great links.

Microwave Journal
Horizon House Publications, Norwood, MA, US
Provides engineers and engineering managers with technical coverage of the RF, microwave, wireless and lightwave industries.

Monet, the Cyberspace Gallery
YENet, Ithaca, NY, US
A collection of Monet's art work.

Moon San
Curtiss Web Designs, Atlanta, GA, US
Visit Jamaica without logging off your computer. Moon San is a beautiful tropical resort. You may recognize it as a popular location for movies, including The Blue Lagoon. kind of place.

Mount Vernon High School
Alexandria, VA, US
The home page of Mount Vernon High School, part of the Fairfax County Public School System (the 10th largest in the country). These pages have been developed as part of the Anthology Project.

Multics Information Page
Tom Van Vleck, Marlboro, MA, US
Multics was one of the most influential operating systems ever built. Begun in the mid-60s and still in use today, it pioneered features that other systems still lack. These pages describe the history and features of the system.

NASA Ames Aviation Operations Branch
Moffett Field, CA, US
Research in the Aviation Operations branch at NASA-Ames focuses on solving operational problems identified by our clients in the aviation community. Our main area of innovation is in data collection, analysis, and modeling of real human-machine systems.

Naval Air Federal Credit Union
Internet Presence & Publishing, Norfolk, VA, US
NAFCU has been known for its firsts in providing patrons with a wealth of financial products and services. It has achieved this goal once again. Naval Air is the first credit union in the U.S. to offer users its products and services via the Web.

net.legends FAQ
Paul Roub, Miami, FL, US
A hypertext version of Dave Delaney's net.legends FAQ... Usenet/Internet kooks, legends, myths, heroes, villains, and kibo.

North Atlantic Resources, Inc.
New York, NY, US
We are a trade management and consulting firm specializing in Russia and the newly independent states. If you need help entering the Russian market, come see us.

North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture
Raleigh, NC, US
Provides information to the public regarding agricultural statistics, laws and regulations, and the tasks performed by the department's various divisions.

Northern Lights Internet Solutions, Ltd.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
A small dynamic company specializing in innovative Internet presence consulting, NLIS will recommend the most effective ways for a company to create and promote its Internet presence. Other services provided include: customized on-site Internet training, presentations, keynote speaker, and Internet resource discovery.

Nubian Nuances
BITS, Austin, TX, US
BITS provides information about the Internet and information highway to students and small businesses.

Office of Institutional Research and Planning
Edinburg, TX, US
The IR&P Office is the administrative planning and assessment unit of The University of Texas -- Pan American. This server provides access to the Institutional Fact Book and other planning/assessment documents and functions as an Educational Research resource index for academic researchers and planning administrators.

The Official HomePage of Promise
Promise, Portland, OR, US
The current releases of the band Promise with images, biographies, lyrics, sound samples of their CD tracks heard nationally on broadcast radio stations, and more. Information on ordering CDs Plus links to the lyricist and poet Joan Caldwell.

ONE Magazine
One Media, Inc., Washington, DC, US
The electronic version of Washington DC's most popular alternative Black newsmagazine. Featuring art, culture, music and politics by some of the nation's most exciting Black writers and poets.

The Option Indigo Press
The Human Factor, Santa Cruz, CA, US
On-line brochure of The Option Institute's books, tapes, and videos. This brochure contains the entire selection designed to teach and support a happier more comfortable and successful way of living.

The Oric emulator archive
ENSICA, Toulouse, France
An archive site for the Euphoric emulator and all information related to Oric computers.

The Perspectives Network On-Line
The Perspectives Network, Inc., Mobile, AL, US
This is a resource for survivors of acquired/traumatic brain injury, their families and the professionals working with them. Includes: FAQ, resource listing and autorequest page for fact brochures, survivor ID cards, and more.

Philadelphia Board of Realtors
Philadelphia, PA, US
The Philadelphia Board of Realtors is a non- profit organization whose purpose it is to enhance the ability and opportunity of its members to conduct their business successfully and ethically, and to promote the preservation of the right to own transfer and use real property.

The Pickup Truck Homepage
RTD, Tucson, AZ, US
The only Web site entirely devoted to this great American mode of transportation. Information ranges from manufacturer specs to off-road racing and truck customization. Also check out the Reader's Pickup Truck of the Week.

Picture Conversion, Inc.
Alexandria, VA, US
Image scanning, picture conversion and file processing service. PhotoCD portfolio and CD-ROM mastering. Extensive picture gallery and color PostScript via Tektronix.

Pinnacle Solutions Word Puzzle Site
Pinnacle Solutions Software Company, Huntsville, AL, US
Dedicated to crossword and Scrabble type puzzles. It contains links to online crossword puzzles, Scrabble servers, other miscellaneous word puzzles, and several shareware files. Stop by if you love word puzzles.

The PM Zone
Popular Mechanics, New York, NY, US
The mutant child of Popular Mechanics magazine, The PM Zone includes: pictures, prices and profiles of all the 1995 cars and trucks, a searchable six-month archive of illustrated technology news with updates every weekday, a trove of 30-frame-per-second QuickTime movies, software links, home computing forums, and more.

The Powersource Art Gallery
Powersource, Houston, TX, US
A team of international developers and Internet specialists, has opened the Powersource Art Gallery, a collection of Native American art portraying powerful people, places or objects.

Psychophysics and Computation of High Level Vision
Max-Planck-Inst. for Biological Cybernetics, Tuebingen, Germany
In order to understand the computations that underlie information processing in biological systems, our group integrates the computational approach to vision with psychophysical experiments using the latest technology in computer graphics and virtual reality.

Qosina Corp.
Edgewood, NY, US
A major components supplier to the OEM medical industry, Qosina's home page contains a full-color catalog and an online request form. Also featured is Qosmedix, division of Qosina, which supplies disposable applicators and testers to the cosmetic industry.

North American Network, Inc., Bethesda, MD, US
The essential resource for radio station personalities, producers and news directors. RadioSpace is radio'’s home on the Internet. RadioSpace offers news and program directors access to scripts, interview availabilities and broadcast-ready audio.

RCA Victor Records: Irish Music
New York, NY, US
Irish.com is dedicated to Irish music, culture and tourism. The site features the gold record "The Long Black Veil" and other recordings of the Chieftains including extensive biography information and sound clips.

Research Testing Labs, Inc.
Stelcom, Inc., Great Neck, NY, US
Clinical testing of OTC and Rx drugs, with on-site clinics and multinational centers. We have expertise in a broad range of therapeutic areas and our services include protocol development, clinical efficacy trials, data entry, statistical analysis and medical writing.

Resort Rodanthe of Hatteras Island, North Carolina
WebMasters International, Inc. (WMI), Rodanthe, NC, US
Resort Rodanthe is an oceanfront condominium community nestled away in the small fishing village of Rodanthe on legendary Hatteras Island, NC. Resort Rodanthe is the perfect sportsman's hideaway for windsurfers, surf fisherman, inshore and offshore boating enthusiasts. Special closeout offer on current Resort Rodanthe inventory.

The Resume Publishing Company
Steamboat Springs, CO, US
A place to post an HTML resume with a unique URL which the job seeker can give to prospective employers. The site is private so the individual can job hunt without co-workers finding their resume.

The Risks Digest on the Web
Dept of CS, Univ. of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
This set of pages provides Web access to the Risks mailing list run by Peter G. Neumann of SRI. Every edition of the digest is available and a search engine is provided.

Rob's Granite Page
Robert M. Reed, UT at Austin, Austin, Texas, US
A geology page, mostly about granites and my research on them. Images and links. I'm looking for input from other geologists.

Seanet Yellow Web Pages
Seattle, WA, US
Listings for many Seattle-area businesses in a multitude of fields. If you own a business in Seattle, submit a listing to the Yellow Web Pages today.

Si, Spain
Embassy of Spain, Ottawa, Canada
The Embassy of Spain in Ottawa has provided this exhibit on Spanish current affairs and on its historical and cultural development. It contains information on Spanish everyday life, history, language and culture.

Sibelius Academy
Helsinki, Finland
Over 1500 students are studying music at the Sibelius Academy in eight study programmes (everything from classical to jazz). There are many interesting links in the Music Resources page.

Singles Online Network
Enigma Communications, Playa Del Rey, CA, US
A one-stop online community for singles, featuring photos, personal ads, audio clips and profiles of its members. Check out our home page to see what we have to offer.

sk8net.ws, Boston, MA, US
A hotlist of inline skating (rollerblading), rollerskating, and ice skating Web sites around the world. Includes links to the rec.skate FAQs, the Inline Club of Boston, Robert B. Schmunk's "Skating the Infobahn" hotlist, the rollerskating FAQs and the Ice Skating Home Page.

Slightly Miffed - We Swim Not Sink
Westbury, Wiltshire, UK
Slightly Miffed About the Internet. The UK's first unsigned band on the WWW. Mind altering? More like pore opening.

Society For Creative Anachronism--East Kingdom
Zachary Kessin, Waltham, MA, US
The SCA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to researching and recreating aspects of pre-1600 European culture. This page has moved.

Software On-Line
Livermore, CA, US
The One Stop Digital Shop. Allows you to review, purchase and download licensed software at discount prices. Choose from a variety of business, legal, home, communication, utility, educational, game, graphics, video, and conversion programs.

Southern Oregon Real Estate Page
InfoStructure, Ashland, OR, US
This page contains Southern Oregon real estate. These online real estate agencies contain some of the properties and houses on this region's market.

Space Studies Board
National Academy Press, Washington, DC, US
Information on the committees working in the areas of astronomy and astrophysics, earth studies, microgravity research, planetary and lunar exploration, space biology and medicine, solar and space physics, and the future of space science.

Sparty's Home Page (Michigan State's Mascot)
Trevor Barnes, East Lansing, MI, US
This is a must see for any Michigan State fan out there. This page is dedicated to MSU's favorite mascot, Sparty.

Sports Memorabilia Plaques
The Televisits Corp., Oak Hill, NY, US
Choose your favorite sports figure from our list. These limited edition, signed and authenticated pictures come lucite-protected and mounted on a beautifully designed plaque with an engraved plate.

Storefront Browser
Network Analysis Group, Allentown, PA, US
Browse the storefronts of Webmart, an advertising service offered by Network Analysis Group, the largest Bell Atlantic distributor and an Internet provider.

Stormy Waters
Fearghas McKay Associates Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Stormy Waters is a live event happening on the banks of the River Clyde in Glasgow. It will be a mesh of sound and images transported live over the Internet and broadcast on huge screens floating on the River Clyde.

PreCompetitive Strategic Planning, Dallas, TX, U.S.A.
The central web agency for the collection, indexing, and customization of business strategy information, and marketing of strategy expertise. It is designed to help managers enhance their strategy decision-making and promote a sense of community on the Internet.

Telephone Check Payment Systems
Practical Financial Systems, Seattle, WA, US
Telephone Check Payment Systems is a company that allows you the ability to accept checks over the telephone (also by fax and electronically). With this new flexible payment options, more customers can buy your products.

The Textiles Server
Textiles.Org, Lompoc, CA, US
The Textiles Server has been completely revamped over the past few months. You will find an ever-growing, searchable database of textiles-related businesses in several countries; a "bulletin board" to which you may post textiles-related queries; links to Internet resources for many textile arts; and more.

Thousands of Computers and Supplies for Less
FICC, Orlando, FL, US
Buy computers, supplies or build your own. One of Florida's largest wholesalers is giving you the same price as its wholesale accounts.

The Timely Investor Corp.
Daily market timing newsletter via e-mail.

TradeFair International, Inc.
Washington, DC, US
An on-line service for international trade and investment. TradeFair's databases contain thousands of current trade leads, government tenders, trade shows, business contacts, marketing reports and much more. We also offer direct links to credit reports, export licensing, and financing sources.
http://www.tradefair.com (As of 4/1/95)

Tralee Regional Technical College
Tralee RTC, Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland
Provides information on the college prospectus, the staff working here, the area the college is situated in, and ongoing research projects.

Translation, WWW Authoring & Marketing
The LinguaVision Group Ltd, London, UK
We offer a unique translation service. Translation is done in the target country by qualified, expert translators. It's then checked by a style expert. We then liaise with your local country executives to ensure they're happy with the work -- before it's returned to you. We have a full service graphics studio for DTP, WWW and multimedia.

United States Cellular
Knoxville, TN, US
Nationwide cellular service provider. Current employment opportunities.

Univ. of Minnesota Horticulture Info
John Erwin, Dept. of Hort. Sci., Univ. of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, US
A server for both the commercial growers of horticulture crops as well as home gardeners. Information from the Univ. of Minnesota as well as a variety of other horticulturally related servers is available.

Universidad Veracruzana (México)
Piotr Zeringer, Xalapa, Veracruz, México
Explains the Univ. activities and some information about the state of Veracruz like tourism, politics, government and others.

The Vancouver Home Page
Pacific Information Exchange, Vancouver, BC, Canada
The premiere location to find out what's happening in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Providing information on all aspects of life in the city as well as giving local businesses the opportunity to show themselves to the world.

Vermeer Technologies, Inc.
Cambridge, MA, US
Developers of open, standards-based, client-server visual tools for collaborative World Wide Web service development. These visual tools enable end-users and professionals (collaborating over the Internet) to inexpensively develop and operate powerful World Wide Web information services, without the need for programming.

Vermont Life
Montpelier, VT, US
The Spring edition online. Articles about the Shelburne Farm and Vermont's cottage industries are featured.

Virgin Pure Spring Water
Curtiss Web Designs, Atlanta, GA, US
Get the low down on spring water. What you see in the stores isn't real. Virgin Pure Spring water comes from a protected spring in the North Georgia Mountain. It is the most healthful water you'll find, and the best tasting, too.

Primenet, Minneapolis, MN, US
A monthly hyper-guide to various electronic publications. Information ranges from Internet tips and tools, to art, news and leisure. Includes search tools.

The Virtual Memorial Garden
CS Dept., Univ. of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
This page is an addition to the Obituary pages where anyone can place a memorial for someone who has died. The Obituary page restricts its entries to well known people. This page is for anyone (Pets included).

VonKlopp Brew Shop
Pine Cheese Mart, Pine Island, MN, US
VonKlopp has been in the home brewing and wine making business for over 15 years. Owner Wally Klopp has assembled one of the most extensive selections of wine and beer making supplies and equipment and invites you to browse and take advantage of his special offers.

Web of Life: Exploring Biodiversity
WQED/Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, US
(PBS: April 3, 1995, 9-11 pm ET) Weaving the entertainment of music television and adventure programs with the scientific rigor of classic documentaries, this public TV program examines the interconnectedness of earth's ecosystems. This site features video, original music, natural sounds, photographs and pages about the World Wildlife Fund.

SHC, Inc., Buffalo Grove, IL, US
Use WebPageBuilder(tm) now to create your WebPage application on the Web. Simply follow the step-by-step process to submit your material. It's that easy.

WEBTex Technologies
Canyon, TX, US
The Texas panhandle's only full-time Web page presence, hosting the Canyon, TX home page. Other local and statewide organizations are coming online daily. Look for museums, art organizations, realtors and the Canyon News online soon.

Wesbar Trailer and Marine Accessories
Wesbar, West Bend, WI, US
Everything to meet the needs of a wide variety of boat styles and configurations.

The Windsurfing Classifieds
Adirondack Boardsailing Club, Marlborough, MA, US
The Windsurfing Classifieds is your one stop shop for new and used windsurfing gear for sale by the Net community. You can submit ads or purchase via email. It is all free of charge and the listings are updated daily.

WorldWide Real Estate Guide
WorldWide Publishing Corp., West Palm Beach, FL, US
A real estate listing service that advertises real estate to the Internet community. The ads can include color photographs, floor plans, audio and MPEG video. In addition to real estate for sale and lease, we offer virtual storefronts and virtual offices and electronic catalogs for any type of business.

The WWW Entertainment Package -- Now With More Games
Peter Wansch and Klaus Johannes Rusch, Vienna, Austria
A collection of interactive games playable on the Internet. Free registrations available now, plus a new strategy game, Galaxy.

-x86- computers
Denver, CO, US
Provides service, upgrades, support, training, parts and peripherals for pc compatible computers. It's the place where we don't try to sell you what you don't need.

X-Ray Crystallography
Univ. of Pittsburgh, Dept. of Chemistry, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Of all the experimental techniques available to chemists, X-ray crystallography yields the most detailed and accurate information about molecular structure. Visit this page to learn more about this technique and see some of our results in our X-Ray Gallery.

Yellow Mountain Institute for Sustainable Living
UVA and Yellow Mtn. Inst. for Sustainable Living, Charlottesville, VA, US
An introduction to low-cost, sustainable building techniques, such as rammed-earth tire, straw-bale, and cordwood construction, and to a variety of alternative energy systems.

YENet, the Internet Presence Provider
Ithaca, NY, US
We provide the services for your business to be at the forefront of this emerging market.

Wednesday, 5 April 1995

15th of April
Menlo Park, CA, US
software.net now has leading tax products, including TaxCut, available for instant electronic delivery. In addition to over 10,000 pages of software, reviews and information, we have added the award winning NetTune PRO and NetReport from Hawknet and the best IMAP compatible windows email package EMBLA from ICL.

Evergreen, CO, US
The easy and inexpensive way to put informtion up on the WWW.

Airline Tickets WholeSale
San Jose, CA, US
Save 20% to 35% off airline domestic fares above $250, guaranteed! You'll still qualify for mileage credit and reserved seating assignments. Valid for 48-states on Delta, Continental, TWA, United, American, and Northwest. Easy online ordering!

Amalgam-related Illness FAQ
Private, Stockholm, Sweden
Frequently Asked Questions about the possible negative health effects from dental amalgam and the up-to 50% Mercury that it consists of.

American Institute of Biological Sciences
AIBS, Washington, DC, US
AIBS has a membership of over 5,000 biologists and has 45 affiliated societies whose membership exceeds 50,000. AIBS publishes BioScience magazine and provides peer review services to the federal government.

American Windsurfing Industries Association
White Salmon, WA, US
Lists of local windsurfing dealers, manufacturers, publishers, schools and associations. Find out about these resources and AWIA's mission to promote the windsurfing industry. Brought to you by RS Communications' Adventure Sports

Amethyst Galleries
Dayton, OH, US
Presenting the Mineral Gallery, a database of mineral descriptions and images for rockhounds, educators, and geology students everywhere. This database includes physical characteristics and common associations, enabling our full-text Andy's 2:00 Screen Shot
Finacor Vendome Inc., Andrew Strasman, Chicago, IL, US
Where did the markets close? Look here to see where the financial futures closed on the CBT and CME. Also a 5-minute bond chart.

ARG Online Course Catalogue
American Research Group, Research Triangle Park, NC, US
Dedicated to providing the the highest quality training in today's emerging voice and data network technologies. We offer hands-on training sessions worldwide.

Artworks New York
Brooklyn, NY, US
Dedicated to increasing access to working artists. Artist's slides, virtual exhibitions, experimental forms, unique projects.

Ashby Geddes Legal Links
Ashby Geddes, Wilmington, DE, US
A list of legal resources that relate primarily to a federal litigation practice.

Baltimore in 1998 Worldcon Bid (Pirates of Fenzance)
Baltimore in 1998 Worldcon Bid Committee, Baltimore, MD, US
Links to information about the Worldcon bid, the Baltimore-Washington area, pirates, Gilbert and Sullivan, seated Worldcons, and assorted silliness.

The Baxleys & Company
Lakewood, CO, US
Metro broker real estate agents serving the West Denver metro area.

Beat Magazine
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Electronic version of Beat Magazine, printed and online weekly. Topics include music, live bands, markets and fairs, festivals, comedy, film, theatre, club guides, music charts, gig guide, entertainment gossip and feature stories.

Bell Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Information about Bell Canada, Canada's largest telecommunications operating company, serving Ontario and Quebec. Includes Bell Canada's information highway initiatives, products and services information and news from Canada's telecom industry.

Big Black Hole Of Pain
Edge Creations, Inc. & The Human Race, Deep Space, Universe
The Big Black Hole Of Pain is now here to help to human race! Get all that pain, anger, fear, and horror off your chest and send it all down the Big Black Hole.

Bowman Yachts
Voss Net plc, Langley, Berkshire, UK
Bowman Yachts produces a large range of high-quality hand-built yachts from their yard in Southampton, in the UK.

Boyce Thompson Southwestern Arboretum
Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, US
Take a virtual stroll through the southwestern plant, tree, cactus, and wildflower collection of the Boyce Thompson Southwestern Arboretum. The tour includes a listing of the over 250 birds found there as well as pictures of unique plants, trees, and animals of the desert.

The Brew on Premise Pages
Cask Brewing Systems Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Commercial breweries that let the customer brew the beer.

Built Environment Research
Anglia Polytechnic University, Chelmsford, Essex, UK
Information about the activities of a number of research groups within the Built Environment Research division of Anglia Polytechnic University -- conceived by the Building Performance Research Unit (BPRU) to elicit interest in a prospective international multi-disciplinary research program.

The Burton Borough School
Newport, Shropshire, England
An innovative secondary school in England. We aim to develop the use of the Internet with our students, and to develop worldwide links with other schools.

Call for Papers: 1995 Air Force Small Computer Conference
HQ SSG, Gunter Annex, Maxwell AFB, Alabama, Montgomery, AL, US
The 1995 Air Force Small Computer Conference scheduled for Sept. 11-15, 1995. Agencies or persons interested in presenting forums or seminars can request an application.

Canadian Red Cross
New Brunswick Division, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
A health and emergency services organization providing disaster relief, social and health services, first aid and water safety training. As a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent, it is committed to the fundamental principles and mission of the movement.

Steve Dunn, Boulder, CO, US
CancerGuide will help you research your cancer on and off the net. More than just a collection of other resources, it contains much original material.

Cascade Bicycle Club
Seattle, WA, US
Web page for those who are interested in bicycling in the Seattle and Puget Sound areas of Washington state.

Artistic Visions, Inc., Campbell, CA, US
The world's largest Internet discount music store, CDworld. Customers can select from the online store over 100,000 major and independent label CD's and music videos.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Roger Burns, US
This page points to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome resources for doctors and patients, including medical articles, several FAQs, an electronic medical newsletter, the CFS Newswire service, discussion groups, and more.

Ciba-Geigy AG
Basel, Switzerland
Ciba: facts, figures and media information; a leading worldwide ebiological and chemical group; healthcare, agriculture, and industry; management and news; research and development and environmental protection.

The Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Bed and Breakfasts
GENinc, Monrovia, CA, US
GENinc is pleased to announce the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho bed and breakfasts: The Berry Patch, The Greenbriar, Gregory's McFarland House, and The Warwick.

Com Pair Monitor Service
Dakota Internet Services, Sioux Falls, SD, US
Com/Pair Monitor Service fixes your existing monitors, terminals, power supplies and printers so you don't have to buy new ones. View our home page for price and warranty information.

CompuColor Network Ltd.
New York, NY, US
A full-service commercial printer, specializing in providing affordable, high-quality four-color process printing. CompuColor also provides complete graphic design, photography and pre-press services. The CompuColor Web Site includes the DTP Information Resource which contains a rapidly growing list of Internet resources of interest to DTP professionals.

Convention and Visitors Bureau of Greater Kansas City
Kansas City Power & Light, Kansas City, MO, US
A rich source of information for visitors, regional residents, and those interested in relocating to this part of the country.

Conversations With God Ministries, Inc.
Missoula, MT, US
A non-profit Christian organization dedicated to the prophetic refreshing and edification of the Body of Christ worldwide. We provide Biblical counseling services and produce Christian literature, including a monthly prophetic newsletter.

Counter-Terrorism Rewards Program
Diplomatic Security Service, Washington, DC, US
U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service Counter-Terrorism Rewards Program (HEROES). Rewards of up to $4 million for information leading to the arrest or conviction of terrorists.

Cruises, Inc. -- America's Premier Cruise Agency
Idaho Falls, ID, US
Learn about cruising from one of the nation's oldest and largest cruise-only agencies. We represent all ships. Incentive and group travel our specialty. Let us help you or your group find the perfect cruise!

Dan Hotels
Israel Hotel Representatives, Haifa, Israel
Israel's top hotel chain with nine luxury hotels in the following cities: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Herzliya, Caesarea and Eilat. The Dan chain includes the well-known King David Hotel in Jerusalem and the Dan Tel Aviv. You can win a free vacation at one of the Dan's fine hotels up to May 31, 1995.

The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets
Abbotsford, BC, Canada
The band's blatant self-promotion packaged to look like a Web page. Band info, sound bites, HP Lovecraft stuff, Cthulhu and more. Weird, wild stuff.

Defence Research Establishment Ottawa (DREO)
DREO Computer Services, Ottawa, ON, Canada
is a Canadian Department of national defense research and development laboratory. The DREO server provides information about DREO's R&D activities in areas such as communications, radar and electronic warfare.

Department of Germanic Languages
Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
A description of the programs and courses offered by the Department of Germanic Languages.

Dept. of Theoretical Physics, Univ. of the Basque Country
Leioa, Vizcaya, Spain
Information about activities including preprints, seminars, graduate courses, software developed in the department, etc.

Division of Traffic and Parking
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, US
A subsidiary traffic and parking department of the Ohio State University. It oversees the parking facility at the single largest campus for the country.

Downsizing and Offloading by Swansystems Ltd
Swansystems Oy, Vantaa, Finland
Swansystems Application transformer System for downsizing and offloading converts any system of applications generated by CSP, SYNON, BACHMAN or other system generators, wich support ESF EXPORT filetype or CSP, into standard COBOL or PL/1 applications or so that all of the functions and structures of the original applications are preserved in the conversion.

Dragoneye Inc.
McLean, VA, US
Dragoneye Inc. is a company specializing in CD-ROM Publishing and in Multimedia Consulting. Although it is a US company, it does business primarily in Manila, Philippines and in SE Asia.

DTM Corporation - 3D Rapid Prototyping
Austin, TX, US
DTM manufactures the Sinterstation® 2000 System, a rapid prototyping machine that uses the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology developed at the University of Texas. The SLS® process creates three dimensional objects, layer by layer, from powdered materials with heat generated by a CO2 laser.

EBSCO Information Services
Birmingham, AL, US
Provides integrated information management services with: serials management from the world's largest, most innovative subsription agency, index/abstract and full text databases with flexible, user-friendly search software, and full service document delivery.

Elite Cellular
San Jose, CA, US
A wide variety of cellular, paging and wireless data products. You will find a lot of information on the new Marco and Envoy wireless data products from Motorola as well as ARDIS nationwide wireless data network. There are lots of links to other related homepages.

Emergent Corporation
San Francisco, CA, US
Consulting firm specializing in the commercialization of parallel systems. We are involved with both vendors and end-users in the assessment, implementation, and delivery of these systems for commercial use.

EST's BRU and Tape Backup
Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc, Tempe/Phoenix, AZ, US
EST makes BRU, the UNIX backup and restore utility. This page introduces you to BRU and offers many insights into the world of tape backup administration in the UNIX environment. BRU is available for most UNIX and Unix-like systems from Linux to Cray.

Explore Italy
Accent Travel Club, Baton Rouge, LA, US
For all those interested in travel to Italy. We offer information on all things Italian; from arranging weddings in St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican to walking tours of Tuscany.

Express Enterprises
Sandpoint, ID, US
Lists of available antique/collectable watches. We also answer specific questions from the public on horological related topics.

Fidelity Investments Investor Center
New York City, NY, US
Useful information and easy-to-use interactive investor tools that are designed to help investors make informed investment decisions.

Flax Home Page
Claremont, CA, US
Perhaps the most extensive Internet presence of any indie rock band. Hear the music, join the mailing list, see the pictures. Enjoy.

Forbes' Bermuda Online
Keith A. Forbes, Crawl, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda
A complete, in-depth, 40+ file profile on all aspects of Bermuda for businesses, travel agents, individuals, professionals. All this is information absolutely not found in any current hardcopy publication, encyclopedia, CD-ROM disk or Bermuda government files.

Franchise Handbook
Enterprise magazines, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, US
A directory of franchising companies, articles on how to buy a franchise, listings of franchise and business opportunities...a complete franchising resource.

The George F. DeVine Music Library
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, US
Music research techniques and tools, information about the UT, Knoxville music department, an index to pop/rock/folk/classical songbooks, and lots of links for music exploration on the Internet.

Germany Alert
Amsterdam, US
Reports of rising nationalism, racism and anti-Semitism in Germany have alarmed the world. Germany Alert, published since 1991, is now available on the Web.

Global Link Communications Inc.
On-Line Images, Inc., Eugene, OR, US
An industry leader in the field of international telecommunications. We specialize in Call Back, a product presently in great demand all over the world. This service enables you to call from anywhere to anywhere utilizing the US telephone system.

Greenfield-Central High School
Greenfield, IN, US
Greenfield-Central High School has been an academic leader in Indiana for several years. The school is now taking the lead in Internet communications with the development of their WWW server. A pleasant stop on the Internet to witness articulated efforts by school, community, and business personnel.

Heather Locklear Fan Club
Redmond, WA, US
From "TJ Hooker" to "Melrose Place," this site is for fans of everyone's favorite TV bitch. Sights and sounds from the cyberspace president of her fan club.

Her Own Words
Madison, WI, US
Her Own Words has been producing videos and resource guides on women's history, literature, and art since 1986. There are now 15 videos, including Women in Construction and Women in Policing.

High Temperature Materials Databank
Joint Research Ctr. of the EC, The Netherlands
The High Temperature Materials Databank is developed by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. It contains data on engineering alloys which are mostly used in high temperature technology.

HyperMedia Technologies, Avon, CT, US
Information on commercial holography. Links to sites including commercial holography, artists, magazines, and other holography related sites.

Hoover's Online
The Reference Press, Austin, TX, US
Hoover's Online is a new business reference web site created and maintained by The Reference Press. An alpha version of our service, which allows access to hypertext-enriched business news, business rankings, profiles of bestselling business books, and free company and industry profiles, is available now.

Horizon Technology: Scientific Fringe-Related Topics
Horizon Technology, Seattle, WA, US
Investigating farout fringe science claims, and reporting those that appear valid. Submissions welcome.

Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar
Auburn, MA, US
Online edition of the oldest and largest regional monthly equine publication, covers all aspects of the horse world.

Hospitality Profiles
ExpoNet, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
Hospitality Profiles has reporters searching worldwide for construction projects in the hospitality industry (hotels, country clubs, etc.) to include in their monthly publication. If you are a manufacturer or have products to sell or services to offer, don't miss the free sample.

Hounslow - The Superhighway Hub
Metrotel Multi-Media Ltd, London, UK
The London Borough of Hounslow is already a centre of the physical world highway by virtue of its position near Heathrow. It now intends to become a superhighway hub, at the center of electronic commerce.

How Birds Fly
Periwinkle Books Incorporated, Columbia, MD, US
A sampler of high-speed photos of birds in flight taken by David Goodnow, author of "How Birds Fly."

ICONZ -- The Internet Company of New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand
The oldest Web suppplier of Internet Services in New Zealand, dating back to early 1993. Over the years our servers have grown to include hosts and cities like Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch . There are links to companies, news services, gopher and ftp sites in New Zealand, along with several maps.

The Insurance Resource Center
Charlotte, NC, US
This center is divided into seven distinct areas, providing resources on agents, carriers, insurance departments, news, statistics, professional development, and related providers. All existing insurance related topics on the WWW are incorporated into the new network for easy access.

Interlink Network Group, Inc.'s LNT Server
Onalaska, WA, US
Provides live network training on TCP/IP, SNMP, Novell, NetBIOS, NetBEUI and other protocol suites. We also provide custom courses for customers that need them, and network consulting.

Internet Cafe of Seattle
Seattle, WA, US
The Internet Cafe is a small coffee house located on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington. It caters to a group of artists, and hosts their work on a web page.

The Internet Closed-End Fund Investor
South Pasadena, CA, US
Educational material about closed-end funds: what they are, how they differ from mutual funds, and what the benefits of investing in them are, and information tailored for the investor in equity closed-end funds.

Internet Image Design
Internet Image Design combines marketing savvy and technical expertise to establish creative Web sites for commercial businesses and non-profit agencies. IID provides a full range of related services as well, from writing copy and designing graphics through publicizing finished sites on the Web.

Internet Shopping Galleria
Catalina Computer Solutions, Inc., San Diego, CA, US
We sell art, bikes, books, clocks, computer, education, exercise, family, jewelry, magazine, San Diego real estate, sports and videos.

MCI, Reston, VA, US
The most comprehensive portfolio of Internet services on the market today. It includes access to the Internet, easy-to-use navigational software, value-added applications (Info Desk, Directories, What's New), access to electronic commerce (marketplaceMCI), consulting services, and 24-hour customer support.

Investing for the Perplexed
Kelly & O'Sullivan Financial Group, New York, NY, US
Fee-based financial advisors. Personal finance, financial planning, retirement planning. Impartial and unbiased second opinion on investments individuals are considering. Registered Investment Advisors with the S.E.C. and state of New York

Islandia - A Guide to Iceland
Gudmundur J. Helgason, Hafnarfjordur, Iceland
This is what I hope will become the guide to Iceland. This is the US copy of the original guide located in Iceland.

It'sNEW! magazine
Sunshine Publishing Company, Inc, San Diego, CA, US
Announcing a special offer to net surfers (within the US only). A free copy of our Premier issue (April '95) to all who submit an email request.

Sewaren, NJ, US
Your Web guide to music in the NYC, NJ, and PA area, featuring clubs, radio stations, reviews of area shows, and song samples from area bands.

The Jellybean Group
Frederick, MD, US
An eclectic mix of quality shopping experiences centered in a boutique-like atmosphere. The concept is an extension of an existing group of storefronts and will continue to be expanded and improved over the coming months.

J-LINC Technologies
Lowell, MA, US
A commercial Web provider designed to help the many companies that would like to get on the Web but are struggling. We have a full staff ready take on any project. We provide graphic artists and designers, color image scanning, page promotion as well as mall services.

Kansas City Community Home Page
Kansas City Power & Light, Kansas City, MO, US
An umbrella for a large number of business, community, and regional associations. This is a cooperative group of home pages tightly grouped with html links.

KCLU 88.3 FM
California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Jazz for people who think. NPR affiliated community service of California Lutheran University, KCLU provides Ventura County with educational, informational and cultural programming.

KGTV San Diego's Ch. 10
San Diego, CA, US
The Channel 10 homepage will feature 10News, programming, editorials, a market center, and "cool stuff". Users will have access to current news stories, e-mail for all 10News anchors and reporters, and the news assignment desk.

WXKS FM Radio/Pyramid Broadcasting, Boston, MA, US
The Web site for Boston's top radio station. Here you'll find out about: the promotions/contests. Meet the on-air personalities. See how your favorite songs are doing, with the weekly charts. Music/artists news and gossip. Concert schedule and calendar of events for the Boston area.

Kiwis in Exile
Mr. Jon Clarke, Hong Kong
These pages are designed for The Knowledge Warrior
Air Command and Staff College, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL, US
Designed to assist the military professional achieve excellence. This page provides links to military-related information on the Net, including military photos, history, weather, news, weapon systems and much more.

Kralizec Dialup Internet System
Zeta Microcomputer Software, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Offers a full range of Internet services to individuals and businesses in Sydney. We provide individual accounts and intermittent or permanent SLIP/PPP links.

Lambda.Net Information Services, Atlanta, GA, US
A new Internet provider bringing pride to your community via the Internet. Offering telnet, dialup shell, PPP, and SLIP accounts. Soon to have local telephone access in your area. Providing excellent service and support.

Live Markup -- WYSIWYG HTML Editor for Windows
MediaTech Incorporated, Cleveland, OH, US
With Live Markup (TM), anyone can create well-styled, well-formed Web pages in a matter of minutes, without ever seeing or knowing actual HTML source code.

London Monarchs Home Page
Jamie Chaffey, UK
This page is dedicated to the London Monarchs, who will be participating in the World League of American Football. News, player details, match reports and gossip are all available here.

Lottery Number Patterns in Each State and Country
WWW Marketing, Houston, TX, US
Excel or Supercalc spreadsheet which calculates number sets based on dates and lottery parameters.

Mansfield Cybrarian
Mansfield University Libraries, Mansfield, PA, US
The Mansfield Cybrarian cruises the Web every week to bring our small university community the best links in the fields we study: education, literature, art, computer science, careers, cybrarianship, and music.

Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
MarineNet is a mall centered around the entire marine industry. It provides services for both consumers and industry insiders. Brought to you by the Global Shopping Network (GSN).

Martial Arts
HyperMedia Technologies, Avon, CT, US
Information on Shotokan Karate of America, a non-profit organization. Karate training teaches that real strength is facing oneself strictly with severe eyes. This is the first condition of martial arts training. Therefore, everyone in SKA must be strong inwardly but quite gentle to others.

Math & CS (Grinnell College)
Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA, US
The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Grinnell College now has a World Wide Web server, providing news and information about the department's faculty, students, graduates, and courses.

Mel's Internet Flea Market
Melvin Conley, Denver, CO, US
Shop until you drop. Buyers free, sellers $5 per month. We feature Web pages with merchandise and services from all over the world. Easy to find bathrooms, no mall map needed. No listing over two lines.

Metrotel Multi-Media Ltd
London, UK
Probably the longest established consultant in advertising on electronic public information systems, Metrotel offers campaign design and implementation on the Web.

Minor Leagues, Major Dreams
Anaheim, CA, US
Specializing in minor league baseball apparel. We carry over 400 items including caps for every team, jackets, jerseys, T-shirts, souvenir baseballs, and pennants. We also offer items for college teams, Indy 500, Brickyard 500, minor league hockey, arena football, as well as MLB, NHL and the NBA.

TS Designs, Burlington, NC, US
Visit the exciting world of Netwear Screen Printed Apparel shopping center. Inside you will find a wide assortment of great looking T's. Included are T-shirts related to current events such as the O.J. Simpson trial and the 25th anniversary of Earth Day.

New Media Communications Home Page
Cincinnati, OH, US
A site with a mission of helping the theological community explore the opportunities in computer mediated communications. Theological education, community in cyberspace, and links to other expressions of theological concerns in the online world.

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
Progressive Computer Services, Inc., New Orleans, LA, US
The Jazzfest 95 site includes information and complete schedules of performers at the largest outdoor music festival in the world, consistently drawing in excess of 400,000 visitors each year, featuring regional cuisine, folk artists, crafts, demonstrations, parades and major national acts. This year: Ray Charles, Wilson Pickett, Joni Mitchell, Gladys Knight, and more.

Northwestern University Coalition Against The Contract
Evanston, IL, US
The Coalition Against the Contract is an alliance of Northwestern University student groups campaigning against the "Contract with America." This page combines resources about it with announcements of our events.

Norwest Mortgage
Minneapolis, MN, US
Norwest Mortgage, the largest retail mortgage originator in the U.S., has set up a Mortgage Help Desk on the Homebuyer's Fair. Post your questions or frustrations about mortgage lending.

Office of Safety and Loss Prevention
Univ. of Wisconsin Sytstem Administration, Madison, WI, US
Information about various aspects of environmental health and safety, worker's compensation, and risk management.

Oliver Enterprises
Anchorage, AK, US
Oliver Enterprises is a consulting firm specializing in electronic document management systems using Oracle, Sybase, Client Server technology.

Passover Flowers
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
FTD Internet (sm) announces the availability of a new flower arrangement designed especially for Passover. Available for delivery throughout North America.

Paul Lewis, Concert Pianist
Metrotel Multi-Media Ltd, London, London, UK
Paul Lewis is one of England's most promising new pianists. He is available for concert engagements worldwide.

Planetary Data System - Imaging Node
US Geological Survey, AZ;, Jet Propulsion Lab., CA, US
The PDS Imaging Node is the curator of NASA's primary digital image collections from past, present, and future planetary missions. The Node has image browsers for the online Venus Magellan and Mars Viking Lander image datasets, and will be providing browsers for other missions in the future.

The Plant
The Plant Software Inc., North Vancouver, BC, Canada
The Plant provides Windows users with the ability to remove those annoying sticky notes from their monitor. E-GLUE can put your notes on the other side of your screen.

Prepaid Phonecards
HyperMedia Technologies, Avon, CT, US
Information on collecting and opportunities in prepaid phonecards.

Preventing and Resolving Public Controversy
Connor Development Services Ltd., Victoria, BC, US
We provide consulting services, workshops and training materials in the area of citizen participation and involvement.

Private Investments Ltd.
Santa Fe, New Mexico, US
Private Investments, Ltd. provides financial consulting services and domestic gold sales. We can answer your general questions relating to Switzerland, the Swiss insurance industry, the Swiss franc, etc.

Professional Home Inspections and Radon Testing
Professional Home Inspections, Inc., Evergreen, CO, US
Pre-purchase home inspection reports, RMC ASHI standards of practice, radon information, and color radon graphs.

ProRein & Lead
Melbourne, FL, US
ProRein & Lead handcrafts canine handling equipment. Our leads are as strong as iron, as soft as butter, and come with a lifetime guarantee. Please check them out. It's one of the nicest thing you'll ever do for you and your dog.

Redondo Beach, California
GENinc, Monrovia, CA, US
Here you will find surf, sand, and palm trees, all just minutes away from Los Angeles International Airport. When you visit Redondo Beach, be sure to stay at the Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach and Marina Hotel, offering deluxe accommodations and convention facilities.

Reproductions of Medieval Armament
Medieval Reproductions, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
There are many who dream of owning their own sword, helmet, or complete armour, providing a link with a long ago era that maintains an almost universal appeal.

Research Associates of Syracuse (RAS), Inc.
Syracuse, NY, US
An employee-owned company founded in 1986 to provide continuing education and engineering services to the defense community, RAS places its emphasis on radar, avionics, intelligence, and electronic warfare with specialties in hardware design and software development.

RockStar On Line
RockStar Magazine, Bologna, Italy
RockStar On Line is one of the first (and finest, of course) Italian magazines on the Web. Yes, it's all about rock, and it's cool, too. Oops. I'm afraid it's all in Italian...

RodCo's Affordable Publishing
RodCo Design Services, Alex, VA, US
Affordable home page publishing. RodCo offers six Web Page templates, 3 graphics, 5k of ascii text and 3 links for you to create a home page that is affordable and interesting.

Salem Oregon Home Page
NetVision, Salem, OR, US
Community information, government, education, recreation, weather, organizations, recycling, historical, and much more.

Sarajevo On Line
World Media, Paris, France
On April 5, 1995, the inhabitants of Sarajevo begin their fourth year under siege. A satellite link is planned starting March 29 to allow people of the city to exchange mail with the rest of the world. The messages will be stored on the Web server.

Satellite On Line
Satellite Magazine, Italy, Rome, Italy
That's it. The electronic version of Satellite, the finest monthly magazine concerning sat TV in Italy... if you understand Italian, just check it out.

Science Fiction Conventions Northwest
Jack Beslanwitch, Seattle, WA, US
This page focuses on fans and fandom of science fiction conventions in the Pacific northwest.

Preferred Internet Services, Kingsport, TN, US
An example of a FoxPro program that will automagically convert DBase format databases to a set of HTML documents. The program now supports the table extentions of Netscape, which makes quite a difference when converting diverse records.

The Sledge Hammer Arsenal
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, US
The television show Sledge Hammer lived from 1986 to 1988 on ABC. Also has links to a mockery of Melrose Place, quotes from soccer star Alexi Lalas , star nicknames fashioned by ESPN's Chris Berman, and more.

SnakeByte Fractals
artwhere@packet.net, Madeira Beach, FL, US
SnakeByte Fractal note cards. Unusual clothing and accessories from the edge.

Softdisk Publishing
Shreveport, LA, US
The leading publisher of subscription software for home computers and a pioneer of online software stores, Softdisk Publishing publishes Softdisk for Windows, Softdisk PC, Softdisk for the Macintosh, Loadstar (for the Commodore), and other publications on disk for computer users.

South Florida Dive Journal
Cybergate, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
SFDJ loads full screen high res photos in under 10 seconds, and downloadable MPEG videos supporting many articles. Freeware MPEG viewers/Web browsers are available for download off home page.

Sovereign Sailing
Voss Net plc, Langley, Berkshire, UK
Sovereign Sailing offers a range of sailing, surfing, and mountain biking holidays in Greece, Turkey and Sardinia.

Sportsmans Manager
Vertical Marketing Technologies, Medford, OR, US
A computer program for the PC to track fishing and hunting logs, expenses, pictures (of flies, etc.) and much more. We also have links to other fishing areas on the WWW.

Static Prevention Incorporated
Brea, CA, US
A manufacturer of ESD prevention and control products. At S.P.I. we are committed to the development, manufacture and sale of unique, reliable products to prevent damage or contamination caused by static.

Stockholm Cemetery Administration
Statskonsult (part of SEMA Group), Solna, Sweden
The largest cemetery administration in Sweden with five municipal cemeteries. Woodland Cemetery to the south of Stockholm is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Study on the Criteria for Federal Support of R&D
National Academy Press, Washington, DC, US
The National Academy Press announces the home page for this study, which addresses "the criteria that should be used in judging the appropriate allocation of funds to research and development activities, the appropriate balance among different types of institutions that conduct such research, and the means of assuring continued objectivity in the allocation process."

Voss Net plc, Langley, Berkshire, UK
Sunseeker builds a large range of high-quality power boats and cruisers.

Sutton-Council Furniture Company
NCNetWorks, Wilmington, NC, US
On the North Carolina Furniture page. In operation since 1924, Sutton-Council offers over 200 manufacturers at discount prices. A large selection of carpets and rugs is also available. Located in the port city of Wilmington, the company can prepare furniture for international shipment.

Symantec Corporation
Cupertino, CA, US
Symantec is enhancing its World Wide Web site to provide more services and information. New product information, product demos, success stories, online ordering, and a new interactive user interface are in development.

Synergism: A Place for Art
Brad Evans, Hanover (Dartmouth College), NH, US
A place to get published, expand your creativity, or just look around. Any and all kinds of art accepted and happily displayed. Need a publisher? Here's the place.

This is...Cybergrrl.
New York, NY, US
Surf the Web with Cybergrrl. Includes SafetyNet Domestic Violence Resources, the Webgrrls Page, cool links on my Touchstone Natural Products Marketing
Touchstone, Austin, TX, US
Our most important venture is to provide unsurpassed quality in the marketing, merchandising and distribution of natural products. We offer consulting services to manufacturers in all phases of product development and marketing.

Towson State Univ. College of Graduate and Continuing Studies
Towson, MD, US
Information on the college's wide range of services including graduate and undergraduate credit programs, opportunities for part-time study, professional development workshops and seminars, conferences, accelerated language instruction with the Rassias Method, Elderhostel, and many others.

Travel Discounts
Carmel By-the-Sea, CA, US
Choice of three electronic newsletters e-mailed weekly to corporate clients, consumers, travel agents, and airline employees. Hundreds of discounts on airlines, cruises, hotels & resorts, tour vacations, and car rentals.

Vinny Valentino Redifing Jazz
Can Am Partners, Inc., Vienna, VA, US
If you are into jazz music, Vinny Valentino's Web site is a must. He is a guitar master who should not be missed.

Visual Manufacturing
Manufacturers Information Net, Hampton, NH, US
Visual Manufacturing is an advanced information and control system which provides the sophisticated, yet practical functionality that can only be found in software designed by Dick Lilly. Here's the most exciting manufacturing software ever developed, completely integrated with the point-and-click simplicity of Windows.

Visual Solutions, Inc.
Westford, MA, US
Maker of VisSim, a nonlinear dynamical simulation package. VisSim is used by thousands of engineers worldwide for design of power systems, motion control, HVAC, pulp and paper, hydraulics, robotics etc.

Voss Net Online
Langley, Berkshire, UK
Voss Net On-line is an easy-to-use, all-in-one package for Internet access.

Voth Communications
Chilliwack, BC, Canada
Dedicated to helping others take advantage of the Web by providing WWW design services. The Web site features The Web Gateway, an index of useful Internet sites and The City Square, a place for individuals and businesses to establish themselves on the Web and to provide information via classified ads and the Employment Center.

Wanaka, New Zealand
Wanaka Promotion Assoc., Wanaka, New Zealand
Sheltered behind the Southern Alps in the South Island of New Zealand, Wanaka is the ideal holiday destination. There is something for everyone, whatever your age, ability or sense of adventure, from fishing to flightseeing, tramping to tennis, horse trekking to heli skiing, gold panning to golfing.

Web Library Catalogs of Internet Resources
Alex Project, Washington, DC, US
Over 40 library catalogs have a WWW forms-based interface, and some of these library catalogs include not only printed books, but resources on the Internet.

Webcorp, Inc., New York, NY, US
Provides a complete array of Web services, including T1 connectivity, name registration (yourfirm.com), Web authoring, Internet training...and content. Featured this month: The Marshall McLuhan Quote-O-Rama., text and audio from the Media Master.

William Elston Exhibition
Seattle, WA, US
Seattle Artist William E. Elston has set up a WWW exhibition of recent paintings. Elston is, according to the Seattle Times, "one of this area's most accomplished painters of realistic cityscapes. His paintings of busy corners and crowded street fairs throb with life."

Wings America
Carmel, CA, US
A retail store with an aviation theme that markets a wide range of high quality products related to aviation. It specializes in hand-crafted, hand-painted model airplanes.

Wireless Information Networks Laboratory (WINLAB)
Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, US
WINLAB, the Wireless Information Networks Laboratory, is a National Science Foundation Industry/University research center located at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. It is dedicated to research, education and technology transfer in support of future wireless communications systems.

The World of Tank Girl
Digital Planet, Los Angeles, CA, US
After years as a 2-D character, Tank Girl has finally lept into the 3-D world. She's coming March 31st to a theatre near you. Check out her world now on the Internet. It's as big and cool as a CD-ROM game, but it's on the Internet and it doesn't cost you a penny.

WorldPort Classifieds
OnLine Advantage, Inc., Fremont, CA, US
Free classified advertising. Main categories include: business, computer, employment, transportation, real estate, general. Come on by and browse or place free ads.

Writer's Web Service
Online Writer's Club, Fargo, ND, US
We are a compact group of professional and amateur writers, computer enthusiasts, and other interested persons. Our main goal is to promote amateur writers with online workshops and input from our professional ranks.

Friday, 7 April 1995

1996 NCAA Women's Final Four
Charlotte Organizing Committee, Charlotte, NC, US
The excitement of 1996 NCAA Women's Final Four Basketball Tournament is coming to Charlotte, NC. Information on ordering tickets is available at the 1996 NCAA Women's Final Four Web Site. Tickets are allocated on a first come/first served basis -- so order now.

The Abraxus Reader
village idiot ink., Seattle, WA, US
An online, literary zine which focuses on the literary talents of Internet contributors. Also has plans for a CD-ROM anthology underway.

Aeon Technology
Austin, TX, US
An Apple authorized reseller in Austin, TX. We specialize in memory products for all platforms along with an extensive line of optical media products.

Agnew Tech-II
Westlake Village, CA, US
Specializing in promotional and technical foreign language translation, CD-ROM/software localization, soundtrack replacements for existing videos, and intensive language and cross-cultural orientation.

Alabama Secretary of State
Montgomery, AL, US
Allows access to Secretary of State's election, voter registration, and business regulation information. Allows visitor to write Secretary of State, access election results, and request a postcard voter registration application.

Aleph - The Global Translation Alliance
San Francisco, CA, US
A language translation service that enables users to locate and employ the most suitable translator in the Internet world.

Janet McAndless, Los Angeles, CA, US
Alternative look at classic art forms. Currently a photographic project completed for a UCLA Extension class.

American Singles Dateline
ASD, Lompoc, CA, US
A safe, fun, and sensible way for singles to meet other singles for friendship, romance, or the sharing of common interests.

The Annenberg Washington Program
Washington, DC, US
For more than 11 years, The Annenberg Washington Program in Communications Policy Studies of Northwestern University has provided a neutral forum to assess the impact of communications technologies and public policies.

The Applied Climate Research Unit
Brisbane, Qld, Australia
ACRU is a research unit at The Univ. of Queensland. This site includes details of its research in climatology and other areas, links to other climate, environmental and geography servers, the Queensland Kite Flyers Society Newletter, and the A-Z guide to Australia.

Asia Adventures
Tim Walz, Western Nebraska Community College, Alliance, NE, US
Asian travel opportunities for college credit.

Ask Mr. Puddy
Univ Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Mr. Puddy's advice on life, business, medicine, affairs of the heart. Wondering what to do? Ask Mr. Puddy.

Assyria Online
United Assyrian youth of Canada, Toronto, Canada
An educational service containing information about ancient Assyria as well as Assyrians of today.

Astra Network, Inc
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
The first commercial Internet service provider in Winnipeg.

Aussie Lure Shop
Tackle Master, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
Presenting quality, Australian made fishing lures. It opens with two outstanding lures from Tackle Master.

Automated Reasoning Project
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
We are a research group who study logic as a philosophical, mathematical and computational discipline. Our site offers access to our technical reports, and information about opportunities to come to Australia to do a graduate degree in logic or automated reasoning.

Background Verification Service
Hi-Tec Info Resources, Cross Lanes, WV, US
Employers can use our background verification service to conduct checks, such as criminal history, credit report, prior employment, etc.

Barclays Bank PLC
London, UK
Details of Barclay's products and services. There is also a competition to enter, with cash prizes.

BBS One OnLine Service
Program One, Inc., Norton, OH, US
Offers Web pages and FTP sites for as little as $10 per month. Also offers Internet Slip Connections for $1 per hour via local phone number or telnet session.

Beyond 2000 Systems
San Jose, CA, US
Worldwide supplier of computer systems, network products and services, and client/server application development.

Birds-of-Prey "The Total Point of Sale Solution"
Business Systems Communications, Inc., Pemberton, NJ, US
Now you can directly access the latest information on BSC's open system Point of Sale software solutions. This homepage is a valuable information tool for all retailers, vendors, and VARs.

Boston Web Meet
Needham, MA, US
At last, a G-rated service for finding other Webbers who share your interests. Generous ad space. Image and home page links available. Ads are free for a limited time.

Branson Online
Ozark Internet Solutions, Branson, MO, US
Branson, MO is known as the Music Show capital of the world. There is more than ever to keep up with in Branson: music shows, The tri-lakes, new lodging springing up daily and many other sites and sounds. Come check us out -- you'll find us just as friendly on the Web as we are here in Branson.

Chapel Hill, NC, US
catalogue.com builds and distributes online and CD-ROM catalogs for traditional mail order and phone order companies.

CATS (Computer Analysis & Training Services)
Tallahassee, FL, US
A multi-faceted consulting firm specializing in client/server applications. We are poised to begin offering Web services to any business or individual who needs assistance in establishing a Web presence.

CHAT Communication Services
San Rafael, CA, US
A telecommunications installation and consulting firm serving the Western U.S. We design and install office switching, digital data, radio transmission, and fiber optic systems.

Chemical Engineering - Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN, US
This web site offers extensive information on the research activities at the School of Chemical Engineering. Faculty information is provided as well as students home pages.

Circumpolar Expeditions
Anchorage, AK, US
Join former Alaska Governor Walter Hickel and more than 70 explorers traveling by comfortable jet to some of the most remote Arctic regions of the world. Circle the Arctic!

College of Nursing
East Tennessee State Univ., Johnson City, TN, US
Information about the college, links to other nursing- and health-related resources, etc. It also lists events, such as the upcoming conference "Community-Based Primary Care: Strategies for Nursing Intervention" (May 17-19, 1995).

College Student Health Insurance Services
Champion Insurance Advantage, Ltd., Bel Air, MD, US
Student Health Insurance for full-time students at U.S. colleges and universities. Temporary health insurance for new U.S. graduates (or persons temporarily withdrawing from school). Study Abroad Health Insurance for students from U.S. schools who are participating in an academic program outside the US.

Concordia Journalism Students' Home Page
Concordia Univ. Computer Journalists' Assoc., Montreal, Canada
Designed to give both experienced and new Web users a starting point to explore ways that journalists can use the Internet.

Cosmos Yachting
Voss Net plc, Langley, Berkshire, UK
Providing a range of sailing holidays and charter boats, from bare boat to flotilla holidays, with training.

Critical Inquiry Journal
Univ. Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
An interdisciplinary journal published quarterly by the Univ. of Chicago Press. Our articles, from noted authors in many fields, deal with issues contemporary concern in art history and criticism, literary criticism, poetry and literature, social sciences and cultural studies.

Department of Geography, Univ. of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
The department specializes in GIS, remote sensing, and environmental issues.

Descent WWW Resource (unofficial)
Sven Neuhaus, Buffalo, NY, US
There is an ftp server running on the same host with all Descent related files, including specs and patches. Running on the DoomGate which offers tons of information on Doom and related games.

Diana Gabaldon Home Page
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, US
Diana Gabaldon is the author of Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, and Voyager. Read excerpts from the upcoming Drums of Autumn, find out how to order autographed books/bookplates, or read her newsletter at this site.

Division of Water Resources
CSIRO, Division of Water Resources, Perth, Australia
Information on the Division's activities in the field of water resources research. Topics include rivers, wetlands, catchments, pollutant remediation and urban systems.

Don't Spread That Hoax
www.crew.umich.edu, Ann Arbor, MI, US
How to avoid being duped by prank email and USENET postings, and how to avoid spreading them.

Dr. Jim's Virtual Veterinary Clinic
St. Francis Productions, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
Dr. Jim Humphries is a nationally known veterinarian (CBS This Morning, CNN Morning News, Discovery Channel ). His new Web page is devoted to common health and behavior problems pet owners face. His weekly posts are in question/answer format.

The Drive! Golf Course Locator
Green Grass Software Corp., Minneapolis, MN, US
Use the Drive! golf course locator to find out about golf courses where you live, work or travel. Drive! runs under Microsoft Windows, but this special Web demo lets you try it out on any machine.

Eastertime at The Chocolate Factory
Ann Hemyng Candy, Inc., Trumbauersville, PA, US
The Chocolate Factory is up and running with wonderful Easter chocolates for your family's baskets. Chocolate rabbits to delight everyone, even with chocolate carrots or jellybeans inside. Bits and bytes for every chocolate lover.

Easy Rider Bike Tours
Newburyport, MA, US
Easy Rider's 1995 catalog of exciting biking destinations in Portugal, Spain, Ireland, the Canadian Maritimes and New England. Find us under Adventure Travel at RS Communications.

Ecolu-info server
Centre universitaire d'ecologie humaine (ECOLU),, Switzerland
Information on environment and ecology teaching program at the University of Geneva and other universities across Europe participating in the International Certificate of Human Ecology teaching program.

Economics of Networks
NYU Stern School of Business Economics Dept., New York, NY, US
A collection of information on economic issues of networks, such as the Internet, telephone and fax communications networks, railroads etc.

EcoSocialist Review
Democratic Socialists of America, Chicago, IL, US
The journal of the Environmental Commission of the Democratic Socialists of America. Published since 1987 to network ecologists and social justice activists, the Utne Reader nominated ESR in 1994 as a best Special Interest Alternative Publication.

The ECS Data Handling System (EDHS)
Hughes Information Technology Co., Landover, MD, US
As the core element of NASA's Earth Science data system, the EOSDIS Core System provides for processing of data & images collected by Earth Observing Systems. During ECS development, this server provides access to ECS Project documents, reports, reviews and other related materials to the science community.

Electric Judy Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Specialists in theatre, film and television lighting and wardrobe. With links to entertainment specific places.

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Office of Emergency Information and Public Affairs, Washington, DC, USA
Hundreds of pages of information on a variety of emergency management, disaster preparedness, response and recovery topics. News Desk provides latest disaster news releases.

Fellers&Company Marketing Consultants
Fellers&Company, Austin, TX, US
We are the high-energy business-to-business agency in the Southwest. Our tech clients market in a global economy, and Web access provides worldwide 24-hour information access. Y'all come and download the free marketing audit.

The Foosball Home Page
University of Maryland, College Park, MD, US
The home for all things related to foosball/table-soccer.

FPD Home: The VP for Finance & Private Sector Development
The World Bank, Washington, DC, US
This World Bank Vice Presidency's home page provides information on private sector development, financial sector development, oil and gas, telecommunications and informatics, industry and mining, and power development, efficiency and household fuels.

Fraker Family Homeschool Page
University of Toledo, Toledo, OH, US
How our family practices homeschooling and weekly updates on projects and experiences involved with homeschooling.

Free Journal
Daniel Minor, Kumamoto, Kumamoto, Japan
Free Journal (F-J) and its sister page Free-Journal2 (F-J2) are new eJournals that are trying to give people a means of sharing their research findings, suggestions, opinions, ideas, insights, and announcements in the form of short articles.

Freedom Imports
Oakland, CA, US
Freedom Imports promotes fair trade and products that foster an appreciation of people around the world. We are offering an original print commemorating the first democratic elections in South Africa.

Gardener's Supply -- Spring Planting Catalog
Burlington, VT, US
A company of avid gardeners, committed to bringing the pleasures and rewards of gardening to as many people as we can. We're in business to help you experience the joys of fresh, healthy food, colorful, fragrant flowers, and a more beautiful yard and garden growing in harmony with nature. Our catalog offers practical, earth-friendly ideas.

Global Agricultural Biotechnology Association
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
GABA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting agricultural biotechnology around the world through international information exchange and strategic communication. This site is an attempt to concentrate agbiotech-related Internet resources in one place for easy access.

The Global Village Idiots
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Check out the crazed adventures of the Global Village Idiots' exciting Cross-Eurasia-Except-Iran world tour. Taste the idiocy of independent travel in our trek through China, Pakistan, and beyond.

Gynecologic Oncology Server
Div. of Gynecologic Oncology, U. Washington, Seattle, WA, US
Provides tutorials for educational purposes on various gynecologic malignancies. Section is dedicated for patients education.

Hilton Hotels - Internet Travel Center
Hilton Reservations Worldwide, Dallas, TX, US
An online directory of over 200 Hilton and Conrad hotels worldwide. Request a reservation online with our reservation request feature. Maps, directions, and amenities are listed.

Hong Kong Survival Page
Paowan, Hong Kong
A web page focused on Hong Kong with updated Mark Six result and racing info. We also plan to provide a photo archive of pop stars and provide job seeking service.

Inc., Magazine
Virtumall New Media, Cambridge, MA, US
The full text and graphics of articles in Inc., magazine is now available on the Web. This month, read about the competition between Kaplan and Princeton test prep centers, pointers on using competitors to your advantage, and much more.

Inst. Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (Iteso)
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Web of the Iteso Univ., mainly in Spanish.

InterCity Oz, Inc.
Panama City Beach, FL, US
Home of Bay County with information on Panama City/Beaches, art, including Paul Brent, Bay Co. EDC's "A Room With A View," the Beach Bull comedy tabloid, spring break bash and more. InterCity Oz is both a service and presence provider specializing in virtual communities.

The Internet Phone User Directory
Pulver enterprises, Great Neck, NY, US
The purpose of these pages are to provide a directory of active users of the Internet Phone. Before starting an IPhone conversation, feel free to browse the directory of Iphone users. If you are new to the Internet Phone, you can download the Iphone mailing list FAQ.

Interstar Marketing and Communications
Interstar, Elmont, NY, US
Provides companies worldwide with information and services allowing them to sell products and distribute information on the Internet. Internal corporate communications solutions using the Internet are designed and implemented, and space is available where companies may post their Web pages.

ETEXT Archive, Ann Arbor, MI, US
The March-April 1995 edition of the online magazine InterText has been released, featuring six stories from online writers. This marks our fourth anniversary publishing on the Internet.

Island Lake Lodge
Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
Island Lake Lodge is about spectacular days of fishing, hiking through unspoiled natural surroundings abounding in northern wildlife, and relaxing in a pristine environment few ever experience. Get in touch today and we'll send you more information.

Keepers of Lists
Downtown Digital, New York City, NY, US
Everyday the Keepers create a topic and invite all on the web to contribute funny, creative entries. Lots of fun.

Kurzweil Music Systems
MusicPro, Neilson/Clyne Inc., Murfreesboro, TN, US
Widely regarded as one of the foremost manufacturers of electronic musical instruments - MIDI samplers and synthesizers, Kurzweil's new Web presence includes background material on the company, latest product announcements and electronic brochures, for both home and professional products.

Lexeme-Morpheme Base Morphology (Linguistics)
Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, US
This is an outline of a new theory of linguistic morphology (the structure of words). It is distinguished by its strict separation of lexemes and grammatical morphemes, and derivation and affixation.

Light and Dark
DA, Evansville, IN, US
A new site that gives the user what he wants. Has a post board so you can post messages, vote for favorite group, and much more. Large emphasis on alternative living/music.

Manufacturers Sales (Canada) Inc.
MSI, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
In operation since 1978, we sell and manufacture replacement parts (Caterpillar, Esco) for heavy equipment used in the construction industry. These parts include tips, adapters, slewing rings, turntable bearings.

MarketNet - "The Electronic Marketplace"
Birmingham, London, UK
An electronic marketplace offering a wide range of services, products and information.

Marketplace Asset Recovery Services, Inc.
Computer Marketplace, Marketing Department, Corona, CA, US
A commercial asset recovery and remarketer of leased and recovered equipment, parts and peripherals. We buy, sell, rent and lease new and used commercial equipment.

MasterCard International Pointers
MasterCard International, New York, NY, US
A collection of stories old and new that provide message and direction. Long before the Web connected the world, oral histories and traditions like these offered pointers linking people and generations to timeless truths. We offer these as a beginning of what we hope will be a worldwide collaborative effort to collect and preserve them.

Medical Marketplace, Inc.
Computer Marketplace, Marketing Department, Corona, CA, US
A commercial reseller and remarketer of medical equipment, parts and peripherals. We buy, sell, rent and lease new and used medical equipment.

Mermaid's Home Page
Mermaid Products Inc., Seattle, WA, US
"Ask the Mermaid" and Mermaid Products are now online. Send in your questions regarding marine detailing and upkeep. You can also find distributors for Mermaid's high quality, environmentally sensitive products.

The Moose's Guide to Northern Exposure
Jude Shabry, Providence, RI, US
A compendium of online information on Northern Exposure. It is the ultimate resource for a fan, and a fun place to browse for anyone else.

The Mops Page
Jayfar's Web, Philadelphia, PA, US
Mops 2.5, a powerful development environment for Macintosh (68K & PPC) by Michael Hore, is based on Forth w/ OOP extensions. Mops is freeware.

Multimedia Kiosks
American Touchscreen Systems, Portland, OR, US
Designers and manufacturers of multimedia kiosks and fabrication parts.

NASA Software IV&V Facility Homepage
Fairmont, WV, US
Come visit the newest NASA facility, nestled in the heart of the Mountain State.

National Business Services
Internet Commercial Brokers and Agents, Jacksonville, FL, US
A full line business forms printer with over twenty years of experience. You can now order your business checks online.

NAWC AD Indianapolis
Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Div., Indianapolis, IN, US
Information about various programs, projects, people and services involved with NAWC AD Indianapolis.

Neat Stuff for Telephone Communication
VIVE Synergies Inc., Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
VIVE Synergies, Inc. makes an extensive line of devices for remote switching through telephone lines, telephone line sharing, call restriction, call screening and Caller ID for both single and multiple lines and LAN applications.

New England Rocks Musiczine
Volant Turnpike, San Diego, CA, US
New England Rocks Musiczine is dedicated to the New England Music scene, high quality brews, and other random happenings in the entertainment world around New England.

The NeWare OnLine Catalog
NeWare Corporation, Easton, Pa, USA
A complete online retail computer and related products superstore. We invite you to visit our catalog, The NeWare On-Line Catalog.

Nu-Mega Technologies
Nashua, NH, US
As an international supplier of software development tools for the PC industry, Nu-Mega is recognized as a leader in software debugging tools. Nu-Mega's products serve thousands of developers worldwide.

Oakland University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Association for Cybernetics Research, Rochester, MI, US
A multi-disciplinary group of student researchers engaged in the application of integrated AI technologies and techniques to real-world problems, as well as developing a more solid scientific and philosophical foundation for the field.

Omaha CareerLink
AIM Institute, Omaha, NE, US
A jobs and community information resource created to promote economic development in the Omaha-area by facilitating the recruiting of qualified information technologists for local businesses. Project funded by US Dep. Ed. grant and local funding.

On the Internet with PA
PA Data Design, Howden, East Yorkshire, England
The Press Association, the UK's news and sport media agency, includes UK news headlines, on the hour during the day (GMT), UK sports headlines, twice a day, news and sports features, TV listings for all UK terrestrial and satellite channels.

The "On-Line" Business Pages
ProActive Marketing, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom
The "On-Line" Business Pages have been developed by ProActive Marketing to help the non-technical business user find useful information fast.

PCs Compleat
Online Computer Market, Marlborough, MA, US
A leading direct reseller of personal computer products and services. With centralized facilities in Marlborough, Massachusetts, this dynamic organization is the only direct marketer in the country to offer products from all of the leading brand name manufacturers.

PDA Dimensions, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
A systems integrator focused specifically on the development and deployment of software for wireless handheld devices.

Piazza.Com Virtual Renaissance Marketplace
Access Internet Resources, Omaha, NE, US
First virtual 15th century city-state on the Web. Named after a fictional Italian seaport called Cassone, this site incorporates a growing wealth of educational resources ranging from period art masterpieces to a comprehensive maritime history archive/directory.

Picture Network International (PNI)
Tribune Media Services, Chicago, IL, US
PNI's Seymour(TM) is the largest image archive in the world offering online searching, pricing, licensing, and delivery of professional images. Seymour has more than 250,000 images from 35 stock agencies.

Platypus Man
Paramount Pictures, Los Angeles, CA, US
The comedy series from United Paramount Network. Photos, an episode listing, biographies, and hilarious outtakes. The latest online offering from Paramount Pictures.

Powerbook Army Mirror Site in Hawaii
hisurf.aloha.com, Honolulu, HI, US
Useful information and software for Macintosh PowerBook users. It is supported by Hi-Way Multimedia Inc. You can access two sites, Tokyo and Hawaii.

Princeton CFD - L.E.A.D.
Princeton, NJ, US
Describes the research activities and personnel of the computational fluid dynamics group at Princeton Univ. headed by Prof. Antony Jameson and Prof. Luigi Martinelli.

Quorum On-Line
SNC International, San Jose, CA, US
Quorum personal security products presented by SNC International, independent distributors of Quorum products.

Rochelle Communications, Inc.
The Turning Point/Fellers&Company, Austin, TX, US
Rochelle is the primary source for business applications of Caller ID. These include multi-line products, developer tool kits and test equipment. Neat consumer products: two-line displays, Sidekick 2.0 PIM bundle.

The Sabacc Home Page
Dave Sanborn, Syracuse, NY, US
Links to other Star Wars related Web servers, rules to the 'fictional' game of Sabacc, and a playable online version of the game!

Salford Astronomy Society
Manchester, UK
An amateur group which holds weekly lectures/meetings and is developing this resource with the primary aim of improving communications between amateur and professional astronomers.

Saltwater Fishing
Webmasters International, Inc., Reston, VA, US
A forum for hook and line anglers worldwide to swap stories, tips, and find out about new equipment, places to fish, and what's biting where.

San Mateo County Better Business Bureau
San Mateo, CA, US
Our mission is to promote and foster the highest ethical relationship between businesses and the public through voluntary self-regulation, consumer and business education, and service excellence.

Saskatoon Restaurant Guide
Northern Lights Internet Solutions, Ltd., Saskatoon, Canada
A list of the restaurants available in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Clients may search for restaurants by category or location, or peruse a complete list. It is also possible to search for restaurants using any text, such as street addresses.

Savage Studios & CyberGallery
Johns Island, SC, US
Complete graphic design services. The CyberGallery features new artists including Kata Billup's famous 'Elvis Art' and 'The Manx' by Jason Savage. Favorite cat links here too.

Sci-Fi World
Collectible Web Services, Huntsville, AL, US
We offer the latest in science fiction collectible merchandise including Japanese models, kits, and action figures.

Scotland Travels
Siva Phimister, London, UK
Information on Scotland for tourists, including castle, whisky, and coastal trails. Info on transportation, golf, hotels and towns is also available.

Section of Molecular and Cellular Biology, U.C. Davis
Davis, CA, US
Information on faculty, resources, undergraduate education, etc.

SNC International
San Jose, CA, US
Value priced, name brand peripherals.

Solar Mower
Webvertising, Houston, TX, US
Throw out the gas cans, spark plugs and oil filters. Forget about ever buying fuel again. Solar Power International, Inc. brings you cutting edge technology and a new age in lawn care, representing the best in American craftsmanship.

Solaris Migration Web Page
Sun Microsystems, Inc., Mountain View, CA, US
Sun's Solaris Migration pages are designed to serve as a resource for system administrators moving from Solaris 1 to Solaris 2 environments. We include tools, documentation, and pointers to other resources to assist you in your transition.

The Spinners, Ithaca, NY, US
A WWW Mall containing upstate New York and national businesses. Offerings range from fine wine to teak furniture and home decorating products to complete WWW site design. A site created by The Spinners.

Statistics Canada WWW service
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
With our ftp and gopher services, this site provides a useful nexus of information on the state and statistics of Canada, as well as descriptions of how to obtain more.

Summit Custom Trading Cards
Management Systems and Training, Inc., Overland Park, KS, US
Create your own customized trading cards. Use one of the most innovative and memorable vehicles in the world to promote you, your products, your business, your employees, or just for fun. Special WWW Price Discounts. Brought to you by the World Mall.

Tartan Collection of Hotels & Restaurants
Siva Phimister, London, UK
Some of the finest places to stay and eat in the Grampian Highlands and Aberdeen of Scotland. This 24-strong collection represents the best of Scottish hospitality.

The Tech Bookstore
Biznet Technologies, Blacksburg, VA, US
This shop has clothing from one of the NIT Final Two Basketball Teams, Va Tech Hokies.

Terry and the Pirates
Tribune Media Services, Chicago, IL, US
This classic strip returns to the comics after a 22-year absence. Learn more about its characters, read biographies of the creators, gain insight into the creative process, or trace the history of Milton Caniff's classic, frequently cited as one of the greatest comics of all time.

Texas Waternet
Texas Water Resources Inst., Texas A&M, College Station, TX, US
Includes newsletters of the Texas Water Resources Institute, technical reports, and information on conferences, research projects, and TWRI personnel. It also lets users search the database and link to related sites.

TRADE Business Intelligence CD
San Mateo, CA, US
T.R.A.D.E., Inc. offers an affordable, accurate retrieval system to provide the data you need to stay ahead in today's global market with accurate, timely information on all goods imported into the United States.

Transworld Systems, Inc.
Ananda International, San Francisco, CA, US
Your receivables are your income. TSI collection service is user friendly. Discover how to reduce your delinquent billing and collections by up to 70%. Collection data input software available free.

The Trillium Model
University of Houston Clear Lake, Houston, TX, US
Bell Canada's Trillium product development and support model. This is an exciting complement to our WWW rendition of the SEI Capability Maturity Model (CMM). Both are excellent software engineering resources.

University of Georgia Libraries' Image Collection
Athens, GA, US
Our image collection has grown to include images of the original confederate constitution and samples of our Paris Music Hall collection and an expanded collection of 225 rare maps.

The U.S. Auction List
USA Web, Scottsdale, AZ, US
The place on the Internet to put auction listings, brochures, even entire auction catalogs. To see what's possible, check out our home page for pointers to auction pages that currently exist on the Net.

Scottsdale, AZ, US
A Scottsdale, Arizona-based Internet consulting and publishing company. We build web sites, and help businesses take full advantage of the Internet.

Vancouver English Center
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Offers short-term and long-term programs for youths and adults, throughout the year. We also offer excellent home-stay and activities programs.

Virtual Computer Library
Computation Center, UT Austin, Austin, TX, US
University computing newsletters, conference calendars, vendors list, Internet/WWW information, news/press releases, books, journals, FAQs, and other computer-related materials.

V-LAN Home Page
Videomedia, Inc., San Jose, CA, US
At Videomedia, our goal is to help people effectively use computer and video equipment together for professional animation, multimedia, desktop video and broadcast television production.

VR5 Workstation
San Francisco, CA, US
A place of gathering for all VR seekers.

Web Skate
A directory totally devoted to inline skating. Includes a schedule of events, articles, and an online catalog.

WorldPort Personals
OnLine Advantage, Inc., Fremont, CA, US
Free personals service. WorldPort is rumored to be the most romantic place in cyberspace. Browse or place free personals.

WWW Vacation Rentals and Sales
WebMasters International, Inc., Reston, VA, US
This web site highlights vacation rentals and properties worldwide. Companies and individuals offering properties are organized regionally. Features include a classified section and links to home pages.

X/Open - The World's Standard for Open Systems
X/Open Company Limited, Reading, Berkshire, UK
An international consortium of vendors, users and software suppliers, providing detailed information on all aspects of the Open Systems industry, from market requirements, to tested and branded products.

Zipzap Universe
Williams and Fenn Publishing, Lafayette, CA, US
Home to: Zipzap e-zine, Deep Style Magazine, Zipzap Gallery, and the Zipzap Web-BBS.

Z Magazine, Woods Hole, MA, US
Home page for Z Magazine with articles by Noam Chomsky, Barbara Ehrenreich, Bell Hooks and for Left On Line BBS and Univ. including such online participants and faculty as Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Juliet Schor.

Monday, 10 April 1995

AeroNet: San Deigo
Curtis Eggen, San Diego, CA, US
Dedicated to general aviation in the San Diego area. The student pilot/page author has high hopes for the page to grow from these humble roots.

American Motor Works Company
Palm Bay, FL, US
Introducing the AMW Spirit, a new precision-built, high performance, American production motorcycle. AMW also makes high performance engines, fuel injection systems, stroker kits, and other billeted accessories for American made Big Twin motorcycles.

Andrew Dahley Design portfolio
Ann Arbor, MI, US
My industrial design portfolio online.

April BookWeb Contest
American Booksellers Association, Tarrytown, NY, US
BookWeb's April contest is now available. Every month BookWeb will be presenting a $50 gift certificate to one of the people who correctly solves the monthly puzzle. Are your thinking and vocabulary skills up to the test?

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
The Isotropic Media Group, Atlanta, GA, US
Celebrating its 50th Anniversary Season in 1995, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra page offers concert schedules, subscription and ticket information, conductor biographies, a historical perspective of the orchestra, a list of all ASO musicians, and more.

Barry Sanders Superhighway Fan Club
Superhighway Fan Clubs, Rochester, MI, US
Dedicated to Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders, one of the premiere pro football players in the NFL today. View stats and photos, participate in discussions, and submit questions to Barry.

Ben's Swimming Page
Columbus, OH, US
Links to other swimming sites all over the Internet.

The Blue Planet Pages
Manchester, Lancashire, U.K.
Aims to provide a complete guide to music entertainment in the U.K. The pages include club and gig guides, reviews, news and interviews.

Bookport: Services for Publishers
Fortuity Consulting, Marin County, CA, US
To celebrate the launch of a new web server that sells online editions of books, Bookport is offering free publishers' home pages to anyone who publishes books.

Branch Mall
Ann Arbor, MI, US
What's New at the Branch Mall: The Sunglass Connection -- premier and classic collections online; Rhythm, It's Easy -- Improve your music reading skills using your computer as a duet partner; Mayflower Florists, Inc. -- an FTD florist; New Image International -- a new weight loss system utilizing the benefits of chromium picolinate. Stop by today!

Broadcast Technology
Technet Unit, Singapore and Television Corp., Singapore
Information about broadcast technology as well as all related issues. We hope that any organizations related to this area can respond to us so we can include them in our site.

Cassette House
Kingston Springs, TN, US
We have been selling blank audio cassettes, DAT tape and related supplies since 1981. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies as well as universities, radio stations, recording studios, songwriters and many end users.

Cat Codes
J A Publishing, Saffron Walden, Essex, UK
A guide to the Cat Codes from the Usenet group rec.pets.cats.

The Center For Advanced Spatial Technologies [CAST]
Fayetteville, AR, US
CAST provides access to information on GIS, remote sensing, digital mapping, GPS, and digital photogrammetry. The server also hosts extensive databases on archaeology, Native Americans and historic preservation.

Center for the New Engineer
George Mason Univ., Fairfax, VA, US
The Center for the New Engineer has developed several innovative, Internet-accessible tutorial modules covering different topics in computer science.

Chicago Tribune Career Finder
Chicago, IL, US
Search the current and the previous two weeks of the Sunday Chicago Tribune jobs section for your perfect job in computer/information systems, engineering, electronics, telecommunications and other technical fields.

Chinook (World Checkers Champion)
Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
From this page you can test your checker skill against Chinook, read about Chinook's World Championship matches, and find out more about Chinook and the game of checkers.

City Guitar
New Bedford, MA, US
City Guitar sells fine vintage guitars, stringed instruments, and amplifiers. If you're looking for a 1994 Gibson Harley Davidson Limited Edition electric guitar, a 1967 Ampeg Electric upright bass, a 1965 Fender Super Reverb, or anything in between, you have come to the right place.

Colorado Legal Alliance
Denver, CO, US
A guide to Colorado internet legal research and resource materials.

Computational Sciences Workshop '95
Los Alamos National Lab., UNM, Albuquerque, NM, US
CSW '95 will be held July 24-28 in Albuquerque. The participation of scientists and engineers is invited to explore the application of high performance computing to current scientific problems.

Computer Consultants of Hastings, Inc.
Hastings, NE, US
A fast growing consulting/VAR that specializes in LAN/WAN design and installation, Web page construction/hosting and custom programming. They also host the Nebraska Land Products Home Page, highlighting Nebraska-based products.

Computer Design and Graphic Systems
Ft. Myers, FL, US
CDG Systems is a worldwide distributor of high end graphic and imaging hardware and software products. CDG specializes in custom configurations of Macintosh and IBM compatible computer systems and accessories designed for high end graphic, imaging and digital video.

CUSID (Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate)
Montreal, Quebec, CA
This page contains official information about CUSID, and has links to many debating resources in Canada, the United States, and around the world.

CyberCafe, Sierra Vista, AZ, US
A very large index of some of the greatest art resources available on the Web.

Mountain Lake Software, Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
A free online magazine for kids that contains stories, artwork, puzzles, and more, created mostly by other kids. Subscribe and download our Dracula font free.

Cybertech - Web Pages and .HLP
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Check out Cybertech's home page if you need to generate Windows User Doc's or HELP files for your application or product. Cybertech also offers complete home page design.

David S. Reinhart Associates
Lancaster, PA, US
Offering the unique service of porting DOS applications to the MS Windows environment for companies without the necessary resources to do this for themselves.

Desert View High School
Sunnyside Unified School District, Tucson, AZ, US
Our SADD Group (Students Against Driving Drunk) has recently added practical tips on How to run a Mock Crash at your school to alert students to the dangers of drinking and driving.

Digital Industry News
InfoMedia Inc, Sunnyvale, CA, US
Provides a graphical high-tech news database delivered directly to readers' email addresses three times a week as a free service to the global Internet community,

Di's Online Cafe
Diane Summers' Online Services, Inc., Mobile, AL, US
Commercial online service, offering direct Internet access, SLIP/PPP, home of Di's open forum, many points of interest, listed and illustrated, including extensive links to Internet resources.

Distributed Real-Time Operating Systems
Digital Equipment Corp., Marlboro, MA, US
Get a preview of some of the keystone technology directions which can be expected in the next generation of distributed real-time operating systems from some computer vendors.

DJGPP Home Page
DJ Delorie, Rochester, NH, US
Home of DJGPP, a 32-bit GNU C/C++/etc development system for MS-DOS. This server also has interactive games, and server goodies.

DXI Corporation
The Isotropic Media Group, Atlanta, GA, US
Atlanta's premier contract technical services firm. Founded in 1981, DXI provides contract services to the information processing industry. Our clients include many Fortune 500 companies as well as many smaller companies.

E for Ecstasy
London, UK
The site is about the drug Ecstasy (MDMA). The index page provides access to a complete book on the drug, lab tests on pills sold as Ecstasy, articles about the drug and an illustrated article about Ecstacy's effect on artists.

The Eclectic Mini Mall
Internet Productions, Inc., Longwood, FL, US
A wide variety of products and services including health aids, sports equipment, exercise, fitness and rehabilitation products, gifts, automotive accessories and international health insurance, etc.

Ecola's EZ Home Page
Portland, OR, US
Intriguing information and entertainment, designed for ease-of-use and speed. Concise hotlists (such as "Computer Trade Publications Online") are strewn everywhere. Featured as "Cool Site of the Day" for March 30, 1995.

ELSA - Electronic Library Services & Applications Lobby
MountainNet, Morgantown, WV, US
Our software library has only one hand-coded page, all others are generated. This is through the use of metadata (i.e. abstract, keyword, etc), wherein the metadata is provided a standard format.

Environmental and Societal Impacts Group (ESIG)
National Ctr. for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, CO, US
ESIG is a multidisciplinary research group at NCAR focusing on the interactions between society and the environment. We study environmental and climate change, and the use and value of climate and weather information.

Farsight's Thread on the Web
SecTec, Baltimore, MD, US
Farsight's Experimental Home Page--includes perl code working and under development to extend WWW documents via database applications and sundry other automated tasks.

Finish Line Car Care and Detailing Guide
Greenfield, MA, US
An online detailing guide for the discriminating car owner and an online catalog of the world's finest detailing products.

The Flag of the United States
School Dist. 59, Arlington Heights, IL, US
Facts and history of the U.S.

Flags of the World
mallmart, Glenview, IL, US
Be proud of your country. Flags of the World offers the widest selection of flags on the net. Over 175 country flags and a wide variety of other hot selling flags.

Foxholly Studios Online Art Gallery
Kristen McQuillin, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Foxholly Studios' current show features digital art of human figures. The gallery is now considering submissions by new artists for its next show.

The Fragile Liquid WWW Buttons and Thangs Archive
Lake Oswego, OR, US
Wild and wooley buttons and bars and letters and thingies for building the quality Web page -- all original, all free for personal use.

Gallery V (For Virtual)
Berea College Museum, Berea, KY, US
Kentucky's first virtual museum experience. It is a true extension of the Berea College Museum. It provides a real-world-gallery feel with information kiosks, artifact cases, a photo exhibit, and a museum shop annex. Subjects include Berea History, Appalachian Culture, and Doris Ulmann.

Genera X Society
Hartford, CT, US
Your online source for information and products on UFOs and related topics, with T-shirts and mugs for sale. Proceeds from the sale of products in our marketplace help to underwrite GENERA:X:Park, a unique themepark that will feature exhibits on space science, UFO sightings, extraterrestrial encounters and the worlds largest planetarium.

The Gibbons Experience
South Bend, IN, US
One of the better U. of Notre Dame home pages. This page features Eastman Kodak digitized images. It will soon have a guestbook for those who peruse the sites. The links, in particular, are quality ones, especially the medical links.

GlobalCom - Service Provider for the Twin Cities
St. Louis Park, MN, US
An Internet service provider for the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. We offer personal SLIP/PPP and shell accounts at a very affordable rate. Our goal is to make the Internet easy to understand and use by all.

Glosario de Internet
Universidad de Cordoba, Cordoba, Spain
Glosario de Internet, terminos usados en Internet y una breve descripcion con enlaces.

Sunnyvale, CA, US
Brings you over 50 styles in childrens clothing from Rebecca Raggs. You can see us at Access market square, Shopping 2000 and Downtown Anywhere

Health Center for Better Living, Inc.
Naples, FL, US
We are considered to be one of the largest retail suppliers of herbal products in the country. We offer only the freshest herbs available. Get your free Useful Guide to Herbal Health Care.

History/Social Studies
Milwaukee, WI, US
History/social studies and K-12 links for teachers. Subjects includes: archaeology, diversity, E-texts and zines, genealogy, geography/economics, history, art/humanities, news/current events, Webstuff and general guides. A great spot for teachers to start. Currently listed in the Subject-Oriented Clearinghouse under "History".

Hoof Prints Home Page and Catalog
Lenox, MA, US
A selection of exquisite, yet affordable imported horse and dog prints. In the past it has been all but impossible to locate an extensive retail source of these prints. You can view prints, order a catalog and participate in special discount offers.

Hydroponics, Hydroponics, Hydroponics
InterUrban WaterFarms, Honolulu, HI, US
This new service provides educational information about hydroponics and related subjects on the WWW. You can get answers to common questions, browse online catalogs, and order products through the Web.

Image One, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ, US
Services include consulting, Web site development, graphic design and marketing support.

Income Opportunities
IO Publications Inc., New York, NY, US
Income Opportunities magazine has been helping small businesses for over 35 years. Their Web site is updated monthly and contains many fully formatted articles from their unique magazine.

Indiana Drumline
Aaron Shepherd, Bloomington, IN, US
For anyone interested in the Indiana University Marching Hundred Drumline. It contains drumline information, pictures, recordings, and the email address to get more information.

IndustryNet Regional Buying Guides
Pittsburgh, PA, US
The IndustryNet Regional Buying Guides include over 180,000 manufacturers and suppliers of virtually every product and service used by industry. Within these guides you can find the latest products & services - who manufactures them - and where you can buy them in your region.

Interglobal Web Page Developers
Secaucus, NJ, US
Interglobal's objective is to help businesses and individuals establish a presence on the WWW by either developing simple Web text pages or creating elaborate multimedia presentations.

International Horseback Travel with Nomadic Cultures
Boojum Expeditions, Bozeman, MT, US
Since 1985, Boojum Expeditions has offered travel on horseback to see central Asia's wilderness and nomadic cultures in China, Tibet and Mongolia.

The International Reafforestation Fund
Dublin, Ireland
This charity has been established for public benefit to advance, promote and protect the world's forests and wilderness. We're using a system of network fund raising which enables donors to be paid a fee as a fundraiser.

Internet Business Connection
Ormond Beach, FL, US
An electronic storefront where you can browse an alphabetical listing of company names or categorized list of products and services. Specializing in bringing an Internet presence to the small business.

The Invention Store
Impulse Communications, Boston, MA, US
A showcase for new products and services.

J. HomeBoy HomePage
J. MuzicManiax, New York, NY, US
J. is a kewl alternative music artist who sings, plays, composes and performs some of the most interesting new music anywhere. J. combines elements of hip hop, punk, rock and hard core dance.

Jayne's Cyber Cook Book
J A Publishing, Saffron Walden, Essex, UK
A cookery resource: recipes, hints etc., and growing daily.

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Southern Scientific/Africa Commercial, Cape Town, South Africa
The Africa Commercial Service offers the South African Investors' Guide on the Internet. Free access to a comprehensive overview of the companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Kent Software Tools Information
Computing Lab, Univ. of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, England
Information on Kent Software Tools Suite including UNIX guide hypertext system, and vdiff file comparator.

KJHK-FM, A College Radio Station
KJHK-FM student station, Univ. of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, US
The first continuous signal of a broadcast station on the Internet. Tune in for college rock and jazz, plus home page links.

Living Art by KK Free, Selections
InterMaven, Stanford, CA, US
Acrylic on canvas and the amazing performance art called 1,000,001 pennies.

Lunar Rover Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA, US
The goal of the Lunar Rover Initiative is to launch and land a lunar mission within the decade. The pages are still under construction, but our navigation group has lots of pages that describe our autonomous navigation system for Lunar rovers, and pictures, publications, and further Web pointers.

Magical Virtual Tour
Discovery Middle School, Orlando, FL, US
Did you ever wish you could jump onboard a magic carpet and tour the world? Now you can on the Magical Virtual Tour sponsored by Midlink Magazine and Web66. Your school is invited to join our project created by K-12 students from around the world.

Maryland State Archives
Annapolis, MD, US
Provides the best and most reliable information on Maryland state government, history, and archives. Included are current exhibitions with images, full biographies with photos of government officials and legislators and sample documents for use by teachers in the classroom.

Metrostar Computer Center
HyperMedia Communications inc., Brooklin, ME, US
We are a supplier of computer accessories and supplies at discounted prices. Internet users can view our products online and we can process their orders or add them to our mailing list electronically.

Mike Utley Foundation
Image One, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, US
Non-profit organization involved with research to help cure paralysis.

Mind Uploading Home Page
Chapel Hill, NC, US
These pages explore the scientific potential in the science-fiction concept of mind uploading--that is, copying one's mind into an artificial body or computer. Various technological, philosophical, and sociological issues are considered. References and links to related material are given.

National Business Incubation Association (NBIA)
Athens, OH, US
NBIA, a professional NGO represents the business incubation industry in North America. An incubator marshalls a confluence of resources for nurturing fledgling new business ventures.

National SchoolNet Atlas
National Atlas Info. Service, Ottawa, Canada
This atlas provides students, teachers and researchers with a tool to download maps, create their own maps, study hot topics/issues and access and map information from major national data bases. International participation is encouraged.

Netscape 1.1b2 Demo Download Doggie Door
Happy Puppy Software, Los Angeles, CA, US
Backup site to download Netscape 1.1 Beta 2 Demo for Windows. If you can't get through to Netscape's FTP, try here, courtesy Happy Puppy Software.

The New York Botanical Garden
New York, NY, US
The New York Botanical Garden, one of the world's oldest, largest and most respected horticultural institutions, joins the Net with over a hundred pages of information and images about the NYBG and gardening. Explore their specialty gardens, collect garden tips, and ask the experts a plant question.
http://www.pathfinder.com/vg/Gardens/NYBG/index.html [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Nova Scotia Community College CBAVTC Campus
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
The CBAVTC campus of the Nova Scotia Community College provides technical, trades and academic upgrading to over 300 full-time and 150 part-time students. Campus and course details are included on our home page.

NTG's Canadian Networks Page
NTG International Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A great starting point to all WWW networking sites. Includes such headers as NTG's list of Canadian Internet providers, network products, network consultants, and more.

One World Plaza
World Internet Corporation, Miami, FL, US
Your one-stop shopping plaza on the Internet. A directory of virtual storefronts.

O'Reilly Online
Sebastopol, CA, US
O'Reilly & Associates has redesigned the home page of O'Reilly Online, the company's resource center on the Web. It features a clickable image map of a classic radio that leads the viewer to information about O'Reilly books and software, the ora.com magazine, news updates, and contact and ordering information.

Ottawa Accommodation Finder
InterAccess Technology Corp., Nepean, Ontario, Canada
The Ottawa Tourist has been updated to include a hotel accommodation finder which helps you select from 49 of the best hotels and motels in the region, based on price, location, and size. A searchable B&B listing is also added.

Palo Alto Judo Club
Nate Saal, Palo Alto, CA, US
Information about the Palo Alto judo club. Also contains links to other judo clubs and judo related resources on the World Wide Web.

PB Publishing
Morgan, VT, US
Cyberspace magazine on Vermont and the state's Northeast Kingdom. Some advertising, but we hope it is tastefully done and not too intrusive. Objective is to promote tourism and recreation in one of the most beautiful and spiritually uplifting areas of the U.S.

Planning & Scheduling Benchmarks
Barry Fox and Mark Ringer, Houston, TX, US
Provides access to reference problems and data sets that challenge the state-of-the-art in planning & scheduling software. Results submitted by participants will be published along with their e-mail and http addresses.

PMC Capital, Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
PMC Capital is the Internet community's direct access to capital for small business financing. We're lenders, not brokers. We offer Small Business Administration (SBA) and conventional loans for small businesses throughout the US. There is never an application fee for any of our programs.

Powersource Gallery of Native American Art
Powersource, Houston, TX, US
More than just art, a Native American art and education site featuring cultural symbols of powerful people, powerful places, and powerful objects.

The Real Estate Home Page
The Home Page, Tacoma, WA, US
Provides an easy alternative to the home buying and selling procedure. Full brokerage services in Washington state, referrals to anywhere in the world and an advertising service for those who wish to try to sell their home on their own.

Rec.Autos.4X4 Home Page
KII, Ltd., Washington, DC, US
A must see for recreational 4x4 owners! We have created a touchstone Web site for the 4x4 community -- a clearinghouse of web URLs and related topics. Brought to you the 4X4 4U staff.

Reseau Internet Quebec Inc.
Quebec, Canada
Fournir aux professionels et gestionnaires les services techniques nécessaires pour les relier au réseau international Internet leur permettant ainsi l'accès et la diffusion d'information à caractère scientifique, technique et général dans leurs sphères d'activités et dans leurs champs d'intérêts.

Rock Around the World
RATW, Woodland Hills, CA, US
Rock Around the World through a wide range of audio and informative files, including RATW radio broadcasts, music sound bites, feature articles, stories, reviews and photos from the RATW newspaper.

The Samford University Writing Project
Birmingham, AL, US
This National Writing Project site provides links to local and national resources on writing, teaching writing, rhetoric, and linguistics.

Sapphyr's Lair
J A Publishing, Saffron Walden, Essex, UK
Contains details about Sapphyr, an anthropomorphic character on a number of games.

Santa Barbara, CA, US
Presents updated and exciting information about Scultura--an infamous, socially active public art installation movement seen in cities throughout the United States and in the national media. Also, view beautiful sculpture by Mike Garibaldi. Fantastic images.

SCUP's Higher Education Planning Pages
Ann Arbor, MI, US
SCUP, a professional association dedicated to effective planning in higher education, has created a home page with links to an index of its scholarly publication, Planning for Higher Education, information about its 30th annual conference, and more.

Sheplers, Worlds Largest Western Store
Wichita, KS, US
Your primary source for western apparel: jeans, shirts, dresses, blouses, boots, jewelry, gifts and more.

Ski in France
Idea Net, Paris, France
A guide to the most popular ski resorts in France. It contains information on the town, the ski area, what to do when you get there, as well as tips on some of the best hotels and restaurants at the resort. Available in English and French.

Society for Information Display
Santa Ana, CA, US
The Society for Information Display (SID) Web site provides information about joining SID, its aims, publications, conferences, and links to other display-related sites. It also includes indices to its publications.

Somar Software
Washington, DC, US
The maker of Somar DumpAcl (tm) and other utilities for Windows NT. Somar DumpAcl provides a concise report of file system permissions, making it easy to find holes in system security.

The Spinners
Ithaca, NY, US
We create and serve WWW sites for companies and individuals. Our focus is cost-efficiency while maintaining a high level of customer service. We have two WWW malls, Ithaca Marketplace, and Everything Under the Sun.

S.P.S. Beer Stuff, Homebrew Supplies by Mail
Cedar Rapids, IA, US
Online homebrew (beermaking) supply catalog including over 100 canned malt extract varieties! We're not new to the WWW but our address is as of 4/1/95.

Technical Shareware CD-ROMs for NetWare, AutoCAD and PC Programmers
EMS Professional Shareware, Salt Lake City, UT, US
CD-ROMs for Access, ASM, AutoCAD, C, C++, Clarion, Clipper, FoxPro, NetWare, OS/2, Paradox, Pascal, Science, Small Business, Spreadsheets, Visual Basic, VBDOS/QB/PDS, and Windows, updated every two months, with elaborate database directories.

Teledyne Brown Engineering's Imperium [TM] 200H
Huntsville, AL, US
We are proud to announce the availability of the Imperium [TM] 200H. This device is cutting edge medical technology that allows physically challenged individuals to easily operate telephones, control lights and appliances, electronic beds, televisions, VCRs, CD players, and other infrared equipment.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department BBS & Catalog
Austin, TX, US
Links to the Texas parks & wildlife outdoor connection BBS and catalog.

Tower Hill School
Wilmington, DE, US
The school's Internet project, TowerNet, is now entering its second year. The most recent addition is a web server, kindly supported with the aid of the University of Delaware.

Trading Agricultural & Financial Futures & Options
Futures & Options Trading Group, Portland, OR, US
Resources and guidelines for trading success with futures & options on agricultural commodities and financial instruments--includes links to brief descriptions of how futures and options operate, strategies that can be employed to improve trading success, weekly futures-oriented newsletters and information on opening a futures trading account.

Uncommon Connections
Vanguard Technology Group, Winona, MN, US
Merchants offering the most unique products and unusual gift items available anywhere, online or in traditional stores. Site features highest quality design and secure transactions.

Univ. of Oregon Arts & Administration Program
Eugene, OR, US
Provides information on the MA/MS degree in Arts Management, the undergraduate minor in Community Arts, faculty and student research, and other resources that will be of interest to the arts community.

University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND, US
UNDInfo is the Univ. of North Dakota's menu system on the Internet, and is accessible through both gopher and the World Wide Web. It contains directories of faculty and students, news, events, departmental, sports, alumni and entertainment information, academic catalogs, and more.

The Virtual English Language Center
The Comenius Group, New York, NY, US
Materials, products and services to students of English as a second or foreign language. Improve your English with The E-mail Pen Pal Connection and The Weekly Idiom. Future additions include an online book store, a software clearinghouse and business and academic writing lessons.

Virtual Tour of Univ. of Missouri-Columbia
Matt Brown, Columbia, MO, US
This is a walking tour of a section of the university campus. It includes approximately 55 images linked together to create a virtual tour of the Francis Quadrangle on the UMC campus, including the famous Columns and Jesse Hall.

Webcraft: Semantics and Style of Web Design
@design, San Francisco, CA, US
This book examines the qualities that make Web sites work and provides design templates.

Western Square Dancing
Stanford Univ., CA, US
Square dancing is a popular pastime for thousands around the world. This page contains a wide variety of information of interest to square dancers of all levels, including links to all other known square dance pages.

The Winnipeg Free Press
WFP & Red River Community College, Winnipeg, Canada
An online, interactive newspaper. Not daily, this one is a prototype.

Praktische Philosophie der FernUniversität, Hagen, Germany
The page describes a distance teaching program in the philosophy of economics (ethics and epistemology). The program is run once a year and consists of written material, a video, and a workshop at Hagen, Germany. The teaching language is German.

Woodmen of the World Hall Home Page.
C.C.P.A., Eugene, OR, US
The Community Center for the Performing Arts is a member-owned, non-profit organization dedicated to providing cultural events to the Eugene-Springfield area. Celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year, the CCPA is committed to the development of the arts and the preservation of the historic Woodmen of the World (W.O.W.) Hall.

World Galleries
Cyber-Space Marketing, Inc., Duluth, GA, US
Our first exhibit is by Dale Rayburn, a successful artist from the south. His etchings are available for viewing and purchase.

World IntuAction Press
Granby, CT, US
We offer Internet consulting services and freelance Web page development to companies of all sizes.

WorldWide Wellness
DoubleClicked Publications, Baltimore, MD, US
Internet resources for whole living is a comprehensive database of alternative/wholistic health information and resources. Directory, calendar and articles from the forefront of mind/body/spirit research.

The WWW Speedtrap Registry
Andrew Warner, Nashville, TN, US
The WWW registry of US speedtraps.

Zoom-able Access to Climate Data
NOAA/PMEL, Seattle, WA, US
The server provides on-the-fly browsing, visualization, and retrieval of climate data. It has a map-based zoom interface and generates unusually well documented outputs.

Wednesday, 12 April 1995

1995 Special Olympics World Summer Games
1995 Special Olympics Org. Committee, Inc., New Haven, CT, US
The ninth Special Olympics World Summer Games for athletes with mental retardation will be held July 1-7, 1995 and will be the largest sports event in the world this year as well as the largest sports event ever held in Connecticut.

2nd Ericsson WWW Server
Ericsson Inc., Richardson, TX, US
Our second server, in Richardson, Texas, is a mirror of the one located in the Netherlands. Both servers contain articles and technical information on various aspects of telecommunications, product information, positions available, magazines, etc. Ericsson is a major telecom supplier, and the world leader in mobile telecommunications infrastructure.

ABA Business Long Distance
Pinnacle Systems, Inc., Rancho Bernardo, CA, US
Pay nothing for your phone service. Read on to find out how. We represent over 15 different phone companies with services covering all aspects of your business. We've done the shopping for you, and we know where the best prices are.

adrienne data and publishing service, Vancouver, WA, US
A full range of computer and publishing services including low cost scanning and html writing.

American Orff-Schulwerk Association
Centreville, VA, US
Information regarding the association, an organization of professional music and movement teachers dedicated to the pedagogical principles of composer Carl Orff. Also a large number of links to other arts-related resources.

Apple's QuickTime Online
Apple Computer's AppleSoft Div. and Advanced Tech. Grp., Cupertino, CA, US
Dedicated to QuickTime, QuickTime-enhanced audio CDs, and related technologies. QuickTime software enables both Macintoshes and Windows computers to play videos, sounds, and music in amazing new ways.

Apricot Computers WWW Services
Birmingham, West Midlands, UK
Extensive product specifications, training details, service details and general interest information on Apricot Computers.

Armadillo Central
Austin, TX, US
Listings of real estate and property for sale, rent or lease in the greater Austin area.

Artists Repertory Theatre
Portland, OR, US
Portland's premiere intimate theatre. Check out information on our season, and see our unique online playbill.

Avanti Destinations
Portland, OR, US
A tour wholesaler specializing in air and land packages to Latin America, Europe, and beyond.

Baby's Art Gallery
The Infotique, Ingomar, PA, US
A collection of high-contrast images for 90's newborns. These intriguing images, modernistic variations of classic themes, are eclectic entertainment for the infant in your life.

BARD - Bodleian Access to Remote Databases
Bodleian Library, Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom
An end-user gateway to Internet resources designed for library users as a primary navigational tool: it includes access to WWW, Gopher, WAIS, Usenet and FTP resources.

Bard on the Beach
Vancouver, BC, Canada
A professional summer Shakespeare Festival in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Plays are presented in our 450 seat tent from June until September. The city, sea and mountains provides a magnificent backdrop to our productions. This WWW site contains complete information on this year's season.

BEARS in Moral and Political Philosophy
Providence, RI, US
Brown Electronic Article Review Service (BEARS) in Moral and Political Philosophy publishes short refereed reviews of very recent articles in moral and political philosophy. Edited by James Dreier and David Estlund, Philosophy, Brown University.

Bebop to the Boolean Boogie
Huntsville, AL, US
An unconventional guide to electronics. An eldritch mix of atoms, transistors, Eskimo counting systems, fuzzbuttons, smoked fish, Reed-Muller logic, virtual hardware, holographic interconnect, superconductors, nanotechnology, and a whole lot more.

Below Zero/2 Selections
Calgary, AB, Canada
The premier OS/2 retailer supporting OS/2 since 1992 with one of the best selections available today. In addition to our already available OS/2 online catalogue, Below Zero has now added WWW support.

accidental press, Seattle, WA, US
A literary freeware collection by contemporary author Don Berry. Wide variety of fiction and non-fiction -- fantasy, mathematics, epistemology. This is an entertainment resource with about 50 items.

The Biz-Opp Shop
The Ryton Group, Portland, OR, US
A directory of business and franchise opportunities.

Bright Ideas
San Diego, CA, US
The hottest desktop publishing resource on the market! Where do you go for the best in computer graphics, fonts, instruction and inspiration? The smart money goes to Bright Ideas.

C & W Marketing
Ridgecrest, CA, US
A huge product line of nutritional supplements made from Chinese herbs. We also carry a full line of herbal hair, skin, and body care products and a large assortment of water and air filters. C & W Marketing also has a team of html programmers/designers who will design homepages. We run a business advertising page on the Net.

Cajun/Zydeco in the Baltimore & Washington Areas
Mid-Atlantic Crawfish Net, Baltimore, MD, US
This page covers the Cajun/Zydeco music and dance scene primarily in the Balto./Wash. Area, but also in other areas across the USA. There are web links to New Orleans, Louisianna, and other sources for Cajun music and culture. We are also working on guides to music sources and dance instruction.

The Canadian Internet Music Source
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Global-X-Change is pleased to present a link to The Canadian Internet Music Source. CIMS offers the hottest independent Canadian bands, access to band information, and concert schedules.

Capri, a division of Catalina Yachts, Woodland Hills, CA, US
A complete range of dinghies, from the eight-foot Sabot to the exciting Coronado 15, sail in one design fleets nationwide. The larger Capris, from the mini-cruiser Capri 16 to the family-sized performance Capri 26, race actively in handicapped fleets and provide many families with their first cruising and racing experiences.

Carrie O'Coyles' Art Gallery
eugene, OR, US
An ever growing collection of fine art drawings and oil paintings by Carrie O'Coyle. New works be added weekly.

The Carson McCullers Pages
Melinda Casino, US
The Carson McCullers Pages has information and pointers to works about this fascinating modern Southern writer. A bibliography, life chronology, related links, and a list of her works can be found at this site.

CaseCrafters Display Cases
Underground Rivers, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
Quality display cases for sports, collectibles, curios, awards, etc. We can build custom or stock cases and ship them anywhere in the world. Photos included.

CBS News: Up to the Minute
New York, NY, US
Brings you headlines and features five days a week. Features include: CD reviews, movie reviews, women's health, parenting, Internet happenings and space.

Charlotte's Web
United We Stand America, Lamorinda, CA Chapter, Lafayette, CA, US
A government reform oriented, public education resource for the 90's, sponsored by the Lamorinda, California chapter of United We Stand America. UWSA updates, trade info, Congressional reform stuff... it's all here.

Chicago Comicon
Chicago, IL, US
One of the largest comic conventions in the country. With a wide range of guests, panels, autographs, huge exhibit hall, and the CBG Fan awards, there is much for all.

The Cio Help Desk
ENTEX Information Services, Ryebrook, NY, US
Designed to facilitate the acquisition of information important to both business and technology managers in information-intensive organizations, the CIO HelpDesk ties together the best information resources on the Net, with the substantial PC and LAN experience base of ENTEX Information Services.

Click 3x
New York, NY, US
We provide our artists with the necessary tools to create dazzling broadcast imagery. Our tools include Flame on the SGI Onyx, multiple 3D software applications for our Extreme machines and multiple desktop computers to support this effort and new ventures, such as our web site. Check out the quicktime and post to the FAQs.

Cohasset Birdhouses Gift Shop
Cohasset, MA, US
We offer fine handmade birdhouses for sale at bargain prices.

American Technology Services, Inc., Falls Church, VA, US
An East coast Internet web site serving area businesses. This month's principal advertiser is Carolina Designs Realty, which rents and sells premium beach houses on North Carolina's Outer Banks. You can browse by area, see photos of homes, and find out the latest weather report.

Colorburst Studios Online Catalog
Portland, OR, US
Colorburst Studios handcrafts eye-dazzling niobium jewelry. Full color GIFs of our pieces, an online order form, as well as our current craft fair schedule (so you can see us in person) are online.

Computer Marketplace, Inc.
Corona, CA, US
A commercial reseller and remarketer of midrange, PC and RISC computer products, parts and peripherals. We buy, sell, rent and lease new and used IBM, Sun, and Motorola equipment.

Contacting the 104th Congress
Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, US
If you are upset about anything going on in Congress, this is the place for you. Contacting the 104th Congress lists phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, and WWW home pages (as available) for all members of Congress.

Curt's Cards
Fallbrook, CA, US
The electronic trading post for baseball cards and sports memorabilia. Curt's Cards is jam packed with plenty of downloadable images of baseball's finest. You can even post requests for your favorite cards at Baseball's Most Wanted List.

San Jose, CA, US
Business information provider of hi-tech research and development products and services on the Internet via the Web.

Daily Bruin
Los Angeles, CA, US
The student newspaper at the Univ. of California, Los Angeles. The Daily Bruin's web offerings include an electronic edition, information resources and galleries of art, photo and design.

The Daily Colorado Rockies Web
The Game Program, Denver, CO, US
The online publication serving fans of the Colorado Rockies baseball club and fans of National League baseball. National columnists, news for roto-heads and more are right here. The publication is sponsored by The Game Program, major league baseball's largest circulated independent sports program.

Dallas Area Rocket Photo Gallery
Paul Warren, Dallas, TX, US
This photo gallery chronicles the events of the Dallas Area Rocket Society which holds regular high-power rocket launches. It contains photos by myself and others who wish to expand the excited sport of high-power rocketry.

The Deck
Adware, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
The Deck is a place to come and take a break. We've got art, puzzles, books, entertainment guides, stuff for having fun.

Desiderata -- The Reststop
Tom Greico, Dallas, TX, US
The Reststop features an annotated version of Desiderata -- the guideline to a happy life. Stop by, relax, rest, read and enjoy.

Dr. Fellowbug's Laboratory of Fun and Horror
Downtown Digital, New York, NY, US
Join us to play some of the most extraordinary, if not slightly twisted, games and interactive activities on the Web. All are designed to provide a daily dose of fun.

eCenter -- The Vortex of the Internet
eCenter, Los Altos, CA, US
A commercial Website developing virtual trade shows, providing email paging, and helping companies do business on the WWW. Also, come browse our mall, or search through our Consulting Consortium.

The Electronic Commerce Association
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Global-X-Change is pleased to present a link to The Electronic Commerce Association, the association providing education and information on a broad spectrum of electronic commerce technologies. Visit their Web site, and find out more about The Electronic Commerce for Survival Symposium and Trade Show.

Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University
EUS Information Systems Group, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Links to EUS committees like the Publication Society and the Information Systems Group, and links to the rest of McGill.

Enzian Theater
Orlando, FL, US
Featuring info on the Florida Film Festival, a searchable database of film resources on the Internet and information about Central Florida's only full-time alternative cinema.

The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour
Secaucus, NJ, US
Information about the church, including services and programs, a biography of our vicar, and book reviews. Also includes links to other resources within the Episcopal Church.

Face to Face
EriNet Online Communications, Inc., Dayton, OH, US
Face To Face offers you the opportunity to meet the person or persons who have all of the qualities, interests, looks, or other attributes that are important to you. When you find the person you want to get to know just a little bit better, leave them an email message and the introduction is made.

Faculty of Education, The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong
Information about the faculty, online catalog of articles published in several Hong Kong journals in education, schedule of academic activities, a photo gallery, as well as other related information about Hong Kong education.

Filters Magazine
archetypes43, Portland, OR, US
From two young computer artists interested in music, art, writing and culture. It contains pictures, graphics, and stories ranging from humorous to weird.

The Flight 642 Home Page
Stouffville, Ontario, Canada
One of the world's largest BBSes dedicated to aviation and flight simulation. Our home page gives you a chance to get to know what Flight 642 is about so that you can join the other 2300 members from all over the world. Information on obtaining the latest flight simulation products (such as 3D-AGS for ATP) is also available.

Flower Stop
moi@dio.com, Colorado Springs, CO, US
A full service online florist specializing in Long Distance Roses®, Long Distance Flowers®, and a full menu of FTD® arrangements.

Frank Hilliard Editorial Page
Victoria, BC, Canada
Are you constantly frustrated with politics? Do you worry about crime? Are you concerned the Supreme Court has too much power? Well, you're not alone. Frank Hilliard Writing, a forum for fresh thinking on Canadian topics, now has an editorial page you just might enjoy. Publishers can buy these editorials for newsletters, newspapers or magazines.

Free Advice...a Pothole on the Information Highway
The Free Advice BBS, Smithfield, NC, US
A nice place to make a quick visit for a little harmless fun, like an online Mindreader, and scratch'n'sniff display screens.

The Garden Cottage
Morristown, NJ, US
A store which sells fine outdoor furniture, statuary, and home decorative items. These items are available for viewing, as well as purchase on the World Wide Web. The inventory is growing, so visit often.

Global Monitor Magazine
Global-X-Change, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The Global Monitor is the national capital region's and now the world's online computer magazine. Monitor offers a wide array of computer summaries, valuation of new computers and peripherals, BBS listings, and new products as they are introduced to the marketplace.

Great Lakes Information Management Resource (GLIMR)
Environment Canada, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
GLIMR provides information about Environment Canada's Great Lakes programs, publications and databases. It is also a window to other Canadian and U.S. Great Lakes networks.

Harlequinn Graphics
Seattle, WA, US
Harlequinn Graphics specializes in print media design and color illustration. We design book covers, typeset and illustrate books, newsletters, brochures, letterheads, CDcovers and J-cards, and more. We also produce state-of-the-art computer graphics, and fine art suitable for corporate or private purchase.

Hegyi GeoTechnologies International Inc.
Global-X-Change, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
With offices in Ottawa, Ontario and Victoria, B.C., Canada, Hegyi GeoTechnologies International Inc. (HGI) offers consulting services in Geomatics since its incorporation in 1990. HGI develops software for multimedia applications with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Image Analysis Systems (IAS), and Image/Database Management Systems (IDMS).

The Home Page
Puget Sound Area, WA, US
Since 1931 John L. Scott has been serving the real estate needs of the Northwest. As this page develops I plan to service the entire United States, but my initial efforts will be concentrated in my local area (Seattle-Tacoma, Washington State).

Hospitality Net
Maastricht, Netherlands
An online service dedicated to the worldwide hospitality and lodging industry. Objective of Hospitality Net is to provide hospitality professionals a worldwide communication platform.

Infrared Space Observatory
ESTEC, European Space Agency, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
ISO, the next astronomical mission of the European Space Agency, is the major space-based infrared astronomical mission this decade. The launch has been set for Sept. 19, 1995. This server is developed and maintained by the ISO SOC Team.

International Treasure Hunters Exchange
Treasure Quest Magazine, McLean, VA, US
Magazine articles, treasure news, product reviews, messaging systems, and online shopping, all related to treasure hunting, metal detecting, and shipwrecks.

Internet Business Access Group
Phoenix, AZ, US
A web presence provider and an Internet consulting firm, we offer virtual storefronts, catalogs and coupon dispensing services. IBAG provides email gateways and dedicated full-time connections to the Internet for small businesses in the Phoenix area starting from $150/mo. Training classes are available from begining Internet to advanced Web server management.

Internet Commerce Center
Atlanta, GA, US
A secure site for online commerce. The ICC is offering Coca Cola Sportswear, NCAA Basketball Championship Shirts and a personal savings section called Money Matters. ICC also provides a central server for LINKS, a collection of the Net's best hotlists, meta-indexes, search tools, and WWW libraries.

Internet Entertainment by TIS
Telephone Information Services PLC, London, EC2, UK
TIS are offering a broad spectrum of services on the Internet which includes horse racing, official football pages, horoscopes and a share service.

Internet Home exchange
Hood River, OR, US
We have combined the incredible benefits of international home exchange with Internet access. Free listings are available until June 30, 1995.

Internet Tax Site
Purple Training/Purple Internet Productions, Chiswick, London, UK
Free UK tax advice available online. Tax tips, budget changes, tax FAQs and help from tax experts.

Invesco Funds
Galt Technologies, Pittsburgh, PA, US
NETworth announces Invesco's comprehensive information site. Invesco gives users the ability to focus on their needs and build their own personalized portfolio.

The Island Puzzler Puzzlesite
Seattle, WA, US
Come visit the Island Puzzler. Do some puzzles, take a load off and relax.

IWT.Web - several German Computer Magazines
IWT Magazin Verlags-GmbH, Munich, Germany
The home page of PC Mobil, AUTOCAD Magazin, NetWorks and Internet Report.

Dallas, TX, US
You'll find new and exciting things happening all the time at JCPenney. We feature shopping through our new Internet Store, special events such as the Who's Arizona Scholarship Contest and the JCPenney/NAFE Satellite Broadcast, and coming soon...career opportunities.

The Joint Organization for Solar Observations (JOSO)
Trieste, TS, Italy
Provides information on aims and structure of JOSO, working groups, annual meetings, ground-based observations, space agencies, plus a variety of related subjects.

Kandle Oilfield Products, Inc.
Manufacturers Information Net, Houston, TX, US
KOP, a manufacturer of oilfield equipment, supplies parts at competitive prices which comply with applicable standards and specifications. Our goal is to provide the desired quality products and instill our customers with the confidence that we will deliver consistent quality.

kidBoard, Inc.
BisMark Internet Services, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, US
An award winning computer keyboard designed especially for kids ages three and up. An educational tool which helps children learn their ABCs while making them comfortable with a keyboard and computer. It is kid-tough and withstands the wear and tear dished out by children. kidBoard is a 101-key keyboard that is 100% compatible with personal computers.

Kreative Kids Computer Camp
Poway, CA, US
Computer-based training. Children (5-17 years) progressive curriculum including desktop publishing, programming and Internet. Adults: ClarisWorks, MSOffice, Quicken, Internet and HTML programming.

LAN on the Web
San Francisco, CA, US
LAN Magazine focuses on computer networking technologies and network administration. Now, LAN has a regularly updated publication on the Web, with roughly one-half new material exclusive to the website.

The Leading Edge Network
New Mellinium Services, Wolf, CA, US
Utilizing the lastest in satellite technology, The Leading Edge Network brings you the peoples network; a state-of-the-art communications network reaching thousands of homes with interactive programming supporting the never ending search for the best within you.

Levit Radiologic-Pathologic Institute
Univ. of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, US
Information about the Levit Institute and its programs as well as multimedia scientific teaching files, case presentations, and cross-sectional anatomical studies.

London International Film School
London, England
The London International Film School offers a two year full time diploma course in the art and technique of film making. The school is a non-profitmaking registered charity, and not a commercial undertaking.

M Pol Chandler's Art and Poetry Archive
Us, Seattle, WA, US
Art galleries, the complete Aleister Crowley; The Mother of Poetry Archives, the works of M Chandler and Adrienne Dailey.

Map Maker - Free GIS for Windows
Eric Dudley, Cambridge, UK
The Map Maker project is an international initiative intended to encourage the wider use of maps in projects and research for developing countries. User-friendly GIS software can be downloaded.

Maple Syrup Connection
Pierre Cimon, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The real taste of spring itself, maple syrup. The Maple Syrup Connection is proud to present Reidridge Maple Products on the WWW. They offer you the very best 100% pure Maple Syrup from Quebec, Canada. Comme and see their on-line catalogue of pure maple products.

The Market ICI World Real Estate Network
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A service which provides over ten million dollars worth of online commercial, industrial and investment listings for the real estate industry.

Materiel Management Institute (MMI)
Global-X-Change, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
MMI represents the professional development interests of public sector employees who work in the fields of government purchasing and materiel administration.

Medical College of Wisconsin - InfoScope
Milwaukee, WI, US
The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), is a private, independent educational institution dedicated to the discovery and application of new knowledge through medical and graduate education, scientific research, clinical care and community service.

The Medical Reporter
Foxton, CO, US
A layman's medical journal of a general nature. It addresses a wide variety of medical concerns in a relaxed yet informative style. TMR is not designed to replace the care of your doctor, but to provide helpful information about topics of interest to a wide variety of people.

Melbourne Online
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Colorful online magazine with listings of things to see and do in Melbourne; plus food, music and technology reviews by well known Australian journalists. It has an enormous number of Internet links.

MetaCase Inc.
MetaCase Consulting Oy is a high-tech software enterprise located in Jyväskylä, Finland, and established in 1991. The business strategies of MetaCase Consulting Oy are based on the specialist knowledge it has built up on tools and methods used in information systems development.

The Minicon 30 Web Page
The Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, US
Minicon is a large regional science fiction convention. To extend the joys of Minicon into cyberspace, we have established a web page which will be updated frequently with photos and other information during during the convention (14-16 April).

Mt. Baker Software
Mt. Vernon, WA, US
Mt. Baker Software is a developer of Easy to Use, High Quality OS/2 Software. We are currently developing a personal financial package for OS/2 called Easy Finances.

Music Connection
Internet Business Solutions, Palo Alto, CA, US
Our service is music to your ears. We are dedicated to providing compact discs at low prices with customer support that is truly outstanding.

National Aerospace & Electronics Conference
Wright Patterson AFB, OH, US
Since the Wright Brothers first began tinkering with their amazing flying machine in Dayton, Ohio, this city has remained at the forefront of aircraft system development. Learn what Avionics Directorate, the world's leader in developing aerospace electronics, is planning, register and obtain information on exhibiting at NAECON 95.

Pactek, Mountain View, CA, US
Employment opportunity and virtual corporation pages to assist job searching and corporation posting job openings. Please browse around one of the world largest super shopping mall.

Nichiren Buddhists
Kempon Hokke of America, Englewood, CO, US
Kempon Hokke of America is bringing the Orthodox teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren Shonin to the US. Groups are being formed for study, chanting and discussion.

Nuclear Physics Institute, Academy of Sciences
Rez, Czech Republic
Theory, physics, nuclear spectroscopy, heavy ion physics, neutron physics, nuclear reactions.

OASIS Environmental
Menomonee Falls, WI, US
A full service provider of industrial and commercial control systems, specializing in industrial automation, system integration, and central plant control.

On-Line Charity Auction
Online Yellow Pages, Memphis, TN, US
Even if you don't have something to auction, please show your support by stopping by to bid on something to support your favorite charitable organization.

Oxyfresh Fresh Breath Centers
American Dental Aesthetic Labs, Cedar Hills, UT, US
Bad Breath? Oxygene-the oxidizing agent that molecularly eliminates the source of odor.

Peaks: An online Magazine about Montana
CyberPort Montana, Whitefish, MT, US
Peaks is an online Magazine about Montana. It offers stories, poetry, and art by Montana writers and artists. There is also an extensive click tour of towns and activities in Montana showing where to stay and how to contact outfitters and real estate groups. Peaks offers several catalogs and an online general store.

ProTech Entertainment, Philadelphia, PA, US
An original band from Philadelphia that is quickly gaining a large and devoted following. With a blend of styles falling somewhere between pop-rock and alternative, Peel is a self-described "Crunch" band. (Lots of audio files, images from shows, even a video.)

PEI Real Estate Guide Online
Scan Investments Limited, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Your online guide to Prince Edward Island real estate. We have white sand beaches and low land prices. You'll find great homes/land/businesses for sale. We are Canada's fastest growing provincial economy.

Photo Antiquities Gallery
Desk Shop Galleries, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Specializing in 19th century photographs and equipment for purchase. Image types include: ambrotypes, cabinet cards, carte de visite, cyanotypes, daguerreotypes, ivorytypes, salt prints, silver prints, and tintypes. Image subjects include civil war, americana, stereo cards, and Native Americans.

Pogo is Back
Sunday Comics Store, Stamford, CT, US
Walt Kelly's classic Pogo books from the 1950s and 1960s are back. 100% original, uncut material. Rediscover the joy of Pogo. Complete information and book descriptions.

Portico - The British Library's Online Information Server
The British Library, London, United Kingdom
Provides information about the British Library's events, services, exhibitions and collections. Highlights include news of important Library aquisitions, images and a translation of Magna Carta and a virtual tour of The British Library's new building at St Pancras (London, UK).

PowerBuilder Interactive
Pacific Knowledge Research Foundation, San Diego, CA, US
A resource online magazine for anyone interested in PowerBuilder. This includes people considering developing systems using PowerBuilder, new and advanced developers, students learning about client-server and Object Orientation, and companies looking to develop 3rd party applications.

Protel Technology USA Web Server
Santa Clara, CA, US
Protel develops Windows-based Electronics Design Automation (EDA) tools, sold worldwide through an international network of authorized dealers.

Raven's Web Consulting Services
Orlando, FL, US
Whether your organization is a small or large corporation, the World Wide Web is the perfect medium for reaching your customers all over the world. Raven Systems' Web Consulting Services (WCS) can help your company establish its own front store window on the information superhighway, right here on the Web.

Re Advisory Services
Westport, CT, US
We are a reinsurance consultancy and brokerage located in Westport, Connecticut. We would be pleased to assist your firm in assessing or initiating your reinsurance program at any time.

Red Phraug Modern Medium
Mathew Taft at Increase!productions, Portland, OR, US
A small but rapidly expanding record label emphasizing and promoting electronic production music of all kinds. Putting "bedroom studio knob twiddlers" on the map. Our site is not 'half there,' like many I have seen, and it is constantly being added to with the purpose of making it game-like.

Rico Tours -- Simply Costa Rica
Anderson Mill Travel Inc., Austin, TX, US
Rico Tours features a complete line of Costa Rican vacations and tours for the eco-tourist. Additional information is provided about the country of Costa Rica, its natural wonders, sports and culture.

Safe-T-Child Online
Austin, TX, US
For a safe and beautiful childhood. A public service offering by Safe-T-Child, Inc., a leading provider of child security products and services for over eight years, Safe-T-Child Online offers free to parents the knowledge and tools they need to help keep their children safe in today's uncertain world.

Shadowfax Retrievers
Mead, WA, US
Your Internet source for Tri-Tronics remote training equipment. Offering many resources from professional training to educational materials, as well as varied breeder services.

Sight & Sound Software, Inc.
Beaverton, OR, US
Multimedia software for business and consumer applications. We specialize in applying the power of multimedia software to business communication and have extensive background in working with our clients to effectively communicate hi-technology messages that are part of a corporate image, advertising or marketing campaign.

SilkPresence.Com - WWW/Internet Publishing and Solutions
Tucson, AZ, US
The no experience necessary consultants. We create personal on-ramps, provide businesses a Web presence, and offer Internet training and consulting. Beware of Homie the Chinchilla.

Six Mile Creek Vineyard
Ithaca, NY, US
An upstate New York vineyard, The Southeast Gateway to the Finger Lakes, which boasts the classical varieties of wine. Come browse our selections and place an order is you find something you like. This store is featured on the Ithaca Marketplace.

Smart Stuff & Good Ideas
Kaneohe, HI, US
A monthly digizine and catalog which provides resources for all students, especially home schoolers and those with different learning styles.

Smashing Pumpkins Page
Eric Agnew, Madison, WI, US
Includes exhaustive bootlist, discography, lyrics (best available), and more, plus links to other sites with pix, sounds, etc. Soon- official FAQ site. A must-visit for any SP fan.

Software Clearing House, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH, US
SCH markets, sells and supports a growing line of systems management and administration tools for UNIX and open systems users. Product and company information is available at this site.

Software of the Month Club
San Diego, CA, US
The hottest source of shareware in the world. Where do you go for the best applications, for sizzling games and educational programs? The smart money goes to Software of the Month Club.

Space Adventure II CD-ROM
Presence, Pasadena, CA, US
A vibrant, noisy, and sometimes silly look at our universe, created by Knowledge Adventure and brought to the Web by Presence. Visit today and sample the fun.

Sports on the Net
Macmillan Publishing USA, Indianapolis, IN, US
Sports on the Net is a complete reference book for locating and learning about sports related sites on the Internet. An entire chapter devoted to pro basketball and the best NBA sites can be accessed online.

Stanford Computer Industry Project (SCIP)
Stanford, CA, US
An interdisciplinary research program dedicated to exploring the dynamics of the worldwide computer and information technology industries. The project began in 1991 and is funded by the Sloan Foundation.

StreetNet Online Investor's Guide
StreetNet Consulting, Tiburon, CA, US
Corporate portfolios, annual reports, 10-K's, press releases, and 10-Q's. Portfolios are downloadable or readable online, providing corporations with a much broader IR exposure. Coming soon, online stock quotes (5/15).

Super Touring Car Network
Peter Lynden, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
A comprehensive information service for all motorsport fans interested in two-litre (Super Touring) Car Championships around the world. Special emphasis on the local Australian Super Touring Championship.

The Tax Prophet
San Francisco, CA, U.S.
The Tax Prophet is a collection of newsletters, current newspaper columns, articles, hot topics, interactive applications--and even a tax fairy tale--written by tax attorney Robert Sommers.

TeleMagic Sales Automation Software
Trexis Inc., Valley Cottage, NY, US
A high performance, company-wide contact management software system that gives anyone the power to get more done in less time. Many platforms are supported.

Telsec Executive Center
Pierre Cimon, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Situated in downtown Montreal, Telsec Executive Center offers you a most unique complex of furnished office suites, backed by highly professional support services. There is more to Telsec's square foot than just space. Much, much more.

Texas Asso. of Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance
Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX, US
Information about the Texas Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance. Includes legislative updates as appropriate as well as links to gopher sites.

THUNDR -- THe UNstoppable DReamers
Cedar Falls, IA, US
A place for all to post their poetry; Ranging from amateur to professional--I provide the path to perfect placement of the typed word. The site is growing on a daily basis.

Translogia Inc.
Jyvaskyla, FI
Translogia Oy specializes in foreign trade consultation and technical and commercial translations. We produce translations in most of the European languages, using modern computer technology for data processing and communication.

LSU Medical Center, Shreveport, LA, US
Dedicated to trauma and supports a related gopher server. Case presentations, hotlinks, associated organizations.

Traveller - The Web Pages
Goeran Damberg, Boras, Sweden
A page devoted to the Traveller role playing game from GDW. Mainly Traveller, The New Era material, but there's also material for older editions of the game.

Trog's Cave
Cycor, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
Trog's Cave is the lighter side of Cycor's WWWild Web Magazine with links to fun sites, an online art gallery and Trog's Pick of the Week See what wonders Trog has found.

Troop 1
Boy Scouts of America, Troop 1, Pelham, NY, US
Our troop's home page looks back at its history in New York since 1916, as well as showing a scrapbook of recent activities, and reports from our current patrols.

The Truth Is Out There
Stephen R. Banks, Houston, TX, US
The new and exciting home page for fans of the Fox television series, "The X Files." Complete with QuickTime (for Windows and Macintosh) clips from the show and links to dozens of other sites and hundreds of images.

The University of Exeter Theoretical Physics Pages
Dept. of Physics, Exeter Univ., Exeter, Devon, UK
Details of the work we do, a rapidly growing archive of pre-prints and past paper references, various documentation, manuals and tables of constants, and many links to other related physics and computing sites around the world.

USA Immigration News
The Law Office of Mark Carmel, Jericho, NY, US
Monthly newsletter of immigration news from the law office of Mark Carmel.

Viacom CyberSpace
Macmillan Publishing USA, Indianapolis, IN, US
An overview of all the Viacom divisions which have developed WWW sites. Some of the Viacom divisions include -- MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, Macmillan Publishing USA, and Prentice Hall. As new Viacom divisions establish Web sites they are included in the list.

Violence-Free Software (TM) for Kids
BOLDer MultiMedia, Inc., Boulder, CO, US
BOLDer MultiMedia is a developer of Violence-Free Software for kids on CD-ROM and on the Internet. Early learning titles and adventure games will focus on non-violent conflict resolution and building financial literacy skills.

Virginia Library and Information Network (VLIN)
The Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA, US
VLIN provides Internet services to more than 500 Virginia libraries.

Waite Group Press
Corte Madera, CA, US
A publisher of computer books specializing in programming languages and high technology. Their Web site allows you to fly through a virtual bookstore.

Pierre Cimon, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Douglas McLellan is a professional weather observer having more than average weather fascination, he discovered that weather equipment is hard to find. So Weather-Sense was born out of the desire to make a variety of good weather watching equipment available to everyone.

Web Educational Support Tools (WEST)
Computer Science Dept., University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
WEST is a project to deliver course materials and support to students over the WWW. This server includes information on what the project is all about as well as a demonstration of the system.

WebLink Inc.
Berkeley, CA, US
Marketing services for companies and professionals who want to sell products on the Web or establish an Internet presence. Clients may use our server, their own server, or another access provider.

WebWatch 0.9beta
Specter Inc., Boston, MA, US
An Internet utility that you can use to track changes in selected URLs. As input you specify an arbitrary HTML document, containing URLs (hyperlinks) and the date after which you consider the URLs updated. The program generates another HTML document, pointing to the newly updated URLs only. You can use this document as input to any web browser.

West Hollywood Virtual City Hall
City of West Hollywood, W. Hollywood, CA, US
The Virtual City Hall is designed to provide information and services to constituents of the West Hollywood, as well as those with an interest in this forward thinking community.

Western Canada Wilderness Committee
Vancouver, BC, Canada
The Western Canada Wilderness Committee is an environmental organization working for preservation of Wilderness areas and improved logging practices. The Wilderness Committee played a major role in the preservation of South Moresby and the Tatshenshini.

Wolves on the Web
Desert Moon, Elko, NV, US
Wolf related text, graphics and links to other wolf related sites.

Woodland Chev Olds GEO
Toronto, Canada
Canada's first auto dealership on the Internet. We invite you to access our constantly updated tips and helpful information on items such as maintenance, accident prevention, free or discounted items and special events or seminars.

A World of Interest
WOI Internet Corporation, Wharton, NJ, US
WOI is designed to keep the Net fun & productive for both newbies and Net vets. This now needed, free navigational aid weeds out the cyberspace debris--leaving a quick & easy path to exactly what's sought. Try it.

The World Wide Web Ultimate Home Page
Kauai, HI, US
This is a fast loading, text only site appropriate for setting as your browser's default home page. It is packed with a healthy selection of important links to main topic areas throughout the WWW.

The WWW Virtual Library for Power Engineering
Illinois Inst. of Technology, Chicago, IL, US
This virtual library contains links of interest to electric power engineers world-wide.

Yukon Web Services
Arcticomp, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
The starting point for discovering Yukon products, professional services, government agencies and community happenings in this northern Canadian territory bordering Alaska.

Friday, 14 April 1995

Los Angeles, CA, US
Previously known as 3DWeb, 3DSite is dedicated to 3D computer graphics. It features the first truly interactive job board, as well as a database of well organized links related to the field of computer animation.

95.9 KEZY FM
Maximized Online, Orange County, CA, US
We play all the hits of the '80s and '90s -- and no rap. OUr web site features information on the Anaheim Mighty Ducks hockey team, local events and DJs.

A.C.E. of North Florida, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL, US
North Florida's premiere PC product and service provider. Check out our Online Catalog. Look for our free modem contest.

Columbus, OH, US
A public access television facility, dedicated to preserving citizen access to local telecommunications. ACTV provides training, equipment and cable channel space for community use and advocates universal access to emerging technologies.

AIESEC, Champaign-Urbana, IL, US
The biggest student-run business organization in the world. It is a network which sponsors students all over the world for internships to corporations.

Air Weather Association
Virginia Beach, VA, US
An association of present and former members of the USAF Air Weather Service and the former U.S. Army Air Corps Weather Service. Its motto is: Serving the Present - Remembering the Past - Take Care of Our Own - Air Force Weather. The page includes weather information and data from all over the world.

Alzheimer Disease Website
Bedford Geriatrics Research Education and Clinical Ctr, Boston, MA, US
Clinical and basic science information to professionals and others interested in Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. Local resources and relevant links are provided.

Anthropology Dept., Univ. of Western Australia
Perth, Australia
Find out about the department's staff and research interests, the Berndt Museum of Anthropology, Anthropological Society of WA, and Australian Native Title cases.

Applied Physics Center
Pacific Northwest Laboratory, Richland, WA, US
Housed at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory in Richland, Washington, staff members in the Applied Physics Center combine expertise in physics, engineering, computer science and applied mathematics to address client needs and national concerns.

Arrow 93 FM Los Angeles (All Rock & Roll Oldies)
Los Angeles, CA, US
Arrow 93FM L.A. has a variety of things to enjoy including "Arrow Trivia," "This Day in Rock History," "Top 25 Rock & Roll Oldies," artist bios and concert events.

Asia Now OnLine
Hawaii Public Television (HPTV), Honolulu, HI, US
Asia Now is a coproduction of KHET/Honolulu and KCTS/Seattle in cooperation with NHK/Tokyo. Asia Now is in its fourth year on public television and is the only English-language weekly newscast focusing on the vital, complex region of Asia and the Pacific.

The Virtual Mirror, Washington, DC, US
The arts supplement of The Virtual Mirror will be offering music, art, book and film reviews, as well as essays and art exhibits. Atlantis will also be providing space for other arts related groups, such as the Corcoran School of Art, the journal Millennium Pop, and the Museum of Bad Art.

AT&T Newsletter Trial
Murray Hill, NJ, US
Sample issues of 24 technical (telecommunications, computing, information technology) and management newsletters that AT&T produces for its internal business units are accessible from April 1 through May 31.

Automated Home Equipment
Full View Entertainment, Glendale, CA, US
The X-10 (R) Powerhouse(tm) components allow complete control of your household. Never come home to a dark house again. Powerhouse(tm) deters intruders, wakes you up to stereo or news, and can remotely activate the central air-conditioning at your vacation home.

The Baby Jocko Joint
P Productions, Atlanta, GA, US
Get your nickname on the 3D list of winners by playing the politics and sports trivia games.

Beck Lee Cardiology Products
Bridgeport, CT, US
Provides the medical industry with high-quality cardiology products.

Blue Pearl
Latino entertainment site, New York, NY, US
Our site contains purely Latino driven content. We have a soap opera, hacker fictions, underground music, a cyberbar, quicktime movies and high profile Latino players in the entertainment industry.

Bob Soto's Diving (Grand Cayman, B.W.I.)
Webvertising, Houston, TX, US
One of the world's most famous dive operations is now on the Web with information about scuba diving in Grand Cayman, complete with underwater photographs. The site includes detailed information about the wide range of services offered, and you can even fill out the online form to get a quote on reservations and dive packages.

Brazilian Agricultural Research Enterprise - EMBRAPA
Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
EMBRAPA, since 1973, has already generated and recommended more than eight thousand technologies for Brazilian development in agriculture and cattle raising, including the agro-industrial area.

C3P--Comprehensive Conceptual Curriculum for Physics
C3P Project, Physics Department, University of Dallas, Irving, TX, US
A new curriculum that integrates video-based, inquiry-based, and lab-oriented materials with an effective pedagogy that promotes student explorations and that is based on findings from current research in students' preconceptions.

Canada-Yukon Geoscience Office
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
A new (1992) geological survey and research organization located in Yukon Territory. It provides new maps, reports, and regional syntheses of metallogeny and tectonics.

Carlos A. Howard Funeral Homes
New Perspective Technologies Company, Norfolk, VA, US
As featured in the Cyberscope section of the April 10, 1995, edition of Newsweek magazine, Carlos A. Howard Funeral Homes has broken new ground by becoming the first funeral home on the World Wide Web.

Austin, TX, US
CDHome was crazy enough to go out and take over 100,000 color photos of property in Sarasota, Florida. Now what? Well we have placed the photos on CD-ROM linked to the property info on every property in the County. Best of all, it is dirt cheap.

Centurion Technology, Inc.
Beaumont/Port Arthur, TX, US
Internet access in Beaumont/Port Arthur TX begins with Centurion Technology. We offer unlimited Net access at 28.8 for $19.95 a month (personal) and $39.95 a month (commercial). We're also a presence provider, and we can put your company on the Internet for as little as $25 a month. Centurion has additional offices in Houston TX, Cincinnati OH, Lebanon OH, and Tampa Bay FL.

Chic Full Figure Fashion Newspaper
Chicago, IL, US
Features apparel industry news, information and fashion resources edited for plus size, big & tall, women, men and children. Published monthly, effective May 1995. Free copy by mail. Submit your own article for publication. Review online advertising rate card. Virtual Chic Expo booths available.

City of Vancouver Home Page
City of Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Information on police, fire, library, parks and recreation, recycling, development regulation and other services to 508,000 residents of B.C.'s largest city.

Clean Air Act Amendments and Pollution Control
The SU5 Group, Inc., Fort Worth, TX, US
In SU5's Environmental section, you will find the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 and info on EPA tested pollution control devices that aid companies in meeting the CAAA requirements.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, US
We are happy to introduce you to CollegeMart, a discount shopping center designed for today's college student. We are offering you quality products at prices to fit your budget. Win a trip to Cancun or Vail for Christmas Break.

Computer Music and Computer Graphics
University Paris, Saint-Denis, France
This new Web site offers information about the recent and current activities of Marc Battier, a composer involved in computer music composition while using computer graphics.

Condensed Matter Home Page
Physics Dept., Univ. of Basel, Basel, Switzerland
The condensed matter home page of the "Institut für Physik der Universität Basel" offers information about all groups at the University of Basel dealing with condensed matter.

CONNECTnet Internet Network Services
San Diego, CA, US
We offer the following types of accounts using either ISDN or Modem dialup: Shell, SLIP/PPP, Email Only, or UUCP connections to the Internet. All Internet tools available including Eudora Email, Netscape, Mosiac, Gopher, Usenet News, FTP, IRC, Clarinet & NNTP feeds.

Coombspapers Social Sciences Research Data Bank
Coombs Computing Unit, Australian National Univ., Canberra, Australia
Internet's oldest (est. Dec 1991) and largest (1870 files, 68Mb of data) systematic collection of scholarly documents (research papers, bibliographies, abstracts of theses) in social sciences, Asian studies (esp. Philippines, Thailand, Tibet, Vietnam) and Buddhism. Closely integrated with CERN\ANU Social Sciences WWW Virtual Library and Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library.

Cove's Home Page Service
Cove Software Systems Inc., Grasonville, MD, US
Cove has established a place for your company to advertise products and services through WWW pages. We can also develop relational database links to your Web Pages on our server or yours. http://www.covesoft.com

Three products are available: CRTentertainment, entertainment industry database for the Macintosh; InterNETainment, your own desktop home page of the entertainment industry; Listening To The Movies, educational audio product aimed at visual production.

CTDNet Gallery -- Collections of Writings and Art by K-12 Students
Center for Talent Development, Northwestern Univ., Evanston, IL, US
The CTDNet Gallery contains works by gifted/talented K-12 students. These works include creative and nonfiction writing, artwork, music, and QuickTime clips.

Cuba Internet Resources
Heidelberg, Germany
A collection of links to Cuba-related Internet resources.

Cullimore and Ring Technologies, Inc.
Littleton, CO, US
Thermal/fluid software and consulting. C&R provides products and services in the areas of heat transfer and fluid system design and analysis.

Cumulative Index for Engineering Journals
John Wiley, Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Reference tool for the Wiley Engineering Journals.

Cyber Station
RNI Entertainment Technologies, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Independent music, information and art from around Toronto.

Cyberhunt Internet Search Game
Phoenix, AZ, US
The Search For Vincent -- Join in an interactive search game that will take you to Internet sites from around the world. Decipher clues, explore unique, interesting sites, learn how to navigate the Net and win prizes along the way.

Cycling the Pacific Northwest
Eel River Redwoods Hostel, Leggett, CA, US
Travelogs, things to see and do, places to stay along the Washington, Oregon and California portions of the beautiful biker-friendly Bikecentennial Route. For either bicyclists, or motorcyclists.

Cycor's Northern Lights
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Cycor is Canada's first national Internet service provider, with dial-in sites from coast to coast. Cycor's Northern Lights is our window on the World Wide Web, with our online WWWild Web Magazine, online help, information about Cycor, and links to other Canadian sites of note.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Random Goodies
Bobaworld, Chicago, IL, US
Links to the Spider's collection of sixty goodies that are changed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Plus random goodies, including six random URL pickers. Another page by Bob Allison.

David G. Monette Corp. - Makers of Fine Trumpets
Portland, OR, US
"The greatest trumpet maker in the world, Dave Monette. . ." -Wynton Marsalis.

DazzleM! Communications
San Diego, CA, US
Providing WWW authoring in a mix of sophisticated visuals -- a sure winner for your market growth. We know your bottom line and we make sure you meet it.

Dept. of Applied Psychology, Univ. of Umea Sweden
Umea, SE
A brief presentation of the department, its staff, and what we do. Possible to download some reports and papers. Not quite finished yet however.

Dia Center for the Arts - Fantastic Prayers
New York, NY, US
Dia Center for the Arts, a non profit arts agency and museum, announces Fantastic Prayers. A three artist collaboration mixing spoken word, video art and music, the live presentation of the project to be presented at Dia Center's museum is also being presented on the Internet.

Galt Technologies, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The center lets you match your investment dollars to your investment objectives. It provides descriptions of some of their mutual funds along with valuable mutual fund investing services.

Dynamic Computer Imaging
Dallas, TX, US
Full-service graphic design. Custom design, 3D modeling/rendering, animation, presentations, multimedia, DTP, WWW creation/marketing, printing, scanning, and more.

Earth Day Forum '95
Vanguard Communications, Washington, DC, US
For the 25th Anniversary of Earth Day, make sure your government representatives know the environment is a high priority in national planning. Send your "Pledge for the Future" to Washington.

Educational Resources on the Net
Wentworth Worldwide Media, Lancaster, PA, US
Wentworth Worldwide Media, publishers of the most popular K-12 Internet newsletter, Classroom Connect, announces Educational Resources on the Net, a site including educational resources, upcoming seminars and links to projects online.

The Electric Power Engineering Program at IIT
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, US
This document contains information about the Electric Power Engineering Program at the Illinois Institute of Technology. It is maintained by V.C. Ramesh.

Electrophysics Moisture Meter Catalog
London, Ontario, Canada
Learn about the moisture meters available for woodworking, building inspection, and fiberglass boat inspection -- and the problems you can avoid by using a moisture meter. "Wood of the Month" feature.

European Software Institute
Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain
ESI is a major industry initiative to improve the competiveness of the European software industry. ESI promotes and disseminates good software management practice. It is supported by the European Commission and the Basque Government.

Feitel Real Estate -- NYC Rentals and Sales
Real Estate On-Line, New York, NY, US
Feitel Real Estate specializes in Manhattan real estate.

Fermilab Neutron Therapy Facility
Midwest Inst. for Neutron Therapy at Fermilab, Batavia, IL, US
Information about the treatment of various cancers using high energy neutrons at Fermilab's Neutron Therapy Facility. Operated under contract with the DOE and Rush-Presbyterian-St. Lukes's Medical Center, Chicago.

The Florida Series
Magic Online Services, Toronto, Canada
Part of a new gallery called Hypervision, the Florida Series consists of ten black and white low resolution photographs of tourists, locals, snowbirds...call them what you will. All they want to do is have fun. Funny, provocative, and cynical at the same time -- this show has been very well received. It is on for a limited run only.

Friedman, Kennenberg & Assoc., P.C.
West Hartford, CT, US
We provide top notch accounting services for all members of the music community.

GAIV - Computer music research and production
University Paris 8, Saint Denis, France
The GAIV has now its home page. The acronym stands for Groupe Art et Informatique de Vincennes, i.e. Art And Computer Group of Vincennes. The GAIV was created in 1969, and has maintained an intense activity in the musical field.

Get on the Net
Paradise Software, Inc., Jamesburg, NJ, US
Corporate Web presence establishment is a service available from Paradise, offering low-cost Internet connections, leased server space and highly-successful commercial site construction services.

The Global One, Inc.
Albany, NY, USA
Full featured Web services for businesses. Design, indexing, cross referencing, and set-up. Turn-key solutions. Full customer support. Phone (518) 452-1465

Global Village Stock Footage
Sebastopol, CA, US
For video or multimedia producers seeking quick access to stock footage, Global Village offers an online database to thousands of broadcast quality images for fulfillment. Links to other agencies included.

Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound
Seattle, WA, US
A pacific northwest HMO offering a community service information server featuring health and medical information, with new additions added regularly. Also an electronic version of our Northwest Health magazine is online.

Guardian Optical
Netmar, Inc., Durham, NC, US
An international optical store that offers high quality prescription and non-prescription eyewear at great discounts. View our designer frames, eyeglass lenses and contact lenses in full-color detail.

GWAR's One Stop Catalog
Slave Pit Inc., Richmond, VA, US
The first section of a much larger reference to the band GWAR. We felt that the fans are always demanding that we get them the fan club merchandise into the stores. Getting this accomplished is almost impossible. With the new Internet catalog, all of our fans will be able to view our catalog no matter where they live.

Hawaii Real Estate Network
H & S Publishing, Kapaa, HI, US
Offers listing information on homes, condos, and land state-wide. Market info, profiles of local districts and virtual tours of properties are available.

The Health Science Center, Kuwait
Jabriah, Kuwait
The Health Science Center at Kuwait University has upgraded the WWW server. The server now starts with a virtual map for Kuwait with all the WWW servers in Kuwait.

Humanoid Project
HUREL, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
This project, from the Humanoid Research Laboratory (HUREL), was established at Waseda University in 1992 to develop an anthropomorphic robot named Humanoid, which aims to enable robots and humans to build common mental and physical spaces.

ICP Software Information Center
Indianapolis, IN, US
SoftInfo, the ICP Software Information Center, brings the world's largest database of software information onto the Web, providing details on more than 16,500 software products from more than 4,500 suppliers around the world. Viewers can search by full-text search, company name or product name.

I'd Rather be Karting
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
This link is directed for go-kart racers, other types of car racing, and sound links. Main purpose is for karting information.

Il Subacqueo
Nexus srl, Roma, Italy
The Italian leading scuba magazine -- this site contains the electronic version of this magazine.

InContext Systems
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Information about our new, cool HTML editor -- InContext Spider (TM) for Windows. It turns Web browsing and HTML editing into a single task. You can create hypertext links by simply selecting a command that inserts the active URL into a HTML document.

Indiana Historical Society
Indianapolis, IN, US
The IHS is a private, nonprofit organization founded in 1830 for the purpose of collecting, preserving, and promoting Indiana's history. The IHS home page provides information on the Society's collections, exhibitions, publications, and other activities.

Maximized Online, Orange County, CA, US
A guide to what's on the Web in Orange County and southern California. Submissions are welcome. InfoPages is a service of Maximized Online, an Orange County-based Internet presence provider.

Information Galore
El Dorado, AR, US
We provide local dialup and direct connections for individuals and businesses in South Arkansas and North Louisiana. Our homepage provides information on government resources (local, state, and federal), Arkansas resources, and community projects and festivals in the area. We also provide a business section for advertising companies and products.

Information Publications
Palo Alto, CA, US
Reference book publishers. We publish almanacs of the 50 states, plus profile books about the municipalities in various states.

Monterrey, Mexico
The source of information in Mexico. We offer financial and statistical data, news and legal databases, and Mexico's official information, both historical and current data. With more than 70 years of experience, this editorial consortium publishes the daily newspapers El Norte in the city of Monterrey and Reforma in Mexico City.

Inst. of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics, Warsaw Univ. of Technology
Warsaw, Poland
Experimental Web server of the Warsaw Univ. of Technology. In Polish.

International Business Information Center
Harold Carey Jr., Orem, UT, US
At our Netscape 1.1a Enhanced Business Center you can get lists of top business and Advice and Information from the Business Experts. At our Computer Support Center you can get help with IBM, MAC, & Unix Computers. The Career Information Center has sample resumes and cover letters.

Internet ArtResources
Ferguson-Taylor Group, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
The place to find galleries, artists, museums, art publications, and art fairs. Searchable index. Listings added or updated nearly everyday.

Interplay Productions
Irvine, CA, US
Interplay Productions is a leading entertainment software company with such hits as Battle Chess, Out Of This World, Cyberia, and Descent.

Intersect Japan magazine
PHP Institute, Inc., Tokyo, Japan
This site provides an introduction to the magazine Intersect Japan through sample articles and graphics from its pages. There is also an interactive page through which users can respond to a topical question of the month.

Istituto di Struttura della Materia (I.S.M.)-C.N.R.
Frascati (Rome), Italy
Experimental home page of the ISM, by CNR (Frascati-Italy). The main research activities are described, calling for collaborations. A link is also provided for the announcement of HOLSOS'95 workshop on Optical Spectroscopies.

Iway Internet Services
Sioux Falls, SD, US
Iway is an Internet Service Provider focusing on dial-up and dedicated connections for people in South Dakota and surrounding states. Iway also offers a full range of other Internet services.

Jim Robb's Yukon Studio
lexis, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
A display of art works by Jim Robb, Yukon artist, specializing in the "look" of the Yukon experience.

John Loftus at 70
Hobart and William Smith Colleges Art Dept., Geneva, NY, US
John Loftus is an artist and professor of art at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. This is the catalog (images and text) from a 1991 retrospective exhibition of his work.

Journey Toward the Dawn; ShareWare e-novel
Gary D. Kline, Thought.ORG, Seattle, WA, US
Discover an adult love and adventure story about a disabled programmer that proves that truth is stranger than fiction. Intertwining hatred, hypocrisy, and revenge with bravery, sacrifice, kindness and joy.

kNETz Comics
J&M Multimedia Design, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
A weekly comic strip by Jack Knetzger about whatever comes into his head over the weekend, a feature of J & M Multimedia Design, Inc..

Laboratory for Analytical Chemistry
Nijmegen, Holland
Research: Chemometrics in analytical chemistry: Exploration of potential genetic algorithms and neural networks for analytical chemical problem solving. Automatic spectrum interpretation: extraction of molecular information from spectra and 2D images. QUASAR - quality assurance. Analytical method support.

The Lan Support Group, Inc.
Houston, TX, US
Specializing in developement of network management software, the Lan Support Group makes award-winning BindView NCS. This site provides update/patch information, new product information, employment opportunities, and service and support information.

Life Extension International
San Francisco, CA, US
Information on smart drugs and other types of vitamins.

Magnetic.com -- Home of Attractive WWW Products
InfoTech Services, Incorporated, Fairfax, VA, US
Come see the WWW marketing products of InfoTech Services, Inc. Our current feature is DC in Bloom, a WWW representation of the ever popular Cherry Blossom festivities in Washington, DC.

Manufacturing Resource and Information World
Coordinated Systems, Inc., East Hartford, CT, US
If you're looking for any kind of manufacturing-related info, from software to equipment to specific products and services, then you should check out our site. We are also looking for high-quality informational text and press releases.

MCNY Links Page
Media Connection of New York, Inc., New York, NY, US
A directory of the World Wide Web, featuring easy to use graphical icons.

Medal Network Publishing
Oxford, United Kingdom
Medal publishes a weekly electronic newspaper called "Questions and Answers."

Michael Wiese Productions
Studio City, CA, US
A communications company with expertise in film and video production, marketing and publishing. Subjects include directing, financing, marketing, screenwriting, budgeting, producing and more. We have consulted with clients from small independent producers to large clients like National Geographic, King World Television and Hanna-Barbera.

Military Family & Emergency Communications Support
North American Center For Emergency Communications, Minneapolis, MN, US
NACEC is a non-profit volunteer organization providing emergency and logistical communications services in support of U.S. military and their families worldwide, and disaster relief operations throughout North America. Global military family message service was added last week.

Misty City Software
Kirkland, WA, USA
An educational software company that develops Grade Machine, a software program used by educators worldwide to manage their classroom grades and attendance.

MS Direct Multiple Sclerosis Support
Dean Sporleder, St. Charles, IL, US
A starting point for people who need info on MS.

National Science and Technology Week
Soundprint Media Center, Inc., Washington, DC, US
Takes place the week of April 17, 1995. In celebration, The National Science Foundation and Soundprint have produced a series of on line science activities for elementary and middle school students. Teachers, parents and students are invited to create a birthday card for the Earth, interact with an earthworm, learn how to make recycled paper, and more.

Nat'l Research Ctr. on Computing for Agri. and Cattle Breeding
Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
CNPTIA, since 1984, has already generated and recommended software technologies to improve the quality and productivity of building software systems within the Brazilian agribusiness domain.

Navigation Tools
Algonet, Sundbyberg, Stockholm, Sweden
A selection of quality hyper-links pointing to servers, directories and lists, search engines and other electronic resources, to assist you in your investigation on and about the Internet.

New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA), Framingham, MA, US
NESFA Press is a small press which publishes several fine bound editions of classic science fiction every year. In 1995, NESFA Press is publishing works by Cordwainer Smith, Diana Wynne Jones and Zenna Henderson.

The Net Connection
Viro Inc., Minneapolis, MN, US
News and links regarding the latest Internet tools and information. Covering many platforms, from Amiga to Windows. Updated monthly with new articles and links.

NetPotatoSalad Sister Site
Kumamoto, JP, Japan
Sixty-one categories of information.

NETravel's Going Places
Alexandria, VA, US
NETravel's Going Places is a comprehensive directory of travel related services on the Internet. Going Places also has a comprehensive listing of destination research information.

NetShopper's Online Mall's PGP Addition
Boulder, CO, US
In continuing to upgrade our security for credit card transactions on our WWW mall, we have added PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) from Viacrypt.

NMSU Physics Department
Las Cruces, NM, US
Information about NMSU Physics Department.

NTG 1995 Calendar of Events
NTG International Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seminars, conferences and workshops for all your networking and Internet needs.

NTID High Technology Center
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, US
Includes information about the High Technology Center, an online publication, the Newton Misspelling Home Page and various other HTC projects.

Occupational and Career Information Branch
Human Resources Development Canada, Global-X-Change, Ottawa, Canada
Information about prior learning assessment and basic skills. Consider presenting a paper at our upcoming conference in the fall of 1995.

Official Jimmy Page & Robert Plant 1995 World Tour Home Page
EmeraldNet/Atlantic Records/Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, Tucson, AZ, US
This official resource on the net is proudly sponsored by Atlantic Records and EmeraldNet. On this site find official bios, set lists, tour intineraries, and question and answer areas. All this and more is devoted to the Zoso World Tour, currently in progress.

The OpenMail Encyclopedia
Enterprise Messaging Operation (EMO), Hewlett-Packard, Pinewood, UK
A single, strategic, source of information about OpenMail-based messaging. The Encyclopedia provides information about all aspects of OpenMail, Clients-of-Choice, third-party products, consultancy and our information services.

Optimum Group - Marketing and Visual Communications
Cincinnati, OH, US
Welcome to Optimum Group--a company that has provided businesses with the ultimate in effective marketing and communications solutions for the past twenty-three years.

PC GamePlay--reviews, hints, walkthroughs
University Twente - Computer Science, Enschede, Overijssel, NL
Gamereviews, hints, pictures, walkthroughs etc. Now: MKII, Descent, Ecstatica, USNF, Heretic, Rise of the Robots.

Pencom Career Center
Pencom Systems, Inc., New York, NY, US
This new Pencom Web page offers an interactive career center. It allows the user to enter his/her geography, title, and skill set, and the computer will generate an expected salary survey. The site also lists jobs in the open systems marketplace--both technical and managerial--from all over the United States.

People Making a Difference
Boston, MA, US
Founded in 1992, PMD, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, assists other charitable groups by recruiting volunteers to carry out one day, hands-on community service projects that would not be possible without PMD organization and volunteers.

Planet Zero
FUN (Federation of United Netmudders), Ysplianti, MI, US
A standard Merc MUD with more than standard high hopes. It is relatively new and small, but improvements are being made every day. We pride ourselves on the friendliness of our Imps, Immorts, and Players. Since we're new, we want our players to help mold our MUD into what it will be.

Pluto Express
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, US
Pluto is the only planet not yet visited by a spacecraft from Earth. NASA is now developing a a robotic reconnaissance mission to Pluto, called the Pluto Express. The Pluto Express mission plan calls for launch of two spacecraft early in the next decade towards encounters with Pluto and its moon, Charon.

Pluto, the Virtual Planet
VPRO television, Hilversum, Holland
VPRO's digital department created a virtual planet, called Pluto, where children can play and learn. Together with the interaction design department of the HKU in Hilversum, VPRO's digital department created this unique place for children on the Web.

Procter & Gamble Verbraucherberatung
Schwalbach, Germany
Die Procter & Gamble Verbraucherberatung baut einen neuen Service im WWW auf, bei dem neben der Vorstellung der umfangreichen Produktpalette Verbraucherfragen beantwortet werden.

Professional Counseling Associates
Hastings, NE, US
Medically supervised programs covering anxiety disorders, phobias, stress management, pain management and problem solving therapy. Home page hosted by Computer Consultants of Hastings, Inc.

Projected Learning Programs Inc.
Paradise, CA, US
PLP catalog of educational software, CD-ROM and video for grades 7 - college. Subjects include: science/math, vocational/technology, home economics, language arts and social studies. 24+ years serving education.

Pacific Telecommunications Council, Honolulu, HI, US
The online presence of the Pacific Telecomunnications Council. Links are included to various aspects of PTC as well as a Telecommunications Resource page.

Public Netbase t0
Institute for New Culture Technologies, Vienna, Austria
Public Access, ArtNet, online publication

Quebec Maple Syrup
JAM Logical Solutions, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
We ship the finest Quebec maple syrup anywhere. Makes a great gift. Delicious on pancakes and waffles. Excellent as a sugar substitute for cooking.

Revival Theology Resources HomePage
Trumpet of Zion Revival Ministries International, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
This page is for the distribution of information and literature by and about Revival theology as formulated by Charles G. Finney. Revival theology appeals to man's reason, intellect and understanding, recognizing them as endowments from God, in an attempt to enlighten the heart and will and bring about an intelligent submission to the loving Lordship of Jesus Christ.

RodMer Arts
Cobourg, ON, Canada
Mini Web art business:€ paintings and sculpture of Estonian-born artist Merike Lugus (images provided), downloadable poetry, short stories, and music (midi files, scores) by Canadian poet Rod Anderson.

RootsWorld: Unusual Music on the Net
Stamford, CT, US
A low-cost way for unusual folk, jazz, world music and other musical artists and recording labels to get on the Net.

Screaming Digital Productions
New York, NY, US
A music and art site on the World Wide Web, Screaming Digital has gone online with records by three crazies - RuPaul, Phoebe Legere, and Gouge. SDP artists are creating new genres and new genders. Artists who wish to join this East Village-based "Cyberhood" are invited to contact SDP.

Scuba In British Columbia, The Unofficial Page
Kerry L. Werry, San Diego, CA, US
Information about scuba diving in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. Including travel and weather information dive site reviews and personal opinions regarding commercial services in the Province. Links to other scuba resources. Plans are for a continually evolving information base.

SDL Ltd.
Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK
SDL offers a complete software localization process whereby they take the raw baseline product and turn it into a shrink-wrapped foreign language product. Now with in-house studio facilities, SDL can offer the same service to multimedia and games companies who need both text localization and voice overs.

The Shops at Carolina Furniture
The Virtual Company, Williamsburg, VA, US
Save 30% to 60% on America's finest furniture lines. Virgina's original discounter in historic Williamsburg, ships world-wide. Visit Carolina Carpets, Williamsburg Brass, Lighting & Textiles, The Pennsylvania House and Carolina Furniture.

Signature Financial Planning
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Offers a myriad of services and products to meet the needs of individuals and businesses. We at pride ourselves on having provided personalized, professional service to our clients for nearly two decades.

Singapore Online(TM)
Gerald Goh, Singapore
Serves to provide a one-stop guide to businesses interested in trading with Singapore and to those traveling to Singapore whether for business or for pleasure. Listings include hotels, car rentals and other company listing requested by readers.

Sleep Matters Homepage
Bright Books, Menlo Park, CA, US
Informative books and videos dealing with sleep deprivation, PMS, sex, and much more from author JoAnn Cutler Friedrich P.A. These resources are only available through the Internet.

Society for Technical Communications
STC, Arlington, VA, US
The STC is a non-profit international organization of over 15,000 members. As the largest professional society devoted to technical communication, STC is concerned with the education, improvement, and advancement of its members. Membership includes writers, editors, illustrators, printers, publishers, educators, students, engineers, and scientists in all areas of technology.

Softis hf, Reykjavik, Iceland
Softis develops and markets the LOUIS software, a middleware product that provides a high-level connection between applications and GUI front-ends.

Spring Break 95 YearBook
Interactive Events, Orlando, FL, US
A digital photo album of the North American party animal: Classica bodacia and hunkpectoral.

Stanford Linguistics Department
Stanford, CA, US
Program information, faculty listings, and departmental documents for the Linguistics Department at Stanford University.

Strait Crossing, Inc.
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Strait Crossing is building a bridge between Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. You can find out all the dimensions of the world's longest continuous bridge here, and more.

Strategy Design
Universita' degli Studi di Firenze - DPMPE, Firenze, Italy
Researchs developed by Prof. P.A. Cetica about environmental urban design quality management of urban environment decision support systems simulation information systems.

Sun Remarketing - Reseller of Used Macintosh Computers
Logan, UT, US
Sun Remarketing has been selling used Macintosh computers through a mail order catalog for 12 years. See the entire catalog online. Repair service, tech support and hard-to-find parts for older Apple Computers.

SunFest '95
West Palm Beach, FL, US
Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, SunFest '95 is Florida's premier music, art, and water festival.

Austin, TX, US
The SuperChurch® is now online and ready to hear from you! Come meet Reverend Jess and read an important message from the Ultra-High Priest.

Systems Applications Web Corner
Systems Applications, Topsfield, MA, US
Support for high resolution mass spectrometry instrumentation. Specializing in computer and interfacing support and support solutions utilizing the Internet.

TAE Plus GUI Development Tool
Century Computing, Inc., Laurel, MD, US
A Unix, motif-based GUI tool for rapid prototyping and operational systems. Designed for both programmers and non-programmers. Provides Dynamic Data Objects for data display and direct manipulation. Generates C, C++, Ada, and UIL. Low prices and site licenses.

Taiwan Taichung LDS Mission Alumni
Taichung Mission Alumni Association, Provo, UT, US
This site is run with no official sanction from the Church or said mission, this home page is provided and maintained by the unofficial Taiwan Taichung Alumni Association.

TGF Technologies
Burlington, VT, US
TGF Technologies provides network consulting services, news and mail (UUCP) gateways for businesses, gopher, listserv, and World Wide Web server development, high speed ISDN, and dedicated Internet connections in Vermont.

The Timely Investor
The Timely Investor Corp., Wilmington, DE, US
Your resource for timely investing! Dates and times of upcoming economic reports, economic back data for 1994, stock index charts, software and newsletter.

TMS Inc.
Stillwater, OK, US
Designs, develops and markets text and image management software tooklits and provides contract programming services to major companies and government organizations worldwide.

Bellevue, WA, US
A resource center for treasure related interests. You'll find treasure items and collectibles for sale as well as companies specializing in treasure research, recovery, and legal services. TreasureNet is updated often with new products and services, such as metal detectors, mining gear, attorneys specializing in Treasure Trove Law, etc.

Twin Peaks -- A Virtual Tour
FrostByte Consultants, Queens, NY, US
Specializing in databases and LANs, FrostByte provides dial-up access and training for the Internet. Our business division provides everything from contract HTML/CGI-BIN programming to turnkey Internet servers. TwinPeaks is our gift to the Net as well as to fellow Peakers everywhere.

Uniglobe 400 Travel, Inc.
Roswell, GA, US
Our agency has been catering to the travel needs for both the business and the leisure travelers in Atlanta and around the world for ten years.

Univ. of New Mexico School of Medicine
Albuquerque, NM, US
This server is a repository for curriculum information at our school, with some other info as well.

Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, IN, US
The Valparaiso University Web server provides an overview of this midwestern university, and keeps students, faculty, alumni, and the Valparaiso community in touch with current events, cultural opportunities, and services on campus. Users will find links to Internet services related to research, career, or leisure interests.

Vashon Island Community Guide
InterNet Web Services, Vashon Island, WA, US
Imagine stepping back in time to an island just off the coast of one of America's most popular cities, an island the size of Manhattan but with only 9,200 people, where people still leave their doors unlocked and there are as many horse trails as paved roads. Explore this unique Puget Sound haven only 15 minutes by ferry from Seattle and Tacoma.

Virtual Environment Pages at MIT: Virtual Workbench
MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics, Cambridge, MA, US
This site describes research in the application of Virtual Environment (Virtual Reality) technology to answer basic questions in human performance and improve training of manual and cognitive tasks. A "photo tour" of our recent Virtual Workbench project, and links to our Sensorimotor and other VETT projects are included.

Weichert Realtors, Inc
Morris Plains, NJ, US
An individually owned real estate company. Weichert, Co. also has affiliated support companies providing a wide range of ancillary services such as mortgage, insurance and relocation.

Weisinger's Wine, Vineyard, and Cottage
InfoStructure, Ashland, OR, US
Weisinger's offers you the very best of southern Oregon. Come taste our wines, enjoy our view and experience our unique southern Oregon hospitality just four miles south of downtown Ashland.

Welcome to Orlando
Internet Promotions, Inc., Orlando, FL, US
Internet Promotions announces its "Welcome to Orlando" Web site. This exciting new site serves to advertise the world's number one vacation destination and its business community to an international audience.

Western Technology, Inc.
Art Lieber, Gland, Geneva, Switzerland
A leading provider of microcomputer products for PC and Macintosh environments to universities, state and corporate accounts at substantial cost savings.

William Calvin's book "The River That Flows Uphill"
University of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
Go to Tucson to fetch some beautiful color pictures of the Grand Canyon, posted on a server there by former canyon boatman Leonard Thurman in his Web page, Grand Canyon River Running. There are some sound files there, so Calvin can let you hear what the canyon wren sounds like, just at the point in the text where he describes canyon wrens.

World Data Network BBS
World Data Network, Inc., Reston, VA, US
Online since 1984 and now the largest BBS in Washington, DC area. We offer a large variety of family oriented services including files, messages, chat, games and much more. We are an authorized reseller and installer of PCBoard BBS. call.

The WWW Stolen Bike Registry
Nashville, TN, US
The Stolen Bike Registry. List a stolen bike, browse the registry, register your bike.

DataStore Inc., St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Commercial service providing facilities for business advertising (home pages and catalogs), classified ads, off-site data storage and posting "flea market" ads, the latter without charge. Coming soon, a "Career Opportunities" section.

Monday, 17 April 1995

1996 Centennial Olympic Games
The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG), Atlanta, GA, US
Starting today, you will be able to access official information about the 1996 Olympic Games by connecting with the 1996 Olympic Games' World Wide Web (WWW) server on the Internet.

A/E/C Systems '95 Virtual Trade Show
Ideal Scanners and Systems, Inc., Rockville, MD, US
A/E/C Systems '95 Virtual Trade Show is the largest computer show for the design and construction industry.

Aerospace Department at Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN, US
ISU's Department of Aerospace Technology prepare students for careers in the aerospace industry. Students may elect flight training or aerospace administration. Majors leading to baccalaureate degrees are offered in piloting and aviation administration.

alt.folklore.computers FAQ
Wilson R. Afonso, Mountain View, CA, US
This page is the HTML version of the FAQ for the newsgroup alt.folklore.computers. It has answers to lots of computer folklore-related questions, plus a brief history of digital computers and a list of interesting books to read on the subject.

American Universities Admission Program
AUAP, Gainesville, FL, US
A commercial organization devoted to helping foreign students and scholars in the application process to American colleges and universities. It offers a full assistance with forms, tests, translations and notarizations at both undergraduate and graduate level.

Analysis -- the philosophy journal
University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
Links to information about this long-established philosophy journal, to information about its new monthly emailed supplement, Analyst, and to the archive of Analysis preprints.

Anasazi: The Northern Arizona Travel Guide
Webwright: The World Wide Web Architect, Phoenix, AZ, US
A living and expanding guide to the unique, ancient and recreational sites in Northern Arizona on the Colorado Plateau. These pages are beautifully presented with a rich variety of graphics and creative links. Featured are the most ancient and unusual Native American ruins left by the mysterious Anasazi people who seemingly vanished from the region.

Apple-Internet Mailing Lists
Apple Computer, Inc. Business Systems Division, Cupertino, CA, US
The family of mailing lists have been expanded and the WWW pages supporting them have been rewritten as well. There's now a single entry point for what is now a family of four lists: apple-internet-announce, apple-internet-authoring, apple-internet-providers and apple-internet-users.

Australian Property Magazine
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
A new service to provide advertising for residential and commercial real estate for sale in Australia. Property is displayed in colour photo format with description. Listings are by real estate agents, developers and property owners.

Bad Brains
whatsup, NY, NY, US
A seminal rasta/hardcore outfit, recently reformed to its original line-up. Includes audio samples of forthcoming LP.

Bicycling Across Georgia (USA)
M&J Web Publishing, Atlanta, GA, US
Bicycle Ride Across Gerogia is a family tour across the state of Georgia. Each year we travel a different route across the state. This year's route will be 343 miles.

Big Air: The ParaGliding WWW Server
ParaGliding, on the Internet, CA, US
FAQ, events, specification list, paragliders address book, and more.

Biology Home Page, Vrije Universiteit
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Information about the faculty of biology of the Vrije Universiteit.

Blaney's Travel
Victoria, BC, Canada
Blaney's Travel, a full service Canadian travel agency, is celebrating its 50th anniversary by offering Internet services. Check out their cruise news, limited-time specials and experienced multilingual staff.

Book Pool
Brooklyn, NY, US
The BookPool is an Internet bookstore that sells technical book at unbeatable prices (20% - 35% off). We support publishers including Addison-Wesley, Benjamin-Cummings, Cambridge University Press, Hayden Books, Microsoft Press, NRP, O'Reilly, Prentice Hall, Que, Sams Publishing, Sunsoft Press and Yourdon Press.

Canada Net Art Gallery
Online Visions Ltd., Richmond, BC, Canada
Presently featuring Raymond Chow. Artist and gallery owner presents his limited edition full colour lithographs and his black and white drawings of cities, children, pets, racehorses, boats, and nudes in black and white.

The CANDI Program
Norfolk, VA, US
The CANDII Program is a non-profit interdenominational organization formed to serve the needs of children affected by HIV in Southeastern Virginia. The purposes of this this program are to provide access to medical, educational, social, and mental health services for children living with HIV/AIDS and support for their families.

Caps Logistics, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
Flexible logistics software system for businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies. Includes current job opportunities.

The Caregivers
San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco, CA, US
As people expect longer and longer lifespans, thousands of Americans are facing the midlife crisis of having to care for aging parents. The San Francisco Examiner is running a six-part series and accompanying Web site to offer children of ailing parents resources and guidance in coping with this family crisis. The site carries each of the daily stories plus a resource list with hundreds of references to non-profit groups that can help.
http://sfgate.com/examiner/caregivers/ [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Carolina League Baseball
Interpath, Raleigh, NC, US
The baseball teams of the Carolina League, including the Durham Bulls, have a Web site. Pages contain ticket prices, schedules, rosters, and more.

Carr, Goodson & Lee, P.C.
Washington, DC, US
Carr, Goodson & Lee maintains a national litigation practice. The firm's attorneys handle a broad range of litigation for a wide variety of industries and businesses of all types and sizes.

Censorship & the Arts in Canada
Leif Harmsen, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Survey of where censorship and the arts in Canada intersect. Includes information on legislation, institutions which enforce censorship, how censorship is implemented, censored art, cases, social philosophy, and conclusions of others and myself. Also includes many useful and interesting links, references, and bibliography.

Century Computing, Inc.
Laurel, MD, US
Graphical user interface development, image processing, client/server applications, and defense and space applications for Unix and MS Windows. Expertise in OOA/OOD, C, C++, perl, X Windows, Motif, WWW, networking, communications, and system integration.

Chicago Public Library
Chicago, IL, US
All topics of interest to users of the Chicago Public Library, expecially information about Chicago, its history and cultural events; great list of places to go on the Internet, annotated. Original information on searching trademarks and patents.

The Children's Village Child Care Center
Children's Village, Inc., Cambridge, MA, US
Non-profit child care center located in the Fresh Pond area providing care for infants through pre-kindergarten. Open to all -- many of our parents work at nearby Abt Associates and BBN.

Clyde Consultants
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Clyde Consultants provides spatial data services throughout Asia: a leading supplier of data and civilian intelligence systems, satellite data, communication and GPS services, and environmental, agricultural, geological and forestry services.

College of the Holy Cross Homepage
Worcester, MA, US
The official home page of the College of the Holy Cross.

The Color is Black
The Black Box, Inc., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, HK
Hong Kong-based multimedia developer of CD-ROM documentaries on disc. See product samples that include MPEG video clips, audio bites, screen shots, and sample text.

Come and Get 'Em
RodCo Design Services, Alex, VA, US
Free graphics, buttons, and bars. I'm wanting to see how big of a list of links I can make using these little guys. Come join in on the list.

Concrete Marketing, Inc.
New York, NY, US
Hard music zone; alternative music site.

The Corporate Identity Web Site
New York, NY, US
David Boorstin Associates hosts the only Web site devoted to corporate identity. Our site includes a forum to discuss corporate identity issues, an annotated tour of some notable corporate Web sites, and a laboratory where graphic designers try putting up their own Web pages, free of charge.

Cranbury Elementary School, Norwalk, CT
Norwalk, CT, US
Norwalk's Cranbury Elementary School is the first K12 school in Connecticut with a Web site. First launched on 2/2/95.

Data Warehousing Conference
DCI, New York, NY, US
New York, NY, May 9-11, 1995; Chicago, IL, August 8-10, 1995; Maastricht, The Netherlands, May 16-18, 1995. Applying client/server, object technology, open systems and relational/multi-dimensional DBMS to provide next-generation decision support systems.

DeAnza College Ceramics
DeAnza College, Cupertino, CA, US
DeAnza College ceramic resources. Links to various clay sites, information related to classes, workshops, and guest artists.

Department of Software Engineering, Johannes Kepler Univ Linz
Linz, Austria
This web site offers information on the research and education activities at the Department of Software Engineering.

DigitSmith Embroidery and Digitizing
Grand Prairie, TX, US
DigitSmith is a provider of commerical embroidery services. Currently offering personalization for pet collars, custom personalization on caps to be offered shortly.

Division of Work Science (AAT)
Lund, Sweden
Dealing with research, development, and education in work science, including ergonomics, work organization and psychosocial factors, work hygiene and air quality, accident prevention and rehabilitation.

Dr. Kemsley's Skin Care
Hlc-Internet, Newport Beach, CA, US
An invaluable resource containing information on a variety of subjects including plastic surgery, cellulite/fat reduction and specially developed skin care products.

Earth Stewards’
Reno, NV, US
Online catalog of over 100 earth-friendly products, ranging from very serious books to frankly frivolous tactless greetings, from clocks hand-crafted from exotic, sustainable woods to circuit boards transformed into imaginative jewelry. The site also contains articles and information of interest to anyone who cares about the environment.

Electric Judy Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Specialists in lighting and wardrobe for the theatre and film industry.

WebbSco, Canton, CT, US
ESSLink is a new service with intentions of helping the local educational system, as well as small businesses.

Esther Boyer College of Music
Philadelphia, PA, US
The Esther Boyer College of Music web site has been developed to showcase the work of student musicians and composers, as well as provide information on the school itself. Other pages at this Temple University site include the Gallery of the ARTS, a site dedicated to artists, musicians, and writers in the Philadelphia area.

Evolution Techno + House Festival
Zurich, CH, Switzerland
The massive rave explosion with over 50 DJs and nine live acts (incl. Prodigy from London) on eight different dancefloors is taking place Saturday, May 13th 1995 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Exact Home Pages
Int'l Exchange of Electronic Component Tech. and Test Data, London, England
An international technical association with member companies in 13 countries. It is concerned with the exchange of reports and information on the technology and testing of electronic components

Experimental Aircraft Association
Guenther Eichhorn, Cambridge, MA, US
Unofficial home page of the Experimental Aircraft Association, with information about chapters, homebuilding and other aviation stuff..

Flags Unlimited Inc. Home Page
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Flags Unlimited is the world leader in innovative fabric communications. We are a full service company that manufactures, distributes and retails a comprehensive range of flags, banners, flagpoles and hardware.

Focus Publications
GEN Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
We are pleased to provide the prototype for County information in the state of California, starting with Orange County. Publications provide the depth of information necessary to create a complete statistical, demographic as well as lifestyle, picture of the counties of California.

The Forever Wild Tree Conservancy
Riverdale, NY, US
Give the gift of a greener, cleaner Earth. The Forever Wild Tree Conservancy saves forests, rivers, wildlife and natural habitats; provides free weekly information on conservation, ecology, recycling. Sponsorships available.

Formosa on the Web
Frontier Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan
Isle Formosa, the name Portuguese sailors called Taiwan, means beautiful island. Here in Taiwan, several grass-root organizations demonstrate the varieties of Taiwan society in their W3 homepages. (Most documents in this site are coded in Chinese Big-5; English versions are now being prepared.)

Franchise Handbook: On-Line
Enterprise Magazines, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, US
A free on-line business magazine, offers a directory of franchisors, the latest franchise news, franchise show schedules, informative articles, and more.

Freeways, by Alamo Rent A Car
Alamo Rent A Car, Denver, CO, US
Just about everything car renters need. Freeways, by Alamo Rent A Car, offers users detailed directions to popular sights in cities all across America. Weather reports. Links to hotel booking services. Travel tips, guides to great drives, games for kids, as well as interactive forums about restaurants, sights and hotels.

Friends Just Peace Institute
Friends Congregational Church (UCC), College Station, TX, US
The Friends Just Peace Institute was established in College Station,Texas by members of the Friends Congregational Church (UCC), to embrace a ministry whose mission is to seek personal, communal, and global peace through human, social, and environmental justice.

G-7 Halifax Economic Summit
Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada
Visit the Halifax Economic Summit (formerly G-7) and stay to browse Halifax, Nova Scotia, our many universities, and a selection of businesses and services.

General Aviation Homepage
Guenther Eichhorn, Cambridge, MA, US
Information for general aviation, including links to aviation archives, other information like FAR's, aviation image archives and aviation weather.

The George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
The Marshall Center is dedicated to stabilizing Post-Cold War Europe by aiding defense and foreign ministries in Europe's aspiring democracies in the development of national security organizations and systems that reflect democratic principles.

The Global Mall
C & W Marketing, Ridgecrest, CA, US
Futuristic shopping mall, business advertising, classified ads.

The Gourmet Gardener Seed Catalogue
The Gourmet Gardener, Overland Park, KS, US
It's still not too late to start your garden. Try The Gourmet Gardener -- the seed source to grow the best tasting vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers.

Grammar Engine Inc.
eCenter, Los Altos, CA, US
Grammar Engine develops embedded systems tools, including in-circuit emulators, firmware development tools, debugging tools, and a full assortment of support tools.

Greek Life at Penn State
University Park, PA, US
Penn State has one of the largest Greek systems in the country. Information about our 58 fraternities and 25 sororities can be found here. Come visit and explore a unique part of the University's tradition.

Greenpeace Climate Crisis Web Site
Greenpeace, New Westminster, Canada
Coinciding with the Berlin Climate Summit, Greenpeace has launched the Climate Crisis WWW site. It contains daily updates from the Berlin Summit, media documents with photos, an interactive climate quiz, a mail President Clinton page, reproductions of billboards placed in Berlin, and more.

Guide to Ribbons and Cartridges (GRC)
Chatsworth, CA, US
Need help finding a cartridge for your printer? This guide is an easy way to locate the manufacturer's part number for your laser, ink jet or dot matrix cartridge.

A Guide to Trekking in the Nepal Himalayas
Petri Kaipiainen, Espoo, Finland
A guide to trekking in Nepal. Text in Finnish, with captions in English. Includes 32 pro photographs.

Hiking Trails in the Northwest
Fatcat, Portland, OR, US
Listings and descriptions of hiking trails in the Pacific Northwest and information and comments on our biosphere. Created by and for backpackers.

HIV Sequences Database
T-10, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM, US
The Human Retroviruses and Aids Database headed by Dr. Gerald Myers collects, curates, analyzes, and publishes genetic sequences of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and related species.

Univ. of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A complete lesson which will teach students muscle actions via text, photos, and MPEG movies.

Iconix Software Engineering, Inc.
ICONIX, Santa Monica, CA, US
Announcing the Iconix Software Engineering Inc. WWW PowerPage: Makers of Iconix PowerTools. Iconix specializes in CASE tools and training for object-oriented and structured development for Macintosh and UNIX. Includes free white papers, special offers and more.

Imagination -- Experience
London, UK
Find out what the magazine Imagination is all about and download photographs, audio and videoclips produced by the different creative teams.

Incredible Collectibles
Davies Enterprises, Rockville Centre, NY, US
A store and resource for collectors of antiques and collectibles, with links to many related sites.

Information Entrepreneur
Traverse City, MI, US
A national publication dedicated to explaining how to be profitable using the available technology and applications for those technologies on the forefront. Our goal is to constantly provide individuals and businesses with articles which are focused and inform them of lucrative opportunities in the information world.

International Aerobatics Club
Guenther Eichhorn, Cambridge, MA, US
Includes contest schedules and results, and other information about aerobatics flying.

The Internet Bookshop
E.R.O.S., Oxford, UK
We are the largest online bookshop in the world, with stock-listings for over 783,000 titles representing a prestigious range of international clients including McGraw-Hill, OUP, CUP, The Reed Group, Penguin Books, Whitakers and Blackwell Publishers. In addition to information on our publishers and titles we have a featured author section and a book of the month section.

Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion and Design
NTG International Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Not only a meeting point for the Canadian fashion and design industry but also a great starting point to all fashion and design on the WWW.

Novel Intertainment, Hollywood, CA, US
Offers writers/readers a unique opportunity to participate in the writing of a book guaranteed to be published. Any writer whose story/chapter is accepted will receive $500.00 US.

Intersect Japan magazine
PHP Institute, Inc., Tokyo, Japan
This site provides an introduction to the magazine Intersect Japan through sample articles and graphics from its pages. There is also an interactive page through which users can respond to a topical question-of-the-month.

The Jaywalk Centre
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mostly in Dutch, about theatre, the eclectic movement, and Elvis Presley. Interesting might be the monologue about the life and times of Elvis Aaron Presley, as seen throught the eyes of his stillborn twin-brother, Jesse Garon Presley. In English soon.

The Jesus Film Project
Campus Crusade for Christ, San Clemente, CA, US
The most accurate film ever produced on the life of Christ. Learn about this powerful film, who the historic Jesus really was, and why the film Jesus has become the most translated film in history.

Jungle Roses
HLC-Internet, Los Angeles, CA, US
Grown in the native soil of South American rain forests. Jungle Roses is the only floral company to receive an endorsement from Pro Natura Int., a Brazil-based scientific rain forest preservation program.

Kidding Around
Heather McCammond-Watts, Champaign, IL, US
Kidding Around is a Web page designed especially for middle school kids and teenagers. It features lots of interesting, unusual, and just plain fun links for kids who want to get their own driver's license for the information superhighway.

Kumpulan Latihan Kelanasiswa Malaysia
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, KL, Malaysia
University Technology Malaysia's campus-wide information system. Batchwood Part 4a will be provided by Kumpulan Latihan Kelanasiswa Malaysia (a Scout Group) Date : 23rd april until 30th april 1995 location : Sardon Jubir camp Balakong, Cheras Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Lighthouse Weather Information
The Tech, Cambridge, MA, US
Current weather conditions and forecasts for over 250 cities in the US. Additional features include: national and international weather summaries, search for location by state or name, This Date in Weather History, and graphics.

The Los Angeles County Real Estate Forum
Monrovia, CA, US
Gen, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of The William Wilson Company to its Los Angeles County Real Estate Forum. This firm established in 1887 is currently showcasing properties located in Pasadena and San Marino. More listings coming soon, so please come back and visit.

Lottery Number Patterns
Hotlot, Houston, TX, US
Excel spreadsheet for calculating # sets based on dates and the lottery parameters for all states and countries. You can enter a past or future date.

M and D Mower Repair's Home Page
Maple Hts, OH, US
Free expert advice and email diagnosis of your lawn and garden equipment problems. Also: tips to keep your equipment running smoothly!

Mapedit Home Page
Seattle, WA, US
All about Mapedit, software that creates image maps for use on the web. Featuring the new Mapedit 1.4 for Windows, a Mapedit for X manual, and the Mapedit FAQ.

Marine Systems Engineering Laboratory (MSEL)
Northeastern University, Nahant, MA, US
MSEL is a small, internationally-known ocean engineering lab that focuses autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). We have active research programs in AUV design, intelligent AUV control, and multiple AUV systems.

MatheMatrix -- Matrix Algebra Library
San Diego, CA, US
We provide high performance matrix algebra libraries for Unix workstations, MPP's and Cray C90's. Our software libraries allow matrixes to be solved that are much larger than available RAM.

Mazama Software Labs, Inc.
Bellevue, WA, US
Specializing in the construction of advanced Internet applications for the Linux operating system. Learn more about the Mazama Packet Filter, a Linux based firewall.

MCR Software
Oakland, CA, US
Over 9,000 Quotations for Windows available for download. Programs include: Wisdom of the Ages, Lowdown on Doctors, Lawyers and Politicians, Men on Women/Women on Men, and Home Office Juicer.

Megahertz Corporation
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Specializing in the design, manufacture, and marketing of communications solutions for mobile computer users. The company currently produces a full line of mobile communications products including credit-card sized PCMCIA land-line modems, land-line modems with the XJACK® connector, cellular modems, Ethernet adapters with the XJACK® connector and combination Ethernet•Modems.

MidAmerica Nazarene College
Olathe, KS, US
A private liberal arts college in the Midwest. Information about class schedules, departments, and other information available.

Momus On The Web
Paris, (server based in London), France
Momus is a recording artist known for his delicately provocative albums on cult British labels like Creation, 4AD and Cherry Red.

Money Magazine Online
Time, Inc., New York, NY, US
What's hot at the site: The Best Loan Rates in America: Dan Dorfman, a Money senior writer and America's most listened-to stock adviser, provides has become the Net's investment insider's guide. The 50 Hottest Jobs in America: Money's fourth annual survey ranks the nation's fastest-growing, most desirable jobs.

Motive Media Network
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Motive Magazine has recently abandoned print media in lieu of web publishing - a move that has raised a few eyebrows indeed. Hey, that's life on the Net.

Austin, TX, US
A definitive Internet site for news and information about electronic commerce/electronic data interchange, international trade, NAFTA and the Americas.

Nashoba Networks, Inc.
Littleton, MA, US
Develops and manufactures high-performance, low-cost network switching products for increased network bandwidth while preserving existing enterprise investments. We provide a simple, cost-effective migration to ATM and other high-speed technologies.

The Nationwide Locator
Military Information Enterprises, Inc, San Antonio, TX, US
Locating people. We market the best books and computer access packages for locating missing people (military and civilians). We also operate a computer locator service.

Natural World
alan rothman, Irvine, CA, US
An exclusive line of non-toxic household products and health- care products to help minimize the poisonings and exposure to toxic fumes in the home.

NECX Direct
NECX, Boston, MA, US
The Internet’'s largest and most complete online computer store offering over 20,000 hardware and software products, lowest prices, and unique super deals. Powerful search capabilities help you to find the products you need. Each product is described in detail with a full list of specifications.

Preferred Internet Services, Kingport, TN, US
Throw away all of your mail-order computer catalogues. net.shopper is your solution for any computer need. Great prices and unbeatable service.

Network Solutions Home Page
Fall City, WA, US
Solutions provider for distributed computing environments (e.g., university campuses, corporate office parks, government complexes). Additional connectivity is achieved using existing copper cabling and wireless transmitters, virtually eliminating the need for additional (and costly) cable installation.

New York Foundation for the Arts
New York, NY, US
The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) is pleased to announce a new resource for artists and others on the Web. NYFA is one of the largest funders of artists in all disciplines in the country and provides a host of other funding, management, and information services for artists and their organizations in New York State and across the nation.

The Newshare Syndicate
Newshare Corp., Williamstown, MA, US
The Internet's first news brokerage, Newshare Corp. is developing a system enabling independent content providers to reach the online public without having to affiliate with a publisher or online service. At present the Newshare Syndicate maintains extensive (1,000) links to news and topical resources on the Internet and is helping free-lance writers to market their work electronically.

NL.Line -- National Library of Singapore
National Library of Singapore, Singapore
NL.Line - Your electronic link to library and information services of the National Library of Singapore; you can even make reservations and renew your books over the WWW.

Northern Ballet Theatre
Produced with permission from NBT, Halifax, UK
Descriptions of productions, artists and tour plans for the United Kingdom ballet company, Northern Ballet Theatre.

ObjectPlus Corporation
Cambridge, MA, US
Develops, markets, and services a family of object-oriented, rapid application development tools used to create highly visual solutions for business and mission critical applications.

On-Line Trader -- Closeout Buyers' Club
MultiMedia Malls Corporation, Montpelier, VT, US
Links buyers and sellers of export, closeout, surplus and government seized merchandise. Members can post listings of merchandise under Wanted to Buy or Wanted to Sell. Access to below wholesale closeout bargains is free to the public.

Open Media Research Institute Inc.
Prague, Czech Republic
We would like to introduce the Open Media Research Institute's (OMRI) World Wide Web Page at WWW.OMRI.CZ as an additional means of obtaining the Daily Digest, and other news and information regarding the countries of the former Soviet Union and East-Central and Southeastern Europe.

Ottawa-Carleton Economic Development Corporation (OCEDCO)
Global-X-Change, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Updated material. You can easily locate the 1993 annual report along with other information about the organization and the entrepreneurship centre.

Outer Banks (NC) Online
NCNetWorks, Outer Banks, NC, US
Outer Banks Online has joined the Fun in the Sun Web site for Carolinas coastline recreation. The Outer Banks is recognized as an ideal vacation for couples or families. The site lists the local calendar of events, sports and recreation, motels, and restaurants.

Paper Jam Publishing
Orcas Island, WA, US
Paper Jam Publishing offers an online bookstore, an online version of Island Parent -- a parenting newsletter featuring internationally known and regional parenting experts, educators and parents -- and describes other book publishing services provided by PJP.

Jersey City, NJ, US
National Discount Brokers and PAWWS (Portfolio Accounting World-Wide) announced that National Discount Brokers, a price leader in the discount brokerage industry, will offer its customers the capacity of placing orders using PAWWS' Internet-based information system. The Net Investor, a Chicago based firm, is also currently offering brokerage services via PAWWS.

PC Card Conference
DCI, San Jose, CA, US
April 4-6, 1995, San Jose, CA. The best venue in the world for learning about the rapidly developing market for PC Card technology.

The Peoples Network
Washington, DC, US
TPN, the satellite-based delivery system that broadcasts the information that people want and need about sales training, motivation, fitness, relationships, entertainment, sports and more is available in the Washington, D.C. area.

Physician's Referral Online
MedSearch America, Inc., Redmond, WA, US
Physicians, register with the Internet's first physician referral service. Healthcare consumers will soon be able to select physicians in their area using our unique service, so make sure your practice is listed. Free registration for a limited time only.

PowerPak Limited, Dallas, TX, US
Recruiting surfers and hypertext tutorial writers to provide value-added products for a unique site. Also contains examples of upcoming products free for perusal.

The Powersource Native American Art & Education Center
Houston, TX, US
More than a Native American art gallery featuring power people, places and objects, the center includes a reference guide to power symbols, and a travel guide to legendary power spots in the Native American culture.

Products and Services for the Entertainment Industry
Omega Productions, Dallas, TX, US
Award winning company engaged in supplying production services to the music, television, film and sports industries; constant updates of extensive list of links to the best production industry oriented sites.

Recruiters OnLine Network
Dallas, TX, US
Online association of search firms, recruiters, employment agencies, and employment agencies. Resumes are accepted and information on employment and resources is free.

Regionali '95
Comitato per Badaloni, Santa Cruz, CA, US
A resource to explain the program and to contact people. Created by the committee substaining Badaloni's group in next regional election in Italy. The first political WWW in Italy with full text search in curricula, calendar and program.

Rocky Mountain Digital Peeks CD-ROMs
Nederland, CO, US
Our contribution to Earth Day 1995 is a new multi-media CD-ROM entitled Earth Exploratorium, Mission to Planet Earth, STS59. Over 12,000 images of Earth from space complete with annotations, extensive navigation and search facilities. Radar examples with interpretation, interactive environmental handbooks and audio interviews with shuttle astronauts.

Russia House
NeoSoft and Vannevar New Media, Houston, TX, US
The Space Commerce Corporation is selling the Russian space program one piece at a time. View and purchase Russian space art, memorabilia and actual Russian spacecraft (no kidding).

San Francisco International Film Festival
San Francisco, CA, US
Announcing the website for the 38th International Film Festival (4/20-5/4/95). Visit for: the latest information on events, awards, schedule, and venues; a searchable film database with downloadable program-builder; and online forms for ordering tickets, subscribing to the festival email newsletter, and joining SFFS.

San Francisco VA Medical Center
Public Affairs Office, San Francisco, CA, US
The San Francisco VA Medical Center, or "Fort Miley" as it is known to native San Franciscans, is the major referral care center serving the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California.

Santa Clara University Religious Studies Department
Santa Clara, CA, US
These pages present information about the academic program, and about the faculty and staff, and lists courses and schedule of courses offered by the Religious Studies Department at Santa Clara Univ.

Scout Association of Australia
Perth, Australia
Information and resources relating to all sections of scouting in Australia.

Seminars Afloat 1995 Catalog
Resource Institute, Seattle, WA, US
A series of arts and science programs reflecting the connection between nature, the individual and the community. Sponsored by Resource Institute, a Seattle-based non-profit educational organization.

SensorMetrics Inc.
Lakeville, MA, US
Environmental measurement systems. EnviroLink series offers remote environmental monitoring made easy and cost effective. Monitor weather and environmental variables. Another addition to Everything Under the Sun.

Silver & Gold Indies
Fullerton, CA, US
For your punk, indie, Japanese pop and animation needs.

Skylonda Group, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA, US
The Skylonda Group offers software and expert services to cut costs and improve performance at the interface between business and government -- we're the first environmental management information systems firm on the Web.

The Soccer Connection
University of Twente, Enschede, Overijssel, Holland
An Italian Soccer home page. Here you can find results, comments and pictures about Italian Championship and everything related to the Italian soccer clubs.

Society for Judgment and Decision Making
Mellers Decision Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, US
Dedicated to the descriptive, prescriptive, and normative study of judgment and decision making.

Solar Light Company, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA, US
Solar Light manufactures measuring instrumentation for the entire spectrum, from UV to IR, as well as ultraviolet radiation sources. Applications: meteorology, physics, atmospheric science and chemistry, agriculture, industry, pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic laboratories. UV data from Philadelphia available on-line.

SpeedSim, Inc.
Westford, MA, US
The leader in cycle-based simulation develops and markets the SpeedSim/3 software product for digital logic simulation. We feature leadership performance 10X to 100X faster than the current generation of simulators.

The Spoke, Emory University's Humor Magazine
Atlanta, GA, US
The Spoke is Emory University's student Humor Magazine.

Stormy Waters
NVA/Glasgow Mayfest, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
An open air extravaganza taking place on the Clyde River, Glasgow, on May 19, 20, 1995. With music from Autechre, The Black Dog, Sativa Drummers, and Underworld, imagery by Tomato, and participating artists via the Internet, it promises to be one of the large-scale arts events of the decade.

Super-Duper: Contest logging software by EI5DI.
Dublin, Ireland
A contest logger for amateur radio operators. Freeware versions of SD may be downloaded. They're good for the Islands On The Air (IOTA) contest and for other RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) contests.

Tampa Bay Baseball
Interactive Media Dept., St. Petersburg Times, St. Petersburg, FL, US
The excitement of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays Major League Baseball team can be experienced through articles from the St. Petersburg Times. Part of a on-going Internet project.

Stamford, CT, US
International Thomson Publishing (ITP) provides immediate access to the vast array of learning-related products and services from the ITP family of publishers. Extensive Web or gopher site includes searchable database of more than 20,000 education, reference, scholarly, technical and business products, as well as discipline-specific resource centers, electronic discussion lists, and on-line supplements to products.

Tools and Toys for UnixWare
Prime Time Freeware, Chicago, IL, US
A huge collection of Plug`n Play software for UnixWare. Virtually any kind of end-user or developer application one can think of is represented on this CD-ROM. From multimedia applications to C development tools, from office automation programs to system administration tools, you'll find it here.

TravelASSIST -- Travel Information Services
ASSIST Information Services, Studio City, CA, US
TravelASSIST is the home of The Register: The Internet Directory of B&Bs, Inns, and Small Hotels. Over 550 accommodations listed. TravelASSIST Magazine, published monthly, features world-class travel articles, photo essays and destination information.

Tribe Magazine
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Established in 1992 as Canada's national underground dance music magazine, Tribe focuses on rave, house music, fashion, club culture. The electronic version has everything our hard copy has and is in color.

Tripler Medical Center Medicine Home Page
Honolulu, HI, US
The Web page for the Department of Medicine at Tripler Army Medical Center. Contains info on the Medicine Department and links to other Hawaii nets.

Tropicana Resort & Casino
Manifest Information Services, Las Vegas, NV, US
The Tropicana offers a tropically-themed resort and casino which includes a five-acre water park with lagoons, spas, waterfalls and the world's largest indoor/outdoor swimming pool.

University of California Irvine - University Extension
Irvine, CA, US
The Orange County campus of University of California Extension, offering continuing education courses for career advancement and general interest.

University of Kentucky Libraries
Lexington, KY, US
This research library homepage describes library services, with links to the online NOTIS catalog, a wide variety of electronic information resources, and a subject-based guide to WWW resources. Reports on the progress of the new $58 million W. T. Young Library are also included.

U.S. Kung Fu and Tai Chi
Rockville, MD, US
Information on several styles of Kung Fu, taught at the USKFC. Styles include: Tien Shan Pai, Northern Shaolin, Pa Kua, Hsing-I, Praying Mantis, and Chi Na Su.

The Valley School Synthesis
Flint, MI, US
This is the HTML version of our school newspaper, the Synthesis. Space is being donated by Doug Brewer and Pocahontas High School in Arizona.

Vector Reality for Windows, a 3D Modeler and Renderer
High Velocity Systems, Lincoln, NE, US
Vector Reality, the next release of Illumen 3D, is a 3D modeler and renderer which incorporates logical polygon mesh based editing with the power of raytracing into an integrated environment.

Virgin Records "The Raft"
London, England, UK
The Raft is Virgin Records' and associated labels' Web site, featuring news, releases, tour dates and music gossip. Bands with their own feature areas include Massive Attack, The Verve, McAlmont, and Whale.

Walkmuehl OILERS
Furtwangen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Provides information about a famous German soccer club situated in Kusel (Palatinate - Pfalz).

C G Enterprises Inc., Guilderland, NY, US
Webgates(TM) is one of two home pages of C G Enterprises Inc. It provides Web presence to small business owners and individual entrepreneurs, with full Web service support. It also provides graphics design services (including color scanning and HTML authoring).

Western Region Jewish Committee on Scouting
Berkeley, CA, US
The Western Region Jewish Committee on Scouting is an ad hoc subcommittee of the National Jewish Committee on Scouting. Its purpose is to promote Boy Scouting among Jewish youth, to help Jewish institutions and local council Jewish committees to provide Scouting opportunities for Jewish youth, and to promote Jewish values in Scouting through program helps and the religious emblems program.

Who Cares Magazine
Washington, DC, US
A quarterly magazine covering community service and social activism. We offer inspiring stories and the necessary resources so you can make a difference.

Wildwest Travel, Inc.
Evanston, WY, US
Wildwest Travel, Inc., your ticket to adventure, specializes in Alaskan Cruises, and making arrangements for outdoor family adventures and international horseback riding tours.

WorldCHAT BBS Systems
The Online Source Inc., Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Provides affordable and efficient internet access to the Greater Burlington area.

Worldwide Vacation Lodgings
Mountain Castles, Inc., Steamboat Springs,, CO, US
Shows vacation properties around the world such as these Mountain Castles. Reservations can be made electronically.

Writer's Gallery
The Virtual Press, Honolulu, HI, US
A gallery for writers and readers. If you enjoy reading quality fiction and non-fiction, why not stop in and browse. If you are a writer looking for a place to display or sell your works, look no further. Post your works to the gallery, make them available freely or commercially.

WWWeb Business Yellow Pages
Univ. of Houston College of Business, Houston, TX, US
College students looking for full-time employment following graduation (or for temporary summer work) are encouraged to reference the more than 30 listings in the employment services section of the WWW Business Yellow Pages. This directory of firms on the Web is a free service of the Univ. of Houston College of Business.

Wednesday, 19 April 1995

Westbury, NY, US
WWW surfers can safely order flowers on the Web with the Netscape browser and the new 1-800-Flowers web site. Also take advantage of the reminder service and searchable databases containing over 75 floral and gift products. Web surfers also receive reduced service charge when they order from this site.

1995 Everest Challenge
Mountain Visions, Boise, ID, US
Mountain Visions is a multimedia consortium. We encourage and support visionary community and conservation projects. We are offering information on our multimedia services and updated reports on the 1995 Everest Challenge.

Advanced Radiodata Research Centre
Motorola Canada Limited, Richmond, BC, Canada
ARRC is an initiative of Motorola and the Canadian Federal Government to provide funding and support to Canadian software developers and universities for research in wireless data technology.

Alabama Shakespeare Festival
Montgomery, AL, US
The Alabama Shakespeare Festival is the fifth largest Shakespeare Festival in the world. Our homepage includes schedules, information about the Festival, and links to some of the best theatre resources on the Net.

Alan K. Stazer: Environmental, Radiation & EMF Law
Los Angeles, CA, US
Announcing the expansion of this Web site on environmental law and technology to include a listing of reference materials on law and science, radiation and EMF.

The Alliance for Fire & Emergency Management
The Alliance, Ashland, MA, US
The Alliance is involved in training and education for the fire and emergency response community.

Athletic Supply & Quest Technologies, New York, NY, US
Set up by sports fans, for sports fans. It is a central resource for sports-related web servers on the Net, and houses the Official NFL Catalog.

American Power Conference
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, US
This document contains information about the American Power Conference held annually in Chicago. It is maintained by V.C. Ramesh at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

American Thermoplastic Co.
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Leading manufacturer of custom imprinted loose leaf binders and related products. With over forty years of experience, we can offer a great deal of expertise in helping to design your next loose leaf binder project.

American Wine On the Web
Crestline, CA, US
American Wine reports on the wines, wineries, people and events of the rapidly growing wine regions around the USA and the Americas. This is a new kind of Wine Magazine, which believes that wine is an everyday drink with everyday food for everyday people, and that American wines are among the best in the world.

Applied Rural Telecommunications - Information Center
Colorado Advanced Technology Institute, Steamboat Springs, CO, US
AeRie is a place where information on applied rural telecommunications is nested. Learn how Colorado supports education, medicine, government and commerce through rural telecommunications.

APROPA -- The newspaper dedicated entirely to taxi
ApropaGruppen AB, Stockholm, Sweden
The newspaper Apropa is a newspaper dedicated entirely to taxi in Sweden, but contacts are established right now to go worldwide. For the moment the magazine has about 10,000 readers every month.

Argiope Web Services
Houston, TX, US
Argiope Web Services is a commercial W3 development firm. We offer services ranging from home page design, copy writing, and online publicity services through on-site server development. Our specialties include graphic design and the development of custom interactivity.

Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID, US
Aristotle is a site devoted to educational resources on the internet and disseminating that information in a simple html format.

ARK Online
Paige Powell, Portland, OR, US
Music of Pearl Jam and other contemporary bands, original essay by best selling author Tama Jamowitz, original art and more, for people who care about animals. From the former Associate Publisher of Andy Warhol's Interview magazine.

Artewisdom Ltd.
London, England, UK
Provider of applied computer technology, specializing in computer graphics, structured cabling, software solutions and Internet consultancy, particularly electronic publishing.

Artists' Open Studios of Santa Clara County, CA
Menlo Park, CA, US
Enjoy the 9th annual self-guided tour of artists studios over three weekends in April and May 1995 in Santa Clara County. A wide range of fine arts and fine crafts media will be displayed by over 182 artists in 100 locations.

Assiniboine Community College
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
A rural based agricultural and trades college in Manitoba, Canada.

Atronomica - The Quest for the Edge of the Universe.
DMS Marketing, Inc., Tarpon Springs, FL, US
DMS Marketing is committed to bringing new and exciting educational multimedia software to the Internet community. Look for new products on our home page.

Awareness Entertainment, Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
AwareNET is an astrological site for the WWW. Currently offering free astrological calculations for natal, transit & relationship charts with full interpretation. Transits are available in English, German & Dutch (9 more languages available soon).

The Beeper & Stereo Store
St. Louis, MO, US
An online catalog of new and used car audio equipment. Coming soon--buy/sell/trade used car audio equipment,

BelCom Inc. -- Communications in the former Soviet Union
New York/Moscow/Kazakhstan
BelCom, Inc. provides satellite-based private international communications for the largest multi-national ventures operating in the former Soviet Union. BelCom enjoys its reputation as a prototype of successful C.I.S.-U.S. ventures.

The Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
Brussels, Belgium
The Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy is a research institute located in Brussels, Belgium and financed by the Belgian Government. BIRA-IASB is active in the field of atmospheric research.

Berger & Co.
Denver, CO, US
Berger & Co. is a consulting firm with offices in Denver, Houston, and Dallas. We offer services in all areas of information management including systems integration, training, geographic information services, business systems development and many others.

The Better Business Bureau Web Server
The Council of Better Business Bureaus, Arlington, VA, US
Provides consumers and businesses with information on marketplace ethics, alternative dispute resolution, advertising self-regulation and other useful information.

Books and Magazines from Navrang Inc.
Blacksburg, VA, US
Books and magazines on India including art, culture, mythology, history, etc. In addition, we offer US magazines for subscription and children's books at very low rates.

Branson Net
Ozark Network Communications, Branson, MO, US
An information showcase for all the entertainment resources in the Branson, MO area. It can be accessed in a graphic version or a text version.

The Bridge
Athens, OH, US
The Bridge is a Christian publication produced entirely by Ohio University students in their spare time. This web page has links to their most recent issue, including black and white and color pictures. There are also links to many, many Christian resources.

Brookline Online
Adam Gaffin, Brookline, MA, US
Brookline Online is devoted to the town of Brookline, Mass. Resources include information about the town, its people, government and history.

The Burnside Cadillac
The Bridge School, Portland, OR, US
The online edition of The Burnside Cadillac, a street newspaper written by homeless and non-homeless people in Portland, Oregon. The Burnside Cadillac is a project of an adult literacy program at The Bridge School.

Capitola Chamber of Commerce
Capitola, CA, US
The Capitola Chamber of Commerce now has a presence on the Internet. Capitola, California is located on the northern shores of the magnificent Monterey Bay. Experience Capitola By The Sea with its galleries and dining. Explore Capitola's waterfront where you can sportfish, sail, kayak, or surf.

Case Studies of Businesses on the Web
Internet Image Design, US
Case studies of successful businesses on the Web are now being posted weekly by Internet Image Design. This week's case study is of the law firm Pepper & Corazzini.

Cat-Head Comics Institute
Hudson, MA, US
Offers cool comix, caustic commentary and other suspect behavior for the dining and dancing pleasure of today's discerning malcontent.

CEMOS-Center for Electromagnetic Materials and Optical Systems
Drew Pommet, EE Dept., Lowell, MA, US
This site describes the engineering optics program at UMASS - Lowell, including research areas, personnel, publications, laser safety info, and other optics sites.

The Center for Writers & Mississippi Review
Hattiesburg, MS, US
The Center for Writers is the creative writing program at The University of Southern Mississippi. Mississippi Review is a highly regarded national literary magazine publishing poetry, fiction, essays, commentary, and reviews since 1971, and is now available monthly in a special Web Edition featuring literary fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and graphics.

Chien-Kuo Senior High School home page
Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
The Information Group of the networking staff at Chien-Kuo Senior High School would like to announce the home page of Chien-Kuo Senior High School, the first high school in Taiwan to operate a WWW server.

ClassNet -- Professionals' Classified Directory
ClassNet provides free public access to The Professionals' Classified Directory. The purpose of the Classified Directory is to provide a single point of reference for each profession.

Colorado Real Estate Online
Denver, CO, US
A comprehensive source of information on the Colorado Real Estate market. Includes Colorado property for sale, real estate related businesses, and general information on Colorado for prospective buyers.

Computer Manuals Online Bookstore
Birmingham, West Midlands, UK
Over 4,500 computer books and CD-ROM's available for worldwide delivery. WWW Bookstore features online searching and ordering. Friendly advice and a free catalogue always available.

Computer Music Journal Sound Archive
Cambridge, MA, US
New sound file archive that includes sound files in just about every known format. We have added pages with detailed data related to the 1995 and 1996 ICMC Conferences, new CMJ article texts, program notes for the CMJ Volume 19 CD, and many new links to music-related pages elsewhere on the Web.

Crime Scene Evidence File
This site, called the Crime Scene Evidence File, is a non-linear, interactive story. It's entertainment disguised as news. As more people visit, it will continue to grow. It is a story that unfolds in many directions.

Cybernurse's Homepage
New York, NY, US
This is the homepage of Cybernurse, a SYSAD on a mission.

Cyberprobe Enterprises
Sydney, BC, Canada
Cyberprobes, the uniquely crafted, aerodynamic ear jewelry, digitally designed and carved by computer driven lathes are being given away. The first winner has been announced--congratulations Dave. You too can win a Cyberprobe. Or tell your favorite Cyberprobe Cybertale.

Cyber Mall Developers International, Inc., Westbury, NY, US
Announcing cybershopping.com, mall space available to sell your products and services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with unique on-line credit card purchasing. Founders of Cyber Mall Developers International specialize in servicing direct mail catalogers.

Czech Food from Eleanor's Kitchen
New York, NY, US
Fifteen most popular dishes from the Czech country. "Czech" it out.

The Daily Colorado Rockies Web
The Game Program, Denver, CO, US
The Daily Colorado Rockies Web is the online publication for Rockies and National League baseball fans. National columnists, game updates, features, collector's information and more are right here. The Rockies Web is sponsored by The Game Program, the number one circulated independent sports program serving Major League Baseball.

Daily WeatherFax -- Investment Info. Based on Weather
Roemer Weather, Inc., Raleigh, NC, US
One the best products of Roemer Weather, Inc., it provides information updated every half day about the weather-related commodity and stock.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Daniels builds innovative new homes including townhomes, detached family homes, and condominiums in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto. Site includes resource centre for kids, families, homeowners, and home construction info.

Database and Client/Server World
DCI, Boston, MA, US
June 13-15, 1995, Hynes Convention Center, Boston. Preparing to move into the 2nd generation of client/server? The brightest stars in the industry are gathering in Boston to chart a course.

Dear Kate -- Common Sense Advice for Personal Problems
InterNet Web Services, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
No-nonsense, straightforward advice on personal problems, using E-Mail as an alternative to endless and expensive sessions with traditional problem-solving resources.

Defense Manufacturing Conference '95
Dallas, TX, US
Joint Manufacturing For The Future Force - Hosted by the JDL MS&T Panel, DMC '95 will stress greater emphasis on manufacturing technology programs related to defense needs.

Der Standard
Vienna, Austria
The first German speaking daily newspaper on the Internet.

East Coast Trail Association
Paragon Information Systems Ltd., St. John's, Canada
The vision of an East Coast Trail was inspired by many hours spent hiking the "long trails" in other countries and other parts of this country. Development of these systems of trails has resulted in routes which are beautiful to walk that attract visitors from around the world.

Election Presidentielle Francaise 1995
Mosaique, Paris, France
All you ever wanted to know about the candidates running for the French Presidency: their program, their biography, daily news and polls, interactive mail, history, and more.

End Process
Internet Expanse, Omaha, NE, US
End Process is a web zine and archive of information about Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska. EP focuses on entertainment, but features articles and documents about all topics.

Scan Systems, LLC, Portland, OR, US
Environ/Net provides an electronic index of companies and organizations who providing leading technologies for environmental applications. The list includes providers of products and services for environmental assessments, engineering, land use planning, hazardous waste site cleanup, and more.

ESDX (Environment and Safety Data Exchange)
Palo Alto, CA, US
ESDX is the nonprofit national association of users and makers of environmental, health and safety (EHS) software and information technology for industry and government.

FosTech Homes Online
Surrey, B.C., Canada
Specializing in residential, industrial, commercial, and investment real estate for the greater Vancouver area. Visit our realtor profile and weekly mortgage rates pages.

CGX, Portland, Oregon, USA
You know the Web is a great source to find anything - now use it to find a job. CGX, now offers to the world: The Getajob! Page. Try it today - Get hired tommorow.

The Global Mall
C & W Marketing, Ridgecrest, CA, US
Global business advertising and electronic storefront designs.

Global Vision International
Tampa, FL, US
Worldwide contact lens suppliers -- Global Vision has guaranteed lowest prices; fast, friendly and reliable service; next day service available, and a 24-hour emergency replacement service.

The Greater Charlotte New Home Guide
CC Communications, Inc., Charlotte, NC, US
An online version of the magazine published by Try Marketing, Inc., featuring new home development listings for Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding communities:

HEPROC: Higher Education Resources
Clarksburg, MD, US
HEPROC resources include heproc-l@american.edu, other interest groups, and key archives for faculty development, assessment, and quality. Utility pointers for higher education also provided.

Hernia Information
British Hernia Centre, London, England
A full description of what hernias are, different types of hernias and different techniques of repair.

HOY Newspaper (Ecuador, South America)
Edimpres S.A., Quito, Ecuador
HOY presenta a Internet su version electronica. Diariamente podra visualizarse la primera plana de nuestro periodico con fotos y textos. Si necesitan informacion mas detallada podran acceder a los resumenes de politica, economia, deportes y cualquier tema sobre Ecuador.

The International Home Exchange Network
Orlando, FL, US
The first Internet site devoted exclusively to the listing of home and hospitality exchanges, privately owned vacation rentals and student exchanges. Complete information on our services and a directory of our listings is available.

International Hot Foods
Chicago, IL, US
We offer a free color catalog featuring over 70 products of hot sauces salsas, BBQ sauces, Jerks and more. Many of these products are made in the USA although many are imported from countries as Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Belize, Thailand and many more.

The Internet Software Expo
InfoTech Associates Inc., Milford, NJ, US
A non-stop software expo that allows developers to showcase their products.

Internotes -- NY Area Music Scene
Woodside, NY, US
Internote NY area music scene is a concert, club and band guide. Weekly and daily updates keep it current. Pictures and sounds are available to get a taste of the new fresh bands hitting the scene. Plus a clickable NYC subway map for club locations.

iNTERspace Network Services, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
An Internet-based publishing and marketing company.

The Israel Government Coins and Medals Corp.
Macom Networking Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel
Display and offer medals, coins, modelias and special edition philatelic-numismatic packages. Get your own copy of the Israel-Jordan Peace Medal. Join the coins and medals preferred customers club.

Jamawkinaw Enterprises
Apex, NC, US
A look into the creative minds behind a dream of a company called Jamawkinaw Enterprises...(All content about world domination not to be taken seriously!)

Lehrstuhl fuer Konstruktionstechnik, Maschinenelemente und fertigungsgerechtes Konstruieren
Erlangen-Nuernberg, Germany
Vorstellung der aktuellen Forschungsschwerpunkte (u.a. Maschinenelemente, Rechnerunterstuetzung in der Konstruktion, CAD-Referenzmodell und recyclinggerechtes Konstruieren), des Lehrangebots und der beschaeftigten Mitarbeiter. Sorry, only in German language. English version coming soon?

Lightning PC
Brawley, CA, US
Provides PPP access to California's Imperial Valley residences.

Urbana-Champaign, IL, US
An intro to resources on the Internet of interest to ESL and EFL students provided by the LinguaCenter, the multimedia ESL lab of the Division of English as an International Language and the Intensive English Institute at the Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Link's Digital Campus
Creative Media Generations, Inc., New York, NY, US
A 3D virtual campus environment rich with outstanding graphics and college related information. A must see for college students everywhere.

The Loose Pooches Page
The Loose Pooches, Franklinville, NJ, US
Loose Pooches is a native South Jersey Rock n' Roll band. We play music entirely of our own composition and we love what we do. Our home page contains a schedule of our upcoming dates, brief bios and information on how to contact the Loose Pooches.

The Mail Order Bride Movement
Words That Work Publications, Inc., Las Vegas, NV, US
Thousands of men who couldn't find suitable wives at home have found their ideal mates by corresponding with foreign women. This rapidly growing "Bride-by-Mail" movement is thoroughly described in this "how to do it" essay of interest to single men.

Augsburg, Germany
A lot of hot links and a magazine, Faust The Devil's Monthly. Project in development. Recruiting people.

Meridian 100 Associates
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Provides consultancy on commercial application of interactive multimedia and the Internet. Focus is on promoting Australian ventures in the global marketplace created by these technologies.

Mick Taylor/Rolling Stones WebSource
gary@interport.net, New York City, NY, US
A resource featuring Mick Taylor, blues guitarist formerly of the Rolling Stones. Contains gifs of rare records, pictures, and some opinion and analysis of the music.

Mobile Office Magazine
New York, NY, US
Mobile Office, the magazine of portable computing and wireless communications, features weekly cool sites and news and much more.

Monette Trumpets
David G. Monette Corp., Portland, OR, US
"The greatest trumpet maker in the world, Dave Monette...Watching Dave's development as a trumpet maker has made me strive for another level of development as a trumpet player. I want to live up to playing his horns." - Wynton Marsalis.

The Monroe Street Journal
U.Michigan School of Business Admin., Ann Arbor, MI, US
Read articles and view photographs appearing in the University of Michigan Business School's weekly newspaper -- the Monroe Street Journal.

MTX Communications
New York, NY, US
Provides high quality, cost effective service to small businesses and large corporations throughout the United States via 100% digital fiber optic networks. Come see our WorldWideWats program designed for businesses on the internet.

My Favorite Texas: Off the Beaten Path
Phyllis Staff, Ph.D., Dallas, TX, US
Texas stories and photos that may surprise you. This month -- visit the home of the Branch Davidians, meet a Texas Ranger with a secret weapon, and share your experiences with Alzheimer's disease.

National People's Campaign to Defeat the Contract ON America!
Defeat the Contract ON America by participating in mass marches and rallies in cities coast to coast on Saturday, May 6th.

Natural Health & Nutrition Shop
Gary Edwards, M.D., Honolulu, HI, US
Many people today are interested in natural health. In this site a medical doctor provides accurate information about nutritional supplements. Now, the doctor is always in.

ARC, London, GB, UK
Night is the first interactive internet murder mystery. Created by the murder mystery theater company, High Moon Productions of Boston, Ma. Players can follow different links for different variations, each time they play. Not for the faint hearted or low baud rates!

Noble Directory of Experts and Spokespersons
The Noble Group, San Francisco, CA, US
A global, Internet directory offering instant access to experts and spokespersons. For a limited time, basic listing at no charge.

NOLS -- National Outdoor Leadership School
Lander, WY, US
NOLS is a wilderness education school offering expedition-length courses in seven countries. The site includes course information, as well as minimum-impact techniques, wilderness first aid, research reports and other outdoor recreation resources.

Official Blade Runner On-Line Magazine
World Internet Technologies, Madison, WI, US
An HTML version of the Blade Runner Souvenir Magazine that was published at the time of movie's release in 1982. Contains over 350 images - most which are movie stills - that include behind the scenes looks at the production and creation of the movie and pre-production drawings, as well as many interviews with the makers of the film.

The Official Bubba Collection
J. Dyer, Atlanta, GA, US
High quality T-shirts designed to get you in touch with your "Inner Bubba". Fourteen different designs including "Peachtree Bubba" and "Buckhead Bubba" -- designed to be worn at the '96 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Omega Productions
Dallas, TX, US
Production services for the entertainment industry, including live concert television, film, music recording services, live event and sports entertainment services, audio tape restoration services, and home page publishing for the entertainment industries.

Paragon Information Systems Ltd.
St. John's, Canada
Paragon Information Systems, Inc. is a St. John's, Newfoundland based full-service computer company marketing Hewlett-Packard, AST, IBM, and Toshiba computing platforms and delivering solutions to its customers in standalone, networked and multi-user environments.

Peak Art CyberCafe
Stockport, UK
John Scott and Eleanor Chronell welcome you to the North of England's first and only electronic Cafe. Good food, drink, interesting art for sale, and full Internet access.

Perfection Services, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Perfection Services provides a wide variety of professional systems engineering services to the large data center and small business. We specialize in the design, implementation, and support of host systems, internet web presences, and pc based systems.

pLab: Pseudo Random Number Generation
Salzburg, Austria
The pLab project is concerned with theoretical and empirical aspects of random number generation. You can find our publications, software and results on our Web+Ftp Server, as well as an extensive list of references on random number generation and stochastic simulation.

The PMS Boys
Michael Chabinyc, Stanford, CA, US
The PMS Boys home page consists of pictures, information, and bios of all the members of this renowned group.

The Private Source
Overland Park, KS, US
For a very special Mother's Day, or any gift-giving occasion, The Private Source is the only source for the finest items. Come browse our wide selection of wonderful choices - for personal and corporate gift-giving.

Programmes sportifs spécialisés
Erick Guy, Montreal, QC, CA
This is planned to become a French site for people to question an elite athlete about home exercises and sport programs. Still under construction.

Psych Web
Georgia Southern Univ., Statesboro, GA, US
Psych Web contains oodles of links to psychology-related Internet resources; information for Internet and Web beginners, links to search engines, top-of-the-web-pages and other "meta" resources, and tip sheets for psychology majors and information about the psychology department at Georgia Southern Univ.

Quest Technologies
New York, NY, US
A multimedia software developer and Internet marketing consultant. Quest delivers wide area networking (WAN) expertise to provide computerized imaging, scanning and coding services. Quest also creates compelling worldwide web servers, delivering a distinct corporate presence for companies wanting to market themselves and their products on the Internet.

Ragnarok X
Dagorhir Dur-Demarion, Nashville, TN, US
Ragnarok is Dagorhir Battle Games' national event which will be held this year in Dickson, TN. A special invitation has been extended to all medieval, dark-age, and fantasy live action role-playing (LARP) groups to join us for a week of feasting and battles.

Reed Jobnet
Reed Personnel, Surrey, UK
Reed now offers full application services on the Internet. We recruit and supply employees for technical, accountancy, healthcare, computing etc.

Reedy Creek Emporium
Reedy Creek Direct Marketing Associates, Four Oaks, NC, US
An online country store for shopping for everything from food, gifts, books, videos, BBS list, home furnishings, to sauces and hammocks. Personalized gift card service available.

Remote Air Medical
US Internet, Knoxville, TN, US
Remote Area Medical, a non-profit, volunteer, airborne relief corps, serves the remote areas of the United States and the world. The organization was conceived by founder Stan Brock, co-star of the "Wild Kingdom" TV series.

Research in Pathology
Center for Multidisciplinary Research, San Diego, CA, US
Part of the Center for Multidisciplinary Research. It is an effort to foster collaboration in the field of human pathology.

Research on the Health and Vitality of Coral Reefs
Planetary Coral Reef Foundation, Bonsall, CA, US
The Research Vessel Heraclitus has begun a global research project to study the health and vitality of coral reefs. This ship also has undertaken a study on the origins of human culture. Youth education programs are available.

Richmond Journal of Law & Technology
Richmond, VA, US
A student-edited law journal at the University of Richmond School of Law. It is available exclusively online.

Interactive Imaginations, Inc., New York, NY, US
Riddler is the first interactive game on the Internet to offer cash prizes to players -- combining elements of trivia, scavenger hunts and an online road rallye through the Web.

Sam Johnson's Electronic Revenge
Silly Little Troll Publications, Phila., PA, US
This freelance-written general-interest magazine on the web is ready to start paying its writers. The sums will be small--$25 in most cases--but if you have something to say, in the form of essays, opinions or reviews, send it along to articles@troll.com

The Santa Barbara County Real Estate Forum
GEN Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
GEN, Inc, is pleased to announce the addition of Santana Properties to the Santa Barbara County Real Estate Forum. Santana starts with homes in Montecito and Carpinteria.

Santa Cruz Real Estate Listings
Thunderbird Real Estate, Capitola, CA, US
The source for 150 property listings in Santa Cruz County, California. Color photos, county resource info, Web-based mortgage calculator, relocation information and more.

Louisville, KY, US
Provides education and consulting services for PCs, servers, networks, connectivity, business requirements, applications, and databases, with total commitment to customer satisfaction and quality.

SASS Node Web Gallery
SASS (Street Art Stylists of Seattle), Seattle, WA, US
SASS Node provides a gallery of rad and funky street art by SASS members. Trashy, but terrific. Colorful, surreal works from back alley walls, grunge rock clubs, and Art Car hoods is brought to you by the Internet Cafe, Seattle.

Savannah Online
Savannah, GA, US
Information on historic Savannah for both the tourist and local.

Simulation Server
Dept. of Theoretical Ecology, Lund Univ., Lund, Sweden
The Simulation Server is intended to become a learning tool for students of theoretical and mathematical ecology. It gives users the opportunity to interactively investigate the dynamical behaviour of ecological models using the Web.

Software Moguls, Inc.
BisMark Internet Services, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, US
SM-arch is a network backup and retrieval system that runs on a wide variety of UNIX servers and supports more UNIX and non-UNiX client platforms than any other backup system. It has the ability to handle an entire enterprise-wide network through distributed backup using a single-point of control that makes it unique in the industry.

South Florida Dive Journal
Florida Net, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
A breakthrough in electronic magazine development: inline JPEGs load high resolution photos to full screen in seconds, and spectacular MPEG videos support articles.

SpectraFax Corporation
Naples, FL, US
Comprehensive databases and educational mini-guides on international facsimile broadcast and international fax-on-demand from 89 IP countries to the United States. A current corporate profile as well as what's new is also available.

The St. John's Maple Leafs
Paul Foote, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
This is the unofficial site of the St. John's Maple Leafs of the American Hockey League - farm team to the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL.

Superhighway RV
Duane Dewsbury, Glenview, IL, US
Superhighway RV is the Recreational Vehicle and camping enthusiasts home on the Information Superhighway. It offers an online magazine where RVers can share their stories and experiences, an RV parks and campground directory, classified ads, and more.

Surf the Net Caps
Management Systems and Training, Inc., Overland Park, KS, US
Show 'em where your head is at..."Surf the Net" and "World Mall" caps are now available online. There's even an option to have your E-Mail address put on your cap. Brought to you by the World Mall.

Zuerich, Switzerland
SwissInfo contains information about Switzerland and serves as a gateway to Swiss Web sites. There is also a marketplace with the following services: Swiss business directory, Swiss classified ads, Swiss business opportunities, SwissJob, Swiss Shopping Mall, and more.

The Syndicated Weekly
Rochester, NY, US
A new multimedia magazine featuring some of today's favorite syndicated columnists and cartoons. Also included: sound bytes, video shorts, art exhibits in our virtual gallery, showcase shareware games, poetry, fiction, and plenty more.

Synergy Enterprises Home Page and Catalog
Charleston, SC, US
We are an export/import management company providing marketing and procurement services through an affiliation of companies worldwide. We specialize in consumer electronics products and large and small home appliances, but have many other types of products.

SysTec, Inc.
Herndon, VA, US
SysTec is an integrated systems VAR (ISV) and Value Added Distributor (VAD) of complex information systems related technologies.

Take Our Daughters to Work Day
The Hollywood Policy Center, Redwood City, CA, US
Take Our Daughters to Work Day includes information about how to participate in Take Our Daughters to Work Day (April 27), what it is, and detailed information for girls, parents, employers, and teachers. Daughters to Work.

Thames Valley University
London, England
Introduction to TVU, the campus info system, the library, the courses and the staff.

David Lochhead, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Gateway to theological resources and some of the more substantial sites on various religions. This site includes a series of essays exploring the relationship of theology to digital technology.

TMJ Foundation
San Diego, CA, US
The TMJ Foundation is a California nonprofit corporation. The organization was started in San Diego Ca. in 1986 in response to a serious lack of public information about conditions that were called TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder.

Tripler Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency
Honolulu, HI, US
Highlights of an innovative residency program and information about this technologically advanced medical center.

Ukrainian Canadian Students' Union
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
This project was started as an exploration of hyper-text. It includes some historical information about the organization, and contact lists of member organizations.

UNM Cricket Club
The University of New Mexico Cricket Club, Albuquerque, NM, US
This page is primarily designed to inform the rest of the world of the existence of The UNMCC. Contact addresses are availible for those who are interested in playing against the UNMCC, and for those who want to find out more about The International Cricket scene.

U.S. Technologies Inc.
John Allen,, Lockhart, TX, US
Computer component assembly and manufacturing. Operates from a new facility in a minimum security prison in Texas. New technology development -- high speed data storage, anti-corrosion devices, wire coatings monitor.

Video Gaming Hypermag
Illinois Inst. of Technology, Wheaton, IL, US
The Video Gaming Hypermag is an interactive e-zine all about video games and playing them. There are layouts on games such as X-MEN2, Return Fire, Donkey Kong Country, Mega Man X2, and others. Also, VGH allows its readers to submit their own articles about games.

WebAcropol (Virtual Tour of Acropolis, Greece)
National Technical University of Athens, Greece
This server, from the National Technical University of Athens, provides a virtual tour of Acropolis , the world famous monument of Athens and of Ancient Greece, and later of the museum of the Acropolis and of Athens.

SunSITE, Chapel Hill, NC, US
Make a link on your page to WebNexus, and an automatic return link will be generated. WebNexus is a growing list of links to absolutely anywhere. Perfect net-surfing material.

WebPages Superhighway and InfoBahn
Pages Software Inc., San Diego, CA, US
Pages Software announces shipment of two new WebPages Design Models [TM], Superhighway and InfoBahn. The new Design Models complement the company's WebPages [TM], the first truly WYSIWYG HTML editor, which runs on NEXTSTEP/OpenStep.

The Wizard Free Form Web
wzrd - chicago 88.3 fm, chicago, IL, US
Chicago's oldest free-form radio station is now on the Web. Our page features radio information, music, politics, and the creme de la weird.

WMHB 90.5 FM
Colby College, Waterville, ME, US
Colby College alternative radio serving Central Maine. Features playlists, station history, and pages for specialty shows such as Rudy's Revenge(ska), Nostalgia for the Absolute(jam-based), and more.

The World of the Paths HQ
The Virtual Press, Honolulu, HI, US
Discover the fantasy world thousands of readers have fallen in love with.

A World Wide Mall (tm)
OnLine World Wide, Inc., Albuquerque, NM, US
World Wide Mall (tm) presents over 70 online stores offering a variety of products and services from kites to kayaks. Countries represented include US, Russia, Hong Kong, UK, France and even Iceland. Browsers will find an exhibition of Southwestern Architecture, reproductions of Navajo and Chippewa artifacts, and 19th century porcelain dolls.

SpectraCom, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, US
Come take a look at a hot, new, highly-interactive Web site called YaZone for people (sometimes referred to in the media as Generation Xers) interested in music, other places, finding key-pals, posting responses to common life issues, news geared to them, talk, fads, clothing trends and popular culture.

Friday, 21 April 1995

Able Software
Boston, MA, US
Able Software Company produces software tools for GIS and mapping applications. R2V for Windows/NT is an advanced raster-to-vector conversion software for map digitizing or creation from aerial photos and satellite imagery.

Acacia International Fraternity
Rensselaer Chapter Acacia Fraternity, Troy, NY, US
RPI Acacia's pages offer information about the fraternity, the current activities, and the alumni. Coming soon, a searchable index of alumni addresses and links to other chapters in both the U.S. and Canada.

The Academic Research Group Inc.
G. Triad Enterprises, Electropolis Mall, Cranford, NJ, US
The Academic Research group proudly announces its new home on the Web. We offer pre-written and custom research reports for everyone. Please stop by our home page in The Electropolis Mall and browse our on-line catalog.

Acropolis: the magazine of Acrobat publishing
Magnetic Press, New York, NY, US
Offers news, features, business cases, how-to, and product reviews for authors, publishers, and developers working with Adobe Acrobat electronic publishing software. Presented in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Advertising Law Internet Site
Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn, Washington, DC, US
Now features the first (of many hopefully) Federal Trade Commission Business Guide on the Internet. This one covers the new trade regulation rule governing mail and telephone orders.

Airfield and Pavements Homepage
U.S. Army Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, MS, US
A service for distributing computer software for the design and evaluation of roads and airfields. There are also many other programs for general transportation.

American Banking Systems Corporation
Niceville, FL, US
ABS provides payment solutions and services to businesses of all types. Our premier services are the activation of Credit Card Merchant processing accounts, and check acceptance accounts. Our clients utilize exclusive ABS software designed for BBSes, Internet, mail order, and other businesses.

Apple Basket Antiques and Gifts
WebMasters International, Inc., Pottstown, PA, US
Featuring quality wrought iron products hand crafted by Amish craftsmen of Lancaster County Pennsylvania. A free 20 page catalog is available offering unique gifts for home, kitchen and garden at wholesale prices. Color images of selected popular items is online.

Arabian Horse Breeders Marketing Network
TeleMark, Spokane, WA, US
The AHBMN is sponsored by the Northwest Arabian Breeders Connection, a Washington State non-profit corporation. The purpose is to help small breeders to use technology to market their farms, services and horses.

Areopagus Christian Ezine
Craig Martin, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
An independent zine devoted to dealing with touchy subjects in the Christian faith.

AusWeb95 Full Papers of the First Australian WWW Conference
Southern Cross University, Lismore, Australia
A total of 55 papers to be presented at AusWeb95 is available. Papers cover all aspects of the Web including technical, educational, library and sociological issues. AusWeb95 is being held from 30 April to 2 May 1995.

The Behavioral Testing Desk
Training Integrators, Inc., Jacksonville, FL, US
The behavioral testing desk offers state of the art behavioral testing assessments for corporations and individuals. Anyone interested in career advancement, increasing your employability, or self assessment should check out these tests.

Bell Canada
eMarketing inc., Montreal, PQ, CA
Bell Canada innove avec une promotion sur le World Wide Web. Les Internautes de la planete peuvent maintenant participer au premier concours interactif de Bell

Bell's Alaska Travel Guide
alaskan.com, Anchorage, AK, US
The 1995 Bell's Alaska Travel Guide is 432 pages of color photos, camping, accommodations, fishing information and more. Every highway in Alaska and the Yukon is described in detail with an easy to use mile-by-mile guide that will make your travels safe and comfortable.

The Boston Brewers Festival
Boston, MA, US
The East Coast's premiere beer-tasting event takes place in Boston in May of each year.

Calgon Corporation
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Calgon is a leading producer and supplier of specialty chemicals and related services for water treatment, papermaking, cosmetic, surface treatment and other industrial uses. Calgon is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and employs 1,300 people, mostly in the U.S.

California Bed & Breakfast Web
Net 101, Los Angeles, CA, US
The most comprehensive database on the Internet for any Bed & Breakfast trip in the Golden State, sorted by region.

California Shakespeare Festival Home Page
Orinda, CA, US
Information about the festival's upcoming 1995 season. Complete schedule and ticket details along with info on our year round education programs for students and actors. May the Bard be with you.

CALS Expo 95 HomePage
Fairfax Electronic Commerce Resource Center, Fairfax, VA, US
CALS Expo showcases Electronic Commerce, Enterprise Integration and CALS implementations in pursuit of integrated data environments. The conference examines common issues surrounding improved business strategies across industry sectors and throughout the product lifecycle.

Calyx Internet Access
Riot Graphics, New York, NY, US
A full-featured Internet provider. We are dedicated to providing access to activist organizations while at the same time providing high-quality personal SLIP/CSLIP/PPP access to individuals and businesses. Leased lines are available from 56kbps up to T1. We also specialize in the Web and can provide Web authoring services as well.

CAM-PC - High Performance Cellular Automata Board
Automatrix, Inc., Ballston Spa, NY, US
CAM-PC is an inexpensive, high-performance hardware implementation from Automatrix of the original MIT CAM-6 machine. It comes with dozens of experiments and proven applications.

Canadian Printing Broker
Gloucester, Ontario, Canada
We provide a printing brokerage service to US companies who wish to take advantage of the low Canadian dollar. We can handle complete jobs from pre-press to mailing.

Center For Advanced Spatial Technologies
Fayetteville, AR, US
The Center, at the University of Arkansas, provides access to information on GIS, remote sensing, digital mapping, GPS, and digital photogrammetry. The server also hosts extensive databases on archaeology, Native Americans and historic preservation.

The Center of Excellence for Science and Mathematics Education
Martin, TN, US
CESME is located at the University of Tennessee at Martin. This Web site contains resources and links to resources that can help teachers improve science and mathematics teaching at all levels.

C.ENT.I (Computer Entertainment Ireland)
Dublin, Ireland
C.ENT.I is producing a magazine with a strong emphasis on Irish music, culture and current affairs. The publication is non-subscription based and the majority of its revenue is derived from advertising, sponsorships and direct selling of music related products. It includes sound samples of the bands.

Chicago Area Golf Guide
Aquila Web Project, Aurora, IL, US
Chicago is the "Public Golf Capital of the World" and this is a guide to the public golf courses that are available in the Chicago area. There are also links to other Internet golf resources.

A Chronicle of Freedom of Expression in Canada
Toronto, On., Canada
Here's a chronology of some of the events in the history of freedom of expression (or lack of same) in Canada. The site includes links to a list of some of the many publications detained or prohibited by Canada Customs and a list of other freedom of expression resources on the Net.

Cookware, Indianapolis, IN, US
Your one-stop-shopping solution for all your WWW needs. ClubWeb offers WWW services for everybody, from the company needing its pages created or hosted, to the experienced WebMasters and WebSales Reps looking for advanced WWW capabilities.

Cohasset Birdhouses Gift Shop
Cohasset, MA, US
Builders of fine birdhouses and birdfeeders in the traditional Yankee style.

Coldwell Banker, Temecula CA
GEN INC, Monrovia, CA, US
Property information as well as current data on Temecula including schools, shopping, etc. GEN INC. is pleased to add Coldwell Banker to its Riverside County, CA. Real Estate Forum.

College of Education at Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA, US
We offer program and degree information, including information about our highly rated instructional systems development and technology education programs, as well as faculty and student homepages, and information concerning K-12 resources.

ComponentWare Consortium
Burlington, MA, US
The ComponentWare Consortium is made up of a group of companies and organizations interested in creating and promoting reusable software.

Computer Marketplace, Inc.
Corona, CA, US
Computer Marketplace, Inc. is a reseller and remarketer of new and used PC and workstation equipment. We buy, sell, lease and rent PC and mid-range workstation equipment.

Cook Inlet Book Company
alaskan.com, Anchorage, AK, US
We are happy to share with you this small glimpse at our huge selection of Alaska books. This catalog represents just a few highlights, from our collection of over 7,000 Alaska titles. We have books on many areas of interest and a complete assortment of videos and more.

Costanon-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource
Russell Imrie, Santa Cruz, CA, US
The Costanoan people are indigenous to Central California. This site, operated by a Mohawk Indian, serves to educate visitors about both contemporary and historical Costanoan life. From the Spanish Mission era through today, the resource brings the living Costanoan Community to the Web.

Human Tornado, Boston, MA, US
A page devoted to the true nature of the Infobahn, the infomercial.

1990 Cybernet Communications Corp., BC, Canada
CyberNet is a virtual community providing online shopping, business resources, travel services, community center, and network and software services.

The Davis Company
alaskan.com, Anchorage, AK, US
Big savings available for your long distance calling, no matter where in the world you are. We act as your agent, selecting a service which has the best value based on your needs. Instant, on-line quotations. Our service is free to you; our fees are paid by the provider.

Diving Bermuda
Paget, Bermuda
A resource for all scuba divers planning a trip to Bermuda or looking for a destination for their next trip. The information includes a list of all dive operators on the island, general information about diving in Bermuda, links to other Bermuda resources, and links to other diving resources.

Domain Names and Legal Issues
Virtual Office, Inc., New York City, NY, US
What are Internet Domain Names? How do you get your own domain, like Acme.Com, and your own email addresses, like John@Acme.Com? Visit here to learn about Domain Names and how they effect Internet business. Built by Virtual Office, Inc..

Dynamic Computer Imaging
Dallas, TX, US
Full-service graphic design. 3D modeling/rendering/animation, multimedia production, business presentations, communications packages, VRML, and more.

E. T. Communications
eCenter, Los Altos, CA, US
E.T. Communications provides an inexpensive product to block caller ID and save up to 40% on local toll calls.

East Bay Municipal Utility District
Oakland, CA, US
We've moved to a new server. EBMUD is a publicly owned water district formed in 1923 under the Municipal Utility District (MUD) act of 1921. Today it serves water to 1.2 million customers and provides wastewater treatment for 600,000 customers residing in portions of Alameda and Contra Costa counties in California.

The Eclectics' Homepage
Rebecca Sinclair, E. Providence, RI, US
Something for everyone--especially readers, writers, and anyone eccentric. Good jumping-off points, including general search tools, writing resources, tax help, and plenty of areas that are just for fun.

EcoNet's Earth Day Resources
EcoNet - Institute for Global Communications, San Francisco, CA, US
Find out how people the world over are celebrating the 25th anniversary of this holiday for our special place in the universe on April 22 via this starting point for Earth Day action.

Edith Cowan University
Perth, Australia
A comprehensive information system containing extensive information about the services and facilities and courses of the Univ.

Einar's Gallery
Einar Skjorten, Oslo, Norway
Einar's Gallery presents art from the world of Chaos.

The Electronic Bluegrass Magazine
Infonet Services Corporation, El Segundo, CA, US
The first page dedicated exclusively to bluegrass music. Information on artists, the bluegrass music scene, associations and clubs, newsletters and magazines, and more. Festival and event calendars and information are also provided.

The Electronic Newsstand
Cambridge, MA, US
The Electronic Newsstand carries complete articles from over 250 magazines, periodicals, journals and books on many topics, from business and technical to recreational. Browse for free, subscribe for less.

The E-Minder: Free Reminder-By-Email Service
NetMind, Long Island, NY, US
The e-minder allows you to schedule reminders that are automatically sent to your email account to remind you of any important occasion. The service is free, anonymous (except for your email address, for sending the reminder), and flexible: you may add, list, or selectively delete your scheduled reminders through a simple email interface.

Empire Information Services
Schenectady, NY, US
Provides news release distribution and specialized communication services to journalists and public relations professionals. EIS also stores background documents for organizations and government agencies as well as background information on New York State's government agencies, state legislators and Congressional delegation.

The English Emporium
Middlefield, CT, US
We specialize in duvets (or comforters) and other things English.

Executive Education at the Univ. of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX, US
The Management Development Programs of the Univ. of Texas at Austin Graduate School of Business offers seminars and activities specially designed for executives and middle-management personnel. With programs as diverse as Leadership for the Year 2000 and IBM Petroleum Engineering, the department's educational opportunities are valuable in a variety of professional contexts.

The Field Robotics Center
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Contains links to the home pages of some of biggest robotics projects here, including the Dante robot that explored the Mount Spurr volcano in Alaska. There are also links to the people who work on them.

Florida International Univ.
Miami, FL, US
FIU is the largest public university in South Florida. Information available includes general university information, links to FIU gophers and departmental pages, and SummitNet.

Florida State Comptroller
Tallahassee, FL, US
Provides information on what the Department of Banking and Finance does and how it affects you, as a citizen and as a consumer of banking services.

Fluorescent Works T-Shirts
Global Commerce Link, Boulder, CO, US
Wearable blacklight art, psychedelic new age designs. Prints also available.

Gandalf Technologies Inc.
Nepean, Ontario, Canada
As a leading world-wide provider of data communication products and services, Gandalf Technologies invites you to explore its Web site. See What’s New at Gandalf, take a look at the corporate profile and learn more about Gandalf'’s products.

General Aviation Servers
Guenther Eichhorn, Cambridge, MA, US
List of aviation servers. It is maintained as a cooperative effort of all the aviation server administrators.

Giant Timber Bamboo
Santa Cruz, CA, US
See our home page for giant moso timber and other rare bamboo.

Global Caps
Schlirtz Distributors, Atlanta, GA, US
The international recognized flag caps. Worn by various Davis Cup tennis teams. The official cap of Epcot Center and Disney World. Support your favorite country with a global cap. Each cap is inscribed on the back of the cap in the native language. The actual country is outlined under the brim of your cap.

The Gregorian Chant Home Page
Princeton University Music Dept., Princeton, NJ, US
Designed to support research on all traditions of medieval Christian liturgical chant. Includes Gregorian Chant tutorial, and links to scholarly projects in chant research, Biblical studies, liturgical studies, medieval studies, and more.

A Guide to Trekking in the Nepal Himalayas
NandaNet, Espoo, Finland
A guide to trekking in Nepal, in Finnish. 32 pro photographs with English captions in GIF and JPG formats. A fast linking system to make browsing easy.

Hale and Dorr New England IPO Report
Boston, MA, US
Hale and Dorr announces availability of its much-cited New England IPO Report on its home page. The Report reviews IPO activity in New England, focusing on high-technology offerings.

Heretic review
University of Twente, Enschede, OV, NL
The biggest review available concerning the game Heretic.

High-Tech Search Consultants Agency, Inc.
iNTERkNOW Communications Corp., Stony Brook, NY, US
Looking for a new technical job? How about Long Island and metropolitan New York? High-Tech Search has the listings online to start you on your way to a new career.

Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Society
Network Service Department, HKJSECS, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Society is the largest Joint School Organization in Hong Kong. Its mission includes organizing various activities for students in Hong Kong and liaison affairs with similar organizations in the world.

ICCSASW Page: Home of the Sugar Worker
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
ICCSASW is an international solidarity network among sugar workers. Our WWW page, Home of the Sugar Worker, contains information on the international sugar and sweetener industries, news from sugar workers' trade unions from around the world, and links to other Internet sites related to sugar. Documents appear in English and Spanish.

ICR Interactive
ICR Magazine, Creative Internet Productions;, Cedar Rapids, IA, US
An online service by the publisher of Indy Car Racing(ICR) Magazine that is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and entertaining coverage of the PPG Indy Car World Series.

Imaginative Entertainment
West Reading, PA, US
A new company with fresh ideas about today and tomorrow's technology. We are working in all aspects of entertainment technology, including virtual reality, concert lighting technology, music production, computer graphic productions, and computer game development. We also create HTML documents, with future goals to develop VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language) as well.

Infotech Newsletter
Canadian Consulate Trade Office, San Jose, CA, U.S.
Global-X-Change is pleased to present a link to the new edition of the Canadian Consulate Trade Office newsletter - Infotech. The Canadian Consulate Trade Office, located in San Jose, California, is an organization dedicated to helping Canadian high tech firms do business in the United States.

International Paperweight Society
The organization is dedicated to educating those interested in learning about the art of the glass paperweight. Information about artists, collecting and many good references and files are available on the home pages. There are about 1000 members worldwide.

Internet Chemistry Resources
Department of Chemistry, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, US
Provides a collection of information sources for chemistry and chemically-related fields. Enhancements include searchable indices of the list and other chemistry related Web pages.

Internet Interstate's Macintosh Web Page
Bethesda, MD, US
This Web page is an excellent resource for Macintosh users. It contains links and information about everything related to Macs.

InterNet Success
Akron, OH, US
InterNet Success is a printed newsletter about the Internet that circulates in downtown Chicago. It offers advertising space to businesses and individuals who want to reach the Chicago market.

InterStudio Limited: Studio Equipment for Sale
London, England
InterStudio are international dealers in broadcast, video, film, post-production and pro-audio equipment. Also Beatles memorabilia and collectors classic guitars .

Investor's Galleria
Galleria Productions, Miami, FL, US
The Investor's Galleria is the one-stop shopping center for traders and investors. Software, historical stock, index and commodity prices, books (home of Traders Press) and more.

iX - The Novel
E.Literate Publishing, Tillson, NY, US
E.Literate Publishing is proud to feature "iX", a full length novel by author R. P. Proctor. "iX" is a convergence of Orwell's 1984 and Voltaire's Candide, a satirical novel that goes beyond merely lampooning current political trends.

KBBS Online
Los Angeles, CA, US
KBBS Online is a one-stop shop for complete Internet Service and BBS services. Free trial upon voice verification.

Kutter's Cheese
Open Market Inc, Cambridge, MA, US
Quality cheese on a per pound basis. We are in western New York State and have been supporting our craft for three generations.

Leavitt On-line Insurance Services
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Offers insurance information, client support and online quotes as part of The Leavitt Group. Areas of specialty include a business insurance program for computer consultants. We are committed to placing useful quality information on the Internet.

Legal Searcher 6.0
Austin, TX, US
Legal Searcher/Text Reader is a fast and dirty interrogator of large text files and supports multiple searches on single files or whole directories for up-to four key words or phrases, simulating hyper-text associations.

Lexington High School Class of '89
Atlanta, GA, US
This is an unofficial home page for the Lexington High School (Lexington, MA) class of '89. Currently under construction, this site has pages with information on individuals, what they've done since high school, and a directory of e-mail/snail mail addresses and phone numbers.

LineNoise Alternative Christian Music Ezine
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Your source for up-to-the-moment alternative Christian music news.

Lion's Den Homepage Creation
Lion's Den, Latham, NY, US
High quality and low prices make Lion's Den your source for WWW home page creation.

LoPinto Farms Lodge
Freeville, NY, US
This lodge features big game hunting and fishing, as well as, trail and sleigh rides. This Web site also hosts The Guide Report. Another site in the growing Ithaca Marketplace.

Magazine Warehouse
Penllyn, PA, US
Come to the Magazine Warehouse for the guaranteed lowest magazine subscription prices available. We have more than 300 magazines in more than 80 categories. Come on in and check us out -- we've got a few sur-prizes in store for you.

Main Street On-Line's Annex
UniPress W3, Edison, NJ, US
Main Street On-Line's Annex is currently accepting submissions from companies and organizations that wish to make use of their free Web page offer. The Annex offers limited, but free, pages complete with customer inquiry forms and daily browser statistics.

Marching Through the Visible Man
GE Corporate R, Schenectady, NY, US
This document describes a methodology and results for extracting surfaces from the National Library of Medicine's Visible Male's CT data.

Medical Marketplace, Inc.
Computer Marketplace, Inc., Corona, CA, US
Medical Marketplace, Inc. is a reseller and remarketer of new and used medical, surgical, imaging and medical lab equipment. We buy, sell, lease and rent medical equipment and have the capacity to fully equip a new hospital or medical facility.

Middlesex News: Boston Marathon Results
Framingham, MA, US
Database of the 10,000+ entrants to the 1995 running or the Boston Marathon. On the day of the race, April 17, the official race results will be posted as they occur. The list is indexed by standing, name, country, and age of the runner.

MiNET Internet Publishing
San Diego, CA, US
A new and unique Web publishing company. MiNET offers services such as Digital Books(tm), Net3D(tm), and Paperback Software(tm); book publishing on the Net, real-time, interactive rendering on the Net, and digital software distribution, respectively.

The MIT Center for Space Research
Cambridge, MA, US
The MIT Center for Space Research is a new web server that highlights research at the Center. The page also points to observatories and astronomical subjects of interest, as well as faculty and research staff.

Mosler Automotive
Riviera Beach, FL, US
Featuring the Intruder, a high performance sports car for the discriminating enthusiast.

Goldwyn/Landmark Theatre Corporation, Los Angeles, CA, US
Online daily updated movie showtimes for the Goldwyn/Landmark Theatres, as well as information on upcoming and current movies, contest, mailing lists and more.

MultiHost Web Server
New Frontiers Information Corp., Cambridge, MA, US
The MultiHost Web server allows many root level domains to be served from the same machine. With MultiHost, http://www.foo.com and http://www.bar.com will return different pages even though they are being served from the same machine.

The Mystery Zone
Atlanta, GA, US
A magazine which celebrates mystery, crime and suspense fiction. Reviews, original fiction, extensive novel outtakes, features, plus cover art from the heyday of pulp fiction.

Napa Valley Weekly Real Estate Reader
Napa, CA, US
The Napa Valley's online real estate news and information resource. Covers news in the Valley and carries residential, commercial, estate and vineyard real property listings. Physical edition distributed in the nine Bay Area counties.

The National Coalition for the Homeless
Washington, DC, US
The NCH home page provides answers to frequently asked questions about homelessness. It also offers policy analyses, a directory of statewide and national housing/homelessness organizations, bibliographies, legislative updates, descriptions of current grassroots advocacy projects, and more.

Network Training Services
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A Toronto based training company. As official trainers for the two largest freenets in Canada, the Toronto FreeNet and the National Capital FreeNet, we have developed successful teaching methods for the information highway.

NFL Sidelines
National Football League/On Ramp, Inc., New York, NY, US
"It's first and ten on the Net!" says NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue. NFL Sidelines offers a unique insider's view of the 1995 NFL Draft. Tune in now for a preview and make plans to join us Saturday and Sunday, April 22-23, for live coverage from New York City. Enter the Draft Contest, read bios on this year's draft prospects, and scan your favorite team's outlook for the upcoming season.

NICE -- National Institute for Consumer Education
Ypsilanti, MI, US
A professional development center and resource clearinghouse in consumer, economic, and personal finance education. This home page integrates our gopher and WWW resources and provides links to other consumer education materials on the internet.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
A yacht listing service designed for all yacht brokers. Yacht brokers can list their yachts here for free. A perfect data-base for buyers and brokers alike.

The Official King Missile (and Other Stuff) Homepage
Rick Hayes, Middletown, CT, US
This is the only homepage I know in existence dedicated to the (now defunct) band King Missile. The homepage will be slowly growing to encompass the solo work by the individual bandmembers, both past and present.

Our Lady of Fatima
Bendan Press, Inc., Arlington, VA, US
Learn about one of the most authenticated of modern miracles -- the 1917 apparitions of the Virgin Mary at the small village of Fatima, Portugal. Also learn the significance of Fatima to world events, including both world wars and the rise and fall of communism. Included are copies of rare original photographs of the "miracle of the sun," witnessed by 70,000 people.

Pacific Rim Hosteling Network
Gene Barnett, Eel River Redwoods Hostel, Leggett, CA, US
Listing of all the hostels and travel service providers in the United States and Canada which belong to the Pacific Rim Hosteling Network.

PixelGraphics - Publishers of MathStrategies!
Hillsboro, OR, US
MathStrategies! teaches math basics to elementary students in a fast-paced, fun-to-play game.

The Poetry Corner
NJCC, Princeton, NJ, US
A database of poetry contributed by our users. Come and submit, or just browse the poems.

Population Index
Princeton, NJ, US
Population Index, a quarterly demographic bibliography, is now on the Web. The full contents of all 1993 and 1994 issues are currently available; issues from 1986-present will be added.

PowerBuilder Interactive
Pacific Knowledge Research Foundation, San Diego, CA, US
An online magazine and resource to anyone interested in PowerBuilder. For those who have no idea what PowerBuilder is, this is the place to find out.

Prince Edward Island Visitors Guide
Government of PEI, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
You'll find information about our beaches, golfing, outdoor adventure, festivals and events and a powerful and intriguing set of tools to help you find accommodations, campgrounds, places to eat and things to do.

Princeton University Survey Research Center
Princeton, NJ, US
A resource for anyone interested in polls and surveys, with links to data, questions, and research resources.

Progressive Computer Services, Inc.
New Orleans, LA, US
PCS is the premier Internet WWW complete solutions provider offering everything from advanced Web page design & marketing to complete Internet access through our high-speed fiber optic network. If you're tired of dealing with flaky computer nerds who are trying to sell their services to pay for their own access, contact us.

Project Eagle
Andersen Consulting, Chicago, IL, US
Andersen Consulting's Project Eagle is an advanced development group defining a new capability for software development based on several concepts, including distributed object computing, user-centered design and tailorability.

QED Information Sciences, Inc.
Lynn, MA, US
QED, a leading information systems training company since 1971, remains at the head of leading technologies with its introduction to the Internet. Included are course listings, course outlines, information on the new "Courseware" line of professional training materials, and more.

Realistic Business Services WWW Sites
Allen, TX, US
Realistic Business Services provides Web space for clients who wish to advertise their services or products via the WWW. Software/shareware vendors are our main client base, but all types of businesses are welcome.

Realite Europeenne
Boulogne, Hauts de Seine 92, France
European news, laws and judgements. In French.

Relief Woodcarving, Art in Wood
Terranet.ab.ca, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
One of the first woodcarving Web sites in Canada. Contains color photos of Relief Woodcarvings by W.F. (Bill) Judt and pointers to woodcarving resources in Western Canada.

Rodney Dangerfield
HLC-Internet, Los Angeles, CA, US
Listen to the joke of the day, get tour dates and reviews, enter the contest of the month, watch video clips, or meet his wife Joan. All this and more is on Rodney's page.

Y.A.C.C., Leuven, Belgium
If you want to buy or rent a sailing yacht or a motorboat, if you want information on sailing areas, nice places to visit by boat or on the Web, class information, weather... you'll find it on this server.

Schrodinger, Inc.
Pasadena, CA, US
Our pages describe our quantum chemistry package and the science behind it. Our product achieves significant spend gains over other commercial codes. Visit our pages to find out more.

Scream Press
Rohnert Park, CA, USA
Publishes Whisper magazine (poetry, fiction) and WEBsurf magazine (HTML how-to, etc.) as well as a number of small side projects. Please note our new URL.

Screemer Music Zine
Viro-Vision, Minneapolis, MN, US
The new WWW music zine that is for and about the independent and alternative music scene on the Internet. It offers news, reviews, photos, soundclips, links and more. It is updated monthly and is a Viro-Vision publication.

Shroud of Turin
Bendan Press, Inc., Arlington, VA, US
Learn about the Shroud of Turin, one of the most fascinating of Christian relics. Learn about its history, its significance, and current scientific research into its legitimacy.

Signature Art Gallery
Indianapolis, IN, US
One of the first autograph sites on the World Wide Web. Within this site you will find an extensive line of autograph and signature material ranging from signed photos of your favorite stars to handwritten letters from historic figures.

Sound Beginnings
Dallas, TX, US
Sound Beginnings is a three-cassette program that develops a baby's natural gift for foreign languages, just by listening!

Spider Technology Incorporated
East Greenwich, RI, US
Specializing in developing Web applications that integrate with your existing information systems. Our broad industry background, combined with our deep technical and graphic design skills, uniquely qualify Spider Tech to develop your Web site.

San Jose, CA, US
The Sportsmall has been established to provide Internet access to sports specialty stores. Our goal is to provide name-brand professional sports merchandise directly to you, the athletes. We will be expanding with golf, soccer, in-line skates, baseball, basketball, and football in the near future.

Stoked Cyberzine
Dazed & Confused, Inc., Boston, MA, US
Ultra-hip magazine reporting on extreme sports, film, and music, as well as humorous commentary.

Strictly Rocky Mountain
Everton Publishers, Logan, UT, US
Strictly Rocky Mountain specializes in sports accessories for the active lifestyle.

Technically Yours
Phoenix,, AZ, US
Jeff and Ro work with businesses and educators. We provide training services, network design and configuration. Our home page features student work from Larry C. Kennedy School.

Texas Tech Univ. Health Sciences Center Library
Lubbock, TX, US
Texas Tech U. Health Sciences Center Library serves a four campus area that includes the cities of Lubbock, Amarillo, El Paso, and Odessa, Texas. This server is the initial entry for an ever increasing medical database. All branches of the Library are connected and submit articles and information to this server.

Text-Trieve, Inc. Regulatory Publishing
Bellevue, WA, US
Text-Trieve, Inc. is a national electronic publisher of Federal OSHA, EPA, and DOT regulatory text using Folio Corporation's VIEWS 3.1 infobase searching technology. In addition to these regularly updated federal volumes, TEXT-Trieve also distributes OSH regulations for the states of Washington, Oregon, and California.

United States Coast Guard
Thirteenth U.S. Coast Guard District, Seattle, WA, US
Our pages describe the missions and activities of the U.S. Coast Guard worldwide. We include unit areas of responsibility, press releases, geographic information, history, and a variety of data of interest to the public at large.

University of Denver
Denver, CO, US
The oldest university in Colorado and the largest independent university in the Rocky Mountain region. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in more than 100 areas.

Unmasking the Enemy
Bendan Press, Inc., Arlington, VA, US
Finally -- a UFO book that exposes both the truth and the deceit behind the UFO phenomenon. Learn the truth about government involvement, cult infiltration, and the significance of UFOs to our culture.

U.S. House Democratic Leadership Page
Rep. Richard Gephardt, Washington, DC, US
An introduction to the Democratic leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives and an overview of their legislative and policy priorities. In addition to summaries of current legislation, press releases, leadership speeches, and links to other government online resources, there is also a special page for college students.

Utah Valley Business Center
HCA Publishing, Provo, UT, US
Economic and demographic profiles of Utah Valley and cities. List of largest employers in Utah Valley. Includes the following companies with some WWW links: Novell, Stouffer's and Covey Leadership Center.

Washington Citizen Action
Seattle, WA, US
Washington Citizen Action is Washington state's largest consumer group. It is a coalition of church, labor and community groups in Washington State with over 50,000 members.

Waterville Valley Ski Area
Waterville Valley, NH, US
Information about skiing, snowboarding, and cross country at Waterville Valley, along with great action photography to show you why Waterville Valley is New Hampshire's premier winter sports destination. While you're visiting our Web site, register to win a free season's pass, good at any S-K-I Limited resort in New England.

WaveMetrics - Graphing and Data Analysis Products
WaveMetrics, Inc., Lake Oswego, OR, US
WaveMetrics, makers of the IGOR line of scientific graphing and data analysis programs for the Macintosh, offers a Web site for those interested in high-quality scientific software.

Whitewater Valley Railroad
Connersville, IN, US
The Whitewater Valley Railroad is a non-profit, historic, tourist railroad which run from Connerville, IN to Metamora, IN. Its operating season is from May until December each year.

WWW de la Fime
San Nicolás de los Garza, México
Servidor de WWW de la Facultad de Ingeniería Mecánica y Eléctrica de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Servidor Experimental, pero rápidamente cambiante.

Wyoming Page
Trib.com the internet newspaper, Casper, WY, US
A wide selection of information on and links to places in Wyoming. Come visit the real west -- come visit the Wyoming Page.

Monday, 24 April 1995

The 4X4 Web Page
San Jose, CA, US
Everything for the 4X4 enthusiast, including feature vehicles, FAQs, clubs and associations, and more.

Access One
Labtam Australia Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Australia
Access One is an I.P.S. We have a national 10Mb private network which we offsell bandwidth from. We have a scalable direct link to M.C.I. in the U.S, sell home page authoring services, and provide Internet access to the general public.

Santa Monica, CA, US
A series of linked WWW pages that help to educate consumers about acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. You'll also find industry information including state laws regarding acupuncture, schools and colleges of TCM, and a referral list of licensed acupuncturists.

Adam Curry's Metaverse Entertainment Network
On Ramp, Inc., New York, NY, US
Now featuring real-time audio delivery. The network's first features include Up Close with Carlos Santana and an exclusive hour-long interview with Slash. Real-time audio is made possible by On Ramp, Inc.'s ground-breaking music-liscensing agreement with BMI and collaboration with Progressive Networks.

Adrift Adventures River Rafting
Adrift Adventures, Moab, UT, US
Exciting river rafting through scenic Moab, Utah.

Alternative Business and Project Opportunities in Asia
Alternative Trading Co. Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
Welcome to the fast emerging markets of southeast Asia and Indochina. With over 15 years of first-hand experience in this region, we have what it takes to be your alternative in Asia.

Amber Wave Systems
Acton, MA, US
Pioneering the market for workgroup switching by offering high performance LAN switching products for a price slightly higher than shared LAN hubs. Amber Wave Systems’ mission is to help customers increase their local area network bandwidth by delivering easy-to-use, low priced switching products with advanced features that boost network performance and reliability.

American Society of Oceanography and Limnology
Lawrence, KA, US
The purposes of ASLO are to promote the interests of limnology, oceanography and related sciences, to foster the exchange of information across the range of aquatic science, and to further investigations dealing with these subjects.

AmeriNet Data Communications Center
AmeriNet, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI, US
AmeriNet is a full service data communications distributor representing over 40 manufacturers products for wide area networking and internet access. Our Web server features an on-line product quote request system to help you design any wide area network application.

The Anders.com Universe
Center for Marketing and Education, Stony Brook, NY, US
Web authoring and serving. Eventide Graphical Group, The Stony Brook School, Seaeagle, MBH Studios, Center for Marketing and Education, Stony Brook Village, ready for some serious fun?

Tokyo, Japan
Asia Pacific Interactive Communication NETwork, a network for international cooperation, communication and understanding, has set up a Web site offering information about its online educational projects, member schools and educational resources. It also features a page on information about Japan for foreigners.

Arctic Circle
Univ. of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, US
Designed to stimulate among viewers a greater interest in the peoples and environment of the arctic and subarctic region. This electronic circle has as its major focus three interrelated themes: natural resources, cultural viability, social equity and environmental justice.

Argonne National Laboratory Programs and Capabilities
Argonne, IL, US
An electronically searchable database of programs and capabilities at the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory in which partnerships with industry are invited.

Arms, Inc.--Information Technology Consultants
Wilmington, DE, US
Arms, Inc. has been serving business information needs since 1968. Check out our services and career openings.

Artisoft, Inc. (Makers of LANtastic)
Tucson, AZ, US
Provides information on Artisoft's line of networking software for PCs (LANtastic).

Artlink -- Fine Art Sales
Sacramento, CA, US
As seen on PBS Computer Chronicles and Cable television PCTV, Artlink offers artists, art dealers, and agents an exciting storefront on the Internet to offer their artwork to the public and through established art galleries.

Audies Association
Audies Association, Venice, Italy
The Italian non-profit org. for the late-deafened adults (an International Federation of Hard of Hearing general member). In this site you can find finance and civic-net resources too. In Italian

The Austin Symphony Orchestra
Austin, TX, US
The symphony's 1995-1996 season schedule is available online, as is information about its history, conductor, and youth programs in Austin. The Austin Symphony Orchestra is sponsored by Quadralay Corporation.

A B CD'S (All the Best CD'S)
Redmond, WA, US
A new CD music company that currently has several music stores tied together to help you find that old or unusual CD. We have over 20,000 used CD'S available. Most are not over $8.49 plus S&H. We will soon have over 110,000 new CD'S available.

Belgian Antarctic Research Programme
Brussels, Belgium
The Why? What? Who? of the multidisciplinary scientific research on the Antarctic organized by the Belgian Federal Government in keeping with the spirit of the Antarctic Treaty of Washington

Beta Theta Pi
New York, NY, US
This page for the Beta Theta Pi -- Alpha-Alpha Chapter at Columbia University provides current brother lists, membership directory (under construction), updates to what is new with our chapter, and links to other Beta related pages.

Big Ten Basketball
Ryan McElrath, Princeton, NJ, US
A service giving up-to-date information regarding Big Ten basketball. Includes standings, complete season results for all 11 teams, player statistics, and a weekly prediction pool.

The Boston A Cappella Scene
David Bogartz, Cambridge, MA, US
Information about what's happening in the Boston area a cappella music scene. It features a complete listing of working a cappella groups in this area, as well as when and where you can see them within a reasonable drive from Boston. It also lists groups that are auditioning, people who are looking for groups, and resources that individuals and groups can use.

Boston Marathon Starting Line
Enterprise Computing Institute, Hopkinton, MA, US
The Enterprise Computing Institute will be providing images of the start of the 99th running of the Boston Marathon on April 17, 1995. Runner registration information will also be available on-line. Some images provided by the Associated Press.

Boston Microcomputer Consulting
Boston, MA, US
BMC creates custom database applications for small to mid-size businesses using Microsoft FoxPro for Windows, DOS and the Mac.

Brian Holzinger, 1995 Hobey Baker Award Winner
Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH, US
Brian Holzinger of Bowling Green State Univ. was awarded the 1995 Hobey Baker Memorial Award for being the most outstanding US college hockey player for the season. Here we have information on Brian and the Award.

Censorship & the Arts in Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
This site is a survey of the place where Canadian censorship and the arts intersect. It examines the legislation, some intriguing cases, responses from the arts community, and shares a few conclusions.

The Channels
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Take a real tour through Amsterdam, just get on a tram or walk around. Lots of information about hotels, restaurants, galleries, museums and tourist info.

Chicago Mosaic
City of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
The official WWW server for the city of Chicago. The server includes a home page for Mayor Richard M. Daley, a multimedia tour guide to Chicago attractions and special events, an interactive citizen handbook on Chicago's innovative community policing program, and a directory of city programs and services.

Chomsky's Universal Grammar in Prolog
New York Univ. Linguistics Department, New York, NY, US
We provide the resources to do research on natural language computing. We program Chomsky's universal grammar into Prolog. We provide programs, Prolog and LISP interpreters, and illustrations. This is a graphically oriented hypertext on computational linguistics.

Church of Buffett, Orthodox
Atlanta, GA, US
Any true believers out there? Come over for some "Spiritual Healin'" from the only site on the Web devoted to an entertainer whose fans act like Deadheads but drive Jags and BMWs. Lots of music-related information on the early career and escapades of singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett.

City of San Rafael
San Rafael Chamber of Commerce/SBT Acctg. Systems, San Rafael, CA, US
Extolls the virtues of San Rafael and Marin County, California. Included is information about the community, what to do, where to stay and hold conferences, and much more.

CKR/Flux Productions
Corvallis, OR, US
Carving Knife Records (CKR) is an independent record label based in Seattle. Check out the catalog online. Flux Productions is a one-man custom leather shop.

Clever's Graphilicious E-Mall and Atlanta Guide
Clever Computers, Inc, Atlanta, GA, US
We provide turnkey WWW presence service for an ultra-low per month cost.

Client Check Insurance Policy Tracking Software
InfoWest Global Internet Services, St. George, UT, US
Client Check software makes it possible to keep track of your client's insurance policies as well as your commissions on sales.

Compris Inc. "Software for Education and Training"
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Compris Inc., an Ottawa-based developer of leading-edge artificial intelligence- based education-and-training software, provides learning tools for students of all ages.

The Construction Site
Houston, TX, US
A directory relating to the construction industry. Find a contractor, equipment, materials, or construction related service.

Convoy Bosnia
The Lasiewicz Foundation, Los Angeles, CA, US
A non-profit relief organization, The Lasiewicz Foundation is providing support for the embattled people of Bosnia. Convoy Bosnia connects willing donors in the U.S. with humanitarian aid targets in the war-torn areas of former Yugoslavia.

Counterpoint Publishing
Cambridge, MA, MA, USA
Counterpoint Publishing presents the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, state environmental regulations, DOE/NRC orders, the commerce business daily and other federal documents.

Cummings Properties of Massachusetts
Woburn, MA, US
Cummings operates over four million square feet in fifty commercial buildings in Woburn, Wilmington, Stoneham, Burlington, Medford and Sudbury. The majority are located along Routes 128 (I-95) and I-93, and are occupied by over a thousand different tenant firms. Click here to see a listing of available office space.

The Digitale
JonCo, Minneapolis, MN, US
Welcome to the Digitale, the new computer game magazine. It has good reviews, and great graphics.

Doom Rules
University Of Illinois, Champaign, IL, US
This is a Doom page. Cheat codes, ftp sites, newsgroups, and has links to secrets and monster counts. Heretic and Descent, and Dark Forces cheats as well.

The Dundee Resort
Dundee, Nova Scotia, Canada
Located on the shore of the Bras d'Or Lakes on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, the Dundee Resort offers golf, the Dundee Marina, and some of Canada's most beautiful scenery.

The Earth Pledge Foundation
New York, NY, US
EPF is devoted to promoting sustainable development to help resolve the conflict between environmentalists and developers. On April 10, 1995, we launched a year-long essay contest with $100,000 in prizes.

Milwaukee, WI, US
A company of professional educators devoted to getting schools hooked up to the Net. We offer consulting services and curriculum development to schools and school districts. Meet the folks at edu.net, learn what we do, and sample a classroom lesson based on an Internet site.

El cuarto del Quenepon
UPREnet and local artist, San Juan, PR, US
Web site about contemporary puertorrican culture. Video, essays, art exhibits, and more.

The Electronic School
National School Boards Assoc., Alexandria, VA, USA
A publication for all K-12 school leaders and educators who are striving to enhance student learning through the judicious and appropriate use of technology. It is an editorially independent source of unbiased information on the people and trends, developments, case studies, and controversies relevant to education and technology in elementary and secondary schools throughout North America.

Warp Graphics, Inc., Poughkeepsie, NY, US
Elfquest is one of the longest running independent comics in history, and one of the few created and drawn by a woman (Wendy Pini). Elfquest.Com is Warp Graphics' official Elfquest site, geared not only towards longtime Elfquest fans, but also towards those who are unfamiliar, but curious.

Elliott Brown Gallery
Ferguson-Taylor Group, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
The focus of the gallery is on sculptural and decorative glass art as well as some mixed media. The gallery houses a research library of books and videos on the subject of glass art.

Empress -- Power Over Information
Markham, Ontario, Canada
Designed to operate in an open standards environment, the Empress relational database management system takes full advantage of operating systems and hardware innovation on a wide-ranging basis. Customer support includes an outstanding suite of services, technical support, training and consulting.

The Engineer's Club (TEC)
San Jose, CA, US
TEC distributes up-to-date technical files to the engineering community. More than 50% of TEC's capacity is dedicated to engineering-oriented software. Trial memberships are free.

Eprom adviseurs P&O
The Hague, The Netherlands
Management consultants based in the Netherlands. On this site you can find information about our products and you can ask us questions concerning our specializations.

The Essential Escher Gallery
here at home inc., Ann Arbor, MI, US
Home to over 200 JPEG images of Escher's work, thumbnailed and fully indexed by title and year, spanning from 1916 to 1969, as well as a biographical chronology, a brief biography, a mathematical analysis of Escher's work and excerpts from his own essay The Regular Division of the Plane.

Everything Extreme
Mark Hunter, Duke University, NC, US
A cool new site devoted exclusively to extreme sports like skydiving, rock climbing, hang gliding, snowboarding, auto racing, windsurfing and extreme skiing. It is very tastefully done with nice graphics and many links to other cool extreme sites.

Falcon Financial
Euless, TX, US
Falcon Financial is a Fort Worth, Texas based business and financial consulting company. The site contains a database of over 11,000 funding sources, as well as a free report: Raise Money For Any Business Purpose.

The Fortune Group International, Inc.
Schaumburg, IL, US
An international developmental firm providing solutions to business challenges in executive leadership, management, sales, service, telemarketing and self management.

Forty Plus of Northern California
San Francisco, CA, US
A non-profit self-help group of professionals and executives over forty in career transition. Our web site describes our training program and resources aimed at finding a suitable position for each of our members.

Future Learning International, Inc.
Portland, OR, US
The knowledge exchange of the future, including The Consultant’s Report, a magazine tailored to managers and consultants; Future Mart, a resource for educational and office needs; The Expertise Exchange, a place for consultants and businesses to find that perfect match; and Future Learning University, an on-line opportunity to take accredited college classes via the Internet.

G. L. Liadis Software, Inc.
G. L. Liadis Software, Columbus, OH, US
Download the latest shareware and freeware Windows programs including the all-time populars Win SetTime and Win Barclock.

Gateway to The Canyon Park Orchard
Bothell, WA, US
Writer's humorous short stories.

Global Hindu Electronic Network: The Hindu Universe
Hindu Students Council, Cincinnati, OH, US
The most comprehensive source of information related to Hindu dharma (religion and culture) on the Net. Includes complete text of scriptures, and latest news etc. from India.

Globe Corner Bookstore Catalog
Boston, MA, US
Books and maps for the traveler, business person, librarian or teacher. This is a true hypertext catalog with over 6,000 pages. Browse by geographical region and follow links between the titles.

GNP Computers
Monrovia, CA, US
A custom manufacturing firm specializing in high-reliability, fault tolerant telecommunications and networking solutions. GNP is proud to announce GNP NetServices, the complete turn-key solution for migrating businesses to the Internet.

Gold Moon Jewelry
Lathrup Village, MI, US
Are your eyes bored? Take 'em to Gold Moon where you'll see refreshing designs in contemporary Deco, Nouveau and antique jewelry featuring collector gemstones and precious metals. Have jewelry questions? Ask the goldsmith service is now available.

H4, Hawaii's Data SuperHighway
Hot Spots Hawaii, Kailua, HI, US
Visit Hawai`i from the local folks' perspective! Hundreds of pictures and articles. Rental, wedding, music and other info offered by our sponsors. E Komo Mai! (Come Visit!)

Harbour Galleries
Web Creations Corporation, Greenwich, RI, US
Harbour Galleries is a wonderful, unique shop, filled with antique and estate jewelry from all over the world. At Harbour Galleries, you'll discover beautiful rings, pearls, earrings and bracelets all one-of-a-kind, and all with your choice of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires,opals and more. Cameos and vintage watches are a specialty.

Home Plans from Residential Designs
Residential Designs, Kennesaw, GA, US
Stock home plans you can view and order. New plans added monthly

Hong Kong Club
Blacksburg, VA, US
This homepage is created not only for the members of Hong Kong Club of Virginia Tech, but everyone in the World Wide Web. If you want to know more about Hong Kong, this homepage can serve as the gateway to almost all the Hong Kong related Web pages in the world.

How to Market on the Internet
IQPC, Little Falls, NJ, US
Find out how winning companies are marketing their goods and services on the Net.

Hyson International Corp.
St. Louis, MO, US
An international trading company based in the US dedicated to opening doors and boosting sales for companies worldwide. Our services include matching buyers and sellers, marketing, business consulting, import/export assistance; office support, and more.

I-Comm: Graphical Browser For Shell Account
Talent Communications, Inc., San Jose, CA, US
A graphical WWW browser with full modem communication functionality. Designed specially for modem computer users, I-Comm only requires a MS Windows, a modem and an Internet shell account. It does not require any kind of SLIP/PPP connections.

IConnect The Web Architects
IConnect, Chicago, IL, US
We provide WWW authoring service and server space. All for reasonable Prices.

Infobahn - The Magazine of Internet Culture
Postmodern Communications, Inc., Foster City, CA, US
The first magazine devoted to covering the Internet from a cultural and intellectual point of view. Infobahn's focus is policy issues, business, lifestyles, technology, and the arts.

Information One
Evanston, IL, US
Info1 is an Internet consulting company, providing custom Internet access solutions for business and personal use.

InsuranceQuote Services
Chandler, AZ, US
InsuranceQuote operates a free, computerized data bank which provides prices and details of low-cost term life insurance policies. Save up to 50% on life insurance! No cost/no obligation.

International Communications Industries Assoc.
Fairfax, VA, US
An association representing manufacturers, dealers, distributors, consultants, service providers and end users of the audio-visual, video and multimedia applications industry.

The Internet Consulting Center by TVP
The Virtual Press, Honolulu, HI, US
We're an Internet consulting service. Bring a decade of network, programming, writing and electronic publishing experience to your company today.

The Internet Sleuth
Internet Business Connection, Ormond Beach, FL, US
A collection of over 400, briefly annotated, searchable indexes and databases on the Internet. Browse an alphabetical listing or select from a categorized list.

Int'l Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems, 95
Computer Science Department, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, USA
The Second IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems (ICMCS) will be held from May 15-18, 1995 in Washington D.C. All information regarding the conference can be obtained from the web pages.

The Irish Job Vacancies Page
Software Expressions, Dublin, Ireland
This listing provides an up-to-date list of vacancies available in Ireland that the recruitment consultants have to offer.

J J Electronic Plaza
St. Louis, MO, US
J J Electronic Plaza helps companies to promote their businesses online. With reasonable prices, we offer WWW electronic stores and offices, email auto-responders, mailing lists, virtual links, Web site marketing, and more.

Jobs Through PursuitNet
PursuitNet, Inc., Winchester, MA, US
Takes the work out of job searching. Free for job seekers, where the service matches against jobs in its database. Also great for employers. Provides standard resume and job requirement forms.

Jochen's Studio
Jochen Brennecke, London, UK
The world of photography has been expanding beyond the realm of the darkroom into the area of pixels and digital algorithms. Come to Jochen's Studio and see the interplay of the camera and the computer. Digital dream stuff.

Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, US
An electronic supplement to new faculty and staff biweekly newspaper at the University of Minnesota. The electronic version features community bulletin boards for opinions, free classified ads, expanded versions of printed articles and access to other news sources.

Krishnamurti Foundation of America
Ojai, CA, US
The Foundation is responsible for the preservation and dissemination of the teachings of J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986). The Foundation also runs the Oak Grove School (preK-12) and the Krishnamurti Library.

The Last Frontier Lodge
Naknek, AK, US
Come visit one of Alaska's prime remote fly-in fishing lodges. Take a tour and see what the dream fly fishing vacation of your life would be like. There's even a video clip (for those of you with plenty of bandwith) for you to download.

Llamarada, Rixeyville, VA, US
LlamaWeb is a one-stop source for online information about llamas. It is feature-rich, having general information, veterinary resources, llama farms to visit, events, services, and a cute baby llama contest.

Los Angeles Educational Partnership
Los Angeles, CA, US
The Los Angeles Educational Partnership (LAEP) is a non-profit education fund committed to the development of a high-quality public education system for the children of Los Angeles.

Maine State Oracle Users Group
Maine State Government, Augusta, ME, US
Information on the Maine State Oracle Users Group, MSOUG (pronounced moose-hug). Information includes meeting places, times, and agendas.

Martha Hendricks, CRS
The Woodlands, TX, US
Martha is The Woodlands' leading realtor. She welcomes your call, fax or email about The Woodlands and the many fine new and resale properties available. Relocation packages, including Martha's video brochure, are available overnight.

Massachusetts Access to Government Information Service
Univ. of Mass., Amherst, MA, US
The main entry point to government and state agency information. Currently in prototype stage, this home page has been developed by the Univ. of Massachusetts under a grant from the Commonwealth of Mass, Office of Management Information Systems.

Mennonite Central Committee
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
The relief and development arm of the North American Mennonite and Brethren in Christ churches.

Michael Wiese Productions
Los Angeles, CA, US
A communications company with expertise in film and video production, consulting, and publishing. We publish books (and software) on financing, directing, marketing, screenwriting, budgeting, and producing.

Michigan Internet Cooperative Association
Southfield, MI, US
MICA.net is an Internet cooperative. Members enjoy reliable, affordable Internet access. The home page contains membership information, services provided, infromation about the MICA founders, and many links to interresting places on the WEB.

Michigan Materials and Processing Institute
East Lansing, MI, US
MMPI is a consortium of over 20 industrial companies and eight Michigan universities, focused on pre-competitive, technology issues in the use of polymer composite materials in cost-effective engineering applications, particularly those in the durable goods and automotive industries.

Michigan State Football
East Lansing, MI, US
Links to all sorts of Spartan information and to other Big Ten sites. Former Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Nick Saban as the new head coach, and the only schedule containing both #1 Nebraska and #2 Penn State from last season should make this an exciting season. Look for articles and photos in autumn.

MoveEasy Professional Real Estate Network
Bingham Farms, MI, US
We have identified the most qualified and experienced real estate agents, representing the top real estate firms nationwide.

Mozart's Opera: Le Nozze di Figaro
Virginia Tech Music Department, Blacksburg, VA, US
This site is the first to offer a full educational experience dealing with an operatic work: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro.

NASA Lewis Research Center Public Affairs
NASA Lewis Research Ctr., Cleveland, OH, US
People from all over the world can access and learn about the Lewis Research Center, one of NASA's principle aeronautical research facilities, through a series of multimedia pages which describe NASA Lewis, its programs, people, and history.

The Naval Aviation Safety Program
U.S. Naval Aviation Safety School, Monterey, CA, US
The purpose of the Naval Aviation Safety Program is to preserve human and material resources. The home page for the Safety School provides access to the experts in aviation safety and mishap investigation.

NaviSoft WWW Publishing Tools
Needham, MA, US
NaviSoft offers a complete client/server publishing system for the Web: desktop publishing without having to know HTML.

Network Management Forum
Morristown, NJ, US
Exists to promote the worldwide acceptance and implementation of a service-based approach to network and systems management that cross the boundaries of the telecommunications and computing industries.

OS-9 Realtime Consulting Services
Windsor Consulting Group, Louisville, KY, US
Specialists in OS-9 since 1984, Windsor provides all OS-9 services including training, drivers, file managers, system design, third-party software, trouble-shooting, applications, utilities, and books.

Pacific Business Solutions
Salem, OR, US
We are a PC Hardware and software vendor who provides many interesting services, ie Pictures from around the Oregon coast, Links to other vendors of software and hardware, etc.

The Pathfinder Cafe: AVHRR SST Image Archive
Narragansett, RI, US
Browse, view, subset, and access over 34,000 Pathfinder AVHRR SST Images at the Pathfinder Cafe, maintained by the Remote Sensing/Physical Oceanography group at the University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Oceanography.

Peter Bell, Antiquarian & Secondhand Booksellers
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
We are antiquarian and secondhand booksellers specializing in scholarly books on the humanities, especially English history, literature and biography; Scottish history, literature and philosophy. Our special interest is in books by and about the Victorian period. Our catalog is on our Web server.

Phillips' Internet Week
Phillips Business Information Inc., Potomac, MD, US
The most comprehensive weekly newsletter and WWW site specifically designed to propel your business to new and profitable horizons in the explosive commercial Internet market.

The PhishNet WWW Home Page
Geneva, NY, US
Back on the World Wide Web and better than ever. The new HTML setup (as opposed to the gopher setup from the now deceased original PhishNet) is stunning and all Phish Phans are encouraged to drop in.

Plastics Technology Center
Lexington, KY, US
The P.T.C. designs, simulates, prototypes, tools, and produces injection molded plastics for a variety of markets. Our Web site features an online brochure, and several online industry resources including an online textbook, language index, and tradename index.

Play Golf In Brunswick County, NC
Wise Services, LLC, Brunswick County, NC, US
Play golf in Brunswick County. Includes information on golf courses in the area and covers several local courses.

PLOT (Software)
Gradient Software, Inc., Ithaca, NY, US
Information and support for PLOT(tm) software users. PLOT is an interactive data analysis and graphics package for MS-DOS, VMS and UNIX.

Protein Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry
Skirball Inst. of Biomolecular Medicine, New York, NY, US
The page supplies links to databases and documents of interest to protein chemists. It also contains information and links associated with protein mass spectrometry and allows submission of mass spectra to a new protein mass spectrum database.

Radio HK: Real-time Internet Radio
The Hajjar/Kaufman New Media Lab, Marina del Rey, CA, US
Revolutionary. Radio HK is the first radio station to broadcast real-time, exclusively into the Internet.

Recipe Corner
MegaMedia, Inc., Manhattan, KS, US
The Recipe Corner is a weekly updated site with new and interesting recipes. The recipes are inexpensive, easy and fun. If you miss a recipe, check out the page listing of previous recipes.

Rent Net
Rent Net, San Francisco, CA, US
Rent Net is the premiere apartment rental guide for relocators. Through interactive menus, you can easily find detailed descriptions and color photographs of furnished and unfurnished apartments across the country.

Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Located in the fashionable Squirrel Hill business district since 1988, Repeats is an upscale ladies consignment clothing store featuring wonderful clothing in sizes 4 through 3X at affordable prices.

Resus WWW server
Association resus, Marseille, PACA, FRANCE
Many sections including a Linux section, tons of docs related to computing in general, and last but not least virtual tourism in Marseilles is possible.

Rob Galbraith Photojournalism
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Rob Galbraith, a Canadian newspaper photographer, has set up a page that includes a picture story on a geologist who drank away his middle class life and now spends his day picking bottles, photographs from Rwanda in December, and links to photo and journalism resources on the Net.

Robischon Gallery
Ferguson-Taylor Group, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
The gallery focuses on contemporary art from Colorado and the western states, as well as on artists from both east and west coasts.

RPMM Electronic Music
Increase! productions, Portland, OR, US
Red Phraug Modern Medium is an electronic music label in the pacific northwest that offers music not sold in stores on high quality CDs. Try something different, you might be surprised what you find.

Sabo & Zahn Construction Law Attorneys
Chicago, IL, US
These architect/attorneys concentrate in the area of construction law. Mr. Sabo is the author of the Wiley Law Publications book, Legal Guide to AIA Documents. This WEB site describes the firm and contains information of interest to architects, contractors, owners and other attorneys.

Sackville Centennial School
Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada
An elementary school in Nova Scotia, Canada. We provide information about our school and students and interesting places to visit in our local area.

SambaLa Samba School
Long Beach, CA, US
SambaLá Samba School is a non-profit organization in the tradition of the great Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro. It serves as a Brazilian night club, social club, and cultural center in Long Beach. It also offers and performs samba carnival shows in and around the greater Los Angeles area. Classes also offered in samba, lambada, samba percussion, and Portuguese.

San Antonio Starting Point
Cain's Services, San Antonio, TX, US
San Antonio's best home page has come online to provide San Antonians affordable presence on the Web. The San Antonio Starting Point will aggressively find links to every link in San Antonio which will help those who are out of town and in town. It plans on being the central place to find commerce, government and private citizens in San Antonio.

San Diego Technical Books, Inc.
MiNET Internet Publishing, San Diego, CA, US
San Diego Technical Books, Inc. is the leading technical book store in San Diego county and a world wide distributor of technical books. We offer thousands of books in stock and can special order any books that we don't carry.

School of Visual Arts
Univ. of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
This site is primarily concerned with the investigation and exploration of the WWW as a medium for artistic expression. The work here is dynamic, in that is it is always changing, evolving, renewing.

Smart - Servizi e MArketing in Rete Telematica
Bologna, Italy
Smart is a high-quality added value service provider helping Italian companies to find their way to the Internet. Among other things, it mantains some internationally well known trade shows in the fields of building components and internal finishing.

Soaring Society of America
Guenther Eichhorn, Cambridge, MA, US
Contest schedules and results, and other information about soaring.

Software Forum
Palo Alto, CA, USA
This ten-year old software industry professional organization provides information about twelve special interest groups, articles on software development, venture capital, internet marketing, and industry trends, and a calendar of activities.

Southeastern Ohio Society of Herpetologsts
Athens, OH, US
Deals with all areas of herpetology (the keeping of reptiles and amphibians).

Southern Perennials & Herbs
Tylertown, MS, US
Entire catalog online. Visitors can browse through the extensive listings of perennials, herbs, grasses, gingers, woody plants and vines.

Spes Nova
Oshamambe Campus, Science Univ. of Tokyo, Oshamambe, Japan
Web server of Spes Nova (Oshamambe Campus, Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology, Science University of Tokyo). Spes Nova means a new hope. This server also provides information about Oshamambe Township and its vicinity.

The Squick Home Page
Los Angeles, CA, US
Squick is an all-instrumental progressive hard rock trio located in Los Angeles, California. The Squick Home Page features information and pictures of the band, sound files available for downloading, the Official SquickNews online, lists of upcoming Squick shows, and contact info, and links to other music and entertainment resources on the Web.

Stein Online
Stein Eriksen Lodge, Deer Valley, UT, US
The Stein Eriksen Lodge is a premium resort located in the Deer Valley ski area in Utah.

Stop Operation Rescue This May in New York City!
New York City, NY, US
The New York Clinic Defense Task Force is gearing up to defend New York City area clinics from attacks by the most virulent factions of Operation Rescue and like-minded organizations, scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend. Find out what you can do to help stop them.

Superhighway Consulting, Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
Superhighway offers businesses a turnkey solution to utilize the information superhighway as a marketing medium. We develop and promote online multimedia advertising applications containing interactive color catalogs, brochures, line cards, etc. for companies such as yours.

SymNet - North Florida's Internet Provider
SymNet Incorporated, Tallahassee, FL, US
Looking to find your own presence on the Internet? North Florida residents can find the resources they're looking for through SymNet. SymNet is solely devoted to bringing its clients unlimited shell access, unlimited SLIP and PPP connections and World Wide Web points of presence for the lowest price.

Synet, Inc.
Downers Grove, IL, US
Synet is the one-stop shop for your Internet needs, offering the Silicon Graphics WebFORCE line of products for your hardware needs, a wide variety of Internet access options (dial-up to T1) so you can get connected, proven WWW design experience, and one of the fastest WWW servers around (SGI Challenge S) to serve clients' pages.

SysTec, Inc.
Herndon, VA, US
A provider of multi-vendor information systems solutions to governments as well as commercial entities.

Taurus (tm)
Counterpoint Publishing, Cambridge, MA, USA
Counterpoint Publishing and Government Counseling, Ltd present Taurus, a database of various governmental documents. For more info please.

TEAMS Distance Learning, Downey, CA, US
Our purpose is to support and enhance K-12 instruction by providing Internet information, educational resources, and collaborative projects that foster authentic research in the classroom.

Texas Homecare - UK DIY Stores pages
London, England, UK
Gives details of all Texas Homecare UK locations with addresses and phone numbers. Special Offers, suggested projects, Email contacts to request prices and stock availability will be added to this developing site

Third Stream Computing Online Learning Center
Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, US
Third Stream is an academic minor and a space to explore the possibilities of cooperative teaching and learning. It is meant to support academic expertise in some area other than computer science and its focus is on application development.

This Medium is The Message
Vyne Communications, Inc., New York, NY, US
There are several sites on the Internet that offer the wisdom and pithy sayings of the late Dr. Marshall McLuhan but only one is official site of the folks carrying on McLuhan's work: The McLuhan Center For Media Sciences and the Marshall McLuhan Center For Global Communications in Toronto.

Titan Value Equities, Inc.
Tustin, CA, US
A registered broker dealer and registered investment advisor. Services include personal and business financial planning, stock and bond brokerage, estate planning, and investment seminars.

Translation Experts
Denver, CO, USA
Translation Experts is dedicated to the provision of products and services that teach people how to bridge language barriers. Among other things we allow users to to try out our software before they buy because we have shareware versions on all the major Internet archives including SimTel and CICA.

United Seabears Corporation
Los Angeles, CA, US
United Seabears Corporation publishes printed and electronic specialty books and manuals. Subjects include outdoors, hunting, fishing, law, legal software and information systems and general topics.

University of the Pacific Office of Lifelong Learning
Stockton, CA, US
Inviting teachers and administrators to enroll in one or more of 84 self-directed, non-classroom enhancement courses, which offer professional growth and salary enhancement credit.

The University Pages
Univ. of Alabama, Intelligent Systems Lab, Huntsville, AL, US
This page contains all the universities that have WWW pages and is organized by state for easier use. It is continually updated for your viewing enjoyment.

The Unofficial ReBoot Home Page
INWAP.com, Fremont, CA, US
Complete episode guide for the computer-generated cartoon show ReBoot. In the US, it is shown on Saturday mornings by ABC; in Canada, it is a prime time show. Also seen in the UK. This site has background stories, detailed episode listings, and pictures direct from the production company.

U.S.A. Immigration News
Jericho, NY, US
A monthly newsletter published by the law office of Mark Carmel, Attorney at Law.

Videomaker's Camcorder & Desktop Video Site
Chico, CA, US
Videomaker, Inc. provides high quality, up-to-date information on the topics of video production and distribution. Through print, video and digital media, our mission is to democratize and enrich television by educating, informing and inspiring the public.

Virtual Home of the Mark Taper Forum
Mark Taper Forum, Center Theatre Group, Los Angeles, CA, US
The Mark Taper Forum Web site features the Virtual Theatre Festival at Taper, Too. The site offers information about the six-week festival with performances by Marga Gomez, Danny Hoch, Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Yehuda Hyman -- and includes photos, video and audio clips.

WAR (World Aid Relief)
New York City, NY, US
An international not-for-profit charitable organization emphasizing the importance of regional efforts within a global framework. WAR is sponsoring a live benefit concert for an estimated 24 hours.

Washington State NOW
National Organization for Women Wash. State Chap., Seattle, WA, US
The Washington State chapter of the National Organization for Women , also containing the Washington State NOW FTP site with it's many files including those for Arlington VA NOW NLs, Irene Stuber's Women of Achievement & Herstory and Catt's Claws, and much more.

Ann Arbor, MI, US
The Internet's most comprehensive and up-to-date source of North American weather links. Over 165 sites are listed currently with new links added every day. Brought to you by the University of Michigan Weather Underground, WeatherNet is the "Yahoo" of weather information.

Welcome to Ramba Design
Cleveland, OH, US
Open your eyes to Ramba Design. We offer services for information and marketing design for print and digital media. Web-site design and development, print collateral, multimedia, type design.

World War II Air Force Cartoon Journals
Prism Arts Group, Santa Rosa, CA, US
A cartoon journal of the daily life of a P-47 fighter pilot in WWII, drawn by George Rarey, killed in action in June 1944. Humorous, poignant cartoons of base life, missions, etc. Great aircraft art, including full-color nose art and pilot portraits. Compiled from more than 200 pieces of artwork and maintained by Rarey's son, a computer animator.
http://www.nbn.com/home/rareybird/index.html [PICK OF THE WEEK]

World Wide Christian Web
WWCW, Scottsdale, AZ, US
This Web Site is a resource for Christians and Atheists alike. Many topics are discussed and submissions are appreciated. If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of Christianity or Christians in general, don't believe what you hear - come see for yourself.

Zero Tolerance
Andreas Troeger Film, New York City, NY, US
A virtual gallery showcasing the work of new media artists. An on-going, now-more-than-ever Holocaust exhibition. A video storefront. One of the most selective collections of links on the Web for artists and the politically aware.

Wednesday, 26 April 1995

Advanced Computer Communications (ACC)
Cupertino, CA, US
ACC is a leading manufacturer of wide-area internetworking products that lead the industry in the implementation of bandwidth optimization technologies. This site includes information about ACC's complete line of products, press releases, white papers, MIB's, and all ACC offices worldwide.

Air Cruise America
Long Beach, CA, US
On your next visit to southern California, relive the romance of aviation in the '30s and '40s with a nostalgia flight aboard the legendary DC-3.

Airlines Tickets WholeSale
Travel Discounters, San Jose, CA, US
Airlines Tickets wholesale to the public. Get guaranteed 15-30% discounts on all major U.S. airlines in 48-states and Hawaii. Tickets issued within 24 hours and sent by Fed Ex the next day.

America Vote, Inc.
Boulder, CO, US
National Voting Service providing information and method for citizens to make an informed vote on pending Congressional bills. Citizen vote is compared to Federal Legislator's vote on-line.

The American Reporter
Hollywood, CA, US
The American Reporter is a daily newspaper, owned by the many journalists who write it. It is sold by subscription, and includes news, business, science, medicine, law, humor, and more.

Anderson's Timesaving Comparative Guides on the Web
Anderson Publications, Monrovia, CA, US
Molecular biology reagents and suppliers listed by item. Detailed item information and catalog numbers in some cases. There is a link to biotech companies on the web.

Arena Communications
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Arena Communications is adding a new Internet advertising and marketing service to its range of corporate communications services, and will design your Web pages and host them on its state-of-the-art Web servers.

Idaho State Univ. College of Education, Pocatello, ID, US
A GUI server accessible only with Netscape or Mosaic. Intended to be an information source for educators and their students. A very pretty site.

Art Berkowitz Seminars
Laguna Niguel, CA, US
Art Berkowitz believes that accounting can be fun. Visit his home on the Web and learn about his entertaining seminars.

Articles from Net Guru Kevin Savetz
Kevin Savetz, CA, US
Computer Journalist and Internet expert Kevin Savetz has updated his free Web article archive. It contains a smattering of his recent articles from Internet World, Web Week, Cyberspace Today and other magazines.

Artworks Gallery
Ferguson-Taylor Group, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
Artworks Gallery specializes in contemporary art by established and emerging artists. Media includes: drawings, photographs, original prints, furniture, functional clay, jewelry, and sculpture.

Asian Astrology Pages
W.L.R. Cassidy, Irvine, CA, US
The only Web resource devoted to study of Chinese, Tibetan, and Vietnamese astrology and divination.

Assiniboine South School Division Info Zone
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Information skills for the information age. This page is suited to use mainly by middle and senior students. Additional links are intended for use by teachers and school library staff.

AT&T TalkingPower
AT&T Global Public Networks, Columbus, OH, US
A minicourse on your telephone service that lets you explore the phone system at all levels through text, graphics, animations, and video, has moved to a new location (now all lowercase letters). Coming soon: Accelerated Learning at AT&T.

Austria presents Vienna Staatsoper
AINS all information network & services, Vienna, Salzburg, Austria
Vienna Staatsoper and Vienna Volksoper will make two contributions to historical commemoration: On the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Second Austrian Republic, April 27th 1995, at the Staatsoper, and on the first of May at the Volksoper there will be concerts of music written by composers banned or suppressed during the Nazi regime.

Belize Dept. of Archaeology Caves' Branch Field School
Belmopan, Belize, Central America
Provides information about the 1995 archaeological field season of the Caves' Branch Field School, run by the Belize Department of Archaeology.

Big Noise Software
Internet Commercial Brokers and Agents, Jacksonville, FL, US
Software made for musicians by musicians.

Bike Pedalers
Lincoln, NE, US
Bike Pedalers is a full service bike shop carrying a complete line of cycling accessories and bicycles. We carry Cannondale, Raleigh, Diamond Back, Litespeed, Scott, Yeti, Barracuda, Ibis, Breezer, Marin and more. Stop by and help us find Sophie. Maybe you'll even pick up a free helmet.

Billy Hume's "Frisbee Bomb Craters"
Wooden Records, Norcross, GA, US
Billy Hume: artist, songwriter, producer, motorcycle dude. Billy's first CD, "Frisbee Bomb Craters", spans many styles and moods in such a way that can't be classified or categorized. Billy plays many instruments, including: mandolin, bayan, hammered dulcimer, slide guitar, answering machine messages and plastic trash cans.

Biological and Environmental Research Program
Germantown, MD, US
An overview of the Biological and Environmental Research Program, Office of Health and Environmental Research (OHER), US Department of Energy (DOE) is now available. The OHER home page provides links to a number of directed research programs.

Biotech Company WWW Registry
Martin Leach, Boston, MA, US
This is the world's most comprehensive list of Internet addresses of biotech or biotech-related companies on the Internet.

Bloch Medical Illustration
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Bloch Medical Illustration is the page of medical illustrator Joseph I. Bloch. Art directors, publishers, artists, and anybody interested in medical art are welcome.

Booz Allen & Hamilton
Maclean, VA, USA
More than 70 pages of text and graphics currently reside on the firm's Web site, which describe Booz, Allen services, career opportunities, history, news, and representative client assignments. Each page is designed for visual interest and subjects are hyper-linked to related information.

Borough Of Manhattan Community College
New York, NY, US
Information and offerings from B.M.C.C. as well as an online directory to downtown Manhattan including art galleries, performance, and principal sights.

The Buzz Magazine
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
An online version of our street rock music newspaper for Melbourne's southern suburbs and south eastern country regions. Features interviews, reviews and stories about local, national and international bands touring Australia's southern city.

Byte Concepts: Information Retrieval and Editorial Services
Newburyport, MA, USA
We provide comprehensive academic, medical, legal and technical research, writing, editing and electronic publishing. All services are available in PC and Mac formats. Also, ask about the Modus Internet CD-ROM, only $9.95, retail.

Caltech Astronomy Department
Pasadena, CA, US
Home Page of the Caltech Astronomy Department.

Candles and Candlemaking
Evanston, IL, US
Candles You Can Burn, Ltd. provides lots of information on candlemaking along with handmade pure beeswax candles for purchase.

The Center for Institutional Reform and the Informal Sector
Univ. of Maryland, College Park, MD, US
IRIS provides technical assistance and research analyses to groups seeking to improve laws, rules, and procedures in support of the development of competitive markets and democracy, in developing and transition economies.

Central Michigan Univ.
Mt. Pleasant, MI, US
Central Michigan University's official Web server.

CERFnet Home Page
San Diego, CA, US
The nation's premier Internet provider announces the debut of their new Web pages. Completely redesigned, the pages give information about CERFnet's services, prices, and press releases.

Open Government/Industry Canada, Ontario, Canada
A new service designed to make it possible to search for Canadian Government information on the Internet seamlessly.

Christian Singles On Line
Creative Eye Marketing Resources, North Miami, FL, US
The first Christian global computerized matching service dedicated to connecting Christian singles with potential mates that closely match their beliefs, interests and specifications. Applicants identify their tastes and profile the person they are seeking and will be sent compatible matches based on their top 5 preferences.

The Churchyard/Orr Family Museum
James Nohl Churchyard, Austin, TX, US
This is a translation into HTML hypertext format of parts of the genealogy compendium "Our Family Museum" by James Nohl Churchyard. Over 360 different family names, and 835 different individuals are indexed. The main regions of origin are England, Quebec/France, the Rhineland (Germany), Ulster, New England, New York, and the middle states.

Coastal Internet Services
Bloomfield, NJ, US
Build your home at The Coast, a full Internet service provider with full home page development services.

CommerceNet Subscriber Program
Menlo Park, CA, US
CommerceNet has restructured its subscriber program. The package allows companies to easily and inexpensively create Internet storefronts while participating in CommerceNet.

Cleveland, OH, US
A site driven by communications professionals, developed for the purpose of helping advertising and communications agencies deliver the benefits of Interntet marketing to their clients.

Coop's Origional Beep
Beep, Fullerton, CA, US
Home of The Manny Perez Show and The Gallery Cool.

The Coupon Clipper
Star2, Sommerville, NJ, US
This service will provide Internet users an opportunity to download discount coupons, rebates and special magazine offers prior to going shopping. Now you can take advantage of convenient money saving offers in the comfort of your home.

Creative Eye Marketing Resources
North Miami, FL, US
Acting exactly like a regular advertising agency, Creative Eye creates the ads (Web pages for the Web) and places them in the medium (the Web). Once the page is running, Creative Eye will publicize your Web Site to the online directories, as well as relevant off-line publications.

cyberMarine International Marine Directory
San Diego, CA, US
A global resource for marine-related products and services.

DATUM online
Bijster, Amsterdam, NL, Netherlands
An international magazine for innovative developments in theater, performance, media, visual art and literature. DATUM is written mainly in Dutch, with some English, German and French contributions.

DoD Public Affairs, Washington, DC, US
The Department of Defense's official World Wide Web information service. Provides direct access to the information services established by the military departments and selected DoD organizations. DefenseLINK also provides access to several feature sections which include news, fact file, publications, questions and answers, and a locator service.

Designer's Choice Floral Arrangements
Web Writer's, Inc., Spokane, WA, US
A full service florist. Featuring online photo catalog and ordering, worldwide delivery, flowers, plants, balloons, candy and gifts.

Digital Commons
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, US
Supports the creation of instructional technology, information technology and interactive multimedia projects at SMU. The DC serves as a host site for a number of other organizations.

Directory of Environmental Resources on the Internet
Scott Johnson, Ventura, CA, US
This site provides a list of good starting points for locating environmental information, descriptions of notable environmental resources, state and federal legislation/regulations, and other useful Internet resources. You can also find information on currently available software products for the environmental management field.

Discover Magazine
Cambridge, MA, US
Discover Magazine covers all areas of science and technology, for a general audience. This site, found on The Electronic Newsstand, provides a selection of articles, information on Discover's awards and high school science programs, and a portfolio of links to other sites of general science interest.

The Doctor Who Roleplaying Page
TARDIS Project/Who-RPG-l mailing list, Edinburgh, European Union
The home page for the Who-RPG-l mailing list includes information on the mailing list (for discussion of roleplaying based on the popular BBC TV series "Doctor Who"), a nascent net.book and links to other Doctor Who and roleplaying resources.

DOE Human Genome Project
Germantown, MD, US
As part of the international human genome project, the US DOE Office of Health and Environmental Research would like to announce the availability of a DOE Human Genome Project home page. Links can be made to other genome and biological research from this page.

Educational and Institutional Cooperative Service, Inc.
Hauppauge, NY, US
A not-for-profit buying cooperative owned by its members to provide goods and services at the best possible value. Today, E&I consists of more than 2,200 tax-exempt colleges, universities, prep schools, hospitals, medical research institutions and hospital purchasing organizations located throughout the country.

El Dorado Hills Travel
El Dorado Hills, CA, US
Serving El Dorado Hills since 1984. We are a full service agency specializing in cruises. We have discounts daily, so don't wait for a cruise sale. We'll find you the right ship at the right price.

Elaine Coyne Galleries
Atlanta, GA, US
Handcast, handforged brass and sterling silver artwear jewelry and accessories. One-of-a-kind exotic patina finishes and limited edition semi-precious stones.

Electronic Humour
Professional Computing, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Jokes, one-liners and thoughts of the day. Explanation of smileys. Offers readers the opportunity to comment and contribute.

Empire.Net Inc
Nashua, NH, US
Offers a wide selection of connection choices for the experienced and new Internet surfer. Empire.Net only uses US Robotics DIGITAL v.34/28.8 kbs capable modems to provide you the fastest possible connections. If you need faster connections we can provide dialup ISDN and dedicated 56 kbs leased lines.

FBI Oklahoma Bombing Homepage
FBI & NASA's Network Applications and Information Center (NAIC), Mountain View, CA, US
This is the official FBI WWW page devoted to the Oklahoma City bombing. There are pictures of the suspects and information on the $2 million reward.

Flanders Int'l Film Festival
You can find all the information one would like to know about Belgium's most prominent yearly film event : historical outline, practical info, guest lists, programme profile, dates, events, and festival regulations. The site also offers information on the City of Ghent, one of the most beautiful mediaval cities in Europe.

Florida Home Equity
Internet Commercial Brokers and Agents, Jacksonville, FL, US
A 20 year old mortgage brokerage company that has relationships with over 100 lenders. FHE can assist homeowners anywhere in Florida or Georgia.

Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Frank Lloyd Wright Heritage Association, Madison, WI, US
Stunning photography of Midwestern Frank Lloyd Wright buildings -- some famous and some unknown. Emphasis is on visiting them -- you can even rent one of them for a while.

Gadget Guru
New Tech Industries, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Gadget Guru wants to be the nexus for gadget and gizmo related information. We have net.resources to some of the most interesting devices found on the Net. Submit your urls for inclusion or just visit for fun.

Gaia Biodiversity/Forest Movement Archives
Ecological Enterprises, Madison, WI, US
Significant resource on worldwide efforts to conserve forests, biodiversity and indigenous cultures.

The Genesis
GQ, The University of Virginia, VA, US
It's the beginning! This page is dedicated to bringing the people real rap/hiphop music. Come check this phat site that'll be blowin' up the spot soon.

GG's and Steven's Video & Computer World
Technical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Latest news about video and Dolby surround-hardware, movies and computer (mainly in German). Plus the ultimate link-collection.

Global Security Programme
Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK
The goal of Global Security is freedom from threats without enemies to permit the positive, as distinct from the bare, survival of the human race. The Programme creates a home for innovative interdisciplinary research and teaching which embraces the fields of international relations, communications studies, conflict resolution, environment and development studies.

The Globe
Ithaca, NY, US
Online chat, games, cartoons -- Mac, Windows archives, Mirror of Sumex, CICA, Amug Free Classifieds Message Centers, virtual art gallery and much more.

GlobeScope Internet Services
Arlington, VA, US
Affordable publishing solutions for businesses, non-profit organizations and other institutions that want to establish their presence in the fast lane of the information superhighway.

Gospel Communications Network
Gospel Films, Inc., Muskegon, MI, US
Gospel Films, Inc. announces the Gospel Communications Network, a new major not-for-profit, on-line ministry center on the Internet. GCN will offer information and resources from several respected Christian ministries.

Hands On Atlanta
Atlanta, GA, US
A volunteer service organization which helps provide for the Atlanta metropolitan community, AIDS patients, homeless, tutors for children, etc.

Harvard Espresso Company
Seattle, WA, US
Offers a selection of the finest gourmet coffees available, ordering instructions, a brief history of coffee, coffee tips, and a selection of art.

Haskins Laboratories
New Haven, CT, US
A private, non-profit research laboratory noted for its pioneering work in speech science. Research areas include speech perception, production, synthesis and analysis, reading, linguistics, cognitive science, ecological psychology, nonlinear dynamics and complexity, etc.

HawkNet, Inc.
Carlsbad, CA, US
A software development company specializing in Network Performance Management Products. HawkNet's products--NetTune PRO & NetReport--are available for download on our WWW site. Interactive data sheets and international pricing is available as well.

The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem (HUJI)
Jerusalem, Israel
The CS@HUJI Home Page now offers lots of information about the institute, the research, people and courses of the institute, and links to all the Israeli WWW sites.

Heilmann Graphics -- Electronic Publishing Services
Heilmann Graphics, Newark, CA, US
We offer affordable desktop and online publishing services to small businesses and non-profit organizations. We design WWW pages for your Web site or ours. We also produce newsletters, fliers, and catalogs.

The Highland Trail Company -- Scotland
Ki Net Limited, Nairn, Inverness-shire, UK
Interactive online shopping: Scottish food, drink and gifts covering a range of fish, meat, clothing and crafts. Includes fresh and smoked salmon, smoked venison, malt whisky and cashmere and woolen tartans.

Hitachi Data Systems
Santa Clara, CA, US
Designs, manufactures, and markets industry-standard mainframe computers, storage systems, open systems hardware and software, and services.

The Hockey Hall of Fame
Hype! Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the Hockey Hall of Fame is a definite must see for hockey fans all over the world.

HomeBuyer Internet Service
Chesapeake Computer Consultants, Inc., Annapolis, MD, US
HomeBuyer allows an individual to access the most complete information regarding real estate. Not only do we provide listings but we also provide information on mortgage companies, title companies, home inspection companies, and more.

Hubble Space Telescope's Greatest Hits
Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD, US
A gallery of pictures representing some of the most spectacular results from the Hubble Space Telescope, commemorating five years of operation. Contains links to other HST images, text and animations.

Inspiration Software
Portland, OR, US
Designers of Macintosh and Windows tools for generating and presenting ideas.

The Institute for Social Inventions-Win 1,000 pounds sterling!
London, 20 Heber Road, NW2 6AA, UK
A competition with money awards for best ideas and projects from around the world for imaginative, new, feasible social innovations that will improve the quality of life, and that are non-technological.

Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO)
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Home page of the ITESO Univ, with several Spanish speaking home pages to deal with Internet, and a directory of Internet resources in Mexico.

Intelligent Gamer Online
Renegade Technologies & Innovative Creations, New York City, NY, US
Finally, a full fledged bi-weekly online magazine for the mature video game enthusiast. Up to the minute news, reviews, previews and interviews. Coverage includes SNES, GameBoy, Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, 3DO, Jaguar, Playstation, Saturn, Ultra 64, PC and MAC.

The Internet Comics Newsletter
David Schulz, Champaign, IL, US
This newsletter provides editorials, reviews, links, images, and just about anything else from the Avengers to Zero Hour, indies to mainstream, that may come up concerning the world of comics.

Internet Real Estate Center
Sinclair & Associates, Benicia, CA, US
The IREC specializes in providing comprehensive information about commercial and investment real estate to users, investors, their advisors, and others interested in commercial and income property.

IRC-Home-Page of Channel #Braunschweig
Technical Univ. of Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany
New IRC- homepage for the city of Braunschweig -- the biggest town after the capital Hannover of Niedersachsen (North-Germany).

The Irish Tourist and Holiday Facilities Page
Software Expressions, Dublin, Ireland
This is a service describing some of the quality facilities available to visitors to Ireland.

Jabra Corporation's Ear Phone
San Diego, CA, US
Jabra created the Jabra Ear Phone, a human auditory interface for a range of telecommunications software and hardware products, including cellular, desktop, mobile, and wireless products which offer personal, private, hands-free communication.

JEM Computers
Cambridge, MA, US
Surplus PC products at incredibly low prices. JEM Computers is a mail order factory outlet for desktop systems, notebooks, CD-ROM drives, hard drives, tape drives, monitors, printers, scanners and memory. Check out our wide variety of new and refurbished PC’s and peripherals from major manufacturers.

Jim's Guitars
Baltimore, MD, US
A dealer in fine vintage guitars and amps. If you're looking for a 1967 Fender Stratocaster with a matching 1967 Fender Pro Reverb Amp, or a 1963 Fender Jaguar Sunburst with clay dots, or anything else you have come to the right place.

The Journal for Patriotic Justice in America
Individual: Henry McDaniel, Seattle, WA, US
JPJA was created to inform the public about government entities subverting the spirit and letter of the U.S. Constitution and other threats to freedom. There are two main services provided by the journal: a database area containing reviews on media coverage of the militia movement, and the monthly edition of the journal.

Kansas Careers
Manhattan, KS, US
The first focus of this page is the Kansas Mentor Project -- nontraditional career information for women.

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Kutztown, PA, USA
Admission requirements, academic departments, student services, and much more.

Laura Pausini Page
Stephen C. Hsu, Seattle, WA, US
A home page devoted to the Italian singer Laura Pausini and her music. The page contains lyrics, pictures, articles and more.

Marlboro College
Marlboro, VT, US
A small (250 students, 35 faculty) 4-year liberal arts college in southern Vermont.

Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
A high school located in the metropolitan area of the city of Toronto.

Megabyte Press
San Diego, CA, US
More rhymes than you can shake a stick at. Mother Goose is back.

MGN Online, News Graphics and Photos
Multimedia Graphic Network, Solana Beach, CA, US
An archive of news graphics and photos designed to help television news departments and newspapers illustrate their stories. The archives are available for browsing at no charge.

Mind Tools Ltd.
Horsham, West Sussex, UK
A resource of high quality problem-solving shareware, thought techniques, and applied psychology designed to help you to optimise the performance of your mind and achieve your dreams and ambitions.

Tensor Technologies, Inc., Hazleton, PA, US
MineNet is a gateway to information for the mining industry. Links are provided to government, university and other sources of mining information, along with an international White Pages of mining email addresses and a Yellow Pages of product and service information.

MIT Nuclear Engineering Department
Cambridge, MA, USA
Upcoming events, research activities, people in the department, courses offered, etc.

MLAB Mathematical and Statistical Modeling
Civilized Software, Inc., Bethesda, MD, US
We are the providers of an advanced Mathematical and Statistical Modeling System called MLAB. MLAB was originally developed at the NIH, but it is useful for all scientists, not just biomedical researchers.

MLD Technical Consultants
Novato, CA, US
MLD helps businesses promote their products and services on the World Wide Web. We have talented artists and technicians to create a home page that best represents your company.

Mobil Corporation
Corporate Public Affairs & Corporate SCS, Fairfax, VA, US
Commercial internet pages for Mobil Corporate and its divisions, affiliates and operating units. Initial content includes company public information and history, Mobil Motor Oil marketing information, Mobil 1 Racing Team information and webmaster links.

Monitor Publications
Inforonics Titlebank http://www.infor.com, Littleton,, MA, US
Small press listings via Inforonics Titlebank online catalog. Monitor specializes in humor and popular reference works, and suggests potential reviewers and buyers peruse excerpts at the Inforonics Titlebank location, or CIS literary forum file postings and similar loads.

MorseMcFadden Home Page
MorseMcFadden Communications, Kirkland, WA, US
MorseMcFadden Home Page focuses on our efforts in high-technology public relations and also includes links to our clients including: StrandWare, Sierra Wireless, Plantronics, Sirsi, Multi-Net, Latitude, BookMaker.

Multilevel Models Project
Univ. of London, London, England, US
The Project is funded by the U.K. Economic and Social Research Council to develop software and methodology for multilevel (hierarchical data) statistical models. An introduction and project details are given.

Nadine Tanega's Hawaiian Calendar
Charles C. Goodin, Honolulu, HI, US
Here is Nadine Tanega's only authorized on-line calander, shot on location in Hawaii.

National Business services
Internet Commercial Brokers and Agents, Jacksonville, FL, US
Business forms for companies across the United States. Checks and statements can be ordered on line, as well as a catalog with a complete list of business forms.

National Homebrew Day
Association of Brewers, Boulder, CO, US
Everything you wanted to know about National Homebrew Day, May 6, 1995.

Nat'l Inst. of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, US
Information about the Neurological Institute's programs for students: internships, grants and other funds.

The Natural Death Center and Green Burial
London, UK
A London-based charity that helps break the taboo surrounding contemplating one's mortality, helps care for the dying at home and advises families on how to organise funerals without undertakers.

Natural World
Laguna Niguel, CA, US
The public should be aware that the present household products normally purchased have toxic exposure in the home as well as creating a hazard for young children. Our home page provides information on safe alternative non-toxic household and health products.

NCSA Mosaic Access Project
The Access Page is for those interested in how people with disabilities can use the internet and the World Wide Web. Development of this page is under the Mosaic Access Project with support from the National Science Foundation.

Neff's Safe Lock & Security Inc.
Lancaster, PA, US
A full-service security company specializing in electronic access control, high security locks, and U.L. safes. Serving greater areas of Lancaster, Harrisburg, Reading, York, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

NetVet Veterinary Resources
Washington Univ. Div. of Comparative Medicine, St. Louis, MO, US
The NetVet WWW and Gopher sites have moved to new servers. Included below are correct URL's for the Electronic Zoo, the NetVet Gopher, and the WWW Virtual Library - Veterinary Medicine.

New England Digital Computers
Shecora Associates, Inc., Brookline, NH, US
Authorized resellers of Digital, HP & Microsoft, New England Digital offers some of the best buys available. National and international shipping available.

New Mexico Web
New Mexico Department of Tourism, Santa Fe, NM, USA
The official source of online information for America's Land of Enchantment, New Mexico. Published by the New Mexico Department of Tourism and designed by Matterform Media, this site includes dozens of pages and pictures highlighting the arts, culture and activities that make New Mexico one of the world's most popular travel destinations.

Niwot Ridge Long-Term Ecological Research
Boulder, CO, US
Ready access to site-based information (e.g., geography and topography, climate, vegetation, and fauna) and data. A context-sensitive topographic relief map provides access to spectacular views; there is a searchable, forms-based site bibliography, and photographic images of beautiful alpine wildflowers.

NoizBoiz Productions
Pompano Beach, FL, US
An independent record label/multimedia production studio in South Florida showcasing truly unique talent.

Nomadics Tipi Makers
BendNet, Bend, OR, US
For 20 years, Nomadics Tipi Makers has hand-crafted traditional Sioux tipis. By preserving these designs, this traditional culture can be experienced again today.

Nonlinear Dynamics Archive
Los Alamos, NM, US
Programs, data, movies, references, and other resources related to the study of nonlinear and chaotic systems with an emphasis on the topological study of nonlinear systems.

OASYS Network, Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
Free advertising service for freelancers of all stripes to promote themselves to corporate employers seeking freelance help. Resident FTP provides Freelance Profiler program in Windows and Macintosh versions for freelancers to upload information and graphic images for query search by employers.

The Online Educator
Hass Associates, West Bloomfield, MI, US
Weekly hot lists for K-12 teachers organized by academic subject and Newspaper in Education lesson plans are featured on this Web-based companion to The Online Educator magazine.

Open Bidding System
ISM Information System Management Corp., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The Open Bidding Service (OBS) is the largest provider of electronic procurement information in Canada. Designed as an open, fair and cost-effective system, the user-friendly service allows suppliers access to over 25,000 opportunities a year. Current information providers include the federal government, several provincial governments and educational institutions.

Open Book
Monika Delson, San Francisco, CA, US
Presenting Women's Journals, an art piece created exclusively for the WWW. Through images, text, and sound, the user explores four women's journals.

Orthopaedic Associates of Aspen and Glenwood, Inc.
Aspen, CO, US
The scope of our practice includes all diseases of bones, joints and muscles; the care of injuries - including lacerations; tumors and infection; congenital deformities; and arthritic problems. This involves both surgical and non-surgical treatment. All our physicians are certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Pacific Communication Sciences, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
PCSI is a leading supplier of products and technology for the emerging new world of digital communications. Our headquarters are in San Diego and we are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cirrus Logic, Inc.

PC Quote Free Stock Quotes
Chicago, IL, US
Unlimited free stock quotes can be retrieved from the PC Quote home page. The company's data is used to prepare the daily stock tables that appear in The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and dozens of other major newspapers across the country.

PDX TheatreSports
Portland, OR, US
Improvisational comedy like you've never seen it; teams of improvisors compete in improv games for points.

Peace and Social Concerns Committee, Society of Friends, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Texts of historic peace documents, profiles of Quaker peacemakers in Ottawa and organizations they founded, and links to academic peace research sources and to other Quaker pages.

Penguin USA Site
New York, NY, US
"A room without books is as a body without a soul."-Cato. Come get some soul food at the Penguin USA internet site, where you can get excerpts from the latest print, audio, and multimedia titles, browse several Penguin catalogs, and more.

Pictures of India
Arun Muthuswami, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
This site has beautiful pictures of India for people's enjoyment and viewing pleasure.

Placer County Sheriff's Dept. (CA) -- Lake Tahoe Substation
Tahoe City, CA, US
Information about the substation, operations and personnel, citizen's academy program, other law enforcement links and Lake Tahoe area information.

CEP, Louisville, KY, US
A magazine devoted to the graphic design and animation side of rave culture. Ups to breaks, and Hyperreal.

Progress Software Corporation
Bedford, MA, US
Information about Progress Software's products and services. Includes information on the PROGRESS Application Development Environment and DBMS and Visual Basic products from the Progress Software Crescent Division.

Protocol Systems, Inc.
Portland, OR, US
Designs and manufactures rugged, high quality medical monitoring systems intended to reduce the cost of health care around the world. Our pages include corporate and product information as well as links to access our technical support services.

The Pucker Home-ly Page
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Home page for the alternative rock band Pucker. Also links to many music and Pittsburgh sites. Recommended if you like: Faith No More, Big Chief, Die Kreuzen, Government Issue, The Damned, Humor about Buttholes.

Royal Cruise Line 1995 Itinerary
Colonial Travel, Williamsburg, VA, US
Travel the world on the elegant ships of the Royal Cruise Line. Featuring the regal Odyssey Class cruise ships; Queen Odyssey, Crown Odyssey, Royal Odyssey and Star Odyssey. With special Internet discounts from George at Colonial Travel.

Salzburg Events
Dept. of CS, University Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg Events is a monthly magazine, on the Web since December, presenting the variety of cultural events that take place in Salzburg. If you are new to Salzburg try this to find out how lively this traditional town is. In German.

San Gabriel Custom Fontologists
Austin, TX, US
A developer of custom fonts for Windows PC's, Macintosh, and UNIX computer systems. We offer the ability to convert handwriting, logos, signatures or other graphics to fully scaleable Type 1 or Truetype fonts for use in all compatible applications.

Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Santa Barbara, CA, US
A visitor-friendly, outstanding regional museum featuring fine examples of French Impressionist, American, Asian, and 20th century art, classical antiquities, prints, drawings, and photography.

Schieffelin & Somerset Co., New York, NY, US
Whether you're interested in single malts or blended Scotch; rocky coastlines or fighting clans; golf courses or bagpipes; historic castles, Glasgow's most popular cocktails or the hottest dance clubs in Edinburgh, scotch.com is your departure point for an exciting journey of exploration and discovery.

Shell Houston Open Golf Tournament
Tournament Players Course, The Woodlands, TX, US
The official Internet site of the Shell Houston Open Golf Tournament, April 24-30, 1995. Promoting golf for the benefit of local charities including: Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston, Boys & Girls Country, Boys & Girls Harbor, Chinquapin School, Interfaith Center of The Woodlands, DARE and Junior Golf.

Shoestring Travel E-Zine
Strategic Publications, Clearwater, FL, US
A free zine for people who want to travel inexpensively. You will find information on hotels, B&B's, hostels, restaurants, itineraries, etc. In addition, Shoestring Travel provides one of the best travel link libraries on the Internet. The editor receives input from travelers, such as yourself, and scours the rec-travel boards for items of interest. Shoestring Travel is updated at least twice a week so please check back often.

Shotgun News
Snell Publishing Co. Inc., Hastings, NE, US
Published 3 times monthly. Each issue contains over 10,000 listings covering both modern and antique -- rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, scopes, mounts and ammo all at money saving prices. It is a must read publication for any gun enthusiast.

Silicon Systems
Tustin, CA, US
A TDK Group Company, specializing in the design and manufacture of application-specific, mixed signal integrated circuits (MSICs(TM)) used primarily in storage products and communications systems.

Tum Yeto Inc., San Diego, CA, US
It's Skateboard.com, part of the much-acclaimed Tum Yeto Digital Universe. This is the premiere digital skateboarding information source.

SoftAd Online Advertising
Irvine, CA, US
Offers a variety of web design and hosting services. Drop by our online directory and sample a few of the clients we have helped get online.

Software Construction Co.
North Billerica, MA, US
Developer and publisher of software for MS-DOS and MS-Windows environments. On This Day answers the question What happened on this day in history? Diamond Data tracks baseball and softball statistics.

Squirrel Hill Flower Shop
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
For those who are not content with the ordinary, Squirrel Hill Flower Shop is a full-service professional florist. We offer professional and personalized wedding and party planning for those special occasions, as well as unique arrangements to commemorate any special event.

Storage Computer Presents
Nashua, NH, US
SCC or StorComp, designs, manufactures and sells standards-based, high performance, fault tolerant storage solutions c ritical to success in client/server, online transaction processing (OLTP), large database, multimedia, video-on-demand and high volume imaging applications.

Stylus Innovation, Inc.
Cambridge~MA, MA
Stylus Innovation manufactures and markets software for building voice processing and computer telephony applications. Our homepage provides an overview of the company, our products, and the computer telephony industry.

The Sunday Paper
bulkin enterprises, inc., Sebastian, FL, US
Online classified ad network and emporium for small business and industry. Donated space to the Humane Society.

Sunstar Homes
Raleigh-Durham, NC, US
The largest locally-owned homebuilder in one of the country's fastest growing areas. Seven new home communities with homes from the $90Ks to the $350Ks.

Swan Technologies Corporation
Marlboro, MA, US
Swan earned a reputation for quality and service early in its history, consistently earning awards from many of the industry's major publications such as PC Magazine, PC World, and Government Computer News. Swan continues to rank in the top ratings for service and quality as measured by our customers. We have been around for 11 years.

Synergy Solutions
Web Design, Phoenix, AZ, US
The Web removes the barriers which kept communication in the hands of powerful interests and makes it available to everyone. Adopt a "solution orientation" to your exploration of this site and see what happens.

Tahoe Central
Incline Village, NV, US
Visit a Lake Tahoe resort and receive free gifts, like an overnight stay, meals, or ski passes.

ThinkPad Mobile Computing Center
Pacifica Blue, Calgary, AB, Canada
Solutions for a small planet. Discover what makes the ThinkPad the best notebook the industry has to offer. Big, bright screens, multimedia built in, upgradability, expandability, and lots of power. If you are interested in a ThinkPad or any of its accessories, this is the place to go.

Traders Press Inc.
Mr. Ed Dobson, Greenville, SC, US
Books and gifts for traders and investors. Serving traders since 1975. Technical analysis and commodity trading are our specialties.

Kinetic Communications Inc., Corvallis, OR, US
TravelSphere is a guide to bed and breakfasts, hotels, resorts, restaurants, travel agencies, and other travel-related businesses from around the world.

UCDavis Art Department Photo Gallery
Davis, CA, US
The beginning of the UCD art department digital photo gallery.

UCSC SlugMail Services
UCSC Mail Services, Santa Cruz, CA, US
This is the Home Page of the Printing and Mail Services Group World Wide Web Server. We are growing by leaps and bounds, and departmental details are being added.

Uniflix 3.3 Video On Demand
Paradise Software, Inc., Jamesburg, NJ, US
World's leading Unix video-on-demand software has been updated. Uniflix eliminates the need for adding hardware each time a video-viewing client is added, cutting your per-seat costs.

Unique Cars Value Guide
Trader Magazine Group, Australia
A value guide for buyers interested in prestige, classic and collectible cars. Produced by The Trader Magazine Group, a division of ACP, the Guide is a spin-off from Unique Cars, the biggest-selling automotive magazine in Australia.

University of Missouri-Columbia Caenorhabditis elegans Database
Columbia, MO, US
This site deals with the study of the developmentally arrested dauer larva stage of the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans, focusing on the genetics of development and aging.

UnixWorld Online Magazine
McGraw-Hill, San Mateo, CA, US
Technical (hands-on) section from Open Computing (formerly UnixWorld) Magazine. Includes technical feature articles, practical how-to tutorial articles, Wizard's Grabbag column, hardware, software, and other product reviews, Answers to Unix column, and a media (largely book) review column.

Unoffical Australian National Basketball League Page
JJ Brothers, Canberra, Australia
The most comprehensive NBL site on the Web is here. The NBL site features up to date news, results, statistics and rosters.

U.S. Virgin Islands Tourist, Vacation, and Business Guide
Cobex Intl., St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, US
Featuring recreation, hotel, yacht charter, restaurant, and event information. Monthly giveaway contest of a one-week vacation for two in the American Paradise. Also commercial sponsor information.

UTRC Human Computer Interaction Laboratory
United Technologies Research Center, East Hartford, CT, US
The lab conducts research in the areas of animation, scientific visualization, human factors, user interfaces and virtual environments (aka virtual reality). This server describes the lab's projects using audio, images, text and MPEG movies.

Electronic Data Systems, Plano, TX, US
Use Value-Quest(TM) information engineering methodology for defining and creating valuable business information systems.

Videobred Home Page
Louisville, KY, US
A full service tape, film and multimedia production and post-production facility. We specialize in commercial, corporate and multimedia design and production.

Web Page Design and Authoring
Los Angeles, CA, US
I am a graphic designer and know HTML. Allow me to create a design for your Web page. I have the skills to ensure you that I can create a Web page that will deliver your message in an effective manner.

Superhighway Consulting, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
Use WebPageBuilder(tm) to create your WebPage application on the World Wide Web.

World Power Technologies
Duluth, MN, US
The manufacturer of the Whisper line of wind generators. The Web page contains detailed information about the company's products and even provides help in determining if wind energy is right for you.

Your MoM
New York, NY, US
The humor magazine that won't die despite being poked with a large sharp stick, is pleased to announce the release of its April Issue. We are also happy to unveil our brand new design. Come on over. We made brownies for you.

Friday, 28 April 1995

1995 Design Automation Conference WWW Site
San Francisco, CA, US
The 32nd annual conference will be held June 12-16, 1995 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The WWW site contains technical program and exhibitor information as well as conference and hotel registration forms.

3D Graphics/Rendering
Visionary Graphics, Yonkers, NY, US
3D studio rendering and 3D animation. Outputting animation to tape in real time. 3D animation, audio creation, picture restoration.

AACME Image© Corporation®
San Antonio, TX, US
An organization dedicated to the idea of the image. A short rest stop here will be well worthwhile, we provide a gallery of our images and a listing of various projects that we are currently working on.

Advanced Network Technologies
Westbury, NY, US
ANT is one of the Tri-State area’s premier network integration and consulting firms, provides the design and installation of local area and wide area networks (LAN/WAN), 24x7x365 network support, document imaging solutions, corporate Internet connectivity, and is a leader of World Wide Web development.

Advisory Services by Certified Financial Planners
Money Forte, Inc., Fremont, CA, US
Professional, detailed, and personalized financial advice from people, not databases. Simple forms. Sample cases. Interesting solutions to data security. We don't sell products. Fee starts at $79.95. Some discounts available.

Air Combat Command Heritage of America Band
Alexandria, VA, US
Information for the public about the band. It includes biographies of band leaders, information about individual small groups within the band, audition and employment information, and audio clips.

Anderson's Timesaving Comparative Guides on the Web
Monrovia, CA, US
Biology reagents listed by item. Detailed information includes sizes, concentration and catalog number. Links to pages with company contact info.

Around-the-World Journal
Portland, OR, US
City.Net is proud to present Russell Gilbert's 9-month trip through 26 countries. This extensive journal contains more than 120 color pictures as well as world maps, links to detailed country & city info, and a breakdown of expenses per country. Also available in postscript and plain-text.

ASU Office of Cultural Affairs
Appalachian State Univ., Boone, NC, US
Arts programming for Appalachian State University and northwest North Carolina.

The AutoNaut
Steve Moore Inc., Greenacres, FL, US
A lively discussion of automotive-related issues from a dealer's point of view with the purpose of providing information to consumers on new products from Detroit and overseas -- within the context of the Information Superhighway.

BAM Technology Research
San Francisco, CA, US
BAM Technology Research focuses on providing timely market research and consulting to companies competing in today's high-technology business environment. BAM Technology Research provides in-depth analysis of the commercialization of the worldwide web, including the companies, products, markets, and commerce issues that are currently invading and transforming it.

The Beeper & Stereo Store Car Audio Catalog
St. Louis, MO, US
New car audio equipment including Alpine, Fosgate, Clarion, Profile and Autotek. Also, many used high-end pieces at very reasonable prices.

BendNet Home Page
Electronic Communities Corp., Bend, OR, US
We provide an Internet presence in central and eastern Oregon.

The Bicycle Parts Catalog
Lawson.Mcneely, Portland, OR, US
An online source for quality bicycle parts and accessories. We offer name brands at competitive prices, as well as innovative products manufactured in the Pacific Northwest.

Black Cinema Network
Ashley Marcelline, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
The Black Cinema Network provides access to a comprehensive directory of Black films dating from the early 1920's to present. Published in August, 1994 it is available to film fans, educators and historians. We also provide links to monthly video lists as well as other Black film and film-related resources on the Internet.

Borough of Manhattan Community Colloge
BMCC / CUNY, New York, NY, US
Home page for the college and the surroundings.

BroadCast Home Page
SNA, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, US
SNA now has a site devoted to BroadCast(tm), an application suite for software publishers. BroadCast allows publishers to lock their software, distribute it pubicly, and unlock it remotely.

The Business and Environment Net
Mullins Media Limited, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Access to information about environmental business issues, including The Business and Environment CD ROM, which features the complete proceedings of the GLOBE 94 International Trade Fair and Conference, and a list of over 7000 key contacts in the environmental industry.

C & W Marketing
Ridgecrest, CA, US
The largest supply of mind, body and spirit enhancing formulas on the Internet. All products are made from the finest of Chinese herbs. 100% natural and hypo-allergenic.

The Caravaggio Paintings in the Mattei Collection
Giacomo Patrizi, Rome, Italy
This site illustrates the extraordinary exhibition of Caravaggio and other Baroque painters. It describes why these paintings were commissioned originally, how they were traced and why after three centuries they are once more together in Rome.

Cardiovascular Development Research Group
Univ. of Rochester, Rochester, NY, US
An interdisciplinary research effort aimed at understanding the biomechanical aspects of human congenital cardiac defects and of normal cardiac development in avian and mammalian species.

The Carma Bum Superhighway Tour of Words
Univ. of Washington Speech Communication Dept., Seattle, WA, US
The Carma Bums invite you along on their tour of words, perhaps the largest original poetry project on the Internet. Poetry for anti-high-brows.

Carole Boleman, Landscape Architect
Indianapolis, IN, US
An Indianapolis based landscape architectural firm, specializing in residential and subdivision design across the Midwest Region.

ChemCAI: Instructional Software for Chemistry
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Information for teachers and course designers on what's available from both commercial and non-commercial sources, links to other instructional resources, downloadable chemistry CAI demos, and digital texts and other materials from Simon Fraser University.

Chemical Safety
Richmond, CA, US
Looking for advanced environmental and chemical management software? Look no further than chemical safety, makers of the award-winning Environmental Management Systems (EMS) database program. Come visit our site and learn about EMS, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) management, chemical inventory management, container-based bar-code tracking, and more.

Chiba City
Chiba, Japan
In order to realize the Human Network, Chiba City's basic plan for information, the city is currently testing the sending of information by the Internet in cooperation with Professor Ikeda of Chiba University.

CMA Online
Canadian Medical Association, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The Canadian Medical Association's WWW site provides health care news and information, extracts from current medical literature, and information about the CMA's policies, activities and publications. Bilingual (English/French).

Coastal Marsh Project
University of Maryland at College Park, College Park, MD, US
We are providing data on assessing the health of coastal marshes. Information provided includes: methodology with appropriate graphics, photographs of marshes in the Chesapeake Bay area and maps of health-assessed areas.

Cobalt Boats
Neodesha, KS, US
Quality and life, two things that make time we spend on ourselves and with those we care for, extraordinary. A group of dedicated craftsmen are working to create, virtually by hand, boats that present you with the opportunity to invest in both quality and life. Founded in 1968, today Cobalt is one of the marine industry's oldest, most stable companies still under the original ownership and management.

Coldwell Bankers Willamette Valley, Oregon
InfoStructure, Corvallis, OR, US
Coldwell Bankers' Gary Chandler and Maggie Down are committed to providing professional real estate services throughout the Albany, Corvallis & Lebanon of Oregon. As agents with the largest Mid-Willamette Valley company, they have access to numerous homes in a variety of locations and prices.

Universal Algorithms, Portland, OR, US
A database of all colleges and universities in Canada and the U.S. CollegeNET is searchable, and has links to all schools with Web pages. Institutions can arrange to have At-a-Glance Pages put on the CollegeNET server.

Radio-Canada, St-Paul d'Abbotsford, Quebec, Canada
A French group of writers and broadcasters in a link between Europe and America.

The Computer Classroom
Madison, WI, US
We provide authorized training for SCO UNIX, Novell UnixWare, and SunSoft Solaris. The Computer Classroom also teaches Introduction to the Internet classes. Our course catalog and class schedule are available on the web, along with a form to request more information or register for a class.

Cosmic Kitty Industries
Portland, OR, US
A personal page with links to Archaeological information on the web, a self-maintained page on Pre-Raphaelites, and miscellaneous other art resources and fun. This is the central hub of the Cosmic Kitty information network.

Country Fans
Tampa, FL, US
Dedicated to country western music fans. Includes artists and related information. Be sure to check out the Cowboy Page, and to sign the guest book.

Cultural Academic Student Exchange, Inc.
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The Cultural Academic Student Exchange, Inc. is currently seeking qualified host families, especially in the Pittsburgh area. Our screening process helps us bring highly qualified students to the United States and match them with equally terrific host families.

Cyber Store
Lange & Global Affiliates, Philadelphia, PA, US
Science fiction toys, models, and kits. Visit now for a collector's Yoda.

Cyberspace Auto Related Swapmeet
San Diego, CA, US
CARS is a virtual swapmeet where you can sell your car or just show it off on the Net. Offers crash videos as well as auto parts and events calendar.

Czech Ministry of Environment
CME CZ, Prague, CZ
The view of environmental protection in the Czech Republic. A lot of links to home pages to other GIS and environmental resources.

Darden Graduate School of Business Administration
Charlottesville, VA, US
This the official Web site of the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia.

Darr Houssen Dog Obedience School
Houssennet, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
A free dog obedience training manual that is downloaded and formatable in either Word/WordPerfect/Write for Windows or just plain text. Very nice when printed.

DataVision - FoxPro WWW Site
DataVision, Anaheim, CA, US
We provide consulting to organizations that are interested in using FoxPro.

Defense Electronics Supply Center
D.E.S.C. FCIM Office, Dayton, US
We provide online services to the U.S. DOD community. Come and learn about DESC, and Dayton, Ohio. Also stop by and see our future home in Columbus, Ohio. Are you paying $500.00 for a 50 cent resistor? Visit the online Price Challenge fill-out form.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Develcon develops, manufactures and markets computer networking products with special emphasis on the Remote LAN Access and ISDN markets. The products include hubs, bridges and routers.

Digital Planet NetCount -- Ratings System for the World Wide Web
Los Angeles, CA, US
At last, a reliable system exists to accurately measure usage of the Web. Sign up with Digital Planet NetCount while our introductory rates are still in effect and information about your site and its statistics will be available to advertisers looking to sponsor Web sites.

Dynaware on the Web
Dynaware USA, Inc., Foster City, CA, US
Developer of 3D modeling and animation, MIDI sequencing and notation and educational titles for PC Windows and Macintosh computers. Dynaware also publishes popular Japanese word processors called MacWord and MacVJE.

East Coast Computer Systems, Inc.
Riveria Beach, FL, US
Computer sales, service, consulting, and information.

Ekaya Institute
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Ekaya presents beautiful fine art: environmental, ethnic, and new age prints and originals, as well as info about our youth adventure programs.

Electronic Town Meeting Announcement
NCSA, Champaign, IL, US
The National Electronic Open Meeting will be held May 1-14 over electronic networks, with access through WWW, newsgroups, and e-mail, to address how Americans want to connect with their government in the information age. Ways to participate include browsing on the WWW, or sending a blank e-mail message to info@meeting.fedworld.gov. To ensure participation by the "unconnected," public and private organizations will volunteer as Public Access Sites.

Caterpillar, Inc., Peoria, IL, US
ENGOTS (C-library) is a set of X-Windows/Motif compatible engineering oriented widgets and Motif and C utilities. ENGOTS widgets include XY/contour plotting and strip charting, polar plotting, float/int/string data entry, table/map data entry, and customized drawings.

The Enterprise Operations Service
Strategic Data Systems Inc., Orlando, FL, US
EOS is an Internet business provider. Includes Bushfire's Villa View, an advertising and booking service, initially for vacation properties worldwide (first location Disneyworld).

WebbSco, Canton, CT, USA
New service provider located in Canton, CT. Servicing all of CT. Wide range of services including custom graphics, corporate accounts.

The ET Electronic Triangulation System
Alignment Services Company, Jackson Hole, WY, US
The ET System is one of the world's most advanced high precision measurement systems, used in power generation, aerospace and many other industries.

Expotel Interactive
Interactive Telephony Limited, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
A complete hotel reservation system. Currently holds 13000 U.K. hotels for bookings based on the, world famous, Expotel Reservations System. This service offers secure transmission of credit card details to the Expotel reservations centre, via secure http.

Facilities Management
infoPost, San Diego, CA, US
Facilities Management by HZA provides you with an enterprise-wide solution for sharing facilities information, enabling you to reduce operation costs, generate more accurate reports, ensure greater accuracy of data, track your assets more efficiently, and more.

Fourth International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management
CIKM95, Lafayette, LA, US
This is a call for papers for the Fourth International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management to be held Nov. 29-Dec. 2, 1995 in Maryland.

Freedom Tax Coalition
Provo, UT, US
Join us in abolishing the Federal income tax. Support the national sales tax. Get more information on the home page of the Freedom Tax Coalition.

Galaxy Home Page
Manhattan Beach, CA, US
The Galaxy Entertainment Network presents The Internet Funnies, a weekly showcase featuring some of the funniest rising comedians, which will be located in our Joke & Show Biz Tip of the Week section. Galaxy also provides entertainment programming, business opportunities and entertainment information.

Twin Cities (St. Paul and Minneapolis), MN, US
ISDN Internet access provider serving the twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

The Great Northwest Bookstore in Multnomah
Portland, OR, US
Offering a wide selection of books on more than 200 topics, The Great Northwest Bookstore in Multnomah opens it's doors to Portland, Oregon and the world. Book searches available.

Helping Kids Cope With the Oklahoma Bombing
American Psychological Association, Washington, DC, US
In response to the Oklahoma City bombing, the American Psychological Association has put up a Web page on psychology's response to the bombing. Includes advice on how to help kids cope, information on the association's Disaster Response Network, and links to other sites with useful information.

Hitachi Instruments, Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
A manufacturer and provider of scientific instrumentation. Our products include analytical instruments, clinical blood analyzers and electron microscopes.

Home Pages of Hong Kong People around the World
Hong Kong Club of Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, US
A list of personal homepages of Hong Kong people around the world. Please send new entries and updates to Ivan Lai.

HomeTown Free-Press
MicroNiche Publishing, San Diego, CA, US
A geographical index for over 500 links to local news and event information sites in communities around the world.

HTML Writers Guild
Atlanta, GA, US
A cooperative international organization of people involved in all aspects of creating, developing and maintaining World Wide Web pages and services. The Guild pages feature links to members' home pages, a selection of how to and style guides, and a library of icons, buttons and bars, in addition to general information about the Guild.

The Hypertext Principia Discordia
Church of Tiltology, Salem, OR, US
The full and authoritative text of the Principia Discordia, including the 5th edition introduction by Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, images and links scattered throughout to complete the Erisian experience.

I Need My Chocolate
S. Holubek, Washington, DC, US
Links to Internet chocolate resources, a list of my favorite chocolate desserts in D.C., and home of the alt.food.chocolate FAQ.

Ian Leicht's Computer Art
Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA, US
A virtual gallery of computer art made by Ian Leicht. This gallery is hosted by the Computer Science Department at Harvey Mudd College.

Imagi-Nations Bridesmaid Boutique
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Shirley and Mary Nations invite you to their online bridesmaid boutique. Imagi-Nations of Brookhaven, Mississippi offers fashionable bridesmaids' gowns with a distinctive flair by Watters and Watters. Imagi-Nation is a part of Net Mart, The Internet Shopping Mall.

Incredible Collectibles
Davies Enterprises, Rockville Centre, NY, US
An antiques and collectibles store and resource for collectors, with links to many related subjects.

InfoNet Builder
Oregon House, CA, US
We build Web pages, home pages, interactive brochures, catalogs and online response forms. We then locate them on the Internet to ensure maximum accessibility.

Information Emporium
San Luis Rey, CA, US
Provides free information, and inexpensive products in the areas of health, higher education, and personal finance.

International Investor Consortium
Entrepreneur Holdings Mgmt.Tr., Orlando, FL, US
Invest U.S. and foreign dollars in Florida real estate mortgages/notes. Returns paid in U.S. dollars. Can help with initial conversion. Safe, conservative and high-yield potential.

Internet Financial Publishing
Wolcott, CT, US
We can create an inexpensive Web presence for any organization or business. As a Web content provider, we specialize in providing information about software development products.

Internet Phone (TM)
VocalTec Inc., Northvale, NJ, US
A unique software product that opens new and exciting dimensions for Internet users. With Internet Phone, you can use the Internet to speak with anyone all over the world. Yes, real-time conversations over the Internet, at a price of a local phone call or even less.

Internet Publication Service, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN, US
Specializing in Internet and World Wide Web publishing and site creation, installation, and maintenance for individuals, organizations, small businesses, and corporations around the world.

The Internet Source for InkJet Refills
MIS Associates, Inc, Birmingham, MI, US
Save 40-80% off the cost of new inkjet cartridges by refilling them yourself up to 20 times. Also recycle or buy new here. Another site by the electronic commerce specialists of The Internet Factory.

SGN, Inc., Rockville, MD, US
Offering an opportunity for creators and inventors to present their work to the world via the Internet. News on new products, newsletters from inventors groups and creations available for licensing.

Italy Hotel Reservation
Venere s.a.s., Rome, Italy
A powerful structured database with searcher facilities on the Italian hotels. The server contains pages with texts and pictures describing the hotels, city maps, and tourist informations. Online reservation service coming soon.

ITHERM V - Electronic Packaging Conference
Tucson, AZ, US
The fifth ITHERM conference, dealing with thermal phenomena in electronic packaging, will be held in Orlando in May 1996.

Jack Birch Unit for Environmental Carcinogenesis
JBUEC, Dept. of Biology, Univ. of York, York, North Yorkshire, UK
We are a research unit specialising in the fields of environmental carcinogenesis and human biomonitoring {exposure and damage evaluation}. We are also the local organizers of the forthcoming international conference:Molecular Aspects of Carcinogenesis

Jan's Country Garden
Schenectady, NY, US
A new garden supply catalog with full-color pictures. We exist only on the Web and are presently trying to develop responsible ways for a company such as ours to conduct business here.

Journey North
Minneapolis, MN, US
An Internet-based learning adventure that will engage students in a global study of wildlife migration. Beginning on Groundhog's Day, 1995, students will travel northward with spring as it sweeps across the continent of North America. With global classmates and state-of-the-art computer technology, they will predict the arrival of spring from half a world away.

Kaleidoscope Animations, Inc.
Beachwood, OH, US
As one of the largest Silicon Graphics dealers in the country, Kaleidoscope Animations offers high quality, reliable services for all of your animation needs. If you're in the market for hardware, software, rendering, tape layoff or Web services, we have a solution for you.

Karra's Korner
Phoenix, AZ, US
Designed for survivors of sexual abuse includes links to information, support groups, resources, alternative healing paths and men's and women's resources.

Keri Advocat Photography
New York, NY, US
An evolving portfolio of photographs, including fashion and portraiture, by New York City photographer Keri Advocat. Also: links to photographic resources on the Web.

Kev's World
Start 2 Finish Publishing, Inc., Jackson, MI, US
Kevin Nichols is a newspaper cartoonist who has created his own Web page. He uploads a daily cartoon in both GIF and PDF formats for people to use, free of charge.

Kishwaukee College Info
Malta, IL, US
Information about Kish College, and links to other Web and gopher sites.

Kiwanis Home Page
Steamboat Springs Kiwanis Club, Steamboat Springs, CO, US
The Kiwanis Club of Steamboat Springs uses rural telecommunications resources provided by the Colorado Advanced Technology Institute to be the first community Kiwanis organization on the Web.

Kruse Plastic & Plywood, Inc.
Louisville, KY, US
We are a wholesale distributor of supplies and service for cabinetmaking, casework, woodworking and interior construction.

Labyrinth Modular Clothing
Atlanta, GA, US
Labyrinth Modular Clothing celebrates the feminine energy with beautiful, comfortable, affordable, one-size-fits-all cotton clothing.

Lafayette Food Guide
Jeffrey Bradford, Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, IN, US
A detailed guide for restaurants around the greater Lafayette area. One can search according to different catagories, including type and price.

Lin Hsin Hsin's Art Museum
National Computer Board, Singapore
A Singaporean poet and artist holds her first exhibition in cyberspace. This museum is a retrospective of her works in the last seven years.

Linden Music
Linden, VA, US
We feature unusual music CDs encompassing ambient, progressive, electronic, and sound sculpture. Artists include Jeff Greinke, Robert Rich, Kit Watkins, Happy The Man and others. We've got a free CD offer, audio clips, discographies, graphics, mail-order, and more.

Linnet -- Internet Presence Consulting in Scotland
Local Internet Services Ltd., Edinburgh, UK
Linnet is a new company set up to help businesses in Scotland make more effective use of the Internet. Products include access and support, Internet presence consulting, Web training, and provision of Web and ftp server space.

The Los Angeles County Real Estate Forum
GEN Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
GEN, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Century 21 Val Realty to the Los Angeles County Real Estate Forum. They are currently showcasing homes and even a church for sale.

MCNY Links Page
Media Connection of New York, Inc., New York, NY, US
MCNY Links Page is a graphically simple way to find the most interesting and useful sites on the World Wide Web.

Mediamatic, Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A bilingual magazine about the cultural implications of new media. Aside from the magazine, Mediamatic is also a design consultancy and co-organized (together with the Netherlands Design Institute) the two successful Doors of Perception conferences about interaction design.

Mediterranean Marketplace
Ukiah, CA, US
Mediterranean Marketplace not only offers gifts, but also offers links to European pages, and has a classifieds section that will hopefully became a must for all tourists to view before embarking on their own European vacation.

Meet A Friend On the Web
West Lafayette, IN, US
By clicking on the link below, you will be sent to a random person's homepage. No departments, no organizations, no site lists, just people and what they want to put on the web.

Megahertz Corporation
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Specializes in the design, manufacture, and marketing of communications solutions for mobile computer users. The company currently produces a full line of mobile communications products including credit-card sized PCMCIA land-line modems, land-line modems with the XJACK® connector, cellular modems and others.

Metabolizer Health Products
Allen Industries, Atlanta, GA, US
We provide all natural health supplements and alternative medicines.

Molecular Dynamics
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Develops and manufactures innovative instrument systems that increase data quality and throughput in life science research laboratories. These systems for fluoresecent imaging, filmless autoradiography, densitometry, confocal microscopy, and DNA sequencing automation give researchers fast, accurate data acquisition and analysis.

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary
Research and development activities at the Computer and Automation Research Institute are described.

Multisports School of Champions
Offers triathlon camps coached by the best athletes in the sport, (Paula Newby-Fraser, Greg Welch, Mark Allen, Paul Huddle, Mike Pigg). Includes training and nutritional tips.

NASA/GSFC Space Data and Computing Division Highlights
Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, US
Take a virtual space walk, witness supernova discoveries, see features of the moon, explore current and future supercomputing capabilities, learn about NASA internships in computing and related cooperative agreements.

Navigation Information Connection-Inland River
Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District, Rock Island, IL, US
Links to information on traffic, water conditions, etc.

NetK2NE (K2NE Software)
Browns Mills, NJ, US
NetK2NE provides Internet service to the southern New Jersey (area code 609) region including shell and SLIP accounts, WWW pages, HTML authoring, online BBS, etc. at very reasonable prices.

pactek, Mountain View, CA, US
One of the largest shopping malls adds employment opportunity and virtual consultant services in its active Internet commerce. Anyone who is seeking a job can send in a resume and any corporation that has job openings can post with us. Also includes buyers guide, Japanese animation (Manga), and many specialties.

New Zealand Mountain Bike Web
The Kennett Bros, Wellington, New Zealand
The New Zealand Mountain Bike Web has moved to a new server. We've added the full results from the national championships and the Marin Karapoti Classic. There's a new search engine. Includes details of 300 rides, plus calendar of events, clubs, contacts and shops.

NewType Gaming Magazine On-Line
San Francisco, CA, US
On May 1st, 1995 NewType Gaming Magazine is going online. The new site is going to serve the Net users as a video game information center and as a jumpstation to related Web resources. The site will be user friendly and is paying special attention to teaching how to use and contribute to the Web development.

Nichiren Buddhists
Kempon Hokke of America, Denver, CO, US
At last an alternative. Association forming for chanting, study and discussion groups to study the Orthodox teaching of Nichiren and Shakyamuni.

NISE East Information Technology Support
Charleston, SC, US
Computer customer service support. Training, publications, operating systems, application software, network, and hardware support.

Notre Dame's Mass Spectrometry Laboratories
Univ. of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, US
A service lab for the departments of chemistry and biochemistry.

Oak Ridge Public Relations
Cupertino, CA, US
There is information about Oak Ridge's book the first, advanced, state-of-the-art, high performance, totally integrated, revolutionary, leading edge, high tech joke book and information about Oak Ridge public relations, our clients, and public relations in general.

Off the Shelf Music & Video
Empire Consumer Marketing Group, South Hadley, MA, US
Distributor of import and domestic CDs, VHS and laser disc videos, and video games.

The Ohio State Univ. Sound Synthesis Studios
Columbus, OH, US
Currently under construction. Contains sample soundfiles, description of the facilities, student and faculty links and links to other studio sites.

On The Web -- Web Page Services
Redwood City, CA, US
We make it easy for you to be on the Web.

Overall Knowledge Company, Inc.
New York City, NY, US
A Web site development firm focusing on the business needs of the arts and entertainment industry. OKC publishes the Museum Online Resource Review as well as other information directories.

Pace Systems Inc
Montebello, CA, US
World Wide Web services and Internet access (PPP/SLIP/dial-up).

The Peasant Syndrome Page
Portland, OR, US
Alternative pop for a new world. Find out more about this Portland, Oregon based band.

Pencom Career Center
New York City, NY, US
Pencom, a leading resource in the open systems marketplace, introduces its new Career Center. This site provides an interactive salary guide as well as job listings from around the country.

Penril Datability Networks Web Server
Gaithersburg, MD, US
Information about the company and its products. It has tech tips, employment openings, the usual corporate stuff and a page of links to other sites.

Peterson's Education Center
Peterson's Guides, Inc., Princeton, NJ, US
The center has made information about thousands of undergraduate schools available to the Internet. In addition, over 150 schools have electronic applications available for downloading should you wish to apply.

PhotoIcons (Free Samples)
Iconation, Hoffman Estates, IL, US
New, unique, fun: an art gallery on your screen. Tired of the same old dull cartoonish icons? Replace them with beautiful photos. Dazzling and vivid colors you would not believe possible in an icon. Miniature works of art.

Pinehurst (NC) Golf
NCNetWorks, Pinehurst, NC, US
Pinehurst Golf lists the 35 golf courses in the greater Pinehurst area. Long known for its beautiful and challenging courses, Pinehurst also offers a range of other activities for the whole family. The lodging and restaurants are unbeatable!

The Political Scientist's Guide To The Internet
Peter Adams, Hartford, CT, US
An interactive guide to the wide range of political resources available on the Internet. In addition to its intuitive organization, the Guide also provides its users with ways to add new political resources as they become available.

Prism Performance Systems
Farmington Hills, MI, US
Prism is a training and consulting organization providing services that assist clients in achieving maximum productivity and competitiveness. Services include change management, continuous improvement, reengineering, and team development.

Pro Se-Independent Law Student Newspaper
Champaign, IL, US
Provides many daily legal news links.

The Process Recording Studio, Inc
Greensboro, NC, US
A full service multi-room facility based in Greensboro, NC specializing in broadcast, audio for video and film, multimedia productions.

Progressive Computer Services - Awesome Web Creations
New Orleans, LA, US
PCS is a complete Internet provider, from offering dial-up local access to high-capacity, high-quality web development services via our fiber optic network. Whether your job is small or large, standard or highly-customized, PCS can give you great visibility and performance.

Quest Technologies
New York, NY, US
A pioneer in computerized support services, Quest focuses its strengths on two main areas: the legal marketplace and the Internet marketplace. For the first, Quest combines technical innovations with wide area network expertise to provide computerized litigation support services. For the second, Quest creates the most compelling Web servers on the Net.

The Rockwell Digital Communications Division (DCD)
Newport Beach, CA, US
The largest business unit of Rockwell Telecommunications. Its technology focus includes data and facsimile modems, wireless communications technology, commercial global positioning systems and computer networking products.

Saccharomyces Genomic Information Resource
Dept. of Genetics, Stanford Univ., Palo Alto, CA, US
Genomic information is provided for the budding yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This includes, but it not limited to, the results of the international yeast genome chromosomal sequencing projects, genetic and physical maps, Saccharomyces Gene Name Registry, information about yeast researchers, and descriptions of yeast gene products and their interactions.

SAGE -- The Solvent Alternatives Guide
Center for Environmental Technology, RTI, Research Triangle Park, NC, US
SAGE has been developed by Research Triangle Institute in cooperation with the U.S. EPA Air & Energy Engineering Research Lab in order to provide ideas for alternatives to solvents that are ozone depleting chemicals or hazardous air pollutants.

Salomon Brothers International Limited
London, England
This site contains information on the Firm and its services, and careers within our technology organisation.

Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation
Santa Barbara, CA, US
A tour of architectural landmarks in the city of Santa Barbara from the late 18th-century Mission to the Spanish Colonial Revival styles of the 1920s and '30s with commentary from architectural historians and urban planners.

Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity -- Gamma Rho Chapter
San Diego, CA, US
Home page for Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity at University of California, San Diego. It contains national and chapter histories, lists of chapters and colonies, list brothers at Gamma Rho Chapter, and events going on at Gamma Rho.

Sister Cities International
Alexandria, VA, US
SCI announces its newest online service, the Sister Cities International World Wide Web page. This page has conference information as well as staff email addresses and general information about SCI.

SLIP Alternatives
Bellingham, WA, US
Links for people who have a shell account and want to use TCP/IP software but can't afford a SLIP account. SLIP Alternatives also has some useful links.

Sofa Chicago 1995
Ferguson-Taylor Group, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
Sofa sets itself apart as an art exposition by focusing primarily on three-dimensional works -- sculpture, objects and functional art -- in all media. Sofa is presented by select galleries and dealers from around the USA and the world.

Stanford Electronic Humanities Review
Stanford, CA, US
This is the electronic incarnation of The Stanford Humanities Review, officially known itself as The Stanford Electronic Humanities Review. The SHR, and the SEHR, are dedicated to providing a wide-open forum for diverse voices from all over the intellectual landscape of our world.

Starlight Networks, Inc.
Mountain View, CA, US
Information on adding multimedia to your network for on-demand training, video mail using Lotus Video for Notes and other video-enabled applications.

Steamboat Vacation Lodging
Mountain Castles, Inc., Steamboat Springs, CO, US
Summer, winter, year-round, the high country of Colorado's Steamboat Springs and STT
El Segundo, CA, US
A page of links, weekly top 10, and a page full of SNES Game Genie codes.

AT&T, Columbus, OH, US
First best-selling book demoed on the Web. Includes beautiful Superlearning music and visualizations, the 5-times-faster learning secrets used by major companies and 1.2 million individuals. Where cyberspace meets psyberspace.

Tailgate Picnic
Empire Consumer Marketing Group, South Hadley, MA, US
The Empire Mall is pleased to announce the addition of this Netscape 1.1 enhanced gourmet distributor of gift baskets and goodies.

TeamWARE Division, ICL Volume Products, Helsinki, Finland
A complete suite of team productivity software for workgroups, departments and enterprises. The TeamWARE Office groupware suite enables people to share information among members of a team located locally or throughout a company.

The Technologic, Inc. Home Page
Atlanta, GA, US
An Internet security software and consulting firm. We also provide Web authoring and hosting services.

Tokyo Q: Tokyo City Guide
Rick Kennedy, Tokyo, Japan
Looks at the wry side of life in the world's funkiest city. Events calendar, restaurants, and things to do.

Tombstone Productions
Empire Consumer Marketing Group, South Hadley, MA, US
Distributor of horror costumes, masks, props, special effects equipment, and personal defense items.

Travel Advice
Ogden, UT, US
The leading service dedicated to answering travel questions and providing travelers with custom itinerary planning. Experience in more than 200 countries ensures quick, reliable information for travel agents and travelers.

Treasure Net
treasure@halcyon.com, Bellevue, WA, US
A treasure related resource center. Subjects include treasure hunting, gold panning, gold hunting, treasure recovery, treasure research, and metal detector browsers.

UCLA Space Projects Group
Stanford, CA, US
Part of UCLA's AIAA student chapter, the Space Projects Group provides students with experience in rocket design, manufacture, and launch. (The Web site is currently at Stanford, not Los Angeles.)

UGA School of Environmental Design
Univ. of Georgia, Athens, GA, US
The ED school, at the University of Georgia, offers this server to provide professionals and other schools involved in landscape architecture and historic preservation with access to updated information about the University, the SED, and the state of Georgia.

UMHS Cardiopulmonary Services
Minneapolis, MN, US
Information about the Cardiopulmonary Services Department at the University of Minnesota Health System. Links to sites of interest to individuals involved in pulmonary, respiratory, or critical care.

U.S. Cavalry
Williamsburg, VA, US
Featuring the world's finest military and law enforcement gear and equipment.

Virginia Military Institute Alumni Agencies
Advanced Research Corporation, Reston, VA, US
Online information for those associated with the Virginia Military Institute and the VMI Alumni Agencies.

Visual Solutions, Inc., Westford, MA, US
Description of VisSim, with downloadable working demo, sample screenshot, user quotes and feedback links to distributor pages. VisSim is used in real-time process control simulations and in real-time control.

The Voyager Company
New York, NY, US
Voyager is a leading publisher of innovative CD-ROMs and laserdiscs. The site also features performance artist Laurie Anderson, the literary journal The Paris Review, and other innovative content.

Wall Street Strategies
Wall Street Strategies, Inc., Williamsburg, VA, US
The investment hotline that all America's bullish on.

Weird Blinking Lights
voltage control records, San Francisco, CA, US
Striving to create musical and environmental experiences that are out of the ordinary and intriguing. This is the original home page for the wbl sound system.

West Coast Bed and Breakfast Pages
Tornatta Associates, Campbell, CA, US
Bed and breakfast listings for California, Oregon, and Washington. The pages contain forms that a reader can use to add a review or link.

What's New Too!
Manifest Information Services, Las Vegas, NV, US
What's New Too! is a Web announcement service. It is updated daily, posts all Web announcements, and is fully searchable and customizable.

Winston Shifflett's Shenandoah Valley Spinning Wheel
Harrisonburg, VA, US
A profile of cycling in the Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. Recreation and racing info.

Wolverine Antique Music Society
Silverton, OR, US
Dedicated to 78rpm antique phonographics and traditional jazz.

Words & Images
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Commercial and technical writing, hypertext and online help, Web page design, electronic publishing with Adobe Acrobat, cost-effective Web storage, consultancy on Web marketing.

World of Interest -- Mosaic Version
Northern, NJ, US
WOI's truly unique Net index weeds out the cyberspace debris, leaving a clear path to only great sites. In its first month, WOI already has won two cool-site-of-the-day selections. Try it, and avoid all those frustrating, waste of time links.

YENet, the Internet Presence Provider
Ithaca, NY, US
We provide the service, so your business can be at the forefront of this emerging market. We provide HTML production using HTML 3.0, and provide the highest quality at a low cost.

Zion's Ponderosa Resort
InfoWest Global Internet Services, St. George, UT, US
Offers people a unique way of experiencing Zion National Park, from the top down. We offer mountain biking, hiking, camping, and just relaxing in beautiful Zion National Park, located in Southern Utah.

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