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What's New: September 1995

Monday, 4 September 1995

1995 Hartford Grand Slam Band Winners
Hartford, CT, US
See and hear Hartford's winning bands from the Hartford Advocate's 1995 Grand Band Slam.

The 1995 U.S. Visit by His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet
International Campaign for Tibet, Washington, DC, US
Order tickets to see the Dalai Lama in Atlanta (Sept. 5), Boston (Sept. 9), Houston (Sept. 7), or Washington, DC (Sept. 13).

ACE Contact Manager for Windows from Santa Fe Software
San Diego, CA, US
The finest tool to help run your business.

ACHIEVE! Technology
Amherst, NH, US
Provides US federal and state regulation management software on disk or CD-ROM, and software for complying with OSHA and EPA regulations.

Cincinnati, OH, US
We have information on all kinds of animals.

ADP Autonet
Ann Arbor, MI, US
We provide a wide area data communications network for local connectivity in over 1,800 US communities.

Alliance Health Products
San Diego, CA, US
A complete line of health food products to improve your health and diet, including vitamins, herbal healthcare products, and a natural weight loss program.

Appalachian Web of South Carolina
Appalachian Council of Governments, Greenville, SC, US
An information database about the Appalachian region of South Carolina.

Arizona Wildcat Sports Server
Tucson, AZ, US
The official University of Arizona intercollegiate athletics home page.

ASCE Seepage/ Groundwater Modeling Software
Provo, UT, US
We keep links up-to-date at our software repository.

The Astronomy Cafe
Arinternet, Landover, MD, US
An educational and professional resource in astronomy. Descriptive articles, hot keys to data archives, software, an Ask the Astronomer window for submitting questions, and lots more.

Astrophysicist Facing Prison & Deportation for 1st-Time Marijuana Offense
Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet), Washington, DC, US
Steven Pearce made one foolish mistake, and now stands to lose everything for it.

The Atlanta Music Scene
Atlanta, GA, US
We showcase established and up-and-coming musical and arts-related talent from the southeast region.

Atlantic Financial of Massachusetts
Worcester, MA, US
We have a free financial planing questionnaire, investment tips, mutual fund information, and more.

Baha'i Community of San Jose
San Jose, CA, US
Information on local, national and international Baha'i resources available on the Internet. Links to search and retrieve documents, etc.

Bart (Simpson)
Technology Services, Albany, NY, US
This server is dedicated to the Simpsons.

The Bath Independent Guest Houses Association
ifanet, Bath, UK
We have information on guest houses in and around Bath.

Berkshire Associates Inc.
Columbia, MD, US
We are a national human resource consulting organization that specializes in affirmative action plan preparation and software.

Big Bus
Gulf Breeze, FL, US
An e-zine for students with a world view.

Biomaterials Research Center
The Univ. of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX, US
We provide research and education in biomaterials for dental, orthopaedic, craniofacial, and other applications.

Biz Net Source
Kleb, Bohler Associates, P.C., Aurora, IL, US
A resource for individuals wishing to start their own small business.

New Brunswick, NJ, US
A good collection of Bob Marley pictures.

Bob Cerelli's Win95 Page
Seattle, WA, US
Detailed information for setting up Win95 TCP/IP.

Nashville, TN, US
An international online bookstore which allows browsers to search and order 3,000,000 U.S titles; 300,000 German titles; and 50,000 Spanish titles. Fast and reliable service.

Breeze & Eeze Kites Online Catalogue
Strategix Pty Ltd., Sydney, Australia
Here, "surfing the Net" takes on a whole new meaning. Manufacturers and promoters of kite flying since 1975.

Canadian Arts Presenting Association
CAPACOA, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
We have organizations in all 10 provinces of Canada, as well as in the Yukon.

Overland Park, KS, US
North America's largest automobile collision repair franchise.

The Cave
Click Models Casting and Photography, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A Web meeting point for photographers, directors, designers, art-directors, models, actors, service-companies and others.

CD Learn
PPS ReSources, Philadelphia, PA, US
A new, personalized, completely audiovisual, and highly interactive training system for your favorite computer applications.

Center for Utopian/Dystopian Studies
Ohio Univ., Athens, OH, US
Home to myriad alternative utopias - complete with architecture, literature, artwork, and ideas.

Centro de Informacion-Biblioteca
Inst. Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico
Information about our campus, services, and more.

An electronic magazine that contains high-res graphics and over 45 columns.

Christian Guide to Essential Internet Resources
Internet for Christians, Grand Rapids, MI, US
Quentin Schultze's guide to the best Christian resources on the Net, including Web sites, mailing lists and Net access for missionaries.

Griffith Univ., Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
The Internet's largest film and media directory with over 1,400 links.

The City of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
We offer strategic and business planning information and links.

Troy, NY, US
Information on Colombia, including its constitution, flag, history, and more.

Commercial Sites in China and Hong Kong
Sino Linkage Ltd, Hong Kong
A guide and directory to China and Hong Kong for business and traveling.

Critter's Art Gallery
Omnivore Arts and Technology, Newton, MA, US
A revolving set of images highlighting the watercolors and computer art of W.C. Metcalf.

The Disposable Individual Gelled Instant Toothbrush Dentist (DIGIT)
Atlanta, GA, US
We have invented and patented this new biomedical product.

Distance Learning
Technology Reinvestment Project, Greenville, NC, US
Background on the Technology Reinvestment Project in progress at East Carolina University. The page describes classes and encourages interested parties to apply.

Distant Caravans
Reno, NV, US
We carry things for people who are interested in the Middle Ages, Renaissance and belly dancing. Also ethnic jewelry from different parts of the world.

DMP Corporation
Fort Mill, SC, US
Information on our environmental technology products and goals.

Pasadena, CA, US
The first and only monthly eco-Web journal.

Eco-Rating International
Pasadena, CA, US
We are the world's first environmental rating agency using a uniquely developed methodology to assess a firm's environmental performance.

Electronic Waveform Labs
H-Wave, Huntington Beach, CA, US
Information on the research and treatment of neuropathies and chronic pain scenarios. Current research is very promising on this type of therapy with 80% of recipients demonstrating significant recovery.

Embassy of Belgium
Washington, DC, US
General information, visa regulations, and more.

Enter Doom
Pocket Books, New York, NY, US
New Doom Web site includes graphics from the game, sound effects, sample chapters of the novels, game information, Doom links and chat.

Everybody's Store
Van Zandt, WA, US
Specializes in gourmet and natural foods, herbs and exotic merchandise. We accept inquiries pertaining to the purchase of industrial and agricultural commodities.

Facet Collector's Showcase
Bellevue, CA, US
The Northwest's largest dealer of Lladro, Swarovski, Legends, M.I. Hummel, Chilmark, Walt Disney Classics, Royal Copenhagen/Bing and Grondahl, Royal Doulton, Lenox, Limoges, Staffordshire and Armani, collectibles.

Fair Oaks Financial Services
Palo Alto, CA, US
America's first online interactive mortgage agency. We provide mortgage rates, a mortgage calculator, a mortgage prequalifier, a loan application, and a good faith estimate.

Fashion Net
New York, NY, US
The global meeting point for the world of fashion.

Flames and 'LX'
Steinkrug Publications Ltd, Royston, UK
These short interactive stories allow the reader to switch from one narrative to another.

Flirt! Fashions - Sexy, Fun Fashions for Women
Cocoa Beach, FL, US
Offers women a variety of unusual, sexy, fun fashions, from dresses to stagewear. Contest each month with prizes.

FORE Systems Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA, US
We are the worldwide leader in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of LAN products based on ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) technology.

Frank's Dry76/Wet78 Photo Essay
Frank R. Farmer, Sacramento, CA, US
View the Evolution Basin region of California's Sierra Nevada, with pictures taken in June 1976 (severe drought) and June 1978 (heavy snow).

Glass Bead Challenge
Creativision Publishing Corp., Fort Worth, TX, US
A new game of strategy for Windows. Download an evaluation copy, view the features list or buy a registered version for $9.95 online. Coolness.

GMI Media Group
Federal Way, WA, US
A company that specializes in audio and music production for broadcast, film, video, and multimedia production.

Guido "The Dice Man" Dimatto's Racket
KCA Entertainment, Inc., Austin, TX, US
Let Guido show you the vast amount of knowledge and technique that he has acquired in craps.

Health Technologies Network
Allen Industries, Amarillo, TX, US
We offer the only supplements endorsed by Dr. Betty Kamen.

Hideki Noda's Motor-Home Page
Tokyo, Japan
Information on a Japanese race-car driver who competed in F-1 and F-3000 last year.

The Houston Urban Bulletin
Boardwalk Communications, Houston, TX, US
The HUB highlights the entertainment and leisure culture of Houston. Accommodations, dining, tours, sights and attractions.

Image Depot International, LLC
Phoenix, AZ, US
IDI's innovative approach to the vending concept offers PC add-on modules that charge the public for access to the Internet in places such as libraries and coffee houses.

Industrial Strength Design
New York, NY, US
A design studio located in NYC. It opened in December 1994 and has already won seven design awards, including a best of show award.

InfoSeek Net Search Cool Sites Index
InfoSeek Corp., Santa Clara, CA, US
Organized by categories and limited to only the best sites in each topic. Coupled with InfoSeek's great search engine, this listing provides a one-stop spot to find everything you need on the Web.

A Infovia dos Gauchos (In Spanish)
Porto Alegre, Brazil
We offer business opportunities and government services to citizens.

Irving, TX, US
A monthly publication that analyzes investment opportunities in companies involved with semiconductor equipment, semiconductor and flat panel display industries.

InterCity Mall
Dallas, TX, US
We offer products services from the convenience of your computer.

International Society of Exposure Analysis (ISEA) Newsletter
Piscataway, NJ, US
We aim to advance the science of exposure analysis with environmental contaminants, human populations, and ecosystems.

The Internet Doctor
Marc Merizzi MD, Iberville, Quebec, Canada
A personalized medical information service provided by experienced medical doctors to give medical information in a convenient way.

Internet PC Games Charts
Jojo Productions, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Weekly charts with the most popular PC games in the world, as voted for by Internet users.

Internet-Connect, Inc.
Mooresville, IN, US
We offer complete Internet services for individuals and businesses.

Inventors Virtual Partnerships
Denver, CO, US
Includes principles of a self-contained universe, a neural net that is optimized in it, optimally free social systems for these optimized nets, and some free mechanical inventions.

Issho Kikaku (Project Together)
Yokohama, Japan
A non-profit organization formed by Tokyo-based foreign nationals which uses performing arts projects, symposia and computer networking to facilitate the internationalization process in Japan.

JAMPAC Backstage
JAMPAC, Imusic, Rocktropolis, Seattle, WA, US
Features the benefit concert for JAMPAC in Washington state. Formed by Krist Novoselic to fight music censorship. Sophisticated graphics, meaningful empowerment sections, and exclusive interviews/photographs.

JLA Enterprises
Cotati, CA, US
We offer fine art, Byzantine icons, music, CDs, and more.

Joseph's Mac Universe
The Edge, Tullahoma, TN, US
Access to only the best Macintosh resources.

Joyce Wankable
Joyce Wankable Electronic Publishing, Winston-Salem, NC, US
The second issue of this NC-based Webzine features interviews with indie filmmaker Ronnie Cramer, Chapel Hill band Southern Culture on the Skids, plus a page dedicated to Conan O'Brien, and much more.

Jumpstart Communications
Baltimore, MD, US
An Internet presence provider offering high caliber Web site design and maintenance, Web server installation, and general Internet media consulting.

Kettle Mountain Ginseng Immigration Program
Kettle Mountain Ginseng Company Ltd., Kelowna, BC, Canada
An investor purchasing 7,500 class "A" shares (for a total investment of $350,000) is eligible to receive his landed immigrant status provided that all other requirements under the Immigration Act are satisfied.

La Revue Intemporelle -- The timeless magazine
The Associated Humans - Les Humains Associes, Paris, France
A free magazine treating fundamental themes such as human dignity, the Earth, consciousness, love and the creation of a planetary federation.

Laminated Glass with Saflex® Plastic Interlayer
Monsanto Company, St. Louis, MO, US
Saflex® plastic interlayer is a tough, resilient polyvinyl butyral product used in manufacturing laminated glass for use in both commercial and residential applications.

The Liberty Coalition
Univ. of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, US
We are seven student groups dedicated to libertarian and classical liberal ideas.

Lifetime Funding, Inc.
Aptos, CA, US
We place policies of insureds wishing to sell with purchasers.

MAP International: Relief and Development
Brunswick, GA, US
The site details MAP International's work in health-related relief and development around the world. Follow world crises at the site's WorldWatch information service.

Matthew Newman - Pension and ERISA Law Firm
Edina, MN, US
A lawyer that limits his practice to qualified plan matters and other issues arising out of the ERISA act.

Mauro Magnani's Finance Area
Audies Assoc., Venice, Italy
A new index of financial resources with over 1,000 hyperlinks.

Medlin Accounting Shareware
Napa, CA, US
We offer award-winning accounting shareware.

MFM Associates
Danbury, CT, US
Lottery and business opportunities.

Milbert Amplifiers, Inc.
Germantown, MD, US
Vacuum tube car audio equipment since 1986.

The Mud Connector
Andrew Cowan, Orlando, FL, US
A complete online service for Internet multi-user games' addicts and administrators.

MultiThread Consultants
Great Finborough, Suffolk, England
Providing software solutions based on Microsoft Windows NT and Windows '95 platforms. An authorized Microsoft Solution Provider.

National Center for Educational Travel
Silver Spring, MD, US
We are a low-cost airfare finder.

The Net of Indra
Montesano, WA, US
Designs and writes Web pages for individuals and businesses. Examples of our work can be seen.

Gainesville, FL, US
We offer an object-oriented neural network simulation environment for MS Windows.

New Growth
New World Interactive, Portland, OR, US
We offer trees for fundraising, landscaping, promotions, and gifts.

Nexus Communication Corporation
Seattle, WA, US
We have recognized the incredible potential which the expansion of the availability and diversity of online features and services represent to the sexual minorities community.

The NGDC Electronic Postcard Service
Boulder, CO, US
Visitors to NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center Web page can now send dynamically created "Electronic Postcards" to people with both email and Web access.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital Department of Radiology
Chicago, IL, US
Information about our department, its facilities, and staff.

Notre Dame Football
Univ. of Notre Dame, IN, US
An online guide to Notre Dame Football. All of the history that has made the Irish football program so well-known. Get information on this year's team, schedules, and the outlook for the 1995 season.

NuDawn - Network Marketing Opportunity
Orlando, FL, US
A network marketing opportunity to sell sports/fitness, health and nutrition products. Learn through the successful approach of a husband and wife team. They offer you the benefit of their experiences.

Outbound Train
Torrance, CA, US
Distributor of interactive multimedia courseware, specializing in the areas of OSHA compliance, health and safety training, professional and personal development, ESL/EFL, and basic skills.

The Pacific National Exhibition 1995
OpenRoad Communications, Vancouver, BC, Canada
A yearly event in Vancouver, with agriculture, amusements, and more.

Tuscaloosa, AL, US
Tuscaloosa's only 8-piece freak-out.

Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Troy, NY, US
We were the first Latin fraternity in the nation.

Professionals Online
Professionals Online International, LLC, Novi, MI, US
A directory of Web sites organized by profession so that busy accountants, attorneys, bankers, engineers and business executives can quickly find useful information.

The Rapid Cyclist
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Methods and protocols for rapid PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction).

RealWorld Research
DeKalb, IL, US
We are a database research and computer consultancy company.

Retired Officers Association
Alexandria, VA, US
Information about our organization.

Richter Center - Treatment of Breath Disorders
Philadelphia, PA, US
Breath disorders (halitosis) affect 25 million people. The Richter Center, with fully trained dentists, successfully treats people. Learn what the procedure is and who to contact.

Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail
Sunbelt Golf Inc., Birmingham, AL, US
If you're looking for plush green grass, sparkling waterfalls, and gently sloping hills, you've got to see these pages.

Roy Clark Theatre
Ozark Network Communications, Inc., Branson, MO, US
Come see the Roy Clark theatre in Branson, Missouri.

The Russian Hill Web
Blaine Dixon, San Francisco, CA, US
An online magazine where photographers, painters, writers, and other artists can show samples of their work.

San Mateo High School Alumni
Jeff Keller, Foster City, CA, US
The official email list (in HTML format) for alumni of San Mateo High School, CA. Also has information on a SMHS mailing/discussion list.

SC Research International, Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
The world's leading supplier of market research data on professional imaging and communications markets and products. Home page also in German.

Schedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry (SCAN)
Dept. of Social Psychiatry, Groningen, The Netherlands
The SCAN is a set of instruments and manuals aimed at assessing, measuring and classifying psychopathology and behavior associated with the major psychiatric disorders in adult life.

The Science of Obesity and Weight Control
Ben Z. Krentzman, M.D., Venice, CA, US
The science behind information in newspapers or Usenet. Obesity is caused by genetics. Medications can control your obesity (not cure it). Physicians and nonphysicians invited.

Sea.Net Limited
London, England
Provides an Internet service for all those involved in the shipping industry including secure email, classified pages, library, databases, newsboard and forums.

Search Here!
Magic Solutions, Austin, TX, US
Links to some of the most powerful search engines on the Net.

Single Source
Falls Church, VA, US
Offers easy-to-use real estate software for Macintosh and Windows.

The Small Business Advisor
Information International, Great Falls, VA, US
Information to assist individuals who are starting or have already started a business.

Software Creations Web BBS
Clinton, MA, US
The First Web BBS. Winner of the 1995 Dvorak Excellence Award.

Software Engines, Inc.
Hoboken, NJ, US
A fifth generation languageless application development toolset for Sun Microsystems and Sybase developers. Web demo available.

Southern Life
Cape Town, South Africa
One of the leading life assurers in South Africa. Site provides information on a range of innovative products and services which the company offers both individuals and groups.

Spectra International: Job/Employment Opportunities
Scottsdale, AZ, US
A search and placement firm specializing in data communications, networkings, software development, semiconductors, operations, management, finance, retail, health care, human resources, construction and more.

Splash Dive Company
Venice, CA, US
Enjoy the adventure and beauty of Scuba diving. A full-service PADI dive center offering 2-week certification; dive travel packages; and local trips.

T. Eaton Company Ltd.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Information on our products, services, and special offerings.

Teaching Clinical Psychology
John Suler, Rider Univ., NJ, US
This page is devoted to sharing ideas and resources about the teaching of clinical psychology, especially undergraduate courses. Contributors are welcome.

Grayslake, IL, US
We provide products and services to help you communicate more efficiently.

Atlanta, GA, US
The most comprehensive information source about The American South's burgeoning film and video industry.

Think for Yourself Archive
Articles, speeches, and opinion from major periodicals; public policy issues, such as the "war on drugs," drug prohibition, criminal justice, and marijuana legalization.

TODAY Magazine
Kihei, HI, US
Filled with accurate, informative, and entertaining information about the island of Maui, along with exclusive shopping, dining, and activity money-savers.

Tool Alley
San Diego, CA, US
A catalog of quality tools at reasonable prices.

UCAR Composites Inc.
Irvine, CA, US
We specialize in the design and fabrication of tooling systems for the composites industry.

The Ulster Society
Ulster Historical Publications, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Registered as a charity within the UK, the Ulster Society is a non-profit organisation. Its publications promote Ulster-British heritage, culture and history.

The Ultimate UFO Page Survey/Questionnaire
TUFOP, Chicago, IL, US
A long-range research project with current UFO sightings, alien abduction information and links.

Boston, MA, US
Not just another Web space designer. Offers the finest in content development, design, HTML authoring and editorial services. Emmy award-winning production, now on the Web.

Universal Studios Florida
Orlando, FL, US
First Union is offering a "private" screening of Universal Studios in Florida.

University of North Texas College of Music
Denton, TX, US
One of the largest and most prestigious university music programs in the world. Internationally-known One O'Clock Lab Band, percussion program, piano faculty (including Russian Vladimir Viardo).

University Residences
Moscow, ID, US
All you ever wanted to know about on-campus housing at the University of Idaho.

Victor Image Processing Library
Catenary Systems Inc, St. Louis, MO, US
For creating DOS, Windows, and Windows 95 image applications. Visitors will find 16- and 32-bit image processing demonstration programs to download, pictures to work with, and sample code.

The Virtual Journal - Le Journal Virtuel
Les Humains Associes - The Associated Humans, Paris, France
A news zine (ecology, social, humanitarian, sciences, poetry, art, and cyberspace). It aims at considering the incidence of technological innovation on our mentalities and behaviors.

The Virtue of Selfish Investing
Berkeley, CA, US
Aggressive growth stock advisory service: annualized 34.5%/year vs. 12.2%/year for the S&P 500. Provides key buy and sell stock recommendations, and articles on market timing, technical analysis, and risk management advice.

Wave~Length Paddling Network
Gabriola, BC, Canada
Focuses on the world of sea kayaking. Links to paddling outfitters, guides and manufacturers. Destination stories. Articles on equipment, safety, low-impact travel, wildlife.

WestCoast Real Estate Listings
Kinetic Communications Inc., Corvallis, OR, US
We provide listings for Oregon, Washington, and Northern California.

Wherefore Web
W3-Studio Inc., Los Angeles, CA, US
An engaging, biweekly Webzine focusing on users and producers of the Web. Another W3-Studio production.

Who's 7 Strikes Back
Who's 7 '96 Convention, Ashford, UK
A Blake's 7/Doctor Who convention taking place in Ashford, Kent, on Oct. 26-27, 1996.

Winona Chamber of Commerce
Winona, MN, US
Nestled between bluffs and surrounded by water, Winona's beauty reflects the quality of life its residents enjoy.

Winston and Friends
Colorado Springs, CO, US
We have a line of herbal products for stress management, weight control, and increased athletic performance.

Wire Frame Studio
Woodstock, GA, US
A gallery and art school for beginning to intermediate computer artists. We also sell limited edition computer art prints.

The World of Bacon Inventions
Arnhem, The Netherlands
A seven-page (but steadily growing) set of individual, artistic and interactive messages to the world.

WOTO's Chrilstlicher Web Server
Neuburg, Germany
Hier findet man eine Sammlung von Christlichen Informationen und eine Buecherstube. Here you will find some information about Christianity on the Internet and our bookstore.

XTC Expanding Technologies
Johnson City, TN, US
We are Northeast Tennessee's most innovative Internet service provider.

YMCAs on the Web
Northbrook, IL, US
Visit YMCAs all across North America using our image map.

Wednesday, 6 September 1995

The 6th International Symposium on Buckwheat
Ina, Nagano, Japan
Will be held at Shinshu University, Japan. We are providing the information of this symposium and buckwheat research.

8-Track Heaven
East Detroit, MI, US
The home to 8-Track Mind magazine and alt.collecting.8-track-tapes.

ACM/SIGUCCS XXIII Fall 1995 Conference
Iowa State Univ., Ames, IA, US
To be held on Oct 15 to 18 in St. Louis for those providing end-user computing support.

Advanced Manufacturing Research
Boston, MA, US
We are a market analysis and research firm for the manufacturing enterprise.

Auburn, MA, US
We provide Web hosting, development, and consulting.

AFSM International
Fort Myers, FL, US
The only worldwide association for executives, managers, and professionals in high-technology industries.

The Gennis Agency, Salinas, CA, US
An index of agricultural Web sites.

Air Force Security Police Association
AFSPA, Austin, TX, US
Information about the AFSPA, including its goals, upcoming events, a brief history, and how to join.

Alljazz@The Muse
International Communique, London, UK
A monthly jazz magazine.

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity - Rho Pi Chapter
Alumni Chairman Antonio Villanueva, Troy, NY, US
Provides information about our chapter particularly of interest to other brothers and alumni. The Rho Pi chapter is located at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Alternative Energy Engineering, Inc.
Redway, CA, US
AEE supplies off-the-grid DC electronics wholesale and retail internationally. Technicians are on-call for assistance and we use our products. Find information to help you construct your own home or mobile stand-alone power system.

The Amazing Environmental Organization WebDirectory
Santa Barbara Internet, Santa Barbara, CA, US
The world's largest environmental organization directory.

American President Lines
Oakland, CA, US
An overview of our company.

AM-WOLJO Shareware
Atascadero, CA, US
Phone dialer, logger; audio CD player, library; both contain extras like appointment books, programmable world clock, etc.

Anderson Internet Consulting
Warwickshire, UK
We provide Internet support and Web design with a professional, international outlook.

Novato, CA, US
Check out Heaven.

Ask Mr. Traffic with Kenny Morse
Los Angeles, CA, US
A radio and TV talk show about the issues related to driving in America.

Aspect Art - Architectural Prints
Livewire Ltd., London, Great Britain
Lady Vanessa Brown presents a limited edition selection of newly commissioned aquatint etchings of architectural monuments including Il Duomo, Florence Royal Opera House, Bank of England, and All Souls Monument.

Aswell Corp.
Pittsburgh, PA, US
We provide complete network and Internet installation, support, and software services.

Athenaeum of Photography
Marblehead, MA, US
A nonprofit public library of original photographs, writings, and books.

Baskets of San Antonio
San Antonio, TX, US
We provide custom gift baskets for individuals and corporations.

BGSU Canadian Studies Resource Page
Bowling Green State Univ., Bowling Green, OH, US
Information about the program, as well as links to relevant sites.

Dublin, OH, US
We supply molecular biologists with products for DNA, RNA, Peptide, and antibody research.

B+M InterAct
Westwood, MA, US
We are an online direct marketing and advertising firm.

California Conference on Arts Wire
Los Angeles, CA, US
A place for Californians and others to meet, discuss, mobilize, and gossip about the Golden State's thriving arts community.

Carefree Computer Consulting
Carefree, AZ, US
We provide software-related services for developing Web sites and database applications.

CASAA Diving Board
Canadian Association of Student Activity Advisors, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
A resource centre providing fresh leadership materials, ideas, and support for the student activity advisor.

Catalog 1
New York, NY, US
Delivers some of the world's favorite catalogs ­ including Eddie Bauer, The Horchow Collection, The Sharper Image, Spiegel, The Bombay Company, and Time Warner Viewer's Edge ­ right to your computer.

New York, NY, US
The official Web site for the smashing Pop/Rock band.

Claitor's Law Books and Publishing Division, Inc.
Baton Rouge, LA, US
One of the largest republishers of Government Printing Office titles. Major credit card and purchase orders accepted, orders ship same day as received. Veteran-owned small business.

The Classical MIDI Connection
Leesville, LA, US
MIDI sequences for the classical music enthusiast.

College Football Hall of Fame
South Bend, IN, US
Features trivia questions with prizes, polls, voting for Hall of Fame nominees, Hall information, and "Featured Famers."

Computer ESP (Electronic Search Page)
U.Vision.Inc, Redwood City, CA, US
We offer free and easy Internet solutions for the entire computer industry.

Comstock Net Services, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
We provide Internet advertising and information services.

Conan O'Brien Episode Guides
Joyce Wankable Electronic Publishing, Winston-Salem, NC, US
An ongoing review of a favorite TV show, "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." Summaries of recent episodes and a weekly frame capture of great moments from the show.

Crustal Dynamics Data Information System (CDDIS)
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, US
For the international space geodesy and geodynamics community.

Cultural Equity Policy Paper
California Confederation of the Arts, Sacramento, CA, US
Our latest development in efforts to articulate the needs of artists of color.

Cyber Politics
Washington, DC, US
Information on using the Internet as a political resource.

1 World Software Wizards, Brisbane, CA, US
A worldwide group of programmers, developers, and patrol/reviewers devoted to making useful freeware available to Apple II and IIgs users.

Dakota RoughRider
Bismarck, ND, US
Home page for the Bismarck Public School District.

Davidson & Associates, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA, US
A leading publisher and distributor of educational and entertainment software.

Democrat and Chronicle/Times-Union Digital Edition
Rochester, NY, US
Our digital edition is now concentrating on the 1995 Ryder Cup Matches and the Buffalo Bills upcoming season.

Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics
Penn State Univ., University Park, PA, US
Information on our faculty, research, and more.

Digital Media Center
Stuttgart, Germany
A presence provider for Web services.

Digital Media Group, Inc.
Largo, FL, US
We provide Internet systems design, interactive publishing, software development, and more.

Distance Education Clearinghouse
Univ. of Wisconsin-Extension, WI, US
Information on distance education courses and technologies.

The Don Ho Home Page
Waikiki, HI, US
"Tiny Bubbles" in sound, video, and comedy from Waikiki's foremost entertainer.

Doom Sweepstakes
Pocket Books, New York, NY, US
The new Pocket Books Doom site is running a sweepstakes. The grand prize is a trip to Mesquite, Texas to play Doom with Doom's creators.

eBORcOM: Web Service Providers
York, UK
Various Web related services including Web page publicity (to 150+ resources), Web page authoring, and Web page locating.

Elvis's Spamporium
Frederick, MD, US
Elvis, spam, and sheep.

EMD & Associates, Inc.
Winona, MN, US
In the electronics manufacturing services industry (EMSI), EMD provides customers leading edge technology and quality designing, prototyping, engineering, manufacturing, and testing of printed circuit board assemblies.

Environmental News Network
Sun Valley, ID, US
The best site on the Web for environmental news.

The Farnsworth Chronicles
Nat'l Online Music Alliance, Nashville, TN, US
Ever wondered who invented video? The answer will surprise you.

Findhorn College
Findhorn, Scotland, UK
A global college offering semester and year-long programs at the leading edge of academic and experiential education.

Firefly Greetings Card Shop
Evanston, IL, US
Welcome to our shop and card mailing service.

Florida Aquarium
St. Petersburg, FL, US
Virtual home to Tampa Bay's newest marine attraction presented by the St. Petersburg Times.

Fotec, Inc.
Boston, MA, US
We offer technical information on fiber optic testing applications.

Friendly Information Systems
Dedham, MA, US
We have a multimedia database and management tool for music and images.

From Webspace to Cyberspace (Eurasian mirror)
Kevin Hughes, Jyvaskyla, Finland
A brief history and overview of the Web and introduction to true cyberspace: what it means, media analyses, common myths, and applications of virtual environment technology.

FSU Film School
Florida State Univ., Tallahassee, FL, US
We operate studios in Tallahassee, Sarasota, and Quincy, Florida.

GE Capital Computer Leasing
Emeryville, CA, US
A leading lessor of new and used computers.

Golden Bough Memorial AIDS Forest
Leggett, CA, US
A nature retreat with camping and accommodations for families and friends of people with AIDS.

Golden Isles Navigator
Blue Moon Media, Brunswick, GA, US
A virtual guide to the Georgia coast.

Great Lakes Natural Resource Center
National Wildlife Federation, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Information and links about protecting the Great Lakes, the world's greatest freshwater seas.

Guillain-Barre Syndrome
Michigan City, IN, US
Resources for anyone wanting to know about this strange and devastating "orphan" disease.

Handcrafted Hardwood Pens
Richfield, MN, US
A catalog of handcrafted hardwood writing implements.

Holman Travel Services
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Vacation specials and exotic destinations.

HTML ColorEditor for Windows V1.00
Best Business Solutions, Houston, TX, US
A stand-alone MS Windows shareware to assist in developing HTML page color schemes by using extensions to HTML 3.0 specification. Provides a Style Box for the user to edit, save and retrieve color schemes.

I Connection, Inc.
Waukegan, IL, US
ICI is a full-service Internet provider to the Lake County/Waukegan, IL area.

The Infinity Group
Happiness Enterprises, Kona, HI, US
Earn rebates monthly on your own gas purchases and the gas purchases of others in your group.

Information about Henrico County
Henrico, VA, US
Information such as phone number references, voting, employment, history, etc.

Information Warehouse!
Baltimore, MD, US
A consulting firm specializing in firewalls and Internet security.

InSite Software
Flagstaff, AZ, US
We publish "On Your MARC", an online card catalog.

InterFace Magazine
NPC Productions, San Diego, CA, US
A multicultural, English/Spanish, online national magazine which promotes grassroots organizing and art for social change among communities of color and working people.

Internet Advertising Solutions
Lexington, KY, US
Provides businesses with an Internet presence through the InterMall. We offer complete Web page design and advertising space, or even provide a link back to your existing page for a flat monthly rate.

Internet Consulting, Training, and Marketing
CyberLink Communications, Sterling, VA, US
We provide Web pages for 67 cents a day, a monthly Internet newsletter, and more.

It's Not Shipmate!
Chicago, IL, US
A Website for Alumni of the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland.

J. Frank Consulting, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA, US
Experts in enterprise-wide client/server.

John Reinhardt Book Design
Brookline, VT, US
Book design with a passion. Over 800 titles designed and ready to add your next book to the list.

J.R. Antiques & China Registry
Victoria, BC, Canada
We buy, sell, and register current and discontinued patterns of chinaware.

Juice Plus Enzymes
Diverse Partners, Akron, OH, US
Can help anyone who needs to find a better way to get the vitamins they need everyday. Also a great business opportunity.

Kew Bridge Steam Museum
Brentford, UK
We have a collection of steam water pumping engines.

Kinotrope Co.
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
The first professional Internet site builder and Web home page design-production in Japan.

Korean Top 10
Madison, AL, US
Listing of current top 10 best selling Korean Kayo(CD) and Books in Korea.

Laboratory for Biomaterials
Univ. of Nijmegen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Information on our research and projects.

Lakehead University Student Home Page Directory
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
A directory of Lakehead University students who have home pages. Also includes links to email the authors of the pages.

Lancashire Evening Telegraph
Blackburn, Lancashire, UK
A daily newspaper covering the East Lancashire area of the North West of England. The online edition has news and sports updated daily, with other pages under construction.

The Laser Center
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Learn about laser vision correction.

Lauderdale Graphics, Inc.
Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
We offer a digital color service, digital photography, Web page creation, and more.

Leamington Cricket Club
Leamington Spa, UK
The UK's first wired cricket club.

LIST International
Salem, OR, US
The best source for home based businesses.

Little Man Cartoons Now on T-shirts
CityHall.Com, US
The popular Little Man Cartoons are now available on T-shirts. You've enjoyed his weekly cartoon strip, now you can be part of the Web generation.

The Meat Puppets
Raleigh, NC, US
All the things you've come to expect from a rock band's home page.

Medtronic, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN, US
We are a manufacturer of biomedical devices.

MegaLinx Communications
Columbus, OH, US
One of the world's fastest growing Internet providers offering SLIP/PPP access, Web presence, dedicated/dial-up ISDN, T1, UUCP.

Mesa Verde Country
Montezuma County EDC, Cortez, CO, US
Visitor information for Mesa Verde NP, Hovenweep NM, and many other archaeological sites.

The misc.industry.utilities.electric WWW Pages
Dallas, TX, US
A Usenet newsgroup's Web site for technical and business discussions of the electric utility industry.

Missing: Chris Dee Wright
Stryder Web Designs, Pompano Beach, FL, United States
I created this page in an attempt to locate an old friend that I have not seen in more then five years.

Moms-at-Home Newsletter
Susan Martin, Huntsville, AL, US
A newsletter especially for parents staying home to raise their children. Includes relevant issues, books to read, indoor and outdoor activities, money-saving tips, and more.

MoneyLine Corporation
New York, NY, US
The first Internet service offering live US Treasury bonds and money markets quotes.

Mr. Smith E-mails Washington
Infosearch, Salt Lake City, UT, US
An easy to use site for sending email to members of the US Congress.

National Enuresis Society
Dallas, TX, US
We are dedicated to providing education and services to the public and health professionals for bedwetting.

The Electronic Community, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
We offer self-service Web pages for $5 (US) per month.

The Network Marketing Emporium
Kailua-Kona, HI, US
Online mall specializing in network marketing and MLM business opportunities. Presenting over 100 home-based business opportunities.

North Memorial Health Care Medical Library
Robbinsdale, MN, US
We provide a medical library to assist students, medical staffs, patients, and more.

Office of Instructional Resources
Univ. of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, US
We offer a resource of educational and useful links to the community of central Florida.

OGM Production Music
Hollywood, CA, US
The award-winning, one-stop music company producing and licensing music for video, cable, CD-ROM, multimedia, interactive film, production, broadcast, commercial, advertising, background and digital music.

O'Keefe World
Richmond, VA, US
The home of our full-service marketing and advertising agency.

On-Line Scotland
NetTrak Services, Aberdeen, UK
Created to provide wide and comprehensive information on Scotland, including culture, leisure, travel tips, maps, business, shopping, etc.

Palm's Portal to Russia and Eastern Europe
Palms & Company Inc., Kirkland, WA, US
Dr. Piotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms has compiled a significant and distributed archive on eastern European and Russian resources, contacts, and Internet connections.

The Patricia Seybold Group
Boston, MA, US
Provides information and analysis about a wide range of topics, including distributed computing, groupware, electronic commerce, data warehousing, etc.

The Physical Therapy WWW Page
Gainesville, GA, US
Information about physical therapy for the general public.

Portland Revels
Portland, OR, US
A tax-exempt, non-profit organization, incorporated in 1994 and dedicated to seasonal celebration through music, dance, and theater productions and educational outreach.

Preston's Civilization and Colonization Page
Houston, TX, US
Information on Sid Meier's Civilization and Colonization.

Professional Bowling Association
PeachWeb Corp., Atlanta, GA, US
The first professional sports member association to feature "live chat," allowing personal computer users to interact with PBA stars and bowling fans worldwide.

Dayton, OH, US
America's finest Led Zeppelin Fanzine.

Questicon, Incorporated
Baltimore, MD, US
We provide application modernization, support of legacy business applications, and more.

Raising a Wolf-Hybrid as a Pet
DMZ Management Consulting, Orange, CA, US
For people who want to experience the beauty and intelligence of wolves.

A+ Realty Web
Internet Media Services, Inc., Hudson, FL, US
We focus on Florida and Gulf Coast real estate.

Rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks FAQ
Seattle, WA, US
This page contains the general RACMX FAQ, as well as smaller FAQs for resources and netiquette.

Recycler Classifieds
Los Angeles, CA, US
Over 150,000 classified ads at your fingertips.

RedMan - Redirection Manager
Ant-Hill Server @ Univ. of Bristol, Avon, UK
This script handles systemwide and user-defined WebPage redirections.

Roxane Pain Institute
Columbus, OH, US
A resource designed for the clinician and the pain sufferer.

San Antonio Business Network Directory (SA BIZ NET)
TEX TEK, San Antonio, TX, US
A directory of San Antonio metro area companies.

Schwartz & Schwartz, PC
Woburn, MA, US
We are Certified Public Accountants specializing in health care professionals.

Scottsdale Symphony Orchestra
Scottsdale, AZ, US
Complete information about the orchestra.

SCSI Peripherals
Hermosa Beach, CA, US
We are an authorized distributor for Seagate Fujitsu Conner Quantum hard drives, CD recorders, and more.

Search Computer Systems
London, UK
We specialize in software systems for shipping, transportation, logistics, and trade.

Sparta Volunteer Ambulance Squad
Sparta, NJ, US
We provide 24 hour-a-day, seven day-a-week volunteer EMS.

Spectrum Sight & Sound
emaNate, Woodland Hills, CA, US
We are Corporate meeting and presentation specialists.

Spinal Tap from the U.K.
TIST Zine, Chicago, IL, US
Links to other Tap fan pages, gif files, and a large collection of sound files for downloading.

Spiritual Growth Network of Kentucky
Lexington, KY, US
An ecumenical interfaith group whose members are empowered to pursue their respective spiritual journeys.

Star Paging Inc.
Bellevue, WA, US
We offer secretarial alphanumeric messaging, live operators, alphanumeric dispatch, and more.

Statistical Office of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Düsseldorf, Germany
The range of data offered by the statisticians extends from education, foreign trade, population, commerce, handcraft, industry, prices/income, tourism to environmental affairs.

The Storyteller Audio Bookstore
Brentwood, TN, US
Our audiobooks are perfect when traveling, exercising, or surfing the Net.

SWH Technology
Riga, Latvia
We provide custom solutions for your software development and re-engineering needs.

Sycomore Web Server
Paris La Defense, France
A computer services and consultancy company which specializes in open systems.

Syscom Consulting Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
A network consulting and integration company.

Microsystems Engineering Company, Lombard, IL, US
We offer a tool for network design and documentation.

TDM Software and Consulting
Lincoln, NE, US
We specialize in helping companies and individuals establish and maintain a presence on the Web.

Tennessee's Resource Valley
Knoxville, TN, US
Information on economic development in East Tennessee.

Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services
Austin, TX, US
We have children available for adoption.

The Titanic Home Page
Rohan McCarthy, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
One of the best resources that deals with the Titanic on the Internet.

T@P Online
MarketSource Corporation, Cranbury, NJ, US
We offer a comprehensive and dynamic hub of fresh, interactive information.

Tri-Media Marketing and Publicity Inc.
Welland, Ontario, Canada
We are an integrated marketing communications firm.

Internet Passport Services Inc., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
An ezine for the nineties that focuses on living and working in a wired world.

Universities Online
World Wide Web Associates, Santa Barbara, CA, US
A hot list of universities online and a link to a complete university index.

University of Franche-Comte
Besancon, Franche-Comte, France
Information on the university and the province in which it is located.

Veterans Archive
Norwalk, CA, US
A database for all military veterans who would like to be located easily by their former buddies in uniform.

Videodata, Inc.
Houston, TX, US
We offer interactive multimedia services including MPEG compression.

The Viku Colony
Munro & Wilder, Tampa, FL, US
A viku is a a multimedia representation based on the Japanese Haiku.

Virtual Birmingham - Heart Of England
LANDMARK Internet Business Services UK, Birmingham, UK
Information on leisure, sports, business, and all that goes on in our part of the world.

Web Resources
World Wide Web Associates, Santa Barbara, CA, US
This site has links to sites for GIF software and Web publishing software.

The Western Producer Online
Saskatoon, Canada
The online version of Western Canada's premier agricultural weekly.

Win a Camaro!
On Ramp, Inc., New York, NY, US
Yep, it's true. A real Camaro. Really. No foolin. Tune in to camaro.com to enter.

Window to the World
World Wide Web Associates, Santa Barbara, CA, US
This window to the world includes adventure, art, news, Web resources, charities online, politics, complete Web site creation and connection services.

Women's Wire
Wire Networks, Inc., San Mateo, CA, US
An interactive women-focused magazine with daily news, weekly advice columns, and more.

World Conference on Information Technology and Tourism
TEN-IO, Inc., San Jose, CA, US
National tourism leaders, information technology suppliers, and travel professionals from all around the world will meet 9/25/95 - 9/27/95 to address urgent questions.

The Worldwide Institute for the Preservation of Everything (WIPE)
East of Eden, Lumpton Squidpit, UK
An award-winning auto-euphoric web resource.

The Writers' Home Page
Triangle Free Net, Chapel Hill, NC, US
A place for aspiring wordsmiths to publish anything and everything.

The WWW Toto
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The first ever Web soccer prediction page with E-cash support.

Sofcom Distributors Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Australia's best Web guides have combined to present a comprehensive index to Australia on the Internet.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Log on to instant entertainment news and interactive fun.

Zines Zines Everywhere
Chicago, IL, US
Links and resources to help you publish your own ezine.

Friday, 8 September 1995

AAA Internet Promotions
Enterprising Solutions, Santa Barbara, CA, US
We specialize in bringing traffic to your Web site.

Aristotle Internet Access
Little Rock, AR, US
We are an Internet service provider.

Arizona Alphabetically
Valley Web Services, Phoenix, AZ, US
We offer a single, free site for users to explore home pages in Arizona.

Arizona Department of Commerce
Phoenix, AZ, US
Information on small business assistance, high technology industries, and more.

Arizona Information Center
Phoenix, AZ, US
57 categories of information on Arizona businesses.

Around-the-World Journal
City.Net, Portland, OR, US
A nine-month trip through 26 countries. Includes photos, maps, country and city info, prices, comments from readers, and PostScript and plain-text versions.

Asana of the Day
Longwood, FL, US
A picture and description of a yoga posture.

Atlantic Web (In French)
La Trinite sur Mer, France
Société de services informatiques. Création et hebergement de serveurs web.

Attitude Records
Jacksonville, FL, US
New Web site featuring downloadable clips and in-depth reviews of our artists.

The Australian Internet Florist Network
Adelaide, Australia
Stunning arrangements and baskets prepared and delivered by Australia's leading florists.

BioMedical Translations
Palo Alto, CA, US
We specialize in the translation of marketing and technical documents in the biomedical field.

Blaster Automotive
Sarasota, FL, US
We offer the Internet's most complete line of automotive and industrial products.

bonding studenteninitiative e.V. (In German)
Univ. of Aachen, Aachen, Germany
Home page for students organizing nonprofit business contact fairs.

The Brad Pitt Home Page
Santa Clara, CA, US
Give homage to, and make fun of the most beatiful man in the world.

Business Directories
Express Print (Publishers) LLC, Dubai, United Arab of Emirates
A growing catalogue of over 75 business directories in over 30 countries.

Cambridge Zen Center
Cambridge, MA, US
We offer daily zen practice and monthly retreats.

Carter & Associates Web Studios
Miramichi, Canada
We specialize in Web page production for personal and corporate use.

Catalink Direct
Norwood, MA, US
The first full-service computerized PC products remarketer, offering desktop buying convenience, aggressive pricing, and timely delivery from a huge national inventory.

CBI Computer & Business Integrators
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Microsoft solutions providers.

CDOC Homepage
Software Blacksmiths Inc., Mississauga, Canada
Our documentation tool engineers C and C++ programs.

Columbia Music Video
New York, NY, US
We offer music video resources.

Commercial Industrial Real Estate Associates, Inc.
U.S. Internet, Nashville, TN, US
We provide worldwide business clients with a focused real estate and facilities support service.

Computer Buying Guide
Computer Help Publications, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Includes complete coverage of all computer hardware and software products. You will find thorough evaluations, buying advice, valuable tips, and more.

Computer Measurement Group Australia
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
An independent professional association supporting the free exchange of information on advances in computer system and network management.

Cousin It Home Page
Baton Rouge, LA, US
A college/alternative rock band.

Cumbria Careers Ltd.
Carlisle, Cumbria, UK
Provides career guidance and information about Cumbria in the UK.

Cyber Soccer - The World Game
CyberSports Ltd., Keynes, UK
Play against thousands of others.

CyberPort, LLC, Claremont, NH, US
An ISP providing local dial-in service to rural New Hampshire. We offer individual, business and personal Web pages, and corporate Internet services.

Dallas Semiconductor Corporation
Marketing Communications, Dallas, TX, US
We design and manufacture unique silicon solutions.

Danny Sheridan's Football Pool '95 For Windows
OPI Inc., Montclair, NJ, US
Run your own football pool in an easy to use, Windows Program.

David Butler Associates
Los Altos, CA, US
We offer a complete total quality management solution for all organizations.

Acoustic Disc, Mill Valley, CA, US
Acclaimed mandolinist David "Dawg" Grisman has a brand new site.

Department of Cultural Anthropology
Uppsala Univ., Uppsala, Sweden
Generous online links to current research, assistance offered to create home pages, useful links and much more.

Department of Genetics, General and Molecular Biology
Univ. of Naples, Naples, Italy
Information about the faculty, research, and students.

Dolphin Animation Software
Eugene, OR, US
If you want software or want your own Web site, you could use our software.

The Dundee Resort
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
We offer 550 acres of Canada's most beautiful scenery.

The Eclectic Moose
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
An mix of humour, art, music, alternative information, and Internet services.

EcoGroup, Inc.
Tampa, FL, US
Southwest Florda's premeire luxury real estate developer invites you to "choose your Florida."

The Electric Cafe
Jayne Germany, Denton, TX, US
This graphics-rich home page provides eye, ear, and brain candy to lovers of art, music, literature, and the Net.

E-Zee Vision Prescription Eyeglasses
Morrison International, Inc., Sarasota, FL, US
We offer prescription eyeglasses at unbelievable savings.

Family Home Video
Redmond, WA, US
A store designed with the family in mind.

Feigenbaum & Uddo, P.C.
Newton, MA, US
We offer information on trusts, estates, wills, executors, etc.

Florida Keys On-Line Guide
CTI On-Line Services, Tavernier, FL, US
An extensive information resource about the Florida Keys and businesses. Topics cover a wide variety of information updated by the chambers of commerce and organizations.

Blake & Bray, Abita Springs, LA, US
Information that should aid you in selecting the right franchise.

A Free Launch
Tallevast, FL, US
More than a hot list, not quite an index. Offers bookmark quality links in a number of different categories. Presented by InfoQuest Business Services.

Future Focus
San Diego, CA, US
We design and implement Internet campaigns for businesses in San Diego and beyond.

Gentle Winds Publications Ltd.
Moorestown, NJ, US
We offer the finest in limited edition and poster art.

Global Art Marketing
Island Art Publishers, Victoria, BC, Canada
A resource for artists and collectors featuring.

Gould Academy
Bethel, ME, US
A 159-year-old, co-educational boarding school that prides itself on its strong academic program, its unparalleled arts programs, its campus-wide LAN with active ports in all dormitory rooms, and on its world-class competitive ski programs.

Grateful Dukey
III.NET, Ashland, MA, US
A Grateful Dead Web page.

Greater Phoenix Dog Training Academy Inc.
Phoenix, AZ, US
We have trained dogs for televisions commericals, movies, and more.

Greenbrook Publishing
Walnut Creek, CA, US
Offers a varied, low-cost selection of books, manuals, and reports on popular subjects in business opportunities, self improvement, career, and general interest.

The Grove Natural Therapy Centre
Southampton, UK
We offer a comprehesive range of therapies.

Hamshahri Newspaper (In Farse)
Tehran, Iran
A popular daily Persian newspaper.

Harv's Air Service
Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada
We are a family-owned and operated flying school.

Health Care Information Resources
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Our site offers patients, families, friends, and health care providers medical information resources.

HighOne Internet Services
Freckenfeld, Germany, Europe
Web development and page design for commercial and private use, set-up and administration of Web-space accounts, registration service.

Hollywood Cafe
Internet Entertainment Network, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA, US
A chat lounge where users can discuss their favorite stars and celebrities.

Human Code
Austin, TX, US
We are an award-winning media integration design and development firm.

The Ice Sports Page
Willow Farm Press, Hamilton, MA, US
A guide to luge, bobsled, speed skating, etc.

Ilene & Wayne Productions, Inc.
Honolulu, HI, US
A source for collectibles in Hawaii.

Information Distribution Center, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI, US
We assist companies with fax-on-demand, email, Web pages, etc. to increase advertising revenues.

Houston, TX, US
An electronic shopping mall.

Integrated Travel Services
Canadian Business Advertising Network, Edmonton, Canada
We will convert your ideas into a detailed plan.

Internet Advertising Solutions, Lexington, KY, US
Come visit for some of the finest goods and services the Internet has to offer.

International Council On Systems Engineering (INCOSE)
An international organization to develop, nurture, and enhance system engineering approach.

Internet Toner Depot
System Technology Inc., Provo, UT, US
STI printers, toner and supplies. Offers a full line of new and remanufactured supplies for most printers, copiers and fax machines.

J. N. Stark, Attorney/Architect
J. Norman Stark Co., LPA, Cleveland, OH, US
Over 35 years experience in the construction, architecture and legal field. Construction, building, environmental issues, EPA, OSHA.

Jackson & Associates, Inc.
Hickory, NC, US
A management consulting firm serving healthcare organizations.

e.m.a.n.a.t.e., Woodland Hills, CA, US
We offer employers and prospective employees/contractors the opportunity to become acquainted.

the kassandra project
The Rampaging Web Metaphor, Portland, OR, US
A collection of information concerning German women writers and creators circa 1800.

Santa Monica, CA, US
The Web home of KCRW, 89.9 FM, National Public Radio for Southern California.

Langley Research Center's Technology Applications Group
NASA, Hampton, VA, US
Information on how to work with us to commercialize over 150 available technologies.

Leaving Jehovah's Witnesses - A Recovery Guide
Pinnacle Software, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A booklet for Witnesses or ex-Witnesses trying to deal with the emotional turmoil of leaving the religion.

Lotus Buddhist Art Gallery
Lotus Studio Dharma Art division, Dallas, TX, US
A gallery of Buddhist related paintings, articles, and sculptures.

Magnesium Deficiency, Heart Attack & Drinking Water
Researchers Against Deadly Water, Livermore, CA, US
Magnesium in drinking water is inversely correlated with heart disease and death.

MangoTree Music
Sherman Oaks, CA, US
Home of Brazilian underground. We produce and sell CDs never released outside Brazil. We also publish interviews and articles. We have sounds.

Marquette University
Milwaukee, WI, US
We are pleased to announce our presence on the Web.

Mary Washington College
Fredericksburg, VA, US
Information on Virginia's state-assisted college of liberal arts and sciences.

Minneapolis, MN, US
Information about our innovative and fun software programs.

Michael's Internet Support Home Page
Kensington, Canada
Are you a new user? Ask me questions about the Internet, and I'll reply within 24 hrs.

Mike and Mal's Online Essay Editor
Vancouver, BC, Canada
We offer a secure online essay editing program for university students, as well as business people.

Moab Music Festival
New York, NY, US
Chamber music concerts every September in the Moab, Utah area.

Susan Martin, Huntsville, AL, US
A site for at-home moms and dads, housewives, and homemakers, which includes information on parenting, books, kids, families, shopping, and a newsletter and comment forum.

Music Screeners
New York, NY, US
Sony Music video screen savers.

Nancy McCormick's Election Headquarters
Redmond, WA, US
Nancy McCormick is running for mayor in Redmond, WA.

New England Information Network
Help Me Learn, Inc., Bennington, VT, US
Designed to be an informational link giving data about New England and the surrounding states. Such information includes historical sites and stories as well as commercial postings of attractions, lodgings, food, etc.

Nokia Mobile Phones Asia Pacific and the Gulf
Bates Asia Interactive, Tokyo, Japan
Play the "Find the Boss" contest and enter to win a free mobile phone.

Northern Discovery Seafoods
Grapeview, WA, US
We offer Pacific Northwest seafood.

Nova Business Marketplace
Nova Magazines Ltd, Killyleagh, Northern Ireland
Long famous for shipbuilding, linen and, fine foodstuffs, Northern Ireland also has a growing band of high technology companies.

Pacific Internet
Vancouver, BC, Canada
We are Web presense providers.

Paradise Sound Recording
Index, WA, US
We offer world class 24-track recording in a breathtaking setting.

Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays
Austin, TX, US
An advocacy, support, and educational organization.

Parnell Travel Company
Parnell, New Zealand
New Zealand's premier corporate travel agency.

Paterson Public Schools
Paterson, NJ, US
A state-operated urban school district in North Jersey.

PlanetVirtual: The Virtual Design Company
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
We specialize in corporate interactive media.

Plescia Photo
North Bergen, NJ, US
Products sold here include many types of photographic equipment, supplies, film and chemicals. We also sell cellular phones and pagers.

Columbia, SC, US
South Carolina's alternative newsmonthly.

Providence Zen Center
Cumberland, RI, US
The international head temple of the Kwan Um Zen School.

RCSI: Amateur Radio
Radio Control Systems Inc., San Diego, CA, US
We manufacture amateur radio related products including ScannerWEAR software.

RealSouth Properties
Pensacola, FL, US
An exclusive buyer's agency, specializing in resort gulf-front real estate. See our home page map and general tourist information.

RE//MAX Park Place
Sonora, CA, US
Let us show you the rich life waiting in California's Gold Country.

Rheonetic MagnetoRheological "MR" Fluid Technology
Lord Corporation, Cary, NC, US
A tutorial describing the new technology of MR fluids which reversibly change from liquid to solid when a magnetic field is applied.

Rough Trade Records
Mic Multimedia Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Currently 53MB strong and growing. Featured labels are Our Choice, World Service, RoughMix and RoughTechnology. Site is bilingual in German/English.

The Salem Tarot Page
Salem, MA, US
We offer online tarot readings.

Dept of Soc. Psychiatry, Groningen, The Netherlands
You have it. Or you may not. I'm not really sure. But my colleague seems to think so. Yes, he does.

Scotland HolidayNet in the Scottish Borders
HolidayNet, Newcastleton, Scotland, UK
Accommodations and history in the Scottish Borders and the South of Scotland. Informative articles about the area including Mary Queen Of Scots, castles, JMW Turner and Sir Walter Scott, and medieval abbeys.

Scott's Celiac Page
San Francisco, CA, US
This site is designed to help people who have Celiac's Disease/gluten intolerance.

South Korean Socialist Defence Campaign
Chicago, IL, US
The campaign to support 36 South Korean socialists imprisoned for pubishing books, "intervening in labor disputes, inciting strikes and organizing solidarity campaigns." Includes information on the trials and how to give your support.

Split-Cycle Technology Ltd
Gold Coast, Australia
We are working on the split-cycle engine, pulse fuel injector, and Jetfan technologies.

Spotlight On Prescott, Arizona
Prescott Chamber Of Commerce, Prescott, AZ, US
Known as the Christmas City, Prescott is located in the beautiful pine covered high country of Arizona.

Steve Millen's SMZ
Universal Nissan, Los Angeles, CA, US
A limited production, enhanced Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo.

StressPress Inc.
Cleveland, OH, US
Car Accident is the first handbook for drivers, passengers and the people in their lives to understand and recover from the expected natural reactions to any accident.

subLuminal Designs
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Design for the new world.

Taylor Design
Stamford, CT, US
We offer advertising, corporate communications, and more.

TechStream Plaza
TechStream Communications, Inc., Orlando, FL, US
A new science and technology environment for products, services, and technical information. The plaza will contain customer, sales, and application data.

TeleGraphique LC
Quebec, Canada
A new partnership link for the graphic arts field featuring the graphic arts jump list, Infos&Techniques newsletter, and network information on prepress, DTP, multimedia, printing, etc.

The Telson Spur
Sidney, BC, Canada
A way station for Snark hunters.

Texas Micro
Houston, TX, US
We are a ISO 9001-certified hardware manufacturer of industrial computing products.

CyberDesic Communications Corp., Peoria, IL, US
A tremendous assortment of links to instructional materials, educators' professional support, and interactive educational resources.

thousand Words on-line
Chicago, IL, US
Chicago's urban dance culture online.

Traveller's Southern Families
Traveller Information Services, Huntsville, AL, US
A collection of Southern family, genealogical information.

The United States Chamber of Commerce
En Route Information Highway, Washington, DC, US
Business resources and publications for associations, businesses, non-profit organizations and chambers of commerce.

University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Images of selected archaeological and ethnographic collections.

Urbana Park District
Urbana, IL, US
We provide recreation and leisure opportunities.

VGS NetMedia Corp.
Los Angeles, CA, US
Specializes in providing competitive Internet services and accounts. From business to individual needs, nobody beats VGS's low-cost alternative for professional, graphical, businesslike Web sites.

Virginia Air & Space Center
Hampton, VA, US
The birthplace of America's space program.

Peripheral Vision, London, UK
Combines stunning graphic design with state-of-the art programming to create a Web site unlike any other.

Visual Information Retrieval
Virage, Inc., San Diego, CA, US
We are creating technology that allows you to visually search and sort a collection of photographs, graphics, or other images.

The Washington DC Music WWWeb
DC Pages, Washington, DC, US
The music resource for the DC area.

InfoStar, Inc., Madison, WI, US
Software that provides quick access to key and hidden Web sites.

Webster University Irvine Metro Center
Irvine, CA, US
We offer graduate business degrees for working professionals.

Welcome to the Mississippi Gulf Coast
Gulf Coast Information Systems, Biloxi, MS, US
Tourism information and events on the Gulf Coast.

Who is Jesus?
Campus Crusade for Christ, Orlando, FL, US
An exploration of the different views.

World Models
KreAktiv Reklam, Gothenburg, Sweden
Want to be a model? Searching for models?

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
A small application that will help you keep track of your time online.

The Young Explorers On-Line
Beyond Boundaries, Ft. Collins, CO, US
We offer gifts designed to stimulate learning.

Monday, 11 September 1995

1996 Chip Shots Calendar of Microprocessors
Natl. High Magnetic Field Lab, Florida State Univ., Tallahassee, FL, US
Calendar of photomicrographs (photographs taken through a microscope) revealing the hidden beauty of surface details on some of today's hottest microprocessors.

AAAAAGold & Silver Coin
San Diego, CA, US
We buy and sell U.S., foreign, and ancient gold coins.

AdventureDirect/Adventuresports Institute
Garrett Community College, McHenry, MD, US
A national forum addressing the latest developments in outdoor recreation industry. Including business opportunities, health and fitness, education, economic development, tourism, environment and related policy issues

Amazon.com Books
Seattle, WA, US
We strive to carry every single book in print.

American Technologies
Orlando, FL, US
Computer hardware/software configuration, consulting, and support services.

Arvida Realty Sales
Longboat Key, FL, US
The most trusted local name in realty.

Astoria Software
Portland, OR, US
The ZipLock payment system is a secure, automatic credit card processing system for Internet electronic commerce. Visa, Mastercard and American Express can be used to purchase digital content.

Au-Natural Ergonomic Accessories
Ergo Desk Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
Ergonomic wrist supports make it easy to upgrade your current workstation to WCB standards, today.

Australia Tourist Radio
Sydney, Australia
40 channels of Australian information and daily news.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Online
Sydney, Australia
Australia's largest radio and TV network online. An independent public broadcaster.

Banco do Brasil
Brasilia, DF, Brazil
Information about the biggest Latin American bank.

The Banff Festival of Mountain Films
The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada
A weekend of films, seminars, and guest speakers from November 3-5.

BASH Theatrical Lighting, Inc.
North Bergen, NJ, US
One of the world's largest suppliers of entertainment lighting equipment and supplies.

Belson Mfg.
North Aurora, IL, US
Specialist in modern recreation equipment including barbecues.

Beverly Hills Internet
Beverly Hills, CA, US
Serves the Web with free home pages, live video feeds, and the freshest hot lists.

Louisville, KY, US
An Internet service provider specializing in dedicated access.

Boat to Bolivia
The London Mall, London, UK
Follow the adventures of Tracy Morris and her husband Alan as they travel around remote regions of the American sub-continent.

bright.net - TSC
The Telephone Service Company, Wapakoneta, OH, US
Offering local Internet access and a realm of other great services.

Bryan R. Dale, Barrister & Solicitor
Markham, Canada
I practise in information technology, business law, and real estate.

Cable Online, Inc.
Golden, CO, US
Cable Online is the only cable television industry specific forum on the World Wide Web, and is the only online service dedicated to building communication for all segments of the cable television industry.

California Crafts Marketplace
Annapolis, CA, US
A shopping guide to crafts and gifts.

Canadian Genome Analysis & Technology Bioinformatics Support Services
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The CGATBSS disseminates CGAT Program information, facilitates communications within the Canadian genomics community, and provides bioinformatics technical support to CGAT researchers.

Virtual Resources Corp., Ann Arbor, MI, US
Comprehensive employment services for employers and job seekers.

The CD Information Center
The CD-Info Co., Huntsville, AL, US
A complete hypertext description of the compact disc industry, technology and applications that includes commentary and an ongoing history of CD-ROM project.

ChalkSoft Educational Courseware
nz.com, Auckland, New Zealand
A Windows-based courseware for English Grammar and Quiz authoring.

Chess Space
Red Planet Consulting, Chicago, IL, US
A searchable/hierarchical index of chess resources on the Web.

Chic Unique
Palo Alto, CA, US
We specialize in offering women the latest fashions in casual wear.

Child Safety Forum
Jericho, NY, US
Important safety tips and checklists for your home.

Children's Legal Center, Inc.
Louisville, KY, US
A non-profit organization of volunteer attorneys that represent abused children in court.

Colorado State Science Standards
Air Academy High School, U.S. Air Force Academy, CO, US
Colorado has developed a set of state science standards that are expected to go into effect during the 1995-96 school year.

The Costa Rica Home Pages
CI Consulting Co., Westchester, NY, US
A complete resource for Costa Rica.

CU Cruising
Anaheim, CA, US
A scheduling, fares, and reservation center.

Cultural Treasures of the Internet
Widener Univ., Chester, PA, US
This book is an introduction to and a resource guide for the Internet, aimed at people who are interested in the arts and the humanities generally. Subjects in the directory range from art history to women's studies.

CYBERFi Magazine
Virtual Publishing, London, UK
The first worldwide hi-fi and home cinema magazine, essential reading for all enthusiasts and potential enthusiasts. Published weekly.

San Diego, CA, US
An Internet mall.

Daily news in Chinese from Lianhe Zaobao
Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore
Get daily news from the largest Chinese-language newspaper in Southeast Asia.

Daviscourt Group
El Cajon, CA, US
Court qualified insurance claims experts and consultants providing claim file review and analysis in the investigation and adjustment of insurance claims.

Delchamps Senior Bowl
Mobile, AL, US
The source for information on the Delchamps Senior Bowl, an annual national college senior football event.

Devizes to Westminster Canoe and Kayak Marathon
DW Organisation Ltd., Devizes, Wilts, UK
125 miles, 76 locks, canal, river and Tidal. Known as the "Canoeist's Everest." Our pages give results, background and plans, plus the UK canoe marathon scene.

The Adler Group, Inc., Silver Spring, MD, US
Publishes Welcome and other real estate magazines. With 35 years of experience in publishing real estate-oriented publications.

Donajski Digital Art Gallery
Warsaw, Poland
We specialize in digital art.

EasyNet S.r.l. - Internet Service Provider
Verona, Italy
The site contains info about the city of Verona (the Virtual Tour of the city is available), hotels and Congress Halls, tourist information, and pages of commercial activities.

Effort Realty
Sarasota, FL, US
Our diligence, persistence, and hard work pay off for the home buyer.

Elder Law FAX
Hendersonville, TN, US
A weekly newsletter for elder law attorneys.

Malvern, PA, US
We offer state-of-the-art electronic musical instruments, sound cards, and chips.

FedWorld Information Network
Springfield, VA, US
A gateway to U.S. government information, including links to information servers sorted by categories. In addition, free catalogs describing U.S. government information are available.

FigurePic Picture Puzzles
Star Graphics Corp., Oregon City, OR, US
A fascinating new type of puzzle available over the Net and as Windows shareware. Also has games for Windows.

Fisher Audio/Video
Chatsworth, CA, US
A complete guide to products, a contest with prizes, what's new at Fisher, Galaxy of Cool featuring movie, CD, and tape reviews, and a nostalgic look back in time. A buzz box of current events and music news.

FLEXX: Integrated Business Management System
Databyte, Seattle, WA, US
A set of 18 client/server (GUI/RDBMS) modules for accounting, distribution and service industry applications.

Forestry Products Marketing Information System
Malaysian Timber Council, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Information on Malaysian forestry products and services. Lots of free GIF images on architecture and wildlife.

Fox Color & Light
San Anselmo, CA, US
We create Cyberfashions and Cybertoys from the future and make them available to you today.

Future Electronics
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
We are a worldwide distributor of electronic components (semiconductors).

Future Media Group
Mcclain, VA, US
We specialize in Internet services for political candidates and organizations.

Global Online Service Helping Evangelize Nations (GOSHEN)
Media Management/Religion Today, Roanoke, VA, US
Home of the National & International Religion Report, and the Internet Christian Resource Directory.

Green Arrow Guide to Central America
Central America Media Services, San Jose, Costa Rica
Travel magazine: ecotourism, adventure, sportfishing, Maya world, honeymoon destinations, business travel. Top tours and hotels. Property supplement and email travel advisory service.

GT Web
GT Interactive Software, New York, NY, US
We offer the world's leading PC entertainment software.

Hanly-RE/MAX Action Realty Center
Hanly-RE/MAX Action Realty, Sarasota, FL, US
Selling Sarasota and Longboat succesfully.

Haworth Office Furniture
Holland, MI, US
We offer management and facilities solutions, ergonomic information, as well as furniture.

HCC (Hospital Cost Consultants)
Pleasanton, CA, US
We provide healthcare information systems for financial applications.

Holy Cross Abbey
Berryville, VA, US
A trappist monastery on the banks of the Shenandoah River. Order a home made fruitcake made by the monks of the monastery and find out about the way of life enjoyed by our brotherhood.

Huntingdon College
Huntingdon College Computer Center, Montgomery, AL, US
A small Methodist-related liberal arts college in the southeast U.S.

New York, NY, US
Fashion hits the Web with our e-zine devoted exclusively to the latest trends.

IBM's Electric Origami Shop
IBM, Armonk, NY, US
Games, puzzles, art and interactive fun from IBM's wild ducks.

The iGallery
Austin, TX, US
Contains eclectic handmade artwork from local artists, as well as imported items. Works include jewelry, iron furniture, sculpture, rugs and wall hangings, and much more.

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Graduate Student Home Page.
Univ. of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI, US
Information on our research and faculty.

The Infallibles
MSA, Kansas City, KS, US
This is a user-friendly way of beginning to understand the followers of Shi'a/Shi'ite Islam.

inSight inFormation
Avid Trading Co., Kansas City, MO, US
The premier online source of technical market opinion. It's like reading tomorrow's stock quotes today. It's like having inside information. Analysts update daily.

IntelliScan, Inc.
Menlo Park, CA, US
Bar code-based inventory control software is our focus. Visit our site to download free interactive demos and check bar code resources and our product specifications.

DR. J.F.R. Ortigao, Ulm, Germany
We are an emergent biotechnology company at the Biotechnology Park in Ulm, established to design, manufacture and market advanced products for the biomedical community.

Interenet Fashion Mall
Internet Design Group, New York, NY, US
An all-inclusive site for a better fashion lifestyle.

Internet Shopping Network
Palo Alto, CA, US
Visit often for all your needs.

IUPUI Department of Spanish
Indiana Univ. - Purdue Univ. Indianapolis (IUPUI), IN, US
Links to courses offered, major and minor requirements, faculty teaching and research interests, and lists of careers that require knowledge of a foreign language. Also a short list of links to informational pages.

Laguna Beach - Sawdust Festival
Laguna Beach, CA, US
More than 200 artists display and demonstrate art forms at this fascinating and remarkable festival.

The London Mall Gallery
Micromedia, London, UK
An arena for the exhibition of works by Britain's best new artists.

Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network
LTER Network Office, Seattle, WA, US
A collaborative effort among over 780 scientists and students consisting of 18 sites representing diverse ecosystems and research emphases and a coordination or network office.

Marc-David's Airlines of the Web
Berkeley, CA, US
The most up-to-date and complete index of airline resources on the Web.

MarCom Center
Lake Forest, CA, US
A full service marketing communications agency.

Marine Graphics
Seattle, WA, US
Officially formed in 1994 by two lettering artists who found boaters needing to work with people who knew boats. Detailing and striping designs were natural extensions.

Military Science
Army ROTC at Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
Information about ROTC.

St. Louis, MO, US
The preeminent health science and college publisher's catalog.

The Mr. CompuPotato Archives
Cybercalifragilistic!, Hollywood, FL, US
He's frozen, but not forgotten.

MWBE Connection
OnPoint Communications, Inc., Denver, CO, US
An online resource for minority and women enterprises.

Nam Phuong NYC Vietnamese Restaurant
New York City, NY, US
Serves authentic Vietnamese food. They have a wide selection of dishes including vegetarian and low fat. Try their famous Skyrocket roll.

National Society of Pershing Rifles
Cambridge, MA, US
A fraternal organization which offers its members additional training above and beyond what they experience in their ROTC units.

NCSS Online
National Council for the Social Studies, Washington, DC, US
Features information about professional development, teaching resources, media programming and conferences, publications, annual conference, curriculum standards, and our bi-monthly newsletter.

New England Medical Services Inc
MaineStreet Communications, Oxford, ME, US
The newest generation of medical databased transcription application software.

NIST Standard Reference Data Products Online Catalog
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD, US
Evaluated scientific numeric databases in analytical and physical chemistry, materials science, atomic and molecular physics, biotechnology, surface science, and crystallography.

The One-Stop Windows 95 Site
Computer Services Group, Alexandria, VA, US
Links to virtually all of the Windows 95 resources on the Internet.

Ontko & Young Pipe Organs
Charleston, SC, US
The only manufacturer of pipe organs in the state of South Carolina. The Web page offers information on the company and its pipe organ installations along the Eastern seaboard.

The Outlaw Press
Albuquerque, NM, US
A small publisher specializing in history and historical re-creation.

Pawel and Eric's MTB Page
Run by Us, Los Alamos, NM, US
This page is mostly about mountain biking in the Los Alamos area. We've got a photo gallery, a swag page (where we dog lousy products), and reviews and maps of rides in the Los Alamos area.

The Employment Network, London, UK
A database of job seekers.

The Philosophy Department at Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY, US
Information on undergraduate and graduate studies in philosophy at Syracuse University. Links to WWW philosophy resources.

Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
An 800-member business organization working to enhance the quality of life and promote economic stability here in the Pittsburgh International Airport region.

PLEED - The Philadelphia area Legal Electronic EMail Directory
Alexion Law Offices, Philadelphia, PA, US
An email directory of Philadelphia lawyers, courts, and legal services.

Portland Software
Portland, OR, US
Currently supplies online merchants with ZipLock, a secure tool for selling content (software applications, text documents, audio files, etc.) via the Internet.

POW! Distribution Ltd.
Southampton, UK
We offer software for decision making, computer maintenance, the Internet, and more.

Powder Metallurgy
Wakefield, MA, US
The Wakefield Corporation site describes powdered metallurgy (P/M), provides design guidelines, and compares the P/M process to other fabrication processes.

Petroleum Science and Technology Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland
The Petroleum Technology Research Information System is a one-stop window to information related to research and technology for the upstream oil and gas industry.

Qosina Corp.
Edgewood, NY, US
We are a major components supplier to the OEM medical industry.

RAD World Internet Multimedia Authoring
RAD Technologies, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, US
Internet and enterprise multimedia authoring software for interactive advertising, marketing, training, presentations and kiosk applications.

Rainforest Action Network
San Francisco, CA, US
RAN's action-oriented site. We bring the tools of rainforest activism to your fingertips. The site includes action alerts, campaigns, demonstrations, Kids' Corner, and links to other environmental activism sites. A not-to-be-missed primer for anyone interested in rainforest ecology.

Redi-Check - Online Payment Solutions
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Unique payment system allows online stores, businesses, and individuals to accept payment for products and services using a personal or business checking account.

Re-Employment 2000
Redwood City, CA, US
We assist applicants in finding employment and companies with their staffing needs.

The RenderMan Page
Little Rock, AR, US
A page for and about RenderPeople.

RIDGE Multibeam Synthesis Project
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Palisades, NY, US
A compilation of multibeam sonar data from the world's mid-ocean ridge system. Now in the third year of data serving, this project is funded by the RIDGE Program of the National Science Foundation's Division of Ocean Sciences.

River Side Net
Tokyo, Japan
Here is the place where you can be cool.

Russell Antiques
Franklin, NC, US
Buys and sells antiques and collectibles, pottery, glass, porcelain, watch fobs, etc.

San Teh Ltd
We are the world's largest silicone rubber keypad manufacturer.

The Setonian
South Orange, NJ, US
Seton Hall University's official undergraduate newspaper.

Software Automated Reengineering
Offers a full range of services to assist customers in reengineering their outdated software in an automated fashion.

The Software Construction Co.
North Billerica, MA, US
We are developers of MS-DOS and Windows software.

Virgil Corporation, San Francisco, CA, US
A financial investment information center that offers the first portfolio manager for the Internet.

Sunbelt Software's Windows NT Page
Largo, FL, US
We offer utiltity programs for the Windows NT environment.

Synergy Solutions
Athens, AL, US
A small design and publishing firm of promotional packages, letterheads, business cards, and more.

System Design Engineering
Huntsville, AL, US
Dedicated to providing high-quality, low-cost engineering services. SDE also specializes in PC security and has developed a line of products under the family name Tangerine Development Company
Longboat Key, FL, US
We are a leader in development communities.

The Task Force for Responsibility and Freedom on the Internet
Church of Scientology, Los Angeles, CA, US
Encourages self-policing of the Internet to head off government interference with freedom of expression. Includes the "Netsurfer's Simple Guide to Copyright."

Teknema, Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
We develop and market Web browser and server software products.

Telephonetics International Inc.
Miami, FL, US
Customized audio programming for telephone hold lines and all telecommunications applications including automated attendants, voice mail prompts, IVR, and computer telephony integration applications.

Tennessee Bar Association Link
Nashville, TN, US
Search Tennessee appellate court opinions, attorney general opinions, and more.

The Texas Mall
Resource Development Corporation, Austin, TX, US
A shopping and information service for the lone star state.

The Texas Real Estate Directory
Lokke Advertising, Dallas, TX, US
Pictures, prices, and descriptions of Texas homes and property.

T.K. Realty
San Jose, Costa Rica
Learn more about property and business opportunities in the Land of Eternal Spring.

The Tricycle Hub
New York, NY, US
The interactive forum for our not-for-profit quarterly about the nature of Buddhism today.

UCL Prospectus of First Degree Courses 1996-97
Univ. College London, London, UK
The full text of the UCL (University College London) undergraduate prospectus for admission in the academic year 1996-97.

The University Financing Foundation, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
A non-profit foundation assisting colleges and universities obtain equipment and facilities at the lowest possible cost, using direct low-interest loans or tax-exempt bond financing.

University of Illinois, Upcoming Conferences
Champaign, IL, US
Information about and Web registration for our conferences.

University of Southern California Law Center
Los Angeles, CA, US
A comprehensive source for legal information.

The UNIX commands necessary to make your Web page available
Liverpool, NY, US
A simple how-to for setting up a home page on a standard UNIX system.

The Vancouver Progressive Homepages Virtual Library
Computer Revolutions, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Collects progressive writings in conjunction with our links to various progressive pages in the Vancouver area. Submissions welcome.

Virtual San Antonio
nuMedia.group, San Antonio, TX, US
The Web's first virtual reality tour. With over 1,000 pages, you can tour San Antonio's famous Riverwalk, visit the missions and a host of other adventures.

Wayward Fluffy Publications
Stoughton, MA, US
Includes a new division, Style And Substance, which also crafts persuasive and innovative Web sites, multimedia, and Web graphics for business and individuals.

The Webcatcher
Dave Mills, Tucson, AZ, US
Monitors the Web for new sites and emails you regular updates based on the topics you select.

WebReach Advertising & Marketing
Pflugerville, Texas, US
Your best source for Internet advertising and marketing.

What's New in Europe
The UK Shopping Centre, London, UK
New or recently updated European Internet sites can announce their new services here.

Willow Farm Heart Disease Ministry
Willow Farm Press, Hamilton, MA, US
Provides free support services to those with heart disease, using a network of local ministers.

Winchester Galleries
Victoria, B.C., Canada
Important Canadian and international artists with exhibitions every 2-3 weeks, exhibiting contemporary paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, and assemblages, primarily by West Coast artists.

Witten Realty Group
Sarasota, FL, US
We invite you to our beautiful homes and condos in sunny Sarasota.

Wright State University Emergency Medicine
Dayton, OH, US
Information about the Emergency Medicine Residency program and some links to interesting sites.

WWW Designs Ltd.
Cleveland, OH, US
An Internet presence provider and consulting company. Will arrange Internet access for your company, design your Internet presence on the Web, and train your staff to do the same.

X-ray and Gamma-ray Coefficients
AIC Software, Grafton, MA, US
Graphic presentation of all X-ray and gamma-ray coefficients, with links to other nuclear data and a program for calculating shielding and dose deposition.

Zodd's Law
Active Supply Co. Ltd, London, UK
A humourous site for t-shirt screenprinters.

Wednesday, 13 September 1995

3E West, Inc.
Auburn, WA, US
Our adhesive and coating products have been helping to protect and extend the life of real estate, worldwide.

800-Bike Pro
Santa Rosa, CA, US
A repository of information about bicycle parts and the bicycle industry.

All Service & Software
Brisbane, Queensland, AU
Post Codes for Windows (Freeware); over 13,500+ postcodes for Australia.

Alltel Mobile Communications
Montgomery, AL, US
Cellular service covering Montgomery and over 4,900 other U.S. cities.

Andy Richter: King of the Couch
Xkot, Jacksonville, FL, US
Fans of Andy Richter know he's not just another sidekick gathering moss on the couch. This page has pictures of Andy from the show Late Night With Conan O'Brien as well as biographical information.

The Angler's NET
GetSet! Communications, Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada
Angler's NET is a page about fishing in British Columbia Canada, including resorts, guides, books, videos, fishing reports, custom campers and articles on fishing.

Anonima Fumetti -- the Italian cartoonists society
Torino, Italy
Founded by the Italian authors to promote comics and cartoonists. You'll find more than 500 authors and you can send them messages. Also includes bibliographies, news, shows, museums, links, courses, contest etc.

Antonio Mirijello's Score
Nand-O Sports Net and AMC Software Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Get the latest scores and news of Canadian MLB and NHL teams, from Nand-O Sports Net and AMC Software Canada.

Asian Story Theater
San Diego, CA, US
We use live theater as a medium for education as well as entertainment.

The Association of Shareware Professionals
Muskgeon, MI, US
A nonprofit organization that provides support to shareware authors, vendors, user groups, BBSes, and end-users.

The Astronomical Image Processing System (AIPS)
National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Charlottesville, VA, US
Our system is mainly for the reduction/analysis of radio astronomy data.

Australian PropertyWeb
CPM Research, Sydney, NSW, Australia
complete overview of the market: statistics, recent sales and leases, contacts, and for sale & lease listings.

Best-Seller Library Systems Inc.
Havertown, PA, US
We provide information management solutions.

Beyond Marketing Strategies
Saratoga, CA, US
Provides strategic and tactical marketing across a variety of high tech businesses. Our consultants all have experience marketing Web based technologies, products, sites or businesses.

Bio-Genesis, Inc.
San Marcos, CA, USA
Bacillus laterosporus - BOD, is a versatile, 100% naturally occurring bacteria and is the active ingredient in several new life-improving products, available now to individuals and dealers.

Black Adder
NTH, Trondheim, Norway
Christian Viken's Black Adder page. Contains sound, graphics, and full dialogue of all episodes.

Brookhaven National Lab Public Affairs Office
Upton, NY, US
Learn more about our history, our award-winning research, and our opportunities for visitors.

Brookline Custom Words and Images
Brookline,, MA, US
Full-service homepage provider. Our turnkey packages start at $299 for small business and go right up through our Custom Big-Page at $2,999. Full interactivity and updates with all.

The California Maritime Academy
Vallejo, CA, US
A four year degree awarding state university.

Campbell Network Systems
Grand Rapids, MI, US
We are a full service Internet access provider.

Capital District Ski Educational Foundation
Albany, NY, US
A nonprofit organization that disburses funds to promote skiing.

Carats & Karats Fine Jewelry
Honolulu, HI, US
We are the first jeweler from Hawaii to offer exotic hand-engraved Hawaiian heirloom jewelry to the world.

Cartoons for Publications and Advertising
Sherburne, NY, US
Topical cartoon samples by a leading freelance cartoonist. A valuable resource for editors, art directors, creative directors, publishers, newsletters, direct mail.

Chestnut Street Law Center
Ventura, CA, US
The Center features attorneys with a wide assortment of practice areas including veteran's adminstration appeals, civil litigation, family law and intellectual property. Also prominently featured on our page is the office cat.

Chris Chamberlain's Fire and EMS Page
Towanda, PA, US
This site has cool pictures of fire and EMS apparatus, as well as many links to related resources.

Chrysalis Systems
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
We are a software development firm specializing in DOS, Windows, and Unix applications. Both local and remote clients can be accommodated.

Classic Automobiles, Inc.
Miller Interactive, New York, NY, US
We are an authorized dealer of Audi, Bugatti, Hummer, Lamborghini, Lotus, and Porsche.

Classic Manufacturing Inc.
Manufacturers Information Net, Oakdale, MI, US
We use over a century of experience to design, build, and assemble the highest-quality custom machinery.

CMB Astrophysics Research Program
George Smoot Astrophysics Group, LBL, Berkeley, CA, US
A survey of ongoing research and a listing of current personnel in the George Smoot Astrophysics Research Group.

The College of Law
Information Providers Limited, Farnborough, UK
Information about the college.

Columbia Equities
Miller Interactive, New York, NY, US
We are the leading mortgage banker in the Tri-State and area.

ConverNet - Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC)
Bonn, Germany
Information on BICC“s working areas, publications, and more.

The Cool Medical Site Of The Week
Peninsula Maxillofacial Surgery, San Francisco, CA, US
Finally, a cool site for health professionals on the Net.

Creative Engineering Corporation
Huntsville, AL, US
High quality scientific and engineering technical services, focused research, and products.

Cyberdelic BBS Inc.
Lafayette, IN, US
Our BBS allows a simple modem call (without SLIP/PPP) to browse the Web. Includes tons of links, files, and CGIs.

Laguna Hills, CA, US
The text-only home page of Cycom.

Database Consultants, Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
A technology-based consulting and education firm that specializes in the Oracle RDMBS line of products.

Dave Donnelly's Hawaii
Dave Donnelly, Honolulu, HI, US
Longtime Honolulu Star-Bulletin columnist Dave Donnelly on who's who and what's what in the 50th State.

David Scarbrough's PhotoGraphics
Houston, TX, US
A portfolio of photo journalism and graphic design.

Devmark - Development Property Marketing (PTY) Ltd
Devmark, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
A dynamic real estate company specializing in the new residential property market in Cape Town, South Africa.

Dietz Associates
Nashua, NH, US
A catalog of more than 250 images of historic stocks and bonds.

Digable Digital
Aspen, CO, US
A music, charity, and activism Web site.

El World Wide Web (In Spanish)
CETYS Universidad, Ensenada, Mexico
Que es el 3W y donde se desarrollo? Como opera el 3W? Bibliografia.

Electronic Credit Repair Kit
Phoenix, AZ, US
A step-by-step guide to removing erroneous negative information from your credit report.

Environmental Information Center
Washington, DC, US
Our goal is to educate the public about important environmental policy.

Evolving Technologies Corporation
New York, NY, US
Specializes in clinical trials data analysis. We produce Candas integrating data, text and images for sponsors of new drugs and medical devices/products.

Sillery, Quebec, Canada
Outdoor, expedition and backcountry travels, providing all you need to make a backcountry travel in Quebec.

Fineware Systems
Oklahoma City, OK, US
We offer quality software for home or office.

Fischer Pharmaceuticals Laboratories
Sunnyvale, CA, US
An international corporation for the research, development, and manufacturing of dermatology preparations.

Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment
London, UK
FISU is Europe's leading Foundation that teaches meditation and spiritual unfoldment.

Free Services Bureau
Newport Bay Virtual Mall, Corvallis, OR, US
We provide links to useful free services on the Internet.

Gallery of American Artisans
Topsfield, MA, US
We offer an elegant collection of finely crafted art pieces.

Gothic Productions
San Francisco, CA, US
We provide multimedia consulting services.

Grace Notes -- Bible Studies on the Internet
Warren Doud, Austin, TX, US
A Christian publication ministry for distributing verse-by-verse Bible lessons, topical articles (word studies), and historical studies related to the Word of God.

Unlimited Conception, Ltd., Chicago, IL, US
A 3D animation site using Mac and SGI platforms.

Grolier Interactive
Danbury, CT, US
An international CD-ROM multimedia reference and entertainment publisher of the Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Americana, Guinness Multimedia Disc of Records, and other reference works.

The High-Tech Investor
Mathew Ingram, Aurora, Ontario, Canada
This is a discussion of online investing, and some of the resources available on the Web. It contains links, and commentary about those links.

The Home of Patrik Fagard
Hasselt, Belgium
A site with a changing theme each time.

Hotel Anywhere!
BK Internet Development Group, Venice Beach, CA, USA
Geographical directory linking home pages of thousands of accommodations and travel-related Web sites.

Houston Entertainment Web
Houston Web Communications, Houston, TX, US
Your online source to the Houston-area entertainment scene.

International Conference Systems
Los Angeles, CA, US
Simultaneous interpretation equipment and services for multi-lingual conferences and events.

The Internet in the French as a Second Language (FSL) classroom
Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
An online Master's thesis investigating the role of the Internet in teaching and learning French as a second language.

The Internet Music Monolith
Musicians Contact Service, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Comprehensive guide to the Australian music industry for fans, musicians, students, and all industry participants.

Internet Presence and Publishing Services
San Jose, CA, US
Cost-effective marketing on the World Wide Web for businesses of all sizes.

Ivoclar-Vivadent On-Line
Leicester, UK
Quality dental materials for surgeries and laboratories such as composites and equipment. Will feature sections on prosthetics and regular offers available in the UK.

JobBank USA
Atlanta, GA, US
Comprehensive list of employment sites and resources in the U.S. and worldwide. Job listings categorized by field, location, and company. Resume database with submission form for employment networking and distribution to companies and recruiters.

Just Black & White
MaineStreet Comm, Portland, ME, US
We are a full-service, custom black-and-white photographic processing lab.

Karakas Vansickle Ouellette Advertising and Public Relations
Portland, OR, US
We are a full-service agency.

Kennedy Associates
Richmond, CA, US
Dedicated to environmental management, engineering services and resources. Other links to US EPA, OSHA and environmental pages.

La Selva International
The Woodlands, TX, US
An exciting line of quality gifts and collectibles hand-crafted by Uruguayan artisans. Browse our display case of over 30 beautiful ceramic wildlife figurines.

Lingualink Language Services
Los Angeles, CA, US
We provide complete language translation and simultaneous interpretation equipment and services.

Livermore Election '95
Dig, Livermore, CA, US
Political information, civic issues, candidate information, links to other interesting sites in Livermore.

The Maple Ridge District
Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada
This is the main page for the businesses of Maple Ridge B.C.

Micro Format Imagination Gallery of Specialty Paper Products
Wheeling (Chicago), IL, US
Continuous Paper for dot martix printers; cut sheet for laser and ink jet printers banner band for printing banners on dot matrix printers virtual reality/3-D paper and viewer mailing envelopes for creating images which float above the sheet.

Midnight Design Ltd
London, England
We provide lighting design and equipment supplies for events, conferences, trade shows, etc.

Mormile Florist
Cybermall U.S.A., Rockville Centre, NY, US
We serve all your floral needs from baby to birthday to sympathy baskets.

The MotorMall
Dayton, OH, US
We offer classified listings for any type of vehicle, boat, plane, rv, etc.

Mr. Media
St. Petersburg, FL, US
Mr. Media steers readers to the best and latest in magazines, newspapers, comic books, syndicated radio, cable TV, video games, CD-ROM, and cool Web sites.

Multiscope Marketing Services
Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
We specialize in market research and marketing.

Musee du Louvre, Paris
Paris, France
The official Musee du Louvre Web site includes general museum information, calendar of upcoming cultural events, the list of the Louvre publications, the history of the Louvre as well as the majors works of each of the seven great collections.

NIEHS Superfund Basic Reseach Program
The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, NC, US
Our program provides funding for studies of the human health effects of hazardous substances in the environment.

Long Island, NY, US
A site with many resources and links to everywhere. Constantly being updated.

OilAir Hydraulics, Inc.
Manufacturers Information Net, Houston, TX, US
We serve the American fluid power market.

On-Line Comics
Santa Clarita, CA, US
Comic home page with links to other URL's, gifs/jpg sites, news, gopher and company sites.

Pacific Environmental Services, Inc.
Raleigh, NC, US
PES is a nationwide environmental engineering and industrial hygiene consulting firm with a 25-year record of excellence in professional services for industrial, commercial and government clients.

Pacific Intercultural Exchange
La Jolla, CA, US
We build bridges between the cultures of the world.

RecordWare, Oxford, UK
We offer a computer cataloguing program for records and CD's.

Peotone High School
Peotone, IL, US
We have a classified collection of links for student and teacher research.

Phi Kappa Tau, Gamma Beta Colony
Univ. of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, US
Our fraternity chapter's home page.

Photo Of U
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Send us your company logo, photos, or artwork for scanning onto your Web pages.

Pounce International Homepage
Columbus, OH, US
Furnace Records recording artist Pounce Intl. now maintains a site with pictures, song samples, equipment lists, reviews, and more.

Preferred Cruise Services
Boca Raton, FL, US
We offer specially discounted cruise vacations and tours.

Premium Mitsubishi
Miller Interactive, New York, NY, US
We are New York's newest Mitsubishi dealer.

Princeton Country Dancers
Monmouth Junction, NJ, US
We celebrate traditional dances of America and England weekly.

Pronet Enterprises Ltd.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Free International Business Directory and Library. Thousands of companies and informational links catalogued by continent, country, and category.

Q&A Database Consulting and Training
Michael Swertfager, San Jose, CA, US
Experienced consulting and training on Symantec's Q&A product line.

Montgomery, AL, US
The world's favorite laser game.

Rainbow Dyeing and Finishing Inc.
Fairlawn, NJ, US
With over 35 years of quality and experience in the field of dyeing and finishing. hi-tech technology combined with years of experience makes Rainbow the only place to go for dying and finishing in the world.

Refractive Surgery Information Site
Cyberco, Honolulu, HI, US
At this site you can find all the latest regarding refractive surgery. Covered in detail are radial keratotomy and excimer laser PRK. You can also find a doctor in your area who performs these procedures at this site.

Robcad Special Interest Group
Environmental and Technical Research Centre, Karlsruhe, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Home pages for ROBCAD/ROSE developers using the computer aided robotics package ROBCAD.

Ronnie Cramer's Cult Film Page
Scorched Earth Productions, Denver, CO, US
Descriptions of 1,000 unusual films. Exploitation, crime and mystery, sci-fi, horror, JD & drive-in, silent, international, underground, and more.

Scandinavian PC Systems, Inc.
Baton Rouge, LA, US
A Vietnam-era veteran operated small business, we publish DOS/Windows software, including tutorials, writing aids and an RDBMS (database) that uniquely offers integrated barcode printing and support. Demo disks are available for download.

Schuller International Group, Inc.
Denver, CO, US
We are a leading manufacturer of insulation and building products.

Schwartz & Schwartz, P.C.
Woburn, MA, US
We specialize in tax planning and preparation for health care professionals.

Sea Wolff Diving
East Farmingdale, NY, US
Our software is for recreational/commercial diving.

Single Ski Club of Albany
Albany, NY, US
A year round club focusing on skiing and other outdoor activities.

S.M.I.L.E.S. Center for Independent Living
Mankato, MN, US
Provides services and information to people with disabilities. Includes links to other disability sites.

Source Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
We are one of the largest dealers in new and recertified telecom equipment.

State Fair of Virginia
LlamaWeb, Rixeyville, VA, US
Come visit the fair, which will include a two day llama show.

Stream International Inc.
Norwood, MA, US
We are the world's largest manufacturer, replicator, and reseller of computer software.

Stuff for Slackers
Aquinas Software, Inc., Boston, MA, US
X Avenue's subsite - Wall of Slackers, Win95 Slackville, and the interactive X Quotient, among more great things offered for those who prefer to be bored.

Systems Partners Inc.
Orinda, CA, US
We provide business solutions to business problems.

Tee-Rific Savings
Hoboken, NJ, US
We print fashionable designs on high-quality, American-made casual clothing.

Telecommunications and Genetic Engineering
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO, US
Genetic engineering is taught to 28 schools in the state of Colorado through the Internet. Plant tissue culture and recombinant DNA has been taught since 1981 at Air Academy High School.

United States Power Squadrons
Raliegh, NC, US
We are the largest private boating organization in the world.

Rushworth & Woof, Deganwy, UK
The intimate wine portfolio for lovers.

The Virtual Inn
Orbital Technologies, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
A comprehensive listing of hotels, restaurants, and pubs in Scotland.

Voice Recognition
Verbex Voice Systems, San Antonio, TX, US
Downloadable freeware demonstrations of continuous speech voice recognition software for Windows.

Washington Researchers, Ltd.
Washington, DC, US
We are the foremost expert on innovative and practical information sources and research technologies.

Web Italian Lessons by Lucio Chiappetti
Salem, OR, US
A third Italian lesson for English speakers.

WestWord Singles Connection Event Schedule
Internet Liaisons, Ltd., Denver, CO, US
Join us for the latest upcoming singles event and receive a free 50-word personal ad.

Winston Churchill High School Web Server
Eugene, OR, US
Hosts various HTML documents written by students or information about Winston Churchill High School.

World Art Treasures
Foundation J.E Berger, Lausanne, Vaud, CH
A collaborative project between the Foundation Jacques-Edouard Berger, Lausanne and EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). Its aim is to promulgate the discovery and love of art.

World Media On Line
A division of World Media Network, which was created in 1990, to combine the editorial assets of twenty-six newspapers, working in real time, and to set up a syndication network that includes some of the most prestigious titles on earth.

Yogi's Thamizh Page
Superior, WI, US
Information about the Tamil Culture of the Dravidians.

Friday, 15 September 1995

106th Rescue Group Long Island's Air National Guard
Stony Brook, NY, US
The 106th Rescue Group is a nationally recognized team of combat search and rescue folks, and the oldest Air National Guard unit in the U.S.

999 years Austria
AINS gmbh, Vienna/Salzburg, AT
A comprehensive guide to travel, tourism, business, art, and culture in Austria.

The ABQ Correspondent
ABQ Communications Corporation, Albuquerque, NM, US
Since 1985, this wry newsletter has commented on the impact of technology on society, with the view that "History is just people doing things."

Acme Policy Works Writing Consultant
Acme Policy Works, Washington, DC, US
Provides reports, articles, and speeches on various policy-related issues. Acme has over ten years of experience in the U.S. Congress, the GAO, a state legislature and local government.

Advanced Quick Circuits
Melbourne, FL, US
A printed circuit board manufacturer specializing in quick-turn, high layer count multilayer, dense packaging and advanced technology.

Advantage Staffing Services
Stamford, CT, US
A northeastern temporary staffing firm offering partnered personnel solutions. Specialty niches include finance, creative services and legal. Don't forget to check out our job listings.

Advent Electronics
Houston, TX, US
We sell TV cable descramblers, satellite dish systems & miscellaneous electronic equipment.

Ad Methods Halpern & Eurich, Hauppauge, NY, US
Advertising on the internet and by conventional methods for national and international companies.

After School Activities Program (ASAP)
The Projects Factory, San BuenaVentura, CA, US
This worthy program is bringing 4-H ideals to inner-city, at-risk kids in Los Angeles. A dedicated team of professionals needs assistance to implement information technology tools.

San Francisco, CA, US
This San Francisco-based publisher of fine computer books and related online services offers useful information to newbies and knowbies alike.

Art Search
The Joy Collection, Willits, CA, US
Art Search is a new web site devoted to getting artists of all types exposure on the Internet.

Aspen Reservations, Inc.
Aspen, CO, US
Offering intimate accomadations in B&B's, ski lodges, hotels, etc.

Associated Foreign Exchange, Inc.
San Francisco, CA, US
An economical and efficient means for managing foreign denominated transactions.

Athens, GA, US
A Web service for Athens, Georgia. A centerpoint for all Athens traffic on the Web.

Atlantic Web
La Trinite sur Mer, Brittany, France
A must see site for any French business owner wishing to advertise on the WWW.

Australian Antarctic Division
Tasmania, Australia
Provides information to scientists and to anyone interested in Antarctica. It includes general information about Antarctica (eg. weather), information about Australia's Antarctic science program (eg. glaciology), and expedition information (eg. shipping).

Australian Personal Computer magazine
Australian Personal Computer magazine, Sydney, Australia
One of the first Australian publications to use the Web now returns with a rewritten, upgraded site.

Austrian Worldport - Database of Commerce
Austrian Worldport, Vienna, Austria
A major business site in Austria offering listings in international trade, technology, industry, culture and entertainment. Your datagate to the economies of Vienna, Austria and Europe.

A B CDs Music Store
Airway Heights, WA, USA
A B CDs has the best deal around -- a selection of hundreds of thousands of new CDs and tens of thousands of quality used CDs.

BellSouth Mobile Data
Atlanta, GA, US
Operating Mobitex wireless data networks worldwide.

Berkeley East Bay Humane Society
Berkeley, CA, US
Located at the corner of 9th and Carleton Streets in Berkeley, California, our facility includes an animal shelter/adoption center and a veterinary hospital.

Bernel Manufacturing
Hull, Canada
Since 1973 more than 175 children have been strangled to death by loose blind-cords. Bernel has invented a device called SECUR, to protect your children from this hazard.

Blaine Victor Morrow
Lansing, MI, US
Meet an Internet entity working with schools and libraries in Michigan, to explore online and computer-related resources.

Boxer Productions
Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, MN, US
Website of photography/film/video student in final year at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Features a portfolio and is the co-site of Boxer Productions a small film/video production company.

Business Index Europe (NACE/ISIC system)
EUROad Internet Marketing, Amsterdam, NL
Free ads for freelance professionals, real estate agents, hotels and travel agents. Web page generator creates home pages on the fly. Response form included at one press of the button.

Calgary Stampede Show Band
Calgary, AB, Canada
Calgary's preimer marching group. The Stampede Show Band is rated as a world class marching group, and is currently ranked 3rd in the world.

Calypso, SOCA, and Ringbang Music in the Caribbean
Sandlinx Ltd., Toronto, ON, CANADA
Sandlinx Ltd. is proud to announce the ICE Records Ltd. interactive CD store. Browse, listen to the music, and check out the latest Ringbang(tm) hits offered at huge discounts.

Campground OnLine
Don Brosius, Raynham, MA, US
Campground OnLine is a growing campground directory, complete with acitivity schedules and photos, camping and travel destinations, tech tips, and more.

Career Resource Center, Seattle, WA, US
The Web's career directory. Thousands of job, employer and reference links. Also includes regional content: employers, professional associations, education resources, career counselors, self-employment, events and more.

Carey International
Global Connect, Inc., Williamsburg, VA, US
Your total transportation provider for over 75 years.

Carma International
Washington, DC, US
CARMA International is a media-analysis, consulting firm that performs quantitative and qualitative analyses of US and International print, and broadcast media.

A Carolina Vacation
Wise Services, LLC, Long Beach, NC, US
Vacation Information in North Carolina including links to many vacation spots.

Ceacean Territory
Kai Cheng, B. C., CANADA
A place where mind reveals itself. Visualize dream, evolution, depression, curiousity, love, and other thoughts. Get in, tell me your dream.

Civic Media Center Homepage
Civic Media Center & Library, Inc., Gainesville, FL, US
The Civic Media Center is a nonprofit library and reading room of the alternative press in Gainesville, Florida.

The Cleveland Underground Music Archive
wORLD gAIN, Ltd., Cleveland, OH, US
Where to go in Cleveland to see local bands, concerts and "special" stuff.

Club W South
Orange County, CA, US
A philosphoical movement, similar to dadism, incorporating the many different facets of our lives.

Computer Crazed - a documentary about the Internet
Douglas Weiner, Los Angeles, CA, US
Learn how you can become a part of this documentary about the Internet.

The Computer Events Directory
KnowledgeWeb, Inc., San Rafael, CA, US
A leading source of information on technology conferences, exhibitions, seminars and tradeshows worldwide.

The Computer Price Cruncher
KillerApp Solutions, Inc., Union City, CA, US
This killer app is an evolutionary service that saves you time and money by letting you make instant comparisons of retailers' prices on thousands of brand-name computer items.

Computer Wise TV Show
Blue Ridge Cable TV 13, Stroudsburg, PA, US
A guide to basic computer skills based on the TV show. Find our TV show schedule, computer news, Web sites we visit every week, and download locations to help you find some interesting and useful programs.

Coventry Community Network
Coventry, UK
A community network for the city.

CW Rhoda Creative Bureau
CW Rhoda Creative Bureau, New York, NY, US
Designs smart, affordable interactive multimedia and home pages. You can also download our quarterly interactive newsletter IMPACT.

Cyber Communications
Mega Leader International Incoporation, Mountain View, CA, US
The U.S. branch of the Hong Kong-based Cyber Communications. A dual-location structure allows them to provide the best WWW advertising services.

Cyber Communications
Mega Leader International Incorporation, HONG KONG, HONG KONG
Cyber Communications provides gateways to international business success by exposing clients to the online world.

Cyber Sentry
Microsystems Software, Framingham, MA, US
Cyber Sentry allows corporations to monitor employees' use of the Internet, inhibit unauthorized activity, and control downloading of software to the network environment.

Melville, NY, US
Contains lists of lists, tools, and more to guide you on your quest through cyberspace.

Cyberspace Cafe
The Creative Department, Fairfield, IA, US
A demo of our capability to cook up a website for clients. We also have a literary magazine and free online books.

Dallas Texas New Home Data
Don Allison Realtors, Carrollton, TX, US
A complete list of all home builders in the Dallas Metroplex area. Detailed inventory of all new and completed homes. Floorplans available.

Damar Group
Columbia, MD, US
Find computer training classes, instructor-led and self-study learning manuals, and books available for downloading via WWW or FTP.

dbWeb - Database Connectivity for the Web
Aspect Software Engineering, Inc., Honolulu, HI, US
A data-driven gateway between ODBC and NT-based web servers implemented as a multithreaded NT service. Requires no CGI or HTML programming.

Department of Chemistry Library
Univ. of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Information about our library.

Desktop Peripherals, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN, US
A single source for all your computer peripherals, including SCSI drives, scanners, video cards, memory, media, SCSI cards, and more. We specialize in Macs.

Digital Access
New Brunswick, NJ, US
Digital Access Specialists provides free service to help organizations order digital connections in the geographic area served by Bell Atlantic.

Ditch Croaker
Fine Corinthian Records & Silicon Forest Media, Los Angeles, CA, US
Download sound files from this Hoboken, NJ based band. View photos and artwork, or check out their growing catalog and tour scedule.

DIVE Laboratories, Inc.
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Provides information on DIVE Labs products and services, and includes in-depth technical information on our projects and products. Additionally, there are areas for downloading freeware and shareware software including VRML Browsers and virtual reality development systems.

Documentation Services, Inc., Irving, TX, US
DollarWeb is an innovative new service from Documentation Services, Inc. that brings webspace within easy reach of everyone. One dollar a month brings you one megabyte of personal web space.

Dougherty Group at Caltech
Dennis A. Dougherty Research Group, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, US
Conducts research on a broad range of topics in organic, physical organic, bioorganic, and materials chemistry.

Download an SSL Web Server
The Internet Factory, Inc., Pleasanton, CA, US
The 1st secure server for Windows 95 and the second for Windows NT from the Internet Factory, a pioneer in secure Webservers for affordable Windows NT and 95 computers.

Dynamic Imaging
Milwaukee, WI, US
Provides computer animation for film, television, multimedia and games, plus digital special effects for the above, and Web site programming and maintenance.

EcoGroup Inc.
Ecogroup Inc., Tampa, FL, US
Southwestern Florida's premeire real estate developer.

Education, Training and Development Resource Center
Training And Seminar Locators, Inc. (TASL), San Francisco, CA, US
Free access database where people in business and industry can find excellent resources when, where, in the form and by the providers of their choice, and apply to register, purchase, or submit a request for proposal while online.

Emerge Home Page
Emerge, Madison, WI, US
An information management company and service bureau that uses Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Capture for electronic publishing and management of digital documents.

CS Denver, Highlands Ranch, CO, US
A Web site for posting online brochures and resumes in a searchable format for professionals in the environmental industry. News and chat are also available.

Erol's Computers TV & VCR
Springfield, VA, US
Eros Computer TV & VCR is the Washington DC area's fastest growing custom computer company. We offer a wide range of custom-built systems and related periphrials.

European Construction Institute
Loughborough, Leicsestershire, UK
Dedicated to improving the performance of the construction industry in Europe

European Market Entry
Lukas Consulting Partners, Munich, Germany, Europe
A network of experienced specialists in European strategy, marketing, and sales, to help non-Europeans to enter the European market successfully.

Evergreen Hydroponics (UK)
Brighton, East Sussex, U.K.
Suppliers (trade and retail) of equipment for year-round gardening without soil.

Family Explorer
Denver, CO, US
A monthly newsletter of science and nature activities intended specifically for parents of children in the 6-12 year-old range.

The Feminist Majority Foundation
Washington, DC, US
A comprehensive array of information on all aspects of women's issues.

Firearms and Liberty Page
Shade's Landing, Apple Valley, MN, US
Recently moved to Shade's Landing, this site contains one of the a largest compendiums of HTML-formatted documents on firearms and liberty issues on the net.

Fisher audio/video
chatsworth, CA, US
Contains product reviews, music reviews, movie reviews, rock n roll headlines, entertainment nostaglia, contests, and games.

The Flyfishing Resource Guide
FLYFISH.COM, Anderson Island, WA, US
Everything a flyfisher needs to know.

The Flying Karamazov Brothers
Hamann Designs, Seattle, WA, US
Those zany jugglers are touring their way around the world with great juggling, bad jokes, and lots of laughs.

Foam Rangers Homebrew Club
Houston, TX, US
Home of the 12th Annual Dixie Cup Homebrew Competition, October 13-14, 1995, the second largest homebrew event in the U.S.

Four Seasons Gifts and Baskets
Specialty Enterprises, Tucson, AZ, US
Check out our beautiful gift baskets, Southwest gift department, gourmet food products, and recipe favorites.

Fractal Data Technologies
Fractal Data Technologies, Johannesburg, South Africa
Assisting South African businesses to go online, FDT offers WWW page development, Windows and NT software development, and training courses.

The Framers Corner Inc
Huntsville, AL, US
Art Gallery specializing in limited edition prints by Terry Redlin, Daniel Moore, John Seerey-Lester, and Alan Hunt, among others.

FRAXA Research Foundation, Inc.
West Newbury, MA, US
Information about fragile X syndrome, the most common inherited cause of developmental disabilities.

Full Disclosure Live
Superior Broadcasting Company, Oil City, PA, US
A world-wide radio show on privacy, surveillance, technology, and government. We have a great catalog of exclusive publications. Articles and downloadable software are also available.

GetSet! Communications
Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada
A company that helps businesses get on the Internet. Consulting, marketing, design, business advice, and maintenance.

Ghost Rider Leisure Page
National University Of Singapore, Singapore
A comprehensive collection of leisure links, including Ghost Rider pics, comics, Robotech, Anime and picture links, movies, audio-visual entertainment, exotic cars, computers and more.

Global Sourcing Network Inc.
Global Sourcing Network Inc., Edmonton, AB, Canada
An online, relational database of used heavy equipment and trucks.

Green Lake Group: Internet Communications
Southfield, MI, US
An Internet presence provider and communications company, providing innovative, high-impact services at the cutting-edge of design and technology.

Hardwood Solitare for Windows 95
Silver Creek Entertaimnet, Grants Pass, OR, US
A beautiful true-color rendition of three popular solitaire games: Klondike, Pyramid, and Golf.

Harpist Serena O'Meara
Serena O'Meara, Menomonie, WI, US
Information about her recordings, arrangements of harp music and an instuctional video. Includes music and harp links.

Hell Blues Festival, the Unofficial Pages
TC, Trondheim, Norway
A weekend of blues and rock in Hell, Norway. Highlights include The Yardbirds and Tom Principato Band.

Holland Communications Index Page
Holland Communications, Northport, AL, US
Holland Communications specializes in Internet and online consulting, technological education, publishing, and commerce.

Holland Congress Site
Holland Organizing Centre, The Hague, The Netherlands
An overview of all international congresses organized in The Netherlands until the year 2000. You can search the database by category and keywords. Online registration and a helpdesk are also available.

Hollywood Producers Network
Internet Entertainment Network, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA, US
The source for professional services and products. Includes Insider's Tips, monthly columns, development and production charts, the Entertainment Law CyberCenter, Hollywood Profiles and Hollywood Access Directory.

Greenville, ME, US
We publish and distribute medical and ergonomics-related self-help books.

The Indiana University Cyclotron Facility
Bloomington, IN, US
A national scientific research center which accelerates, scatters and detects subatomic particles. Involves about 200 scientists, technical staff and students from around the world.

Interactive Factory
Boston, MA, US
We do smart designs, social computing, and lion taming for the online circus.

Iris Communications, Inc., Eugene, OR, US
We provide architects, lighting designers, etc. with a directory of lighting companies.

International Systems Registrars Ltd.
Exec Pc, Brookfield, WI, US
Complete ISO/QS & TE 9000 consulting, internal auditing, and training. See Our Web page for free consulting, and ISO 9002:1994 revision quality policy manual.

Internet Development Corporation
New York, NY, US
An Internet service provider dedicated to servicing corporate America in New York.

Internet Directory Australia
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
The newest travel and tourism information server for Australia. Check out an extensive listing of hotels and tourist attractions, along with other resources pertaining to the country.

Internet Surfboard
CyberDesic, Peoria, IL, US
Empowers surfers to navigate the web, announce sites, look up domain names, build a home page using a template (no HTML required), and use an HTML editor within a Netscape browser.

Israel Postal Service
Macom Technology, Haifa, Israel
Just in time for the Jewish New Year. Send your friends and loved ones a greeting for the new year via the World Wide Web.

IVI Publications
IVI Publishing, Minneapolis, MN, US
A publisher of internacitive multimedia software and CD-ROM titles, with a focus on health and medical information.

Jackie Henderson's Downtown Fitness & Dance
Newport, RI, USA
To bring health and fitness to the widest variety of populations, Jackie has assembled the best trained and most exciting staff in the area, and provides classes in everything from Hip Hop to Yoga and Step to weight training.

JC Software, Greenville, SC, US
The Web site for JC Software. JC Software is a new shareware company that is currently making games and business applications.

Jennings & Keefe Media Development
Corte Madera, CA, US
We provide complete multimedia curriculum development.

JLA Enterprises
Cotati, CA, US
This progressive web site features subliminal cassettes and CDs, new age music, web page design services, a serialized novel, literature, fine art, a massage directory and much more.

JM Chromacolor Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
A professional photographic laboratory specializing in E-6 slide film processing, Cibachrome/Ilfochrome color printing, slide duplicating, flat art copy and color negative printing.

King Roach
Rick Fisk, Mountain View, CA, US
An alternative independant Comic. Featured at the Capitol Records Megadeth Arizona site, it was voted #1 for "Best Art" and will be included in the upcoming Capitol Records MultiMedia CD featuring Megadeth.

La Trinite sur Mer
Atlantic Web, La Trinite sur Mer, Brittany, FR
Its famous sailors, its boat races and its Club House have made it the "Mecca" of the sea.

Larry's Pharmacy, Inc.
San Clemente, CA, US
Check out a mail-order prescription business with big ambitions.

Law Seminars International
Seattle, WA, US
Develops and presents professional educational programs on current and emerging technical, environmental, legal, and business issues throughout the United States and Canada.

The Loser Love Songs Web Page
San Francisco, CA, US
Home of San francisco punk-pop bands the Flexapleasers and Lovesauce. Contains tons of song samples, pictures and weird links.

Florida Marketing International, Inc., Ormond Beach, FL, US
Several software and system training products including 2 hour training video cassettes, live seminars, and customized on-site corporate training.

MAG Information Services, Inc.
Lake Worth, FL, US
A full-service ISP, offering high-speed internet access at affordable rates. From 28.8 to T-1, personal Web pages to custom Web servers, MAG.NET is your total solution for the Information Superhighway.

Malta Export Trade Corporation
METCO, San Gwann, Malta
Malta's national trade promotion organization. We can help you do business with Maltese companies, manufacturers and exporters for free.

Marine PullOut Radios
The Naples Virtual Mall, Naples, FL, US
The PullOut console is an expansion of the FM/AM pull out chassis. The portable cabinet interfaces two radios, stereo speakers and antennas. It can be attached to docking stations in boats, motor homes or commercial vehicles.

MegaWeb Internet Ordering System
MegaWeb, Inc., East Clifton, NJ, US
A freeware Internet ordering system for merchants that wish to sell products on the Internet.

MetaMetrix Nutrition Resource
Norcross, GA, US
Provides information related to all aspects of nutritional science, including wellness and disease treatment. For individuals and healthcare professionals.

Isotropic Media Group, Atlanta, GA, US
A new directory of web servers arranged by city. Each page contains links to many sites not found in popular directories.

Indianapolis, IN, US
A mildy satirical homepage consisting almost entirly of links to news sources, arts on the net, MIDI music sites, travel resources, FTP sites, and government agencies.

Millenium Productions
Cambridge, MA, US
Contains the work of dozens of artists, with more coming online every day. Includes major dance companies, symphony orchestras, painters, sculpters, photographers, and designers.

mIRC Homepage
Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands
Freeware IRC client mIRC offers a smart, quick, easy, and clean interface to the Intenet Relay Chat network. mIRC is available in 32 bits.

Moab Music Festival
New York, NY, US
Presents chamber music concerts every September in venues around Moab, Utah.

Mobile and Wireless Computing Index
Terri Watson, Seattle, WA, USA
An index of mobile and wireless computing resources that includes links to conferences, calls for papers, project groups, commercial products, service providers, on-line journals, and reference materials.

The Morpo Review
Omaha, NE, US
A literary e-zine.

Music Boulevard
Telebase Systems, Inc., Wayne, PA, US
An online music store with over 145,000 listings. Hear sound clips, view album art, discover artist information and read a free daily music magazine.

Natural Resources Electronic Outreach Project
North Carolina State University's Cooperative Extension Service, Raleigh, NC, US
A compilation of natural resource-based resources available at North Carolina State University Extension Wildlife

Nebraska Softball Association
Hastings, NE, US
The Nebraska Softball Association has opened the new Bill Smith Softball Complex in Hastings, Nebraska. Check out the on-line tournament schedule and tournament results.

New Age Journal On-Line & the Holistic Health Directory
Watertown, MA, US
Electronic version of New Age Journal plus the searchable holistic health database of over 6,000 alternative health providers and the linkable definitions of over 130 alternative health modalities.

New Comic Book Releases
Tom Aylesworth, Washington, DC, US
List of new comic book releases, and links to Usenet and Web comics information.

The New Millennium Institute Hawaii
Waimea, HI, US
Offers educational retreats on the big island of Hawaii, conducted in a futuristic home designed by architectural genius Frank Lloyd Wright. Discover beaches, volcanoes and stargazing.

New York City Inline Skating Guide
Robert B. Schmunk, New York, NY, US
An insider's guide to inline skating in the heart of New York City. Find out about the laws, discover a bevy of skating hotbeds, and learn of forthcoming events.

NICS Wellness Center
National Institute of Consulting Services, Midvale, UT, US
Corporate wellness training can save your business a fortune. Hot news, How to Lower Your Fat Thermostat, Health Deck nutrition and "Bottom Line" picture gallery.

Nissan Pathfinder Guide to Outdoor Adventure
Nissan Motor Corporation, Gardena, CA, US
Highlighting activities in five categories, water sports, fishing, the Amazon, mountain biking, and the Yukon.

Norfolk, Norwich, and Scottish Terrier Rescue
Kelso, WA, US
Provides lost and found information; and rescue, adoption, foster home, and abuse reporting services. Contacts and information are provided free. For owners, adopters and volunteers.

The North Carolina Career and Employment Resource Center
Career Connections of the Central Carolinas, Charlotte, NC, US
Information for employers, jobseekers, and human resource professionals with North Carolina-specific content. Post and view job listings and resumes online.

Northwest Jazz
Speakeasy Network, Seattle, WA, US
This comprehensive Pacific Northwest guide offers artist bios, club and calendar information, cd features and educational resources.

Novia Internetworking
Omaha, NE, US
We provide cost-effective Internet connectivity.

NutriGenie - Nutrition Software for Better Health
Stanford, CA, US
NutriGenie's mission is to create quality software for better health. We are winner of Home PC Editors' Choice: Top 100 Products of the Year Award.

Oakland Mall - The Premiere Shopping Destination
Green Lake Internet Communications Service, Troy, MI, US
Discover why Oakland Mall is one of Detroit's top shopping destinations. An excellent location, a convenient floor plan, and the best merchandise in town.

Ogilvy & Mather Interactive
New York, NY, US
Specializes in interactive communications, and is a part of the Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide Advertising Agency. OMI brings its parent company's long tradition of world class advertising for blue chip clients to the challenging arena of new media.

Santa Clara, CA, US
A new and different kind of company founded on the idea of promoting and providing World Wide Web access to socially and environmentally conscious companies and organizations.

On-Line Scotland
NetTrak Services, Aberdeen, UK
Includes Scotland Travels, Scottish Business Exchange and the Tartan Shopping Mall. It has been created to provide a wide and comprehensive set of information on Scotland.

OrangeRoad HomePage
RIM-NET, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Are you aware of Doujinshi? This page aims to introduce this splendid part of Japanese culture.

PanVera Corporation
Madison, WI, US
Biological products for healthcare and life science research. Includes an online product catalog, applications guide and ordering/technical information.

Paroles d'Im@ges
Levallois-Perret, France, FR
Paroles d'Im@ges offers Internet presence consultation to all companies and institutions wishing to integrate online networks into their international communication strategy.

PC Flowers & Gifts
Oakton, VA, US
A pioneer in online floral and gift marketing. Product line consists of various FTD floral arrangements, stuffed teddy bears, greeting cards and gourmet foods which can be sent to anywhere in the world.

PC Online
Innova Electronic Publishing, Dayton, OH, US
Provides information about PC Online, a weekly, computer-oriented radio talk show.

Peerage Conferred
Victoria, BC, Canada
We offer investitures in titles of honour.

Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago, Chile

Sandlinx Ltd., St. James, Barbados
Sandlinx Ltd., creator of the PEZLand
Mike Jackson, St. Louis, MO, US
The unofficial home of PEZ, that fruity candy which comes in those collectible dispensers. See why people find them so fascinating.

Physics-Uspekhi On-Line
Moscow, Russia
The most famous Russian physics journal and #7 in the world-wide citation index is now available online. You can get full-featured articles of a journal quality, perform comprehensive search, browse various indexes and more, on a free basis.

Plus Tourism Related Services
Plus Network Services, Athens, Attica, Greece
Provides information on holidays in Greece, plus tourism, hotels, maps and tips needed to organize your vacation in Greece.

Port Information Services
Sterling, VA, US
An Internet information service that offers Website design, programming, and server setup and administration to help publish your information on the net.

PPS Online
Total Pricing Systems Inc., Moncton, Canada
An online pharmaceutical product ordering system and information service.

Presidents of the United States of America
Columbia, New York, NY, US
Everything you need to know about the band.

PriceCostco Online
Kirkland, WA, US
A small business resource for members and non-members of PriceCostco. Includes software demos, Internet tutorials, live chats, BBS, and computer tech help.

Purdue University Financial Aid Home Page
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, US
Find out about how to apply, types of aid, tips for financial planning, scholarship database searches, student jobs, and links to many other financial aid resources.

Quantum Leap Advantage Dan Pena Seminar
Stafford, TX, US
Join Dan Pena as he teaches how he built a $420 million dollar business from scratch at his Quantum Leap Advantage seminars.

Minneapolis, MN, US
Provides World Wide Web site design, creation and support, as well as sound, video and multimedia production.

R. A. Vess Enterprises
Nashville, TN, US
Provides computer and software consulting, integration, customization, technical support and value added services. Also offers desktop publishing, internet training and Web page development.

Rare Coin Consumer Protection Home Page
Scott Travers Rare Coin Galleries, Inc., New York, NY, US
Contains both advice and facts from Scott A. Travers, world famous coin consumer advocate.

The Real Nancy Drew
Vanguard Technology Group, Niles, MI, US
Artist Nancy Drew presents her light-hearted designs on posters, t-shirts, dresses, etc.

The Resume Page
Internet Advertising Solutions, Lexington, KY, US
Finding a job or switching careers can be difficult. Job seekers can gain more exposure by having their resumes available here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for minimal cost.

Revolution Books
Cambridge, MA, US
We offer literature, periodicals, and apparel for the politically interested.

Richard Hirschmann GmbH & Co Network Systems
Neckartenzlingen (Germany), Baden-Württemberg, Germany
A communications company offering products and services in the areas of network systems, mobile communications, stationary telecommunications, interconnection techniques, and multimedia.

Riddle du Jour (tm)
new3, Inc, Huntsvillle, AL, US
A site oriented to help Net surfers beat the "work-a-day-bummer-drags." Answer the daily mental twister, or enter one of your own. You might even win a prize compliments of the site's growing list of sponsors.

Roger Whitney Gallery of Artists
Phoenix, AZ, US
Awaiting your pleasure are a wide variety of affordable reproductions, sculptures and unique collectibles by famous artists.

Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative
Sauk City, WI, US
Text and graphic information regarding the structure and operations of the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative, our monthly newsletters, recent policy papers and links to other regional and national Web sites.

PersonalNet, Boca Raton, FL, US
Access others anywhere on the Net for real-time conversation, enhance Web site communication and globally search for e-mail addresses with PersonalNet's r.u.there? software.

Santa Rosa Figure Skating Club
Santa Rosa, Ca., U.S.A.
One of about 450 member clubs of the USFSA. It's purpose is to promote and improve amateur figure skating.

Science Fiction Weekly
Basking Ridge, NJ, US
A professional electronic publication of news, reviews and short stories relating to science fiction.

Services for the 1995 Ryder Cup
TRW International and The Cameron Group, Rochester, NY, US
Accommodations, tickets, transportation, and more.

Sheldon's Hobbies
San Jose, CA, US
This is the place for all your Aircraft and Car RC needs.

Sicko Home Page
Supersicko Music International, Seattle, WA, US
Home page for a small pop-punk band in Seattle, WA. Complete with discography, lyrics, show dates, and links to places we like.

Skipstone, the IEEE 1394 Serial Bus Experts
Austin, TX, US
Products for the emerging IEEE 1394 Serial Bus, Firewire. Technology that promises to replace all consumer electronic and multimedia computer cables with a single high-speed digital connection.

Small and Home Based Business Links
CCM, Huntsville, AL, US
Dozens of links to small and home based business related sites. Reference, opportunities, marketing franchises, newsgroups. Submit your own site for free.

Southport & Oak Island, NC
Wise Services, LLC, Oak Island, NC, US
Vacation information at Southport and Oak Island, North Carolina including information on Southport, Caswell Beach, Yaupon Beach and Long Beach.

Specialized Business Solutions
Long Beach, CA, US
Specialized Business Solutions is the developer of the Keystroke Point of Sale software, a computerized retail management system for IBM compatible computers.

Stellwagen Bank Information System
U.S. Geological Survey, Woods Hole, MA, US
Our page contains audio, video, and a wealth of information on the geology and biology of the Bank.

Stranglehold - The Ted Nugent Page
Joshua nelson, Terre Haute, IN, US
A Page dedicated to the musical career of Ted Nugent, guitar legend. Contains various types of up-to-date information.

Successful Marketing Strategists
Berkeley, CA, US
This site will help you use the Internet to better communicate with customers and others with whom you do business.

Sudina Search, Inc.
Timonium, MD, USA
A search and recruitment firm specializing in placing information systems and accounting executives, managers, and professionals, primarily in the mid-atlantic region.

Sufi Center Bookstore
Reston, VA, US
We offer literature about the International Sufi Movement.

Tallahassee Business Directory
WebVista, Inc., Tallahassee, FL, US
Contains visitor, community, and business information for Tallahassee, Florida.

The Texas Celtic Page
The Gaelic League of Texas, Dallas, TX, US
Information about Celtic organizations in Texas, as well as links to Celtic sites world-wide.

TGRS Publishing
Tarzana, CA, US
We offer 200,000 audio book titles, downloadable books, photographic collections, and more.

TN Printing
Times News WebService, Lehighton, PA, US
A full-service printing company servicing Northeastern Pennsylvania, with over 25 years experience. Free consulatation and estimates via e-mail.

Toast Opera
Berkely Systems, B.A. Productions, Berkeley, CA, US
Feeling a little crusty? Need something to butter you up? Then you're ready for "Toast Opera!"

Training Solutions (NAEC / ATEC)
Tempe, AZ, US
Both a Novell authorized education center and a Microsoft authorized technical education center. These pages will provide course information as well as schedules in a portable file format.

TRITEC Electronic GmbH
D-55129 Mainz, Germany
A manufacturer of Sun compatible workstations, SBus cards, and accessories. TRITEC is also an authorized Sunsoft OEM distributor and offers support for the entire Sun-World.

Tubz Custom Jetted Whirlpool Bathtubs
Tubz, Fremont, CA, US
We carry the largest selection of both jetted and non-jetted bathtubs on the West Coast. Great selection and very competitive prices.

Ultratech Resources, Inc.
Santa Ana, CA, US
Ultratech has been retained by businesses and major national firms to locate minority and women owned businesses and professionals.

UNC Greensboro Summer Music Camp
Greensboro, NC, US
The University of North Carolina Summer Music Camp program is the largest university music camp in the nation. It hosts a wide variety of experiences for the avid student musician.

University Computer Center
Intermedia Corporation, Minneapolis, MN, US
Check out our huge selection of drives ranging from 110 MB IDE to 9 GB. We also carry new and used equipment including memory, CD-ROM titles, and motherboards, all with full manufacturer's warranty.

University of Iowa Hawkeyes
University of Iowa Office of Sports Information, Iowa City, IA, US
The official site of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes mens and womens intercollegiate athletics.

US West Telecards
Seattle, WA, US
Phone card collectors around the world can view all the Telecards we've issued.

Westcoast Interchange Enterprises (WIE)
Victoria, BC, Canada
We offer world real estate listings.

We've Found Santa Claus!
OneEarth, Santa Clara, CA, US
A source for information on charities benefiting children and what one man is doing to help. Bruce McGuy writes popular collections of children's letters to Santa and uses the proceeds to make their wishes come true.

The World Wide Wanderer Cyberian Bucket Shop Guide
The World Wide Wanderer, Washington, DC, US
The budget traveler's guide to really cheap airline tickets. Quickly and easily shop the bucket shop market for the best deals in airfares to destinations around the world.

Zargon's Web
ZSys.Software, Des Moines, IA, US
An Internet site packed with Macintosh information, cool and unique links, music, and search engines.

Monday, 18 September 1995

AAA Commercial Mortgage Directory
San Jose, CA, US
Financing commercial properties made easy. Multifamily, apartments, office, warehouse, retail, industrial, hotel, nursing homes.

Aesir Resorts - MAXimum resort rentals
Aesir Computing, Inc, Hilton Head Island, SC, US
A complete golf and vacation planner for South Carolina's beautiful resort island, Hilton Head Island.

Africa Online
Karisi Communications, Somerville, MA, US
Africa's gateway to the Internet. The service chronicles the daily lives of African communities with daily news reports by local African news networks, and from various non-governmental organization.
http://www.africaonline.com/ [PICK OF THE WEEK]

AimTech Corporation
Nashua, NH, US
Maker of cross-platform multimedia authoring systems, including IconAuthor and CBT Express.

All-In-One Cool Sites Page
Thomas Brown Digital Publishing, Edmonds, WA, US
One of the most complete collections anywhere of links to featured site reviewers. Your hot link to cool links.

An Amazing True Story
The Rough Guys, Chicago, IL, USA
Blue Green Algae is a wild-grown health food with many nutritional benefits. Motivated sales representatives enjoy employment opportunities with high income potential.

America's T-Shirt Catalog
Indianapolis, IN, US
Featuring T-shirts of such intellectual giants as Shakespeare, Einstein, Beethoven, Van Gogh, DaVinci, Caesar. Socrates, Lincoln, Twain, Confucius, and Gandhi.

Another Search Directory
Web-Search.com, Yarmouth, ME, US
A graphic representation of all major World Wide Web search engines and directories. Text version available.

Applied Systems
Matteson, IL, US
The leading vendor of insurance agency and broker automation systems in the world. Find out more about our products and services.

Aron Records
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A new company featuring the album, "New Beginnings" by Orion. It caters to Elvis fans as Orion sounds just like Elvis.

Art Department, Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI, US
The site includes extensive degree and program information as well as exhibitions of work from our gallery, by undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and, in the near future, alumni.

Art Kiln
Paul Heavens, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Original digital art, reflecting today's living and political viewpoints.

The art of Laszlo Tar
Target Information Services, New York, NY, US
Exhibits of fine art by Laszlo Tar, a post-impressionist painter and expressive graphic artist living in New York City. Works include watercolors, oils, ink drawings, and woodcut prints.

Association of Polish Geomorphologists
Poznan, Poland
News, statutes, organisation, members of honour, ordinary members, publications, virtual geomorphology, contest for the best Ph.D. thesis, conferences, and useful links

Atlanta Music Organization and Resources
Joseph L. Thomas dba/ Urgent Message Music, Atlanta, GA, US
Atlanta-area music organizations and resources for patrons and professionals, as well as links to the ASO home page and the Creative Loafing home page.

Atlas Motor Vehicle
Chicago, IL, US
Designed to bring together buyers and sellers around the world. Merchandise is displayed in five different languages with multi-perspective graphics.

Atomic and Plasma Physics: Who's Who
Plasma Laboratory, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Information about the atomic/plasma physics community. Online registration, search and so on.

Auburn University at Montgomery - School of Business
Montgomery, AL, US
We offer a BSBA and MBA program.

Auto Connection, Odessa, DE, US
The one-stop shopping location for all your automotive needs. Find a comprehensive listing of auto dealers offering special pricing and "value added" packages.

Avalanche Systems Inc.
Avalanche Systems Inc., New York, NY, US
An electronic design and production company. Products include an interactive media for CD-ROM, online publications, digital press kits, interactive kiosks and complete Internet environments.

Aviv Corporation
Burlington, MA, US
Now celebrating twenty years in the data storage industry, Aviv continues to engineer high-quality disk, tape, RAID, DLT drives, and optical systems for OpenVMS, UNIX, and Windows NT.

Axite Internet Group
Washington, DC, US
Comprehensive Internet access, Web page design and maintenance, country and travel information, individual and group training, bulletin board services and hosting.

Bay Horizons Church
Bay Horizons Church, Santa Clara, CA, US
A church in the Silicon Valley committed to integrity, creativity and excellence.

Bio Control Network
Knoxville, TN, US
Bio-intensive pest control, organic fertilizers and plant foods, cover crops, insect traps, barriers and repellents for homeowners, landscapers, gardeners, commercial growers, livestock and research.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, US
An online buyer's guide for the life sciences research community. It allows searching in a product/supplier database that contains over 15,000 product categories.

BitSafe, Milwaukee, WI, US
Fast optical character recognition (OCR) via fax and email, as well as general scanning and CD-ROM manufacture.

Blowaway Pepper Spray and Stun Guns
Allen B. Currie Enterprises, Palm Beach, FL, US
Put power in your hands with Blowaway Pepper Spray and Stun Guns, a seller of personal security products.

Boomtown City
Dean Walker, Cupertino, CA, US
The place to be. You will find an airport, library, newsstand, free e-mail postcards, stores and more.

The BrainTainment Center
BrainTainment Resources, Inc., Laguna Beach, CA, US
Free download of new brain game, THINKfast; Brainpower Bell Curves and free IQ test, left/right brain analysis, and updates on what's new for your brain.

Breaking Free Association
Breaking Free Association, Montreal, Canada
A library of educational and self-improvement software titles. From reading techniques to public speaking, you will them all in this place.

Bressler's We Deliver
State College, PA, US
Delivers food from your favorite restaurants to the State College, Pennsylvania area (Home of Penn State). Now, your favorite restaurants are at your fingertips!

Digital Planet, Culver City, CA, US
The official Web site for the CD-ROM action-adventure game, Burn:Cycle, features the most advanced use of web technology, including animation unlike anything ever seen before.

Campaign Central
Losser & Associates, Washington, DC, US
The largest and most comprehensive political site on the Internet. Includes links to Federal, state, and local government, political organizations, and conservative and liberal Web sites.

CCFM is the most important research centre on controlled thermonuclear fusion in Canada. This new Web site gives gives information on the center, its scientific activities, and also on its tokamak, an experimental nuclear fusion reactor, called TdeV.

CD-Media at Zion Graphics
Zion Graphics, Los Angeles, CA, US
MAC and IBM platforms. Multimedia developers of interactive educational and tutorial games, business products and services presentations, etc. Also creating interactive presentations on the Web.

Center for Disability Related Resources, University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ, US
Provides accommodations for members of the University community with disabilities -- academic, health, athletics, and counseling. Also lists volunteer and job opportunities for UA students.

The Chicago Board Options Exchange
CBOE, Chicago, IL, US
Options and product information, virtual visit to the CBOE, Internet links, and more.

Chinese Computer Digest
ComStar Company, Cupertino, CA, US
An online magazine which covers Chinese computing and software information such as the Asia CJK Demo for Windows95.

Chinese Serials Database
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
A project between the Australian National University Library and the National Library of China to create a searchable database of tables of contents of selected Chinese serials.

Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine
Fargo, ND, US
A national organization founded to foster excellence in the education of students in the core clerkship in internal medicine. Contains general information about the organization, curriculum resources, and related links.

Coe Communications
Coe Communications, Santa Monica, CA, US
Provides quality technical communications, including hardcopy/online information development, editing, indexing, usability testing, human factors/translations evaluations, and training.

College Aid Sources for Higher Education (CASHE)
Wayne State University Counseling & Placement Services, Detroit, MI, US
A database that provides information on over 150,000 scholarship, grant, fellowship and other awards listings.

Computer Recycler - Macintosh Specialists
Costa Mesa, CA, US
In the business of buying, selling and trading new and preowned Macintosh equipment. Also offers technical support and in-house service.

Computer Science Innovations, Inc. (CSI)
Melbourne, FL, US
We provide software services and products for solving complex pattern-recognition problems.

Computerized AIDS Ministeries
GBGM-UMC, New York City, NY, US
HIV/AIDS information, education and support in a safe space for users and visitors. No judgements, but rather a 'Covenant of Care.' Jump to CAM's Telnet or FTP sites from this page.

The Corporate Information Pages
Webauthor Communication, Inc., Pompano Beach, FL, US
Key information about privately-held and publicly-traded companies, with convenient navigation buttons linking you to their company profile and financial shareholder information.

Creative Web Design
Kim Scaramastro, Oxnard, CA, US
Specializes in graphics and typography, web page design, advertising, internet pages, and home pages.

Credit Union Land
Belmont, CA, US
Searchable index of over 8,500 credit unions in the United States. Includes hot links to credit union Web sites and a number of resources for credit union professionals.

CSPP Continuing Education
California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles, CA, US
CSPP is the largest graduate school of psychology in the US, and through its Continuing Education Division offers over 100 courses annually to mental health professionals.

CyberWeb Auto
CyberWeb Auto, Niceville, FL, US
Planning to buy, sell or trade a specialty auto (antique, classic, custom, or streetrod), or looking for hard to come by parts? Visit CyberWeb Auto!

Date.Net World Wide Dating Service
StarGate Technologies, Inc., Cary, NC, US
Public and private WebChat rooms, personal WebMail retrieval, online profiles, photos and more.

Department of Health & Kinesiology
Texas A&M Univ., College Station, TX, US
We have a threefold mission: education; research; teacher development.

Department of Sociology, University of Missouri St. Louis
St. Louis, MO, US
Our new and improved site offers links of interest to sociologists, information about the University of Missouri-St. Louis, the Department of Sociology, and its faculty.

Desktop Multimedia Solutions, Inc.
Boulder, CO, US
Find information on the ISO-9000 and related products.

Diana Gabaldon Web Site
Caltech, Pasadena, CA, US
The official site of the NYT bestselling author. Included are excerpts from the next book in the series (Drums of Autumn, coming Summer 1996), online interviews, a newsletter, and FAQ.

Dickinson Direct
Dickinson Direct, Braintree, MA, US
Fully-integrated communications for marketing effectiveness.

WebKat Inc., El Dorado, CA, US
The world's first complete full-duplexing phone system for PC's, allowing real time two-way voice conversations over the Internet, just like a regular phone call with the ultimate benefit: no long distance charges.

Digital Dementia
Chicago, IL, US
Original art, original top ten list, new music reviews, law and cyberspace info, and the obligatory links to other Web sites.

The Digital Satellite Service Home Page
Phoenix, AZ, US
Information on direct broadcast satellite.

Direct to Hollywood Online
Star Film Ranch Publishing Company, San Antonio, TX, US
Find the internet version of the bi-monthly newspaper as well as a weekly update of the Texas Film Commission Production Hotline.

The Directory Academic/Scientific Jobs Listing
Barry Thornton & Associates, Sandringham, VI, AU
A dedicated, worldwide advertising listing of academic and scientific institution jobs updated every two weeks.

The Eagle Test Drive
Poppe Tyson, Mountain View, CA, US
The place to view the Eagle Vision, Summit and Talon cars. You can view car specifications, make your own comparisons and listen to sound and video bytes.

Eco Brasil'96, Santa Monica, CA, US
Come visit the site for this international environmental technology exhibition occurring in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Feb. 9-13.

Electronic Commerce '95
TouchStone Ltd, London, UK
This conference (Oct. 31 to Nov. 2) will be one of the best places to discover all about products and services available.

ELVIS is still #1
Robert Derr, Houston, TX, US
Did the King love cars? Did the King love jumpsuits? Find out all this and more at this picture-intensive Elvis site.

Enterprise Integration Technologies
Menlo Park, CA, USA
Enterprise Integration Technologies develops and markets software products and services that enable e-commerce on the Internet.

Environmental Solutions
Yorktown, VA, US
Provides countertop, under the counter, and whole house treatment systems to consumers and resellers, and also sells air filtration units.

Evolution Computing
Tempe, AZ, US
A leading-edge developer of PC-based CAD software. Our award-winning software lineup includes FastCAD, EasyCAD2, and EasyCAD for Windows.

Executive Tours International
Westminster, CA, US
Offers three separate six-day tours in the fall to Mexico, Brazil and Chile, each created for American executives who need to learn the fundamental principles of doing business in these markets.

Fairytale Brownies
Scottsdale, AZ, US
Gourmet mail-order gifts including brownies and coffee.

Fender Musical Instruments Corp., Scottsdale, AZ, US
Fender's official Web site lets you subscribe to Fender's Frontline magazine, locate the Fender dealer closest to you, determine when your guitar was manufactured, and much more.

First Union's Economic Forecasts
First Union, Charlotte, NC, US
Provides free, valuable economic information including weekly commentary on money; credit and exchange rates; economic indicator analysis; and regional economic information.

Fly-By-Day Consulting
Duluth, GA, US
Computer consulting firm specializing in communication and porting on UNIX and in C. Also contains many aviation links including current weather and forecasts.

Forrest Gump's Home Page
Silicon Graphics, Pocket Books, Content.Com, Mt. View, CA, US
Look through Forrest's scrap book, meet the author Winston Groom, and win some cool Gump prizes.

FUNWEB from Pastime Palace
Worcester, MA, US
Information of interest to many game and entertainment fans. There are a huge number of products with full color images and descriptions available.

Gallery Odyssey Japan
SISP Co., Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Gallery and shop of the ceramic artist, a painter who took an active part in Japan.

Gardner+Lang Internet Property
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Find out about lifestyle in Melbourne, commercial and residential properties, taxation and legal issues, plus three books and a fortnightly newsletter.

The Genealogy Mall
GenSource, Bountiful, UT, US
A group of professional genealogists for family history services worldwide. They publish in print, diskette, CD, or html format.

Geochemical & Environmental Research Group (GERG)
College Station, TX, US
A research center for analytical studies in environmental chemistry, petroleum geochemistry, oceanography, and related fields.

Georgia Southwestern College
Americus, GA, US
A senior unit of the university system of Georgia.

GET Enterprises Development Ltd.
Jerusalem, Israel
Turn Your Dream Into Realty. GET Provides access to a very broad range of proposals for project development in prime locations in Israel, tailored to investors' requirements and preferences.

Miami, FL, US
Marketplace of services specializing in travel and entertainment, real estate properties in South Florida, and mortgage and finance.

Golf Los Cabos
Persimmon IT, Inc., Morrisville, NC, US
Win a trip and tour Palmilla and Cabo del Sol, two resorts featuring Jack Nicklaus golf courses in Baja California.

Great Lakes Environmental Wire
Booth Newspapers, Lansing, MI, US
Environmental news and opinion columns gleaned from eight Michigan daily newspapers. It also reports a weekly natural wonder.

Greater Phoenix Dog Training Academy Inc.
Greater Phx. Dog Training Academy Inc., Phoenix, AZ, US
Offers canine behavioral advice via book, video, or their automated advice and info-line.

Hamden Tool & Die Co., Inc.
Seymour, CT, US
Manufacturers of precision molds and components for the the plastics industry. Specializes in producing tooling for the automotive, electrical and medical markets.

Hampton, VA - From the Sea to the Stars
Hampton Conventions & Tourism, Hampton, VA, US
Win a free trip to Hampton, VA by taking a word and picture tour from the Space Museum to Civil War sites.

HandsNet on the Web
HandsNet Inc., Cupertino, CA, US
A national, non-profit network that promotes information sharing, cross-sector collaboration and advocacy among individuals and organizations working on a broad range of public interest issues.

Hanyang University Software Engineering Lab
Dept. of Computer Science, Ansan, Korea
This has all the details of their current work and favorite WWW resources that they use.

Hewlett-Packard Europe - Job Posting
Geneva, Switzerland
This job posting service is offered by Hewlett-Packard's European Personnel Department. It lists all positions open to external candidates, and allows you to contact us directly and submit your resume.

Hexnet Corporation Home Page
Southboro, MA, US
Provides information on all Hexnet- and Hexagon-related services for home and business Hexagon users, as well as the latest Hexagonal science developments.

Hijinx Pty Ltd
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
A developer of innovative Internet software and PC based games. Find free downloads, including InterFACE the new IRC with pictures and sound.

Hodge & Hodge Insurance Brokers, Inc.
Irvine, CA, US
Get an auto insurance quote online. Regardless of your driving record, we will offer the most competitive coverage. Many discounts for good drivers, good students, and multi-car packages.

Holiday in Guernsey
B E Bridel, St peter port., Guernsey, Channel Islands, Guernsey.UK.
A home page for anyone considering a vacation in Guernsey, or just looking for general information on this exotic locale.

Home Business Review
Austin, TX, US
Monthly newspaper designed to "educate and promote" home business owners. Articles are "how-to" or "news-you-can-use," and a free sample is available.

Homes Internet Magazine
Manchester, VT, US
New England properties from hundreds of real estate agents and brokers. The database is fully searchable and includes thousands of photographs.

Hong Kong Stocks Reports
InTechTra, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
The world's first and only end-of-day Hong Kong Stock Reports delivered to your email box about 4 hours after closing time, it is the only one in the world that provides timely analyzed data for your investment reference.

Victor, NY, US
The self-hypnosis how-to home page.

Imaginary Landscape Home Page
Imaginary Landscape, Chicago, IL, US
Hand-woven web sites by Imaginary Landscape.

Index Stock Photography
Index Stock Photography Inc., New York City, NY, US
One of the world's largest stock photo agencies, and a leader in the electronic storage and distribution of stock photography. Everything you need to know from copyright information to professional organizations.

InfoNet BBS
Pinellas Park, FL, US
We invite you to put your company on the Internet by utilizing our server.

Houston, TX, US
Porcelain dolls, carousels, decorative masks, and ancient Egyptian hand-crafted art on papyrus paper, plus information on how to check your house for asbestos and lead.

Inspiration Software
Inspiration Software, Inc., Portland, OR, US
Offers samples and demos of their real-time, front-end visual idea development tool that creates and updates diagrams, flow charts and outlines.

The InStream Corporation
Woburn, MA, U.S.
Connects behavioral healthcare professionals. Using the InStream Provider Network's "Intelligent Forms" software, users eliminate data entry errors to send and receive clinical, administrative, and financial forms.

Internet E*Z, Inc.
Guthrie, OK, US
Oklahoma's first Windows NT Internet service provider. Offers 24-hour support, personal Web home pages, SMTP mail accounts, and much more.

Internet for Christians Newsletter
Grand Rapids, MI, US
Quentin Schultze's biweekly Web newsletter for Christians includes hypertext links to new and updated Web pages and mailing lists. Also available via free email subscription.

Internet-Only Macintosh User's Group
Cottonwood, AZ, US
An authorized MUG that exists and operates exclusively on the Internet.

Orleans, Ontario, Canada
A skateboarding page including many different links, updated weekly.

Jit's Underground Music Place
Jit's Studios, Berwick, PA, US
Publicity for new bands, some of which the author has recorded.

JobNet New Zealand
Wellington Newspapers Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand
A new free search facility for people seeking jobs in the computer and information technology industries in New Zealand.

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
Baltimore, MD, US
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center is a teaching, research, and clinical hospital of Johns Hopkins Medicine. This site is focused on patient and professional education, and community health.

Juan Antonio Poveda's Web page
Juan Antonio Poveda, Austin, TX, US
A Web page maintained by Juan Antonio Poveda, containing links of interest to Chemical Engineers, as well as to others involved in Chemical and/or Engineering science.

Kavedawg's Big World of Fun
Kustom Kool Multimedia, Montclair, NJ, US
An online zine devoted to the mass consumption of dubious popular culture.

KAYCON Computer Operating Systems
Kaycon, Anaheim, CA, CA, US
KAYCON specializes in IBM mainframe operating system support, with over 25 years experience in the business.

Khazana: India Arts Online
Khazana, Minneapolis, MN, US
Offers quality works of folk and fine art, from India and Nepal, as well as a complete line of classical Indian music CDs.

Kisho Kurokawa
Tokyo, Japan
Japanese architect's projects and concepts for urban development in Asia, emphasizing a sufficient information infrastructure, while maintaining environment-friendly living conditions.

Kitty Locker's Introduction to the Web
Kitty O. Locker, Associate Professor, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, US
Designed to introduce university students to the Web, this page has links for research, job hunting, designing Web pages, organizations, resources for writers, and more.

Knight Images Design & Marketing, Inc.
Orlando, FL, US
Traditional design services such as logos, stationery, brochures, packaging, and magazines, as well as complete Web site concept, design and implementation.

Language Engineering Corporation
Belmont, MA, US
Offers English-to-Japanese email translation services and products. Also provides contract research and development in natural language processing and multilingual computing.

Lavondyss Productions
Savannah, GA, US
A place mixed with ideas of beauty, life, death, and innocence. Lavondyss contains mythago, madness, writings, photography, and more.

Le Cafe Electronique
La Cite des Arts et des Nouvelles Technologies de Montreal, Montreal, Canada
Cafe-bistro like atmosphere, with over 40 computers to surf the internet and view CD-ROMs.

Legends & Legacies Writing Service
Victoria, BC, Canada
We specialize in family history, heritage, and genealogy.

Likom Corporation
Malacca, Malaysia
Specialises in OEM and ODM of personal computer components and peripherals.

Manhattan Bridge Club
New York, NY, US
Offers lessons, duplicate games and other links relating to bridge.

MediaLogic ADL, Inc.
Boulder, CO, US
Presents breakthrough technology in advanced automated data libraries featuring scalable library architecture.

Melpomene Institute for Women's Health
St. Paul, MN, US
Conducts research and provides education and information on healthy physical activity options for women of all ages.

Michael Allred Fan Page
Volant Turnpike, San Diego, CA, US
A tribute to Michael Allred, the artist and writer behind the comic book Madman.

MicroStrategy, Inc.
Vienna, VA, US
A leading supplier of client/server decision support tools and consulting services for the development of mission-critical, enterprise-wide decision support systems for Fortune 500 clients.

The Military Aviation Movie Listing
FLIGHTLINE Aviation Archive, Seattle, WA, US
A large, alphabetically-sorted index of movies with information on the types of aircraft depicted in them.

Minnesota Office of Tourism
Minneapolis, MN, US
We offer a comprehensive database of places to stay and things to do.

The MIT/Wellesley Toons
Cambridge, MA, US
A seventeen-member, co-ed a cappella group, singing modern and popular music in the Boston area.

The Money Mentor
Crawford Associates, Inc., Carlsbad, CA, US
The Money Mentor is the electronic extension of Sunny J. Harris' quarterly Traders' Catalog & Resource Guide(tm). Find financial information of all types including personal, institutional, and more.

Monterey Bay Internet
Monterey, CA, US
An Internet access provider and Internet presence provider. We offer a complete line of services to suit your connectivity needs.

Motorola New Enterprises
Schaumburg, IL, US
Evaluates new business opportunities, funds new ventures from the seed stage through and including acquisitions, and helps build these companies into larger, growing, profitable businesses.

Mr. Dooley on Imperialism
Jim Zwick, Syracuse, NY, US
Finley Peter Dunne's "Mr. Dooley" essays made him one of the most popular humorists within the United States at the turn of the century.

MSI Communications, Inc.
MSI Communications, Inc., Stanhope, NJ, US
Distributor and systems integrator of leading voice, data and video networking systems.

Mutual Fund Investors Resource Center
P.I.M. Financial Services, San Diego, CA, US
Here you can request free information on select mutual funds.

Myers Internet Services
San Jose, CA, US
Internet presence provider and home page designer.

National Childhood Cancer Foundation
Arcadia, CA, US
Information on childhood cancer, inspiring stories of children cured of cancer, and descriptions of cutting-edge research conducted by the Childrens Cancer Group .

National Practice Institute
Minneapolis, MN, US
National Practice Institute fulfills the continuing education needs of attorneys with relevant, practical and entertaining CLE seminars, and self-study programs.

Natural Remedies for a Healthier Life
HA Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Vancouver, BC, Canada
A developer of natural remedies using homeopathy, Bach flower essences, holistic and alternative medicine, and nutrition to help in the prevention of aging, wieght control, and the balance of emotions.

Natural SEA
Davis, CA, US
Created by a veterinarian and a biologist to promote awareness about health and the environment, and to provide a means to improve our current situation.

Nature's Photo Shop
Denver, CO, US
Color photographic notecards and enlargements of nature subjects, wildlife, wild birds, wildflowers and scenics from Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region by nationally published nature photographer Don Jarrett.

Net Computers International, Inc.
Net Computers International, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
Offers free software to all members of ClubNET, and has a vast array of PC systems, notebooks and peripherals at wholesale prices.

Nashville, TN, US
My paintings and drawings.

An exciting new concept in performing market research over the net. Participate in intriguing studies ranging from the latest information and communications technology to politics and business.

New York Yankees Home Plate
UltraPLEX Information Systems, Seattle, WA, US
Your complete resource for Bronx Bomber info, from Ruth and Mantle to Mattingly and Boggs. Experience the most famous team in history.

The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs
Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Contains information about our school, programmes, faculty, and links to internet resources useful to understanding international affairs. There is also an on-site search engine.

Northern Appalachian Storytelling Festival
Northern Appalachian Storytelling Association, Mansfield, PA, US
Information on one of the top storytelling festival venues in the U.S.

Northern Nevada Real Estate Home Page
Equitable Realty, Inc., Reno, NV, US
Serving the real estate needs of northern Nevada for more than 25 years. Complete relocation services, and free area information packets.

The Official Rhinos Homepage
The Rhinos, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The ever-changing home of one of Canada's favourite bands. Contains links, sounds, and snappy graphics.

Offshore Europe 95 Conference and Exhibition
Global Web Limited, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
1,800 exhibitors from 22 countries displaying hardware and services relevant to the technical and operational management of Oil and Gas industry.

Ohio Colleges and Universities
Community and Technical College, The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH, US
A complete list of all institutions of higher education in Ohio, organized alphabetically. If an institution has a web page, a link is included.

Omnes - Global communications solutions
Omnes, Houston, TX, US
Omnes, a Cable & Wireless company, provides information technology and communications solutions on a global basis, including Internet, messaging, LAN and satellite services.

On Paper Catalog
Malvern, PA, US
We have hand picked the best collection of business communication and desktop publishing papers and related supplies available.

Online, an electronic column
Steve Kelley, Kennebunk, ME, US
Covers shareware, book reviews and online topics.

On-line SPARCserver configuration tool
McDonnell Information Systems Group Plc, Hemel Hempstead, UK
An interactive demonstration service which links a configuration tool with a compiled catalogue.

Pacific Film & Television Commission
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
The PFTC will be happy to assist with all your production requirements. Make your next film in Queensland, Australia, and make it your best.

Pakistani and Indian Singles Homepage
Chicago, IL, US
A singles home page for Pakistani and Indian students and professionals in the USA, Canada, and UK.

Penn State College of Education
Penn State Univ., University Park, PA, US
Information on the college plus links to resources created by the college and related sites.

Philips Electronics N.V.
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Philips is a multinational, industrial, diversified electronics company, with Headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Photo Of U
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
A top-quality scanning service. Watch our page for upcoming special effects for your inline art.

Planned Giving Today
Planned Giving Today, Seattle, WA, US
A newsletter oriented toward the non-profit world and focused on planned giving, charitable estate planning and non-profit issues. Tools and materials to benefit non-profits and those who support them are also available.

The Poseidon Restaurant
Longboat Key, FL, US
Intimate waterfront dining off Sarasota's coast on the island of Longboat Key, Florida.

The Prince's Youth Business Trust - WWW Site
London, UK
The Prince's Youth Business Trust is a charity set up to assist less fortunate young people in starting their own businesses.

Professional Training Services
Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Offers quality PC productivity solutions to organizations and individuals.

Pronet International Internet Directory
Web and Internet services, providing a central international business directory and marketing center, enabling coherent access to all companies worldwide.

Provincetown Village
Provincetown Design Group, Provincetown, MA, US
A comprehensive guide to "Ptown," known for its gay and lesbian community, tourism, galleries, entertainment, whale watching, beaches, and more.%subdate 808945206

Public Innovator Learning Network
Alliance for Redesigning Government, Washington, DC, US
We help you reinvent federal, state, and local government.

Redwood Radio Youth Theatre
Santa Rosa, CA, US
Links to the living art of radio drama.

Rick's Movie Graphics & Posters
Gainesville, FL, US
More than 17,000 reasonably-priced movie posters, star photos, press kits and more.

Ronnie Cramer's Cult Film Page
Scorched Earth Productions, Denver, CO, US
Online catalog with descriptions of over 1,000 unusual films available on VHS videotape. exploitation, crime, horror, sci-fi, international, underground, and more.

Saturn of Pleasanton
Pleasanton, CA, US
Dealer of new Saturns and Saturn certified used cars. Sign up online for a test drive in the car of your choice. Get a Free t-shirt when you take a test drive.

Seal Furniture
Westminster, CA, US
Features the most complete line of quality office furnishings. We will ship at no additional charge anywhere in the country. Send for our catalog.

Sholink Corporation
Mountain View, CA, US
Provides newsletters, seminars, Web design and hosting services, and Web applications that facilitate global competitive business processes.

Silent Scream
personal, New York City, NY, US
A site devoted to the films of English film star Barbara Steele. She is best known for her appearances in various European horror films from the 1960s, including "Black Sunday" (1960).

Skeleton Development Co.
Lisle, IL, US
Specializes in developing and enhancing virtual storefronts, online catalogues, interactive Web sites and Internet malls.

Social Security Teachers Kit
Social Security Administration, Baltimore, MD, US
Provides a vehicle for teaching Social Security to grades 9-12, and gives young people a working knowledge of a program that will affect them throughout their lives.

Sonata Publishing
Glendale, CA, US
Books for musicians, writers, and singers that provide new information on what it really takes to make a living with music.

Sports Fantasy Football
Sports Fantasy Network, Minneapolis, MN, US
Win huge prizes. Sign up for 1995 play now.

The Stardust WinSock Software Directory
Stardust WinSock Labs, Campbell, CA, US
A catalog of Internet and TCP/IP software for Microsoft Windows.

Stealth Technologies
Corvallis, OR, US
Provides wholesale stereo equipment cheaper than retail stores, plus custom computer programming, hardware sales, and computer setup assistance.

Sunset Fuel Company
Portland, OR, US
A commercial fueling company with over 1,000 cardlock fueling sites throughout the U.S. and Canada. Sunset Fuel is an independent Pacific Pride franchise.

SwissSmartPhone for Windows
NOVAVOX Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
A graphical application designer under Windows which allows you to create telephony applications in minutes by "drag and drop" icons in a flow-chart.

Tabatha Holtz, WebQueen
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Entertaining bogus press releases feature the WebQueen with a number of Hollywood stars. Includes "Tabatha's Male Bag" and her "Stud Stable"

Tascomm Engineering
Espoo, Finland
Superb multivendor integration products for easy building of intercomputer networking applications on various platforms.

Technical and Professional Writing Program
S.F. State Univ., San Francisco, CA, US
News and information about the program.

Technical University of Nova Scotia Continuing Education Division
Halifax, NS, Canada
We offer over 200 engineering, technical, and professional advancement seminars each year.

Tele-Comm International Communications
Orlando, FL, US
Provides low cost Web page services which include Web page design and maintenance, and search engine registration.

TELUS Corporation
AGT Limited, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Provides corporate, investor, and community involvement information regarding the TELUS group of companies, as well as news from the industry within which it operates.

Toledo Mud Hens Baseball
GEN Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
The Toledo Mud Hens are pleased to bring our fans the finest in Minor League Baseball. Scores, players, merchandise are all available at the home page.

Total Web
Miami, FL, US
Home page of Total Enterprises, a commercial Web page provider. Contains the Prestige Mall, consumer information, and a database of thousands of jokes.

Traveller Chronicle
Steven G. LeMay, Las Vegas, NV, US
An online magazine that supports Game Designers' Workshop's Traveller Role Playing Game.

TriadCom Corporation
Boulder, CO, US
A full-service marketing and development organization, helping companies have a sound presence on the Web. We have also full Multimedia development capabilities.

Twinless Twins
Twinless Twins Support Group International, FortWayne, IN, US
A support group for twins who suffer from the loss of companionship of their twin.

UC Berkeley Library Web
Berkeley, CA, US
A single entry point to library resources campus-wide, and a gateway out to Internet resources in topic areas aligned with campus academic departments.

UK Plant Genetic Resources Group
Nottingham Univ., Nottingham, UK
An overview of plant genetic resource collections in the UK.

Unicorn Design & Build
Reality Communications Ltd., London, England, UK
Specialises in creative interior design and building for both residential and office contracts. See examples of our work.

University of Rochester Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Rochester, NY, US
Information about the department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester, its research and undergraduate and graduate programs, faculty listings, students, postdocs, staff, course offerings, events, and application information.

The Upscale Wholesale Site
Lisle, IL, US
Hard-to-find entertainment and recreation items at very competitive prices, ranging from affordable night vision devices to Kuranda Australian trampoline dog beds.

U.S. Two-Year Colleges
Community and Technical College, The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH, US
The most comprehensive list of two-year campuses available. Organized by state, more than 250 campus links are included.

USACHPPM Laser Safety
Army, Edgewood, MD, US
Part of U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine.

Valore International
Global Management Systems, San Francisco, CA, US
A journal covering issues in international trade and finance.

Vexcel Corporation
Boulder, CO, US
Engineering company with expertise in photogrammetry, radar, signal/image processing, remote sensing, and mapping. Vexcel market a line of related software and hardware solutions.

Virtual Portfolio of Jerry L. Berg II
Jerry L. Berg II, Manhattan, KS, US
This is my portfolio containing some of the multimedia, graphic design, and computer art that I have completed.

Vote Smart Web
Project Vote Smart, Corvallis, OR, US
A comprehensive catalog of politics and government.

Wallaby Ranch Hang Gliding
Orlando, FL, US
Tandem aerotow instruction to teach hang gliding in the safest, most fun way possible. We are located just a few miles from DisneyWorld, near Orlando, Florida.

SpectraCom, Milwaukee, WI, US
Provides various health and personal care products to the public such as: Listermint, Benadryl, e.p.t., Trident, Certs, Rolaids, Schick and Halls.

Washington, DC Beer Guide
Tom Aylesworth, Washington, DC, US
Find information on local pubs, microbreweries, home brewing, and more.

Watching Movies
Bearing Edge Productions, Atlanta, GA, US
Designed to help you appreciate, and analyze, the American Cinema. It is published, free, by Dan Beres.

Web Potato
Bill Butler, Wakefield, MA, US
Web Potato features the cartoon Dan..the Web Potato, as well as the Webmaster diaries, PC/Mac wars, and Post your URL.

WebPager(tm) - Web Site Failure Detection and Notification Software
TeleVisions Inc., Cambridge, MA, US
A powerful new program used to detect site failure and notify the webmaster via message paging. The basic WebPager software is offered by TVisions of Cambridge, MA and is available for use without fee.

Western New York Scuba
Buffalo, NY, US
Dive hundreds of wrecks in the lakes and Niagara River.

Winona Online Business Registry
Vanguard Technology Group, Winona, MN, US
Winona Online Business Registry is a searchable listing of Winona, Minnesota area businesses with links to additional information if selected.

Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Division
Madison, WI, US
Information about the laws and administrative procedures that govern the compensation system in Wisconsin.

Wood Stove 'n' Spa Shoppes
SST, Manassas, VA, US
Retailer of hot tubs, spas, wood and gas stoves, game tables, patio furniture, grills, gas logs, and other supplies

World Wide Wireless
Santa Rosa, CA, US
A growing international cooperative in radio drama.

Worldwide Entrepreneur World
Tampa, FL, US
A home page for "Entrepreneurs The World Over". Find out about our great rates, free offers, and more. Members receive "free" 3,000 name mailing lists, and free netcruiser Software.

WWW Sources for Journalists and Broadcasters
CBC Radio, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A list of links designed for journalists and broadcasters at CBC Radio in Ottawa and elsewhere. Covers a wide range of subjects, including news, music, arts and science, as well as an extensive list of search engines .

XES WWW Bulletin Board
Hong Kong
Have online discussions, and visit random links.

The YiP HomePage
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Over 80 stories and anecdotes by some of the strangest Canadians that you'll likely never meet.

YSL Hapkido Homepage
Rockville, MD, US
Learn more about the YSL studios and the ancient Korean martial art of Hapkido.

Wednesday, 20 September 1995

1995 Sea Peeper
Coral Technologies Inc., Miami, FL, US
Glass bottom boat perfect for use at resorts, as a childrens' toy, as surface platform for snorkelers/divers, or as search and rescue craft.

1995 Ventura County Fair
Seaside Park at WEST.NET, Ventura, CA, US
Complete information on this major Southern California event.

2C-NET WorldWide Publishing Co.
North Palm Beach, FL, US
General Internet information and public access to their Web publishing services and clients.

3D Studio to VRML converter
adhoc, Tiburon, CA, US
Convert your 3D Studio files into VRML worlds. VRML - because the world's not flat.

AAA InvestNet
San Jose, CA, US
Investing made easy. Discover exciting new stocks, portfolio strategies, and Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and international stocks. Read investment newsletters, find low-priced, undervalued securities, and financial advice.

AAA National Mortgage Directory
San Jose, CA, US
Mortgage shopping made easy. Find a mortgage company for purchase, refinance, or cash-out.

Access Resources Electronic Yellow Pages
Seattle, WA, US
Features Seattle-based florists, auto detailers, couriers, office furniture suppliers and more. Come by and see what we've got.

Accessible Science
James H. Thomas, Seattle, WA, US
Strives to make science accessible to the non-scientist. Topics include health studies, cancer, human genetics, and fractals.

Acquisition Reform Home Page
Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Acquisition Reform Executive, Alexandria, VA, US
Provides the latest information, policy, and lessons learned to help improve the Navy acquisition process.

Adaptive Optics Associates, Inc.
Cambridge, MA, US
We make adaptive optics systems, wavefront sensors, motion capture systems, and more.

Advance Systems Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A consulting firm specializing in document imaging and workflow.

Advanced Multimedia Concepts Inc.
Newbury Park, CA, US
We have the hottest interactive planet in the universe.

Allfaiths Press
SSP International Inc., Pasadena, CA, US
A new and unique Web site. Designed to offer free Web sites to every religion and/or belief. Place your religion or belief today and gain instant Sainthood from your friends.

The American Canine Association
Eternity Enterprises, Houston, TX, US
Provides a variety of canine-related services for breeders and owners including individual animal and litter registration, and tracking of genetic breed specific diseases.

America's HomeNet Service
Net Properties Corp., New York, NY, US
Contains a searchable database of available properties (including photos), school and education information, demographic reports and much more. There's no place like HomeNet.

The Annis Group
Southfield, MI, US
A full-service management information service provider offering a wide range of services including hardware maintenance, software development, facilities management, consulting, and marketing.

Anro Engineering, Inc.
Sedona Internet Services, Inc., Sedona, AZ, US
Radar engineering services by outstanding systems engineers. Conceptualization, preliminary design, and comparative evaluation of radar systems of all types. Civilian and defense-related projects.

Anti-Racist Action
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A community-based action group dedicated to exposing, opposing, and confronting organized racism through education, mass action, and support of broader anti-racist struggles.

Artists Index
World Wide Arts Resources, Columbus, OH, US
Over 700 active links to famous artists, as well as 290 museums, 500 galleries and exhibitions, 50 publications, and other important arts resources.

Asian Technology Information Program
Tokyo, Japan
A new U.S. initiative to support industrial competitiveness through an improved understanding of the most up-to-date Asian scientific and technological trends and developments.

The Baptist Faith and Message
SBC, Martin, TN, US
A site that outlines the Baptist Faith and Message, as revised by the Southern Baptist Convention.

A Basic Guide to HTML
Rob's Music Site, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
A step by step guide to creating Web pages, including techniques required to make a Web page interesting. Updated as the author learns more.

Bayou Internet BBS
Monroe, LA, US
Internet service provider for commercial and personal web pages. Serving North Louisiana, South Arkansas, and Western Mississippi.

Beckley & Associates - The Actuarial Consultants
Carmel, IN, US
Actuarial consultants offering services to insurance companies, healthcare providers, regulatory agencies and employers.

Best Buys for Computer Software and Hardware
Randall Stempler, New York, NY, US
Windows 95 and other software and hardware are available from many sources. We search all over to find the lowest prices on Windows 95 and other products.

Beverly Hills Camera Shop
Beverly Hills, CA, US
Specializes in collectable photographic equipment and carries such brands as Lecia, Nikon, Minolta, Olympus, Canon, and Pentax.

Bhakti-Yoga Lifestyle
ISKCON of Western Canada, Vancouver, BC, Canada
The home page of a well-travelled author who is also a vegetarian and Hare Krishna Monk.

Biota Publications
Dallas, TX, US
Bioinformation on the Web published in book and software formats. Provides a comprehensive overview, as well as a set of hypertext-based search tools.

Bi-Tech Software, Inc.
Chico, CA, US
The developers of Fund Accounting Software, an application proven to meet the needs of nonprofit institutions such as school districts, and city and county governments.

Blue Sky Information Technologies
Franklin Square, NY, US
We sell name-brand CD-ROM software at wholesale prices.

Bone Clones
The Kronen Company, Canoga Park, CA, US
Order replica skulls, virtually indistinguishable from the originals. Each skull is cast from the finest and largest original skull available and made of the highest quality resins.

Bookfinders International Ltd.
Henley on Thames, Oxon, United Kingdom
A new and second-hand book service that conducts rare book searches and prepares customized bibliographies.

Boomtown, USA
Dean Walker, San Jose, CA, US
A new vision of an internet city, with recreation, commerce, art, and news all in one place.

Boston Business Computing, Ltd.
Methuen, MA, US
Provides software tools to eliminate the expense of retraining when migrating from OpenVMS.

Bottom Line Distribution
Austin, TX, US
We offer Macintosh users hardware and software they need.

Brad De Long's home page
Berkeley, CA, US
Collected writings, course syllabi, notes and projects in progress of Brad De Long, an economic historian and Berkeley professor.

Brazilian Dreams Muck
Laura Holmbeck, Portland, OR, US
A friendly, personable multi-user environment hosting role playing, interactive fiction and writing events.

Bright Life Inc.
Miami,, FL, US
Wholesale, retail, and event rentals of live indoor ornamental plants and foliage.

The Broadcasting Link: European Broadcasting
Stockholm, Sweden
A guide to radio and TV broadcasting in Europe. Covers stations and networks, public service and commercial broadcasters, schedules and shows, news and sounds.

Burn:Cycle-Phase 2
Digital Planet, Los Angeles, CA, US
Phase two of this Web site for the Burn:Cycle CD-ROM game. Includes an interactive game environment featuring prizes and animation.

Business Traveler Online
Marco Island, FL, US
The Web's most extensive site for the person who travels on business both internationally and domestically. Extensive contents on conducting business in the foreign arena.

The Buyer's Guide to Electronic Commerce
Electronic Commerce Strategies, Marietta, GA, US
Lists email, EDI and electronic reenginering products and services.

villagemac, Los Angeles, CA, US
A Web site specializing in all things Macintosh.

California Basket Company
SSP International Inc., Pasadena, CA, US
Our baskets include some of the finest wine, beer, nuts, cheese, caviar, coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit, and pasta; plus Asian, European, epicurean, and gourmet delights.

The Cambodian Corner
Eric Clark, Clemson, SC, US
Cambodian music, pictures, and links.

Camera Collectors Corner
Beverly Hills Camera Shop, Beverly Hills, CA, US
Specializing in collectable photographic equipment and retail camera products and accessories.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
We are an ISO 9002 registered manufacturer of corrosion monitoring systems.

Cardiac Surgery Video Library
NYU Medical Center, Division of Cardiovascular Surgery, New York, NY, US
Video clips of actual cardiac surgery in .AVI and QT format.

Carfax Publishing Company
Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK
Publishers of international, academic journals.

CellCom Cellular
Miami, FL, US
A Florida-based communications company providing quality cellular telephones and accessories for both domestic and international use.

Certa ProPainters
Valley Forge, PA, US
Offers an exciting service-franchise opportunity with a low start-up investment of $25,000. Rated as one of the top 25 franchise opportunities in America.

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills, CA, US
Specializing in rare wines and cheeses from around the world. Gourmet gift baskets made to order.

Chemistry and Biological Science
Silicon Graphics, Mountain View, CA, US
Industry news; hardware, software, and applications information for chemistry; hyperlinks to chemistry indexes, publications, chemical societies, and software partners

Chess Informant
Cambridge, MA, US
We are the best known and most respected chess periodical in the world.

Chicago's Navy Recruiter Online
Northbrook, IL, US
A good place for residents of Central and Northern Illinois and Indiana to check for career and educational opportunities in the Navy.

City Of North Bay
North Bay, Ontario, Canada
A small city in Canada with an awesome home-page.

Classroom Earth
Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network, MI, US
In addition to training on standard Internet tools, Classroom Earth workshops introduce tools designed by CIESIN for locating and analyzing environmental data and information.

Clearpoint Computer-Memory Catalog
Milford, MA, US
Designs, manufactures, and markets computer-memory products. Add-in memory boards are available for most modern computer systems.

Clearwater Beach, Florida, Business and Tourism Guide
John Besedic, Clearwater Beach, FL, US
The official Clearwater Beach, Florida, business and tourism guide. At this site you will have the chance to really explore Clearwater Beach and its fine businesses.

CMS Music/Ambient Music 4U
cms music, elsdorf 50189, Germany
CMS Music's web site includes its latest releases along with commentary on the music and the artists, and sound samples in real audio and mpeg2.

Coast to Coast Marketing
Trenton, MI, US
Providing name brand fundraising products throughout America.

Comet Hale-Bopp
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, US
This unusually bright comet, discovered on July 23, 1995, may provide the celestial show of the century as it approaches the sun. This home page has the latest images of the new comet.

Complete Gameplan for Starting and Operating a Home Business
Wayne G. Rod, Attorney at Law, Tucson, AZ, US
If you are starting or have a home-based business, or are a new entrepreneur, here is a complete plan that can help you avoid many common small-business pitfalls.

Computer Currents Interactive
Computer Currents Publishing, Emeryville, CA, US
Access Computer Currents magazine. Keep up to date on the latest technology, receive bids, and even purchase online.

Computer Technology Applications, Inc.
Kettering, OH, US
Provides custom CD-ROM publishing, multimedia development and WWW page creation services world-wide.

Continental Offices Ltd.
Web Design Group, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
An innovative, multifaceted real estate firm offering value-added, asset appreciation services and solutions to commercial property owners.

Cooperation Committee
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Tokyo, Japan
An international organization based on an agreement among governments of Japan and 12 new independent states.

Corporate Adventure Training
Coral Technologies Inc., Miami, FL, US
Rope-based training designed for management and employees. Fosters team work, communication, confidence and trust.

Corporate Internet
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Business and commercial information about Australia, including lawyers, real estate, and accountants, as well as cultural events and Asian language resources.

Crestar Student Lending
Alexandria, VA, US
Students, parents, FAOs and counselors can learn how to finance higher education at all levels and hundreds of schools. Applications, handy calculators and fun stuff, too.

Cruises Inc.
Littleton, CO, US
Not just another online brochure.

Hicksville, NY, US
We specialize in helping companies manage, store, and disseminate information.

Data Warehousing Conference
DCI, Phoenix, AZ, US
The Data Warehousing Conference is the industry's largest, covering the hottest topics in IS organizations today.

Dave Benson's DX7 Page
Dave Benson, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, US
The home page for the Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer, an instrument which revolutionized the electronic music market in the mid 1980's. The document contains information about the synthesizer and how to join the DX7 mailing list.

Debt Collection and Credit Management Services
Professional's Resource Enhancement Inc., Delmar, NY, US
Innovative debt collection and credit management services.

Delta Technology International
Eau Claire, WI, US
Invites you to examine the new Destination Direct Flight Planning for Windows.

Delta World Wide Guide to Travel
Toronto, ON, Canada
Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, enjoy Delta Hotels and Resorts World Wide. On-line reservations and Delta Privilege registration available.

Department of Language Engineering, UMIST
Manchester, UK
Teaching and research in multilingual language engineering such as machine translation, CALL, and text extraction.

Department of Neurosurgery CPMC
New York City, NY, US
One division of the Neurological Institute Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center.

Deutsches Museum
80306 Munich, Germany
Find information about exhibitions at the biggest technical museum in Europe, taking up more than 55,000 square metres.

Did You Know? Publishing
Fairview Heights, IL, US
Turning dull disks into wondrous worlds of information. Publishes information using electronic channels and books on disks.

Digital Avatar - Southern Asian Art & Culture
Vasant Nayak, Baltimore, MD, US
Displays art, culture and religion from southern Asia.

Digital Creators
Boulder, CO, US
Call us for CD-ROM, Internet and graphics design work.

Digital Pictureworks
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
We produce world-class animation and visual effects, for television networks, commercials, advertising agencies, and corporate videos.

DigiView - Color Digital Prints from the Net
Schaumburg, IL, US
High quality, low cost digital printing services for images, pictures, graphics, and documents. Fast turnaround time.

Disaster Resource
Univ. of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service, Urbana, IL, US
Resources for teachers working with children who have been through a disaster.

Distinct Corporation
Saratoga, CA, US
Offers a family of networking products placing its focus on developing TCP/IP Applications and Software Development Kits that combine the best in functionality with the ease of use.

DreamWeavers Singles Club
Regency Singles Club, Denver, CO, US
Join DreamWeavers today and see for yourself why this is the fastest-growing organization of upwardly-mobile and sophisticated singles in the United States.

Eagle Express Flowers
Half Moon Bay, CA, US
We are an overnight delivery service offering the highest quality roses.

Eckel Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Houston, TX, US
Since 1958, Eckel tongs have established and maintained a world-wide reputation of quality and durability. Eckel tongs are available in a variety of models and sizes to handle almost any downhole pipe string, from rods to casing.

Effort Realty
Sarasota, FL, US
Let the "Team Effort" real estate team work for you.

Enveloper Corps
Troy, MI, US
Envelop, the free, object-oriented, rapid application development tool for Windows '95, allows users to create and sell reusable components and custom applications.

Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program, Idaho Falls, ID, US
A pollution prevention forum for all levels of government, researchers, industry, and public interest groups. Hosts an expert architecture known as the Solvent Umbrella, that allows users to access solvent alternative information.

Eternity Enterprises
Houston, TX, US
Offers a variety of advertising services for Internet and Fidonet style networks. Services include Web and FTP site rental, page creation, and ad uploading.

European Union Bank
St. John's, Antigua, West Indies
The first offshore bank on the Internet.

The Exclusive Electronic Computer Book Club
Lake Hiawatha, NJ, US
Reference and textbooks on UNIX, C++, C, X-Windows system, networking, systems administration, databases and related interests.

The Fabulous Writing Instrument Sale
The Private Source, Overland Park, KS, US
Check out our selection of some of the best writing instruments in the world, available for a limited time at low prices you won't see again.

Federal Networking Council
Arlington, VA, US
A committee which oversees the operation and evolution of the Federal Interagency Internet Program in support of research and education.

Fighter Technologies
South Canaan, PA, US
Produces flight simulator aids for many of the more popular air combat games.

Fisher Audio/Video
chatsworth, CA, US
Music reviews, movie reviews, contests, product reviews, the buzz box of happenings, nostalgia, and history lessons.

Fleabusters - Flea Control
Los Angeles, CA, US
Up-to-the-minute news about caring for your pets and keeping them flea-free, happy and healthy.

Focus Management Group
Southfield, MI, US
Lower your workers' compensation costs, help your injured employees recover faster, curtail fabricated or exaggerated claims, and begin seeing results in six weeks.

Fox World
Fox Broadcasting Company, Beverly Hills, CA, US
The official Web site of Fox Broadcasting offers users interactive programming, real-time sports news, games, chat rooms, bulletin boards and more.

Kolin Industries, Pound Ridge, NY, US
A listing of unique products and patented inventions.

Fresh$tart$even Bankruptcy Software
Seaview Software, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
Bankruptcy software in WordPerfect for DOS and Windows. Input data and compile official forms for chapters 9, 11, 12, and 13.

The Friday Project - Travel New England
netVenture, Bellows Falls, VT, US
A fresh new search engine for information in New England. Planning your annual vacation or just looking for something to do? Try The Friday Project.

Portland, OR, US
For just $17 a year you can have an easy-to-remember alias e-mail address and your very own Web site.

Fuzzy search: "The firewalls mailing list"
Nexial Systems, Limburg, The Netherlands
A very powerful search technique applied to this resourceful mailing list.

GLOBEtrotter Software
Campbell, CA, US
Information about FLEXlm the de facto standard license manager (a.k.a. Highland), plus on-line documentation, FAQ and information on FLEXadmin for software asset management. Also technical support.

Gold Mine Threatens Yellowstone
Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Bozeman, MT, US
Help GYC stop Noranda Minerals' mine, threatening Yellowstone Park, wilderness in Wyoming and Montana, Clarks Fork of Yellowstone River, wildlife, flyfishing, and skiing.

Golden Rule Printing
Huntsville, AL, US
Graphics design and offset printing services.

Golf Brothers Hand Made Leather Goods Factory
I.COM - Italy, Milano, Italy
Specialist craftsmen design and make soft or rigid luggage, and anything from wallets, agendas, sporty hold-alls, briefcases and travel bags customized sets of luggage for luxury cars.

Goober & the Peas Home Page
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
The unofficial home page for all fans of this Detroit-based band.

Government On Line
State Technologies, Inc., Albany, NY, US
An interactive system chronicling the best practices of government by subject matter and geography.

Graphics Development International
Novato, CA, US
Excellence in electronic forms and image-processing software. Data entry, collection and routing are combined using the Internet, faxes, or scanners.

Gray Line of Orlando
Orlando, FL, USA
Offers hotel packages, tours, ground transportation to Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center and other major area attractions.

Great Lakes Environmental Wire
Booth Newspapers, Lansing, MI, US
Provides environmental news, columns, and editorials gleaned from eight Michigan daily newspapers.

Guide to Florida's Chambers of Commerce
Florida Internet Real Estate Guide, Hollywood, FL, US
One-stop shopping to all of Florida's chambers of commerce.

Harpers' Home
Harpers Hall & Culinary Society, Palo Alto, CA, US
The definitive resource on the Web for the folk harp. Information on harp construction, performance, amplification, harp makers, and other harp-related Web sites.

HomeTown Free-Press
MicroNiche Publishing, San Diego, CA, US
If you want to know about events in your home town, make a jump to any of over 500 sites from the HomeTown Free-Press.

IdOLA (Indonesia OnLine Access)
Lintasarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
Launched by PT.Aplikanusa Lintasarta, the largest data communication and network application service company in Indonesia. IdOLA provides you the vision of how the new era of information comes into your life.

IndustryNet Daily
Pittsburgh, PA, US
We are devoted to covering the latest news and developments in manufacturing and industry on a daily basis.

InfoExpress, Los Altos, CA, US
InfoExpress provides software products and information services for dial-up TCP/IP and mobile computing. Products include Virtual TCP and InfoManager.

Inn of Last Resort
Coral Technologies Inc., Miami, FL, US
A new resort on Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras. Perfect for diving, snorkeling, fishing, and honeymooning.

Institute of Marine Studies, University of Plymouth
Plymouth, Devon, UK
Details of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and research including marine navigation, hydrography, marine technology, ocean sciences, and shipping and transport

villagemac, Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides Web publishing for companies wishing to have a Web presence, but not interested in housing their own servers.

Internet Images Inc.
World Mall, Overland Park, KS, US
A gallery of art and posters from around the world.

Internet in a Baby
Wideweb Communications, San Francisco, CA, US
Forget Netscape, Internet in a Box, and other complicated interfaces. Internet in a Baby is the only one that lets even babies browse the web.

Internet International
SSP International Inc., Pasadena, CA, US
Your Internet service provider, offering quality retail space to businesses who desire an Internet presence. Come see us soon.

The Internet Medical Products Guide
Medical Internet Communications, Inc., Apple Valley, MN, US
A database of medical product sales and technical information.

The Internet Music Review Service
Duluth, GA, US
An independent source for unbiased reviews of new music releases. Read before you buy.

InterWorks - The Technical Users Forum of Interex
Sunnyvale, CA, US
A not-for-profit self-help group of users, whose charter is to promote the effective utilization of Hewlett-Packard workstations.

The Invention of Knowledge
KBA Press, Cambridge, MA, US
A pattern and theory of knowledge representing a new work in epistemology on the construction of all knowledge, predicting the elements of future theories and works of art.

Island Gifts Direct - Molokai, Hawaii
Kaunakakai, Molokai, HI, US
Learn about Hawaiian music artists, plus other Hawaiian arts and craft makers.

JcS Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Manufacturer of ASD office systems, Rax! remote network access systems, and Fokus multimedia-theatre systems.

JLI Consulting
Philadelphia, PA, US
Web site development, from conception and planning to the implementation of an exciting and engaging web presence.

Job Accommodation Network
Morgantown, WV, US
Provides information about job accommodations and the employability of people with functional limitations. JAN also provides information about the ADA.

JobTailor - Interactive Employment Online Service
Ramses Network Publishing, Minneapolis, MN, US
A revolutionary, interactive online employment service distinct from traditional resume/jobs related Web sites. Free digital-portfolio and advanced recruitment services are offered.

Johnny Mathis
New York, NY, US
The official Johnny Mathis home page.

Keep on Tapin' - A Jerry Garcia Tribute
Home Recording Rights Coalition, Washington, DC, US
The Home Recording Rights Coalition pays tribute to a friend of tapers everywhere, Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.

Lexington, KY, US
Information on the East African nation of Kenya

Kingdom Of Heaven
Eternal Destinies, Peoria, AZ, US
The mighty Kingdom of God is explained and explored. Get to know the Lord.

Springfield, MA, US
An on-line resource for information on all aspects of the kitchen and bath industry. Covers cabinets, counter tops, solid surface, laminate, and sinks.

KJRH TV Tulsa NBC Affiliate
KJRH TV Scripps Howard Broadcasting, Tulsa, OK, US
Archives of news stories, KJRH's weather radar, and several cameras whose images are updated every six minutes.

Know IT Computer Consultants
Stockholm, Sweden
Dedicated to modern computing, GUIs, client/server architecture, and the combined knowledge of technology and applications. Swedish language site.

Knowledge Adventure Online
Glendale, CA, US
Features dinosaurs, games, an indexed and searchable encyclopedia, downloadable movies, KA's product catalog, and information about Knowledge Adventure.

Lakeshore Community Church
Rochester, NY, US
A new church for people who don't like church, dedicated to making the experience meaningful and enjoyable.

LDDS WorldCom
Tulsa, OK, US
We provide full-service domestic and international voice, video and data telecommunication services, including a variety of value added products and services for the wholesale market.

L'eggs Online Store
Chicago, IL, US
Allows individuals to browse, size themselves, and purchase L'eggs brand pantyhose online.

Levien-Rich Associates
Pelham, NY, US
A firm of engineers and architects who service lending institutions as monitors and construction managers.

Teun Duynstee, Groningen, Netherlands
The addictive Web-adaptation of the TV game-show.

Linux Links
PerryLane Communications, Inc, Minneapolis, MN, US
Offering many resources for the Linux brand of UNIX.

The List of Largest Known Primes
University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, TN, US
Primes, definitions, examples, records, and more. The list also links to to the list of all known primes with 1000 or more digits.

LMB Microcomputers
Indianapolis, IN, US
We are a leader in sales, support, and service of desktop computing solutions in Central Indiana.

Lotus Buddhist Art Gallery
Plano, TX, US
Digital gallery of Buddhist-related paintings and sculptures, and a list of organizations.

LSU Department of Political Science
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, US
Information on the academic program, plus pointers to political science resources and Louisiana resources on the Internet.

Lucy & Joe's Heavy Air Gorge
Webvertising, Columbia River Gorge, OR, US
The Gorge's first and only waterfront accommodation with everything you need for a hassle-free vacation.

Luxcom, The Home for Isochronous Networking
Fremont, CA, US
A high-performance communication company providing networking for metropolitan fiber systems and isoEthernets.

The Lyrebird Duo
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Australia's most beautiful acoustic duo of harp and flute. Also information on world harp societies, coming events and a potted history of the harp.

Maagnum Resources Inc.
Cheshire, CT, US
Formulates interactive marketing strategies for the global Internet. We are experts in Web consulting, marketing, publishing, and graphic design services, including Internet systems integration.

Interplay Productions, Inc., Irvine, CA, US
The Macintosh-only division of Interplay Productions, Inc., dedicated to quality entertainment and edu-tainment software.

The Magic World of Rum Barbancourt
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Distilled in the magic island of Haiti in the french tradition of cognac.

Mangotree Music
Sherman Oaks, CA, US
Mangotree Music produces limited editions of Brazilian music CDs never released outside of Brazil. We also publish interviews and articles.

The Maui News
Maui Publishing Company, Wailuku, HI, US
Maui's newspaper since 1900.

Medical Digest Journal
Mediamed s.r.l., Rome, Italy
A new journal on vascular pathology.

Megabaud LTD's WWW-server
Helsinki, Finland
An Internet access provider in Helsinki, Finland. their server has customers home pages, and an old computers photo archive.

Merck & Co. Inc
Whitehouse Station, NJ, US
We are a worldwide research intensive health products company.

Mike's Clock Clinic
Santa Monica, CA, US
Contains information on the Atmos Clock, clock and watch FTP sites, manufacturers, material houses, repair tips, museums, and links to other time-related Web sites.

Mindwaves Instant Meditation Goggles
Image Quest, Inc., Altamonte Springs, FL, US
An easy way to experience deep states of meditation without the years of practice normally required. Uses include instant meditation, self-hypnosis, astral journeys, psychic abilities, relaxation, and guided imagery.

Minnesota Clay Co. USA
St. Paul, MN, US
The online version of the quarterly newsletter of this manufacturer and distributor of pottery supplies.

MisterLucky, the Quarterly Musical Communique
Coconut Grove, San Francisco, CA, US
A quarterly review of music under the "jazz-centric" umbrella. Includes jazz, vocals, world beat and Latin.

The Mondragan Cooperative Study Tour
Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center, Covington, KY, US
Mondragan is a group of worker-owned, large-scale, high-tech companies located in the Basque Region of Northern Spain.

MOOD: Material's Object-Oriented Database
Dept. of Machine Intelligence and Systems Engineering, Tohoku Univ., Sendai, Japan
Offers an up-to-date description of the project and pseudo-demonstration of its prototype database program, MOOD-SX: Material's Object-Oriented Database.

Movimento dei Club Pannella - Riformatori
Roma, Italy
This Italian-only site outlines the social reforms and platforms of the Italian political group, Club Pannella-Riformatori.

Mutual Fund Investors Resource Center
PIM Financial Services Inc., San Diego, CA, US
A free site for requesting a prospectus, account application, and information on select mutual funds.

Nancy Peacock
speakeasy cafe, Seattle, WA, US
Nancy Peacock's jazz art will jam for you and improvise joy. Check in every month for new compositions.

The National Center for Employee Ownership
Oakland, CA, US
Information about ESOPs and other forms of employee ownership.

The National Music Publishers' Association
New York, NY, US
A trade organization representing better than 13,000 music publishers. This site outlines functions of both both NMPA and its licensing subsidiary, The Harry Fox Agency.

National Religious Broadcasters Online Worldwide
Manassas, VA, US
The largest association of Christians in the broadcast industry, making up 80% of all Christian broadcasting in the United States, and gaining a growing International presence.

The Net Investor
Chicago, IL, US
Discount brokerage service providing the tools you need to make immediate and informed investment decisions.

McAllen, TX, US
South Texas' newest and most exciting Internet service provider.

New Zealand Gateway
Creative-cGi, Auckland, New Zealand
A gateway to a huge list of New Zealand URL's, using a map based system.

Newspeak and Doublethink
One Free Spirit, Haiku, Maui, HI, US
George Orwell wrote "1984" in 1948, and since that time Newspeak and Doublethink have made great progress. Add your own comments to this homepage.

Nicosia Creative ExpressO Ltd.
New York, NY, US
A global graphic and packaging design company.

NightHawk Productions
San Diego, CA, US
We are a 3D graphics, animation, and original music house.

NuWeb, N.Y.
H.A. Technical Services, Liverpool, NY, US
Offers the best source of New York State information on the Internet by providing direct linkage to practically every existing New York-related Web site and newsgroup.

Office of Space Science at NASA Headquarters
NASA, Washington, DC, US
Brings technological advances in automation, robotics, instrumentation, information technology, and communication. You can read about future strategies and plans, and learn about the planets, the milky way, and the rest of the universe.

Ohio State University Department of Astronomy
Columbus, OH, US
Learn about the research and education activities of this department. Includes an astronomical picture gallery, and information about their public education programs.

Onca Ray's Solarlink
R.S.T Publishing, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Home page of comic book character Onca Ray. Features Onca's Solar Information Exchange Community, her serial comic, and a music CD.

OpenVMS to Unix Migration
Sector7 Group Of Companies, Austin, TX, US
Over forty pages of VMS-to-Unix migration information. Includes white papers.

The Osceola
Tallahassee, FL, US
With 14 years experience covering Florida State University sports, this paper offers an online edition with daily updates and more to Seminole fans.

The Outsider Artists Collective HREF="http:e 303c9823
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a venue for outsider artists to exhibit their art, free of charge on the Web.

Pages INK, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA, US
We specialize in the development and maintenance of Web sites.

Para-Club Fribourg
Pierre Moret, Fribourg, Switzerland
Home page of the swiss skydiving club.

Park Medical Systems
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A Montreal-based company involved in the design, development, production, sales, and marketing of gamma camera for nuclear medicine for the world market.

Pediatric Neurosurgery
Department of Neurosurgery CPMC, New York City, NY, US
General information for parents and families of children who have conditions which require the care of a neurosurgeon.

Pelli People
Roger Whitney Gallery of Artists, Phoenix, AZ, US
Metal sculptures depicting your favorite sports activities.

Perry Woods Herbalife
Ads International, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Offers you the opportunity to improve your health in an easy, pleasant way without demanding that you change your lifestyle.

Peter Langendam's Art Gallery
Euronet, Zoetermeer, Z-H, The Netherlands
A selection of the fine paintings made by the artist in recent years. Free to look at, download, distribute, print or link to.

The Philadelphia Revels
Philadelphia, PA, US
This holiday season, we present a Victorian celebration of music, dance, melodrama, and sentiment at Swarthmore College, December 14 to 17.

San Francisco, CA, US
Loads of information about hacking, security, phreaking, anarchy, exploring systems, and more.

Pop Central
POP Inc., Sydney, NSW, Australia
Australian-based entertainment information site.

Prairie Naturals
Lower Sackville, Canada
We offer natural hair care and health products.

Pre Color Technology, Inc.
Internet Global Marketing & Communications inc., New York, NY, US
We provide quality graphic designs, pre-press, scanning, and more.

The Private Source - Summer Sale!
Overland Park, KS, US
Once in a lifetime prices on top quality gift items from such names as Baccarat, Lalique, and Trussardi.

Project 21st Century
webhelp.com, Mountain View, CA, US
Links to Web pages and discussions that have begun on the subject of the 21st Century/3rd Millennium.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
We are involved in marketing and communication for human development in Haiti.

Quoteline Stock Exchange Information Services
Quoteline GmbH, Soodstrasse 57, CH-8134 Adliswil, Zurich, Switzerland
Quoteline offers affordable end of day and real- time stock exchange quotes. Get free weekly charts and the closing quotes of the Dow Jones since 1900.

Radio For Peace International
Ciudad Colon, San Jose, Costa Rica
Costa Rican shortwave station broadcasting worldwide - with a principal target audience of North America - on issues regarding human rights, the environment, and social justice.

Rainforest Health Project
Winona, MN, US
A non-profit international relief organization through which art and artifacts created by the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian rainforests are sold and the proceeds are reinvested.

Rarey-Roth Inc.
Findlay, OH, US
A full service Internet presence provider with strong networking and application development experience.

Raymond Software, Inc.
Los Gatos, CA, US
Contract computer consulting services. Our project experience ranges from the development of large-scale legacy business systems to Macintosh-based multimedia.

Recovery Link
Beverly Hills, CA, US
A link to serenity and recovery in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Regal Homes
Florida Internet Real Estate Guide, Hollywood, FL, US
We are building Nature's Cove, an intimate walled community of luxury single family homes in Broward County.

Regent Press
Oakland, CA, US
We provide low cost printing, complete desktop layout services, and publish books such as The San Francisco Oracle: Facsimile Edition, the famous Sixties newspaper.

Relles, Meeker & Borns
Madison, WI, US
Litigation firm practicing in the areas of personal injury, professional malpractice, professional license defense, business litigation, family law, and criminal defense.

Rental Report
Bellevue, WA, US
A current database of condos, homes and apartments available for rent through professional property management companies. Listings updated on a regular basis.

Rental Report
Bellevue, WA, US
A current database of condos, homes and apartments available for rent through professional property management companies. Listings updated on a regular basis.

Representations and Cohomology Preprint Archive
Dave Benson, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, US
This is a mathematics preprint archive, containing papers on the representation theory and cohomology of groups.

Retrouvaille - A Lifeline for Married Couples
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A program designed to help heal and renew marriages.

RGC Commerce Inc.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
If you own a company outside of Canada and would like to establish a subsidiary in Canada, then contact me for help.

The Rift
Silicon Graphics and vivid studios, San Francisco, CA, US
A challenging HTML and VRML game, with the object of repairing an interdimensional entity that's caused a rift in reality and leaving a trail of implausible events in its wake.

Roadway Online
Roadway Information Technology, Inc. (RIT), Akron, OH, US
Provides a single point of access to the multiple carriers and multiple modes of transportation of Roadway Services, Inc.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH, US
Features a "walking tour" of the museum plus information on each of the Rock Hall's inductees and a sample of their songs. Also included is a list of "The 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll," as selected by the Rock Hall staff.

Ron Alexander's Clothiers
Monroe, LA, US
Custom-made high-quality men's shirts.

Cheshire, CT, US
We offer secure online payment for merchants.

San Diego GOP '96 Convention Information
MicroNiche Publishing, San Diego, CA, US
Links to the candidates, the issues, and what to see and do in San Diego.

San Jose Custom Cycles
Netsurf Inc., San Jose, CA, US
Harley Davidson specialists on the Web who can also locate custom bikes and parts.

SBC Computer and Components
Milford, PA, US
In the business of exporting electronic and electro-mechanical parts at wholesale, to OEMs, end users, distributors and others worldwide.

SBS 6 Home Page
Cameo Media and SBS 6 Television, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The new commercial television station in The Netherlands. Provides program information, press-releases and media coverage.

Screen (West)
Irvine, CA, US
The leading manufacturer of PrePress equipment. Find information about Screen's newest products. The customer support area has technical tips and access to our FTP server.

Seattle Black College Fair
Black College Fair Committee, Seattle, WA, US
The twelfth annual Black College Fair will provide an opportunity for Puget Sound-area students to obtain up-to-date-information on historically black colleges and universities.

Second Chair Corporation
Chicago, IL, US
Manufactures software for the legal research and litigation community. Our flagship products are a legal research RDBMS (Legal Scholar) and a litigation support RDBMS (Trial Lawyers Assistant).

Self Help Crafts of the World
Mennonite Central Committee, Akron, PA, US
A nonprofit alternative trade organization that provides vital, fair income to Third World people by selling their handicrafts and telling their stories in North America.

SIMM Converters
Digital Technologies, Chesapeake, VA, US
Provider of SIMM memory conversion products. A SIMM memory FAQs resource is also available.

SingleVision Cable TV Network
GlobalComm 2000 Corp, Atlanta, GA, US
A national source of information and entertainment targeting the single population. Provides hosted television shows and a World Wide Web presence as a global information source.

Sister Cities of Louisville
Louisville, KY, US
Lists activities and relationships with La Plata, Argentina; Fuzhou, China; Mainz, Germany; Montpellier, France; Tamale, Ghana; Perm, Russia; and Quito, Ecuador.

Sleep Disorders Center
California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA, US
The only such center in San Francisco fully accredited by the American Sleep Disorders Association. Questions for the staff of specialist physicians are encouraged.

SLIK Designs
SSP International Inc., Pasadena, CA, US
Let SLIK help you leverage the growing popularity of the Web by designing a custom site for your company or organization. Our creative staff can help you create an effective home page to get your message to Internet users across the globe.

Small and Home-Based Business Links
Coupon Courier Magazine, Huntsville, AL, US
Dozens of links to small and home-based, business-related sites, including reference, marketing, newsgroups, opportunities, and franchises.

SoftShell Online
Grand Junction, CO, US
Find discussions and information on Web publishing of chemical papers, the free ChemWeb GIF structure editor, and other chemistry software.

Some Like It Hot!
San Francisco, CA, US
Sizzling catalog offering the hottest gourmet food and gift items from around the world.

Sooke Community Homepages
Capital Computers Inc., Victoria, BC, Canada
Sooke is situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island Contains links to tourist resources in our area, Including Bed & Breakfasts, Charter Salmon Fishing, and more.

Southwest Solutions Newspaper
Phoenix, AZ, US
Non-partisan publication dealing with political issues. We offer and welcome articles from top writers, authors and investigative researchers around the world.

The Speakeasy Cafe
Seattle, WA, US
Log on, talk about your most romantic cafe encounter, and vote on next week's plot.

Spunk Music Fanzine
Specializing in punk/indie/lo fi (for the want of better cliches) music. Read about Sebodoh, Magic Dirt, Weezer, Liz Phair, and Flying Saucer Attack.

StatPro Corporation
Fountain Hills, AZ, US
Offers statistical analysis and survey design to institutional and individual clients, including students.

Stern Mortgage Company
Palo Alto, CA, US
Can help you in obtaining the best possible mortgage, at the lowest rate and cost, with the least hassle and the most satisfaction, in a practical time frame.

Subject Guide to Environmental Literature
Natural History Book Service Ltd, Totnes, Devon, UK
This new feature from NHBS BookNet presents both subject and geographic guides to environmental literature which offer a range of over 800 categories.

Suncoast Bulldog Friends
Tampa, FL, US
A statewide breed rescue organization, providing a haven for unwanted Bulldogs and adopting them out to responsible homes.

Honolulu, HI, US
Let's bring color to the Net. Bright stock photography by international photographer SunStar. Features Hawaii and other tropical locations.

Super Bowl XXX
Tempe, AZ, US
The first all-inclusive site in Super Bowl history.

SVEC Computer Corporation
Irvine, CA, US
A manufacturer of ethernet, fast ethernet, 100VG-AnyLAN, and FDDI networking solutions.

Talking Book World
West Bloomfield, MI, US
Rents and sells your favorite book titles on tape so you can listen while driving to work or exercising at home.

Tele'-Comm International Communications, Inc.
Orlando, FL, US
Information on the TC2001 cellular portable phone and its lithium-ion battery technology.

Telephone Triage Nursing & Consultation
Kathi Webster, Tampa, FL, US
A resource for nurses and others involved in telephone triage or nursing consultation. Includes conferences and organizations.

Tim Karr home page
Dead End Kids Music, Los Angeles, CA, US
Fresh and bold high-spirited rock and roll. Sounds, pics and killer links.

Essex, MA, US
We develop and distribute the most efficient and cost-effective time and expense tracking system in the world.

Tokyo KleidoScoop
Shima Media Network Inc., Tokyo, Japan
An independent journalistic server providing news and analyses in and around Japan and links to many Asian Web sites.

Total Customer Management
The Canopus Marketing Corporation, Cape Town, South Africa
Specializes in database marketing and relationship management consulting, and aims at establishing individual customer relationships via the use of an integrated database-centered marketing information system.

Raleigh, NC, US
Your online source for Tupperware products. Easy on-line ordering and catalog browsing. You may also request a catalog to be mailed to you via snail mail.

Ultimate Weapons Systems
Bethlehem, CT, US
In business for 12 years, we supply products and accessories to law enforcement, security, individuals (for personal protection), the military, and survivalists.

Universal Zulu Nation
Paradox Night Club, Baltimore, MD, US
Your link to hip-hop's leading organization, founded by Afrika Bambaataa over twenty years ago in the Bronx River Projects in New York.

Up At Six Aviaries
Bosque, NM, US
Aviculture-related information including sites, pictures, software, a free for sale/wanted area, a rec.pets.birds FAQ, and Lafeber's Co. Online.

U.S. Congressman Jerry Lewis
Washington, DC, US
Congressman representing California's 40th Congressional District.

The U.S. Geological Survey
Reston, VA, US
The mission of the U.S. Geological Survey is to communicate research results to the public and to educate people about earth science.

U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps
Tucson, AZ, US
A year-round Naval youth education organization for young men and women 11-18 years old.

USDA Economic Research Service
Washington, DC, US
ERS provides economic and social science information and analysis for public and private decisions on agriculture, food, natural resources, and rural America.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dedicated to the Viking and everything related thereto. It also sports a page dedicated to the Kappa Alpha Society.

Virtual Online University
Columbia, MO, US
Designed on a new distance education model, conducting classes in an electronic campus based on MOO technology. This interactive element allows students to collaborate and debate with fellow students, not just earn credits in isolation.

Virtual Visions, Inc.
Virtual Visions, Rochester, NY, US
We design and host Web sites of any size and complexity.

The Virtual Window
SmartPages Direct, Columbus, OH, US
An invention that makes your ordinary television viewing possess a 3D-like quality. This invention can work with almost any television set.

Volvo Trucks of Calgary
Calgary, AB, Canada
The first heavy duty truck dealership on the Internet.

Walk San Diego Gaslamp Quarter
MicroNiche Publishing, San Diego, CA, US
A virtual tour of the area's restaurants, shops, and clubs.

Waqf Ikhlas Publications
Arlington, VA, US
Freeware electronic books, in executable program format, in Islamic. Knowledge ready for downloading. Also six Islamic books in HTML format for online reading or downloading.

Warhol's Famous For Fifteen Minutes
GrapeVine Interactive, Inc., Lenexa, KS, US
Andy Warhol said that in the future everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes. The future is now. See whose site is famous at the moment. Updated every quarter hour.

Waubonsee Community College
Sugar Grove, IL, US
Extension information on the college's programs, degrees, services, and educational options. Includes photographs, sensitive maps of district and campuses, and enrollment information.

Web browser VBX control software and multimedia
V_Graph Inc., Westtowm, PA, US
Multimedia authoring tools and a VBX Web browser control for adding a Web browser to any application.

Web de la UPC (In Spanish)
Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, Lima, Perś
Information about our programs and personnel.

New Media Marketing, Atlanta, GA, US
An excellent source of information about Atlanta business, events, and leisure activities. Also find links to official information about the 1996 Summer Olympics.

WebTales: An Evolving Tale of Cyberspace(tm)
Dancing Man Productions Inc., Vashon, WA, US
An interactive tale written by Internet users. The ever expanding cast includes a superhero, vampires, a computer nerd, performers, hippies, Internet psychics, and a few regular people too, all waiting for you to give them a voice.

The WebWizard Home Page
The South Carolina Super Net, Columbia, SC, US
The WebWizard Home Page combines all types of information, from fun sites to informational servers, for people on the World Wide Web to explore.

The Weekend Warrior humor column collection
Bud Mortenson, Winfield, BC, Canada
A new urban hero is born... Well, maybe not necessarily urban, but he's definitely a hero as he treads boldly into a no-man's land of home improvement projects, fatherhood and, as his lovely wife would put it, animal husbandry.

Wellesley College Campus-Wide Information System
Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, US
Everything you ever wanted to know about Wellesley College.

West Wight Potter
Nacogdoches, TX, US
A repository of news, articles, graphics, and more concerning the West Wight Potter Sail boat. Also information on U.S. sailing organizations devoted to the WW Potter.

Why are there so many Dandelions?
Pearl Creek School FNSBSD, Fairbanks, AK, US
Ever wondered how many seeds there are in a dandelion? The project is still underway, and will be updated daily.

Wing Chun Kung Fu
CyberTEK Computing Enterprises, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Information about the school and the style of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Also contains material submitted by local and national martial arts practitioners, plus information regarding seminars, martial arts publications, and supplies.

Wireless APPS 95
Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, Las Vegas, NV, US
This year's convention will take place on October 30 - November 1, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

World War II Resources on the Internet
Miami University Humanities and Social Sciences Department, Oxford, OH, US
Includes Hiroshima, the Holocaust, and Cold War resources, and links to image, film, and audio collections.

World Wide Travel Exchange
Santa Maria, CA, US
Vacation home rentals world wide, as well as home exchanges, and information on demographics and activities.

World-Wide Samba Home Page
SambaLa Samba School, Long Beach, CA, US
Aficionados of Brazilian Samba around the world have cooperated to bring together the most comprehensive list of samba links and connections anywhere in the world.

The Write Page
Phoenix, AZ, US
An online newsletter for readers and writers of genre fiction. Romance, historical, SF, fantasy, mystery, horror, and paranormal genres, plus author listings of their past, current and coming books.

The Yaz Page
Brett*Net, Camp Hill, PA, US
Devoted to the great Boston Red Sox left fielder Carl Yastrzemski. Find pictures, statistics, and fan remembrances.

Young Fresh Fellows
Doc Sharpie, Ltd., Seattle, WA, US
All the information you'll need about the best darned band in the world.

Zurich, Switzerland
A Swiss information and entertainement television show for young people. Access information on the show and its producers, an archive of previous episodes, and a lot of hot hints on cool sites.

Friday, 22 September 1995

JLI Consulting, Bensalem, PA, US
Trailer hitches for cars, trucks, and vans, along with towing accessories, bike, ski and utility racks.

Jacksonville, FL, US
The premier choice for all your floral, balloon, and gift-giving needs. National and worldwide delivery. Register for a free arrangement sent anywhere.

2025 - Future Air and Space Power Study
Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL, US
Participate in an interactive study of future warfare. Submit ideas on new capabilities, systems, concepts of operations, and applications of for aerospace operations.

ABC, Nashville Online
Nashville, TN, US
Comprehensive information on network marketing. Information on products and services from around the globe.

Adjile Systems
Sacramento, CA, US
Quality, custom enclosures for the computer industry, integrating the best engineered controller cards, hard drives, and power supplies to produce complete RAID systems.

Adventures in Education
Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, Austin, TX, US
Information about career planning, school selection and college funding for students, parents, counselors and financial aid officers.

After the Stork
ParentsPlace.com, Albuquerque, NM, US
Real clothes for real kids. Located at the ParentsPlace.com Mall , this site offers a brief history of the catalog and an automated catalog request.

The Agile Learning Community Initiative (ALCI)
Bethlehem, PA, US
A program aimed at applying the concepts of the agility paradigm to educational strategic planning.

Air Ribs
County Line Restaraunt, Colorado Springs, CO, US
In 1990, County Line began shipping its savory meat products to all parts of the United States via Air Ribs. Those quality products are now available to you wherever you live.

Alex's Mailing and Labeling Service
Scottsdale, AZ, US
For all of your mailing services. Specializing in list management and processing. Services include merge/purge, bar-coding, labeling and data processing.

All One Tribe(tm) Drum
Taos, NM, US
Traditional, quality handmade drums for ceremonies and entertainment. Includes a hand-drum history and photos.

Allegiance Financial Advisors
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Specialists in asset and money management for individuals, businesses, retirement plans, and trusts.

A-MED Health Care Center
Huntington Beach, CA, US
The largest distributor of the O'Neil Sterile Field Urinary Catheter System, and specialists in medical supplies and services for the physically challenged.

American Association of Alternative Healers
San Francisco, CA, US
An organization dedicated to bringing together practitioners of all alternative therapies and medicine.

Andrews/Keys Associates
Fairfax, CA, US
Provides Web design services, graphic user interface design and many other communication-based services.

The Angle
Lifestyles USA, Chicago, IL, US
An entertainment directory catering to the lesbian, gay, and bisexual community of various cities in the USA.

Archaeological Excavations at Poggio Colla
Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, US
Resources describing the excavation of an Etruscan hilltop settlement in Tuscany, Italy, dating from the seventh to the third century B.C.

Art of the Figure
FigureArt, Inc., Lincoln, NE, US
The human figure celebrated in distinct fine art.

Artcom Collectors' Corner
Art Emotion Corp., Prospect Hts., IL, US
Where fine art dealers showcase their best Artworks. The site is promoted and advertised in the three major U.S. art magazines.

Aseere Systems, lnc.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
A high-tech, high-touch marketing firm.

Asia Yellow Web
Tradewatch Communication, Singapore
Lists companies in Singapore and Asia seeking overseas contacts and investment opportunities.

Asian Studies
Coombs Computing Unit, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Links to new or improved Asian/Pacific Studies resources will be added to the What's New in WWW Asian Studies online newsletter.

Association of Electrical Engineering Students
Fredericton, Canada
A look at this University of New Brunswick organization and its members, as well as links to related organizations.

ATSDR Prevention Guidelines
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Atlanta, GA, US
Guidance on evaluating and treating persons potentially exposed to hazardous substances in the environment. Includes information on lead contaminated soil, lead toxicity and managing hazardous materials incidents.

Aubrey & Associates Financial Marketing
Cerritos, CA, US
Financial marketing services for credit unions of all sizes. Choose from custom marketing programs, ready-to-go promotions, MCIF services, and more.

Australia New Zealand Studies Center
ANZSC, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, US
The premier web site for academic and general information related to Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. Includes links to other related centers and organizations.

The Australian Acupuncture Association Ltd
Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Represents and regulates acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine in Australia.

Awesome Inline Shop
Webvertising, Houston, TX, US
A cool new catalog of inline skating products, including skates, wheels and accessories. It's also an online shop, with a service department and helpful articles.

Barristers' Chambers ODW-14
Melbourne, Australia
A group of Australian barristers practicing in Melbourne, Australia. The page has carefully selected links to other law-related sites.

BBS Community Information Mohave County Arizona & Laughlin Nv.
Rippers BBS, Mohave Valley, AZ, US
Information about business, recreation, real estate as well as the demographics and history of Mohave County, Arizona.

Bertelsmann AG
Guetersloh, Germany
A wealth of information about this major player among the world's media giants, including details of its business performance, its organizational structure, its history and its management philosophy.

Biblical Foundations for Christian Homeschooling
Franklin, MA, US
Dedicated to supporting and encouraging Christian families who are exercising the legal right to teach and train their children at home.

Blue Sky Software Corporation
La Jolla, CA, US
Find the hottest tips, employment opportunities, and products available from this company.

Blume Construction Company
East Peoria, IL, US
Contractors plans and spreadsheets, innovative construction supply and much more for the professional contractor or do-it-yourself home remodeler.

Boston University College of Engineering
Boston, MA, US
Descriptions of the undergraduate and graduate academic programs and research activities.

Boulder Valley School District Home Page
Boulder, CO, US
Contains a variety of links of interest to K-12 teachers and students. Also features informtation about the Boulder Valley Internet Project.

Bountiful Creations, Inc.
jli consulting, Philadelphia, PA, US
Custom gifts for any occasion are now at your fingertips. Award-winning baskets of gourmet edibles, candies, sweets and fruits.

Brian's Harley-Davidson/Buell Motorcycles
JLI Consulting, Langhorne, PA, US
We not only sell motorcycles, we sell the whole experience, from motorclothes to collectibles to hard-to-find limited edition products.

Bulldog Beach Activewear
Bulldog Beach Interactive, Seattle, WA, US
Straight from Alki Beach, Seattle, t-shirts you can see a mile away.

Busy Teachers' WebSite K-12
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, US
A K-12 Internet resource for teachers. Organized by subject area with annotated links to sites that lead directly to source materials.

Cade Consulting
Birmingham, AL, US
Multimedia software that helps real estate agents and sales forces manage their time and information more efficiently.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Ottawa, Canada
Contains information about the center, a list of its publications and articles from The Monitor, the center's monthly newsletter.

Canadian Pacific Railway database
SLiM, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Find rail fans, model railroaders, and railway historians interested in the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Canadian Small Business World Links
InterBusinessWorldNet, Toronto, On, Canada
Links to all things Canadian and small business-related.

Oslo, Norway
CandleWeb provides animation to the Web. The CandleWeb client for X11 is available free of charge, and works with any HTML-browser.

Casa Manana Theater
Internet Media, Inc., Ft. Worth, TX, US
Located in the heart of Texas, this well-known theater attracts famous names and singers.

CB-Byte Computersolutions
Vienna, Austria, Austria
Your fair partner for all your computer and software needs.

Cell and Developmental Biology at Penn State
The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, US
Graduate training in the area of cell and developmental biology. The pages describe faculty research, and provide a form to receive further information.

Century 21 Academy Realty, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO, US
An independently owned and operated, fast-growing and dynamic real estate company, and the largest Century 21 organization in the Rocky Mountain East Region.

Ceramic Solutions
Draper, UT, US
Unique ceramic products including knives, scissors, golf clubs and more. Visit this online catalog and learn about technical ceramics.

Chameleon Clothing
Arlington, TX, US
Check out this hot new line of color-changing t-shirts.

Citizen Kane Gallery
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, US
A site for photography and literary based artworks.

Classic Screens & Scrubs
companet.net, Athens, AL, US
Wholesale scrub uniforms and screen printing.

Coded Messages: CHAINS
Creative Media Cauldron, New York, NY, US
Bringing the vibrant energy of traditional West African drumming and dancing to the Internet community. The media on these pages come from the performances that were held in Ghana in 1994.

Colorado Internet Connection
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Relocating to Colorado or just visiting? We specialize in local real estate information. Our site has commercial and residential listings, along with rental properties.

Communications Workers of America Local 6143
San Antonio, TX, US
Information about the CWA. You will also find links to FAQ's about the Family Medical Leave Act and more.

Computational Chemistry Electronic Conference
MTC-Lab, Montevideo, Uruguay
Features peer-reviewed articles displayed electronically and (in the future) distributed on CD-ROM. Accepts articles in English, and languages of Latin origin. Mirrored in USA and Europe.

Computer Graphics, Design and Home Page Generation
AH Group, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Graphics design for both electronic and traditional media, and home page generation for Web sites.

Corporate Creations
Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA
We provide incorporation and trademark services nationwide and overseas.

Corpus Christi Caller-Times Newspaper
Corpus Christi, TX, US
Offers extensive information on and images of attractions in South Texas. Go to the beach, check out fishing and hunting action, visit , or other attractions in the Texas Coastal Bend.

Cow Graphics & Consulting
Toronto, Canada
Home of Match that Cow and Mood Rooms. Come on by and have some fun.

Custom Innovative Solutions
Danvers, MA, US
A small but growing library of reentrant C source code.

Brussels, Belgium
An online free ads newspaper. Currently the Belgium, Netherlands, and the UK editions are online.

CyberWarehouse Discount Computers and Home Electronics
BPS Technologies, Inc., Lancaster, PA, US
Your online source for discount computer and home electronic products. We are Netscape secure for safe shopping.

Da Juana Byrd's Psychic Advice Line
C & D Byrd Enterprises, Inc., Ft. Worth, TX, US
Topics include psychic readings, predictions, and the history and research of paranormal phenomena. Free daily horoscopes, updated monthly, are also available.

Daimler-Benz Second Environmental Report
Stuttgart, Germany
Presents environmental information of the activities of this group. A forum is also provided.

Dark side of the HTML
Critical Paranoia SGML and HTML Research Society., Cupertino, CA, US
Explore some of the features that exist even in strict HTML-2.0, which no Web browser can show you.

David B. Prather, Poet
Parkersburg, WV, US
Introducing the poetry of David B. Prather.

Deep Ellum - Dallas, Texas
Dallas, TX, USA
A renovated warehouse district located three blocks from downtown Dallas.

Digital Wave Photography Gallery
Austin, TX, US
From digital imaging to photojournalism, visit this site which is updated regularly with new guest photo-artists.

Distinctive Solutions
Commercial Finance ONLINE! sm, Seattle, WA, US
The nation's leading provider of factoring software. They have been providing quality commercial finance software to lending institutions since 1982.

Downtown Hybrid City
Hybrid Communications, Inc., Marlborough, CT, U.S.
An online, virtual city where all who visit are citizens with full privileges.

EnviroAccount Software, Davis, CA, US
Comprehensive environmental awareness/education software for Windows.

EarthWise Journeys
Portland, OR, US
A resource for unique travel adventures worldwide, with special emphasis on cross cultural exchange, personal growth, environmental awareness, and adventure.

EasyJet Online Reservations
SYSOPS, INC., Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
The online Web reservation system for EasyJet Airlines, England's first ticketless low-fare airline currently seeking government approval.

TLV Consulting Ltd., Calgary, Canada
This site will show you how to save money and the environment with easy steps and tips to follow.

Edward Robert Friedlander, M.D.
Kansas City, MO, US
Helping physicians and the public understand disease. Experienced lecturer, autopsy pathologist, and medico-legal work.

Elegance Network
Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
An online network of miscellaneous products and services. Check us out.

ESC -- Computer Security Team at UNAM, Mexico
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City, Mexico
This page is in Spanish, although an English version is in the works.

Pixinet, Wahiawa, HI, US
A site that offers an eclectic selection of both services and resources for the support of education, art, and commerce.

The Event Group
Atlanta, GA, US
Full-service providers specializing in VIP entertainment and hospitality.

Exotic Vacations
Caban Resorts Inc., San Diego, CA, US
Timeshare alternative for 1/10 the cost of normal timeshares.

Family Explorer
ParentsPlace.com, Denver, CO, US
A monthly newsletter devoted to science and nature activities for children and their parents. Dozens of great activities listed online at the ParentsPlace.com Reading Rooms .

Family Explorer
Denver, CO, US
A monthly newsletter of science and nature activities for parents of kids in the 6-12 year-old range.

Festival du Film Americain de Deauville
Public Systeme Cinema, Paris, France
Information on the Deauville American Film Festival, September 1995.

Micro Forecast Inc., Petaluma, CA, US
Detailed fishing reports for northern California.

Folkus Atlantic Online Catalogue
MEDIAfusion, Sydney, Canada
A listing of video and CD-ROM products about the music, folklore, history and environment of Atlantic Canada.

Tha Rappers for America Foundation, Dallas, TX, US
Check out the newest rappers on the scene, or post your own lyrics.

FSFG Leasing Corporation
Covina, CA, US
Provides funding for business furniture, fixtures and equipment for start-up business ventures.

Mutual Fund Research,Inc, New York City, NY, US
Links to every fund company that has a home page. Plus fund performance updated weekly.

Funk & Associates Marketing Communications
Eugene, OR, USA
Specializes in marketing communication, design, corporate image management, new product introduction and the design and production of literature, packages and exhibits.

Future Access Employment Guide
Saratoga, CA, US
Job applicants can post their resumes for free, and potential employers can view resumes for free.

St. Louis, MO, U.S.
Artists and art directors in St. Louis, ranting about the state of technology as it applies to our industries.

New York, NY, US
Emeralds, rubies, sapphires - hard asset collectibles at wholesale prices.

Georgie's Score
Francis George, Jenkins Township, PA, US
A professional and college football page, with links to other football servers. Also links to a boxing news page.

Gradus Tourist Guide of Greece
A very interesting tourist guide of Greece. Information about traveling and accomodations.

Greater Orlando - Education
Barbara Middleton, Orlando, FL, US
In-depth coverage of education in the Greater Orlando, Florida area. All about universities, colleges and public and private schools.

FutureLink, Kent, WA, US
Links to environmental issues, recycling, composting, waste management and water/air quality. Shop for GREENproducts, use ECOchat, even visit a slaughterhouse.

Grocery Manufacturers of America
Washington, DC, US
News and information from the makers of your favorite brands.

Groovy Tuna Musicwerks
Aurora, CO, US
An artist development and song publishing company. Check out their Web page for a free, no-obligation review of your material.

A Guide to Gwoyeu Romatzyh Tonal Spelling of Chinese
Yuen Ren Society, Seattle, WA, US
A system of Chinese Romanization featuring tonal spelling.

Healing Within Products
Larkspur, CA, US
Parasites: An Epidemic In Disguise, by Stanley Weinberger, contains information to help the reader recognize and remedy the symptoms of parasites.

The HeartThread Resource Page
FutureRealm Productions, Richmond, VA, US
The Internet resource for marriage, parenting and family issues. Includes the HeartQuestions forum hosted by Peter F. Brown, author of "Striving for Parental Love."

High Visibility Web Publishing
Scottsdale, AZ, US
Notice how hard it is to find your ad on the Web if you don't already know its location? We have a better way.

Hillwood Community Church
Fort Worth, TX, US
A relaxed, casual, positive atmosphere where your concerns matter.

The History of Augusta
The Augusta Chronicle, Augusta, GA, US
The Augusta Chronicle's yearlong series telling the stories of the people and events of old Augusta.

Home of Golf
NetCraft Australia, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Major focus on golf-improvement products and training aids from Australian Golf Direct and NetCoach, the Internet golf coach.

Home Safety Supply
New Westminster, BC, Canada
A retailer of earthquake survival kits, fire escape ladders, pepper spray, and other safety products.

Hotel manoir Victoria
Quebec city, qb, canada
Four-star, European-style hotel located in Old Quebec. One hundred and forty-five rooms and suites, indoor pool-sauna-fitness center,and more.

HSS Wholesale
New Westminster, BC, Canada
Lifesize standup cutout posters including Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Betty Boop, Clinton, John Wayne, and more.

Human Dimensions -- Texas A&M Fisheries Lab
Dept. Of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, College Station, TX, US
Research on the "people" aspects of recreational fisheries. Previous efforts have focused on social, psychological, and policy aspects of recreational fisheries and their management.

IBMC - Internet Business & Marketing Center, Inc.
Clearwater, FL, US
Complete Internet advertising and marketing services. Also find real estate , business opportunities and the Tampa Bay Internet Center of Commerce.

IceNet BBS WWW.Home in Iceland
Tolvutengsl Icenet BBS, Hveragerd, Iceland
One of the biggest file servers in Europe.

Image Systems Home on the Web
Menomonee Falls, WI, US
A state-of-the-art provider of design, prepress and production services offering services ranging from creative to printing in a completely digital environment.

Index Stock Photography, Inc.
New York City, NY, US
A half-million stock photography images. View samples, and find industry information, resource listings, Web tips and other fun stuff.

Indonesia Business Center Online
Internet Nusa Bhakti, Jakarta, Indonesia
A commercial site for businesses related to Indonesia. Carries general country information and news, and many links to other Indonesian sites.

Infomart Dialog Limited
Toronto, Canada
Specializes in Canadian news and business information

Information Builders
New York, NY, US
Provides business solutions and training for client/server, data warehousing, GUI and more. Visit their new consulting and education sections.

Information Handling Services (IHS)
Englewood, CO, US
Provides technical databases of military specifications and standards, worldwide industry standards, vendor catalogs, government personnel and procurement information, and more.

In-Home Speech and Language Checklist
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Find out how well your child is doing at each 6 months of age with samples from the easily administered checklist.

International Geosynthetics Society (IGS)
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
An international society dedicated to the advancement of geosynthetics in civil and environmental engineering applications.

International Paperweight Society
L.H. Selman Ltd., Santa Cruz, CA, US
All about collecting glass paperweights. Artists profiles, reference materials, auctions, antiques, and more.

International Trade, Finance, and Foreign Language Web Publishing
IsoMeric LLC, Chicago, IL, US
Specializes in the development of global alliances in the technology sector, commercial consulting, and foreign language Web site publishing.

Internet Advertising Solutions
Lexington, KY, US
Provides businesses with an Internet presence through the InterMall. They offer complete Web page design and advertising space.

Intuitive Systems
Menlo Park, CA, US
A company focused on designing interfaces for computer software, hardware and online services. Features articles and tutorials on Web page design, intuitive interface design and information about the Internet.

Irish Food & Gift Store
Interact, Kinvara, Ireland
Committed to offering the very best of authentic food and gift products from Ireland.

Italian Squash Federation (FIGS)
Paolo Castagnetti, Reggio Emilia, Italy
News, profiles, and information from the Italian Squash Federation.

IUOL Commercial Information in China
International United On-Line Inc., Beijing, P.R.China
Comprehensive commercial information on marketing, advertising, economics and business. Some news and living materials are provided too.

The Jensens Home Page
Mayotte Net Services, Ellicott City, MD, US
For tennis enthusiasts who want to know about Luke and Murphy Jensen, their fan club, their academy, their tennis wins, and music updates.

Kai's Kite Site
Kai Griebenow, Cambridge, MA, US
This page contains information on art-kites, kite-makers, kite galleries, with lots of images and numerous links.

Kannon Mouse Pads
K. Kannon Co., Kansas City, MO, US
Mouse pads, mouse pads, and more. Logo pads for Major League Baseball, National Football League, and more than 100 NCAA Division I colleges.

Karaoke Information
Pro-Sing Karaoke Entertainment, Bedford Park, IL, US
Your one stop source for Karaoke information. From the history of Karaoke, through the latest Karaoke releases. All formats, all types of music.

Keller-Williams Realty
Doug Curtis, San Antonio, TX, US
A provider of prompt, reliable and professional real estate services in San Antonio, Texas.

Kereshmeh Records
Los Angeles, CA, US
Dedicated to bringing the highest quality classical, new and folk Persian music to music lovers around the world.

Kleier Communications
Louisville, KY, US
Get results with an integrated approach to advertising, marketing and public relations. Full range of services includes Web design and multimedia capabilities.

KME Corporate Engineering Division
Kyushu Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd., Fukuoka, Fukuoka, JAPAN
Visit the Corporate Engineering Division of the Kyushu Matsushita Electric Company. Site is in English and Japanese.

Laboratory Equipment Exchange
Econolab Inc., Port Charlotte, FL, US
Used scientific instrument and laboratory equipment classified advertising for the Internet.

Lake Forest Academy
Lake Forest, IL, US
An independent, co-educational high school serving over 300 boarding and day students from 19 states and 12 foreign countries.

Lake Tahoe
JFR Computer Services, Olympic Valley, CA, US
Lake Tahoe's newest and largest Web site featuring skiing, biking, hiking, golf, resorts, lodging, restaurants and more.

Lancom Technologies
Toronto, Canada
Educational courseware which focuses on Novell's Netware and Microsoft's Windows, version 3.1.

Washington, DC, US
A leader in the field of corporate governance. Provides information on the LENS Fund, and serves as a center for discussion of corporate-governance issues.

Lexus of Oakland
Oakland, CA, US
One of the first and largest sources for quality imported luxury automobiles in the San Francisco Bay area.

Lightning Internet Services
Long Island, NY, US
Internet service providers for businesses in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Defense Language Institute, Presidio of Monterey, CA, US
A BBS designed to support military linguists, but offers access to everyone as a public service. BBS available at this site as well.

Lip Service Magazine
San Francisco, CA, US
Journal of poetry, essays, and fiction, with e-mail critiquing service.

Hollywood, CA, US
A Hollywood media content design studio creating TV series opens, commercials, music videos and interactive entertainment for high-end clients.

Long Island Brewing Company
Netamorphasis Corp., Long Island, NY, US
The New York area's largest brewpub and restaurant. Includes information about the beers and coffee that we serve.

Lowry and Associates
Lake Mary, FL, US
Providers of low cost web space, promoting quality businesses and services world wide. And as a public service they provide Web tips and links.

M & A Online, Inc.
Durham, NC, US
The merger and acquisition/capital formation network designed for the merger and acquisition and venture capital professionals.

Mac On Call
Rochester, NY, US
Complete Macintosh software troubleshooting, training, installation, and consulting.

Mackynzi Home Businesses
Las Vegas, NV, US
Great home business opportunities that require no selling, no products to stock, low start up costs, and easy to set on "auto pilot".

Magic Solutions - Brazil
Alex & Thomaz, Austin, TX;, San Paulo, Brazil
Visit a server full of information about Brazil.

Manitoba Zoning Officials Association
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA
A nonprofit association for zoning administrators, land use planners, and persons involved in the regulation and enforcement of municipal and city zoning by-laws.

The Marine Art Information Center
Arthur S. Liss, New York, NY, US
Auction information, galleries, reference materials and museums related to British and American marine art. A gallery of marine watercolours and paintings is included.

The Marion Foundation
Scottsdale, AZ, US
A non-profit organization specializing in fostering increased communication between youth and parental figures. Their site, donated by NetZone, Inc., is provided as a service to the community.

McCafferty Ford/Jeep/Eagle/Hyundai
jli consulting, Philadelphia, PA, US
Authorized dealer for high-performance 480-hp Saleen Mustang and Ford SVT/Cobra Mustang cars. See, hear, and order information about these unique automobiles.

Applied Information Technologies, Inc., Midlothian, VA, US
A unique physician-to-patient, diagnostic test voice response service that allows physicians and their staffs to dial an 800 phone number and deliver lab test results to patients.

Medusa Tokamak
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, US
A small aspect ratio Tokamak designed to probe low-aspect plasma performance for fusion energy research.

The Mesh
Mug News Service, Schenectady, NY, US
An online version of a monthly Internet magazine published in the capital district of New York State.

Messe Berlin GmbH
Berlin, Germany
International trade shows in the capital of Germany, Berlin.

MeterWare for Windows Network Monitoring Software
Network Application Technology, Campbell, CA, US
New Windows-based network monitoring software, MeterWare for Windows v4.0, is now shipping and a demonstration copy is available for download.

The Mud Connector
The Radiation Group, Orlando, FL, US
The Mud Connector is the complete online service for Internet gamers.

Multi-Trek Homepage
Menlo Park, CA, US
Multi-Trek is a multi-user trek-like game which can be played from any ASCII terminal or xterm with Internet access.

Music at the Potchefstroom University
Potchefstroom, South Africa
Information on courses offered, scholarships, faculty and staff, artists and concerts and the Institute for South African Music.

My Virtual Reference Desk
Bob Drudge, Salisbury, MD, US
A one-stop site for all things Internet. Includes a comprehensive listing of sites on news, weather, sports, general reference and a subject guide.

MyTel Corporation Discount International Telephone Service
Internet Business Pages, Caldwell, NH, US
Now you can place international calls to the U.S. from abroad, or to more than 200 other countries, at substantially discounted rates.

Nanimation of the Week
Global Impact, INC., Seattle, WA, US
Every week, we review the best Netscape animations from across the Web, and then select one of these documents as our Nanimation of the Week.

National Report on Tibetan Women
Coombs Computing Unit, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
August 1995 report, prepared by the Tibetan Government-in-Exile, documents the conditions of Tibetan women inside occupied Tibet, as well as in exile.

The Natural Baby Company
ParentsPlace.com, Trenton, NJ, US
Natural and alternative products for children and their parents. Located at the ParentsPlace.com Mall , this catalog has splendid ordering capabilities and is a great read.

The Netscape Bus Sign
Netscape Commmunications, Mountain View, CA, US
It's a bus sign mounted above the Netscape engineering rat maze. Through the magic of the Web, you can post messages to the bus sign.

Network Systems Corporation
Minneapolis, MN, US
A leading supplier of firewall routers providing both packet filtering and encryption capabilities.

New Gaming Releases
Tom Aylesworth, Washington, DC, US
Recently available gaming items, such as war games, role-playing games, and gaming magazines.

Newman Center - Temple University
Philadelphia, PA, US
Temple University's Catholic Campus Ministry since 1921.

News Station -- TV Asahi
Tokyo, Japan
TV Asahi is one of the major network stations in Japan, and our "News Station" is a well-known news program.

North East Telecentre
Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia
A nonprofit organization in Wangaratta, Victoria, providing Internet access to northeast regional Victoria.

Northern Illinois Minority Contractors Association
Rockford, IL, US
A group of minority and women-owned businesses working together to assist, network, and share information.

Northern Virginia Residential Real Estate
Merelyn Kaye, Mary Price/Howell Properties, Falls Church, VA, US
Northern Virginia residential real estate listings and area information, including school S.A.T. scores.

Northwest Performance Software
Maple Valley, WA, US
A developer of MS Windows applications. Freeware is available for downloading, along with a huge list of web links.

NOVA sas di Cacciatori P. & C., TREVISO, ITALY
Italian Internet presence provider. We provide complete Web solutions to businesses of all size, and free pages to people with ideas.

Opportunity Network
Ern Publishing Inc., Braintree, MA, US
A resource for those seeking growth through opportunity.

Original Inflatable Bolster - Sore/Tired Back Relief
Trade America Group, Richmond, Canada
Provides simple, effective and portable relief for your tired or sore back. Its unique, ergonomically designed support system fits people of all shapes and sizes.

ImagiNet, Paris, France
All the results for the current year accessible by player, ATP, and WTA rankings.

P.A. Mortgage Service, Inc.
Tampa, FL, US
Florida's premier residential mortgage lender. We specialize in low rates and fees, and quality service.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A magazine for fifty readers. Generous selection of articles, complete index, information on subscribing, contributing, and advertising.

A Paradise Found
Scarlett Empress Inc., Venice, CA, US
A metaphysical/political bookstore and alternative healing environment.

Parul Ransom Erickson's Philosophy Page
Silly Guru Evangelical Inc., Towson, MA, US
A list of philosophical efforts by authors who have donated their thoughts to the public via the Web rather than publishing for money.

P.C. Star Computers
Denville, NJ, US
A value added reseller of computer hardware and software, and consultant on Novell and Microsoft NT network operating systems.

Personal Training Systems
Menlo Park, CA, US
A leading vendor of self-paced training tutorials for software applications running in the Macintosh and Windows environments. Offers tutorials in both audio cassette multimedia CD-ROM formats.

Portland Software
Portland, OR, USA
Everything from Harpo Marx to secure electronic commerce. ZipLock, a tool for secure commerce over the Web, essentially puts a digital cash register in every server for only $99.

The PostMaster
NetCreations, Hollywood, FL, US
Fill out one form and click one button and your announcement in automatically sent to over 100 of the most popular Web sites and publications on the Internet.

Premium Federal Savings Bank
Gibbsboro, NJ, US
Among the highest interest rates available on FDIC-insured CD's, IRA's, money market accounts and other financial products.

Preziosi Jewelry
Preziosi, Valenza, Italy, AL, Italy
A selection of high-quality individually handmade jewelry, suitable for any occasion.

Process Analysts, Inc.
Lakewood, CO, US
A software and engineering technology company providing solutions for environmental compliance, process integration, and manufacturing data management.

Professionals On-Line
Words & Images, Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Online database of Australian information technology consultants.

Project LINK
The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA, US
An educational air-to-ground Internet video conference between the Exploratorium and NASA's Kuiper Airborne Observatory.

Pueblo On-Line
Pueblo On-Line Development Group, Pueblo, CO, US
Web presentation for the communities of Pueblo County, Colorado.

QED Information Sciences, Inc.
Wellesley, MA, US
Provides information science professionals with courses and courseware on the latest information systems technologies.

Ractek Company
Pomona, CA, US
Supplier of computer hardware and software. Find CPU and memory, systems, multimedia upgrade kits and more.

Rains and Pours - Water Filters
Silver City, NM, US
Suppliers of the complete line of Multi-Pure water filters. See their Web page for model, capacity and price information.

RMS Computer Systems
Maywood, NJ, US
Computer sales and service.

Roberta Clark, Realtor -- Triangle, NC
Prudential Carolinas Realty, Raleigh, NC, US
Sponsored by CRS, GRI certified realtor Roberta Clark. Features a strong knowledge of schools, and Chicago, San Francisco and New York market relocations.

Rochester Rendezvous,Inc.
Rochester, NY, US
Provides ground transportation and destination management services for corporations throughout the greater Rochester and Finger Lakes region.

The Rodney Dangerfield Homepage
Dangerfield Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA, US
This is Rodney Dangerfield. I have my own personal Web site with a new joke, movie clips, and contests.

Rollins Information Technology Services
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Experienced and reliable small-business computer consulting. Reasonable rates.

Rose City Darts
Amazing Online Marketing, Portland, OR, US
We are a dart distributor with over 8,000 darts and parts in stock.

Gevelsberg, Germany
The "other" multimedia company.

The Ruby Network
Lorton, VA, US
Providing Web services to people and organizations through the Internet.

The Ryder Cup
David Kearns, Arlington, VA, US
Features biographies, team breakdowns, hole by hole descriptions, historical backgrounds and updates from the event.

Sales Leadership Club
Sean Moloney & Associates, Northampton, MA, US
An exciting sales club for kids. Find out how you can earn cash and prizes, and receive a free sales kit with no obligation.

Santa Barbara Wing Tsun Home Page
students @ ucsb, Santa Barbara, CA, US
Information about Wing Tsun, as well as workout schedules, bios and explanations.

Saratoga CADD Service
Saratoga Springs, NY, US
Freelance mechanical design and drafting done on CADD. Let me use my 25 years experience to assist you.

Say It With A Song
Synergy Productions, Akron, OH, US
Tell someone special how much you care with a gift that will withstand the test of time - your very own song.

Scattergood Ranch
Scattergood, Seattle, WA, US
A quiet, low-tech sort of place you probably never expected to find on the information highway. Find a calendar with dates for rodeos, cowboy poetry gatherings and tour appearances for cowboy musicians and yodelers.

Scream Press -- Web Maker
Rohnert Park, CA, US
Scream Press is now available to build Web sites. There are samples of completed pages, rates, and more.

Sea Ray Boats
U.S. Internet, Knoxville, TN, US
One of the first pleasure boat manufacturers to create a presence on the Internet is at a new URL.

The Seattle Times
Seattle, WA, US
The largest newspaper in the Pacific Northwest launches its first Internet presence.

Selkirk Mountains, North Idaho
Moscow, ID, US
Information on hiking along the Selkirk Crest, one of the last unlogged drainages in far northern Idaho.

Senator Arlen Specter for President in '96
Green Lake Internet Communications Service, Philadelphia, PA, US
The Internet headquarters for Senator Arlen Specter's bid to become President in 1996.

SeniorSite -- Senior Citizens Web Site
Writers Consortium, Weed, CA, US
For senior citizens, younger folks who help deal with seniors, or caregivers. Provides an opinion forum, opportunities for income, legislative news, gift suggestions and even poetry.

ShortCorp, Inc.
San Marcos, TX, US
Training the disabled for employment through technology.

Silicon Investor
VB-WEB Partners, Inc., San Jose, CA, US
Provides coverage of technology stocks, including charts, discussion forums, comparison groups, and company profiles.

Simply Web Inc.
Ypsilatni, MI, US
A cost-effective and professional commercial advertiser on the Web. Services include homepage authoring, document conversion, Web server setup, and Internet consulting and training.

Single Mothers By Choice
ParentsPlace.com, New York, NY, US
Providing support and reading material for women who are contemplating raising a child alone or who have chosen single motherhood.

Skating the Infobahn
Robert B. Schmunk, New York, NY, US
Where the polyurethane hits the Net: an extensive index of inline skating resources on the Web.

Skunk Anansie
One Little Indian, London, UK
The homepage of the up and coming English funk/metal band Skunk Anansie.

The Smoke Shop
Cleveland, OH, US
Newsletters, reviews and other information for tobacco connoisseurs. Buy single cigars, boxed cigars, pipes, tobacco and accessories.

Social Sciences WWW - Announce New Resources
Coombs Computing Unit, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Links to new or improved social sciences and humanities resources will be added to the What's New in WWW Social Sciences online newsletter.

The South Carolina State Climate Office
SC Dept. of Natural Resources, Columbia, SC, US
Provides a wide variety of climate and weather information. The page is oriented for South Carolina, but provides pointers to numerous other web sites for regional and national weather and climate data.

Southwest Solutions Newspaper
Phoenix, AZ, US
A non-partison activist publication dealing with political and social issues and their solutions.

Space Images Archive
SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space), Tucson, AZ, US
SEDS has put its entire Space Images Archive on the Web. It contains over 13,000 space-related images, including spacecraft, solar system and astronomical objects, and images from U.S. space missions.

Spirit Rising
Albuquerque, NM, US
Your center for personal growth. Articles on alternative health and natural healing techniques.

SportsLine USA
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, US
The official online service of the National Football League.

StereoArt Gallery
crl.com, Atlanta, GA, US
Welcome to the gallery of stereovision art.

The Surfing Monkey
Alex Bennett&asc.inc., San Francisco, CA, US
Local radio show host with lots of clout. A must see sight for all.

SwissHome - Switzerland's gate to Swiss related Information and Marketing
Berne, Switzerland
Includes a table of events, weather conditions, and travel information. Available in five languages.

Syllabus Press, Sunnyvale, CA, US
Resources for educators on ways technology can be incorporated into instruction.

Target Markets, Inc.
Lancaster, PA, US
A professional company experienced in marketing and computer technology, providing custom Web sites, online databases and consulting services.

Target Systems Corporation
Marlboro, MA, US
Selling a powerful suite of practical software solutions designed to increase the accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of help desk and customer service environments.

Tennessee Bar Association, Nashville, TN, US
Web site of the Tennessee Bar Association. Subscribers will find appellate court opinions, attorney general opinions, disciplinary board opinions and rules of court and evidence.

Tech 2000 Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia
Australia-wide suppliers of personal computer hardware, software and networking products. Authorized dealers of Banksia modems and Seagate storage products.

Tech Line, Inc. - Web Calculator Shop
WebStation Company, Blacksburg, VA, US
Use an on-line catalog to order calculators from Texas Instruments, Hewlett Packard and Citizen.

Denver, CO, US
A full service video and film production company. Digital post, studio, location production and SGI Wavefront graphics.

Tex-port, Inc.
Rochester, NY, US
Look to Tex-port for hardware or software recommendations and sales, on-site or carry-in service, network design, customized training programs, and more.

Thailand: The Big Picture
Thailand's National Electronics and Computer Technology Ctr., Bangkok, Thailand
The main registry for Thailand's academic, research and commercial web sites. Also hosts many other government and non-profit organizations' home pages, an FAQ about Thailand, and Thailand's virtual library.

Merced, CA, US
A new, innovative alternative to traditional ski boat design. Named Rookie of the Year in WaterSki Magazine's 1992 Boat Buyer's Guide.

Today's Top Five Jokes
Reno, NV, US
Five new topical jokes updated every weekday.

Top Hat Golf Equipment
Netamorphasis Corp., Long Island, NY, US
Top Hat is an injection molded, two piece plastic hood designed to protect the shafts and heads from shearing-type impact during travel.

University of Palermo, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab
Palermo, Italy
Research groups related to VLSI & neural nets, artificial vision, multimedia systems, visual databases, expert systems, and cognitive robotics.

US Air Force Academy, Math Dept.
USAFA/DFMS, Colorado Springs, CO, US
The official homepage for the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the US Air Force Academy.

Utah Computer Society Home Page
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Utah's premier PC user's group.

Utopia Technology Partners Inc. Helpdesk Software
San Francisco, CA, US
Developer of state-of-the-art modular software for the helpdesk.

The Very Official Chris Wilson Band Web Page
The Chris Wilson Band, Powder Springs, GA, US
A page dedicated to the great new music of the band, and has links to other sites that relate to the band.

Victoria Infiniti Nissan
Ads International, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Victoria's longest running automotive dealership, and Canada's number one service customer satisfaction dealership.

Virtual Software Library
c|net: the computer network, San Francisco, CA, US
The virtual software library is the most powerful tool available for searching for software on the Internet.

Vision Online
Vision Network Limited, Hong Kong, Asia
An Internet service provider in Hong Kong, offering dial-up service, connections for LAN/Unix systems, and the design and maintenance of Web home pages.

VoiceNet Calling Cards
Michael T. WIlliams, St. James, NY, US
A calling card for everyone. No surcharges, pre-payment, membership fees, monthly fees, or minimum monthly. Just $0.179 per minute, both interstate and intrastate.

Washington for Jesus
One Nation Under God, Inc., Gaithersburg, MD, US
This year's theme is "Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so!" Come check out the latest progress reports.

Waterfest 95 Weymouth, England
Resort Marketing/Andy Cooke, Weymouth, United Kingdom
Includes a tourist guide to Weymouth, England, a pictorial guide to Weymouth Old Harbour and the 1994 Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race image gallery.

Waterskier's Web
Branch Internet Services, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Created to promote the sport of waterskiing, in all of its forms, to the Internet community.

Web Mastering by Ewen
Melbourne to Matahari, Houston, TX, US
High-quality and totally professional Web page constructions. Take a look at some of my work such as The Australian Outback and currently under development the newest Blues Brothers site.

WebDirect! (TM) Search Engine
Webdirect, Seattle, WA, US
Over one thousand Yellow Page categories. Users may add, modify, or delete site entries; add or delete yellow page indexes; and modify keywords.

Weber's Net Index Review
Bulldog Beach Interactive, Seattle, WA, US
Short, snappy reviews of over 50 Internet indices and search engines. Includes direct links to both search and add pages for each index.

WebLinks Consulting
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
We provide Web page design, HTML authoring, CGI programming, and other Internet consulting.

WebMail Watch Service
eBay Internet, Campbell, CA, US
This service watches Web pages you are interested in, and automatically notifies you when they change.

Webnet Media
W3 Publishing Group of Webnet Media, Savannah, GA, US
A huge search center, a phone book, a comprehensive directory of computer industry sites, and some pretty cool art galleries for you to browse.

WebSolution Internet Server Package
Information Technology Institute, Inc., Miami, FL, US
The WebSolution server provides everything to put you on the Internet. The package includes everything: computer, software, modem, setup fees, registration and training.

JakenMax Productions, Bakersfield,, CA, US
WhaleTimes introduces whales, dolphins, sharks and other ocean animals to students and adults.

Wherehouse Fund-Raising Project
Wherehouse Entertainment, Inc, Torrance, CA, US
Presents fund raising opportunities for non-profit and charitable organizations by buying donated used CDs. An ideal program for churches, schools, teams, charities, and community action programs.

WholeARTS Music Mall
WholeARTS, Stateline, NV, US
A comprehensive music resource, with global directories and calendars, personal and classified advertisements, product sales, and education.

Wild Tiles Art Textures
Cameo Graphics, Oxnard, CA, U.S.
A collection of textures for 3D graphics, rendering, backgrounds, artwork, and presentations of all sorts.

Fort Wayne, IN, US
Willowgreen creates and distributes videos and books relating to loss , grief, transition, older age, illness, caregiving, and spirituality.

Words & Pictures
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A collection of science-fiction story excerpts and illustrations from Peter MacDougall's professional work.

The World of Opportunity
MediaPlus, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
An advertising agency utilizing television, radio, direct mailings, and newspapers to market and campaign.

World Wide Arts Resources
Columbus, OH, US
These resources will help you find the visual arts information that you are looking for.

Caput Mundi, Inc., Boston, MA, US
A new international academic newspaper that publishes articles written by university faculty and university staff. The first issue is set for September 1995.

Wyatt Management Worldwide
Fountain Valley, CA, US
A full-service music artist management and promotion organization, representing acts such as Saigon Kick, BMR, John Wesley, and several others.

XDOT25 Productions
Emeryville, CA, US
Produces music ranging from contemporary Middle Eastern progressive folk, jazz, classical and pop fusion, to more western world techno ambient music.

Yacht Woodworking
Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA
High quality yacht interiors and fabrications.

Monday, 25 September 1995

1st Facilities Group Inc.
Toronto, Canada
A computer-aided facilities management and systems integration company specializing in developing individual turnkey solutions for today's businesses.

1WSW - 1 World Software Wizards
Brisbane, CA, USA
Mostly freeware and some shareware, including applications, utilities, music, art, publications, text articles, sound, audio, educational, and other types.

A2Z Computers & Software, Collierville / Memphis, TN, US
An Internet access provider offering affordable access to individuals, business, and educational institutions.

Abacus Networks
Portland, OR, US
A web-for-rent service dedicated to commercial and business use on the Internet. Abacus services include secured credit card sales, site storage, and custom Web page design.

Aboriginal Issues and Treaty Negotiations in British Columbia
MII Management, Victoria, BC, Canada
Provides an educational resource and a forum for neutral discussion on Aboriginal issues and treaty negotiations in British Columbia.

Academic Career Services in Finland
Helsinki, Finland
Career service centers in Finnish universities and high schools offering services both to employers and graduating students of all fields.

ACCI Gallery
Net Sales, LLC, San Diego, CA, US
Interactive, multimedia art show featuring paintings, metalwork, and clay.

Burlington, MA, US
Develops and markets networking solutions to companies worldwide.

ACT Laboratory Ltd.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Presents a distinctive product line, business and joint venture opportunities, and technical product support.

Adventure with an Attitude from Sony Playstation
Sony Computer Entertainment, New York, NY, US
Hours of true interactive entertainment in a cyber-environment featuring original characters.

Affinity BioReagents
Golden, CO, US
A unique selection of antibodies and biological reagents to the research community.

Montreal, Canada
Located in over 60 countries, AIESEC is one of the largest non-profit student-run organization in the world.

Alantec Corporation
San Jose, CA, US
Alantec Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets intelligent switching hubs which increase network performance for LANs.

Alien Invasion
GMU, Centreville, VA, USA
An outer-space Mr. Potato Body surveys the Earth for invasion.

All African International Invitational Athletics Meeting
Events Calendar SA, Johannesburg, South Africa
World-class athletes compete in 25 track and field events in this prestigious meeting Sept. 23-24, 1995.

All One Tribe(tm) Drum
Taos, NM, US
Drums reverently handmade by master Native American drum-makers from Taos Pueblo, with round and octagonal designs framed in maple and white pine.

Alliance of Ohio Community Arts Agencies
Columbus, OH, US
A consortium of Ohio's local arts councils, agencies, and organizations. Check out the Hook-Up Ohio Program and guide to Ohio's arts resources.

Alta Group USA
Sunnyvale, CA, US
The leading supplier of ESDA solutions, focused on wireless communications, multi-media, and networking applications.

AmCoEx American Computer Exchange
Atlanta, GA, US
One of the oldest and largest computer brokerage houses in the U.S. Includes the well-known AmCoEx Index of Used Computer Prices.

The American Dream Essay Contest
Janice Lewis, Arlington, TX, US
Enter a contest to win a pawnshop, a jewelry store and a jewelry repair business.

American Shopping Mall
Ventura, CA, US
Unique products and services to the Internet.

America's Homepage
Media3,Inc., Plymouth, MA, US
A virtual gateway to the past, present and future of Plymouth. View the Mayflower Compact and learn about the Pilgrims and the Native Americans.

Amish Heritage Publications
World Mall, Overland Park, KS, US
John M. Zielinski, who was proclaimed by Indiana Heritage Magazine as "America's foremost chronicler of the Amish," is making his works available to the Internet community.

Anthropology Resources
Anthropology Department, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD, US
Anthropology resources from around the world, but emphasizing the archaeology of South Dakota and the northern Great Plains, as well as contemporary American Indian issues.

Antiquarian Fossils
Smart Site, Solana Beach, CA, US
Museum-quality fossil skull replicas, exhibit cases, and oak display bases.

Applied Psychology
Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
Information on applied psychology in Spain and the rest of Europe, the International Association of Applied Psychology, and the European Network of Work and Organizational Psychology.

UKOLN, University of Bath, Bath, Avon, UK
A print and Web magazine of Internet issues for librarians and information specialists.

The Arnold Companies
Clearwater, FL, US
Tampa Bay's foremost commercial, industrial and investment real estate firm. On the cutting edge of commercial brokerage services since 1974.

Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club
Tenkey Publishing, Orlando, FL, US
Championship PGA golf course in Orlando featuring Arnold Palmer's golf academy, accommodations, and golf packages. Located minutes from Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal.

The Atlantic Financial Group Home Page
Baltimore, MD, US
Provides extensive services for obtaining the best priced term life insurance.

AURA Research, Ltd.
Marmora, NJ, US
New, updated site with the latest information on topically applied hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

Australian Arabian Internet Directory
Nicole and Linton Tuck, Melbourne, Australia
A new Arabian horse site with information about Australian studs, clubs, riders, enthusiasts and promotional groups.

Australian Smalltalk
Gunn Software Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia
Smalltalk information and links for vendors, plus implementors, ftp sites, publications, third party products, and the our Smalltalk Users Group.

BADGER (Bay Area Digital GeoResource)
BASIC (Bay Area Shared Information Consortium), San Francisco, CA, US
A free Geo-Spatial data browser, created in conjunction with NASA's effort to promote "public use of earth science data over the Internet."

Berkshire County Network
J-Works, Pittsfield, MA, US
Provides information about local businesses and tourism, and links to both local and national, educational resources.

Cold Spring Harbor Lab Press, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, US
BioSupplyNet offers searching in the CSHL Source Book database of 15,000 laboratory products and 1400 suppliers.

Black Network Services
Inverness, Scotland
Internet service provider for the North of Scotland, and the Highlands and Islands.

Blackwell North America, Inc.
Lake Oswego, OR, US
Specializes in the supply of US and Canadian books and bibliographic support products to academic, research, and leading public libraries throughout the world.

Board on Physics and Astronomy
National Academy Press, Washington, DC, US
To monitor and identify important new developments at the scientific forefront.

Body Wise International, Inc.
emanate, Woodland Hills, CA, US
The Body Wise Reshape is designed for weight management and health enhancement, all without drugs, deprivation, or denial.

Border Research Institute
Las Cruces, NM, US
Provides timely information to organizations and individuals interested in all aspects of life along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Westminster, CA, US
Low-cost, quality CAD work. Engineering document scanning, vector conversion, and electrical engineering design. Autocad and Microstation.

California Fire Chiefs Association
Sacramento, CA, US
An organization of 911 public safety dispatchers interested in the promotion of training, education, and support of fire service communications in the Northern California area.

California On-Track Handicappers
Cross Ink, San Diego, CA, US
Everything for horse-racing enthusiasts, with daily selections for racetracks around the state, historical information on great thoroughbreds, and a Photo Finish area featuring the latest, most exciting racing images.

Campaign Central
Losser & Associates, Washington, DC, US
Links to government, political, and campaign resources, political analysis of Senate and Congressional races, and candidate and consultant directories.

Canadian Wireless Home Page
LanSer Wireless Inc., Montreal, Canada
A resource for PCS and wireless telecommunications services in Canada. Information on new digital phone services, and the latest news from the wireless communications industry.

Canniff and Company
Ottawa, Canada
A provider of turnkey solutions for giving corporate and government clients an Internet presence. Their site for the Canadian Embassy, in Washington, DC is among Point Survey's Top Five Percent of the Web.

CasePoint Webserver
Inference Corporation, Novato, CA, US
Search and find Usenet groups by simply describing them in plain English. No more combing through large unmanageable lists.

CEO Software Inc.
Tucson, AZ, US
Home to the unique and powerful scheduling program Scheduler Plus, and to Optimum Settings, TLC and COPAA.

Arlington, VA, US
The greater Washington, D.C. area's premier mountain biking home page.

The Champ
Radio One/GW Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
Start your day off with a laugh by visiting North America's loud and knock-out comedian, in real-time audio.

Chelsea College of Art and Design
London, England
Features a virtual gallery, showing work from this year's fine art Masters degree show (painting, sculpture, and alternative media), plus a college prospectus and information on current research.

The Chubu Weekly Online
April Communications, Inc., Nagoya City, Aichi, Japan
A bi-weekly English publication which serves the central region, mainly Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya City where it is produced.

City Pages OnLine
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, US
The alternative news and arts weekly of the Twin Cities. Come read their stories and talk about them using their interactive Web conferencing.

CMS Associates
Wilmington, MA, USA
Provides a wide range of integrated direct marketing services including fulfillment, database management, printing, mailing, promotions, and inventory management.

J. David Gibson, Irving, TX, US
Weekly publication of a single article by a variety of authors. Topics are largely at the whim of the author. Comments are welcome.

Collaboration in Basic Science and Engineering
National Academy Press, Washington, DC, US
COBASE offers two types of research grants: short-term project development grants and long-term grants.

Committee on Optical Science and Engineering
National Academy Press, Washington, DC, US
COSE will sponsor a "town meeting" at the week-long, annual meeting of the Optical Society of America.

Cookin' On The Net
Niehaus Ryan Haller, Palo Alto, CA, USA
An Internet-based charity effort designed to raise funds for nonprofits who are helping to connect disadvantaged kids with computer resources and technology.

Cookin' On The Net
Impact Online, South San Francisco, CA, US
An Internet fund-raiser designed to help fund organizations who connect underprivileged children with computer resources.

Cosmology: A Research Briefing
National Academy Press, Washington, DC, US
Explains in non-technical terms, how astronomers and physicists are working together to unlock the secrets of the origin of the universe.

Cove's Shopping Network
Grasonville, MD, US
Proud to be the electronic home to the many fine tenants who provide excellent products and services to the World Wide Web.

Liverpool, NY, USA
A diversified shopping mall featuring antiques, art, and business opportunities.

Cybercalifragilistic Babies T-shirts
Hollywood, FL, US
Computer-themed tees for kids, with slogans like, "User friendly baby - for tech support call Mommy or Daddy."

Data Analysts and Recording Experts, Inc., New York, NY, US
The only service on the Internet for finding and making worldwide friends of similar interests, professions, or hobbies. Listings are free.

Cyberspace Natural Foods
Gary Miller, Malden, MA, US
An online health-food store with very competitive prices.

Cypress Semiconductors
San Jose, CA, US
A leading supplier of high-performance digital integrated circuits.

The Daily Cardinal
Madison, WI, US
The nation's sixth-oldest student newspaper, The Daily Cardinal, provides coverage of the UW-Madison campus, the city of Madison, and the state of Wisconsin.

David Bartley Sound
Washington, DC, US
Services include narration recording, mixing to picture, file format conversion, and fine-tune editing, along with an extensive library of sound effects and original music compositions.

Defense Women's Health Clearinghouse
Frederick, MD, US
Provides health information specifically for women in the service. Also serves as a general health service for non-military women.

Del West Printing
San Diego, CA, US
Commercial printing, typesetting, and graphic design.

DeltaPoint Web Site
Monterey, CA, US
Data/process visualization software publisher. Find sales, product and support services.

Demographic Databases and Maps
Market & Geographical Information Corp., Dallas, TX, US
Demographic databases that are in dbase format, ready to use. Maps that display demographic data using GIS. Can create studies for any part of the United States.

Diane Ainsworth Virtual Studio
El Paso, TX, US
Shows off one of the southwest's finest artists, along with links to other art-related sites.

Die Niedlichen
Institute for Semiconductor Electronics at RWTH, Aachen, Germany
Enter the strange world of Die Niedlichen, the German comic strip by Felix Reidenbach. They're just so cute - and so bizarre.

Digital City
ViperNet, Auburn, AL, US
In the tradition of WebWorld, this site provides browsers with the ability to link to an ever-growing icon-based map.

Diogenes' Links To The Ancient World
Diogenes On-line, Little Rock, AR, US
Unearth a wealth of knowledge on the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Di's Online Cafe
Diane Summers' Online Services, Inc., Mobile, AL, US
Internet access and Web development services. Over 1,000 worldwide local access numbers to the Internet.

Dog Gags - Humor Gone To The Dogs
NetQuest Inc., Owings Mills, MD, US
This new, just-for-fun, authentic military-sized Dog-Gag collection offers any of 36 uniquely humorous expressions displayed on the tag's front.

Dolphin Cruise Line
Miami, FL, USA
Deck plans down to the cabin level, photos of staterooms and suites, and complete itineraries with sailing dates and rates.

LCI Multimedia, San Rafael, CA, US
The official Web site for the band Dream

Dynamic Learning Systems
Marlboro, MA, US
Dedicated to keeping you in tune with the very latest PC repair, maintenance, and upgrade techniques.

Eagle Consulting Group
Florissant, MO, US
A professional provider of network design, installation, and support services. We are a Microsoft Solution Provider and specialize in supporting small- to medium-sized businesses.

EarthWise Journeys
Portland, OR, USA
An independent resource for worldwide travel with special emphasis on socially responsible travel, cross-cultural exchange, and the environment.

The Economic Development Council of Seattle & King County
Seattle, WA, US
Provides information, support and assistance to all companies seeking to do business in King County.

Hogskolan Jonkoping, Jonkoping, Smoland, Sweden
A Swedish digital magazine about science and technology where scientists and experts answer kids' questions.

Electronic Book Technologies (EBT)
Providence, RI, US
Information about EBT, the leading international provider of standards-based online publishing solutions.

E-mail a Birthday Message
Cybercalifragilistic Gifts!, Hollywood, FL, US
Forget to send a snail mail birthday card? Here is your chance to save some face. Announce a birthday and post an e-mail address so all your cyber buddies can send you birthday greetings.

Empire Mall
Sean Moloney & Associates, Northampton, MA, US
Check out the newest additions to our award-winning interactive shopping mall.

The Enchanted Elephant - Museum and Gift Shop
Marathon, FL, US
Wildlife and nature gifts -- our favorite items are elephants.

Entrepreneur Weekly
Columbus, OH, USA
A free newsletter designed to bring you up-to-speed on Internet marketing issues, and to be a one-stop reference guide to all things business-related on the Internet.

Enzone Home Safety Center
Davie, FL, US
Protect your family with Enzone test kits for water/lead contamination, microwave-oven radiation leakage, carbon monoxide, radon gas, and electromagnetic fields.

Erma's Herbs
Graysville, TN, US
Learn the medicinal and preventive qualities of herbs.

Esker Web
Esker Sa France, Lyon, France
Products and services provided by the company.

European Media Art Festival
Osnabrueck, Niedersachsen, Germany
Information about this annual festival and the artists, and a discussion forum for interested people.

Excel's Money Making Opportunity for the 90's
Excel telecommunications, Inc., Sacramento, CA, US
Easy home based business anyone can run: no inventory, no products to purchase, no quotas, no collections.

Film Studies, University of Karlstad
Karlstad, Sweden
A presentation of the program, plus links to other film and media resources, as well as presentations of faculty and guest artists.

Fine Art Print Emporium
Aubrey, TX, US
Offering fine art prints at affordable prices.

First Impressions Desktop Publishing
Winder, GA, US
A home-based business providing the very best in desktop publishing services to business and individuals in Barrow County and surrounding counties in North Georgia.

Frankfurt Digital Marketplace
Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
Web indices and databases on business-related addresses in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main region.

Frankfurt Theatre Preview
Frankfurt Opera/Ballet/TAT, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
Information and up-to-date programs of the Frankfurt Opera, Frankfurt Ballet, and TAT Theater am Turm.

Fredric Shore Landscape Photography
Roger Whitney Gallery of Artists, Phoenix, AZ, US
Exquisite black-and-white and color landscape photographs. Signed and numbered limited-edition prints.

Friendship Tours to Vietnam
Vietnam Express Travel, Arlington, VA, US
Vietnam Express Travel arranges discount group, business, historical, and private tours through Vietnam.

Frontier Technologies Corp.
Mequon, WI, US
New products to help you or your company's involvement on the Internet be more productive and efficient.

GE Aircraft Engines
Evendale, OH, US
Contains an overview of the company, press releases, and a "feature section" on the GE90 (GEAE's newest engine)

Get Connected to Beijing
InterAction, Washington, DC, US
Find out what actress Sally Field and CNN's Judy Woodruff think about the Fourth UN World Conference on Women.

GeZi's Aviation and Piloting Page
Sunland, CA, USA
About flying and the joy of flying.

Glacier Wilderness Guides
Montana Raft Company, West Glacier, MT, US
The only guide service authorized to lead day hikes and backpacking trips inside Glacier National Park. Montana Raft Company guides whitewater rafting trips.

Global Commerce Home Page
World Trade Network, Houston, TX, US
Links to various commerce-related sites worldwide.

The Global Love Connection
Clearwater, FL, US
An introductory service which matches intelligent, educated men with beautiful, intelligent women.

Global Van Lines
Delray Beach, Florida, USA
A major household goods moving and storage company. A no-obligation price quote available.

Gold Leopard, Inc.
Garland, TX, US
A distributor of gold jewelry made from leaves and other natural items. Includes earrings, pendants, and pins.

Golden Glove Sportscards
Collectible Web Services, Eagan, MN, US
A "sports card superstore" offering wax boxes, singles, starting lineups, sets, highland mint, autographed memorabilia, Magic: The Gathering, and other collectible gaming cards.

Graphics Development International, Inc.
Novato, CA, US
Develops electronic forms and image processing software that automates data entry, collection and routing into quick and simple operations, using Internet, faxes, or scanners.

Greenblock E.M.M.
Sarsfield, Ontario, Canada
Read about "the most significant innovation in the building industry in the last 30 years."

GSB Virtual Realty
New York, NY, US
Contains a fully searchable database of real estate listings in the New York area.

Guide to Contented Hearts
Contented Hearts, Inc., Kalamazoo, MI, US
This new information service explains how a simple 10% change in lifestyle can achieve a 20% benefit to your heart by reducing risks found in the continuing Framingham heart study.

HITE - Hi-Tech Entrepreneurs Association
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A non-profit, volunteer organization established to assist hi-tech entrepreneurs with the successful operation of hi-tech ventures.

HiTech Computers
Del West, San Diego, CA, US
Computers and components warehouse

Hollywood Crimewriting Network
Internet Entertainment Network, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA, US
The source for access to professional products and services, including law enforcement and crimewriting pros, and information.

Home Based Business Directory
Image Writers Marketing, Manchester, NH, US
Dedicated to products sold exclusively by home-based businesses. From Amway to health products, its all here.

HTML Authors' Board
Andreas Waltenspiel, Munich, Germany
A good starting point for anyone who wants to write HTML. You'll find styleguides, links to HTML and Web page design tips, and a message board where you can post questions.

Hurwitz Consulting Group
Newton, MA, US
A technology research, consulting, and publishing company, specializing in the emerging market for client/server applications development as well as cross-platform infrastructures.

IC One Business Solutions Group
Cottonwood, UT, USA
Specialists in the design and development of smart-card-based applications for the travel, merchant incentive, and merchant loyalty industries.

Indoor Air Quality Publications
Vienna, VA, US
A leading resource for news, information, and conferences addressing indoor pollution, indoor air quality, healthy buildings, and lead poisoning prevention.

Inference Corporation
Novato, CA, US
A leading supplier of products and solutions specialized for the front office.

The Insider's Guide To SuperModels And Modelling
Hilary Rowland, Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
Get the scoop on your favourite supermodels plus tips on getting started as a model and avoiding scams.

inSight inFormation
Avid Trading Co., Kansas City, MO, US
The premier online source of technical market opinion. "Virtual" analysts update daily with comments on the stock, bond, currencies and precious metals, and world markets.

The Integrity Center Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
A licensed, national pre-employment screening agency where companies can obtain free screening access software, risk management information, a newsletter, and a tutorial.

International School of Management and Industrial Engineering
IMIE, Linköping University, Linköping, SE (Sweden)
IMIE's vision is to establish an international reputation as one of the three leading schools in Europe integrating management and industrial engineering.

Internet Golf Club
Computer Advisory Services, Dallas, TX, US
A club that provides tips to improve a person's golf game. Will focus on mental aspects of game as well as the physical swing. Will address members problems specifically. Fill out a form to join.

Internet Pilots
Coquitlam, Canada
A company offering free Web space to churches and missions groups, and leased Web space to individuals and businesses, as well as Internet seminars in Vancouver, B.C.

Iowa Conservation Partners Conservation Information
U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Services, Des Moines, IA, US
Information about soil erosion, conservation, wetlands, plants, animal waste, grass, trees, and the environment.

IRAD LAN Libraries
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
Collects information from the Internet, CD-ROMs and other electronic sources and makes any part of any document accessible to many users on a network.

The Iranian
Abadan Publishing, New York, NY, US
An independent magazine dedicated to English-speaking Persians from Tehran to Tokyo, featuring news, commentaries, and the arts.

Israeli English Teachers' Network
Snunit Information Systems at Hebrew Univ., Jerusalem, Israel
Serves as a professional support group for teachers, by teachers, and helps ease the teacher into the use of the Internet in the classroom.

P.Rossi, Bologna, Italy, Italy
The first Italian CD-ROM catalogue on the Net.

Jacobson Associates Actuarial and Insurance Staffers
Chicago, IL, US
An actuarial, life insurance, and property and casualty recruiting firm. Offices are located in Chicago, Atlanta and Philadelphia.

Presentation Imaging, Milford, NH, US
Breakthrough training methods for professional skiers and links to ski resources and events.

JVC Customer Service
New York, NY, US
JVC is accepting all products and parts enquiries through our web page. Also includes information about the Newport Jazz Festival.

Kalaya Oil
Dix Hills, NY, US
A 21st century emollient; natural and pure. A moisturizer so revolutionary it doesn't stop there.

The Killer Bs
Neptune Vintage Videos, Sugar Land, TX, US
Choose from over 450 classic B movies and get a price quote online.

Kiswahili lessons
Kassim A. Abdullah, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Step-by-step lessons in the Kiswahili language, and other Kiswahili resources on the Web.

Kukunor - The Awesome Comic Shop
Tampere, Finland
We specialize in alternative as well as quality mainstream comics, fringe & movie magazines, weird trading cards and everything weird.

La Recherche
Paris, France
The premier magazine of scientific and technical information in France. Its staff and advisors are well-known journalists, physicists, astrophysicists, biologists, and chemists.

LAN Links
Teldor Wires and Cables Ltd., Kibbutz Ein Dor, Israel
A collection of links to LAN-related sites and a PowerPoint presentation entitled "Copper Cabling Systems for High Data Rates."

Las Vegas Real Estate
Electronic Marketing Group, Las Vegas, Nevada, NV, US
Las Vegas real estate. Commercial, residential, land photos, and descriptions of properties.

Lavender Wolves Family Home
A group of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and heterosexuals who have created a supportive place here in Cyberspace.

Law Technology
San Anselmo, CA, USA
Provides information and consulting on legal software, law office technology, computer security, email privacy, computer fraud, and other legal issues regarding the internet.

League of Women Voters of Tallahassee
Tallahassee, FL, US
Designed to familiarize the community with the various services of the League of Women Voters.

Learning Oasis
Portland, OR, US
Provides K-12 students and teachers with some of the best educational resources available on the Internet.

The Learning Society
Long Beach, CA, US
Publishers of business, leadership, and career development books to help individuals reach success and self-fulfillment.

LeClub International
North York, Ontario, Canada
The comedy club on the Internet. Enjoy the lighter side of computing with us. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy humour at its finest.

Leo's Gold Lion Products
Kerrville, TX, US
Only the finest 23K and imitation gold leaf computer-ready film for use in most plotters and vinyl thermal printers.

Lexington Community College
Lexington, KY, US
Admissions information, academic calendars, schedules of events, and faculty information.

Novi, MI, US
A great resource for the average and not so average Macintosh user, filled with information, columns, and reviews, every month.

Orlando, FL, US
Provides a gateway to Terrablock Inc., Moonstar Church of Wicca, A.N.U.S., and Leather & Lace Women's motorcycle organization.

Mangotree Music
Sherman Oaks, CA, US
Offering Brazilian jazz, samba and bossanova.

Map Magazine
Bergman-Ungar Assoc., New York City, NY, US
A cool advertising graphics and tech company.

Maritime Municipal Training and Development Board
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Provides information to people involved in municipal government.

The Marriage, Sex & Parenthood Bookshop
Wilshire Books, North Hollywood, CA, US
Wilshire Books presents a collection of self help books specializing in marriage, sex, parenthood and their relationship to each other.

The MathWorks, Inc.
Natick, MA, US
The MathWorks, creators of MATLAB, have redesigned our Web site with more cool graphics, improved tech support information, archived newsletters and newsgroup discussions, and information about October's MATLAB Conference.

McCoy Ltd.
Newhall, CA, US
A technical search firm that recruits and places talented technical professionals for the computer, semiconductor, MIS and engineering marketplaces.

Mentat Inc.
Los Angeles, CA, US
Producer of STREAMS, STREAMS-based TCP/IP, IPv6, XTP, XNS, and other networking protocol software.

Merchant Credit Card Service
Del West, San Diego, CA, US
Are you a merchant? Find out how to accept credit cards.

The Messiah Yaohushua in Russia Now
Malkhee Yaohushua Foundation, Inc., St. Petersburg, Russia
Reveals the original name of the Creator and His unique Messiah, Yaohushua, plus other highly-revealing and spiritually-awakening scriptural files.

Minnechaug Regional High School Alumni Database
Wilbraham, MA, US
Did you go to MRHS? Find e-mail addresses from the classes of 1963 to the up-and-coming college freshmen from the Class of 1995.

Monumental General Insurance Group
Baltimore, MD, US
Monumental General Insurance has been a leader in the insurance business for over ten years. Visit us on the Internet to find out more about us.

Moonstars Church of Wicca
Ormond Beach, Florida, FL, US
Herbs, candles, potions, oils, and other occult items. Information on Wicca.

Motoresearch Car Survey
Troy, MI, US
We perform surveys for the world's major automakers.

Mount Allison University Department of Music
Sackville, NB, Canada
Information on faculty members, programs and courses, facilities, concerts and recitals, special events, and useful links to musical sites on the Internet.

The MUDs Resource Corner
Roger Lim, Ulu Pandan, Singapore
Everything you ever wanted to know about MUDs. Contains list of MUD home pages, MUD lists, telnet lists, Mud Resources, Area Files and more.

Multiloan Mortgage Company
White Plains, NY, US
Fast closings for commercial mortgages, including multifamily, retail, industrial, office, hotel and nursing home loans. Correspondents and brokers welcome.

Naples Air Center, Inc.
Naples, FL, US
The premier international school of aeronautics in Southwest Florida, with 18 aircraft and professional courses ranging from Private Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot.

National Center for Educational Travel
Silver Spring, MD, US
A low cost airfare finder in business over 30 years. Also a link to Web travel resources.

National Life Teen Program
Mesa, AZ, US
The fastest growing Catholic youth program in the country, implemented in over 300 parishes internationally.

Navigate Online
Glendora, CA, US
An Internet resource center where you can find a multitude of information and links regarding CGIs, HTML, VRML, Internet books, ISPs, graphics, and more.

Neon Artist Jacob Fishman
Chicago, IL, US
Jacob Fishman shares highlights of his 18 year career as a neon artist.

Nevada First Holdings, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV, US
Discusses asset protection through incorporation and account establishment in Nevada, Wyoming, California, Delaware, and the Bahamas, covering limited liability companies, offshore banking, and corporate taxation.

New Civilization Network
Hollywood Hills, CA, USA
Pointers to Web pages on issues or terms mentioned in the SciFi e-mail sequel "Logs of JD Flora." They were added to the original "Logs" by the publisher and editor.

New Faces Talent
Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
A state-of-the-art repository of models, actors, actresses, and child talent. It is also a free resource for casting agents and talent scouts.

New Orleans Photo of the Week
Yatcom Communications, New Orleans, LA, US
A new photo each week capturing the essence of New Orleans, with commentary on the story behind the photo.

Niehaus Ryan Haller Public Relations
San Francisco, CA, USA
The industry's first communications service to focus on understanding how online technologies such as the Internet affect the buying habits and lifestyles of customers.

NIH Senior Job Opportunities
Bethesda, MD, US
Senior job opportunities in science, medicine, and administration at the National Institutes of Health.

Nikaido, Marmelstein, Murray & Oram LLP
Peter VanRyzen, Washington, DC, US
Offers a full range of legal services for obtaining and maintaining protection of intellectual property rights.

Not Just Mud! Gallery
Portsmouth, NH, US
A gallery of fine, contemporary art glass, kaleidoscopes, jewelry, and pottery.

The Not-Too-Distant Future
Noel Fiser, Gainesville, FL, US
Anything and everything you could possibly want to know about Comedy Central's MST3K.

The Official GIS New Zealand Tourism Database
Taupo, North Island, New Zealand
A comprehensive directory/database with classified listings for all tourism-related businesses in New Zealand.

onTRAC: open network Trade Resource ACcess
North York, Ontario, Canada
A trade resource helping companies wishing to enter, or expand an existing presence in, international markets. Links to many useful trade-related resources on the net.

The Open Society Institute
New York, NY, US
Serves information on the projects of the Soros Organizations, a network of independent foundations, programs, and institutions established and supported by philanthropist George Soros.

Optical Goods - Wholesale and Manufacturing
Trust International Inc., Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
We offer wholesale prices on optical products, including designer frames, optical accessories, and manufacturing services.

Ottawa Online Ventures
Microworks/Ottawa-Carleton Board of Trade, Ottawa, Canada
Your interactive guide to Canada's national capital region, Ottawa, and much more.

DocuMagix, Inc., San Jose, CA, US
PaperMaster works with scanners to let your PC help you with your paperwork: copy, fax, annotate, file, color-code, name and read.

Parallel Performance Group
Sedona, AZ, US
Offers UNIX- and PC-based software for multiprocessing, CASE, DSP, CAD, neural networks, fuzzy logic, visualization, simulation, imaging, project management, business reengineering, and graphics.

Pavlov's Cat Scratch Feeder
Del West, San Diego, CA, US
It's a scratching post, a self-feeder, and a vacation feeder. Will not overfeed.

Permeable Press Home Page
San Francisco, CA, US
A fiction publishing house. Find excerpts from novels and the magazine Puck.

Physics at Washington State University
Pullman, WA, US
Teaching and research activities at the Physics Department at Washington State University.

Picture Framing Magazine
SPS Software, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
Houses articles from previous month's issues. Also, you will find advertising for trade-only products.

Planet Internet
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Lots of starting points on all topics. Also provides home pages of subscribers, and many software links.

Planet X
Atlanta, GA, US
Sophisticated Web page design made affordable to small businesses and individuals.

Plasma Science: From Fundamental Research to Technological Applications
National Academy Press, Washington, DC, US
Executive summary and overview.

Pope & Company/PowerSoft Innovation Corporation
Dawson Creek, BC, Canada
Home of TimeSaver Law Office Management System for Windows and Macintosh.

Portable Productivity, Inc.
North Miami Beach, FL, US
An international computer distrubutor located in Miami, Florida. They provide portable computers, desktop solutions and supplies to resellers and other distributors, but deal in the end-user arena.

Preview Family Movie and TV Review
Richardson, TX, US
Non-profit magazine that provides film and TV reviews from a family and Christian perspective. Contains precise objective details of film content as well as subjective entertainment ratings.

Productions Plus
Cove Software Systems Inc., Annapolis, MD, US
Announcing a tribute to Jerry Garcia, to be held September 9, in Maryland, featuring loads of local music and bands.

Project Nostradamus on the Internet
Newport Beach, CA, US
A unique forecasting service covering national and international financial and political events with emphasis on corporate investment and government planning.

Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada
Promote your web site effectively. All of the best places to announce your site's existence on one page.

Puerta On-Line
ACNE (Association of Computer Nerds and Egomaniacs), Green Bay, WI, US
Northeastern Wisconsin's largest online system, specializing in Macintosh and Amiga computers and the Internet. We also have many discussion threads covering politics, Spanish and language.

Quarrytop Graphics, Inc.
New York, NY, US
Online portfolio of works by Quarrytop Graphics, Inc.

Quiet Mountain Design
San Francisco, CA, US
A Web design studio emphasizing on serving low-income and not-for-profit groups or individuals. Also contains free gallery space for all artists and poets.

Quire's Web One
Quire Remillard, Phoenix, AZ, US
Weird wallpaper for windows, bizarre backgrounds for your website. Quire's web one gives you all this and lots more. The number one hotlink list in the south west....really.

Raleigh Flyers Soccer
WebPress, Raleigh, NC, US
Home of Raleigh, North Carolina's professional soccer team, the Raleigh Flyers.

Randall Ian Stempler
Randall Stempler & Transweb Corporation, New York, NY, US
Offers best buys for computer software and hardware, a master calendar of charity events, interactive advertising, computer News and more.

Reef Science International
Danville, CA, US
Reef Science International imports and distributes marine invertebrates and live rock for the reef aquarium hobbyist.

The Renaissance Restaurant
Malden, MA, US
West-Indian Creole restaurant. The food combines the flavors of the islands with the traditions of fine French cuisine.

Reshaping the Graduate Education of Scientists and Engineers
National Academy Press, Washington, DC, US
Full report from the National Academy of Sciences.

Right Brain Visions
Detroit, MI, US
Radio copywriting and creative consulting services.

Austin, TX, US
Unofficial page for fans of the New Orleans Saints features detailed game reports, game scores , and other team information.

The Seattle Commons
Building a Better City Campaign, Seattle, WA, US
The Seattle Commons is a project to build a 61 acre park in downtown Seattle. Check out the pros and cons of this exciting proposal.

Sense of Seattle
oz.net, Seattle, WA, US
Guide to Seattle and surrounding areas, with information about attractions, events, arts, entertainment, sports, and more.

Shell Golf Guides Online
21st Century Media / CyberLink, Houston, TX, US
The golfer's "Bible" in Texas and the Southwest.

Sheri Rose Shepard, Mrs. United States.
emanate, Woodland Hills, CA, US
The inspiring autobiography of Sheri Rose Shepard, Mrs. United States.

Shoestring Radio Theatre
San Francisco, CA, US
Radio production company that produces two weekly, nationally-syndicated, radio shows: "Movie Magazine International" and "Shoestring Radio Theatre."

iTRiBE, Inc., Norfolk, VA, US
Shops.Net is one of the largest malls on the Web and is completely user-extensible.

Shush Yaz Indian Trading Company
www.unicodesign.com, Gallup, NM, US
Handmade Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni jewelry and artifacts.

Simon Brown Photography
Cardiff, Wales, UK
Photogallery showing a selection of images from a Wales-based photographer.

Singapore Interactive Road Directory
A highly interactive road directory of Singapore.

Singapore Internet Index
Roger Lim, Ulu Pandan, SG, Singapore
Features an up-to-date, comprehensive list of commercial, government, entertainment, education, and personal web pages in Singapore.

Single Victory for Christian Singles
Prevailing Life Ministries, Tallmadge, OH, US
A weekly radio program and part of Prevailing Life Ministries, where our goal is to help Christian singles achieve a fulfilling season of single life.

Ski Utah
Utah Ski Asso., Provo, UT, US
Everything about skiing in Utah. Resorts, maps, lodging, etc. for the 1995-1996 season.

The Soul Choice
Soul Choice DJ Pool & 10Q Intermedia, Toronto, Canada
The funkiest site around. If you like modern urban music, check it out.

Southwest Chinese Baptist Church
Houston, TX, US
Information about the Southwest Chinese Baptist Church, and links to other Christian resources and Chinese churches in Houston.

Spectrum Sports Memorabilia
Northwale, NJ, US
An innovative line of sports memorabilia, including footballs, jerseys, and trading cards autographed by O.J. Simpson, Tom Landry and other sports legends.

Superhighway Consulting, Inc.
Chicago, IL, USA
Superhighway Consulting, Inc. can help you succeed on the Internet. We develop, create, host, and promote your high-quality Web site.

Survivor Web Game
SAIC Internet Solutions, San Diego, CA, US
A game of football strategy and skill. Use the latest NFL standings and statistics, as well as your opponents' previous selections, to make a smart pick. Results posted each week.

Systems & Networks
Foster City, CA, US
Solutions for performance analysis of networks through modeling. Planners and designers use BONeS to perform capacity planning for LANs, WANs, routers, and servers.

Talebones: Fiction on the Dark Edge
Fairwood Press, Seattle, WA, US
Quarterly magazine of dark science fiction and fantasy. Also reviews, interviews, and columns.

Technical Assessment Systems
Washington, DC, US
An international group of scientific and regulatory experts dealing with food, environmental, agricultural, chemical and related issues worldwide.

TechSmith Corporation
East Lansing, MI, US
Developers of enterprise-wide lines of remote-access communications products supporting TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and NetBIOS/NetBEUI protocols. Creators of the SnagIt Windows screen capture and print utility.

TeleCommunications Association '95 Conference
WilTel Internet Services, Tulsa, OK, US
We have developed wide-ranging technical and seminar programs with distinguished speakers, all intended to satisfy the educational needs of senior professionals as well as newcomers to our industry.

Terragraphix Incorporated - Custom Map Service
Wenonah, NJ, US
Specializes in producing custom digital maps for all types of marketing and promotional functions.

The Thing BBS
New York, NY, US
A breeding ground for conceptual innovation in the Arts. Member of thing.net.

Toasted, Berkeley Systems online
Berkeley, CA, US
Best known for its quirky Flying Toasters screen saver, Berkeley's site offers more than the usual fare dished up on home pages.

Data-Soft, Athens, Greece
A single-to-multi-accent Greek text file converter.

Transcore Strategies
Campbell, CA, US
Communication resources and online reading for "Americanizing Your Communication Skills."

Transportation Research Board
National Academy Press, Washington, DC, US
Find the TRB bookstore and mission statement, as well as information on the programs of this 75 year-old organization.

The Traveller
www.unicodesign.com, Mesa, AZ, US
View your hotel room before you arrive, check out your favorite golf course, make dining plans now, shop at some of our online retailers.

Cambridge, MA, US
TVisions delivers premium marketing, advertising, and publishing solutions using interactive, multimedia technology.

Uinta County Economic Development Commission
Evanston, WY, US
Expanding or relocating your business? This site is your economic development contact for the Evanston, Wyoming area, Southwest Wyoming.

The Ulster Society
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
A nonprofit organization established to promote Ulster-British heritage, history, and culture.

Santa Clara, CA, USA
Offers advanced Internet security and Web training seminars.

UniScience News Net
Cape Coral, FL, US
Publishes science and research news from American universities. Headlines and abstracts are free. In-depth articles are offered for sale. Secure online subscriptions are available.

UnitBoy Productions
Greg Elin, New York, NY, US
All digital movies. Selection of POV Quicktime movies from rollerblades, car, and motorcycle, made with QuickCam and PowerBook.

University of Colorado Medical Rounds
Denver, CO, US
Interactive medical patient simulations. Type in your responses or questions about patient cases.

University of Graz, Austria
Karl-Franzens-University Graz, Graz, Styria, Austria
A presentation of the University of Graz on the Web.

University of Maryland Condensed Matter Physics Group
College Park, MD, US
Actively engaged in research in all areas of condensed matter theory and experiment. Activities, members and publications are all described.

University/Industry Liaison Office, Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Primary structure for technology transfer at Simon Fraser University.

Perenich and Carroll, Clearwater, FL, US
A multimedia legal resource sponsored and produced by Perenich & Carroll injury law attorneys. Provides access to channels of legal information on a number of topics.

USANA Home-Based Business
Mike Farmer - Independent USANA Distributor, Billings, MT, US
Be your own boss as you create a lifetime income stream like Robert Allen and Denis Waitley with revolutionary antioxidant nutritional products.

USDA-ARS Conservation & Production Research Laboratory
Bushland, TX, US
A part of the USDA-Agricultural Research Service conducting basic applied research on animal diseases and feeding, irrigation, dryland systems, and wind power.

Veterinary Journals
Faculte de medecine veterinaire, Univ. de Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A collection of over 100 international veterinary journals, many of which are in French.

Voci Off
Milan, Italy
An Italian netmagazine about movies.

Web Developer
Del West, San Diego, CA, US
Business and personal home page design.

Web Review
Songline Studios, Sebastopol, CA, US
Web Review is a click-provoking, beautifully designed online magazine covering the World Wide Web. In reviews, articles, columns and multimedia features (with RealAudio), we focus on the question: How do you best spend your time online?
http://gnn.com/wr [PICK OF THE WEEK]

WebMaster Magazine
CIO Publishing, Inc., Framingham, MA, US
Examines the momentous business experiment now unfolding.

WebQuest webserver for Windows NT
Questar Microsystems, Woodinville, WA, US
Provides interactive, realtime access to relational databases with no external programming or CGI scripts.

What's Your Beef?
Cybercalifragilistic Gifts!, Hollywood, FL, US
Go ahead, get it off your chest...call a spade a spade. Get angry, get revenge. The entire WWW world is reading.

Who Rules Cyberspace?
Neo-Tech Worldwide Inc., Las Vegas, NV, US
Throughout the course of human existence flows a gulf separating dishonesty from honesty, irrationality from rationality, and subjectivism from objectivism.

Wiley Associates Financial Page
Glendale, CA, US
Low cost email financial planning newsletter on understanding and handling personal and business financial problems. Perks include credit card and phone savings.

wNet Station
Thirteen/WNET, New York, NY, US
Your key to the most accessible online discussion of managed health-care issues.

Women of the World: Formal Laws and Policies Affecting Their Reproductive Lives
The Center for Reproductive Law & Policy, New York, NY, US
A report analyzing women's legal status in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Nigeria, and the United States with regard to their reproductive lives.

Workshop Musiker-Magazin
AT Zeitschriftenverlag, Aarau, Switzerland
Swiss musicians' magazine published in German.

The World
Worldwide Net Corporation, Seattle, WA, US
Software products for Windows and NT users.

RainTree Computer Systems, Inc., Mill Valley, CA, USA
An economical and friendly ISP providing premier internet connectivity to the residents and businesses of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Would You Believe?
South Pasadena, CA, US
A unique shop that provides magic, jokes, balloons, makeup and costumes. Serving the San Gabriel Valley since 1974.

The WRITE Desktop Publisher
Port Hueneme, CA, US
A full-service graphics design, writing, and Web page design firm.

The Writer's Edge
Nashville, TN, US
The place to be for all writers - from writers of books, magazines, songs, comedy, scripts, to online research information, news, and happenings.

WWW Classifieds
Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
Online classifieds that is cost efficient and accessible by millions.

WWW News Server
Jimmy Eaton, Little Rock, AR, US
Use your favorite web browser to access nearly 15,000 newsgroups. Adult-oriented newsgroups are screened, so this is safe for children. Fully graphical and automatic pre-decoding of binary files.

WWW WorldNews Today
Indianapolis, IN, US
The World Wide Web's daily newspaper. Published free, 7 days a week.

York University Sri Lankan Student Association
North York, Ontario, Canada
Find out about our friendly social events, complete with photos. Also many pointers to other Sri Lanka-related items on the web.

Wednesday, 27 September 1995

1996 San Diego Republican National Convention Information
MicroNiche Publishing, San Diego, CA, US
Information on the convention, the candidates, the issues and what to see and do in San Diego. There are also links to sources of local information and attractions.

19th Century American Women Writers Web
Tyler Steben, Atlanta, GA, US
Devoted to study and appreciation, with links to scholarly resources, electronic texts and other sources of relevant information.

2C-NET 's Mall of the Universe
North Palm Beach, FL, US
The Mall of the Universe is a virtual shopping center of products and services accessible worldwide.

2C-NET's Global Real Estate Guide
2CM, Inc., North Palm Beach, FL, US
2C-Net offers a multimedia real estate guide, complete with text, pictures, maps, floor plans, and audio/video clips.

Access CB
Austin, TX, US
An exclusive Coldwell Banker residential affiliates service.

Acer Computer International - AcerNet
Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
Acer Computer International deals with Acer computer business all over the world other than North America, Europe, mainland China, and Taiwan.

ACF Quiz BowlTeam
University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, US
Information about college quiz bowl at the University of Oklahoma and nationwide. This site includes a list of links to other college quiz bowl programs.

San Diego, CA, US
Provides affordable and robust Internet access to small businesses, without a lot of strings and hassles.

Advertising and Agency Opportunities
The Freehand, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
How to advertise with The Freehand, a network of independent magazines.

Advertising Department
University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, US
Not only is the department's program described, this site also provides an extensive list of links to online advertising information, and an online bibliography of advertising research.

Alaska Governor Tony Knowles
Juneau, AK, US
Press releases, speeches, and a list of accomplishments of Governor Knowles. There are also links to vacation information, wildlife pictures, and much more.

American Gothic
CBS, New York, NY, US
The home page for this horror/thriller from director Sam Raimi. Check out the Trinity Photo Album and Meet the Maker, and get acquainted with the Community.

American Stamp & Coin Brokerage
WIDCOM, Hewlett, NY, US
Mail bid sales are now interactive over the Internet. US and foreign coins, currency, stamps, tokens and metals. Comics and sports cards too.

Boca Raton, FL, US
Corporate destination management specialists. Bring the best of Florida for corporate meetings.

Andrews 20th Century Antiques/Collectibles/Decorative Arts
Andrew C. Tomlin, Chicago, IL, US
An antiques and collectibles store carrying mainly 20th century artifacts, circa 1900 - 1970. They offer return privileges and worldwide shipping.

Antiquarian Bookstore
Portsmouth, NH, US
A unique bookstore specializing in rare, out-of-print, and collectible books.

Anvil's World
Brooklyn, NY, US
One-of-a-kind Victorian-styled silk lampshades, a Civil War re-enactment gallery, and computer consulting services.

Applicant Support Network
Career Advisor Associates, Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides information which helps candidates prepare the most effective application possible for graduate school.

Applied Computer Online Shopping
San Jose, CA, USA
Online shopping store for 170,000 computer products.

Arrowhead Productions International
Campus Crusade for Christ, Orlando, FL, US
A media ministry dedicated to serving Christ through the production of quality video promotionals, documentaries, training tapes, radio programs, and interactive multimedia presentations.

Art Department
Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI, US
Includes extensive degree and program information, as well as exhibitions of work by undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty.

ArtRock Online
San Francisco, CA, US
Online retail catalog and gallery of the world's largest selection of collectable rock and roll music poster memorabilia.

Association for Student Judicial Affairs
College Station, TX, US
Serves student affairs professionals with primary responsibilities for student judicial affairs. Individuals will find information about ASJA and its leadership, member services, and activities.

The Atlas To The World Wide Web
Ziff-Davis Press, Los Angeles, CA, US
A new book available from Ziff-Davis press, with reviews of over 800 different Web sites.

Aud's Cyberpunk Pinups
Metro Holografix, San Francisco, CA, US
Check out the cool graphics at this online fanzine dedicated to Metro Holografix...I have seen the future and it doesn't work...

Austin Ventures
Austin, TX, US
Provides private equity capital to growth companies in Texas and the Southwest. Austin Ventures ranks as one of the nation's largest private equity sources.

Touche' Inc., Pleasanton, CA, US
With over 25,000 dealers listed nationwide, plus racing and contest information, automotive related shareware, and much more, Autotow is the largest automotive site on the Web.

Axeta Travel2000
Carlsbad, CA, US
Visit the world, discover new places or tour enchanting resorts with the most complete and colorful travel site for business or pleasure.

Babylove Gift Service
Ads On Line, Cincinnati, OH, US
Exciting gift choices for newborn babies. Order online, or call 1-(800)-882-BABY.

MarketNet, London, United Kingdom
BankNet is an online banking service offering all the facilities of a Secure Trust current account and more.

Boston, MA, US
More fun than laundry. Designed for college students, BayBank Hall is an episodic site with a sweepstakes, a storyline, a minor mystery and other distractions.

Bloemencorso '95
[i'vent], Zundert, NB, The Netherlands
A site for the 54th Flowerparade of Zundert celebration.

Blue Cat Design
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Award-winning design for multimedia productions, Web pages, 3D animation and illustration, broadcast graphics, logo design, print and online publishing, and corporate marketing.

The Blue Highway
Curtis Hewston, Rochester, NY, US
Offers an introduction to this uniquely American musical form, as well as information on current artists, blues news, a blues mall and blues links.

Bonaventure Meadows Public School
London, Ontario, Canada
This elementary school is home to the Meadow News and the S.T.R.I.V.E. (Success Through Responsibility, Interest, Values, and Effort) program. Also get information on NEWSONTARIO.

Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide
Leiden, The Netherlands
BMDW collects the HLA-phenotypes of volunteer bone marrow donors and coordinates their worldwide distribution.

BookFinders International Bookshop
Henley on Thames, Oxon, United Kingdom
New and out-of-print books by mail. View lists of antiquarian books to browse and buy online.

The Bookstore at Houghton Mifflin
Boston, MA, US
A place where people can discuss books and CD-ROMs, meet their favorite Houghton Mifflin authors, download demos and graphics, and get an early look at our print and multimedia titles.

Boulder Guide
Boulder, CO, US
View an online selection of Boulder County's finest restaurants, shopping, and professional services.

Branson Net
Ozark Network Communications, Inc., Springfield, MO, US
An information source for the Branson, Missouri area. Includes show schedules, travel packages, entertainment parks, restaurants, hotels, resorts, shopping and much more.

Business and Safety Cartoons by Goff
Ted Goff, Kansas City, MO, US
Safety, teamwork, quality, management, sales, technology, and computer cartoons for newsletters, training manuals, presentations, advertising, brochures, and other publications by professional cartoonist Ted Goff.

Business Bureau (UK)
Advance Internet Services, Warrington, United Kingdom
An indispensable business information catalogue for businesses in the United Kingdom.

Business Traveler Online
e=publishing, Marco Island, FL, US
The Web's most comprehensive site for the business traveler. Extensive contents including how to conduct business in the foreign arena.

Canada Trust
Toronto, ON, Canada
Canada Trust is one of the largest financial institutions in Canada, with $37 billion in deposits and $167 billion in assets under administration.

Canberra Internet Business Centre
ANUTECH Pty Ltd, Canberra, ACT, Australia
A complete and professional advertising service for small to medium-size businesses aimed at reaching local Net-connected consumers.

Car Accident
StressPress Inc., Cleveland, Ohio, US
The first handbook for drivers and passengers recovering from an accident. Through it one can draw on the wisdom of others who have also survived accidents.

The Career Action Center
Palo Alto, CA, US
The Career Action Center is a nonprofit organization in the San Francisco Bay Area known nationally for helping individuals become career self-reliant.

Career Management International
Houston, TX, US
Career Management International is a provider of human resource services including outplacement, relocation counseling and facilitation, employee assistance programs, and more. and team building.

Carnivorous Plant FAQ
International Carnivorous Plant Society, Fullerton, CA, US
This FAQ deals with the ecology, taxonomy, and horticulture of carnivorous plants.

Cash Flow $olutions
Coppell, TX., USA
Provides cash to cash-crunched businesses.

Casual Tee's
Quality Classics, Renton, WA, US
The perfect addition to any fisherman's wardrobe. Casual Tee's offers preshrunk, 100% cotton T-shirts with hilarious as well as classic fishing designs and sayings.

Center for Health Education
Arvada, CO, US
A non-profit organization that provides innovative resources to help clinicians manage patient care in a capitated environment.

Center Hall Foundation
Arlington, VA, US
A museum dedicated to showing photography from the years 1840-1910, as well as history and literature of the era, to internet users.

CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service
Boston, MA, US
An international listing of clinical trials that are testing new drugs and medical devices. Patients may search for trials by disease category and geographic region.

Chelsea College of Art
Manresa Road, Chelsea, London, United Kingdom
Tour one of the world's best known art schools and take a look at the prospectus.

Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK
Campus-wide information system, contact information, the college prospectus and other college publications.

Chester UK Homepage
DRS Computer Consulting, Saughall Chester, Cheshire, England
A page of interest to anyone visiting Chester for a short or longer stay.

Chicago Ice
Chicago Area Figure Skating Enthusiasts, Lisle, IL, US
The information source for figure skating and skating rinks in the Chicago area

Club Wed Press
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Club Wed Press Newsletter is informative, elegant, and original way to share the excitement of your wedding with your guests.

College Football Tracking Software
Sophos Software, Decatur, GA, US
The information source for the fan of college football giving information on each of the 108 teams in Division 1-A.

Collideascope Digital
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Take a look at an innovative and dynamic company of young multimedia producers.

Commodore Users Group of Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Find information on the Commodore Users Group of Ireland, who they are and what they do.

Communication Bridges
Sausalito, CA, CA, US
Creators of award-winning Web sites, video presentations, interactive TV and multimedia, Communication Bridges is dedicated to spanning the gap between people and technology.

Company C, 1-185th Aviation
Mississippi Army National Guard, Starkville, MS, US
The only reserve component aviation unit flying the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter. This page contains information about the unit and images, and facts about the OH-58D helicopter.

Compensation Planning Software
The Clayton Wallis Company, El Verano, CA, US
Software products include CompExec, CompBuilder and CompGeo.

Computer Events Directory
KnowledgeWeb, Inc., San Rafael, CA, US
A leading source of information on technology conferences, exhibitions, seminars, and tradeshows worldwide.

Computer Sciences Corporation
Falls Church, VA, US
Solves client problems in information technology.

Contractors Guild of America
Thousand Oaks, CA, US
The Contractors Guild's services include free referrals to approved members, consumer advice, hiring tips, and the use of the investigative services.

Cookin' On The Net
Impact Online, South San Francisco, CA, US
A fundraising event that combines the Internet and the skills of great U.S. chefs to raise money for underprivileged children, and to give them access to computers.

The Counter-Terrorism Page
Weekly Terrorism Profile, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Counter-Terrorism Page is an attempt to provide a single resource for people interested in the areas of terrorism, counter-terrorism, and international crime.

Course Evaluation Systems
Aaron Snow, Chicago, IL, US
Assists colleges and universities in the preparation and publication of course reviews for student use.

The Course of Arts and Crafts
Saga University, Saga, Japan
This page is a performing space by students majoring in arts and crafts.

The Coxswain's Locker, Inc.
Arlington, VA, US
From launching to landing, it's all here for this key part of the rowing community.

Cyber Guide to Ottawa
Visual Aspects Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A comprehensive and up-to-date directory of Internet-based information on Canada's capital region.

Bolack Total Travel, Albuquerque, NM, US
A complete online travel service. Our special features include Santa Fe hotels, cruise bargains, and our Travel School.

Cycle Expo
InfoTech Associates Inc., Milford, NJ, USA
Your one-stop source for all cycling information found on the internet.

The Daily Internet News Collage
Prashant Babu Buyyala, Los Angeles, CA, US
The Daily Internet News Collage is a well laid out newscenter with links to various newspapers around the web.

Dana's Newsweek Japan Page
Newsweek Japan Washington Bureau, Arlington, VA, US
Peruse the home page for readers of Newsweek Japan magazine, the Japanese edition of Newsweek Magazine.

Dance Supplies, Etc., Inc.
Severna Park, MD, US
Quality ballet and dance supplies at discount prices. Items for tap, jazz, modern, and ballet are offered.

The Dark Pool
The Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Alberta, Canada
A complement to The Dark Pool installation at the Walter Phillips Gallery of Contemporary Art, which translates the physical experience of the work into hypertext.

d.Comm Magazine
The Economist Group, London, United Kingdom
d.Comm is the first Internet-only magazine for IT professionals, covering all areas from the desktop PC to networking and data communications.

Debt-Free and Prosperous Living
Financial Independence Network Limited, Inc., Richland, WA, US
A breakthrough strategy to get out of debt and become truly financially independent.

Design House Midwest
Carbondale, IL, US
Specializing in creating concept-driven designs for brochures, booklets, and Web sites.

Digital PC
Digital PC, Cambridge, MA, US
Designed for prospective customers, key partners, and users and resellers of the company's PC products around the world.

Discount Prescription Card
Carpenter & Assoc., Inc., Little Rock, AR, US
A RxMedExpress Discount Prescription Card will generate you discounts on your prescriptions for the rest of your life at your favorite drug store.

DUK - Drag UK
DUK, Manchester, England
An independent venture, created by enthusiastic fans of drag racing. It aims to promote drag racing in the United Kingdom.

The Dynamic Structure of Space
Steve Kaufman, Milwaukee, WI, US
An easily-understood, visualizable, and non-mathematical model of space-time, which explains the existence of some fundamental properties and behaviors of physical reality.

Early Stage Venture Capital
Capital Access Partners, Bronxville, NY, US
A technology investment bank specializing in the telecommunications, software, electornics, and medical device industries. We fund early-stage (not seed) technology companies requiring expansion capital.

Eat More, Weigh Less (tm) Diet
Health Foundation 2000, Honolulu, HI, US
Learn how to eat 100% more food and still lose weight. This is scientifically tested diet for health, nutrition, and long-term weight loss.

eBORcOM: Web Service Providers
York, United Kingdom
Offers various Web-related services including Web page publicity, Web page authoring, and Web page locating. Also featured is a "New Pages" listing that contains some of the interesting new sites on the Web.

Electronics Consultants
Regina, SASK., Canada
Electronics Consultants designs and manufactures custom electronic control systems in single quantity or in production runs.

ElektroMind Communications
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Features information about the acclaimed performance poetry group, First Draft. The group performs multi-voice poetry called "wordmusic," and has developed a unique notational system.

Employee Benefits Group, Inc.
Bethesda, MD, US
Specializes in all forms of group and individual insurance and has an extensive pension/401k and executive compensation practice.

EUREKA in Deutschland
German EUREKA Bureau, Cologne, Germany
Motivates industry and research institutes in Europe for reinforced, cross-border cooperation in the field of technological research and development.

Exposure - The IU photo club
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, US
A photo gallery with members' work, a photographic resources page, and more.

FAO Schwarz *home*
New York, NY, US
FAO Schwarz features toys, games, action figures, collectibles, vehicles, Barbie, and many other magical playthings.

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
News coverage on the apparel/textile/fashion industry, especially in Asia-Pacific.

Feith Systems and Software, Inc.
Fort Washington, PA, US
Features Feith Document Database, a full-featured document and image storage and management solution. It runs in a client/server environment with Informix, Oracle or Sybase Databases.

Fine Art Print Emporium
Aubrey, TX, US
Offers a selection of fine art prints at an affordable price.

First Federal Savings and Loan of Rochester
Rochester, NY, US
First Federal Savings and Loan of Rochester is the 21st largest Savings and Loan in the U.S., with 80 retail offices across New York State.

FLEXlm Online Manual
GLOBEtrotter Software, Campbell, CA, US
Complete and current FLEXlm Manual for end-users. Also known as the Highland License Manager.

MarketNet, London, United Kingdom
Say it with flowers with the first United Kingdom-based Internet florist.

The Flummery Digest
Somerville, MA, US
A large, indexed collection of humorous and disturbing news items and quotations that call attention to political correctness and an out-of-control government.

Flux Software
Philadelphia, PA, US
A tiny company dedicated to producing the highest-quality freeware and shareware for the Macintosh.

Forze International
Prograde Marketing, LLC, Salt Lake City, UT, US
A revolution in nail care with the Forze naturale removable nail bonding system.

Frankfurt Digital Marketplace
Institut for New Media, Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany
Digital Marketplace provides easy access to key markets, people, and information about trade and industry in the Frankfurt area.

Free Art Site
Laurie McCanna Illustration, Pacifica, CA, USA
Download textures, icons, and gold trinkets for Web pages.

Friends of the Environment
Toronto, ON, Canada
Friends of the Environment is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and improving Canada's natural environment.

FringeWare, Inc.
Austin, TX, US
Publishes the quarterly Fringe Ware Review, sells "kool" products from its store, and operates an extensive online presence.

The Galileo Project
Rice University, Houston, TX, US
An illustrated exploration of the life and times of Galileo Galilei. Written by Albert Van Helden, professor of history at Rice University, Galileo's astronomy is particularly well-represented.

Gamble Trading Company
Smart Site, San Diego, CA, US
Shop for a Russian lacquer box and russian porcelain teapot set.

Gary-Milwaukee-Chicago Home Transportation Information
Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee Priority Corridor Partners, Chicago, IL, US
Chicago-area traffic information is available at this Web site. The site includes a clickable map showing congestion on major expressways in and around Chicago.

Genealogy in France
Philippe Chapelin, Saint-Etienne, France
Professional research in finding French ancestors. Services are available in French and English.

Geneva Media, Inc.
Miami, FL, US
Geneva Media, Inc. is a leading Internet and multimedia consulting firm.

Global Oceanic Surf Links
Mountain Man Graphics, Newport Beach, Australia
A "List of Lists" referencing every site on the Web relating to "RealSurfing" (as opposed to Netsurfing) as of Winter 1995.

Grandma Buffalo's Chips
Houston, TX, US
Outrageous chocolate chip cookies. Order from 22 varieties of delicious cookies, baked fresh daily with absolutely the finest ingredients.

Graphic Efx
Sandy, OR, US
Graphic Efx is dedicated to helping others get more involved with the Internet and really start enjoying themselves, all at a price that is affordable.

Fondazione Ferrata Storti, c/o Clinica Medica II, OSM, Pavia, Italy
This Web site contains introductory pages to Haematologica, the best of the Italian hematology journals.

Hair & Scalp Clinics
Hair & Scalp Clinics perform hair transplantation utilizing the latest techniques, including radiosurgical hair transplants and the lateral lift procedure.

Hawaii Research + Technology
University of Hawaii Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development, Honolulu, HI, US
Features universities, companies, nonprofits and government agencies within the state of Hawaii engaged in high technology and scientific research.

Hawaii Resource Library
Haleiwa, hi, US
Provides information on Hawaiian history, culture, art, myths, religion, and more.

Hoboken Real Estate
Century 21 Innovative Realty Inc., Hoboken, NJ, US
Information on Hoboken, and on properties available for rent or sale there.

Hogs Breath International, Inc.
Global Audience Providers, Inc., Key West, FL, US
A guided tour of the famous Hog's Breath Saloon. Includes history, audio clips, coupons, shopping and more. Remember, Hog's breath is better than no breath at all.

Homeless in America
Jeremy Reynalds-Joy Junction, Albuquerque, New Mexico, NM, US
Explore Jeremy Reynalds' exciting book that tells you how to become a part of the solution for your community's ills.

HomeTown Free-Press San Diego, California
MicroNiche Publishing, San Diego, CA, US
Links to sources of information for and about San Diego. Includes links to newspapers, TV and radio stations, schools, civic and civil organizations and more.

Housatonic Valley Tourism
Danbury, CT, US
Explore western Connecticut's Housatonic Valley. These pages describe what is available to see and do in the Danbury area.

How To Packets
LIST International, Salem, OR, US
Examine a list of How To information reports and folios, on how to become successfull.

ICOTEC - Integrated Communication Technology Home Page
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Offering Internet services including installation, training, consulting, home page design and development, advertising and translation.

ICS Outdoor Sports Books
Merrillville, IN, US
Outdoor sports and recreation books, written by avid experts, for people desiring the latest techniques for safe, responsible outdoor activities.

In Memoriam - Jerry Garcia
Gordon W. Hake, Indianapolis, IN, US
A permanent memorial to the late Jerry Garcia, master guitarist, and founding member of the Grateful Dead. Contains messages of condolence and love from Deadheads the world over.

Independent Online News Service
Independent Newspapers Ltd., Cape Town, South Africa
Pages from South Africa's daily newspapers covering business, politics, sport, lifestyles, crime, disaster and entertainment.

Info-Center...... The Scholarship Source
Daytona Beach, Fl, USA
The Scholarship Source provides college students with scholarship information and opportunities.

InfoNet Publishing International
G.F.Currie Consulting, Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Marketers and publishers of books, reports, manuals, and documents on the Internet, as well as many of the top information services.

Information Advantage Homepage
Cincinnati, OH, US
Provides business and competitor intelligence in the aerospace, communication and insurance industries, and secondary research on any subject.

inSight inFormation Weekly Stock-Picking Contest
Avid Trading Co., Kansas City, MO, US
Traditional Wall Street wisdom believes it is easier to pick the direction of a stock at least several months out. inSight inFormation's time horizon is days to weeks. Why not try a hand at it?

International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC)
Geneva, Switzerland
Acess various pages dealing with conflict-related issues such as victims, international humanitarian law, and more.

International Entertainment & Multimedia Law & Busines Network
Harris Tulchin & Associates, Los Angeles, CA, US
Reference point for helpful information for entertainment, multimedia, and online professionals. Links to professional, legal, and business services are also provided.

International Neuromodulation Society
1015 Chestnut Street, Suite 1400, Philadelphia, PA, US
A group of doctors from around the world exploring chemical and electrical modulation of the nervous system as a way to help many medical conditions.

The Internet Addressbook
CyberSpace Solutions, Inc., Evanston, IL, US
A resource guide especially useful to the Chicago-area Internet user.

Internet Communications
Beaverton, OR, US
Both personal and business-related Internet services, including dial-up, dedicated, Web, and email.

Internet Public Affairs and Communications
John Olson Communications, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Find out how you and your organization can communicate more effectively -- both on and off the Net. See services available for more information.

Internet Resources for Journalism
Moorhead State University, Moorhead, MN, US
Contains links to journalism-related resources, including those for writing and copy editing. It also provides direct access to journalism-related listservs and Usenet groups.

Into the Matrix: Your Filter to Cyberspace
David S. Bennahum, New York, NY, US
Here you will find provocative content about cyberspace, including articles for Wired, New York Times, and a newsletter, Meme.

Iridology & Herbal Medicine
Dr. Gary Ozarko, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Iridology info with JPEG photos and links to herbal medicine.

the Italian Net for International Business
T.C.A. srl, Florence, Italy
Offers products and services information, business opportunities, tips for tourists and more.

Jim Cuomo Show and Wide-World Information Center
Portland, OR, US
Broadcasts each Sunday at 2:00 p.m. on KBNP AM 1410. This page has commentary, opinion, documents, hundreds of links, and Duoglide's music.

Just Black & White
Portland, ME, US
A custom photo lab specializing in copying, enhancing and restoring family and historical photographs for museums and genealogists.

San Francisco, CA, US
JustCause works to discourage racism, prejudice, and discrimination through the use of media campaigns that promote tolerance and diversity.

The Kronderosa Ranch
Buxton, OR, US
Visit the Kronderosa Ranch in the beautiful coast range of Oregon.

Kwan Um School of Zen
Cumberland, RI, US
Information on the school, founded by Zen Master Seung Sahn, and on its centers, teachers, and retreats.

La Sportiva USA Online
Boulder, CO, US
Manufacturers of high-quality outdoor footware, including many of the most popular <a href="http://www.sportiva.com/sportiva/rock.html">rock climbing shoes</a> available today.

Language and Culture Center
University of Houston, Houston, TX, US
Intensive English/ESL, TOEFL preparation, GRE verbal preparation, pronunciation, and special contract programs for international students who want to improve their English language skills.

LANGUAGE Online at the Suzanne Vega Website
Hugo Westerlund, New York, NY, US
Singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega's Web site now features archives from the Dutch-based Suzanne fanzine LANGUAGE.

Internet Solutions, Coral Springs, FL, US
The gateway to the Internet's most comprehensive legal, political, and governmental resource site for both attorneys and consumers.

Let's Be Friends
Accord Services, Palo Alto, CA, US
Let's Be Friends is an intelligent, creative way to meet an intelligent, creative friend.

The LightRoom
Berkeley, CA, US
A custom color printing lab specializing in Ilfochrome Classic, also known as Cibachrome, and offering contrast masking services.

Silver Spring, MD, US
Devoted to sharing knowledge regarding Windows networking. Users of WindowsNT and Win95 on the Internet should stop by.

L'Ocean Indien
CNAM, Paris, France
Funny pages describing islands in the Indian Ocean. General and touristic information about Madagascar, La Reunion, Mauritius, Seychelles and Comoros.

Lotto 101
Texas Red, Amarillo, TX, US
An honest appraisal of the game of Lotto, and how it should be played by a rational being.

Love Funding
Washington, DC, US
Love Funding specializes in commercial, real estate finance, including apartments, nursing homes, hotels, and assisted living.

LTU International Airways present Travel Guide to Germany
e=publishing, Marco Island, FL, US
The most comprehensive site for the traveler to Germany. Included in this guide are extensive resources about touring Germany, and all of the major city and regional spots to visit.

LunetIX, Mueller & Hetze GbR, Berlin, Germany
All you ever need for Linux in Germany: software, documentation and support.

Madeira USA Embroidery and Sewing Thread
Laconia, NH, USA
Madeira USA offers the finest quality embroidery and sewing threads, imported from Germany.

The Net Stop, Philadelphia, PA, US
This is the Internet's funniest and fastest growing collection of Web-based fill-in texts.

Magazine and Newsletter Editor's Resource List
Ted Goff, Kansas City, MO, US
This textual page has easy-to-follow links to sites regarding shipping, circulation, advertising, associations, cartoonists, and more.

Manuela's Recipes
The Net Stop, Philadelphia, PA, US
Come see Manuela's ever-expanding collection of recipes with everything from appetizers to desserts.

Margolis & Associates
Bedford, MA, US
A small technical writing firm that specializes in electronic documentation. The site is home to the electronic version of the "Random House Personal Computer Dictionary."

Mark Thiessen's Photography Portfolio
Gaithersburg, MD, US
A sample of Mark Thiessen's photography portfolio including volleyball action pictures.

Martial Arts Home Page
World Grandmasters & Hall Of Fame Council, Moncton, NB, Canada
Covers the world's only peer group for martial arts grandmasters and the World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame as well as pieces on karate, aiki jujutsu/budo, and police training.

Maxtor Hard Disk drives
San Jose, CA, US
Develops, manufactures and markets mass storage systems for desktop and mobile computer systems. Products range from low-capacity flash cards to high-capacity 2.5-inch notebook and 3.5-inch desktop disk drives.

Media Mall
Communication Bridges, Sausalito, CA, US
A gathering place dedicated to empowering the next generation of communications. Includes news and commentaries and information and resources for producers and consumers of electronic entertainment.

MediaLogic ADL, Inc.
Boulder, CO, USA
MediaLogic ADL, Inc. is dedicated to creating breakthrough technology in the area of advanced automated data storage library (ADL) solutions.

MEDMarket, Inc.
Durango, CO, US
A premier Internet presence provider to the healthcare manufacturing industry, as well as the creators and managers of the MEDMarket Virtual Industrial Park.

Memphis Collaboration for Biomedical Engineering
Memphis, TN, US
Unites the Departments of Biomedical Engineering at UT Memphis and at U Memphis in creating a distributed BME curriculum and research activity.

Roger B. Blumberg, Providence, RI, US
MendelWeb is an educational resource for teachers and students interested in the origins of classical genetics, introductory data analysis, elementary plant science, and more.

MFA Creative Writing Program
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, US
This program has a national reputation for excellence. The Web site includes application information, faculty biographies, and more.

Michael Whalen Music, Ltd.
New York, NY, US
N.Y. film composer Michael Whalen's new Web site featuring downloadable sounds, Quicktime movies, news, and the "Beep of the Month Club."

The Missouri Whitewater Association
St. Louis, MO, US
A group of paddlers in Missouri and the Midwest who kayak, canoe, or raft whitewater.

Mitchell K. Hobish, Ph.D. - Consulting Synthesist
Baltimore, MD, US
I can help you bridge the communications gaps between engineers and scientists, educators and policy makers, and the general public.

Monroeville Area Chamber of Commerce
Internet Business Pages, Monroeville, PA, US
Unites over 500 corporations, businesses, professionals, services, nonprofit organizations and individuals to improve the business environment and build a better community.

Montreal Tenpin Bowling Association
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Page leading to Montreal-area men's, women's, and youth pages, tournaments results, a newsletter, and other bowling links.

The Mortgage Manager Version 5.00
K.L.G. Microcomputer Software, Markham, Ontario, Canada
A powerful mortgage and loan amortization program for professionals. It is being used by banks, lawyers, accountants, insurance companies, real estate agents and mortgage brokers.

The National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC)
NASA, Greenbelt, MD, US
NASA's data archive, covering a broad range of science disciplines. Home of OMNIWeb, the NSSDC Photo Gallery, archive site for Shoemaker-Levy 9 images and more.

Nature's Outlet
Salem, VA, US
Innovative supplements at great prices. Check here for great alternative remedies, and more information on ways to improve one's health.

Net Life!
Coats Writing Team, Dallas, TX, US
It's off the wall, it's zany, it's Net Life. The offbeat column that humorously looks at everyday problems and provides crazy solutions.

The Net Stop
Philadelphia, PA, US
Formerly the Infocenter, The Net Stop showcases various attractions, features, and organizations on the Internet.

Reston, VA, US
Participate with thousands of other members in interesting research studies ranging from the latest information and communications technology to business and politics.

NetWatchers Legal Cyberzine
Broken Arrow, OK, US
A monthly e-zine covering legal developments in cyberspace and the online community.

New George's Nightclub
San Rafael, CA, US
Located in downtown San Rafael, this is the cool place to hear and dance to music in Marin County, California.

New York State Loving Education At Home
Rochester, NY, US
An organization of like-minded Christian home educators, dedicated to observing the biblical commands of Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Proverbs 22:6 and Ephesians 6:4.

Norfolk Academy
Norfolk, VA, US
Chartered in l728, today a 1200-student independent coeducational day school, consisting of three schools.

Nottingham Business School
Nottingham, England
General information about the Nottingham Business School, including the postgraduate and undergraduate prospectus, plus comprehensive links to business resources.

Knossopolis, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A hypermedia journal of original art and literature. New, redesigned, with brand new content from an international cast of contributors.

Office of International Education & Exchange at University of Oregon
eugene, OR, US
This university office assists students who want to study abroad and international students and faculty members who are teaching, conducting research, or studying at the institution.

The Old Bookroom
Canberra, Australia
The Old Bookroom is an antiquarian and secondhand bookshop specializing material on Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

On Hold Advertiser
Steve Penway, Kona, HI, US
The On Hold Advertiser can make a computer chip digital recording of whatever users want customers to hear, when put on hold.

One Design Yacht Racing Classes
Ansoft Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA, US
A comprehensive index to sailboat racing class associations on the Web.

O'Neill Thoroughbred Information
Williamsburg, VA, US
Classy handicapping information for Santa Anita, Hollywood and Del Mar.

Pakula Lures
Runaway Bay, Queensland, Australia
Are the world's best lures made in Australia? Pakula Lures have amassed over 1,000 tournament wins, world records, Australian records, and trophies.

Pandion Information Service
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada
Provides an online search service of commercial databases and full- text document delivery for clients in the fields of health, science, technology, management, and business.

Panther Software Corp.
Calgary, AB, Canada
Software solutions for seismic data loading to Seisworks(R), Seis-X(tm), and Geoshare(tm), Seismic Data Managment System, and AppTrack application and license tracking.

Parrillo Performance
Cincinnati, OH, US
Specializes in total bodybuilding, fitness and sports nutrition programs. John Parrillo¹s Performance Press is a

Paxton Virtual City
GDX Ltd., Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom
Paxton is part of the Antaro project, a vision to create the Web's first true virtual community.

PC Productivity
Milwaukee, WI, US
PC Productivity is a full-service, computer-software training provider.

Penn State Triangle Chapter
Chapel Hill, NC, US
Home for the Penn State Alumni Association for the RTP area. It includes the newsletter and all upcoming events.

Perilous Times
Jim Hutton, Portland, OR, US
A quick look at current earthquakes, volcanos and terrorist alerts, and other things that may affect the user's life on Earth.

Starway International, Inc., Hollywood, CA, US
The nefarious Tall Man cordially invites you to visit the new official Phantasm Web site, dedicated to the classic science-fiction/horror film series.

Physique Techniques Fitness Consultants
Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Specializing in metabolic manipulation.

Pike Place Magic Shoppe
Speakeasy Cafe, Seattle, WA, US
This Seattle magic shop is a mystery to the outsider but a center for magicians around the world. Visit Alexander and his magic legacy. But be warned: only the daring and curious will find an answer.

Plant Biotechnology Institute
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
The Plant Biotechnology Institute's mission is to promote, assist, and undertake research and development in plant biotechnology in partnership with industry and other government departments.

Plant Virology Research
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, US
Provides descriptions of molecular virology research at the University of Arizona.

Plump Records
New York, NY, US
Committed to compelling music regardless of genre, this independent label features recordings from Shawn Colvin, Harvey Fierstein, Eric Andersen, Howard Jones, Vitapup and David Massengil.

Pointers to Pointers
HomeCom Communications, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
Now fully automated, Pointers to Pointers is where you want to go to announce your new web site, changes, or additions. "If it's worth it's weight in ether, let the people know..."

Polyurethane Foam Association
Wayne, NJ, US
Polyurethane Foam Association, Inc. provides information on key issues and product characteristics that may be of interest to flexible polyurethane foam users, researchers, and academia.

Port Erin Marine Laboratory
University of Liverpool, Port Erin, Isle of Man, United Kingdom
A small page describing the staff, facilities, and workings of the Port Erin Marine Laboratory in the Isle of Man, United Kingdom.

The Cobalt Group, Seattle, WA, US
Feeling judgemental? Like to make an opinion known? Pulse wants users to express views on politics, sports, computers, and wild topics.

Toronto, ON, Canada
Quadravision is a leader in the development of interactive marketing solutions.

Quick Draw Systems
Smart Site, San Diego, CA, US
Universal Clip System to make carrying pagers and portable cellular phones easier.

Ratbag AntiPhysics Rag
Plasmatronics Inc., Menlo Park, CA, US
Information on superluminal communications, processors and transportation.

Helsinki, Finland
Download works by Niels Bonde, Hulda Hakon, Per H&uuml;ttner, Maria Lavman, Pieter Baan M&uuml;ller, Mox M&auml;kel&auml;, Pekka Nevalainen, among others, and return your version for further re-evolution.

Reflections Media.
The Aussie Lure Shop, Tivoli, Queensland, Australia
Click through magazines on Australian sportfishing and rodeo.

Resume Doctor Tutorial
Acorn Career Counseling and Resume Writing, Poughkeepsie, NY, US
The Resume Doctor shows you how to fix resume problems and where to post your resume for free on the Internet.

Revoltella Art Museum Trieste
Civico Museo Revoltella, Trieste, Italy
The contemporary art museum of Trieste. It has one of the finest collections of European 19th century art, and some remarkable Italian contemporary art pieces.

RGG Opening New Horizons
Pinellas Park, FL, US
RGG is an independent distributor for International Metals and Trade Corporation, a retail and wholesale catalog-sales company.

Rom-dezvous Multimedia
Chino, CA, US
Showcases adult CD-ROM interactive games and movies. Users can order a free catalogue.

RvG Clipper Collection Home Page
Rolf van Gelder, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Information about and downloadable copies of the RvG Clipper Collection CA-Clipper Libraries, a programming language and compiler. Also includes the comprehensive CA-Clipper links list.

RxMedExpress Discount Prescription Card
Carpenter & Associates, Inc., Little Rock, AR, US
Save on the name brand and generic medications 70% of the time or more.

San Diego Sheet Metal Works
Smart Site, San Diego, CA, US
Laser-crafted world maps.

San Francisco Fire Department Report on Earthquake Operations
San Francisco, CA, US
A full-text report of the San Francisco Fire Department's operations during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.

San Francisco Fire Department Report on its Response to the Oakland-Berkeley Hills Fire
San Francisco Fire Department, San Francisco, CA, US
A full-text report of the San Francisco Fire Department's on its response to the Oakland-Berkeley Hills fire of October 1991.

School of Information Sciences
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, US
Provides a program leading to the preparation of librarians and information professionals for work in all types of libraries and information centers. Accredited by the American Library Association.

Hank Morgan, Stamford, CT, US
A library of more than 30,000 science, technology, and medicine images. Work has appeared internationally in over 1000 magazines. Morgan has 25 years of photojournalistic experience.

Seaside Seastride
Rye, NH, US
A non-profit organization hosting its first annual 4-mile road race in the scenic seacoast town of Rye, to raise funding for The Stevie Fund.

Security Information
Matrix Group, Montgomery, AL, US
Users with security questions of any type can find answers at this site hosted by the Matrix Group.

Security Resource Net
National Security Institute, Westborough, MA, US
Provides a diverse range of security information under an umbrella Internet site, offering a one-stop shop for both security decision-makers and consumers.

Sensi Sandals
Foot Sense Inc., Tempe, AZ, US
The Sensi family blends timeless Italian styling with uniquely functional designs, producing their renowned line of sandalwear.

Minneapolis, MN, US
A non-profit science fiction/science fact radio program in its 16th year. This site contains FAQ, sound files, scripts, Top 11 Lists, and a tape list.

The Shoppes of Old Hydepark
Opennet Technologies, Tampa, FL, US
Purchase sunglasses from Ray-Ban, Serengeti, Killer Loop, Gargoyles or Bolle, or sample hand-rolled Cuban Seed cigars from Honduras.

Shred's Cellular Info
Hans Hohenner, Sunnyvale, CA, US
Overview of cellular telephone communications including frequency charts, brief explanations of common problems, and more.

Silver Cloud Sports
Belmont, CA, US
A specialist in high-performance golf products. Order top-quality golf clubs, designed by a golfing expert, and designed to be player-friendly, at a price that is affordable.

Simulation Web
U.S. Army Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Command, Orlando, FL, US
STRICOM is the Department of Defense technical agent for linking distributed simulations over a wide internetworking environment. Includes a list of other government modeling and simulation sites.

Sleep and Dreaming
CNRS URA 1195 INSERM U52, Lyon, France
Presents research themes from a lab devoted to the study of the sleep-waking cycle. Presents hypertext versions of articles, and images and video on the neuroanatomy of the brain.

Sloan Center for Asynchrounous Learning Environments (SCALE)
Urbana, IL, USA
The goals of this project are to create efficiencies in the educational process, to increase student retention, and to decrease time-to-degree.

Small World Software's Interactive Fantasy Sports Games
New York, NY, US
Interesting and interactive sports games for the Web. Games include basketball, hockey, football, baseball and golf.

Software Licensing & License Management Articles
GLOBEtrotter Software, Campbell, CA, US
Online articles from various sources on license management, and software pricing and licensing terms.

Software Resources, Inc
Altamonte, Springs, FL, US
A software consulting and job-placement firm specializing in providing challenging job opportunities to data processing professionals.

Sony Signatures Web
San Francisco, CA, US
Browse through entertainment-related merchandise, including TV, film, music, and sports-related properties.

sound/IMAGE 3D Models
Cambridge, MA, US
sound/IMAGE offers a catalog of collections of 3D objects for use in rendering packages. All objects are in DXF format.

Brooklyn, NY, US
A fun and easy way to learn about products, ideas and trends in the specialty home A/V market.

South Carolina State Government
Office of Information Resources, Columbia, SC, US
Contains information about the state of South Carolina and state government agencies.

South Coast Acura
Costa Mesa, CA, US
South Coast Acura is Orange County's number one volume Acura dealership. Access information about new and used Acuras, leasing, and parts and service.

Southwest Solutions Newspaper
Phoenix, AZ, US
Publishes non-partisan political issues others will not dare to. We offer and welcome articles from investigative researchers, top writers, and authors around the world.

Carmel, CA, US
Solutions and strategies for modern everyday problems and major transitions.

Strictly Business!WEB
UNICOM Information Services, Columbus, OH, US
Business resources and information, covering finance, marketing, business planning, and management. Includes online advertising, catalogs and graphics.

Super AM Magazine
Los Angeles, CA, US
Super AM magazine is the journal for the science of leisure and the technology of art.

Synthetic Intelligence Inc.
New York, NY, US
Find Windows-based intellectual property programs that create and print data and official U.S. copyright/trademark/patent forms.

Talentum OnLine
Oy Talentum Ab, Helsinki, Finland
A Finnish business press publisher. Its two weekly newspapers, weekly business magazine and four other periodicals cover most of the decision makers in the Finnish business world.

TeamQuest Corporation
Clear Lake, IA, US
TeamQuest offers performance management software and services for the open UNIX environment.

TechSmith Corporation
East Lansing, MI, US
Developer of the Enterprise Wide family of remote access communications products supporting TCP/IP, IPX/SPX and NetBIOS/NetBEUI protocols. Evaluation copies are available for download.

Teltech's Knowledge Station
Minneapolis, MN, US
Teltech Resource Network is the leading, independent provider of technical research, analysis, and consulting services to American industry.

Terragraphix Incorporated-Maps
Wenonah, NJ, US
Terragraphix producesg digital maps that are used for a variety of marketing and promotional functions.

This Week Magazines
Honolulu, HI, US
The number one source of visitor information in Hawaii for 30 years.

Ties Online
Lake Forest, CA, US
Searches the globe for unique and fashionable men's ties. Our first offering is the "Cocktail Collection." Coming soon will be a "Tie-of-the-Month Club."

Time Traveller Comics
Johnstown, NY, US
Features an online searchable catalog of over 250 new comic book titles each month from DC Comics, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse and more.

TimeWarp Records
Petaluma, CA, USA
TimeWarp Records specializes in rare and vintage rock '‘n roll, jazz, soul, and, bluesalbums.

Trade Shows, Expositions & Conferences
The Trade Group, Dallas, TX, US
Provides information about trade shows, expositions and conferences to persons interested in exhibiting in or attending trade shows.

The Travellers Diary
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Weekly updated information on international events taking place in Western Europe.

TSI Incorporated
St. Paul, MN, US
Manufactures research/analytical instruments and process controls including anemometers, aerosol research instruments, gas sensors, meteorological instruments, and laboratory controls.

Universal Fellowship of God (Logictarianism)
UFG/ECD, Inc., Saint Paul, Canada
The official homepage of the Logictarian Christian/Shinto Religion church. It includes links to other sites.

The University Computer Club
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
The University Computer Club has an online Coke machines that can remotely dispense, and will soon have instantaneous snap-shots of the club and more.

University of Colorada Fine Arts
Boulder, CO, US
An ever expanding representation of the Fine Arts Department including information on the exhibits, the students, and the faculty.

The University of Colorado Environmental Center
Boulder, CO, US
Information about local environmental groups, global environmental issues, and fun stuff like EarthQuote of the Month.

UNIXhelp for Users release 1.2
Edinburgh University Computing Services, Edinburgh, Scotland
Helpful information for UNIX users, extensively hyperlinked. Features revised text and formatting plus a new search mechanism.

U.S. Email
Ventura, CA, US
U.S. Email was established to provide a lifetime email address for those who have experienced the problems associated with constantly changing email addresses.

US Improvisational Theatre League
Cambridge, MA, US
Combines theatre and sports in a world-renowned format for competitive improvisational theatre.

Vacuum Coating Equipment On-Line
Vacuum Inc., Boulder, CO, US
Summary of vacuum coating equipment and magnetron sources offered by company. Link to Vacuum Coating Consultants design and consulting service.

Venture Capital
Steve Penway, Reno, NV, US
Venture Capital can provide from $1,000 - $10,000 to start or build your home-based business.

Derby Design Resarch Centre, Derby, United Kingdom
Shows virtual reality artists' works in 2-D and 3-D. There is also a VRML gallery for 2-D work. This is an open submission site.

Washington DC Neighborhoods
Webspin information services, Washington, DC, US
Provides low-cost support for Washington DC-area neighborhood associations and groups who want advertise their community and activities on the internet.

Webber Enterprises, Inc.
Montgomery, AL, US
Sells industrial and commercial water cleaning equipment and supplies. Order pressure washers, steam cleaners, parts washers, chemicals, and car wash equipment.

Weight Commander for Windows
Chicago, IL, US
A computerized diet program that teaches, entertains, motivates, and comforts. Download it now and start losing weight today.

Welcome to e.g. Software, Inc.
Portland, OR, US
e.g. Software, Inc. is a developer and publisher of software products for Novell networks in the security and communication areas.

Who's Marketing Online?
Sayers Publishing, Inc. and Creative Direct Online, Atlanta, GA, US
An interactive magazine for Web marketers. Features tips on business page design, response tracking, site reviews, evaluation checklists, surveys, downloads and more.

Willmoore College of Applied Arts & Sciences
Cleveland Heights, OH, US
Offers off-campus degree programs for members of the clergy or pratitioners of the martial arts.

Women of the World: Formal Laws and Policies Affecting Their Reproductive Lives
The Center for Reproductive Law & Policy, New York City, NY, US
A report analyzing women's legal status in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Nigeria, and the United States with regard to health, population and family planning, abortion, sterilization and related issues.

The Word Mill
Riverside, CA, US
The Word Mill is a public relations agency offering graphic design, Web page design, publicity, typesetting, and more.

The Yawdie Homepage
SUNY@Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, US
The Yawdie Homepage is the ultimate link for people interested in the Bronze Culture.

Your Life
Canada Trust, Toronto, ON, Canada
Your Life provides objective, practical, and common-sense articles on financial matters.

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