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What's New: November 1995

Wednesday, 1 November 1995

The 19th Century London Stage: An Exploration
University of Washington School of Drama, Seattle, WA, US
Explore over 400 linked files related to 19th century London stage production, management, and playwriting, with links to additional examples of computing in theatre research.

2C-NET's Mall of the Universe 2
2CM, Inc., North Palm Beach, FL, US
A virtual shopping mall with products and services accessible worldwide. Shop with convenience, free from crowds, clutter, and sales pitches.

ABACUS Books, Software & Videos
Glendale, AZ, US
A distributor of quality business, educational, and self-help products. New products are frequently added.

Laguna Hills, CA, US
An authorized Swiss Army dealer specializing in Swiss Army knives, Victorinox watches, combination gift sets, Swiss Army sunglasses, and Swiss Army compasses.

Absolute Communications, Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
Designs and develops systems for audio information networks for business and creative applications, and develops content for proposals, strategic plans, and Net sites.

Academic Outreach
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Targeted toward administrators and scholars, containing summaries of research in distance learning, electronic publishing, intellectual property, and lifelong learning.

Act Now! Acting Academy
Atlanta, GA, US
Learn from a dedicated professional who cares; explore desires and instincts; and discover the techniques that separate the good actors from the great ones.

Burton, MI, US
The world's largest manufacturer of promotional personalized address books to promote vendors and their suppliers.

Advent Electronics
Houston, TX, US
A national electronics company that provides satellite reception and cable TV descrambling equipment.

Aegis Wildlife Phone Card Collection
Aegis Wildlife Organization, Dallas, TX, US
Features beautiful art and photos of various wildlife subjects. Benefits selected nonprofit organizations.

African-American Forum
Center for African American Culture, Florida State Univ., Tallahassee, FL, US
A new site on African and Afro-American music, art, and literature.

Roselle, IL, US
An organization created to help people gain presence on the Web.

AIDS Authority
Tempe, AZ, US
Supports the scientific position that HIV is neither sufficient nor necessary to cause AIDS, and addresses the political, economic, and cultural implications of AIDS science gone wrong.

Ales & Lagers Brewery
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A UBREW brewery that provides the supplies and equipment for people to make their own beer and wine. The page consists of good information, a tour of the brewery, and a catalog of hundreds of products that people can order.

Algae Gateway
Andy Kington, Portland, OR, US
Loads of information on the company, Cell Tech's, algae products.

Amitayus Buddhist Centre
Crewe, Cheshire, England
A drop-in center teaching Buddhist meditation techniques within the New Kadampa Tradition of Buddhism.

Andy Kaufman
Huntsville, AL, US
The life and times of comedian/performance artist Andy Kaufman are examined.

Annette Messager at The Museum of Modern Art
New York, NY, US
Explore this French artist's use of traditional and non-traditional materials that explore the boundaries of art-making and social relationships.

Antique Stocks & Bonds
Williamsburg, VA, US
Original and graphically beautiful stocks and bonds from history's major transactions for collecting, office and home decoration, and VIP gifts. Features a regularly changing section of "history's notable quotables."

Association of Bridal Consultants
New Milford, CT, US
A professional organization serving the wedding industry worldwide.

ATM International
Temecula, CA, US
An opportunity for customers to own their own ATM. Share in the profits of this investor program.

Automotive Database
Fonthill, Ontario, Canada
A Canadian service for individuals who want to buy or sell vehicles. The database can also be purchased by anyone wanting to start a business.

BAMTA Job Bank Directory
NASA/Ames Research Center, ID Div, Moffett Field, CA, US
Provides a Web space for posting openings of multimedia and Web technology-related jobs. It is absolutely free of charge.

BeautiControl Image Consultant
Julia Haskett, Raleigh, NC, US
Conducts corporate image update workshops anywhere in the U.S.

Jill Greenberg, Chiat/Day Advertising, New York, NY, US
An exhibition of photographs by Jill Greenberg on the subject of Beauty. Jill is primarily a commercial photographer who works for Wired, Spin, Blender (CD-ROM magazine), Mondo 2000, Microsoft, IBM, Digital, record companies, etc.

Best Day Travel Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
The best ticket for a trip to Mexico. Make reservations online at any major hotel in Mexico, including Cancun, Vallarta, Acapulco, Mazanillo, Guadalajara, and more.

Black Belt Magazine
Red Sector A, Inc., Marlton, NJ, US
Find out the latest in the martial arts community from the world's leading martial arts publication.

Bob Dahm Illustration
Cranston, RI, US
View recent editorial, advertising, and computer-generated illustrations.

Bokler Software
Santa Fe, NM, US
Modular reusable cryptographic software tools for Windows developers.

Charter Media, Menlo Park, CA, US
The first real-time market analysis service on the Web. Experienced professionals cover the stock, bond, and foreign exchange markets in a straightforward, entertaining style.

Buy Your Christmas Tree on the Net
New Brunswick, NJ, US
Have your Christmas tree delivered right from the farm to your door step for less than you would pay at a lot, three days after being cut.

Byzantine Protection Services, Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Fire and security alarms, CCTV, card access, sprinklers extinguishers, hoses, emergency lighting, home safety commercial, consulting, and more

C & L International Computers
Norcross, GA, US
A computer retailer specializing in the sale of memory and CPUs.

Camera Club
Santa Cruz, CA, US
New and used cameras including Hasselblad, Nikon, Minolta, Pentex, Olympus, Canon, and Mamiya.

Catherine Atzen Laboratories, Inc.
VistaPointe, San Jose, CA, US
Produces skin care products and offers education and help with controlling acne.

Center for In Vivo Microscopy
Department of Radiology, Duke University, Durham, NC, US
An NIH national research resource, dedicated to the development and application of the technology of magnetic resonance microscopy to basic and applied science.

Center for Neuro Skills
Bakersfield, CA, US
Provides information about brain and head injury, brain injury rehabilitation, and the services that CNS provides.

Central Arkansas Clipper Users' Group
Little Rock, AR, US
Hosts material for the group including files, newsletters, and information regarding application development in the CA-Clipper language.

Chip Express
Santa Clara, CA, US
A world leader in the development of laser technology for rapid fabrication of high-performance, high-density ASIC devices.

Club Macintosh de Quebec
Quebec, Canada
The world's largest French-speaking user group. For Macintosh computers; 2,500 members ;and in French.

Colorado State University Marching Band
Fort Collins, CO, US
Learn all about the proud organization and how to join Colorado's band of distinction.

COMCOM Systems, Inc., Clearwater, FL, US
Search engine for commercial goods and services only. In six languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese; Japanese will be added shortly).

Communications Research Cantre
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Canada's biggest communications research facility, with 200 engineers and scientists.

Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Cornell Medical Center, New York, NY, US
A resource for information about the Center, and about epilepsy, its causes, relevant issues, and available treatments.

Compucraft Tax Processing Services
Torrance, CA, US
Provides a full range of services to tax preparers, including individual, partnership, corporation, S-corporation, fiduciary, and amended returns, plus electronic filing.

Computer Business Services
Copenhagen, Denmark
Provides cutting-edge tools, resources, education, and support to help businesses succeed online.

The Computer Museum
Boston, MA, US
Features over 170 interactive exhibits, including The Networked Planet, and the award-winning Walk-Through Computer 2000.

Conoco, Inc.
Houston, TX, US
An international energy company that specializes in the exploration, production, refining, and marketing of quality petroleum products.

Cool Web Links
Ramiro Portillo, Mexico City, Mexico
Find links to all car makers, supermodels, and many more super places on the Web.

Cool Works (sm)
Gardiner, MT, US
Supplies information on seasonal jobs in national parks, ski resorts, etc. Locations include Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Denali, Grand Canyon, Vail, Rainier, Sun Valley, Glacier, and Big Sky.

Coral Reef Research Foundation & UnderWatercolours
Irvine, CA, US
A nonprofit, public benefit corporation dedicated to the preservation of coral reefs, studies on global pollution, and research on reef animals.

Cosmic Landscapes: Film & Video Review
D&S Associates, Westwood, MA, US
The electronic version of our 13-year old movie fanzine, featuring the latest stories from Hollywood and the film industry as well as reviews, newsfeeds, and links to other sites.

Milpitas, CA, US
A professional electronics components manufacturer's representative serving Northern California since 1979, with a mission of customer service.

Coyote Cowboy Company
Intelligent Information Resource, Denver, CO, US
Publishes the works of "Cowboy Poet" Baxter Black. Baxter has appeared on on National Public Radio and is a syndicated columnist.

Creative Internet Services
San Jose, CA, US
Professional Web site development and online marketing services.

Creativity and Computer Survey
University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, US
A survey of the user's creativity. Includes an optional link to a personality sorter.

Cultural Treasures of the Internet
Widener University, Chester, PA, US
The Web site for an Internet guide directed at anyone interested in the arts and humanities aspect of cyberspace.

CyberByte Electronic Storefronts
Washington, DC, US
Advertising has never been easier. The site offers HTML design, electronic imagery, programming, and more.

CyberCity InfoLink
RidgeCo Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Emphasizes Canadian businesses, and worldwide links to business, research, education, environment, travel, and news.

Cyberport's HTML Tutorial
Mike Gunter, Kalispell, MT, US
A collection of how-tos for making effective HTML pages. HTML editors, graphics programs, guides, "Stupid 'Net Tricks," and more are given with examples.

Cyberspace Challenge
Paranet Inc., Houston, TX, US
A skills-based fundraiser for Big Brothers and Sisters agencies. Win great vacations or a SPARCstation. Features two categories, netsurfers, and computer professionals.

d'Arcy Doyle Online
Asted Pty., Ltd., Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
View the online gallery of Australia's best-selling artist, or learn more about the artist.

Dark Generation Software
Cambridge, MA, US
A developer of software solutions for TI calculators and the Macintosh. In addition, Dark Generation provides Web authoring services to both companies and individuals.

Dart Maritime Service, Inc.
Charlotte, NC, US
Provides products and services for those companies in the maritime transportation industry desiring to establish a Web site and related Internet services.

Chicago, IL, US
Contains product information, sample output, and special Web offers for this line of medical-imaging multimedia and presentation tools for the Macintosh.

Desert Research Institute
Reno, NV, US
Conducts research on air and water quality, atmospheric physics, geophysics, geomorphology, ecosystem responses, and archaeology.

Designer Wedding, Inc
Raleigh, NC, US
Provides full-service wedding coordination and charming wedding accessories.

DFW Metro Marketing
Ft.Worth, TX, US
Offers ideas and businesses to people who are looking for something they can run from their home. Find unique books on how-tos and special interest videos.

Digital Media Group, Inc.
Champaign, IL, US
Providing businesses everywhere with Internet solutions.

Directed Perception, Inc.
Burlingame, CA, US
Manufacturer of miniature, computer-controlled, pan-tilt devices. Includes detailed specs, pricing, product information, and great links.

Dolphin Brokerage International
2CM, Inc., North Palm Beach, FL, US
Find out more about this international freight forwarder. Includes a company profile, general information, and services offered.

Dr. Mary Cassata's Guide to Soap Opera Links
University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, US
Dr. Mary Cassata, a researcher at the University of Buffalo, has put together a page of links for soap operas.

East Coast Computer Systems, Inc.
2CM, Inc., North Palm Beach, FL, US
A PC consulting firm based in South Florida, specializing in software for Windows, Windows NT, DOS, and Windows NT server setup.

Eggman Publishing
Nashville, TN, US
Features a unique SelfPub Plus service that helps authors get their works in print, on the shelves, and promoted.

An Electric Conversion
Lebanon, NH, US
Follow the conversion of a 1985 Mazda 626 as it is transformed into an electric vehicle. What gets removed? What parts to buy? How does it all go back together? Will it?

Elijah Wood Homepage
Los Angeles, CA, US
Lists the extraordinary talents of this young performer including movie and television appepearances, and more.

Employment Opportunities
Creative Discoveries, Inc., Fort Collins, CO, US
Looking to fill a job opening, or just looking for a job? Provides employment opportunity advertisements and lists of resumes.

The Empower Wear Company
Sacramento, CA, US
A gay owned and operated clothing apparel company. Check out the Fall 1995 catalog.

Energy Related Projects, Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
An engineering firm that specializes in reducing energy consumption in commercial and industrial air conditioning systems.

Equity Financial Insurance & Trust
Tucson, AZ, US
Free immediate insurance quotes and updated information on many types of insurance. Licensed agent inquiries welcome.

Ergonet Inc.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A Web presence provider publishing in French and in English.

European Recycling Centre
Worcs, England
Information on commercial recycling, associations, events, and news.

Exiles RFC
Copenhagen, Denmark
The first Scandinavian rugby club on the Internet. The site contains images, results, news, and general information about rugby in Denmark.

Fame Publishing Inc.
Intelligent Information Resource, Denver, CO, US
From inspiring, historical, patriotic reference works to books on health, personal finance, and successful living, Fame's material covers a variety of important topics for the 1990s.

Fight the Right Network
Philadelphia, PA, US
An organization opposing the political ascendancy of theocrats and fascists. Publishes the Networking newsletter.

Filipino Music Web Links
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
A collection of links to resources covering music sites in the Philippines and elsewhere, and promoting Philippine popular music artists and the Philippine music industry.

Four Geez Press
Intelligent Information Resource, Denver, CO, US
Publishes books designed to help people understand what they can do for themseves to lead healthy lives.

Friendly Auto Insurance of Edgewater
Orlando, FL, US
The easiest place to get an automobile insurance quote via the Internet.

From The Grassroots
Anti-authoritarian Network of Community Organizers, Houston, TX, US
An online publication about community organizing and social action, with a focus on the efforts of people of color changing their lives.

Fuel Cell Commercialization Group
Technology Transition Corporation, Washington, DC, US
A nonprofit buyers' organization of electric/gas utilities and nonutility generators promoting Energy Research Corporation's carbonate fuel cells.

Full Moon Entertainment
Los Angeles, CA, US
The leading independent producer of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy movies. Site contains audio and video clips, and news about recent video releases.

Gay & Lesbian Guide to London
Zzyzx Consulting, London, England
A guide to gay and lesbian hotels, bars, clubs, and other resources in London. Includes photographs, maps, and phones.

GFP Business Center
Seattle, WA, US
Promptly provides secretarial services to business travelers in the Seattle area, and helps make customers' business efforts more effective and productive.

Portland, OR, US
Makes healthy, environmentally-friendly, cotton menstrual pads.

The Global Consultants Network
Birmingham, West Midlands, England
A worldwide group of consultants who combine their skills to give a better service to their clients in a wide range of disciplines.

Greenleaf Press
Lebanon, TN, US
Publishes children's books, primarily on history. Site includes articles on how to teach history, examples of a literature based-study of the middle ages, and more.

Handley's Eastern Shore Genealogy Page
Shari Handley, Warren, MI, US
A genealogy-based site with information and links of interest to genealogy hobbyists with ancestors on the eastern shore of Maryland.

Hector's Civil Engineering site
Orlando, FL, US
Contains information on civil engineering and a list of favorite links.

High Performance Group (HPG)
Southfield, MI, US
Provides custom-designed training, strategic planning training, business process re-engineering services, customer satisfaction systems design, team building, and small group facilitation.

Highsmith Press
Fort Atkinson, WI, US
Publishes library reference and professional books, and instructional resources for teachers and librarians who serve youth from grades K-12.

Holiday Inn Central Washington DC
Washington, DC, US
Information about accessibility, attractions, and business and personal services.

Home Business Solutions
Santa Barbara, CA, US
The complete home business resource.

Hubbard Dianetics Foundation
Los Gatos, CA, US
Extensive data on the writings of bestselling author L. Ron Hubbard, calendars of local events, a pictoral tour, links to related sites, and more.

Hypertext Publishing and the Evolution of Knowledge
Russell Whitaker, Mountain View, CA, US
The edited version of a K. Eric Drexler paper originally submitted to the Hypertext 87 conference.

I Spy
Lexington, KY, US
A traditional, interactive game between parents and children, where players look for patterns, colors, or objects.

IBM Belgium PSM
Brussels, Brabant, Belgium
Get information about OS/2, and access to The Belgium OS/2 End User BBS.

New Haven, CT, US
Offers high-speed, dial-up, and dedicated Internet access, as well as Web page design and authoring, to individuals and businesses in Connecticut.

the improvisor
The Vivid Index, Birmingham, AL, US
A collection of English language essays, reviews, photos, original artwork, networking, and ideas that document the international community of freely improvising musicians.

Index to U.S. EPA Test Methods
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, US
A quick reference guide for environmental laboratories.

InfoPoint Santa Cruz Restaurant Guide
Santa Cruz, CA, US
A restaurant guide with links to over 10 restaurants in the Santa Cruz area, listing meals and specials.

The InfoPro Web
Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
The largest IT publishing company in Taiwan with titles that include INFOPRO Weekly, PC WEEK Taiwan, and PC Magazine Republic of China Edition.

Interdisciplinary Environmental Association (IEA)
Assumption College Dept of Economics and Foreign Affairs, Worcester, MA, US
Combines ideas and research findings from different disciplines to enhance the understanding of the interactions between the natural environment and human institutions.

International Film Festival Rotterdam
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Offers professional information to filmmakers, directors, and producers about the coming film festival. Submission forms are available.

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
Brookfield, WI, US
Provides the most extensive array of programs and services to the benefits industry.

The Internet Museum of Holography
Frank DeFreitas Holography Studio, Allentown, PA, US
A virtual museum of holography. Learn about lasers, holograms, and optics, and access a reference library, a reading room, and more.

Internet Telephone Company
Miami, FL, US
Developer of WebPhone(tm), a powerful, full-featured software phone that lets you talk to anyone in the world over the Internet for free.

The Internet Yellow Page Directory
Highway Direct, Omaha, NE, US
A complete, easy-to-use, online business directory similar to the yellow pages.

Into The Light
Perth, Australia
A Christian band from Perth. Read lyrics and meet the members.

Israel Film Festival in New York & Los Angeles
Israefest & Melmar Multimedia, New York, NY, US
A virtual tour of the festival including film descriptions, interviews with filmmakers, photos, video and sound clips, and information about Israel and filmmaking there.

Israeli Bridge
Ophir Herbst, Haifa, Israel
Information on tournaments, clubs, and other material related to Israeli bridge. Also included are many links, bulletins, and more.

Jackley Search Consultants
Minneapolis, MN, US
Specializes in recruiting engineers, scientists, and technical managers for advanced technology companies.

JDT Enterprises
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
An independent distributor of a host of natural, organic, and environmentally-friendly products created to assist nature in an effort to obtain optimal results.

Jeff Jackson, Morgantown, WV, US
A Web site dedicated to magic and lists of sports trading cards.

Jornal do Video
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Brazil's first video magazine, with over 240 pages full of video retailer information monthly.

Jose's Chaotic World
Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, MD, US
A list of valuable Internet resources for everything from science and entertainment to Hispanic sites.

Portland, OR, US
Home page of the Portland, Oregon, alternative band includes pictures, sound samples, and links to other KOSHER resources.

L. Ron Hubbard, A Profile
Author Services, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, US
A wide-ranging, vividly authoritative overview of Hubbard's extraordinary life and work as a philosopher and humanitarian, educator and administrator, artist, and international bestselling author.

Larousse Kingfisher Chambers
Intelligent Information Resource, Denver, CO, US
This publishing company's titles range from dictionaries to general reference to specialties.

The Law Forum
Innovative Internet Marketing Solutions, Wallingford, CT, US
Houses Web sites for law firms nationwide. Sites are listed by area of practice as well as by state.

Portland, OR, US
Find activities and information on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that emphasizes the lifestyle of members.

Lethbridge Cosmos Soccer Club
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Find club information, tournament information, player pages, team information, and FIFA rules.

Paris, France
An association of French professionals with a link to the Arab and/or Muslim world.

Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society
Salisbury, MD, US
Resources, information, and services are available to Society members and others interested in genealogy on the Delmarva Peninsula, which includes parts of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

Lurch's Mountain Bike Page
Ernest Eich, Raleigh, NC, US
Contains many true-to-life trail photos, stories, and comments on life.

M. F. Maghee Tool And Supply
Yamhill, OR, US
Tools, hardware, and supplies for construction, industry, and home, including log homes. Also provides a listing of artisan contractors, those hard-to-find specialty contractors.

Macaulay Culkin WWW Page
Alex Kremer, Cupertino, CA, US
A Web site dedicated to one of America's best-known young actors.

MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Provides technology-based solutions and services that address basic, societal needs. The company is active in the geographic information, aviation, space and defense, and communications markets worldwide.

Machula's Art Studio
Amsterdam, Holland
An art studio with glassworks and stage photography.

Madeline's Friends
HCF, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Presents the children's books and art of Ludwig Bemelmans, including Rosebud, The Quito Express, and The Castle Number Nine.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Embryos
Department of Radiology, Duke University, Durham, NC, US
Magnetic resonance microscopy is an effective tool for generating and analyzing the multi-dimensional information that developmental biologists need to understand ontology.

Mainstream Engineering Corporation
Rockledge, FL, US
A small, high-technology business serving the chemical, thermal, and HVAC markets. Technical abstracts and newsletter registration are provided at this site.

Mazzei Packs
San Francisco, CA, US
Technical backpacks and fannypacks designed for hardcore hikers, cyclists, and runners. Offers contests and online discounts.

Medical Network, Inc., Princeton, NJ, US
Provides information services, including educational programs, an interactive forum, and a medical jobs line, to the medical community.

The Melonpatch
D'fine Illustration & Design, Raleigh, NC, US
The official site for the latest information and tour schedules from the South Carolina band, Cravin' Melon.

Mencik's Sportscards
Gambrills, MD, US
Carries singles and sets of all sports, as well as unopened boxes, Highland Mint, and supplies. Links are included to other sports and collecting sites.

Metales Potosi, S.A. de C.V.
San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Supplies tin, lead, copper, and solder alloys, and recycles nonferrous materials.

Midnite Blues
Jimmy Peyton, Phoenix, AZ, US
A veteran blues band, which users can hear in .wav format.

Midwest Today Magazine
Panora, IA, US
Covers news, sports, politics, entertainment, and the arts. Contains exclusive celebrity and newsmaker interviews, and investigative reports.

Mock's Place
Steve Mockensturm, Toledo, OH, US
Digital works and writings from Steve Mockensturm, award-winning photo illustrator and designer.

Morrisound Recording
Rodger Stephan, Tampa, FL, US
A full-service, 24 and 48 track, analog and digital recording facility.

Motivational Marketing Associates
Buffalo, NY, US
Brings 25 years of marketing experience to the Web. Offers complete site promotion services, including content development, creative services, and media buying services.

MTB Computer Corporation
New York, NY, US
Offers the products InterConn, InterConn ISDN, and InterConn ISP which allow for affordable, high-speed connections of LAN/WANs to an Internet access provider.

Multimedia Design Studio
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Visit a basement gallery and find cross-platform multimedia FTP downloads, and hotlinks to the most outrageous, obnoxious, and just plain stupid Web sites.

The Music Review
Network Marketing, Inc., Nashville, TN, US
An independent music publication compiled by persons with years of experience and success in the music industry. Music reviews and sound links are included.

The Music Specialist
Allen L. Johnston, Hialeah, FL, US
Find a wealth of music industry-related resources, information, pictures, and samples from a wide variety of musical genres.

MW Media
San Jose, CA, US
Publisher of both online and print directories featuring microprocessors, microcontrollers, and development tools such as debuggers, emulators, real-time operating systems, evaluation boards, and logic analyzers

National Environmental Information Service
Baton Rouge, LA, US
The single-source clearinghouse for all EPA, OSHA, and RSPA documents.

National Hydrogen Association
Technology Transition Corporation, Washington, DC, US
A focal point for interest in hydrogen technologies for electric generation, energy storage, and other applications (vehicles/transportation, fuel cells, commercial aircraft).

National Register Publishing
New Providence, NJ, US
Publisher of Direct Marketing Market Place, and Working Press of the Nation.

Neal E. Wilson Research
Manchester, CT, US
A service provides the international traveller with data on personal and medical safety, telcom availability, business climate, and political situation.

Nellie Mae Loan Link
Braintree, MA, US
Essential financial aid information center for high school, college, and graduate students; parents; and financial aid officers.

Net Trader
xnet, Mt. Eliza, Victoria, Australia
Free classified advertising in Australia.

Perth Amboy, NJ, US
Creative design for slides, print, interactive multimedia, and Web presence.

Netsource Asia
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Lists thousands of whoesale products available from the manufacturers and traders of Hong Kong, Malysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Phillipines.

Neuropsychology Central
CyberRehab Services, Baton Rouge, LA, US
A comprehensive listing of neuropsychology links and resources available on the internet. Submissions welcome.

New York Choral Society
New York, NY, US
Provides information on the 180-voice volunteer chorus, the subscription series, as well as links to other musical sites.

Nice Price Collectibles
Nice Price Books, Carrboro, NC, US
Offers rare, classic, and collectible vinyl, from jazz to alternative/punk.

nine inch nails: cd samples
Steven M. Kean, Columbia, SC, US
Audio-visual samples from nine inch nails-related material.

Nomura Project Finance International
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Specializes in project finance for power and telecom industry, and infrastructure projects.

Old Bridge High School/NASA
Old Bridge, NJ, US
Contains links, ratings, and reviews for many astronomical sites, as well as other information for those participating in the OBHS/NASA cooperative learning program.

Online Service Pricing Info
Jay Barker, Tacoma, WA, US
Updated information about the pricing of online services including America Online, CompuServe, the Microsoft Network, and Prodigy.

The On-Line Treasure Hunter
Info-Services, Canton, GA, US
Informative site that is updated monthly and covers all forms of treasure hunting.

The Orchid Conservatory
Alan Fraser, Cincinnati, OH, US
A page for orchid lovers, with plenty of images and links to other orchid sites. Identify the "mystery orchid" and get credit in the caption.

Order of the Thelemic Golden Dawn
Los Angeles, CA, US
An organization to perpetuate the teachings of Aleister Crowley.

Orlando Graphic City Guide
Conceptual Resources, Maitland, FL, US
Provides current information links to weather, movies, television, radio, music, sports, plays, conventions, expositions, theater, theme parks, and attractions in and around the Orlando metro area.

PAGEIN Project
ONERA, Paris, France
A project aiming to characterize, demonstrate, and exploit key features for high-performance computing on IBC (Integrated Broadband Communications) by aerospace industries.

Pathway To Your Success
Temaat Enterprises, Fairfield, CA, US
Looking for financial independence? Check out some interesting financial opportunities.

Penn State Research Park
University Park, PA, US
A 130-acre phased development project aimed at assisting the economic revitalization of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau, Philadelphia, PA, US
The major convention center for Philadelphia, located in the heart of downtown.

Perpetual Press
Intelligent Information Resource, Denver, CO, US
A rapidly growing Pacific Northwest publisher of alternative travel and employment guides. Titles are created for people intent on getting the most out of life.

Personalized/Vanity/Environmental License Plate Numbers
Vanamali Thotapalli, Chicago, IL, US
Over 10,000 carefully chosen personalized/vanity/environmental license plate combinations to peruse through.

Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show
Women's Committee of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA, US
Complete information on the upcoming exhibition in November at the new Pennsylvania Convention Center. Includes photographs and a self-running slide show.

The Philippine Cyberspace Review
Metro Manila, Philippines
A Web magazine that serves as the definitive resource for information about the emerging online industry in the Philippines.

Brighthouse, Austin, TX, US
A photographic resource community offering a gallery, retailer space, and a global directory of photographers and photo related products.

Physicians' Home Page
SilverPlatter Education, Boston, MA, US
A membership-based service providing practicing physicians with a convenient way to get relevant, authoritative, up-to-date answers to the questions faced during the practice of medicine.

Pinon Press
Intelligent Information Resource, Denver, CO, US
Seeks to bring about positive change and growth in the life of the reader, creating the opportunity to achieve a better quality of life in terms of meaning, purpose, community, love, and wholeness.

Planet Hawaii
Hawaii On-Line, Honolulu, HI, US
Hawaii's premiere one-stop site for business, travel, shopping, publishing, entertainment, and culture resources on the World Wide Web.

Miami, FL, US
A virtual gateway to one of the most enigmatic places known: South Florida.

Political Science Department
Columbia University, New York, NY, US
Browse faculty information, course listings, descriptions of graduate and undergraduate programs, and links to related sites.

PowerLink Directory & Search System
PowerLink Communications Corporation, Boca Raton, FL, US
Search the Internet or place your free e-Card in the Internet's newest and most powerful directory and search system.

Price Watch Computer Index
San Antonio, TX, US
Search here to find out where to order computer components at the lowest price.

A+ Printing Services
New York, NY, US
Offers laser printing in a variety of print styles for wedding invitation envelopes or wedding programs.

Public Aquariums in Japan
Masaya Toyokawa, Nansei, Japan
Peruse a list of public aquariums in Japan with links to several aquariums' home pages.

QPhil Home Page
Queen's Philippine Cultural Association, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
The Web site of the Queen's Philippine Cultural Association, one of the newest clubs at Queen's University. Links to many of the Web's Filipino resources are also included.

A Quiet Cup (With Feet Up)
Greg Carter, RN, Panama City, FL, US
An electronic magazine celebrating nursing, and the art of care. Contains poetry, stories, features, and graphics for nurses.

Radiation and Free Radical Biology
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, US
Information on academic programs, faculty, students, research interests, events, and facilities.

Real Bodies
Falmouth, MA, US
Designs and imports a unique line of apparel from Bali, Indonesia. Find beautiful, comfortable, and affordable batik fashions for women of all shapes and sizes.

ReMNet Jamaican Information Navigator
Kingston, Jamaica
A free service to those seeking links to information on Jamaica. Updated frequently, based on user comments and Net searches.

Resume Canada
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
A unique, national resume databank, where potential employers can access resumes via fax, 24 hours a day.

Rockett's Homepage
Me Personally, Woodland Hills, CA, US
The personal homepage of the drummer from rock band Poison.

Vienna, VA, US
Some exciting services to guide you through your Net safari. Includes The Weather Center, The Writing Center, and The Holiday Special.

Rosenman & Colin LLP
New York, NY, US
A leading, full-service law firm with lawyers in New York, Washington, D.C., and Newark. Principal areas of practice are corporate, litigation, real estate, insurance and reinsurance, tax, and trusts and estates.

Sabawi Software Consulting, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A provider of database client/server computing solutions for businesses. Database, office workflow, paperless office systems, and distributed application development are part of their services.

San Francisco Audio Network Online
San Francisco, CA, US
Provides audio content for multimedia and advertising, audio post-production, digital ADR and VO editing, custom sound design, and musical composition.

Saturn of Oakland
Oakland, CA, US
A virtual showroom for this car dealership.

School of Natural Resources and Environment
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A leader in educating students to be innovative and effective stewards of the environment, the school explores and teaches the knowledge necessary to manage and conserve the earth's resources on a sustainable basis.

Science Notes
Santa Cruz, CA, US
A semi-annual magazine by graduate students in the Science Communication Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Search and Rescue Magazine
Newbury Park, CA, US
Dedicated to search and rescue technology education and process improvement, with particular emphasis on mountain search.

SGF Environmental Consultants, Inc.
Coral Springs, FL, US
Provides Phase I and Phase II contamination assessment, and consulting for asbestos, lead, radon, wetlands, and indoor air.

Signal Technology
Beverly, MA, US
Develops and manufactures high-quality frequency generation, frequency management, and power management components and systems.

The Simple Setup Company
St. Louis, MO, US
Web design and electronic marketing consultants, specializing in retail Web catalogs and small business storefronts.

Slurry of Sound
Berkeley, CA, US
Find strange and unusual LP records from 1950-70s on display and for sale. This is also a place to find some rare press kits.

Sojourner-Trek Moccasins
Mandala, Llano, CA, US
Custom-crafted moccasins for comfortable walking, hiking, backpacking, and world-trekking.

CCS International, New York, NY, US
This is not a game. This is the real world of spy-versus-spy, corporate espionage, counter-intelligence, surveillance, and ultra-high-tech detection systems.

Stichting Sociaal Fonds Bouwnijverheid
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Responsible for social security in the construction industry for the Netherlands. Collects premiums from employers, and pays social security benefits to employees.

Sunshine E-Zine
People Publishing People, Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia
Travel regional Queensland and take in the reef, rainforest, and outback; shop the market; and visit the search links and Web jumpstation.

Laguna Beach, CA, US
The coolest collection of videos, music CDs, and books on surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. Check out killer surf films, and catch a wave from vintage surf sounds to alternative punk bands.

Technical Tools
Boca Raton, FL, US
Provides financial analysis software and a daily data download service for futures, stocks, mutual funds, cash prices, and indices.

Technology Transition Corporation
Washington, DC, US
Provides management and membership services for energy-related commercialization and development organizations for photovoltaics, fuel cells, hydrogen, and biomass.

Timberline Ski Resort
Mark Flugrath, Canaan Valley, WV, US
Information on lodging, directions, and weather conditions for this West Virginia ski resort.

Tom Strickland for Senate
Denver, CO, US
A Democratic Party member seeking to replace retiring Senator Hank Brown of Colorado.

A Topical Guide to the Internet
Tony Safina, Louisville, KY, US
An Internet resource tool with links to utility locations and various places, arranged by subject.

Total Shaving Solutions
Little Big Man Enterprises, River Grove, IL, US
Information on this revolutionary shaving product and its creator.

Tourist's London
Zzyzx Consulting, London, England
An offbeat and sometimes quirky guide to understanding London, without all the fluff, ads, or hype. Not your average tourist guide.

Tower Travel, Inc.
Odenton, MD, US
Stop by for a free travel quote for hotels, cars, resorts, Amtrak, airline tickets, and more.

TST Talk Radio
Tulsa, OK, US
Talk radio via the Internet and a multimedia computer. Over 800 talk shows from hosts nationwide are now available on demand. Subject categories include health, politics, and expert talk.

UMass Amherst Alumni
University of Massachusetts, Office of Public Affairs, Amherst, MA, US
Read the Internet edition of the Campus Chronicle, submit an entry to the alumni email database, and stay tuned for the alumni newsletter, the alumni calendar, and information from other UMass alumni organizations.

Unicef - India
New Delhi, India
Contains a variety of information about Unicef and its activities in India, including Unicef publications globally, contacts for Unicef offices in India, and information about countries in South Asia.

United States Military Academy
Find information on admissions, agencies and departments, mailing lists, and more.

Universitario de Deportes
Gian Pier Barchi, Nacogdoches, TX, US
Unofficial homepage of the most popular soccer club in Peru. Contains up-to-date scores from the Peruvian soccer league, and other news about Peruvian soccer.

UnOfficial University of Michigan Page
Greg Bissell, East Lansing, MI, US
Covers football and basketball at University of Michigan. Visit other Michigan and non-Michigan sport sites, and participate in the monthly visitor poll.

Utility Biomass Energy Commercialization Association
Washington, DC, US
For power producers seeking economical, advanced bioenergy conversion technologies (cofiring, gasification) and sustainable feedstocks (dedicated energy crops, SRWC, wood/agricultural waste).

UZO: Urban Zeitgeist Online
Interactive Factory, Boston, MA, US
Quicken the pulse of the nation by joining this dynamic conversation about how nine American cities are perceived.

Vicki Wall Dressage Training
Sebastopol, CA, US
A brochure with information about the trainer, a photo directory of horses for sale, and a list of other dressage and horse links.

Video Solutions
San Francisco, CA, US
Leaders in digital courtroom technology. Legal professionals can schedule a video deposition online at this site.

Virtual City
Ronald Newcomb, San Diego, CA, US
A cyber city filled with interesting sites to visit, things to buy, business services, and more. Visit often, as the sites change frequently.

Waveloch, Inc.
La Jolla, CA, US
Find information on Flow Rider, a new class of water attraction simulating an ideal surfing wave.

Web Audit
Portland, OR, US
Free for everyone. Just like like iaudit, but with a comprehensive sort of Web sites by name, totals, hits, and category.

Webwerks Web Publishing
Dallas, TX, US
A publishing company devoted to the beautification of the Web.

Philadelphia, PA, US
Delivers health care information on more than 80 topics, including prostate cancer, respiratory problems, seniors' long-term care, smoking, and women's health.

West Wight Potter
Nacogdoches, TX, US
Devoted to disseminating news and information about the West Wight Potter line of sailboats. A noncommercial Web site directed toward Potter sailors around the world.

Wilderness Adventures, Inc.
Gallatin Gateway, MT, US
One of the world'ís largest selections of fishing and hunting books.

Womenís Web
Evergreen Internet, Chandler, AZ, US
Information for women on careers, jobs, beauty, health, parenting, family, travel, entertainment, money, finance, as well as catalog shopping.

Worldnet Africa
CSIR: Informationtek, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
A one-stop information and communication service for South Africa. Covers topics such as education, business, media, government, tourism, science, and more.

The World's Most Wanted
Results!, Albuquerque, NM, US
Dedicated to posting information on wanted fugitives and unsolved crimes for the U.S., and beyond. Links are provided to law enforcement agencies already online.

Wyatt Management Worldwide
Fountain Valley, CA, US
A full-service management and promotion site with all kinds of information, pictures, music samples, and real-time WebChat.

XNET Computers
Mt. Eliza, Victoria, Australia
Offers computers, peripherals, and Internet access for Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

Zondervan Publishing House
Intelligent Information Resource, Denver, CO, US
Publishes general and academic books to meet the spiritual needs of people of all ages, and all intellectual and interest levels.

Friday, 3 November 1995

Aaron's Hip Hop Hot Spot
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Links to phat hip hop and rap sites.

Abilities Mall
Lake Forest, CA, US
Central source of products, services, and Internet resource links devoted exclusively to the physically challenged.

Administration on Aging
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, DC, US
Information about AoA and its programs, plus resources for practitioners, statistical information on aging, and information for older persons and their families.

AKP Enterprises
Philadelphia, PA, US
A small computer consulting company that is set on helping small businesses grow.

Angenor de Oliveira - Cartola
Brazil On Line, Los Angeles, CA, US
Biography, photos, and songs of Brazil's greatest Samba composer.

Anixter Inc.
Reston, VA, US
A leading global provider of networking, internetworking, and structured cabling products and services.

Alba, Italy
The Internet access and service provider of Southern Piedmont, Italy.

Art Photography of Robert Morris Hunt
Gallery One, Phoenix, AZ, US
Fine art photography of urban landscapes.

The ArtMetal Project
St. Louis, MO, US
Artistic metalworking resources for those interested in the processes used in this ancient craft.

ArtNet Virtual Gallery
Lausanne, Switzerland
A collection of quality, original prints and works of art offered for sale on the Internet.

The Association of Polish Geomorphologists
Poznan, Poland
A nonprofit organization whose main page contains news, conference information, publications, virtual geomorphology, and more.

Aureus Records
Mashpee, MA, US
A new, independent record label offering dance, rap, rock, pop, and other popular music forms on CD, vinyl, and cassette.

Australian Leisure
Brisbane, Australia
Dedicated to showing where a large percentage of Australians go to spend their leisure hours.

Automated WebPagePublisher
EURO-ad, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Now even bosses can manage Web sites. Create a page within one minute through the Web, with no knowledge of HTML.

Banca Commerciale Italiana
Milan, Italy
The Italian bank is proud to announce its virtual counter on the Internet, with useful information about its services and publications.

Bear St.
Pacifica Blue, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Discover the wide, wild world of Gund on the World Wide Web.

New York, NY, US
Offers Web site and 3D logo design for individuals and businesses who want exciting, interactive Internet presence.

Creativision, Fort Worth, TX, US
A chance to contribute an opinion on hot issues over a range of categories. The service is fun, interactive, completely anonymous, and totally live.

Bill Davison - Freelance Designer
Seymour, TN, US
Low-cost Web advertising, HTML production, and freelance creative graphic design for successful business. Print/nonprint, 3D modeling, information kiosk, trade shows, displays, and media via the Internet.

Billings Photo
Rockwood, TN, US
Sells excellent new and used photographic equipment since 1959.

Board of European Students of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden
A European student organization gathering 39 top universities of technology.

BR Online Travel to Brazil
Somerville, MA, US
Budget travel services to Brazil. Featuring air tickets, online reservations, and information.

Buffalo Chapter of the American Red Cross
Buffalo, NY, US
Offers a variety of health, relief, and educational services for the Buffalo region.

Bulgaria on the Internet
Jivko Koltchev, Los Gatos, CA, US
Comprehensive information source on Bulgaria including daily news and archives, businesses and commerce, government and law, and academic institutions.

Burden's Vacuum Cleaner Company
Manufacturers Information Net, Houston, TX, US
Has been in business for over 40 years providing residential and industrial cleaning equipment, accessories, and products.

Business to Business Directory
InfoPoint, Santa Cruz, CA, US
A directory for advertising, publicity, accounting, planning, and marketing businesses.

Cameras, Cameras, and more Cameras!
Los Angeles, CA, US
Find links to as many cameras as can be found on the Internet.

Campus Singles
Minneapolis, MN, US
The only personals service dedicated to single college women and men at campuses across America.

The Canuck Site of the Day
10Q Intermedia, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Created to promote the quality in design and technology shown in Canadian Web sites.

Molecular Cardiology Lab, University of Marburg, Germany
Provides scientific information on cardioreparation, the repair of the adverse remodeling of the failing heart by novel drug approaches.

Career Shop Job Search
TenKey Publishing, Orlando, FL, US
A databank of job opportunities posted by employers nationwide. Search by state and/or job category.

Carolina Biological Supply Company
Burlington, NC, US
Provides science and math educators worldwide with top-quality teaching materials.

Cascade Aviary: Show Quality Cockatiels
Clinton, WA, US
Information on cockatiels and other exotic birds.

CD Brazil
Brazil On Line, Los Angeles, CA, US
Find hard-to-get CDs from Brazil in categories that include popular, classical, vocal, and instrumental.

CD-MOM, The Parent Company
New York, NY, US
The interactive parenting publication on the Web and on CD-ROM, designed to bring families together in activity, education, and fun.

Centre for Youth Affairs Research & Development
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
Details about undergraduate and postgraduate courses, research, and other activities. Also find online papers by YARD researchers and a catalog of Social Policy Archive.

Charm Woven Labels
Charm Woven, Portland, OR, US
Add the finishing touch to sewing, knitting, quilting, clothing, and more, with personalized woven labels.

Christian Savers!
Vacaville, CA, US
Christian-themed screens for Microsoft Windows screen savers.

City of New York Parks & Recreation Special Events Calendar
Jerry Dugal, New York, NY, US
A guide to special events throughout New York City's five boroughs.

C.J. van der Mark's Image Gallery
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Image gallery of pictures created with freeware programs such as PovRay, Fractint, and Lparser.

Climate Data and Information for Environmental Applications
American Meteorological Society, Boston, MA, US
Information on climate-impacted decision making by environmental scientists and midlevel managers.

Computer and Communications Store
General Services Administration, Washington, DC, US
Provides information about computers and computer-related products that may be purchased online.

Consulate General of Israel, Mid-Atlantic States
Consulate General of Israel, Philadelphia, PA, US
Information on this Israeli consulate serving Pennsylvania, Ohio, Delaware, Kentucky, West Virginia, and New Jersey.

The Consummate Skiing List
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A well-organized index of all skiing resources on the Web, currently listing more than 450 ski pages.

Coupon Connection of America
Klavier Enterprises, Bayonne, NJ, US
Grocery coupons for virtually every product purchased at the supermarket.

The C-PERT Home Page
Seattle, WA, US
Grassroots support for moving the current debate on the Personal Responsibility Revolution to include telecommunications.

The Crafts Fair OnLine
Los Angeles, CA, US
A free hot links page for individual crafts people and crafts organizations of the Web.

Cray Communications, Inc. (USA)
Annapolis Junction, MD, US
Manufacturer of SNMP-managed LAN and WAN equipment, including routers, 56k and T1 CSU/DSUs, multiplexers, ISDN TAs, and frame relay encryptors.

Creamer Dickson Basford
Boston, MA, US
Combines creativity, strategy, and passion to deliver public relations that makes a difference for clients in high technology, industrial, and international markets.

The Creative Discoveries Business Opportunities Page
Fort Collins, CO, US
Find a wide variety of business-opportunity classified advertisements in the areas of business finance, venture capital, computers and software, and more.

Fort Worth, TX, US
Provides in-house graphic design and programming to make dream Web sites a reality at reasonable rates.

Culinary Arts Food Club
San Antonio, TX, US
A student organization of the Hospitality and Management Department, with information on events, recipes, tips and techniques, and links to other culinary pages.

Cyber Art Gallery Eindhoven
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Showcases the artworks of young Dutch artists and contains an extensive cool art links list.

Cyber Wine
Wine Biz Publications, Sonoma, CA, US
Features the Cyber Wine Map of links, independent ratings of wine-related Web sites, and the Smart Wine InfoMall.

Helen M. Moore, Enfield, CT, US
The Internet source for Indisposables Cotton Diapers, Bravado Nursing Bras, Indi Sling baby carriers, and Indisposables Washable Cotton Sanitary Pads.

Cyberspace Challenge
Paranet, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
The first annual skills-based contest for Big Brothers & Sisters local agencies. Win a SPARCstation, hardware, software, and vacations.

Berlin, Germany
An advertising agency specializing in computerized marketing, especially on the World Wide Web.

Cycle Computer Corporation
Palo Alto, CA, US
Builds motherboard upgrades for Sun Microsystem's SPARCstation 1, 1+, 2, IPC, IPX, and Sun 3/80 systems.

Damark International, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN, US
An online catalog loaded with brand-name merchandise at incredibly low prices.

Darex's Cutting Tools
Ashland, OR, US
Find a FAQ for cutting tool users and sharpeners, as well as information on drill sharpeners, end mill sharpeners, tap, reamer, and countersink sharpeners.

DataLAN Corporation
White Plains, NY, US
A systems integration firm offering a wide range of services to both small and large businesses.

Datamocracy: Demographic and Geographic Data
Berkeley, CA, US
Demographic and geographic data for use with spreadsheets and geographic analysis programs. Useful for marketing, planning, and analysis.

Deep Submergence Operations Group
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA, US
Discover the research submersible ALVIN, other underwater vehicles, and a wide variety of marine-related information.

Delta Sigma Pi - Eta Mu Chapter
DeKalb, IL, US
A co-ed, international professional business fraternity to foster the study of business in universities and to encourage the association of students and the commercial world.

Department of Dental Diagnostic Science
University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX, US
Contains information relating to oral medicine, problem-based learning, radiology, and digital imaging. The site also has free imaging software for Windows 95 and Windows NT.

Department of Geography
University College Cork, Cork, Ireland
A broadly-based department including teaching and research in regional and urban geography, quaternary, coastal and marine studies, environmental studies and climatology, and GIS and related systems.

London, England
A Web site featuring businesses in fine art, antiques, and collectibles.

Diamond & Steed Magic Productions
Palo Alto, CA, US
Producers of magic and illusion shows. Specializing in conventions, fair shows, and fund raisers that feature animals, comedy, audience participation, staging, lighting, and special effects.

Division of Historical Resources Web Index
Department of State, Tallahassee, FL, US
An index to Florida's historical sites. Underwater archaeology, grants, Florida heritage, Cuban heritage, museums, and more can be found here.

DNS Technologies
San Francisco, CA, US
Specializes in distributed, object-oriented products and applications. Find information here on SmalltalkBroker, the CORBA 2.0 compliant Object Request Broker for Smalltalk.

Doceo Publishing, Inc.
Norcross, GA, US
Multimedia publisher specializing in digital video-related products. The site features articles and reviews on multimedia technology, with an emphasis on MPEG.

Dr. Stork Software
Scottsdale, AZ, US
Produces custom computer presentations and screen savers for use in marketing, advertising, catalogs, trade shows, annual reports, or anything normally done in print. Uses animation, full color, special effects, and interactivity.

Eat More, Weigh Less Diet
Health Foundation 2000, Honolulu, HI, US
Information on a revolutionary, scientifically tested diet based on sound nutrition and preventive medicine principles.

Matthew G. Smith, Bronxville, NY, US
A poet offers links mixed into original poetry. Surf a new kind of wave.

EcoNet's Environmental Racism and Environmental Justice Resources
San Francisco, CA, US
Addresses environmental issues favoring communities of color in the U.S.

Edelweiss Tours & Travel
Torrance, CA, US
A full service agency offering personalized service with no surcharges to valued customers.

Multimedia Systems Group, Washington, DC, US
A comic metaphysical fantasy novel, published on the Web.

Empress Software Inc.
Markham, Ontario, Canada
Develops, markets, and supports a line of sophisticated data management software, including EMPRESS, a general-purpose relational database management system.

Equis International
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Developers of investment software, including the leading technical analysis charting program, MetaStock.

Express Mag Newsstand
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The leading source of French magazines in North America offering top-selling publications in every field.

Factory Stores of America
Reedy Creek Direct Marketing Associates, Smithfield, NC, US
The world's largest developer of factory outlet shopping centers with over 36 locations. Find information on those shopping centers as well as a list of their locations.

Family Health Chiropractic
Allentown, PA, US
Offering quality chiropractic care by choice. All major insurances accepted.

Financial Aid Search Through the Web (fastWEB)
Student Services, Inc., North Chicago, IL, US
Offers a free, searchable database of over 180,000 scholarships, fellowships, grants, and loans.

The Flavor of Cuba
Royal Palm Press, Hartsdale, NY, US
Explores the tropical cuisine of Cuba, and includes recipes, easy instructions, tropical produce information, and color photos.

Florida Internet Real-Estate Connection
Clearwater, FL, US
Advertise property or real estate for free, for a limited time, in this index of Florida real estate.

Freelance Directory
Creativision, Fort Worth, TX, US
Browse business listings of freelance consultants and smaller firms with a niche. There are over 120 freelancers in easy-to-navigate listings split by category.

French Internet Guide
Imaginet, Paris, France
A guide that explains, in French, the Internet to new users. The guide covers topics as basic as how to send an email and as involved as how to produce a Web page.

French Resources Center of Japan
Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Gathers interesting information services about France. Sites are classified by domain.

Froggies' Land
Decouvertes, Baltimore, MD, US
An astonishing display of French regions, cities, and activities. Discover France in its diversity and gentleness.

FWB, Inc.
Menlo Park, CA, US
Produces a full line of high-performance storage systems for the Macintosh computer. Visit for product and company information.

Gamecock Football!
University of South Carolina, Augusta, GA, US
News and information about the university's celebrated football program.

Gascony Property
London, England
Specialists in Southwest France property for international clients. Find a large range of all types of property, from small farm houses with views of the Pyrenees to chateaux in the heart of Armagnac.

Gateway Equity and Loan
Canoga Park, CA, US
A mortgage brokerage service with a nationwide lending area, loan newsletter, published rates and programs, online calculation tools, and links to real estate Web sites.

Gateway Publications
St.Louis, MO, US
Offers a full line of self-help books for personal, family, and business use.

GAYETY'S Chocolates
Lansing, IL, US
Makers of hand-dipped, chocolate covered candies with 100 percent natural ingredients and no preservatives, for 75 years.

Hachette Filipacchi Magazines, New York, NY, US
Magazine featuring a political trivia quiz, letters from the editor-in-chief, a map of political resources, and a weekly political poll.

German Literature
Germany Net, Frankfurt, Germany
Full text of featured novels, stories, and poetry.

Get Hip Records
Pittsburgh, PA, US
A music distributor and record label specializing in indie rock, punk, psych, garage, doo-wop, oldies, and R&B.

GII Junior Summit '95 Server
GII Junior Summit Secretariat, Tokyo, Japan
A new event taking place on the Internet, exploring how the GII affects education, the environment, and war and peace.

God's Great Exchange
Willow Lake Evangelical Lutheran Church, Willow Lake, SD, US
A law and gospel presentation for any and all who are interested in what the Bible teaches.

Grand Heritage Hotels International
Digex, Beltsville, MD, US
A unique collection of historic American and European hotels, stately homes, and castles. The hotels are distinguished by striking architecture, beautiful decor, and a rich history.

The Great Globe Gallery on the World Wide Web
Zbigniew Zwolinski, Poznan, Poland
A collection of different views of the Globe as created on globes and maps.

Greenfield-Central High School
Greenfield, IN, US
An academic leader in Indiana for several years, the school is now taking the lead in Internet communications with the development of their Web server.

Gross Site of the Week
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
It's gross, and stomach churning. Not to worry, it's not tasteless, but it is reality. Parental discretion is advised.

Groundstar Corporation
Austin, TX, US
Provides consulting, staffing, computer training, and product sales in the computer network, client-server market.

Hafak Astronomical Society
Longmont, CO, US
An organization originating in Czechoslovakia that features a cool page full of event news, information, and pictures.

Half Moon House
The Owners' Syndicate, London, England
An exclusive six-bedroom villa located in the friendly Caribbean island of Barbados. Its experienced staff of seven will ensure you enjoy a luxurious and pampered vacation.

Headline News Agency
Manchester, England
Provides a weekly media events list for use by news editors.

Health & Hygiene
Greensboro, NC, US
Provides occupational health services to more than 2,000 clients. Services include compliance with OSHA regulations, hearing conservation, and health data management software.

Heavy Construction Systems Specialists, Inc.
Houston, TX, US
The leader in estimating software for the heavy/highway construction industry.

Heavy Gear Unofficial
TN1, Fairfax, VA, US
Supports the Dream Pod 9 role-playing game called Heavy Gear.

Heritage Book Shop, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA, US
Rare books and manuscripts in all fields including literary first editions, illustrated books, children's books, fine printing, sets, and fine bindings.

Simi Valley, CA, US
A one-stop graphic design and desktop publishing firm.

The Hub for People in Wheelchairs
dog666, New York, NY, US
Resources and information on home design, hope for cure and coping, journals, legal issues, people, regional resources, sexuality, sports, therapy, travel, wheelchairs, and women's issues.

Hugo Boss Wordslam Directory
New York, NY, US
A celebration of the spoke word. The site features works of many poets and writers as well as a $1,500 award for the best written submission.

NewMedia Magazine, San Mateo, CA, US
Provides a daily news/technical service for multimedia and online professionals, plus current and archived material from NewMedia magazine and the Macromedia User Journal.

IBM Internet Connection for OS/2
SunSITE Singapore, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
A virtual tour of the IBM Internet Connection software in OS/2. Includes a description of program components and several screen shots.

The Idea Bank
Bainbridge Island, WA, US
A wise investment in interactive communication, marketing, advertising, and public relations, from smart Web sites to customized software applets and info-marketing.

Stayces Home Parties, Long Beach, CA, US
A page for rubber stamps and accessories.

Infiniti Micro Systems
Las Vegas, NV, US
A Microsoft solution provider specializing in systems integration with Windows NT, Windows for Workgroups, and Windows 95.

Inside Magic(TM): The Online Resource and CD-ROM for Magicians
Houghton Mifflin Interactive, Boston, MA, US
Offers discussion, news, articles, links, and QuickTime videos about magic. Master magician Peter Grand is your host.

Institute for International Research
New York, NY, US
The world's largest business information conference company. Find information on seminar offerings by IIR's Marketing Institute.

Institute of Structural Engineering
Zurich, Switzerland
A Swiss institute specializing in steel, timber, and concrete structures, safety and reliability theory, earthquake and engineering, structural dynamics, and computer science in civil engineering.

Insurance Management Advisors
R. Douglas Kroh, CIC, Williamstown, NJ, US
Providing professional education and consulting services to the insurance industry and lawyers.

Integrated Desktop Solutions
Baltimore, MD, US
A technical services company specializing in computer aided drafting, desktop publishing, management information systems, and Web home page authoring.

Intelligent Internet Services
Perth, Australia
A service/presence provider. Links to client pages are available from this site.

Interactive Communications Networks
Dallas, TX, US
An Internet access provider for the Dallas area, also offering Web page creation services.

International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering
Zurich, Switzerland
A nonprofit scientific society established to promote the international exchange of knowledge in the field of structural engineering.

The International Hunting & Fishing Center
Alinfographie Design & Communications, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A magnitude of information on hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities. Includes hints, tips of the month, and a Q & A section.

International Tandem Users Group
Chicago, IL, US
Current members of the Tandem users group will find priceless information about ITUG. Non-members will find plenty of relevant links to vast amounts of Tandem resources, including, naturally, a link to Tandem itself.

Mecklermedia, Westport, CT, US
The primary source for news and information about the Internet. Features live chat, discussion threads, Internet World magazine, Web Week, Web Developer, streaming video software, and more.

Jan Vacter Yang
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Information on a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics with notes and discussion in topology, differential geometry, sympletic geometry, and more.

Jewish AIDS Network - Chicago
Chicago, IL, US
A grass roots organization dedicated to providing services and referrals with a Jewish content to individuals infected with HIV/AIDS, and their families and friends who are also impacted.

J.L. Publishing Company, Inc.
Salisbury, MD, US
Provides discount printing for business and personal use. Products include newsletters, business cards, envelopes, letterhead, notepads and bookmarks, with photos, labels, and magnets.

Job Hunting on the Internet
David Vasileff, Bloomington, IN, US
Comprehensive index of over 475 companies that provide employment information on their Web sites. Included are links to home pages and direct links to employment information.

Juan Sandoval's Jewish and Southwestern Folk Art
HMR Enterprises, Scottsdale, AZ, US
Contains images of this artist's work, his unique history, and information on ordering.

Kaycon Computer Operating Systems Repairs
Anaheim, CA, US
Provides computer consulting and repairs on Legacy Operating Systems.

The Kellogg Clubhouse
Kellogg Company, Battle Creek, MI, US
The official Kellogg's home page, with games and cool downloads as well as information on nutrition and eating right. Register with Snap, Crackle, and Pop to begin the fun.

Kevin's CD's in IWAVE format.
Kevin Huang, White Plains, NY, US
Online CDs that users can listen to with a 14.4 or faster connection and the Internet Wave program, from Vocaltec.

Kitchen & Bath Theater of Design
Davison, MI, US
Computer-aided kitchen design for remodelers and new home builders.

Kris Kringle aka Santa Claus on the Internet
Electronic Commerce Sales Corporation, Portland, OR, US
Christmas is near, visit the North Pole, see some spinning snow flakes, and email capitalism's favorite son.

KSER 90.7 FM, Adventurous Radio
Seattle, WA, US
Radio for the adventurous listener.

Laboratory of Professor David Housman
M.I.T., Cambridge, MA, US
A laboratory team working on identifying the genes involved in the development of cancer and genetic diseases.

LAN Management Consulting
Indianapolis, IN, US
Committed to Novell Netware LAN products, the goal is to provide a solution to networking for the first server or tenth.

Landon Wetzel Mobile Homes
Clearwater, FL, US
Over 25 years as one of Florida's finest manufactured home builders. Visit the Internet Model Center.

Lehua Dreams
Papaikou, HI, US
Offering the sights, sounds, and tastes of Hawaii in the form of books, music, and dried fruits.

Leventhal Consulting, LLC
Milwaukee, WI, US
Provides consulting, training, and design services in electronics and robust design. The site features links to many robust design and computer-aided engineering resources.

The Library for Hazard Mitigation & Building Protection
National Building Protection Council, Inc., Palm Beach Gardens, FL, US
Powerful global sales/distribution source for manufacturers/companies with products/systems to reduce costs and effects of hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornados, explosions, accidents, and terrorism.

Lincoln Benefit Life
Boscow Brokerage, Scituate, MA, US
Free investment planning resources and current market commentary. Also includes specific, detailed annuity and life insurance product descriptions.

Linux Applications and Utilities Page
Runtime Systems, Bloomingdale, IL, US
A listing of commercial, shareware, and freeware applications and utilities for the Linux operating system that have their own Web pages.

Literary Lapses Online
Muncie, IN, US
The literary magazine of Burris Laboratory School, which is a part of Teachers College at Ball State University.

LJL Seminars
Newington, CT, US
A full-service seminar company providing seminars, workshops, and keynotes on presentation skills and related areas.

All American Lottery Information Services, Inc., Salem, NH, US
Allows a user to maintain lottery results from U.S. lottery games on a daily basis by calling a host computer with a modem and LOTTONET software.

Louisiana Fishing
Rigs, Reefs & Wrecks, Inc., New Orleans, LA, US
Dedicated to people who fish or would like to fish in Louisiana. Find lots of pictures, stories, tide tables, fishing regulations, guides, and more.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
A monthly electronic magazine providing a platform from which to promote, discuss, inform, and generally wonder at the world which is Macintosh.

Magical Blend Magazine
Chico, CA, US
Has come up with rare interviews for over the last fifteen years with such creative souls as Jerry Garcia, Timothy Leary, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Carlos Castaneda, and Terence McKenna.

Mallik Computer Services
Los Angeles, CA, US
A computer consulting and system integration company specializing in the Macintosh platform.

The Maritime Life Assurance Company
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Provider of individual and group insurance and investment products. Includes financial needs analysis tools.

Markle Stuckly Hardesty & Bott, CPAs
Larkspur, CA, US
Full-service San Francisco Bay Area CPA firm providing tax accounting and consulting services to closely held businesses and individuals.

Martin Capital Management
Woodbridge, VA, US
A registered investment advisor providing fee-based financial and investment advisory services to individuals, businesses, corporations, and trusts.

Master Software, Inc.
Walnut Creek, CA, US
Provides custom solutions for Tandem and its customers with a focus on the cellular and Telco, financial and banking, and client/server industries.

MC BajaHill
Helsinki, Finland
A virtual Finnish motorcycle club, with pictures, stories, opinions, links, and naturally, some information about Finland.

Media-Pro Children's Software
Tucson, AZ, US
Creator of the Magic Carpet series, a collection of edutainment CD-ROMs that provide children with a fun and interactive experience.

The Megahit Screenplays
Multimedia Systems Group, Washington, DC, US
Analyzes the dramatic and comic structures found in some of the most popular motion pictures ever produced.

Chicago, IL, US
A global spiritual leadership in systems planning and design, embracing research in all areas, with high erudite content, broad responsibilities, and love as standard.

Metrica Inc.
San Antonio, TX, US
A full-service ADP consulting company, providing needs assessment, facilities management, small programming tasks, and Wide Area Network design, implementation, and management.

Metropolitan Washington Regional Outings Program of the Sierra Club
Washington, DC, US
Conducts over 200 hiking and other outdoor events each year for participants from Washington D.C., and suburban Maryland and Virginia.

Minet Technology Services
Strategic Business Systems Corp., Boston, MA, US
Providing the highest quality insurance brokerage and risk management services to technology clients for over 11 years.

Mirkin Report
Dr. Gabe Mirkin, Bethesda, MD, US
The latest scientific breakthroughs in health, fitness, nutrition, and sexuality by the author of The Sportsmedicine Book and Fat Free, Flavor Full. Includes guidelines and recipes from Mirkin's Fat Free Clinic.

San Jose, CA, US
The premier Web service provider for the Hispanic and Latin American marketplace. Provides design and hosting of custom Web sites, networking, and translation services.

The Museum of the City of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA, US
Features reports on the earthquakes of 1906 and 1989, as well as the Oakland firestorm. Also a chronology of San Francisco World War II-related events.

The National Home Workers Association
Detroit, MI, US
Information about work-from-home jobs that include computer work, assembling products, and telephone surveys.

NetApproach, Inc.
Acton, MA, US
A marketing services firm that provides online advertising/marketing solutions for business organizations worldwide.

NetBroker, Inc.
Waltham, MA, US
Helps financial services firms expand their business through electronic distribution channels.

New Year's LIVE
OtherSide Productions, Larkspur, CA, US
America's most-watched New Year's Eve countdown spectacular featuring satellite coverage of celebrations in 10 cities spanning all four continental time zones.

New York City Subway Resources
David Pirmann, New York, NY, US
Includes photos of the subway system, track and yard maps, archived Usenet articles, and links to related sites.

The Nickle Arts Museum
The University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
An Arts museum dedicated to serving and educating both the University and civic community, while promoting the liberal arts.

Nike Securities L.P.
Chicago, IL, US
A unit investment trust sponsor committed to providing investors and financial professionals the best service, information, and products for the investment process.

San Antonio, TX, US
A premium inkjet refill kit and cartridge remanufacturer for Apple, Canon, Epson, IBM, and HP printers.

Number One Hits
Patrick Spreng, Wichita, KS, US
You can find any Pop/Rock or Country record or artist that ever made it to number one on the U.S. charts.

Numismatists Online
Hobby Markets Online, San Francisco, CA, US
The home of fully interactive coin auctions on the Web. Stop on by, live auctions are currently underway. Not interested in coins? Try out Mock Auction, where the auction is real but the bids are not.

Ocean Boards International, Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
Manufactures single-seat, ocean paddle boards for recreational and fitness use at all beachfront and water locations.

The Official Grateful Dead Web Site
SRA Engineering, San Jose, CA, US
Includes up-to-the-minute information on the band, tours, music archives, and new releases.

Olio Meriggio
Dogliani, Italy
A high-quality, Italian olive oil producer.

OmniSoft's Multimedia and Visual Basic Developer's Joint
Los Altos, CA, US
A gold mine for visual basic and multimedia developers. Valuable information, demos of new products, and free software is available at The Joint.

PACE Clinical Library
PACE Health Management Systems, West Des Moines, IA, US
An interactive database that assists nurses, students, and physicians with care plans, discharge teaching, outcome criteria, and academic testing.

Pacific Web Weavers
Huntington Beach, CA, US
Promote products or services with a well-designed Web page. Offers complete Web site development services at affordable prices.

Pan-American Latino Society
Univeristy of California at Irvine, Irvine, CA, US
A student and community service club dedicated to increase the awareness of the Latino culture.

PaperDirect, Inc.
Secaucus, NJ, US
The widest selection of exciting pre-designed papers in the world.

Paul's UK Beer Page
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Aimed at real ale in the UK. Contains a full list of UK beer festivals as well as information on CAMRA, the campaign for real ale.

PC Quote Europe
London, England
Provides access to free 15-minute-delayed foreign exchange rates, plus details of forthcoming realtime and delayed stock quote services.

Peace Pillows Plus, Inc.
Detroit, MI, US
An all-new patented therapeutic sleep system for the head and neck that allows users to sleep correctly. Say good night to pains in the neck and wake up feeling refreshed.

Peripheral Vision
Reading, England
Designs and develops specialist SCSI-bridge and display products for all storage subsystems.

Perspectives on Protein Engineering
BIODIGM Ltd., London, England
A major protein engineering conference in Montpellier, France, from 2-6 March 1996. From folds to functions, find a conference index, local information, and registration details.

Play It Again, Mac
Pacific HiTech, Salt Lake City, UT, US
A one-stop gaming site for Macintosh games, containing over 400 downloadable games with descriptions for each game.

PL/B - Programming Language for Business
X3 Secretariat, Washington, DC, US
Officially approved as an ANSI standard in December 1994, by the Accredited Standards Committee X3. Find out more about it at this page.

The Poetry of Steven Ericsson Zenith
Sunnyvale, CA, US
A well-known English poet, artist, and Taoist priest debuts on the Web.

Poncho Villa Ltd.
Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada
A manufacturer of non-disposable menstrual pads, and sun and weather protective clothing.

Portfolio Analytics Limited
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Specializes in the extensive tracking of Canadian mutual fund holdings. Site includes information on Canadian mutual funds and on PALTrak Pro mutual fund survey and analysis software.

Richardson, TX, US
One of the first and newest online MLM services on the market today.

Private Investigation Resources
The Brown Group, Inc., Jacksonville, FL, US
A Florida-based private investigation firm handling confidential matters for individuals, insurance, business, industry, and the legal communities.

Prizes Domain
RealTIME Prizes Network, Silver Spring, MD, US
Offers a variety of opportunities to win cash and prizes.

Purdue Engineering Magazine
West Lafayette, IN, US
A student run, quarterly magazine publishing stories about engineering, student life, and other issues at the Purdue University Schools of Engineering.

R & D Specialties
Laurel, MD, US
Sells personalized books for children and adults, letters from Santa, and offers a college financial aid database search.

Radio Days: A Soundbite History
Dayton, OH, US
Explore the history of radio in sound. This Web site offers a chance to live the days of the golden age of radio in sound and history.

Ragtime Press Music Archive
Staten Island, NY, US
Features a ragtime music catalog in online, listenable midi format.

R&D Laboratories
Marina Del Rey, CA, US
Provides superior pharmaceuticals/nutritionals, specializing in renal/kidney-dialysis and nephrology products.

Reed Reference Publishing
New Providence, NJ, US
One of the world's leading directory publishers, in print and electronic media.

Reedy Creek Emporium
Four Oaks, NC, US
The Web's premier country store featuring specialty products from mom and pop shops.

The Reference
Ghent, Belgium
The Belgian pioneer of Internet services. Offers experience and expertise in online commercial communication and marketing. Services include construction and hosting of advanced Web sites.

Resumes by Career Shop
Career Shop, Orlando, FL, US
Enter your personal information, skills, objectives, education, and employment history into Career Shop's national job databank. Answer 12 pre-interview questions to showcase your personality and talents.

Retila Magazine
Barbano Publishing, Los Angeles, CA, US
Rock in Spanish. The exploding latin rock scene unfolded. Interviews, concerts, and photos of Spanish rock artists. The "movement" combines cultures from the U.S., Europe, and Latin America.

The Richard Michaels Show
Multimedia Systems Group, Washington, DC, US
A half-hour comedy series broadcast on Washington, D.C.-area cable TV. Site contains GIF and MPEG files of scenes from the show.

Sunnyvale, CA, US
Provides precise, reliable price forecasts on major U.S. and non-U.S. stocks, including stocks from Australia, Denmark, Spain, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

The Rockalley
Capdata, Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Provides professional photographers, graphic artists, and writers an opportunity to showcase their talent to the world. Presently showcasing photos of 50 blues and rock musicians who have influenced and inspired millions around the world.

Royal Holographic Art Gallery
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
The ultimate selection of holographic art, holo-fashion (including holo-watches and holo-sunglasses), and other holo-gifts.

SABR Index to Internet Baseball Resources
Society for American Baseball Research, Inver Grove Heights, MN, US
A comprehensive, accurate listing of Internet baseball resources, with over 270 Web sites. Includes postseason play information, with more links on postseason teams and games.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company
Houston, TX, US
Houston's first microbrewery currently offers three hand-crafted, microbrewed beers and a full line of accessory products.

Sampling Systems by PMMI, Inc.
Manufacturers Information Net, Houston, TX, US
Designs and manufactures liquid and gas sampling equipment to help comply with EPA, OSHA, and NESHAP regulations.

Manchester, England
Specializes in design, typesetting, printing, and multimedia.

The School House
InfoMedia, Plano, TX, US
Take a seat at the and enter a world of home computer learning. Featuring software reviews, articles, humor, cartoons, great graphics, and more.

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Boston, MA, US
An art school affiliated with Tufts University that offers many programs in a variety of media.

Science Education
California State University Northridge, Northridge, CA, US
A resource designed to assist science teachers in the areas of biology, chemistry, physics, and the geosciences.

Screen Play
Austin, TX, US
Offers personalized backgrounds and wallpaper made primarily from customer photos.

Oakmont, PA, US
Builds knowledge bases for help desks. Knowledge-Paks provide searchable hypermedia on many PC-based applications.

Slone Illustration
Louisville, KY, US
An award-winning international design firm.

Sound Waves FAQ
Cross Educational Software, Ruston, LA, US
Information about the educational software program Sound Waves. The site includes screen shots as well as reviews of the software by The Physics Teacher and Mac Net Journal.

South-East Asian Focus
SunSITE Singapore, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Provides information about the 10 countries in this region.

Speakers On-line
Potomac, MD, US
The Internet catalog of professional speakers and entertainers. Displays biographies and contact information.

Sports Legends
Hieroglyphics, Simi Valley, CA, US
Come and see favorite sports legends cast in bronze.

Stanford Virtual Directory
Associated Students of Stanford University, Stanford, CA, US
Still in its infant stages, the directory offers links to various resources of interest to students around the world.

State of Ohio Front Page
Columbus, OH, US
Provides links to some State of Ohio governmental resources currently available on the Web.

Stuffed Moose Audio
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A publisher of audio books produced on cassette tapes. The current release is titled, "Spirited Yarns," a collection of ghost stories by such authors as Mark Twain and Charles Dickens.

A Survey -- Writing Business Web Pages
J&E Copywriting, Perth, WA, Australia
What helps, what certainly does not, and a couple of toss-ups that may nevertheless matter. Also find information on protecting copyrights and getting paid.

Taiwan Communique
International Committee for Human Rights in Taiwan, Chevy Chase, MD, US
A bi-monthly journal focusing on political developments in and around Taiwan, which supports Taiwan independence and the island's entry into the United Nations.

Take Back New York
New York, NY, US
New York State's only full-time, nonprofit group dedicated to keeping violent criminals in prison.

Tech Prose, Inc.
Tech Prose, Inc., Walnut Creek, CA, US
Specializes in technical writing, training, and project management for corporate customers.

The Temple of the Immortal Spirit
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Perhaps the first Western Taoist temple to go online.

Tennessee Library Association
Knoxville, TN, US
Policies and procedures, officers, publications, membership directory, and links to related sites.

Test Point, Inc.
Joppa, MD, US
A service facility dedicated to the repair and/or re-engineering of all types of commercial and industrial electronics. Free pick-up and delivery in the U.S.

Texas Water Development Board
Austin, TX, US
Provides loans to local governments for water supply projects; water quality projects, including wastewater treatment; agricultural water conservation projects; and flood control projects.

TKF Information Systems
Southboro, MA, US
Manufacturers of user-friendly software that helps a user make an informed mortgage refinancing decision.

Total Fashion Page
Michelle Slade, Sydney, Australia
A world-reknowned site which has even been featured in the Los Angeles Times. Contains links to fashion-related sites covering everything from education to the latest styles to wear.

Trade Point USA
Columbus, OH, US
Provides online, international trade information and services.

TRADE'ex Home Page
DYNABIT USA, Inc., Tampa, FL, US
The global wholesale marketplace for computer products on the Internet.

Tucson Business Directory
Tucson, AZ, US
A directory of low-cost, high-quality products in the Tucson area.

Twenty Exemplary Cases
Brazil On Line, Los Angeles, CA, US
Photographic/text exhibition about cases of torture in Brazil during military years.

Two Guys Named Hank
Brooklyn, NY, US
A multimedia company which designs and creates interactive and non-interactive conceptual productions using music, photography, video, and animation on the desktop.

The UK Meteorological Office
Bracknell, England
The United Kingdom's biggest weather information provider.

Uniforce Information Services
Hickory, NC, US
Enables client companies to meet the growing employment demands for skilled IS professionals on a consulting basis.

Uptown Local Ultimate Page
Columbia University, New York, NY, US
A sweet homepage for the swellest ultimate team on the planet.

U.S. Institute of Theatre Technology
Seattle, WA, US
The organization for designers and technical theater people in Washington and Oregon.

Usinger's Sausage
Milwaukee, WI, US
Unique among American sausage makers. Features online ordering, company history, and an interactive contest.

Vermeer Technologies, Inc.
Cambridge, MA, US
Allows non-programmers and professional Web developers alike to create and maintain sophisticated, interactive Web sites without programming.

ViaSat, Inc.
Carlsbad, CA, US
Designs and manufactures high-performance communications and networking products.

Manchester, NH, US
Videoconferencing professionals skilled at integrating the latest graphics, video, audio, and telecommunications technologies for laptop to boardroom solutions.

The Virtual Geomorphology
The Association of Polish Geomorphologists, Poznan, Poland
An electronic textbook containing many links to scientific papers diffused worldwide.

Virtual Management Simulation Software
40477 Duesseldorf, Germany
An interactive business simulation software for Windows: a type of flight simulator for management and the study of business management.

Visions Edge
Denver, CO, US
Provides tailored electronic distribution of software technologies, including free online demo versions and free third-party products.

The Weather Spot
Enforcer Weather, University Park, PA, US
An extensive source of meterololgical information for the U.S., with an emphasis on the Northeast.

Web Audit
Portland, OR, US
Find a comprehensive sorting of Web pages by name, totals, hits, and category. Plus, instant realtime counting, and counting of hotlinks to sponsors.

Webster's Gift Shop
DigiD Corporation, Santa Fe, NM, US
Find gifts which include stationery, binoculars, espresso makers, cameras, cookware, sports items, metal creations, neckties, and jewelry.

Werner's Home Page
Werner Jankowsky, Ontario, Canada
Anecdotes about looking after famous people, from the "Butler to the Stars."

William McNamara International Fan Club
Farmington, NY, US
Official home page of actor William McNamara, best known as star of the movies; Copycat, Doing Time on Maple Drive, Stella, Stealing Home, Radio Inside, and Honor Thy Mother.

Wood Brothers Golf
Manufacturers Information Net, Houston, TC, US
In less than 10 years, Wood Brothers Texan driver has been invloved in more than 150 professional tournament wins throughout the world. Find information on these championship clubs.

World Climate Report
Ivy, VA, US
Provides the needed balance on issues relating to the science and politics of global climate change.

World Light Productions
DeRaymond Atelier, Healdsburg, CA, US
Art Center designed to put forth the high aesthetic path of modern classicism. The center is currently showing the work of American master sculptor and painter, Antonio Salemme.

Worldnet Africa
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
A South African Internet access provider. Site offers information on business, tourism, the environment, and the marketplace.

x3network Internet Services
Munich, Germany, Germany
Provides Internet consulting, online marketing, Web advertising, Internet promotions, graphics, 3D design, Internet dial-up, and Internet security control.

Young Chang Worldwide
Los Angeles, CA, US
One of the largest piano manufacturers in the world, and manufacturer of digital keyboards under the name of Kurzweil.

Monday, 6 November 1995

1 World Plaza
Orlando, FL, US
A virtual mall dedicated to serving the merchants within the site. Find out about it.

3d models
Thomas Hester Studio, Santa Monica, CA, US
A full-service digital modeling and clearing house agency with hundreds of models of all scales, types, and varieties.

AAA Internet Promotions
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Specializing in Web site promotion, AAA submits Web sites for linking to all Internet search engines and directories.

Ability BBS, Ability Into Print, Cinderford, United Kingdom
Developers of a Web site with indexed pages on disabilities and the elderly, allowing anyone to be transparently connected to relevant sites.

Access USGS -- San Francisco Bay and Delta
U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA, US
Explore the San Francisco Bay ecosystem with the USGS. Download aerial photos and digital maps. Animations illustrate climate patterns, urban growth, and more, and there is always something current.

Advisor Software, Inc.
Orinda, CA, US
Developers of mutual fund investment software for individual investors and financial advisors. Provides free mutual fund quotes, mutual fund asset allocation information, and more.

Austin, TX, US
The image is everything. Get information on products such as Arcus II, StudioScan, Vision 35, and Horizon Plus.

Alchemy Institute of Healing Arts
Santa Rosa, CA, US
Packed with information on alchemical hypnosis, recovery, healing, addictions, alternative medicine, spiritual healing, and metaphysics

Algoristics Support
Mesa, AZ, US
Provides personal and knowledgeable PC, Windows, Internet, and networking support, and remote conferencing via dial-up and Internet connections.

Alternative Care
Neil Tarvin, Kansas City, MO, US
Offers articles, information sheets, and links to consumers, students, and professionals interested in alternative healthcare.

Amazing Diet Secret
Bee Well International, Long Beach, NY, US
Find information on one of the quickest and easiest ways to lose weight.

American Business Development Association
Studio City, California, United States
Provides information on getting exclusive control of existing products and services and marketing them throughout the U.S. The 10 programs are available on the Internet.

Applied Futures & Trading
The International Communique Ltd, London, UK
The first Internet magazine devoted to the futures, options, and related derivatives markets.

The Arizona Senior Academy
Tucson, AZ, US
An alternative to traditional retirement with facilities and services enabling individuals over 65 to remain active and productive in an educational community.

Aspen-Snowmass Skiing Guide
Matrix, Aspen, CO, US
Information about reservations, accommodations, hotels and lodging, activities, rentals, and transportation.

Associated Research Services (ARS)
Vidya Media Ventures, Inc., San Diego, CA, US
A worldwide provider of market information to manufacturers of computers, peripherals, and supplies.

Association of American Medical Colleges
Washington, DC, US
Represents medical schools, teaching hospitals, and academic societies dedicated to the improvement of the nation's health through biomedical research and the advancement of academic medicine.

Association of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada
Information on naturopathy, naturopathic education and training, doctor referrals, public membership, regulations, and two provincial associations - the ANPBC and BCNA.

Astral Gemstone Talismans
Bangkok, Thailand
The ultimate in personalized planetary jewelry.

Atlanta Real Estate
MarketCentral, Atlanta, GA, US
Browse Atlanta real estate online. New areas coming soon.

Attest Systems, Inc. - GASP Software
San Rafael, CA, US
A software/hardware auditing application, developed for use in the conduct of enforcement audits for the SPA, BSA, and software publishers, is now available to the general public.

Attitudes On-line Catalog
Super Locomotion Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, US
An online catalog for people with creative lifestyles.

Attorney Yellow Pages
Newquest Ltd., Winter Park, FL, US
Features many lawyers from around the world.

Aussie Bait
Detroit, MI, US
The bait wonder from down under. Developed for Australia's commercial fishing industry, and guaranteed for serious recreational anglers.

The Awesome Animated Monster Maker(TM) Online Lab
Houghton Mifflin Interactive, Boston, MA, US
Together with the AAMM CD-ROM, make wacky, animated monsters, post them online, email them to friends, and compete for the craziest creature creation.

AZC.COM World Wide Web Services
A & Z Consulting, Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Offers budget disk space for rent for Web presence on file servers and provides domain name registration and feature-rich virtual host services to the public.

B B Interactive Multimedia Services
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Offers multimedia authoring, consulting, development, and design.

BAL Associates
Los Altos, CA, US
A software and hardware engineeering contract placement firm with offices in California and the Southeast, offering opportunities for experienced consultants at many of the nation's hottest companies.

Big Ben Productions, San Jose, CA, US
Provides a complete Web solution to individuals and small businesses with products, services, and points of view unique to Northern California.

BellSouth Mobile Data
Atlanta, GA, US
Provides worldwide wireless packet data network services.

Better Business Bureau of Mainland British Columbia
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Provides information about what a Better Business Bureau is and/or does, as well as business and consumer services information, consumer tips, BBB member information, and upcoming events.

Big V Pharmacies
London, Ontario, Canada
Find information on Big V Pharmacies and contact them for information through Ask Your Pharmacist.

Biosource, Inc.
Orem, UT, US
Information about an exciting new biomedical technology known as Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS), or Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll (EAV).

Seattle, WA, US
Offers a full line of organic hot/cold products which combine the benefits of aroma therapy and moist heat.

The Bradley Speech Team
Peoria, IL, US
A vast resource of information on college forensics and individual events. In other words, home of one of the nation's best speech teams.

Braid Media Arts
Colorado Springs, CO, US
A group of artists with diverse backgrounds and interests. Many are "group taught," as opposed to self-taught, and learn by working and collaborating with each other. View 21st Century posters, abstractions, animation, and works in progress. Features guest artists.
http://www.braid.com/bhome.html [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Bruce F. Webster and Associates, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Consulting and mentoring in object technology, software development, and high-tech startups.

The Business Printing Center
Parallel Communications, Redmond, WA, US
Online store for ordering checks, business cards, forms, stationery, rubber stamps and custom labels. Most orders shipped within 2-3 days.

California Back Specialists
Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Specialize in endoscopic, minimally invasive procedures.

California Culinary Academy's Online SPICE
Hospitality Media Solutions, San Francisco, CA, US
Embark on a culnary adventure. Whether you are serious about becoming a professional chef or just want to cook like one, this online resource has something for you.

California Department of Finance
Sacramento, CA, US
Information on the California State Budget (both proposed and enacted), monthly revenue reports, demographic data, annual economic reports (with updates), and other fiscal and budget-related documents.

California Drunk Driving
Edward J. Reither, San Francisco, CA, US
Find DUI law information and related issues of concern to a first offender.

Canadian Web Index
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
An index of over 400 Canadian Web sites for social studies.

Car and Driver Magazine
Hachette Filipacchi Magazines, New York, NY, US
The world's largest automotive monthly, which now brings its expert commentary and new car tests to the Web.

Carasso Design
Mill Valley, CA, US
Offers professional Web site design. Has produced some of the best sites (clean, artistic, and professional) on the Internet for a reasonable price.

CARS-R-US Auto Supermarket
Tustin, CA, US
Offers personal buying services to people looking for a car, a truck, or a van, new or used, any make/model. Helps save time and money.

Cartoons for Student Publications by Randy Glasbergen
Utica, NY, US
A page full of wild cartoons now available for high school and campus publications. Reprint information is included.

Center for Anxiety and Stress Treatment
San Diego, CA, US
Primary services include the book "Overcoming Panic Attacks," personal counseling and consultation, and self-help workshops. Help is available worldwide for individuals, couples, and organizations.

The Center for Materials for Information Technology
University Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, US
A research center specializing in materials intended for information storage and retrieval.

Center-Ice Hockey Supply
Dallas, TX, US
A sports supply store specializing in ice and street hockey and lacrosse. Features hockey accessories and repairs, plus inline skates, videos, and books.

Central Business District Association
Detroit, MI, US
A private, nonprofit civic organization concerned with all key issues of importance to downtown businesses and the surrounding areas. Contains a newsletter and membership information.

The Citizen's News
Sequim, WA, US
A newspaper featuring traditional American values.

Click of the Day
Jerry Dugal, New York, NY, US
One man's hot site of the day, everyday.

Club Web
Budd Lake, NJ, US
Information on local bands and night clubs in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Classified ads are also available.

Colorado Christmas Vacation and Ski Resort Lodging
Mountain Castles, Inc., Steamboat Springs, CO, US
Homes and condos are still available for Christmas holiday skiing. Mountain Castles presents the finest in ski resort lodging.

Community Building Website
Vision Nest Publishing, Santa Cruz, CA, US
The home of the book "Community Building: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business," related online resources, and the hyperarchives of the Community-Builders email list.

The Compassion Net
Kagyu Temple Meditation Center, Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Provides an extended course of private Buddhist meditation classes via the Internet.

The Complete Guide to Vitamins, Herbs, and Supplements
Vitawise, Inc., Ardmore, PA, US
Read up on topics of interest in the nutrition field from articles, book excerpts, and newsgroup discussions. Every effort is made to organize this information and present both the pro and con viewpoint.

Congressman Ben Cardin (Maryland, 3rd District)
Baltimore, MD, US
In addition to the standard offering of distirict, legislative, and biographical information, this site includes a virtual tour of Baltimore and Maryland's Third Congressional District.

Connecticut 100th District Representative Susan Bysiewicz
Pappas, Hartford, CT, US
Find legislative news, general data, and information of concern to residents of Susan's district.

Consolidated CD-ROM, Inc
Wyncote, PA, US
Worldwide suppliers of CD-ROM software who also buy, sell, and trade memory chips.

Consumer Recycling Resources
Evergreen Industries, Berkeley, CA, US
Provides a starting point for people with regular household quantities of material to recycle. Information on toxic and hard-to-recycle materials is included.

CPU Inc.
San Francisco, CA, US
Leaders in San Francisco Bay Area data processing career placement.

Cyber Adventures
New York, NY, US
Real-time travel adventure site where users can win a Casio digital camera for the funniest, most outrageous, or coolest vacation photo. Also check out the Coolest Travel Site of the Week and Strange (But True) Travel Stories.

1990 Cybernet Communications Corporation, Surrey, British Columbia, CA
A full-service Internet provider whose site features information on business, shopping, and travel, as well as British Columbia's largest community resource site.

Dawn Time Inc.
Maple Grove, MN, US
Stop and browse the selection of gifts, jewelry, home decor, seasonal gifts, fragrance and beauty products, and wholesale opportunities.

Department of Chemistry
University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO, US
Provides information about degree programs, the faculty, the facilities, and current activities.

Department of Computer Engineering
University of Patras, Patras, Greece
Explore 3D worlds, VRML, and Hellas on the Internet.

Designer's Choice Flowers and Classified Advertising
Allan K. Patterson, Spokane, WA, US
A full-service florist offering worldwide delivery. A classified advertising service has just been started.

The Digital Backcountry
Multimedia Backpacking Unlimited, Cullowhee, NC, US
Contains the Digitized Topographic Map Archive, navigation and NO TRACE technique information, and other backcountry information.

Digital Stuff!
The Woodlands, TX, US
A video and film production company specializing in producing creative forms of media.

Dirk Koppen EDV-Beratungs-GmbH
Offenbach, Germany
Find information on this German high-technology company's products and services.

Dispensa-Matic Label Dispensers
St. Louis, MO, US
Affix all types of pressure sensitive labels fast and efficiently without complex expensive equipment.

The Distributed-Parallel Storage System 2D Browser
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, US
Allows users to interactively view high-resolution satellite imagery with up to twelve resolutions. Data sets include Washington D.C. and Yosemite.

Divers Depot
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
An electronic scuba shop designed specifically for the Internet.

Wichita, KS, US
Wholesaler/retailer for international discounted airlines tickets to anywhere in the world.

Belluno, Veneto, Italy
Find news from "The pale mountains," Dolomiti, Italy at this Italian-only site.

Dr. Mindell's FreeLife Nutrition Products
Plan B, Wenatchee, WA, US
A line of vitamin and health products, available as a home-based business opportunity.

Drake University Geographic Information Systems Resources
Des Moines, IA, US
Find The Iowa Geographic Information Council, The IGIC National States Geographic Information Council, and Drake University GIS information.

eCafe - Premiere Digital Coffee Bar and Service Bureau
Santa Barbara, CA, US
An Internet cafe that offers self-serve Macs and many other professional services including Web pages, CD-ROMs, video editing, prepress, scanning, and archival.

Educational and Institutional Cooperative Service
Hauppauge, NY, US
A not-for-profit buying cooperative owned by its members that provides goods and services at the best possible value and consists of more than 2200 tax-exempt institutions.

EFL International Distribution Ltd.
Dublin, Ireland
An international freight forwarding company delivering freight to or from Ireland via shipping, air, or surface.

Electric Scorecard
Orbit Software, Inc., Omaha, NE, US
Commodities futures derivatives accounting and financial record keeping computer software that shows profit or loss on each open and closed trade for the entire year.

Hachette Filipacchi Magazines, New York, NY, US
Contains Paris and New York Runway Reports, The Model Gallery, an Elle Shopping Guide, and message boards.

Epson America, Inc.
Torrance, CA, US
Offers an array of award winning personal computing products including printers, scanners, PCs, and the popular Stylus line of "Photo Quality" color inkjet printers.

Escamatic International
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Specialists in Italian-made, fully-automatic espresso and cappuccino machines for home or commercial/vending use.

eShop Plaza
San Mateo, CA, US
Hottest new place to shop on the Web, for Windows users only. Includes electronic coupons, shopping assistants, and great merchants.

Evanston League of Women Voters
Dublin, OH, US
Election materials for the 1995 Evanston School Board elections.

Performance Resources International, Sausalito, CA, US
Delivers online access to every speaker in the world and provides useful tips to select the right speaker for events and free phone consult on how to choose a speaker.

ExpressWeb, Inc.
North Miami Beach, Florida, US
Provides Internet marketing and Web design services for businesses in America and beyond. Direct marketing and point of purchase strategies are specialties.

Eye-Ware Multimedia
Lawton, OK, US
Provides optical kiosk software and digital frame styling technology that is economically viable. Custom software and/or systems are available for office use.

Famie's Finds Online
Chef Keith Famie, Detroit, MI, US
This leading chef offers innovative, easy recipes and ideas, from the spiciest to the sweetest, plus healthy cooking tips, nutritional information, and recommended one-of-a-kind quality products.

FEDNET: The Jewish Community of the Greater East Bay
Oakland, CA, US
A gateway to Jewish life in Northern California that features newcomer information, a community calendar, Israel program information, and a directory of schools, synagogues, arts, culture, and social services.

Festival of Trees
Detroit, MI, US
The largest annual special event fundraiser for the Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Financial Services Online
Wimberley, TX, US
Provides insurance and financial services professionals with all the resources, software, and marketing, sales, and technical information needed to conduct business.

International Consulting, Ostend, Belgium
Information on accommodation, travel, entertainment, sports, local business, culture, and local government and services for Flanders Coast, Belgium.

Foreign Ink Ltd.
Minneapolis, MN, US
Specializes in Asian-language typesetting and translation. Drop by to read the proverb of the day.

Paris, France
The official site for Gaumont-Buena Vista France features Gaumont Animation, Gaumont multimedia, the museum, merchandising, the latest news on movies, previews, and much more.

The Gentle Method
K9/Feline Ed. Products, Moriarty, NM, US
Alternative to the traditional "yank and jerk" dog training method. A gentle, non-punishing, and leashless dog training method.

Gravity Map of the Ocean Basins from Satellite Altimetry
NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center, Boulder, CO, US
New gravity map of the oceans from declassified satellite data produced by scientists from NOAA and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Grich RC Inc.
Somerset, NJ, US
Manufactures products for remote control helicopters. Throttle Master governor and A-P Mixer are examples of those products.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Specialises in Lotus Notes consulting, development, training, and software related products.

Guild of American Luthiers
Tacoma, WA, US
A nonprofit educational organization formed in 1972, with 3000 members in 40 nations, devoted to an open forum on the construction, theory, physics, and business of string musical instruments.

Hannah's Prayer
Rev. Russell L. Horn, Redding, CA, US
A daily Christian devotional and Bible study with related projects planned.

The Hanscom School System
Lincoln, MA, US
The official home page contains many educational resources, including teacher home pages.

Hardin Auto/Marine Group
Anaheim, CA, US
A dealer of Honda, Oldsmobile, and GMC Trucks who also carries Corvette parts.

Harley Street Software, Ltd.
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
The world's best data compression method for ECG data. The end products are the SmartHeart line of educational consumer products and the Merlin line of professional heart monitors and data base systems.

Head of the Charles Regatta
BayBank, Boston, MA, US
Results of the 1995 Head of the Charles Regatta.

Health Trek
Harlan, IA, US
Find alternative medicine information, products, a bookstore, and a naturopathic physician to answer your questions, in addition to articles, industry updates, and a message board.

ETH-Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
A Himalayan network for researchers working in Himalayan countries.

Houston, TX, US
A house listing service with 4,000 active listings. Homes are organized by neighborhood and subdivision so users can see all the listings without searching a database.

Hyde Park Metro
Hyde Park News, Inc., Tampa, FL, US
Browse the pages of one of the hottest bi-weekly publications in the area and discover the best of Tampa.

Huntingdon Valley, PA, US
The complete stop for all your travel, shopping, and vacation needs. Much more is always coming to your doorstep.

Microbus AB, Ljungby, Sweden
A regional information service in southern Sweden.

Interactive Development Environments, Inc.
San Francisco, CA, US
Develops and markets the award-winning software through Pictures (R) software development environment, which supports object-oriented or structured development on an network of UNIX machines.

International Center
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
This is a resource for foreign students in the U.S. and for students who want to work, study, or travel abroad.

The InterNET Computer Store
Austin, TX, US
Offers secured online shopping for over 15,000 computer peripherals, accessories, and supplies, at prices 40-80% below retail.

Internet For Kids
MCA/Digital Planet, Los Angeles, CA, US
An kids' introduction to cyberspace from Price Stern Sloan. The page contains sample chapters and links to other kids' sites.

Internet Highway 2000
Beaumont, TX, US
The premier Internet service provider for the Golden Triangle area

Internet Resources Database
Martin Bohnet Markt Consulting KG, Huenstetten, Hessen, Germany
A comprehensive guide to mailing lists; newsgroups; and FTP, Gopher, Telnet, and Web sites. All IRD files can be searched by a detailed subject tree as well as by keyword.

InterNT, Inc.
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
An Internet access provider and network consultation group serving the corporate sector.

Paris, France
A computer security company dedicated to open-system and network security and concerned with quality and adaptation to the need of the client.

Tabula Interactive, Menlo Park, CA, US
An extensive collection of investment information and services, including newsletters, company research reports, earnings estimates, mutual fund reviews, discussions, and advisors.

An Irish Mall
Dublin, Ireland
Markets a full range of products and services from Ireland, including crafts, glassware, Irish tweeds, records, books, souvenirs, jewelry, and busness serices.

Andrew Harbert, Northridge, CA, US
A place where opinions and art are shared.

The Jack Kirby Collector
Randy Hoppe, Raleigh, NC, US
Devoted to the work of the creator/co-creator of Captain America, the romance comic book genre, The Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, The New Gods, and Devil Dinosaur.

The Jefferson Project
Stardot Consulting, Boulder, CO, US
A comprehensive, comprehensible, and searchable directory of political resources on the Internet. Everything from campaigns to mailing lists are included.

The Jester's Court
San Diego, CA, US
An online catalog of music and storytelling from Renaissance fairs and similar venues, providing free samples from audio tapes and CDs.

JFW Associates
Guilford, CT, US
Technical recruiters who specialize in the computer industry and cover the Northeast and beyond. Job listings are updated weekly.

Jimmy Peyton's Midnite Blues
Phoenix, AZ, US
A tight, veteran blues band that showcases the music of the 40's and 50's.

John C. Stennis Center for Public Service
Starkville, MS, US
A federal legislative agency created by Congress in 1988 to promote and strengthen public service in America.

Jones Productions, Inc.
Little Rock, AR, US
A premiere film and video resource in Middle America which is home to the monthly "Arkansas Film & Video Report" and the humorous "Hype & Jive" newsletter.

Kentuckiana Classified
InterNetWorks, Louisville, KY, US
The place to announce your classified ad. Special sections include automotive, employment, real estate, a service directory, and nonprofit organizations.

the kinte space
Songhay Labs, Inglewood, CA, USA
A quasi-monthly exploration of the art of thought. Words, images, and sounds are carefully arranged in multimedia "cyberverse" presentations that are quite entertaining and engaging.

Knowledge Industries
Palo Alto, CA, US
The market leader in the development of probabilistic diagnostic systems.

Kristy McNichol Page
Jon L. Grushka II, Oviedo, FL, US
Information and pictures for fans and friends of Kristy McNichol.

Tacoma, WA, US
An online resource for news, sports, weather, and links of local interest.

Law Library
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Provides online information and links to Utah, Utah law, and U.S. law, as well as library and Internet-related miscellanea.

Law Offices of David W. Moltzen
San Mateo, CA, US
Law practice limited to estate planning including wills, living trusts, estates, probate, durable powers of attorney, and family limited partnerships.

Le Studio Virtuel
Paris, France
The Web will be beautifull or this design firm won't be.

lemon custard
Randy Hoppe, Hoboken, NJ, US
Premiere, original comics including "Bix the Trumpet Playing Dog Saves the Sun!" and "Vel & Spats."

Let's Go to Bavaria
Dr. Martin Hebeling, Fullerton, CA, US
Guided tours of the Bavarian capital of Munich, home of the 1972 Winter Olympics, the birthplace of Mozart in Salzburg, and heart of the Austrian Alps in Innsbruck, all led by expert local guides.

Lines in the Sand: The Pursuit of Peace in the Middle East
Tiger Media Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Middle East breaking news, politics, and history of Arab-Israeli conflict. Features points of view from Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinians, and Syria.

The Lodge at Nederland
Nederland, CO, US
Enjoy the spendor of a warm fall breeze, or cool summer night at this ideal mountain retreat.

Lost & Found International
Phoenix, AZ, US
One of the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective ways to recover lost property.

LPI Software Funding Group
Wayne, PA, US
Source for software leasing information, including the benefits of leasing, general leasing information, weekly leasing tips, monthly industry commentary, and background on LPI.

The Mail-Order Shopping Mall
Newquest Ltd., Winter Park, FL, US
Features hundreds of mail-order businesses.

Atlanta, GA, US
An Internet marketplace providing a quality environment for promoting businesses. Also helps businesses create and implement an Internet marketing strategy.

Martial Arts Network
Boca Raton, FL, US
A television network dedicated to the the martial arts industry and the youth of the world.

McVay Consulting Associates
Doylestown, PA, US
A consulting firm that specializes in biomedical engineering and the design of diagnostic or therapeutic medical devices for small to mid-size manufacturers.

media merchant online
Savannah, GA, US
Visit the online multimedia superstore for killer royalty-free music, audio clips, sound effects, photographs, clip art, fonts and video, all which can be searched, previewed, and downloaded instantly.

Los Angeles, CA, US
Comprehensive information on getting on the Web and beginning a successful marketing campaign.

Metro Detroit's Jewish Web
Detroit, MI, US
Jewish topics and resources focusing on the Metropolitan Detroit area.

Michigan B'nai B'rith Youth Organization
Detroit, MI, US
Lists events and happenings of the regional BBYO chapter.

Michigan Scholastic Lacrosse Association
Detroit, MI, US
Information on MSLA events and awards, and a history of lacrosse in the state of Michigan.

MicroNet Technology, Inc.
Irvine, CA, US
A manufacturer of storage solutions for PC-compatible and Macintosh computers.

Mills College
Oakland, CA, US
A private liberal arts college with an undergraduate student body composed of women, while the graduate student body is co-ed.

Mind Research Laboratories
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Provides tools to realize wealth, and offers information on being a millionaire, self-help, affluence, training, money, power, and abundance.

Mortice Kern Systems Inc.(MKS)
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
A leading-edge software company specializing in application development tools, software configuration management, and open systems.

Mousel's Self-Defense Academy
Houston, TX, US
An organization promoting the arts of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Grappling, Thaiboxing, Kali, and Women's Self-Defense by offering classes, world-wide seminars, and instructional videotapes.

The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases
Bethesda, MD, US
Contains the Virtual Library of Diseases, the Double Helix newsletter, information on NFID Fellowship Grants, brochure ordering information, and more.

The National Home Workers Association
Detroit, MI, US
Lists work-at-home jobs, from computer work and typing, to assembling products and telephone surveys.

National Support Group, Inc.
Coral Gables, FL, US
Dedicated to people who want to reach out to other people, and use human interaction and group/team work for self-improvment and wellness.

Neighborhood Film/Video Project
Neighborhood Film/Video Project, Philadelphia, PA, US
A media arts center featuring over 300 film, music, and dance programs anually to audiences cultivated through outreach efforts in Philadelphia's varied communities.

The NorthStar Internet Group
Utica, NY, US
Helps businesses develop profitable commercial Web sites. The principle of the firm is an Economic Development Professional who wants to help businesses develop profitable operations on the Web.

Nugget Newspaper
Sisters, OR, US
Oregon's first newspaper on the Internet. Visit the small, Western town of Sisters, and read the front-page news.

Nutron Computers and Electronics
insync corp., Lombard, IL, US
Over 10,000 capacitors, ICs, transistors, diodes, cables, and other hard-to-find electonic parts avalible for purchase, all online.

Onyx Development, Inc.
Omaha, NE, US
This Oracle specialist provides business systems implementation and support, DBA services and application development, and contract services.

Oregon Fields Brewing Company
Eugene, OR, US
Craft-brewed beer and Northwest cuisine.

Oriental Rug Encyclopedia
Shihadeh Carpets, Ardmore, PA, US
Learn to identify, value, appraise, clean, restore, buy, and sell great rugs. View hundreds of rugs from hundreds of dealers and owners. Buy, sell, or trade antique rugs with collectors from all over the world.

Original Mount Washington Valley Travel Guide
JourneysNorth, North Conway, NH, US
A comprehensive traveler's and vacationer's planning guide to the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire.

OutdoorNet, Inc., Olathe, KS, US
Information for the outdoors fisherman and outdoors hunter including everything from state fishing regulations to duck identification and behavior.

Pacific Beach Surf Club
San Diego, CA, US
A nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of a clean ocean environment and the sport of surfing.

Parcel Plus
Omaha, NE, US
A total shipping concept, satisfying all shipping and moving needs.

Parents of Murdered Children
Detroit, MI, US
The nation's only nonprofit self-help organization designed to offer emotional support and information about surviving the loss of a loved one to murder.

William Wilkins, Lafayette, CA, US
Enables users to submit a resume electronically into one of the fastest resume online search engine in the world.

Performance Tour Search
Quest Interactive Media, Memphis, TN, US
The most comprehensive source for performer, concert, and tour information online. Search Performance Magazine's continually updated tour database by city, state, venue, or artist.

Torino, Italy
Committed to the improvement of companies' business flexibility and efficiency through project management, product data management, engineering document management, and workflow management.

The PetVet
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, US
A syndicated weekly television series starring Dr. Rich Ford of North Carolina State University, broadcast on NBC affiliate stations, addressing issues and concerns of pet owners.

Phantom Sleep Page (Apnea, snoring & more)
New Technology Publishing, Inc., Cambridge, MA, US
Learn how to overcome sleep disorders. Snoring and sleep apnea afflict men and women from middle age on, causing death, disease, fatigue, accidents, and emotional problems. News, articles, books.

PHOTON Graphics Cards
Personal Computer Graphics Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, US
A line of 64-bit IBM-compatible graphics cards enables fixed frequency (RGB) monitors to run todays applications and games under DOS, Windows, or Linux on PCs.

PIZZAZ! - People Interested in Zippy and Zany Zcribbling
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, US
A creative resource for scribblers and educators, from kindergarten to adult. Contains poetry and fiction, and accepts submissions.

The PL8S Magazine
East Texas, PA, US
A hobby page dedicated to license plate collectors. There are over 5,000 collectors of license plates on file worldwide, and this page is the first major page dedicated to this up and coming collectible.

Primerica Financial Services
Arlington, TX, US
Offers loan consolidation, term life insurance, mutual funds, and auto and home insurance.

Proclaiming the Gospel
Garland, TX, US
A Christian ministry designed to lead Roman Catholics to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Exposes the fallicies and the untruths of the Roman Catholic Church.

Productive Computer Systems
Kirkland, WA, US
Provides high-tech advertising, non and interactive custom multimedia systems, cable TV and video production, and unique Internet services.

London, England
Expolore the Internet and publish work for free with Pronet. Meetings and conferences held regularly.

Protecting Children in CyberSpace
Vancouver Police Union Charitable Foundation, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A project coordinated by the Vancouver Police Union Charitable Foundation that helps to prevent child abuse and aids its victims.

San Francisco, CA, US
A design firm whose goal is to bring together the dimensional aspects of the environment with the artistic inspiration in the mind and the interactivity of the body.

QLD Connection
San Antonio, TX, US
Contains links to the QLD group, one of the biggest forums in Japan.

Questioned Document Examination Page
Emily J. Will, Raleigh, NC, US
An introduction to questioned document examination that includes FAQs, applications, basic theory, famous cases, contact information, and links.

Racal InterLan
Boxborough, MA, US
Supplies Ethernet network interface cards including PCI, ISA, and EISA adapter cards to local and remote multi-vendor workgroups, providing quality solutions for LANs.

Ralph Smith Photography, Inc.
Houston, TX, US
Photography and digital photocompositions for advertising and packaging clients worldwide.

Resources for Living
Laguna Hills, CA, US
Learn how to create a more satisfying and productive life.

Resume Canada
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
A unique national resume databank, a perfect coupling of faxback and Internet options.

Robert Seale Photography
Houston, TX, US
Specializes in editorial and corporate assignment photography.

Rock Shots
Metaverse, New York, NY, US
The biggest and best music photography on the Web by Niels Van Iperen.

Ruth Kay Realtor
Detroit, MI, US
Offers a free house hunting guide, credit tips, and featured homes of the month.

San Diego Restaurant Guide
CIE Net, San Diego, CA, US
One of the most extensive online listing of San Diego restaurants around.

Scuba World
Deborah Nelson, Virginia Beach, VA, US
Dedicated to scuba diving, underwater photography, and adventure travel.

Seattle Watercolors
Speakeasy Network, Seattle, WA, US
Watercolor expressions of the breathtaking Pacific Northwest and the special sights of historic Pike Place Market are located at this website. They are for sale as calendars, prints, and Christmas cards.

Self-Improvement Center
Sparks, NV, US
A unique self-improvement program designed to meet the needs and goals of each individual.

The Zweben Family, Shrewsbury, NJ, US
Elegant catering facility on twenty acres with fabulous formal gardens.

Milpitas, CA, US
Children's party games, activities, favors, and party kits. A unique and SimpliFun way to give a home party. Request your free party tips.

Edward Lowe Foundation, Cassopolis, MI, US
A 5,000-item database to support entrepreneurs, small business owners, and the organizations that assist them.

The Software Site
Ultimate Software, Central Point, OR, US
One of the best places on the Internet to find shareware programs. Read complete program descriptions before downloading.

Sound Source Interactive
Westlake Village, CA, US
Makers of quality multimedia software for Windows. Reach tech support, register software, and download product updates through this site!

Southern Baptist Churches of Kansas City
Mega Focus Cities Enterprise, Kansas City, MO, US
A listing of Southern Baptist Churches and pastors in the Greater Kansas City area.

SpineOnline (tm)
Institute for Spine & Biomedical Research (ISBR), Dallas, TX, US
A gateway to biomedical resources on the Web for medical professionals working in the area of spinal disorders.

Staffworks, Inc.
Stanhope, NJ, US
Computer and engineering recruiters for programmers, system engineers/analysts, software engineering, system administration, design engineers, and technicians.

Ehlers Computing Consultants, Dallas, TX, US
WebSpace, the final frontier. This is where the voyage to personal Web pages start, and for only $5/month.

Summit Engineering
Columbia, SC, US
An association of engineers providing services related to accident evaluation, property loss, and hazards identification for the legal profession, insurance, and industry.

The Surgery Center
Fair Lawn, NJ, US
Presents innovative surgery for the 21st century using lasers, laparoscopes, and virtual reality.

Synergium's CFD Tools
Tampa, FL, US
Features AVIA, a powerful 3D aero/hydro analysis and design system. Aplications range from 2D profile analysis and generation to sail design to integrated 3D body/wing/tail analysis.

Taylor Internet Talk Radio (TST)
TST Radio, Tulsa, OK, US
Provides special interest audio programming on demand over the Web. Topics include health, politics, sports, and women's issues.

The Tea Page
Max Tillberg, Gothenburg, Sweden
Contains interesting information about tea.

Telluride Colorado
Telluride, CO, US
The official and comprehensive one-stop information guide to the company and the region.

Tembel's Hedonic Commune
Herndon, VA, US
Information about the commune and its members and principles, with a searchable index and directory.

Equiglobe Network, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
An imaginary world filled with a smorgasborg of talented people including actors, musicians, painters, and others.

Thomas Consulting
Seattle, WA, US
Dedicated to increasing business applications on the Internet by working with a variety of professionals from different backgrounds to provide a full range of services for different Internet needs.

Thomas Hester Studio
Santa Monica, CA, US
Design collaborative comprised of architects, professors, and artists dedicated to providing the global community with design and educational services and products.

Timesquared Watch Company International
Boca Raton, FL, US
The ultimate in modern high-tech watches and alternative fashion jewelry. Products are available for shipping throughout U.S. and internationally.

Told in a Garden
Kennebunk, ME, US
View photos and complete information on counted cross-stitch designs by the designer/owner Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum. Designs from Told in a Garden, Lavender & Lace, and Butternut Road are included.

Tompkin Associates, Inc.
Raleigh, NC, US
A full-service operations consulting firm providing practical solutions in organizational excellence, warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, maintenance, and warehouse management systems.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl XXV
Arc Slide Technologies, Ltd., Tinton Falls, NJ, US
The official championship college football game site containing history, a calendar of events, tourist information, merchandise, and team updates.

Trade Point USA
Columbus, OH, US
Announces release 1.1 of the I-TRADE(SM) System, providing online international trade information and services.

The Travel Resource Center
West Coast Business Systems, Culver City, CA, US
A travel networking emporium for those in the industry.

Ohio Division of Travel and Tourism, Columbus, OH, US
An entertaining, interactive site with information about Ohio travel destinations.

TV One Multimedia Solutions
Erlanger, KY, US
Provides a complete range of desktop video production systems, including scan converters, full-motion video capture boards, non-linear editors, VCR controllers, animation players, and signal splitters.

Two Guys in a Garage
Roseland, FL, US
Expect to find 20% off of all genuine Macho gear such as shoes, belts, sparring gear, training gear, and uniforms.

UB Networks
Santa Clara, CA, US
A supplier of networking hardware and software products and a range of integration services, including consulting, training, and technical advice to build and support networks worldwide.

Universellia City
St. Eustache, Quebec, Canada
Available in four languages, this site features nine different services and a direct door to manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers from Canada and around the world.

US International Intelligence Corporation
Tampa, FL, US
The global leader in worldwide corporate intelligence and security services.

Collette L. Van Reusen, Encinitas, CA, US
Find out how to achieve wealth and health through USANA health products.

The Utah Wilderness Education Project
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Examples illustrate Utah-related and national issues and problems. Site provides facts, information, and perspectives unavailable elsewhere.

Vaxa International, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Maker of state-of-the-art homeopathic nutraceuticals and dietary health supplements for people and pets.

Venice, Florida
A lovely community located on the west coat of Florida that is rich with shopping, dining, attractions, recreation, and just plain beach relaxation.

Vetfind Online
Wilmette, IL, US
A veterinary referral service.

Victorian Auditor General's Office
Melbourne, Australia
Descriptive information about the Office and its activities, including abstracts of all recent reports.

The Virtual Cave
Good Earth Graphics, Boulder Creek, CA, US
From the comfort of your keyboard, explore mineral wonders unique to the cave environment.

Warhorse Simulations
Atlanta, GA, US
Makers of fine strategy board games. Find free downloadable games, variants, and accessories.

Web Commander Web Server
Flicks Software, Santa Monica, CA, US
A web server for Windows NT and Window 95.

The Web of True Blue
Ahmed Khalil, Oklahoma City, OK, US
A collection of resources focusing on architecture, history, and the Middle East.

Web Site Promotion Newsletter
M. E. Harvey & Associates, Carmel, CA, US
Reports monthly on methods and resources for publicizing your presence on the Web.

Palo Alto, CA, US
A turnkey electronic publishing company providing Web site maintenance and business development services.

LeapFrog Technnologies, Inc., Casselberry, FL, US
The premier financial site on the Web providing a central location to satisfy all financial needs. Consumers, industry specialists, professional bankers, and vendors all interact to provide financial solutions.

Webbie Awards
MarketCentral, Atlanta, GA, US
The Best of the Internet 1995. Get your votes in today.

Webmaster Reference Library
Andy King, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A comprehensive reference for Webmasters and aspiring HTML authors which features over 610 carefully selected and annotated primary sites.

The World of Amway
Ada, MI, US
Meet the people, and check out the products and the opportunities.

The World of Curious George
Houghton Mifflin Interactive, Boston, MA, US
Information and demos from the Create Your Own Adventures With Curious George CD-ROM, plus details on the book series, merchandising, and George's future exploits.

Wu's Consulting
Petaluma, CA, US
Provides consulting in international business and technology, electronics, computers, semiconductors, and photoelectronics.

Yankelovich Partners Inc.
Norwalk, CT, US
Interpreters of business and social climates for clients in order to provide critical market intelligence and identify strategic opportunities.

Z-World Engineering
Davis, CA, US
Inexpensive miniature controllers addressing the needs of programmers, engineers, and experimenters developing embedded systems.

Wednesday, 8 November 1995

21st Century Education Initiative
San Jose, CA, US
Aims to spark an educational renaissance in Silicon Valley, and to build a world-class system that enables all students in Silicon Valley to be successful, productive citizens in the 21st century.

Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology
Hackensack, NJ, US
A public magnet high school providing information-rich student content on the Web.

Acces Internet Mondial
Quebec, Montreal, Canada
A full-service Internet provider, and a member of the Association of Providers.

Advance Printing Co.
Tucson, AZ, US
Prints forms, checks, labels, and more. The Internet Quote System is designed to let users field quotes from outside their market areas.

Ah Ha! Dynamics Press
Bevery Hills, CA, US
Presents self-empowering ideas by Harvey Cohen, Ph.D. Dr. Cohen is an optimum performance consultant in personal and corporate growth for Fortune 500 companies.

AIB Software Corporation
Herndon, VA, US
The leader in multi-platform application development and testing tools, designed to improve software testing and quality.

American Internet Corporation
Bedford, MA, US
Easy-to-use, high-performance Web server software for NetWare. Provides the option for even higher performance, with ultimate scalability for increased server demands.

American Jewish Historical Society
Waltham, MA, US
Information about the AJHS, a library, archives, and a museum.

America's Employers
Career Relocation Corporation of America, New York, NY, US
Comprehensive job-search site for professionals, managers, and executives.

Analyticon Instruments Corporation
Springfield, NJ, US
This source for analytical laboratory instruments features an index of manufacturer listings, industry trade shows, journals, organizations, newsgroups, product sourcing, and more.

The Anchorage Press
Anchorage, AK, US
Online edition of Alaska's most popular weekly newspaper.

Ancient Music
Paolo and Giuseppe Tumiati, Milano, Italy
Information and news on almost-forgotten forms of music.

AngelFire, Inc.
Virginia Beach, VA, US
Home of MT Daily, a service for medical transcriptions, plus white and yellow page directories of medicine-related companies and individuals.

Annual Reports Library
San Francisco, CA, US
Library for annual reports of corporations, foundations, banks, mutual funds, and public institutions from around the world, with over 1.45 million reports.

As Seen On T.V.
All Right Mega Mall, Carson City, NV, US
All those products sold via infomercial are now available at one Web site.

Astrological Adventures
Sedona, AZ, US
A personal astrological service. Come visit the Web site now and get a free astrological chart, plus other great suprises.

Atmospheric Sciences
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A concise weather page covering Montreal, southern Quebec, and Canada's East Coast, featuring the Montreal doppler radar image.

Baxter International, Inc.
Deerfield, IL, US
The world's leading manufacturer and marketer of products used in hospitals and other healthcare settings.

The Beach
DiMarzio Company, Tucson, AZ, US
A professional visual dating service. Relax, take out your blanket, and get out your sunblock.

Dwight Silverman, Houston, TX, US
The Web headquarters for Dwight Silverman, a computing columnist for the Houston Chronicle.

Bell Atlantic World School
Bell Atlantic Corporation, Arlington, VA, US
A project to provide digital, high-speed Internet access to more than 700 K-12 public schools in West Virginia.

Beltek Systems Design Inc.
Houssennet, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Offers customers total collection systems with unique software and portable printers for a complete "in the field" solution to Route Accounting needs.

Bloomsbury's Literary Services
Denver, CO, US
Specializes in packaging philosophical, historical, and literary collections.

Brazilian Military Attache Office
Washington, DC, US
Promotes the Brazilian Army and offers many interesting links to government and military sites.

Breault Research Organization, Inc.
Tucson, AZ, US
An electro-optical engineering firm that specializes in providing technical assistance to the aerospace and optics industries.

British Columbia Newspaper Awards
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The award winners and their winning stories, photographs, and illustrations. Also links to newspaper and journalism Web sites, especially in Canada.

A Business Researcher's Interests
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Serves as the Web resource for researchers, academics, and practitioners with an interest in information processes, information systems, and information technologies that are relevant to contemporary organizational issues.

Butterball Turkey
New York, NY, US
Turkey headquarters on the Internet, with tips on preparing a picture-perfect Butterball Turkey, year-round recipes, and more.

California Gold Jojoba Products
Vacaville, CA, US
Offers quality jojoba shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sunscreen, and pure jojoba oil, from homegrown jojoba beans. Includes a jojoba newsletter.

Secret Music, Glasgow, Scotland
The official home page of Scotland's premier gaelic musicians. Recording and touring news plus information on past releases.

Cardima, Inc.
Fremont, CA, US
Committed to the development, production, and supply of innovative catheter-based systems to improve the diagnosis and therapy of electrophysiologic disorders.

Catalog of Filipino Names
Sulat sa Tanso, Los Angeles, CA, US
Most Filipinos today use Hispanic surnames given them during the Spanish colonial era. However, many families retained their indigenous or Chinese-derived names. This list attempts to enumerate non-Hispanic names used in the Philippines today.

The Center for Elliott Wave Analysis
Perth, Australia
Technical analysis software for financial markets using the Elliott Wave Principle.

City National Bank of Taylor
Austin, TX, US
A home-owned bank in Central Texas. Apply for an Internet Visa card.

Classic Rotors - Rare & Vintage Helicopters
San Diego, CA, US
A nonprofit organization dedicated to finding, fixing, flying, and displaying unique twin rotored craft. Restorations include a Piasecki H-21 and a Russian Kamov Ka-26.

Coat Manufacturer's Wholesale Outlet
Sandown, NH, US
An established wholesaler of men's topcoats, now making them available to the consumer over the Web.

The College of Fine Arts
Umea University, Umea, Sweden
A school situated in the far north of Sweden with its focus on contemporary art.

Colorado Capitol Connection
Intellinet, Denver, CO, US
The premiere legislative bulletin board system in Colorado, providing the full text of all bills introduced, amendments, votes, House and Senate calendars and journals, and a comprehensive status sheet.

Colorado Municipal League
Denver, CO, US
An association representing Colorado cities. Provides services and lobbying efforts with the state legislature.

Colorado Republican Party
Intellinet, Denver, CO, US
A complete listing of all calendar events, leadership, candidates, and programs of the Party. Also, telnet to GOPNET, the first online bulletin board system for the Republican party.

Colorado Virtual Tourist
Intellinet, Denver, CO, US
An Internet hub housing important Web sites in Colorado with extensive cross-indexing and user-friendly ease of use.

Communications Engineering and Design Magazine
Capital Cities Media, Inc., Denver, CO, US
The premiere magazine of broadband communications, celebrating its 20th year covering the broadband cable television industry.

Community Transportation Association of America
Washington, DC, US
A national nonprofit association whose members see mobility as a basic human right.

Computing Platforms
San Francisco, CA, US
Provides complete consulting services for the startup Web site including a 24-hour technical support line, scripting samples, forms, and a monthly newsletter.

Consensus Software, Inc.
Reston, VA, US
A software development and consulting company that has developed Move MasterTM, a comprehensive software package for moving and storage companies.

Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola
Granarolo Emilia, Bologna, Italy
A leading company in the production of single-fired and double-fired tiles, and the oldest Italian cooperative.

Copper State Communications, Inc.
Tucson, AZ, US
Offers business telephone systems and service, voice mail, and voice/data networking.

The Cornell American
Beverly Hills, CA, US
Cornell University's conservative monthly, providing a unique combination of news, commentary, guest columns, and humor as an intellectual alternative to the liberal campus media.

Tampa, FL, US
Instant garages and all-weather shelters for cars, RVs, boats, equipment storage, aircraft, bandshells, pools, and more,

CSF Informatica
Sao Paulo, Brazil
An Internet access provider in the Sao Paulo region of Brazil. In Spanish.

Cultural Survival
Cambridge, MA, US
Defends the rights of indigenous peoples and ethnic groups throughout the world.

Daniel's Interiors
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A floor covering store offering lino, hardwood, carpet, and window coverings. Includes virtual salespeople.

Deep Discount Network
DDN Limited Partnership, Granville, OH, US
Provides exhaustive links to closeout and surplus resources for businesspeople, information about DDN's online marketplace, and a free demo.

Digital Discounts
Voyles Digital Media, Minneapolis, MN, US
Worldwide and local discounts on a wide variety of goods and services such as books, wine, sunglasses, office supplies, art, flowers, and restaurants.

Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Conducts one of the finest combined medical degree and maxillofacial surgery residency programs. Provides information on current theories and techniques in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Duke Communications International
Loveland, CO, USA
Publishes magazines and books for computer and business professionals. Titles include NEWS/400, Windows NT Magazine, and Controller Magazine.

Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau
Durham, NC, US
Overview for visitors, meeting planners, group tour operators, and film location scouts. Includes maps, things to see and do, and places to stay, eat, and shop.

DWinsock Programmers' Page
CableNet Ltd., Crowhurst, East Sussex, United Kingdom
Acclaimed shareware DWinsock components for Borland's Delphi home page. New release information, programming tips, and more.

EarthFlight Productions
Poughkeepsie, NY, US
Produces "visual music" videos, as featured in Nordic Trac, Blockbuster Music, Tower, HMV, and other record stores. Features original music and aerial 16mm film from North America and the Caribbean.

Torino, Italy
The largest distributor and developer of Atari computer products since 1985.

Entrepreneurs Business Startup Page
Hidden Treasures Co., Victoria, British Columbia, Canadaa
Dedicated to helping people start and run their own businesses.

Environmental Training Group, Inc., Columbia, MD, US
The source for quality training courses and materials in the area of compliance with federal and state environmental and occupational safety and health regulations.

The Extraterrestrial Biological Entity Page
Palm Bay, FL, US
Loads of information about aliens, UFOs, abductions, the Roswell Incident, Area 51, crop circles, and more.

Bologna, Italy
Produces professional-quality household tools for domestic use.

Finesse Marketplace Journal
Finesse Graphics, Inc., Austin, TX, US
A monthly journal of interest to consumers and the business community. Contains articles on marketing, business management, legal matters, software and hardware, travel, and music.

Flying Focus Video Collective
Portland, OR, US
Online catalog of this collective that uses video to promote social change.

Formula Graphics Multimedia System
Harrow Software, Sydney, Australia
A powerful and easy-to-use multimedia authoring system for Windows. Download the unregistered version for free.

Franklin College Switzerland
Lugano, Switzerland
An accredited four-year liberal arts college offering the distinctive alternative of an American education in Europe.

Cary, NC, US
The future of marketing is here today. Offers real estate, medical, and engineering marketing services in North Carolina.

Global Entrepreneurs Network
Jacobs Associates, Raleigh, NC, US
Internet presence provider offering 25 MB Web space, 2 hours free Web design and consultation, FTP sites, unlimited autoresponder, domain registration, and many other services.

The Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music
Stockton Press, New York, NY, US
Order a six-volume encyclopedia covering all forms of popular music, from ragtime to rap, for the period 1900-1995.

The Gumption Trust
Menlo Park, CA, US
An open letter about individual initiative in alleviating world problems.

Gwyneth Paltrow Home Page
John Cook, Louisville, KY, US
Dedicated to the actress, with history, news, and pictures.

Headlight Savers
SR DataScapes, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
An unbreakable headlight protection system that is DOT-approved and attaches directly to the lens of the headlight.

Methuen, MA, US
Serves the healthcare industry, including professionals, companies, and organizations, by providing the most comprehensive and diverse selection of links available today on the Internet.

Healthy Community-Healthy Economy
San Jose, CA, US
A joint venture initiative to raise the health status of the diverse populations of Silicon Valley.

HEROZ Enterprises, Inc.
Tucson, AZ, US
Dedicated to the support and advancement of small and home-based business enterprises.

History and Philosophy of Science
University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
Conducts research and teaching activities within physics, mathematics, and biology, with a strong interdisciplinary purpose.

Holy Software Developers
Louisville, KY, US
Offers Verses, a free, downloadable DOS application which displays a different Bible verse every time the computer is powered on.

Home Page For Mauritius
Richard d'Avrincourt, Haltfield, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Information about this exotic isle including history, location, business, and economy.

ALLnet Inc., Oklahoma City, OK, US
The professional site for horses and horse-related products on the Internet. Just come and have some fun.

Rick Siegel, New York, NY, US
A music archive of new and breaking bands from around the world. The archive is dedicated to artists and does not charge them a fee for the service.

The Hub for Information for People in Wheelchairs
Danny Gregory, New York, NY, US
Resources and information on home design, hope for cure and coping, journals, legal issues, people, regional resources, sexuality, sports, therapy, travel, wheelchairs, and women's issues.

iDEAS, Snohomish, WA, US
An Internet marketplace attracting unique specialty item merchants set in a stimulating electronic trading post atmosphere.

Kapitol, Brussels, Belgium
Search the largest online information database for direct marketing in Belgium. Contains four million addresses with phone numbers, email addresses, and URLs.

InforHouse Computers
Oklahoma City, OK, US
Provides information on buying of hardware and software in Sao Jose dos Campos and Sao Paulo.

Information Handling Services (IHS)
Englewood, CO, US
Provides technical databases of military specifications and standards, worldwide industry standards, vendor catalogs, government personnel and procurement information, electronic components, safety and regulatory data, and parts data.

Institute of Cancer Research
London, England
A guide to the activities, research programs, staff publications, and events at the Institute, as well as providing links to other cancer sites worldwide.

Denver, CO, US
A Web site design and electronic bulletin board company with nine years experience on the information superhighway. Creators of the Colorado Virtual Tourist and IntelliNetwork Colorado.

Interactive Guide to Colorado Springs
Interactive Frontiers, Inc, Colorado Springs, CO, US
An Interactive guide to Colorado Springs complete with apartment searches, local links, and a free classified ads section.

International Book Import Service
Huntsville, AL, US
Provides bookstores, libraries, schools, and individuals with German books.

International Health Insurance
Copenhagen, Denmark
A health insurance company specializing in worldwide medical coverage and global travel insurance, whose mother company is Scandinavia's largest mutual health insurance company.

International Technology Consultants
Bethesda, MD, US
Dedicated to research and development of telecommunications enterprises in the emerging markets of Latin America, Asia, and East Europe.

Internet Arts & Antiques
Wood Data Systems, Inc., Double Oak, TX, US
Brings buyers and sellers of art together on the Web. Browse the database full of antique objects.

Internet WorkShop
Tucson, AZ, US
A full-service Web presence provider, offering creative home page design, low-cost space rent on a dedicated Web server, custom programming and database work. Also corporate Web setups.

Jerusalem, Israel
The only complete index of all Israeli Web sites.

Journal of Financial Economics
Rochester, NY, US
A leading academic journal of finance, published by North-Holland.

Landstrom & Privy, Ltd.
Tucson, AZ, US
The HUD and VA Specialists. Check out the Homebuyer's hotline or receive a free listing via email.

Langley United Youth Soccer
Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Contains updated standings, clinics, tournament information, and more.

Las Cruces Convention & Visitors Bureau
Las Cruces, NM, US
Information about the "city of festive moods and friendly attitudes."

LBNL Accelerator and Fusion Research Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, US
Contains descriptions, aimed at the general public, of what AFRD does and why it does it. Links to related scientific resources on the Web are also provided.

Low Brow Records and Distributors, Inc.
Ventura, CA, US
Distributes quality music, by both signed and unsigned artists, that deserves to be heard and purchased.

The Mariners' Museum
Newport News, VA, US
A collection of more than 35,000 maritime artifacts, 600,000 historic photographs and negatives, 75,000 volumes of books, and one million manuscript items.

MAXIMA New Media
Kochav-Yair, Israel
A multimedia company specializing in high-quality culture.

Zambon Marco, Caneva, Italia
Information on two furniture companies based in northeast Italy, only 40 miles from Venice.

MFM Communication Software, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH, US
Home of PC Access real estate communications software.

Middle of Nowhere
Brad Cox, Fairfax, VA, US
A large Web with paradoxical goals. Like a museum, it collects, studies,organizes, and presents diverse material for divers interests, and is continually expanding and evolving.

Morris Technologies, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH, US
Provides rapid prototyping and 3D solid modeling services.

Mover's Aid
Tucson, AZ, US
Save time, expense, and frustration when moving to Tucson. Services and special offers to make moving easier.

Movies From Ideal
Mesa, AZ, US
Offers B-title movies for sale, and links to vintage video and cult classics from Dead Alive Productions.

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
A new Tokyo television station, starting its service on 1 November 1995.

NASA Wallops Flight Facility
Wallops Island, VA, US
Learn about the facility and what projects are happening this month. Informational, educational, dynamic, and interactive.

National Center for Research Resources
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, US
Provides information about programs and how to acces NCRR research resources. Also includes several online directories to find facilities, biomaterials, and models for biomedical investigators.

Neal E. Wilson Research
Manchester, CT, US
Provides international traveler data on personal and medical safety, telecommunications availability, business climate, and the political situation in any destination country.

Neil's Snowmobile page
Neil Jones, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
For snowmobile enthusiasts in Ontario and snowmobilers thinking of visiting Ontario.

The Netcheck Commerce Bureau
Orlando, FL, US
An interactive credit-check system established to promote ethical business practices worldwide, and to increase consumer confidence in purchasing products and services on the Internet.

Netrepreneur News
Concept One, Cambridge, MA, US
Summaries of news about the Internet, commercial online services, and online marketing.

Nickels Computer Works
Hot Springs, AR, US
The authors of Shareware Boss and ViewBoss present some of their other custom software applications.

North Coast Medical, Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
Unique home health care devices helping people with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, strokes, or any other limiting disability, live a more independent life.

NT Wizards Unplugged
Beverly Hills Software, Beverly Hills, CA, US
A monthly Webzine with interviews of experts on Windows NT and the Internet.

Ogram & Teplitz, P.C.
Tucson, AZ, US
News, information, and success stories about patents and patent application. Find out how to use laws of intellectual property to keep someone from stealing innovative ideas.

One Peachtree Center
Atlanta, GA, US
With bold architecture and dramatic public spaces showcasing magnificent world-class sculptures, One Peachtree Center expresses uncompromised grandness.

Opportunity Flying Club
Anchorage, AK, US
A nonprofit flying club providing an alternative way to fly, float, and ski airplanes in the Alaskan bush.

OPTi Inc.
Milpitas, CA, US
A leading supplier of core logic, graphic, and multimedia PC chipsets to manufacturers of computer products worldwide.

ORBCOMM Global Wireless Communications
Orbital Communications Corporation, Dulles, VA, US
The world's first low earth orbit communication system, offering wireless Internet, wireless fax, and two-way paging.

Organic Picture Garden
Amsterdam Art Town, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A gallery for users to throw the fruits of their imaginations into the wind and watch them flower.

Ostriches Introduction Page
Chicago, US
The worlds largest purveyors of ostriches, ostrich meat and livestock. Also offers online advertising and HTML document design.

Pacific Society
University Of Nottingham, Nottingham, England
A society that cares for students who are unfortunate to not have a large number of fellow countrymen attending the University.

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
Washington, DC, US
An international public health agency with more than 90 years of experience in working to improve health and living standards of the countries of the Americas.

Pasco School District
Pasco, WA, US
A new Web service for the educational community of the Pasco School District, a public K-12 school district located in the desert of S.E. Washington state.

Penncom Internet Company
Warren, PA, US
Quality, rural Internet access for Northwest Pennsylvania.

Peoples Trust Company
Imagineer.Com Information Services Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A federally licensed trust company since 1985, whose growth and continued nationwide corporate activity have been maintained by a conservative platform for asset management.

The Write Idea, Chico, CA, US
A site for thinking people, with poetry, politics, philosophy, and more.

The Personal Retirement Trust
Tucson, AZ, US
Information on this method of converting appreciated assets and avoiding capital gains taxation and estate taxes.

Danvers, MA, US
Supplier of conference room and desktop videoconferencing systems worldwide. Site includes a non-technical introduction to PictureTel and videoconferencing.

Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest
Pillsbury Company, Minneapolis, MN, US
Find out about America's premier cooking contest, enter a sweepstakes to win a trip to the bake-off contest, browse online for doughboy merchandise, and access the best of the winning recipes from past contests.

Pineapple, Ltd.
Petach-Tikva, Israel
Developers of imaginative, interactive content for CD-ROM and online networks.

PlumbNet Interactive Plumbing Network
Portland, OR, US
Brings together plumbing experts, designers, architects, manufacturers, and homeowners to share information and resources about the plumbing aspects of new construction, remodeling, and restoration.

Prisoner 9653
Bloomsbury's Literary Services, Denver, CO, US
An electronic magazine for Colorado's political left, featuring art, literature, and commentary from the socialist movement in Colorado. Submissions and advertisers are welcome. Also, check out the T-shirt catalog.

Produccion & Distribucion Corporation
Miami, FL, US
Publisher of the leading TV, film, advertising, and new media magazines in Latin America since 1989.

Production Engineered Designs USA
El Paso, TX, US
A mid-to-high-volume supplier of PCB assemblies, offering cost-effective solutions in circuit and function testing.

Profil CDI Multimedia Inc.
Quebec, Montreal, Canada
Produces interactive multimedia presentations and Web sites of high quality for all types of firms.

Indianapolis, IN, US
Specialists in organization-wide systems for improving group and individual performance. Includes actionable leadership and associate and technical development processes.

PSN Capital Ventures
Austin, TX, US
Provides venture capital financing and computerized matchmaking services for fund-seekers, lenders, investors, buyers, and sellers of businesses and merchandise.

Puzzler Gulch
Boulder, CO, US
Spotlights progressive businesses supporting a paperless society, while providing access to crucial products for human welfare in the 21st century.

@radical.media, Inc.
New York, NY, US
A commercial production company specializing in the integration of marketing within original content, across all formats of media.

Radiocarbon Dating
University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
An A-to-Z resource providing information on the radiocarbon dating method. Of relevance to archaeologists, geologists, and anyone else interested in C-14 dating.

Ramtha's School of Enlightenment
Yelm, WA, US
An American Gnostic school with 3,000 students from 23 different countries. The site includes introduction talks, product catalogs, and current schedule of events.

Rendezvous at WWWDOTCOM
Hutchins and Associates, Inc., Escondido, CA, US
Web sites and marketing services for publishers, publishing trade associations, and vendors serving publishers. A job bank is included.

Ritch-Hallanan Real Estate, Ltd.
San Francisco, CA, US
A small firm specializing in fine San Francisco properties.

Robson Adult Communities
Robson Communities, Phoenix, AZ, US
One of the largest and most successful homebuilders of active, adult resort lifestyles.

San Diego Discount Guide
Transglobe Marketing, San Diego, CA, US
The first and only "virtual coupon book" to offer special savings at restaurants, clubs, hotels, activities, and services in America's finest city.

San Jose - Capital of Silicon Valley
Mentor Marketing Services, San Jose, CA, US
A meta-index, guide, and directory to over 325 sites about San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Shanghai Panorama
SUNY Inc., Shanghai, China
Information related to Shanghai, China, divided into four separate categories: business, education, government, and Internet.

Pioneer Concept International, Wanchai, Hong Kong
A manufacturers' showcase for volume buyers, complete with order policy and product details.

SIC Informatica
Inside Information Systems, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Brazilian business connection. In both English and Portuguese. A new generation in Internet.

Silicon Valley Environmental Partnership
San Jose, CA, US
A joint venture initiative to stimulate development of the environmental industry and solve environmental problems.

Simm Shop
J. Buchhas, Bad Voeslau, Austria
An Internet shop featuring low-cost simms, rotating memories, and computer add-ons.

Software Perspectives
Lake Ridge, VA, US
Provides support and information for all of Software Perspectives' products, and includes a complete library of the software.

Southern Kentucky Network
London, KY, US
Provides local Internet access in Eastern and Central Kentucky.

Stahmann's of New Mexico
Las Cruces, NM, US
World-famous pecans direct from the grove.

Steve Weiland, Boynton Beach, FL, US
Dedicated to sharing information on Web programming, HTML, graphics, security, server setup and maintenance, Internet connections, and more.

Strategic Management Group, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA, US
Provides business seminars, computer-based business simulations, and multimedia training to clients around the world.

The Swedish Information Service
New York, NY, US
The gateway to Sweden, offering information on culture, study, business, media, travel, events, and more.

Symbol Technologies
Bohemia, NY, US
The world leader in bar code management systems, featuring wireless LANs, portable systems, and bar code scanning solutions.

T-38 Inlet Lip Redesign Project
NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, US
See what NASA's Johnson Space Center is doing to improve take-off performance of the T-38 airplane.

Tee-Time Arrangers & Tours
Tucson, AZ, US
The best golf vacations in the Tucson metropolitan area including hotel, condominium, suite, or casita accommodations.

Telephone Equipment and Service
Ft. Worth, TX, US
A complete line of telephone equipment for the home and office.

T.L. McCauley's A-Life Jump Points
Memphis, TN, US
A comprehensive list of artificial life and dynamic systems sites by category.

Tucson Resume Pool
Tucson, AZ, US
High-quality job-seekers looking for work in the Tucson area. Contact applicants directly and view resumes online.

Tucson's Real Estate Agents
Tucson, AZ, US
A list of real estate agents in Tucson, Arizona, with hypertext links to companies' home pages.

Ultimate Business Cards
Sherman Oaks, CA, US
Makers of 3D, mirror, and animation cards that move and change color, plastic business and membership cards, paper and magnetic stocks, and custom prepaid telephone cards.

The Universal Font Co. Ltd.
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Stocks 13,000 fonts from Adobe, Monotype, Linotype, Red Rooster, DTP Types, Bitstream, and Mecanorma.

U.S. Email.net
Ventura, CA, US
Provides a lifetime email address to assist those who have experienced the problems associated with changing email addresses due to a change in Internet providers, business locations, etc.

Visa Olympics of the Imagination
Visa, New York, NY, US
A global art competition challenging youngsters to create their vision of a new Olympic sport for a chance to win a trip to the 1996 Olympic Summer Games.

Vortex Integrated Systems, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI, US
Provides high-quality local online information services and Internet access to businesses and consumers across the globe.

The War of The Worlds
CompuServe and Internet Outfitters, Columbus, OH, US
The original Mercury Theater production of The War of the Worlds, presented in streaming audio.

Water Quality Association
Lisle, IL, US
Information about drinking water quality, and treatment technologies for improving it.

Water Watch
Los Angeles, CA, US
Water meters that easily attach to shower heads or hoses.

Washington, D.C., DC, US
Charters sailboats to sail the Greek Islands and the Aegean sea.

Web Atlanta
New Media Marketing, Atlanta, GA, US
Atlanta's foremost guide to business, events, travel, entertainment, and, of course, links to the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Web Digest for Marketers Daily Update
Novato, CA, US
An online list of new marketing sites and valuable tools.

Web Solutions
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Offers Web page design, maintenance, placement, promotion, and Internet information management for individuals, organizations, and business.

The West Virginia Web
Elkins, WV, US
The world's gateway in the the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia.

WINGS Birdwatching Tours
Tucson, AZ, US
Approximately 150 birdwatching tours worldwide.

World's Most Beautiful Fractal Image?
OmniMedia, South Jordan, UT, US
A fractal work of art that comes with Fractint, a freeware program for the creation of fractals.

Yaohushua the Messiah
Washington, DC, US
Information on the original, Hebrew Creator and His unique messiah, Yaohushua.

Ziff-Davis Interactive, Cambridge, MA, US
The pre-eminent source for interactive virtual reality or 3D on the Internet.

Friday, 10 November 1995

01 First Place
Melbourne, FL, US
A professional placement firm assisting engineers in the commercial and scientific fields find enhanced career opportunities.

10 of TEN Jewelry
Tacoma, WA, US
Uniquely designed jewelry, with a touch of classic Victorian.

1996 Exotic Plant Seed Catalog
Southern Business Express, Gautier, MS, US
A catalog of exotic, unusual, and rare plant seeds from around the world.

Lafayette, CA, US
Pick an area code, then look it up. 800, 900, and global directories are also available.

Mountain View, CA, US
An online resource for college and university faculty and administration interested in technology-mediated instruction and learning.

Ad Tips
Dependable Lists Inc., Bellwood, IL, US
The nation's premier direct-mail list brokerage and list management compnay.

Adventure Tours in Europe
Horizons, Marietta, GA, US
Hungry for a taste of adventure? Find information on hiking and biking tours in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

All Night Travel
Global Audience Providers, Inc., Key West, FL, US
A graveyard shift travel agency on the Internet.

Allen, Williford & Seale, Inc.
Houston, TX, US
Specializes in appraisal of right of way and expert witness testimony for eminent domain. Experienced in railroads, pipelines, highways, telecommunications, utilities, conservation properties, litigation and support.

Amazing Artists: The Leo and Diane Dillon Page
Rodrigo Torres and Deborah Brock, Berkeley, CA, US
The Dillons are award-winning illustrators best known for artwork in children's literature and science fiction cover art.

The American News Service
Brattleboro, VT, US
A nonprofit media bureau that focuses on innovations in public problem solving.

American Taxation Association
Boston, MA, US
Fosters the dissemination and publication of information on taxation.

Ancient Future - World Fusion Music
Ancient Future, Kentfield, CA, US
This highly acclaimed world fusion music group goes online with a site devoted to world music, including soundfiles, an online catalog, concert listings, and biographical information.

Hollywood Online, Santa Monica, CA, US
This male version of "Sixteen Candles" stars Academy Award winners Kathy Bates and George C. Scott, and introduces Charlie Talbert as Angus.

ASR Productions
Boston, MA, US
An audio speciality company that writes and produces music as well as sound effects for video.

At Last - Haze Free Auto Glass with DSI
Shadow Mountain Technologies, Green River, WY, US
A technologically advanced auto glass cleaner that eliminates windshield haze and hard water spots. Try a free sample of something that works.

Atag Holding
Ulft, Gelderland, The Netherlands
Produces a range of widely sold quality products for the home and family market. Products range from kitchen appliances to bicycles.

Attorneys Online
Swarner & Fitzgerald, Topanga, CA, US
Specializes in family law, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, personal injury, death, traffic violations, estates and trusts, forming corporations, real estate, copyright, and more.

AutoSite, Inc.
Acton, MA, US
Offers more than 24,000 pages of continually updated, independent, and accurate resource materials for car enthusiasts and novices.

Awesome Sports Sites
Multimedia Marketing Group, Portland, OR, US
A total sports Internet site where users vote on the Awesome Sports Site of the Month and the Awesome Sports Hall of Fame.

Azores Islands - 9 Enchanting Islands
Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal
Features the Portuguese Azores Islands, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, with lots of photographs and interesting information.

The Back Bowl Ski Page
Jeffrey Ryan, Boone, NC, US
Resort information, extreme skiing information, ski reports, and other skiing related information.

The Baha'is of Lubbock
Lubbock, TX, US
Information on one of the many Baha'i communities in the state of Texas.

Balance Ayurvedic Products
Port Hueneme, CA, US
Featuring a full line of ayurvedic natural herbs, roots, and minerals specially selected for their therapeutic and rejuvenating properties.

Bonnie Kane, W.O.O., and High Priority Consulting
New York, NY, US
High Priority is the illustration, computer animation and design service; W.O.O. is the band; and Bonnie Kane is behind the whole thing.

BONZI Software
Paso Robles, CA, US
See and hear people online with Voice EMail for Netscape, Compuserve, and America Online.

Borealis Technical, Inc. Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Information concerning the Borealis family of research and development and mining companies.

Borla Performance Industries
Oxnard, CA, US
Specializes in racing and performance exhaust products for the automotive and motorcycle industries.

Boston Rose Bouquet
Boston, MA, US
Send flowers anywhere in the world and have them delivered on the same day in the U.S.

Brazil On Line
Sherman Oaks, CA, US
Discover everything about Brazil including music, entertainment, business, and publications.

Bridal Fashions Wedding Center
Paramus, NJ, US
A full-service wedding center where clients can find entertainment, photographers, marriage certificates, and more.

Business Club Central
Southern College, Collegedale, TN, US
Intended for use by members and anyone else interested in business. Check out the Business Club Monthly Herald.

Campaigning On-Line
Greenfield, MA, US
Political consultants dedicated to advocating Republican causes on the Web.

Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity
Gloucester, Ontario, Canada
Information and resources on girls and women in sports and physical activity in Canada.

Canadian Musician Magazine
Norris-Whitney Communications Inc., St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Canada's magazine for professional and amateur musicians. Articles on equipment, successful artists, technique, business, industry news, songwriting, and indie bands.

Candida Yeast Anwer
Candida Wellness Center, Provo, UT, US
An all natural program developed by medical specialists and research scientists in the fields of Candida Parasitology and Pro-biotic.

Carl Schmidt Sohn Fine Cutlery and Flatware
Rockville, CT, US
Makers of the finest cutlery and flatware. Order online.

Chabad Jewish Student Organization
University of Texas, Austin, TX, US
A Jewish group and congregation on the campus of the University of Texas.

Channel-One Ltd.
Dunfermline, Scotland
PC multi-authorized resellers, systems consultants, and Internet specialists.

Toms River, NJ, US
This site is young and growing and attempts to fill a gap on the Web by organizing resources for chemical education at the secondary level.

Chemnistry Department
University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, US
Describes the UAB Chemistry faculty, research, seminar schedule, and undergraduate and graduate programs.

Chris Wenham's OS/2ish reviews
Binghamton, NY, US
Reviews of native OS/2 software, including both commercial and shareware applications.

Chuck Lustig's ExcitingWriting
Dallas, TX, US
An alternative to ordinary freelance writing. Peruse a portfolio that includes video and multimedia scripts, brochures, and speeches.

Cincinnati, OH, US
See the entertainment, businesses, food, restaurants, job listings, ballet, opera, Web services, books, real-estate, and gifts Cincinnati has to offer.

Cochise Public Information Network Server
Sierra Vista, AZ, US
Information on Cochise College, Arizona State University, The University of Arizona, and Northern Arizona University.

College of Creative Arts
West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, US
Fosters creative development in art, music, theatre, and dance.

College-Conservatory of Music Prep
Cincinnati, OH, US
Study programs in music, ballet, musical theater, and drama for all ages.

The Complete Real Estate Software Catalog
Z-Law Software, Inc., Providence, RI, US
The definitive directory of software and hardware that will save users time, money, and guarantee them success in real estate.

EuroWEB, Muenchen, Germany
A weekly German computer magazine.

ConferTech International
Westminster, CO, US
The premier provider of voice, data, and fax applications.

Congress in a Nutshell
Bruce Fisher, Newark, DE, US
An environmental, consumer-awareness guide for the current (104th) Congress.

Contract Jobs Listings
Mountain View, CA, US
Pages dedicated to staffing software projects with technical contractors and consultants.

Cool Web Links
Ramiro Portillo, Mexico City, Mexico
The best car and supermodel links on the Internet.

Pierre Cimon, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Complete Internet consulting, and Web site design, production, and language translation.

Creative Contractors
Clearwater, FL, US
Consistently ranked among the top ten contractors in the marketplace, this general contractor performs commercial construction.

The Critical Thinking Community
Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA, US
Promotes interdisciplinary educational reform and quality reasoning, writing, and reading for K-12 and universities with books, conferences, assessment systems tools, and workshops.

Czechkrystal Ltd.
Encino, CA, US
Importers of fine crystal vases, stemware, and quality gifts from around the world.

D. W. Simpson & Company
Chicago, IL, US
Serves the actuarial profession nationwide in all disciplines and at all levels, from student to fellowship.

DataSat Communications
Hartford, CT, US
An Internet presence designer with links to a slew of different services.

Days Gone
MountainNet, Morgantown, WV, US
Features miniature reproductions of classic and antique cars manufactured by Lledo of London.

The Deep Blue Black Internet Site.
Fullerton, CA, US
An electronic style band. Influences include industrial, gothic, and other such genres. Check out the music and the publications.

Department of Neurology
Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, US
Contains general information about the department and its clinical programs. Also includes the inaugural issue of the journal, Neurobiology of Disease.

Digital Interactive Research
Winter Springs, FL, US
Provides a selection of Web publishing services and home page hosting to facilitate the professional presentation of commercial, educational, and promotional information on the Internet.

Discover Design
Revolution Media, San Francisco, CA, US
One of the premiere interior design resources, this site displays fine furniture, decorative fabrics, wallcoverings, carpeting, hardware, and accessories, and educates and informs about the world of design.

Dodo Land in Cyberspace
Azatlan Educational Developers, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Interactive, educational center for kids K-8. Protect the environment and expand your Imagination through art, creative writing, storytelling, music, drama, cyberstories, and an electronic magazine.

Donald Rust's Online Art
Creative Concepts, Sarasota, FL, US
Presents paintings with subjects of wildlife, illusion, portraits, and more.

Drew's Quality Fork-Dipped Chocolates
Dexter, IA, US
Since 1927, this candy-making business has used the same recipes and equipment.

The Earthnet Info Server
Illinois State Geological Survey, Champaign, IL, US
Contains links to hundreds of geoscience sites and information relating to dinosaurs and vertebrate paleontology.

MountainNet, Morgantown, WV, US
Features the latest in athletic apparel and equipment from such top-name manufacturers as Nike, Reebok, and Champion.

Eastern Aviaonics Internations, Inc.
Eastern Avionics International, Inc., Punta Gorda, FL, US
Comprehensive avionics guide for general aviation pilots. Find tips on selecting many makes and models of aviation headsets, intercoms, GPSs, and most anything electronic for aircraft.

Economic Development Contact for Evanston, Wyoming
Uinta County Economic Development Commission, Evanston, WY, US
Valuable information for anyone planning to move their business or industry to Southwest Wyoming.

The Eco-Village Information Service
Gaia Villages, Snedsted, Denmark
Provides information about eco-villages, human-scale, full-featured settlements integrating human activities harmlessly into the natural environment.

MSCD's Art 419: Computer Graphics III, Denver, CO, US
A radical expression of art and information. Come check out what some creative brains in Denver think about our world.

Electronic Commerce Law
American Bar Association, Section of Science & Technology, Chicago, IL, US
An educational effort to outline the laws and policies that will enable secure electronic commerce through the use of Electronic Commerce Law and Information Technology.

The Electronic Herald
Caledonian Information and Media Services, Glasgow, Scotland
Scotland's leading quality newspaper.

Ellison CD-ROM Kiosk
New York, NY, US
Features over 1600 CD-ROM titles for Macintosh and Windows, and fast delivery, great service, and affordable prices.

The Evening Times Online
Caledonian Information and Media Services, Glasgow, Scotland
The life and soul of Scotland's most dynamic city, Glasgow.

Facets Video Collection
Chicago, IL, US
The largest distributor of foreign, art, cult, and hard-to-find videos.

Los Angeles, CA, US
Advocates implementation of the digital environment as terrain for research and development, political action, and production.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Kansas City, MO, US
Presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ to athletes and coaches throughout the U.S.

Chase Manhattan Bank, Tucson, AZ, US
Provides online access to the auto-lending services of Chase Manhattan Bank.

Florida Sea Grant Home Page
Gainesville, FL, US
Provides information on coastal issues, fisheries, hurricanes, estuaries, water quality, and habitat restoration in Florida.

San Francisco, CA, US
Intends to fight and expose the anti-smoking agenda.

Foreign Language Study Abroad for Teachers
California State University, Northridge, Northridge, CA, US
Links to language schools abroad that offer intensive language instruction. Although the majority of sites teach Spanish, other languages are included.

The Fragile X Listserv
Counterpoint Publishing, Cambridge, MA, US
Listserv for Fragile X syndrome, a single-gene disorder.

A Free Business Opportunity Directory
NOBOSS, Orangevale, CA, US
Search NOBOSS, the Web's richest home-based business opportunities database.

Friends Network
Micheal Hemphill, Louisville, MS, US
The ultimate place to meet new email pals. It's all new and totally free.

Funny Times Emporium
Cleveland, OH, US
Some of the funniest T-shirts on the Net by some of the world's top cartoonists.

Game Theory and the Law
The Law School, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
This site is devoted to the overlap between game theory and legal analysis and, more broadly, to law and economics.

The Gaming Reporter, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
A monthly publication on casino gaming laws, new laws, cases, and how to keep users out of problems.

GAMS Development Corp.
Washington, DC, US
Provides tools for modeling and solving mathematical optimization problems. The modeling software and solvers handle linear, non-linear, and mixed integer programming.

German Online Kiosk
EuroWEB, Muenchen, Germany
A database of information about German magazines, seminars, and links to German and European newspapers and special magazines.

Digital Planet, Los Angeles, CA, US
The site for the new James Bond movie, GoldenEye. A dossier interface yields access to Bond's latest assignment as well as archives packed with old Bond movie clips, records of past assassins, lovers, and a catalog of his special equipment.

Goldman Environmental Prize
San Francisco, CA, US
The world's largest prize program for grassroots environmentalists. It awards $75,000 annually to six environmental heroes from each of the inhabited continental regions.

Grace Realty, Ocean City, NJ
Ocean City, NJ, US
A free, 24-page sale and rental guide for the greater Ocean City, New Jersey area.

Graduate Programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Northeastern University, Boston, MA, US
Description of graduate programs leading to a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences with specialization in Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Medicinal Chemistry, and interdisciplinary programs.

Grand Heritage Hotels International
Annapolis, MD, US
A unique collection of historic American and European hotels, stately homes, and castles.

Growing Young
MTM Online, Norcross, GA, US
Offers updated information about natural health alternatives, including news about men's and women's health. Male sexuality and female weight loss are key topics.

Guide for Seekers
LFC, Newport Beach, CA, US
A listing of books that will lead users through an adventure of the soul.

Hannah's Prayer
Rev. Russell L. Horn & friends, Redding, CA, US
Features a weekday devotional and other Biblical resources to help Christians in their daily lives.

Havin' It Records
London, England
Provides users with fun and informative pages offering news, views, competitions, and travel information related to the ever-growing dance culture.

Heard Museum
Phoenix, AZ, US
Provides information relating to Native American cultures, particularly those indigenous to the Southwestern U.S.

Amadeus Multimedia Technologies, Ltd., Irvington, NY, US
A peer-reviewed electronic journal in cardiology, cardiac pacing, and electrophysiology.

Helen Thomas Realty, Inc.
Fort Myers, FL, US
Represents properties on the tropical barrier islands of Sanibel and Captiva in southwest Florida.

The Hilaly Page
Hamilton College, Clinton, NY, US
A page for information on Hamilton College and various student home pages.

A Hotlist of Bob's Fiery Foods
Houston, TX, US
Offering 100-plus exotic hot sauces, salsas, jerk marinades, chili mixes, habanero-laced nuts and snacks, and scorching beef jerky in an online catalog.

HTML Assistant Pro Home Page
Brooklyn North Software Works, Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada
Find out about this brand-new release of the award-winning Web page creator and HTML editor for Windows.

Hunter Engineering Company
St. Louis, MO, US
A world leader in the automotive service equipment industry, manufacturing wheel alignment consoles, wheel balancers, tire changers, lift racks, and brake testers.

Hypertext Poetry Collection
Roland Childe, Minneapolis, MN, US
A work-in-progress reflecting the darker experiences to be had or shared on the dank underbelly of cyberspace.

IE Graphics
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Described as "a feast for my tired eyes," by John H Sumner of IBN, users are assured their time is well spent in checking out these sketches.

Daytona Beach, FL, US
Offers free financial-aid information to students around the world.

Los Altos, CA, US
Dedicated to the distribution of quality new and used German auto parts over the Internet.

InterMind Corp.
Seattle, WA, US
An electronic communications agency with development and testing team job opportunities.

International Estate Jewelers
Hollywood, FL, US
Estate jewelry at wholesale prices. Buy and sell quality pieces.

International Investment Services
San Jose, Costa Rica
Check here for the latest Costa Rican real estate promotion and find out how to earn 15% interest, tax free.

Internet World Wide Web Group, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA, US
Helps users take advantage of the Web and other Internet resources with training, marketing, financing, and job placement services.

Irrigation & Green Industry Network
Los Angeles, California, US
An online tool for finding information and knowledge of what is happening in the green industry.

Jenesis, Pasadena, CA, US
A gallery of fine contemporary art and art pieces, with descriptions, sizes, technique, and prices.

Jennifer Whang's Domain
Torrance/Claremont, CA, US
The first page in honor of E.M. Forster and his works. Peruse information on literature, poetry, music, films, and related entertainment.

Jen's Eye-Popping Online Art Gallery
Jen Linton, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A shameless bit of self-promotion. Drop by this online art gallery and exclaim, "Ye gods, the girl's a genius!"

Jerusalem Insider
Friends of Likud, Washington, DC, US
A weekly newsletter to U.S. policy makers and community leaders. Focuses on Middle East issues relevant to U.S. national security and U.S.-Israel relations.

Jethro Easyfields
Bloomington, IN, US
An information and entertainment resource about a New Orleans blues musician. Includes general information, a bio, lyrics, updated show information, and numerous photos.

Jordan Realty
Elizabeth City, NC, US
A Northeastern North Carolina agency that features agency and area information.

J.T.'s General Store
Jim Sullivan, Alton, IL, US
Whatever happened to the Jewel Tea Man? This one's alive and well and setting up a real general store. Order groceries and general merchandise, and read a little local history.

Just for Kicks: NJ Youth Soccer Home Page
NJ Online, Jersey City, NJ, US
The complete site for soccer families in New Jersey and around the globe. Includes interviews with current Olympians, advice and tips, and an interactive soccer discussion forum.

Kalyn's Online Country Crafts Magazine
Creative Touch Advertising, Albuquerque, NM, US
Individual crafters from everywhere come together to display handmade treasures for sale.

Kaplan InterActive's Turkey on the Web!
New York, NY, US
Cool, crazy, and wacky content about Thanksgiving, sponsored by Stanley Kaplan.

Katz Media Corporation
New York, NY, US
Come explore the inner workings of the world's largest media rep firm.

Key West Island Vacation Rental Properties
Vacations, Vacations, Vacations, Inc., Key West, Florida, US
Rent a private island home for the price of a hotel room.

Kids' Quest
Eden Communications/ChristianAnswers.Net, Mesa, AZ, US
A tropical rain forest theme complete with audio and video; lots of animals, trees, and vines; Bible-based games; activities; and other information.

Kirkpatrick & Lockhart LLP
Pittsburgh, PA, US
A large law firm with over 400 attorneys, six offices, and a diverse and extensive practice.

KRAMER Handgun Leather
Tacoma, WA, US
Horsehide concealment holsters and accessories for the armed professional.

Lam Research Corporation
Fremont, CA, US
A leading supplier of wafer processing equipment to the worldwide semiconductor industry.

Boston, MA, US
A travel service specializing in Latin America.

Laughing Bird Productions
Dakota City, NE, US
Provides excellent cooking and humor software for downloading. Check out the Joke Lounge and Kitchen Tips areas.

Law Offices of Patrick Plummer
Primenet Web Services, Phoenix, AZ, US
Online information for this law firm specializing in cancer litigation and causation research, liability and personal injury, immigration law, and more.

Lawrence Financial Services, Inc.
New York, NY, US
Offers professional money management, risk management, and trading system consulting.

Lee's Retreat
Virginia Tech College of Human Resources, Blacksburg, VA, US
Follows the path of Robert E. Lee's retreat from Petersburg to his surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia.

Lesson Plans and Resources for Social Studies Teachers
California State University, Northridge, Northridge, CA, US
Lesson plans and resources useful to social studies teachers.

Literatura Chilena en el Exterior
Elias Letelier, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Allows Chilean poets to get together and become informed on literary events.

Los Angeles Times - Washington Post News Service
Washington, DC, US
The world's leading supplemental news service.

LURock Home Page
Lakehead University Rock Climbing Club, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
A rock climbing resource for the Web community at large.

Mac A. Cody Associates
Richardson, TX, US
Vendor of the Tsunami Plus wavelet software library. Product data, preprints of papers, demo software, and pointers to other wavelet sites can be found here.

Mac InFokus
Stockholm, Sweden
Considerate and expert Macintosh and PC consulting.

Mantissa Corporation
Birmingham, AL, US
Delivers advanced solutions for automated data center management dealing with report/output distribution, documents, systems operation, and environments.

Marco Island
Naples Internet Marketing Services, Inc., Marco Island, FL, US
A virtual business community for this region, for users who visit this special part of Florida.

Mariner, The Intelligent Internet Organizer
NCD Software Corporation, Mountain View, CA, US
An integrated browser that allows the user to access, organize and share Internet-based information using a single integrated interface.

The Marketing Guild
Houghton Regis, England
Dedicated to giving profitable and practical marketing support to an international membership of business owners and directors.

Markle Stuckey Hardesty & Bott
Larkspur, CA, US
A full-service CPA firm providing tax accounting and consulting services to closely held businesses and individuals. Find lots of information about tax planning, auditing, and litigation, and some tax jokes, too.

Matryx Services International, LLC
New York, NY, US
An international financial advisory company providing a complete range of select services to private clients, closely-held companies, and professional intermediaries.

McGregor's Information Services
Virtual Africa, Cape Town, South Africa
The most comprehensive business database on the continent of Africa.

Communication Bridges, Sausalito, CA, US
A gathering place in cyberspace dedicated to empowering the next generation of communications.

Medical Design Company
Beverly, MA, US
Providing creative, colorful healthcare communication strategies and support literature, including brochures, journal ads, sales aides/collateral, direct mail, logos/identity packages, and home page site creation.

Medium Productions Limited
Upminster, Essex, England
An independent record label initiated by the ex-members of 80's group JAPAN. The label releases solo and joint projects by the trio and related artists.

Memphis Web Communications
Memphis, TN, US
A Macintosh-based Internet presence provider offering Ethernet, ISDN, and remote access for Macintosh Networks. Publishing and site services include multimedia, FTP, database, and mail.

Michigan Medical Device Manufacturers & Suppliers Association
Lansing, MI, US
Formed in 1993 to promote the medical device industry in Michigan.

Tacoma, WA, US
Specializing in Web pages, 3D and design graphics, digital video and kiosks, corporate logos, and more.

The Moan and Groan Page
Oxford, MS, US
Often called the BBS of the Web, this page reports users' bad experiences with computer companies and products. Check here before buying anything.

The Mommy Times
Balboa, CA, US
The mom-to-mom network on the Web. Provides support for working and stay-at-home parents through shared parenting experiences.

Mountain Cycle Tours
Vienna, VA, US
Full-service guided motorcycle tours of the Blue Ridge Mountains, New England, Maine, and Nova Scotia.

Mozart Among Us
Glen C. Ford, Austin, TX, US
The place to search for information on composers of "art music" who are still living and working. The site has a special emphasis on American composers and composers of "accessible" music.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
MountainNet, Morgantown, WV, US
Features artwork, jewelry, toys, and fine gifts inspired by classic museum pieces.

The Music & Audio Connection
Norris-Whitney Communications Inc., St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
The international, online resource for music enthusiasts, musicians, and music and audio professionals.

MW Media
San Jose, CA, US
Publisher of technology directories featuring microprocessors, microcontrollers, development tools, emulators, real-time operating systems, evaluation boards, and logic analyzers.

Nasser & Nasser & Associates
Beirut, Lebanon
A full-service law firm providing personal attention and quality work for all business legal needs in Lebanon.

National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc.
Boca Raton, FL, US
Features information and statistics on insurance, loss control, self-insurance, underwriting, experience rating, workers' compensation, and workplace safety.

Natural Nutrition
Bamboo Publishing, Tempe, AZ, US
Offers nutritional products for users and membership information for obtaining discounts.

Nephrology Research Training Center
University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, US
A multidisciplinary, interdepartmental approach to the study of kidney disease and physiology. Find links to faculty and staff email addresses.

NetGame Ltd.
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Products that enable multi-user games to perform in real-time over public networks.

Joel Furr, Durham, NC, US
Contains links to five Internet-related T-shirts being sold this fall at a break-even price. Orders taken for shirts will be taken until November 11.

NetSuccess, Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
An entrepreneurial venture comprised of business, marketing, and computer professionals that provides advertising, marketing, sales, and management services on the Internet.

Networking Forum
IBM Networking, Research Triangle Park, NC, US
Addresses technical and social issues as they pertain to networking.

New Hope Financial Corporation, "The Inner Circle"
Galt,, CA, US
Learn to be financially successful in real estate investing.

Nick of Time
Paramount Digital Entertainment, Hollywood, CA, US
A new, real-time thriller starring, Johnny Depp. Experience real-time thrills and explore prize opportunities.

Fry Multimedia, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Offers the best in 12-volt outdoor lighting systems.

Nipissing University Online
North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Offers degree programs in a relaxed, personalized, learning environment.

Norris-Whitney Communications, Inc.
Norris-Whitney Communications Inc., St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
An international communications company specializing in music and audio, and involved in magazine and book publishing, live events, graphic design, promotion and publicity, and Internet services.

NuIQ Software, Inc.
Larchmont, NY, US
The publisher of Powerboard BBS online service software.

Nuthin' but Links
Silver Springs, FL, US
A one-stop information resource for the beginner/intermediate Web page authors. Find extensive links to HTML information, icons, buttons, bars, backgrounds, and more.

Odyssey Consulting
Derry, NH, US
A New England-based company specializing in training for the most popular PC/Mac applications.

Office of Human Resources
University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, US
Contains information on personnel policies, labor agreements, employee benefits, systems initiatives, and other personnel-related matters affecting all three campuses of the University.

Omaha Steaks International
MountainNet, Morgantown, WV, US
Recognized world over as a premier supplier of gourmet meats and specialty food gifts.

Laguna Hills, CA, US
World-class X-treme-ware as seen on ESPN.

R.S.T. Publishing, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Visit comics nominated as Best of the Web Comix, music, and SOLARLINK, Onca's gateway to solar information.

A Online Consultants, Inc.
Vienna, VA, US
A computer consulting firm serving Fortune 500 companies in the D.C./Baltimore area.

On-Line Query System
IBM Government Systems, Houston, TX, US
Query and browse the NASA Space Shuttle Earth Observation Images Database.

The Open Road: An Uncommon Adventure
Balboa Books, Newport Beach, CA, US
A novel offering a jaunty narrative of one man's escape from a dull past.

Optech, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
A company specializing in water and wastewater treatment, pollution control, and environmental engineering for small cities and large industrial clients.

Oral Roberts University
Tulsa, OK, US
Read program information for all university majors offered as well as information on faculty, courses, and university policies.

The Original Unofficial Georgia College HomePage
Robbie Honerkamp, Milledgeville, GA, US
Links to servers and resources about, and of use to, Georgia College.

Ormsby & Mackan, Chartered Accountants
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A full-service public accounting firm offering expertise in accounting, audit, and income tax.

Otterbein On-Line
Westerville, OH, US
Former students and friends of the College can send in email addresses and personal information, and find out what their peers have been up to.

Pacific Northwest Super Mall
BYLCYN Publications, Kennewick, WA, US
Visit one of the most exciting new shopping malls on the Internet. The mall is still leasing store fronts.

Pagina Computer Book Publisher
Vantaa, Finland
Publishes computer books in Finnish on several subjects including programming, the Internet, DTP, CAD/CAE, and specific programs like 3D Studio and PageMaker.

Palm International, Inc.
LaVergne, TN, US
A company involved in many aspects of the metal finishing industry including chemicals, electronics, and other products.

Papa's Best Books Toys Videos
Tacoma, WA, US
Offers award-winning books, toys, and videos for parents and children. GeoSafari, MathSafari, Aristoplay, Backyard Scientist, Klutz Press, Koosh, Educational Insights, and Learning Wrap-ups are a few examples.

Berkeley, CA, US
A parenting resource center with literature on pregnancy, breastfeeding, adolescence, twins, step-parenting, single-parenting, careers and parenting, fathering, children's health, clothes, toys, and more.

Parrot Island
Kettering, OH, US
Sells Jimmy Buffet T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, jackets, CDs, books, posters, and more. Test your Buffett knowledge with the Buffett Trivia Challenge.

Peace Watch
System Planning Corporation, Arlington, VA, US
Offers information and links to Web sites relating to Bosnia and the former Yugoslav republics. Also includes material on the ongoing peace negotiations.

Pediatric Surgery at The Children's Hospital of Alabama/UAB
Birmingham, AL, US
For those interested in pediatric surgery. Includes a job board, meeting and abstract dates, surveys, case studies, images, and video.

The Pet Gourmet
Valley Stream, NY, US
An online pet store selling puppies, kittens, pet food, and other accessories.

Peterson Enterprises
Brattleboro, VT, US
Offers Zebra Party Lights, the C-Light 3D WebGraphics tool, The Video Theremin (music via handmotion), and more.

PHOTO AD: The Weekly Picture Advertiser
Boulder, CO, US
Find hundreds of vehicles for sale with a searchable inventory and photos of 1995 and 1996 models.

Pinnacle Mall
MountainNet, Morgantown, WV, US
A unique shopping experience showcasing quality products and interesting services from a select list of top-name shopkeepers.

Planet Magazine
Cranberry Street Press, Brooklyn, NY, US
A free online quarterly zine of sci fi, fantasy, horror, poetry, and humor by new or little-known writers.

The Polar Express Share the Spirit '95 Campaign
Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, MA, US
For every 25 email messages submitted to our message board between 1 November and 31 December, Houghton Mifflin Company will donate one copy of Chris Van Allsburg's book The Polar Express to a children's hospital.

Alexandria, VA, US
Find continuously updated political news and analysis, and cutting-edge resources for the professional and activist, with the in-depth coverage and ease-of-use sought by all political enthusiasts.

The Portobello Gallery
Bridgetown, Barbados
Showcasing the finest in Haitian art.

Prime Cuts
Boston, MA, US
A digital-video editing facility nestled within an advertising agency that specializes in animation, multimedia, corporate and presentation video support, production, and editing.

The Prime Times Investor
Kansas City, MO, US
Publishes newsletters dedicated to specific mutual fund families.

Priority One International, Inc.
Orlando, FL, US
Specializes in expediting the shipping of products around the world and clearing merchandise entering the U.S. through Customs.

Process Characterization Consulting
Advanced Systems Consultants, Scottsdale, AZ, US
Statistical engineering training and consulting for manufacturing organizations.

Promise Keepers Canada
Webgoof Publishing, Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada
A Christ-centered ministry dedicated to uniting men through vital relationship to become godly influences in their world.

Public International Law
University of Western Australia, Nedlands, Australia
Extensive international law links covering topics such as the UN, the environment, human rights, indigenous people, women, trade, and general international law.

Quest Tours & Adventures
Portland, OR, US
Offers entertaining, educational, and cultural tours that reflect past and current Romania.

Radisys Corporation
Beaverton, OR, US
Offers a broad range of application-specific embedded computer solutions at multiple levels of integration, from fully custom computer subsystems, through board-level modules to component-level products.

A freeware random signature generator.

Ray Wolfe's Online Guide to Eraserhead
Cinema Muerto, Puyallup, WA, US
An artistic look at the concepts, design elements, and symbolism used in this classic film by David Lynch.

Portland, OR, US
Provides commercial magnetic card readers for commercial fueling systems.

Shippensburg, PA, US
Deals with social, political, financial, international, and biblical issues. Also find a bookstore with 80,000 products and secure credit-card transactions.

Red Sky Technologies, Inc.
Southfield, MI, US
Performs consulting services in the areas of computer and network infrastructure, Internet connectivity, Web services, and customer support.

Reno-Sparks Real Estate
Accutek Inc., Reno, NV, US
Resource for real estate listings and related services in Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe.

Researching the Romance
Susan Broadwater-Chen, Charlottesville, VA, US
Connects romance and other writers to sources helpful in researching their novels.

Santa's Workshop
CyberByte, Washington, DC, US
Fun and games for children of all ages. Download some Christmas cheer, get great holiday recipes, and write a letter to Santa himself.

The Savers and Investors League
Centreville, VA, US
A nonprofit, grassroots-based association dedicated to promoting a common sense approach to the tazatio of individual savings and inverstments in the U.S.

Scanning Electron Microscopy
Iowa State University, Ames, IA, US
Includes pictures and brief tutorials about the SEM for various age groups.

School-to-Work Interagency Transition Partnership
Sacramento, CA, US
A statewide effort to coordinate and improve delivery systems that support students with disabilities in moving successfully from school to work and adult life.

Scotter's Low Vision Land
Beyond Sight, San Francisco, CA, US
Serves the Low Vision community and provides adaptive technical consultation services and comraderie.

Brockton, MA, US
Curious about what is happening to the world and its people? Find answers in SearchNet's Web site. Help co-create heaven on earth.

The Serious Funnies
3 Guys Who Draw, St. Louis, MO, US
An ever-changing collection of cartoons and illustrations by John Blair Moore, Larry Nolte, and Roy Smith.

The Share Guide
Forestville, CA, US
A holistic health magazine and resource directory focusing on alternative medicine, environmental awareness, personal growth, and spirituality.

Mikrographix, Tacoma, WA, US
Really cool stores that provide secure credit card transactions and a 1-800 service for user convenience.

Shops on the Commons
MountainNet, Morgantown, WV, US
Caters to shopkeepers and service providers looking for an affordable Web presence. Features shops and commerce sites.

Skeleton Development Corp.
Lisle, IL, US
Provides extensive yet flexible online shopping functionality to Web merchants. Quickly develop a robust, custom storefront. Reseller, mall, and ISP programs available.

Smart Net Iceland
Hveragerdi, Arn, Iceland
Discover real-time chat, Icelandic music updates, matchmaking services, soccer resources, user home pages, and Icelandic links.

ACT Laboratory Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada
A cellular phone battery that records voice messages for later retrieval.

Soundings of the Planet
Bellingham, WA, US
A new-age independent record label providing music for peace and relaxation, environmental sounds, and healthful, growthful consciousness.

Aubrey, TX, US
Offers incredibly low prices on high contrast driving, all galss, optical glass, and polarized lens sunglasses.

Technology & Industry Education
University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO, US
University program dealing with graduate and undergraduate education in technology, teaching, and research.

Templeton College, Oxford
Oxford, England
Founded in 1965, the College has since become a leading provider of executive education for managers for all types of organizations.

Tennys Internet Exploration Starting Page
Vinton, IA, US
A good starting point for anyone wanting to find quality sites on the Internet.

Tim K's FRESH WIDOW 2000 Homepage
Valley Village, CA, US
Presents original art, music, and reviews/critiques of popular culture. Also included is an in-depth feature on artist Marcel Duchamp.

Toshiba Memory
CLC Research, Irvine, CA, US
Upgrade Toshiba laptops with all models of memory at all price ranges.

Toy Story
The Walt Disney Company, Burbank, CA, US
A Walt Disney computer-animated feature film. The Web site includes behind-the-scenes information, sound clips, downloadable games, and other goodies.

T@P Virtual Dorm
MarketSource Corporation, Cranbury, NJ, US
Real college students put their life online through journal entries, screen grabs, and chat sessions.

Worldnet Africa, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Comprehensive tourist and entertainment information for those travelling to Southern Africa, Africa, and other parts of the world.

Derby, England
A software company specializing in groupware products and services. Check out CommonTime, a Diary Manager and Group Scheduler for Lotus Notes.

Downey, CA, US
Showcases paintings by Kent Shoemaker and Ruben Ruvalcaba which depict realistic Native American/Western imagery with abstract expressionistic environments.

UNICEF in India
New Delhi, India
A periodical published by UNICEF, India, which describes its activities in India.

University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School
Kansas City, MO, US
Provides extensive information about the programs and opportunities at the Law School. years of excellence.

Valencia, CA, US
Offers quality repair on IBM and Macintosh floppy disk drives. Also sells hard drives, notebook computers, and Laser toner supplies.

Urban Dragons
Colin Scott McDonald, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
With man taking up more and more room, dragons had to adapt to live amongst humans. Many different species of Urban Dragons exist.

US Golf
Orlando, Fl, US
All the information users need to have a fabulous golf vacation in Central Florida.

ValNet, Inc.
Valley Village, CA, US
A full-service Internet presence provider that specializes in Web site creation and hosting.

Victorian Women Writers Project
Library Electronic Text Resource Service, Bloomington, IN, US
Provides accurate, electronic editions of works by British women writers of the late nineteenth century.

VidPix Video Review
DISCscribe Ltd., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Martin P. Waterman reviews the latest home video releases from major studios and independents. Reviews include information on the stars, popularity at the box office and with other critics, and photos.

Virgin Pure Spring Water
Pure Spring Water Co., Ball Ground, GA, US
The finest and purest spring water is fresh and clean without contaminents of any kind either from man or the environment. Virgin has totally natural calcium carbonate, calcium, and magnesium content.

The Virtual Auto Mall
Daimler Benz Research & Technology North America, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, US
Configure your own Mercedes car. At this time, information at this site is valid only for citizens of The Federal Republic of Germany.

Virtually Real
Freer Research, Los Angeles, CA, US
Features links to the best to computer technology-related news on the Internet. Links are updated daily.

Vista Satellite Communications, Inc.
Boca Raton, FL, US
A full-service satellite company whose site includes information about production and transmission services, videoconferencing, video news releases, and other business television applications.

Caledonian Information and Media Services, Glasgow, Scotland
Supplies the business community with quality "turnkey" Internet packages, tailored specifically to suit individual company requirements.

Waikiki Gallery
Honolulu, HI, US
Contemporary art, interior decoration advice, information about Hawaii, accomodations, surf and weather reports, and more.

Washington State University Women's Crew
Pullman, WA, US
Contains team information, pictures, links to other rowing sites, and other fun stuff.

Wear in the World Online Apparel Gallery
Ink..., Henderson, NV, US
Find over 50 great T-shirt and sweatshirt designs in eight categories for easy browsing.

Wilmington, MA, US
Learn about contact lenses and new vision technologies.

WebStep Traffic & Impact Builder
Multimedia Marketing Group, Portland, OR, US
Online resources to help users build traffic and add impact to their Web site.

Welcome to the BOREAS Project
NASA, Greenbelt, MD, US
A large climatology project to study the Boreal Forest of Canada.

WinCALIS, Computer-Assisted Language Instruction System
Humanities Computing Facility, Duke University, Durham, NC, US
A multimedia and multilingual authoring, editing, and viewing system for Windows which implements the Unicode standard.

The Wisconsin Employment Bureau
The Infosoft Group, Milwaukee, WI, US
The premier online employment listing service for professional, technical, and management positions in Wisconsin and the Midwest.

WordPerfect to HTML Conversion
Andrew Scriven, Swindon, Wiltshire, England
A conversion program that translates WordPerfect documents into HTML.

WTUS Radui
MountainNet, Morgantown, WV, US
Features the best of today's hit-kickin country. WTUS offers profiles, concert dates, and more.

The Wynona Riders' Official Website
Berkeley, CA, US
The new-media outlet for the San Francisco Bay Area's hottest pop-punk sensation.

Xeroderma Pigmentosum Society
Poughkeepsie, NY, US
Information and links relating to the Society dedicated to this DNA degenerating disease.

Yellow Pages Online, Inc.
Orange, CA, US
A leading business directory with over 18 million business listings. Database development and housing is included.

Yozma Venture Capital Investment Fund
Ramat Gan, Ramat Gan 52522, Israel
A leading venture capital group specializing in the area of electronics, communication, computers, and medical instrumentatiom.

Zeitech, Inc.
Stamford, CT, US
A resourceful and informative page for those in the consulting industry.

Monday, 13 November 1995

10th Anniversary HTS Workshop
University of Houston, Houston, TX, US
Important information about the 10th HTS Workshop on Physics, Materials and Applications, which will be held 12-16 March, 1996, at the Doubletree Hotel at Allen Center in Houston, Texas.

Aaron D. Meyer Photography & Digital Imaging
Chicago, Il, US
Specializes in studio,location, and catalog photography for advertising and comercial product illustration in all formats from 8X10 to 35 millimeter.

ABA Bioinformatics
Australian Biotechnology Association, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A bioinformatics resource, incorporating an Australian perspective, for both research scientists and biotechnology managers.

Accord Appraisals
Granada Hills, CA, US
Provides residential real estate appraisal services in Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

Adspecs, Inc.
Washington, DC, US
The Adspecs Clinton Gore '96 Catalogue is here. Order hats, shirts, bumper stickers, and lots more.

A/E/C Construction Industry Directory
InterPRO Resouces, Inc., Orlando, FL, US
The largest single location designed to provide worldwide construction-related activities and information. Soon to have local access worldwide.

AgReSource Business Consultants, Inc.
Chesterfield, MO, US
Information and interesting sites related to crop production and agbiotechnology.

AirFair Aircraft Sales, Inc.
Tyler, TX, US
A family-owned business that sells and brokers pre-owned Beechcraft Barons and Bonanzas. Enter the photo contest.

Alice Inc.
Tampa, FL, US
Takes you through the looking glass vis-a-vis Virtual Web voyages, extreme data compression, and hotlinks to virtual reality sites Alice loves.

Maidenhead, Berkshire, England
The home of component software for Windows 95.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids & Skin Care by Transforme
Tucson, AZ, US
Advanced state-of-the-art cosmetic and skin care products with a pharmaceutical approach to health and beauty.

American Express University
American Express, New York, NY, US
The ultimate resource for college students. Read news and features, see what's new in music and film, and find a wealth of travel guides, as well as tips on financing college and getting a job. American Express card holders can visit the Clubhouse to review the benefits of being a member, and non-members, of course, can apply online.

American Rescue Team
Alameda, CA, US
Provides earthquake preparedness and emergency survival tips.

Andy's Algae Gateway
Andy Kington, Portland, OR, US
Loads of information about Cell Tech's Super Blue Green Algae products.

Antiques West
San Francisco, CA, US
A resource for buyers, sellers, and preservers of the decorative and fine arts. Includes the online version of Antiques West.

AP Professional
London, England
Examine nearly a hundred guides for computer users, both beginners and power users.

Art E-Boulevard
C.C.Consult, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Art guides of Amsterdam and other Dutch cities. Lists art galleries and individual artists with Web pages.

Astro Insights with Bridgett Walther
Metaverse, Sarasota, FL, US
A free monthly and yearly astrology forecast for all signs.

Astronomical Images
Jerry Lodriguss, Voorhees, NJ, US
Photos of nebulae, galaxies, and stars, by Jerry Lodriguss. Learn about astrophotography techniques and digital enhancement of astronomy photos in Photoshop.

Atlanta Christian Gallery
Pathway Communications, Atlanta, GA, US
More than pictures, this Gallery offers ministries, businesses, and people.

Atlanta Smalltalk Users Group
Atlanta, GA, US
Dedicated to the promotion of object technology through the use of Smalltalk. Page contains meeting notices, links to our newsletter, and links to Smalltalk resources on the Web.

Aurora Professional Press
Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Publications that address the need for practical, accessible legal information. APP authors are practicing lawyers and professionals who understand legal information needs.

Austin Consulting Group, Inc.
Austin, TX, US
An objective risk management and insurance consulting firm, with special expertise in the bidding and analysis of property and casualty insurance.

Axys Imaging Technologies Ltd.
New York, NY, US
Sells office products that combine ecology with economy. Save from 30 to 60 percent on your laser, inkjet, MICR, and copier supplies, and help the environment in the bargain.

Back Outdoor Supplies
Tucson, AZ, US
Elk, deer, varmint, and turkey wild game calls for hunters, collectors, and wildlife photographers. Mail order catalog with many name brands.

Fischer West, Brisbane, Australia
Free background images for use in HTML documents, and a gallery of other art.

Banff National Park: Beyond the Glitter and Glamour
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Explores the impact of recreational development and tourism on wildlife populations in Banff National Park.

Bank of Scotland
Caledonian Information and Media Services, Glasgow, Scotland
Celebrates its tercentenary year with the launch of its new Web site, continuing a three-hundred-year-old tradition of innovation in banking.

Barclay Trading Group
Fairfield, IA, US
A resource for research articles on managed futures, CTA disclosure documents and trading records, and performance rankings.

Bat Research Laboratory
Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN, US
The lab is currently in the process of developing a bio-sonar model for target recognition and classification, based on the sonar system used by the FM bat: Myotis Lucifugus.

Bed and Breakfast Il Mongetto
ItalNet, Valenza, Italy
A family-run farmhouse in northern Italy that specializes in offering fine wines and food from the region. All are homemade using the finest ingredients.

Berkeley Consulting Services
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Offers exciting seminars, creates effective home pages, and consults for marketing and setup on the Internet.

Bill Paxton Tribute Page
Ben West, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
A page dedicated to actors and actresses who remain underappreciated by the general public.

Borel Enterprises
Brea, CA, US
Offers a full line of personal protection devices: stun guns, pepper sprays, personal alarms, free crime prevention reports online, and much more.

Bruges, Belgium
Bruges, Belgium
Information on one of the lovliest cities in Europe. Find event information, a city guide, hotel booking, and more.

Capital Equipment Sales
Manufacturers Information Net, Carol Stream, IL, US
A major stocking dealer of metal forming, metal cutting, plastic molding, and other related manufacturing and fabricating equipment.

Caribou Coffee Company
Minneapolis, MN, US
The best neighborhood gathering place, Caribou offers the best blends roasted fresh daily, plus varietals and decafs, as well as specialty merchandise.

Cartridge Recycling Centre UK
Target Computers Ltd., Hungerford, Berkshire, England
Markets recycled toner and inkjet cartridges, and fax rolls. Also provides inkjet refills, thermal transfer ribbons for label printers, and laser labels.

Casharell Real Estate
Tel Aviv, Israel
Professional dealing and marketing of commercial and industrial real estate assets all over Israel.

CastleNet Inc.
Price, UT, US
Castle Country's newest Internet service provider.

The Center for Legal Studies
Golden, CO, US
Offers intensive paralegal courses, covering how to assist trail lawyers, interview witnesses, investigate complex fact patterns, research the law, and help prepare law cases for courtroom litigation.

The Character Shop
Canoga Park, CA, US
A special effects company that excels in animatronics, makeup effects, puppets, and robotics. Home of the Bud Frogs, Foster Farms Chickens, Operation Dumbo Drop, and many other characters.

Chick Publications
Chino, CA, US
An publisher of Christian tracts and other Christian books.

Children's Memorial Hospital
Chicago, IL, US
A resource for medical professionals, patients, and families interested in children's healthcare, research, medical education, and advocacy.

Chrysler Central
Dr. David A. Zatz, Jersey City, NJ, US
An unofficial page for Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Jeep, Eagle, AMC, and DeSoto owners. Coverage ranges from typical surface stuff to technical data, on a variety of models, current and vintage.

Church Online!
Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada
A Christian-owned business whose mission is to provide and maintain high-quality, yet low-cost, Web pages for churches on the Web.

SCMetro/NCC, San Francisco, CA, US
Resources about and for children and youth in 15 cities.

Clay Arts House
Silicon Magic, Inc., Oita City, Japan
A library of famous Japanese pottery places, tea rooms, and clay arts galleries.

Nashville, TN, US
Dedicated to being the premiere health care source on the Internet. Owns and operates over 320 hospitals and other healthcare facilities with about 60,000 licensed beds in 36 states.

Computer Company Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
A reseller of hardware and software. In Dutch and French.

ComputerImages Corporation
Boston, MA, US
Tech support and live video links, software tips, and information on Windows and Macintosh computer training classes in Boston, Massachusetts.

Condor Communications
Washington, DC, US
A presentation service bureau with products inluding 35 millimeter slides, vugraphs, posters, and multimedia presentations.

Cooper Mill Ltd.
Madoc, Ontario, Canada
Major Canadian supplier of biological and chemical products for insect and vegetation management, with special emphasis on pheromones and monitoring traps.

Corporate B@rter for the World Wide Web
Victorville, CA, US
A broker for companies in barter since 1980.

The Cucurbit Network
Miami, FL, US
Promotes the conservation and understanding of the plant family Cucurbitaceae through research and education. This includes the cucumber, gourd, melon, pumpkin, squash, and watermelon.

Custom Innovative Solutions
Danvers, MA, US
Produces state-of-the-art software and applications, and provides source code, demo applications, informal technical articles, and collaborative, interactive projects.

Delasco OnLine
Council Bluffs, IA, US
The leading international supplier of dermatologic goods and services.

Democracy Network of Iran
Stockholm, Sweden
A Net-based network of individuals with a focus on social, economical, and political developments in Iran or in relation to Iran, advocating creation of truly democratic processes in political and social domains.

Department of English
The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, US
Course and program information for the B.A. and Ph.D. degrees.

Des Moines Iowa Relocation Center
Steve Rundle, Des Moines, IA, US
Information for anyone moving to Des Moines. Includes business, real estate, banking, travel, and weather.

Diabetes Home Page
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of Diabetes Translation, Atlanta, GA, US
Features state contacts, articles, a diabetes fact sheet, and the opportunity to ask questions about diabetes.

Digital Beacon Consulting
Hoboken, NJ, US
Macintosh platform specialists in video, publishing, and communications who provide Web design, Internet consulting, support, training, system repair, and more.

Digital Hellbox
Rick Swagler, Birmingham, AL, US
A site with material of interest to journalists: online resources, publications, and oddities.

Divisadero City
Caitlyn Meeks, Aptos, CA, US
An innovative, colorful, and intelligent cartoon creation, updated weekly.

Division of Structural Engineering, LTH
University of Lund, Lund, Sweden
The home page includes a description of the Division, and information about staff, education, and research areas.

Donna Moses
Donna Moses, Carmel, CA, US
Re-discover romantic village life with cheerful prints of rosy-cheeked children and their caring parents and teachers.

Down to Earth Software
Manotick, Ontario, Canada
Makers of HOMEwise, the complete home and family organizer. Download the shareware version and enter a monthly giveaway.

EMC Home Page
Hopkinton, MA, US
A worldwide leader in information storage and retrieval technology, for mainframes, midrange, and open systems computing environments.

SCMetroNews, San Francisco, CA, US
The latest in entertainment news, movies, theatre, music, video, software, Net news, television, weeklies and zines, and kids entertainment.

SYSELOG, Velizy, RP, France
A Pan European index that enables users to make queries on European Web sites only.

The Explosive Counter-Measures Institute
Crestview, FL, US
Conducts seminars and workshops in bomb threat planning and reaction to explosive incidents and hoax devices.

Pullman, WA, US
Brings minor league baseball to the Web. Indexes teams by name, leagues, and affiliations, and includes schedules, ticket information, and merchandise catalogs.

Fastart Integrating Lubricants
Pierre Cimon, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
These lubricants are the best of their kind in the world. Fastart is looking for the top importers and distributors in their part of the world.

First Amendment Center
Freedom Forum First Amendment Center, Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, TN, US
The Center's mission is to foster a better public understanding of and appreciation for First Amendment rights and values, including freedom of religion, free speech and press, and the right to petition the government and to assemble peacefully.

Florida Internet Real Estate Directory (FRED)
Softworld Corporation, Boca Raton, FL, US
Properties for sale or rent, real estate agents, related business home pages, and useful information about counties, cities, and communities statewide.

Focus: On Hepatitis C
Quantum Media Group, Colchester, VT, US
Features articles and news from past issues of the national monthly newsletter, plus a glossary, experiential stories, and related chronic hepatitis C/liver disease information.

F.W. Bell Technologies
Orlando, FL, US
Comprised of five U.S. laboratories with expertise in comprehensive testing services. Owns numerous certifications and program approvals such as DESC, Space Station, Delta Program, A2LA, and others.

The Gardener's Tea Bag
The Network of the Americas, Warrendale, PA, US
A 100 percent organic tea for all plants that makes them greener and healthier.

Gateway Publications
St. Louis, MO, US
A full line of self-help books for personal, family, and business use.

The Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre
New York, NY, US
A 21st century avant-garde theater, developing Web performances, international videoconferencing collaborations, and arts education over digital data lines.

Giant Eagle
Pittsburgh, PA, US
A supermarket chain with stores in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Thinking of a gift to be delivered to a friend staying in Singapore? Check out the clothing available here.

Glow Magazine
GreenLynx Media, Inc., New York, NY, US
A New York magaizine about the world covering all aspects of human culture, from art to politics to voodoo.

Good Orient Company
North Point, Hong Kong
Specially selected fun things from the Orient that are totally exotic and out of the ordinary.

Grand Prairie Friends
Urbana, IL, US
An organization of volunteers from all walks of life who share a commitment to preserving and restoring tall grass prairie in east-central Illinois.

Graphic Knights Electronic Pre-press
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
A high-resolution output service bureau, supporting PC, Mac, and GIS system separations.

Methuen, MA, US
Serves the healthcare industry, including professionals, companies, and organizations, by providing the most comprehensive and diverse selection of healthcare links available.

CHI Associates, Medford, NJ, US
Find a directory of Hearth product retailers and manufacturers as well as general information on fireplaces, wood stoves, gas logs, and pellet stoves.

High Relief: The Susan Court Page
Delirium Productions, Seattle, WA, US
Susan Court fronts a live and sequenced take on folk-ethereal poprock. Stay tuned for increasing availability of recordings and performances.

Hiroshima Calling
Hiroshima-i Internet Group, Hiroshima, Japan
A photo-book on Hiroshima by photographer Paul Quayle.

Homes OnLine
Lafayette, IN, US
Browse real estate ads and homes for sale; calculate a mortgage loan payment or home affordability; check local interest rates, agents, and agencies; fill out a form; and create home pages without programming.

Horological Index
New York, NY, US
An index of resources on horology, the science of time, timekeeping, and timekeepers. Covers design, construction, making, restoring, repair, history, and theory.

National Humanities Institute, Washington, DC, US
An academic journal exploring issues of moral and social philosophy, epistemology, aesthetics, and cultural conditions of knowledge.

HaldFoss AS, Stavanger, Norway
Real estate for sale and rent in Norway.

IaHUShUA Ha-MaShIaCh, Eugene, OR, US
Compares the Kingdom of IaHUeH and the kingdoms (governments) of the world, and describes the difference between Christianity and the Scripture.

i.LAN Systems
Topanga, CA, US
Offers Internet services in network design and installation, ISDN, firewalls, routers, Web sites, cgi, HTML, and multimedia, with a free consultation.

Immigration History Research Center
University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, US
An international archival resource on American immigration and ethnic history.

Imperial Earth - Th Universe of B.E. Johnson
Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, US
Images, both real and imagined, executed within the computer, within the camera, and done by hand with time-honored tools and techniques.

Income Opportunities Magazine Online
New York, NY, US
A monthly magazine for people who want to start their own small businesses.

InfoPoint Lodging Directory
InfoPoint, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Guide to hotels, bed and breakfast inns, and other lodging and accommodations in the Santa Cruz area.

Innovative Systems Marketing
Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Distributor of systems for audio, video, CCTV, security, editing, RF, intercom, and videoconferencing, plus audio connectors, consumer electronics, covert survelliance projection screens, and more.

International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition
Washington, DC, US
Focuses on legislative action, pubic affairs, and enforcement programs in order to fight the growing problem of product counterfeiting.

International Rebuilders Online Network
AERA-Engine Rebuilders Association, Buffalo Grove, IL, US
A trade association representing the engine rebuilding industry worldwide.

Internet Providers in Italy
Piero La Mura, Palo Alto, CA, US
A comprehensive list of all Internet providers in Italy, organized by province.

Internet Resources #14
Heriot-Watt University Library, Edinburgh, Scotland
Lists new and recent Internet resources of interest to the higher education community and provides occasional guidance on various aspects of electronic information.

Isis Global Computing
Delft, Netherlands
Sells and services computer networks built around Microsoft NT, Compaq, and Laser.

IWatch Digest
The CyberNet Group, Norcross, GA, US
A road map to cool, new, and useful places on the Net.

Japan Internet News
New York, NY, US
Contains news on the Japanese community, Japanese companies in the U.S., educational institutions, and shops.

JC's Search Engines
Jerome Coste, Los Angeles, CA, US
Collects some of the most useful search engines available on the Web. Suggestions for additions are welcome.

Jesco Resources
North Kansas City, MO, US
An independent manufacturer of specialized gear lubricants and greases since 1929, serving the industrial, agricultural, and mining sectors.

Joe Bev: Voice Guy
Beverly Hills, CA, US
Information on Joe Bev's career in radio and cartoons, containing many sound clips, graphics, photos, and links to other radio and cartoon sites.

Kenn Nesbitt's WebEdit HTML Editor
Nesbitt Software, San Diego, CA, US
A Windows-based program for the creation, design, and maintenance of Web pages. Supports every HTML 3.0 feature and some Netscape extensions.

Knit Knit Knit
Online Marketing Company, Detroit, MI, US
A terrific selection of high-fashioned boutique yarns as featured in Vogue Knitting and elsewhere. Find textures, colors, and international brands from throughout the world.

Kohn On Music Licensing
Theoria Publishing Company, Carmel, CA, US
A free resource on copyright law and music licensing. Includes information on music, sound recordings, motion pictures, television programs, advertising, theater, and consumer products.

Kolour Fade
Wenatchee, WA, US
A cool new alternative band out of Wenatchee.

La Mariah
Tucson, AZ, US
Distinctive home decorative accessories of botanicals in bottles from Spain, Italy, and Mexico; natural gourds with Southwest trim of feathers; and conchos stuffed with pistachios and potpourri.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
One of the premiere vacation property, cruise, and corporate travel agencies in North America.

Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce
San Bernardino, CA, US
Blue Jay, boating, Big Bear, camping, Cedar Glenn, Crestline, Inland Empire, Lake Arrowhead resorts, mountains, Rim Forest, San Bernardino, Sky Forest, skiing, snow, travel, and Twin Peaks.

SCMetro, Los Angeles, CA, US
Los Angeles traffic, tourist sites, entertainment industry, sports, museums, and other sightseeing diversions.

Latin America Business Directory
Netpoint Communications, Miami, FL, US
Directory of companies doing business with Latin America. In Englsh, Spanish, and Portugese.

Leader Links
St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN, US
Encourages leader-to-leader email lists for people in leadership positions who are engaged in similar activities.

New River Technologies, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Offers the finest travel packages in the industry including Delta Dream Vacations, American Express Vacations, and American Automobile Association Vacations.

The Lindbergh Foundation
Minneapolis, MN, US
A nonprofit organization that awards research grants to research or educational projects that address a balance between technological advancement and environmental preservation.

Linux CD and Support Giveaway
Axel Boldt, Santa Barbara, CA, US
A list of people all over the world willing to give away a Linux CD and/or help with installing and downloading Linux.

Logan Farms Honey Glazed Hams
Houston, TX, US
Offers the finest in delicious gourmet meats inlcluding honey-glazed hams, Cajun-fried turkeys, filet mignons, and smoked turkeys.

Lord Perrin Golden Eyes and the Lady Faile of the Two Rivers
Mike Wallace, San Luis Obispo, CA, US
Well of Time-based site with links ranging from UFOs, the X-Files, JFK, Truth, Pamela Anderson, movies, mind tricks, and more.

Love Battery
Seattle, WA, US
This is the official site for the Seattle band, Love Battery. Maintained by band members.

Macrocosm USA, Inc., Cambria, CA, US
A nonprofit clearinghouse for progressives. Includes organization and business URLs, want ads, calendar, personals, forums, and free books and prizes.

The Magic ZoNe
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The ultimate resource on the Web for Magic: The Gathering fans

Mail & Guardian, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa
South Africa's leading independent newspaper offers a variety of interactive services, including a careers center for jobs, PC Review Online, arts, politics, and news.

Majied International
Indianapolis, IN, US
Works with serious entrepreneurs to do marketing by networking or direct response.

Malaysia Business Golden Links
Perfecto Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Malaysia business directory linking export, import, and service businesses. Unlimited opportunities for making money.

Ravenna, OH, US
A newsletter filled with stories, anecdotes, and manic stuff guaranteed to bring smiles about being a parent.

MarketPlace Resource Center
Waltham, MA, US
Find new customers and build your business. Indispensable resource for free instant online market analysis, free trial CD-ROM, marketing tips, services guide, and more.

McKinley Capital Management
Anchorage, Alaska, US
Manages assets for private individuals, corporations, tax-free accounts, ERISA accounts, and institutions.

Medicine and the Internet
Oxford University Press, Oxford, England
A hypertext companion to the book, Medicine and the Internet. Includes information about the Internet, and links to medical specialty resources in Europe and around the world.

Mexico/Texas Fishin'
International News Distributors, San Antonio, TX, US
A popular, weekly, single-page newsletter on Mexico, Texas, NAFTA, and leading-edge business subjects. Features contributions by world news sources, think-tank groups, and famous personalities.

The Miami Tax Board
Information Overload Management, Inc., Miami, FL, US
A BBS for the Southeast Florida financial professional and clients. Primarily for local email and file transfers, it is operated by financial professionals using first class BBS software.

MicroAge Computer Centre
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
A nationwide Internet service provider and Novell GOLD reseller.

Joliet, IL, US
Click here to find out which home business won Best Rated Home Business in 1995.

Midwest Today Magazine Online
Panora, IA, US
A bimonthly magazine covering news, sports, politics, entertainment, and the arts, with exclusive celebrity and news maker interviews and investigative reports.

Mirage Desktop Repro Tools
BPA Limited, Nottingham, England
No matter what software is used, simplify design and repro output by making a single TIFF from scans of any resolution with childlike ease.

The Moorpark Republican Assembly
Moorpark, CA, US
A chapter of the California Republican Assembly, and the the largest Republican grass-roots organization in the state.

Mr. Brown's Movie Page
Michael Dequina, Long Beach, CA, US
Movie and video reviews, plus links to sites for current films and film-related information.

Mucho Media
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A TV program providing a street-level view of the emerging multimedia and PC/video technologies.

Multilingual Exporters on the Net
The Network of the Americas, Warrendale, PA, US
A Multilingual directory to help exporters convey their message to the audiences of the world in their own language.

NAAAP Chicago
Chicago, IL, US
Information about the National Association of Asian American Professionals, and a list of upcoming events at its Chicago chapter.

National Association for the Self Employed
Grapevine, TX, US
An action-oriented association committed to keeping members informed about relevant legislative activity, and helping them meet the challenges of making their businesses successful.

National Humanities Institute
Washington, DC, US
Promotes humanities research and publishing, focusing on ethical preconditions of culture and society, centrality of human freedom and creativity, and historical nature of human existence.

National Injury Surveillance Unit
Adelaide, Australia
Provides information about injury in Australia, and develops injury information sources. This site includes periodicals, reports, maps, and data tables.

Ncc Youth and Childrens Resource Net
National Childrens Coalition, San Francisco, CA, US
The site for news, information, resources, and referrals for and about kids and teens on the World Wide Web.

Net Op-Ed
WebRunner Inc., Herndon, VA, US
High-velocity opinion essays on politics, society, and culture. New essays are added weekly, and submissions are welcome.

Minneapolis, MN, US
Tuesday, 14 November 1995, marks the launch of the world's first 24-hour, live, Internet-only radio network. Programming will include vintage rock, unsigned bands, smooth jazz, sports, talk, news, and concert information. RealAudio software required.
http://www.netradio.net [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Netscape Defrost Stops Netscape Freezes
Scott Sykes, Haddon Twp, NJ, US
A Macintosh system extension that stops Netscape freezes. The extension works with all versions of Netscape and both 68K and Power Macs.

New Objectives In Sound Exploration (NOISE)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A group of computer musicians who are dedicated to producing quality electronic music, mostly in the style of video game music and techno.

Nick S. Marvin Ink
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A journalist and commentator who is the winner of a Rolling Stone Magazine national writing award and currently writing a book on Australian youth culture.

Vista, CA, US
Provides low-cost, high-quality home page services for businesses, nonprofits, and individuals.

Nikkei Systems
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Provides an eclectic mix of consulting, Web design, graphics design, and Japanese translation services.

NOAA, National Weather Service
Silver Spring, MD, US
Describes efforts to domestically implement METAR/TAF codes for hourly surface weather observations and aviation terminal forecasts beginning at 0000 hours UTC on June 1, 1996.

Northern States Power Company
Minneapolis, MN, US
An investor-owned electric, natural gas, and energy services company serving 1.4 million customers in the central U.S.

Northwest Classic Falcons, Inc.
Portland, OR, US
An online catalog of parts, accessories, and literature to assist the driver, hobbyist, and restoration artist of the Ford Falcon, built 1960-1970.

Northwestern Mutual Life
Robert D. Kranz, Key West, FL, US
Professional specialties, life insurance, disability insurance, and annuities for your business, estate, and executive planning needs.

Now What?
The Word Factory, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Bored? Waste time with Now What? -- a Webzine that provides an intelligent yet humorous perspective on what is unique and exciting about Vancouver, Canada.

Okefenokee Joe's Natural Education Center
Gravity 783, Elkmont, AL, US
See snakes, alligators, and other animal residents of the Okefenokee Swamp on a cyber tour with Okefenokee Joe. Environmental news and links to related sites are also available.

Old Man River
The Riverview Times, Saint Paul, MN, US
Serves the Upper Mississippi River communities with historical, environmental, and cultural information. Includes current affairs, literature, commerce, and travel sections.

Oriental Designs
Ginger Watkins, Ft. Myers, FL, US
The treasures of the Orient can be viewed in our online catalog.

Orion Photographic Archive
Matthew Webster, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
An archive of work by Cambridge photographers.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A men's fashion and accessory boutique, with some of the hottest designer lines on the planet, such as Comme des Garcons, Paul Smith, HUGO, Antonio Miro, and SO.

Precision Audio Consultants, Dearborn, MI, US
A fully functional 48- and 24-track recording facility. In business since 1965 recording artists such as Paul Anka and Mitch Ryder and now working on making itself accessible via the Web.

Pacific Yachting & Sailing
InfoPoint, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Yachting instruction, bareboat rental, skippered charters on the Pacific Ocean, and the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary in Santa Cruz.

Packaging Program
San Jose State University, San Jose, CA, US
Information on courses, student programs, professional seminars, and current research.

Dr.Michael Tonjum, Santa Rosa, CA, US
A unique opportunity for parent education where a psychologist provides parenting resources. Books, forums on divorce, and resources for stepfamilies and children with special needs can also be found.

Peace Watch Yugoslavia
System Planning Corporation (SPC), Arlington, VA, US
Provides current information on the situation in the former Yugoslav republics and the ongoing peace negotiations under way in the U.S. Also links to relevant international, governmental, academic, and press Web sites.

Permias Denton
Denton, TX, US
A nonprofit organization of Indonesian students who attend universities and colleges in the Denton and Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area.

Department of Primary Industries and Energy, Canberra, Australia
Provides information on Australian agriculture, economic research, energy, environment, fisheries, forestry, geoscience, and quarantine.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A design, photography, illustration, and advertising site that tries to gather the top of the trade.

Postcraft Company
Tucson, AZ, US
A leading manufacturer of mattress covers, pillow covers, and shower curtains. Materials are non-allergenic, odorless, stain resistant, machine washable, and flame retardant.

PRISCOMM: A Communications Company
Costa Mesa, CA, US
A source for high-technology advertising and marketing communications information.

The Property Seller
Palm Beach, FL, US
Features homes, condominiums, and land for sale, direct from the owner to the user.

QuikQuitz Stop Smoking Program
Wade Keller, Marco Island, FL, US
Stop smoking in seven days, guaranteed. This doctor-approved blend of herbs flushes nicotine from body and ends craving.

Radiology Centennial Slide Sets
Penn State Department of Radiology, Hershey, PA, US
In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the discovery of radiology, The Radiology Centennial Inc., produced 12 slide sets commemorating various aspects of the history of radiology.

RegiaArt Gallery
New York, NY, US
A virtual art gallery of paintings offering limited edition prints on canvas. Also the Expression of the Week.

The Registry, Ltd.
St. Paul, MN, US
Buys and sells fine estate and antique jewelry.

Replica Technologies
Los Angeles, CA, US
Internet and World Wide Web presence provider specializing both in Web site design and hosting.

Republican Mainstreet
Republican National Committee, Washington, DC, US
Features news, information, and updates on Republican-related topics. Also contains online chat and discussion areas, a debt clock, and CU-SeeMe and RealAudio feeds.

Results Unlimited
Tucson, AZ, US
Marketing for small and home-based businesses. Do more business with less effort.

Rhino's Unofficial Worldgroup Workshop
Eric S. Rhinehart, Miami, FL, US
Supplies SysOps with worldgroup knowledge, news, tips, tricks, guides, and more.

Rock Justice
Aachen, Nord-Rhein-Westfalen, Germany
An organizer of rock concerts and retailer of rock merchandise.

San Francisco Bay Resource Net
SCMetroNews, San Francisco, CA, US
San Francisco, East Bay, Peninsula/South Bay, and North Bay media, sightseeing, clubs and entertainment, kids/teen activities, sports, and events.

School of Cardiovascular Technology
Georgia Heart Institute, Augusta, GA, US
A program of University Hospital and Augusta Technical Institute offering a degree in both noninvasive and invasive cardiovascular technology. Find complete information on the program and how to apply.

Oakbrook, IL, US
Provides directory assistance using links to active databases. Search for almost anyone in the U.S. using names, addresses, or phone numbers. The possibilities are endless, so have fun and SearchAmerica.

Sector + Stock Musings
Chatham Township, NJ, US
A service offered to investment professionals who are based "off shore" and are currently managing U.S. dollar-denominated assets.

Fox Works, Sacramento, CA, US
One of California's hottest new bands. Here you can download samples of their music, check out the band's biography, order merchandise, and leave email for the band.

Seeing Specially Graphics
Michael C. Zastrow, Chicago, IL, US
A graphics studio specializing in Director, Photoshop, Fontographer, Showplace, QuarkXPress, which can help with an effective, dynamic, and attractive Web project.

Semi-Intelligent Systems Homepage
Portland, OR, US
A collection of semi-intelligent Internet tricks and treats from the page's creator.

The Share Guide Health Journal & Directory
Forestville, CA, US
Holistic health magazine and resource directory focusing on alternative medicine, personal growth, new-age consciousness, and environmental awareness.

A Shelter Island Bed & Breakfast
Shelter Island, NY, US
Since 1652 travelers have been coming to this island east of New York City. It has calm bay beaches and acres of woods. This traditional B&B is waiting with a cozy room and a warm welcome.

Singapore White Pages
National University of Singapore, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
A listing of email addresses and personal home pages of Singaporeans and other individuals working/living in Singapore, now with hundreds of entries.

Society of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology
Fairfax, VA, US
A nonprofit membership society of interventional radiology physicians seeking to promote health through the use of interventional procedures.

Software Kinetics
Corpus Christi, TX, US
Provides software solutions for business databases and solutions requiring neural network technology.

Solar Evaluation Services, Inc.
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Designs, installs, and maintains solar energy systems for solar heating pools, preheating hot water, and generating solar electricity (photovoltaics).

SOLcity Internet Services
zb_Syrel Service, Liverpool, NY, US
Internet presence provider, home page development, commercial Web site for small business: manufacturers, distributors, trade organizations, engineering services and art and entertainment.

Space Imaging Home Page
Thornton, CO, US
Information on a commercial satellite capable of capturing high-resolution, high-accuracy images of the earth that will be launched in 1997. It will provide these images and derivative data to commercial users worldwide.

Speakers, Consultants & Entertainment Directory
Los Angeles, CA, US
A quick and easy reference guide for meeting planners and decision-making personnel to assist them in finding quality speakers, consultants, and entertainers.

The Spectre Server
Cameron Kaiser, Santa Cruz, CA, US
A quick and easy way to get the most out of the World Wide Web. Try the new mini-search index.

Spinelli Coffee Co.
San Francisco, CA, US
Simply the best coffee on the planet.

Spyder Web Services
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Contains some of the most entertaining and informative pages on the Net, as well as great shops and online community services.

Star Watch UK
Manchester, England
A project to observe and record the brightness of the sky from all parts of the United Kingdom.

Steven C. May's Real Estate Home Page
Steven C. May, Dayton, OH, US
Listings of homes for sale in the Dayton, Ohio area, plus national and international relocation services.

Swiss Hawaiian Navy Seals Dive Watch for Surf and Sport
Kapalua, HI, US
The best-selling watch in the Pacific brings you surf, windsurf, dive, fishing, and other information from Maui.

Syntonic Research, Inc.
Austin, TX, US
Learn all about the healing magic of psychoacoustic sound.

Take a New Look at Extinction
The Wildlife Heritage Club, Los Angeles, CA, US
Over eight million steps to a brighter future for children and wildlife. Find out about a walk across America to raise funds for a coalition of nonprofit organizations.

Talmud Torah Noah Quiz
Talmud Torah School, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
A 14-item quiz designed to test students' knowledge of Noah and his ark. The quiz was designed by Dr. Nurit Reshef.

Tapco Online Catalog
Kennesaw, GA, US
A full-service mail order company for hunting and camping accessories, and a great source for hunters, gun collectors, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Technical Tools
Boca Raton, FL, US
Offers financial analysis software and a daily data download service for futures, stocks, cash prices, indices, and mutual funds.

Cranford, NJ, US
A leading manufacturer of EMI/RFI shielding products, shielding products, and interconnection devices for socket testing of semi-conductors.

Telluride Wordcraft's Virtual Office
Telluride, CO, US
A full spectrum of dependable, professional services in the information arts, specializing in delivering targeted knowledge with appropriate technologies.

Telsec Executive Center
Pierre Cimon, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Need exclusive office space in Montreal? Looking for professional secretarial services while in Montreal? Need an address or phone service in Montreal? Look no further, Telsec has it all.

Terran Interactive
Los Gatos, CA, US
Providers of multimedia services and tools, including Movie Cleaner Pro, the first dedicated QuickTime compression tool for the Macintosh.

TGE Ltd.
Sunderland, England
Providers of network consultancy, Data Security Services, Bespoke Software, and a range of other related services.

Columbia, MD, US
A solar energy resource center for architects, designers, engineers, and installers.

Thirdwave Systems
Brunswick, ME, US
Provides independently operated local theaters with booking and promotion of films to assist the profitability of theatrical revenues.

Trans-Media Advertising
McAlpin Corporation, Decatur, AL, US
This division of the McAlpin Corporation is an advertising agency that specializes in the transportation industry, providing drivers and operators for motor carriers across the nation.

Los Angeles, CA, US
A free Internet source for travel information with monthly features, articles, and travel links.

Treasure Cay Hotel Resort & Marina
Treasure Cay Services, Inc., Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
A relaxed, tropical, 1,500-acre resort with a three-mile, white sandy beach, 150-slip marina, and world-class fishing, diving, and golf.

Tucson Golf
Tucson, AZ, US
Information and advice about golf in Tucson. Includes course maps, descriptions, and climate information.

Barrington, IL, US
Dedicated to improving customers' business processes by providing value-added printed and electronic products, systems, and services.

Vargas Studios
Fremont, CA, US
Graphic design, technical illustration, multimedia design, digital video editing, and Web page design services.

Virtual Landlords FAQ
Clever Dot Net, Atlanta, GA, US
Answers to FAQ about virtual domain Web services, and pointers to the best resources to make impressive Web pages.

Virtualscape, Inc.
New York, NY, US
A World Wide Web presence provider and design studio offering everything from monthly hosting services to complex CGI programming.

Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease
Columbus, OH, US
A firm with more than 280 attorneys with legal experience in traditional and emerging practices of law.

Washington Magnet and Gifted School of Communication
Rockford, IL, US
This school provides a strong academic program of the arts and technology, to build communication skills and enhance self-esteem and confidence. Read about current activities and programs.

Watson-Marlow Peristaltic Pumps
Falmouth, Cornwall, England
An animated resource to learn what peristaltic pumps are, and what makes them ideal for both clean and dirty fluids.

Webpages International
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Provides Internet graphics, home page design, and advanced linking systems.

WEBTREKS Adventures Online
Huntington Beach, CA, US
Information resource for outdoor adventure recreation, including mountaineering, climbing, trekking, white water rafting, kayaking, and canoeing.

WebWise Design and Marketing
Fennimore, WI, US
Provides consulting, custom designing, marketing, and hosting of any type of Web presence, from single page sites to multiple page sites, with tables, forms, catalogs, and more.

Weddings By The Sea
Whistler Enterprises, Half Moon Bay, CA, US
A complete wedding package including lodging and wedding officiant for an intimate coastal wedding. Also contains information about backpacking opportunities in the Sierras.

Weinberg & Jacobs, Attorneys at Law
Rockville, MD, US
Provides diversified representation for the business, nonprofit, and professional communities, as well as for individuals.

Welcome To Tampa Bay
Rocky Point Services, Tampa, FL, US
A starting point for anyone who is planning on visiting or relocating to the Tampa Bay area.

Wellington Limousine, Inc.
Bohemia, NY, US
Over a decade of experience; satisfaction guaranteed. Specializes in weddings and corporate events.

Wellness Network
Online Marketing Company, Detroit, MI, US
Recruits, trains, and places professional and volunteer personnel for the Michigan AIDS Hotline. The site features TEENLINK, the HIV/STD hotline staffed by teens for teens.

William Agboruche & Co.
Online Marketing Company, Detroit, MI, US
Find information on training services; real estate foreclosures; and business, tax, and accounting services.

WiseGuy InterActive
Los Angeles, CA, US
An interactive word game for kids, with colorful animation, text, and music. Helps kids learn the alphabet, spelling, and basics of using the PC.

The Wolfson Law Office
Mesa, AZ, US
Randolph D. Wolfson, Arizona Christian trial attorney, former judge [ALJ], former prosecutor, ordained minister at Calvary Chapel of Phoenix can help you.

WordsWorth Books
Little Rock, AR, US
This full-service bookstore is one of Arkansas' largest independent booksellers.

The WRITE Desktop
Port Hueneme, CA, US
A full-service writing, graphics, DTP, and Web page design center recognized in several national magazines and books.

XP Society, Inc.
Poughkeepsie, NY, US
Source for information about the rare condition, Xeroderma Pigmentosum, and the activities of this non-profit support group. Many links to research and other resources for XP and related conditions.

Wednesday, 15 November 1995

5th International World Wide Web Conference, 6-10 May 1996
INRIA, Paris, France
Organized by INRIA in cooperation with ERCIM and the WWW Consortium. Find general information, and calls for papers and exhibitors.

Abacom Internet Service Providers
Aviano, Italy
Provides Internet service for Aviano, Pordenone, Belluno, Treviso, Padova, and Venezia.

Abacus Concepts
Berkeley, CA, US
Develops award-winning data analysis software. Products include StatView and its companion product, SuperANOVA.

ACT Access
Las Vegas, NV, US
Provides proprietary interactive multimedia database systems to facilitate the communication between sellers and buyers in target industries on CD-ROM and the Internet.

Active Lifestyle
Bill Fogarty Publishing, Bangkok, Thailand
Packed with information about sports travel in Europe and Asia. Skiing is the main subject, but golf, sightseeing, and other activities are also covered.

Advanced Traffic Management Systems
City of Richardson, Richardson, TX, US
Provides engineering support for traffic signals, freeway surveillance, traffic signal timing optimization, and other services provided by local, state, and federal transportation agencies.

Advanced Waste Management Systems, Inc.
Chattanooga, TN, US
Environmental consultants offering environmental site assessments, radon testing, international project management, expert witness services, and more.

Alberta Medical Association
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
A professional organization representing over 5,000 physicians. Find publications, events, media and public information, and more.

Anna Street Academy
The Miller Family, Sunset, LA, US
A repository for homeschool resources, the Academy is trying to be a single-stop educational icon on the Internet.

Antikvariat Elektronhjarnan
Stefan Modin, Stockholm, Sweden
Contains old literature related to Sweden and other Nordic countries. In Swedish.

Appalachian Chair Company
Talbot, TN, US
Produces and sells 100%-American-made, solid red oak, informal dining-room furniture. Take a virtual tour of the factory and visit Jefferson County, Tennessee.

Area Code Look-Up
555-1212.com, Lafayette, CA, US
Look up the area code for any city or town in the U.S. or Canada, and then proceed to the yellow pages.

Arizona Entertainment Network
Tempe, AZ, US
Information on Haydens Ferry Records, Blue Sky Recording Studios, and other music and comedy resources..

The Artemis Online Mall
San Mateo, CA, US
A listing of lesbian-owned and lesbian-oriented businesses trading on the internet.

Artist's Paul Lee's Digitial Portfolio
Paul Lee, Pullman, WA, US
Features high-resolution images and an artist's statement from this Associate Professor of Fine Arts at Washington State University.

Aspen Business Communications
Motivational Marketing Associates, Buffalo, NY, US
Business workshops that creatively redefine management skills, particularly for marketing and sales professionals.

Audiophiles Paradise Internet
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
The world's largest Doom-related site, and a good range of Windows 95 links.

Audio/Visual Design by Ed Pias and Nancy Peacock
Speakeasy Network, Seattle, WA, US
A painter and a musician both expand their boundaries and put motion and color into a new experience.

Austria Culture Net
Austrian Cultural Institute, New York, NY, US
The place to find Austria's most valued resource: culture. It's about art, music, literature, and science.

Barron & Whitesell Public Relations
Charlotte, NC, US
A full-service public relations and marketing company that provides services for companies in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, real estate, and communications technology.

Benedict Optical Laboratories
Dallas, TX, US
A full-service optical wholesale laboratory, providing presciption eyeglass lenses and frames to opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists worldwide.

Best Programs, Inc.
Reston, VA, US
Develops software designed to manage people and things including fixed-asset systems, human resources and in-house payroll, and small businesses.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Monmouth County
Red Bank, NJ, US
A not-for-profit youth service organization serving local children who are at risk of emotional, social, and/or academic failure. Lists current events and activities.

Bloomin' Flower Cards
Boulder, CO, US
A small manufacturer of handcrafted, earth-friendly, all-occassion note cards that grow.

Miami, FL, US
Access end-of-day indicative quotes, analysis, and instrument descriptions on selected Emerging Market Debt prices, including Brady Bonds from Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Bragg Health Science - Live Food Products
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Find health, fitness, diet, fasting, and nutrition books, as well as amino supplements and health food recipes.

British Columbia History
David Mattison, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
A comprehensive set of Internet resources pertaining to the history of British Columbia, as well as links to other historical resources of interest to historians, educators and students.

British Gallery of Photographic Expression
William Roscoe, Bournemouth, England
A gallery for serious independent photographers.

Halsall Associates Limited, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A reference source of products, services, and technical information, developed exclusively for companies supplying goods or services to the building and construction industry.

By The People
School for Applied Individualized Learning (SAIL), Tallahassee, FL, US
A digital democracy where people can propose petitions, discuss them, and sign them. They are then emailed to representatives in office.

Cameras in the World
M. Ronde, Groningen, The Netherlands
Clickable maps of Internet cams in the U.S. and Europe.

Camp Massad
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
A Hebrew immersion residential summer camp for children ages 8-15.

Campus Crusade for Cthulhu
Daniel J. Bodony, West Lafayette, IN, US
Explore and learn from the teachings of Cthulhu.

Canadian Stock Market Reporter
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
The premier Internet site for Canadian stock market information. Find quotes, charts, news, profiles, a portfolio tracker, and more.

Cash For Class Software
Redheads Software, Costa Mesa, CA, US
The easiest, most direct way to find money for college. A scholarship database program for Windows.

Center for Creative Instruction
Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, OH, US
Established to facilitate the advancement of medical education through applied technologies in multimedia.

ChartWrite AB
Ideon, Sweden
Develops and sells software for the displaying, managing, and reporting of geographic information.

Chicago Tribune Digital Coffee
Chicago Tribune, Chicago, IL, US
Features Internet and computing news, software reviews, user message areas, and great links.

Coastal Oregon Productivity Enhancement
Oregon State University, Newport, OR, US
Provides resource managers and the public with information on the management of fish, timber, water, wildlife, and other resources of the Oregon Coast Range.

Coe-Truman Technologies, Inc.
Savoy, IL, US
A diverse technology transfer, products, and professional services company offering custom software development, environmental consulting, virtual trade show Web site design, and more.

Communicating for America
Fergus Falls, MN, US
A national nonprofit organization providing local dialup access for Minnesota and rural America.

The Computer Store Classifieds
Eugene, OR, US
The place for new, refurbished, and used computers, software, and accessories.

Convergence Communications
Stratford, CT, US
Advertising, marketing, and new media services, as well as weekly Web reviews and commentary.

Conway, Arkansas Junior Chamber of Commerce
Conway, AR, US
The organization of choice for young people in Central Arkansas and around the world.

Court TV Law Center
New York, NY, US
Find updates and documents from current cases, resources for legal problems, and inside news from Court TV.

A Critique of the NRC's Report on Doctorate Music Programs
David W. Fenton, New York, NY, US
Compares National Research Council data for the field of music, to data from the College Music Society's "Directory." Significant discrepancies strongly impeach the validity of the NRC survey.

Cutter & Buck Clothiers
Seattle, WA, US
Sells sophisticated American sporting wear for all the right occasions. Includes a monthly showcase of one of the world's top golf courses, and a tale of classic American sporting wear.

Cyber Advantage
Liverpool, NY, US
An Internet presence provider using a mall approach to offer a variety of products and services to their customers.

DBE Software, Inc.
McLean, VA, US
Expert system software for analysis, diagnosis, and documentation of database structures. Treats DB2, Oracle, Datacom, SQL/DS, and other platforms. Creates separate database tables with attributes and keys.

DBMS Magazine
Miller Freeman, Inc., San Mateo, CA, US
Request free subscriptions to DBMS and OTJ (a new journal for Oracle developers), and search a buyer's guide describing more than 875 client/server database products.

DeafWeb Washington
Gerry Grimm, Seattle, WA, US
A comprehensive list of resources and news for the deaf and hard-of-hearing in Washington state.

Delilah's Place
Delilah, Highland Park, IL, US
Questions, answers, and discussions about cyberlove and relationships in the information age.

Department of Economics
College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, US
Listings of faculty, classes, and department events.

Designated Hitter Graphics
San Mateo, CA, US
A woman-owned Web page and print design firm.

Diamond & Steed Magic Productions
Naples, FL, US
A magic and illusion team specializing in corporate parties, conventions, and fairs.

Digital Tool & Die
Claremont, CA, US
A comprehensive business Web solutions provider. Specializes in Web development, training, marketing, and networking technical issues.

Digital VOODOO
Steven Pesant, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
A graphically enhanced weekly zine featuring red-hot current information on Jimi Hendrix. Features stories from authors and enthusiasts from around the world.

Dvorak & Fincke, S.C.
Milwaukee, WI, US
A criminal defense law firm with interesting information and links to the criminal justice system.

The UK Shopping Centre, London, England
Find out how these fuel additives work to increase efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.

Ed Etchells Golf Professional
Hackettstown, NJ, US
A compilation of golf instruction and other golf-related links.

The Electronic Libraries Programme
University of Bath, Bath, Avon, England
Projects here are looking into how the delivery of information can be improved through the increased use of electronic library services.

Escola de Direccao e Negocios
Lisbon, Portugal
A Portuguese business and management school, offering professional information to executives.

Integrated Technology Europe Ltd., Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Supplies creative technology solutions to the end user. Specializes in Digital AlphaServer and StorageWorks products as well as networking, PC, and storage.

European Recycling Centre
TEC Publications, Redditch, Worcs, United Kingdom
Information on events, associations, and direct links to various publications.

Everyday Science
Houston, TX, US
Science facts and trivia for everyday folks. Pick up on things forgotten since the school days, or learn something new about science.

Feminist Threads Electronic Kiosk
Elizabeth Fraser, Chicago, IL, US
A listing of current feminist happenings from near and far.

Ferrari Web Site
Saritel S.p.A., Pomezia, Rome, Italy
The official web site of one of the most highly regarded automobile companies in the world. Includes photos and movies.

Futbol, Futbol y Mas Futbol
Michael J. Gutierrez, Sacramento, CA, US
A soccer page, with links to U.S. and international soccer clubs, organizations, professional leagues, and merchants.

Galbraith Laboratories, Inc.
Knoxville, TN, US
A worldwide provider of analytical services, founded in 1950, and serving over 3,500 industrial firms, research foundations, government agencies, and universities.

Gary Illingworth
Oswego, NY, US
Meet veteran songwriter/arranger Gary Illingworth, and find out about his first solo project, Spacebar.

Geothermal Project
Richard Stockton College, Pomona, NJ, US
Information about one of the largest closed-loop geothermal heat pump systems in the world. It provides realtime, up-to-date graphic plots on the performance of the system.

GetOnline Internet Specialist
Melbourne Beach, FL, US
Specialists in developing Internet Web sites from conception and creative to completion of HTML.

Global World Corporation
Maitland, FL, US
Maker of Back Radar, an automobile safety device that warns the driver of a vehicle when a person or object is in its blind spot.

Graphic Visions
Staten Island, NY, US
An award-winning design firm, providing Web site design, multimedia design, and traditional print design. See the online portfolio and client list.

Greetings from Italy
Torino, Italy
Learn about Italy's Piedmount County, and order foods, beverages, and specialty items from the area.

The Gumbo Shop
New Orleans, LA, US
Located in the New Orleans French Quarter, and serving up the finest in Cajun and Creole cuisine. Also, find an extensive archive of Louisiana recipes.

HAB Software
Hamburg, Germany
Hendrik A. Bramhoff founded the HAB Software group in 1994, with the aim of developing high-quality software as an advertising medium. Read about the company and its products.

Halliburton Company
Houston, TX, US
Provides a broad range of energy services and products, and industrial and marine engineering and construction services worldwide.

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
Sells handmade soaps and lotions, jewelry, paintings on porcelain, musical instruments, and medieval board games, all created by local artisans.

High Ridge Village
Tolland, CT, US
Discover the treasures of the Web, and find information on products and services from the Nutmeg State.

Hobbies and Books
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Offers a selection of Caribbean books and music.

Home Office Department
Cybershop, Montclair, NJ, US
An online home office department store. Shop for stationery, office supplies, globes, and executive gifts. Includes a guided tour and a hypertext "cyberdrama."

Hopi Sinom
Richard Ott, Albuquerque, NM, US
Read history and prophecies of the Hopi People, from the Beginning of Life to the Day of Purification. Read news from Hotvela and find out about the urgent Hopi peace initiative.

Hot New Products
Atlanta, GA, US
A mall offering gifts, novelties, jewelry, health supplies, T-shirts, and business supplies.

Howzit from Hawaii
Alohaland Distributors, Kailua, HI, US
Welcome to Hawaii. Check out the free gift offer provided by the island business community.

IBMC's Multi-Level Marketing Center
Clearwater, FL, US
Affordable Web pages and ads. Also find an Internet Olympic Center, a Center of Commerce, travel and business guides, and real estate listings.

Images of Clayoquot Sound
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
An expanding collection of images from the Clayoquot Sound/Pacific Rim National Park area, along the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Independent Brokers Network
Redding, CA, US
A large group of experienced Real Estate Brokers who have banded together to help market properties more effectively.

Information Technology Industry Council
Washington, DC, US
Represents the leading U.S. providers of information technology products and services.

InterAge Ltd.
Givat Savion, Israel
A professional advertising agency serving the Israeli Internet market. An "info-mall" provides customers with maximum advertising and public relations exposure on the Internet.

International Systems, Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
Check out press announcements, product literature, and reviews of this company's various software products.

International University of Japan
Yamato Machi, Japan
IUJ hosts the premier business school in Asia, an excellent school of international relations, and several affiliated research institutes.

International Wildlife Education & Conservation
Los Angeles, CA, US
Educates the public about the importance of protecting our wildlife around the world. Read about current issues and view a picture gallery.

Internet Address Finder
Innovation Insights, Atlanta, GA, US
The easiest and most comprehensive way to locate Internet email addresses. A free white pages service.

Internet Communications Group Canada, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Provides quality inter-networking services to Canadians. Services range from Web presence and server management to quality site authoring and Internet training courses.

Internet Real Estate Network
Advanced Virtual Systems, Inc., Omaha, NE, US
Offers free Web pages for real estate properties, professionals, and organizations, and compiles fully searchable databases of real estate listings.

Internet Talk Show
X Security Team, Tuscaloosa, AL, US
Features interviews with leading African American gurus and celebrities.

JesCo Technical Services, Inc.
Bellevue, WA, US
Specializes in the operational infrastructure for complex enterprise systems. The firm excels in the operability design, development, and deployment of world-class operational environments.

Jupiter Five Technologies
Somerville, MA, US
Provider of high-quality, large-scale, low-cost information technology services. Specialties include data entry and enginering document scanning and conversion.

Just Too Much Friends
Cliff Maier, Troy, NY, US
A Web-crawling robot gets overwhelmed by the proliferation of pages dedicated to the worship of NBC's Friends, and goes insane.

K. Kannon Mouse Pads
Kansas City, MO, US
Offers mouse pads with logos from the NFL, major league baseball, most colleges, dinosaurs and more. Also lists coming attractions and links to other mouse pad pages.

Los Angeles, CA, US
Kaleidospace has a new look and more features, including a chat system, collaborative fiction by David Brin and Clive Barker, and dozens of new musical contributors. Current artist-in-residence is Tom Jones.

Portland, OR, US
Offers up-to-date listings of community events, concerts, and station promotions. Information on KINK's "Lights Out V" CD is also available.

Kulture Void Pictures
Seattle, WA, US
A Web journal dedicated to the art of independent film and filmmakers.

LANL Chemical Science and Technology
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM, US
Projects include environmental remediation, analysis, nonproliferation, medical isotope production, radiochemistry, biotechnology, waste treatment, separations chemistry, and more.

Law Office of Richard W. Vrooman
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Provider of legal services relating to intellectual property, computers, copyright, patents, and immigration law.

LINK33 - I/EW Maintenance
B Company, 305th MI Battalion, Ft. Huachuca, AZ, US
Provides maintenance information resources for the Military Intelligence community of the U.S.

Los Alamos Film Commission
Los Angeles, CA, US
Serves as a contact point for motion pictures and television projects in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The area offers spectacular locations, breathtaking southwestern scenery, virgin forests, and rugged mountains.

Maczynski's Info Service
David D. Maczynski, St. Peters, MO, US
A huge site offering over 400 links in over 30 subjects, and quickly becoming one of the biggest sites on the Internet.

Madd Snowboards
Boston, MA, US
Manufactures quality snowboards. Site includes cool snowboarding information, graphics and links.

Malaysia OnLine
Applied Information Management Services, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The first commercial Internet service provider in Malaysia. Find information on travel, games, shopping, entertainment, and more.

MaoZoeDog Graphics
Atlanta, GA, US
Photo scanning for $2 an image and Web page creation for $30 a page.

Maryland Basketball (Unofficial) Home Page
Michael C. Weaver, College Park, MD, US
For fans of Maryland basketball or basketball in general.

The Maxey Home Page
Holiness Disk Ministry, Coeur d' Alene, ID, US
Offers free downloading of digitized, Wesleyan/Arminian, Christian books from a growing library, currently about 100 megabytes.

MBA Internet Business Survey
Heather Cumming, Dundee, Tayside, Scotland
An online survey of the views of business Internet users. This is being carried out as part of an MBA. The results will be put on this page in January 1996.

Melody Dawn's Music & Arts Page
Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, US
Promotes the talent of unsigned musicians, clubs, and artists from Long Island and New York City.

Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany
Potsdam's main energy company. In German.

Michael Slygh - Digital Graphic Art & Design
Hingham, MA, US
Specializes in photographic manipulation, book covers, illustration, Web page design, 2D and 3D graphics, and animation.

MTC, Tai Po, Hong Kong
Offers dialback services at savings of up to 70% over standard carriers.

Monet, the Cyberspace Gallery
hOWARD yEN Production, Ithaca, NY, US
Just like walking into the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A large collection of artworks by some of the best artists in the world.

Monthly Health Tips
Health Foundation 2000, Honolulu, HI, US
Be healthy and trim while enjoying the holiday season.

The Moore Company
Portland, OR, US
Provides products for telecommunications, video conferencing, computer systems, and networking.

MPM Corporation
Franklin, MA, US
The leading designer and manufacturer of advanced, fully-automated and semi-automated stencil printers for the surface mount and hybrid electronic assembly industry.

Muslim Students Association
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, US
Describes local MSA and international student activities, plus interesting links and information about the Islamic religion and culture.

Native CyberTrade
Advanced Tribal Integrated Information Networks, Albuquerque, NM, US
The Internet site for advertising Native American-related goods and services. Specializes in arts and crafts, associations, businesses, Indian gaming, nations, and tourism.

Nature's Gifts
Modesto, CA, US
Offers mineral, science, and crystal-growing kits for students of all ages. Includes downloadable mineral and crystal JPEGs and interesting facts about science and nature.

NEWBIE - The New Brunswick Internet Exchange
DISCscribe Ltd., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Direct access to New Brunswick tourism and events information.

Moutain View, CA, US
The world's largest online notebook provider, specializing in high-end notebooks and value-priced notebook packages.

On Beauty and Love...
Gary Boone, Atlanta, GA, US
An intimate collection of literature and poetry about our most noble passions. Seek wonder and romance, joy and sorrow, love and loss from Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Whitman, Byron, Roethke, and others.

One Good Solution World Wide Web Publishers
OGS WWW Publishers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A rapidly growing Web site, from a company that offers fast and goodlooking Web space. Differs from others in that it was started from within the Net community.

Onondaga Community College
Syracuse, NY, US
Information including college courses, departments, other home pages, community access pages, and a live view of the campus.

Orlando Mail Drop
Orlando, FL, US
This service makes it possible for anyone to have an address in booming Orlando, Florida, and yet remain where they are.

Outsource Agents
Grand Rapids, MI, US
A computer/Internet training and software services company.

Paradigm from California
The Environment for Cognitive Development, San Francisco, CA, US
A newly-discovered paradigm of human operations which proves that, as a matter of science, the "work-out-well-all-around" framework is accurate to nature and to human behavior.

Jeff Stanford, Stockholm, Sweden
Alternative photography by Jeff Stanford, with an emphasis on gum bichromate printing and workshops.

Miami, FL, US
Internet advertising of automobiles, as well as design and implementation of low-cost Web pages for small businesses and individuals.

Port Erin Marine Laboratory
University of Liverpool, Port Erin, Isle of Man, United Kingdom
A brief description of the Laboratory and its staff, facilities, and research vessels.

Private Pilot Flight Planner
MEC Software, Inc., Detroit, MI, US
A Windows-based flight planner that allows users to create and store accurate and usable flight plans.

Profit Associates Management Consultants
Charleston, SC, US
A team of turnaround and management specialists providing support to business owners and managers. The site offers helpful tips on developing employee incentives and reorganizing businesses.

Promindo Global Internet, Ltd., Jakarta, Indonesia
An advertising agency using the Internet as the media. Promotes Indonesia for its tourism and export-oreinted manufacturing industries.

Pure Records Ltd.
Westbury, NY, US
A new recording label that establishes partnerships with acts that have been overlooked by the majors, or who require the type of nurturing and development to which the majors hesitate to commit.

Quantatative Data Systems, Inc.
Irvine, CA, US
A software consulting company specializing in custom software for the insurance and financial industries.

Radioactive Waste Management Associates
New York, NY, US
A consulting firm dealing in radioactive waste. This site links to newletters and a library of publications.

Recycling World Magazine
TEC Publications, Redditch, Worcs, United Kingdom
Europe's number-one publication for commercial recyclers and for those concerned with the environment and sustainable development.

Reeves Mortgage Services
Motivational Marketing Associates, Buffalo, NY, US
Specialists in non-conforming mortgages, serving New York State. Offers a full range of financing solutions for potential homebuyers with less-than-perfect credit histories.

Refrigeration Service Engineers Society
Des Plaines, IL, US
A not-for-profit international technical education association whose 37,000 members install, service, and repair HVAC and refrigeration systems.

Regal Discount Securities
Chicago, IL, US
A deep-discount securities brokerage offering electronic and automated quote and stock trading at one of the best overall rates in America.

Relocatable Business Newsletter
Business Listing Services, Inc., Highland Park, IL, US
Reports on established businesses for sale, including mail order, publishers, light manufacturers and distributors.

Roommate! Works
Boston, MA, US
A roommate referral agency for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Roy Talman & Associates
Chicago, IL, US
A leading search firm specializing in information technology recruitment.

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
Santa Fe, NM, US
A special week of photographic inspiration and personal growth.

School of Business and Economics
Towson State University, Towson, MD, US
Offers undergraduate majors in accounting, economics, and business administration, with concentrations in management, marketing, and finance.

School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems
DePaul Unversity, Chicago, IL, US
Find general information, student services, programs of study, faculty and staff information, and the Institute of Professional Development.

Seattle Aquarium
Speakeasy Network, Seattle, WA, US
Sponsors knowledge of the aquatic environment in hopes that a better understanding might preserve the beautiful coasts and waters of the earth.

Silk Road New Media, San Francisco, CA, US
Where art and technology meet, and when they don't, humor steps in to do the job. Ten great sections including NewStory Magazine, Women, Nerdboys, Maine, Nanowackology, and more.

The Shootist
Tucson, AZ, US
News and information for Western gunmen, police officers, and military personnel.

Snelling Search
Snelling Personnel Service, Raleigh, NC, US
Experienced, professional, and successful recruiters working in engineering, sales, administrative, data processing, and office services.

SolarColor Photography
Michael Fastoso Photography, Los Angeles, CA, US
Take a look at radical environmental images made with a non-digital, multi-bath method.

Spatch's Create-A-Cliche
Spatula Tonight, Cambridge, MA, US
Create a different trendy Internet-related catch phrase each time the page is reloaded.

Spiritual Healing Through the Internet
Jouke Verlinden, Almere, the Netherlands
Hans Overdevest, an experienced spiritual healer in the Netherlands, now offers his services through the Net.

Sport BC SportLinks
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A federation of amateur sports in British Columbia.

State of Iowa Home Page
Iowa Department of General Services, Des Moines, IA, US
Provides links to public and private resources statewide, including educational resources from K-12 to colleges, universities and libraries, along with Caucus '96 information.

Stingray Software Web
Raleigh, NC, US
Provides tools for Microsoft Visual C++ and MFC Windows programmers.

Integrated Technology Europe Ltd, Leeds, Yorkshire, England
The U.K.'s premier digital master reseller, specializing in StorageWorks modular systems and Networking products. Also a Fujitsu ICL sales partner selling professional PCs and servers.

Sun Newspapers
Cleveland, OH, US
Publishes 23 weekly newspapers in the Cleveland, Ohio area. The site offers samples of newspaper features, and other information.

The Swapmeet
Concours Restoration, St. Paul, MN, US
A collector car and motorcycle page, with classifieds, information, and links.

TanData Corporation
Tulsa, OK, US
Maker of Progistics transportation and logistics-related software, for processing domestic and international shipments, with carrier and export documentation.

Tetsu Noguchi, Tokyo, Japan
Features football scores, PhotoShop tips and tricks, pictures and bios of Audrey Hepburn and James Dean, and more.

TenKey, Inc.
Orlando, FL, US
Software developer and Internet publisher. Products include Career Shop resume enrollment, job search, and employment-related software; and the Operate Your Own Business software series.

TestChip Technologies
Dallas, TX, US
Provides specialized design services to the semiconductor industry.

Text-To-Speech Demo
AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ, US
Demo of the Bell Laboratories Text-To-Speech system that allows the user to type in text, choose or create a voice, and then hear the voice say the words.

Theatre Techniques for Business People, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
Training programs for corporations, organizations, and independent business people around the world who want to master leading, influencing, and impacting others.

Tigger's Children's Shareware Page
Grace (Tigger) Sylvan, San Jose, CA, US
A collection of links to Macintosh and PC shareware for children. Read descriptions and download the software, and find reviews of commercial software and demos.

Tres Chic of Texas, Inc.
Lake Travis, TX, US
A Texas Hill Country company offering a growing series of award-winning gourmet products.

UK Property Register
The Office Agents Society North West Branch, Manchester, England
A comprehensive and authoritative database of commercial property and real estate in the UK. The ultimate site for property professionals.

United Kingdom Office for Library and Information Networking
Bath, Avon, United Kingdom
Supports the library and information communities through research, network services, and awareness-raising in the areas of networking and bibliograhic management.

The Unofficial Missouri Page
Mike T. Newman, Columbia, MO, US
A resource for information about the show-me state. Includes Missouri statistics, events, and famous residents.

Velocity, Inc.
San Francisco, CA, US
A software publisher and developer with the latest news on the upcoming game Jet Ski Rage, demos of Spectre VR, and an online contest to win free electricity for a year.

Velvet Jungle
FranceWeb, Paris, France
A TV show on rock music from ARTE, the French TV channel.

Virtual Prototyping Services
Russell, PA, US
A computer graphics facility specializing in custom 3D model creation, animation production, and Web page design. They offer organic models, morphing, character design, and forensic animations.

Saddle Brook, NJ, US
Eyecare on the Internet. Get tips on such topics as eyeglasses, contact lenses, eye exam procedures, and more. Enter the monthly sunglass contest and win a pair of designer shades.

Hollywood, CA, US
Have a Los Angeles or New York telephone number for only $10 a month. Beepers and P.O. boxes are also available.

Voila Technologies, Inc.
Rochester, NY, US
Provides voice input and output technologies. Useful for blind and learning-disabled users, and also increases productivity for doctors, lawyers, and other professionals.

Walsh Simmons Web Design
Manchester, United Kingdom
A design and marketing company offering Web design and storage.

Mediacraft, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, US
Full-service Web sites which users create and manage using only a browser. Services include e-mail lists and aliases, domain service, private pages, RealAudio, custom site designs, and more.

Weimaraner Club of America
Seattle, WA, US
Official home page of the club, and a complete resource for the Weimaraner breed of dogs.

werewolf dot com
Chris Basken, Bedford, MA, US
Links to fantasy, radio, TV, and wolf-related ecological sites.

Werkgroep Acute Hulpverlening M.F.V. Panacea
Groningen, Netherlands
Home page for the First Aid Workgroup at the University of Groningen.

Wessex Institute of Technology
Southampton, Hampshire, England
Information about research, academic programs, and WIT-organized conferences.

Wild Ties
Redding, CA, US
Men's modern, fashionable, and fun neckties.

World Wide Simitar
Minneapolis, MN, US
Offers a huge selection of video, audio, and disk products at rock-bottom prices, plus free downloads, video news and reviews, and more.

World Wide Treasury of Antiques & Collectibles
Sherman Oaks, CA, US
A place where dealers and collectors can find an outstanding selection of fine, rare, and unusual antiques and collectibles.

Wrestling Weekly
Jacob Harrison, Brush Prairie, WA, US
The number one text-only online wrestling magazine.

XID Expert Identification Software
XID Services, Pullman, WA, US
The ultimate identification software, with a user-friendly authoring system and complete databases which match the abilities of the user.

You're Welcome in Weymouth
Weymouth & Portland Borough Council, Dorset, England
Tourism information for Weymouth, Portland, and South Dorset in England.

Friday, 17 November 1995

1st in Flowers!
Pugh's Florist and Gifts, Baton Rouge, LA, US
A wide selection of floral arrangements and unique gift ideas in a secure environment.

20 Exemplary Cases
Brazil On Line Publishing, Los Angeles, CA, US
A photographic and text exhibit by Amancio Chiodi and Mylton Severiano da Silva about cases of torture in Brazil during military years.

A1 Orange County Real Estate Properties
Paradise Properties, Dove Canyon, CA, US
The most complete information breakdown service. Information on every listed home plus other county information.

About Isabel Deco Gallery
Diemeringen, France
Supplies Old Master and Impressionist reproduction oil-paintings, includes an artist and photo gallery, and more.

Wayne P. Hresko Associates, Inc., Denton, TX, US
Provides information on collaborative teacher consultation, special events, materials, and educational assessment instruments, related to individuals with exceptional learning, cognitive, or behavioral characteristics.

adobe theatre company
New York, NY, US
An off-Broadway company performing new plays by emerging playwrights. The work is funky and usually involves several forms of alternative media.

Advice Bankruptcy Liquidation Insolvency
Gregory Michaels & Co, London, England
Chartered accountants and licensed insolvency practitioners. Initial consultation is free.

AeroCrafter - Homebuilt Aircraft Sourcebook
BAI Communications, Benicia, CA, US
Contains everything to select, build, certify, equip, fly, and maintain an aircraft. Includes a searchable database of homebuilt suppliers and companies.

Alamo Rent A Car
WCBS, Los Angeles, CA, US
A comprehensive reservation and travel information service site.

The American President
Hollywood Online, Santa Monica, CA, US
An interactive area for this feature film release, showcasing several games and activities highlighting the themes of the film.

Amy's Keyboard Corner
Amy Yamane Piano Studios, Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Features STAGES!, solo/duet/ensemble music, and other fine teaching materials.

Analytical Services, Inc.
Mt. Pleasant, SC, US
A private way to test for illicit drugs by mail without a traceable record. Detects small amounts well below the Federal cutoff for "Positive."

Redondo Beach, CA, US
Over 15,000 titles by category, subject, topic, author, reader, and title. Also find new releases, future titles, online ordering, links to other book sites, and a worldwide listing of bestselling books on audio.

AutoNet USA
Magco International, Inc., Sioux Falls, SD, US
Find used cars, classics, trucks, new autos, dealers, and much more at this auto mall.

AZC.COM World Wide Web Services
A & Z Consulting, 1000 Oaks, CA, US
Offers budget Web space renting, domain name registration, and features virtual hosting with free CGI services to individuals and businesses.

Bastrop Independent School District
Bastrop, TX, US
Information on a rural school district nestled in the heart of the Lost Pines of Texas.

BenSalem Naturals
Cheryl Faye Schwartz, Bensalem, PA, US
Products include top-quality herbs, vitamins, cruelty-free health and beauty aids, gourmet cooking spices, essential oils, Chinese Patent Formulas, and more.

B&G Consultants Inc.
Fredericksburg, VA, US
Extremely knowledgeable in networking, computer hardware and software, Internet service, Web page design and development, and custom database programming.

Bio Online
Vitadata Corporation, Berkeley, CA, US
A comprehensive Web site for the biotechnology industry, universities, research institutions, biotechnology centers, industry suppliers, government agencies, and nonprofit special interest groups.

Bob Lowry's Unofficial Auburn Football Recruiting Page
Auburn University, Auburn, AL, US
Provides a daily update on high school football players who are interested in Auburn, as well as an archive of Auburn's recruiting classes dating to 1986, and an analysis of ongoing recruiting efforts.

Brazil On Line
Los Angeles, CA, US
Arts, music, business, publications, in short, everything about Brazil.

Bullpen Ace
Downtown Digital, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Users can win genuine autographed memorabilia by shutting down the opposition with knowledge of baseball trivia.

Business World Products of Hastings, Inc.
Hastings, NE, US
A office-supply company that offers old fashioned customer service, competitive prices, quick delivery, and quality products. Check out the great specials.

Buzz's Sports Tours
Northridge, CA, US
Offers exciting and affordable tour packages to skiers and snowboarders of all levels of experience.

Camp Ekon
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Founded and operated by the Canadian Jesuits, the camp offers fun, value-based recreational and leadership programming for young people ages 8 and up.

Career Networking Group / Events 2000
Newport Beach, CA, US
The nation's largest producer of newspaper-sponsored job fairs and other special events requiring sales and production capability.

Carlinhos Vergueiro
Brazil On Line, Los Angeles, CA, US
Listen to the music of one of Brazil's most popular composers.

Carmel Car Service
New York, NY, US
Specializes in transportation to and from New York City, including taxis, private cars, limousines, airport transportation, luxury sedans, minivans, and station wagons.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Stocks hard-to-get Brazilian CDs. Genres include popular, classical, vocal, and instrumental.

Champion Motor Group
Digi-D Corp., Santa Fe, NM, US
An 8-year-old company specializing in the sale and leasing of high-end, exotic cars. Many cars are exported to dealers and individuals worldwide.

The China Department
CyberShop, Montclair, NJ, US
Carries a large variety of dinner wear, crystal, china, and great gifts.

Chisholm Prats Gallery
New York, NY, US
Features a vast collection of airline, ocean liner, WWI and WWII, theatrical and musical, magic, and movie posters covering over 100 years of poster-making history.

CLC Research, Memory Division
Irvine, CA, US
The best place to upgrade your laptop computer. A great selection of notebook memory for Apple, Compaq, Sharp, and Toshiba notebooks. Come take look at these amazing prices.

Clem Labin's Traditional Building
New York, NY, US
Where to find information about 77 companies that supply high-quality products with traditional styling for buildings both old and new.

The Coffee Company
Grand Forks, ND, US
Brings users over 30 varieties of roasted and flavored coffees, always freshly roasted.

Comic Relief OnLine
Home Box Office, Los Angeles, CA, US
This well-know comedy show gets wired. Goof off in the comedy playground, win a trip to L.A., take the comedy IQ test, and laugh out loud.

Computer Based Training Courses
Central Institute of Technology, Upper-Hutt, New Zealand
Courses in data programming, network management, C and Pascal programming, Windows 3.11 networking, data structures, multimedia, and embedded systems. Includes links to software and other resources.

Connors Communications Information Center
New York, NY, US
A strategic consumer PR and marketing agency specializing in the consumer technology, entertainment, and education markets.

The Consumer Electronics Cyberspace Companion
Arlington, VA, US
The latest information from the consumer electronics industry, from audio to video and everything in between.

Country Connection
Digiserve Information Services, Atlanta, GA, US
One of the world's most comprehensive country-music sites has moved to a new home and has added many new features, including a new search engine for the whole site.

Craig & Associates Insurance Agency
Bristol, PA, US
Serving Pennsylvania's insurance needs for auto, health, homeowner's, commercial, and life.

C.S.A. Centro Servizi Aziendali
Luciana Rufini, Prato, Italy
Business services for small or medium-sized firms.

CyberCraft Mall
Allentown, PA, US
Sells handmade crafts from around the world.

Pueblo, CO, US
Eliminate static and dust from computers, and prevent random freeze-ups and computer down-time. The Internet distributor of UltraStat anti-static products.

Research Triangle Park, NC, US
Opens the door to China. Check out the best site "made in China" for business, culture, events, and more.

Houston, TX, US
Home page for this fantasy/medieval MUD. A very intricate gaming system, and a must for role-playing enthusiasts.

Data Solutions
Valrico, FL, US
Carries Lotto software and books.

Delta Resource Management
Costa Mesa, CA, US
Find out about an investment opportunity that has generally been limited to high-level investors with millions of dollars.

Department of Physics
University of California, Riverside, CA, US
The home page for this department offers information for students, a colloquium list, links to research groups, and more.

The Digital Dining Directory and Guide
MenuNet(R) Internet Advertising, Chicago, IL, US
Over 300,000 restaurants nationwide, with reviews and menus.

Digital Photography Usage Survey
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, US
A simple form to conduct research on the extent to which image processing professionals are using digital photography in industry.

Dilco Industrial, Inc.
Orange, CA, US
A manufacturer of novelty silk-screened items: stickers, decals, static-clings, posters, bumper stickers, signs, and joke items.

Diners' Grapevine
Global Grape, Rye, NY, US
The premier online guide to restaurants. Select from location, cuisine, price range, atmosphere, features, and entertainment, and see menus, maps, and more.

Discover Plantation Florida
Plantation, FL, US
A resource for local and global Internet users to access up-to-date information regarding the city of Plantation, its businesses, organizations, schools, and local events.

D&M Electronics
Wilmington, DE, US
A PC/network hardware and cabling retailer where users can find custom cables and hard to find connectors.

DM Plaza
ROI Marketing, Inc., Miami, FL, US
A resource exclusively for the direct marketing industry. Includes press releases, job descriptions, trade questions, and a buyer's guide.

Dolomiti News BBS
Belluno, Italy
Offers news from Belluno, Italy.

A & E Innovations
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Information on starting a personal 900-number telephone business.

Ears Two You
Denver, CO, US
An online catalog of unique handcrafted earrings.

The East Hampton Independent
East Hampton, NY, US
The first Hampton's newspaper on the newsstand every week with news, sports, weather, and just about everything else the East End reader wants to know about.

EcoWater Systems, Inc.
St. Paul, MN, US
The world's oldest and largest residential water-treatment equipment manufacturer.

Eigentech, Inc. Data Networking Products
Marlton, NJ, US
A data-communications engineering company specializing in PC-based products for Branch-to-Central Office wide area networking (WAN).

Electrochemical Science and Technology Information Resource
Chemical Technology Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL, US
Find general information on electrochemistry that includes Internet connections, software, bibliographies, databases, a graduate school directory, societies, journals, nomenclature, meetings, and more.

Enchanted E-Books
Redlands, CA, US
An online publishing and bookselling company, providing electronic books to the reading public.

ERIC Systems
Bellevue, WA, US
Provides software solutions for human resource management, as well as Workers' Compensation and General Liability claims administration.

Estacao Primeira de Mangueira
Brazil On Line, Los Angeles, CA, US
Brazil's greatest and most popular samba school.

Excel Telecommunications
Leskes Enterprizes, Seattle, WA, US
A communications business opportunity. Be involved in the fastest growing industry in the U.S.--the telephone company. Fantastic residual income.

EZ-Ref Courseware
Laguna Beach, CA, US
Macintosh and PC instructor-led courses on CD-ROM that come complete with a CD player.

BIS Strategic Decisions, San Francisco, CA, US
The premiere gathering of people involved in the integration of facsimile communications with other messaging technologies.

Film Festivals
Multimedia Partners, Paris, France
Features virtual, real-time interviews with the stars, and more from film festivals around the world.

First Nations and Inuit History Commemoration Project
Heritage Canada, Quebec, Canada
Aims to recognize the presence of Native peoples in Quebec since paleohistoric times.

The First Thanksgiving
Plymouth, MA, US
The Living Museum of the 17th century gives the truth behind the folklore of the first Thanksgiving. The findings may surprise you.

Foreign Trade Magazine
Mclean, VA, US
The leading monthly international business source for traffic managers, sales managers, CEOs, and CFOs of North American firms engaged in international commerce. Access the latest on international business, trade shows, and articles.

Forestry and Geomatic Faculty
Laval University, Ste-Foy, Quebec, Canada
The only French faculty of forestry and geomatic in North America. Study programs and research possibilities are presented.

Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt, Germany
Schedules, maps, and information on Europe's leading airport.

The Gambler's Den
Dobbs Associates, La Habra, CA, US
Free tips on craps, baccarat, roulette, and horseracing. Also, weekly football picks and free details on the sure bets.

Genetics & IVF Institute
Fairfax, VA, US
World's largest, fully integrated, specialized provider of infertility treatment and genetic services.

German Manhunters
Rob Ruggenberg, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Dutch photographer Piet den Blanken's pictures of the German border-patrol at the infamous Oder-Neisse border between Germany and Poland.

German Primate Center
Goettingen, Germany
Information about research on and with primates, ecology, virology, reproductive biology, pathology, immunology, ethology, and field studies.

Global Internet Solutions
Hollywood, CA, US
Web site design, consulting, and publishing.

Go For The Gold
Atlanta, GA, US
The best selection of officially-licensed, 1996 Olympic merchandise.

Golf - 1995 Holden Women's Australian Open
Telstra, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Allows users to receive tournament leader updates, player profiles, course layouts, media releases, and photographs of play.

Great Explorations
WebCoast, St. Petersburg, FL, US
A museum where visitors just don't look, but can touch, explore, move, and in some cases, become a part of the exibits. A fascinating place to visit.

The Hahn Company
The Gable Agency, San Diego, CA, US
The shopping center development industry's first Web site provides an online guide to Hahn's 42 shopping centers, including local demographic information, center maps, and tenant lists.

The Harvard Collaborative Oncology Group
Boston, MA, US
Provides an effective vehicle for cancer research and education by stimulating mutual assistance among institutions affiliated with the Harvard Medical School.

Health & Hygiene
Greensboro, NC, US
Provides occupational health and industrial hygiene services, OSHA compliance, hearing conservation, respiratory surveillance, and health data management software.

Heinle & Heinle Publishers
Boston, MA, US
Specializes in educational print and electronic materials for foreign language and English as a Second Language learners in the school, college, and adult markets, domestic and international.

Tacoma, WA, US
An information resource about this amazingly versatile plant.

Heritage Book Shop, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA, US
Rare books and manuscripts in all fields, including literary first-editions, fine printing, illustrated and children's books, sets, and fine bindings.

Holt International Children's Services
Eugene, OR, US
Dedicated to helping every homeless child have a family of his or her own. Holt reunites children with birth families, or places them with adoptive families in the country of their birth or another country.

Home Business Solutions
Santa Barbara, CA, US
A complete home-business resource on the Internet.

HQ New York
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Provides office space in seven New York City locations. Full "virtual office" facilities are available, including reception, fax, computer, and videoconferencing capabilities.

HSS Home Page
London, England
A United Kingdom-based chain of shops dedicated to the hire of tools and equipment, handling and lifting equipment, and tableware and furniture.

Hypertext 101 for Writers
Charles Deemer, Portland, OR, US
Starting point for creative writers interested in learning hypertext. Includes theory, tools, examples, and an online course.

i99.com Information Highway Service
Amnet Corporation, El Dorado Hills, CA, US
Features interesting and useful databases, on a variety of topics. Provides valuable Web applications to both consumers and businesses.

IGA Supermarkets
Chicago, IL, US
Provides the consumer with recipes, gift certificate raffles, coupons, product information, store locations, press releases, and customer responses.

Image Systems Company
Hewlett, NY, US
Provides companies with technical documentation that adds value to Lotus Notes projects by supporting users and technical staff with documentation required to maximize productivity.

Images of Brazilian Music
Brazil On Line Publishing, Los Angeles, CA, US
A photographic exhibit by Mario Luiz Thompson. Look at expressive Brazilian composers, musicians, and interpreters.

Seattle, WA, US
A collision of art, music, issues, and the Internet. Features popular music, contemporary art, and topics that concern socially aware people. Also contains Salon Betty's interactive paper doll.

Infiniti Micro Systems
Las Vegas, NV, US
A Microsoft Solution Provider specializing in systems integration with Microsoft Windows NT, Windows for Workgroups, and Windows 95 as well as the development of custom software.

Influence Online Systems
Houston, TX, US
Provides information about this company's products and services, including a customizable networking and online service product. Also offers custom Web design services.

The Innovations Homepage
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, US
A Ford Foundation/Harvard awards program that recognizes exemplary federal, state, and local government initiatives and encourages their replication.

Innovative Systems Marketing
Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Electronics supplier of audio/visual, overhead projectors, distant learning audio and video conference equipment, projection screens, and more.

Interactive Internet Sports
Matt Kochtan, Gainesville, FL, US
Participate in many sports-related games and contests, give sports predictions, and test sports savvy against sports fans from all over the world.

Ann Arbor, MI, US
A company dedicated to increasing visitor traffic to its clients' Web sites by generating many strategic links to their home pages.

Internet Cremation Society
Manchester, NH, US
Promotes inexpensive direct cremation services on the Internet.

Fredericksburg, VA, US
The leading Internet provider of Northern Virginia, with outstanding teams of graphic artists and Web page design and development consultants, and prompt and superb customer support.

Investor Relations NetSources
Rein Nomm & Associates, Inc., Plymouth, MI, US
Provides links to sources of Internet investor-relations information of interest to investor-relations managers, CFO's, and investors.

The Iranian
Abadan Publishing Co., Brooklyn, NY, US
Provides a fresh look at a misunderstood people and culture.

Irish Soccer
Dermott Communications, Washington DC, US
Covers Ireland's National Team and the action in the National League, both the premier and first divisions.

Jackson Hill / Southern Lights Studio / New Orleans
New Orleans, LA, US
An image-heavy site based in New Orleans with photographs and digital imaging, fine art, fiction, stock photography, and eclectic links.

The Japan Web Guide
Forlin, Inc., Tokyo, Japan
A comprehensive listing of the best Web sites in Japan. Updated weekly, the list now stands at over 300 hierarchical links seperated by category. Also included are the Top 10 Japanese Sites, and the Japanese Cool Site of the Week.

Jetset Tours
Los Angeles, CA, US
Discounted airline tickets, tour packages, and more.

The John Carver Inn
Plymouth, MA, US
On the site of the original Pilgrim settlement, this picturesque location is by a nature walk to the sea and a few steps away from all Plymouth's attractions and Plymouth Rock.

John Hagelin for President in 1996
Fairfield, IA, US
The Natural Law Party's presidential candidate. He stands for conflict-free politics, prevention-oriented government, and proven solutions to America's problems designed to bring national life into harmony with natural law.

Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Volume 1, Issue 2
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, US
A special issue of this journal with articles on play and performance in computer-mediated communication.

Julie's North Dallas Real Estate
Plano, TX, US
Offers one of the largest, nationwide relocation/referral services available on the Net. Stop by and fill out the HouseHunter profile.

Karen TenEyck's Scenic Design Studio
New York, NY, US
Visit the Web scenic studio of Karen TenEyck, where actual scenery is designed for regional theatre and opera. There are meeting rooms where visitors can see work as it is developed.

Katherine DeBarnes Favourite Food
White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
Creates amazingly healthy dogs and cats, naturally.

The Keigwin and Mathews Collection
Bainbridge Island, WA, US
Rare and historic newspapers from the Colonial period, the Revolutionary War, and the presidency of George Washington.

Keysan Sanitary Supplies Catalog
Greensburg, PA, US
A site where users can purchase janitorial and cleaning supplies, deodorants, floor cleaners, cups, liners, and more.

Knowledge Revolution
Knowledge Revolution, San Mateo, CA, US
Develops cutting-edge software for engineering, physics, design, motion simulation, and animation. Products include Working Model, Interactive Physics, and AutoMotion.

KQAL Radio
Winona State University, Winona, MN, US
A look at programming, history, and staff, with links to other radio and music sources.

Topeka, KS, US
A non-commercial public television station with programming related to education, cultural enrichment, public affairs, and entertainment.

Lake Tahoe
Olympic Valley, CA, US
The largest site for Lake Tahoe on the Web, featuring all of Lake Tahoe's ski resorts, restaurants, lodging, hiking, biking, golf, fishing, real estate, and more.

Las Vegas Computer Journal
Las Vegas, NV, US
Includes daily news updates, a free photo contest, lots of how-to stories, and more.

Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc.
South San Francisco, CA, US
Micro Machines, Game Genie, UltraForce, and Sky Dancers are some of the quality toy products from this company. The site includes the 1994 Annual Report.

The Link Exchange
InterConnections, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Facilitates reciprocal link exchanges between Web sites.

LinkSmith Links
Dawson Systems, Columbus, OH, US
The LinkSmith(tm) for Windows author's personal home page for testing and demonstrating one way the software can be used.

Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau
Little Rock, AR, US
Improves the quality of life and the local economy by bringing visitors, meetings, conventions, and events to the city.

Little Whale Cove
Depoe Bay, OR, US
A national award-winning development with trail systems, whale watching gazebos, security, and much more. Take a visual tour and see the homesites for sale.

MAC-In PC-In Portuguese Computer Magazine
Lisbon, Portugal
A monthly, Portuguese magazine providing information on Macintosh and PC.

The Macintosh Power Page
Knoxville, TN, US
Stop here for information on the latest Macintosh games.

Hamburg, Germany
A bi-weekly magazine in German. Topics include lifestyles, trends, computers, and sports, with a database of people and companies in the field of graphical design.

Mastery Services
Mill Valley, CA, US
Offers a series of state-of-the-art "belief management" training courses for businesses and individuals.

Maui Invitational 1995
Kemper Lesnik, Chicago, IL, US
Tip off the NCAA college basketball season with a virtual oceanside seat to this premier Hawaiian competition.

M.C. Humphrey & Co.'s Online Emporium
Noblesville, IN, US
A gathering of small shops with home-business products, gifts for the holidays, and other interesting and useful items and information

Melatonin Page
Tenzing Momo, Seattle, WA, US
Features recent articles and books on Melatonin. Sponsored by one of the oldest herbal apothecaries in the U.S.

Mendocino Kayak Co.
Visual Identity, Ukiah, CA, US
Produces a Qayapak kayak for recreation purposes. It is a Class I-III capable kayak, with a transom for small electric motors.

bps Interprises, Denver, CO, US
Demos, links, advertising, and Web page design are just a few of the things users will find here.

Michael Whalen Music
New York, NY, US
The composer Michael Whalen has created his own home page to tell people about what projects in film, television, records, and advertising he is currently working on. Get very cool sounds for your computer.

Michigan Dentists Association Online
Michigan Dental Association, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Offers legislative contacts, news, and educational information, as well as many other useful resources for Michigan dentists.

Mid-Atlantic Infoshop
Spunk Press, College Park, MD, US
A guide to online anarchy, anarchist organizations, resources, zines, infoshops, and electronic texts.

Mid-Atlantic Volleyball
Rockville, MD, US
A volleyball resource for players and enthusiasts in the Eastern U.S. Includes links to OffTheNet, a volleyball specialty store, and Service Line Magazine.

The Music Review - Radio Stations
Network Marketing Inc, Nashville, TN, US
Useful links to help users search for radio stations in the U.S. and other countries.

The Mysteria
Frixion, College Station, TX, US
Hosts the home page of the band Channel 69, and explores politics, humor, music, video, conspiracy, and Christianity.

NAFTA Resource Center
Trade Point USA, Columbus, OH, US
A compilation of information relating to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The National Neurofibromatosis Foundation
New York, NY, US
The neurofibromatoses NF1 and NF2 are a set of genetic disorders which cause tumors to grow along the nerves anywhere on or in the body. For information about the disease and the fight to find a cure, stop by this page.

New Covenant Christian Center
Santa Clara, CA, US
A great site for anyone looking for the "Real Gospel."

No Limits Business Information Services
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Information on Internet marketing, $5 per-month Web pages, email autoresponders, and more.

Noologic Network
Denver, CO, US
Offers personal and species evolution acceleration through the Lord's Prayer.

On The Beach
Los Angeles, CA, US
Offers the Web community pictures, prices, and the location of every hotel/resort on the beach in Southern California.

Online Guide to Bangladesh
Rajib Rashid, Rochester, NY, US
A tour guide for the country of Bangladesh. Contains information on resorts, archaeological sites, short-term tours, visas, and currency.

OnLine TV
Zero Tolerance, New York, NY, US
A real-time image transmission between New York and any global connection to the Internet.

Bemidji, MN, US
The shop with everything for everyone and more. Check them out.

OverDrive Marketing
Littleton, CO, US
The culmination of a life-long appreciation of fine automobiles and their marques. Offers accessories and other goodies for sports cars.

Overture Relations & Communications
Romanel-sur-Morges, Switzerland
A public relations agency concentrating on high-tech. The site provides access to the entire Swiss public relations community.

Pacific Eyes & T's
Green Flash Systems, San Diego, CA, US
A huge of selection of top-brand sunglasses, sport and casual watches, and progressive California apparel.

The Pacific Institute
Seattle, WA, US
An international consulting and training company specializing in personal and professional growth, change management, and leadership development.

Pacific International Group, Inc.
Laguna Hills, CA, US
Find out about this unique laundry product from Japan that virtually eliminates detergent.

Packaging & Shipping Group, Inc.
Edison, NJ, US
The industry leader in providing single-source packaging and transportation. Packaging, crating, foam injection, and ground and air transportation is all available nationwide.

PageMill-Talk Home Page
Blue World Communications, Issaquah, WA, US
Email discussion group on the topic of Adobe's recently released Macintosh-based product.

New York, NY, US
A versatile HTML generator and Web page designer.

Pan American Health Organization
Washington, DC, US
An international agency specializing in public health whose Web site provides information about health-related issues in the Americas.

Pathways To Profit
Hollywood, FL, US
Answers FAQ about investing in Commodity Futures options. Free audio cassette and free trial subscription to newsletter.

PDS Healthcare Informatics
Paladin Data Systems, Inc., Hunt Valley, MD, US
Offering a wide range of services to the healthcare provider community.

Peconic Online
East Hampton, NY, US
The primary source for information pertaining to The Hamptons and The North Fork of Long Island.

Ames, IA, US
Here to bring the rave scene back to Des Moines and Central Iowa.

PlanWare - Business and Personal Financial Plans
Invest-Tech Limited, Dublin, Ireland
Download seven shareware financial planners for business and home, several text files about preparing a business plan, and lots of other stuff.

Polomar, Inc.
Miami, FL, US
A maritime chartering broker specializing in the Caribbean, and North and South America, with a main strength in Colombia. Includes other marine industry links.

Poor Richard's Publishing
Litchfield, CT, US
Consulting, training, workshops, software, and other resources for the learning disabilities community.

Portraits On The Web
Potsdam, NY, US
A place for portrait artists (and other artists) to market their talents.

A Postcard from Bahia
Brazil On Line Publishing, Los Angeles, CA, US
A photographic exhibit by Lita Cerqueira, offering pictures of sites and people from Bahia, Brazil.

Production Engineered Designs, Inc.
El Paso, TX, US
A mid- to high-volume supplier of printed circuit board assemblies.

Public Health System of the City of Vienna
Vienna, Austria
Web site for Vienna's hospitals, medical emergency services, and medical welfare.

Public International Law
Law School University of Western Australia, Nedlands, Western Australia, Australia
An extensive collection of international law links on topics such as the U.N., war and peace, human rights, indigenous people, women, environment, and trade law.

Quebec Live! - Quebec Endirect!
insanely interactive systems, inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A comprehensive guide to the wide range of talent, expertise, and services Quebec offers to international players in film, television, video, theatre, music, dance, and the visual arts.

R U Lost on the Infobahn?
hooked.net, San Francisco, CA, US
If users are lost on the Infobahn, this Web site can help them find their way around.

Randy Jaroch/WRITER
Omaha, NE, US
The vital statistics of one freelance writer on the Internet. Experienced in writing advertising copy, jingles, and more.

Real Estate Weekly's Home Guide
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Real estate listings in British Columbia's Lower Mainland, updated three times weekly. Also find valuable statistics, financing aids, and community information.

Rekindle the Romance with Ear Candles
Tenzing Momo, Seattle, WA, US
Information on a simple home remedy to remove ear wax quickly and painlessly.

Rent-A-Wreck of America
Baltimore, MD, US
The largest used-car rental company in the world can now be found on the Web.

Republic Bank
Los Angeles, CA, US
Offers some of the best rates available. Find current rates, and a quick and easy application.

Rhode Island Mensa
Fall River, MA, US
Home page for the Rhode Island chapter of Mensa, an organization for people with an IQ score in the top two percent of the population.

Santa Barbara Network
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Santa Barbara's premiere resource for local information.

The Science of Creative Intelligence
Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, IA, US
Find out about a new discipline which connects each branch of knowledge to the whole tree of knowledge. It was founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Scientific Research on the Transcendental Meditation Program
Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, IA, US
Details of over 500 studies which have been published in scientific journals on the effects of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program.

Segue Software, Inc.
Newton Centre, MA, US
One of the world's fastest growing automated software testing companies.

Sesha Press Records
San Jose, CA, US
Prepare for the onslaught of this San Francisco Bay Area label. Bands include 187Calm, Bliss-of-Triple-Six, Drug, Granite-Path, Sloe, Fine-to-Drive, and Luxo-Crush.

The Share Guide Health Journal
Sonoma County, CA, US
A holistic health magazine and resource directory focusing on alternative medicine, personal growth, New Age consciousness, and environmental awareness.

Sirius Productions
Scappoose, OR, US
Sound design for "the eleventh hour," avid non-linear editing, and multimedia development.

Sisyphus Software
HyperWeb, Austin, TX, US
Software designed to provide enhanced functionality in the Autodesk 3D Studio (TM) environment. Low-cost but effective IPAS tools that pay for themselves quickly.

Smirnoff International Fashion Awards
Jouissance Internet Design Consultants, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Largest student fashion event in the world online for the first time. Push through 5000 dedicated followers of fashion for a front-row seat.

International Computer Programs, Inc., Indianapolis, IN, US
The gateway to information technology companies and products. Contains a searchable database that allows Web users to locate companies and product information.

Special Observations Group
The UK Shopping Centre, London, England
Choose from many types of horoscopes, astrological charts, and counseling services. The Astrological Compatibility Profile shows unity between two people for romance or business.

St. Hugo of the Hills School
Bloomfield Hills, MI, US
The home page for this elementary school includes current happenings, information about the school, the newspaper, and more.

St. Louis Area Real Estate Mall
RealNet, Inc., Lake St Louis, MO, US
Contains home pages of St. Louis realtors and related businesses, and resource information the public needs to move to, from, or within the St. Louis area.

Studio City Travel
Studio City, CA, US
A travel agency specializing in corporate travel and tours for the physically challenged.

Suffolk University
Boston, MA, US
Located on Boston's Beacon Hill, the University offers more than 80 undergraduate and graduate programs of study.

SunGard Computer Services
Wayne, PA, US
A leading provider of remote IBM computer services who offers four products: outsourcing, enterprise software engineering, application maintenance, and direct marketing data processing.

Tagalog Tutorial
Applied Information Services, Olympia, WA, US
An online Tagalog tutorial for English speakers. Also available on CD-ROM.

Technology Transfer Institute
Santa Monica, CA, US
Provides the latest education and information to corporate computer and communications users through high-quality conferences, seminars, trade shows, training, and consulting services.

ROI Marketing, Inc., Miami, FL, US
A resource exclusively for the telemarketing industry. Includes press releases, job descriptions, trade questions, and telemarking legislation updates.

TFP's Christmas '95 Catalog
The Front Page, Inc., Tampa, FL, US
This Christmas shopping headquarters features quality gifts such as classic cars, spas, pianos, fruit, video, shoes, psychic cards, cruises, and resorts.

International Arts, Antiques and Collectibles Forum, Norwood, MA, US
A commercial Web site dedicated to antiques, art, and music. Includes a nationwide antique show calendar, an online antique mall, an art gallery, directories, and reference information.

Titan Energy, Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
Partnerships available for oil, petroleum, gas, and energy exploration in Texas, with an independent oil-man based in Dallas with a knack for hitting "black gold."

TOPline Software
Plover, WI, US
A shareware developer with three Windows-based shareware utilities on the market: SkedEzy, a program and message scheduler; Daub, a Caligraphy program; and Calibra, a clock editor and gallery.

Toy Story
Buena Vista Pictures Marketing, Burbank, CA, US
Official site for the first-ever computer-animated feature film, Toy Story, starring the voices of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts, and Don Rickles.

Traveller Services Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Operates as a wholesaler, serving corporations, travel agencies, and private clients. Specialized in airline ticketing and hotel reservations for Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

UCAR Composites, Inc.
Irvine, CA, US
Specializes in tooling for the composites industry. Composites manufacturing and tooling processes are accomplished through use of state-of-the-art computer and machining equipment.

United States Trade Representative
Washington, DC, US
Provides information and insight into the workings of the office and the U.S.' position on international trade issues.

USBBS List Homepage
BOBsWARE, Boston, MS, US
One of the oldest and most respected MS-DOS-based BBS lists in the world, with over 4,500 entries.

VDOLive Armchair
VDOnet, Santa Clara, CA, US
Real-time, scalable video and audio transmission over the Net, ranging from ISDN rates and down to 14.4 Kbps

The Vengeful Cow
Marshall Elfstrand, Rochester, NY, US
If you like cows and fun and music, check this out. Includes llamatron and a cool cow song

Vietnam Express Travel
Arlington, VA, US
Arranges discount group, business, historical, and private tours; arranges in-country land and air travel/accommodations; schedules official visits, and more.

Wake Forest Explorer
Radiant Web Publishing, Wake Forest, NC, US
One of North Carolina's most charming and historic communities. Come and explore.

Water Resources of California
U.S. Geological Survey, Sacramento, CA, US
Contains real-time streamflow sites, plus features, reports, bibliographies, and current information on flood conditions. Also features the Mammoth Mountain report describing current volcanic activity in California.

Los Angeles, CA, US
A powerful networking emporium for those in the Travel Industry. Currently features Jetset Tours, Alamo Rent-A-Car, Rent A Wreck, Radisson Edwardian, and more.

Web Ideas International
Langhorne, PA, US
Hosts personal, business, and corporate pages, along with Web page design and deployment.

Wessels, Arnold & Henderson, LLC
Minneapolis, MN, US
A national investment bank and institutional brokerage firm.

West Virginia Utility Update
Charleston, WV, US
Link to news and information pertaining to the Public Service Commission of West Virginia.

Wm Spear Design
William Spear Design, Juneau, AK, US
A visual encyclopedia of jewelry grade, hard-fired enamel pins.

Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides advertising and marketing services, Web site design, and is creating a forum for social and environmental projects that make a difference in the world.

Wreaths by Lynn
Campbell Management and Consulting, Rockville, MD, US
Information on these hand-decorated, 24", artificial Canadian Pine wreaths and grapevine wreaths for the holiday season.

The Writer's Resource
The Consumer Payment Trust Corporation, Hanover, NH, US
Helps students write better term papers and improve their communications skills.

Yellow Pages on the Internet
NTD Publishing, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
A complete yellow pages for the Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon areas, with plans for an eventual global network.

Zion's Fiction
Livermore, CA, US
Online publishers of LDS-related science-fiction and fantasy. E-books are distrubited via the Web, by mail, and at LDS book- stores nation-wide.

Zipzap Issue No. 2
Williams and Fenn Publications, Lafayette, CA, US
A zine dedicated to bringing words and images of excellent quality and intent to the world community via the Internet.

Monday, 20 November 1995

The Abbey-Net
San Diego, CA, US
Articles, reviews, quotations, and art are attractively integrated into five personal growth forums. Participants can network via email with a Net Club support system.

Abracadabra Booksearch International
Denver, CO, US
Specializes in searching for out-of-print books and in completing collections, be they large or small. They have an easy-to-complete search form and won't stop looking for books until they are found.

Aesthetic Concerns Prosthetics
Port Jervis, NY, US
A manufacturer and custom fabricator of life-like limbs, artificial limbs, and Living Skin brand prostheses and prosthetic skin.

AFC Technology
Princeton, MA, US
One-stop shopping for all Web requirements, including Web hosting, site development, and consulting.

Against The Sea
MycroMyth Software Development, Troutdale, OR, US
An action, strategy, and adventure PC and CD-ROM game. Experience pirates, privateers, merchants, and swashbuckling battles on the high seas of yesteryear.

New York, NY, US
An interactive environment for kids and parents from Al Hyslop, Emmy Award-winning producer of Captain Kangaroo, Sesame Street, and 3-2-1 Contact.

Alexandria Bay
Alexandria Bay Chamber Of Commerce, Alexandria Bay, NY, US
A major tourism center located at the heart of the Thousand Islands on the majestic St. Lawrence River. Find accommodations, restaurants, attractions, and more.

All Railroads Site
INTERNET WorkShop, Tucson, AZ, US
For anyone interested in real railroads, railway subjects, or model trains of all sizes.

All The Best of Corpus Christi
Woolford Marketing, Corpus Christi, TX, US
Take a look at oceanfront real estate bargains, local attractions, companies, and register to win in big contests.

altEstate Alternative Real Estate
The Human Factor, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Maintains quality real estate listings. Now accepting listings for residential, acreage, commercial, timeshares, and FSBOs.

American College of Rheumatology
Atlanta, GA, US
The international professional society for physicians who treat rheumatologic disease.

American Education Finance Association
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Provides Association information, plus links to education, finance, policy, and economic sites for education finance professors, researchers, and policymakers.

The Americas
San Francisco, CA, US
Carries a complete selection of folk art from the native peoples of North, Central, and South America.

Arizona Model United Nations (AMUN)
Tucson, AZ, US
A simulation of the United Nations for high-school students. A unique aspect of the program is its Spanish language committee.

Arts & Crafts Network of British Columbia
Advantage Netvertising, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Information on British Columbia arts-and-crafts suppliers, galleries, organizations, councils, and craft fairs, plus a section on Native arts and crafts.

San Jose, CA, US
Find information about business, real estate, tourism, and more from Costa Rica.

ASN International Index for the Arts
Boulder, CO, US
Information for and about all art-related subjects such as architecture, computers, crafts, dance, decorating, design, drawing, and more.

The Association of Polish Geomorphologists
Poznan, Poland
Member directory, news, conferences, publications, and useful links for geomorphologists.

Auction Directory
Seattle, WA, US
A full, nationwide list of auctioneers is one of the features of this site. Includes special links to auction information, including online auctions.

Bemis & Bemis
Kennebunk, ME, US
Safety and security consultants that can measure the danger level of a home or prospective home and offer advice for maintaining a protective environment.

Blue World Communications
Issaquah, WA, US
A full-service Web home page development and Internet consulting firm.

Bougain-Villa, Jamaica
Software by the Sea, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Rent this beachhouse on the North Coast of Jamaica.

Stourbridge, West Midlands, England
A quality manufacturer of high voltage, photomultiplier, and laboratory power supplies. The pages contain the complete product catalog and contact details.

Business Machine Services
Hinckley, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Suppliers of photocopiers and fax machines to anywhere in the United Kingdom.

California Free Full-Service Classifieds
Net Classifieds, Los Angeles, CA, US
Features a free full-service classifieds database with images. Submit or browse personal, automotive, or real estate classifieds.

Carlsbad, CA, US
Products for acute treatment of heart rate disorders, including defibrillators and pacers. Site also includes a continuing education study guide for registered nurses.

Casey Dakota
Wautoma, WI, US
Provides Web site storage, consulting, scanning, and more.

CATTCO Online Classifieds & Auto Mall
Malvern, PA, US
Allows private individuals and dealers to advertise their vehicles online for free. Users may search for a specific vehicle or dealership in their area.

Cheque Debit Payment Systems
Corporate Internet Marketers, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Find out about checks by phone and fax. Sign up as a merchant or sales person, or start an in-house check service business. Free software is available for download.

WebVentures One, North Hollywood, CA, US
An Internet-based communications network devoted exclusively to providing information on and for Chiropractors.

Christmas Between Friends
Blue Ribbon Software, Sunnyvale, CA, US
A Windows-based software package that eases the task of sending and receiving holiday cards and gifts. It maintains Christmas lists, gift lists, and gift histories.

Church of Scientology, Los Angeles Organization
Los Angeles, CA, US
Describes the Scientology religion, its attitudes and practices, community outreach programs, and how to get more information about Scientology.

CITech Information Management Systems
Provides object-oriented solutions for MicroStation, tender documents, CAD, Intergraph computers, and facilities management.

Credit Pro
Infotek, Newington, CT, US
The most complete resource center for the credit correction industry. Stop in often to find out about the latest-breaking trends.

Custom Microprocessor Software Systems, Inc.
Merrimack, NH, US
A computer consulting agency.

Las Vegas, NV, US
Offers Web page design and layout, and provides Web presence.

DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.
Westmont, IL, US
Provides information about DATAIR's pension and employee benefit software products, as well as links to other employee benefit-related Web resources.

The Daycare Page
National Daycare Alliance, Palmdale, CA, US
To help find quality daycare, this page contains a searchable database of thousands of daycare providers throughout the U.S., a daycare selection guide, and more.

Delhi Institute of Technology
Bhanoo Dilbaghi, Tuscaloosa, AL, US
An engineering college in Delhi, India, specializing in electronics, computers, and related disciplines.

Delson-Kokish Associates
Redwood Country Unlimited, Eureka, CA, US
Dedicated to seeking out and providing effective and relational support to victims and perpetrators of abuse.

Department of Economics
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, US
Provides information about department's programs and faculty, and links to important resources for economists.

Diabetic Assistance Program of NY
New York, NY, US
Serves insulin-dependent diabetic patients in the U.S. via mail order. Free for eligible patients.

Dictionary of Scientific Quotations
Heron Publishing, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Invites users to submit their favorite scientific quotations for inclusion in the dictionary.

Digital City Leiden the Netherlands
St. Digitale Stad Leiden en Omstreken, Leiden, The Netherlands
Everything there is to know about the city of Leiden. In Dutch.

The Digital Verge
Den Bosch, Netherlands
The artist pages of Theo van den Aker and Gerard Voshaar represent documentation of their realized projects, upcoming projects, and some sketchbook pages with conceptual image loops and stories from the backyard.

DJN Marketing Services
Hastings, NE, US
In-depth information on the many services of this marketing agency. Submit a question to Question of the Week.

Doing Business On The Internet
G.F.Currie, Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Online courses on marketing and setting up a business on the Internet.

dope.com - digital online production enterprises
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Primarily a technology test site, designed for and created by developers that have chosen to pool their skills and resources to create in a real-world neighborhood what Internetworking has done in the virtual universe.

Dowco Computer Systems
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
More than just another Internet Service Provider.

Echo Designs for Fabulous-Furs
Vision Web Services, Columbia, SC, US
High-quality, elegant, man-made faux furs that are easy to maintain and fun to wear.

EDGE Pro Football Preview
TN Technologies Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
Get weekly game predictions and previews from All Pros, Ron Jaworski and Charles Mann, and help build the greatest compilation of football slang ever created, the EDGE Smashmouth Slang Directory.

Ego Interactive
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
A weekly guide to the music and entertainment scene in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Electric Samurai
Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan
The Asian Network. Includes a tour of Japan, a virtual Mongol, a virtual China, and an Oriental museum.

The Enterprise Group
Burbank, CA, US
A major recording, mixing, mastering, and post-production facility in Los Angeles.

Expanded Entertainment
Kaleidospace, Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides the best work in animation from artists all over the world.

EZ Sound Ideas
Menomonie, WI, US
Specializes in custom music and jingle packages, as well as complete audio production for radio, television, video and the Internet.

Film Scouts
Webcast (TM) Multimedia, Inc., New York, NY, US
News from the entertainment world, virtually reporting from such locations as Hollywood, Cannes, Sundance, Berlin, and New York.

Florida Automotive
Miller Publishing, Miami, FL, US
A state-wide newspaper delivered to every auto dealer in the state of Florida, geared toward the automotive wholesale industry in Florida.

Florida Keys Information Access
Coral Springs, FL, US
Information about the Florida Keys including the marine sanctuary, diving, fishing, The Everglades National Park, where to go, what to do, and how to get there.

Fly! Music Magazine
London, England
Features interviews and reviews of dance, hip hop, jazz, and soul music.

Flying Dog Studios
John M. Shklov, Kapaa, HI, US
Produces weekly editorial cartoons featuring national and international issues.

Francois Roux Studio
ITST, Cape Town, South Africa
Discover the awesome beauty of Cape Town and its surroundings as seen through the eyes of landscape artist Francois Roux.

Garfield Messenger Online
Seattler, WA, US
Features the award-winning Garfield Messenger high school newspaper. Each issue is fully searchable by section and writer.

Gateway Advertising
Orange, CA, US
Specializes in quality ad placement whether it be classifieds or full Web page designs. They offer one free month of advertising to new accounts.

Global Appellations
Spring Valley, CA, US
Specializes in custom-etched bottles and wine. Their gifts make any occasion, special or personal, a time to remember.

Global Business Exchange
GlobalBiz.com, Corpus Christi, TX, US
Offers international business networking through key contacts. Includes tips on online marketing and advertising, high tech and business productivity, and international banking and finance.

Graf Cafe
Phage Studios, Boston, MA, US
A comprehensive photodocumentary of Boston graffiti. Come see what the felony is all about.

Grandfather Mountain News
Grandfather Mountain, Inc., Linville, NC, US
A semiannual newsletter, edited for the express purpose of keeping friends of Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina informed about news, events, and natural occurrences.

Graphic Edge
Roswell, GA, US
Four-color, digitally-plotted posters, banners, and signs.

Gravity is a PUSH!
Maurice Mitchell, Walnut Creek, CA, US
A patented system for gravity guidance and propulsion of geosynchronous satellites, using net kinetic energy push of gravity, based on the Oppositely Charged Twin Monopole (OCTM) theory of matter.

The Great Globe Gallery
Zbigniew Zwolinski, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland
A collection of different views of the Earth on maps and globes. Site contains over 200 views.

The Great Health Company
Mundelein, IL, US
The only place to receive the best health resources, quickly and easily, to any health questions or problems.

LifeART, Wiesbaden, Germany
A virtual landscape based on the idea of linking environmental consciousness and future-oriented work, harmonically. Find art, culture, health, travel, and ecological architecture.

HepPage: The Official Hepcats Home Page
Double Diamond Press, Austin, TX, US
A "slice-of-life" comic book by Martin Wagner about four friends and their lives together. Contains images, plot synopses, and other information.

How to Build Business Web Pages That Work
J&E copywriting, Perth, Australia
Pointers from seasoned copywriters on what works and what doesn't in business Web pages. Also contains information on protecting copyrights and getting paid.

Income Tax Specialists, Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
Expert tax service offering tax return preparation, expert tax advice, financial consulting, tax publications, and tax and estate planning on a reasonable fee basis.

The India Page
Bhanoo Dilbaghi, Tuscaloosa, AL, US
Information and links to various India-related resources on the Web.

iDEAS, Snohomish, WA, US
A Web page management and online marketplace service. Features a new "In Demand Groovy Shop," selected each month by visitor nomination.

The InfoStarBase
Konz + Okrzesik, Inc., McDonough, GA, US
A collection of topics for the Internet traveler, including travel, education, commerce, and food.

Innovative Security Products
Prairie Village, KS, US
Security hardware and software products for PC's, notebooks, and servers. The site features a monthly newsletter, white paper, and a confidential breach of security reporting form.

Interactive Equity Partners, Ltd.
Miami, FL, US
A U.S.-based Latin-American Internet partner, comprised of an international group of marketing experts, new media consultants, and modern technologists.

International Office
Monash International, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Provides information for students on exchange programs.

Internet Business Network
Internet Business Network, Mill Valley, CA, US
A network of the finest strategic and tactical minds in electronic commerce. Contains the 1996 Electronic Recruiting Index, the Top 25 Recruiting Sites, and daily news on marketing and employment.

Is it Art?
Steve Larson, Syracuse, NY, US
A forum for voting on posted images as to whether viewers believe they are art or not. The intent is to open discussion and debate as to both context and historical significance of art for the general viewer.

Jacksonville University Aeronautics Program
Jacksonville, FL, US
Prepares students for careers in a wide range of air transportation fields, including airlines, airports, government agencies, and other aviation related businesses.

Japan Internet News
New York, NY, US
Provides news and valuable information for the Japanese community in New York City and the Tristate area, both in English and Japanese.

JDA Machinery Care Systems
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Service to machinery operators via the use of sub-micronic filtration, and a product which modifies the surfaces of ferrous material.

Jerry McGhee & Associates
Wimberley, TX, US
Focuses on creating a Web presence, from concept design through marketing implementation and comprehensive statistics.

Jim Zons
Freelance talent, writer, producer, Menomonie, WI, US
Specializes in on-camera and voice-over talent for radio, television, and multimedia. In addition, Zons has claimed numerous awards for his television writing and producing.

Jovita Corporation
WebNet, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
Financial security through network diversification. Features downline clubs, co-ops, verticals, and network marketing business opportunities.

A Karl Davidson Training & Development Co.
Huntsville, TX, US
For anyone interested in self-esteem, staff development, learning, software, burnout, risk, failure, and more.

Keep the Browns in Cleveland Home Page
Interax Internet Service, Cleveland, OH, US
A must for all Cleveland Browns fans. Includes contact information for NFL owners, TV, radio, and much more.

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada
A comprehensive directory of community information and business listings for Terrace, Canada.

Killington Reservations Center
Contemporary Associates, Killington, VT, US
A one-stop lodging center for Killington, Pico, Okemo, and Mt. Snow ski resorts.

Kishbaugh Associates International
MALL24, Andover, MA, US
An executive recruitment firm assisting clients in finding outstanding senior management positions.

San Diego, CA, US
A leader in telecommunications connectivity products. Connect anywhere, through any phone system.

Krasnapolsky Internet Cafe
Gothenburg, Sweden
Provides Internet access and good coffee.

STUDIO A8, Malibu, CA, US
The ultimate cyber-guide to Los Angeles and the Web, with very fast, minimalist interface.

Lake Weir Middle School
Summerfield, FL, US
Information on this school of 1200 students, located in Central Florida.

Larry C. Kennedy Elementary & Middle School
Phoenix, AZ, US
A place where technology, business, and the community are making a difference. Find information on the school, the students, computer facilities, and more.

Leicestershire on-line
Hinckley, Leicestershire, United Kindom
Provides a community server for anyone wishing to advertise their company products on the Web for 5 sterling pounds per month.

Laguna Niguel, CA, US
A high-traffic, lending information center on the communication superhighway.

Lokke Advertising's Internet Marketplace
Dallas, TX, US
A collection of information and retailers offering a wide variety of news, links, and more. Come visit Texas.

M&A Marketplace
Marketplace Technologies, Inc., Cambridge, MA, US
Now offers free electronic newsletters containing listings of companies for sale. Distributed every two weeks by electronic mail, the newsletters are available in 18 regional and industry editions.

Maharishi Ayur-Veda
Joe Toth, Fairfield, IA, US
A comprehensive healthcare system that relies on a vast and complete range of 20 natural approaches for creating total health, by balancing the mind, body, behavior, and environment. In French.

Boston, MA, US
Designs Web pages for indiviuals and business. These Web pages are hosted on the MALL24 Web server.

The Marilyn Pages
Graphic Designs, Oklahoma City, OK, US
Information on the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe, complete with a tour of her life, films, and images, plus memorabilia resources.

Mary's Craft Information Center
Plano, TX, US
Craft news, reviews, links, newsgroups, and more. All crafts covered.

MathMedia Educational Software
Northbrook, IL, US
High school math software for Windows and Macintosh. Contains a full year of courseware for geometry, algebra, exponents, roots, and radicals.

SGM Records/Steve Gillman Music, Duncans Mills, CA, US
An online magazine focusing on the culture of the Northern California coast and beyond. Includes art, literature, music, well being, opinion, humor, and more.

Isotropic Media Group, Atlanta, GA, US
Catalogs nearly 5000 different Web sites in 55 U.S. and international cities, directly linking users to many sites not listed together in other popular directories.

Millennium Mortgage Loans
Danville, CA, US
A full-service Mortgage company with information about the mortgage lending industry and current events in the field.

Miller Publishing
Miami, FL, US
Publishes 14 news publications for the Greater Miami Area and special publications giving state-wide coverage.

Modular Solutions
Acton, MA, US
Provides flexible solutions based on a modular style of client/server computing, enabling truly seamless computing across several platforms.

MONO's Bio-images
Yokohama City University, Yokohama, Japan
Confocal software (photoshop plug-in) that is convenient for processing and navigation of sequential images, such as Confocal and PICS.

MultiMedia Cafe
InfoMedia, Plano, TX, US
New software-review zine featuring multimedia titles. Find articles, humor, interviews, downloads, and more. Check out the menu today.

My Hero
Foundation for Innovative TV, Chicago, IL, US
An interactive site celebrating the best of humanity. Tell a story of a personal hero, and a TV series will be launched from stories submitted.

The Neighborhood Cleaners Association
New York, NY, US
The largest regional drycleaners association in the U.S., having over 4,000 members that own over 4,500 operations, doing their own drycleaning and wetcleaning on premises.

SAIC Internet Solutions, San Diego, CA, US
Demonstrates practical, Web-based applications of virtual reality and multimedia technologies using the SGI/TGS WebSpace VRML browser, and the Xing StreamWorks realtime audio/video player.

NetPets Pet Supply, Inc.
Wake Forest, NC, US
Offers advanced Internet ordering of pet supplies and much more.

Never-Broke Novelties - Wholesale Catalog
Newcastle, CA, US
Coin novelties since 1975, and home of the world-famous "Penny Bracelet."

New PowerBook FAQ
Jon Bodner, Madison, WI, US
The place for information on the latest PowerBooks including the 5300, the 190, and the 2300.

North American Business Strategies
Seattle, WA, US and Brasil
Full-service assistance to Brazilian businesses exporting or interested in exporting to the U.S.

Northcoast Digital News
Northcoast Internet, Eureka, CA, US
A monthly newsletter covering regional and global computer mediated communications, and various computer issues.

The Online Column
Steve Kelley, Kennebunk, ME, US
A free, weekly electronic journal, written by Steve Kelley, which covers all aspects of online services and the Internet.

OnScreen Magazine
AEGIS Publishing, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
An entertainment magazine offering movie reviews, biographies, music, and arts.

Orion Communications
Minneapolis, MN, US
Information on the benefits of a 900 telephone service.

Over the Rainbow: Exclusive Backgrounds, Textures, and Clipart
Cameo Graphics, Oxnard, CA, US
An ever-changing online catalog of exclusive backgrounds, textures, clipart, and Web Page graphic enhancements.

Pacific Area Icebreaker Operations
U.S. Coast Guard, Pacific Area, Alameda, CA, US
Learn more about the capabilities and features of the United States Polar Icebreaker Fleet.

Pathways to Profit
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, US
Answers FAQ on commodity options and futures. Get a free trial subscription to the newsletter and a free audio cassette on options.

Peter Stanick
Exit Art, Miami Beach, FL, US
A collection of paintings by Peter Stanick.

Philadelphia Lawyer
Dershaw Law Offices, Philadelphia, PA, US
A terrific legal resource with numerous links to legal references and the city of brotherly love.

Porta-Bote Folding Boat
Stevelen Enterprises, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Find out about the "best little boat you will ever fold."

Premed Association
Cuny Hunter College, New York, NY, US
Information on the pre-med post-baccalaureate program at this Manhattan-based institution.

Prison Law Page
San Rafael, CA, US
Legal news and writing concerning California state prisoners.

The Professional Crafter's Supply Directory
TPS/NEBBCO, Newcastle, CA, US
Vital information for professional crafters. Currently has over 1,500 wholesalers, importers, and distributors in over 95 categories.

Jovita Corporation, Edgewood, WA, US
Home of the virtual mountain biker. Find Northwest, North American, and global links, as well as bike industry email and Web sites, and more.

RAF Financial Corporation
Denver, CO, US
A full-service broker dealer whose specialty is improving and distressed credits which provide high current income and tremendous upside potential.

Reasons To Believe
Pasadena, CA, US
A Christian organization dedicated to showing how the latest scientific discoveries point to the God of the Bible.

Recreational Software Advisory Council
Cambridge, MA, US
An independent, nonprofit organization which administers a voluntary, content-based rating system for recreational software and other media.

Reser & Miller Active and Adventure Travel
Indianapolis, IN, US
See how to expand horizons while experiencing the world. Visit the Student's Adventure Log and Adventure Chat.

Retila Magazine
Los Angeles, CA, US
A Latin rock magazine covering bands from around the world that sing in Spanish.

Richard Paiva & Associates
North Reading, MA, US
Consulting services in contract manufacturing and manufacturing outsourcing.

Robitech Inc.
Wilmington, MA, US
Sophisticated pneumatic modular control systems for process, engineering, and robotic functions.

Rochelle Communications, Inc.
Austin, TX, US
The leading supplier of Caller ID software and products for small to medium-sized businesses in North America.

Rose Business Systems, Inc.
Water Mill, NY, US
Mail-order PC cables and accessories, plus useful technical articles on power protection devices and MS-DOS Interlnk.

Russia on the Web
The Transnational Institute, Norwich, VT, US
Access to everything Russian, with interactive links to Russian art, culture, history, language, literature, philosophy, and religion.

Rx News
Rexall-Sundown Corporation, Post Falls, ID, US
A focal point of information on some common life-changing medical conditions, from the causes of the problem to current treatments.

Salem Info-Now!
NetVision, Salem, OR, US
A comprehensive guide to the city of Salem, Oregon.

San Buenaventura Chamber of Commerce
Ventura, CA, US
Access a host of information about this city, including history, demographics, lodging, recreation, and more.

Schedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropschiatry (SCAN)
Groningen, The Netherlands
A set of instruments and manuals aimed at assessing, measuring and classifying psychopathology and behaviour associated with the major psychiatric disorders in adult life.

Redwood Country Unlimited, Eureka, CA, US
A totally confidential examination of users' secrets to study behavior in both its light and dark moments.

The Shopper's Holiday Gift Guide
Hummingbird Software Corporation, Incline Village, NV, US
Great gifts from over 75 of users' favorite online stores.

SHU Page
Glens Falls, NY, US
One of the best, and most popular, bands from upstate New York. Access sound files, tour info, and cool links.

Silver Screen, Inc.
St. Louis, MO, US
Movie collectibles and gifts including original movie posters, lobby cards, tobacco cards, autographed photos, scripts, and the ever-popular Psycho shower curtain.

The Software Quality Page
Creative Data Systems, Inc, Sudbury, MA, US
The connection to the world of software quality, standards, and process improvement.

The Software Source
Manasquan, NJ, US
Discount software and hardware for teachers, students, and schools. Over 30,000 items from over 100 different manufacturers.

Software.com, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Information on "post.office," an easy-to-use, secure, and powerful Internet email server.

SOLcity Internet Services
zb_Syrel Service, Liverpool, NY, US
Internet presence provider for small business entities.

Somerset Gifts & Books
Somerset, NJ, US
Features angel afghans, seraphim classics, and other angel collectibles, as well as aromatherapy products, Blue Birds, and stained glass.

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Lancaster, PA, US
An hereditary organization of men whose ancestors served as Union soldiers, sailors, Marines, or members of the Revenue Cutter Service during the Civil War. Find a host of historical, genealogical, and related links and information.

Sovietski Collection Russian Catalog
San Diego, CA, US
Unique gifts and collectibles from the former Soviet Union including clocks from MiG 29's, spy binoculars, coins, and more.

Speak For Yourself!
Interway, Inc., Forest Hills, NY, US
This electronic soapbox returns to the Internet bigger and better then ever. The site has a weekly editorial, daily audio commentary using the Internet Wave method of transmission, and an interactive chat page for posting opinions.

Sporting Adventures
Wilton, CT, US
A site for fishing, hunting, and outdoor enthusiasts. Provides users with information on over 1,400 lodges and guides online.

St. Petersburg Salvador Dali Museum
MicroVision, St. Petersburg, FL, US
Winner of several awards, the St. Petersburg Salvador Dali Virtual Museum is truly a worthy and wonderful place to visit. View over 159 high-resolution scans of the Master's works.

The Storyteller
Brentwood, TN, US
An online audio bookstore. Find a free subscription to a monthly mail list of new audio titles and preview soon-to-be-released titles.

Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary
Tampa Bay, FL, US
The largest nonprofit wild bird hospital in the United States that is dedicated to the rescue, repair, recuperation, and release of sick and injured wild birds.

Sunrise Tech
Sunrise, Florida, US
Sells custom-built computer systems and parts to the public.

Sun-Scape Publishing and Records
Stamford, CT, US
Browse and order from the complete catalog of books and sound recordings, and check out the featured author.

Superior Auto Trim, Inc.
Bellevue, WA, US
Auto accessories for most makes and vehicles worldwide.

Sutherland Plumbing
Marina, CA, US
Usually responds to customer calls within 60 minutes and doesn't charge extra at night, on weekends, on holidays or for travel time.

Tak's World
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Provides access to Ottawa Valley Skydiving, Mile High Parachuting, Freefall Photographers Association, and AirTime Designs.

Tangent Outfitters
Dublin, VA, US
Renters of quality outdoor equipment for every type of outdoor enthusiast.

Tarnov Crystal Company
Redwood Country Unlimited, Eureka, CA, US
A wholesale supplier of Austrian-lead crystal, European paperweights, and jewelry-making supplies.

Columbia, MD, US
An energy resource center for architects and engineers. Dedicated to the latest advanced evacuated heat pipe solar collectors.

Time Traveller Comics
Johnstown, NY, US
The Web's real and complete, online comic book store. Check it out for all comic book needs.

Times Direct Marketing, Inc.
San Francisco, CA, US
A full-service direct marketing agency with proven success applying strong, direct marketing strategy in Web sites that they develop and maintain.

Titanus AB Crystal Chandeliers
Enskede, Stockholm, Sweden
Retailers of superior-quality, handmade, full-cut crystal, Strass, or Italian-press crystal.

Tober-Torrisi Design Associates
James Tober, Inc., New York, NY, US
Helps companies develop marketing support materials to promote business products and services. Graphic design services include sales promotion, direct mail, annual reports, and corporate identity.

Tom Jones
Kaleidospace, Los Angeles, CA, US
Information on an exceptional entertainer, whose soulful pop renditions have garnered critical and popular acclaim for a quarter-century.

Newcastle, CA, US
Offers professional databases, a complete database of California businesses, business software developing and data conversion services, and more.

Tragic Hero
Internet Media, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
A high-energy, melodic rock band a la Kiss, Van Halen, and Whitesnake. Song samples are available in .wav format.

The Triplet Connection
Stockton, CA, US
A network of caring and sharing for multiple-birth families. It provides vital information to families who are expecting triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets or more, as well as encouragement, resources, and networking opportunities for families who are parents of large multiples.

Tri-Star Book & Software Co.
Fort Worth, TX, US
For anyone interested in self-esteem, seminars, workshops, humor, confidence, scans, videos, learning, software, or failure.

Unique Books
Guy Follett, Lantzville, British Columbia, Canada
Retailer of how-to books, self-help legal books, and titles concerning mail-order, business opportunities, part-time incomes, home business, health, and more.

The University of Washington Dawg Page
Seattle, WA, US
All the latest Husky scores, stats, schedules, and highlights. Also allows Dawg fans a chance to "talk back" and win Husky prizes.

USA Global Link
Globmax Communications, St. Louis, MO, US
Low flat international phone and fax rates, to and from any country at any time.

Utah State Archives
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Features information about the archives' holdings, including series inventories and agency histories, as well as policies, upcoming events, and training opportunities.

UVM Juggling Club
University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, US
All about the best college juggling organization in Burlington. Read the constitution, see pictures, and even learn how to juggle.

VB Online Magazine
Codd Multimedia, Laguna Hills, CA, US
A magazine packed with Visual Basic tips, tricks, and software and source code for the Visual Basic programmer.

VHDL Modelling and ASIC Design
Qtec Semiconductor Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
An Australian electronics design company specializing in ASIC design, full-custom IC design, and VHDL modelling.

Vietnamese Student Association
Wichita State University, Wichita, KS, US
An association dedicated to establishing and maintaining a strong communication link between WSU students and friends around the world.

Virtual Campus @McGallen
McGallen & Bolden Associates, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Provides free educational content and resources about adult and K-12 education, Asian diversity and management, total quality management, ISO 9000, technology, and more.

The Virtual Geomorphology
Zbigniew Zwolinski, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland
An electronic textbook containing many links to scientific papers on geomorphology diffused worldwide.

Virtual Solutions
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Designs both corporate and personal Web pages for a variety of clients.

Wear The Net
Corpus Christi, TX, US
Hot Internet T-shirts, mousepads, and mugs.

Web Chapel
Steve Woods, Dallas, TX, US
Access the King James Version of the Holy Bible, Bible Concordance, the Apocrypha, weekly Bible study and devotion, prayer requests, and Christian and home school links.

Web Publishing and Business Systems
WebVentures Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia
Offers Web page design and publishing services. Specialists in catalog conversion and installation of transaction processing systems on the Web. We have strong expertise in Perl, Tcl, C/C++ and Java.

What's New in South Florida
ThunderNet Productions, Delray Beach, FL, US
A repository for announcements and links to new Web services and pages for businesses and organizations in South Florida.

Will Rogers-Cowboy Philosopher
Graphic Designs, Oklahoma City, OK, US
Information on this entertainer, movie star, journalist, and Ambassador of American Goodwill.

Winning Walk Ministries
Houston, TX, US
Information on the television and radio ministry of Dr. Ed Young and the Fellowship of Excitement.

Wintertime for Solaris
Silicon Technology, Fritzlar, Germany
A powerful, ready-to-run PD-collection for sparc and x86.

The Works of Leon Saulter
Changes in Artitude, St. Petersburg, FL, US
Some of the finest work of the artist known as the "grandfather of modern stone sculpture."

World Wide Music
intouch group, inc., San Francisco, CA, US
From the maker of the award-winning iStation interactive music sampling kiosk comes the most complete and convenient online music store to date. Listen to up to five tracks of 30-second sound samples from each of over 40,000 albums, and order online. As WWM becomes familiar with users' buying habits, the service will make recommendations and provide news about particular artists.

The Young PAP Home Page
Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Home Page of the Young People's Action Party, featuring current articles on Singapore politics and happenings.

Wednesday, 22 November 1995

The aArtvark Network
Liberty, TN, US
A unique presentation of fine arts and crafts from a diverse group of artists.

Adscape Communications
New York, NY, US
Offers Web site construction and graphic design services, and hosts Web sites, including "virtual domain" accounts.

Advanced Digital Services
Corinth, TX, US
Provides a full range of Internet services, including Web page design, RealAudio services, and online services. Also produces multimedia productions for the Internet.

Agences Pierre Dumas, Inc.
Beloeil, Quebec, Canada
A manufacturer of professional maintenance products.

Texas A&M Agriculture Program, College Station, TX, US
Tour this cartoon town for non-technical information on gardening, agriculture, environment, and home and family living.

American Barter Exchange
Roaring River, NC, US
Stop spending company cash on items that can be bartered.

American Farm Bureau Federation Voice of Agriculture
Park Ridge, IL, US
Content-rich and frequently updated, this marvel-in-the-making promises to be an interesting stop for any Web traveler.

American Heart Association
Dallas, TX, US
Contains over 550 pages of information on cardiovascular diseases and stroke, plus a picture of a heart-shaped potato.

American Laser Technology, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN, US
Remanufactures toner cartridges for over 500 printers and copiers.

AmeriSpan Unlimited
Philadelphia, PA, US
Offers Spanish language immersion and educational travel programs to Latin America for people of all ages interested in participating in a cross-cultural experience.

Argus, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
A multifaceted publishing and communications company. Publications include 35 magazines, 15 annual directories, and several newsletters.

The ARGUS Map Viewer
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
The first Web browser for exploring the Internet through dynamic, interactive maps of the U.S. and the world.

Aroostook Seafood
Houlton, ME, US
Ships live lobsters and seafood anywhere in the world.

Attention Women - An Academic Research Survey
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, US
An earlier survey on Internet-buying revealed some major gender differences in buying patterns. This study looks at the buying attitudes of women.

Dallas, TX, US
The first sports and talk radio broadcast network on the Internet. Broadcasts leading radio stations live using RealAudio.

The Auto Shoppe
Milwaukee, WI, US
Southeastern Wisconsin's largest online selection of used cars and trucks.

The Autoboard (tm)
Freehold, NJ, US
Major auto dealers and suppliers offer great deals at this site. Full-color pictures are included.

Automem Enterprises
San Diego, CA, US
The lifetime reminder service for special occasions. Also offers fun, exclusive gift packs suitable for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, and anniversaries.

The Baha'i Club at Georgia Tech
Atlanta, GA, US
Contains a large, categorized list of links to various Baha'i-related sites. It also provides information about the campus activities of the club.

Balloony Ideas
Herndon, VA, US
Unique gifts for special people, like silk flowers stuffed inside clear balloons, stuffed animals, dish delights filled with chocolates, candies, potpourri, and much more.

Bambi's Bottiglias, Inc.
St. Louis, MO, US
The world's-best gourmet and general-line grocery products.

Baseball Coaches Page
Miles City Youth Baseball Association, Miles City, MT, US
A place where baseball coaches can swap drills, techniques, tournaments, or anything else they wish to share.

Beth Eden Baptist Church
Oakland, CA, US
The oldest Black Baptist Church in Oakland, California. The Reverend Gillette O. James invites all "netizens" to visit.

Bill Roscoe Double Reeds
Erwin, TX, US
Recent developers of a new method of grading reed cane before it is made into reeds for oboes and bassoons.

Biomedical Information Systems
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Provides information about medical topics in a format that can be understood by individuals who do not have a background in medicine.

Blue Ribbon Realty, Inc.
Marilyn Nye, Gainesville, FL, US
Provides complete descriptions of listings in Gainesville and the North Central Florida area.

Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Information about armed forces, universities, polytechnics, and national libraries in Singapore.

Council Bluffs, IA, US
Provides CD-ROM manufacturing and packaging services, and cassette, diskette, and video duplicating services for companies and individuals.

Bragg Health Science
Santa Barbara, CA, US
America's pioneer in natural health and fitness.

Bulldog 103.7
Athens, GA, US
Home page for this popular Athens, Georgia, radio station.

DKS Interactive Media, Westlake Village, CA, US
The first and largest global trade center on the Internet. Serves companies from around the world that wish to introduce their products and/or services online.

Cal Spas & Billiards
Pomona, CA, US
The world's largest manufacturer and retailer of spas and gazebos. Come visit and escape to a world of leisure and relaxation.

CanTek.Com Homepage Services
Umatilla, FL, US
A home page services provider aimed at all businesses or services.

Carotec Information Services
Oakland, CA, US
An Internet service for individuals and businesses that wish to have a presence on the Web. Churches are especially encouraged.

The Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
Harvard University VES, Cambridge, MA, US
Offers information about this organization, as well as the Harvard Film Archive. Information includes exhibitions and film screenings.

Cartoons for Student Publications
Randy Glasbergen, Utica, NY, US
A fun and valuable cartoon resource for student and campus publications and Web sites. Affordable reprints and package deals are available.

Castel Seprio: A 3D Model
lotus7, Long Beach, CA, US
3D images of a 9th-century medieval chapel the artist is currently building. This will become an animated video when the model is completed.

DreamShop, New York, NY, US
Browse a selection of entrancing fragrances, exquisite bath essentials, and daily indulgences.

Central Pennsylvania Business Network
Target Markets, Inc., Lancaster, PA, US
A guide to Central Pennsylvania businesses and resources on the Internet.

Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD, US
Develops and maintains measurement methods, standards, reference data, and models for chemical, biochemical, and physical properties and processes.

Chip's Mardi Gras Links
Chip Curley, Nashville, TN, US
Photos, stories, and links to sites related to Mardi Gras, the greatest party on earth.

Christman Studios
Atlanta, GA, US
An online graphics and design service.

Christopher J. Barrett Realtors
Wakefield, MA, US
Contains pertinent information about areas serviced, as well as a sampling of their current inventory.

City of Cornwall Economic Development
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
A business profile of this city. Features demographics, tourism and real estate information, business news, and a list of manufacturing industries.

CNS News & Features
Elk, CA, US
Provides daily, rural county news of the North Coast of California, and offers entertainment, literature, and advertising space.

Coast-to-Coast Parts Locators
Terre Haute, IN, US
A large online database that helps users find specific car and truck parts.

Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
A description of this company's Microsoft Solution services, along with some nice links. Also includes details of Web authoring services available.

Computer Marketplace, Inc.
Corona, CA, US
Buys, sells, rents, and leases mid-range computer equipment, and is looking for used IBM and Sun equipment.

Concord Eracom
Amsterdam, Holland
Provides information security with proven foundations. Services include cryptographic research, design, development, manufacture, supply, consultancy, and training.

Cora Connection West African Music Pages
Boston, MA, US
Learn about the 21-string West African harp-lute, the kora. Hear sound samples and see photos of kora musicians in Africa and North America.

Cornwall Cub Scouts
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
Pairs up Cub Scouts to become electronic pen-pals, and includes photographs of each of the pack members, as well as a monthly newsletter called CUBzine.

New York, NY, US
Offers up-to-date schedules for opera, orchestra, chamber music, ballet, and dance and theater companies. Also find news, live interviews, and cultural education.

Custom Printed Mouse Pads
Computer Specialties, Inc., Palm Harbor, FL, US
These products are one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising businesses, clubs, fund raisers, or other organizations.

Westlake Village, CA, US
A virtual "Business Card Directory" on the Internet. Serves companies and individuals from around the world who wish to introduce their products and/or services online in the form of a Web presence.%subdate 816255693

Los Altos, CA, US
Answers questions about adopting a healthy lifestyle, and offers food facts, exercise tips, and recipes.

Barletta, Italy
An Internet access provider. Find information on industry and business, and news, tourism, and fun.

The Daily Pennsylvanian
Philadelphia, PA, US
This independent, student daily newspaper at the University of Pennsylvania is now online, with daily postings of the paper's full editorial content, plus a searchable archive of articles from the past three years.

DDB Europe
Paris, France
Europe's full-service advertising agency network site, covering 26 European, and nine Middle Eastern and African countries where the company has offices.

Deep Discount Network
Granville, OH, US
In the closeout business? Find out about DDN's TransActive(tm) online marketplace for businesses, download the new demo, and check out the links page.

Department of Agricultural Communications
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, US
A site full of research and educational information. Includes original clip art, photos, Spanish and English publications, and articles about agriculture, the environment, and home and family living.

Department of Horticulture
Wageningen Agricultural University, Wageningen, Netherlands
Contains information on research programs, Dutch and international educational programs, and department news.

Designing Web Pages
California State University Stanislaus, Turlock, CA, US
Provides tips and links on Web page design. Windows Magazine says it "...ought to be required reading for all Web-based information vendors."

Desktop Publishing
Palo Alto, CA, US
Developer of ClickBook, a Windows- and Macintosh-based utility program that turns most any laser or inkjet printer into a printing press.

Thomas Lindstrom, Norrkoping, Sweden
A guide to creating great images using Adobe Photoshop, Fractal Design Painter, and other programs.

A Dirty Ol' Man
Amberco, Tulsa, OK, US
Ideas and opinions on everything from a newspaper publisher/school teacher with many left-over editorials.

DKS Interactive Media
Westlake Village, CA, US
A full-service multimedia production house specializing in high-quality authoring and professional development of Web pages, multimedia productions, CD-ROMS, electronic design, and more.

Dominica - Nature Island of the Caribbean
Dolphin Software, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica
Get a taste of what is going on at this tropical island, bathed in the Caribbean sun.

Driver Support
VETA, Sturefors-Linkoping, Sweden
A nonprofit society for safety research by traffic practitioners, founded in 1993 at the Swedish National Police College.

Earth Alert
Gravity 783, Elkmont, AL, US
A continually-evolving Web site devoted to information and resources concerning the environment. Find information concerning current topics and legislation, and links to environmental action groups.

EDA Solutions, Inc.
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Sells such products as OrCAD, IVEX, Susie-CAD, WISE, and Capilano, for the design of PLD's, CPLD's, FPGA's, and printed circuit boards.

EGS4 Monte Carlo Radiation Transport
EGS Development Group, Berkeley, CA
The EGS4 system of computer codes is a general purpose package for the Monte Carlo simulation of the coupled transport of electrons and photons in an arbitrary geometry for particles with energies above a few keV up to several TeV.

The Electric Gallery
Falls Church, VA, US
Find paintings for sale in the Haitian art wing, the Contemporary art wing, and elsewhere at this site.

Elijah Ministries
Charlotte, NC, US
Presents prophetic teachings and instruction to help members grow into the knowledge of Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God.

Tampa, FL, US
Contains links and information on genealogical topics that are of interest to members of the LDS Church.

The Experts Page
TSW Ltd., San Francisco, CA, US
An extensive, searchable database of expert witnesses and legal consultants, free of charge.

EZComm, Inc.
Plano, TX, US
The 1995 winner of the TeleCard World award for "Most Innovative Printing Method." Over twenty different cards are pictured.

Family RV
San Jose, CA, US
Advertisements for RVs, motor homes, caravans, rentals, watercraft, and jet skiis.

Famous Hispanics
Baltimore, MD, US
A page on famous Hispanics in the world and history. Includes biographies, pictures, samples of their work, and links to other places containing more information about them.

Fawn Industries
New Park, PA, US
Specializes in custom embroidery, including, appliques, jackets, hats, caps, patches, windshirts, polo shirts, golf shirts, fleece garments, emblems, and corporate apparel.

Financial Net
EDS Financial Services Division, Plano, TX, US
Strives to be the premier provider of financial-industry information resources on the Internet.

The Flavor of Cuba
Royal Palm Press, Hartsdale, NY, US
Explores the culinary history of Cuba including recipes, easy-to-follow cooking instructions, exotic fruits and vegetables, and more.

Florence Tourist Information
University of Florence, Florence, Italy
Find a Web tour of Florence art attractions, and links to cultural information.

Foxpine Inn
High Country Vacations, Denver, CO, US
Information on Copper Mountain, a ski-in, ski-out resort. Features a heated outdoor spa, a restaurant and bar, and ski and snowboard rentals.

Francine Hatry-McCaffery, Translator
Paris, France
Provides English-to-French translation services in a wide range of fields, as well as related desktop publishing services, at customized prices.

Friday Magazine
The Friday Group, LLC, Mundelein, IL, US
A fresh, new cartoon-humor publication. The site is updated daily with a new cartoon from the magazine.

FutureTech Training, Inc.
Austin, TX, US
Offers PC training on the Internet, Microsoft Windows and Windows Applications, Lotus Smart Suite, and Novell Perfect Office.

F.W. Bell
Orlando, FL, US
Comprised of five U.S. testing laboratories. Their numerous certifications and program approvals include DESC, Space Station, Delta program, A2LA, and others.

Gamer's Zone
InfoMedia, Plano, TX, US
Information and resources for network, modem, and Internet multiplayer gaming.

Snickelways Interactive, New York, NY, US
The world's first Web site completely dedicated to the needs of the lapidary industry. Targeted toward the consumer, wholesaler, retailer jewelry designer, importer/exporter, and manufacturer.

Genesis Medical Limited
London, England
Distributes imported medical products in the United Kingdom where it is particularly active in the urology, gynecology, and urogynecology areas.

Gone To The Dogs
Capital Kennel Club of Juneau, Juneau, AK, US
Includes activities, schedules, training information, feature articles, links to lots of dog-related information, and information on Juneau, Alaska.

Good Buy Sportswear
Saint Petersburg, FL, US
A wholesale distributor of blank T-shirts, sweats, hats, jackets, and golf shirts to screenprinters and embroiderers.

The Green Arctic
Steinkjer, Norway
A promotional project for the four northernmost counties in Norway. Check out details for more information.

Haciendas de la Ermita
Roberto Herrera, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Information on a real estate investment opportunity in a typical Mexican village near Monterrey.

Hampton - From the Sea to the Stars
Hampton Conventions and Tourism, Hampton, VA, US
A guide to this blend of historical treasure and 21st Century wonder.

High Ridge Village - Connecticut
High Ridge Associates, Tolland, CT, US
Discover the treasures of the Web and information on the products and services of the Nutmeg State.

Hindu Tantrik Home Page
Mike Magee, London, England
Translations from Sanskrit into English. Also download Hindu tantrik texts, view images of some of the gods and goddesses of the tradition, and look at their yantras.

Home Boys Webvertising
Philadelphia, PA, US
This one-stop entrance into the commercial world of the Internet offers HTML authoring, graphics design, and Web space acquisition.

Visual Listings & Formula Consultants, Inc., Anaheim, CA, US
A database of over 30,000 homes in Southern California, with pictures and details.

Hung Kuo Elephants
Tradewatch International, Taipei, Taiwan
The official home page of Asia's most popular basketball team. In Chinese and English.

i-Logix, Inc.
Andover, MA, US
A major worldwide provider of systems design automation tools for industries that range from transportation, communications, and electronics, to aerospace and defense.

Salinas, CA, US
A leading supplier of seed coating materials, services, and technology.

Information Architecture
Atlanta, GA, US
Creates custom publications for publishers on the Internet. Stop in and see entire magazines on the Web.

Information SuperLibrary
Macmillan Digital USA, Indianapolis, IN, US
Offers display, classified, and Yellow Pages advertising. Presently experiencing incredible growth, the library offers many marketing opportunities to interested businesses.

Innovative Metal Fabrication
Grass Valley, CA, US
A sheet-metal manufacturer specializing in laser cutting, fabricating and powdercoating of material handling equipment, retail store fixtures, and job shop products, such as electronic chassis.

Institute of Clinical and Applied Psychology
University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany
Information about the institute, its research, and services.

Intellectual Property Creators
Los Altos, CA, US
An organization of seasoned inventors who are interested in inventor public policy and patent enforcement issues. The site serves as a resource for inventors.

Interglobe Investigation Services
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
International investigators with associates in 27 major cities on four continents around the globe.

International Journal of IT in Construction
University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
A peer-reviewed scholarly journal on the use of information technology in construction. Articles are submitted and published electronically in printable and hypertext formats, and distributed over the Internet.

Internet User's Association
Clearwater, FL, US
A nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving our First Amendment rights on the Internet. The page includes resources for Internet statistics.

InterTrans, Inc.
Alexandria, VA, US
A professional translation agency offering translation, interpreting services, international marketing, and trade consulting worldwide.

The Investment Promotion Agency Network
The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, Washington, DC, US
A subscription-based global information exchange, marketing and communications network on foreign, direct investment-related matters.

Iranbooks, Inc.
Bethesda, MD, US
Publishes and sells books about Iran in the Persian and English languages. Books range from poetry to politics.

Island Helicopters
Lihue, Kauai, HI, US
Offers helicopter tours, charters, and photography on the Island of Kauai.

Jack's Maui Teleport
Lahaina Maui, HI, US
A gateway to Maui's thriving real estate market. Find out where to stay, what to do, and where to eat.

The JESUS Video Project
Campus Crusade for Christ, Orlando, FL, US
Interested in a unique strategy to reach a city for Christ? Need a proven approach to assist your church in the spiritual training and growth of each member? Look into the JESUS Video Project.

Jewels for Jesus
Scottsdale, AZ, US
A series of 14k gold inlaid crosses inspired by the Holy Spirit. The crosses are designed by Gemologist Steven Schmier.

John A. Keane and Associates
Princeton, NJ, US
Download free quality simulation software and discover highly-rated quality execution software.

John Paul Given
Los Angeles, CA, US
Information on this Emmy award-winning composer including audio files, credits, and contact data.

Joint Data Base Elements for Modeling & Simulation
Ft. Huachuca, AZ, US
Supports access, storage, and distribution of modeling and simulation information resources.

Just For Him
Springfield, MO, US
A unique tobacco and men's gift shop which carries novelties and golf accessories.

Kemper Management Services
NovaLink USA, Westborough, MA, US
A recognized energy service provider to the electric and gas utilities, delivering comprehensive energy-efficiency programs for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

kidBoard, Inc.
Edina, MN, US
Computer products that link children with technology inlcluding kidBoard, a keyboard for kids, kidDraw, a digitized drawing table, and the kidBoard Starter Kit.

The Knowledge Source
SIRS, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, US
A collection of links carefully selected to aid teachers, students, and librarians in conducting online research.

Koenig & Strey Realtors
Wilmette, IL, US
A full-service real estate broker servicing Chicago and its northern suburbs.

Lisa The Matchmaker
INTERNET WorkShop, Tucson, AZ, US
A personalized service that uses personality profiles, extensive lifestyle information, and video to match successful, eligible singles in Southern Arizona.

Live Wire
Shermans Dale, PA, US
A revolutionary promotional service for bands and musicians. The service opens to the public on 1 December 1995, but artists can register now.

Boston, MA, US
Provides an effective, personal, confidential, and low-cost way for single men and women aged 25-55 to meet on a one-to-one basis.

Marric Services
Clearwater, FL, US
A full-service accounting firm offering services to Tampa Bay, Florida and national clients. Available services also include HTML authoring and computer and incorporation help.

Medical Marketing Association
San Francisco, CA, US
Provides personal, professional, and educational growth opportunities for people interested in the marketing of medical products and services.

Melbourne Diners Guide
Yulan International Pty Ltd., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A comprehensive list of the best restaurants in Melbourne, Australia. Users can place resevations online and get a chance to win a dinner for two.

Miss Vickie's Potato Chips
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Miss Vickie lives on a farm, makes potato chips the old fashioned way, and receives marriage proposals.

Mitsui & Co. USA, Inc.
New York, NY, US
An import/export company with branches and subsidiaries all over North America.

Modem University, Havenport University and Modem College
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Provides online distance education in negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, fundraising, and other topics.

London, England
A large music site with an index to many currently performing musicians from the "Canterbury scene." Also contains free MIDI downloads.

Muscular Dystrophy Association
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Offers extensive information on Muscular Dystrophy and links to major resources.

The National Association of Arab Americans (NAAA)
Washington, DC, US
A membership organization dedicated to the formulation and implementation of an objective and nonpartisan U.S. foreign policy agenda for the Middle East.

Nature's Medicine Cabinet
JPM Associates, Braintree, MA, US
Natural herbal remedies and supplements for a healthy lifestyle.

NecroBones Headquarters
Baltimore, MD, US
Download the latest versions of this company's shareware games and find easy access to search, news, comics, and bizarre stuff.

Net.Choice International
Happiness Enterprises, Kona, HI, US
The first Internet service provider to pay users to use their service.

Westlake Village, CA, US
A virtual shopping center which provides a showcase on the Internet for companies who wish to advertise and/or sell their products online.

Network of East-West Women
Washington, DC, US
Contains information about women's organizations, activities, and Internet service providers in the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe.

Network Systems Engineering
Houston, TX, US
Delivers professional network services that are unmatched in expertise and customer quality.

New Orleans and Louisiana Music Page
New Orleans Virtual Library, New Orleans, LA, US
Dozens of links to artists, tour dates, sound clips, and news articles. Page covers jazz, blues, zydeco, Cajun, and rock music.

New Year Coalition
New Orleans, LA, US
A partnership of community organizations, media, and law enforcement working to end irresponsible gunfire during New Year's celebrations.

The New York Training Institute for NLP
New York, NY, US
The oldest neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) center in the country with an international reputation for the excellence of its programs and trainers.

Ohio State Park Resorts
TW Recreational Services, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
Information on eight full-service resort and conference destinations featuring championship golf courses, tennis, and boating. Complete conference facilities with professional meeting planners on staff are available.

Olivia Cruises and Resorts
Oakland, CA, US
Unique cruise and resort vacations for women with world-class destinations, headline entertainment, and a wide range of customized tours.

Omni One Recruiting, Inc.
Des Plaines, IL, US
One of Chicagoland's most successful technical recruiting firms. The firm has been in operation for more than 17 years.

Openair-Market Net
Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL, US
A guide to farmers' markets, flea markets, street markets, and street vendors worldwide.

Westlake Village, CA, US
OutdoorNet is the first and largest global outdoor activities center on the Internet. The center serves companies who wish to introduce their services, products and/or accommodations online.

Ovid Technologies
New York, NY, US
A supplier of databases using advanced platform- and media-independent software with Z39.50 compatibility.

OZ Interactive, Inc.
Reykjavik, Iceland
A software company using the latest technology in the multimedia field.

Paradise Gateway: Montana Bed & Breakfast Vacation
State of Montana, Emigrant, MT, US
This bed and breakfast is near Yellowstone Park on the Yellowstone River, with various activities available such as fly fishing, hiking, touring, dining, hunting, and more.

Parrot Island
Kettering, OH, US
Find Parrot Head T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, plus other Buffett memorabilia. Test Buffett knowledge at the Buffett Trivia Challenge, or check out Parrot Head Clubs Guide.

PC Checks & Supplies
Birmingham, AL, US
Checks and related products, compatible with virtually all financial programs, including Quicken.

The Phil Keaggy Page
Ron Kneusel, Milwaukee, WI, US
Phil Keaggy's wide range of styles coupled with his complete mastery of the guitar have made him a musician's musician.

Physical-Mathematical High School of Saint-Petersburg
BGU, Beer-Sheva, Israel
Find a host of information about teachers and students at this school.

Planet Internet
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Provides information on commerce in Hong Kong, telecommunication services, online shopping pages, and a special sport travel section.

Policy Research in Engineering, Science and Technology
Manchester, United Kingdom
Undertakes research and consultancy on various aspects of science and technology policy and strategy, and provides research training through postgraduate degrees and specialist courses.

Fairlawn, NJ, US
Manufactures high-power silicon power transistors, and provides military/aerospace type devices with current ratings from 10 to 2400 amperes and voltage ratings from 60 to 600 volts.

Practicing Law Institute
New York, NY, US
A nonprofit, continuing legal education organization dedicated to providing lawyers with the most up-to-date information available through a variety of services, including seminars and publications.

Primary Destination
Foster's Daily Democrat, Dover, NH, US
The first interactive Web site dedicated to coverage of the New Hampshire presidential primary. Key features include news and commentary from Foster's Daily Democrat, the Associated Press, the Christian Science Monitor, and the New York Times Syndicate.

Priority Resources Inc.
Stephenville, TX, US
A Delaware corporation formed to promote the quality of life through a global Internet community. Business opportunities exist for those entrepreneurs wishing to independently promote low-cost calling cards, free pagers, and nutritional supplements.

QFX Image Editing Software
Ron Scott, Inc., Houston, TX, US
A full-featured image editing and composition program that processes images in full 32-bit mode for Windows, Windows95, and WindowsNT.

Questioned Documents, Inc.
Princeton, NJ, US
A group of experienced, forensic document examiners devoted to discovering the true origin of documents presented as proof in legal matters.

Quotesmith Corporation
Darien, IL, US
Tracks rates of 160 term life companies, and provides a free term life insurance price comparison service.

Rabbi Chaim Richman's Home Page
Light to the Nations, Jerusalem, Israel
The Rabbi is a Bible scholar and authority on Jerusalem, Mount Moriah, the Holy Temple, and related topics such as the Messiah and fulfillment of prophecy.

RAD Agency
Oxnard, CA, US
A college booking agency that represents Father Guido Sarducci, Paul Krassner, comedian Rick Overton, and several other very funny people.

Revising the Copyright Law
David Loundy, Highland Park, IL, US
A paper on revising the U.S. Copyright Law for electronic publishing.

Leander, TX, US
Toys-R-Us has threatened to sue unless this group's name is changed. Suggest names, send cartoons, write letters, and win valuable prizes.

Rocky Point Services
Tampa, FL, US
A small-business Internet mall.

Roy Sablosky Graphic Design
San Rafael, CA, US
Examples of Roy Sablosky's exceptionally beautiful graphic design work for both print and electronic media.

Santa Cruz County Conference and Visitor's Council
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Lists area events, visitor information, lodging, dining, sports, parks, recreation, and more.

The Schmidt Firm
Dallas, TX, US
A personal-injury law firm, specializing in medical malpractice, premises liability, truck/auto collisions, and construction accidents.

School of Music
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, US
Offers undergraduate masters and doctoral programs to over 700 music majors.

School of Slavonic and East European Studies
University of London, London, England
Information about the school, and a selection of regularly updated links to resources on Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Science and the Environment
Voyage Publishing, Inc., Alexandria, VA, US
Designed for high school and university teachers and students who are looking for current news on the environment to supplement their texts and lesson plans.

Science Now
SIRS, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, US
Articles and activities on a variety of atmospheric topics, jointly published by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) and SIRS, Inc.

Seekers of the Lost
Portland, OR, US
Helps to locate missing friends, family, and military people through the use of database searches.

Servant Life Online
Religion Today, Inc., Roanoke, VA, US
A resource with practical insight for active Christians. Learn scores of creative ideas, discover solutions to dozens of problems facing Christians today, and find advice from well-known authors, teachers, pastors, and leaders.

The Sexually Transmitted Disease Research Group
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, US
A research group specializing in behavioral, epidemiological, and immunologic aspects of sexually transmitted diseases. The site offers links to STD-related Web documents for health care providers.

Shanty Craft
Bradford, PA, US
Sells fine "wood art" including "Noah's Ark", figurines, banks, and more products hand-crafted from choice local and imported woods.

Sheffield on the Internet
R P Day & Co., Sheffield, England
An online guide to tourist spots, hotels, accommodations, sports for the spectator and participant, and Sheffield University.

The Shorenstein Center
Cambridge, MA, US
A Harvard research center dedicated to exploring the press, politics, and public policy with a program of conferences, graduate-level courses, fellowship programs, and publications.

The Small Business Network
Danforth, ME, US
The place where small businesses, with or without a computer, can afford to find what they need and be found.

Souvenir: Chronique d'Abidjan
Richard Bolton, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, US
Chronicles the author's experiences as an artist-in-residence in the African city of Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.

Spank! Youth Culture Online
Laughing Dog Publishing, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A monthly Webzine written by youth, with changing features and regular departments.

Spokane.Net MarketPlace
Interlink Services, Inc., Spokane, WA, US
An innovative concept in Web marketing and commerce featuring secure credit card transactions, virtual shopping carts, and great graphics.

Sport - Jes
Plymouth, PA, US
Features officially-licensed Notre Dame merchandise, including jackets, shirts, computer accessories, glassware, jewelry, and more.

Sports Spectrum Central
RBC Ministries, Grand Rapids, MI, US
Provides a unique look into the world of sports by talking to the athletes and addressing issues from all areas of the sports world.

Starnet Universe
Los Angeles, CA, US
A new, exciting spot on the Web. Users with a HotJava browser can see the HotJava home page with some demo Java applets.

Clif Bardwell and Ida Laccabue, Sunnyvale, CA, US
Clever observations about the world, plus how to get less junk mail, report defective products, and contact any congressman.

Studio Galleani
Los Angeles, CA, US
Specializes in design, photography, photo-illustration, packaging, and Internet sites. Creates images and design to publicize services and products.

Tax Cruncher Software Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Develops and markets tax calculators which can be downloaded in minutes. Get a free mortgage calculator at the site.

Tech Temps
Oak Brook, IL, US
Specializes in temporary-assignment placements in the fields of information technology, technical support, engineering, design/drafting, CAD design, programming, manufacturing, and plant management.

Technical Resources
Oak Brook, IL, US
A permanent-placement firm specializing in plant management, engineering, manufacturing, information technology, and technical support.

TechPool Studios, Inc.
Cleveland, OH, US
Professionally-drawn electronic medical graphics with categories including anatomy, healthcare, EMS/fire, dental, and x-ray.

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station
College Station, TX, US
An information resource on the results and benefits of agricultural and natural resources research conducted by this organization.

Texas Electric Cooperatives
Austin, TX, US
Information on 74 nonprofit electric distribution cooperatives in Texas.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Austin, TX, US
Information on state parks, hunting, fishing, boating, outdoor adventure, nature, news, and education, in the state of Texas.

Th E 'Lectric Learning Web
NetTeach News, Herndon, VA, US
Home of Learntopia, a year-long exploration of how the Web environment, and other Internet tools and capabilities, can be used to support diverse research and learning communities.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Having a nice URL for a Web site can be useful for promoting it in the printed media. This site presents no content, only cute URLs. Have a URL that no one forgets, this.is/fill_in_the_blank...

Tom Barefoot's Complete Activity and Tour Guide for Maui and Hawaii
Kihei, HI, US
An in-depth guide to all the tours and activities available on Maui and Hawaii.

Touch of Design's Interior Design Book Collection
Oceanside, CA, US
Offers interior design books for interior designers, interior decorators, and consumers who are interior decorating and/or purchasing interior furnishings.

Trade Winds Import Export
Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada
A site that deals with eastern Canadian exports. Find out about the company and its products.

The Traitor Within the Gates
Discover Software, San Antonio, TX, US
What the U.S. government has been, and still is, doing and what citizens can do about it.

Trek Bikes
SpectraCom and Hanson/Dodge, Milwaukee, WI, US
An entire world of fantastic bikes and all the places they can take people, from mountainsides to beach tides. It's a huge journey, with lots of cool interactive detours included.

Trinidad State Junior College
Trinidad, CO, US
A two-year community college with programs in 49 academic or vocational areas, a highly-qualified faculty, personalized classes, and a friendly atmosphere where the people really care.

Triton Technology, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Offers the finest instrumentation for physiologic research, including transducers, computer data analysis systems, and supplies for critical, in-vivo measurements.

Tufnut Computer & A-V Theft Protection
The Tufnut Works, Santa Fe, NM, US
Provides low-cost, high-strength systems that prevent theft of computers, VCRs, and office equipment. Systems can easily be customized for same-day shipment.

University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks, AK, US
Link to the university's campus-wide information servers.

U.S. Department of State
Washington, DC, US
Provides official news and information, including speeches, briefings, reports, publications, and maps, as well as "hot" topics on U.S. Policy on Bosnia, the Middle East Peace Process, and the foreign affairs budget battle.

Vagabond Pages
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Off the beaten track, this zine sheds light on crucial issues. Also includes samples from an illustrated book of aphorisms, "Extracts of Existence."

Vertical Development Corporation
Canonsburg, PA, US
Offers software duplication and manufacturing services.

Sonoma, CA, US
A free, new service for online investors which offers in-depth research, industry analysis, and public company information, as well as stock quotes, business news, and more.

Vibro-Acoustic Sciences, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
A world leader in noise and vibration analysis. The site offers technical support and information on the flagship product, AutoSEA.

Viking Services
Centreville, VA, US
Provides Internetworking, client/server consulting, and long distance sales, as well as support to people serious about beginning a home business.

Visiting Nurse Association Corporation
Kansas City, MO, US
A not-for-profit home healthcare agency serving the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Wednesday On The Web
Boca Raton, FL, US
A weekly news and views general interest magazine featuring the other side of the news.

Welcome to Corpus Christi
TripNet, Corpus Christi, TX, US
An introduction to the beautiful city by the sea, with Ocean Drive real estate bargains and guides to shopping, media, and local attractions.

Westcode Semiconductors Ltd.
Chippenham, Wiltshire, England
Manufacturer of high-power semiconductors.

William's Hong Kong Home Page
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
A collection of pages with information on Hong Kong, a live cam, and more.

WinWay Corporation
Sacramento, CA, US
Discover key strategies for resume writing, interviewing, and salary negotiation.

Witnessing Without Fear
Campus Crusade for Christ, Orlando, FL, US
Find out how to overcome fear in sharing your faith in Christ with friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers, and how you can make an impact on your community for Christ.

Woodside Travel Services
Louisville, KY, US
Find the hottest vacation deals, get the latest travel news, reserve travel videos, and take advantage of Woodside's full, professional travel services.

Woodstock Web Works
Catonsville, MD, US
An online T-shirt catalog for people of varied interests. Includes alterna-tees, compu-teez, and 60's designs.

London, England
A publisher of software for Windows utilizing Flute, a scripting language that automates Windows tasks, and CleanSheet, a modelling spreadsheet.

World Trade Center Osaka
Osaka, Japan
An international trade-promotion organization, with its headquarters in the World Trade Center Building in New York City.

World Wide Web Resource EXchange
Skyline Network Technologies, Inc., Baltimore, MD, US
Wondering where to start surfing the Net? With tons of entertaining and informative links, REX is the perfect place to begin. New submissions are added every hour.

World-Wide Retailing Email Discussion List
London, England
Subscribe to this forum for retail professionals to discuss their trade, and publish news items, announcements, requests for assistance, and other items of interest.

Frankfurt, Germany
Germany's leading international independent organization conserving nature and environment through concrete projects and constructive actions with and for the people.

Xerox Supplies Catalog
Rochester, NY, US
Interactive catalogs for copier and printer supplies, and fax products. Customers can place orders via electronic mailnotes.

Zara, Turkey
WakeUp, Red Bank, NJ, US
A county in the province of Sivas in Turkey. The page provides geographical, historical, and cultural information about Zara. At this time the content is only in Turkish.

Friday, 24 November 1995

121 Amour Internet Introduction Agency
London, England
A premier introduction agency owned by Colette Sinclair, the renowned authoress of Manhunt - The Search for Mr. Right.

1st Internet PUNK-CRUD Film/Video Festival
Kent, OH, US
Enter a film and video festival of cyber-geek, punk, and stupid shorts. There is no entry fee and all winners get a tape.

97.5 FM WPST
Princeton, NJ, US
New Jersey's most powerful FM station, with strong leadership in Central New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

AAA Gifts
Novato, CA, US
Delivers beautiful fir and bay-leaf wreaths nationwide. The site also offers collections of down-home recipes, carols, and links to holiday sites.

Hyper Design Informatica Ltda., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The first Brazilian site dedicated to role playing games. Includes lots of stuff about games, related events in Brazil, free classified advertisements, lists, and lots of fun.

AGD Studio
Studio City, CA, US
Offers publishing for the Internet, printing, and programming for Macintosh.

Aiding & Abetting
St. Petersburg, FL, US
An online zine offering independent-label music resources.

Kerfisger, Reykjavik, Iceland
Sells Icelandic handknitted wool pullovers and cardigans. Warmth the way nature intended.

Alpha Logic Technologies, Inc.
Kirkland, WA, US
Offers high-resolution timing and debugging tools for PC-based developers and applications.

Alphega Exodus
Vannevar New Media, Inc., Houston, TX, US
The first high-quality graphic novel on the Web, follows the mercenary galactic adventures of Jonathan "The Exodus" Bishop.

American Farmland Trust
DeKalb, IL, US
A nonprofit membershop organization working to stop the loss of productive farmland and to promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment.

American Internet Corporation
Bedford, MA, US
Makes industrial-strength Internet server software. The product, SiteBuilder, is Web server software for Novell Netware that is fast and easy-to-use.

The American President
Hollywood Online, Los Angeles, CA, US
One of the most interactive online areas ever created for a feature film release. Explore the virtual White House, take part in a press conference as the president himself, and take a Constitution Quiz.

American Society for Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics (ASHI)
Dallas, TX, US
A professional society that provides a forum for scientific information about HLA antigens, genetics, immunology, and transplantation of organs and bone marrow.

The Angel Connection
Whitefish, MT, US
A retail store and bed & breakfast, focused on bringing more love and light into this planet.

Apartment Locator Service in Austin Texas
Right Price Inc. Residential Leasing, Austin, TX, US
A free apartment locator service for Austin, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

Apparel for Children: Hemp Baby Catalogue
Portland, OR, US
Features high-quality children's clothes made out of hemp. Sizes from Newborn to age three.

Arizona Research Institute
Tucson, AZ, US
Specializes in electronic imaging including electronic camera systems, video camera systems, 3D imaging systems, and more.

The Arizona Wind Chime Co.
Tucson, AZ, US
Hand-crafted Southwestern Wind Chimes, used for housewarming gifts and all other gift-giving occasions.

Association For Women In Computing
Puget Sound Chapter, Seattle, WA, US
A national, nonprofit professional organization dedicated to the advancement of women in the computing fields, business, industry, science education, and government.

Arlington, VA, US
Find horoscopes, charts, and interpretations for birth, adults, and children, as well as forecasting, election and horary questions, career and re-location questions, and karmic reviews.

The Aviary
Dallas, TX, US
A gathering place and resource center for bird lovers. Covers bird care, avian illnesses, nutrition, grooming, breeders, equipment, books, toys, rescues, and more.

Balanced Budget Page
Washington State GOP Delegation, Washington, DC, US
Read the GOP balanced budget and try a hand at balancing the federal budget using the Budget Simulator.

Balloony Ideas
Herndon, VA, US
Unique gifts for special people including helium balloon bouquets, silk flower arrangements, custom imprinting of balloons, gift baskets, and mugs.

Benton Newton & Partners Advertising
Huntsville, AL, US
An award-winning, full-service advertising agency providing traditional and contemporary advertising products and services for corporate and retail businesses.

Beth Israel Comprehensive Breast Services
New York, NY, US
A resource for anyone interested in or in need of information pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases including breast cancer.

Blueridge Technologies
Flint Hill, VA, US
Maker of the OPTIX document management system, incorporating document imaging, archival, text retrieval, workflow, OCR, and fax capabilities. Find product information and job opportunities.

BocaSoft, Inc.
Boca Raton, FL, US
Escape the burnout of every-day work with the National Audubon Society Wild Birds Screen Saver. The Screen Saver is entertaining, educational, easy-to-use, and beautifully animated. Other screen savers are also available.

Metro Publishing, Silicon Valley, CA, US
An index of alternative newsweeklies and Web sites emphasizing arts, entertainment, contemporary culture, and politics.

Broad Horizons
Garland, TX, US
Publisher of NFL/NBA draft newsletters, and maker of Franchise Software. Also publishes educational material for elementary school teachers.

Car Secrets Revealed
Ogdensburg, NY, US
Hundreds of money-saving, "insider" automotive secrets on buying, servicing, and everyday driving. Save thousands of dollars.

CBCI Telecom, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Videoconferencing and wireless telecommunications products and solutions.

Los Angeles, CA, US
Professional celebrity look and sound alikes available for parties, conventions, TV, film, commercials, special events, and more.

Cells alive
Quill Graphics, Charlottesville, VA, US
Introduces microbiology and immunology to the general public, and contains four videos and an animation with sound.

Cheerleader Central
Interactive Classifieds Network Corporation, San Francisco, CA, US
Dedicated to the talented and beautiful women of professional cheerleading. Contains pictures, merchandise, videos, fan clubs, mailing lists, apparel, and more.

Chemistry Animation Project
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, US
Presents CAPseries, a collection of multimedia products for use in high school and introductory college chemistry classrooms. CAP is chemistry for students, by students.

Chestnut Hill Inn Bed and Breakfast
Orcas Island, WA, US
An intimate retreat in the grand country style.

Cheuvront Studios-Commercial Photography
Gainesville, FL, US
Produces solutions for businesses, such as advertising and editorial illustration, annual reports, and small or large product photography.

The Childrens Department at Cybershop
CyberShop, Montclair, NJ, US
Shop for strollers, cribs, baby monitors, car seats, and much more.

The Christmas Mall
Abacus Networks, Portland, OR, US
Order from a fine selection of merchants worldwide, take advantage of holiday specials, and find links to other Christmas sites on the Web.

The City of Torrance
Torrance, CA, US
Information on the city and its educational institutions, along with an online visitor center.

Comcute Internet Services
Giessen, Hessen, Germany
Offers 32-bit Internet software archive and provides all services concerning the Web, HTML, CGI, and email for German customers.

St-Paul d'Abbotsford, Quebec, Canada
Offers a collection of high-quality links, more than 300 of them, chosen for their depth and richness of content.

Computer Routines, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN, US
Offers consulting, accounting software, and point-of-sale systems since 1979.

Cornerstone on the Net
Pittsburgh, PA, US
An inter-denominational Christian fellowship located at the University of Pittsburgh.

Corporate Vision International, Inc.
Denver, CO, US
An export management company providing a full range of services, from identifying markets and prospects to arranging financing and shipping.

Crescent Brass
Reading, PA, US
Machined aluminum and brass castings to industrial users.

Cross Country Ski World
Mountain View, CA, US
Find tons of great ski stuff, from general information for those just starting out, to cutting edge news for long-time fanatics.

Custom Screen Savers
Cleveland, OH, US
Information on having a custom screen saver constructed by InfoWorld Dynamics.

Cutter & Co. Brokerage, Inc.
St. Louis, MO, US
A traditional brokerage at discount commission rates, with educational and informative Web pages for experienced and new investors.

The Cyberbound Network
Indianapolis, IN, US
Specializes in HTML development, Web site creation, hosting and maintainance, multimedia production, and graphic design.

Dan's FREE Dating Service
Mansfield, TX, US
Provides a friendly, confidential, and discreet matching service for single adults.

Dauz Drum Company
Los Angeles, CA, US
Makers of professional, MIDI drum pads.

Department of Chemistry
University of California, Irvine, CA, US
Information on graduate programs, faculty research interests, instruction, seminars, and more.

Digital Delivery, Inc.
New York, NY, US
A new delivery agent technology for Web publishers that delivers Web sites and electronic publications in the background, directly to the user's desktop.

The Digital Pool
New York City, NY, US
A multimedia presentation/production service company using leading-edge technology to design, create, and communicate with the latest in digital multimedia.

Mark Atwood, Salt Lake City, UT, US
A copy of the Department of Defense standard which establishes uniform requirements for software development. It provides, together with other standards, a basis for insight into the quality of a software contractor's efforts.

DOMUS Software
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Specializes in database, network security, and encryption. Find service and product offerings, and employment opportunities.

DTC Datatechnology Corporation
Milpitas, CA, US
A manufacturer of IDE and SCSI controllers. Also offers IDE RAID, ISDN, and infrared wireless LAN solutions.

East Hampton Emergency Communications
East Hampton, NY, US
An emergency communications center for Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services.

The Electrical Connector
Belmont, NC, US
The world's leading source for surplus electric power transmission and distribution equipment. Serving utilities in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and the Far East.

CondeNet, New York, NY, US
Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines online, as well as recipes, restaurant suggestions, collectibles, and more.

ESP Super Value Coffee Club
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Gourmet coffee, grown with passion, roasted by masters.

The Falk Funeral Home Grief and Memorialization Information Center
Pennsburg, PA, US
Provides an in-depth body of information, and available services and merchandise for those facing loss.

Firebird Music Online Catalog
Portland, OR, US
Browse science fiction art, music, and books by such authors as Mercedes Lackey, Tanya Huff, Holly Lisle, Charles de Lint Stephen, Lawhead, and Josepha Sherman.

Foundation E.A.R.T.H.
DeKalb, IL, US
Promotes the adoption of technologically-advanced, environmentally-sound farming practices, and supports the development of new products beneficial to consumers and the environment.

Fretwell-Downing Informatics
Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Suppliers of library automation systems to all sectors and leaders in Z39.50-based research projects. The site includes links to library information science resources.

Full Circle
Sharon Edwards-Russell, Baltimore, MD, US
Two portfolios by Sharon Edwards-Russell containing virtual images that combine sculpture with place influences. The pages also contain an artist's statement, a short bio, and a readings list.

Function Representation in Geometric Modeling
Shape Modeling Lab, The University of Aizu, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima, Japan
Includes research descriptions, a list of publications, images, and links to related pages.

fun@learning.com, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Online teaching and learning resources for physics. Subjects include dynamics, and the study of motion. Designed for first-year college or university students.

Game News
Berne, Switzerland
Online information on game companies and gaming systems.

Gid's Blueberry Games
London, England
Some interactive Web games that are very addictive. Includes The Logic Board, Webtris, Sol, Berries, and The Cube

Golden Gate Chapter BMW CCA
San Francisco, CA, US
Find event listings, Beamer pictures, and driving techniques. Check out the animated diagrams of skid control in September's Driving Tip of the Month.

Fresno, CA, US
Offers a selection of unique gift items, including Rush Limbaugh ties.

Graduate International Economics and Finance
Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, US
Information about the school and its programs, events, faculty, and students.

Grail Browser
Corporation for National Research Initiatives, Reston, VA, US
An extensible and programmable browser that supports downloading of applets written in Python to enhance Web pages.

The Hamlin School
San Francisco, CA, US
Based in San Francisco, this is the oldest, non-sectarian girls' school in the Western U.S.

Health Source
Waco, TX, US
A resource for the alternative/complimentary medicine and natural/holistic health therapy industries. Includes directories of practitioners, products, publications, calendar of events, and a glossary of terms.

Hi-Tech Business Machines
Indianapolis, IN, US
Build a custom-configured PC online, and get a free quote.

HomeTour Internet Real Estate
Lenexa, KS, US
A real estate database for home buyers and sellers. Search residential property listings, realtors, brokers, agents, new home builders, and related realty links.

Horus' Links
Lucknow.com, Riverside, CA, US
Over 1400 links to historical resources, organized into 36 categories, emphasizing historic preservation. Also over 250 links to cultural resources in Southern California.

The How To Video Source
New York, NY, US
Thousands of instructional videos in a searchable catalog. Categories include business, computers, dance, love, music, and sports.

HS TARM MultiFuel and Wood Burning Boilers
Lyme, NJ, US
Instead of a woodstove or fireplace, consider an HS TARM woodburning boiler. Better than a pellet stove or waterstove.

St. Louis, MO, US
Information on attracting, watching, feeding, and studying hummingbirds. Features photos of all U.S. breeding species.

IAC Industries
Brea, CA, US
Ergonomics for manufacturing environments. Provides workbenches, workstations, seating, and ergonomic engineering support, tailored for manual assembly settings.

Import Performance Page
Merlin Johnson, San Diego, CA, US
The best place to look on how to improve the performance of import vehicles. Find products, dealers, links, projects, and pictures.

In Graphic Detail, Inc.
Kansas City, KS, US
Specializes in graphic design and digital illustration, photography, corporate logos, Web page design, direct mail, and news and magazine advertisements.

Idea Connection Systems, Rochester, NY, US
An interactive Internet trade-journal that specializes in the fields of innovation and creativity.

Insight Consulting
Grand Ledge, MI, US
Provides individuals and organizations with in-depth insights into the values, beliefs, and attitudes that influence their decision making.

Institute for Global Learning
The Laurasian Institution, Bloomington, IL, US
Provides learners with competitive professional development, focusing on doing business in the Asian- Pacific Rim. College and post-collegiate credit available.

Integro Staffing Services
Parsippany, NJ, US
A temporary staffing firm that specializes in providing personnel resources for office support, financial/accounting, legal, and scientific and technical staffing needs.

Interactive Advertising Technologies
Germantown, MD, US
Helps businesses promote their products and services by reaching more customers through the Internet.

Interim Healthcare
CyberDesic Communications, Peoria, IL, US
Provides quality home care services in the Central and Southern Illinois and Southern Missouri areas.

International Foundation for Employee Benefit Plans
Brookfield, WI, US
Services include an information center, conferences, books, periodicals, a student internship program, research surveys, an online database, and the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist program.

International Health Technologies, Inc.
Mar Vista, CA, US
Worldwide distributor of shark cartilage. Find out what it is, what it does, how to take it, and how to order it.

Internet Guide to Pools & Spas
Wise Software & Computer Products Inc., Palmdale, CA, US
A swimming pool and spa tutorial, along with information on products, services, chemicals, manufacturers, and distributors.

National Semiconductor, Sunnyvale, CA, US
Information on data security, encryption, and authentification products.

IsabelDeco Gallery
Diemeringen, France
Supplies Old Master and Impressionist reproduction oil paintings, and offers an artist and photo gallery, and Arte Medici Artisanal Shopping.

Island Treasures
Storyline Books, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
An interactive, educational site featuring award-winning Vancouver Island books, authors, and illustrators. Themes and fun activities for home and school.

Jenny's Cybrary to the Stars
Jenny Levine, Alsip, IL, US
Houses the "Librarians' Site du Jour," a place where librarians can visit each day to learn about reference sites out on the Web without being drowned in information overload.

John Sommerer & Company, P.A.
Sales Growth Professionals Inc., Coral Springs, FL, US
A full-service South Florida certified public accounting firm, offering services to emerging businesses interested in access to America's capital markets.

Kansas City Life Insurance Company
Kansas City, MO, US
Has provided security and peace of mind for 100 years. The complete line of insurance instruments available include traditional life, whole life, universal life, annuities, and variable products.

Kevin Mullane at the Screaming Jackass Saloon
Screenwriters/Playwrights Home Page, Portland, OR, US
A monthly humor column of great wit and originality.

Kiev Newspapers On-line
Innovation Company KOLO, Kiev, Ukraine
Newspapers include Kievskie Vedomosti (Kiev News), Rozovij Slon (Pink Elephant), Komanda, (Team), and Daily-Express. All newspapers are in Russian.

LANart Corporation
Concord, MA, US
The leader in optimizing virtual, switched, and shared LAN connectivity to the desktop. Their SegWay port- switches empower ethernets and virtual LANs.

Lands' End
Dodgeville, WI, US
International direct merchants of first quality cut-and-sewn products from around the world.

Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein Home Page
San Francisco, CA, US
A plaintiff-side class action law firm.

LSA Team in Training
Leukemia Society of America, Del Mar, CA, US
Anyone can run a marathon with the right training. Get free personal training on walking or running a marathon.

Lyrrus, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA, US
Manufactures, markets, and sells G-VOX, a package of interactive hardware and software that links any guitar to a Macintosh or PC, so that guitarists can play better, faster, and print out their music.

Manna's Collectables
San Diego, CA, US
Fourteen different collectible eggs, with a new design added each year.

Maryland International Center
Baltimore, MD, US
A nonprofit international professional exchange organization that promotes business and cultural ties between the U.S. and other countries.

Electric Classifieds, Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
An entertaining and fun place to meet other singles by posting a profile, exchanging email, and conducting personalized matches, all anonymously.

MetaBooks, Inc.
Kalamazoo, MI, US
The largest Metaphysical and New Age store in the world with over 30,000 items in stock.

Metro Sales
Minneapolis, MN, US
One of the largest, full-service, Ricoh copier dealers in the Midwest. The site includes the latest information on the company, the latest in the Ricoh copier line, and Metro job postings.

Metro Publishing, San Jose, CA, US
Northern California's colorful, lively guide to music, film, and other types of entertainment, plus original features compiled by Silicon Valley's alternative weekly newspaper, Metro.

Microsoft in Higher Education
Microsoft, Redmond, WA, US
A complete reference of computing solutions and resources for students, faculty, and IT and system server administrators, including links to developer and educational product listings.

MidAmerica Commodity Exchange
Chicago, IL, US
Geives users a basic introduction to the exciting world of futures trading.

Sub-Species Music, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
The official home page of this Canadian rock band. Find cool graphics, and music links and resources.

Mr. Sign
Coraopolis, PA, US
A full-service sign company, and the only sign company in the Pittsburgh area to offer Power Graphics.

Multi Facets Labs
Corona, CA, US
A full-service Rx eye-glass laboratory specializing in three-piece mounting and other rimless frames.

The Multicultural Pavilion
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, US
A resource for educators interested in multicultural issues. Provides access to information on racism, sexism, heterosexism, and more.

The Musical World of Jung-hyun Shin
Cyberkorea Co., Ltd, Kwacheon, Kyonggi, Korea
Find the biography, records, and songs of Korea's first rock artist.

N.B.P.Inc, Commodity Brokers
Sales Growth Professionals Inc., Pompano Beach, FL, US
Directly represents owners of Brazilian sugar, coffee, cocoa, mangos, papya, and mahogany wood.

Neurosurgery at NYU Medical Center
New York University, New York, NY, US
A resource for patients, families, and health care professionals on the full spectrum of neurosurgical issues.

New Age Mall
Internet Marketing Partners, Dallas, TX, US
A comprehensive information, business, and trade center for Holistic, Metaphysics, and New Age activities and commerce in North America.

New Brunswick Tapestries
Dr. Ivan H. Crowell, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
View hundreds of beautiful tapestries depicting New Brunswick's heroes, legends, and history.

New Hampshire Relocation Package
RE/MAX Country Properties, Amherst, NH, US
Contains New Hampshire information, a buyer checklist, a guide to mortgage terminology, tax information, an amortization calculator, and much more.

New Vision Media, Inc.
Huntington, NY, US
A team of professional designers, programmers, fine artists, and marketing experts dedicated to excellence in electronic media design and production.

NewTech Distribution
Southport, Queensland, Australia
The sole Australian distributor for Meridian Data CD-ROM networking and network CD-recordable products and ZyImage document scanning, indexing, and publishing tools.

Nobilitas of Italy
Verona, Italy
Offers users the most modern and efficient methods of historical, heraldic, and noble research.

Over TheNet
Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides technical and marketing services for businesses who want to establish and maintain a Web site on the Internet.

Palm International, Inc.
LaVergne, TN, US
Involved in many aspects of the metal finishing industry including chemicals, electronics, and other products.

The Patent Office at UC Berkeley
University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, US
Handles questions about technology transfer for both on-campus developers and external public interests.

A Perfect Double Life Toner Cartridge
American Imaging Technology, Bluffdale, UT, US
Toner cartridges for Hewlett Packard, Canon compatibles, and IBM laser printers providing well over double the life of the cartridge.

The Playwriting Seminars
PSU School of Fine and Performing Arts, Portland, OR, US
A 173-page companion on the art and craft of playwriting. The site may be the first full-length textbook designed for and published on the Web.

P'lovers - The Environmental Store
P'lovers/SecondSight, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
A company dedicated to helping people live more sensitively with the Earth. The site includes a new catalogue with images and descriptions, a 1-800 order line, and more.

Portfolio Technologies, Inc.
Newark, CA, US
Office.IQ software can speed up businesses by improving document distribution, updating, tracking, and approval with a friendly, drag and drop graphical interface.

Portway Motor Centre
Portway, Birmingham, England
Automotive agents for all marques, be it current, classic, collectors, vintage or restoration.

Presentation Imaging
Brookline, NH, US
Offers Web publishing solutions to make effective presentations.

Princeton Internet Group
Princeton, NJ, US
Specializes in the technical and creative aspects of building innovative interactive on-line applications.

Promise 6
Yokefellows, Dayton, OH, US
Information and resources related to racial reconciliation, urban ministry, and Christian community development.

Rambhoja and the Search for the Treasures of India
Vikora Communication Systems, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
Learn Indian geography while searching for treasures in this educational, interactive Web game.

Renaissance Business Associates
Boise, ID, US
People committed to demonstrating the power and effectiveness of integrity in their lives who want to expand their influence in the business environment.

Report and Data Conversion Software and Services
Pinnacle Software, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Creates custom data solutions and allows clients to create their own with the Parse-O-Matic data tool for Windows, Dos, and OS/2.

San Francisco, CA, US
Offers investors a wide selection of comprehensive S&P Research Reports, S&P Mutual Fund Reports, company profiles, company fact sheets, Wall Street analysis, and 52-week price charts.

New Orleans, LA, US
Keeps track of all the television shows that may be of interest to fans of popular music. The particular focus is rock music and live performances.

Rolling Thunder: The Taiko Resource
Berkeley, CA, US
A resource for Taiko drummers, music, and fans.

Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association
Sacramento, CA, US
A group of people interested in promoting the electric vehicle as a viable mode of transportation.

School of Business and Economics
California State University, Los Angeles, CA, US
An AACSB-accredited school offering a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in business and economics.

Wesley Hills, NY, US
An interactive database of reviews of Macintosh hardware and software, complete with frank assessments from users.

Search & Deploy
Sydney, Australia
Find out about contract and full-time work in Australia and globally. Resume writing at low rates is also offered.

Search: Science and Technology in Australia and New Zealand
Control Publications, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A monthly publication providing news and commentary on scientific issues of public interest in the fields of health and medicine, the environment, information technology, science policy, agriculture, and more.

Security Dynamics
Cambridge, MA, US
Offers product and partner information on network/computer security solutions. Future offerings include information security content, industry/technology analyses, and customer-related support/services.

The Shady Side Academy Server
Pittsburgh, PA, US
A guide to the Academy's daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sports and other news.

c|net, San Francisco, CA, US
Helps users locate and download the best software on the Internet.

Shiitake Mushroom Gift Logs
Lost Creek Mushroom Farm, Perkins, OK, US
Delivers shiitake grow-your-own mushroom logs anywhere in the world. Also learn about the shiitake mushroom, find out how the logs are prepared, and send mail to Miss Mushroom.

Shippensburg Army ROTC Red Raider Battalion
Shippensburg, PA, US
Provides information about the program and its cadets.

Silicon Beach Communications
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Specializes in Web site design; secured transactions; catalog ordering; custom database construction; and CGI, Pearl, and HTML programming.

Situ Communications
Columbus, OH, US
Offers Internet access, Web servers and services, and consultation.

Smallworld Systems
Englewood, CO, US
Offers extensive information about Smallworld GIS, the leading AM/FM GIS technology for the utility, telecommunications and business industries.

Smith Barney Wall Street Watch
New York, NY, US
Features research and analysis on selected stocks, investment information, and Tradeline pricing data. Products and services include bonds, mutual funds, retirement planning, and money management.

The Something Fishy Homepage
Bohemia, NY, US
Contains computer graphic-art; music; information on eating disorders and depression; and links to other music, art, poetry, parenting, and kid's pages.

South Carolina Helicopter Association
Columbia, SC, US
A nonprofit organization dedicated to the safe operation of Helicopters in the state of South Carolina.

Special Effects Supply Co.
Bountfiul, UT, US
Offers personal help to amateurs and professionals alike. Features books and videos on make-up, life-casting materials, vacuum-form equipment, kits, and set construction materials.

Spectrum Sight & Sound
Los Angeles, CA, US
A full-service corporate meeting and presentation specialist.

Stage Door
Stratford, Ontario, Canada
A complete listing of all professional theatre venues in Southwestern Ontario, linking to sites where they exist, or publishing full information for those without independent sites.

Step-by-Step Sales Training Program
Contact Management Systems, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
A complete, self-paced, sales training system that outlines and describes the complex, technology-related sales cycle.

Strategic Investment Consultants, Inc.
St. Petersburg, FL, US
Provides fixed-income research and consulting services to institutional bond investors. The site contains over 200 reports, updated daily.

A Successful Formula
Stop Smoking, Reno, NV, US
A successful, complete stop smoking program based on a natural Chinese herbal formula. The program helps people quit smoking quickly, easily, and painlessly.

s@uve hi-tech brokers
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Specialize in selling low-cost computer equipment bought from companies in financial difficulty or filing for bankruptcy.

Tabernacle Baptist Church
Carrollton, GA, US
A diverse congregation of 2,700 members. The site uses RealAudio to bring visitors multimedia Christian material such as the "sermon audio library."

Xpress Tax, Needham, MA, US
Offers online, professional, tax preparation and tax advisory services. Also features a robust news and information forum, frequently-asked tax questions, and links to other useful tax sites.

Columbia University, New York, NY, US
The student paper of Teachers College at Columbia University. Contains an archive of past issues, a Web review section, and more.

TeacherSoft, Inc.
Plano, TX, US
Creators of world-class multimedia educational and reference software for use in homes, schools, and small businesses.

The Tele-M@rket
Cyber M@rketing Services, Teaneck, NJ, US
A showcase for products and services for telemarketing as well as interactive discussion forums on call center issues.

Tourette Syndrome Association of Southern California
Reseda, CA, US
Provides valuable information about the diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment of Tourette Syndrome.

Transcend, Inc.
Pomona, CA, US
A leading manufacturer of memory upgrades on PCs, printers, notebooks, and workstations.

Trans-Media Advertising
Trans-Media Advertising, Decatur, AL, US
An advertising agency specializing in the transportation industry, providing drivers and operators for motor carriers across the nation.

Tuebingen, Germany
For more than 15 years transtec has sold network components, hardware, and software for digital, HP, Sun/SPARC, Silicon Graphics, IBM RS/6000 systems, and PC's in the European market.

Travel Medicine Service
University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, WA, US
Offers complete medical travel services, and provides up-to-date pre-travel advice and health care. Post-travel treatment for tropical illnesses is also available.

Tsunami Tsurf
Simi Valley, CA, US
An affordable Web content provider specializing in the creation and maintenance of Web sites.

Typehouse Group Inc.
Wallingford, CT, US
A full-service organization providing desktop publishing, color separation, marketing, advertising, design, CD-ROM, and Internet authoring and publishing services.

Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
Guadalajara, Mexico
General information on the services, programs, and associations of this Mexican university.

USDA-ARS Dairy Forage Research Center
Madison, WI, US
Emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to researching problems related to the production and utilization of forages by dairy cattle. Research publications, conference registrations, staff biographies, and contact information are available.

The Vagabond
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A zine that sheds light on crucial issues and occasionally plays devil's advocate.

Valencia's Photo Expo
El Mercado Mexicano en el Mundo, Mexico City, Mexico
Around-the-world photographs from the point of view of a Mexican traveler.

Victoria Conference Center
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Victoria's premier conference and convention center.

Video Editing Resource Page
Videonics, Campbell, CA, US
Resources for camcorder owners, videographers, and commercial and broadcast video users. Includes articles on video editing topics, product information, support resources, and a complete video glossary.

Voice of Australia
Expression Engineering Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Puts the political agenda in the hands of Net users. Visitors can record their opinions on various political questions and discuss them.

Water Online
Horsham, PA, US
A database for water and wastewater professionals that includes industry news, feature articles, and a complete supplier directory.

Weapons Safety, Inc.
Bellevue, WA, US
Created to be the ultimate shooting range. Whether surfing or visiting Seattle, check out WSI.

The Web's Stupid Instruction Calendar
Brian Wetjen, Omaha, NE, US
A funny take-off on those stupid little books and calendars that everybody's mom buys.

Tokyo, Japan
Features WebBox, the first firmware Web server. A cigar box-sized unit contains a Tcl interpreter for CGI programming.

West Virginia Online
Marcom, Bridgeport, WV, US
An Internet service provider also offering Web publishing and design.

The Wilshire
Gregory Thomas Associates, Los Angeles, CA, US
The most elegant high-rise estate in Los Angeles. The site offers a virtual walk-through of the property.

Woozles-A Place For and About Children
Woozles/SecondSight, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
One of the best loved children's bookstores in the Maritimes arrives on the Internet. The site includes the annual newsletter, workshops, a selection of titles, and more.

World Chat
San Francisco, CA, US
Developers of the first and only real-time 3D navigation system that can be "populated" by multiple users using regular computers connected by standard phone lines.

The World Plus Group
Pascagoula, MS, US
A business opportunity in nutritional supplements. Online registration and ordering is available.

Zenith Aircraft Company, Mexico, MO, US
Sells complete aircraft kits and factory-built light aircraft.

Monday, 27 November 1995

2C-NET's Real Links
North Palm Beach, FL, US
The largest working index of real estate links on the Internet.

35mm Images by John Kostenko
John Kostenko, LaGrangeville, NY, US
Dozens of digitized 35mm images taken in the U.S. and Asia during the last 20 years.

Action C.B. & Electronics
Lantana, FL, US
Specializes in CB radios, amateur radios, antennas, mikes, sales, repair and installation of CB's, and related equipment.

Aero Info, Inc.
Jamestown, CA, US
Designs, manufactures, and markets avionics electronic test equipment used in line maintenance and ground support operations on jet aircraft.

ALLTEL Communications, Inc.
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
An Internet presence provider with a subsidiary graphic design and laser reproduction service.

America's Best!
Denver, CO, US
A state-by-state guide to education, travel, business, entertainment, restaurants, government, cities, and shopping.

AntiqueWest Limited
London, England
A well-established dealer in Oriental antiques, co-owned with Antik West AB of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Atlan System Corp.
New Jersey, NJ, US
Provides computer graphic service and training.

Avi Rosen & Associates
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Offers a full range of real estate products, as well as a variety of promotional material. The site is home to the Business Brokerage Reference Guide, Steps to Success, and Preferred Presentations.

Bartending Video
Online Marketing Company, Detroit, MI, US
A complete video showing users everything they need to know to make money as a bartender.

The Bearing Page
The Barden Corporation, Danbury, CT, US
A manufacturer of super-precision ball bearings for aerospace, machine tool, and medical industries, among others.

Binary Recording Studio
Bellingham, WA, US
A digital audio recording studio located between Seattle and Vancouver.

BIW Online
Beratung und Informationssysteme GmbH, Weinstadt, Germany
Number two in Germany's AS/400 sector, and systemhouse partners with SAP R/2 and R/3. Find out about their products and services.

Blueberry Hill
London, England
One of the best places for everyone to start on the net. There's free games, free software, competitions, and fun.

Boston Phoenix
Boston, MA, US
Boston's arts and listings weekly features music, film, theatre, dance, fine arts, literature, food, and more. Check out the Phoenix personals and classifieds as well.

Bridgeway Capital Corporation
Yellow Pages Superhighway, Sausalito, CA, US
Professional, personal, and customized service for companies' leasing requirements.

Bundy and Company
Noblesville, IN, US
Tour a wonderful world of duck decoys, gifts, carvings, and collectibles.

CAD Research Center
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA, US
Focuses on education, research, design, and implementation of collaborative computer software systems.

California Coast Color
Pasadena, CA, US
A medium-size, high-quality, color offset lithographic printer, separator, and film preparation company.

California Estate Planning
Law Office of Mark J. Welch, Pleasanton, CA, US
A law firm specializing in California estate planning, probate, and trust law.

Canterbury Pewter
InterSerF, Fredericksburg, VA, US
Exquisite jewelry crafted in the highest quality of workmanship. Jewelry types include Anglican, Christian, Celtic Crosses, Crosses, Noah's Ark, Miracles, Chi Rho, Commemorative, Christmas, and more.

Capital Equipment Sales
Carol Stream, IL, US
Major dealer of manufacturing machinery, serving the metal forming, metal cutting, plastics molding, and other industries.

Carnfeldt America, Inc
Fort Atkinson, MA, US
The leader in online film processing, manufacturing processors for high-volume customers. Provides online solutions for imagers by Scitex, Linotype/Hell, and others.

CARveat Emptor - Tricks of the Great American Car Deal
Rand Knox, San Rafael, CA, US
Information for anyone about to buy a used car.

Digital Planet, Los Angeles, CA, US
Loads of QuickTime clips from the movie and behind the scenes. Also contains interviews with Scorsese, De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci.

Castilleja School
Palo Alto, CA, US
A private, non-sectarian, all-girl, college-preparatory high school and middle school.

Cell Tech Super Blue Green Algae
Bob Kessing, Brownsburg, IN, US
Find nutritional supplements and health aids.

Centro Turistico Studentesco e Giovanile (CTS)
Rome, Italy
The largest Italian association for young people, tourism, and the environment.

Centurion Systems Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
A developer of custom multimedia training applications, performance support systems, interactive kiosks, and HTML programming.

Century Computer Consultants, Inc.
Overland Park, KS, US
Consulting firm that specializes in long-term contracts and contracts for hire. National placements are available in all areas of technology.

Cephas Multimedia Inc.
Overland Park, KS, US
High-end Web site development, Web site database programming and database development, and internal corporate Web site development and design.

Certified Appraisers
Houston, TX, US
Provides business appraisals and litigation support, machinery and equipment appraisals, and real estate appraisals.

Computer Ware, Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Food software for high-tech appetites, with 500 recipes to start, plus nutritional menu planning, weight management, and much more.

Eurobretagne, Brest, France
Explore two virtual cities, created in traditional and futuristic settings.

CompuData Incorporated
Apex, NC, US
Get high-tech temporary services for the most demanding projects. Provides software programming, multimedia design and production, technical documentation, training, and consulting.

Computer Science Department
Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, TX, US
Find course descriptions, Division of Business information, student access information, student home pages, community service information, and Internet access software.

The Connecticut River Network
Wells River, VT, US
A local Internet access provider for northern and central Vermont and New Hampshire.

Consumer Attorneys of California
San Francisco, CA, US
A nonprofit organization of attorneys who represent consumers.

Corporate Security Info Center
Sigma Group International Limited, New York, NY, US
A collection of Web sites offering information and services of value to the corporate security professional.

Corporate Travel Analysis
John Fitzingo/Tracy Scott, Palm Springs, CA, US
Assists companies in finding the most cost effective travel program.

Crossroads: A Journal of Nagasaki Culture and History
Oshkosh, WI, US
An annual English-language journal published in Nagasaki, Japan by Lane Earns and Brian Burke-Gaffney.

Custom Security Systems
Olympia, WA, US
Designs, installs, monitors, and services residential and commercial burglar and fire alarm systems.

Cyberfun's Glider Rides
Lincoln, MA, US
Soar like an eagle in a large (airplane size) glider. Rides are safe, serene, and unforgettable. Fantastic gifts for singles and couples are also available.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A designer, manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of high technology digital communications systems and specialist software.

Denali Summer Times Visitor Guide
Denali National Park, AK, US
The online visitors guide for the Denali National Park area and Interior Alaska. Offers information on travel and trip planning, accommodations, reservations, activities, and services.

The Desert Marketplace
Desert.Net, Palm Springs, CA, US
Palm Springs' master home page for businesses conducting electronic commerce.

Dirt Merchants
Zero Hour Records, Boston, MA, US
The sparkling new geeky home of Boston's Dirt Merchants. Contains tour info, a discography, the mailing list, and more.

DogHouse Recording & Production
Little Rock, AR, US
A MIDI production studio which composes music tailored to specific needs. Commercial writing services, advertising consultation, and many other servicesare also available.

Dollhouses & Crafts of Marin
Yellow Pages Superhighway, Sausalito, CA, US
Large selection of doll houses, miniatures of all sizes, and landscaping for miniatures and trains.

E&B Discount Marine, Inc.
Edison, NJ, US
America's favorite discount marine products supplier.

Emergency Response & Research Institute
Chicago, IL, US
The Fire/Police/EMS station on the information highway. Contains news, reference, and research for and about the emergency response community.

Environmental Systems & Technologies, Inc.
Blacksburg, VA, US
Provides state-of-the-art computer-based tools and technical services to solve tough environmental problems.

Exercise Equipment Department at CyberShop
CyberShop, Montclair, NJ, US
Carries bikes, stationary bikes, gym sets, outdoor equipment, and more.

Fabulous Vacations
Hackensack, NJ, US
Find out about seven different vacations. Includes paid accommodations for 28 nights, and double occupancy for two adults and up to two children.

Fine Art Productions, Richie Suraci Pictures
Newburgh, NY, US
A state-of-the-art multimedia sales and production company.

FloCare WaterMattress
Ft. Bragg, CA, US
Ships waterbed and healthcare mattresses UPS the same day ordered. FloCare has the world's most extensive inventory of hard to find soft-sided waterbed components.

Yellow Pages Superhighway, Sausalito, CA, US
Floral designers for corporate seminars and meetings who will travel to any location in the world.

The Programmers' Society, Sydney, Australia
Australia's first Internet "talker." An interactive gaming environment.

Paris, France
Producer and distributor of training solutions for managers, consultants, trainers, teachers and students.

Funk N' Groove
DarkWeaver Design and Development, San Francisco, CA, US
A bi-monthly zine with content ranging from The Brady Bunch to Erik Estrada to 80's retro and New Wave music.

Gastr del Sol
Salim M. Virji, Chicago, IL, US
About the band at the vanguard of quiet, progressive rock. Features photos, artwork, interviews, and a discography.

Gema Records
Reading, Berkshire, England
A music store stocking over 30,000 items starting from the '50's up to current available titles.

A Getaway to Mexico
Downtown Anywhere, Boston, MA, US
Outstanding lodging values in Acapulco, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa, Manzanillo, and Mazatlan.

Gin's Chinese Shar-Pei
Mountain View, CA, US
Lots of information about this breed of dog, including descriptions of the breed standard, myths and facts about the breed, lists of puppies for sale, and lists of upcoming, all-breed dog shows.

Global Internet Services (Bath), Ltd.
Bath, Avon, United Kingdom
This complete Internet presence provider and marketing service is a different kind of Internet service that keeps up with the dynamics of the Internet and technology.

GMR Entertainment
Denver, CO, US
The premiere way to listen to and purchase new singers and songwriters without leaving home. R&B, pop, jazz, hip-hop, adult contemporary, and many more styles of music are represented.

Guardian Angel Home Theaters Inc.
Englewood, CO, US
A service organization dedicated to providing quality sound sytems and installation of home theater and burglar alarm systems.

Methuen, MA, US
Provides an area for healthcare companies to advertise and market their products and services.

The Herbalist Interactive
Hopkins Technology, Hopkins, MN, US
Questions and related experiences with natural remedies and herbal medicine.

The Holocaust Album
Ron Greene, Ph.D., San Rafael, CA, US
A collection of historical and contemporary photographs commemorating the event.

A Home Business Opportunity Center
R. L. Morris Co., Mesa, AZ, US
Offers home business opportunity manuals/services to anyone wanting to start their own home-based business.

Home Page of the Le Grande Louvre
Atlanta, GA, US
Downloadable pictures of art contained in the Louvre, with information on each.

Hugo Association, Zurich, Switzerland
The official site of Swiss culture and music centers. Includes monthly programs, contacts, and international collaborations.

Illusia - Quest For The Eternals
Living Mask Productions, Chalmette, LA, US
A multiplayer graphical world that redefines the idea of gaming on the Internet.

Industrial Orbit Activity E-zine
New York, NY, US
The activity e-zine to help fill humdrum days with something useful and learn something new.

(I)ndustry BBS
Mt. Clemens, MI, US
An Internet service provider with real-time chat and a wide variety of features.

The INFOPRO Group, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
The largest IT publishing company in Taiwan. Publications include the INFOPRO Weekly, PC WEEK Taiwan, PC Magazine/ROC, and EE Times/Taiwan. The site provides realtime information and interactive services.

Institute of Ecosystem Studies (IES)
Millbrook, NY, US
Concentrates in the research and understanding of complex regional and global ecosystems.

Strategic Concepts Corp., Burlingame, CA, US
The marketplace that provides in-depth insurance information and resources to facilitate informed buying decisions as well as locating agents, brokers, associations, and companies.

Interactive Equity Partners, LTD.
Miami, FL, US
Free software links to over 200 export/import sites on the Internet.

InterLink Telecommunications
Kyoto, Japan
Offers great savings on international phone calls. Read about products, services, and rates, and sign up on the Netscape secure server.

International Export Connections
Beaverton, OR, US
Export products to Arabian countries, get connected to new international agents and distributors, or use the library to gain insight into the export market.

Internet Business Information Registry
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Established to provide consumers with company information on firms that offer products or services over the Internet.

The Internet Dictionary Project
Tyler Jones, Salem, OR, US
An attempt to create a set of translating wordlists from an initial set of English words.

Internet Marketing Consultants
Atlanta, GA, US
An Internet presence provider, creating professional, creative Web pages for businesses.

Ironsoft Marketing
Monona, WI, US
Year 2000 date conversion made easy with Analyzer 2000 and Ironsoft CobolXplorer.

J.G. Leathersmith Computer Bags
Cranford, NJ, US
Computer bags are not only attractive, but a safer alternative to other types of computer bags. Bags are available in executive and traditional styles.

Jimmy B's Audiobooks
Hawthorne, CA, US
Los Angeles-based retail store that sells new and used audiobooks and has rental and trade-in programs. More than 10,000 titles are available with discounts for members.

Koopman / Rare Art
London, England
A well-established dealer in fine antique silver, based at the London Silver Vaults.

Korea Campus Crusade for Christ
New Jersey, NJ, US
Mobilize dynamic, courageous, productive, dedicated, and Spirit-filled young Christians.

Lakeline Vision, P.C.
Austin, TX, US
A family-oriented optometric practice owned and operated by Laurie L. Sorrenson, O.D.

Lambda Tau chapter of Delta Sigma Pi
Waltham, MA, US
A chapter of the international business fraternity.

Landmark Telecom LTD.
Tallahassee, FL, US
Learn to set up a personal lucrative money business or become a successful financial consultant.

Las Vegas Computer Journal
Las Vegas, NV, US
An online edition of the Journal with a free classified section, daily news updates, computer talk, software/hardware news, and more.

Learning Disabilities Clinic
Online Marketing Company, Detroit, MI, US
A private educational treatment facility for children, adolescents, and adults, dedicated to helping individuals achieve their full learning potential.

Life Science Software
Mandeville, LA, US
Develops and markets unique graphics-oriented database software, as well as data conversion/data coordinates fixing software for scientific workers.

Lightning Industries
Shasta Lake, CA, US
Produces HamExam for Macintosh and Windows. HamExam is the easiest way to prepare for the "no-code technician" amateur radio license test.

The London International Film School
London, England
A nonprofit, registered charity offering a two-year, full-time diploma course in the art and technique of film making to professional level.

Los Rios Community College District
Sacramento, CA, US
Serves about 1.8 million residents living in Sacramento County and parts of Yolo, El Dorado, Solano and Placer counties. Find information about their three colleges, and their educational centers in Placerville and Folsom.

Madeira's International Business Centre
SDM - Madeira Development Company, Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal
Made up of an Offshore Financial Centre, an International Services Centre, an Industrial Free Trade Zone, and an International Shipping Register.

Wiesbaden, Hessen, Germany
Specializes in optical character recognition with the software application, OPTOPUS, a program for non-Latin alphabets and full-text retrieval with CDIS.

Mandolin Cafe
Lawrence, KS, US
Information pertaining to mandolins, mandolin players, and music for the mandolin.

McAbee Travel
Atlanta, GA, US
Offers consolidator fares to major cities across Europe and Asia, as well as cruises and other travel packages.

Meat Loaf
MCA Records, Los Angeles, CA, US
The official Meat Loaf Web site features sheet music, screen savers, real audio, CDLink, and the interactive mystery game, "Escape From Hell."

The Mercator World
Quartu S.E., Sardinia, Italy
An Internet presence provider, offering single home pages and full domain accounts. Also features a modem store, and Italian wine store, and information on Italy and Germany.

Mikes Links
Mike Beecroft, London, England
Provides links to medical, dental, news, and wine sites on the Internet.

Regina Berlinghof, Frankfurt, Germany
A complete online novel about Mary Magdalene and Jesus, printed in German.

MONEYSENSE Financial Planning
Acton, MA, US
Provides college funding advice and other family financial planning services.

Morales Studio Gallery
Bloomfield, NJ, US
Features sports art and illustrations created by Manuel Morales.

Mountain House Funding Partners, Inc.
Charlottesville, VA, US
Buys structured settlements, estates, trusts, business notes, medical, business, and lease pools, annuities, contracts, lotteries, retirements, government payments, and other structured payments.

The Mumphrey Group
New Orleans, LA, US
An organization of professional urban and regional planners, economists, and social scientists offering a unique blend of expertise in planning, airport and program management, and social sciences.

The National Computer Security Association
Carlisle, PA, US
Offers information on computer security, firewalls, and viruses. Check out the page for the dates of the 1996 Firewall and Internet Security Conference in Washington, D.C.

Nemesys Research Ltd.
Cambridge, England
A manufacturer of stand-alone ATM video and audio codecs. Also supplies software solutions for a variety of workstation and PC platforms.

NeoWeb Design Specialists
Santa Clarita, CA, US
Offers design engineering and Web page layout. The site is designed to network design professionals with industry.

Net-Success Associates
Dallas, GA, US
Find business opportunities working from home, with access to a wholesale buying club. Fully supported training in marketing, online and off, is available.

Nicholson Commercial Real Estate
Jacksonville, FL, US
Find out about commercial and investment real estate opportunities available in Jacksonville and northeast Florida.

Nightclubs of Los Angeles
Mark Lee, Irvine, CA, US
Lists all the hot clubs of the City of Angels. For serious club goers.

Nordic Ski Racing
d3 Systems, Anchorage, AK, US
Dedicated to Nordic ski racing. Includes results, art, calendars, products, and more.

Northcoast Sports
Cleveland, OH, US
One of the nation's best sports information services. Athough currently only a football service, guest handicappers cover all sports.

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Group
The University of Kent at Canterbury, Canterbury, England
Topics studied include MRI, cryoporometry, Oxygen-17 nmr, Ionic diffusion, and spectroscopy.

Object Oriented Programming Services
St.Paul, MN, US
Specializes in client/server technology and porting of applications to/from Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT platforms.

OCONNOR Professional Camera Support Systems
Costa Mesa, CA, US
Manufacturer of fluid pan and tilt heads, tripods, and accessories for the film, video, and television production industries.

Oregon Secretary of State
Salem, OR, US
Contains information about the Oregon Secretary of State, including data on the upcoming special U.S. Senate election.

Orimo Internet Hobby Shop
Orimo Chemical Corporation, Yonbanchou, Tokyo, Japan
Carries musical instruments, aromatherapy kits, and beer machines.

Orthodox Christian Youth
Westwood, MA, US
A resource of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese that provides youth information and resources to all Orthodox youth and youthworkers.

Outer World
Bemidji, MN, US
The shop with everything for everyone and more.

Pacific Harbor
Portland, OR, US
Outstanding products and services from Oregon, Washington, and the entire Northwest, surrounded by dynamic original content including entertainment, shopping, food, reviews, tips, recipes, stories, and humor.

Panama-Buena Vista Union School District
Bakersfield, CA, US
A K-8 school district providing quality education in the southern portion of the San Joaquin Valley in California.

Papyrus Consultants
Murphysboro, IL, US
Can help to make an impression with words and sentences that add impact, flash, and substance to printed materials.

Perii Systems, Inc.
Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ, US
A systems engineering and consulting firm, Sun value-added reseller, and Lotus Notes business partner.

Photo Calendar Plus for Windows
4Point Software Inc., Somerville, MA, US
Download free software, send-in 12 photos, and receive a personalized calendar and screen saver.

the Pitt Pendulums
Pittsburgh, PA, US
A co-ed a cappella group from the University of Pittsburgh.

Pleiades Networks
San Jose, CA, US
A comfortable place for women to browse. Features discussion groups, directories of women's businesses and organizations, career services, and an Illustrated Guide to the Internet.

Pristine Cycles
Braintree, MA, US
Builds custom motorcycles to order for delivery anywhere, buys and sells used motorcycles, does performance work, and deals in antique motorcycles, parts, and service. The Custom Chrome catalog is also available.

Prophet Rock Studio
West Lafayette, IN, US
Offers custom original artworks painted from a photo of any subject, in watercolor, oil, or mixed-media styles.

Province of Quebec Lodging
INTER-SERV, St. Romuald, Quebec, Canada
Find a listing of places to stay in the province of Quebec.

"Ralphie" the Robot
Robots 2 Go, Inc., Miami, FL, US
The most exciting, technologically-sophisticated entertainment robot ever built is now available for conventions, special events, films, parties, and more.

Realty 3 Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA, US
An online inventory of properties for sale in the city of Santa Barbara, California.

Red, White & Brew
Great Falls, VA, US
Fresh, hard-to-find micro-brewed beer delivered to your home or office once a month. Makes the perfect gift.

The Reiki Page
David Herron, Reiki Master, Sunnyvale, CA, US
A resource for all things Reiki. Reiki is a system of using universal life-force energy for healing life's ills. Learn the history and principals of Reiki, and how to use it.

Reporter's Internet Guide
Scott Henry, Petaluma, CA, US
A regularly-updated set of links, organized by beat. Each resource is fully described, often with samples and suggestions.

Retirement Planning News
Minneapolis, MN, US
An online resource center for retirement and tax planning reports.

Rock Hockey Online
Ogden, UT, US
Information on in-line skating, roller blading, roller hockey, skateboarding, supplies, accessories, and more.

The Sacred Knights of Cyberspace
Sunnyvale, CA, US
A gathering of experts from various fields that help track down assorted arcane bits of information.

Scientific Equipment Exchange, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
A direct source for hiqh-quality, pre-owned scientific, research and laboratory instruments. Not a "listing service."

Screenwriting Fundamentals
Charles Deemer, Portland, OR, US
Information on this 300-level college course, accredited by Eastern Oregon State College for four units. Entire course is taught completely online.

Shoutengai Explorer in Kitaku Osaka
Commerce Activating Association of Kitaku, Osaka, Japan
Information on Shoutengai (regional shopping districts) in Kitaku Osaka. Outlines events and includes guides to over 230 shops.

Sky Cries Mary - Transmissions From Space
imusic, Seattle, WA, US
Seattle-based rock band, Sky Cries Mary, is touring in cyberspace - sending uploads from every show. Check out the latest updates from the road.

Skydiving Stock Photography
Barrington, NH, US
A stock photo-library specializing in the sport of skydiving.

The UK Shopping Centre, London, England
A United Kingdom-based specialist, direct-channel supplier of modems, telecoms, network, and POS products.

Southern Sociological Society
Mississippi State University, MS, US
A nonprofit organization which seeks to promote the development of sociology as a profession and scientific discipline.

Spectrum Press, Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
Publisher of fiction and nonfiction on floppy disks for PC and Macintosh. Includes a catalog of over 250 titles, and free access to selected texts.

Spy Stuff
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A security products company that sells counter-surveillance products, listening devices, bug detectors, night vision, personal protection, and more.

St. Thomas University
Miami, FL, US
A small, private, co-educational institution of higher learning, sponsored by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami.

Superior Interactive Communications - Electronic Media
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Maximizes leading-edge technology to provide effective marketing communications solutions through multimedia, advertising, graphic design, print, specialized software, and the Internet.

Lyn Pigney, Manchester, England
A marketing and design team providing an Internet Information Placement service.

TeacherSoft, Inc.
Plano, TX, US
Offers InterGO, a product which seamlessly integrates browsing, searching, email, file transfer, virus scanning, and screening for objectionable material. Also included with InterGO is a wealth of reference material.

Technical Assistance Bureau, Inc.
Technical Assistance Bureau, Inc., Germantown, MD, US
Provides the services of experts in all fields of science and medicine.

The Throne Ministries Computer Outreach
New Alexandria, PA, US
View some of the outreaches that this online ministry operates.

UCLA Naval R.O.T.C.
Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides the education and training needed to become an officer in the Navy or Marine Corps. Selected scholarship recipients will receive tuition and other financial benefits.

United Grafik International
Corcoran, MN, US
A graphic design studio specializing in Internet site design and multimedia production services.

University Press of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA, US
An academic publisher supporting the needs of scholars and readers throughout Virginia.

The Virtual Times
Huntsville, AL, US
An international zine with several regional editions.

Vitus Computer Consulting
Minneapolis, MN, US
Specializes in small business applications and services.

Wall Street & the Internet Survey
Institutional Investor, New York, NY, US
Institutional Investor invites users to participate in a survey for an upcoming newsletter.

Web Concepts
Webster Digital Service Co., Cato, NY, US
An Internet presence provider.

Web Seminars in Europe
DS Communications, Seattle, WA, US
Starting 30 November, Siemens Nixdorf sponsors a series of seminars in Zurich, Switzerland, on the World Wide Web.

Web Site Promotion Newsletter
M.E. Harvey & Associates, Carmel, CA, US
A monthly report on methods and resources for publicizing a presence on the World Wide Web.

Evanston, IL, US
A general-purpose home page with links to graphics, online magazines, Internet shopping, Windows 95 tips, movie showtimes and theaters, cheap contact lenses, recipes, and music reviews.

webWeaver productions
Newport Beach, CA, US
Announces fast Internet connections, pre-made Web presence design packages, custom design, marketing packages, language translation, Internet research, and many more options.

Trumansburg, NY, US
New York's World Wide Web, design, production, hosting, and consulting service. Specializes in the $5 per-week Internet Business Card Page.

Whidbey Center
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, NAS Whidbey Island, WA, US
Come fly (or surf) with the world leader in aviation higher education.

A. Wood Publications
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Self-publishers for books and artwork by adults, and especially children.

Zero Population Growth
Washington DC, US
A grassroots organization concerned with the impacts of rapid population growth and wasteful consumption. The site features population and environmental resources such as news, curriculum materials, legislative updates, publications listings, position papers, and excellent population and demographic links.
http://www.zpg.org/zpg [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Wednesday, 29 November 1995

1 World Plaza
Orlando, FL, US
The definitive, virtual shopping experience.

AAA Computer Source
Yellow Pages Superhighway, Sausalito, CA, US
Reseller of computer peripherals, network hardware and software, netware, hardrives, and more.

AAA Instant Sign Center
Brookline, MA, US
A company specializing in signs, banners, trade shows, engravings, logos, magnetics, and more.

AAA National Attorney Directory
San Jose, CA, US
Find legal help on bankruptcy, child support, divorce, labor, immigration, naturalization, probate, real estate, tax, and more.

AAA National Mortgage Directory
San Jose, CA, US
A comprehensive mortgage site on the Internet where users can find a mortgage company for purchase, refinance, or cash-out.

Able Software, Inc.
Lexington, MA, US
Develops automated raster image to vector conversion software for mapping, GIS, and CAD applications.

Academy Software
Rochester, NY, US
Offers full interactive media development services specializing in corporate training, presentations, and advertisement applications delivered on CD-ROM and the World Wide Web.

AccessNet Marketing, Ltd.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Develops Web pages as a medium for effective marketing communications of global business.

Ace of Base
Huw J. Williams, Danville, IL, US
Dedicated to the Swedish pop group Ace of Base. Includes detailed information, pictures, news, and discographies.

AdvantEDGE Technologies, Inc.
Yellow Pages Superhighway, Sausalito, CA, US
Specializes in custom databases, middleware solutions, and multimedia services.

SMART, Granarolo, Italy
Works for the Italian building industry. Lists trade shows, companies, industry professionals, and more.

AfterNoon Magazine
Motley Locus Focus, Santa Barbara, CA, US
A magazine of art and literature, with essays, poetry, fiction, plays, and more. Includes a letters section and an open submission policy.

AIMS MultiMedia NetWork
Chatsworth, CA, US
With thousands of current K-12 titles, this site provides a comprehensive source of high-quality educational programming for both school and home use.

AlphaMall Marketing
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Offers tons of useful and interesting information on various products and services.

Analog Devices, Inc.
Tvisions, Boston, MA, US
Makes integrated circuits for many industries and applications from automotive products to communication products. Product information is available, including models, press releases, and data sheets.

Antiviral Agents Bulletin
Biotechnology Information Institute, Rockville, MD, US
The only periodical specializing in antiviral drug and vaccine development.

Apple Pie Pictures
Edinburgh, Scotland
Film producer and director John Lamond has started this new film production company and is announcing investment opportunities in the multi-billion dollar investment.

New York, NY, US
A fine arts site featuring special projects such as the CODE show and Day Without Art Web Action by emerging Web artists. Includes an excellent resource page with links to arts sites and an uncurated slide registry.

ASA Computers, Inc
Umatilla, FL, US
A major computer/networking components supplier who ships worldwide daily.

Assembled Solutions, Inc.
Cedar Rapids, IA, US
Provides Macintosh- and IBM-based sports statistics software for softball, baseball, basketball, and soccer.

Australian Community Legal Centres
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
A directory of the 140 or so legal centres in Australia, including email and Web addresses where available. Commmunity legal centres are independent, not-for-profit, legal service providers working on public interest issues for people and organizations who otherwise have little access to the justice system.

Automotive Database
Fonthill, Ontario, Canada
A service for buying and selling all sorts of vehicles and parts.

Beano's Corner
SportsFever, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, US
Want to know who is going to win the "big" game? Beano knows and he'll tell, as only he can. Enter the chat room and give him an opinion.

BellSouth in Tennessee
Nashville, TN, US
Features general information about BellSouth in Tennessee, including news releases, regulation updates, and products. The site highlights telecommunications solutions for homes, telecommuters, and small and large businesses.

Ben's Herb Garden
Austin, TX, US
Distributors of Wild Yam (Dioscorea), a beneficial herb against age-related diseases, cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, diabetes, and more.

The Best of the Internet Site Blaster
SoloTech, Madison, WI, US
An application allowing users to search the Internet offline, saving valuable time and money.

Beyond the Winter
Endrun Electronic Publishers, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Beyond the Winter is set in the next century after a global war. The main plot is survival but there is also an enchanting love story. The first four chapters can be read free.

the blue dot
Razorfish, Inc., New York, NY, US
Ever bouncing, sliding, changing, moving, seething, seeping, and growing. Features art, music, poetry, and more.

Boise Cascade Office Products
Itasca, IL, US
The nation's number one contract stationer and a full-service business-to-business office products provider.

The Books of Harlan Ellison
A Misfortune Cookie Company Production, Vancouver, WA, US
A comprehensive survey of one of the most innovative and infuriating talents in contemporary literature.

Boss Basher
Wescat Services, Seminole, FL, US
Boss bashing goes on 24 hours a day in every workplace. Give bosses the attention they deserve for their misdeeds. Bash them with a Boss Basher T-shirt.

Powell, OH, US
Provides manufacturing, packaging, and distribution services for CD-ROMs, CD-Video, CD-Audio, and more.

Bridge Builders Information Center
New Brunswick, NJ, US
Offers information on strategy guides, services, publications, seminars, and educational Web sites for high school, college, and adult students.

Bridgeway Capital Corporation
Yellow Pages Superhighway, Sausalito, CA, US
A lessor of capital equipment, specializing in the financing of manufacturing equipment for the high-technology industry and equipment associated with the food and beverage industries.

Buddhist Door
Tung Lin Kok Yuen, Canada Society, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A monthly Internet publication on Buddhism.

Career Magazine
National Career Search, Inc., Boulder, CO, US
A complete resource center for career-related information. Current job listings, resumes, and employer profiles are provided.

Carl Meyer
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, US
Personal information on this professor at North Carolina State University, along with a link about Numerical Analysis and Linear Algebra.

The Center For Counseling And Health Resources, Inc.
Dr. Gregg Jantz, Edmonds, WA, US
A full-service counseling clinic with online resources. Specializes in help for eating disorders.

Ceramiche Caesar
SMART, Granarolo, Italy
Produces fine porcelain stoneware made from a specially selected blend of clays from Italy and abroad, mixed with kaolins, quartz, and feldspars.

Chelsea's Choice Coffee
Comsortium, New York, NY, US
The premier espresso bar in downtown New York serves specialty gourmet coffees, teas, and pastries.

Chivalry Sports Renaissance Catalog Online
Tuscon, AZ, US
Specializes in Medieval and Renaissance merchandise for the re-enactor, fantasy gamer, and historical recreationist.

Christian Doctrine
Christian Apologetics and Resource Ministry, Escondido, CA, US
This site is dedicated to teaching the Christian doctrine, equipping believers, documenting cult doctrines (Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses), exposing the New Age, and opposing Evolution.

HotWired, San Francisco, CA, US
A volatile mixture that can sting, smart, and swing. The global village does not have to be dry. Find out how to make anything from an Old Fashioned to a Mai Tai.

Comics: The Xene Scene
Eyeball Soup Designs, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
A hot, new graphic anthology featuring Singaporean artists and writers, spectacular 3D computer graphics, artist insights, and more.

Common Cause Texas
Austin, TX, US
A combination of Texas and national legislative initiatives aimed at making government more open, honest, and accountable. Includes a "how-to" for people to get involved.

CommonBond Communications, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM, US
Has provided services to credit unions for over 17 years with Art & Articles and Statement Enclosures.

Computer Marketplace, Inc.
Tewksbury, MA, US
A computer consulting company specializing in systems integration, with a major focus on LANs.

Beverly Hills, CA, US
Provides full-service sites on the World Wide Web via the Internet. Services include server space and Net site design, maintenance, and promotion.

Continental Cablevision
Boston, MA, US
Provides access to a variety of customer-oriented, interactive information services including interactive television listings section and customer handbook.

Creative Direction, Inc
Cicero, IN, US
A haven for those interested in high-level marketing communications on the cutting edge of technology.

Virginia Beach, VA, US
Information on the software product, Excalibur, an application that allows any person or small business to communicate, demonstrate, or sell over the Internet.

Tutto Crociere, Cremona, Italy
Provides information on all types of cruise travel compiled for both trade and the general public. Updated weekly, it delivers the latest news and special offers.

Datacomm Distribution
Bridgeport, CT, US
Offers products that allow connection of computer/laptop modems to cellular or pay telephones.

Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, US
Information on research, teaching, and extension activities of the department, as well as contact information, seminar program, and links to other interesting sites.

Department of Radiology
Univ. of Texas Health Sciences Center, San Antonio, TX, US
Find information on the department, its faculty and residents, facilities, and residency program. Also featured is the Nuclear Medicine Review Manual, a hypertext reference and review of nuclear radiology.

Department of Surgery
The Univ. of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX, US
A leading health sciences resource dedicated to offering the finest quality health care education. Read a general overview, find out a bit about Galveston, and learn about the various divisions of the department.

The Discovery Museums
Acton, MA, US
Two separate but complementary museums filled with exciting, interactive exhibits for children of all ages, using focused spaces and hands-on activities inviting exploration and discovery.

DX Internet Business Center
New York, NY, US
Provides businesses and individuals with a unique, hands-on opportunity to explore the Internet.

Dynacomm Public Relations
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Offers public relations, copywriting, speech writing, ghost writing, press releases, media kits, and brochures.

Egypt has it all
Egyptian Tourism Authority, Cairo, Egypt
An exciting tour through the most beautiful places in Egypt, along with lots of pictures and traveler information.

TASC Laboratory, University of Pau, Pau, France
The first reviewed international electronic journal on networks and distributed processing. Publishes French and English research and applications papers.

Electronaut Software Corporation
Raleigh, NC, US
A developer of innovative education and game titles for the Macintosh. Specializes in early learning games for preschool children.

SMART, Granarolo, Italy
A manufacturing firm in Italy producing single-fired glazed floor and wall tiles.

Energy Cards
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
This site contains new research on self healing and self development.

Entreprenuers' Startup Page
Hidden Treasures, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Dedicated to helping people start and run their own business for little or no money down and showcase them here.

Eternal Project
Budapest, Hungary
A small demo group formed in 1993. The site features some intros, demos, and links.

Evanston, Wyoming, Economic Development Information
Uinta County, Evanston, WY, US
Expanding or relocating a business? This site is an economic development contact for the Evanston, Wyoming area of Southwest Wyoming.

Explosive 3D Greeting Cards
It's Second Nature, Boulder, CO, US
Information on a miraculous holiday greeting card that unfurls when the recipient breaks the envelope seal.

Fairway Bunker III
Providence, RI, US
Golf-related stories, humor, trivia, and perhaps most importantly, a recognizable character to identify with. Fairway is the golfing buddy everybody would like to have, the friend we all need, and the expert we wish we had access to.

Federation Internationale de Fottball Association (FIFA) On-Line
Zurich, Switzerland
Official information on the FIFA World Cup and other FIFA competitions, as well as details of match results from FIFA's competitions, press releases, the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Rankings, FIFA News, and FIFA Magazine.

Fiordo Industrie Ceramiche
SMART, Granarolo, Italy
An Italian company that specializes in fine stoneware.

Florida Auto Web
Miami, FL, US
A cyber-showroom of exotic pre-owned vehicles from the Sunshine State.

FMK Karate and Fitness Center
Port Dickinson, NY, US
Learn Shotkan Karate and self-defense with a philosophy of nonviolence, while perfecting one's mind and body.

Forever Emu
Cumberland Furnace, TN, US
An informational site promoting the benefits of using emu oil and meat as a way to better health.

Fundcraft Publishing
Collierville, TN, US
The largest publisher of community cookbooks in the U.S. for church, school, and civic groups. The cookbooks are great for fundraising or personal profit.

Fur Online
New York, NY, US
The single source for fur fashions, from international runway video to shopping and the latest trade news.

Gadgets & Gizmos
Duluth, GA, US
Find great prices on the latest in telephones, caller-id, weather instruments, multimedia kits, sports gadgets, radar detectors, and more. New items are added weekly.

Gambarelli Ceramica
SMART, Granarolo, Italy
One of the first Italian companies to market single-fired tiles. Tiles are interesting and beautiful.

Gateway School of Recording and Music Technology
London, England
Offers training in music technology and music business studies. Web pages include information, course notes, newsletters, and links.

Legendary Productions, Philadelphia, PA, US
The Internet's first science fiction series, with five full episodes and more.

Global Leasing Services.
New York, NY, US
A full-service financial organization doing business throughout the U.S. and select countries worldwide. Specialties include equipment leasing and medical practice refinancing.

Go Explore
San Diego, CA, US
The place where frequent travelers turn for information on the top 50 U.S. cities.

Gold Coast Bus Tours
Los Angeles, CA, US
Learn about the exciting history of Southern California's Gold Coast, which encompasses Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles counties.

Gold Coast Mall
TV Advertising, Boca Raton, FL, US
A South Florida shopping center with an array of features and storefronts for every Internet shopper.

Goldstar Graphics
Norman, OK, US
An Internet site where users can find thousands of football images sorted by professional team or NCAA school.

Gone Fishin'
PowerServe, Inc., Plant City, FL, US
A listing and description of experienced charter captains in Florida, both offshore and flats. Some captains also offer shelling, sightseeing, island hopping, and trips to Dry Tortugas and Bahamas.

Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, US
A multimedia system that provides interactive real-time videos and audios, and is fully compatible with HTTP protocol.

Greenland Guide
Pegasus Press and Greenland Tourism, Nuuk, Greenland
A guide to travel, tourism, and society in Greenland. The virtual home for Santa Claus of Greenland.

Healthcare Open Systems & Trials (HOST)
Washington, DC, US
A broad-based consortium of organizations that serve the healthcare community, and dedicated to accelerating the deployment of open, interoperable, and integrated healthcare information systems.

Healthworks Online
Healthworks Ltd., Leeds, England
A new Internet service for health information. The service is free to access and is aimed at both health professionals and members of the public who require in-depth health-related information.

Itamar Sagie, Plantation, FL, US
A presentation of opportunities with the company and a complete product line.

Hiroshima Calling
Hiroshima-i Internet Group, Hiroshima., Japan
Introducing a moving photobook on Hiroshima by Paul Quayle, a British photographer.

Hostel Holiday
St. Petersburg, Russia
The biggest and the most-visited hostel in St. Petersburg, Russia. Features a central location, affordable prices, top-notch security, and easy access to public transport.

How to be Funnier
Providence, RI, US
A course and guidebook on how to be funnier. Includes step-by-step instruction on how to tell jokes, build confidence, and develop a sense of humor.

HSiN Semiconductor
Singapore, Republic of Singapore
One of the best sources for SGS-Thomson TRIACS, DIACs, ICs, and microprocessors.

San Francisco, CA, US
An arts and music zine that originated in paper and now finds itself mutated in one form on the Web. Its main goal is to make a place for people to write and create, for no other reason than the fact that it's there.

Hydra Technologies
Annandale, VA, US
Offers nursing staff education automation in civilian and military hospitals and clinics, as well as LAN design and support services.

Imperative Records
West Hills, CA, US
Proudly announces the release of Robert Morgan Fisher's new album. Get information on Robert and download clips from this hot country/Americana rising star.

Indiana University Northwest Web Page
Gary, IN, US
One of eight campuses of Indiana University, servicing the seven counties of northwestern Indiana.

Indonesia Connect
PT Addiaswan Graha, Jakarta, Indonesia
Where the world meets Indonesia and Indonesians meet the world. Find a directory of businesses and hotels, a career directory, and a real estate directory, as well as a list of services.

InfoPoint Travel Agency Directory
Santa Cruz, CA, US
An index of Santa Cruz travel agencies with vacation and travel ideas from Mexico to Hawaii, from adventure to leisure, in exotic or luxurious locations.

The Interactive Web Site
Joseph Bolling, Grand Island, NE, US
A place where users can read the daily news, visit a virtual beach, check the phone bill, sell a car, and find out about the weather.

Intermountain Digital Imaging
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Specializes in satellite imaging, digital mapping, and map conversion services. Also distributes educational software related to remote sensing and geography.

International Business Education and Research
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, US
The IBEAR program is a Pacific Rim-focused executive educational program.

The Internet Holiday Centre
London, England
Specializes in providing offers for travel from the United Kingdom and within it.

Internet Online Programs
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI, US
A list of business and money-making opportunities for Internet entrepreneurs.

IWCC International Website Construction Co.
Miami, FL, US
A company specializing in creating high-quality Web pages for the Latin American market.

J.R. Burrows & Company
Rockland, MA, US
These historical design merchants carry Arts and Crafts Movement wallpaper, furnishing fabric, William Morris carpetings, lace curtains, and Federal and Victorian carpetings.

KFO, New York, NY, US
Nineteen seventies hard rock/pop New York City trend and fad-free real music for real people the alternative to alternative

Nairn, Scotland
Customized Web promotion services including new market and distribution development, prospect identification, and monitoring and reporting new product and service opportunities.

Language Learning Disability: Remediation Research
Univ. of California at San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, US
Provides information about remediation research related to language learning disability. Information relevant to dyslexia is also provided.

Laura Plantation
Destrehan High School, Destrehan, LA, US
Information on a Creole plantation and the American home of Brer Rabbit.

Le Groupe Brochu - Lafleur Inc.
St-Henri de Levis, Quebec, Canada
Information on this company's mills, hog breeding, slaughtering, and butchering activities.

The League for Innovation in the Community College
Mission Viejo, CA, US
A nonprofit educational consortium of leading community colleges organized to stimulate innovation and experimentation in all areas of community college development.

Legends of Future Past
NovaLink USA Corporation, Westborough, MA, US
A text-only online multiplayer RPG set in a fantastic setting: the magical ruins of an ancient world.

Library for Hazard Mitigation & Building Protection
National Building Protection Council, Inc., Palm Beach Gardens, FL, US
Global marketing/distribution source manufacturers making products and systems to make property/structures safer from natural and man-made disasters.

Links Golf Center CyberStore
Columbia, SC, US
Offers some of the lowest prices available on golf equipment and related items.

Links Golf Center CyberStore
Columbia, SC, US
Committed to providing golfers with the finest service, prices, and online golf assistance and instruction.

LoGIC: The Legal Group for the Internet in Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A conduit for the exchange of information and ideas about policies concerning emerging communication and information technologies.

The London Art Market
Art Contact, Ltd., London, England
Constantly updated access to the more affordable end of the most diverse art market. Antique oils, modern masters, contemporary etchings, and much more.

Lubbock, Texas, Virtual Guide
Lubbock, TX, US
A cross section of this city. Includes information on Buddy Holly, the Cowboy Symposium, the Ranching Heritage Center, economic development statistics, and the National Windmill Museum.

L.W. Foote Company
Seattle, WA, US
Conducts retained executive search assignments for companies in all industry segments.

The Magazine CyberCenter
Disticor Magazine Distribution Services, Ajax, Ontario, Canada
A newsstand for the Internet. Come in and browse magazine titles, check out the back issues, and order direct from the publisher at no charge.

Magic Graphics
Hayward, CA, US
A network of multimedia consultants comprised of designers, photographers, artists, animators, and programmers who are creative, imaginative, and experienced in achieving the best digital results.

Martin and Martin, Inc. Jewelers/Gemologists
Oak Lawn, IL, US
Specializes in diamonds, big and small. With three certified gemologists on the premises, some of the finest jewelry is designed and manufactured.

Mary Carr, Shaklee Nutritional Products Distributor
Columbus, OH, US
Distributes vitamin and mineral basics, weight management products, sports supplements, herbals, immune system support, skin care products, cosmetics, and household products.

Mason Hayes & Curran
Dublin, Ireland
A full-service Irish law firm. The site outlines its legal services, practice areas, and provides useful links for Irish businesses.

McGraw Automation Services
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Provides software products and services to promote the electronic transfer of information and business transactions between trading partners.

Media Circus
New York, NY, US
An interactive multimedia marketing, design, and production company.

Medical Case Review
Cambridge, MA, US
An information service that interprets medical records, searches the medical literature, and helps patients co-manage their managed healthcare.

MedNet Hellas
Athens Medical Society, Athens, Greece
Contains educational resources, online magazines, interactive medical congresses, and other medical information from Greece. In Greek and/or English.

Melody Dawn
SPAREKEY, Long Island, NY, US
Dedicated to promoting unsigned and independent artist and musicians in the Long Island/New York City area.

Memorabilia Holdings
Columbus, OH, US
Dealers of vintage sports, historical, and entertainment autographs.

Men's Defense Association
Forest Lake, MN, US
A resource for men and fathers including literature, a newsletter, and attorney and support organization referrals.

Music Monitor
The Record Exchange, Inc., Blacksburg, VA, US
A monthly music magazine featuring interviews, reviews, news, and articles covering all types of music, with a focus on recent releases.

Naked Ear
New York, NY, US
An interactive stage for poetry, music, pop-culture, and the arts. Virtual home to The Poemfone: New York's only free poetry hotline, featuring a different poem everyday, and a different poet every month.

Natale nel Mundo
SMART, Granarolo, Italy
See the national trade show of Christmas gifts and traditions. Craftspeople from all over Europe join together.

National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys
Denver, CO, US
Includes a searchable database of keys to wealth enhancement and preservation, and a searchable directory of lawyers and planners.

NATO Publication Coordination Office
Overijse, Belgium
A group of publications resulting from scientific/technical meetings sponsored by NATO. Publishers include Kluwer, Plenum, and Springer-Verlag.

NETG Multimedia Training Course Catalog
National Education Training Group, Naperville, IL, US
The largest multimedia training company in the world provides an Internet catalog of over 600 training courses and accepts secure credit card orders.

NeuroMedia, Ltd.
Kansas City, KS, US
Builds interactive environments, online promotions, and information spaces for the World Wide Web.

NEXT Design
Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Information on a Japanese industrial designer, complete with an online gallery of work.

Notre Dame & College Football
Mike Milano, Rochester, NY, US
Includes an extensive list of links to Notre Dame and college football pages.

Nuclear Medicine Review Manual
Univ. of Texas Health Sciences Center Department of Radiology, San Antonio, TX, US
A hypertext reference and review of nuclear radiology. This thorough and up-to-date hypertext is aimed at senior residents preparing for their board examinations, but is sure to be useful to attending physicians and residents alike.

Nuove Ceramiche Ricchetti
SMART, Granarolo, Italy
One of the most advanced companies in the Italian ceramic industry. See samples of Victory and I Marmi lines of tiles.

OMG Production Music
Torrance, CA, US
Produces and licenses music for video, cable, CD-ROM, multimedia, interactive film, production, broadcast, and advertising. A CD demo is available.

@ P C Demographics
Lakewood, CO, US
Rapid-retrieval MS-DOS software presenting more than 600 census variables by county/zip codes with percents, state/U.S. ranks, and over 200 instant sorts. Sample download.

Panaria Ceramica
SMART, Granarolo, Italy
Among the first of Italy's ceramic manufacturers to have obtained the UNI mark of quality. See how this company started 20 years ago and where it is today.

Rochester, NY, US
Rochester's most famous store is now online with secure ordering. Find full lines of Mont Blanc, Godiva, watches, and more. The site is also the home of the Guilty Netsurfers Guide to Forgiveness.

The Penguin Page
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Provides information for those wishing to succeed in the music industry, whether as an artist, manager, or producer.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Harrisburg, PA, US
Check out the latest news on new regulations, policies, and permit applications. The goal is to get people involved early in the development of regulations and policies.

Pevarnik -- Works of Art in Clay and Metal
Intellinet, Denver, CO, US
Joan Pevarnik works mainly in the raku process, which allows large pieces to be fired one at a time with flashings of color throughout.

Pivotal Resources, Inc.
Santa Fe, NM, US
Offers practical tools for personal and spiritual development in changing times by helping people to bridge ordinary and non-ordinary reality, develop their spiritual connection, and learn how to live more fully through understanding essence and personality.

Poet's Corner
WWW Cross-Functional Team, Lexington, KY, US
A diverse collection of poems by American and European poets and lyricists, from Catullus to e.e. cummings.

Positive Words
Adelaide, Australia
A transdenominational teaching ministry with emphasis on a positive, practical, and positional expression of Christianity

Powell Rod Company
Chico, CA, US
Manufacturers of quality hand-crafted fly fishing rods and tackle since 1910.

Premier Discount Travel
Los Angeles, CA, US
Save 85 percent off already, best-discounted travel rates. Save and see the world.

Programmer's Source
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A page with links of interest to programmers. Languages currently supported are C and C++, HTML, Pascal, Fortran, and Java.

QUEERIES: The Interactive Gay/Lesbian Trivia Game
Quistory Publishers Ltd., Beverly Hills, CA, US
Features questions in five categories: Literature, The Arts, Politics, Sports, and potpourri. Updated weekly.

Real Bodies
Falmouth, MA, US
Designs and imports a unique line of women's apparel from Bali, Indonesia. Specializes in beautiful batik and print fashions that are comfortable, affordable, and encourage the full expression of women of all shapes and sizes.

RE/MAX Metro Group
Wewoka, OK, US
Come by and see some beautiful houses in the "Sooner" state.

Reverend J.L. Gioia, MSTh, Multifaith Minister
New Rochelle, NY, US
Unique wedding ceremonies customized for the couple. Specializes in multicultural rituals.

Ritronics Components
Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Semiconductor components including memory, microcomputer, CCD, LCD, and laser diode. Includes updates of specifications of Sony components.

R'N'R Magazine
GOG, New York, NY, US
A literate magazine about R'N'R (rest and relaxation? rock 'n' roll?).

Robert Crockett Risk Management Consulting
Menlo Park, CA, US
Provides insurance and risk management for all corporate needs.

Rodeo Realty of Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills, CA, US
Real estate, mortgages, and loans for Southern California.

Rosada Window System
SMART, Granarolo, Italy
This window technology is unique: no glue is used, edges are rounded, and lots more.

The San Francisco Bay Area Virtual Tour
San Francisco, CA, US
A growing list of links to what is happening around the Bay, with subjects including politics, history, art, restaurants, and music.

Santa Cruz Attractions
InfoPoint, Santa Cruz, CA, US
A list of Santa Cruz area attractions from the Santa Cruz County Conference and Visitor's Council.

The Santa Cruz Community Music School
InfoPoint, Santa Cruz, CA, US
A nonprofit organization offering music education on all levels for all ages, both in performance and music appreciation.

Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Provides search and rescue information, programs, and articles on hypothermia, child survival, liability, search management, and much more.

Sequoia Softworks, Inc.
Seal Beach, CA, US
Specializes in digital media, software development, and consulting for the Internet, Windows 95, and Windows NT.

Servantis Systems, Inc.
Norcross, GA, US
Provides financial information management software to large financial institutions, corporations, utilities, and other companies.

The Shady Hill School
Cambridge, MA, US
Find out about the school and community, special interests, faculty and students, and pop by the Librarian's Resource Center.

Shandwick International
London, England
A resource for journalists, clients, and potential clients, drawing on their unique position as the largest, independent public relations firm in the world.

Shepard's Golf Classics, Inc.
Huntsville, AL, US
Services include custom-fitted, handcrafted golf clubs, antique golf club restoration, loft and lie club modification, expert repairs, and specialization in junior and senior clubs.

Shotokan Karate International Federation
Yellow Pages Superhighway, Sausalito, CA, US
Self defense and street smarts for executives who feel inadequately protected.

Sichenia Gruppo Ceramiche S.p.A.
SMART, Granarolo, Italy
One of the most important ceramic tile factories in Italy. Check out the beautiful Italian tiles.

Snow City
London, England
A multiuser building project where visitors can design their own buildings and add them to the city.

Solid Solutions International
Dayton, OH, US
A leading provider of information management solutions to the construction industry. Individualized consulting is also available.

Sommerset Capital Corporation
Dallas, TX, US
A full-service financial services and venture capital company assisting and funding clients worldwide.

South Florida Shopping Centers
PK DATA, Miami, FL, US
Web services directed at shopping malls and their associated stores.

Space Business Notes
Prometheus Press, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
A publication devoted to the potential of space-based businesses. Each issue contains articles, commentary, RealAudio, space business-related educational materials, and abstracts.

Laurel Blyth Riegel, Dallas, TX, US
A directory of haunted dining and lodging in the U.S., listed by state and city.

Pittsburgh, PA, US
Features sports entertainment, information, merchandising, and interactive participation. Beano Cook, sports collectibles, a sports art gallery, and contests, are among the initial offerings.

Square One Communications
Muskegon, MI, US
Check out their signature and handwriting fonts.

Steve's Astronomy Home Page
Janesville, WI, US
Download DEEPSKY 2000 software and find astronomical image links, information on DE403 ephemeris, and links to many other related sites.

Sumava Dry Goods
Cheyenne, WY, US
An online retailer of organic cotton clothing for children and adults.

Swiss Business Directory
Publinet, Inc., Chancy, Geneva, Switzerland
More than 15,000 Swiss companies listed.

Synth Art Exhibition
Proteon Software, Delft, The Netherlands
A new online computer graphics gallery that features a unique collection of spectacular collages, 3D images, movies, and textures, based mostly on the advanced use of fractals.

St. Lauren, Quebec, Canada
Provides interactive multimedia CD-ROM applications for productivity, total quality management (TQM), ISO9000, QS9000, and competitiveness.

Sam Choukri, Columbia, MO, US
Quickly and easily converts tab- or comma-delimited text into nicely formatted tables viewable by browsers such as Netscape and Mosaic.

Cleveland, OH, US
Home of Transverter Pro, a Level-2, Postscript language interpreter. This company solves PS and EPS issues for service bureaus, engineers, and designers.

Telescopes, Binoculars, Books on Astronomy, Birds and Nature
Lire La Nature, Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
A distributor of telescopes, binoculars, and books on astronomy, birds, and nature.

Irving, TX, US
Devoted to the development, exploration, and implementation of interactive content, including VRML, HTML 3.0, Java, and on-demand services.

Teton Pines Resort
Jackson Hole Realty, Jackson Hole, WY, US
A recreational resort offering golf, fly-fishing, tennis, cross-country skiing, and fine dining for a vacation or a lifestyle.

TechnoCore Communications, Inc., Jackson, NJ, US
Central New Jersey's newest Internet service provider offers unlimited access and 10 MB of disk space per user. Very reasonable rates.

Theme Park Point
Eric Mueller, Berkeley, CA, US
A complete, one-stop site for all theme park materials on the Web, with information on everything from Euro Disney to Splendid China.

AlternateMedia, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
A comprehensive guide to the watch and clock business both on and off the Internet.

Tournament Souvenirs
Pasadena, CA, US
The official licensee of the Tournament of Roses, Rose Parade, and Rose Bowl Game for gifts and memorabilia for these great events.

Tragic Hero
Internet Media, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
Information on a melodic, guitar-driven rock band. Find song samples and more.

Trump's Castle Casino Resort
Atlantic City, NJ, US
Located in the magnificent marina section of Atlantic City, Trump's Castle is renowned as the premier gaming and entertainment resort.

University of Arkansas Cooperative Education
Fayetteville, AR, US
An academic program that coordinates paid, degree-related work experiences for students in the Colleges of Engineering, Business Administration, Arts and Sciences, Architecture, and Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences.

The Unofficial David Weber Fan Club
Scott Deering, New Brunswick, NJ, US
Designed to allow fans to exchange pictures, information, reviews, and news about the latest military sci-fi releases by author David Weber.

Urban Inversion Bookstore
West Hollywood, CA, US
A bookstore and gift shop specializing in urban planning, urbanism, and city life.

Van Sant Associates
Oakdale, CA, US
An information service linked to over 5000 information resources, including a network of databases, international libraries, and research institutes.

The Video Barn
The Video Barn, Canyon Country, CA, US
Specialists in current movie releases and hard-to-find titles for over 14 years.

WebExpress Ltd.
Newbury, Berkshire, England
A unique set of HTML and CGI services and solutions to make the Internet work for your business.

West Oz Web
Perth, Australia
The Internet marketing, advertising, and information network that specializes in promoting Western Australian products and services.

Western Minded
Cotati, CA, US
Brings to its viewers a broad selection of high-quality horse and Western lifestyle items. Articles and other items of interest are updated each month.

Women's Studies
Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, US
Explore the available opportunities by learning more about the interdisciplinary minor and the campus organizations that support women's issues.

World History Chart Online
HyperHistory Online Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Developed by Andreas Nothiger, the World History Chart is a synchronism timeline of 3000 years of global history.

X Communications' XWORLD
New York, NY, US
Music, multimedia, great links, and Kurt Cobain's Magic Talking 8 Ball.

Yale Outdoors
New Haven, CT, US
A centralized source of information about outing opportunities at Yale University and in the surrounding New Haven community.

Yellow Pages Superhighway
Sausalito, CA, US
The first Internet directory to offer clients the Updatable Page - a proprietary concept where users can update or create their own passcode-protected Web pages from their computers.

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