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What's New: March 1996

Friday, 1 March 1996

The American College of Physician Executives
Tampa, FL, US
Provides infomation for physicians about educational seminars, certificate programs, annual events, career opportunities, and medical publications.

Art 1996 Chicago at Navy Pier
Thomas Blackman Associates, Chicago, IL, US
The fourth annual exposition of modern and contemporary art that features the works of over 2,000 artists, presented by more than 185 U.S. and international galleries.

Bad Lifestyles
Portland, OR, US
Fiction and poetry, strange features, and images for bad lifestyles.

Beyond the Pale
Sacramento, CA, US
Helps comics fans keep up on the latest comic and game releases. Updated every Wednesday.

Brain Surgeon's World
Deepak Awasthi, New Orleans, LA, US
The world of a brain surgeon, described with multiple graphics. Explore brain anantomy.

Central Collegiate Hockey Association
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Delivers scores, standings, statistics, records, history and other information about the CCHA and its members.

Chapel of Sorrows
Black Cat Productions, Charlotte, NC, US
A guide to the gothic/industrial scene in Charlotte.

Club Methane
Stephen Merrill Associates, Fort Walton Beach, FL, US
A social club and support group for the profoundly flatulent.

Comet Hyakutake Home Page
Ron Baalke, Pasadena, CA, US
Follow the dust tail of the newly discovered comet, the brightest since 1976, which will pass only 0.10 AU from the Earth on 25 March 1996.

The Compleat Bellairs
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Before there was the utter corniness of R.L. Stine, there was John Bellairs, author of many Gothic horror/suspense/mysteries for children. This Web site is a fun, fact-filled compendium of his work.

Planet 3 Productions, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A continuously updated online magazine that features news, reviews, opinions, and information on computers and computing.

Philadelphia, PA, US
A new literary review based at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ebola Outbreak Updates
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, US
Index to articles and other documents relating to current/recent Ebola outbreaks. Follow the virus as it makes its way into your body.

Farm Sector Economics
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Offers agricultural economic information and consultantion.

forum medizin
Gesellschaft fuer Medienberatung und Informationsverbreitung mbH, Bovenden, Niedersachsen, Germany
Der deutschsprachige Ausgangspunkt fuer Internetrecherchen im Gesundheitswesen. The starting point for Internet research in public health issues.

Historisch Museum Rotterdam Schielandsh.
Studio de Nes, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Check out this Dutch history museum online.

HUD User
Rockville, MD, US
The primary source for federal government reports and information on housing policy and programs.

inSiTe webzine
Motion Works Online, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Covers the latest trends in North American pop culture, style, and entertainment with an attitude geared towards the new generation.

The Internet Epicurean
Dragon Street Pictures, Dallas, TX, US
A semi-monthly cooking and food-related Webzine. Includes articles, interactive features, a recipe exchange, and a user-updated recipe database.

The Internet Webseum of Holography
Frank DeFreitas, Allentown, PA, US
Information about the fascinating fields of lasers and holography.

Labor Community Strategy Center
Los Angeles, CA, US
An anti-corporate think/act tank focused on grassroots organizing around labor, environmental justice, and transportation issues.

Mac Warehouse
Norwalk, CT, US
The definitive catalog retailer of Macintosh software and hardware.

The Matchmaking Game
Eve Andersson, Pasadena, CA, US
This is the exciting new dating game show where players can win a real-life, expense-paid date. The audience participates by voting for the winners.

Menlo The Frog
Windy Hill Productions, Menlo Park, CA, US
An interactive learning cartoon CD-ROM that teaches musical literacy. Download a free demo online.

Music West
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The most mind-warping, mediactive music conference ever. Discover new music, new technologies, and new business. Site includes information, updates, and band links.

National Cancer Institute of Canada, Clinical Trials Group
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
A cooperative oncology group which carries out clinical trials in cancer therapy and supportive care across Canada and internationally.

Nebraska Educational Telecommunications
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Lincoln, NE, US
Offers a full spectrum of services including noncommercial television, radio, satellite and audio, video and multimedia production, as well as one of the world's largest educational media libraries.

GO PUBLIC Internet Relations, Baden-Siegenfeld, Austria
Hundreds of links to newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio stations all over the world.

The Northeastern Tai Chi Chuan Association
AVSC International, New York, NY, US
A not-for-profit organization devoted to the teaching of Tai Chi Chuan and related Asian studies.

Oklahoma City Home Page
Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau, Oklahoma City, OK, US
Check out Oklahoma City's attractions, hotels, events, history, and more.

Nat Rew, Miami, FL, US
A zine about the musical style known as Bass. Covers clothing, videos, and albums, and holds a drawing for prizes every month.

RJ Reynolds
Greensboro, NC, US
Features news about the company, programs developed to address issues facing the U.S. tobacco industry, and information on RJR's youth non-smoking program.

Spirit 0f '76
Netlaunch.com, Hackettstown, NJ, US
Visit the Delaware Valley Region of Bucks and Hunterdon Counties, "Crossroads of the American Revolution". Information on historic sites, antique shops, galleries, quaint inns, and romantic restaurants is available.

Strange Matter
Live Software, San Diego, CA, US
Companion Web site to the serial books of the same name. Terrifying tales of supernatural suspense for young adults. Read sample chapters and chat with fellow spooky book lovers.

Teen Movie Reviews
Mark Rogers, Dunsmuir, CA, US
Yet another teenage movie review site. Mark Rogers, a 15 year old, reviews one movie per week, always explaining why a teenager will like or dislike it.

Toonces! The Cat Who Could Drive
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Unofficial Toonces site with some great Toonces resources.

Unofficial Porsche Page
Dr. Stefan Pausch, Duesseldorf, Germany
An unofficial Porsche page, in German. Contains articles and photos of the Porsche magazine Christophorus.

Vegas Daily
Vegas on Line, Las Vegas, NV, US
Dedicated to Las Vegas, with guides to entertainment, gaming, restaurants, and real estate.

Brian de Lemos, Miami Beach, FL, US
A Web zine covering entertainment, Web life, society, literature, fashion, film, law, humor, politics, sex, music, news, art, and much more.

WALTHAM World of Pet Care
Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, Leicestershire, England
Find out about dogs, cats, fish and birds including feeding, grooming, training, exercise, health, lifestage, and much more.

Wentworth Institute of Technology
Boston, MA, US
Offers bachelor's degrees in architecture, design, engineering, and technology.

Monday, 4 March 1996

12th Plane
Brighton, MA, US
A whacked-out, humorous zine dedicated to humor, short stories, poetry, and finding the entrance to the mysterious 12th Plane.

1-800 BBS Directory
Ian Bergman, Alford, MA, US
A fully alphabetical listing of all major U.S. computer bulletin boards with toll-free access numbers.

The Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art
The Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
More than 70 works of art by twenty artists from across Australia, installed in temporary exhibition galleries. Includes images, biographical information, and links.

Archaeology Magazine
Archaeological Institute of America, New York, NY, US
Includes tables of contents, newsbriefs, and abstracts of current and recent issues, plus links to the best archaeological sites on the Web.

AutoLiNQ Montreal
Solcom Communications Inc., Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada
The world's only bilingual car center for Quebec residents, featuring new and used car dealers, information on all brands, maintenance tips, dealer specials, and more.

Camp Mak-A-Dream
Children's Oncology Camp Foundation, Missoula, MT, US
The mission of the Children's Oncology Camp Foundation is to provide an appropriately supervised, cost-free camp program for children with cancer.

Center for Reiki Training
Center for Reiki Training, Detroit, MI, US
A nonprofit organization offering well-organized training in the stress reduction technique known as Reiki. Includes information on teacher certification programs and support services around the world.

Comprehensive Sports Information
Paul Lavers, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
An online magazine devoted to the sports handicapper.

Creative Media Cauldron
New York, NY, US
Showcases "Plug-In Playlets," interactive multimedia Java applets for Web developers.

CyberIron Bodybuilding
Seattle, WA, US
The most comprehensive site on the Internet for bodybuilding, powerlifting, fitness, and nutritional information.

Heather's Wild World of Animals
St. Louis, MO, US
A look at Heather's zoo, plus a definitive hotlist of animal-related sites.

The Hedonistic Imperative
BLTC Research, Brighton, East Sussex, UK
Outlines an ambitious, wildly implausible, but ultimately feasible long-term species-project to eradicate the biological substrates of aversive experience via third-millennium nanotechnolgy, bioengineering, and psychopharmacology.

Indigent Services Inc.
Eureka, CA, US
A nonprofit organization that serves the homeless community of Northern California.

Information Warfare
Institute for Advanced Study of Information Warfare, New York, NY, US
Examines the impact of Information Warfare (IW) on military and civilian life.

The International Council for Scientific and Technical Information
Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Offers a unique forum for interaction between organizations that create, disseminate, and use scientific and technical information.

International Wildlife Education & Conservation
Los Angeles, CA, US
A great site to gather information about wildlife conservation, becoming an I.W.E.C. team member, and saving endangered animals worldwide.

The Internet Braille Wizard
Access 20/20 Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
An online, realtime English-to-Braille translator.

Jane Seymour Web Page
Robin Mack, Los Angeles, CA, US
A Jane Seymour fan page, with numerous pictures, a biography and filmography, and articles and reviews.

Kids Place On the Web
CyberTrek Inc., N. Lauderdale, FL, US
Information for parents of children with disabilities.

The Moan and Groan Page
The University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, US
Records users' most frequently reported complains about computer companies and products. Updates, fixes, and work-arounds are also included.

Mr. Media
St. Petersburg, FL, US
So much media, so little time. Who keeps track of it all? Mr. Media!

New and Kewl
New York, NY, US
Showcases unique and remarkable new gadgets on the market.

PC Monitor Specs
John Taylor, Athens, GA, US
Contains technical information of 480 monitor specifications. Also included are manufacturers phone numbers and URLs.

Pulse of the Planet
Jim Metzner, Yorktown Heights, NY, US
Companion to the nationally-syndicated radio series from DuPont, examining current innovations in science and technology worldwide.

San Rafael, CA, US
Includes the Indycar Fantasy League Game, RaceZone Art Gallery, Official Motorsports Directory, and over 400 auto racing links listed by category and rated from 1 to 5 stars.

RV America
Web Site Management, Inc., Tempe, AZ, US
A site for all types of information about RVs, the lifestyle, camping, companies, and products.

Senator Arlen Specter for President
Arlen Specter '96, Philadelphia, PA, US
Includes biographical information, issue stances, speeches, and news releases regarding the Senator's campaign.

Shamanic Constructions of Death
E-Cottage, Bloemfontein, South Africa
An interactive study in text and painting of shamanic constructions of death.

Springing the Blues Festival
Jacksonville Beach, FL, US
Information on the Blues festival in Jacksonville Beach on 12-14 April 1996.

Sri Chinmoy Oneness Home Peace Run
Peace Runs International, Inc., Forest Hills, NY, US
The world's largest relay run for peace, in 70 nations. See details on the 1996 and 1997 Peace Runs, and information on participating.

U.S. West Yellow Pages for Boulder, Colorado
U S West, Denver, CO, US
In-depth, complete, searchable business listings for Boulder.

U.S. EPA Office of Air & Radiation
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC, US
Information on air-related problems, how the problems are being solved, and what people can do to help, with regard to air pollution and airborne radiation in the United States.

VBO-FEB Federation of Belgian Companies
Brussels, Belgium
Information on the leading employers' organization in Belgium.

Kim and John Betancourt, Berkeley Heights, NJ, US
The starting point for science fiction readers on the web, Wildside offers links to more than 170 science fiction, fantasy, and horror writers' home pages, plus on-line fiction by best-selling Star Trek author (and site master) John Betancourt.

Tuesday, 5 March 1996

1st Impressions Resumes & Career Strategies
Sue Nowacki, South Bend, IN, US
Full resume writing and development services as well as discussions and articles focused on career-related issues.

American Business Interlink
Oakbrook, IL, US
A site housing a library of free business articles written by successful entreprenures for small and growing businesses.

Anatomy of a Clown
Summer Dream Inc., Baltimore, MD, US
An exploration of the nether-regions of clowns. Shockwave required.

Archaeology Research in Peru
Bruce Owen, Palo Alto, CA, US
These pages present archaeological research papers about the south of Peru as well as a picture gallery of archaeological ceramics.

Advanstar Expositions, Cleveland, OH, US
Information on the most comprehensive art trade show and consumer art fair in the world, featuring over 600 exhibitors of art.

Bad Dog Homepage
Mitch Mills, US
Chronicles the random destructive nature of Mitch's Weimaraner.

The Basketball Highway
San Luis Obispo, CA, US
A worldwide educational and informational resource for basketball coaches and enthusiasts providing access to events, schedules and results, books, sports medicine, drills, camps, tournament, team travel, and many other items.

Center for Transportation Research
Clair LaVaye, Austin, TS, US
A university-based transportation research facility. Topics include construction and materials engineering research, urban congestion, air quality, alternative fuels, telecommuting, and aviation research.

City of Toronto Home Page
The Corporation of the City of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Contains extensive listings of city issues, services and programs, economic opportunities, council activity, local ward news, and more.

Mark Qian, Palo Alto, CA, US
Dress warmly, it's extremely cool here. Find free screen savers, utilities, and more.

Destination Vancouver
Netminder Internet Communications, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A resource guide for people living in or travelling to Vancouver. Includes places to stay, restaurants, entertainment, maps, and visitors' resources.

Diabetes Miracle Walk
Derby, KS, US
Follow a 62 year old diabetic as he walks nearly 1500 miles to the 1996 summer olympics.

Edward King's Home Page
London, England
Home page of an expert on AIDS and possible treatments. Includes King's regular contributions to The Pink Paper and Positive Times.

Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program
Alexandria, VA, US
A unique public/private partnership anually funding more than 11,000 agencies that serve the hungry and homeless in more than 2,400 communities.

Expulsion Online
Expulsion E/tmh! Inc., Fairfax Station, VA, US
George Mason University's only independent newspaper.

Focus on Tasmania
Focus on Tasmania, Kings Meadows, Tasmania, Australia
Tasmania's most up-to-date information book, keeping locals and visitors to the state in touch with events and places to see.

Horse World
Northshore Computer Solutions, Toledo, OH, US
A business directory for the horse and equine industry promoting trainers, breeders, judges, stallions, farms, the 4-H program, shows, and events. A calendar and classified section is also available.

Indonesia Today
Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Tour Indonesia's tropical forests, sample the cuisine, explore the Island of the Month, and scout the fertile business landscape.

The Internet Movie Institute
Los Angeles, CA, US
A fun and fact-filled place to voice an opinion on the Oscars, the Golden Raspberry Awards, and the IMI's "Netty Awards."

Jeff's Chat Index
Big Enterprises, Amanda, OH, US
A comprehensive, alphabetical list of chat areas on the Internet.

JobLine OnLine LA
Monica Farrier, Santa Clarita, CA, US
Los Angeles-area help-wanted ads in a free user-friendly database.

Job's Palace
Southam New Media, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
An online comic strip with a soundtrack, in .wav or RealAudio. Part of the Ego Interactive weekly entertainment and music site.

Journal of Basketball Studies
University of North Carolina, Lawrenceville, NJ, US
Includes a compilation of statistical research on basketball, new science-based methods for evaluating players and teams, and a professional scout's knowledge of basketball.

The Lawyers Spotlight
Northvale, NJ, US
An innovative law site with a searchable legal database. Covers New York and Boston, with other cities to follow.

Liechtenstein News
Liechtensteiner Vaterland, Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein's official newspaper. Contains news and information on the Princely Family, jobs, stamps, finance, trade, business, and banks.

MIDI Made Music for Windows
LLERRAH Inc, Plano, TX, US
A full-featured shareware jukebox player for use on Windows and through any Web browser. Includes an online jukebox of MIDI and .wav files.

Columbus, OH, US
A conservative Christian newsletter covering current social and political issues.

The Mutual Link
Webprojects, Reigate, Surrey, England
A free service site where webmasters can contact others to set up subject relevant mutual links.

C&L Trading, San Diego, CA, US
Provides information on coins, currency, and money, and hosts exciting activities such as online auctions.

Optical Storage Technology Association, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA, US
An international trade organization dedicated to facilitating and promoting use of writable optical technology for storing computer data and images.

The Orthodontic Homepage
Masel Industries, Bristol, PA, US
Helpful orthodontic information from the manufacturer of Masel products. Includes FAQ for orthodontic patients and their parents, fun facts about braces, and a dictionary of orthodontic terms.

Otto G. Richter Library
University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL, US
Check out the library's staff and holdings as well as more general library information.

Estoril, Lisboa, Portugal
Information on Portuguese arts, culture, business, travel, and social events. In Portuguese only.

The Pregnancy Institute
Slidell, LA, US
A nonprofit organization created to study normal pregnancies and promote the likelihood of healthier pregnancies.

Programmer's Oasis
Simo Salminen, Turku, Finland
A programmer's resource, with information about languages, compilers, standards, and more. Includes developer news, related links, and search capabilities.

Resource Guide on Distributed Media
Teleshuttle Corporation, New York, NY, US
This guide relates to all aspects of integrating local and online information access. Such hybrid combinations of online and offline resources complement the inherent limitations of single-mode solutions to provide maximum power and economy.

Savings Bond Valuation
MMR Software, Bethesda, MD, US
Find the exact value of any Series EE Savings Bond online.

FB Lifton and Assoiates, Wheeling, IL, US
A source of information and marketplace of ideas for educational collective bargaining and legal issues affecting schools and colleges.

Timescape Project
Provo, UT, US
An interactive site where participants can collectively write, illustrate, and critique an interactive science fiction time-travel novel.

Vallejo Today Magazine
Vallejo, CA, US
Vallejo's only online magazine and city resource guide. Find information on business, tourism, education, arts, and entertainment.

Weather Dude
Nick Walker, Seattle, WA, US
An educational weather site especially for kids, parents, and teachers. Its purpose is to make meteorology simple, understandable, and fun.

Webheads Home Page
Mystic, CT, US
A constantly updated hotlist of cool sites, with Java surprises.

WTVC NewsChannel 9
Chattanooga, TN, US
Searchable health information, weather, updated news and more.

Wednesday, 6 March 1996

a.k.a. Art Search
Getty Art History Information Program, Sanat Monica, CA, US
An experimental tool that uses vocabulary resources to give transparent, enhanced access to different databases of cultural information. Search thousands of records from AHIP databases.

Allergy Information Center
KISSWARE Works!, Rolla, MO, US
Discussions on the causes and effects of allergy problems and how to get relief.

Angel of Fashion Award
Boca Raton, FL, US
A Net award given to selected outstanding fashion sites.

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons
Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia
An organization which represents plastic surgeons in Australia. The site includes information on the history of plastic surgury as well as on specific procedures.

Aviation Web
SWIS Projects Inc., Goleta, CA, US
The complete online aviation resource.

The Basement Magazine
Tin Dizdarevic, Setauket, NY, US
Alternative politics, literature, music, and game reviews

The Bodega Bay Navigator
Bodega Bay, CA, US
The community weekly newspaper of Southwestern Sonoma County and Northwestern Marin County. Includes headlines, commentary, features, and weather.

The Car Place
Robert C. Bowden, Tampa, FL, US
Weekly vehicle reviews and a database of past reviews. Additional areas include comments from readers, vehicle lists, and links to quality auto sites.

Children's Defense Fund
Arlington, VA, US
Provides a strong and effective voice for all the children of America, who cannot vote, lobby, or speak out for themselves.

Columns of Financial Times Tech Writer Tim Jackson
London, Britain
Current and archived columns from the technology guru of the Financial Times, a global business daily newspaper.

Computer Game Developers' Association
Los Altos, CA, US
The worldwide professional society for the interactive entertainment industry. Anyone with a professional interest in the field is welcome to join.

Concept Images
Don Carroll, New York, NY, US
Portfolios of renowned photographers. Includes images of earth, globe, maps, fashion, fine art, travel, nature, and adventure.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Guide to the Galaxy
Michael Stilman, US
A Douglas Adams fan page, with information on the humor/science fiction author and his works. Includes an attempt to create the mythical Hitchhiker's Guide in hypertext.

Disembodied Eyes
La Conner, WA, US
Information pertaining to Entheogens, Ethnobotany, Neuropharmacology, and Shamanism.

Don't Take No For An Answer!
Rude-imentary Skazine, Joppa, MD, US
Features an online version of the skazine Rude-imentary, plus other ska and punk resources.

Frames Tutorial
Webspinners, Inc., Smithfield, NC, US
A frame tutorial to assist others in the application of one of Netscape's newer features.

Giant Step/Groove Academy
New York, NY, US
Born out of the famed nomadic dance club, Giant Step promotes a weekly club scene across New York City. Contains information about and for artists, DJs, and musicians.

Hot Rod Your Head!
Bodhi Tree, Lawton, OK, US
A great internet directory of sites related to the revolution of the mind.

Insider Presse Dienst IT News & Stories
Basel, Switzerland
Brings users free, weekly updated, IT-related news and stories in German.

Internet Christian Church
Internet Christian Church, Fountain, CO, US
Offers daily devotional services, counselling, parenting tips, and a newsletter.

Kentucky Derby Festival
Informedia Interactive, Louisville, KY, US
Outlines two weeks of fun and excitement with over 70 events, featuring the nation's largest fireworks extravaganza, live on the Web.

Le Web de la Colonne
A short weekly French zine about music, culture, films, and opinions. In French only.

Mainstreet South Africa
Neil Lurssen, Arlington, VA, US
Find South African political, business, travel, and entertainment news, in addition to vital statistics, links, and humor.

Montreal Restaurant Guide
Multimax, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A fast-loading but good-looking restaurant guide, with menus and pictures for every restaurant. In English or French.

Mystery Chat Channel - #Mystery
Fran Saunders, Colesville, MD, US
A channel on the IRC undernet where mystery literature lovers can meet to discuss their favorite authors and titles.

Skagit Naturopathic Clinic, Mount Vernon, WA, US
Naturopathic solutions for restoring and maintaining overall health, by seeking the underlying causes of conditions and using treatments to unlock natural healing potential.

CW Henderson Publisher, Atlanta, GA, US
Top medical and health news items, selected by major medical journalists in the U.S.

Nuvs' 007 Shrine
Sanborn, NY, US
Everything for the hardcore Bond fan, including images, video clips, and sounds.

On The Street
Surry Hills, Australia
Online edition of Australia's original free music weekly. Includes charts, CD reviews, and TV listings.

One World by Night
McLean, VA, US
Imagine living an adventure as it happens, with no set script to abide by and improv actions causing other events in cities around the world.

Other Minds
San Francisco, CA, US
Home site of the Other Minds festivals, dedicated to new and unusual music in all its forms. Includes news, sounds, and scores of cutting-edge new music.

PC Magazine InternetUser
Ziff-Davis Publishing, Cambridge, MA, US
News, reviews, and links to Internet software and tools.

PetStation Kids!
RS Enterprises, Seattle, WA, US
A fun and safe forum for kids to talk about pets and meet other pet-loving children from around the world. Rated KG-13, adults allowed only in the company of children 13 years old or younger.

Planet Byron WebZine
LightForce Communication, Byron Bay, Australia
A daily-updated zine promoting the "big picture," alternative views on life, and and a better way of living.

Publius '96
ScoJo Unlimited, Stamford, CT, US
A virtual walk down the campaign trail, with stories from New England and the Carolinas, and more coming, coast-to-coast through inauguration day.

SA Calendar
San Antonio, TX, US
The definitive source for events in San Antonio. Published monthly.

Sexuality Information & Education Council of the U.S., New York, NY, US
A nonprofit organization that develops, collects, and disseminates information about sexuality, promotes comprehensive sexuality education, and advocates the freedom to make responsible sexual choices.

Software Consumers Action Network
Kimberton, PA, US
A software consumer rights group. Includes information regarding software problems and anti-consumer business practices.

Sports Exchange NHL
Ideosphere, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A real-time interactive betting pool at which you can test predictive skills with respect to National Hockey League games. Real money is not used.

Tales from the TAO
Tim Chapman, Chicago, IL, US
An online magazine devoted to art and literature with a pinch of Zen Buddhist and Taoist flavoring added for good measure.

John Crowley, Eatontown, NJ, US
One of the Internet's first consumer-oriented sources for federal, state, and local tax-related developments.

Texas Outpost
C.M. Livingston, Midland, TX, US
Explore West Texas with cowboy Curly and discover some unusual western keepsakes and some down-home information and insight.

Unofficial Easter Island Homepage
Easter Island Everywhere, Philadelphia, PA, US
Find a collection of links and information about Easter Island.

Vision Chat
Saddle Brook, NJ, US
A powerful and friendly realtime Web chat site.

Web Times
Nautical Technology Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Daily listing of live audio and video events on the Web. Will do for the Web what TVGuide did for television.

Alfredo de Matteis, Philadelphia, PA, US
Drexel University's free-format, non-commercial, student-run radio station.

Xu Bing: A Book from the Sky
Zheng Hu, Albany, NY, US
The site introduces an art installation, A Book from the Sky by one of the leading Chinese avant guard artists, Xu Bing.

Thursday, 7 March 1996

About Al-Islam and Muslims
UNN Islamic Society, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England
Aims to provide accurate information about Islamic beliefs, history, and civilization, for Muslims and non-Muslims.

AIDS Project Worcester
Worcester, MA, US
Dedicated to educating people about the AIDS epidemic through facts about HIV and AIDS, FAQ, lists of support groups, and personal stories.

Anime connect
Bloodshot Graphics, Dallas, PA, US
A one-stop resource guide for anime and manga on the Net.

Arizona Guide
Arizona Office of Tourism, Phoenix, AZ, US
The official site of the Arizona Office of Tourism. With more than 300 pages of information on Arizona's activities, events and accommodations, this is a fun site that shouldn't be missed.

Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
An independent economic and social policy think tank whose role includes sponsoring research of the highest standards of objectivity and comprehensiveness, with a view to determining whether and to what extent market-based solutions can be successfully applied to the myriad social and economic problems facing Atlantic Canada.

Awesome Feat
Dave Kunst, Costa Mesa, CA, US
Read about the first time that man circled the land mass of the earth, with the exception of the oceans on foot. Many small steps that became one giant feat for mankind.

Being There
Gary Valle, Canoga Park, CA, US
Seven galleries of photography focusing on climbing, kayaking, and other outdoor activities. Includes photography of the Sierra and the West.

BRS Radio Directory
San Francisco, CA, US
The most comprehensive directory of radio station on the Web.

California Emergency Medical Services Authority Home Page
Sacramento, CA, US
Complete resource for emergency medical services in California including regulations, statues, important groups, and more.

Campaign '96
Providence, RI, US
Coverage of the 1996 local, state and national political campaigns, by Rhode Island Horizons, the online community hosted by the Providence Journal Co.

Cape Town Information Web
Cape Town City Council, Cape Town, South Africa
Home page of the most beautiful city in the New South Africa, ranking very high on a global scale for its beauty and affordability.

Capitol Hill Blue
The Trident Group, Arlington, VA, US
An offbeat, irreverent, daily Web newspaper covering politics, Congress, and Washington.

Casino Journal
Casino Journal Publishing Group, Las Vegas, NV, US
A free online magazine with articles, features, and columns about the gaming industry.

The Ceridian File
Minneapolis, MN, US
A leading information services and defense electronics company. Subsidiaries include Arbitron, the radio ratings company.

Challenging Assumptions
David Fine, Boston, MA, US
A political, social, and environmental issues publication which seeks to challenge the basic assumptions underlying U.S. Government policies.

The Church Of the Nice Guy
Seal Beach, CA, US
Do nice guys always have to finish last? Not at The Church Of the Nice Guy, a fun and helpful Web site and organization dedicated to helping nice guys and gals finish first.

CNN San Francisco
Cable News Network, San Francisco, CA, US
The Northwest U.S. bureau for CNN, providing news coverage of all types for the CNN networks.

Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia
Jack Huberman, Vancouver, BC, Canada
The primary source of information, courses, and books on British Columbia law.

CRIME - Centre for Research in Mathematics Education
Gary E. Davis, Southampton, Hampshire, England
Contains research in mathematics education, with global links to other mathematics education sites.

Emergency Operations Bureau
Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, Los Angeles, CA, US
Find first hand information and links to information on subjects ranging from attending a parade to surviving an earthquake.

Gamer's Place on the Web
Thomas Halverson, Ramona, SD, US
A great starting point for gamers. Includes an extensive hotlist of free games to download, plus cheats, Net tools, and more.

The GTE Corporate Site
Stamford, CT, US
Includes product and service information, financial information, breaking news about GTE, selected job listings, and Evolutions magazine, which examines how changes in technology affect society.

iDog Iditarod Daily Online Guide
Starfish Software, Scotts Valley, CA, US
Daily guide to the Iditarod Race in Alaska, with photos and updates supplied by Iditarod veteran reporter Brian Patrick O'Donoghue, directly from the trail.

In Christ Ministries
Alexandria, VA, US
A very interactive Christian Website. Penpals, monthly articles, and personal thoughts can all be found here. Become encouraged, enlightened, and educated.

London, England
Maker of Animails, animated electronic greetings cards customised with a personal message.

The International E-Mail Pen-Pal List
Bruce Nault II, Bow, NH, US
An extensive listing of the names, email addresses, and interests of many people all over the world looking for email pen pals. Add your name today.

Isle of Mad
Madman, Inc., Chapel Hill, NC, US
For the literary, post-punk, dissident geographer. Topics include aesthetics, demographics, geography, philosophy, poetry, religion, sophistry, and youth.

JobPoint Connection
Raymond A. Kaiser, Dayton, OH, US
A complete career source center for nationwide job listings, company profiles, and resumes for progressive companies and proactive job seekers.

Kids' Money
David McCurrach, Franklin, TN, US
A resource for parents interested in helping their children develop successful money management habits and financial responsibility.

Lacasse for President
Lacasse for President Committee, Naples, ME, US
Find information on this 1996 Presidental candidate.

The Look On-Line Fashion News Service
Ernest Schmatolla, New York, NY, US
Find news and information on American fashion in this "insiders guide" to the who, what, where, and why of this exciting business. Includes interviews, feature articles, runway photos, show schedules, polls, and lots more.

M.U.S.I.C. World HQ
Lorain, OH, US
Addresses problems such as teen violence and drugs, handicapped rehabilitation, and adult secondary education, through a series of creative workshops which provide alternative education and marketable skills.

National Motor Museum at Beaulieu
Beaulieu, Hampshire, England
Contains information about the museum, current events, the palace, and antique and classic cars.

NJWeb St. Patrick's Day Site
Cliffside Park, NJ, US
Reviews the history of St. Patty's Day and offers a guide to local parades.

NMFS Scientific Publications Office
Seattle, WA, US
The Nation's oldest federal conservation agency. Read the Fishery Bulletin and its associated technical reports, and the Marine Fisheries Review.

Remy Arteaga, New York, NY, US
Bridges the gap between the artistic community and the online community, developing compelling content in the process.

Revlon Report
New York, NY, US
Revlon's official site outlines the season's new looks and how to get them.

Sonic State
Bath, Avon, England
The music and pro-audio theme park. It's got more pages than the Bible (if you tear a few out), and it's definately funnier.

SteveO's California Wine Touring Guides
Steve Otruba, Sacramento, CA, US
An informational guide for touring the various winemaking regions in California.

The Stock Research Group
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Provides the best source of information for small cap investors on the Internet today. Combines up-to-date quotes, charts, newsletters, and graphics to give investors an inside look at some of the most exciting stocks today.

The Suzanne Vega Website
AGF Entertainment, Ltd., New York, NY, US
A fan-based international collaboration dedicated to the music and writing of singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega.

The Wright Style
James Miller, Columbia, MO, US
An appreciation of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Zoological Record
BIOSIS UK, York, North Yorkshire, England
Resource site and starting point for zoological information newly incorporating browse and search access to ZR Taxonomic Hierarchy and a conference calendar.

ZuNews Humor Zine
Amherst, MA, US
Amherst's only exclusively humorous publication, now online.

Friday, 8 March 1996

Art & Entertainment on Europe Online
Europe Online, Howald, Luxembourg
Covers music, film, fine art, performance, books, and culture, from the original multilingual, multicultural, European content provider.

Artcompas Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Created by Dutch artist Francis Horbach, Artcompas is a personalized view on quality and meaning in art. Artcompas explores origins and visions of creative imagination. Works of art are exhibited and links to art sources are included.

Australia on the Internet
Perth, Australia
A guide to accommodation, travel, and tourism throughout Australia, listed state by state.

BayBank Online
Waltham, MA, US
Home of BayBank Solutions, an interactive way to get personalized suggestions based on financial needs. Also includes online financial calculators, demos, coupons, and contests.

CEE Regional Environmental Center
Budapest, Hungary
An independent, non-advocacy, international organization for the environment in Eastern Europe.

Central Notice
The Notice Company, Accord, MA, US
Central site for posting of class action notices and information on product recalls, missing children, holidays, and consumer assistance.

Chaos Interactive
Harper Collins Publishers, New York, NY, US
An exciting introduction to the fantasy adventure game Chaos, including weekly contests and exclusive clues to the game.

Agent Knowledgebase Associates, Inc., Virginia Beach, VA, US
Create a chat room at Chatweb. Chatweb is funded by user-donations and does not believe in billing.

Chicago Sun-Times Online
Chicago, IL, US
Offers news, sports, business news, stock quotes and stock portfolio tracking, music previews, Roger Ebert on movies, and much more.

Daily Record and Sunday Mail
London, England
Britain's first national tabloid newspaper on the Internet. Find news, sport, features, contests, dating, pictures, and much more.

Dark Shadow
Brisbane, Australia
Promotes music from Australia, and especially Brisbane.

Dead Hackers Society Official HQ
Hofors, Sweden
News and rumors on the Atari scene, plus hacker demos and more.

Donna Summer Appreciation Pages
Kevin Grant, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Spotlights the musical artist, painter, and songrwriter. Offers a discography, audio biography, images, and sound bites from her extensive career. Includes RealAudio and animation.

The Dying Rooms Trust
London, England
Set up by the producers of the documentary "The Dying Rooms" to bring help to children suffering from horriffic neglect in Chinese state orphanages.

Electrical Review
Sutton, Surrey, England
Web site of the U.K.'s leading electrical engineering magazine. Contains news reports, technology items, feature articles, and job advertisements from recent issues.

English Translations of Lithuanian Poetry
Valdas Anelauskas, Eugene, OR, US
Find a large collection of Lithuanian poetry translated into English.

FanOwnership Football League
Frank Dixon, New Orleans, LA, US
A new concept in football leagues. This fan-owned professional league begins play in major U.S. cities in Fall 1997.

Financial Services Directory
Financial Profiles Inc., Carlsbad, CA, US
A convenient way to locate a financial advisor, banker, insurance agent, stockbroker, or financial planner.

The Go-Go Homepage
P.K., Washington, DC, US
The Web's only source for the type of Washington DC-based music known as Go-Go.

The Greater Issaquah Web Pages
Mike Bookey, Issaquah, WA, US
A community-based source of local information on Issaquah community events, organizations, services, education, local politics, government, and more.

Internet Israel, Tel Aviv, Gush Dan, Israel
An Israeli/Jewish-oriented search engine in Hebrew and English.

Honda/Acura Integra Home Page
Tuan M. Nguyen, Austin, TX, US
The consumate information source for Acura Integra car owners. Includes Integra FAQ, performance stats, equipment specs, and more.

How to get MsDos 7 out of Windows 95
Computer Tyme, Springfield, MO, US
Microsoft would have you believe that Windows 95 doesn't run under DOS. It does, and here's how to do it.

Japan New Materials Report
Tokyo, Japan
Provides information about advances in materials technology in Japan, including metal alloys, ceramics, plastics, superconductors, crystals and composites.

John's Narrow World of Sports
John C. Hollinger, Portland, OR, US
Anyone can do news. This site has analysis of basketball, football, NCAA, baseball, and hockey. Player ratings, predictions, and articles galore of irreverent commentary can also be found.

Melanie Anne Phillips, Burbank, CA, US
An exploration of gender issues for transsexuals, crossdressers, and men and women of all minds.

Ethan Clauset, Carrboro, NC, US
A multimedia exhibit from southern artists Tom Davenport, The Empowerment Project, and Wifflefist.

Municipal Bond Scandals Web Site
New York, NY, US
A place for gathering thoughts on the continually brewing and always interesting municipal bond market scandals. Chronicles the Smith Barney case, among others.

Muscular Dystrophy Association
Melbourne, Australia
The home site of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. It contains extensive information on all muscular dystrophies and related neuromuscular disorders.

Myrmecology: the Science of Ants
Andre Schmidt, Rietberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Read about the fantastic lifeform of ants.

One Vicious Bastard
Allston, MA, US
An author, biker, and human rattlesnake. Includes short stories, links, and a contest soliciting ideas for sabotaging government programs.

Peri_dico Zacatecas en Imagen
Universo Editorial SA de CV, Zacatecas, Mexico
A Mexican daily newspaper covering all aspects of Zacatecas and Mexican news. It also includes an internet section with articles specialy conceived for the Web, and a five JPEG photographs file.

Prolog & Logic Server Repository
Amzi! Inc., Stow, MA, US
Contains articles, demos, and source code about the use of the Prolog language for rule-bases in C, C++, Visual Basic, and Delphi.

UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs, Geneva, Switzerland
A prototype managed by the UN to improve responses to emergency situations through information sharing.

Seinfeld Rerun Schedule
Berkeley Heights, NJ, US
A rerun syndication schedule of the popular TV show. Includes synopses of all episodes in existence.

Goldfarb & Abrandt, New York, NY, US
Resources on elder law, Medicaid, Medicare, trusts, and health care planning, with up-to-date information regarding congressional action on the budget.

Southern Nazarene University
Bethany, OK, US
A four year Christian liberal arts college located in a suburb of Oklahoma City.

Spacecoast Hidden Mickeys List
Tom Shaw, Melbourne Beach, FL, US
A categorical list of all "hidden mickeys" concealed in the design of a Disney attraction. Covers all Disney parks worldwide.

Unofficial Guide to Universal Studios, Florida
Tom Tipton, Orlando, FL, US
Updates and reviews for prospective visitors on the latest changes at USF and the central Florida area, the number one tourist destination in the world.

Rushton Young, Huntington Station, NY, US
A directory of 850 of the largest "real-world" regional shopping centers in the United States.

UTRC Human Computer Interaction Lab
United Technologies Research Center, East Hartford, CT, US
Conducts research in the areas of scientific visualization, human factors, user interfaces, and virtual reality. Learn about projects and see demos.

VIET Magazine
San Jose, CA, US
A Vietnamese-language publication covering a wide range of topics such as news events, health issues, business, and movie reviews.

Virtual Maps
Edward Wang, Lowell, MA, US
Dynamically generated, interactive maps of New York City and Boston.

Gary Lipe, Fort Worth, TX, US
A collection of wildflower information, organized by states. Includes gardens, catalogs, events, photography, and Web resources.

Monday, 11 March 1996

Alpha Sim Home of Sport Games
Alpha Simulations inc., Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
Provides nearly 400 links to sports-related games sites. Sports covered include football, baseball, basketball, hockey, car racing, and golf. Games covered include fantasy, pool, rotisserie, simulation, and trivia.

Aquarius Directory of Translators and Interpreters
Vorontsoff Wesseling & Partners, Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands
In addition to the searchable directory, users will find a list of topics to discuss, mailing lists, and a bulletin board.

Bolling's Police Pages
Marshall, MO, US
A guide to the insane world of America's cops. Includes tales, graphic photos, and actual criminal confessions, plus links to police sites worldwide, and a newsletter formerly for cops only.

Caribbean Marine Research Center
West Palm Beach, FL, US
A leader in the study of coral reefs, aquaculture, conch, fish farming, and other marine resources, as well as global climate change.

Celebrity All Star Hockey Home Page
Bonsall, CA, US
A team of actors, NHL legends, and Olympians raising money for charity.

The Christian Observer
Denis Daigle, Brunswick, ME, US
A monthly conservative Christian newsletter from Maine.

Church and State
Charley Clements, Houston, TX, US
A conservative Christian political newspaper.

CM: Canadian Review of Materials
Manitoba Library Association, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
An electronic journal that reviews books, videos, audio tapes and CD-ROMs for children and young adults.

Commerce Society
Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
A comprehensive site for Canadian business students.

Connecticut Internet Business Directory
Robert L. Mangiafico, Colchester, CT, US
A comprehensive searchable directory that indexes Connecticut businesses. All Connecticut businesses recieve a free listing.

D.C. Comix
The Trident Group, Arlington, VA, US
A quirky, idiosyncratic collection of pages dedicated to politics, travel, and the absurdity of speed limits. Not associated with the comic book publisher.

The Diplomatic Pouch
The DP Council, Boulder, CO, US
The most comprehensive online resource for players of Diplomacy. Includes an online zine, a game showcase and more.

The Easter Page
St. John's Lutheran Church, Waukesha, WI, US
Collects materials from a wide variety of sources related to Easter.

Environmental Technology Education
The goal of the program is to provide students with skills to work with hazardous substances safely, protecting human health and the environment.

The Financial Center
J. Michael Pinson, Clearwater, FL, US
Home of Wall Street's top Market Mavens. Get investment information from analysts like George Putnam, J. Michael Pinson, and Bob Gabele, as well as stock quotes and charts.

Game Over!
Strategic Plus Software, London, England
A monthly Internet-based PC Games magazine. Each issue is filled with reviews, screen shots, hints, tips, and more.

Hip-Hop Headquarters
Akili, Chicago, IL, US
The only real phat hip-hop page on the Web. Features pictures, sound clips, and links. Submit a quick freestyle flow; the top five flows are posted weekly.

Inside Online
Chicago, IL, US
Online version of Chicago's north side newspaper.

FFE Software, Inc., El Cerrito, CA, US
A complete HTML/database scripting language available in source, and portable to Windows, Unix, and Macintosh. Download it free.

St. Louis, MO, US
Connects job seekers to employers by posting resume information in a profile format. Employers may search the profile database for free.

The Katha Project
Alcazar Global Networking, Hague, Netherlands
Promotes literacy and literature in India.

Llake Eden Llamas & Goats
near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Llearn about llamas, spanish meat goats, and Katahdin hair sheep.

The Maine Beer Page
Kit Anderson, Bath, ME, US
The complete guide to all things beer in Maine. Find information on beers, breweries, and homebrewing.

Medical Photograph Library
Triple Star Systems, Inc., Middlesex, NJ, US
Over one hundred full-color medical photographs, with commentary.

The Millennial Information Exchage
Robert Howard, Los Angeles, CA, US
A discussion, data-gathering, and reference site fo those interested in millennial, UFO, and conspiracy theories.

Julia Jablonski, Saline, MI, US
Contains metaphysical articles and links on spirit communication, clairvoyance, divination, meditation, reincarnation, astral projection, chakras, energy work, and more.

National Physicians Job Listings
Triple Star Systems, Inc., Middlesex, NJ, US
Lists hundreds of detailed physician practice opportunities for all specialties throughout the U.S.

News Grief
Bob Hirschfeld, Washington, DC, US
A daily satirical feature lampooning the news. Includes a "Derision96" section taking aim at the presidential campaign.

NY CD Blues
Barry Silverberg, New York, NY, US
Definitive, in-depth blues CD reviews, and comprehensive online catalogs of popular blues labels.

Putterman, Paris, France
A relational database of orbital and eye lesions, with a list of preconfigured queries for pathologits and ophthalmologits.

Palm Beach County Reef Research Team
Sebastian, FL, US
A volunteer group of SCUBA divers conducting underwater scientific research on the natural and artificial reefs of Palm Beach County, Florida, U.S.

Pharmasave Online Health Centre
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Features the bi-monthly newsletter Pharmasave Healthnotes, FAQs answered by pharmacists, links to other health sites, and a directory of Pharmasave drugstores across Canada.

Physical Therapy
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
A collection of physical therapy and physiotherapy resources.

Political Parties and Youth Organizations Around The World
Benjamin den Butter, US
A list of political parties and youth organizations around the world, listed by country or political grouping.

Save the Cherry Tree
Cessie Howell, Fredericksburg, VA, US
A petition to save George Washington's boyhood farm in Virginia, where the Wal-Mart Corporation is currently planning to build a superstore.

Scholastic SportsWeb
College Education Defense Fund, Granby, CT, US
An online directory for high school sports. Includes a directory of athletic programs, college bound athletes, prep schools, summer sport camps, and college teams offering athletic scholarships.

Steve's Ant Farm
Steve Chambers, Washington, DC, US
Check out an interactive camera pointed at an ant farm. Lots of ant links and information is also available.

RCC Group, Inc., Annapolis, MD, US
A gateway to resources related to socially responsible investing, including the GreenMoney On-line Guide, Good Money Publications, and SRI mutual funds.

St. Louis Regional Transit
Bi-State Development Agency, St. Louis, MO, US
Provides metropolitan bus, MetroLink light rail, and paratransit van services to the Greater St. Louis area.

The Trans-Siberian Railroad
Keith West, Wilmington, NC, US
A travelogue and guide to the world's greatest rail journey, including photos and hard-to-find travel advice.

TSD Central
TSDX Corporation, Silver Spring, MD, US
A superstore for industrial waste services, with industry publications, links to environmental engineering associations, and more.

Waterman Surf Art Gallery
Tom Glenn and Marcie Hintz, Carlsbad, CA, US
Artists capture the "Perfect Wave" in original paintings, photos, and sculptures. Information on the history of surfing and a collection of surfing links are also available.

The Web is Rubbish
Madera, CA, US
A fan page for the British pop group Blur, with lots of brilliant pictures, lyrics, sounds, articles, and videos.

The Winter Cycling Page
Simon Rakower, Fairbanks, AK, US
Covers winter cycling, and especially riding off-road on snow trails. The site focuses on equipment and techniques appropriate to subarctic (Alaskan) conditions.

Tuesday, 12 March 1996

Greenwood Village, CO, US
Free to job seekers, 4WORK lists job opportunities, internships, and volunteer positions throught the U.S.

Ask Valerie
Valerie Rogers, Tucson, AZ, US
Psychotherapist Valerie Rogers, MSW, C.Ht., answers two personal questions a week submitted by readers. Suggested topics include: relationships, stress, family, self-improvement, hypnosis, and addictions.

University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
A large database of science, art, and general academic texts; French literature; Swiss authors; and minerological information.

Cable Datacom News
Kinetic Media, Phoenix, AZ, US
A newsletter tracking the development of cable modems and high-speed data services, with late-breaking news and bulletins.

Chris Griffith's Story List
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
A media resource containing stories of politics, crime, corruption, and reform in Queensland, by investigative journalist Chris Griffith.

Neumuenster, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
A German Shadowrun-Fanzine, mostly in German. Includes adventures for Shadowrun, stories, interestng new gear and cyberware, and interesting sources for the Shadowrun-Universe.

Church Music Report
Grapevine, TX, US
A monthly newsletter for church music and worship leaders.

Daily Bull
Houghton, MI, US
Michigan Tech's entertainment press. Includes highlights and samples of the paper.

Digital Concierge
Softelligence, Garden Grove, CA, US
A navigational site with a focus on the Southwestern U.S.

The Dragon Lord Home Page
Princeton, IL, US
Home page of a group of people on IRC who love square games and other RPGs.

Mark Gallagher, Wheaton, IL, US
An online magazine for the western suburbs of Chicago. Designed to be interactive, this site attempts to explore ways the Internet can be used to improve the quality of life in the suburbs.

Easter Celebration
High Ridge Associates, Tolland, CT, US
Celebrate Easter with traditional stories, famous eggs and rabbits, puzzles, and crafts.

New York, NY, US
A full-spectrum environmental site offering eco daily news, activist resources, eco companies and products, information on solar and renewable energy, articles and speeches and hundreds of links to eco-related sites.

Diane Duane, County Wicklow, Ireland
A page about eating, drinking, and related issues, with collections of hard-to-find European-cuisine recipes, and many others as well.

The Extraterrestrial Biological Entity Page
Louis Pinto, Palm Bay, FL, US
Find lots of information, images, and movies about the UFO phenomenon, from Roswell and Area 51 to crop circles and abductions.

Fine Toon Cartoon Art Gallery
Gregg Medlyn, Houston, TX, US
An authorized gallery for animation art from Disney, Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera, and other major studios.

Global Warming Info and Bulletin Board
Lafayette, CA, US
A site with information on global warming and how to stop it, and an interactive BBS.

The Great Irish Story
Nua Limited, Dublin, Ireland
A journey to the true heart of Ireland. Hear the real voices, smell the peat, and taste the Guinness.

HandScape Newsletter
Rita Robinson, Big Bear Lake, CA, US
A monthly newsletter dealing with palmistry and the history of hand reading. Includes scientific studies and tradtional palm reading techniques.

Internet Resources Newsletter
Roddy MacLeod, Edinburgh, Scotland
A free Web newsletter which informs about new and recent Internet resources of interest to the higher education community.

Ireland: the Digital Age, the Internet
Forbairt, Dublin, Ireland
A comprehensive, extensively hyperlinked report which explains in concise language what the Digital Age and Internet are and what impact they will have on Ireland and its people.

Jitters Internet Cafe
Matt Haggstrom, Denver, CO, US
The first Internet cafe in Denver, Colorado. The site features a valuable local information.

Keith A. Hamblin Trucking Page
Keith A. Hamblin, Layton, UT, US
An online bi-monthly magazine written by truckers for truckers and others interested in the trucking life.

Kevin's Windsurfing Paradise
GroupeMeyer, Mountain View, CA, US
A compilation of windsurfing site reports utilizing frames.

Leaders Magazine
New York, NY, US
The world's most exclusive magazine, written and read for 20 years by the leaders of the world in business and government.

Leisureplan Multimedia Travel Decision System
Leisureplan International, Cape Town, South Africa
A useful, authoritative, searchable, and expanding resource of vivid pictures and detailed text for accommodations and tourism services around the world.

Macintosh Evangelist
Matthew McRae, Philadelphia, PA, US
A site for Mac lovers by Mac lovers.

Mark Knopfler
Watford, England
The official Mark Knopfler Web site includes extensive details of the new CD and 1996 tour.

Mississippi Online
Jackson, MS, US
A comprehensive guide to the state of Mississippi, including local news, businesses, government information, entertainment, and shopping.

Nashville Music Link
Nashville, TN, US
A guide to Nashville record labels, music press, performing rights organizations, publishing companies, and studios.

New England OnLine Visitors Center
Abbington Village OnLine Inc., Amherst, MA, US
Gather information about where to stay and play, and what to see and do in New England.

Of Blessed Memory
Philip Trauring, Waltham, MA, US
A memorial to those murdered in Israel by Islamic terrorists. Leave a comment on the memorial wall.

Quebec Tourist Guide
Mario Verville, Quebec, Canada
A virtual tour of the Quebec tourist regions.

Rachel Bolling Answers Your Questions
Marshall, MO, US
An advice column for those tricky love relationships. Ask for advice, read other people's letters, or offer advice to somebody else who wrote in.

The Realm of Chivalry, Inc.
Tacoma, WA, US
A not-for-profit, medieval social organization hosting events in the Washington state area.

Rolling Thunder Magazine
Darryl Wong, Clovis, CA, US
A monthly magazine about the Harley-Davidson lifestyle in San Joaquin Valley.

SiamGuide to Thailand
Cyberspace Asia Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
An online directory offering information on the Kingdom of Thailand.

Melissa Batson, Chino, CA, US
Mariah Carey fan site, with news, FAQ, sounds, videos, and a discography.

Twilighters Head Quarters
Gary Barber, Perth, West Australia, Australia
The ongoing adventures of a group of ordinary people dealing with the Cthulhu Mythos. Campaign notes of a DC-Heroes Role Playing Game.

United We Play - Badminton Invitational @ Davis
San Francisco, CA, US
A fund-raising badminton tournament benefiting the United States Badminton Association.

The Virtual Background Museum
Vision Web Productions Inc., Vancouver, WA, US
A museum of favorite Web page background textures.

The Virtual Moog
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, US
Create original sounds on this Net-based replica of the classic synthesizer.

Web Development Center
DogHouse Technologies, Clearwater, FL, US
The most comprehensive guide to tools for Web page developers. Includes training, Java, VRML, DNS, servers, software, HTML, search engines, and all the new stuff.

The Wisdom Fund
Arlington, VA, US
Disseminates The Truth About Islam, press releases, action alerts, and a One Minute Guide To Islam to journalists and non-Muslims. A picture gallery and activists library is included.

Littleton, CO, US
A comprehensive national business directory in a yellow pages format, with address and telephone numbers, and links to Web sites and advertising.

Wednesday, 13 March 1996

Bay Area Rapid Transit Research and Development
Gene Nishinaga, Oakland, CA, US
Read up on current projects including the Advanced Automatic Train Control system which uses spread spectrum radio ranging.

Bible Browser
Richard L. Goerwitz, III/University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
An online gateway to Bible exploration, providing keyword, substring, and pattern searches as well as boolean operators and other nifty search features.

Brew Pub Club
Steve Merlin, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.
A serial following six film students as they drink at brew pubs, as they write and produce an independent film.

Brian's Eye Story
Brian A Harron, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A personal story of Brian's encounter with Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Includes fluorescein angiogram photos, research notes, and information on low vision aids.

Calculators On-Line
Jim Martindale, Irvine, CA, US
A new addition to Martindale's Health Science Guide and Reference Desk, containing over 100 online calculators for various applications.

Central Europe Online Navigator
European Information Network, Prague, Czech Republic
An up-to-date resource on the Czech and Slovak Republics, Hungary, and Poland. Publishes daily news, weekly industry reports, and travel information.

Chicago Partnership Board, Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
The first Internet resource devoted to the nation's 10 million > publicly-registered limited partnership owners, provides daily market > pricing data, online financial statements, and extensive educational > resources.

Coffee Times
Port Washington, NY, US
Hawaii's leading publication on the Hawaiian coffee industry.

College Grad Job Hunter
Quantum Leap Publishing, Milwaukee, WI, US
One-stop, entry level job search shopping for college students and recent graduates. Includes information on resume development and posting, job postings, interviewing, offer negotiation, and more.

Cyberspace Guide to Hiking
Justin Moore, San Antonio, TX, US
Provides general information on hiking, including essential equipment and low impact ethics. Includes a bi-monthly "Park Focus" which provides information on a featured city, state, or national park.

Dentist Directory Online
Info. Providers Com, Kendall Park, NJ, US
Find dentist details and Web pages. Dentist members have provided brief descriptions of themselves and the services they offer.

Destination Seattle
Prosser Media Access, Bellingham, WA, US
An index of sites in the Seattle area.

Detroit Ska Page
Joe Filary, Clinton, MI, US
Instant access to the most prominent Detroit area punk and ska bands.

Die Biker Boerse Online
Zweite Hand Verlags GmbH, Berlin, Germany
A monthly motorcycle magazine from Berlin. In German only.

Dream Net
Denis Stigant, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
A no-obligation dream analysis service. Submit a dream and receive a full analysis within 72 hours.

Educational Software Institute
Omaha, NE, US
A one-stop educational software resource center which hosts the world's largest and finest collection of K-12 educational software.

Electronik Brazilian Musique
PUC-PR, Curitiba, Brazil
A guide to the most significant works in underground electronic music produced in Brazil.

INDex - the Independent Comics Exchange
Allen, TX, US
A co-op of independent and small press publishers working together to provide information on independent comics titles.

The Interactive Gourmet
New York, NY, US
A great source of wine and food products and services currently offering a vast selection of wines by Sherry-Lehmann, Inc.

Interagency Report on Orbital Debris
Joseph Loftus, Houston, TX, US
Contains an up-to-date portrait of measurement, modeling, and mitigation efforts to minimize the potential hazards posed by orbital debris.

Kingwood College Library
Kingwood, TX, US
Includes subject and assignment guides, library resource information, links to libraries and reference resources, internet quizzes, and a Houston Entertainment Guide.

Krismer Thomas, Loco di Rovegno, Genova, Italy
A zine about music, showbiz, and more. Features exclusive pictures and stories.

Kool Net Kids Online Magazine
Katie & Heidi, Emmaus, PA, US
Contains articles of general interest, and lots of links for kids, including TV, music, online games, and education.

Liberty's Amtrak Page
Liberty Information Network, Anaheim Hills, CA, US
A personal perspective on rail travel in the U.S. Includes reviews of sleeping and dining accomodations, sights, and social activities on board.

Oxbridge Communications, New York, NY, US
Request free information from a database of newsletters, magazines, journals, and catalogs. Hosts more than 5,000 listings in over 265 subject categories.

The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary
New York, NY, US
140 pages of information for both laypersons and medical professionals concerning specialty services provided by one of the oldest and most prestigious health facilities in the Western Hemisphere.

The Official Neal McCoy Home Page
The Neal McCoy fan Club, Longview, TX, US
The official home page of country music star, Neal McCoy

The Redzone
Greg Reid, Kansas City, MO, US
The fan information center for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The StageHead
John Holwell, Nepean, Ontario, Canada
A source for information about Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada with over 400 files covering genealogy, history, travel, communities, folklore, and song.

The Story of Paul McLaughlin
Eugene, OR, US
A true short story about a little boy who almost lost his life from severe abuse. Learn what this boy has been doing when he became an adult to help children.

Oliver Willis, FT. Lauderdale, FL, US
Features television, book, and movie reviews, entertainment articles and interviews, and late-breaking entertainment news.

Taoist Resource Center
M. Hamilton, Burbank, CA, US
Dedicated to being a comprehensive resource of Taoist information covering Oriental medicine, Taoist women's issues, parenting, and philosophy.

Teaching English in Japan
Stephen McCabe, Omiya-shi, Saitama-ken, Japan
Essential advice for people thinking about teaching in Japan.

The Telecommuting Jobs Web Page
Levine Communications, Glencoe, IL, US
Browse ads for telecommuting employment, or look for a job seeker to fill a position.

SportsWeb ONE, San Jose, CA, US
One of the most comprehensive tennis Web sites, TennisONE features quality lessons and megabytes of amateur and local tennis information, including local bulletin boards.

Toiletology 101
Complete Financial Services Inc, Bethesda, Maryland, US
A complete course in toilet repair and maintenance.

Travel Expo
Scott Shurian, Agoura, CA, US
This virtual exhibit hall is dedicated to the travel and tourism industry, and offers information for single, adult travelers on worldwide destinations.

United States Show Caves Directory
Good Earth Graphics, Boulder Creek, CA, US
A guide to developed or show caves in the U.S. which are open to the public.

U.S. Vintage Model Yacht Group
Marblehead, MA, US
Devoted to the study, restoration, and construction of vintage model sailing yachts (aka "pond boats"). For lovers of wood, wind, and sail.

Venezuela Analitica
Caracas, Miranda, Venezuela
A monthly electronic review that offers detailed analysis of relevant issues in Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

The Weekly PlaNet
C. Keller, Los Angeles, CA, US
A digest of news, sports, astrology, movies, advice, and personal and classified ads, with interactive sections.

Wine X Magazine
Santa Rosa, CA, US
A new voice for a new generation of wine consumers.

Caput Mundi, Inc., Boston, MA, US
A Journal providing articles written by and for international scholars and university administrators.

Thursday, 14 March 1996

1997 Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery
Information Technology Associates, Medford, OR, US
A description of the 1997 Department of State Diversity Visa Lottery as prepared by Jeffrey A. Devore, immigration lawyer.

Aesthetics On-Line
American Society for Aesthetics, Milwaukee, WI, US
This informative and link-rich site is for anyone interested in the arts, art criticism or theory, or philosophy of art.

American Taxpayers Association
Chapel Hill, NC, US
A grassroots movement to give the average taxpayer a greater voice in Washington, reform the tax code, reduce waste, balance the budget, save Social Security, and more.

Asiana Airlines
Seoul, Korea
Offers information about Asiana Airlines as well as lots of travel information.

mice rex rivello, Davis, CA, US
An electronic book that contains surrealist and dada inspired prose and graphics.

Babilonia-Wilner Foundation
Manila, Philippines
Provides environmental information resource on the Philippines.

Brainania, Pinky Inclusive
Michael Stilman, Denver, CO, US
This is a ping type Pinky and the brain site, with links, pictures, and a poll to find the ultimate ruler of the universe.

Bridgestone Tyres
Bridgestone Corporation, London, England
Official Web site for Bridgestone motorcycle tyres. Find information on technology, news, technical advice, and racing results and news in the near future.

California Secretary of State
Sacramento, CA, US
The official home page of the California Secretary of State contains information on elections, corporations, political reform, and much more.

Classified Flea Market
Offsite Web, Mark Sarfati, Berkeley, CA, US
Weekly newspaper covering the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Established in 1972, the CFM has a press run of 100,000.

Baltimore, MD, US
The Spanish language cultural magazine published monthly in the Baltimore-Washington area. Find news, articles, columns, and other contributions.

Connecticut Clearinghouse
Plainville, CT, US
A resource center for information about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Cootchy Cootchy Who?
Compass Software Inc., Indianapolis, IN, US
What can you give your baby that lasts a lifetime? Baby naming software for Windows.

Alan McCluskey, Neuchatel, Switzerland
A cybercitizen's view of the world. Key issues, views, publications, events, and news is incorporated.

The Face Recognition Homepage
Peter Kruizinga, Groningen, Netherlands
Contains links to anything on the Internet dealing with automatic face recognition.

Etienne Latour - No Limit, Brussels, Belgium
This Belgian fashion site includes trends, a directory, interviews, European event information , a press corner, and surprise-pages.

Flight Forum
Arlington, TX, US
Offers news and safety information resources for aviation professionals.

Foot & Ankle Web Index
Account Mark, Inc., Naples, FL, US
Provides free information on foot ailments as well as a podiatrist referral service.

Foreign Correspondent
BIG EYE Productions, Sarasota, FL, US
Read current and archived copies of this world news column by Eric Margolis, syndicated columnist and broadcaster of The Toronto Sun. The column is published twice a week.

Fourth Way Gurdjieff Ouspensky School
London, England
Education and media concerning the Fourth Way School and the Work teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff, P. D. Ouspensky, Maurice Nicoll, Rodney Collin, and others.

The Gallery of Comic Art
Four Color Images Inc., New York, NY, US
Check out the site for up to date information on events, shows, artists, and comic related news.

Hospitality Exchange
Helena, MT, US
A travelers directory of hospitable people around the world. Members visit and are hosted by other members and, in turn, host members themselves.

Illinois Commerce Commission
Springfield, IL, US
The state's Public Utility Commission holds authority in the public interest to oversee several financial and service aspects of investor owned electric, gas, telephone, water, and sewer utilities.

Internet 800 Directory
JAServices, Albuquerque, NM, US
The hottest tollfree 800 directory online with over 200,000 current business listings. Companies can be found by name, number or type of business.

Internet Guide for Industrial & Organizational Psychologists
Ghent, Belgium
Provides a plethora of links valuable to both practitioners and researchers in industrial/organizational psychology. Main topics include human resource management, statistics, and organizational psychology

Internet Resources for Windows NT
Microsoft, Redmond, WA, US
A comprehensive listing of 32 bit Winsock resources for Win32s, Windows NT, and Windows 95 with file details and retrieval links.

Jeff Jacoby
BIG EYE Productions, Sarasota, FL, US
Read recent and archived copies of columns by Mr. Jeff Jacoby, syndicated columnist of The Boston Globe.

March 1996 California Primary Election
California Secretary of State, Sacramento, CA, US
Find candidate lists, voter information, and the complete ballot pamphlet. On election day, March 26, 1996, live election returns will be updated every five minutes.

Michael M. Bates
Oak Lawn, IL, US
This site consists of conservative commentary with a sense of humor. It was selected as the Conservative Web Site of the Day for January 25, 1996.

Digital Options Inc., Salt Lake City, UT, US
Find those unique, hard to find items any time of the day at the coolest mall on the Web.

PopNet Verlag GmbH & Co KG, Hamburg, Germany
Mirrors the world of one of the most successful german record labels: Motor Music. It includes email contact information for each and every celebrity and employee, news, and tour information.

Norway + USA Vatnajokull Icecap Expedition 1996
Cameron McPherson Smith, Portland, OR, US
Text and photos detail all aspects of the planning and execution of this expedition, which aims to cross the Vatnajokull Icecap on foot in August 1996.

The People Place
Dom Vonarburg, Brighton, MA, US
A collection of people's names and home pages organized by countries and interests.

Revista Colombiana De Matematicas
Bogota, Colombia
Electronic edition of the Revista Colombiana de Matematicas. This electronic journal is mirrored at EMIS.

Rocky Mountain News Online
Denver, CO, US
Denver's leading newspaper hits the Internet offering news, sports, features, entertainment, links to Web resources, and 25,000 searchable classified ads, updated daily.

Southern Illinois Tourism Council Travel Guide
West Frankfort, IL, US
A travel guide to the 35 southernmost counties in Illinois.

Sri Lanka Home Page
Muditha Abhaya, Bowling Green, OH, US
An information directory about Sri Lanka.

Trade Point USA
Columbus, OH, US
This nonprofit company is an Internet-based international trade information and service provider, sponsored by the United Nations.

Applied Information Services, Whitefish, MT, US
A series of searchable directories containing over 100,000 files of information on travel suppliers, tourism offices, attractions, and events for destinations worldwide.

The Van Gogh-Goghs' World Wide Webquarters
Chapel Hill, NC, US
The mildly entertaining home of the Van Gogh-Goghs, a madcap up-and-coming sketch comedy group.

Women In Film/Central Florida
Orlando, FL, US
A nonprofit educational and professional association for people behind the film, television, and related industries who want to enhance their professional image and expand their networking contacts.

Yelloweb Europe
Grosrouvre, France
Offering multi-lingual World Wide Web directory access to European services. The service is available with online searches in Dutch, English, French, German, and Spanish with an Italian version available shortly.

Friday, 15 March 1996

Art & Artefact
Barrington Publications, London, England
Covers the United Kingdom and France with over 700 entries and offers information from the magazines Galleries, the Collector, and Galeries.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Alexandria, VA, US
Supplies resources for teachers, school administrators, and others interested in K-12 education.

BOBz Personal Investing
Gregg Frosti, East Hampton, CT, US
BOBz does not compete with the big investing sites, so how does free professional advice, hot stock tips, professional articles, and live chat sound?

The Bookworm
The BBC, Dunfermline, Fife, England
Home page of the most popular arts program on British TV. For anyone who likes reading, writing, and poetry.

Societe Radio-Canada (CBC), Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Companion site to the new French TV show on personal computers and what can be done with them. In French only.

California Dressage Society
CDS, Los Angeles, CA, US
A nonprofit organization dedicated to the timeless Olympic sport of Dressage.

Celestial Timepiece: A Joyce Carol Oates Home Page
Randy Souther, San Francisco, CA, US
Includes a biography, bibliography, description of works, lecture schedule, film and theatre production information, portraits, and links to other information.

CMA Trumpet Page
Todd Davidson, Bowling Green, OH, US
General information regarding trumpet study at BGSU's College of Musical Arts. Includes sound files, concert schedules, and Trumpet Talk, an online resource for all trumpeters.

Coral Forest
San Francisco, CA, US
A nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving coral reefs around the world.

Kelly Bower, Quincy, MA, US
This cultural publication looks at life a little differently.

Eye On New York
RFKDC, Inc, Albany, NY, US
A progressive political site monitoring New York's political and reactionary religious right.

First Interstate Bank
Los Angeles, CA, US
Offers online banking, including account balances, transaction history, and online loan/checking account applications.

Interferenza, Caserta, Italy
An Italian music magazine.

Sonora Golf Co., Phoenix, AZ, US
An interactive, entertaining site for golfers.

GTE Intelligent Network Services, Irving, TX, US
A national Internet provider for both the residential consumer and the business customer. Site includes Jump Station, a one-stop categorical index of Web sites.

J.R. Johndro, Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Direct links to snake and reptile breeders, with online care sheets for various species. Includes a picture of the week.

International Forum of New Cinema 1996
Berlin, Germany
A section of the International Berlin Film Festival, with a focus on independent and innovative films.

Isthmus: The Daily Page
Isthmus Publishing Company, Inc., Madison, WI, US
Online version of Madison's weekly newspaper. Provides information about movies, social issues, sports, and weather.

Japanese Search Engine List
Shaun Lawson, Musashino, Tokyo, Japan
A list of Japanese search engines with links for searching and submitting.

Chami Wickremasinghe, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, US
A Java-based scrolling page-access counter, that displays up-to-the-minute access statistics using an animated odometer-like display.

Manter's Weekly
Greg Manter, Onancock, VA, US
The table of contents for the best of the Web, each week. A guide to content, not just sites. Sections include business and livelihood, home and garden, and comics.

Massachusetts Society for Medical Research
Waltham, MA, US
Promotes a better understanding of biomedical and biological sciences and research. Contains the Science Beat newsletter, an interactive calendar, and a research library.

Mormon Matter
William Perry Shunn, Brooklyn, NY, US
A former Mormon missionary relates his cultural experiences with candor and humor. An extensive glossary supplements interactive forums ranging from jokes to doctrinal debate.

The Multicultural Centre
Mångkulturellt Centrum, Fittja, Stockholm, Sweden
Find information on multicultural communities from this organization which helps to contribute to the promotion of successful cultural encounters.

Netherlands Design Institute
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A 'think-and-do tank' which identifies new ways by which design may contribute to the economic and cultural vitality of the community. It develops scenarios about the future, and undertakes research projects to test them.

N.E.W. BASE Internet Directory Service
Scott Nicely, Gaithersburg, MD, US
Keyword searchable databases of individuals and companies on the Net continually updated via user registrations.

O'Brien's Cafe
Dowling Communications, East Lansing, MI, US
An episodic adventure in a smoky cafe, updated almost daily. Follow the life of staff and regulars.

The One-Stop Windows 95 Site
digitalNATION, US
A comprehensive directory of Windows 95 sites.

The Periodic Table of Elements on the Internet
Yinon Bentor, Rock Hill, SC, US
Probably the most complete online Periodic Table in the U.S., and one of the best-looking. Includes fact sheets for all of the 111 known elements, and Bohr models for the first 36.

Phillip's Vintage Hollywood
Phillip Pessar, Miami, FL, US
A site dedicated to vintage Hollywood. Features short bios and photos of several vintage stars, and the latest vintage Hollywood news.

Post Office Central
Donald Jessop, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
An organized collection of mailing lists that grows on a weekly basis.

Rent Net: On-Line Apartment Guide
CUC International, San Francisco, CA, US
A daily-updated database of apartments from over 300 cities nationwide. Submit a listing for $30 a month, or browse listings for free.

Republican State Parties
Ken Weide, Arlington, TX, US
A complete guide to Republican parties in all 50 states.

Roger Beers' Environmental Litigation Pages
Oakland, CA, US
Devoted to environmental law in litigation before courts and agencies. The site includes internet research sites, legal research memos, articles, and recent developments.

The Seeker
Hammer Publications Inc., Venice, FL, US
A unique magazine dedicated to helping find missing friends and family members, including birth parents and adopted children.

Jonathan Boltax, Boulder, CO, US
Features articles on Web culture, a steamy Web-opera, the only reviewed guide to CU-SeeMe sites, and a comprehensive listing of Internet broadcasting events.

Soundscapes from The vOICe
Peter Meijer, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
An experimental system for auditory image representations, that allows the blind to "see" with their ears.

Swiss Online
Zurich, Switzerland
A comprehensive, easy-to-navigate, and always up-to-date directory of Switzerland and its best sites.

Thomas A. Gallagher, Esq.
Tom Gallagher, Stamford, CT, US
Download a copy of U.S. Patent #1 and read an easy-to-understand explanation of Intellectual Property Law (Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights).

University Online
Falls Church, VA, US
UOL offers online courses from leading educational institutions in the U.S. Designed to give working adults access to higher education.

The Unofficial They Might Be Giants Home Page
Leo Bicknell, Blacksburg, VA, US
The unofficial home page for They Might Be Giants, a quirky pop band with wide ranging appeal.

The Varo Registry of Women Artists
Untitled Productions, Mill Valley, CA, US
A registry of artwork by contemporary women artists, with a searchable database.

The Virtual Background Museum
Luke Jans, Vancouver, WA, US
An award winning background archive.

Virtual Cape Cod
Harwich, MA, US
A virtual tour of Cape Cod, with 600 pages of information.

Virtual Redding
Don Rowlett, Redding, CA, US
Information about the city of Redding, Shatsa County, Northern California. Features a city profile, current listings for movies, businesses, restaurants, lodging, and calendar of events.

Monday, 18 March 1996

Alf's New York City
Alfred L. Brand, New York, NY, US
Alf's guide to the Big Apple, from clubs and music to food and drink.

Amputee Home Page
B.C. Amputee Sports Association, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Provides great resources for amputees.

Avalon: The Legend Lives
Avalon Partners, London, England
A premier Internet role-playing world. Connect to the game via Java, or download the Windows version for free. Includes a friendly introduction to multi-player gaming.

the best part was
Scott Beach, Hugh Campbell, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Join the Beach family on their 1921 auto tour around the U.S. Dozens of links portray America in the post-Great War era.

Boston Film-Video Foundation
Boston, MA, US
The largest nonprofit media arts organization serving the New England area. BF-VF provides classes and fiscal resources, and showcases local work.

Cat Fanciers Web Site
Troy, NH, US
A comprehensive site on cats, including articles and links on breeds, shows, cat care, feline welfare, veterinary medicine, and a breeder directory. Recently revised.

Cervantes International Bibliography
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, US
An annual bibliography about the life and works of Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616).

The Channel One Network
New York, NY, US
Brings news and information to over 8 million students and teenagers in the U.S.

Clint Eastwood: The World Wide Web Page
Cal Anderson, Reno, NV, US
A tribute to the finest actor/director in Hollywood today. Find lots of information, including pictures, sound clips, and more.

Flake World
Scott Bruce, Cambridge, MA, US
A cybercereal gallery and shopping mall serving vintage pix, the official Flake zine, flake books, fresh Quisp, cybercereal links, and cerealectibles from Freakies repros to vintage Vanessa Williams Corn Flakes.

Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment
Bozeman, MT, US
An educational and research foundation, established to support environmental goals based on individual liberty and responsibility and harmonized with economic prosperity.

Global Entomology Agricultural Research Server
Carl Hayden Bee Research Center, Tucson, AZ, US
A public access government site with fun bee and pollination facts, and other entomological/agricultural resources.

Mike Bradley, Littleton, CO, US
A collection of college fraternity and sorority Web pages.

I Do
John Small, New York, NY, US
Celebrates the romance of weddings on the Internet. Contains wedding albums, engagement announcements, bridal fashions, newlyweds stories, and wedding planning software.

Inside Games & Entertainment Update
The Word Warriors, Auburn, CA, US
The leading independent digital entertainment newsletter, covering all computer, video and online game worlds, plus news from the entertainment industry.

Ivanhoe News: Medical Breakthroughs
Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Orlando, FL, US
Highlights three news reports each week on groundbreaking medical procedures and discoveries. Features searchable archives, Q&A sessions, consultation rooms, and email bulletins.

Kill the Newbies Black Ribbon Campaign
Blacktar, Grand Rapids, MI, US
A campaign for hackers and geeks to take back the Internet from the newbies who have brought publicity, and hence censorship, upon it.

Landlord's Legal Line
Kenenth E. Wimer, Attorney at Law, Sacaramento, CA, US
Provides informtation for Californian landlords in the form of links to valuable sites, and reports on new laws, and court decisions.

Bogota, Colombia
This Latin American business center is a good place to buy from the interesting Latin American market. Entrapreneurs wishing to tap into the market can start here and economic information is available.

Campbell, CA, US
The online journal for mandolinists. Provides new profiles each month, including reviews, instruments, and tablatures.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
Boston, MA, US
Known locally as "the T," the MBTA is the oldest transit system in the world. Now available online are all subway, bus, commuter rail, and ferry maps and schedules.

MCA Nashville
Nashville, TN, US
Based in Nashville Tennessee, this record label is the home of such artists as Reba McIntire, Vince Gill, George Strait, and more.

MCS Web City
Mattheij Computer Service, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Watch a traffic crossing in Amsterdam, in real time (5-10 frames per second). Best viewed before 4 p.m. EST.

The National Hockey League Players' Association
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Daily information on all players in the NHL, including pictures, stats, player profiles, interviews (video, realaudio and text), special interest articles, trivia contests, valuable prizes, and more.

The Official "I Hate Silverchair" Pages
Grum Productions, Gosnells, Australia
A site dedicated to the pure hate of alternateen post-grunge band Silverchair. Movies, contests, and more.

Online Used Computer Swap
Creative Element, Oakland, CA, US
An organized forum for private users to buy and sell used computers and computer components online.

Cascade WEB Publishing, Clinton, WA, US
The complete exotic bird Web site.

Pinhole photographs
Jon Grepstad, Oslo, Norway
A collection of pinhole photographs from Oslo, plus information about building a large format camera, and a Virtual Attic Gallery.

Pippin Central
The Pippin Group, Rocky Mount, NC, US
A multilanguage Internet information resource covering arts, entertainment, business, finance, chat, computers, education, reference, health, and more.

Pop Culture Merchandise and Collectibles
Sony Signatures, San Francisco, CA, US
An online catalog of pop culture merchandise.

Port City Online
Douglas W. Roberts, Portsmouth, NH, US
A regional site for the New Hampshire seacoast, Southern Maine, and historic and picturesque Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Psychoholic World of White Zombie
Dave Kuster, St. Peter, MN, US
The most complete White Zombie site on the Net. Contains information on all releases, a discography and biography, fan club information, tour dates, video and sound clips, interviews, and guitar tabs.

Rats To Cats!
Carl Steadman, San Francisco, CA, US
Illustrated verse for cat lovers and cat roasters alike.

Say It!
FloralExchange, Allentown, PA, US
The next generation of greeting cards offered free by Floralexchange.com.

Shediac Lobster Festival
Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada
The lobster capital of the world (tm) presents its annual festival from 10-14 July 1996. Read about the festival, about lobsters in general, and about the biggest lobster in the world.

Caper AB, Stockholm, Sweden
The first Swedish electronic magazine devoted to liquor, drinks, and bar culture.

WillisWorld Communications, Lauderdale Lakes, FL, US
Read movie, book, and video reviews, plus celebrity and industry news.

A Tomb for a Life
Kenneth A. Tabor, Irving, TX, US
A semi-interactive environment in which the user plays the role of an archeologist exploring an ancient Egyptian tomb.

The Underground
The Computer Underground Society, Sherman Oaks, CA, US
The most comprehensive computer security archive on the Net.

Up Yours, Congress
FLUX, Portland, OR, US
Yet another Web site badge to protest the Communications and Decency Act, after the fact.

The Virtual Golfer
Peter Gingrich, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Attractively designed and well presented, this site contains golf-related articles, tips, destinations, meeting places, and tour schedules and results.

WebLink Village Investor Centre
St. Ives, New South Wales, Australia
Delivers timely investment and stock market information with its live ASX hourly snapshots direct from the Australian Stock Exchange.

Mount Dora, FL, US
A central location for information on wood building products and the companies that produce and sell them.

Tuesday, 19 March 1996

Access Wireless
CTIA, Washington, DC, US
Designed to help hearing aid wearers choose wireless phones. The site includes product descriptions, frequently asked questions, and other resources to help individuals with hearing impairments make the best consumer decisions.

All American Music Festival
Orlando, FL, US
Official site of one of the country's most respected musical experiences. Read about the festival and awards.

Astarte's TarotWeb
Laramie, WY, US
A complete Tarot resource site that includes information on readings, spreads, history, and more.

Marco, FL, US
The Web's most extensive collection of editorial and information contents for the business traveler with over 1500 pages.

Canadian Taxbusters
SonicTax, Edmonton, Al, Canada
Downloadable software to prepare and print Canadian taxes.

CANOE - Canadian Online Explorer
The Toronto Sun Publishing Co., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
This comprehensive Canadian content services is updated continuously with Canadian news and sports, entertainment, and personal finance information. Current issues of high profile Canadian daily newspapers and magazines are also furnished.

The Center for Surrogate Parenting and Egg Donation
Beverly Hills, CA, US
Surrogacy and egg donation information for couples ready, but unable, to have children and for women wanting to help make the dream come true.

Chicago Mercantile Exchange
CME Marketing Programs, Chicago, IL, US
The first futures and options exchange on the Internet.

The Classical MIDI Connection
Faren Raborn, Leesville, LA, US
A vast collection of MIDI sequences of classical music, including choral, renaissance, baroque, romantic, and even compositions by contemporary composers.

CRASH Home Page
Citizens For Reliable and Safe Highways, San Francisco, CA, US
"Truck Safety is No Accident." Crash is a nationwide grassroots truck safety organization dedicated to reducing truck crash deaths and injuries, and preventing the spread of longer combination vehicles.

Cuba Web
The Internet Factory, Birmingham, MI, US
The clearinghouse for everything on Cuban business, culture, history, and politics. It includes classifieds, a mall, mailing lists, and bulletin boards.

The Davis Enterprise
Davis, CA, US
A community newspaper serving Yolo County, including University of California at Davis. Contains local news, sports, features, columns, and events calendars.

The Design & Publishing Center
Harrisonburg, VA, US
Dedicated to the use, understanding, and love of good typography, fonts, and letterforms.

Connect Inc., Baltimore, MD, US
A service enabling customers to create and update a Web page by telephone. Also offers A-mail, an audio version of email.

The Down Under Traveller
Tongariro Lodge, New Zealand
A travel guide to the South Pacific, including Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. Contains news, reveiws, maps, a slang dictionary, and lots of surprises.

Fifth International World Wide Web Conference
INRIA, Paris, France
Information on the official conference of the World Wide Web Consortium, in Paris from 6-10 May 1996.

The Flip Book
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
A newsletter about the Philippines and Pilipinos, Philippine history, geography, trivia, and minutae.

Gafni's Guide to the Galaxy
Elad Gafni, Dundas, Ontario, Canada
Offers information and downloadable pictures on the subjects of space, satellites, meteors and comets, planets, space exploration, and famous people who made contributions.

Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Software Directory
Tim Spink, London, England
Details several hundred programs, software publishers, and suppliers in the fields of Geotechnical Engineering, Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology, and Geo-environmental Engineering.

The Houseboating Page
Morris Rozen, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A directory of available houseboat rental locations throughout North America, and links to other houseboat related sites.

Inns & Outs
Austin, TX, US
Provides some of the most extensive and detailed information on more than 15,000 North American bed and breakfasts and inns.

It's A Living
CommuniCreations, Port Orchard, WA, US
A monthly e-zine that takes a tongue-in-cheek look at corporate America and how to survive it.

Numedia, S.A. de C.V., Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
The most comprehensive information about the main cities and turistic destinations in Jalisco. Visit the Tequila Porfidio page, and learn how to taste tequila like a connosieur.

Lexus Centre of Performance Art
El Segunda, CA, US
A sprawling virtual complex with its own Lexus museum, cultural centre, university, and company emporium.

Mecca on The Web
Monterey, CA, US
Provides advice on health and training regimes and articles on training, dieting, and training tips.

The National Political Index
Denis Hemmerle, Mill Valley, CA, US
A one-stop shop for substantive political information. Currently linking over 3500 sites, it is the largest political resource on the net.

GO PUBLIC Internet Relations, Vienna, Vianna, Austria
Offers free access to hundreds of newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations all over the world.

Jim Asikis, Tewksbury, MA, US
A great collection of "nagless" freeware programs for Windows, updated daily with the best and latest.

Philosophy Around the Web
Peter J. King, Oxford, England
Find philosophy resources organized into eleven categories, including annotations. Original articles are also available.

Portugal Traveller's Handbook
Jose Loureiro, Porto, Portugal
A travel resource for getting around Portugal. Includes a weather report, currency exchange rates, and geographical information.

Queers 101
Kris Lizuck, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
A regularly-updated, very complete resource for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, allies, and the just plain curious. Contains facts and opinions, an advice column, and warm fuzzies.

Rathkamp Matchcover Society
Rathkamp Matchcover Society, Auburn, CA, US
Information on matchcover collecting as a hobby, plus an online membership application, contacts, cover-type photos, and more.

The San Antonio Poets & Writers Page
San Antonio, TX, US
The online literary resource for all San Antonio writers; a free forum which all local writers are welcome and encouraged to use to make their work available to the public.

Small-Cast One-Act Guide On-Line
Lewis W. Heniford, M.L.S., Ph.D., Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, US
Playwrights and seekers of one-act plays using four or fewer actors can contact playwrights through this site. Listings are free for playwrights.

Solar Depot Inc., San Rafael, CA, US
Features a solar home tour and data on commercial solar applications. Includes links to solar and renewable energy sites.

Soul Searchers
Silicon Gate, Regina, SK, Canada
A dating service designed to help people make contact with like-minded individuals, and establish a healthy environment for relationships to develop.

National Space Society of Australia, Sydney, Australia
Lists space-related events happening in Australia, such as conferences, public talks, and open days.

Stone Pages
Paola Arosio & Diego Meozzi, Milan, Italy
All about megalithic sites of Europe. Photographs, maps, and other informationi is available.

Systems Network
Tampa, FL, US
Find contract and full-time job opportunities for computer professionals located throughout the U.S.

New York, NY, US
The first and most entertaining gay, lesbian and bisexual realtime chat community on the Web. Features scheduled events, parties, and community information.

The Unofficial Vanessa-Mae Home Page
Norman Choo Jun Ann, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
A page for the violin virtuoso, Vanessa-Mae which features her discography, articles, awards, pictures, and more.

The V Foundation
Cary, NC, US
Hopes to create an urgent awareness among all Americans of the importance of the fight against cancer, while generating a broad-based support for cancer research.

Vineyards of England and Wales
Oliver Richardson, Isleworth, Middlesex, UK
A tour guide to English vineyards with descriptions, maps, photos and labels concerning the 100 or so vineyards in England and Wales.

Web Cloggers
John Fuller, Rochester Hills, MI, US
Clogging information from around the world. Features a cloggers mall, a calendar of events, a group and instructor index, a conferencing system, and the Michigan Clogging Connection.

WebMaster Magazine
CIO Communications Inc., Framingham, MA, US
A magazine that explores the use of the Web within businesses.

Yaohushua - the True Messiah
Yaohushua the Messiah Foundation, Inc., London, England
Whoever calls upon the name of "Yaohushua" shall be saved from all the curses and penalties of sin, such as poverty, diseases, failures, bankruptcies, losses, earthquakes, wars, frustrations, AIDS, torment, insanity, family breakdowns, rebellions, divorces, tragedies, natural catastrophes, violence, death, and hell.

Wednesday, 20 March 1996

Artists for a Better Image (ArtFBI)
Silver Spring, MD, US
A nonprofit arts organization which studies stereotypes of artists in the media. The site contains an online monthly zine in Adobe Acrobat format.

Classic Outdoors
Classic Communications, Clermont, FL, US
Provides information on outdoor sporting activities with eye-catching graphics, professionally written stories, and easy-to-browse catalog pages.

Comic Book Cross-Fire
Sioux Falls, SD, US
A site for amateur comic book creators with a gallery, classifieds, links, archives, and more for writers, inkers, pencillers, and colorists.

Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
Yale University, New Haven, CT, US
Contains library information and selected links to medical resources.

Steven Moore, Hesperia, CA, US
The center for self-help legal services, with free legal research links and free forms. Don't go broke asking a question.

L. J. Winson, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
A collaborative project based in the virtual world of the Cyberport where the only limitations are those of the imagination of its writers.

Dan's World of Windows 95
Dan Piparo, Tampa, FL, US
The lastest and greatest Windows 95 shareware and freeware on the Internet.

Dominican Central
Province of St. Albert the Great, Chicago, IL, US
Find people, places, life, and ministries of the Chicago Central Province of Dominican men, Roman Catholic priests and brothers following the evangelical spirit of St. Dominic.

ENCARTA on the record
Microsoft, New York, NY, US
Participate in an exciting new live monthly interactive interview show and cyber forum hosted by journalist Linda Ellerbee and newsmaker guests exploring contemporary issues.

FreeForAll Press Inc, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A magazine which targets women in small business.

Experience Music Project
Seattle, WA, US
A nonprofit, interactive music and performing arts museum devoted to exploring the creative process in everyone.

Experimental Testing Technology Products and Services
Hampton, VA, US
Describes products and services offered by the experimental testing technology community at NASA's Langley Research Center.

Eyes On The Web
Dave Southall, Chester, Cheshire, UK
An eye resource clearinghouse with anatomical information and links to other resources.

Naples, FL, US
A comprehensive site for opthalmologists, eye care professionals, and the public that is dedicated to the exploration and advancement of the visual sciences.

Famous Left-Handers
M.K. Holder, Bloomington, IN, US
A comprehensive list of lefties, including musicians, athletes, politicos, actors, writers, and artists.

Great Canadian Scientists
Barry Shell, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Features some of Canada's most well-known and respected scientists and is intended as an educational resource for kids and adults alike.

Johan's Guide to Aphrodisiacs
Johan Santesson, Den Haag, The Netherlands
A collection of facts, fiction, and folklore about aphrodisiacs and other ways to stimulate amorous feelings. Also learn how to swear in Swedish.

Know Zone
Peggy Logan, San Francisco, CA, US
A weekly science and technology show that airs nationally and internationally on the Discovery Channel and locally in the San Francisco Bay Area on KRON-TV.

LA County Music & Performing Arts Commission
Los Angeles County, Downey, CA, US
Provides cultural services for Los Angeles county artists, arts organizations and municipalities. Find out about grant programs and arts resources.

The Law Employment Center
Law Journal Extra, New York, NY, US
Hundreds of constantly updated listings of legal jobs from employers and job-seekers.

The olde Hide House, Acton, Ontario, Canada
The most comprehensive source of leather information on the Web. Includes nature, history, and products, and features a celebrity-theme quiz, kids' crossword, and a contest.

Cincinnati, OH, US
Get tips on buying eyeglasses or contact lenses, see new fashions and technologies, and take an eye exam.

Limited Infinity
New York, NY, US
Provides access to reliable sources of information on the healing and martial arts. Includes interactive programming, catalogs, online purchasing, and more.

Microsurf WebDraw Applet
Mark Sherman, Sharon, MA, US
A graphical Java chat applet which allows users to draw pictures in real-time for another person on the Internet. Check out the pointer feature.

Mike's Back In The Yard
Michael J. Thomas, Rochster Hills, MI, US
Follow the development of a backyard garden during the past seven years.

Bath, UK
Brings live four-track audio mixing to the Internet, enabling visitors to produce their own mixes of Modified's music while remaining online. Future projects include interactive music videos.

National Restaurant Association
Washington, DC, US
Represents over 175,000 foodservice and dining establishments. This site links to membership benefits, current eating trends, and professional issues.

Naturopathic Medicine Network
PandaMedicine, Brighton, MA, US
A comprehensive guide to naturopathic medicine and alternative health care.

New Jersey at Night
NJWeb Inc., Cliffside Park, NJ, US
A comprehensive guide to nightlife and entertainment in New Jersey.

nFX Living Graphics
Santa Clara, CA, US
Experience the nFX Living Art Server, create original cartoon art, post creations in the Gallery, and download a free cartoon maker.

The Online Reporter
The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada
A newspaper, done by graduate journalism students, that covers events and issues of local and national interest.

Deloitte & Touche, Edison, NJ, US
The premier forum for financial analysis and company information. Free stock quotes, industry links, online products, and much more.

Public Voice for Food and Health Policy
Washington, DC, US
A nonprofit organization that advocates a safer, healthier and more affordable food supply for all Americans.

San Francisco: Off the beaten trail
Goat Island Design, San Francisco, CA, US
An alternative guide to the city, with a realistic view of San Francisco's best kept secrets.

Slack Trek
Careless Productions, New York, NY, US
A hilarious sci-fi slacker feature film made guerrilla style in Boston. Read the story, meet the cast and filmmakers, and see stills.

Software School
Union, NJ, US
Provides training, tips and answers for CorelDraw, PageMaker, Quark, Windows 95, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Director, Internet, HTML, pre-press, and business software.

Jack Straw Foundation, Seattle, WA, US
A mishmash of RealAudio files of spoken word, music, and combinations thereof. Features a soundmap of the world and a peek into the nonprofit studio.

Stained Pages
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The online component of a zine that explores the worlds of "alternative" music, comix, literature, culture, and more.

Sweetie's New York
Sweetie Productions, New York City, NY, US
A multifaceted site with a zine, two comics, a gallery, and a jump list.

Sympatico Movie Game
MediaLinx Interactive Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Fan of the Oscars? Play the Sympatico Movie Game where users get to compete against other movie fanatics in guessing this year's Oscars.

Richard Zwierzchowski, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
Offers online catalogues, company to company searches, classified ads, and many more services to the entire textile industry.

U.S. Soyfoods Directory
Indiana Soybean Development Council, Indianapolis, IN, US
A searchable index of soyfoods produced in the U.S.

Viacom Inc., Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Complement to the music channel VH-1 Germany. The first German-language music magazine on the Net.

The Virtual Chemistry Center
Jim Martindale, Irvine, CA, US
A new addition to Martindale's Health Science Guide and Martindale's Reference Desk.

Wall Street Directory
Steve Schulman, Las Vegas, NV, US
Over 2,500 pages of information for computerized traders and investors, with more than 2,000 products and services from companies and institutions.

WateReuse Association
Sacramento, CA, US
Seeks to foster discussion of reclaimed water issues and serve as a resource database for planning and construction professionals interested in the use of recycled water.

Welcome to Investor AB
Stockholm, Sweden
The largest Swedish industrial holding company. Check the main holdings value, read investment news, and read historic headlines.

Thursday, 21 March 1996

Clancy Weisinger & Associates, Walnut Creek, CA, US
A networking and resource center for those falsely accused of child molestation, and victims of false memory syndrome.

American Institute for Cancer Research
Washington, DC, US
Provides information on diet, nutrition, and changes to make for a lower risk of cancer. Newsletter articles, free educational publications, recipes for healthy eating, and cancer research information can be found.

American Legends: James Dean
American Legends, Los Angeles, CA, US
The definitive James Dean Web site, complete with inside stories about Dean, fan club information, rare photos, and more.

Anti-Capital Net
Max Anger, Oakland, CA, US
Social, political, and cultural critique from Marxist, anarchist, and situationist perspectives.

Ask Mr. Traffic
Kenny Morse, Los Angeles, CA, US
Home page of the Los Angeles televison and radio talk show host and "comedy" traffic school teacher who discusses all the issues related to driving in America. Contains valuable tips on fighting tickets.

Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU)
Washington, DC, US
A central information point for the 28 U.S. Jesuit insitutions of higher education.

The Backyard Birdfeeder
Morgan-Terranova, Wausau, WI, US
Everything needed to know to enjoy birds in the backyard, including information on bird feeders, bird houses, bird food, binoculars, and bird feeding tips. Also check out the funny bird story contest.

China BIKE WWW Server
Beijing Bike Electronics Technologies Co., Ltd., Beijing, Beijing, China
The first nongovernmental Web server for commercial use in China.

Combined US Military Ranger Associations
Clinton, WA, US
A Ranger association index covering all eras and conflicts.

Coming Soon Magazine
Brussels, Belgium
Offers reviews, previews, screenshots, hints, press releases and more for the PC, 3DO, Saturn and PSX platforms. It is an ideal place for computer and video game fans.

DaLian University of Technology
DaLian City, LiaoNing Province, Peoples Republic of China
One of the most famous Universities in Northeast China. It has a beautiful campus and is in a beautiful city.

Don Cherry's Rock'Em Sock'Em Online
Chris Magill, Chatham, Ontario, Canada
The source for hockey on the web. Includes Coach's Corner, the latest news, scores, stats, standings, and highlights.

Abundant Internet Solutions, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
Atlanta's music source on the Web. Contains a detailed search of shows, features on big events, information on venues, editorials from University Reporter, and music in RealAudio.

Experience Power Design
Wayne, PA, US
Witty and informational, this site offers the poop on design and Internet issues. The giveaway section poses questions and posts answers.

Film Scouts
Mayra Langdon Riesman, New York, NY, US
The most comprehensive guide to motion pictures. Find film clips, reviews, interviews, and information on the 49th Cannes Film Festival.

Fleet Bank
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
New England's largest bank helps users chart a financial future through the interactive Personal Navigator.

A Foot Talk Place on the 'Net
Ron LeDoux, DPM, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Information resource on podiatry and foot disorders. Includes links to other online resources.

Garden State Tripoli
Damian Russo, Vineland, NJ, US
A high-powered rocket club, officially sanctioned by the Tripoli Rocketry Association.

The Gordian
Bowes On-line Publishing, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
An interactive newspaper with news, sports, entertainment, and opinion.

Roger Harris, Colorado Springs, CO, US
Buy and sell collectibles and such in an online auction featuring immediate item listing and bidding with Web browser forms and email bid notices.

Kids' Cool Animation Gallery
Cindy Johns, Columbus Grove, OH, US
This lively and colorful framed gallery focuses on young internet artists, allowing them to freely exhibit their animation.

Glendale, CA, US
Connects over 50 million Koreans around the world, providing useful information, entertainment, and a space on the Internet where ideas and information can be exchanged freely.

The Menninger Clinic
Topeka, KS, US
Recently ranked "best psychiatric hospital" by U.S. News and World Report. Read publications and articles on mental health and treatment.

New York City Fire Dept.
Donald Van Holt, New York, NY, US
The unofficial home page, because no other exists.

Cyberpod, Beverly Hills, CA, US
A complete home video guide offering fast, succinct, comprehensive, and accurate information on current and forthcoming movies released on tape. Includes reviews, release schedules, a rentability index, a kidvid section, consumer news, and links to studios.

Pan-American Institute of Maritime Archaeology
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
A nonprofit organization dedicated to the study of seafaring in the Americas. Become a volunteer to help excavate a 17th-century shipwreck in the Dominican Republic.

The Poetry Pond
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
No swimming allowed, just excellent poetry.

Ragtime Midi Music Archive
Howard Vigorita, Staten Island, NY, US
Ragtime music played by pianist Sue Keller in midi and mpeg2 audio formats. Also check out the ragtime pwad which replaces all the music in Doom2.

Restaurant Guide World Wide
Enhanced Technologies Inc., Arlington, VA, US
A complete guide offering full menus of participating restaurants.

Restoring America
Technology Management Inc., Mahomet, IL, US
A wide range of information in an entertaining format for those who are interested in restoring constitutional government and individual freedom.

RMI Online: Internet Guide to the Marshall Islands
Lance Laac, Silver Spring, MD, US
Devoted to information on the Republic of the Marshall Islands, an island nation of 50,000 in the central Pacific.

The San Francisco Home Page
OurWeb.Com, San Francisco, CA, US
An unofficial virtual guide to San Francisco for tourists.

Smart Business Supersite
Princeton, NJ, US
This how-to business resource is specifically geared to help business executives solve business problems and run their businesses, departments, or operations smarter.

Society for Industrial and Applied Math
Philadelphia, PA, US
A nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of Applied Mathematics in Industry. The organization publishes books, journals, and a monthly newsletter, and sponsors conferences and meetings dedicated to Applied Mathematics.

Internet Information Network, Karachi, Pakistan
The first Internet directory of Pakistans businesses and professionals.

Taxi Online
Ordet är fritt! Ltd., Stockholm, Sweden
World's first interactive cab magazine. Published twice a month for the world taxi and livery industry.

Telluride Colorado Visitor's Guide
Telluride Multimedia, Telluride, CO, US
A complete visitor guide and travel planner for this beautiful town.

Throwing Music Online
Motivational Marketing Associates, Buffalo, NY, US
Official online home of alt-rock band Throwing Muses and their singer Kristin Hersh. Includes photos, tour dates, sound samples, and more.

Shaun Davis-Gluyas, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
A hierarchial directory to servers and domains around the world.

Virtual Churchill
Churchill Downs Incorporated, Louisville, KY, US
The official site of Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby.

The World Clock
Steffen Thorsen, Trondheim, Norway
Shows the current time in more than 100 places on Earth.

Friday, 22 March 1996

American Association of School Administrators Online
Arlington, VA, US
AASA is the professional organization for over 16,000 education leaders. The site includes legislative alerts, job bulletins, publications, professional development, and more.

Beatdown Magazine
Black Lodge Media, Southfield, MI, US
A pop culture magazine focusing upon film. Departments include British Cinema, Asian Cinema, Trash Cinema, and Urban Drama.

Bioethics Discussion Pages
Maurice Bernstein, M.D., Los Angeles, CA, US
A place on the Web for bioethical discussions by everyone about issues in medical care that affect everyone.

The Cafe
The Cafeservers, San Francisco, CA, US
Invites Internet browsers to join an online community and to discover and enjoy all types of artwork. With it's creative graphical interface The Cafe accomodates and encourages many art forms in suitable and provacative ways.

Capital Marketplace
Marketplace Technologies, Inc., Cambridge, MA, US
A Web site for investors and lenders seeking investment opportunities and for small and mid-sized companies seeking financing.

Career Resource Center, Seattle, WA, US
The Web's most extensive career resource site, with over 11,000 links to career resources, including 1,800 sites with current jobs.

Charter Boats Online
Directories Online, Neptune Beach, FL, US
An online directory for charter boats accross the world. The site contains a searchable database as well as many interactive features.

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
Cincinnati, OH, US
One of America's first professional regional theatres, producing 11 shows in its 2-theater complex during a 10-month performing season.

Classroom Connect
Dennis Shirk, Lancaster, PA, US
Provides newsletters, books, CD-ROMs, and videos to K-12 schools who use the Internet in the classroom.

Come: The Journal of Eclectic Journeys
Mark Curtis Mardon, San Francisco, CA, US
This online magazine, including daily journal entries, features reporting, essays, commentary, criticism, fiction, and reviews on topics ranging from divorce to media celebrities to mountain conservation to human rights.

Environment Canada Green Lane - Prairie and Northern Region
Green Lane Administrator, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Reflects the Prairie and Northern Regions' presence on the Environment Canada Green Lane. Information on the region and weather are available.

Families Under Construction, Inc.
Carolyn Waterbury-Tieman, Lexington, KY, US
A place where users will find carefully crafted tools that provide practical solutions for building, maintaining, and repairing families.

The Fine-Arts Bluesband & Poetry Press
Richard G. Minutillo, Roslindale, MA, US
Poetry, including a new poem-of-the-month every month.

180.art.nyc, New York, NY, US
An art exhibition which challenges preconceptions of the future. The exhibition features ten New York City artists and an essay by world-renowned art critic Donald Kuspit.

The Gate
On-Line Film Services, Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A working tool for the British Columbia Film and Television Production community. Features industry news and articles, production tools, and quick searches for people, information, services, equipment, locations, and support.

Generation War
Phil Flora, Roanoke, VA, US
The world's first made-on-a-PC movie is now a weekly sci-fi series on the Web. Discover action and adventure in a 2025 cyberpunk future.

DDS, Wassenaar, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands
A Dutch site for Gen-Xers, with discussion, online graffiti, and supermodel links.

Glasgow Pub & Club Guide
Sudhesh Pandya, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland
A comprehensive guide to the pubs and clubs in Glasgow, with reviews and ratings.

Great Lakes Cruiser Magazine
Bruce Jenvey, Royal Oak, MI, US
Offers news and other tidbits from the monthly boating magazine, with subscription information and an index of back issues.

HAIR: The Musical
Tracy Harris, Stanford, CA, US
Competely revamped for its 1-year anniversary, with more photos and a virtual be-in. As always, the site has information on the story, lyrics, photos, and sounds, plus interactive pages.

Hawthorne Lane
San Francisco, CA, US
A collection of food- and wine-related information from the hot new San Francisco restaurant. Includes a monthly food shopping column and recipes from the restaurant.

Health Ink
Health Ink Publishing Group, Moorestown, NJ, US
Features a health quiz, fitness advice from an NFL trainer, alternative medicine information, and a medical glossary, all in a funky format.

HealthWorld Online
Los Angeles, CA, US
A resource for health information, blending natural, alternative, and conventional health information.

Healthy Drinking Magazine
SmartWired, Inc., Sonoma, CA, US
The only American consumer publication devoted to reporting factual scientific and medical benefits of responsible alcohol consumption.

JFK Resources Online
Cheryl Overfield, Jacksonville, FL, US
A site devoted to the JFK assassination, along with quotes and memories of JFK. Includes text of Warren Commission and HSCA reports, and links to other sites online.

Liberal Socialist Elite Commentary
The Vermilion of the Communication Committee of USL, Lafayette, LA, US
The largely conservative campus of the University of Southwestern Louisiana is being shaken up by an original and effective leftist columnist.

Mac Net Journal2
White Rabbit Publishing, Tacoma, WA, US
Access one of the fastest growing Mac resources on the Net. It deals with real Mac users in real work situations from around the world.

Mathematically Correct
San Diego, CA, US
Presents issues and concerns about the math education reform movement.

Oxbridge Publications, New York, NY, US
Users can request free sample issues online from a database of newsletters, magazines, catalogs, etc. There are over 5000 listings in more than 265 targeted categories.

Missouri Department of Revenue
Jefferson City, MO, US
Find information on the Department's different divisions and commissions. The site includes Missouri State Tax Forms in PDF format.

MTG Gathering Headquarters
Heidi Vogel, Las Vegas, NV, US
Provides an international list of places where MTG buffs gather, a hot list of Web links to other MTG sites, tournament announcements, and information on the Magic The Gathering Email Club.

NABIL: New Adept of Background Images, Icons & Internet Land
Paris, France
The best of internet resources with 800 background images, icons, letters, lines, and more. Find the resources to make great Web pages.

The National Center to Improve Practice
Arlene Remz, Newton, MA, US
Seeks to promote the effective use of technology to enhance educational outcomes for students with sensory, cognitive, physical, and social/emotional disabilities.

National Chamber of Italian Fashion
Milano, Italy
A nonprofit organization whose aim it is to regulate, coordinate, and boost the development of Italian Fashion through shows, events and other suitable means.

Old Montana Virtual West
Erin Tamberella, Billings, MT, US
Create original "wanted" posters, send electronic postcards, and experience the hottest western shopping on the Web.

On The House with the Carey Brothers
San Francisco, CA, US
Companion page to the weekly syndicated radio talk show, offering advice, hints and solutions relating to all aspects of home maintenance, repair, and improvement.

One If By Congress, Two If By White House
J.R. Wilson, Santa Ana, CA, US
The e-zine of Jeffersonian Conservatism, the belief that the individual citizen is more important than government. A sometimes humorous, sometimes caustic look at American politics and society.

Portal of the Folded Wings
Valhalla Memorial Park, Burbank, CA, US
Built in 1924 and dedicated as a shrine to aviation, the Portal is the final resting place for many pioneers of aviation.

Power the Vote
Ladies' Home Journal/League of Women Voters, NY, NY, US
An election site especially for women. Provides updated, non-partisan reports on the issues, candidates, and first ladies in waiting.

Prophet Financial Data Services
Prophet Information Services, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, US
Newly redesigned, Prophet is still the Web's number one source of futures financial data. Includes realtime charts, historical financial CD-ROMs, and daily Web-based updates from markets around the world.

Shadow Underground
Madison, WI, US
Experience a new act of this online screenplay from award-winning writer Christopher Parr every week. Read the most exciting movie of the year online.

c|net: the computer network, San Francisco, CA, US
Check out 170,000 of the Internet's most popular shareware and freeware.

The STN Homepage
School Transportation News, Redondo Beach, CA, US
Monthly news magazines covering all aspects of yellow school bus transportation and school bus safety. Includes information on transporting students with disabilities and handicapping conditions.

New Haven, CT, US
A magazine for college students completely by college students. Features include daily articles, TV listings, personal ads, a matchmaker service, and entertainment reviews.

Sure!MAPS Digital Mapping
Horizons Technology, Inc., San Diego, CA, US
Digital, seamless, georeferenced USGS maps with software that can be downloaded free. Maps are easily imported into MapInfo, ARCView, and other GIS packages.

Hackensack, NJ, US
An e-magazine centered on Thailand and its place in the world.

The Unofficial "Need For Speed" Page
Doug Burg, Washington, DC, US
A collection of resources for the game "The Need For Speed" by EA. Includes new tracks, editors, cheats, and files. A great resource for NFS fans.

Weekend Gardener
Chestnut Software, Inc., Kunkletown, PA, US
A weekly electronic gardening guide. Know which vegetables to plant, based on frost dates, with the spring and fall GrowGuides. Keep up with gardening chores with TWIG Notes.

Woman Motorist
Sandra Kinsler, Ventura, CA, US
An automotive and motorsports magazine for Women (and others). Includes car reviews and information on racing, maintenance, safety, and travel.

A World Communtity of Old Trees
New York, NY, US
An ecology art project open to artists everywhere, with a special section for students in grades 7-12 and their art teachers.

Monday, 25 March 1996

Abra-Cadabra's Kombucha Cove
Abra-Cadabra Health, Inc., Beaverton, OR, US
Cyberspace's home for all things Kombucha, dedicated to the refreshing and delicious mushroom tea. Discover the worldwide Kombucha culture, which is growing in numbers every day.

Alien Trade
Aleph Nebular, Fonthill, Ontario, Canada
A window to the other sentient bioforms throughout this galaxy, courtesy of the 12-gendered species of Nebulon. Learn about HSDP, STL, Z-Space, trinary computing, and G-mail.

The Amazing Story of Kudzu
University of Alabama Center for Public TV, Tuscaloosa, AL, US
Kudzu vines cover over seven million acres of the Southeastern U.S. How did they get there? Can they be stopped? How can they be used?

American Association of Individual Investors
Chicago, IL, US
Helps individuals become more effective managers of their investments. The AAII site contains practical articles on many investing topics.

Arizona Biological Control, Inc.
Tucson, AZ, US
Lots of do-it-yourself information on organic growing. Covers beneficial insects, soil care, organic fertilizers, monitoring tools, and pet products.

The Catacombs
Golden Dawn Research, Brisbane, Australia
A site dedicated to players of Deathmatch Doom.

The City of Riverside
Riverside, CA, US
Information about the city, including demographics, things to do, business and industry, and the community.

The College Hill Independent
Providence, RI, US
A weekly newspaper published by students from Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

Communist Party USA
New York, NY, US
Includes a brief outline of the Party's program, activities, and theory, as well as People's Weekly World link, newspaper of the CPUSA.

The Corrugated Containers Page
Erie, PA, US
The most comprehensive site on the web concerning the corrugated packaging industry.

Cricket's Cricket
Prism Services, Bridgetown, Barbados
Information on the sport of West Indian and Caribbean cricket.

Essential Links to Taxes
David Meier, Portland, OR, US
Taxpayer tips and online resources to information on income tax preparation assistance, rules, tax code, financial planners and tax preparers, forms, publications, instructions, deductions, and filing.

For Kids Only
Info Guide, Dundas, Ontario, Canada
A safe place for children, with dozens of links to children's pages. WWW Kids Links.

Austin, TX, US
Provides access to a virtual gardening paradise from the convenience of a PC.

George Gee and his Make Believe Ballroom Orchestra
George Gee, New York, NY, US
"Wherever we play, that's the make-believe ballroom."

Global Aviation Navigator
Jeffrey A. Carrithers, Louisville, KY, US
This one-stop aviation information site features the largest database of aviation companies that service the aviation community.

Hamster On-Line
Aaron Pepe, Winter Park, FL, US
The complete hamster resource includes hamster-related tips, pictures, and links.

The Informatics Institute
Falls Church, VA, US
A center for education, research and evaluation of informatics technologies in health care and medicine.

Internet Card Central
Margaret Collins, Washington, DC, US
The largest listing of Internet postcard and greeting card sites, from which any user can send messages to others for free. It is continually updated.

Internet for the Fine Arts
Houston, TX, US
A comprehensive network of artists, galleries, museums, organizations, and resources relating to the fine arts.

Kirkwood Interactive, Inc., Portland, OR, US
A guide to Portland, with arts and entertainment calendars, and information on business, community, activities, recreation, travel, and attractions.

Ken Bourne Memorial Site
Soulsby & Associates, London, Surrey, England
A tribute to Ken Bourne, a hermit who lived in a wooden cabin.

Maldwyn Centre for Theoretical Physics
Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom
A pre-quark theory of everything involving zero mass black holes, vector energy, and rings.

Market Visibility's Super Site
William McDermott, New York, NY, US
The one-stop source for investor and business needs. Lists publicly traded companies, business/investment opportunities, general investor/business information, and products and services.

The Media Terrorism Page
Trans/Mission, Tokyo, Japan
Assembles knowledge on media terrorism in Japan.

Chris Jensen, Huntington, NY, US
This is both a record label and a monthly zine discussing the hardcore/punk scene.

Mr. Men Silly Page
Net Effect Marketing, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A tribute to the Mr. Men comic characters.

New on the Net
Internet Advertising, Grafton, MA, US
A new announcement site, in the tradition of NCSA What's New. Lists new or newly-improved Web sites, as well as new computer software, hardware, and services.

The Ninety-Nines
Oklahoma City, OK, US
The world's largest and oldest organization of licensed women pilots. Features Ninety-Nines information, a history of women pilots, aviation education, and flying activities.

Nutrition resources on the Internet
Dr. Tony Helman, Sydney, Australia
A comprehensive list of nutrition resources on the Internet, targeted to health professionals.

Penza - Some Pages of Russian History
A.Tikhonov and R. Felixov, Penza, Russia
Information about the old Russian town of Penza. Covers new medical technologies in Penza, and some information about poet Mikhail Lermontov.

Publishers Clearinghouse Online
Port Washington, NY, US
You may already have won ten million dollars...

Sailing the Dream
John F. McGrady, Honolulu, HI, US
An autobiographical oddysey -- the Querencia chronicles. A book on the Web with pictures.

The Sandpit
Sydney, Australia
A genuinely local insight into Sydney’s inner city music scene. Contains band interviews, CD Reviews, general grunge interest pieces, and of course, Clem’s Chicken. (of course...)

Sax on the Web
Ardent Internetworking Services, Espoo, Finland
A site for saxophonists and jazz enthusiasts. with information on saxophones, accessories, techniques, saxophonists, and jazz players, clubs, and festivals.

Scout Indie Record Store
Scout Internet Resource Services, Wichita, KS, US
An online catalog of CDs and cassettes from independent and small-label recording artists.

SiamNet Guide to Thailand
Cyberspace Asia Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
Provides travel information on flight and airlines, a job database, an industrial online directory, and a chat area.

Lapis Software Associates LLC, Parsippany, NJ, US
A premier service that connects employment candidates with employers. Candidates interactively add or modify skills profiles for no charge.

Stanley Steemer Home Page
Dublin, OH, US
Making carpet cleaning fun and entertaining, this site offers useful tips on choosing a carpet cleaner and buying a carpet, with an online carpet spotting guide. Also answers individual carpet spot questions, and offers a section of home remedies for spotting.

Tobacco BBS
Gene Borio, New York, NY, US
Free resources and information on tobacco and smoking issues. Includes tobacco news, history, books, movies, addresses, and tips on quitting.

The Tribune-Review, Greensburg/Pittsburgh, PA, US
The online version of the Tribune-Review. Features news, sports, and features on Pittsburgh, Greensburg, and surrounding areas.

Union of Concerned Scientists
Cambridge, MA, US
Promotes solutions for agriculture and biotechnology, arms control, biodiversity, climate change, energy, ozone depletion, and transportation.

Crowley Harper Virtual, Hauppauge, NY, US
A custom sub-browser with direct links to selected sites and search capabilities within them.

Whaling Information From Japan
Masaaki Ishida, Tokyo, Japan
This site has been developed to maintain the balance of information on the whaling issue.

Zero Hour Records
New York, NY, US
Home of the independent record label. Uses RealAudio, Java, and Internet Wave to showcase artists such as Shallow, Grover, Space Needle, Varnaline, Steve Wynn, and Boyracer.

Tuesday, 26 March 1996

Anti-Defamation League
New York, NY, US
The world's leading organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice, and bigotry.

The Adrenaline Vault
New World Technologies, Dallas, TX, US
The fastest growing game site on the Internet, with reviews, downloads, and awards.

Architects and Engineers Web
Irvine Alpert, Redmond, WA, US
The architecture and engineering community's single source for project leads, industry news, and qualifications of potential team members.

Auburn University Athletic Department
Auburn University, AL, US
A comprehensive college athletics site, with bios, stats, and press releases on all 20 varsity athletic teams.

The Austin Texas Gay-Friendly Directory
Sherry Holdridge, Austin, TX, US
Austin's comprehensive business and entertainment guide for the lesbian and gay community. Includes queer organizations, events, clubs, media, classifieds, personals, and more.

Australian SunSITE
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Yet another SunSITE is born, this time down under. Focuses on the provision of Australian educational, cultural, and community information on the Internet. Includes a large public software archive and a Java corner.

Boston Marathon
Digital Equipment Corporation, Acton, MA, US
The Offical Boston Marathon site, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the world's oldest annual marathon.

Buffalo Net
Amherst, NY, US
Buffalo's first and only online community.

The Church of the Living Tree
Leggett, CA, US
An organization dedicated to preserving trees by advocating the cultivation of hemp for paper production.

The Cigar Journal
Red Howard, Los Angeles, CA, US
A diary of cigar smoking.

Computer Book Cafe
Studio B productions, Inc., Fishers, IN, US
A virtual hangout for authors, publishers, and sellers of computer books. Includes news and interviews, author spotlights, and classifieds.

Twenty Mule Team, Inc., New York, NY, US
Lets individuals send email to world leaders and express their opinions. The website is part of an art exhibit in London.

The E-Zines Database
Community Internet Services, Middlebury, VT, US
The largest resource of E-Zines on the Web.

The Freedom Forum
Arlington, VA, US
A resource on media issues worldwide.

Gordy's Virtual Drumming Workshop
Hollyhock Holistic Island Retreat, Cortez Island, British Columbia, Canada
An online workshop in drumming technique, with Gordy Ryan, renowned student of African drumming legend Babatunde Olatunji.

Hardware World
Jensen Distribution Services, Spokane, WA, US
The largest collection of hardware sites on the Net. Not computer hardware - tools and stuff.

Iconolog 96
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A collection of 23,027 Windows icons, sorted into 119 zips and indexed by category and subject.

Imelda's Dr. Seuss Page
Corpus Christi, TX, US
Recently moved and improved. A host of fun facts and a list of his works, with images, humor, and Doctor Seuss quirks.

Internet DailyNews
Harris Enterprises, Hays, KS, US
A general news source featuring news from the Associated Press and Reuters.

The Internet Green Marketplace
The EnviroLink Network, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The only marketplace on the Internet certifying that all of its member companies are environmentally and socially responsible in all aspects of production.

Internet PC Review
Dayton, OH, US
A monthly online journal with feature articles, hot news items, and regular columns.

It's Time To Parody
Bob Allison, Chicago, IL, US
Net.celebrity Bob Allison offers this page of links to parodies and satires on the Web, just in time for April Fools Day.

The "Jiffy" Mix Company
Chelsea Milling Company, Chelsea, MI, US
Baking mixes for snacks, desserts, and main meals from Chelsea Milling Company, the makers of "Jiffy" Mixes. Includes recipes.

The King of the Blues
Jim Kerekes and Dennis O'Neill, Waterville, MN, US
A cyberspace journey into the life and times of the man known as the King of the Blues.

The Laughing Pit
Douglas Vance, Pelham, NY, US
An interactive comedy page with many original categories such as "Fool of the Week" and "You Know You're a Loser When..."

Legal Support Net
Jeff Nichols, Valencia, CA, US
The premiere web site for legal support professionals.

Brad Turcotte, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A theatrical World Wide Web Abusement Park. Features include Mary Holiday's Authentic Biographical Speed Journal, and The Fantastic Life and Suicide of Mister Mary Holiday.

The National Arbor Day Foundation
Lincoln, NE, US
A nonprofit membership organization for tree planting and environmental stewardship. Sponsors Tree City USA, youth education, Arbor Day, conservation trees, and conferences, and provides free trees.

The Other Queer Page
Steven Williams, Terre Haute, IN, US
Features the best lesbian, gay, and bisexual Web resources, with topics from coming out to involvement in the fight for equal rights.

Passover on the Net
Studio Melizo, Levittown, NY, US
An online celebration of the Jewish holiday of Pesach.

Pet Central: Links to the Animal Kingdom
Copy Doctor, Dublin, OH, US
A compilation of the best pet sites on the Net.

Russian Yellow Pages
Polytechnic University, New York, NY, US
The biggest collction of Russian-related links on the Internet.

Shockwave Games
Jeff Loeb, Hanover, NH, US
A collection of links to pages with Shockwave-based games. A barrel of fun for users who have Shockwave.

Singapore Exhibition Services
SG, Singapore
The leading and most established trade show organizer in Singapore, with a comprehensive portfolio of 36 trade shows. Includes schedules and details of all shows.

Southern Exposure Guide Interactive
Jon McConnell, Key West, FL, US
An interactive guide to gay Key West. Complete information on what to see and do when visiting the tropical island.

Spencer Financial Services
Downey, CA, US
Financial analysis and consulting. Contains the esteemed Spencer Financial Newsletter.

The Sporting Life
Mirror Group, London, England
Britain's top newspaper for horse racing and sports betting.

Sri Lanka Info Page
Muditha Abhaya, Bowling Green, OH, US
Information about Sri Lanka, with news, issues, entertainment, and more.

Stamper's News Nuggets
Chris Stamper, Dallas, TX, US
Conservative politics mix with great online finds in this must-read newsletter.

Stomp And Stammer
Atlanta, GA, US
A new online fanzine covering music, concentrating on independent artists.

Toronto, Ontario, US
Celestial culinary genetic architects of the future of the human species. A living foods organization committed to extending the genetic diversity of the planet.

Trade On-Line
Bangkok, Thailand
Provides all kinds of information about Thailand, from business and trading to travel and leisure.

VR-1 Digital Fun
Boulder, CO, US
A unique service with interactive virtual environments, social experiences and innovative digital content.

The Wayne Gretzky Page
Michael Hiridjee, Maisons-Alfort, France
A tribute to the most talented hockey player in the world.

WTTW On-Line
Chicago, IL, US
Online outlet of the Chicago public television station, production studios, and fine arts radio station. Includes program information, Eleven magazine, and educational materials.

ZIUA Headquarters
Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania
The latest news from Romania, in politics, the economy, sports and entertainment.

Wednesday, 27 March 1996

1st Steps In The Hunt
Internet Business Network, Mill Valley, CA, US
Provides job hunters with daily tips for finding a job through the Web.

Arizona Pool & Billiards
Scottsdale, AZ, US
A comprehensive pool and billiards site yet created, with fascinating information for players and non-players alike.

Awesome Easter Customized Greeting Cards
Minnetonka, MN, US
Make and send customized Easter greeting cards in seconds.

Canadian Pacific Database
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
A monthly publication for railfans, model railroaders, and rail historians.

Children's Storybooks Online
Carol Moore, Granada Hills, CA, US
Complete online children's stories with color illustrations.

CoCo Island Interactive Game Station
Michael Lai, Columbus, OH, US
An online interactive game site, featuring Shockwave games.

Digital Instrument's NanoTheater
Terry Mehr, Santa Barbara, CA, US
Makes Atomic Force Microscopes and other scanning probe microscopes. The new NanoTheater lets you look at lots of cool pictures of really small stuff.

Electric Magic: The Led Zeppelin Chronicle
Sam Rapallo, Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
The best Led Zeppelin site on the Internet, as rated by Q Magazine. Based on the highly acclaimed fan magazine.

The Ellada Site
Hellas Inc. Limited, Dublin, Ireland
Travel information on Ellada (the native name for Greece).

The Essential Internet Online
Andrew Goodman, San Francisco, CA, US
Hosted by syndicated technology columnist Larry Magid, Paradesa Media'’s fun, free educational Internet tutorial teaches and guides users to use and understand all aspects of the Internet.

The Great Globe Gallery on the World Wide Web
Zbigniew Zwolinski, Poznan, Poland
A collection of different views of the Earth on projections, maps, satellite images, movies, and much more.

Culver City, CA, US
Information headquarters for anyone who wants to do a better job. Includes a "virtual water cooler" forum.

HDTV Europe
Resteigne, Belgium
The European resource for information on High-Definition Television. Includes news, lists of producers and productions, and links.

HealthGuide OnLine!
Clinical Tools Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, US
Online health education and advice. Covers depression, schizophrenia, and more.

Jane's Breastfeeding & Childbirth Resources
Jane Neesam, Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK
Offers links to sites about breastfeeding, childbirth, pregnancy, women's health, and related organizations.

Marek Kaminski: Solo in Antarctica
Zbigniew Zwolinski, Poznan, Poland
Read the story of Marek's adventure in Antarctica. He reached two Poles in the same year on foot and unsupported.

MSARP Virtual Slide Show
Don Hanna, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
An introduction to archaeology in the Canadian arctic. Spectacular images, ancient artifacts, and stunning Northern scenery guide the visitor through an archaeological investigation.

Newsletter Network
Newsletter Technologies, Solana Beach, CA, US
Contains financial newsletters from a variety of authors on many investment topics.

Bellevue, WA, US
A merger and acquisition/venture capital investment network database. Search for opportunities, build a corporate finance team, and contact qualified investors.

Peace Brigades International
London, England
Provides nonviolent international peacekeeping in areas of violent conflict and human rights abuses.

Real Change Homeless Newspaper
Seattle, WA, US
Seattle's voice of the homeless. Contains news, art, poetry, personal stories, and opinion.

Saludo Tango
Mark von Rahden, Bremen, Bremen, Germany
A graphically rich, interactive lesson in dancing the Tango. Includes Shockwave animations. In German only.

Science in Poland
Zbigniew Zwolinski, Poznan, Poland
Contains general review, important institutions, Nobel Prize Laureates, famous scientists and expeditions, databases, and more concerning scientific problems in Poland.

Sycrawler Penpal Search Engine
Thomas Fehse, Rochester, NY, US
Find a penpal by keyword.

The talk.origins Archive
Brett Vickers, Irvine, CA, US
Contains FAQ and informational files pertaining to the creation/evolution debate. Most are written from a scientific point of view.

Therapist Opportunities
Rob Fisher, Livonia, MI, US
The world's first and only direct mail and Internet-based physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech language pathologist employment network.

Tricia's Water Dragon Page
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Lots of information on caring for the Chinese water dragon. Contains tips on housing, diet, behaviour, and breeding.

U.S. Air-Table-Hockey Association
Tim Weissman, Boulder, CO, US
The ultimate air-hockey resource, with rules, event updates, player bios, articles, rankings, and much more.

U.S. and International Law
George V. d'Angelo, Washington, DC, US
Contains information on investments and corporations, franchising, government procurement, aerospace law, and technology transfer.

The Virtual Geomorphology
Zbigniew Zwolinski, Poznan, Poland
An electronic textbook with many links to diffused scientific papers on geomorphology.

The Weather Vane Home Page
Denninger Cupolas & Weathervanes, Middletown, NY, US
The complete source for weathervanes, including history, news, and an antique weathervane marketplace.

The Winter Sports Page
Winter Sports Foundation, Boulder, CO, US
A resource for winter sports information.

Xcentrix magazine
San Francisco, CA, US
A dynamic compendium of diverse genres and flambouyant realities, including fashion, hedonistic soirees, film, and literature.

Zero's Chill Entertainment
Chill Productions, Old Town, ME, US
Virtual neon specifically engineered to appeal to the visual senses. Includes a weekly newsletter and lots of eye-candy.

Thursday, 28 March 1996

Animated Greetings
Pineapple, San Francisco, CA, US
Personalized greetings that move, talk and sing. Greetings can be sent online to be played on both Mac and Windows.

Athens, Attica, Greece
A virtual space for the Greek Fine Arts scene.

Bizcom Online
Salt Lake City, UT, US
A free BBS and online service, with forums, chat, and contests.

Brother Alphabet's Evergrowing List Of Bad Ads
Alphabet Publishing & Design, Montgomery, AL, US
Synopses and reviews (always negative) of the worst TV advertisements.

Bruce Peninsula Environment Group
John T. Hoita, Lion's Head, Ontario, Canada
Dedicated to promoting an environmentally responsible lifestyle.

Camp Creations Magazine
Kyle Waxman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The ultimate information resource for anyone interested in the world of camps. Discover The Camp News Network, an extensive camp directory, and family fun.

Canada's Environment Infobase
Jason Flick, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Interprets, synthesizes, and integrates scientific and socio-economic information on the conditions and trends of the state of the Canadian nation's environment.

Export Magazine Comprar
Miami, FL, US
A monthly advertising tool used by businesses seeking to reach the Latin American and Caribbean markets.

Flapping Wings! The Ornithopter Home Page
Ornithopter Modelers' Society, Lewisburg, PA, US
Find complete information including pictures, MPEGs, and links on flapping winged aircraft.

Florida Travel Info
Tampa Tribune/Tampa Bay Online, Tampa, FL, US
This online guide to Sunshine State contains attraction information, a cruise guide, state park and state tourism information, a database of destinations, and more.

GENS - The Professional Maritime Server
Tromsoe, Norway
The world's first and only Web site dedicated to Norwegian and international shipping. Contains news and information about the shipping industry.

Ginger International
Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
A weekly-updated homage to eminent redheads from the world of entertainment.

InfoMax Jugendinformation
Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk, Darmstadt, Germany
Information for youth in Germany. Very extensive. In German only.

Information Law Alert
Voorhees Reports, Brooklyn, NY, US
Covers technology and law, as they pertain to the digitial environment. Provides sample news and stories from the publication.

Jay's Texas Instruments Calculator Page
Jay Richmond, Indianapolis, IN, US
Contains links, information, and programs for Texas Instruments graphing calculators. Also included is a review of the most powerful graphing calculator, the TI-92.

KO`s Boxing Page
Michael Landi, Cranston, RI, US
The best of boxing on the Net. Includes pictures, history, and chat.

Lenox Institute of Water Technology
Lenox, MA, US
A nonprofit educational and research institute dedicated to the development of dissolved air flotation technology for industrial and municipal water and wastewater.

Magnet Magazine
Focus Technologies Networks, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A monthly interactive entertainment and lifestyle magazine, published exclusively on the Internet. An amalgam of the best of TV, radio, and print.

Mark Sharpe For Congress Campaign Headquarters
Friends of Mark Sharpe, Tampa, FL, US
Tons of links, pictures, multi-image gifs, and entertainment with a political bent.

Nicaragua Global Communications System
Ricardo E. Lopez, Managua, Nicaragua
Nicaragua's premier site for searching pertinent information about this rapidly evolving country.

Norges Varemesse
Norges Varemesse, Oslo, Norway
Arranger of expos, stands, and conferences in Oslo, Norway. Find information about expos on everything from fashion to boating.

Norwegian Music Information Centre
Norwegian Music Information Centre, Oslo, Norway
Information on music from Norway, including classical, contemporary, rock, and pop.

The Online News Paper
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Read or listen to a large selection of stories on a variety of topics from around the world.

The Paper Acid Archive & Gallery
Sacrespace, Kansas City, MO, US
A growing collection of psychedelic blotter art.

PictureTalk, Inc.
Pleasanton, CA, US
Adds realtime imagery to business communications. It's free to download, application-independent, and cross-platform software.

Port Elizabeth - A Guide to the Friendly City
Port Elizabeth City Council, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Located on the South East coast of Africa, Port Elizabeth is a popular Tourist destination.

Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee
Scripps Howard, Inc., Cincinnati, OH, US
Information about the nation's largest and longest-running educational promotion, including study tips and competition details.

Stark Hassle
Pioneer Technologies Inc., Peachtree City, GA, US
A java-fied version of the arcade game Star Castle. Play it realtime over the Web.

Storm's Weekly
Digital Imaging Information Services, Louann, AR, US
Provides weekly horoscopes, links of the week, and cultural tips of the week.

New York, NY, US
Extensively illustrated stories and rhymes from around the world, plus discussion groups, games, contests, and information for parents.

The Trailer Park
Scott Deering, New Brunswick, NJ, US
Lists tons of links to current and upcoming movie trailers from across the Web. The ultimate site for movie trailer junkies.

Traveller - The Web Pages
Goeran Damberg, Boras, Sweden
Devoted to the role-playing game Traveller, in all its incarnations.

A View from the Left
Dave Lowe, Monroe, MI, US
An index to the best politically liberal sites on the Net.

Wellness World
SuperHighway Patrol, Glendale, CA, US
The Internet's center for health and wellness features a service directory and topical chat.

WWW Photo Zone
Klaus Schroiff, Karlsruhe, Germany
Find everything there is to know about photography. Includes an incredible number of test results.

Friday, 29 March 1996

AM1320 Radio CHMB
Mainstream Broadcasting Corporation, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A multilingual radio station with focus on Cantonese and Mandarin. It is the first Chinese radio to broadcast in real-time over the Internet.

Backstage Pass
Adam Burg, Pittsburgh, PA, US
A local music archive showcasing the best of Pittsburgh's cutting edge music scene. It's the only pass needed when looking for up-to-the-minute show dates and band information.

Beneath the Calamites Tree...An Online Fossil Gallery
Prem Subrahmanyam, Tallahassee, FL, US
An ever-growing gallery of fossils collected by the author, complete with morphological information on taxa shown. Also included is an extensive list of links to other sites of paleontological interest.

The Birdcage
Hollywood Online, Los Angeles, CA, US
Official site of the outrageous comedy starring Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, and Gene Hackman. Download the movie trailer, clips, sound bytes, and much more.

The Box
InterEdge, Lawrence, KS, US
A ghost-written column that takes a long hard look at the effects of mass media, or the "box", on today's society.

Calcio Gol
Staff Record News, Lainate, Milano, Italy
Read news and various information on Italian and international soccer.

Digital Music Network, Stoneham, MA, US
An online mecca for music enthusiasts, featuring a huge music product database and a comprehensive music site directory. Connecting people to their favorite music is what Casbah is all about.

Collector Link
Terry Stewart, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
A searchable collection of over 750 Web sites related to card collecting. All types of card sites are catalogued and a fast search engine is provided.

Concerto Capital Management, Inc., Edina, MN, US
A quantitative financial research service, providing traders with forecast data based on proprietary financial models that cover the most actively traded markets in the world.

Depression Central
New York, NY, US
Brings together information about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of depression in children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

Dianetics Home Page
Hubbard Dianetics Foundation, Los Angeles, CA, US
Official site of the controversial Church of Scientology. Covers all the basics of Dianetics spiritual healing technology, and includes a multimedia "tour of the human mind," RealAudio testimonials, and a global locator.

London, England
Official home page of the Italian fashion company at the cutting edge of style and innovation in all mediums.

Girl 6 - The Movie
Fox Searchlight, Los Angeles, CA, US
Official site of the smart, sexy, and sassy new Spike Lee joint. Eavesdrop on Spike, Quentin, and Madonna, download video and audio clips, and get stylin' with exclusive Girl 6 threads.

Global Fund for Women
Menlo Park, CA, US
An international organization which focuses on female human rights. It supports issues such as literacy, domestic violence, economic autonomy, and the international trafficking of women.

Information Law Alert
Mark Voorhees, Brooklyn, NY, US
This site and its corresponding newsletter cover law and technology as they apply to the digital environment. It emphasizes developments involving intellectual property and cryptology.

Jazz, Roots, Rhythms
JDS Communications, Oakland, CA, US
Celebrates jazz, blues, gospel, soul, and World Music. It features reviews, interviews, music education information, archives, performances by local and international musicians, allied arts, and coverage of the San Francisco music scene.

Land of Broken Dreams
Renegade Music Inc., Lenoir, NC, US
A site of music, art, poetry, and gothic things. A bit vain but plenty entertaining.

Tom Grant: 3 Degrees of Cool
KVO Advertising, Portland, OR, US
Learn how Tom Grant, quietly at the very heart of the music industry, is no more than three degrees seperated from every other modern musical act. Interesting, slickly designed, and cool, cool, cool.

University of Southwestern Louisiana Folklore News
Reinhold R. Hill, Lafayette, LA, US
A site dedicated to articles of interest to professional and student folklorists.

Utah State Bar
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Offers lawyer referral services and law-related information for the state of Utah. Also contains directories, a calendar of events, and special member services.

The Volunteer Network
Global Research, Inc., Sea Girt, NJ, US
Volunteer from a home computer by joining one of the many worthy projects and committees at no cost. Many projects deal with education and social services.

The Web Multi-Media Tour
John Faherty, Marlboro, MA, US
Takes users on a fun, educational journey through multi-media on the Web, using the technologies and products themselves.

Webstock Whole Earth Festival
Earth Channel Communications, LLC, Norcross, GA, US
A multi-stage, 3-D showcase venue for personal and global enrichment.

Wibble's Dinosaur Jr. Page
Dermot Hanley, Dublin, Ireland
A site for fans of Dinosaur Jr., full of news, reviews, discographies, lyrics, pictures, and other music related links.

Wide Smiles: Cleft Lip and Palate Resource
Joanne Greene, Stockton, CA, US
A set of basic resources for those affected by the various forms of cleft lip and palate.

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