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What's New: June 1996

Monday, 3 June 1996

Aquanet Gallery of Watercolor Art
Opelika, AL, US
Offers watercolor paintings, listserve, and an international watercolor discussion group.

BradyGAMES Basement
Brady Publishing, Indianapolis, IN, US
Publishes strategy guides on computer and video games. Includes tip of the day, tips and hints section, and screenshots from strategy guides.

Diesel UK
Hard Media, London, England
Diesel Jeans, for people who do know better. Visit the home of beautiful dysfunctional cheerleaders to brighten your lives.

Dutch Hobie Cat Association
Andy de Lyon, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Dutch and European Hobie Cat racing calendar as well as Dutch Hobie Cat Association information.

Galivant Media
San Francisco, CA, US
Ambient industrial music art including Bullet Train Magazine, Short Story Archive, and listings of Music and Sound Artists.

Golf in Spain
AlSur, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain
Provides up-to-date information about all of Spain's golf courses, bookings, and tournaments. There is also a section exclusively dedicated to the Ryder Cup '97 that will be held at Valderrama.

Government Information Sharing Project
Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, US
User-friendly, powerful online access to government data: economics, demographics, education, 1990 census, USA counties, School District Data Book, and more.

Insiders' Guides
Manteo, NC, US
The largest publisher of U.S. travel guides has now placed the entire content of six books on the Web. Titles include "North Carolina's Outer Banks," and "Sarasota and Bradenton."

Iran Business Resources
Neda Rayaneh Institute, Tehran, Iran
The ultimate source for reference information on business in Iran.

Jennifer Aniston
Jersey, United Kingdom
"Friends" star, Jennifer Aniston, has yet another page with pictures, movies, and sounds plus lots of information.

Saulo Katcher, Roswell, GA, US
A site with various links to manatee pages regarding their habitat, their future, and miscellaneous links.

Mister Transistor
Dr. Andrew Wylie, Purley, Surrey, England
Historical transistor collection, more than a hobby it is industrial archaeology. Images and descriptions of early devices, transistor operation, and the history of the invention.

National Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc.
John Lester, Bayside, NY, US
This official site offers up-to-date, accurate, and comprehensive information about Tourette Syndrome. Covers treatment, research, definitions, explodes myths, and includes a catalog of publications.

John Plourde, Nashua, NH, US
Tribute to the best punk rock band there is. Most in depth Pennywise page on the Net.

The Raunchy Roach Show
Butch Berry, Los Angeles, CA, US
A daily satirical comic strip by Butch Berry about a roach with a TV show. Targets include the media, politics, and Sammy Davis Jr.'s glass eye.

Right Margin Foundation
The Hague, The Netherlands
Collects and repairs second-hand computers in Europe to set up computer and typewriting classes in developing countries to provide young people with better chances to find jobs.

riot mag
one inc., Laval, Quebec, Canada
riot is a cultural ezine with chutzpah! Check out sections called "alive" and "identity."

Scudder Funds of Canada
Quadravision Communications, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Designed to help visitors discover the power of global investing in the world's capital markets and come to understand the opportunities and the challenges.

Sensory Integration Int'l.
Torrance, CA, US
Mission is to bring together professionals, individuals, families, and researchers who want to know more about sensory integration.

Slab Shredder Online Comic
Superlux Corporation, Atlanta, GA, US
Slab Shredder is an online, serial, sci-fi comic strip set in the Lifestyle Engineering underground. Each biweekly episode features hidden clues and a new RealAudio soundtrack.

Unofficial Kimiko Date Home Page
Clas G. Bystedt, Tokyo, Japan
Basic facts, results, and pictures of the leading Japanese tennis player, Kimiko Date plus loads of tennis links.

Scott Rockstead, El Cajon, CA, US
San Diego's hottest rock band, Violent Mood Swing lives here. Lots of San Diego music links and national music links.

VirtualNew Orleans
Planet 9 Studios, San Francisco, CA, US
This virtual city marks the advent of a 3D model of the Big Easy on the Internet, built to promote buisnesses, tourism, and community interests.

Tuesday, 4 June 1996

abf texture library
art by the foot/digital imaging & design, New York, NY, US
A library of original textures that can be used for Web page backgrounds, wallpaper, or texture maps for raytracing. Free of charge for any non-commercial use.

Bethune MEGA Elementary
Temple, TX, US
Who said a school site had to be boring. This page is designed to appeal to everyone.

Chicago Resource Guide
CyberSpace Solutions, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
Your guide to Chicago entertainment, travel information, and local scene. This guide has it all for area residents or visitors.

The Client-Server Computing Page®
Web Sciences, Inc., Kamuela, CA, US
An information hub to advance the knowledge and success of client-server computing.

Crochet Guild of America
Pam Oddi, Rolling Meadows, IL, US
Nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the art of crochet. Information on annual crochet conference, guild chapters, and membership.

Discover Jazz Festival
Burlington, VT, US
This year the focus turns to the rhythm and beat of jazz. The pulse is in the air. Discover Jazz '96, follow the rhythm to Burlington!

Jonathan Fox, Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Up-to-the-minute travel, weather information, and links to other cool sites, all with a European flavour.

Franciscan Archaeological Institute - Jordan
Michele Piccirillo ofm, Madaba, Jordan
Presents work undertaken, experiences and publications from Byzantine period digs, and the treasures of Mosaic floors. Includes digs on Mt. Nebo, Madaba, 'Aiun Mousa, 'Ain Kanisah, Mukhayyet, Umm al-Rasas, and Machaerus.

The Hiding Place
Van Nuys, CA, US
Christian reading material, discussions, stories, debate topics, announce URLs online, prayer team, and more. Collection of Christian material and links on the Internet.

JBiddy's AutoCAD Answers
Joe Biddy, Calhoun, GA, US
Free answers to user queries on the operation of AutoCAD Rel.12 for DOS plus lots of great links.

Klink Net Communications
Northville, NY, US
A unique site with local information about the Adirondack mountains region, Sacandaga Lake area, Fulton, Hamilton, and Montgomery counties.

Latin American Volcanoes
Glyn Williams-Jones, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A comprehensive list of Latin American volcano pages.

Newspapers in Education
Northcliffe Newspapers Group Ltd., London, England
Works with schools and colleges and presents Careers in the Newspaper Industry, Newspaper Activities, Newspapers in Education, and much more.

Ozone Publishing
Reykjavik, Reykjavik, Iceland
An Icelandic Internet publisher who publishes deCode, a virtual magazine for young adults. In Icelandic and English.

Quantum/Theoretical Chemistry at KCL
King's College, London, England
Insight into the work of Professor Mike Robb's research group at KCL. Find out how quantum chemistry is used to solve organic reactivity problems.

The Rock Radio Network
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Brings a constant flow of radio programs to stations across Canada. Tune in.

Salzburg Global Market
Zell am See, Austria
Features Tourism, Technology, Services, Handicrafts, Trade, Industry, and more. In both English and German.

Slav's Israel Information Site
Tel Aviv, Israel
Find all things about Israel -- take a Virtual Jerusalem Tour, visit The Israel National Museum of Science, and much more.

Social Distortion
Access International, Inc., Waco, TX, US
The best Social Distortion page on the Internet with photos, lyrics, links, and more.

The South Street Seaport Museum
New York, NY, US
The museum includes square-rigged tall ships, sailing schooners, historic vessels, and exhibits. Lots of links to maritime museum and tall ship Web sites.

Ogden Newspapers, Inc., Wheeling, WV, US
A comprehensive auto and truck racing site with schedules and stories.

TEAM Gallery
New York, NY, US
The best in New Art, Video Projects, Film Developement, Photography, Painting, and Exhibitions.

Vietnam Interactive Portfolio
Kenneth Hoffman, South Orange, NJ, US
Over 80 photographs taken in Vietnam between 1969 and 1970. Categories include Children, Montagnard Tribesmen, Military, Vietnamese People, Protest, and Shrines.

Western New York's Online Arts & Entertainment Magazine
artvoice, Buffalo, NY, US
A comprehensive guide to what's happening in the Buffalo arts and entertainment scene. Features listings of arts organizations, a calendar of events, articles, and more!

Your Very Best Fitness Page
Aleksandr Levchenko, Brooklyn, NY, US
A site for everyone interested in bodybuilding and fitness.

Wednesday, 5 June 1996

4th Firefighters World Games, 28 July - 3 August 1996
The Edmonton Firefighters Service Association, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Open to all full-time, volunteer, industrial and military fire service personnel, emergency medical service and rescue specialty personnel, or staff employed full-time by a fire department or brigade.

Action for Gay Marriage
tiffany 1st bass, Wellington, New Zealand
Three lesbian couples are are putting the New Zealand human rights legislation to the test by asking the courts to allow them to legally marry. Check out the issues here.

Anime Links
Christina Catlin, Southlake, TX, US
A page of links, graphics, and information about anime. Includes pages on Akira, Ranma 1/2, Lum, and Dominion.

Annual Review of Law and Ethics
Institut fuer Strafrecht und Rechtsphilosophie, Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany
A journal intending to permit an international, interdisciplinary discussion of legal and ethical issues approached from an historical, theoretical, or comparative point of view.

Arizona Senior Weblinks Directory
Lee Kass, Sun City, AZ, US
A resources directory for adult communities, retirement homes, health and professional services, entertainment, education, recreation, and travel for seniors.

Asiaworld CyberCommunity
E-Magazine Online Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia
A cybercommunity dedicated to bring Asia together. Visit Asia Cafe Web IRC, art gallery, bulletin boards, email directory, business district, greeting cards, and more.

Australian Enterprise Review
Stephen Smith, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
An ambitious electronic publication designed to showcase quality Australian goods and services, skills and technology transfer, to the Asia-Pacific region.

Author's Showcase
Light Communications, Sarasota, FL, US
Bookstore of self-published authors who showcase their books with pictures, sample text, and ordering information. Unpublished manuscripts are available for agents and publishers to peruse.

Beyond Free Speech
Cosmic Ray Deflection Society of North America, New Orleans, LA, US
These free speech pages have over 150 links with discriptions covering the March on Washington on 29 September 1996, organizations, personal protest pages, and lots more.

Black And White Photography
Wesley Smith (Driwater), Dallas, TX, US
Contains both surreal and country photos, which provide a great contrast to each other. Plus, there are over 50 links to music, arts, and graphics sites.

Developing a Global Information Society (GIS)
eurobit, Frankfurt, Germany
Industry recommendations to the G7-Meeting in Johannesburg on 13-15 May 1996.

Devonian Botanic Gardens
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Includes an authentic Japanese garden, a tropical butterfly house, attractive floral gardens, collections of native and alpine plants and ecological reserves situated within a rolling landscape of pine trees and large ponds.

Government of Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Government of Ireland Web site. Administrative, economic, geographic, historical, and political information provided.

Henry Ford Health System
Health Alliance Plan, Detroit, MI, US
Provides information for people seeking organ transplant information.

Indianapolis for Journalists
The Indianapolis Project, Inc., Indianapolis, IN, US
The one-stop source for Indianapolis information for reporters. Find background information, story ideas, interview sources, and breaking news.

Natural Hormone Information Page
Bajamar Women's HealthCare Pharmacy, St. Louis, MO, US
Information service on natural hormones, (progesterone, estradiol, estriol, estrone, pregnenolone, DHEA, and testosterone). Information/articles on menopause, PMS, infertility, and PPD.

Ouders Online
Henk Boeke and Pieter van Scherpenberg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A Dutch language interactive zine for parents of children up to 12 years of age. Sections include Magazine, Forum, Reading room, Shopping mall, and a Gallery of children's pictures.

The Pages of Magic
Christina Catlin, Southlake, TX, US
A page of links, information, and graphics related to writer Neil Gaiman's Sandman and his other works.

Partnerships for Development
John Keaney, Canberra, Australia Capital Territories, Australia
A showcase of Australian and International companies developing and expanding their business and technology.

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Monthly electronic newsletter dealing with issues in pediatric surgery.

Ray Cokes
Private Project, Harrow, United Kingdom
Everything anyone wants to know about Ray Cokes of MTV fame.

Veterinary Medical Library
Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, US
This Veterinary Medical Library includes The Kansas Animal Welfare Information Collection as well as collections on animal nutrition, general information, reference materials, and historical information.

Virtual Lobito
Dulce Magalhaes, Lisbon, Portugal
The Web site of Lobito city in Angola. Includes extensive history and maps of the area from 1913 to 1973.

Washington University AMA-MSS Homepage
AMA Delegate Washington University, St. Louis, MO, US
Presents local news, information on projects, links to medical resources, and a National Healthcare Legislation page.

Wu-Tang Clan And Hip-Hop Linx
Matthew Villa, Reseda, CA, US
Provides Wu-Tang Clan lyrics, sound clips, video clips, album and artist information, U-Wu newsletter, Wu-Tang FAQ, Wu-Tang pics, links to other Wu-Tang pages, links to hip-hop pages, and more.

Thursday, 6 June 1996

181.4 Degrees from the Norm!
Dave Reid, Ames, IA, US
An online music magazine featuring album reviews of today's alternative music.

Adventures of Mira
Obeida Sidawi, Bridgeport, CT, US
Children stories and songs with happy endings.

All 4 Kids Father's Day Greeting Cards!
Minnetonka, MN, US
Kids can make Father's Day cards with easy instructions, few words, and large print. Custom a Father's Day greeting card in seconds! Easy, fun, and free.

The Andy Kaufman Home Page
B.K. Momchilov, Huntsville, AL, US
Goofing on Elvis: The Short and Extraordinary Life of Andy Kaufman is presented here.

The Battle of the Operating Systems
Krzys Wilczynski, Eugene, OR, US
The OS vs OS page, that is completely non-biased, has all OS' disagreeing, and agreeing. Everyone is welcome to write their own "words of wisdom" on the subject, uncensored!

Bit & Bridle: Hoofbeats on the Air
Global Web Solutions, Ramona, CA, US
Talk radio for horse enthusiasts. Broadcast on KOW 92.1 FM/KSPA 1450 AM on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. PDT. Join in and have equine-related questions answered by professionals.

Changing Faces of the Web
C. Webb Young, Chicago, IL, US
Ever wondered what the other people visiting a Web site look like? Wonder no more. Now view a virtual faceprint of the last five people who passed this way and add your own.

CIP: The Collaborative Immunization Project
San Francisco, CA, US
A collaborative immunization project in San Francisco involving the Dept. of Public Health and several community organizations. Good immunization information here.

Environment TOBAGO
Steve Hayton, Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago
Grassroots NGO working to preserve the relatively unspoilt environment of this tiny Caribbean island.

The Fray Ormandy Home Page
Patrick M. Len, Davis, CA, US
A graphical Web site dedicated to the cartoon character Fray Ormandy, with comics, bon mots, and random objects.

Loan Amortization Form
Outrider Systems, Inc., Houston, TX, US
See the difference a percentage point can make! Outrider Systems provides a speedy, free loan calculation page for visitors to use.

Golden Harvest Unofficial HomePage
Guy Mockelman, Harlan, IA, US
Unique agronomic and information research reports for today's farmers as well as decriptions of the company and its people and products.

Highlander: The Official Site
Davis Panzer Productions, Los Angeles, CA, US
The official Web site for all that is Highlander. Journey through the grand scope of Highlander past, present, and future. Explore interactive pages/virtual worlds.

The I Ching
Chris Prentiss, Venice, CA, US
Everything needed to know about the I Ching and how to use it, by wuwei, held by critics as the world's greatest living I Ching scholar.

Julia White White, Long Beach, CA, US
Take a journey to personal development, inner awareness, and enlightenment, through writings and teachings.

The Knowledge Management Forum
Brian (Bo) Newman, West Richland, WA, US
A community of practice enganged in the exploration of the field of knowledge management.

Kuber's Trading Desk
Mudit Wahal, San Jose, CA, US
Intraday charts for indices, stocks, and futures.

Mary Shelley's Private Frankenstein Musical
Kim Woodbridge, Upper Darby, PA, US
The complete Mary Shelley and Frankenstein Resource Center. Also features midi and PGP.

Midwest Banjo Tunes
Dave Landreth, St. Louis, MO, US
Access to banjo tabs of Midwest old-time fiddle tunes. Tapes, CDs, and links to related sites.

New Jersey Cardinals
Herm Sorcher, Augusta, NJ, US
New Jersey Cardinals minor-league baseball home page with statistics, store, season information, league information, biographies, sports radio network, related links, and what's new.

Pictures of Modern Airliners
Johan Lundgren, Lulea, Sweden
The biggest picture collection of modern airliners on the Web!

Privacy in the Information Age
Keith Douglas Mukai, Princeton, NJ, US
An in-depth look at our current state of information privacy, with a strong emphasis on the subject of medical records. Senate bill S.1360 is also analyzed.

South Dakota Hunting & Fishing
Netway Advertising, White River, SD, US
Everything about South Dakota for the visitor or outdoorsperson.

Larry Rivera, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Presents news and views on cinema, theatre, writing, and art and is updated weekly.

UNRISD World Wide Web Site
United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, Geneva, Switzerland
Contains information on UNRISD research activities; UNRISD Social Development News; Press Releases; Publications; and work on the World Summit for Social Development 7, the Fourth World Conference on Women, and Urban Governance.

WR Health Front
Whitehall-Robins, Madison, NJ, US
An online resource for healthy living.

Your Personal Salon
Helene Curtis, Chicago, IL, US
Get advice from expert stylists and create fashionable new styles that turn heads! Reveal hair problems and get a personal diagnosis.

Friday, 7 June 1996

The All Basic Code Home Page
Charlie Quante, Tacoma, WA, US
The new home of the ABC source code packets. One of the best sites on the net for Basic source code for QuickBasic, PowerBasic, ASIC, and MoonRock. Also maintains a large list of links to other Basic-related pages.

ARTS online
DataFlex, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Virtual arts gallery, artist directory, art reviews, and more.

The Bruin Kick-Off: UCLA Football News
Hilarie Grey, Las Vegas, NV, US
News, information, stats, and gossip about UCLA football!

The Carleton Anime Society
Ethan Tsai, Northfield, MN, US
An page for anime fans around the world. Links to other sites abound here!

China ABC Internet (USA), Inc., Monterey Park, CA, US
Lists thousands of Chinese companies, with more added daily, including Chinese industries, investments, government, and travel.

Christian Connections
Greg Lane, Ridgecrest, CA, US
Links to Christian educational, historical, and creation resources.

CD-MEDIA, Madrid, Spain
The first Spanish Web directory with films, Virtual Casting, reports, news coverage, and much more. In Spanish only.

The Colorado Online Job Connection
Peak Career Management, Inc., Denver, CO, US
The window to Colorado's job market, with career links, high-tech links, and much more.

Computer Help Hotline Home Page
Computer & Communications Help, Inc., New York, NY, US
A computer technical support site for professionals and end-users.

Derision '96
George Hunka, New York, NY, US
A political humor Web site that features "The Real Complete Truth about Whitewater, an annotated links page, and an "On the Issues" page.

Dr. P's Health Page
Dr. M. Perez, Denton, TX, US
Up-to-date health-related information from a professional.

E-scape: The Digital Journal of Speculative Fiction
InterInk Publishing Co., Manhattan, KS, US
Publishes science, fantasy, horror fiction, and anything in-between. Also includes interviews, reviews, commentary, and fandom information.

HiPMag Online
Amy Rogers, San Franscisco, CA, US
For deaf and hard-of-hearing kids world wide, features stories, a question and answer kids' column, an art gallery, kids' Internet resource directory, and more!

The Johns Hopkins Medical Inst., Dept. of Pathology, Baltimore, MD, US
A collection of over 49,000 autopsy facesheets, contributed by over a dozen academic medical institutions, public domain, and available for downloading.

Internet Waterway
Kingwood, TX, US
Comprehensive service for boaters, fisherman, and water sports enthusiasts. Includes an online store, calendar, magazine, and contests.

Klassik Online!
Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides links to classical music, orchestras, theaters, conductors, instruments, composers, concerts, and festivals. In German only.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel
Knoxville, TN, US
News, columns, sports, classified, links to East Tennessee resources, and more from The Knoxville News-Sentinel.

Brooks Jensen, Portland, OR, US
PDF-based site includes photo galleries, excerpts from LensWork Quarterly, and Best of the Photographic Web reviews.

The Neurotrauma Law Nexus
Nathaniel Fick, P.C., Baltimore, MD, US
Resource for brain injury and spinal cord injury survivors, their families, health care providers, social workers, and other interested professionals.

Nidra King Center (Save the Children)
Jann Martin, Minneapolis, MN, US
Keeps kids in school and out of gangs, off the streets, using education as its weapon.

Not-So-Famous Celebrity Sites
MSB, Greensboro, NC, US
A weekly newsletter devoted to has-been celebrity sites.

Pulitzer Creations (TM)
Courtney Pulitzer, New York, NY, US
Presents creative works and the pulitzer.com Web site for all Pulitzers to share in. Includes a portfolio of works, links to sites for Joseph Pulitzer and the Pulitzer Prize, one of the Pulitzer's businesses, and the Courtney Pulitzer's other company, WOMYN.

Santa Cruz Public Libraries
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Community organization database; local history articles and photographs; and lots of wonderful links.

The Fantasy League Report
Tucson, AZ, US
Offering free daily updates during the regular season, plus weekly team notes during preseason. Home of The Best Draft Guide Ever, and America's best fantasy prognosticators.

United Space Federation
Oswego, IL, US
For all AOL users and Star Trek lovers, be ready to have fun, make friends, and blast Romulans to kingdom come.

WebDreamer: The LogonLasVegas Magazine
SoftFacts, Inc., Las Vegas, NV, US
The first online magazine for Las Vegas with a short story contest.

Wedding Links Global Search
InterMarket Links, Santa Rosa, CA, US
Wedding-related global search engine for consumers to find businesses.

Monday, 10 June 1996

Adventure Bonding Parenting Page
Mark Mozer, Ph.D., Helena, MT, US
Mark Mozer, Ph.D. shows how to create family adventure, and enjoy kids as people, not problems. A humorous, commonsense (no psychobabble) approach.

Alberta Social Studies Council ONE WORLD Homepage
Ron Jeffery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Educational links and information with a Canadian emphasis, but links are some of the best on the Web. Suitable for K-12 teachers, students, and everyone else who loves diversity.

Applications pedagogiques de l'internet
Brenda Jackson and Jean-Marcel Duciaume, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
How to use the Internet to teach in French. An exploration of some related sites. In French only.

Australian Legal Information Index
Daniel Austin,Canberra, Australian Capital Territories, Australia
A comprehensive index browseable by topic, format, or organization. Includes original Australian legal information, as well as referencing over 500 other Australian, Canadian, U.S., and British law sites.

Bablake Weather Station
Steve Jackson, Coventry, West Midlands, England
A useful weather site containing a forecast and readings for Coventry, weather statistics, and many useful weather links for the whole world.

BBS World
Alex Marquardt, Renton, WA, US
Come here for anything and everything related to BBSes -- news, reviews, and links to other BBS sites.

The Dorset Page
Brian Tompkins, Mahwah, NJ, US
Dorset is the most beautiful county in England. Here is the source for information and links to all things Dorset.

Fishing Patagonia
Marcos Fernandez - Misael Dotti, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The world's finest fly fishing for trout and salmon. Reviews, pictures, fly tying, and more!

Grey Advertising, New York, NY, US
Combination entertainment and educational site for kids and research site for Grey. Features games, activities, links and opportunities for kids to post stories and quotes.

Internet PC Review
Bradley C. Proctor, Dayton, OH, US
Ambitious, Ohio-based Web site with original articles, news, and software and hardware deals of interest to netizens everywhere.

Journey Back To The Wild
Magical Intricacies, Spokane, WA, US
An Alaska/Yukon movie classic celebrating 100 years of Robert Service. Includes interesting link to how the page was created as well as favorite links to other sites.

The Limerick Garden
Bill Cooke, Amarillo, TX, US
A collection of original, clean limericks that is updated weekly.

Links of Heaven: Guide to Golf Journeys in Ireland
Baltray Books, Ogdensburg, NY, US
A complete guide to golf journeys in Ireland with information on 130 courses, profiles, travel itineraries, news, the Irish golf mystique, and more.

Little House on the Prairie Page of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Jennifer Slegg, Sidney, British Columbia, Canada
Many pages devoted to Laura Ingalls Wilder and her Little House books, including information on the official memorial sites.

The Munchausen Syndrome & Factitious Disorders Page
Marc D. Feldman, M.D., Birmingham, AL, US
The only site dedicated to patients with Munchausen syndrome, factitious disorders, and Munchausen by proxy. These are individuals with a mental disorder that leads them to use illness to accrue attention.

Native America from The Oklahoma Image Map
Joe D. Johnson, Norman, OK, US
Discover the Five Civilized Nations online. Browse Native American Tribes and Nations; Collections, Culture, Art, and Education; and a vast meta-index of Oklahoma-related sites.

Ohio Arrowheads
Lebanon, OH, US
Illustrates some of the Native American artifacts that can be found in Ohio.

Precision and Figure Skating WWW Style
Wos, Onatrio, Canada
A great link with the biggest results page on the Net. Lots of information on the juvenile novice junior and senior precision teams as well as on freeskating levels.

"A Private Heaven" for Sheena Easton Fans
Vanapha Namboun, Los Angeles, CA, US
Dedicated to Sheena Easton, the singer/actress. It includes pictures, articles, quotes, lyrics, and FAQs.

Sky and Land
Robin Petterd, Sandy Bay, Tasmania, Australia
A collection of images, words, and sounds from around the world that reflect the concept of the place in which people live.

Applied Enterprises, Pasadena, CA, US
Presents a great computer tech support page run by a soon-to-be Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

Spammers: Those Email Flyer Bandits
Jennifer Mahoney, Seattle, WA, US
Spam: posting a message individually to different newsgroups. Horror stories and how servers handles spammers told here. The stats on servers are wanted; give an opinion.

Tibetan Cultural Center
Bloomington, IN, US
Established by Thubten J. Norbu, elder brother of His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet, promotes Buddhist teachings, education, and art.

SABRE Interactive, DFW Airport, TX, US
A wonderful travel site on the Net for the do-it-yourself traveler.

Viktoria Tolstoy
Chalmers University of Technology, Goeteborg, Sweden
The unofficial home page of Swedish jazz and soul singer Viktoria Tolstoy. Provides reviews, interviews, and pictures.

Whale Songs
Black Box & Lance Leonhardt, Whitehall, PA, US
Cetacean resource includes natural histories, research journal, internal and external anatomy, and lesson plans for educators.

Tuesday, 11 June 1996
Paris, France
The professional directory to the music industry in Europe, featuring RealAudio casting files, for audio, video, and film sound producers.

1940 Hollywood Home of the Stars Tour
Phillip Pessar, Miami, FL, US
A 1940 tour of the stars' homes done with vintage post cards.

Aboriginal (Native American) Astronomy
CompuLex Services, Minneapolis, MN, US
Native American science education: Lakota constellations related observational astronomy, stone medicine wheel solstice "comptuers" (like Stonehenge), and teacher resources for daytime and naked-eye astronomy.

Charles's Space and Russian Page
Charles Collier, Falls Church, VA, US
A fabulous page for all those interested in space, science, and Russia.

Disaster Manangers' Internet Resources
Franklin Jennings, Orlando, FL, US
Links to resources involving natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes and preparedness for them.

DidgaNote Pty Ltd., Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
A site dedicated to Australian independent music and arts.

Entropy Press
Rachael McIntosh, Boston, MA, US
An electronic publication dedicated to non-linear thought, especially as expressed by science/philosophy, art, and music.

Express Yourself
Carbonado, WA, US
Welcome to the place where a Web page is made by young people for young people. Post songs, poems, stories, or just plain thoughts.

Paul Haeberli, Mountain View, CA, US
Uses ideas from art and technology to create a modern synthesis. Two Java applications are presented, along with FrameFree, a KANJI/ROMAN alphabet, and more.

High Frontier
Arlington, VA, US
A page that hopes to educate the general public on the realities of Ballistic Missile Defense in the United States.

Bill Eschner, Plant City, FL, US
A great place to download freeware and shareware games. Also features live chat rooms and sports pages.

International Colored Gemstone Association
New York, NY, US
A complete gemstone information resource with tips on judging quality, gem history and lore, the latest gem news, birthstones from around the world, and a quiz with a gem prize.

Gruppo Editoriale STAMMER Spa and CONVEY Srl, Milano, Italy
Promotes new technologies, innovative products, machines, and equipment in these industries: mechanics and machine tools, electrics and electronics, textiles, chemicals, and food.

McGraw's Free Internet Fax Service
McGraw Internet Services, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Send faxes worldwide for free to selected areas covered by the Internet's fax servers.

Native American Books
CompuLex Services, Minneapolis, MN, US
Indexed reviews from Native perspectives of books by/about Native Americans. Categories include Children, Middle School, YA, Adult, Reference, Art-Craft, and Audio-Visual.

The New Jersey Directory
Internet Creations, Bridgeton,, NJ, US
Listings for visitors and New Jersians alike, from Places to Go, to Radio and TV links.

J.P. Remillieux, Tassin, Rhône, France
Newsletter covering issues related to phosphates and their impact on sea and inland water quality, water treatment technologies, detergent phosphates, and substitutes,water policies.

Sitcom Writer Uses Net to Snare Producers
Gary Apple, New York, NY, US
Comedy writer Gary Apple, in a desperate attempt to impress senior sitcom producers, has launched his own comedy Net site.

The Suzanne Vega Website
Eric Szczerbinski, New York, NY, US
Resource for singer-songwriter, Suzanne Vega with lots of great information.

Vacation Arizona
Planesong, Sherman Oaks, CA, US
Tour Arizona with help from this site, which provides entertainment, dining, horseback riding, recreation, and more in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

The Website Experimentarium
Steen I. Hansen, Aarhus, Denmark
Edutainment devoted to particle physics, cosmology, and quantum field theory.

Wyoming News
Ken DeCock, Buffalo, WY, US
What's happening? Issues of importance and concern in the Cowboy State via The Casper Star Tribune and Laramie Online.

Wednesday, 12 June 1996

Adam's Mountain Biking Page
Adam Patten, Georgetown, MA, US
A great page for mountain bikers with wonderful links and some cool pictures, too.

Anne Deniau Photo Gallery
Tokyo, Japan
First-rate photos of a photographer in Asia (Japan).

Cosanti Foundation, Arcosanti, AZ
An experimental city under construction in central Arizona.

Bondi Beach
Nicos Souleles, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Complete information on Australia's famous beach and among the world's most famous beaches.

Chef Dana's "Cookin Country"
Dial-a-Chef Inc., Gillette, WY, US
Onsite catering menu features French seven-course dinners for in-home service. Also features onsite catering setup menu, wine list, recipe, recipe submission form, and a cooking column.

The Crossroads
Mitchell J. Gross, Allston, MA, US
Links and resources related to games, role playing, storytelling, fiction, art, Tarot, myths, legends, MUSH, and more!

The Dear Rosalind Zone
Interactive Publishing Alert, Brooklyn, NY, US
Everything you ever wanted to know about online publishing and now can ask!

The Fox's Den
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
The place for great free games, walkthroughs, hints, and cheats on the Web, including 11th Hour, Zork Nemesis, and Gabriel Knight.

Gainesville, Florida Official Homepage
Gainesville, FL, US
The official home page for the city of Gainesville, Florida, rated "best place to live in America" by Money Magazine.

Geo.Env Italy
Forlì, Italy
An online magazine of geology and environment with lots of news and information.

International Artists Group
New York, NY, US
A classical music management agency representing and promoting instrumental soloists, conductors, orchestras, and special touring projects. Lots of industry news here.

The interpersonal computer space (IBM)
IBM, Armonk, NY, US
Explore the network computer. See its history from prehistoric times! Read the latest news, take a Web tour of articles and sites, or build your own!

Digital Future, Karlskrona, Sweden
Comprehensive guide to Karlskrona, including Business, Yellow Pages, Culture, Real Estate, and Teens.

Auburn Hills, MI, US
Provides updated information about laparoscopic surgery; online, real-time, world-wide conferences; and a multimedia library of pictures, movies, and audio conferences.

McGraw's Conference Room
McGraw Internet Services, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Meet your associates here online for group discussions if Java enabled. Requires Windows 95 or Windows NT.

Mr. Rogers' CyberStop Cafe
Ron Rogers, San Benito, TX, US
An ezine? Leftist-plot? Or just plain fun. Don't miss cyberdonkey and the Unabomber Cabin Inventory.

Presence Online
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Australian Web publishing and parent site to building/architect magazine, surfing magazine, financial services, and graphics software.

Russia on the Net
Demos Company, Ltd., Moscow, Russia
The premier directory of Russian and Russia-related Internet resources.

Scottish Politics Home Pages
Iain G. Old, Paris, France
Small irreverant Scottish political sites covering election results, political maps, and discussion papers.

The Unofficial Dark Crystal Home Page
Monica J. Roxburgh, Fairfield, IA, US
The unofficial home page/resource for Jim Henson's mavelous fantasy movie, The Dark Crystal.

USDA Departmental Administration
Craig S. Leavitt, Washington, DC, US
Provides information on employment and procurement opportunities, EEO/Civil Rights, Information Resources, Health, and Safety and Environmental Activities.

Vikram's MIDI-Fest
Vikram Pant, Gaithersburg, MD, US
Large gathering of over 60 MB of MIDI files. More than 2,000 files including ANIME, Pop/Rock, TV, Movies, and The Beatles.

Yellow Pages Online
Orange, CA, US
A very comprehensive Yellow Page Directory covering the U.S. Easy search function, very quick server, search engine currently used on Microsoft site to search business numbers, free listings, and free access.

Thursday, 13 June 1996

Access New Zealand
WebMasters Limited, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand
Looking for something in New Zealand, then it's here. A great directory for everything in New Zealand.

amnesty international Bamberg
Bamberg, Germany
Home page of the German amnesty international university group. Get all local and worldwide information there and links to every ai-site on the Net. In German only.

New York, NY, US
Primarily a business Web site focused on Brazilian-related issues regarding travel to and from Brazil, as well as news events and other content.

Chile Online
ImageNet, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Chile's connecting point to the world. Commerce, business, trade, exports, arts, and more. In English and Spanish.

Discover Turkey
A. Koksal Hocaoglu, Columbia, MO, US
Provides Anatolian Civilizations, Cyprus, News from Turkey, Tourism and Travel information, History, Who's Who, Pictures from Turkey, Reading Room, Directories, and more.

Int'l. Family Entertainment, Inc./The Family Channel, Virginia Beach, VA, US
The family's Internet "home base," with games, creative activities, and helpful resources tailored to every age group.

FORUM on developing countries
Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy
An open space for people interested in education and communication for planning and design in developing countries.

Guide to Web Publishing
Jon Pennycook, Leicester, England
Contains details of how to obtain free Web space for charities, non-profit organizations, individuals, and businesses, HTML tutorials, and how to publicize pages.

Import/Export Directory
Serra International, Inc., New York, NY, US
Directory of links to most major sources of information dealing with international trade and transportation.

In Christ Ministries
Alexandria, VA, US
A great interactive Christian page and a wonderful place to be encouraged, enlightened, and educated!

Jelane's Free Web Graphics
Jelane K. Johnson, Huber Heights, OH, US
Find coordinating set of free graphics for personal Web pages.

Lamaute Capital, Inc.
Beverly Hills, CA, US
Information on Pensions, Investments, and Retirement Savings Accounts. Data on top performing stock mutual funds for 401(k), 403(b) Plans, Rollovers, and Lump Sums Cash Distributions.

Links to Scandinavia
Netquest Communications, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
An English-menu jump station for those interested in people, places, and things Scandinavian. Also includes Between Friends, a free e-pal service.

Lyon Online
City of Lyon, Lyon, Rhone, France
Aims to highlight the City of Lyon in regard to its economy, research, higher education, history, culture, tourism, and more. In French and English

Minnesota Vikings
Dan Hildreth, Ankeny, IA, US
Vikings' pictures, animations, links, and information.

Myrtle Beach Live!
Interactive Frontiers Group, Myrtle Beach, SC, US
Provides up-to-the-minute detailed information about Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

New Jersey Law Network
Anne M. Bartl, Lawrenceville, NJ, US
A comprehensive, well-organized collection of New Jersey legal information and links. Special features include forums for the discussion of NJ Law, NJ Legal Research, and NJ Legal Employment.

Not Another X Files Web Page!
Steven Pick, Wirral, Merseyside, England
Humorous site filled with X Files synopsis, SAM Coupe stuff, artwork, an online comic strip, and tons of links!

Pangaea World Orchestra
Duane Frybarger, San Francisco, CA, US
A cool site to download free desktop sounds, sample albums, read a MIDI primer, visit an arcade, check out many cool links, and much more.

Planetary Qualities
Bibi van Bussel, Abcoude, The Netherlands
An anthroposophical view on planetary qualities. Everything about the planets is right here.

Primitive Puppet
EMW Music, Oceanside, NY, US
Home page of a New York Metropolitan area alternative music band named Primitive Puppet. Includes photos, press releases, lyrics, and more.

Sask News
Today's Publishing and Electronics Ltd., Redvers, Saskatchewan, Canada
Saskatchewan Web site of weekly community newspapers. Complete News, Sports, Editorials, and Classifieds.

The Temple of Jackie Chan
Minh Nguyen, Philadelphia, PA, US
The Temple of the Citizen Cane of action movies with links to other Hong Kong stars Chow Yun Fat and Jet Li. Updates on the newest movies and movies not yet out.

Waycool on the Road
Rachel Corey, New York, NY, US
Offers funny stories, beautiful graphic and video images and sound files by award winning hosts, great links, and socially conscious (not self righteous) views of America.

Friday, 14 June 1996

Horsham, PA, US
All the latest soccer information for the league.

Bucknum Racing
Jeff Carlsen, Pismo Beach, CA, US
A page on Jeff Bucknum, racer in the Barber Dodge Pro Series. Includes race information, racing news, race results and dates, race reports each day on race weekend, photos, biography, sponsors, and racing links.

Conchology - Guido T. Poppe
Berchem, Belgium
The ultimate shell site including shell books, photographs, and more.

Feff World
Joe Hewitt and Doug Palermo, Raritan, NJ, US
Features the Weekly Whack, a weekly column spewing odd views of the world; a continuing story called Life in Agnew Valley; an interactive quiz; and a campaign to save the Mudpuppy;

Fog City
Dan Prothero, San Francisco, CA, US
The home base for Fog City Records, Fog City Productions, and Fog City Graphics. Come see and hear what all the fuss is about!

Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Research emphasis is on cancer, in particular breast and prostate cancer; diabetes and obesity; osteoporosis and other bone disorders; and Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and other brain disorders such as schizophrenia and manic depression.

GiJoe On-line
John J. Bates, Kenner, LA, US
A newsletter for the NATO troops stationed in Bosnia. The articles appeared in the hard copy version mailed to Bosnia. Greetings to loved ones will be published online.

iGuide Music Community BB
Maggie Filippone, Plantation, FL, US
A free area where visitors can post about their favorite music from polka to punk, make new friends, and find fellow music fans. Also has weekly columns from guest bands.

Inquisitor Mediarama
New York, NY, US
The adjunctive Web site to the zine Inquisitor. It contains selected zine articles, the 90210 Weekly Wrapup, and a very active chat board.

The Institute for the Socially Challenged
Robert L. Reeves, Jr., Honolulu, HI, US
The Institute for the Socially Challenged and the Psycho Friends Network are offering free therapy to the Internet community.

The New York Institute for Special Education
Bronx, NY, US
Describes the Institute's programs and 165-year history. Extensive disability links and information on computing with blindness provided.

NewBaby.com - The Internet Nursery
Greenview Creative Group, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
Online birth announcements and much more! Includes great links to other baby sites.

The Official Powered Paragliding Page
Parapower International, Woodland Hills, CA, US
Information on powered paragliding with lots of great links.

Patty Loveless
Pasco, WA, US
Tour information, album information, lyrics, and lots more can be found here.

Prime Software
Joseph Hanover, Manville, NJ, US
MS Windows 3.1x, 95, and NT software for free downloading. Also includes an excellent all-in-one search utility.

Rock & Rap Confidential
Dave Marsh, Los Angeles, CA, US
A monthly newsletter edited by a Grammy-winning writer. Selected features from the newsletter are presented here. Promotes every style of music.

Adam Tinkoff, Stamford, CT, US
A digital collection of art and writing in a very elegant style.

Siberian Husky Rescue
Betty Anne Shores, Hillsborough, NJ, US
Provides everything there is to know about Siberian Huskies including a FAQ, Dog Owner's Guide, Some Siberian History, and Siberian Husky Club of American members worldwide.

sLens World
Lennie Moore, Los Angeles, CA, US
Film/TV composer and orchestrator with music to share, a great nerd quiz, and wonderful links.

Spain Online
New York, NY, US
All visitors need to know before traveling to Spain.

Texas Hill Country Life Online
Mike Taylor, Manchaca, TX, US
Life in the Texas Hill Country is a peaceful and beautiful one. Come to Texas and enjoy a slice of paradise Texas style.

Uruguay - Country of Encounter
Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay
Tourist and general information about Uruguay.

The Worlds of Tracy Hickman
Omniverse Interactive, Inc., Flagstaff, AZ, US
Tracy Hickman, internationally best-selling novelist and game designer presents his past, present, and future imaginative journeys along with biography, FAQs, and Bibliography.

Wyoming's Wilderness Areas
Ken DeCock, Buffalo, WY, US
Many of the rugged, pristine, secluded areas of Wyoming have been preserved in their original, undisturbed beauty as wilderness areas. Wyoming boasts 13 wilderness areas!

Monday, 17 June 1996

Abraham Lincoln Research Site
Roger J. Norton, Ft. Myers, FL, US
Conducts research on specific e-mailed questions concerning Abraham Lincoln's life and accomplishments. Includes wonderful Lincoln links.

Advanced Book Exchange
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
For used, out-of-print, rare and antiquarian books. Search the combined inventory of member bookstores by author, title, publisher, and keyword.

Ala Carte Music
Memphis, TN, US
Promotes musical heritage both past and present. Features rare historical recordings and independent artists from diverse communities. Also features an in-house conference center for posting and replying to messages.

The Clio Awards
Chicago, IL, US
Home to award-winning concepts, The Clio Awards Web site is a valuable and inspiring resource for the world's advertising community.

Le Bien Public-Les Dépèches, Dijon, Burgundie, France
Two newspapers, Le Bien Public and the Allgemeine Zeitung, have created a special site for the next summit with Helmut Kohl of Germany and Jacques Chirac, président of the French Republic. In French and English.

Elizabeth and Crow's Organic CyberGarden
New York, NY, US
Organic gardening page by Rodale authors Elizabeth and Crow Miller, featuring columns, tips, and excerpts.

French Travel Gallery
Thierry E. Toniutti, Toulouse, France
This French travel Web site provides a lot of useful information and services about travel and tourism in France.

Friends for a Non-Violent World
Minneapolis, MN, US
Promotes nonviolence through education, example, and experience.

The Glyph
Archaeological Institute of America, San Diego Society, La Jolla, CA, US
Announces local and national archaeological lectures and events and lists topics featured in the Society's journal.

Guillain-Barre Syndrome
Guillain-Barre Syndrome Foundation International, Wynnewood, PA, US
The Guillain-Barre Syndrome Foundation International was founded to assist victims of this rare, paralyzing, and potentially catastrophic disease of the peripheral nerves, through support, education, and research.

Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Bonn, Germany
The German National Museum of Contemporary History resides here. Currently in German only.

Heart Information Network
Andre Pilevsky, Summit, NJ, US
Provides current information and services to heart patients, physicians, and others interested in lowering risk factors for heart disease. Features include news, FAQs, patient stories, and ask the expert.

KISW Radio, Seattle, WA, US
Features music, news, and links to general news and information sources on the Web, plus interactive games, RealAudio music, interviews, and more.

Ricardo Soca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Spanish language site filled with links to language, literature, and newspapers.

Linux Linx and Iowa Linux Users Group
Ankeny, IA, US
Linx to cool Linux sites, home of the Iowa Linux Users Group, the first stop for Linux information.

Meridian "True Voice" News
Meridian, ID, US
Weekly online publication with national news links, local weather, sports, and much more.

The National Endowment for the Arts
BIG EYE Productions, Sarasota, FL, US
Five important, witty, and powerful essays on the NEA by Jeff Jacoby, columnist for The Boston Globe.

THE NEW EARTH - The Ascension of Planet Earth
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Predictions of major earth changes and disruptions are on the increase. THE NEW EARTH, a freely downloadable book, supplies a comprehensive resource of background information, explanation, and preparation.

React Music Ltd.
London, England
Record company producing high-quality dance compilations and singles from the most exciting talent in U.K. and beyond.

SkillSearch Corporation, Nashville, TN, US
Relational database providing direct links to Web-based employment opportunities. Can be searched on any combination of over 700 location, industry, and occupational categories. Free to individuals.

S. Anderson Vineyard
Yountville, CA, US
A wine estate in the Stags Leap District of Napa Valley complete with winery, caves, and beautiful gardens. Newsletter contains lots of local color.

The Singing Tuscaroras
Mohawk, Indiana, PA, US
Profile of the Tuscarora Indian Nation of New York State.

Think Tank Directory
Philadelphia, PA, US
The Web site is put together, and updated on a daily basis, by The Think Tank -- a volunteer cooperative of interested individuals.

HarperCollinsPublishers UK, Hammersmith, London, England
Weekly science fiction and fantasy magazine with interviews and features with authors such as Asimov, Barker, Clarke, Eddings, Gibson, Tolkien, and many more.

Tuesday, 18 June 1996

The 21st Century Congress Project
House Rules Committee, Washington, DC, US
The purpose of this site is to begin a discussion about how Congress must change to become more responsive and effective. Voice an opinion.

39th ICYPAA, 5-8 September 1996
Anaheim, CA, US
Information on the 39th Annual International Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous with Al-Anon & Alateen participation. Includes lots of information about teens and alcohol.

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, Washington, DC, US
The U.S.'s largest and oldest organization of low and moderate income people working for more power and justice. It is a multi-issue, multi-ethnic organization with 100,000 member families in 26 states and the District of Columbia.

American Immigration Center
State Immigration Services, Rio Rancho, NM, US
One of the best immigration information sites on the Internet, it provides information on Citizenship, Visas, Fiancé, Marriage, Tourists, Business Investors, how to process your own applications, and much more.

The Best of Wisconsin Pages
Milwaukee, WI, US
A comprehensive listing of Wisconsin pages, nominated for The Best of Wisconsin List. Nominate a favorite Wisconsin page here also. Come see what's best in Wisconsin.

The Betaseron MS Resource Center
BERLEX Laboratories, Richmond, CA, US
Provides information about multiple sclerosis (MS) and Betaseron for people with MS, health professionals, and all interested Internet users.

The Coastal Route rv17 in Norway
Kystriksveien, Steinkjer, Norway
Experience the beautiful coastal route from Steinkjer to Bodo. Order a free travel guide available in English, Norwegian, German, and French.

Institute of Chinese Medicine
Eric Serejski, Wheaton, MD, US
Traditional and contemporary Chinese medicine. Provides data on body acupuncture, micro-acupuncture, energetic acupuncture, phytotherapy, and orthopedic care (tuina). Latest updates on therapeutic techniques from China

just think happythoughts!
Seattle, WA, US
A pop/punk group with a twist of emo and a dash of ska, and lots of uplifting tall tales and attitude.

Labor/Community Strategy Center
Los Angeles, CA, US
Site of lead plaintiff in major civil rights lawsuit charging Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority with racial discrimination against a class of 500,000 bus riders.

Lots of Bread Recipes!
C/D Enterprises, Cocoa Beach, FL, US
All kinds of bread recipes. And they say you can't live on bread alone? This page begs to differ!

Magna Publishing Company, Bombay, India
The largest magazine publishing group in India, publishing Stardust, Society, Savvy, Health & Nutrition, Showtime, Citadel, Island, Family, Society Interiors and Society Fashions, Savvy Cookbook, and more.

Mondaynight Jazz Orchestra
Tokyo, Japan
A jazz big band established in June of 1974. Lots of great jazz links here.

New Hampshire Towns on the Internet
Ed Badger, Hudson, NH, US
The most complete listing of New Hampshire cities and towns on the Internet. Provides links to all cities and towns of New Hampshire that have a home page.

New Zealand Classic Car Magazine
Parkside Publishing Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand
New Zealand Automotive Enthusiast magazine for classic cars: European, British, American, Exotic, Prestige, Porsche, BMW, Jaguar, Triumph, Austin Healey, Ferrari, all classic marques, news, and parts.

RandTech Archival Conservation
Eric Randle, Comox, British Columbia, Canada
Provides art and paper preservation, book repair, and traditional hand-bookbinding services. Site includes data on document conservation, and book repair.

Wednesday, 19 June 1996

American Dental Association, Chicago, IL, US
The American Dental Association's Web site, featuring daily dental news, consumer information, professional resources, and more.

Archaeological Museum, Kibbutz Ein Dor
Carmela Arnon, Kibbutz Ein Dor, Israel
In 1986 archaeological finds discovered in the kibbutz fields were originally collected and stored in a small wooden house, paving the way for this museum.

Daniel R.Carneiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Aviation information service with news and catalogs of companies, products and services, government and military organizations, and other aviation-related information.

Celebrity's Wedding Ceremonies
Lucky Duck Publishing, Dallas, TX, US
Click and design a wedding ceremony from more than 170 passages from celebrity's wedding ceremonies from the 1930s to 1990s. Examples include Clara Box, Errol Flynn, Humprhey Bogart, Lucille Ball, Elvis, and Julia Roberts.

Computer-Generated Art
Luc Bianco, Paris, France
Computer-generated pictures are presented here with links to other related sites.

Eric Fourchault, Paris, France
Glorious pictures of the island Corsica, close by France and Italy.

DIEM, The Danish Institute of Electroacoustic Music
Aarhus, Denmark
Denmark's national center of electroacoustic music, funded by the Danish Ministry of Culture. The center for the education of electroacoustic composers.

The Dolphin Within Society
Clovelly, New South Wales, Australia
An Australian non-profit organization exploring the healing power of dolphins.

The Icon Depot
Bossier, LA, US
Over 540 free graphics for building creative personal home pages.

IFWEA/Workers' Education
International Federation of Workers' Education Associations, Tel Aviv, Israel
Full texts of the magazine "Workers' Education" as well as other IFWEA publications.

Joseph Campbell Foundation
Stacey Feldman, Forest Hills, NY, US
Discover mythological resources on the Web, chat, message boards, and links to the best mythologically related sites.

Mark's Melanoma Hotlist
Mark B. Weber, Chicago, IL, US
A site devoted to links to melanoma-related Web sites, patients' stories, a FAQ sheet for newly diagnosed patients, and a large search page.

The McGuffie Avenue Gang
McGuffie Avenue Limited Partnership, Orillia, Ontario, Canada
A fantastic interactive site for young and old alike. Great graphics, sound, and stories. Join the clubhouse and get a birthday card.

The Melbourne Reds
Yellow Pages Australia, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A complete resource for fans of the ABL team, the Melbourne Reds. Also a good place to check out the emerging baseball scene in Australia.

Menominee Nation Treaty Rights & Mining Impacts
Keshena, WI, US
Protect Menominee Nation/native/indigenous treaty rights. Prevent metallic sulfide/unsafe mining in Wisconsin and the world.

MSRRT Newsletter
Minnesota Library Association, Minneapolis, MN, US
Features alternative reviews, commentary, and networking information for library workers.

The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette
Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL, US
Provides guidelines for new users of the Internet and includes the Computer Network Policy.

New York, NY, US
It's almost here... The first live-audio and multimedia entertainment network featuring music, sports, talk, and news. Listen to Netcast's high-quality audio while doing other computer functions.

Pisarkiewicz & Co.
New York, NY, US
Visitors will see innovative use of Shockwave and GIF 89, fresh design attitude, a newsletter, and an insight into problem-solving skills.

The Point of Infinity
Charles Matthews, Yokohama, Japan
This site is mainly devoted to nihilism -- poetry, philosophy, prose. Please don't get too depressed.

Social Law Library
Boston, MA, US
Serves the research needs of the practicing bar and is in the process of creating a state-of-the-art technology center.

Thursday, 20 June 1996

Better Grades Easier
Wayne Knipe, Plano, TX, US
After selling 400,000 copies of this book, the author is now offering it free on the Internet. Check it out.

Catherine Wheel
Louis A. Dunne, Mountain View, CA, US
Presents information, lyrics, audio, and pictures relating to the British band Catherine Wheel.

Deep Throat
Andy Knight, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies
A weekly magazine preocuppied with music, movies, TV, the Internet, and popular culture, all with a heavy dose of humor and attitude.

East Bay Links
SC Metro Online, Oakland, CA, US
A complete guide to the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay area, from Berkeley to Oakland and Fremont. Includes links to job hunting, schools, entertainment, kids attractions, media, and sports.

ENN Video, Software, and Net News
Entertainment Network News, Oakland, CA, US
A complete guide to computer, software, tech, and Web news, with 100s of links to computer and software sites, Web chat, and industry news.

FINEcut: The Video Moviemakers Resource
Terry Mendoza, Southend, Essex, England
A site for all camcorder enthusiasts: hints, tips, articles on moviemaking, Camcorder Masterclass, listings of festivals that welcome submissions from enthusiasts, book reviews, and more.

Erik Max Francis, San Jose, CA, US
The complete Edwin Abbott science fiction fantasy, "Flatland."

Human Resource Management Basics
C.Alan Associates, Richland, WA, US
Basic human resource management including compensation, benefits, job analysis, performance management, diversity, organizational development, training, and recruiting.

Greg Drahuschak, Indiana, PA, US
All sports information from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, one of the nation's best NCAA Division II athletic programs.

Kibbutz Cabri
Moshe Sela, Kibbutz Cabri, Israel
A profile of the kibbutz including economy, culture, education, and lifestyle as well as information on kibbutz and links to other kibbutz.

The laws list
Erik Max Francis, San Jose, CA, US
A list of laws, rules, and principles in physics.

Liberal Empiricism
Timothy Ciccone, Charlottesville, VA, US
The home page of Liberal Empiricism, a philosophy that believes in promoting human happiness and interpreting reality objectively.

Lightning Entertainment
Lightning Data Systems International, Inc., East Petersburg, PA, US
Internet gaming server using a Windows-based client/server software package. Download free client software from the Web site.

Matthew Lester, Photographer
London, Ontario, Canada
A collection of wild and wonderful photography; mostly fashion and lots of digitally manipulated images. Includes links to other photographic sites.

MEDITOPIA - Oriental Medicine
W. Lee, Van Nuys, CA, US
Contains a wealth of information on Oriental medicine and its uses to treat a variety of diseases.

n3 - The Network News Node
The Spectre Server, Santa Cruz, CA, US
A free, powerful news engine that is based on user keywords and selections, and that generates a custom news summary tailored to the user.

Poetic Express
Mary Lowry-Buechler, Sacramento, CA, US
Poets gather and welcome publishers, other poets, and lovers of poetry. Top quality writers and updates of individual poet's accomplishments are presented.

Slovaks and Slovakia
Ondro Mihal, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dedicated to raising the profile of both Slovaks and Slovak Republic by informing via words, pictures, audio, and video. A Canadian viewpoint, where over 100,000 Slovaks are living, working and contributing to Canadian society.

The Supermarket Checker's Newsletter
Debra Craig, Moreno Valley, CA, US
An entertaining and informative look at some of the 30,000 products that fill a supermarket. Updated monthly.

Travel & Tourism in India
Global InfoCom, Denver, CO, US
General information on India: Vastusashtra, financial markets, cuisine, sports, columns by Sunil Gavaskar, travel, states, and a clickable map of India.

Twyla's Friends
Kingwood, TX, US
An all breed canine rescue dedicated to placing dogs in good homes. Visit the dogs and choose a new best friend.

The Unofficial Gordon Highlanders Homepage
Craig R Mills, Lafayette, IN, US
Everything needed to know about the Gordon Highlanders and then some!

Vampire Etc.
Stephen Landry, Gainsville, GA, US
An awesome page with everything there is to know or find out about vampires.

Virtual Marin and Sonoma
SC Metro, Oakland, CA, US
A complete guide to the Marin/Sonoma region of the San Francisco Bay area, from the wine country to picturesque Sausalito. Includes sightseeing; job-hunting; nearby travel; local government resources; clubs and other entertainment; kids activities; schools; media; and sports.

The X-Summary
Alex Dionisio, Middletown, NJ, US
An X-Files page with an area for opinions about the most recent episode, links, and The X-Files Season Poll.

Friday, 21 June 1996

Aqui parlan occitan
Marcabrun, Toulouse, France
Presents occitan, the language of the Basque people, as well as occitan culture resources. In French, occitan, and some English.

Autobahn Automotive Website
Alan Cheung, Flint, MI, US
The new automotive superhighway that brings you the latest and coolest auto news from around the globe!

Casino - A World Wide Locator
xpressweb, Black Hawk, CO, US
Access information about any casino in the world!

Cindy's Poetry Wall
Cynthia Hurley, Alachua, FL, US
Serves as a vehicle for the Web publication of amateur poetry. Surfers are encouraged to submit works.

C'mon Get Happy!
Michael Colavolpe, New Haven, CT, US
The unofficial home page of the Partridge Family, TV's first family of pop music!

Conde Nast On-Line
London, England
Selections from GQ magazine, including fashion, models gallery, and motoring. Also offers a Restaurant Guide, Finance, and Property information.

Empower Web
SC Metro Online, Oakland, CA, US
The Web center for non-profit groups' news; funding information; grant writing and research; advocacy; and more!

Lance Arthur, South Burlington, VT, US
A collection of articles, both factual and fictional, opinionated and fruit-flavoured, in a variety of colors and textures!

HR and Survey Software Page
William Steinberg Consultants, Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A comprehensive catalog of Human Resources (HR) software including some free demo disks. Includes survey -- employee, customer, and managerial assessments -- software, and related articles.

Kepler's laws
Erik Max Francis, San Jose, CA, US
Derivation and discussion of Kepler's laws, including proof of Kepler's laws of planetary motion from Newton's laws of motion and universal gravitation.

Lightning Web
Melvyn Myers, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
An awesome comprehensive list of sites with music, hot graphics, and more.

Mark Shepard's Peace Page
Pacific Grove, CA, US
Includes the full text of several books and articles on Mahatma Gandhi, nonviolence, and simple living. From the author of "Gandhi Today."

Mr. Bean
Bob Schlick and Ryan McCallum, Buffalo, MN, US
A well-designed site about a living legend in British comedy, Mr. Bean. Good links and an American viewer's perspective on Mr. Bean.

Peter Berg
L W Sheftman, San Jose, CA, US
Web site for actor/writer Peter Berg who has acted in such movies and TV shows as Last Seduction, Great White Hype, and CBS' Chicago Hope.

Predictions About the Future of Communication
Jared L. Beard, Muncie, IN, US
What will the future hold for interpersonal communication? Examine issues confronting all Internet users from a theory level to a practical level.

Recipe Zone
Chase Communications, Spring, TX, US
Online recipe database service to help organize cooking information electronically. Search and retrieve recipes by ingredients; and share opinions and recipes.

The Shrine
Tim Duggan, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
A modern day Shrine to originality. Visit and enjoy good humor and great links.

Sub Pop Records
Seattle, WA, US
From the land of sky blue waters, punk rock bliss is presented. See bands, FAQ, tour information, and lots more.

Tailsend Cattery
Karen Lawrence, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
A site that explains about pedigreed cats and the exciting world of the Cat Fancy, lists of Canadian cat shows, and links to Canadian breeders of pedigreed cats.

Taxpayer Net
Taxpayers for Common $ense, Washington, DC, US
Taxpayers for Common $ense is an independent organization dedicated to cutting wasteful government spending, subsidies, and tax breaks through research and citizen education.

TRC's Teacher Tool Box
Wayne-Finger Lakes Teacher Resource Center, Newark, NY, US
Created especially for K-12 teachers and students. Provides links to well over 500 sources of classroom resources of every description.

A Tribute to Bill Nye the Science Guy
Ryan McCallum, Buffalo, MN, US
A tribute to hero, Bill Nye the Science Guy. Nye-ce links and a viewer's perspective on Mr. Nye.

Up from Slavery
Erik Max Francis, San Jose, CA, US
Free, complete online version of Booker T. Washington's autobiography, "Up from Slavery."

The Virtual Birder(sm)
Great Blue Productions, Brookline, MA, US
The Internet magazine for birders includes virtual birding trips to real locations with score based on bird identification, competition, articles, prize giveaways, and regional information.

Wyoming's Museums
Wilderness West, Inc., Buffalo, WY, US
Cowboys and Indians, The Law and The Lawless, Cattle Barons and Homesteaders, they made the Old West. See it and much more in Wyoming's museums.

Valencia, CA, US
Web publishing and online gallery of comics, photography, and animation.

YPO Public Forum
Yellow Pages Online, Inc., Orange, CA, US
Chat rooms for all on topics such as Business, Sports, Technology, Travel & Entertainment, Politics, Current Events, Internet, and Hot Sites.

Monday, 24 June 1996

Alessio Masserini, Bergamo, Italy
Contemporary art virtual gallery of dozens of artists. In Italian and English.

Artist/Painter Britt-Marie Oskarsson
Vasterljung, Sweden
Meet artist/painter Britt-Marie Oskarsson and look at her fine gallery of art work.

The Bioregulator
Straight Shot, Champaign, IL, US
A huge resource for Japanese animation and comics on the Net. Enjoy images, sounds, movie clips, Web site reviews, video reviews, and more.

The Death Star
Daniel P. O'Shea, Danvers, MA, US
The one and only mighty Death Star itself -- one of the best Star Wars pages anywhere!

Fiji Islands Visitor Information Service
Fiji Visitors Bureau (FVB), Suva, Fiji
The most comprehensive and up-to-date travel and tourism related site on the Web about the Fiji Islands. The official online travel guide to Fiji produced by the FVB.

Fixed Income Home Page
Market Broadcasting Corporation, Incline Village, NV, US
Real-time financial news, quotes, analysis, and data. Valuable information on U.S Treasuries, Treasury bills, Treasury bonds, money markets, foreign exchange and other fixed income issues.

Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land
Franciscans, Jerusalem, Israel
Information about/from the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land and the Christian Sanctuaries of Israel/Palestine. Includes news and historic material; and archaeological and human experiences -- a different presence in the Middle East.

The Funny Dialog Box Web Site
Inigo De Pablo, San Antonio, TX, US
It was about time a Web site could be found with funny and/or useless dialog boxes, such as the ones found here.

David J. Doyle, Port Hueneme, CA, US
Some of the hottest links on the Web: Photoshop, games, X-Files, kids' sites, search engines, computer art, 3D-related sites, and much more. Check out the new Geek of the Week page.

industrial gothick northwest
Grad Mavin, Seattle, WA, US
Gothic and industrial music information and calendar for Seattle, Portland, and the Pacific Northwest.

Joker's Domain
FullGrafX, Novato, CA, US
A wild and wacky look at some of the most interesting sites on the Web. Includes links to Music, Zines, and Sports.

Lisa St. Ann
Pax Records, New York, NY, US
Provides Lisa's biography, a list of next tour locations and dates, links to press clips, song lyrics, and email. View pictures of Lisa and her latest CD.

A Little Bit of Heart
Barbara Shen, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Explores Chinese culture from a woman's point of view. Different aspects of the culture such as communication, zen, food, sex, medicine, and fortune telling are discussed.

Log Homes on the Internet
Eddie Sirotich, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Resource of information on log homes. Contains a log home discussion forum, directory of North American log home builders, and numerous links.

Manager's Daily
Daily Online Media, Fairfield, CT, US
Daily business-news commentary, small-business how-to, and career advice are provided here.

NewStocks Daily
Daily Online Media, Fairfield, CT, US
A close look at three IPOs every business day. One hundred percent fresh daily

No Place for a Woman: The Family in Film Noir and Other Essays
John Blaser, Chicago, IL, US
Master's thesis and other essays and graphics on film noir and women in film noir.

Oh Canada!
Beverly Leeck, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
A selective list of Canadian Web sites that define the Canadian identity, heritage, and symbols, and covering Canada's history, geography, politics, arts, education, and news.

Sergio Corriero, Bologna, Italy
This site links Reiki people to each other and to the Internet.

Smoljanovic's Place
Alexander Smoljanovic, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Interesting links, Alex's Visual Basic tips, and quality software presented.

SoHo, 2941
Romano Perelli, Florence, Italy
Download animated GIFs to put on home pages and enjoy the creativity of this home page.

Thomas Moran, Artist of the Mountains
J. Ellen Cotton, Oklahoma City, OK, US
Paintings of the natural wonders of the American West by one of America's greatest landscape artists (1837-1926). Overview of the artist, his work, and travels.

Wise Women of the Web
deBORah Publications, Houston, TX, US
A gathering of mostly stay-at-home parents offering links to mainstream and alternative sources of advice, support, and information on parenting, health, working at home, and feminist/women's issues. Celebrates the creative contributions of women all over the world.

The Woodworking Times
Eddie Sirotich, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Online woodworking magazine for woodworking hobbyists.

The X-Summary
Alex Dionisio, Middletown, NJ, US
An X-Files site where visitors can rate and give an opinion of each episode, find links, and vote for three favorite season episodes.

Tuesday, 25 June 1996

Trieste, Italy
The official site of Barcolana: 1,305 yachts start together -- the most crowded regatta in the world! In Italian only.

Bikers Journal Online
Tampa, FL, US
Free rideboards, classifieds, stories, photos, event listings, and much more are presented here.

The Chicago Stock Exchange
Chicago, IL, US
Established in 1882 and is today the second largest stock exchange in the U.S. in terms of dollar value of shares traded.

Children's Freedom Network
Phoenix, AZ, US
An international human rights organization formed specifically to defend the rights of children and young people throughout the world.

CIVILA, Ciudades Virtuales Latinas
PC Optima, S.A., Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
A place for Latinos to have free home pages on the Web, grouped by areas of interest in virtual cities. No need for HTML, use the online form. In Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, and Italian.

CompuSoft Technologies
Lewisville, TX, US
A site that has a lot to offer small businesses just getting on the Web.

Diane L. Keister - Artist
Fairfax, VA, US
Exhibit of some traditional fine art and computer art: paintings and drawings. Links to art, women, and other favorite sites.

DynoTech Software Games
Waynesville, MO, US
Download free demo Windows educational and entertainment software. Games work with Windows, Windows 95, and OS/2 Warp. Games include sound and graphics.

España en la Red (Spain on the Net)
Guillermo Pérez, Jerez, Cádiz, Spain
Links to the best Spanish sites on the Internet: official servers (government, universities), banks, press, radio and TV, and soccer league pages.

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Visitor's Guide
Fairbanks, AK, US
Interior Alaska's newspaper offers a complete electronic guide for planning a trip to the heart of Alaska, including information on Denali National Park.

Fibromyalgia Informational Sites
James R. Myers, Edgerton, WI, US
Comprehensive information and links for the sufferers of Fibromyalgia and its related disorders, including disabilities, local support, and alternative medicines.

Formula 1, Indycar, and ITC Racing
Flemming Vinge, Glamsbjerg, Denmark
Everything about Formula 1, Indycar, ITC Racing, and Jacques Villenueve. In English and Danish.

Givat Haviva GreenLine
Givat Haviva Seminar, Israel
Provides information on kibbutzim in Israel, the peace process in the Middle East, Jewish-Arab relations, and Holocaust studies.

Hardwood Magazine
Anna Marie Saintonge, Ellsworth, ME, US
Maine artists and cultural events zine with interviews and samples of work by artists, musicians, and writers. Includes a calendar of events happening in Maine.

High Desert Gallery
Edward L. LaBane, Santa Fe, NM, US
Photography, sculpture, and paintings by popular Southwestern artists.

Indiana Weather Jumpstation
KC Online, Winona Lake, IN, US
The ultimate collection of links to the best current meteorological data available of interest to residents of Indiana and nearby states.

Intellectual Property Law Hotlinks
Larry Sahr, Hudson, OH, US
Direct links to the most pertinent intellectual property law information on the Web. A great resource for patent attorneys and inventors.

The Jamestowne Society
Jamestowne, VA, US
Organized to discover and record the names of living descendants of early settlers who established the nation; to unite descendants to honor their ancestors' memory; to record their deeds, and pay homage to the birthplace of Virginia and the nation.

JAS's Javascript Resources and Color Clock
Cresskill, NJ, US
For Netscape 3.0 users, page provides JavaScript resources and how-to information links.

Klass Design Tools
Chris Neale, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
All the design tools needed to build home pages. Many original and all free to use and share! In the future this page will also contain tips on creating home pages.

Kryptik Online
Earthlink Network, Inc., Athens, GA, US
Online visual arts gallery with information and manifestos relating to art.

The Man from the Sunflower Forest -- A Loren Eiseley Reader
Charles M. Haynes, Zuni, NM, US
Biography, passages, and bibliography of one of America's preeminent literary naturalists. Lots of great links to other nature writers.

Maranatha Christian Journal Online
Matrix Development, Moreno Valley, CA, US
Reports newsworthy events and activities affecting today's online Christian, increases awareness of the moral issues of our day, and provides thought-provoking commentary.

MCIS Creation Library
Melbourne Computer Internet Services, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia
Over 2,000 buttons, icons, backgrounds, bullets, and lines all free for downloading and use on Web pages.

The M.I.T. Biology Hypertextbook
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, US
Contains a wealth of information on genetics, biochemistry, and cell and molecular biology, all in an easily accesible format.

Nonverbal Behaviour, Nonverbal Communication Links
Jaume Masip, Sunderland, United Kingdom
Provides links to different sites on nonverbal communication, nonverbal behaviour, gesture, posture, and related areas. In English, Spanish, and Catalan.

North Melbourne Football Page
Steven McDonald, Canberra, Australia
Provides great animations, results, AFL ladder, news, scores, links, fans, and interviews.

Northeast Historic Film
Bucksport, ME, US
Catalogs and archives old films including television, industrial, home, and professional movies; provides touring exhibits.

Reldni Productions
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Unique and original freeware entertainment. Reldni brings its original scripts, stories, games, and songs to the Web!

Screen Savers Bonanza
MeaSoft Enterprises, Highspire, PA, US
Largest collection of screen savers on the Net for PCs and Macs.

Vystropov Gallery
Arkadij Taranenko, Prague, Czech Republic
Andrey Vystropov is a Russian artist who is a follower of the school of Neo-Romanticism. Most of his works are in oils on canvas.

The Yellow Linkpage
Roderik Valcke, Kortrijk, Belgium
Visit the Internet starting from the Yellow Linkpage. Find the WWW hit parades, cool site awards, computer magazines, the best sites for Win95, and more.

ZEPHYR´S Hyperactive Links
Redaktionsbuero ZEPHYR, München, Germany
Provides links to software, hardware, games, models, and Gallery Grotesque. In German with English links.

Wednesday, 26 June 1996

Adventure Bonding Parenting Page
Mark Mozer, Ph.D., Helena, MT, US
Not a typical dorky parenting page, but family adventure -- creating exciting experience that both parents and kids enjoy. How to enjoy kids as friends/people, not endure them as problems/projects.

Appalachian Center
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, US
A comprehensive and reliable source of information about Appalachia, the region's people, history, and culture, including related links.

Art gallery "STALKER"
Dubna, Russia
Online gallery features contemporary Russian painters such as Andrey Vystropov, Vladislav Koval, Georgi Matevosjan, Andrey Fedorov, and Nikolai Romanov.

Jack Paull, Hereford, PA, US
For bird lovers everywhere, here's very good information about Chickadees.

China's Front Page
Isaac Cheung, Hong Kong, Guangdong, China
An information intensive page about China. Find topics in News, Travel, Business References, and Culture about China.

Claude Diderich Sports Pictures
Pully, Switzerland
Photojournalism, sports, pictures, news, and media can be found here.

The Dark Knight
Patrick Furlong, Charlottetown, Canada
Devoted to Batman, the Dark Knight. A very interactive site, with loads of information for fans (and would be fans) of Batman.

Global Asia @mcgallen
McGallen & Bolden Int'l. Consulting, Inc., Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Everything hot and cool about Asia, Asians, culture, business, and education. Cool games, too!

The Goose's Nest
Merrill Guice, Valdosta, GA, US
Contains original Southern humor written by Merrill Guice including bimonthly columns, archives, and materials printed elsewhere. Pages look best when viewed with a glass of bourbon and creek water.

Hot and Spicy Cooking
Carey Starzinger, Salem, OR, US
Contains more than 5,000 recipes, barbeque, how-to articles, BBQ sauces, other sauces, marinades, dry-rubs, techniques, and great links to other cooking sites.

The Internet Guitarists Network
Chrisr, Inc., Orlando, FL, US
Everything related to guitar -- only guitar nothing else. Links to Tab, classical guitar, guitar companies, players' profiles, and more.

Ames, IA, US
Gateway to KASI, Ames' only choice and KCCQ, more stopless music hits. Radio at its best including playlist, programming, events, and personalities.

Local Worlds
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Contains something for everyone -- links to Art, Computers, Education, Politics, Magazines, Travel, and much more.

Millennium Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine
L.D. Van Valkenburg, Modesto, CA, US
High-quality science fiction and fantasy short stories. A great resourch for readers, and writers wanting to sell their work.

Katrina Taylor, Bellingham, WA, US
A cultural melting pot where the carrots, turnips, and potatoes all retain their unique flavors.

The Official Hopeless Romantics Web Page(s)
Sierra Vista, AZ, US
A place for the truly hopeless romantic! Take the romantic quiz, give and get romantic advice, and more.

The Phrenology Page
Van den Bossche Peter, Brussels, Belgium
Introduction to Phrenology, the study of the relationship between a person's character and the morphology of the skull.

The Saint and Leslie Charteris
Dan Bodenheimer, Sunnyvale, CA, US
The official Web site of The Saint Club, devoted to Leslie Charteris and his literary creation, Simon Templar, alias The Saint.

Scots at War
The Scots at War Trust, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
A historical project studying 20th Century Scotland, its military life and that of the civilians during wartime.

Selene's Wicca Page
Selene Morgana, Greenville, SC, US
Lots of information about the religion of Witchcraft; beliefs, Sabbats, rituals, tools, and a special networking page for southern Pagans.

Shadow Magazine
Shadow Publications, Santa Rosa, CA, US
A quarterly magazine printing fiction stories for teens.

The Silent Universe
Michael J. Holmes, Long Beach, CA, US
A work of illustrated online science fiction detailing an exploration program beyond the solar system, and the enigmas it discovers.

A.J. Gould, Syracuse, NY, US
Information and links related to Superman in the comics and other media.

AutoWeb Worldwide Publishing, Portland, OR, US
Focuses on custom 4X4 and street trucks, product reviews, off-road racing, show and event coverage, monster trucks, classifieds, truck tests, motorsports coverage, and four-wheel drive trail runs.

Erich Voice, Wheeling, IL, US
A graphically radical humor site featuring a Web knowledge test, an Internet opinion poll, and a dead Web page feature. Visitors can voice an opinion and see what other people on the Web think.

Youth and Environment Europe, Utrecht, Netherlands
European environmental youth organization with 40 organizations and a great online zine.

Thursday, 27 June 1996

AM News Abuse
Joe Kazenas, San Antonio, TX, US
'Your daily dose of apparent intelligence' in tiny bytes.

b66 Internet Magazine
Bell Technology Ltd., North Point, Hong Kong
They say it's the first Internet magazine in Hong Kong but it's really a directory -- but still worthwhile browsing.

Blortland Chemo Health Dome
Diana Hinnrichs, Saratoga, CA, US
A visualization site for chemotherapy, links to related sites, cancer stories, humor, tips, and an ongoing Hodgkins story.

Christie, Agatha. 1920. The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Columbia University Bartleby Library, New York, NY, US
The famous first case of master-sleuth Hercule Poirot, by the world's bestselling author of all time.

College Choice & Admissions
Resource Pathways, Inc., Issaquah, WA, US
Provides a rated directory of information resources on college choice and admissions. Each review includes a description, star rating, evaluation, recommendations, and where to view or buy information.

Computer Geeks Anonymous
Eli Rosenstein, Rutgers University, NJ, US
A humorous site dedicated to the millions of computer geeks around the world.

Daryl Lease Archives
The Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg, VA, US
Features political commentary and humor on national, state, and local politics by Daryl Lease in The Free Lance-Star newspaper in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Florida Citrus Juice
Florida Department of Citrus, Lakeland, FL, US
Offers Florida citrus recipes, cookbook offer, news, and nutrition information.

Cy Burnett, Las Vegas, NV, US
All of the best freebies the Internet has to offer are listed here. Free Internet access, Web pages, software, and more, with a new searchable index!

Independent Feature Film: Drawing Down the Moon
Chaos Entertainment, Port Matilda/Sunbury, PA, US
An independent feature film starring Walter Koenig (Star Trek, Babylon 5) with lots of interesting information on everything from Paganism to Aikido.

Iway Magazine
Connell Communications, Inc., Peterborough, NH, US
Features cool sites, the latest news, software downloads, Web search engines, how-to information, coverage of current events, site directories, and the Iway 500 -- the best 500 sites on the Web.

Jagged Little Website: Pages Dedicated to Alanis Morissette
Rob Vanatta, Roseville, CA, US
Pages dedicated to the winner of four 1996 Grammy Awards. Includes pictures, news, links, concert dates, and much more.

Javen's Cool Games Page
Javen Swanson, Pine River, MN, US
This page has PC and Macintosh games that can be downloaded directly from the site and contains some interesting links.

Louise Brooks Society
Thomas Gladysz, San Francisco, CA, US
The largest and most comprehensive site devoted to any silent film star. Louise Brooks is best known for her role as Lulu in the classic "Pandora's Box."

Madeleine Vionnet
B.R.I., Brisbane, CA, US
Madeleine Vionnet has designed a breathtaking scarf collection. Her designs revolutionized women's fashion and continue to inspire today's haute-couture designers.

Museum of Fine Arts
The University of Montana, Missoula, MT, US
Collects and displays contemporary ceramics, period paintings, vintage photographs, and student/faculty work.

Planet Blortland
Diana Hinnrichs, Saratoga, CA, US
Finally, people on Earth can visit Planet Blortland, take a guided tour, solve a mystery, win a Blort, and meet an Epal!

Starburst Shar-Pei
Tina and Fred Wissen, Pesotum, IL, US
Prospective owner's guide to choosing a Chinese Shar-Pei. Includes the breed standard, temperament testing, health tips, and how to raise a Shar-Pei puppy.

The StarChamber
Cambridge, MA, US
It's not a zine. It's not a weekly program. It's an informal consociation that thrives on arcana, arbitrariness, and secret, irresponsible proceedings.

Viewers for Quality Television
Dorothy Swanson, Fairfax, VA, US
A 12-year-old non-profit organization that empowers viewers to advocate for quality series on network television.

Vince Gill
Nashville, TN, US
Preview Vince Gill's latest album on this site full of sound clips, lyrics, behind the scenes pictures, and more!

The Whole Wired Word
Bancroft & Associates, Tampa, FL, US
A resource for Web surfing book lovers, including BuzzWords (Feel Free To Crack Wise), Colette's List (Savage Commentary), Virtual Ink (Context!), and Raw Self-Aggrandizement.

Women Celebrities
Chris, Paris, France
Everyone's favorite singer, top model, or actress is here!

World Kung Fu Federation
Master Guy Savelli, Kirtland, OH, US
Free kuntao biweekly physical, mental, and spiritual exercises. Free healing through visualization and prayer consultation.

World Vision Australia
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Find out about World Vision Australia and its work in relief and development around the world. Discover also how the world can be made a better place.

Friday, 28 June 1996

American Association of Domain Names
Chelan, WA, US
Provides a united voice and support network for members. Also strives to provide informational, legal, and/or financial relief to members involved in litigation where the outcome of such cases effect the rights of all domain name owners.

Mercury Publishing, Athens, GA, US
The premiere issue of this frames-friendly online magazine by and for women offers interesting features, book reviews, links, and columns.

The Beetles Homepage
Beetletec, Weissenhorn, Germany
All about the Volkswagen Beetle with an amazing array of links to other related sites. Technical tips and more to come.

Comic Books - Arrow Strike Comics
David Rutan, Davis, CA, US
Visit the page for comic books and the upcoming Arrow Strike Comics. Many comic book links plus learn how to make a comic book.

Diogenes, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
An entertaining literary review. Featured guests include Athena, Demeter, a House Oracle, and assorted centaurs.

Doc Webbster's Motion Picture Emporium
Richmond, VA, US
Major motion picture previews, audience reviews, links to major movie studios, coming attractions, and links to other film and cinema-related Web sites.

The DOORS' Official Web Site
Todd Gray, Beverly Hills, CA, US
John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek, and Jim Morrison. Morrison spirit, poetry, and music can be found at this rock music and culture site.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Sights and sounds, fabulous photos, and a behind the scenes look at Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Also email the stars directly from the Web page.

EARTHLORE - Gothic Dreams
Orlando, FL, US
An immersive educational resource of the world's Gothic cathedrals.

Creative Ink Design Studio, Princeton, NJ, US
Stuck in a favorite game? This may be the answer. GameTown offers Hints, Links and Reviews of today's hottest game titles.

WM. Baker Associates, San Francisco, CA, US
An innovative new cartoon series for the Internet. Clever cartoons surfers will enjoy.

The Internet?
Creative Web, Delano, MN, US
Helps users to understand the basics of surfing the Internet.

Internet Legal Services, San Francisco, CA, US
The most comprehensive set of links and resources relating to the ethical issues facing the legal profession by Internet use.

Multimedia Newsstand
Hearst New Media, New York, NY, US
The complete resource for magazines, videos, celibrity trivia, catalogs, and even a daily comic strip

New Jennifer Love Hewitt Online
Randall Krause, Champaign, IL, US
The ultimate source for information regarding the beautiful and talented actress/singer from Party of Five, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Newsbytes Pacifica
Island Telecommunications Corp., Las Vegas, NV, US
Asia Pacific computer and telecommunications daily news from Newsbytes News Network.

Rosslyn, VA, US
Provides everything users want to know about politics: real-time news, analysis, commentary, and in-depth coverage of the presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial races.

Brady Fopma, Sioux Falls, SD, US
Totally devoted to the wonderful, previously undiscovered, world of the raisins! Raisin poems, news, free raisins, and more!

Rock 'N Road
Rhino Productions Inc. and Tim Toula, Tempe, AZ, US
Details more than 2,000 rock climbing areas throughout North America, including the ability to update or add climbing areas and submit photographs.

Romani Rights Web
Rebecca Tracy, Columbus, OH, US
A compendium of gypsy resources on the Internet. Includes current events, a bibliography, information about Romani history and culture, and a mailing list.

Paul Dupuy, Huntsville, AL, US
There have historically been many doubts about the authorship of Shakespeare's Works. This site presents cryptological proof that Francis Bacon wrote the Works.

The Shareware Directory!
Ratul Raychaudhuri, Buffalo Grove, IL, US
The best shareware games, Internet applications, utilities, and top 10 shareware lists for Windows 95, Windows 3.1, and Macintosh.

Paul Clyde Dombrowsky, Redondo Beach, CA, US
Check out "Because I can," a weekly article on current topics and "Me and Mike," a weekly interview with "Roy Smith," childhood friend and basketball teammate of Michael Jordan.

Teen Homepage
S.C.G. Ltd., Laurel, MD, US
An interesting teen site with pen pals, stories, links, horoscopes, and more.

The Tower of London Virtual Tour
Harry Kenney, Philadelphia, PA, US
Nearly a millenium old, TOL has been fortress, prison, home to monarchs, and the seat of government. Site brims with images and historical accounts.

Tribute Page to Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov
Lan Wang, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
In their almost 15 years together, Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov came to define pairs skating: two people skating beautifully, as one.

Steve Bedell, Quechee, VT, US
A how-to magazine for professional photographers. This free publication is aimed at the portrait and wedding pro, but all photographers will enjoy it.

WebSite 1.1
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., Sebastopol, CA, US
WebSite 1.1, the award-winning World Wide Web server for Windows NT and Windows 95, is freely available to anyone downloading it from this Web site.

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