Gauguin Exhibition: Guest Book

Here you will find all the comments people left about my WWW pages on the Paul Gauguin and the Russian Avantgarde Exhibition.

Signed on: Sat Jan 21 09:04:20 CET 2006

massachusetts boston
thanks u helped alot on my report
Signed on: Tue Nov 22 17:45:09 CET 2005

patrick ryan
houston, tx usa
thanks for putting this work online....
Signed on: Mon Nov 21 01:38:36 CET 2005

Jacob Gauguin
Copenhagen Denmark
Still a nice site for art interested people.
Signed on: Sat Nov 5 22:43:09 CET 2005

Joram Arentved
Santiago Chile
Signed on: Sat Oct 29 01:45:03 CEST 2005

Philippines Philippines
the best i like your painting....
Signed on: Thu Aug 11 04:14:54 CEST 2005

Signed on: Thu Jul 14 05:08:04 CEST 2005

Eze Mgbada
Lome-Kara Togo
A very nice site keep it up.
Signed on: Tue Mar 1 20:18:45 CET 2005

Glendale,Arizona United States
in art we had to do a report on a famous painter I was assigned Paul Gauguin and had a great time doing this report for the drawing portion I recreated the self portrait of Halo
Signed on: Tue Jan 4 01:13:45 CET 2005

alyssa diulio
torrington ct usa
very good site
Signed on: Mon Oct 18 16:18:11 CEST 2004

birmingham england
helllllllllllo! im in a french lesson and im bored. 
supposed to be writing about paul gauguin in french, but its v v v difficult. 
paul gauguin's great, but french lessons arent. 
beth xxxxxxxxxx 
Signed on: Fri Oct 15 16:56:08 CEST 2004

Los Angeles usa
Signed on: Fri Oct 8 22:42:25 CEST 2004

White Tigris
Athens, GA USA
No thanks
Thanks for all the pictures of Gauguin's work, I needed them for a class 
in Spiritual Art. I appreciate it. 
Signed on: Thu Jul 8 23:26:51 CEST 2004

Seattle USA
Signed on: Sat Feb 14 07:48:45 CET 2004

Jan & Fred Watkins
Hoover, Alabama USA
Saw the movie Paradise Lost starring Keifer Southerland and just had to visit 
the web site
Signed on: Wed Feb 11 01:51:14 CET 2004

Maria Henriques
Lagos Portugal
I love gaugin,your site is wonderfull!
Signed on: Wed Jan 28 05:51:37 CET 2004

tn us
good stuff.  took me a long time to find it though
Signed on: Tue Nov 18 19:33:44 CET 2003

Rana M.Faisal Shahzad Ahmed
Prato Italy
Signed on: Wed Nov 5 14:00:51 CET 2003

lome togo
i love this site please keep off.
Signed on: Tue Oct 14 19:11:25 CEST 2003

Hello. What a great site! I can only leave compliments! Really.
Signed on: Fri Oct 10 16:02:15 CEST 2003

München Deutschland
Hey! Great site, really nice work, and good design! Keep it up,by! 
Signed on: Thu Sep 25 13:12:39 CEST 2003

Matic Dusan Dj.
Beograd Yugoslavia
I've seen some reproductions I have not see before , thank you !
Signed on: Wed Sep 3 14:04:22 CEST 2003

Vera Hristeva
Sofia Bulgaria
Good luck and regards from Bulgaria
Signed on: Tue Aug 26 10:57:50 CEST 2003

I found this site fortunatelly and I am really happy
that I have done it.
Signed on: Sun Aug 24 21:34:45 CEST 2003

This is a very good site. It helps me find lots of information on
one site. Usally when I am surfing I can't find anything I want,
but this site, gives me lots of ideas on whatever I need to know
about him.
Signed on: Sun Aug 24 09:57:35 CEST 2003

Paul Eder
Hi, my friend told me to come see the design on your website
and I am very impressed. I must say whoever did the design should keep
up the great work :)
Signed on: Tue Aug 5 11:36:16 CEST 2003

Dario Knorr
I am honored to drop a line here and say thank you for keeping
this great site online.
Signed on: Thu Jul 31 04:00:34 CEST 2003

Laura Quast
Hi, I wish I had the patience to make my sites as good as yours,
your site is excellent. Must have been months and months of continuous
work. Well done!
Signed on: Mon Jul 28 18:24:25 CEST 2003

Todd Connor
Your page is quite informative.
Greetings from Dsl Flatrate - keep up the excellent work!
Signed on: Fri Jul 25 19:50:18 CEST 2003

Peter Kohl
This site is interesting as well as informative.
Enjoyed browsing through the site. Keep up the good work. Greetings
Signed on: Tue Jul 22 17:36:11 CEST 2003

Köln GER
ce site est bien organis, facile d'accs, tout est sous la main.
Signed on: Mon Jul 21 14:20:37 CEST 2003

This is a very interesting website, I have added it in my favourites.
If you want, you can visit my page too. Keep up the good work. Bye
Signed on: Wed Jun 18 01:33:48 CEST 2003

good luck
Signed on: Sat May 24 21:37:00 CEST 2003

Hi, just wanted to thank you guys for getting such an informative site.
Excellent graphic designed and easy to navigate. Your site is indeed
wonderful and i bookmarked it. I have found some of the information here
helpful.  There are too little good sites. Your site is very good.
Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guest book. I will recommend
and come back.
Signed on: Tue May 20 02:53:24 CEST 2003

Nice site, seems to be very popular!
Signed on: Wed Apr 30 03:10:17 CEST 2003

Nice site, keep it up man ;)
Signed on: Mon Apr 28 00:16:19 CEST 2003

Just happened to be in the area and thought I'd sign
the guestbook... :-)
Signed on: Mon Apr 14 21:32:22 CEST 2003

Bonn BRD
Bonjour! j'aimes bien votre site et j en suis venue a bout!
 ce site est vraiment tres bien fait felicitations.
Signed on: Tue Apr 1 17:45:28 CEST 2003

Great site! Keep it running!
Signed on: Mon Mar 17 21:57:40 CET 2003

Hallo !
Great Page !
I will sure come back.
Greetings from Germany,
sent to you by
Sandy :)
Signed on: Tue Feb 18 09:00:27 CET 2003

your page is inspirational ;)
Signed on: Thu Jan 30 16:05:21 CET 2003

Enjoyed your site very much! Thank you! Keep up a great work!
Signed on: Sat Jan 18 22:43:01 CET 2003

Masnita haji Shahbudin
brunei Brunei Darussalam
Signed on: Wed Jan 15 10:45:45 CET 2003

Nice site. Easy to use.
Signed on: Tue Jan 14 15:45:07 CET 2003

Thanks for putting your guest book out for us to leave a message.
it's a big help. Thanks again ... :-) Bill
Signed on: Sun Jan 12 11:37:27 CET 2003

Keep up this great resource. I bookmark your site, best greetings ...
Signed on: Wed Jan 8 19:30:55 CET 2003

Sven Olef
Gau-Algesheim Germany
Heimseite von Sven Olef
very nice
Signed on: Thu Dec 26 18:33:15 CET 2002

Nebenjob LARS
Germany Germany
Thanks for the good information. Keep up this great resource.
Best greetings, Lars 
Signed on: Sun Dec 8 08:50:37 CET 2002

Ronny from FCK
Just surfing.
A wise man will always change his mind . . a fool never will
Signed on: Sun Oct 6 13:16:03 CEST 2002

Liz McCaughey
cobourg, Ontario Canada
Thank you for this wonderful site!
Signed on: Wed Oct 2 14:21:43 CEST 2002

Yuri Fisunov
Some real magic of Polinesia; the touch to another world
Signed on: Mon Sep 23 17:35:39 CEST 2002

Patrou Art
Loved the site, thanks
Signed on: Sat Aug 24 22:47:46 CEST 2002

Lynne Frederick
Newark Delaware USA
I am reading The Moon and Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham and was
curious about Gauguins work. This is a great site!
Loved At the foot of the Mountain
Signed on: Tue Apr 2 04:36:23 CEST 2002

This is a good site, helped friends and I on an art project.
Signed on: Mon Feb 25 15:03:50 CET 2002

Paulo Sergio Caldeira Lopes
Belo Horizonte/MG Brazil
I'm a Graphic Designer and love fine arts...
It's a great site for Gauguin's art consultation,
Signed on: Thu Nov 29 06:03:59 CET 2001

Katie Stover
Great Falls, MT USA
this show is great....a good selection, and i like that the pages are
printable! :)

katie s.
Signed on: Wed Nov 14 19:30:25 CET 2001

Ricky Buckley
Vancouver Canada
Ricky's Planet's
I found this site very uplifting:
Signed on: Tue Sep 25 19:30:55 CEST 2001

joshua owen
london england
i think this is a very kool site grate for panitings of the
human figure or just people!!
Signed on: Mon Sep 17 19:44:01 CEST 2001

Great web site
Signed on: Tue Jun 12 20:32:08 CEST 2001

mary ann broadus
memphis, tenn. usa
PG and his work lives forever...lovely site.
Signed on: Mon Jun 4 22:16:33 CEST 2001

Great Site-Used it for school project!!!
Signed on: Fri Mar 9 04:03:47 MET 2001

Gwendolyn Gordon
Columbia, Maryland USA
Thank you for making my research enjoyable!
I feel as if I've traveled to a different time and place.
Signed on: Fri Feb 9 04:31:07 MET 2001

Beverly Gordon
Signed on: Fri Feb 9 04:25:09 MET 2001

steve cotton
Rocklin/CA USA
Or, "Why is there something rather than nothing?"
Signed on: Thu Feb 8 17:24:44 MET 2001

Lois V. Stith
Dumfries, VA USA
Paintings were superb!
I was able to do a wealth of research.  Thanks very much.
Signed on: Wed Feb 7 16:12:45 MET 2001

Bert Metcalf
Summerville, OR USA
Signed on: Sun Feb 4 20:32:29 MET 2001

Alex Turmble
Ottawa Canada
I don't know what to say.
Signed on: Tue Jan 30 04:02:16 MET 2001

Brian Wheeler
Norristown, PA USA
Thank you for allowing us to view these wonderful works.
Signed on: Sat Dec 30 16:13:49 MET 2000

Narcis Spataru
Pitesti/Romania Romania
La collezione e piu bella. God save the artists!
Signed on: Fri Dec 29 11:34:13 MET 2000

Daniel John Orr
Webster City IA USA
I studied Paul Gauguin and I think he is one of the best
postimpressionist of the century
Signed on: Wed Dec 13 19:07:36 MET 2000

Farmington,New Mexico USA
Signed on: Fri Dec 8 16:53:06 MET 2000

avigdor gershevich israel
Kot Vigo
thanks for you
Signed on: Sat Nov 18 13:46:00 MET 2000

Turku Finland
Great page!
Signed on: Tue Nov 14 09:20:03 MET 2000

Heather Williams
New Minas (Kentville) Nova Scotia Canada
Signed on: Thu Nov 9 01:05:14 MET 2000

Janet Laqueisha Renee
Summerville S.C. Dorchester
Wow I'm finally writing to Mr. Gaugin..
Signed on: Mon Nov 6 21:15:00 MET 2000

lauren norman
lincolnshire england
i think you are doing a realy good thing in art i love art alot
in fact its one of my good subjects.
Signed on: Mon Nov 6 11:38:15 MET 2000

Im not telling you
Signed on: Fri Sep 29 15:44:53 MET 2000

Barbara Ehlers
Stockton,CA. USA
I am a writer of vintage--70 yrs.old--I travel the world via 
the "NET"--Gauguin is a favorite of mine--this trip was splendid!
Thank you!
Signed on: Sat Jun 3 23:19:19 MET DST 2000

Judith Blazon
Dracut, Massachusetts USA
art gallery (under construction)
Great site you have here.
Signed on: Sun Apr 30 13:42:42 MET DST 2000

Peter B.Sorensen
Hojbjerg Denmark
I have just found this webside about Gauguin and is happy to see
so much interest in him. Would be happy to help others in matters
concerning Gauguin.
Signed on: Sun Apr 16 11:49:57 MET DST 2000

Nanette Wahnish
Herndon, VA USA
The summary of the Gaugain exhibit gave me a new perspective of
the artist himself. Thanks for this great web site.
Signed on: Fri Apr 7 01:37:39 MET DST 2000

lindsay Stuart
london england
Signed on: Wed Mar 1 18:16:29 MET 2000

Altenstadt Germany
Geli's Virtual Gallery
Nice to see again masterpieces of artwork. Fortunatelly there
are also new ones, made by still unknown masters...
Signed on: Sat Feb 26 20:46:16 MET 2000

bonjours a tous,
je m'occupe de restauration de peintures anciennes,
si vous voulez discoutez-je vous en prie!!
j'attends vos messages.
Signed on: Wed Feb 23 20:38:05 MET 2000

Does anyone know where I can buy a print of Gaugin's "Cafe in Arles"?
I have van Gogh's "Night Cafe" print that I bought at the Yale Art
Signed on: Sun Feb 20 01:33:42 MET 2000

I'm looking for a picture painted by Gauguin called "The Gate".
I've been looking for it for years, and I'm beginning to wonder if 
it really exists. If anyone knows anything about it please e-mail me. 
Signed on: Fri Feb 4 06:46:21 MET 2000

oakland, california USA
Signed on: Wed Feb 2 05:43:15 MET 2000

Anthony E. Goralski - Grandson of Nicholas II - Last TSAR of Russia
Cleveland OHIO USA
Tony's Home page
Congradulations, a nice exhibit. 
Tony Goralski -- Grandson of Nicholas II.
Signed on: Wed Jan 19 17:46:36 MET 2000

I am trying to locate info on a Russian artist Alex Stefomow.
Can anyone help?
Signed on: Wed Jan 19 03:45:47 MET 2000

This site really help me for my term project for my Art History class.

Thank you very much!!!
Signed on: Thu Dec 9 05:34:36 MET 1999

Jimmye Whittington
Miami,OK USA
I am looking for info on paul Gauguin, specifically
what  MAD mrans that caused him to leave the island of Tahiti.
I need this for an online edu class.
Thanks gor any assistance you can give me.
Signed on: Sat Dec 4 00:28:12 MET 1999

DeeAn Gillespie
phoeniz,az usa
Signed on: Sun Nov 14 00:20:03 MET 1999

sethi gray
I'm looking for Paul Gauguin's (Self Portait with Halo).
If you find any info on it please contact me
Signed on: Wed Nov 3 08:17:10 MET 1999

James E. Sisler
Kissimmee/Florida USA
Signed on: Tue Oct 19 02:30:40 MET 1999

Valerie Phillips
Orlando FL USA
Great exhibit, good research material, thank you!
Signed on: Mon Oct 11 18:34:56 MET 1999

hollister ca USA
"pass it on" ©98 summary
Thank you for your efforts and your wonderful review on the Gauguin
exhibit. It's a wonderful collection! Perhaps any Gauguin family members
or art enthusiasts would find the above url of great interest. We would
be happy to hear from you. Gauguin has been the source of great research
for reasons that will explain themselves on that page.
Thanks again! Michelle
Signed on: Thu Oct 7 18:19:14 MET 1999

Marcela Garaygordobil De de la Vega
Mazatlan,Sinaloa Mexico
delavega @
I was wondering if you could put in the painting of
the Orana Maria one of his best paintings, not that
all the others aren't as well.
thank you for all the information it's very complete.
Signed on: Thu Sep 9 19:02:42 MET DST 1999

Milton y Daniel
Nos ha gustado mucho la muestra de trabajos, pero nos ha sorprendido
particularmente encontrar las esculturas de gauguin, a quien realmente
desconociamos por completo en esa faceta.
muchas gracias, saludos desde Uruguay...
Signed on: Sat Aug 7 02:47:43 MET DST 1999

Los Angeles USA
Thank you for creating the Paul Gauguin web page. It was awesome!
Signed on: Thu Jul 15 01:57:06 MET DST 1999

Stephanie Jeannot
Brooklyn. NY USA
Butta Blendz Nubian Hot Spot
I love art and all of the things I witnessed on this page was very
intererstong.  Check out

The art page has a link to all different art, artists and periods.
Please sign the guestbook as well.

Also,  I am looking for serious-minded artists who wuld be interested in
taking part in an art exhibit and/or auction.  If you are interested,  
please contact me at or 212-501-3985.
Thank you for your time.
Signed on: Tue Jul 6 07:44:07 MET DST 1999

Frederick Murrray Moreno
Lake Forest, california USA
I love PG's paintings, but is was great to see his sculptures
and etchings, it showed me a whole othe side of the man. Thank you
Signed on: Mon Jun 21 21:47:39 MET DST 1999

Dawn Swanson
Sacramento, CA USA
We have a gauguin, maybe a fake in the family, and we cherish it
most greatly.
Signed on: Thu Jun 3 01:52:11 MET DST 1999

Signed on: Tue May 4 00:47:56 MET DST 1999

justine paratore
greensboro USA
Paul Gauguin's work will forever inspire new artists!
Signed on: Tue Mar 16 19:33:19 MET 1999

Roberta Kingsley
Oxford United Kingdom
Sophisticated rich b***h
I find his work amazing and challenging for the human mind
and should provoke many into a better more fulfilling way of life. 
Signed on: Fri Mar 12 14:36:20 MET 1999

Brad McCully
mendota IL usa
Signed on: Wed Mar 3 21:52:23 MET 1999

Lindstrom Marita
Hanko Finland
Signed on: Tue Feb 16 00:44:24 MET 1999

Lindstrom Marita
Hanko Finland
Signed on: Tue Feb 16 00:43:15 MET 1999

Carol Mares
Richmond, VA USA
Signed on: Wed Feb 3 22:44:47 MET 1999

paolo civalleri
boves Italy
Signed on: Thu Jan 21 23:53:15 MET 1999

Shannon Hafford
Ft. Fairfield/ Maine USA
I love the website, I have truely learned a lot.
Signed on: Tue Jan 19 20:06:06 MET 1999

Shawna Neis
Fort McMurray, AB Canada
Quite a good collection.  Nice to see the 3D works included.
Such a shame that digital images can't fully capture his beautiful
coloration.  I particularly enjoy Gauguin allusions to Egyptian art.
Signed on: Tue Dec 1 05:24:47 MET 1998

Vladimr S. BRAJSA
Signed on: Sun Nov 29 02:10:16 MET 1998

Seoul South Korea
Signed on: Sat Nov 14 03:25:12 MET 1998

tuulikki tevilin-ossou
Helsinki Finland
Signed on: Fri Nov 13 12:03:31 MET 1998
Peter Dalgaard
Holstebro Denmark
Signed on: Tue Nov 10 22:52:04 MET 1998

Karin Blok
Leidschendam Netherlands
I have loved your Gauguin site! It was wonderful!
Signed on: Sun Nov 8 14:26:47 MET 1998

marcud pryor II
wyoming, ohio USA
Signed on: Mon Oct 26 18:41:14 MET 1998

Melb. Australia
This is a pretty good page
Signed on: Sun Oct 18 16:07:18 MET 1998

Signed on: Sun Oct 4 17:11:44 MET 1998

Signed on: Mon Sep 28 17:07:32 MET 1998

Signed on: Mon Sep 28 17:05:42 MET 1998

Fabio Barrera
Beijing China
Es una gran alegría poder admirar las obras maestras con tan buena
calidad de reproducción.
un cálido abrazo desde el Lejano oriente.
Signed on: Wed Sep 2 14:07:40 MET DST 1998

Artm Baginski
Smolensk Russia
Signed on: Sat Aug 22 20:44:20 MET DST 1998

Ben Waller
Oatley N.S.W. Australia
Signed on: Thu Aug 6 10:46:39 MET DST 1998

Sulinn Aipa
Fabulous sight
Signed on: Sat May 16 02:08:28 MET DST 1998

Brooke Taylor
Clinton Canada
	This was a great sight!
Signed on: Thu May 7 19:51:00 MET DST 1998

Nancy Simon & Marcel Gauthier
Lachute (Quebec) Canada
Nice visiting.  We will be back when we get a better server for our
Signed on: Sat Apr 18 21:05:09 MET DST 1998

Betta Gianni
Brescia Italy
Signed on: Thu Apr 9 21:58:14 MET DST 1998

Signed on: Mon Apr 6 06:24:40 MET DST 1998

Andrea Evans
New Orleans, LA USA
Portraits & Landscapes
I found the wonderful Gauguin and the Russian Avantgarde exhibit,
and I have to congratulate you on the wonderful presentation.  
Signed on: Tue Mar 31 18:33:39 MET DST 1998

Ladi Iya
Evansville USA
Great show,it was helpful in aiding me with my world
cultures paper.
Signed on: Fri Mar 27 03:44:52 MET 1998

Elinor Ruskin
New York, NY USA
Signed on: Tue Mar 17 18:16:55 MET 1998

Liu Limin
Singapore Singapore
Signed on: Thu Mar 12 03:42:55 MET 1998

Chris Dowie
Glasgow GBR
Signed on: Wed Mar 11 19:28:26 MET 1998

Nancy Sippel
Ann Arbor Michigan USA
Great show, beautifully presented.  More, more!
Signed on: Tue Feb 24 15:56:08 MET 1998

monmayer gaetan
versailles France
Signed on: Tue Feb 24 11:34:17 MET 1998

John van Heijst
Geleen Netherlands
Signed on: Sun Jan 25 15:38:22 MET 1998

Eileen Seitz
Florida USA
What an inspiration. we need another show, for all those 
who missed it.
Signed on: Thu Jan 22 05:46:44 MET 1998

Orio Menoni
Salsomaggiore Terme (PR) Italia
Orio's Home Planet
Really a well made and precious work. The exhibition was wonderful
and it certainly deserved to be remembered by a site like this. 
I hope you will keep this site active for a long time.
Signed on: Tue Dec 16 05:27:36 MET 1997

Maja Swiatkiewicz
Katowice Poland
Have you heard about palio in Siena? Please give me a note
Merry CHristmas and happy new year
Signed on: Mon Dec 15 15:17:22 MET 1997

Harri Lehtonen
Joensuu Finland
North Karelia Polytechnic - Media studies
Fantastico! Master of colors!
rEaL Vision of life!
Signed on: Thu Dec 4 16:02:36 MET 1997

Andres Leal
Montgomery, AL USA
Signed on: Wed Nov 5 03:24:01 MET 1997

Rachel Monas
Los Angeles, California USA
I really think there should be more information on Paul Gauguin
himself, not just his artwork.  Maybe put in a biography or something,
because I'm supposed to write a paragraph on him and what should I say:
"He was born in 1848, died in 1903, made 59 pieces of artwork" and the
list them all?
Signed on: Tue Nov 4 01:34:49 MET 1997

Terry Palmer
Gilroy, CA USA
What a great exhibit - I'd love to see some of the paintings
in person someday. Thanks for taking the time to pull this all together.
P.S. I didn't realize until recently that PG and I share a common birthday!
I know I've always enjoyed his paintings, especially his Tahitian phase.
When I visited the island of Tahiti I went to Gauguin museum but found none
of his work there...- 
guess I'll have to visit France to see the real thing?
Signed on: Thu Oct 30 07:12:19 MET 1997

PUERTO PLATA Dominican Republic
Signed on: Tue Oct 7 01:32:18 MET 1997

Matt Pedalino
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada
Hello! I am doing a biography of Mr. Gauguin for a french project.
If anyone has any info at all on him, can you please email me a.s.a.p.
It would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanx :)
Signed on: Sun Sep 28 22:20:31 MET 1997

Francisco Carlos Orlandini
Campinas/SP Brazil
Signed on: Wed Sep 3 06:42:13 MET DST 1997

Allan Troitzky
Russian Avantgarde Art Web Home
Just wanted to ask where is Russian Avantgarde Images & stuff???
Go to my page for this!
Signed on: Wed Aug 27 04:06:31 MET DST 1997

Marilena Maffei
Sao Paulo Brazil
I work with arts in brasil
Signed on: Sat Aug 16 19:08:20 MET DST 1997

Maecelo Vazquez
Mar del Plata Argentina
I love Gauguin
Signed on: Tue Aug 12 17:52:43 MET DST 1997

Laura Scanu
Cagliari Italy
Molto bello il sito su Gauguin
Signed on: Fri Aug 8 10:17:49 MET DST 1997

Eric Sanna
Cagliari Italy
Grande idea Gauguin in rete!!!!
Complimenti per il lavoro, aspetto le tue nuove "creazioni".
Signed on: Thu Aug 7 16:47:14 MET DST 1997

Len Rankhorn Art Teaches the World
Chattanooga,Tenn. USA
Very nice wish I could have been there.  Keep up the good work.
Signed on: Mon Aug 4 04:01:55 MET DST 1997

Anita Gwatney
North Little Rock, Ar USA
Signed on: Sat Jul 12 17:12:22 MET DST 1997

Pieter Roos
Rosmalen Netherlands
Signed on: Sat Jun 28 18:21:08 MET DST 1997

Denyc Perez
Just wanted to say thanks for putting together a great web site - I
thoroughly enjoyed the Gauguin pages.
Signed on: Mon Jun 23 21:09:21 MET DST 1997

David Wood
Vienna VA USA
Signed on: Sat Jun 21 17:31:15 MET DST 1997

Eva Szabo
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Signed on: Fri Jun 20 14:26:45 MET DST 1997

Francis Vierbergen
Curaçao NA
Just to be the 28,748th visitor!
Shows how popular the works of Gaugin are to us, 
the people that live some 100 years later
Ars longa.
Signed on: Thu Jun 12 22:00:34 MET DST 1997

Luca Santella
Signed on: Thu May 29 22:59:31 MET DST 1997

nunca me imagine ver una seleccion tan amplia de este pintor,
con un acceso tan rapido a las imagenes.
aqui en Mexico mi esposa tiene una escuela de pintura para niños y adultos
con el nombre Vincent Van Gogh, y es agradable ver la obra
de su amigo Paul en cyberesplendor.  g
Signed on: Wed May 28 03:30:48 MET DST 1997

Ovadia David
Nesher Israel
I would like to Visit it
Signed on: Sun May 25 22:59:41 MET DST 1997

Ferdinand Martinez
Concord, MA USA
My wish is to see a show similar to this one during my lifetime. 
Lacking this, you have provided a wonderful opportunity to view these
beautiful works. My sincere thanks.
Signed on: Sat May 10 18:44:32 MET DST 1997

Ferdinand Martinez
Concord, MA USA
I recognized most of these paintings from reproductions in art books, 
yet I was delighted to see them on my monitor. I was able to see them from 
a different perspective and I loved what I saw. A delightful exhibit
that I wish I'd been able to view in person.
Signed on: Fri May 9 20:54:35 MET DST 1997

miki roots
milton keynes uk
Nice show! I am sure this will help me with my homework. ta!
Signed on: Sun May 4 19:24:19 MET DST 1997

C. Riddell
Signed on: Sat Apr 12 00:36:29 MET DST 1997

Kenneth Hillyard
Kailua, Hawaii USA
Great to see so many people interested in Paul's "Polynesian" works.
Great job Mauro...
Signed on: Sun Mar 30 00:47:17 MET 1997

Jean-Phillipe Lautenschlager
Silver Spring/Md USA
Signed on: Mon Mar 10 19:31:53 MET 1997

Oliver Markwirth
Aurora, Colourado USA
Signed on: Thu Feb 27 06:09:29 MET 1997

Normand Gagnon
Ile d'Orléans, P.Q. Canada
Site riche et bien documenté.  
Seul défaut: ne pas offrir le choix de la langue de consultation.
Signed on: Wed Jan 29 01:25:51 MET 1997

Warner Robns, GA USA
Signed on: Sun Jan 26 02:05:53 MET 1997

Szymon Kedzierski
Wroclaw Poland
OK more :^)
Signed on: Sat Jan 25 02:24:47 MET 1997

John Steenbergen, Broodmarkt 9,
4561 CC Hulst, Netherlands
In 1963 I was on Tahiti. Now 33 years later I remember Tahiti like 
a paradise. I paint now, and I use paintings of Paul Gauguin to duplicate 
them. I paint his painting 'Ea haere ia oe?' of 1893. During my visit 
I asked a Tahitian women, in the bunch, for a cocosnut, se give me one. 
I stil have de nut. When I have the monny, I go back to Tahiti. 
I hope...  But for all you, who read this letter, greetings from John, 
from the Netherlends.  Love and greetings, John.
Signed on: Thu Jan 23 22:09:53 MET 1997

Fred Bauer
Anchorage, AK USA
Signed on: Tue Jan 14 00:17:43 MET 1997

Sydney Australia
I just noticed that my favourite picture
Aha oe feii ('Are you jealous') 1892 Pushkin Museum
is represented here (#16) Mirror Reversed.
Signed on: Thu Dec 12 21:47:16 MET 1996

Ruth Freed
Jerusalem Israel
Thank you so much for the effort. I`ll come back to see
more and more.
Signed on: Sat Dec 7 00:44:18 MET 1996

Ambretta Falchi
Firenze Italy
Signed on: Fri Dec 6 11:25:59 MET 1996

Richard Greer
Las Vegas, NV USA
I recently returned from two and a half years of total immersion
in Polynesian culture in Pago Pago.  I had been searching for Gauguin
pictures for the past six months to complement my collection of Samoan
artifacts.  It was, therefore an unexpected delight to find your page
with such a thourough treatment of Gauguin's sojourn in Tahiti.
Before my own adventure in Polynesia I had thought his work on human
figures to be exaggerated and cartoon-like.  Having experienced this
culture first-hand, I realize now how well he captured their essence.
He would be proud to see his work exhibited in this format - a mini,
electronic retrospective.
Congratulations and Bravo for your excellent work.
Signed on: Fri Dec 6 08:40:52 MET 1996

Paul was a GREAT artist!
Signed on: Sun Dec 1 08:27:03 MET 1996

Amy Hardin-Westgard
Terre Haute, Indiana USA
Signed on: Sun Nov 24 17:37:14 MET 1996

Letty Nijhuis
Groningen Netherlands
Very good. 
Signed on: Mon Oct 28 16:00:22 MET 1996

Signed on: Tue Oct 22 05:38:56 MET 1996

Timothy Reynolds
Flagstaff Arizona USA
Thank you for the Gauguin images.  I'll be using them in a presentation
at Northern Arizona University in partial fulfillment of the 19th-century
Music History (graduate-level) course.
Signed on: Sat Oct 19 22:01:50 MET 1996

Timothy Reynolds
Flagstaff, AZ USA
Came here to work on a 6-page report for Dr. Aufdemberge...partial
fulfillment of the 19th-Century Music History (graduate level).
Signed on: Thu Oct 17 04:17:22 MET 1996

Teri Edgar
Tarzana, California US
Marie-Jeanne's Atelier
Hello!  Thank you for adding more beautiful art for 
people on the web to browse.  Please continue the great
work.  Many thanks!
Signed on: Sat Oct 12 23:45:00 MET 1996

Marsha Wilcox
Signed on: Fri Sep 27 00:04:58 MET DST 1996

ernest gaertke
allentown,pa. USA
i enjoyed the show keep up the great work!
Signed on: Sun Aug 25 04:47:05 MET DST 1996

Soledad Fernández
La Seu d'Urgell (Lleida) Spain
Muy bonito
Signed on: Sun Aug 25 02:46:28 MET DST 1996

M.I.P. Company
M.I.P. Company, the publisher of the Secret Journal 1836-1837 (Tainiye
zapiski) by A.S. Pushkin and of other Russian controversial literature.
Please visit our site at
and kindly include our link on your page.
Signed on: Wed Aug 14 02:43:39 MET DST 1996

Jacob Gauguin
2720 vanløse, CPH. Denmark
Lovely and amazing that there is still some interest in symbolisme
and syntetization. Too bad I did not manage to go there this spring.
See ya lata !!
Signed on: Tue Aug 13 13:25:46 MET DST 1996

Norm Sunshine
Arlington, Texas USA
Loved your page!
I'm trying (so far unsuccessfully) to locate a poster
of Gauguin's "Tahitian Pastoral". Can you help?
If so I would appreciate a reply ASAP. Thanks!!
Signed on: Mon Jul 29 09:34:58 MET DST 1996

Carol Payne
Pomona, CA USA
Great show!!
Signed on: Tue May 28 19:34:22 MET DST 1996

Mark Cheetham
London, Ont. Canada
What an interesting exhibit. Thanks for putting it on-line.
Do you consider Gauguin and abstraction, something I've written on a
little? Do visit the University of Western Ontario's homepage.
Select Visual Arts Department and our new "Virtual Gallery" under the
faculty of Arts. Ciao!
Signed on: Wed May 22 18:46:43 MET DST 1996

A beautiful show and I was happy to finally see so
many of PG's paintings in one place. THANKS!
Signed on: Mon May 6 07:00:38 MET DST 1996

Elin Brännström
Skellefteå Sweden
Thanks for a terrific time !, Paul Gauguin. You are great !!
Signed on: Wed Apr 3 10:28:55 MET DST 1996

Roberto Cipriani
Genova Italy
Complimenti. Un'ottimo lavoro per una bellissima iniziativa.
Perchè non collegarci un searcheable database delle immagini?
Grosso lavoro, grossa soddisfazione...
Signed on: Sun Mar 17 21:43:46 MET 1996

Uli Horn
Johannesburg / Gauteng RSA
This is most certainly one of the most thorough collections for a
particular artist which I have seen on the internet. A real pleasure.
Keep up the good work!
Signed on: Wed Mar 13 08:51:03 MET 1996

Oyvind Svensson
9080 Storslett Norway
Thanks for good work in making Gaugin better known, 
even here above the arctic circle.
Signed on: Tue Mar 12 18:44:32 MET 1996

Jay Chien
San Jose, CA USA
Thanks for the WebPage :) It was very helpful for research
on Post-Impressionism in our World History class. 
Signed on: Mon Feb 26 22:12:20 MET 1996

Signed on: Tue Feb 20 16:06:46 MET 1996

bellissima iniziativa, spero di poter venire a visitare la mostra
Signed on: Fri Feb 16 11:53:24 MET 1996

Igor Glinka
Moscow Russia Federation
I live in Moscow but visiting your page I learn more intresting about
Pushkin's museum.
Possible you will suprised to know Many of presented pictures are NOT
available at excibition.
Thank's very much to author!!!
Signed on: Thu Feb 8 22:45:37 MET 1996

Maureen Scobie
Victoria Canada
Excellent work!
Signed on: Mon Feb 5 06:12:26 MET 1996

Ursula Kessel
Timmendorfer Strand Germany
Una buona possibilitá specialmente per artisti verdere mostre
dovunque! Me piace molto.
Signed on: Sun Feb 4 13:18:30 MET 1996

kristine m. lee
Tallahasse USA
Signed on: Tue Jan 30 21:44:11 MET 1996

hanney dao
austin, TX USA
not what i was originally looking for, but thoroughly enjoyed it!  :)
Signed on: Fri Jan 19 03:27:03 MET 1996

Signed on: Thu Jan 11 04:23:50 MET 1996

Miguel Angel Perez
Mexico, D.F. Mexico
This is a very nice work. Congratulations!. 
Was Gauguin an aztec descendant? He was the Flora's tristan grandchild.
Do you know?
Signed on: Sun Dec 31 14:14:55 MET 1995

Alekos Papadopoulos
Piraeus Greece
Signed on: Sun Dec 24 19:02:20 MET 1995

Signed on: Tue Dec 12 08:09:29 MET 1995

Pertti aaltonen
Vantaa Finland
Signed on: Thu Dec 7 16:32:58 MET 1995

Yves Couture
Montréal, Québec Canada
The work you have done in permitting peole from afar to view this
exhibition is most valuable. I thank you for such a generous endeavour.
Signed on: Tue Nov 28 23:22:49 MET 1995

florio paola
pisa Italy
Ciao a tutti e buon divertimento!
Signed on: Mon Nov 13 14:16:29 MET 1995

diane rogers
manassas, virginia USA
excellent art display - keep up the good work - would
like to see if landscape at ariles is on line - thanks
Signed on: Sun Nov 5 01:58:57 MET 1995

idan stroumza
kibutz en-dor Israel
I don't realy know where my home page is so the email 
information is all I can provaide 
(I don't know english very well)
Signed on: Fri Nov 3 20:17:26 MET 1995

Christina Sahhar
San Diego, CA USA
I've just recently seen an exhibit on the Pont-Avon school
and Gauguin in particulartly.
It was a pleasure to see some of his later works.

Thank You!
Signed on: Mon Oct 30 03:09:03 MET 1995

gary morin
mpls mn USA
Good show! Aren't the Hermitage pieces faded??? 
Signed on: Sat Oct 28 22:36:17 MET 1995

Gary Morin
mpls mn USA
Signed on: Sat Oct 28 22:23:06 MET 1995

Nancy Elisabetta
Studio storia dell'arte alla Universita' di Utah in Salt Lake
City. Anch'io studio italiano. Questa mostra di Gaugin mi piace
moltissimo. E' fantastico che posso guardare Gaugin per computer.
Mi scrivete se volete.
Signed on: Tue Oct 17 15:45:45 MET 1995

alessio del ben
pordenone Italy
Signed on: Sat Oct 14 22:30:39 MET 1995

P.B. Van Cleve
San Diego/CA USA
Art Planet
Have you seen the newest fine art site?
Art Planet is the internet directory designed exclusively for fine
art sites. It contains listings for auction houses, artists, museums,
galleries, libraries, exhibits, publishers and other fine art services.

Visit our site and link for free!

We enjoyed your site and would like you to link to ours!
You can link your site for free by filling out the registration form
directly on the Art Planet site. Your link will come up immediately
after you register.
Signed on: Wed Oct 11 17:46:23 MET 1995

Andrea Balestra
Trieste Italy
Un ottimo lavoro!
Signed on: Wed Oct 11 15:43:31 MET 1995

Michele Gianni
Firenze-Pisa Italy
Signed on: Wed Oct 11 13:53:30 MET 1995

Gil Leppelmeier
Helsinki Finland
A very enjoyable visit.
Signed on: Tue Oct 10 22:38:56 MET 1995

Massimo Rainato
Signed on: Fri Oct 6 23:53:20 MET 1995

Mark Wuschke
Melbourne Australia
Love the images - thanks for putting them up.
Gaugin had the right idea - Give up everything for Tahiti, sunshine,
women, painting, ...
Say does anyone know how to obtain prints/posters of any of the
Russian works? I'd love to hear from you if you do. 
Signed on: Sun Sep 10 12:52:59 MET DST 1995

Rachel Smith
Wellington New Zealand
I really liked the two goats.
Signed on: Fri Sep 8 01:05:39 MET DST 1995

Julie Laccabue
Cupertino, California USA
Grazie, Mauro!
Signed on: Fri Sep 1 06:37:07 MET DST 1995

Maxwell, John
Scotland United Kingdom
Signed on: Wed Aug 23 14:01:37 MET DST 1995

santa cruz USA
Signed on: Mon Aug 14 07:05:48 MET DST 1995

Rosalie E. Thwaites Hardy
Lake Mary, Florida USA
Signed on: Fri Aug 11 17:57:14 MET DST 1995

malc & ron
bremen Germany
if old bloke Gaugin were alive, I guess he would be laughing
at this, on line, in Tahiti
Signed on: Wed Jul 26 15:51:55 MET DST 1995

renate mohiuddin
memphis/tn USA
die tendenz der heutiten ausstellungen und museen geht genau in die
richting in der sie gegangen sind mit der gauguin ausstellung. besucher
erwarten mehr heute als nur eine passive ausstellung und eine bestimmte
haltung (kritisch, einfluss, usw.) fordert die besucher auf mehr
angagiert kunstwerke zu "sehen".
Signed on: Thu Jul 20 20:19:44 MET DST 1995

Kentaro Nakagawa
Urayasu City Japan
Signed on: Wed Jul 19 19:25:59 MET DST 1995

Andrea Manella
Genova Italy
Signed on: Wed Jul 19 13:19:24 MET DST 1995

claudio pezzi
Signed on: Tue Jul 18 10:36:16 MET DST 1995

Annie Bourdoux
paris France
Signed on: Mon Jul 3 16:58:05 MET DST 1995

James Moore
Portland, Oregon USA
So nice for those of us who used to frequent the shores of
your fair city to see art on the web. Divertitevi tutti!
Signed on: Fri Jun 30 00:11:37 MET DST 1995

Donatella Guarino
Palermo, Italy
Congratulazioni per l'iniziativa!
E ... venite a visitare il web sulla 
Come and visit SICILY WWW!
Signed on: Thu Jun 29 12:44:29 MET DST 1995

Edoardo Ardizzone
Palermo Italy
Signed on: Mon Jun 26 15:10:13 MET DST 1995

Alessandro Del Puppo
Pisa, Italia
Ho visitato con interesse la mostra e mi è piaciuta. Avrei gradito
una maggiore attenzione a quegli artisti russi che esposero
spesso in Italia (dalla Biennale del 1907); e credo che sarebbe
stata interessante anche un'appendice sulla fortuna italiana
di Gauguin, d cui si sa davvero poco (intendo dire, come circolazione
e conoscenza delle opere negli anni Dieci e Venti). Sono convinto 
che il primo ad interessarsi a Gauguin sia stato in Italia
Gino Rossi, ma che il suo tentativo di mediazione sia fallito
a causa del differente gusto che prevaleva all'epoca, piu'
favorevole ad un ritorno al classico. Qualcuno ci sta
lavorando? Sarei interessato.
Signed on: Sat Jun 24 21:29:56 MET DST 1995

Ben Waggoner
California USA
Signed on: Sat Jun 24 00:58:58 MET DST 1995

Sachio Komatsu
Tokyo Japan
Signed on: Wed Jun 21 23:07:11 MET DST 1995

Marco Bodrato
Pisa Italy
Venite da Parerga
Che bello sapere via Internet che c'è una mostra, ma è ancora
più bello poi andarsela a vedere e godersela dal vero.
Signed on: Wed Jun 21 11:12:29 MET DST 1995

Ed Hill
Houston, TX USA
Signed on: Tue Jun 20 23:37:20 MET DST 1995

Bernie Fox
So. San Francisco, Ca USA
Bernie's Place
Thank you for making the Ferrara exibit available on 
the net.  I really enjoyed the Gauguin images.  Since 
I can't attend the exibit in person, this will make me
happy for now.
Signed on: Tue Jun 13 19:49:09 MET DST 1995

Guido Violani
Faenza (RA) Itlay
Signed on: Thu Jun 8 21:08:51 MET DST 1995

Dave McKinney
Miami FL USA
Peace for ALL!
Signed on: Tue Jun 6 21:16:41 MET DST 1995

Sven Olef
Mainz Germany
Wonderfull to see - best wishes from Germany in the spirit
of art
Signed on: Tue Jun 6 00:44:45 MET DST 1995

Seth H. Barovick
Burlington Vermont USA
I enjoyed what I saw. I am just beginning to surf the Internet. 
I'll be back again.
Signed on: Tue May 23 03:47:17 MET DST 1995

Gary Bosley
Redondo Beach, Calif. USA
Your Web pages and the presentation are well done.
Regards from Los Angeles
Signed on: Sun May 21 17:52:43 MET DST 1995

rino cavagna
brescia Italy
Signed on: Sat May 20 13:18:54 MET DST 1995

Vanda Paulati
Bolzano Italy
Signed on: Sat May 20 12:33:58 MET DST 1995

Francois Pelletier
Quebec (Quebec) Canada
Signed on: Fri May 19 22:58:50 MET DST 1995

Mauro Orlandini
Bologna Italy
Mauro Home Page
This is the first entry made by the guestbook program!
Now all the people signing the GuestBook will be able to
see their entry immediately!

You can write HTML code, too, like
this anchor to the Gauguin

Signed on: Fri May 12 13:25:28 MET DST 1995

Norm Campbell

  First of all, congratulations on this fantastic exhibit in
  Next, I am desperate for details of the Schliemann Gold
  exhibit--especially starting and closing dates in Moscow. 
  PLEASE, PLEASE, e-mail any response at your convenience.

  Sincerely,  Norm Campbell
Signed on: Thu May 11 21:38:21.06 MET DST 1995

Angelo Mencarelli
Angelo Home Page
  Ciao mi chiamo Angelo Mencarelli,
  ho un account da circa due mesi ed ho messo il linea un demo
  per iniziare un lavoro piu' corposo a sostegno dei dimenticati
  ma non per questo meno importanti musei dell'Umbria.
  Il mio URL e'

  Mi piacerebbe avere delle notizie IN ITALIANO possibilmente su
  come contare i vari futuri e spero numerosi visitatori del mio

  C O M P L I M E N T I   V I V I S S I M I !

Signed on: Tue May 9 22:15:47.13 MET DST 1995

Giuliano Lemme
  Complimenti per la brillantissima idea di creare un WWW site 
  per un museo Italiano!! Il nostro paese pur avere enormi
  benefici, a mio avviso, con la divulgazione ulteriore del
  proprio patrimonio artistico attraverso le nuove tecnologie
  comunicative. Speriamo che siate di esempio a qualche altra 
  Giuliano Lemme, Roma
Signed on: Sun May 7 08:03:27.32 MET DST 1995

Leslie A. Rahuba
  I would love to know if it's possible to purchase a  catalog of
  the "Gauguin and the Russian Avant-Garde" exhibit.
  Please send  information regarding this to my e-mail address:
Signed on: Fri May 5 08:03:15.19 MET DST 1995

Dean Salpini
  Good Presentation!! Its great to see Gaugin online!!
  Thanks for the break from "computerdom"!

Signed on: Mon May 1 18:09:07.06 MET DST 1995

martina barro
  Sono una neofita di Internet, sto apprezzando il tuo URL "Paul
  Gauguin and the Russian Avantgarde". Una curiosita' perche' non
  lo scrivi anche in italiano? Non e' che io sia una
  campamilista, pero' sarebbe molto piu' apprezzato (perche' piu'
  accessibile e piu' veloce da leggere). Ieri per esempio, una
  mia zia che insegna alle scuole medie, mia ha detto che andra'
  a visitare la mostra. Lo so che sarebbe auspicabile che nelle
  scuole l'inglese fosse una lingua parlata correntemente, ma
  nella realta' non e' cosi'. Se ci fosse la versione in italiano
  anche i ragazzini potrebbero leggerla tranquillamente.
Signed on: Fri Apr 28 12:11:27.92 MET DST 1995

vinnie patel
  Art is in the eye of the beholder.  I love art....don't stop
  and don't change your style for no one but you!!!

  vinnie pat
Signed on: Wed Apr 26 23:11:49.87 MET DST 1995

Erik Pizzorni
  Howdy. just calling from Australia on My girlfriends Account.
  It certainly took a long time to recieve a file, anyway, Ciao a
  tutti. Erik Pizzorni
Signed on: Wed Apr 26 05:25:32.12 MET DST 1995

Danny Teal
  International Relations Through Art, an organization dedicated
  to depolarizing the politics which keep us apart, is producing
  the First International Sculptors Symposium on Nature and
  Ecology in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, July 01-22 in cooperation
  with the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, S-P. Russia's most
  famous living sculptor, Prince Michael C. Anikushin, is the
  foremost Russian participant. We are making arangements to have
  three American Scupltors participate in this symposium. Next
  year, we will add  painting and in 1997, music. We are looking
  for people who are interested in broadening this into your own
  country. Cooperation is the key, not competition and we agree
  with N. Berdyaev who suggests 'there is no external authority.'
  We, in the interests of Nature and Ecology, are exploring the
  opportunities of importing Siberian mammoth tusk as an
  alternative to elephant tusk. You can contact me care of my
  technofriend, Dvdwmson
Signed on: Sun Apr 23 04:16:32.16 MET DST 1995

Charles Fritchie, Jr.
  My first trip on the Web.  I haven't looked at your pictures
  yet but congratulations for getting this up and best wishes for
  a great show.
Signed on: Sat Apr 22 01:34:25.13 MET DST 1995

john richenberg
John Home Page
  hello, I have been really impressed with the gauguin part of
  your page, however i discovered today that the  link to the
  official www site for the show does not work. other than that i
  think it is Really amazing the work you have put into that
  service. you should check out the  pages i have done. 
  and even better, the artwork of my partner at
  If you get the time, is there an easy way to include a
  "counter" onto my page that doesnot include learning  perl?
  thanks for doing th gauguin stuff, keep it up!
Signed on: Sun Apr 16 20:54:58.89 MET DST 1995

Pierpaolo Benini
  Credo che sia meglio che io vi rimandi un commento DOPO aver
  visto la mostra.
  Per il momento complimenti per l'iniziativa del www che mi
  sembra utile ed originale.
Signed on: Fri Apr 14 23:05:28.13 MET DST 1995

  Beautiful. I love your catalogue.
Signed on: Fri Apr 14 11:44:25.02 MET DST 1995

Paola Bonomo
  Hello Mauro,
  thanks for putting up the page on the Gauguin and Russian
  Avantgarde Exhibition. Nice to know that gearheads can be art
  lovers too!
  Paola Bonomo
Signed on: Fri Apr 7 17:05:29.26 MET DST 1995

Ruben Hansson
  How long will it take by train from Rome to Ferrara?
Signed on: Tue Apr 4 09:01:44.08 MET DST 1995

John MacDonald
  Just a word of thanks for your efforts. Most appreciated.
  John MacDonald
Signed on: Sun Apr 2 21:14:58.69 MET DST 1995

Rosario Cigna
  Hai pensato a fare un catalogo su CD-ROM della mostra ?
Signed on: Sat Apr 1 14:49:31.06 MET DST 1995

james rosen
  auguri  james rosen
Signed on: Tue Mar 28 03:20:31.40 MET DST 1995

Barry Brotherton
  I will be interested in the pictures !
  Regards, Barry Brotherton.
  Manchester, England
Signed on: Sun Mar 26 18:01:36.06 MET DST 1995

sandra frugone
  sono Sandra Frugone, figlia d'italiani, abitante del
  Cile,Sudamerica,Il vostro "show" h ottimo, e se posso
  aggiungere qualche commento, sarebbe che mi avrebbe piaciuto
  tanto trovare piy "gif" da osservare, e forse un tour virtuale
  guidato come quelli che offrono altri musei
  all'estero.Complimenti e buona fortuna.
Signed on: Mon Mar 20 15:57:25.66 MET 1995

David J LaJuett
  I've very much enjoyed my visit to your Internet Web page and
  hope it may be possible to see the show in person.  I also hope
  you can arrange to have available graphics files of the
  paintings on display.  Thank you for your efforts.
Signed on: Sun Mar 19 04:22:56.01 MET 1995

Juliet and Liz
  Greetings from Melbourne Australia! We were looking at art
  through Yahoo - an American index of Web sites. we enjoyed
  reading the info on you and the Gauguin and Russian Avant Garde
  exhibition and looking at Are You Jealous. Any chance of you
  adding some pictures relating to the Italian baroque?
  especially women artists. We have tried searching for the
  Uffizzi Gallery on the Web, so far without success, is it on
  the web.
  Bye, Liz and Juliet
Signed on: Sat Mar 18 12:56:31.10 MET 1995

Todd Richmond
  Hope I can make it to the show.  It sounds wonderful.
Signed on: Fri Feb 24 16:07:13.78 MET 1995

  oh, thanks you very much! the two paintings were wonderful i
  can't wait to see more. this is a good thing you have done here
  for us.
Signed on: Fri Feb 24 09:07:50.89 MET 1995

Marcus V. Colombano
Avantgarde/US, San Francisco, USA
Marcus's Home Page

  Hello and welcome from San Francisco. I found your home page
  while searching for topics and pages related to Avantgarde and
  I found yours.

  I have a company in San Francisco called Avantgarde that helps
  companies that want to market digital imaging products. I also
  work very closely with the art community and put on gallery and
  exhibition shows with local bay area artist.

  I originally have degree in Molecular Biology and did some very
  extensive research at the Institut Pasteur in Paris but found
  that I wanted to work more in computers and art than I wanted
  to work in the lab so here I am!

  I would very much like to learn more about you. My family lives
  in Casale Monferrato in Piedmonte and visit often.

  Send me an email when you get a chance and maybe when I get a
  chance to finish my home page you can put a like for me and I
  can do the same for you.

  Looking forward to hearing from you.

  Marcus V. Colombano

  Avantgarde/US                   Tel:    415-397-4733
  440 Merchant Street             Fax:    415-397-6073
  San Francisco, CA 94111         Email:
Signed on: Fri Feb 24 08:32:07.71 MET 1995

Jay Schloss
  We enjoyed your exhibit, but could you please link a text  file
  with a description of the paintings, where they  were painted,
  etc. to the images.  Thank you.
Signed on: Fri Feb 24 04:38:52.46 MET 1995

Alice Atkinson
  The exhibition sounds great. If my plans to visit Italy this
  summer come through I'll be sure to visit it. I am looking  to
  the inclusion of more photos from the catalouge.
Signed on: Wed Feb 22 00:44:13.52 MET 1995

David LaJuett
  Of course we would all like to have portions of the catalog
  made available to on line browsers, many of whom will not have
  the chance to actually travel to see the exhibit.  I am
  especially interested in the history of the Gauguin art works
  on view, when they were done, any special meanings to the
  images, and so on.  Thank you.  -  David LaJuett, in Washington
  D.C. USA
Signed on: Sat Feb 4 22:45:00.82 MET 1995

Bill Arnett
  Obviously, it would be nice to have some of the images online!

  I wish I was able to see the show in person, but seeing it  via
  the Web would be cool, too.
Signed on: Fri Feb 3 23:26:58.27 MET 1995

Daniel Simms
  This makes me wish I had paid more attention when I was in
  Moscow and St Petersburg in '90 and '91. 

  Is it possible to have some images of the works available too? 

  Thanks alot!
Signed on: Thu Feb 2 14:09:35.24 MET 1995

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